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Title: Alone

Banner: I made this so I don't expect you to think it's flash or anything. alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Disclaimer: The usual, ya know… I don’t own these characters yadda yadda. I wish I owned Jason Behr though!

Summary: After Alex’s death Liz is captured by the FBI and taken to Manticore where she meets a friend and must find her way back to Roswell in order to help save the people who left her alone.

Timeline: After Its Too Late And Its Too Bad

Author’s Note: Crossover with James Cameron’s Dark Angel. Very sorry about the copious amount of song lyrics I have… but I am obsessed with music… addicted to Roswell yes, but obsessed with music and I just feel that my story NEEDS a soundtrack *laughs*

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym (that's moi if you can't guess) Download a rough version of the song from here

I feel so alone
Have to make this journey
Don't know where to turn
What direction to head in
My heart feels so numb
Am I really living
Being sucked in a hole
Just barely existing

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

I remember your smile
How it lit up your face
It calmed all my fears
Helped me face the day
When I needed a friend
You were always there
Never failing to show
Just how much you care

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

I know that things haven't been easy anymore
Destiny just keeps on interrupting
But I don't regret a minute of loving you
Its better to have had then have nothing at all

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part One: Broken by Angela Ammons

You, you’re everything I know
I’m happy when I’m sad
Through all the times we shared
Never felt alone
Now, I still can smell your skin
I still can taste your kiss
And that I’ll always miss
And everything you’ve ever been

Now I’m broken without you
I’m broken
Broken without you
I’m broken
Broken without you

I cannot fall asleep
Lying in my bed
Spinning in my head
Thinking how you used to be

Now I’m broken without you
I’m broken
Broken without you
I’m broken
Broken without you

I’m sick of crying it’s all I do
Been counting days to just get through
I’m trying to be strong but it’s just no use

I’m broken over you
Broken without you
I’m broken
Broken without you

You, you’re everything I know
I still can taste your kiss
And that I’ll always miss
Everything you’ve ever been
And I’m broken
Without you


Part One

Liz climbed up the ladder to her balcony and opened her window. The familiar smell of scented candles wafted through the air and she climbed inside. Unpacking the belongings she had packed earlier to go to Sweden she reached for the loose brick in the wall and retrieved her journal. She knew that before she told anyone else what she had discovered, she needed to straighten out her thoughts which were swirling through her head like a giant whirlpool, threatening to pull her under.

May 2nd,
I’m Liz Parker, and I always knew deep down inside that I was right about Alex. Alex didn’t die in an accident, and he didn’t commit suicide, I mean the thought of him doing that is just ridiculous, Alex is just not that sort of person. He was murdered. I knew it, and no one else believed me. No one does believe me, but now, now I may have proof. This picture here was taken on his trip, except that this building was torn down in 1994. 1994? Alex would have been ten. This means that Alex didn’t go to Sweden. The only problem is, if Alex never went to Sweden then where did he go?

I can’t help feel that this is all my fault. All of it. Because Alex was supposed to be there in Phoenix at my wedding, and now he’s not. And… I saw Max kiss Tess at the prom. I know I told him that it was ok, but deep down my heart was breaking… I mean I know it’s meant to be, she’s his destiny after all, but it hit home to me. I’m going to be alone. And I don’t mean just alone in that I’ll never get married, and that I’ll never love another person in my life, but I mean that I’m really, truly alone. Because I believed that Alex was killed by an alien, there is this huge rift between us humans, and the aliens, so Michael, Tess, Isabel and Max aren’t speaking to me, and now Maria isn’t speaking to me either. I’ve lost everyone just because I’m doing what I believe is right. It hurts, and I want so badly to just go back to the way it used to be, but it can’t. Alex is dead, and I owe it to him to find out what really happened.

Anyway I’m going to go to Maria’s house now, maybe if I show her this proof, she’ll finally believe me, and maybe I won’t be so alone anymore.

Liz put a copy of the photo in her journal and put another into her purse, leaving her journal on her bed she climbed out of her window and stepped out into the night. Walking towards Maria’s she passed the Evans’ house and glanced at it. The lights were all off and she guessed that Max was happily dreaming in his sleep. Was he dreaming about her? she wondered before shaking the thought out of her head. No, he hates you now remember? she corrected herself. She sighed and tore her eyes from the house only to see a dark shadow on the pavement as it grabbed her from behind. Liz felt a sharp pinprick on the back of her neck, the last thing she saw was her mobile phone falling out of her purse as the darkness enveloped her.


AN: I split up the parts... post is soo damn long!

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Holy moly! I didn't realise the post was that long *blushes* Damn I could have made that a few seperate parts!! Laughs... Actually that's not such a bad idea...

Erm thanks for the feedback!! wowie.. somebody loves me... um no, Liz is just like she is in Roswell. She'll have a transgenic friend, and no it's not gonna be Max or any of the regular characters from Dark Angel... at least... not that I've planned... but who knows where this story may take me.

Ok now to seperate the ultra long post...
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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Two

“Welcome to the Crashdown, what can I get for you?” Maria asked the customers before her. Kyle flashed her a concerned smile as the other guys with him looked up and down at the small uniform she wore. She scowled inwardly; she wasn’t ready to deal with all this crap this morning. She was tired, having been unable to sleep after her fight with Liz, feeling like she had lost her two best friends in the whole wide world, infact she really had. She missed Alex beyond belief, and she had no idea what was going on with Liz anymore. The only ray of sunshine in her darkness was that she and Michael had made up this morning before their shifts had started… well… made out would probably be a more suitable term to use, she grinned.

“Maria? Maria?” she snapped out of her daydream to find Jeff Parker calling to her from the door leading to the backroom. Excusing herself from her customers, she made her way over to him.

“Maria have you seen Liz at all this morning?” he asked her. She froze, remembering that Michael had told her what happened between Max and Liz, and that she had gone to Sweden, saying she would tell her parents she was in Florida.

“I erm… no I haven’t Mr Parker, not since yesterday after school.” He glanced at her worriedly.

“Liz left us a note saying that she’d gone to your house late last night and that she’d stay over there.” Maria looked at him in surprise, she hadn’t heard from her at all last night.

“No… I didn’t see her, but my mom could have let her in if I was fast asleep, and maybe she just left in the morning before I saw her. Have you tried calling her cell?”

“Yeah” he ran his hand through his hair tiredly, “no answer”.

“I’m sure she’ll turn up Mr Parker. I’ll keep my eye out ok?” he smiled wearily at her.

“Thanks Maria.”

Maria walked out of the back and headed towards Kyle’s table shaking her head. Great she thought angrily, Liz HAD to rope me into this, I am not covering for her while she’s in Sweden. She could feel her mood evaporate and it wasn’t even lunch hour yet. It was going to be a long day.

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics on First Post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Three: Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch

Of all the things I believed in
I just wanna get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
I'm counting the days that go by
I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
Feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend


Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought that I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold onto

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems that I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes as you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light
But its not right


And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time
I want what's yours and I want what's mine
I want you but I'm not giving in this time


And when the stars fall I will lie awake
You're my shooting star.


Part Three

“Max?” he heard his mom’s voice through the fog of sleep. “Max” she said shaking him gently.

“I’m awake, I’m awake… what is this mom?” he groaned rolling over to face his mother.

“Have you heard from Liz?” she asked. He shifted, and sat up running his hands through his hair.

“No I haven’t, why?”

“Jeff Parker just called. He and Nancy are worried sick, they haven’t heard from Liz all day. All they know is that she left them a note this morning saying that she was going to Maria’s and that she’d be back in a little while.” Max looked surprised; I thought she was going to Sweden? He thought harshly. And she left yesterday so how could she have left a note this morning, he’d seen her with her packed bags, and remembered the last thing she had said to him before driving off in the taxi.

“Somebody killed Alex and covered up his death. Why don’t you see that Max? WAKE UP.”

“Mom?” he asked as she moved off his bed. “Did Liz’s parents find any of her stuff gone?” She looked at him confused for a moment and then replied.

“No honey, they checked that. All of her stuff is there” and with that sentence, Max knew that something was not right.

Fully awake now he tossed off his covers and headed to the bathroom, showered and then knocked on his sister’s door.

“Mom?” she called out as he entered the room, she glared at him as she recognised him, and Max swore that the room temperature had just dropped a few degrees. “Max. Go Away. I’m not speaking to you” she spat out, turning over to face the window. He moved towards her bed.

“Isabel, I know you’re mad at me right now, but this is not the right time. Something has happened to Liz.”

“You said she was in Sweden Max” she said still not facing him. He pulled her arm, making her face him.

“I was wrong. I don’t think she left, and I think something must have happened to her.”

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics on First Post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Four: Born To Try - Delta Goodrem

Doin everything that I believe in
Going by the rules that I've been taught
More understanding of what's around me
And protected from the walls of love
All that you see is me
And all I truly believe.


That I was born to try, I've learned to love
Be understanding and believe in life
But you gotta make choices, be wrong or right
Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like
But I was born to try

No point in talking what you should have been
And regretting the things that went on
Life's full of mistakes, destinies and fates
Remove the clouds, look at the bigger picture
And all that you see is me and all I truly believe


All that you see is me and all I truly believe
All that you see is me and all I truly believe


But you've gotta make choices, be wrong or right
Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like
But I was born to try.


Part Four

“So tell me why we’re going up to Liz’s room again Max?” Michael said with a hint of annoyance.

“Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?” Isabel commented as she hauled herself over the balcony.

“Her window isn’t even open Max” Michael pointed out. Max pointed his hand at it and it slid up.

“It is now” he said climbing in. He waited for them to get in before he surveyed the room, trying to ignore the flashes of seeing Kyle and Liz in bed together.

“Maria does anything look out of place to you?” he asked her not finding anything different. She surveyed the room before shaking her head.

“No… oh wait isn’t that her journal?” she said pointing to the hard covered book lying on the bed. Michael moved towards it before Max put his hand on his chest.

“Michael, no. This isn’t time to be prying through Liz’s personal thoughts. Michael waved his hand off his chest.

“Maxwell, this is the perfect time to go through her personal thoughts. If Liz is as predictable as I think she is, she would have written exactly what she was doing in there. Max looked thoughtful… Michael had a point. He looked to Maria as though seeking her permission and she too nodded her head.

“Ok but let Maria read it seeing she’s her best friend” he said as he took the journal and placed it into her hands. She turned to the last page and a photo fell out.

“What’s this?” Isabel said picking it up. She teared up as she saw the photo of Leanna and Alex smiling happily in front of a glass building.

“Oh my gosh” Maria gasped putting her hand to her mouth. The others looked at her, and Max moved forward to grab the journal, but she moved away. “Listen to this” she said. “This picture here was taken on his trip, except that this building was torn down in 1994. 1994? Alex would have been ten. This means that Alex didn’t go to Sweden.” The room became instantly quiet, and they stood there frozen.

“What… what else does it say Maria?” Isabel said hesitantly. Maria snapped out of her daze and looked down at the book again.

“I, oh…” she began as Max stood behind her and looked at the words on the page over his shoulder.

“Phoenix? What does she mean by us all going to Phoenix? We’ve never been there before” he asked her questioningly.

“I… oh my gosh…” she said as she began sobbing. Michael put his arm around her and sat down with her on the edge of the bed. He rubbed small circles on her back as she cried against his shoulder, making it hard for the pod squad to hear what she choked out. “Alex… was… supposed… to… be… at… Liz’s… wedding!” she said before sobbing harder. The aliens looked at her in confusion.

“What? Maria what are you talking about?” Isabel asked firmly. Maria said nothing for a minute as she tried to calm her sobs down and then wiping her eyes she said.

“Max came to see Liz from fourteen years in the future and told her that she had to help him make present Max fall out of love with her or it would mean the end of the world.”

“What? That’s preposterous! How do you know it wasn’t a skin or something?” Isabel exclaimed, pacing the floor.

“Because Liz said he could tell the future, that he told her about… about Max serenading her” she said looking at Max. He felt a blush rise to his cheeks as he remembered how corny he was that night.
A fat lot of good that did me he thought.

“Max? That’s so corny” Michael said smirking. Maria punched his arm.

“I thought it was cute… anyway she tried doing a lot of things but nothing was working so in the end she asked Kyle to help her.”

“Wait, so Liz slept with Kyle just to make Max fall out of love with her? For what?” Isabel asked. Maria shook her head.

“No. They set it up so Max saw them in bed together. But nothing actually happened. Liz did it because if she didn’t it would mean the end of the world. She said that you and Michael had died.” Nothing actually happened the words echoed through Max’s brain. He had been so hurt when he saw them together, yet deep down a part of him knew it hadn’t been true, even when she had constantly denied that it wasn’t. Now he knew why and it floored him that she was willing to give up so much for them and he had treated her like dirt. Michael and Isabel too, were stunned at this revelation that Liz Parker, who they had been so furious at for hurting Max, had done it… to save them. Both of them felt their respect and gratitude for Liz rise up a few hundred percent.

“Maria what does this have to do with Phoenix?” Isabel repeated.

“Oh… yeah… Future Max told Liz that they got married when they were 19. They eloped, and got married in Vegas at the Elvis Chapel. You, Michael, Alex and I met them halfway and we all went to some dive outside of Phoenix to celebrate.” Max sat down sharply on the bed, Isabel moving towards him to put her arm around him. Yes she was still pissed at him for trying to control her life, but right now there were more important issues to deal with. We got married… so that vision I had when we were in Vegas… it was real… Feeling dazed Max read the rest of the entry before speaking.

“She was going to go to your house Maria… it says so here. We have to find her, she thinks that she’s all alone and I won’t let her. Not after everything she’s done for us” he said adamantly, as Isabel and Michael nodded their heads in agreement. They all stood for a moment before they heard the doorknob twist, causing them to hold their breaths.

“Liz? Hey Liz you left your phone outside Evans’ house man…” he said before noticing the group of people gathered in Liz’s room… nope… they are not Liz he thought to himself.

“Liz’s phone?” Max said moving towards Kyle with an outstretched hand. Kyle flung his hand forward, palm outstretched.

“Uh uh buddy, you ain’t going near this thing.” He said before finding the phone grabbed out of his hands by Maria.

“Kyle, Liz is missing, we think something bad happened to her.”

“Oh shit. What happened?” He said crossing his arms over his chest. Max ignored him and held his hand out to Maria but she refused to hand him the phone.

“Lets see who was the last person she called” Maria began pressing the buttons on Liz’s cell. “She called her private line?” she said in confusion. Max moved over to the answering machine and pressed the button to listen to the messages.

“You have 1 new message…” it began,

“Mmph!” came a muffled noise from Liz.

“Relax Miss Parker, everything is going to be just fine…”

“OMG!” cried Maria flinging herself into Michael’s arms. Max felt his heart shuddering and his world collapsing. Someone had taken Liz.


So erm... feel free to tell me its crap... believe me I know... my 11 year old sister has better English and writing skills than I do *sigh*

Oh and erm... I probably won't post another part for like... 2 weeks... I still have one exam left and them I'm going on a road trip, but after that I'm free so I'll try to write more then... if you think I should continue that is.

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Oh... really?? Erm... How is it similar?*happy*
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Ah crud. It's 5:22am and I can hear the birds outside... I can't sleep cos I have this story in my head now! (not to mention that I was reading Maxeo and Lizziet till 4 something!) Somehow I don't think I'm gonna get much study done for my exam...

Well ok I actually want your opinion on this... it may not seem like an important thing... but well it is... Ok as you know the story is so far called Walls, and you can see the song that its named after yeah? Do you think that that would be better for the Title and the Theme or the following??

Alone by Emily Chai Kym

I feel so alone
Have to make this journey
Don't know where to turn
What direction to head in

My heart feels so numb
Am I really living
Being sucked in a hole
Just barely existing

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

I remember your smile
How it lit up your face
It calmed all my fears
Helped me face the day

When I needed a friend
You were always there
Never failing to show
Just how much you care

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

I know that things haven't been easy anymore
Destiny just keeps on interrupting
But I don't regret a minute of loving you
Its better to have had then have nothing at all

And I just feel so alone tonight
Can you hold me near
Can you hold me tight
And I just want to find someone
Who will be there
Who'll be around
So I don't feel so alone tonight

Tell me which one you think would be better!
Ok I'm gonna try and get some sleep...


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Hi guys wow thanks for the feedback. I actually have the next (few) parts written but I'm not gonna post them yet cos I have to decide whether I want to make this a long story or a not so long story and these next parts are critical to that. I promise to have a new part up on Sunday once I'm back from my road trip.

Also if you didn't notice I changed the name of the story to Alone from Walls, as I had asked about previously. I just put the lyrics for Alone to music today and I've been singing it all day and I quite like it so I decided to change it. I think Walls will be a theme song for one of the parts though later on.

Hehe oh I also made a banner for this story but until my friend sets up some space for me (I'm being hosted on a domain) I can't put that banner up (or my siggie one either! *sad*)

Anyway I haven't done any study today which is bad considering my exam is Wed, and my fingers are sore as from playing guitar so adios until next time!
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Hi guys!!

I think I did bad but right now I'm just soo relieved they're over. I have to finish cleaning and packing my room cos I have to wake up at 4am to get ready for my road trip!!

I just wanted to say that I'm probably gonna have to rewrite the next few parts to make it... better... its really bugging me cos I have the best lines for the really good part of the story which is like... waayyyy wayy down the line... aiya aiya..

Anyway I finally got my site space up so I put my banner up... what do you think?? I put it in my siggie with my siggie pic... I'm kinda proud of both of them. It's been awhile since I had time to make any graphics.


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I know I said I'd get a part up by Sunday but I got back early this morning and I'm soo buggered. I'll try to fit in re-writing the next part in between cleaning my room and packing to go home.
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Scratch that... I'll write you as many parts as possible on my 6.5 hour flight home ok?
posted on 23-Nov-2002 6:10:06 AM
Thanks for the bumping and feedback I have two more parts here... I didn't do any writing on the plane, I was watching the Bourne Identity haha... but I did edit the two parts to give you so enjoy!!


Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Five: Happiness by Abra Moore

I didn't know it could feel like this
I didn't know the hurt
And I try to explain to myself
But I can't find no word

So I lie about it
And I tell 'em I'm feeling fine
And I'll cry about it
Hoping tomorrow will change my mind

Happiness has come to this
And God, it's such a heavy burden to bear

I didn't know it could be like this
I didn't know it could go so far
And I try to reveal the part of me
But you can't find no scar

And I lie about it
And I tell 'em I'm feeling fine
And I cry about it
Hoping tomorrow will change my mind

Happiness has come to this
And God, it's such a heavy burden to bear.


Part Five

Liz groaned as she felt the last of the drugs leave her system. Slowly the room came into focus, not that it helped much as she found she was in a pitch black room.

“M…M… Max…” she whispered softly. She wished that she could reach out to him through their connection, but she remembered that the connection had broken after she had left him in the taxi to go to the airport.

“Liz if you go our friendship is over” Max said

“I guess it’s the price I have to pay” she replied getting into the taxi.

She had felt the sudden breakage of it, leaving her feeling hollow and empty. It was funny how she had lived her whole life without it before Max healed her, and now she felt like she couldn’t live without it. She heard the door being unlocked and she steeled herself for the worse… was it the Skins? It couldn’t be Nasedo as he had died that night in Max’s room. Another shapeshifter perhaps? Or the FBI?

“Good morning Liz” the voice said entering into the room. The lights flooded the once dark room making Liz cower from the sudden harshness.

“Where… Where am I?” she asked suddenly understanding just how scared Max must have been when he was in the White Room. Funnily enough, the room she was in wasn’t white, it was just plain old gray brick.

“You’re somewhere where no one can find you” the voice said again. Liz finally had the courage to look at her captor and was surprised to find a woman. She had white blond hair, brown eyes and a malicious demeanor.

“Who are you?” she demanded. The woman approached Liz and cupped her hand roughly under her chin to peer at her.

“My name is Renfro.”

“I want to go home.” Liz demanded. Renfro laughed a deep throaty laugh.

“You are home. I have great plans for you. I know exactly why the Special Unit took you and I plan to use that to my advantage.” She turned and addressed someone standing by the door. Liz peeked and saw a young girl about her age and height. Her long hair was tied in a long braid down her back and she wore military fatigues.

“X5-648, show Miss Parker to her new room and make sure she settles in. You will be responsible for her and should any trouble arise you will report to me. Is that understood?” the girl clicked her heels together and saluted.

“Yes Madam” she said as Renfro walked out, leaving Liz alone with the military girl. “Bitch” she heard the girl mutter.

“You hate her too?” Liz asked her. The girl looked at her and held her hand out to her, helping her off the cold concrete floor.

“How can you not?” she said “my goal in life is to someday shove a stick of dynamite up her butt and watch her skyrocket…” Liz snorted.

“So what’s your designation?” the girl asked Liz as they walked along the drab corridors.

“Designation? Oh you mean my name? Its Liz. What’s yours?” She said, feeling like she could possibly trust this girl. Of course not with the huge ‘Aliens Are Among Us’ conspiracy, but maybe they could plot different ways of bringing about Madam Bitch’s downfall.

“My designation, if you didn’t hear before, is X5-648. But between my unit, and you now of course, my name is Serena.” Liz’s eyes flew open at the mention of the name.

“Serena said… she’s gonna be a friend of yours someday” explained Future Max.

Liz knew that this was the friend Future Max had told her about. Funny how she had still met her even though she had changed the timeline. She wondered how she would have met Serena had they continued on the original timeline. Would she still have ended up in… where was she?

“So um what is this place all about.” Liz asked Serena as she pushed open a door to see a row of beds lining the walls. Liz almost laughed at the sight which reminded her of the old book series Madeline she loved as a child.

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines,
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.

“Well…” Serena began, sitting down on one of the beds. “Manticore is a secret government agency whose goal is to create the ultimate soldier. Genetically enhanced killing machines to be exact.” Liz shudder at the thought. She would hate to meet one of these things knowing how scary they sounded. “Anyway, they did this by mixing human DNA with animal DNA, dogs, cats the likes. The first bunches were failures and it was only when the fifth generation was created that they finally had success. Those fifth generation are known as X5” Liz looked at her. X5? Didn’t she say her designation was X5-648?

“So… you’re one of these soldiers?” Liz asked hesitantly. The girl turned lifted the hair off her neck. Liz noticed a small tattoo on her neck, almost like a barcode. “Is… is that a barcode?”

“Yeah that is my designation. I’m one of these soliders, one of the younger ones actually.” Liz processed the information in her brain. She wasn’t scared of Serena, she knew from Future Max that this was going to be her friend, I mean after all she befriended aliens, why not genetically enhanced killing machines?

“So you said you have animal DNA mixed with your human DNA. What sort of animal DNA and is that really possible?” Liz asked, the scientist in her getting the better of her.

Serena looked at her “um all the X5s have Cat DNA, but me and two of my sisters sometimes feel like we have Shark DNA cos we don’t sleep much. What are you some kind of science geek?” Liz blushed.

“Yeah kinda.” Serena smiled at her sensing that she had caught Liz’s interest.

“So what do you want to know?”

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Six

They’d been sitting there for a whole hour after the revelation that Liz had been kidnapped. Quiet hiccuping could be heard from Maria where she had her face against Michael’s chest, trying to calm her tears. Isabelle sat with Kyle by the window, patiently explaining everything they had discovered, and had told him about Liz’s sacrifice to save the world.

“So that’s why she asked me to do that. And here I thought that Evans had done something to really piss her off.” He said looking at Max. Max was sitting on the bed staring at the journal he held in his hands, a look of utter devastation on his face.

She didn’t sleep with Kyle, she did it to save the world, save us, and I didn’t believe what I knew in my heart and I…I betrayed her, with Tess… I slept with Tess… Oh gosh… The thoughts running through his head like a broken record. Tears were streaming down his cheeks but he failed to notice them, failed to notice how his hands had started to bleed from the constant digging of his fingernails against his palm. Isabelle and Kyle however noticed as they looked at him, both unsure of just how badly he was taking it, whether he would fall apart if a single word was uttered. They were then surprised when Max slowly raised his eyes to meet with Kyle’s and Kyle say the tears in his eyes, the pain he felt for treating Liz the way he did, and for just a second, Kyle Valenti actually felt sorry for Max Evans. Just a second anyway.

“Kyle” Max voice cracked as he finally broke his silence. Kyle looked at him questioningly. Was he going to be yelled at? Killed by some alien boyfriend on the rampage? “Thank… thankyou for helping Liz even without knowing why she did it.” What the hell? Max Evans is thanking me for pretending to sleep with Liz Parker and breaking his heart? Woah, I never thought I’d see the day… Realising that he should say something he just grunted and nodded his head.

“I… I knew it and yet I still treated her badly…” he began. Isabelle sat beside him and held him close.

“It wasn’t just you Max, we all treated her like dirt.” Max shook his head.

“No… I betrayed her. I… I slept with Tess last night.”

“WHAT?!” screeched Maria. Raising up from her position to stand accusingly before Max. A look of fury and disbelief on her face. He hung his head in shame, knowing that he was going to get a full taste of crazy on the warpath, and knowing that he deserved every second of it, and more so.

“So what? All the lines you fed Liz were pieces of crap? Oh Liz is my soul mate, I’ve never felt like this before, I love Liz… oh let’s sleep with Tess!” she said sarcastically clapping her hands together. Max felt his cheeks burning, everything she said was true. He was barely listening to Maria telling him off, his own heart and mind doing it far better than she ever could. Michael saw this grabbed Maria, spinning her around to face him.

“Enough Maria. Can’t you see he’s hurting as it is?” she wrenched herself free from his grasp.

“Oh and Liz isn’t? She gave up everything for him. She gave up love and happiness for him, and not only did he treat her like scum, he slept with scum too!”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… it was a mistake… I’m so sorry…” Max choked out as he sobbed into his hands, his outer body shaking as his inner body began to disintegrate. Isabelle hugged him closer, whispering words of comfort to him.

“What are we going to say to Liz’s parents? We can’t exactly tell them that Liz was kidnapped by some government agency or some aliens hell bent on revenge?” Kyle asked. “I mean we owe it to them and to Liz to tell them the truth don’t we?” Michael held up his hand

“We can’t tell anyone, and I mean what if we put her parents in danger, do you think Liz will be really happy about that?” he objected.

“Ok so what we don’t tell her parents. What do we tell them then?”

“Why do we have to tell them anything? Look as far as they know, we have no idea where Liz is. Like them we thought she was going to Maria’s, but obviously she didn’t show. She was upset about Alex, she could have just run off or something for all they know.” Michael said, obviously having made his mind up. They all reluctantly agreed to his suggestion, and decided to leave Liz’s room before her parents caught them in there.

“We’ll find her Max” Isabelle said to him softly as she put her arm around him. She could feel him shutting down and closing himself off from the world.

“How can you be so sure?” Max asked brokenly, a lone tear falling from his amber eyes.

“Because we have to. And when we do, we can all line up and take turns to make the biggest apology known to man or alien kind.”

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Hi all. I'll have the next part up tonight depending on whether my bro and sis let me on the net. But it's written and waiting for me to post.

I'll do my feedback now though.

Asabetha: No one is becoming a transgenic who isn't already a transgenic.

Surfgirl02: I'm actually trying to decide right now whether or not to make Tess pregnant. What do you all reckon I should do?

roswell_lover_buffy: X5 question answered above. This as shown in the Title is a Dreamer fic... I'm a diehard dreamer as my siggie pic says.

Lady_without_a_clue: Your answer to why they took Liz will be answered in the next chapter... and if its not in that chapter it will be in one of them soon. :D

Thankyou to everyone who sent me feedback. I really want to write as much as possible... I have some really good lines for it... like the line my sister gave me yesterday which is really funny but unfortunately I can't use it till the later parts of the story aiya...

Ok sister wants comp gotta go bye!


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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Seven: This Road by Ginny Owens

A million miles away from anything familiar
A thousand places that I'd rather be
So I choke back the tears and try to find the bright side
Though I find it hard to see though all my suffering
In my heart I know your plan is so much bigger
But this small part is all that I can see
And I beleive you haven't left me here to wander
Still I can't help but ponder where you're leading me

And I ask why this road
Why this way
And this load
Tell me how far must I go
Till I see ...till I know
Why this road

A million miles away from anything familiar
What was it like to be so far from home
Though you came in love
The world misunderstood you
There must have been some days when you felt so alone
But you endured, because there was joy before you
Joy that came because you sacrificed
Since you gave yourself just to spend forever with me
Surely I can trust you'll lead me through my darkest times
When I ask why


From here I can't see
Why you'd choose this path for me
But I don't have to understand to believe
That you know why, this road
Why this way
And this load
You know how far I must go
Till I see
Till I know
Why this road.


Part Seven

“What can you do that’s different?” Liz asked the girl who looked smaller than herself. It was hard to believe that this girl, who looked no older than her, could take out and kill a few dozen men without breaking a sweat.

“Well I can move faster, hear better, see better, react better than any normal human being” she said as she disappeared front in front of her and appeared behind her in the blink of an eye. “I don’t need much sleep; I can hold my breath for prolonged periods. I’m smarter, more agile; heal quicker… that sort of thing”

“It sounds peachy… no downsides to that besides the obvious killing” Serena shook her head.

“Manticore stuffed things up. Got the wires crossed in my brain somehow. I have a chemical imbalance. I get seizures, all of us do. We can also suffer from progeria, my sister Brin suffered from it at one stage.”

“That’s where the body starts to rapidly age right?” Liz asked and received a nod in reply. She opened her mouth to ask another question when she saw Serena stiffen and stand to her feet ready to greet someone. She turned and saw Renfro leisurely stroll in.

“Settling in fast Liz?” she inquired. Liz glared at her and made no movement to answer her. It seemed that she wasn’t waiting for an answer as she motioned to two orderlies who entered the room and began to grasp Liz by the arms. She struggled futilely and looked to Serena with a look of distress. Serena stared straight at Renfro and Liz realised she could not help her, transgenic or not. When Renfro turned her back on Serena to walk out the door, Serena shot Liz a look, clearly apologetic. It was the last thing she saw as she was hauled out of the room and down the corridors to what looked like an examination room.

“Good morning, ready for your medical exam?” A Doctor muffled from behind his surgical mask. He began to run x-rays and numerous scans, taking blood and skin samples and many other medical tests that Liz had never seen or heard of. The tests dragged on and on and Liz thought to herself one night as she lay in her bunk that it would never end. God please let Max and the others find me. Don’t let them leave me here alone, she prayed.

Every day was the same for her. Wake up for inspection, march off to the cafeteria to eat with the transgenics, watch them train, go for tests, go to lunch, more tests, dinner, more tests and then lights out. She didn’t see Renfro until two weeks later.

“Well Liz, it seems that you are a completely normal human being. Your cells are normal, your skeletal structure is normal, everything about you is completely normal.” Renfro said surveying the chart of results she held in her hand.

“Could that be because… oh I don’t know… I am normal?” Liz responded sarcastically. All that time she had been poked, and prodded more times than she could count she kept thinking that she had been extremely lucky that all they had done was conduct numerous tests on her, almost like going to a doctor’s surgery, and had not done anything to her such as what Max had experienced at the hands of Agent Pierce.

“Funny” Renfro replied “But that my dear was just the easy part. Now we want to know exactly what you know about these aliens. I read all about the shooting in the Crashdown and I know that Special Agent Pierce had one of the aliens in his possession; in fact I have all his research from it. It helps doesn’t it, being related to someone like that” she said nonchalantly.

“You’re related to Agent Pierce?” Liz said stunned by this revelation more than any of Renfro’s revelations about her normalcy.

“Well yes of course, his my younger brother” she said. “I’m going to come for you tomorrow morning Liz, and you will tell me everything you know. I have many ways of extracting the knowledge from you, and they are not pleasant let me assure you. With that Liz was taken back to the dorm room where Serena was waiting.

“Liz? Are you okay?” she asked softly as she crouched down towards the girl.

“I… I don’t know. Serena what is she going to do to me?” Liz asked. She saw fear and panic run through Serena’s eyes before she slipped a mask over it. The fact that someone supposedly as tough as Serena was scared was not a good sign, and it made her insides freeze up.

“Its… it’s not good. The torture they’ve put us through before is excruciating to be brutally honest. Some of my siblings have died from it.”

Liz’s heart stuck in her throat. “I can’t tell her anything Serena, how am I going to stop her from knowing?” Scared as she was for herself she was also worried about giving away any secrets that may lead to the people in Roswell, even if they had abandoned her. Serena looked thoughtful for a moment before saying slowly.

“Well… there is a technique that we were taught which would make us forget information…” Liz grabbed her hand.

“Tell me! But… will I be able to remember it all later?”

“Well only if somebody jogs your memory. You could tell me everything that you want and then I can tell it back to you later when it’s safe. Once you start remembering a bit, you pretty much remember everything else.” Liz thought. Can I trust her? What if she’s working for Renfro? But Future Max did say she’d be my friend someday, and I trust Max, from whatever timeline, even if he did break my heart.

“Ok well. You already know why I’m here I assume” Liz said as Serena nodded her head. “It’s true. Aliens do exist.” She said as she began to tell Serena everything that had happened to her life since that fateful day in September last year. Serena listened in silence, only butting in occasionally. She seemed to believe Liz’s story, after all if she was a human/animal hybrid, why shouldn’t there be human/alien hybrids too?

“So Renfro wants this information from you to try and track down your friends and possibly make transgenics with other worldly DNA in them too I’m guessing.” Serena said. She motioned to Liz and the two of them sat on the cold concrete floor with their legs crossed beneath them. Taking Liz’s hands in her own she began. “Ok to make yourself forget, you need to flood your brain with random pieces of junk data. Like strings of numbers, or the alphabet or something.” Liz concentrated on following her instructions, so that by the next morning she was completely exhausted and the only thing she knew about her past was that her name was Liz Parker.

“Good morning Liz, ready to start?” Renfro said breezily as she walked into the door room. The two orderlies appeared behind Renfro to drag Liz out through the corridor to another room. She was strapped down and a laser was placed in front of her eye. It was turned on and Liz screamed at the intense pain that shot through her. “Now Liz, tell me everything you know about aliens.” Renfro began.

“I… I don’t know anything.” Liz said as the pain continued. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… she chanted in her head as she continued to scream.

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I'm feeling so generous today I have another part for you!


Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post)

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Eight: Taking Chances by Abra Moore

I’m taking chances, I wear my heart on my sleeve
I wonder slide, slide under the big sky
Who’s gonna take care of me
I’m not sure if I really want to
I’m not sure what it all means
I just want somebody to talk to, to talk to me

I’m taking chances and I’m talking carelessly
And I am walking backwards into the future
This world is getting too deep
I’m not sure if I really want to
I’m not sure what this all means
I just want somebody to hold on, to hold me

I keep fallin, I keep fallin
And I keep fallin and I keep tumbling under the deep, deep
All I can do now is give up the whole thing
I’m not sure if I really want to
And I’m not sure what this all means, anymore
I’m taking chances, I’m taking chances


Part Eight

“Max? Pst… Max! Get out of bed you lazy bum” came a voice from the darkness. Max groaned and try to shut out the irritating voice going through his head. What kind of nightmare is this that Maria and Isabelle are both here to annoy me to death? He pondered when the quilt from his head was pulled off to reveal two pissed off females.

“Maria? Isabelle?” he greated dejectedly. Since the day of revelations as he had come to know it, his sister had practically dragged a catatonic Max home and somehow got him to bed. Since then he had taken up refuge between the warm sheets, alternating between crying and staring blankly at the ceiling. He knew his family were extremely worried about him. Isabelle had explained to them that he was unable to handle Liz’s disappearance which they understood. Although there was a lot of things about their son they didn’t know, his love for Liz was something that the whole of Roswell had known about. They tried to get him to eat, and eventually he did, only because they threatened to take him to a hospital to be put on a drip. It had gone on for two weeks until this little encounter of the Maria kind.

“Max get out of bed. Don’t you care about Liz at all? Or are you still too busy bed hopping with the blonde bimbo?” she said scathingly. Max sat up immediately.

“Of course I care about her. I love her Maria!” he yelled frustrated. He finally looked at her and saw the tired bags under her red rimmed eyes, the way her hair was tied back in a limp ponytail and how her usual unique style of dress was even more unique than usual, to the point that she was wearing a tracksuit. He finally realised that he wasn’t the only one suffering, and he flashed her an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry Maria. Of course yes, I love her more than anything in the world” he said softer this time.

“Then why aren’t you out there looking for her? Look, we’ve all been busy grieving and dealing with this by getting dragged down into some bog. But that’s not what we should be doing. It’s not what Liz would want. She’d want us to hurry the hell up and find her and that’s just what I plan to do!” she said a look of determination now reflecting in her eyes. He nodded in agreement and got out of bed, stretching his unused muscles.

“Let me just take a shower” he said pulling clothes out of his drawers. As he left the room he heard Isabelle mutter.

“How did you do that? You have GOT to teach me how to get him to listen to me!”

Showered and with more energy than he had in a long time, he found himself surrounded by the same people he hadn’t seen in over two weeks in Michael’s apartment.

“So where do we start looking?” Michael asked as he bit into a slice of Tabasco laden pizza.

“My dad has been gathering all the info he can from Sheriff Hanson on Liz’s disappearance. I’ve brought it all here.” Kyle said placing a folder on the coffee table.

“Well we could start with that I suppose?” Maria asked turning to Max hopefully. Max gave her a weak smile. I doubt we will find anything useful in there if she’s been taken… They all sat down and began to sort through the papers which were mainly about Alex’s death, how she had begun asking questions about it and how she was supposed to be going to Maria’s house. As Max suspected nothing at all useful.

“This is hopeless!” cried Maria as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She stood up and moved towards the kitchen to get a bottle of Snapple and a hug from Michael.

“Maybe we should drive around? She could have gone to a town nearby here?” Kyle piped up. As they had no other leads and they were all getting restless just sitting here, feeling a need to be actively looking, they all agreed. Max headed towards to the bathroom to relieve himself as his cell phone rang. Michael moved to answer it.


“Michael is that you? Where’s Max?” a female voice came through the line.

“Tess? He’s in the bathroom. What do you want?” He asked holding his arm out to keep Maria from prying the phone out of his hands and verbally attacking the alien over the phone.

“Michael let me at her!” she hissed. He shook his head praying to someone out there that Maria wouldn’t kill him later.

“Oh I just wanted to see what he was up to and if he wanted to get together…” she replied as Max walked into the room to see Michael holding his cell.

“Liz?” he asked hopefully. His face fell as Maria stepped towards him and answered.

“No its your beloved Tess” she said emphasising the words. He groaned inwardly and held out his hand to Michael who gave him the phone.

“Hi Tess. Yeah I’m fine. Oh sorry I can’t… yeah I’m going to see some colleges with Michael, Maria and Isabelle. Yeah I’ll see you soon. Bye.” He said hanging up as soon as he could.

“Gee how nice of you to use ME as an excuse when you won’t even let me go to college” Isabelle said snidely.

“Look Isabelle” he said turning to face her. “I was wrong. Wrong about a lot of things. And I tried to control things… and because of that I lost Liz. I lost the thing that meant more than anything else in the world to me. And I don’t want to make that mistake again. So I’m sorry. I want you to be happy and I want for you to decide what you want. But know this Isabelle. I love you and I need you. I know I was incredibly selfish to try and order you to stay here, but I realise I wasn’t doing it just because of the whole alien thing, I was doing it because I can’t bear to lose you too, to be apart from you. Especially after losing Alex, and now more so after losing Liz. You’re my home.” His little speech had caused tears to fall down the cheeks of the once Ice Princess.

“Oh Max…” was all she said as she envelope him.

“I love you too Max. I never realised you felt that way… you could have found a better way to say it you know” she said lightly punching him, but smiling so he knew she wasn’t offended. “We’ll work something out.”

They headed to the jeep and Michael, not trusting the emotional Evans ability to drive, started the engine.

“Where to?” he inquired.

“Just drive” Max ordered. “She’s got to be somewhere.”

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Hi sorry for not updating for so long. We went over our bandwidth limit so I couldn't come on till today. I just need to proof read and edit the next part I shall hopefully have it up tonight or tomorrow.

Oh and to answer your questions.

Kick ass Liz... not sure yet... but definitely will have a kick ass Serena.
Max being in a mindwarp... not sure, probably not... and yes do not worry... I have much much payback in store for Max but at the moment they need to concentrate on finding Liz.

and will Liz be brainwashed... well she'll definitely be something I can tell you that much.

Oh on another note. There is a rough version of the theme song on my site so if you want to go listen to it go visit my site. Go to the music page and click on 'Download Acoustic Version' tell me what you think haha... *blushes* *bounce*

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Nine A: Someone Searching by Ginny Owens

Face lost in the crowd
Feet wandering empty streets
Voice crying out loud
Heart aching with every beat

Someone searching
Searching for someone
Everywhere and endlessly
Wishing, waiting
Could there be someone?
Searching for
Someone searching

Soul battered and bruised
Pride wounded and left for dead
Ears deaf to good news
Eyes tear-drenched and sleepless red

Oh I hear the cry
And I know the pain
Can it be denied?
That everyone has been
And will be someone searching

Love standing alone
Hands scarred by the nails of hate
Hope suffering long
Faith urging it's not too late

Someone searching
Searching for someone
Everywhere and endlessly
Loving, longing
Always there's someone
Searching for someone
Someone searching


Part Nine

Pain. Scream. Silence. Pain. Scream. Silence. The thought went over and over in her head like a mantra or some really annoying song you just can’t get rid of.

“Tell us what you know?”

“Who are the aliens?”

“What can they do?”

“Tell us.”

“Tell us.”

“Tell us.”

“I don’t know!”

Liz woke up from her nightmare or did it actually happen? She didn’t know anymore, nothing seemed to make sense. Pain and confusion ruled her world, making her look forward to the darkness which often claimed her as the pain became too intense. She still couldn’t remember anything about herself, only her name and the only thing that kept her from falling into the hole of insanity was Serena. A singular light that shone like a beacon to let her know that there was light at the end of all the pain. That there was a good reason she was doing this. Something to do with aliens according to the questions that Renfro constantly threw at her. Aliens, Crashdown, a shooting… all things she didn’t remember.

“Serena?” Liz whispered to Serena one night. She turned over in the darkness to face the transgenic.

“Yeah?” she said brushing back long dark curls to display two deep brown eyes.

“Are they ever going to stop torturing me?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I hope so, sooner rather than later” she said truthfully.

“I’m so sick and tired of this. I don’t know how much more I can take” she said dejectedly. “I wish… I wish that they’d stop. I wish they’d stop looking. I just want to be left alone. Why can’t they just leave me alone?” she said, her voice rising in distress.

“Shh…” Serena reminded her. Yet her face reflected only sympathy for her. Liz knew that she too had experienced what she was currently going through.

“I wish Renfro would stop. I wish she and all Manticore would go to hell and just leave me alone.”

“Believe me I share your opinion.”

“Have you ever tried to escape?” Liz asked curiously. Serena’s eyes clouded over and she was silent for a minute before responding.

“Once. Twelve people escaped that night. They couldn’t take me, I was too young. They left me here all alone, my brother Zack, Max, Brin, Tinga, Ben, Jondy, all of them. Left me here with Lydecker and the nomalies. Left me here to die most probably.” She said bitterly.

“I’m so sorry” was all Liz could say.

“Will you… will you leave me here too when your friends come to get you?” Serena asked.

“No never. If I go, you’re coming with me. After everything you’ve done for me, how could I not help you? These friends you say I have, they are leaving with the both of us or none of us at all.” God Liz prayed Please don’t let them forget me, please don’t let them leave me here. Please let these friends I can’t remember, remember me…


Song For Part Nine B: What Makes You Stay - Deana Carter

I'm in a place
I never thought I'd be
Don't have the strength
To fight anymore
Or a reason not to leave
So tell me why I still keep holding on
To something I just cannot see

What makes you stay
When your world falls apart
What makes you try one more time
When it's not in your heart
At the end of your rope
When you can't find any hope
You still look at her and say
I just can't walk away
Tell me what makes you stay

I'm not afraid
Of living alone
I was alone before he came
I've been in love
Many times before
But this time's not the same
I've always been the first to say goodbye
Now it's the last thing I can do

What makes you stay
When your world falls apart
What makes you try one more time
When it's not in your heart
At the end of your rope
When you can't find any hope
You still look at her and say
I just can't walk away
Tell me what makes you stay

When it goes this deep
And feels this strong
I can't convince myself
That this love is wrong

What makes you stay
When your world falls apart
What makes you try one more time
When it's not in your heart
At the end of your rope
When you can't find any hope
You still look at her and say
I just can't walk away
Tell me what makes you stay


“It’s not working!” cried Isabelle in frustration as her eyes snapped open and she banged the table. “DAMNIT!” she swore. Maria, Kyle and the pod squad were all in Michael’s apartment, as they had done every single day for the past month since Liz had disappeared. The whole town had been abuzz with gossip about how Liz had run away from home because she couldn’t handle Alex’s death, or how she had gotten pregnant to Kyle and had run away in shame. The gossip had brought the group closer together than every before, Michael and Maria were getting along and even Max and Kyle had struck up an unusual friendship.

Max sighed. So far their search had been futile. At the first whisper of a sighting they had driven out to the location, only to find that she had the wrong skin tone, the wrong hair colour, the wrong eyes, whatever it was, it just wasn’t their Liz. A map hung on the wall of Michael’s apartment, covered in little pins to indicate the towns they had gone to search for her. They were unable to dreamwalk her, unable to find any trace of where she had gone. It was like she had dropped off the face of the planet. It was eating them all alive he knew. They had all lost weight and had huge bags under their eyes. Kyle and Isabelle had started drifting away from all their social groups, not caring whether or not they retained their social status and Max had gone from living to simply existing, a ghost of his former self. Only Tess seemed relatively unchanged, although she tried her hardest to help comfort everyone, particularly him. Since their night together she had tried to wiggle her way into his life, but now that Liz was missing, and he knew the truth, Tess could put on a strip tease right in front of him and he wouldn’t react.

“What about Max?” Michael said abruptly. Max looked at him in confusion.

“What do you mean me?” Isabelle suddenly remembered a situation not so different from this one.

Ava walked towards them, grabbing a chair and then seating it on the ground.

“Liz can do it.”

“What?” she exclaimed turning to face her, “what are you talking about?”

“Max brought you back from the dead, you’ve been changed.”

“What do you mean by changed?”

“Look” Ava said seating Liz down, “there ain’t enough time to explain. You just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back… you’re different now”

“He’s right Max” she said finally. “When you were in New York Liz managed to contact you, perhaps you can contact her.” She held out her hand to him. “Take my hand Max” and he complied.

Max found himself standing in a darkened room where he could see a line of beds backed up against the wall. He searched for Liz and found her huddled on one of the beds whispering quietly to another figure.

“I’m so sick and tired of this. I don’t know how much more I can take” she said dejectedly. “I wish… I wish that they’d stop. I wish they’d stop looking. I just want to be left alone. Why can’t they just leave me alone?” Max was floored. She hadn’t been taken? She’d run away? She knew we’re looking for her and she wants us to stop? She wants to be alone? He moved towards her to try and talk but he suddenly found himself back in Michael’s lounge room with five concerned faces staring back at him.

“Well” Michael demanded impatiently.

“She… she did run away… she doesn’t want us to find her… she wants us to leave her alone…” he said, the reality of the situation hitting him, he felt himself get light headed and was thankful that he wasn’t standing up for fear of passing out.

“What? No it can’t be true Max” Maria spoke up, tears beginning to pool in her eyes. They slowly and painstakingly got out the details from Max, and by the end of it they were all completely stunned.

“At least…” Michael finally said. “At least you know she’s ok now. You can move on” Max looked at him incredulously Move ON? How can you move on when you feel like part of your soul is gone, when it’s like your limbs have been torn off? Isabelle felt him begin to shut down again and she put her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s really late we should go home. Max? Let’s go home Max.”

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Aussie_Dreamer originally wrote:
Feel free to kill off Tess at anytime.

I laughed when I read that.

Calinia originally wrote:
Well, I finally caught up, and I have to say that I'm more than upset with Max. First of all, he slept with Tess?!? That is *so* unforgivable if you ask me. I agree with BaBee_ImaJyn, I lost all respect for Max in S2. I'm nor sure if I'll ever be happy with seeing him and Liz together again, but if so there sure has to be a lot of groveling.

Funnily enough I didn't start out the story with Tess and Max having slept together, but I said the story started after It's Too Late And It's Too Bad and someone mentioned Tess and Max sleeping together, which I went 'Oh crap I forgot about that... damn...' and so to stay true to the episode, I had to fit that in. I'm an absolute dreamer and although I think Max has been an ass on many occasion in S2 and 3, I still have faith in the guy... I think its something to do with his eyes.... anyway all I can say is that you all have given me some really good ideas on how to continue with these very difficult middle episodes.

And it really is typical for him to jump to conclusions because of a few sentences he heard without having any idea what Liz was actually talking about. Men!

I really hope that they stop torturing Liz soon, poor baby, I feel so bad for her. *sad*

But her not remembering anything from her life really is an interesting twist.

And I also hope that they won't really give up looking for Liz. I mean, I can't believe they just believe that she ran away and doesn't want them to find her. It's *so* not like Liz to do something like that.

After listening to all your feedback, yes they will try to contact her again, of course they will eventually stop torturing her, Madam Bitch has much more important things in store for her, and I will probably make Liz's memory return slower than originally intended.

BTW, I downloaded 'Alone', and I really like it, it's amazing. *big*

Oh you did?! Oh wow... thankyou so much!! *bounce**big* *whispers* I wrote it during my exams... but don't tell my parents that....

I hope to have the next part up before next week I hope... I'm just having issues... Max and Isabelle are really hard characters to write for at the moment.
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Oh yeah before I forget...

I need like... theme songs for each chapter. Chapter One's Theme Song is Broken by Angela Ammons... if anyone can think of ones for the other chapters please tell me.

I'm writing the next parts now. (I always write 1 part ahead before posting a chapter.) I'm having slight writers block but hopefully it's not too serious.
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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: As you know this takes place in Roswell after It's Too Late And It's Too Bad in Dark Angel it takes place at the beginning of Season Two.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Ten: All You Wanted by Michelle Branch

I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to be like you
And I got swept away

I didn't know that it was so cold and
You needed someone to show you the way
So I took your hand and we figured out that
When the tide comes I'd take you away


If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted was somebody who cares

I'm sinking slowly
So hurry hold me
Your hand is all I have to keep me hanging on
Please can you tell me
So I can finally see
Where you go when you're gone


All you wanted was somebody who cares
If you need me you'll know I'll be there


Please can you tell me
So I can finally see
Where you go when you're gone.


Part Ten

“Psst… Liz… are you awake?” Hissed Serena as she sat on the edge of her bed. Liz turned and groaned as pain coursed through her body, glad that Renfro had finally given up on torturing her and realising that she wouldn’t say anything. It had only taken lifetimes of pain… and well… two months. During those two months she had endured the torture dealt out by the people of Manticore, and endured her own inner torture, not knowing who she was, or the dealings that had her here in the first place. She knew vaguely that she had been brought here against her will and that unlike Serena; she had lived a life outside of the grey brick walls and outside of the unbelievably high electric fences.

“Yeah” she replied softly sitting up slowly.

“Renfro’s coming down the hall, she wants to see you.” Serena said with wide eyes. Liz could tell that Serena was worried for her. Since she had arrived at Manticore, the two of them had developed a fast friendship. Liz knew everything there was to know about the girl, and in turn, Serena knew everything about her life, everything that she no longer knew. For the first month she had been here she had prayed every night that someone would save her, that the friends Serena said she had would find her just as they had found this Max when he was captured. It didn’t matter that she knew they were far away, having being told by Serena that they were located in Gillette, Wyoming, approximately nineteen hours drive from Roswell, New Mexico. But as the second month passed by, she knew that she was going to be alone, that they weren’t coming to get her.

“Liz” Renfro began “seeing you refuse to tell us anything we have decided to conduct a few experiments ourselves. Of course you know that Manticore’s goal is to design the ultimate solider. Just imagine the potential of an alien hybrid!” Liz froze.

“What… what are you talking about?”

“Why I mean you dear, you’re going to be our test subject. You see, when you’re friend was captured by the FBI they conducted numerous tests on him, and they also managed to get a sample of his sperm. We were able to successfully fertilize some of your eggs that we removed and we implanted them in your uterus. I just got the results back from the lab and you my dear are pregnant. So congratulations Liz” she emphasised, “you’re going to be a mother.”

Serena slipped back into the room after Madam Bitch had walked out to find Liz sobbing on the bed.

“Liz? Liz what did she do to you? What did she say? Did she hurt you?” She asked worriedly, gently stroking the brown mass of hair that made its way down Liz’s back. Liz shook her head.

“I’m… pregnant. I’m pregnant with that Max’s child” she said before breaking down again. Serena’s mind reeled remembering what happened to the mothers of all the Manticore children. They were terminated. She had no doubt about it that once Liz gave birth that she too would be eliminated and she couldn’t bear that. It reminded her of what her own mother must have gone through, and Liz was her best friend, she made a silent vow that she would get Liz out of Manticore and back home, even if it killed her.

“It’s gonna be okay Liz. I promise you on my life that we are going to get you out of here before your child is born” she said determinedly. Liz nodded, her sobs tapering off. She hugged Liz tight and Liz was grateful for a friend in this cold hell to keep her sane. Serena held Liz as she cried herself to sleep. Moving off the bed to let her rest, she began plotting an escape. The gates had been lengthened after the first and last escape from Manticore. Snipers surrounded the perimeter, and there was still the problem of the X7 clones in the bushes. Hive minds… Bat in their cocktail she remembered. She looked up to realise she had wondered to a corridor which she hadn’t visited in many months, and just in time as she almost collided with another X5.

“Watch where you’re going soldier!” Came the deep voice. Realising who it was she addressed him.

“I’m sorry 494. I was busy thinking. I could ask you the same question; you seemed to be in as much of a daze as me.” He flashed her a small smile.

“Ah you can tell. Renfro has us pairing up since the genetics lab is gone.”

“Pairing up?”

“You know, making babies? Copulating?” She flushed red at the thought, desperately hoping that she wouldn’t be assigned to one of the other X5 males in the compound.

“Do you know who I am assigned to?” She asked worriedly. It would be difficult enough to make an escape with one pregnant female, but two?

“No idea. Renfro will inform you eventually. Not all of us are to be paired up immediately. But I’ve been assigned to X5-452, the traitor” he said with disgust. 452? Maxie! She thought wondrously.

“She was recaptured?” She asked. He nodded his head.

“Yeah I hope I’m not going to catch some disease that she got on the outside; I mean its bad enough I’ve been assigned to a traitor like her. Serena nodded half in agreement. She had felt utterly betrayed by her unit as they had left her behind, too little or not.

“Yes indeed. Where can I see the traitor? I need to make her feel welcome” she said spitting out the last word. Better to make him think you really do hate her, rather than let him know that you don’t know what to think. He pointed to the door he had just exited, handing her the key. She slowly walked to the door turning the key, she was more nervous than she had ever been. Just behind the door lay someone from her past, someone who had left her to fend for herself against the evils of Manticore.

“Alec is that you haven’t I made it clear to you already…” she said as she looked up to see Serena. She gasped as she slowly took in the appearance of the girl.

“Who are you?” Maxie asked. Serena stood silently looking at the sister she had once known. Gone was the buzz cut hair, and instead was a girl with straight long black hair and bee stung lips. The only thing that was unchanged was the deep brown eyes that were staring back at her rather angrily at the moment. Oops better say something.

“I’m someone you knew, once upon a time” Serena said cryptically. “I just had to see for myself if you had really come back to Manticore.”

“It wasn’t my choice, believe me. I was captured”

“Of course. I hadn’t expected you to come back to do something heroic like save those soldiers you left behind.” She responded sarcastically. How could I be so stupid to think they’d come rescue me after all these years? Maxie looked at her in surprise.

“Who are you? Do you know where Zack is?” Serena’s heart started racing. Zack was here? Her CO, her big brother?

“Zack is here?” Serena asked incredulously. Maxie nodded a tear slipping from her eye.

“He… he gave his life for me. He shot himself so I could have his heart…” she said beginning to drop her tough girl façade and sobbing. Serena’s anger faded and she went to put her arms around her sister. Maxie immediately tensed.

“Shh… it’s ok big sister. It’s me, Serena.” Maxie’s head shot up in surprise, her eyes filling with more tears.

“S… Serena? I… Oh gosh, you’re still alive… I’m so sorry. We didn’t want to leave you behind. We thought you had died!” she said snuggling her head into Serena’s chest. Serena sat there stunned. They didn’t leave me behind because they didn’t care; they left me behind cos they thought I’d died…

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Eleven: Frustration by The Moffatts

There's no windows in this place
For me to show my weary face
Rage I hold within my soul
At times I cannot control
What's the point of me being here
When being me is what I fear
Every day it's all the same
Trapped again in my own pain
I cry myself to sleep
So many secrets I must keep
No one to reach me... nobody cares
Trapped in the middle of a distant stare
I've prayed that I was free
Of this grief that's filling me
Everywhere I turn
Every bridge must burn
There's no windows in this place
For me to show my weary face


Part Eleven

“Max? Max?” Isabelle said knocking on his door softly. Using her alien powers she opened the door and stepped into the dark room. She made her way to the bed and sat down, gently patting the quilt in which her broken hearted brother lay under.

“I screwed everything up royally Is” came Max’s muffled voice. He poked his ruffled head out from the covers and Isabelle could see his red rimmed eyes, no pretence of being strong, her brother had always wore his emotions on his sleeve, particularly when it had come to Liz Parker, after all he had exposed their entire secret to her without a second thought.

Isabelle recalled those first few weeks after their secret had been revealed. To see the depth of feelings that Max and Liz had for each other had made Isabelle even colder to Liz then she would have normally been to most people. The Ice Queen she was known as, but she had always been a melting puddle when it came to her brother and Michael to an extent as well. They had been three aliens against the world, and were extremely protective of each other. Until Liz had entered their lives Max’s affections were shown only to Isabelle, even though he had harboured feelings for Liz since the third grade. It was something that Isabelle couldn’t handle. Feeling like she was losing her brother to someone else. But she had been so wrong. Liz had seemed to complete Max, something that not even Tess, his former bride could do. She had never seen Max so happy or so sad then when he was with Liz. As Max had once told Isabelle, being in love is when you’re the happiest you’ve been in your entire life, and the saddest you’ve ever been all at the same time. Isabelle had yet to feel that, she had wondered if she would ever feel that with Alex, but now she would never know. Someone had taken that opportunity from her and she made a silent vow to Alex that she would pick up where Liz left off and find his killer. She hated the thought of having to kill again, after destroying Senator Whittaker, but she would make an exception just this once.

“Max, you didn’t know” she said finally.

“Yeah I didn’t know, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I slept with Tess. I don’t think Liz will forgive me for that”

“But you thought she slept with Kyle” Isabelle pointed out.

“Yeah but she did that for the good of the planet. To save us. What reasons did I have to sleep with Tess for? Because I was upset about Liz? Because I wanted to get back at her?” Isabelle didn’t know what to say. She knew that Max would continue to berate himself no matter what she would say.

“What are you going to do about Tess?” she asked him.

“I’ve been avoiding her since then, which makes me feel like a jerk, you know like I was just using her to get laid, but I can’t… I can’t face her anymore, it reminds me too much of my betrayal.” My betrayal. Max thought. Never in his wildest imagination could he come up with a worse nightmare than what reality had handed him. Nasedo would be proud he mused, knowing that he and Tess had slept together. But the thought of it made Max’s stomach revolt. It wasn’t that Tess wasn’t pretty, or that she was a bad person or anything. She just wasn’t Liz that was all. He had always imagined that he and Liz would lose their virginity to each other, that they would get married and have their 2.5 children and a house with a white picket fence. He knew that his fantasy was never going to happen now. He had lost his virginity to Tess, something he could never regain, something he could never give to Liz no matter how much he desired to. He wondered vaguely if Liz had known, and that perhaps that was the reason why she didn’t want them to find her. He wanted so much to run around the entire country to look for her, grab her in his arms and beg for forgiveness. But perhaps after all the pain he had caused her he should respect her wishes. He should have listened to Maria.

“Give Liz up. Leave her alone. All this is leading nowhere and none of us belong with any of you. And I’m really sick of how much it’s screwing us up. I mean look at us we’re pathetic.”

“Max?” Isabelle asked as his mind wandered. He looked back at her, his flashback over. “You’re going to have to give her a straight answer sometime soon you know” he nodded and buried his head back under the covers.

“I know Is. But not now. Not yet.”


Michael sat on his couch holding a tearful Maria in his arms.

“She left me. The three musketeers are no more. Everyone leaves me. My dad left me, Alex left me, Liz left me… and someday you’ll leave me too!” she said sobbing again. Michael sat there not knowing what to say. It was true that someday he may have to leave her as much as he didn’t want to. After everything they had been through since he had kidnapped her he couldn’t imagine his life without her there to bicker and make up with. Turbulent as their relationship was, he wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. After all, Max and Liz had always seemed the poster couple for love and look how that had turned out. Maria had fallen asleep, leaving Michael to dwell on his own thoughts. His thoughts turned to Liz. He had been so furious when Max had revealed them to her, all the danger that followed was because of that day in the Crashdown. But far from despising Liz for that, he actually had come to respect her a little. That she hadn’t freaked out about them, that she had brought them friends they could trust. Alex. Maria. Especially Maria. Now he’d been told that she’d sacrificed her happiness just to save his life. After being shunted back and forth and abused at the hands of foster parents like Hank, it still amazed Michael that people, humans like Maria and Liz could care so much about him. He knew that Liz was special the moment he had read her journal and he wished that he’d been friendlier to her when she had been there.

“It’s nice to know we have at least one friend in this town.” Michael said to Liz sitting down at the barstool…

“But why don’t you just destroy this Michael, because anyone who found this would know all about you.”

“No” Michael said shaking his head. “They’d know all about you Liz. Thankyou for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.”

He had envied Max. Envied him for his loving family, his stable home life, having someone like Liz who loved him so much. But now he had Maria, and because of her love for him he no longer envied Max. In fact he felt sorry for him. His whole life had been screwed by the notion of destiny just because some planet they had never been to said he was king. Yes Max had been an absolute ass lately, but after so many times of being bitten on the ass himself, wasn’t he given a little leeway to be one himself?

“I wish I were human Maria, just so it meant I’d never have to leave you” he whispered into her hair. She opened her eyes sleepily and whispered back.

“I don’t. I love you because of who you are Spaceboy. Czechoslovakian status and all.” Michael felt his heart swell at her words and he leaned over to press a kiss against her lips.

I'll post more when I get about 5 replies or if I can finish writing the next part and be satisfied with it... whichever comes later haha...

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Twelve

Serena walked out of the holding cell, her heart soaring above the rooftops of Manticore. Her unit had loved her. Maxie had already told her of her plans to escape the compound, and Serena had told Maxie the need to get Liz out. Maxie had yet to meet Liz, something which wouldn’t be too much of a problem once Serena had convinced Renfro that she could be put under her care. Although she had heard that Brin was to handle her. Brin was her older sister, someone who she had once got along with quite well. Until her re-indoctrination she had been quiet, serious and like a mother hen to her. Now she was stiff, emotionless… a perfect Manticore soldier.

“Madam Renfro I wish to speak to you” Serena said saluting the director. Renfro looked up from her work to see the young girl in the doorway.

“Yes 648, you may speak.”

“I understand that the traitor 452 has returned to our ranks. I would like to be responsible for her as well as the Parker girl.” Serena said silently hoping that Renfro would accept.

“Two charges? Now why would you have such an interest in 452 X5-648?”

“I would like to prove my usefulness to you by being responsible for two important charges. Also I have a personal vendetta against 452.” She said knowing that Renfro loved to pit enemies against one another. Renfro leaned forward against the desk in thought.

“Ok I will agree. X5-452 is to be released into your care along with the Parker girl. Do not disappoint me 648; I do not take failure lightly.”

“Yes Madam.” She said saluting before turning around to exit the door. She silently rejoiced as she walked to Maxie’s holding cell.

“The Bitch agreed to turn you over into my care. Since you seem to have already begun an escape route in this room, I will let you stay here as a matter of ‘personal safety’.” Serena said helping Maxie to stretch her legs as she brought her to meet Liz. They walked to Serena’s sleeping quarters where they found Liz staring at the ceiling.

“Liz? Its me Serena” she said as she and Maxie entered the room.

“Renfro said I’m having twins. She said they are growing really fast… at the rate they are going the pregnancy should only last a month.” Liz said quietly.

“What?!” Serena said in shock. She turned to Maxie.

“Can you get an escape route ready in less than a month?”

“Yeah probably.”

Serena moved over to Liz and helped her sit up.

“Liz… this is my sister Maxie” Liz looked at the girl quizzically.

“You were one of those who left her behind” she said not knowing the revelations that had come to pass.

“They didn’t mean to Liz. They thought I had died.”

“You still left her. You left her alone! You left me alone!” she yelled before she broke down. “I’m… I’m sorry… I just… hormones you know… and Serena said that someone called Max was going to save me… although I think it was a he not a she.” Maxie nodded accepting her explanation.

“I’ll try to get the escape route finished by the end of the week how does that sound?” Maxie said to Liz trying to encourage her a bit. “You don’t need these friends of yours, you’ve got two kick ass chicks here with you to help” she said grinning. Liz returned the grin. Perhaps Serena’s sister Maxie wasn’t so bad after all.

“Oh!” Serena exclaimed pointing to Liz’s stomach. On her skin were two small glowing handprints. Liz let out a breath. She didn’t understand why that was happening. She was sure she could remember that pregnancies did not involve weird glowing.

“Is… is this happening because of the alien thing?” She asked Serena.

“I don’t know. You didn’t mention anything about alien pregnancies.”

“Touch it?” Maxie interrupted.

“Curiosity killed the cats huh?” Liz said with a small laugh. Cautiously she placed her hands over the two prints. She felt a whooshing sound in her ears and the room around her faded. She found herself floating looking in to a sea of glowing liquid. These aliens really have a thing for glowing don’t they she said giggling to herself. She saw two little bodies floating side by side and realised that they were her babies. It was strange how she had quickly gotten over the shock and violation she felt after Renfro had told her the news. She had accepted the fact calmly and rationally after her initial outburst. It wasn’t their fault that they had been conceived the way they had been, and now after seeing them for the first time she felt a protectiveness towards them that made her realise that no matter what, Renfro was not getting these children. Over her dead body. She looked at the two little angels in awe; they seemed to be normal, no three eyes or grey skin, or anything that would reveal them to be non-human. This is better than a sonogram. She thought. She felt the whooshing sound and found herself back in the room with two concerned transgenics staring down at her.

“You okay?” Serena asked her. She nodded and grinned.

“I’m having a boy and a girl. They are so beautiful Serena, I wish you could see them.”

“I’ll get to see them eventually Liz, I expect to be able to hold them too.”

“True” Liz said. The three of them then sat down on the floor and began to make plans for their escape.

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Cos I'm so nice I've got another part here for you tonight (well this morning).


Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Thirteen Part A: Naked by Avril Lavigne

I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn't really matter
How I feel inside
Cause life is like a game sometimes

But then you came around me
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
And keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how I've opened up
Oh, you've made me trust


Because I've never felt like this before
I'm naked around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked around you
And it feels so right

I'm trying to remember
Why I was afraid
To be myself and let the
Covers fall away
I guess I never had someone like you
To help me fit
In my skin


I'm naked
Oh oh yeah
Does it show?
Yeah, I'm naked
Oh oh, yeah yeah

I'm so naked around you
And I can't hide
You're gonna see right through, baby


Part Thirteen

Maria awoke from her nap to find herself snuggled in Michael’s arms. She relaxed into his warmth. Yes she realised that he was going to have to leave her someday, but he could give her the time they had now, and she was more than willing to accept that. For all his faults he really wasn’t a bad boyfriend. He had come such a long way from when she had first met him. Moody, stonewall Michael Guerin, who wouldn’t let anyone into his life, feeling that if he did he was just setting himself up for a fall. After years of being abused at the hands of people who should love him, it was no wonder he couldn’t show his feelings well. But he seemed to finally trust Maria, and he cared enough about her to keep her company during these times where she wasn’t sure if she knew left from right. Her two best friends were just gone and she wasn’t sure if she was in a nightmare or not.

“Maria?” She heard Michael ask as he opened his eyes and kissed the top of her forehead.

“Mm” she replied.

“I… wanted to say that this whole thing has been screwed from the beginning. You and me, us, just the whole long stupid story” Maria looked at him. Was he about to break up with her? Another person joining the ‘I Abandoned Maria Deluca Club’?

“Thanks” she said dryly

“But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been so much to me. From day one, from the moment that I kidnapped you and stole your car, I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted anyone else.”

“Michael…” she began

“I… I love you Maria Deluca”

“I love you too Michael Guerin. As horrible as this situation is, it certainly has brought out the humanity in you” she said laughing as she grabbed a pillow and whacked him with it, knowing that all the mushy stuff would make him uncomfortable. He grinned before ensuing in an all out pillow fight, and for the first time in a long while, laughter could be heard coming from his apartment.


Song For Part Thirteen B: Look Who's Perfect Now by Transistor

You mister wearing a crown
Push me around
Dragging me down
You mister head of the class
Never come last
Pain in the ass.


Look who's perfect now
Got my head in the clouds
Look who's perfect now
Got my feet on the ground
Look who's perfect now
Got my head in the clouds
Got my feet on the ground
Look who's perfect now

You mister never to fall
Standing so tall
Knowing it all
You mister living a lie
Flying so high
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.



Bang. Bang. Bang. The pounding continued as Kyle sat on the sofa throwing his basketball against the wall.

“Trying to remodel the house are we Kyle? You know a hammer might be more suitable for that job.” Jim Valenti said as he sat down on the couch next to his confused son.

“Why would Liz leave dad? I mean I thought I finally got to know who she was after everything that happened, and I was so sure that she just wasn’t the type of character to just up and leave like that. She was strong, she was a fighter, and she wouldn’t have hightailed it out of here because she couldn’t deal.”

“People can surprise you all the time Kyle, even when you think you know the person. I mean look at what happened between me and your mother, I thought I knew her so well and she left too. The important thing is that she’s safe, and you need to give her some time and space and let her deal with whatever problems she’s facing. Perhaps everything just overwhelmed her at one time. If she is anything like what you believe, then she may come back and deal with it head on when she’s ready.” He put his hand on Kyle’s shoulder lending his support before getting up and heading towards the door.

“Are you going to be okay? I promised I’d drop in to see Amy, I think she’s taking it hard too.” Kyle nodded. He knew that his dad really cared about Amy, and as weird as it was to think about Maria’s mum and his dad dating, he knew that after all the hardship they had both faced in their love lives, they deserved to have a little happiness, and if they found that with each other, then who were they to stand in the way? Maria and Kyle actually had a lot in common when you thought about it. Both of them knew the pain of losing a parent and feeling as though they were responsible for it. But Maria at least had Michael to keep her grounded. The only girl that Kyle had seriously liked had been Liz, and she had left him for Max. Kyle had been so crushed by it, his deepest fear coming to surface again. That it was his fault, that there was just something that made women want to leave him. Even his own mother. But he knew that he was being silly. Looking at Liz and Max together, how could he have even possibly compared? I mean he didn’t know if the feelings he had for Liz had been love, and if they had, it wouldn’t have been to the extent that those two obviously felt for each other. They were soul mates through and through. Kyle could only hope that one day he would find somebody who would love him the way that Liz loved Max, and that this someone would never leave him. He had even thought he might love Tess, but he realised that it was more of a sibling love then a girlfriend love. Even if it hadn’t been, she only had eyes for Max too. What Max Evans had on him he could never figure out. It was another fear of his that all the women he fell in love with would love Max Evans.

Tess watched Kyle from the doorway of her room. She really hated this situation. She had been so kind and helpful to everyone it was making her want to gag. The most infuriating thing of all was that Max had given himself to her, something she had always wanted, something she had been groomed for her whole life, and now that Liz was gone he just ignored her. It was like he was a typical guy, and she had just been another conquest, except that she knew Max wasn’t like that. If it wasn’t for that stupid bitch she thought. When she was here she had made Tess’ life miserable, and now she continued to do so even when she was gone. She couldn’t decide whether she preferred having Liz here or not. One thing she knew though was that no matter what happened, whether Liz returned or not, and whether or not Max and Liz got together again, there was something she had of Max that Liz could never get. She’d been his first, and that stupid human girl could never ever claim that. She had to thank the heavens for allowing that to happen. She knew now that she just had to fulfil the bargain that Nasedo had made with Khivar, and she could leave this dump of a planet and return home to where she wouldn’t be treated like she was currently. Like an annoying thorn in the side of their happy lives, like some teenage bimbo. No, she would be Queen, she would be respected, and feared and treated just as royalty should, and she couldn’t wait.

“Soon… soon it will be my turn to shine…”

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Guys I have a very important question to ask you.

I have a new idea for a fanfic after reading the Roswell High book series... well number 1, 5, 6 and 7 anyway. After being totally shocked by the differences in descriptions and names and by the illustration on the inside front cover I came up with this idea. Tell me if you think I should write it.

Liz Parker stumbles across this item in the Crashdown and picks it up. At the same time Liz Ortecho picks up the identical object in the Crashdown in her own world. They switch bodies and find themselves in the alternate reality - Liz Ortecho in Roswell the TV series, and Liz Parker in Roswell the book series.

In order for me to make the banner... I'd love to be able to get a hold of the illustration on the inside front cover of the 1st book the Outsider. Anyone know where I can get it from? bmail me or post back here.
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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Fourteen

“Hi, how are the preparations going?” Liz greeted Maxie as she entered Maxie’s cell with Serena.

“Almost done. I reckon we could probably leave tomorrow or the day after at this rate.”

“That’s great” Serena said. “I want to get out as soon as possible, Liz looks like she’s ready to give birth any day now and I know Renfro has prepped the doctors to be on the ready” she said giving Maxie a look. Maxie nodded in understanding. She too knew about the fate of all the Manticore mothers, and since first being introduced to Liz a few weeks ago she had grown really close to her to the point that she considered her to be one of her own unit.

“Don’t worry boo, we’re gonna get out soon aiight” Maxie said reassuringly.

“Come to join me and Max have you 648?” said a new voice. The girls turned around to see Alec standing there grinning at them and Serena and Maxie stood closer together to hide Liz from his view.

“494” Serena greeted

“Alec” Maxie said with a scowl on her face.

“Now, now ladies, there’s plenty of me to go around.”

“Alec is it now 494?” Alec smirked at her.

“Yeah I’ve been named… think it suits?”

“My other choice was Dick” Maxie informed her.

“Jackass would have suited just as well” Serena said smirking back at him. He rolled his eyes.

“You’re just jealous cos I have a name and you don’t.”

“I’ve had a name since I was three you idiot. My name is Serena” she said wiping the smirk off his face.

“Oh… Serena… not a bad name… so helping Maxie plot her escape?” He said startling her.

“Maxie?” Serena said worried.

“Yeah he knows. He found out.” Maxie said to Serena.

“Why do you want to escape anyway 648… I mean, Serena. You’ve lived here all your life, you know it’s better than having to struggle to survive out in the big wide world” he asked. Serena thought for a moment. Could she reveal Liz to Alec? Looking up at him she supposed she had no choice. It wasn’t like she could walk out of the cell with Liz and not have him notice. She moved aside to reveal Liz to Alec.

“Who is this?” Alec asked curiously.

“This is Liz. Renfro captured her because they believed that she had been in contact with aliens. Now they’ve impregnated her with the alien sperm and she’s due to give birth any day now. If we don’t get her out of here soon you know what will happen to her.” Alec studied the girl. She was really small, petite really. She had long silky brown hair and deep brown doe eyes. She didn’t seem to be afraid of him. Her eyes almost challenging him, she was definitely strong, maybe not physically, but she had an inner strength which reminded him of someone he had loved long ago.

“What… what will happen to me?” Liz said breaking the silence. The transgenics shared a look before Maxie spoke.

“After Manticore has taken the children from their mothers, the mothers are terminated.” Liz gulped.

“Will… will connecting Alec to my babies like you two have both connected to them convince him to help us?” She said to the girls while looking steadfastly at Alec.

“It’s worth a shot I suppose” Maxie said remembering when she had connected to them. She’d seen them growing inside Liz and felt their love flow out towards her. It had been a wonderful experience, and it had hardened her resolve into protecting these children with her life if need be. Liz lifted the maternity shirt to reveal her expanded stomach. She placed her hand on her stomach and then two small glowing handprints were revealed. Alec gaped in awe.

“Put your hands over them” Liz instructed him. He knelt down on the floor beside her and did as he was told. The girls stayed silent as he closed his eyes, obviously being drawn into the twins’ world. After a minute he opened his eyes, his eyes shining with moisture.

“I want to help you. I want to escape with you.”

“Can we trust you?” Serena asked

“I’ll protect Liz and her babies with my life.”

“We leave tomorrow night. Alec will be in here until 24:00 hours so I suggest you two come at 23:00.”

“Agreed” Serena said, and she and Liz left the room. Turning to Liz she whispered “I suggest we go get some rest now. We’re gonna have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

Reaching their room they lay on their cots.

“Are you scared?” Liz asked Serena as she turned to face her.

“Yes in a way I am. I’ve been here all my life, even though I know that the world outside is better than Manticore, I’m still scared of what I might find there. You?”

“Yeah I am. I mean I still don’t remember anything about my life. No one came for me, I don’t know if there is anyone waiting for me in Roswell.”

“Sure there are. Your parents, your friends. This Max guy.”

“But would Max still want to know me? He’s with that girl now.”

“You mean the skanky ho known as Tess?”

“Yes Tess. They were getting closer remember. I saw them kiss each other, I mean I don’t think its gone further than that but…”

“You think it’s better if you stay away from them?”

“Well I don’t know… I can’t remember anything!” Liz said in frustration.

“It’s ok. We’ll be out of this hellhole soon, and I’m gonna get you home, and I’ll help you recover your memory when it’s safe. Try and get some sleep.”

“Ok” Liz said turning over again. Serena lay awake until she could hear the deep breathing from Liz indicating she had fallen asleep. Serena didn’t need much sleep, just like Maxie and Jondy so she stayed awake to keep track of time. Soon, soon Liz would be home and she… she would be free. It was strange and thrilling to think of it. That she would no longer have to take orders from anyone, that she could do as she please, sleep when she wanted, not be afraid find out who she really was. For the first time in her seventeen years Serena was finally facing the same questions that most teenagers her age were facing. ‘What do I do with my life?’ If anyone had asked her a few months ago she would make a new friend, find her long lost sister, find out that her unit hadn’t abandoned her and told her that she would be escaping the only home she’d ever known… well she probably would have turned them over to Renfro for psycho analysis. Yet here she was. In a few days she could leave Manticore behind her forever.

I'm going on holiday for a month from Jan 5th, so if I get lots of feedback before then, I'll post up another one or two chapters before I go okay?

Oh and Merry Christmas!

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha. Also I think this part is abit... sucky... but oh well..

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Fifteen

The incessant ringing of the telephone by Max’s ear was driving him insane. He buried his head under his pillow until his answering machine came on.

“Hi it’s Max. I’m not here right now please leave a message. BEEP”

“Max! It’s Maria! I know you’re there Max! Look I’ve been thinking. This whole thing doesn’t make sense. I mean if Liz left on her own why would she call her home phone? And why were there muffled sounds and some guy talking? I don’t think that sounds like someone who is willing leaving do you?” Max pondered this. Maria had a point. If Liz was leaving by choice, why all the cryptic puzzles? He quickly picked up the phone before Maria hung up.

“Maria? Are you still there? You’ve got a point. I’ll talk to Isabel and see if we can contact her again tonight. I’ll get back to you if I have any news.” Maria and Max discussed things for a little while longer before hanging up.

“Isabel?” Max called as he walked towards her room.

“Max?” Isabel asked with slight surprise. She hadn’t expected Max to leave his room, let alone his bed, where he had been camping for the last month. Ever since he believed that Liz had not been captured, but had left of her own accord.

“Isabel I need your help to contact Liz again.”

“Why?” She asked even more surprised than before.

“Because Maria pointed out some things which don’t add up. I just need to make sure. Please Izzy” he begged. She conceded and they went into her room locking the door behind them.

“Take my hand Max” she said as he complied. They began and Max found himself in the same room he was last time. As before Liz was lying in bed and he could see the same girl who had been there last time. It was very hard to make out anything except their faces, the darkness around them making it impossible to scope the surroundings.

“But would Max still want to know me? He’s with that girl now.” Liz said

“You mean the skanky ho known as Tess?”

“Yes Tess. They were getting closer remember. I saw them kiss each other; I mean I don’t think it’s gone further than that but…”

“You think it’s better if you stay away from them?” Max’s cheeks burned in shame. It seemed that besides moping and being miserable he kept feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Why did I have to be so stupid? He had enough of listening. It was too painful to know that Liz was talking about him and Tess, that she didn’t want to come home because of them. Max faded and found himself back with Isabel.

“She doesn’t want us. It’s my fault. She doesn’t want to come home because of me and Tess…” he said as he began to sob. Isabel made him lie down and she hugged him close. Together they fell into a fitful sleep with their arms around each other, surprising their parents when Dianne went to wake them the next morning.

“Philip look” she said motioning to the two teenagers spread out on the bed.

“I guess I should be glad that the guy in Isabel’s bed is just Max” he said half joking as Dianne pelted him with a tea towel.

“After everything they are going through, at least they still have each other” she said as she closed the door behind them, not wanting to wake the two teens.


Freedom. The word seemed so foreign to Alec. He had at one stage craved it, needed it like the air he needed to breathe. Those days when he forgot the mission and remembered that he was a human being too. It’s funny how a girl had to show him the way, how a girl always had to show him the way. This time it was Liz. Innocent Liz with her two unborn children. He had known the girl all of ten minutes but he was now prepared to go against everything he had been brought up to believe in. He was prepared to die for her and those children and he wasn’t exactly sure why. Perhaps it was some alien mumbo jumbo that possessed him, but he couldn’t help feeling that it was the right thing to do. That perhaps helping this girl would somehow help to redeem him from all the evil he had done. He knew it was just a start, but he had promised that was exactly what it was. The start. The start of Alec doing good in the world. He had a new name, and he was ready for a new life. Yep he was all set. And of course, maybe chicks digged the hero.

“Earth to Alec?” Maxie asked scowling at him. He woke from his reverie and found Maxie standing and pointing towards to the wall, motioning for him to help her.

“Oh yeah…” he said sheepishly. They began to tear at the wall silently, each lost in their own thoughts.

“Need any help? I don’t sleep as you know and Liz had a nightmare” Serena said popping her head around the door. Maxie grinned at her and motioned for them to come in. Liz sat down on Maxie’s bed and leant against the cool brick wall as the three transgenics worked.

“So where are we all heading anyway?” Alec asked.

“Roswell” Serena said.

“Seattle” Maxie said at the same time. Serena looked at her in surprise. She had just found her sister and she was about to lose her again. Secretly she had hoped that Maxie and her would stay together. But of course she has been on the outside before, and she probably has a whole life outside. What gives you the right to barge in and take her away from that? Serena thought.

“What was your life like? On the outside I mean” she asked. Maxie’s eyes took on a dreamy look as she reminisced about her life in the big bad world.

“I had a job, I had friends like Original Cindy who knew about me and yet still treated and cared for me like she had before she knew about it. I… I had a friend… we could have been more than friends but I was always too scared to take the plunge. I love him really, and I never got to tell him that.” Liz seemed to understand. She knew that she deeply loved someone even though she couldn’t remember why.

“What was his name?” She asked gently.

“Logan. You’d like him. He’s selfless, always trying to help out those less unfortunate. He’s a regular super hero” she said drifting off again. Serena recognised the look in her eyes as the same one that Liz used to have when she spoke about her Max and she knew there was no way she could stop her sister from returning to him.

“What about you? Why are you going to Roswell?” Maxie asked Serena.

“It’s where Liz comes from. It’s where her family is. She needs them and I promised her I would take care of her.” Maxie nodded understanding.

“And are you following them Alec?” She asked.

“Yeah. I promised I’d protect Liz and her children and I mean to. Should be interesting right?”

“It’ll be nice to have some family around” Serena said to him smiling. Serena and Liz were beginning to feel comfortable with him, almost to the point they considered him to be like the brother they never had.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay with you Serena” Maxie said misunderstanding. Serena realised this and shook her head.

“Don’t be. I want you to be happy with Logan. But you better keep in touch!” She said wagging a finger at her. Maxie laughed.


“Hey Maxie… what can you tell me about the others that escaped?” Maxie looked at her sorrowfully.

“Of the original escapees Brin… well you know she was recaptured. Tinga was recaptured and that stupid bitch Renfro killed her… Zack killed himself for me… Ben… he went mad and… he died…” she said looking away.

“Renfro killed Tinga?” Serena said sorrowfully. She remembered sweet Tinga, ever protective of her, like a big mother hen. Maxie nodded in anger.

“Jace, she escaped later, pregnant with a child, Logan and I helped her escape. She has a child called Max.”

“Popular name” Serena commented.

“Yeah she named the kid after me. Tinga had a son too… he was called Case.” Serena took all this information in. She was an aunt. She had always wondered what their lives had been like on the outside, what jobs they had, if they had found love, or had kids, even what they looked like.

“I wish I could have met them all. I’d loved to have seen how they all looked, I mean look at you, you look so different without your buzz cut hair.” She said brushing the long hair of her sister.

“Ben… he looked exactly like Alec. They were like twins or something.” This came to Serena as a surprise and she looked at Alec. He was digging hard at the wall, obviously uncomfortable about the information that it seemed, he already knew.

“You knew this Alec?” she asked him quietly.

“Yeah. After they found out the guy was insane I underwent six months of psych-ops to make sure it wasn’t hereditary.” Serena shuddered at the thought; she knew that it was a very unpleasant experience.

“I’m sorry” she said to him softly, putting her arm on his shoulder.

“It wasn’t your fault” he said nonchalantly. They continued to chatter as their escape route began to take shape.

If I can I'll post one more part before I go, but somehow I doubt I will be able to cos my dad gave me the flu and so now I feel really sick... but during my holiday I'll be writing this story plus the new one. Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope that you'll keep bumping my story while I'm gone!
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Thanks for the bumps!

Bea: I'm glad you like my story. To be honest... this is the first story I've ever written Roswell wise, and the first story ever that actually will get finished haha!

katmcken: I had to think about this earlier and well as someone mentioned to me that it didn't really work well in the actual show so I'm not going to have Tess preggers.

Itzstacie: Thanks for the compliment and all the bumps!

Ok as soon as I find out what the last thing I posted was I'll post up the next chapter.
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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Sixteen

“I’m hungry” Kyle murmured to no one in particular. The six teenagers were crowded into a booth at the Crashdown café. At first glance it would look like any other bunch of teenagers hanging out, except that after careful inspection you would notice that ordinary teenagers didn’t look like the world had just died. Kyle was sitting on edge of the booth studying a menu intently, even though he knew all the items of food sold at the café after all his ex-girlfriend had worked there. Tess sitting next to him was trying unsuccessfully to lay her head on Max’s shoulder. Max was looking at the mural on the wall, although anyone could tell that he was really a million miles from there, Isabel had her hand on Max’s squeezing it gently. Next to her, Maria and Michael were sharing a plate of chips, their previous argument over putting Tabasco sauce over it forgotten. Tess scowled inwardly. Liz had never been that much of a talkative person anyway, just an unimportant human, yet this group was acting as though she’d been the centre of everything, like they couldn’t just exist as normal functioning members of society without her.

“Max…” she said in a pleading voice. Max continued to stare at the wall, oblivious to her calling his name. She sighed and tried again this time moving up to whisper in his ear seductively. “Maaxxx…” he finally snapped out of his reverie.

“Huh? Oh Tess.” Max still had no idea what to say to Tess and he looked at Isabel pleadingly for help. Isabel smirked, and Max knew that he wasn’t getting any help from his sister; she was obviously enjoying this as a little punishment for his superior behaviour lately.

“Max what do you say we go somewhere a little more private?” Tess whispered into his ear again, this time moving her hand to stroke the outside of his shirt.

“Um… I can’t, I have to do something with Michael… maybe… maybe later...”

“You know any other girl would think that you were acting like a typical guy who just loves a girl then leaves them” Tess said playing on the gentleman within Max.

“Well… it’s a good thing I’m not a typical guy and you’re not a typical girl then” he said absentmindedly, sliding out of the booth and walking towards the door.

“Michael!” he called to the guy who was presently kissing his girlfriend. Michael turned and waved goodbye to her as he joined Max.

“Hey Max… you’re good with all the romance stuff”

“I was once upon a time yeah” Max said as he started up the jeep.

“Could you like help me organise a surprise party for Maria’s birthday?”

“That’s like in a few days Michael!” Max exclaimed. Leave it to Michael to do things at the last minute. He sighed, it would be good to get his mind off of things he supposed, he was trying really hard for Isabel’s sake not to seem really depressed and he’d hoped so far it was working. It would also give him a good reason to avoid being alone with Tess for awhile. He’d avoided her for almost the whole summer and he knew that she would be pissed if she wasn’t already. “Ok but you better ask Isabel to help us”

“Done” Michael said as they pulled out of the parking lot.


“Oh you want me to help you plan Maria’s party!” Isabel said her eyes lighting up. Inwardly both males groaned. If the Birthday Nazi was anything like the Christmas Nazi they were in for a really long hard time.

“Where do you want to have it?”

“Um… I was thinking maybe the Crashdown?” Michael said running his hand through his hair as he went to the fridge and pulled out a few bottles of Snapple. Chucking one to each of the Evans’ he sat down on the couch where Isabel had out a notepad and pen and was dutifully jotted down all the important party essentials.

“Who are you going to have there?”

“Well I guess all of Maria’s friends, her mum, that sort of thing… but I’d like to have just us too you know?”

“Hmm yeah…”

“What about having a party first and then all of us staying after for a little private thing?” Max suggested. Isabel beamed at him. She was glad he was making an effort, even if she could see it was only for her. She knew that he really couldn’t care less whether Pierce or anyone else for that matter captured or killed him anymore, so long as it didn’t expose her and Michael of course, because really the Max Evans she knew was dead. As long as Liz Parker remained out of his life, he’d stay that way too.

“It’s a good idea and it’s nice that you want to help out” she said.

“Yeah… well it’s the least I can do seeing… seeing it was my fault her best friend left” he replied, all pretence dropping.

“Max…” Isabel began.

“No… I… How could I do something like that? How could I tell her to break her heart for me?”

“It was for us too you know, and it wasn’t really you” Isabel said gently.

“But it was me. The future me, its who I would have been if she hadn’t altered time. Now she’s… she’s blaming herself for Alex’s death, when really it was me. I killed Alex.”

“No. You didn’t kill Alex Max, and whoever did kill Alex be it a skin or a shape shifter or any of the other alien species out there, we’ll find them and we will avenge Alex’s death.” Michael said. “We owe it to him.”

“You were right all along Michael. I should have stayed away from Liz. I wasn’t strong enough. Because of me, because I was weak her parents lost their daughter, Maria lost her friends, and Liz, she lost everything.”

“Max you’re wrong. You were right all along. If there is one thing I’ve learnt from all the crap we’ve been through over these past few years it’s that you were right to let Liz in. Liz, Maria, Alex, all of them, they kept us human, kept us from going insane when we had to do things to protect our alien side. When we had to kill Pierce, Whittaker, all those skins. They make us stronger Max. They make us better.” Max and Isabel looked at Michael in awe. Were these words sprouting from his mouth? From Michael Guerin's mouth?

“I’m really proud of you Michael.” Isabel said hugging him. Max nodded his head in agreement.

“Yeah well, don’t expect it too often. Now are we planning a party or not?”

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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Seventeen

“Liz, its time” Serena said shaking her gently. Liz groaned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, adjusting to the darkness. Serena helped her up and they crept out of the room. Luckily for Serena, being in Renfro’s good graces and due to the new breeding program, there were transgenics walking up and down the halls at all times of the night, so no one took much notice of the two girls hurrying to Maxie’s cell.

“It’s about time! We thought you’d never get here!” Alec remarked as they finally entered. Serena was about to make remark but she saw the look of nervousness on his face. She let it slide, sensing that his need to make comments was just to help him relieve his nervousness and try to break the tension.

“We ready?” Maxie asked. Serena nodded.

“Let’s do it.”

They snuck down the tunnel that Maxie had made until they reached Joshua’s window.

“Liz, Serena, meet Joshua” she said motioning towards a tall creature who looked like a man crossed with a dog.

“Erm… hi” Liz and Serena said nervously.

“Little bit coming?” he said pointing to Liz’ stomach. She nodded, feeling more at ease with him then before. He too was like a child at heart really. She wondered if he was escaping with them.

“Are you coming?” She inquired.

“Max outside. Alec outside. Liz outside. Serena outside. Joshua stay inside” he said sadly. Maxie looked at him feeling bad.

“Joshua come outside too if we can get you out. Otherwise I’ll come back for you ok big fella?” He nodded happily.

“Places everyone… and go!”

Joshua took off through the forest with Serena chasing him.
“Hey! He’s getting away! Come on!” she yelled to the X7s. They began to run after Joshua leaving Max and Alec, carrying Liz on his back to start running toward the fence. Meanwhile Serena began to tackle Joshua. An X7 approached them and Serena kicked him.
“Oh, sorry, kid” she said as more X7s began to approach. She kicked another.
“Maybe I should let you guys handle this, huh?” she said kicking more X7s while Joshua ran. The X7s turned and in a circle they pointed their guns at Serena, one accidentally firing and hitting her in her side.
“Whoa, whoa! Boys! No need for firepower, fellas. Just trying to help.” She said clutching her side in pain. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Max and Alec knock down two X7s before jumping the perimeter fence with Joshua carrying Liz right behind them.
“You idiots! Look he’s getting away! Wait till I report you all to Madam Renfro! I’ll have to do it myself!” she yelled at them before taking off towards the fence, looking for all the world like she was chasing after them. She flew over the fence and ran not looking back. She ran until she had reached the end of the forest.
“You’re hurt!” Maxie yelled running up to her, concern written all over her face.
“I’m fine, is anyone else hurt?” Serena asked breathing heavily.
“Yeah Liz got a deep cut from the barbed wire on the fence. We’ve patched it up and it should hold up until you get her home.”
“We better get moving. Manticore is going to be alerted soon and the further away we are the better.” Alec said. Serena and Maxie looked at each other. It had taken them so long to find each other, and they were parting again.
“I’ll miss you” Serena said hugging Maxie tightly, wincing slightly as her wound came in contact.
“Are you going to be ok with that?” Maxie asked. Serena nodded.
“I better separate from you too, to throw Manticore off both your tracks. I’ll meet you in Roswell Serena” Alec said.
“You promise?” Serena asked.
“I promised to protect Liz and you with my life remember?” he hugged them both and began to walk away from them.
“Hey Alec!” she said as he turned around.
“You’re not so bad you know?”
“You too” he said grinning. “See you in Roswell.”
The two left leaving Serena and Liz alone. They began walking along a highway trying to thumb a lift off passing cars.
“Need a lift?” asked an old lady. Serena nodded and she and Liz got into the backseat. Liz laid her head on Serena’s shoulder and Serena rubbed her aching lower back and swollen stomach.
“Where are you headed to dearies?”
“Um… New Mexico.”
“Oh that’s far… that’s what… nineteen hours drive?” The lady said as her car tottered along the road.
“Oh you can drop us off at wherever is convenient for you” Liz said sweetly.
“Well I’m going to Denver to see my daughter is that ok?”
“Oh yes that’s fine” Serena said. They fell silent and Liz began to nod off. Serena turned to face the car window, marvelling at the wind which whipped her long hair around her and which cooled her face. She took in the landscape that flew past them, of course she had seen the sky and felt the wind before, but somehow it all felt different from before. Now she was free, it was like someone had flicked a switch and the black and white pictures she once saw became technicolour.
“Beautiful” she breathed.
“What’s beautiful dearie?” The lady asked. Serena turned from the window startled.
“Oh… the world, the world is beautiful” she commented. The lady nodded her head and continued driving.
Serena let the scenery pass her until she saw the worn billboard sign smiling a ‘Welcome to Denver’ greeting. Gently waking Liz up the two thanked the lady and got out of the car.
“We need to hitch another ride Liz” Serena said as she stuck her hand out to passing cars. “How are you holding up?”
“Fine” Liz said wearily. It was strange being out in the open again after the months spent in Manticore. She couldn’t remember the time she had spent out here. In one way it was familiar to her, and in another it was as though she was experiencing it for the first time, just like Serena.

posted on 5-Feb-2003 10:04:21 AM
I'm kinda bored... but my head is hurting too much to continue writing the next part... for now I left Liz and Serena by the side of the road haha...

Nicki: So glad to see you. Yeah I really don't like Tess in this story either... haha. Yes Max was bad. And I will make Max pay as soon as I get up to thinking about that part.

No so far I've decided that it won't be a mindwarp... but alot of things have changed since I began the story... it has a mind of its own.

And of course Liz's memory will be restored!

Calina: Thanks. Yep I'm back. I don't intend Max and Liz to just see each other and poof everything's happy dappy... everything will go slowly... especially if my sister continues to read this story... and no she doesn't know about Tess yet.

Alec will come to Roswell. Don't know about the second question... hadn't thought about that. Liz will find out about Tess and they will find out who killed Alex all in good time... right now I'm just thinking of ways to move them from Denver to Roswell...

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Well I finally got my ass into gear about the 'soundtrack' and I think I have a major problem... I have to sort out all the songs... way too many... but I think some of them are good for the stories I have planned for future use. So I'm gonna list the songs and if any of you think that some of them or some I haven't thought of suit any of the chapters so far... tell me. Some of these songs may also be used for later chapters.

Soundtrack Definites:

Alone - Emily Chai Kym
Broken - Angela Ammons
Here With Me - Dido

Soundtrack Possibilities:

This Road - Ginny Owens
If You Want Me To - Ginny Owens
Someone Searching - Ginny Owens
What Makes You Stay - Deana Carter
Born To Try - Delta Goodrem
On Any Given Day - Laura Webb
I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
Tomorrow - Avril Lavigne
Naked - Avril Lavigne
Where You Are - Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
All You Wanted - Michelle Branch
Goodbye To You - Michelle Branch
I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden (later chapter)
Home - Abra Moore
Happiness - Abra Moore
First Date - Abra Moore (later chapter)
Fear - Sarah McLachlan
The Way We Were - Lene Marlin
So I See - Lene Marlin
Maybe I'll Go - Lene Marlin
One Year Ago - Lene Marlin
Always In My Heart - The Moffatts
Destiny - The Moffatts (actually that's a almost definite one)
Frustration - The Moffatts
Girl Of My Dreams - The Moffatts (later chapter)
One More Chance - The Moffatts (later chapter)
Lara (My Love) - The Moffatts
Everything - Lifehouse
Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon
Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton
Walls - Shari Short

alot I know.... anyway now that I know how long it takes to drive from Gillette to Roswell (that's 17 hours, 12 minutes) I'll continue the next part of the story writing. It's probably only two more chapters until the girls finally meet up with the pod squad.

Oh and if anyone wants the lyrics to these songs... tell me... although I can't promise you First Date by Abra Moore cos I'm desperately looking for those myself.

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Thanks for all the bumps and welcome backs!

Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Song For Part Eighteen: The Way We Are by Lene Marlin

I watch you growing sometimes I see myself - in you
It can be scary but kinda funny too
I hear you talking
A lot of similarities
Your choice of words
And all the fantasises


Just the way we are
I guess you've seen it now
A mirror of ourselves sure makes us weird
Falling down
From a mountain of frights
What's there to hold on to?

The way you makes all smile and the despair when you just
Won't go to sleep
You could have me walking a mile to make you smile still it's not
Really a weep
I know you fooled me
A million times
I just can't help it
Don't know why


I know you hate it but they really have to do
What they do
You're crying out your wishes I understand
Yet they don't have a clue.



Part Eighteen



“Michael remembering your Christmas present disaster with Maria, I’d like to know exactly what you’re planning on getting her this time. A cuckoo clock? A side mirror for her car? What exactly?” Isabel asked as she went to the fridge to get a drink. “God Michael don’t you have anything else to drink besides Snapple?”

“No. What’s your problem?” Michael said flopping down onto the couch. He propped his feet up on the coffee table, allowing some room for Isabel to sit down. “I got her present already.”

“Well are you going to get it? We’re going to be late. Max is already there with everyone else, and as much as I’d like to make him suffer by leaving him there alone with Tess longer, I want to get there before Maria arrives. I brought a backup present just in case.”

“I don’t need a backup present. This present is nothing like what I’ve gotten her before. I’m a changed guy Isabel. I’ve learnt a lot about romance from Max now you know too”

“Yes because Max really does seem like the Don Juan these days” Isabel remarked dryly.

“Just because he stuffed up his relationships being an ass, doesn’t mean he didn’t get some of it right. Besides, since all that’s happened I’ve spent a lot of time with Maria, like actually getting along. I know her better now.” Isabel twisted the top of her Snapple and took a sip.

“That all may be very well Michael, and I know you’ve changed and I’m really proud of you. But what DID you get her?” Sensing that Isabel wasn’t going to let him out of the house till she knew, Michael got up off the couch and offered his hand to her to get up. Taking it she followed.

“This” Michael said taking a cloth covered item out of his cupboard. He unveiled it and Isabel’s breath caught in her throat. It was a picture frame made of wood, with wooden carvings of musical notes scattered across the border. The notes were painted black, the background a rich gold colour. Inside the frame was a painting, Isabel was unsure of the type, be it oil or watercolour but it was beautiful none the less. It was Maria, her green eyes gazing out at the night sky, which Isabel noted included the V constellation signifying their home planet. Her long wavy blond hair cascaded down her shoulders and a wistful smile graced her lips.

“Michael” Isabel breathed in awe. “It’s amazing, it looks so… real” and indeed it did. He had captured the true essence of Maria in detailed brushstroke. Her eyes portrayed her sorrow, deep penetrating sadness from losing her best friends. That she was a member of a club that no one wanted to join. Isabel briefly wondered if her reflection would look the same as that of Maria’s. She glanced at the picture again and noticed three small outlines at the bottom of the painting. At closer inspection she saw that it was Maria again. A different Maria this time. This Maria’s eyes were lit up, exuding light and energy and displaying the little spitfire that she was. The main difference between the two Marias? This one was laughing with two other figures beside her; Liz and Alex. Alex… she missed him so much. She had wasted all that time with him, being unsure of her feelings, denying the feelings that she had for him. He had been her rock through all the troubles they shared, he had never run away or freaked out at who she was, who she really was. Instead he took it all in his stride, accepting the fact that he loved Isabel Evans, alien heritage and all. She had abused that, she had taken him for granted, and when she finally opened her eyes to the truth, she had lost him. The truth… she loved him...

“So does this mean I get the Isabel Evans Seal of Approval?” Michael said interrupting her thoughts.

“Yeah I guess you do” she said flashing him a weak smile. “Maria is going to love it.”

“I hope so” Michael said. “I don’t want to spend the last few weeks before school starts, begging for her forgiveness.”

“Come on Michael, we have a party to attend” she said turning her attention to other matters. Now is not the time to think about Alex. We have to be strong for Maria.


“Hey Maria”

“Hey Kyle. What are you doing here?” Maria asked Kyle who stood at her front doorstep.

“Your mom’s out with my dad again” he said shrugging.

“That’s the third time this week. It looks like its getting really serious.” She commented.

“Yeah. Just think, if they get married you and I will become step-siblings.”

“It’d be kind of nice I guess, I always wanted a brother.”

“Well if they don’t… at least we’ll be friends” he said grinning a small smile at her. Maria nodded and motioned him into her house. “How are you anyway?”

“I miss them. Alex and Liz” she confided to Kyle.

“Of course you should. They were your best friends, you guys grew up together. We were the only human beings who knew that there really were little green men running around Roswell.”

“It’s my birthday today Kyle. I want them to be here. I want Alex to be cracking stupid jokes and I want Liz and I to laugh at them. Hell I’d even settle for Alex moping over Isabel and Liz making goo goo eyes at Max. Anything as long as it meant that they were here with me.”

“I know. But they wouldn’t want us to be sad, especially on your birthday right? I mean, didn’t you once say you were Teflon to Liz?”

“Yeah… but even Teflon has its limits.”

“At least be happy today. Remember that none of this happened on your birthday. That’s what my dad told me when Alex died.” Maria’s eyes widened in recognition.

“That’s right. Alex died the night before your birthday.” She said fiercely hugging Kyle.

“Yeah, but my dad was right Maria. As the saying goes, the show must go on. You are going to have a great birthday, and if you don’t I’ll utterly humiliate you by singing all the different versions of Happy Birthday that I know during your shift tomorrow” he said jumping up and beginning to sing.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to yooooou. You look like a monkey and smell like one toooo.”

“You’re terrible Kyle!” she said laughing as she swatted him.

“But you still love me right!” he said grinning and still dancing around like a monkey.

“I’ll have to think about that” she said jokingly.

“Hey, how about I take you out somewhere to celebrate your birthday?”

“Well ok sounds good, I mean I spent lunch with mom and Michael, but now she’s gone out and Michael said he had to help Max move exhibits at the UFO Center.”
Maria grabbed her coat and locked the door behind her.

“So how’s Tess?” Maria asked nonchalantly as she got into Kyle’s car.

“Weird. Like she’s forever moping around after Max, which is kinda annoying, and she’s always muttering to herself.” Kyle replied starting the engine.

“She seems to be the only one taking Liz’s disappearance in her stride, although, then again, she and Liz never did see eye to eye.”

“Yeah I notice you don’t seem fond of her either Maria” Kyle said cocking his eyebrow at her.

“How do you expect me to feel about the tramp? I mean I’m sorry Kyle, I know she’s like a sister to you and everything, but I can’t help feeling that she’s a bed hopping slut and that she should be like… sent back to her own planet!” she ranted.

“Some people could say that Liz was a bed hopping slut, and some people did Maria” Maria pounded her fist on the dashboard, causing Kyle to break abruptly.


“No. You and I both know that isn’t true. She never slept with you Kyle, even Max knows that now. Surely you understand why Max has been ignoring Tess. Because he feels guilty. He knows he did it with a skank like Tess, and he betrayed Liz, who was pure, who was innocent, and who gave up everything for him.”

“Maria even if that is the case, if Tess only slept with Max, it doesn’t make her a bed hopping tramp, she’s his wife for goodness sakes and will you lay off my car!”

“Sorry Kyle. But about Tess being his wife, well I don’t care. Mark my words Kyle Valenti. That Tess Harding is one evil bitch and one day I’ll be saying I told you so.”

I don't think its that great... and I'm sorry if it seems like a jump... Give me lots of feedback ok!!

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Thanks for Feedback:

Mysteriousgal: I frantically look around websites for pictures, and I use photoshop.... but mine are crap compared to alot of other people's banners. My website layout is the best graphic I've made so far (I think... its at

If you tell me what your story is about I could try making one. I haven't read a good Roswell/DA/Angel/Buffy story since one at and the person hasn't written a new chapter for yonks. I can't wait to see yours.

Aussie_Dreamer: Always love seeing what you have to say Nicki. Hmm you know I hadn't actually decided whether to Kill Tess yet... as for Liz's memory... future chapters will reveal that.
posted on 16-Feb-2003 10:16:44 PM
Thanks for the bumps and feedback, I'm glad you guys are enjoying the story so far.

Nicki I'll try to get the next part up before you (and I) get swamped with work... I'm kinda stuck at the moment on how to get Serena and Liz to Roswell... I left them at a motel. I have a vague idea, I guess I better put fingers to keyboard and start typing soon... *sigh* so little time, so much to do...
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Title: Alone

Author: EmmyAwards

Theme Song: Alone by Emily Chai Kym
(Lyrics are on the first post, Song can be downloaded from this site.

Author Note: Please somebody suggest some songs to use for the theme of each chapter. And... erm... get more people to read my story hahaha.

Feedback: First story ever written and I suck at writing, but some feedback would be appreciated.


Part Nineteen

“Liz are you okay?” Serena asked worriedly as they squatted by the side of the highway so Liz could puke her guts out.

“No… I thought that this was supposed to be morning sickness…” she moaned. Serena patted her head comfortingly.

“Well you’re not exactly having a normal pregnancy you know?” Serena pointed out. Liz moaned again as another bought of nausea took hold of her. Apart from the normal tiredness and backaches her pregnancy was far from normal. She had grossed out all of the transgenics and the staff at Manticore, who although had fought countless battles and seen blood and guts and gore in abundance, couldn’t seem to stomach the strange cravings she had. Also, she finally understood the wonder of Tabasco sauce. Her so called ‘morning sickness’ was actually a timed on the hour every hour sickness, much like the news bulletins on CNN. There was also a few other side affects that the pregnancy was having which she, Serena, Max and Alec had kept well hidden for fear of more experimentation. It was easy to tell that these children were Max’s by the unique qualities that she had tapped into through them. She was now a member of the blast em club having accidentally blasted a hole in the wall one night. Also as Max had, she could now shield herself. She hadn’t picked up the healing ability however as the throbbing pain in her shoulder reminded her.

“Are you ready to keep moving now?” Serena asked after Liz’s heaves had died down.

“I… I think so… how’s your side?” Liz asked weakly. Serena examined the wound she had managed to patch up. Thank goodness I paid attention in Field Medicine 101. She thought.

“It’ll hold. Come on… We got a ride to catch.” She said helping Liz up. They stood by the side of the road trying to thumb a ride until a truck driver stopped.

“You girls need a lift? Where ya headed?” He asked blowing cigarette smoke into their faces.

“Ugh I don’t like the look of him Serena, what if he tries something?” Liz whispered to her.

“Then he’ll get a taste of Manticore’s ass kicking techniques” she whispered back. Giving him a fake sugary smile she said to the guy.

“Yeah thanks. We’re heading to Roswell.” She said hopping into the truck cabin beside him, then helping Liz up.

“Roswell eh?” he grunted. “Know some aliens there do ya”

“Yeah… something like that” Serena replied. The girls spent the ride carefully watching the driver who kept cracking obscene jokes and ogling them.

It was about one or two in the morning and 1578km later when Serena finally saw the sign welcoming them into Roswell, New Mexico, Home of the Little Green Men. Outside the truck cabin the rain was coming down steadily.

“Liz, wake up, we’re in Roswell” she said softly shaking her sleeping form. Liz stirred. Serena looked at the truck driver again, his eyes were gleaming at them, as though he had struck gold in a mine. It unnerved her, and her years of training kicked in. She couldn’t let him know where they were heading to.

“Uh… you can just drop us here thanks” Serena said to him casually as the passed the Sheriff’s station. He hadn’t seemed to notice the location and he pulled over to the side and stopped his truck.

“Well girls, I’ve got you hear safe and sound. How about a little gratitude?” he said leering at them.

“Uh… we haven’t any money to pay you, but if you give us your address or something we can send you a cheque when we get some” Serena said stalling as Liz frantically tried to open the cabin door.

“You’ll give me exactly what I want!” he said threateningly, his blue eyes glittering angrily at them. Serena thought quickly, it would be difficult with Liz in the car to try anything wildly outrageous and Serena had started to feel strange during the ride. Slight tremors shook her body. Her mind registered somewhere that all X5s suffered from seizures, and that she no longer had Manticore to provide her with tryptophan.

“Ok you’re right… I’m being so ungrateful”, she said leaning towards him and putting her hands to his head. She grabbed his head and banged it against the steering wheel, but unfortunately the tremors that took hold of her made knocking the guy out impossible. “Liz get out now!” she yelled as they scrambled out. With her advanced hearing she could hear the guy swearing as he quickly opened the door. Together Liz and Serena stumbled away from the truck running as fast as they could. An explosion rang out and Liz fell onto the rain soaked road, crying out in pain.
“Liz?” Serena asked worried. She turned to Liz whose arm was bleeding profusely, and then looked back at the driver who was holding a pistol. Damnit! Serena thought. She launched herself at him, flying through the air and landing a kick squarely on his chest before he could fire. She quickly disarmed him and turned the gun back at him. See how he liked to stare down the end of his own gun barrel.

“How the hell did you do that? What kind of freak are you?” he said venomously. Serena wanted to end this quickly. First rule of thumb was to stay out of sight, not fight it out in the middle of a street like some old western movie. She whacked him hard with the end of his pistol and knocked him out cold.
“Jerk.” She said as she hauled his fat ass into his truck and locked him in. She grabbed two blankets from the rear of the cabin and ran back to Liz who was trying to stem the flow of blood coming from her arm. “Come on Liz we have to go” Serena urged, throwing a blanket over her head.
“Crash… Crashdown” Liz said through gritted teeth. Serena looked up and with her enhanced vision saw the flying saucer proudly bearing the Crashdown’s name. She slung Liz’s arm around her shoulder bearing most of the girl’s weight, and began moving slowly towards her destination in the thundering rain.

Crap chapter I know... its more of a filler. And finally the part you been waiting for where Liz and Serena finally meet everyone... coming next chapter! Give lots of feedback!!

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Wow feedback *sniffles* thankies muchly. I had already started the next part... but I'm just wondering... would everyone prefer that Liz regained her memory sooner or that I dragged it out alittle?