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Title: The Fourth Sister
Rating: PG13-NC17
Category: AU Crossover (Charmed/Roswell)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or most of the storyline.
Summary: Three sisters Maria, Liz and Isabel, the Charmed Ones, must fight off the evil Tess, who is working for the source, before she convinces Liz to turn over to the dark side so she can help her take over Max, her boyfriend/White lighter and destroy the Charmed Ones for good.
A/N – This idea came from my fav T.V shows “Charmed” and of course “Roswell”
Character idea:
Phoebe – Maria Halliwell
Piper – Liz Halliwell
Prue – Isabel Halliwell
Leo – Max Evans
Aviva – Tess
The Source – Alex Whitman

Chapter 1

Aviva walks around the circle of candles she has laid out, lighting each wick carefully. She then sits down in the middle and calls upon the spirit of The Source:

“Hear these words, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Come to me, I summon the
Cross now the great divide”

“Uh, nothing!” Aviva sighs angrily.

“Hear these words, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Come to me, I summon the
Cross now the great divide”

“Hear these words, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Come to me, I summon the
Cross now the great divide”

A strong gust of wind suddenly swoops around her and a vision appears in the long mirror in front of her: The Source.

“What can I help you with my dear Aviva?” Asked The Source gently.

“What can you help me with?? You know what I want, it’s been three months!”
She screamed at the mirror image.

“I know, be patient my dear, the time has come”

“Really, now? I get them now?” Aviva questioned him.

“Yes, now. Stretch your arms out in front of you facing the mirror” The Source Instructed.

Aviva followed his instructions right away.

Then out of nowhere, screams and strong winds flew all over her bedroom. Winds so strong, the glass from the mirror was thrown everywhere.

“There you go Aviva. My dear sweet child, don’t let me down. You are as powerful as them”

With Aviva’s newfound powers, she set the rest of her mirror on fire.

Chapter 2

Aviva watched the extremely handsome Maxwell pin up posters outside the Halliwell Manor.
Big strong muscular arms, shouldn’t be too hard to win over, she thought to herself. But focus on your main interest, taking over the Halliwell Manor and destroying the Charmed ones for good

Aviva got out of her car and reached for a poster.
“Oh my, the sisters cat is missing, perfect” she said as a smile crept up on her face.
The Halliwell’s cat appeared in her arms. Aviva returned to the car with the cat.
About to take off, a vision appears in her mirror.

“What do you think you are doing, return the cat and do as you promised, or I will make you burn in hell for all eternity”. The Source then disappeared.

Aviva made her way to the front door and knocked.
Maria answered.

“Hello, may I help you? Oh Kit! How did you find her?” she asked taking the cat off of her and letting her in.

“Oh, I saw one of her posters and she just kind of came to, just like magick” Aviva added.

Maria smiled, because she knew all about magic, they were the Charmed Ones of course.

“Erm…..these are my sisters Liz and Isabel”, Phoebe introduced. “Oh and this is Max” she added as he walked through the door.

“Hi” Max and Liz smiled warmly.

“Right, how much do you want?” Isabel questioned. “$50 enough for you?”

“Isabel….” Liz warned.

“What? I have a date tonight with Andy. Right, here you go, thank you for finding the cat, bye bye now!” Isabel said as she pushed Aviva towards the door.

“I’m not leaving” Aviva stopped.

“Excuse me?” Isabel questioned.

“I’m not leaving. My name is Aviva. I need to talk to you” she begged Liz.
“No, what you need to do is leave right now” Isabel told her.

“I need to talk to you about Wicca” Aviva shouted.

“Oh my god!” Liz froze Andy just in time.

“You have 30 seconds to explain yourself” Maria quipped.

“I need more than just 30 seconds. I’m one of you” Aviva smiled.

“We don’t know what the hell you are, how did you find out about us?” Liz asked.

“We don’t have time for this Liz. Aviva, get out of our house” Isabel pointed to the door.

“Fine, but I’ll be back” she assured the sisters and max. With that, she set a plant on fire, and left.

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A/N Aviva lives with her Uncle Jack, who only wants what is best for her. Aviva can't seem to listen to him and see's him as nothing but evil.

Chapter 3

Aviva sat crying quietly in her room. I don't understand why they rejected me. I brought their cat home! God I need to talk to someone.......the image hadn't appeared in 4 hours! If only I could remember the spell. She got out her own hand - made BOS and started to flip the pages.
"Goddamit!" she said out loud. "Where the hell is the spell?" "To be a good witch you've gota at least learn the basic spells.......and I can't even do that".
At last Aviva found the spell she was looking for.

"Hear these words, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Come to me, I summon thee
Cross now the great divide!"

"Well hello Aviva" a voice came from somewhere in the room.

"Where are you? Its been ages since you last called in, I need help"

"Over hear, on your wall"

Aviva looked up in to the brand new mirror her Uncle Jack must have brought her. "Ew....its disgusting"

"Your right Aviva, you do need help, and fast"

"They rejected me, what else am I supposed to do?" Aviva asked.

"You must separate them Aviva, and quickly. I noticed Isable is the strongest, stay away from her, she is trouble. Find a spell to lure the weakest one on to your side, the rest will fall in to place"

"The weakest one being.....?"

"Think Aviva! The youngest, Maria. She is the most vunerable. She needs someone to talk to outside of the power of three. You will be that person. Find the spell Aviva"

"Who are you anyway? Why are you helping me, whats in it for you?" Aviva questioned.

"My name is Alex. I' am The Source of all evil. If you connect with the group then you will get access to the BOS. You must find the "Unbinding" spell and bring it to me Aviva. I must undo their powers so I' am free of them forever. I must destroy them as witches"

"But you can't do that, you're not helping me at all!" Aviva shouted.

"Oh but I' am. You will still have your power. And if you're lucky and they don't find out it was you who helped them lose their powers, then you will still be with them, joined together as sisters. As a family"

Alex disappeared.
Could I really do that to them? Destroy their destiny to complete my own? I wouldnt want to hurt Maria or Liz, just Isable, god what a bitch! I would love to get my own back on look for a spell.

Chapter 4

"Don't you think you were a little hard on Aviva?" Maria asked Isabel.

"Hard? Ha! I let her off easy Maria"

"She found Kit don't forget!"

"Yeah, she was probably the one that stole Kit in the first place Maria, who's side are you on anyway?"

"How can you say that? I'm just saying that it would be nice to have someone to talk to outside of the group. She could be more experienced than we are"

"For all we know, she could be a god damn warlock! I'm not taking any chances Maria, end of discussion!"

Isabel stormed out of the room

Ring! The telephone was ringing.

"Hello?" Maria asked "Aviva, hey....yeah sure, I'm free all afernoon. That's great, I'll see ya soon!" Maria Hung up the phone, grabbed her purse and walked out.

5 mins later she arrives outside Avivas appartment.

"Hey! Come on up!" Aviva called from the top floor.

The front door was open so Maria let herself in. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, she thought. If Isabel is right, I'll never live it down.....if I live that is.

"Hey Maria, thanx for coming" Aviva was sat onthe floor surrounded by unlit candles.

"Hey Aviva, so what did you want me round for?"

"Maria look, I know you guys aren't too found of me..but you will be, I promise. I found this spell ya will show you my true self. Maria, you'll see that I'm a good witch and that I'm not here to hurt you or your sisters" Aviva smiled sweetly.

"Thats great Aviva. Are you sure about this?" Maria asked worriedly. She was definately starting to worry....nothing seemed to add up anymore. How did Aviva know anythin about them??

"Can I see the spell first Aviva?"

"NO!". This startled Maria, she headed for the door.

"No Maria, wait! I'm sory, I'm just a little nervous trying to prove to you that I'm good. Let me do the spell, pls!" she begged.

"Ok then" Maria sighed.


"Life to life and mind to mind
Our spirits now will entertwine
We meld our souls and journey to
The one whose thoughts we wish we knew"

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Chapter 5

A flash of bright lights appeared in front of Maria and Aviva as they sat on the floor of Aviva’s bedroom. Suddenly Maria was transported out of the room and enters an area. Looking around her she can see dark caves and red-hot lava spilling out of craters.
“Ok, what in the world just happened?!” Maria whispered to herself. Suddenly the ground splits open and fire comes bursting out of the gap.
“Holy Cow! What was that?” she screamed as she ran away from the opening.
“Aviva! Aviva! Where the hell are you?” she shouted out loud.
If I ever see that little bitch again, I’ll get Liz to blow her up! Why do I always go behind Isabel’s back? She’s gonna kill me when she finds me……………If she finds me.
Maria sat down on a rock by the opening of a cave. A bolt of energy shot through her body:

Maria, walking with Liz and Isabel, laughing


Maria switching powers with Liz


Liz’s soul being sent to the Underworld


Aviva entering Liz’s body


Aviva/Liz killing dumping Maria’s soulless body


Aviva/Liz blowing up Isabel and flipping through the Magic Book

The bolt shot through her body and was over in seconds.

“God, I don’t feel so good” Maria rocked her body forwards and backwards to stop the queasy feeling she had in her stomach.
What was going on? Aviva used that spell to take over my body, sending my soul here, wherever here is! She’s going to take over Liz and destroy The Power Of Three. If she finds that spell, there will be return from here. Wait! I could call on Max, our White lighter, he could orb me out of here, and I could spoil her plan, with the power of three we can take her on.

“Max!” Maria called out to the dark grey sky.
“MAX! Where the hell are you?!”

Oh god, what if he can’t hear me? What if I’m too far below for him to hear? I’m going to have to wait till he senses I’m gone, but that could take forever. And forever could be too late. This is my entire fault; I’ve destroyed The Power Of Three!

Maria crouched down against the cave and sobbed her heart out.

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Chapter 6

Isabel and Liz stormed in to their family mansion house.

“Maria!” Liz called, “Come down here, we have a situation!”

Aviva/Maria came running down the stairs. “What’s wrong?”

“We just ran in to a demon, that’s what’s wrong!” Isabel sank in to the sofa in their living room.

“A demon?! What kind of demon?” She asked Liz

“The same demon we’ve been warned about by Max for weeks Maria, what is wrong with you?” Isabel moaned.

“I’m sorry, I just haven’t got my head round things today” Aviva explained.

“Right, well get with it” Isabel snapped.

“Ok ok! What demon are we talking about again? There’s been so many it’s hard to keep track” Aviva laughed.

“Not funny Maria, god, you’re slacking today. The demon; Alex. The one that is turning good witches in to bad ones in order to steal powerful witches powers; like ours!” Liz informed.

“Oh yes, right!”

“Well Maria, Liz and I are going to flip through the Magic Book, see if there are any spells that will protect us for now. Maybe even a location spell to find these witches and Alex himself. While we’re doing that, call Max and get him to orb Aviva here, we can’t take any chances on her becoming evil” Isabel ordered.

“Right, no problem. Erm…….what’s max’s number again?” Aviva/Maria asked as she headed for the telephone.

“You have got to be kidding me, right? Maria, get your head together, this is serious!” Isabel shouted.

“Isabel! Stop it, she’s probably had a hard day” Liz said.

“What’s “Orb” mean anyway?” Aviva/Maria asked curiously.

“I don’t have time for her stupid games Liz. Max. MAX!” Isabel screamed.

Max orbed in

“What is it?” he asked Liz.

“Can you go find Aviva for me pls sweetie. Bad witches are about and we want to take extra care of her, just in case” Liz smiled sweetly at her husband.

“Ew! That’s disgusting” laughed Isabel.

“Yea sure, let me just try and sense her”. Max paused for a few minutes. “Hmmmm that’s weird”

“What’s weird?” Liz asked

“What, apart from Maria being delusional?” Isabel joked.

“I can’t seem to sense her anywhere outside. I feel like she’s in this room right at this very second” Max said

“I wish she was max, but she’s not. Can you pls try and find her?” Isabel begged.

“I’ll try, laters” Max orbed out of the room.

“What was that? What is he??” Aviva/Maria questioned Liz.

“Ok, now that’s getting annoying, god Maria, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were really Aviva inside of that body of yours!” Liz laughed as she followed Isabel towards the attic.

“There’s something not right about Maria” Max thought to himself as he orbed in to Aviva’s apartment. For some unknown reason, he could sense her in two different areas. Once at the mansion, and one in the Underworld.

Could Aviva be behind all of this? Could she already be evil? She might know a way for the others to get to Alex. But it could be too late. He has no proof that Maria is not herself. The others will think he’s crazy. Unless, he followed his senses to the Underworld and see what’s there for himself. But that could be dangerous for Max. Very dangerous. But I have to see!

Max orbed himself to Maria’s side.

“Max!” she squealed and threw herself upon him. “I’m so glad you found me. We have to hurry Max. I had a premonition. If we don’t get to the others quickly then Aviva is going to take over Liz’s body, dump mine, vanquish Isabel and say the “UN – DO” spell to destroy any other chance of us getting back and handing down our magic to generations to come” Maria cried.

“I know” Max said calmly.

“But we have to figure out a way to destroy Alex first. You know Aviva won’t let them do that. And she’s too powerful for us, you don’t have a power to use against her” Max explained.

“We’ve gotta think fast, before it’s too late for all of us” Maria cried. "Max, take me home, pls".

"Maria, I can't do that" Max whispered.

"Why the hell not?!"

"You need to be in a body to leave, Maria. I can't orb souls".


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Chapter 7

The girls ran upstairs to the attic in search of a Location Spell.

“Izzy, what exactly do you plan on doing?” Liz asked her eldest sister.

“I’m hoping to find a spell to locate any demon we want,” she informed. “If the spell I’m looking for actually works then we’ll be able to destroy Alex”.

They stood in silence surrounding the BOS. After a few moments, Isabel got bored. “There’s nothing here!” she moaned to her sisters. “We could do with a little help here” she called to the attic ceiling.

At that moment, the book flipped pages, backwards and forwards until it found the right page; the spell they were looking for.

“Thanks grams” Isabel called out.

Liz smiled to herself. It was amazing how Grams always came through for them when they needed her help.
Isabel took Liz’s hand in to hers and Liz took Maria’s/Aviva’s.
“All together now” Liz laughed.

“We call on the demon Alex
Reach back throughout the ages
Humbled by his power,
We invite him into our circle”

They paused, waiting for a gust of wind or something.

“Nothings happening” Liz murmured to the others.

“Hmm….that’s never happened before. It’s the right spell, Grams wrote it herself!” Isabel was sure something was wrong.

“Maybe we should try again later, we’re all a little bit tired” Maria/Aviva said quickly, hoping to put them off the spell. Maria/Aviva knew it was because it was a Power Of Three spell, and she wasn’t apart of that. She never will be.

Why am I doing this to them? All I wanted was a happy family. I’m destroying them and their destiny. Because you deserve this Aviva, Aviva told herself. You deserve a life of magic, and you’ve worked hard for this, there’s no turning back.

They all headed back downstairs.

“So Izzy, what have you got planned for the rest of the day?” Liz asked.

“Work I guess” She frowned. “I have so much work to catch up on, I might need to pull an all – nighter. Call me if you need me” Isabel left.

“What about you Ria?” Liz turned round and asked Maria/Aviva

No answer.
“RIA?!” Liz screamed.

“Oh, what? Sorry, I guess I drifted off for a while” Maria/Aviva apologised.

“Yeah, you seem to be doing that a lot lately” Liz murmured.

“I’m probably gonna curl up on the sofa with a nice book” Maria/Aviva answered.

“Oh, well in that case, I’ll go in to town and shop!” Liz smiled and walked out.

Maria/Aviva watched outside the window as Liz and Isabel both got in to their cars and drove off.

Now for the BOS she thought to herself.

Maria/Aviva made her way upstairs to the attic. Slowly walking towards the BOS, she opened it.

Well I’m not a charmed one YET. So I can’t exactly ask for help. Looks like I’m going to have to go through every page she thought to herself.

Half hour later she found what she was looking for.

“Finally! Now all I’ve gotta do is memories this and I’m back in the game” Maria/Aviva smiled sweetly to herself, practising her “Liz” look. “I’m getting better at it all ready”.

That afternoon………..

“Hey Liz, how was your shopping trip?” Maria/Aviva asked as Liz walked through the door carrying more bags than she could handle.

“Oh it was great! Got a lot of cool stuff” Liz said with excitement. Shopping was definitely one of Liz’s favourite things to do, seeing as she was so good at it. That’s if it’s not HER credit card she’s using!

“Brilliant. I was er…..going through the BOS Liz. I think I worked out why the spell went wrong” maria/Aviva tried to glide in to the conversation.

“Really? I don’t think so Maria, Isabel never goes wrong with a spell” Liz assured her.

“What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
Let our powers cross the line
I offer up my gift to share
Switch our powers through the air”

A big explosion knocked them both off their feet.

“It worked!” Maria/Aviva exclaimed!

“What worked!” Liz demanded.

“Oh nothing, only, I’ve got your powers Liz, and I’m going to banish you forever” Maria/Aviva smiled that Liz smile. She’d been practising all day.
“Life to life and mind to mind
Our spirits now will entertwine
We meld our souls and journey to
The one whose thoughts we wish we knew”


This sent Liz of to the UnderWorld. Aviva got up from the floor. Looking down where she was, was Maria’s body.

What am I supposed to do with that? God, it’s all limp! Dump it!

“Gosh I hope those two idiots don’t meet up!” She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled once again. The reflection looking back at her was Liz’s. That long silky brown hair and big chocolate brown eyes.
Who couldn’t love this gorgeous face she laughed to herself.

She sat down wondering what to do next.

Now I’ve got to find the un – binding spell. I know it’s not in the book. Maria wrote it down somewhere. Well, I better start looking before Isabel comes home. But first, Maria’s body.

Liz/Aviva dragged the body all the way up to the attic, taking forever!
Hiding her in an antique closet would be the best idea, she thought to herself.

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