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Title: Weapon XIV
Couples: CC
Rating: NC-17

Authors Note: I've raised the rating on my fic because things are going to start becoming much darker.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters depicted in this story. They are copyright Marvel Comics and Fox Entertainment,

Summary: Instead of being found and adopted by the Evan's, Zan is found by Weapon X, a governemnt agency with many hidden agendas. Zan breaks away from the company after discovering it's grim purposes and struggles to find his true past.

When I was three they found me wondering in the desert disoriented and half dead. My origins are unknown even to me, but they took me in, they told me everything they knew and more. They told me that I was special, but not even they knew just how special, they told me that one day I would understand and they kept their promise and looked after me taught me things and made sure that I was always looked after.

Only recently have I begun to regret the things that I have done, done for the ones who raised me, the ones who looked after me, the people I call my family. They have come and gone. Never the same face twice, is it me or is it them? I wish someone could have told me. On my eighteenth birthday I met a man, he told me that he had sought me out, he called himself X, he told me about my family and the things I had always wanted to know that no one else would.

Deep below the building in which we lived there is a bunker, a base of operations, this I knew about, but the truth hurts more than any pain I had even experienced before. That night I broke into the bunker, a task which ironically they made possible, into a highly guarded test room, it was there I found the truth, my family, the company and myself. The reason they never came back.

My name is Zan…
They labelled me Weapon XIV…
I’m an assassin…
I was a puppet, a subject, a play thing…
But I’ve cut my strings…
But now what…
Where do I start…
The only place I’ve been since before the company?
The place they found me…

Hope you guys like it.

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Darth Maul 214 originally wrote:
James, great start. I was wondering, will we be seeing Logan, Creed, or Wildchild?

You can count on it, I'm also gonna try and have some of the other new Weapon X making appearances, including: Agent Zero, Marrow and Aruora, as well as a number of other marvel characters.

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It was almost midnight as I walked into town. I knew I had never been here before but it seemed so familiar as though from dream. I walked along the main road through town, my only belongings in the duffle bag carried over my shoulder. I noted places as I passed, most specifically the Crashdown Café and the Sheriff’s office – these are where I would start my search in the morning, but for now I needed some rest. I made my way to a small motel just less than a mile beyond the small town.

The owner seemed nice enough, more curious than nosy. I locked the door to my room after putting my bag down. As I began to unpack, thoughts whispered inside my head memories of dreams, of people who I had never met, all of which seemed to be tied to this town. I figured I may as well hang my clothes since I was going to be here a while. With my clothes out of the way I returned to me bag, pushing down on the corner of the bottom the opposite end popped up, revealing a second compartment. These were my possessions, instruments of my trade; I crouched down in front of the closet and placed my bag inside.

Laying on my bed I considered my actions for tomorrow, they were sure to come after me, after all I was one of their subjects, for fifteen years they experimented with me and they weren’t about to let that kind of work just slip through their fingers. No they would be coming after me, but I would be ready. Now tomorrow, firstly I would go to the Café I had passed on my way into town and meet some of the locals, before visiting the sheriff to see about getting records from 1987.

The night past quickly and it was almost 6 when Zan opened his eyes. It was still dark out and he had only been asleep for 4 hours, but he was alert, keen and really to start his day. He got dressed, a black pair of jeans, a old t-shit and a black Yankee’s baseball cap. Kneeling down he opened the bag and removed something wrapped in a black piece of cloth, unwrapping it inside was a pair of black 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a large knife, with a serrated blade and large, heavy looking handle. Turning back to his bag he removed a twin shoulder holster and a sheath for the knife, putting on the holster and placing the pistols inside and caging the gleaming blade of the knife inside the sheath and tying it around his ankle. Standing up he took a large black coat the hung down almost dragging along the floor, and pulling closed enough to hide the holsters, he left the room and began walking towards the town.

I was almost in town before I even saw another person, it was only 7am and there wasn’t much activity around the town, but the café was already open, so I decided I may as well get something to eat.

He walked up to the café, there was a little toy of a grey alien hanging in the window, as he walked in there were only three people that he could see, a man standing behind the counter, a teenage girl maybe a year young than Zan, sweeping the floor and other sitting at the counter drinking a cup of coffee, he couldn’t ignore that smell. Zan walked up and sat at the counter a few seats down from the other girl.

The man walked up to Zan, “What would ya like?”
“Just a coffee please, thanks”
“Coming up…”, the man walked over to the coffee pot, took a cup and began to pour the coffee, “so I’ve never seen you around before, just moved?”
“No, I’m just travelling and thought I would spend a few days here to so how things have changed since last I was here.”, Zan replied calmly.
“I’m Jeff Parker, I own the Crashdown, that’s Maria over there and the girl putting the broom away in my daughter Liz.”
“Pleased to meet you all, my names Zan”, Zan nodded at the girls to acknowledge their presence.
“I don’t remember ever seeing you around before, I’d remember a face like yours and I’d remember a name like that,” Maria questioned him.
Zan took a sip of his coffee and turned to her, “I haven’t been here since I was three, I don’t remember a lot, but I remember this café being here and couple of other things, but not much else,” he replied thinking of his dreams.
“If your not too busy later maybe you’d like to hangout with us and some of our other friends,” Liz asked with a friendly smile.

What the hell was I thinking, I couldn’t be acting like just another teenager… not with the company after me, I had to keep things strictly business… But I couldn’t say no… I just felt compelled to say yes to that smile. I couldn’t explain it… it was just a feeling.

“Great, then we’ll see you later then. Meet us here around 7 then, k?” Liz took off her apron, “We’re off then dad.”
“Sure honey, see you later”, with that Liz and Maria left the café, “don’t worry she’s like that with everyone, Maria’s just a like paranoid about strangers, but she’ll ease up.”
“Thanks for the coffee, how much do I owe you?”
“Nothing it’s on the house, I guess I’ll see you later.”

Zan got up from his seat and made his way out, “Shit…”, Zan whispered under his breath. He began to walk down towards the sheriffs office as he contemplated what he had just done.

Well there it is part 1. Hope it's to your liking.
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The next part will be up on friday, since tomorrow I'm going to a Papa Roach concert with Angelic & A_Charmed_One *happy*.
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Authors Note: Parts 2a and 2b take place around the same time.


Early that same morning, deep inside a heavily guarded military compound.

A widely diverse looking group of people are sitting around three sides of a large round table, each presented with a dossier each only labelled the words ‘TOP SECRET’. In front of them a large projector screen; none knows why they are there, each for their own unique reason. Quite discussion among themselves suggests possible reasons for their gathering, but discussion is silence is brought as two more men enter the room. One a man dressed in a suit, his face twisted and scared far beyond its original form, while the other is dressed in a more military garb.

The two observe the other around the table:
Kane – an agent more machine now than man, formerly a member of Cable’s Six Pack..
Aurora – a former member of Alpha Flight.
Wildchild – an almost feral suicidal killer with no regard for life. He is another former member of Alpha Flight.
Marrow – an emotionally devoid former x-man. Sarah kills without thought now.
Sauron – this humanoid pterodactyl has a neverending need to absorb life energy to stay alive.
And finally Agent Zero – the most mysterious of the bunch, no background is known about him and only two people know his true identity one of whom is the Director.

“Good you’re all here. Agent Jackson will brief you on your new mission now,” the man in the suit took a place at the table while the other turned down the lights.

“This is your target,” Agent Jackson clicked a handheld controller and a picture of Zan appeared on a screen behind him, “This is subject 14. All this information can be found in the dossiers in front of you.”

Click… a smaller picture of Zan appeared on the screen along with a list under the heading ‘skills’. “Zan was found in the desert in 1987 and was brought back by a previous agent of the company, testing showed that the boy was a mutant, but like none that we had encountered before, his DNA showed great promise and offered us a unique chance. His DNA lent itself to have other’s genetic abilities to be grafted to its own. Using this unique ability a science crew were able to give Zan two others mutant abilities on top of his own.”

Click… A picture of a young woman appeared on the screen… “Elizabeth Braddock, codenamed Psylocke, this former X-Man gave Zan the ability to form psionic blades.”

Click… A picture of man appears on the screen… “Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, codenamed Colossus, this other former X-Man lent his organic-metal skin, unfortunately Zan only gained the ability to transform his arms into this organic metal.”

Click… another picture appears on the screen… a room, littered with corpses, brutally massacred limbs torn from bodies. “This is the remains of subject 14’s science crew, during an attempt to graft a third power, Zan had an extreme reaction to the DNA, destroying lab and the science crew.”

Click… the picture disappears from the screen and the lights are brought back on. “Now in addition to the company gave him, Zan already had a healing ability, the power to produce a shield and finally the power to rearrange the molecular structure of items to change them into other things.”

“You mean like turning a pair of handcuffs into a knife?”
“Yes Zero, exactly, The Company wants the target eliminated. He is a high risk case and appears to receiving help either from someone on the inside or someone who’s been on the inside.”
“So he knows that we’re coming,”
“Not specifically. But he will surely suspect that someone will be and he will be ready.”
“Guns, blades, nothing special, we want this dealt with quietly… Kane, Wild Child, Sauron is that understood?” The three nodded in acknowledgement.

“Make your own ways to the target, we are allowing you complete freedom of movement during this operation, due to the nature of the target… gentlemen, eliminate 14”.


God what the hell was wrong with me… what was I thinking… I’m here.

“Good morning son, how can I help ya?” The sheriff greeted Zan in a very friendly way.
“I’m looking for some records dating back to 1987, can you help?”
“What sorta stuff are ya lookin’ for?” The sheriff enquired further into Zan’s request, but Zan was rather more reluctant to divulge to much more.
“Missing persons cases, mysterious appearances, that sorta thing!”
“Well I can’t release any official records to ya, but the town library has all the old papers on files, if you come back with something more specific then I might be able to help ya out.”
“Thanks very much, Sheriff… Valenti,” Zan read off the name on the sheriff’s desk.
“No problems, sorry I couldn’t be more help, Mr. ?”
“Zan… Just Zan”
“Zan? That’s an interesting name.”, Zan had already left before Valenti had even finished his sentence.

The public library, figures that it would also act as the public records office as well in such a small town. The library was just off the main road, near the high school. I had to keep my nose down, I couldn’t get anymore involved than I already had with the people in this town, they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them, and I really don’t want to. If they knew what I was how would they react? Fear? Anger? I don’t care.

Zan began to climb the stair of the public library, it wasn’t the biggest library, but it wasn’t the smallest he’d seen. Making his way inside he walked up to the clerk behind the checkout/returns counter.

“Excuss me, can you tell me where the older news papers are kept?”
“Basement… but all newspapers before 1985 have been transferred to microfiche and are available upon request.”
“Could I take a look at the newspapers from 1987 please?”
“Certainly… I’ll just get the film for you.”
The woman, ducked behind the counter for a moment. Then stood back up, “here yo go sir, the machines are just over there,” the woman pointed to the wall behind him. Passing Zan the roll with the number 1987 written on it.
“Thank you miss.”

Well I guess it was smart putting the microfiche machine in sight of the clerk, that way no one could walk off with anything. But it meant that I would have to copy down anything I found instead of just taking it. More delays

Zan made his way over to the machine and sat down. Insert the roll, he turned the machine on and began scanning forward, stop periodically to check the date. 1980, 1983, 1985, 1987, there he had found the right year. Zan began to read.

It seems like I’ve been doing this for hours now, still nothing about anything of any interest, why couldn’t one of my powers be speed reading? Wait what was that, two children found in the desert! There were others, does this have something to do with me. I’m not sure, but they were here, maybe they still are? I’ve got to find them. Shit it’s already starting to get dark, damn it’s almost 6, I’ve been going through these all day, I’ve got to get going and suppose to meet with Liz at 7, I don’t want to be late… Did I just think that… What is it about that girl…
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If you like my fic then you gotta read The Ties That Bind by Darth Maul 214 it isn't as dark as this but it is one my favorite already.