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Title: Being Charmed and Enchanted

Summary: Three Sisters -
Isabel (Think Season Three Hair) = the oldest (Prue)
Liz = the middle (Piper)
Maria (Think Graduation Hair) = the youngest (Phoebe)
- are the Charmed Ones and their biggest threat comes to San Francisco.

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or Charmed. Roswell is Jason Katims’ project gone down the toilet. I will use quotes from Charmed and information from the first season and second season (maybe third). I do not own Charmed and all credit goes to Constance M. Burge.

Chapter One

Liz Parker dug through boxes in the attic along with her two sisters Isabel and Maria. It was spring-cleaning time and they had a lot of junk that they had to get rid of…. again.
Liz found an old trunk that she used to keep as a kid. She opened it up and childhood memories filled her head. She looked in farther and saw a book, wait no a journal she used to keep. She picked it up to show her sisters.

“Hey, look what I found.”

Isabel and Maria both looked up from the boxes they had been looking through.

“What is that?” Isabel asked walking towards Liz.

Liz smiled.

“It’s my journal I used to keep when I was younger.”

Liz opened the journal to the middle page.

“I’ll read you what I wrote back then.

Dear Journal,

Isabel is a…..

Umm maybe I’ll go to another page!” Liz said quickly.

Maria started to giggle and Isabel tried to retrieve the journal from Liz.

“Hey Liz, give it to me.”


“I wanna know what it says.” She yelled.

Liz dodged Isabel and ran down the stairs and into her room. She opened her closet and hid the journal in a large shoebox. She ran out of her room and stumbled into Isabel in the hallway.

“What did it say Liz?”

Liz looked up at her big sister and smiled.

“It said ‘Isabel is a…. very nice and beautiful and caring sister!’”

“It did not.” Isabel said trying to get passed Liz.

“Yes it did!”

Maria came down the stairs.

“Uh guys, shouldn’t we be cleaning up the attic?”

“Yes we should be.” Liz said matter of factly.

She closed her bedroom door behind her and pulled Isabel up the stairs with her.

“Okay, so what goes first?” Maria asked walking into the attic.

Liz and Isabel walked over to a huge book on an altar.

“And what do we do about this?” Isabel asked, “ Do we just keep it here?”

“I think that’s the smartest idea, because if we took it out of the house there’s a risk of someone seeing us caring it.” Liz said flipping pages of the ‘Book of Shadows’ .

The Book Of Shadows was a spell book the sisters used when they were fighting demons and needed help vanquishing them.

“Yeah and I don’t want to be burned at stake!” Maria added.

“Maria, this San Francisco, not Salem.” Isabel said closing the book.

“Yeah, but we have to be cautious.”

“Yeah you’re right. We haven’t taken the book out of the house before so it should stay here.”

Liz walked over to a pile of boxes on the floor.

“I’m gonna take these down stairs so later we can put them in the trash.”

“Okay.” Maria and Isabel said.

Liz picked up the boxes and walked down the stairs.

“Be careful chica!” Maria called out to her.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Oh! I know who that is!!!” Maria exclaimed.

“Who?” Isabel asked.

“The handy man! And might I add very cute too!”

“Really? Shouldn’t you be gushing over Michael and not the handy man?” Isabel said eyeing Maria.

“Yeah well, last night you were saying how the bartender Liz hired at ‘Eclipse’ was so hot. Shouldn’t you be gushing over Alex.”

“Fine. You win.”

Maria smiled triumphantly.


Liz carried the boxes into the kitchen.

“It will be so great to get rid of these things!” She said out of breath walking to the backdoor.

The doorbell rang.

“Maria, Isabel, can you get that?” Liz called out.

She heard nothing and dropped the boxes on the floor hearing a big clang and sound of shattering glass.

“It was gonna be thrown out anyway.”

Liz stepped over the box and walked into the parlor then to the front door. She placed her hand on the knob and opened it. Right in front of her stood a tall handsome guy with dark hair and his eyes that looked inhuman.

“ H-h-hi,” She stuttered still staring at him “ Can I help you?”

He smiled.

“Yeah, I’m here to work on the chandelier in the dining room. A Maria Parker called saying it was broken.”

Liz lifted up her hands and froze him.

“Oh. My. Lanta!” Liz breathed out.

She heard footsteps coming down that stairs and she turned around and saw Maria and Liz coming down them.

“Get back up there before he un freezes!” Liz called out.

“Why is he frozen?” Maria asked, but Isabel pulled her up the stairs before she could get a reply.

Liz turned back around and stood in the spot she was in before. He then unfroze.

Liz smiled at him.

“Yeah, umm it’s right this way.”

Liz guided him to the dining room and stood there and watched him bend over to retrieve his tools.

‘Nice…’ she thought.

He looked over and saw Liz starring at his ass.

“I see you two have been introduced, but I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Max Evans.”

Liz blushed and looked at the floor. She back at him and smiled her face was getting hot and red.

“I’m Liz Parker. It’s nice to meet you…both.”

They both started to laugh.

Max looked back at the chandelier.

“I guess I should get to work…”

“Yeah, I’ll umm, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

‘ Yeah I’ll be in the kitchen washing my face with cold water!’

Liz walked out of the dining room and walked straight into Maria and Isabel who were ease dropping.

“Hey! What were you doing?” She whispered angrily.

“ Watching you introduce yourself to Max…and his ass.” Isabel said laughing.

Liz hit her in the arm.

“Oh you be quiet!”

Liz stormed into the kitchen and almost tripped over the box she had dropped.

“Could you guys clean that up for me?”

“Sure.” Maria said, “Well Isabel…clean it up.”

Isabel scoffed and squinted her eyes and moved the boxes with her mind into the large garbage can in the hallway leading to the backdoor.

“Done.” She said smiling.

Liz went over to the cabinet and picked out a glass. She put it under the faucet and turned the cold water on. When it was filled she turned it off and drank it. When she was done she looked at Maria.

“Do I look like a giant tomato?”

“No, you’ve gone from tomato back to peach.”

“Good. Now maybe Max is a little thirsty.”

Isabel smiled.

“I bet he is…”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Liz asked getting a pitcher of Ice Tea from the fridge.

“Nothing.” Isabel said with an innocent look on her face.

Liz squinted her eyes and Isabel and left the kitchen.

“She’s gonna make such a fool of herself.” Isabel said.

“Yeah, but she’s Liz not you Izzy.”

Isabel mouth went into the shape of and “O” and Maria just smiled.


Liz breathed a deep breath and walked gingerly into the dining room. Max looked down at her a smiled.

‘God he’s so sweaty…wait Tea… Tea…give him the Tea Liz!’

“Ummm Tea…is here…for you to drink. If you’re thirsty that is.”

Max moved down from the ladder he had brought in and towards Liz.


She handed him the cup.

“No problem.”

Liz turned to walk away.

“Wait.” Max said.

Liz turned around.

“I was wondering…. if you were…busy tonight.”

Liz smiled.

“Ummm no, I’m free.”

“Good, ummm would you like to go out …with me tonight.”

“Love too.”

“Great so tonight, let’s say 8ish?”

“8ish is fine with me.”

Liz bit her lip and turned and walked back towards the kitchen.

Max saw her leave and smiled.

‘The first part of the plan is complete.’

Max turned around and went back to work on the chandelier, no suspecting him.


Please give feedback and Tell me if you like it. It's on my mind for a while and my friend and I are the biggest Charmed Fans *cough* before Shannen left *cough* and really wanted to do this! I hope you like it!



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Thanks for the FeedBack you guys! Roswellluver thanks for coming by! Anya and searchingthestars Thanks!


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Chapter 2 should be out by tomorrow or Sunday!


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Disclaimer: I am going to use quotes from “Something Wicca This Way Comes” and the scenes that are in that episode.

Chapter Two

Liz walked back into the kitchen smiling. Isabel tilted her head and examined her.

“She looks like Liz, dresses like her, but what is that thing on her face?”

Maria played along.

“I have no idea Izzy. Wait is that a smile? Does Liz Parker have a smile on her face?”

Liz turned to both of them and smiled. Maria processed this then figured out why Lzi was so happy.

“He asked you out didn’t he??!!!” She shrieked.

“ Gee Maria I don’t think the whole country of China heard you yet!” Isabel said as she tugged Maria’s hair.

“Ow! Stop pulling my hair you hair puller!!”

Liz laughed.

“Nice comeback Maria.”

“Hey I wouldn’t make fun of me! I made us who we are today so shut up!”

“What that we’re three witches who save innocents and almost kill ourselves in the process.” Isabel said sitting down at the counter.

Liz walked up to her.

“And don’t forget our powers that we can’t control that well!”

Maria stuck her tongue out.

“How come since I’m the youngest you pick on me? We’re witches, we have powers, we save people from evil! We should be classified as like super heroes or something. When I found that book in the attic, that was the day our lives began and I don’t regret it.”

Liz, Isabel, and Maria all thought back to the day they became witches.

October 2001

Liz burst through the door of the Manor soaking wet from the rain.

“Izzy!” Liz yelled.

“In the dining room!” She yelled back.

Liz walked into the dining room to find her sister working on the chandelier.

“Is that thing ever gonna be fixed.”

Isabel laughed.

“Wait I think I got…it.”

The chandelier was bright so Isabel shielded her eyes and held onto the ladder planning to climb down. As Isabel step down the ladder she thought she had actually fixed the chandelier all by herself. Then a spark flew out and the chandelier went off blowing a circuit throughout the house.

Liz smirked at her sister.

“Real nice work Martha!”

Isabel glared at her little sister.

“Oh you be quiet.”

Liz laughed and walked into the kitchen to find some flashlights and candles, Isabel followed her to help. Liz opened drawers for seemed forever and finally found a flashlight. She flashed around the room then shined in Isabel’s face.

“Find a candle some matches.” Liz said as she handed the flashlight to her.

Isabel opened a cabinet door and picked out three large candles. She set them on the counter and opened the drawer next to her to retrieve matches. She found the pack and took on out and lit each of the three candles. She then turned to Liz and gave her the flashlight. Liz took it and the light caught on something.

“Hey, is this The Spirit Board? I used to love this thing!”

Isabel smiled looking at it.

“I found it in the basement looking for the circuit board, so I brought it up.”

Liz ran her fingers over the antique board. It had been such a long time since herself, Isabel, and their youngest sister Maria had played with it. The board had dust al over it but you could still see the letters, numbers, and symbols that covered it. She looked at the pointer and remembered how they would lightly place their fingers on it, though she and Maria knew that Isabel always pushed it hard. The pointer was supposed to move itself and spell out messages and answer their questions. Isabel always used to ask the pointer if she would be a supermodel when she grew up. Maria asked silly questions like “What are we having for lunch today?” Liz remembered she asked when her sisters would stop fighting with each other.

‘Never did get a straight answer out of that thing!’

Liz picked up the board and flipped it over. She smiled as she read aloud the writing on the back,

“To my three beautiful daughters. May this give you the light to destroy the shadows. The power of three will set you free. Love , Mom.”

She turned to Isabel.

“We never did find out what this meant.”

“Well, I think we should send this to Maria,” Isabel said with a laugh. “ She has no vision, no sense of the future. Maybe this thing will help her.”

Liz frowned.

“Why you so hard on her?”

“Liz, she left for Roswell, New Mexico to find Dad. Who says he’s even in Roswell.”

“You know that’s not the real reason she left.” She said eyeing Isabel carefully.

Isabel had been engaged to Jesse Ramirez--- until Maria said that Jesse made a move on her. Right after that Isabel broke it off with him and blamed Maria for the whole thing, but Liz knew Maria and she believed her. She knew her little sister would never steal away Isabel’s fiancé. She was only trying to help her in seeing what a jerk he really was and agreed with that. But since Isabel and Maria hadn’t gotten along, Maria left to give Isabel some space and hoped that she’d forgive her. Isabel was starting to….in a way.

“I don’t care why she left.” Isabel said with anger.

Isabel spun around with a candle and walked into the foyer. Liz chased after her.

‘I think now is a good time to tell Is that I’ve been talking to Maria for months and asked her to come back and live with them and make peace, which Maria wanted, with Isabel.

“Isabel, wait!” Liz called out.

Isabel stopped in the middle of the parlor.

“What?” she demanded.

“I have something to tell you….” She began.

“Well what is it Liz?”

“You know how we have that spare room?”


“Well I think we should get a roommate.”

“Hmmm, I’ll put an ad in the paper at a reduced rate and some help around the house.”

“Maria’s good with tools.” Liz threw out.

“Maria’s in Roswell.”

“Ummm not exactly.”

Just then the front door burst open and Maria entered the foyer.

Liz smiled at Maria then turned back to Isabel.

“She’s kinda here.”

Isabel turned to Maria.

“Surprise!” Maria said holding up the key.

Liz crossed the room and hugged her sister.

“Welcome home.” She said.

“Hey, Liz.” She glanced at Isabel over her shoulder, “Hey Isabel.”

Isabel couldn’t help noticing that Maria was looking good. She didn’t want to stay mad at her, but she couldn’t help. But seeing her again now, she was happy to have her sister home even though she’d never admit to it. She walked up to Maria and gave her a small hug when Liz pulled away. Maria smiled when she did this and so did Liz. The out of nowhere a lamp came on in the foyer, but the rest of the house stayed dark.

A car horn beeped outside.

Maria smacked her head with her hand.

“I forgot about the cab.”

“Figures.” Isabel muttered.

“I’ll take care of it.” Liz offered. She went and grabbed Isabel’s purse off the table.

“Hey, that’s my purse!”

“ I know.” Liz said with a smirk as she jogged out the door to the cab.

Isabel and Maria stood alone uncomfortly in the foyer. Isabel looked at the backpack Maria was holding.

“Is that all you brought.”

“It’s all I own.”

Liz came back in soaked.

“It’s getting bad out there and I need to change cause I’m soaked. So when I get back we all talk.”

“Okay.” Maria said.

“Whatever.” Isabel replied.

Liz looked at both of her sister’s and ran up the stairs to change and Maria followed.


Liz and Maria walked back down the stairs.

“So any men in your life?” Maria asked.

“One. His name is Kyle. He’s a reporter.”

“Has he been doing that story about those women in that cult with the carving in their forehead.” Maria’s spine shivered as she said that.

“Yeah, I mean this town is getting weirder and weirder. And to top it all off this guy is on the loose.”

Maria and Liz took the step of the stairs and headed towards the living room where a candle was burning. They sat on the couch.

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“Umm, sure. Popcorn would be good.”

Liz smiled.

“Sure, but I guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.”

As Liz crossed into the kitchen she noticed that the lamp in the foyer was still on, then suddenly it turned it self off. Liz jumped.

“Weird.” She whispered.

Liz walked into the kitchen and looked in every cabinet and couldn’t find any popcorn. She turned around and saw the Spirit Board. She picked it up and walked back to Maria.


As Liz crossed again to get to the living room she saw Maria and Isabel actually having a civilized conversation. Something caught the corner of Liz’s eye. As she turned she saw the lamp was on again. Liz tried not to worry about it.

“Hey. Umm I couldn’t find the popcorn, but I found something better.” Liz said as she sat on the couch and put the Spirit Board on the table.

Maria looked at the board in amazment.
“Where did you find this?”

“I found it in the basement.” Isabel said.

“Let’s try it out, just for fun.”

“Okay.” Maria said.

“Liz, come on it’s a board. It’s not going to talk to us.” Isabel got up and headed to the kitchen.

Maria frowned as Isabel left, but turned her attention back to the board. She loved this thing.

“Hmmm, What are we having for breakfast tomorrow?”

Liz laughed.

“Ask a real question.”

“Okay, okay.”

Maria closed her eyes to think.

‘Think Maria…Think.’

Maria wanted to know about the future, but she wanted to start with something practical.

“Will I get really great job here and make lots of money?” Maria asked the board.

The pointer started to quiver.

“It’s working!” She cried.

“Maria you’re pushing the pointer.”

“ I am not.” She said with a grin.

The pointer moved down the board then jetted to the word yes.

“It said yes!” she cried.

“Maria, you pushed it. I’m gonna go see what Isabel’s doing.”


Maria looked at the board. She went to touch the pointer when it suddenly zipped across the board to the letter “A”. Maria gasped and pulled her hands away from the board.

“Liz!” She called out.

Then it did the same thing again, but this time it went to the letter “T”.

Liz ran in.

“What is it?”

Isabel was right behind her.

“What?” She demanded.

“The pointer moved…by itself.” She gasped.

Liz rolled her eyes and Isabel gave her “yeah, right” look.

“I swear. It spelled A-T.”

“It’s because you pushed it.”

She looked at her sisters.

“I swear I didn’t even touch it.”

Just then the pointer zipped off the letter “T” then back to it.

“You saw that didn’t you?” Maria asked.

Liz and Isabel both nodded speechless and in awe.

Maria grabbed a piece of paper.

The pointer did the same thing and it stopped on the letter “C”.

Maria scribbled the letters onto the paper. She held it up for her sisters to see it.

“Attic?” Liz and Isabel said in unison.


The three sisters stood on the step that was right before the door to the attic. They shined the flashlight they had been caring on the door. Liz went to opened the door, but the doorknob wouldn’t budge.

“Ummm.” She said.

“Hold it.” Maria said as she ran her room and back with a nail file in her hand.

“What are we gonna do, jimmy our own door?” Isabel asked.


Maria put the nail file in between the door and the doorframe and tried to pry it open, but it still wouldn’t to anything.

“Nice Sherlock.” Isabel said with a grin.

The three sisters looked at each other and headed down the stairs when suddenly they all heard a soft creaking noise. They all turned back to find the door had opened…by itself.

They all looked at each other, hesitant, but they stepped in.

“Hello?” Maria whispered.

Liz and Maria pushed Isabel in front of them.

“Hey.” She said, “ Why do I go first.”

“You’re the oldest.” Liz said

Isabel took the flashlight and scanned the room with it.

“Nothing here.”

“Look.” Maria whispered hiding behind Liz.

Isabel looked and saw a glowing light, almost like a sunbeam.

‘But it’s nighttime.’ She told herself.

The light was set on an old trunk, which was apart from all the other things in the attic.

The three girls walked towards the trunk.

“I wonder what’s inside.” Liz whispered.

“Only on way to find out.” Isabel said.

She set the flashlight on the shelf and kneeled on the floor in front of the trunk. The hinges creaked as she opened the trunk. The thing was nearly empty except for a large book. Isabel gazed at it and lifted it up. She stood up with it and the three girls stared at it.
The cover was brown leather and had three arcs interlocked inside a circle.

Maria gasped.

“That’s the sign that killer leaves on the bodies.”

Liz looked at Isabel nervously.

Isabel looked down at the book and opened to the first page.

“The Book of Shadows.” She breathed softly.

“Mom?” Liz whispered at Isabel.

Isabel shrugged.

Maria held the flashlight, tightly gripped in her, over the book.

Isabel flipped threw the pages. Several pictures of three women were based upon them. One showed them fighting monsters of different kinds.

“Is this witchcraft?” Maria asked.

Isabel turned to another page with a picture of a scroll twisting around a pole. Next to it were words penned in colored ink and decorated in silver.

‘An incantation?’ All three thought.

“Here now the words of the witches,” Izzy said.

“The secrets we hid in the night.” Liz said.

“The oldest of gods are invoked here. The great work of magic is sought.” Maria finished.

Lightning tore through the sky making the girls jump. They stared back at the book wanting find out what their mother was doing with it.

“In this night and at this hour,
We call upon the ancient power,
Give the power to we sisters three,
We need the power give us the power!”

A slight cold breeze filled the attic making the girls shiver. The breeze grew stronger and it turned into a tornado of starry sparkles and twinkling light. Hair was blowing in their faces, but they remained perfectly still. Then it stopped.

“Is everyone okay?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah.” Maria said.

“Everything seems normal.” Liz said.

But after that it wasn’t…..


“That was one freaky night.” Maria said combing down her hair.

“Yeah, and to think that Kyle was behind all those murders, then he tried to murder me.” Liz said taking a drink of water.

“Yeah, but something good came out of it. Maria solved our differences and we’re all closer to each other.” Isabel said smiling at Maria and Liz and pulling Maria close to her, squeezing her shoulders close to hers.

Liz looked at the clock.

“Oh my god! How long have we been in here talking? I have to get ready! It’s 7 o’ clock!”

Liz ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Maria looked at Isabel.

“You think we can trust Max? I mean look what happened with Kyle.”

“I don’t know, but we should keep an eye on him.”

“Yeah, that’s the best thing to do.” Maria said.

“Oh damn it! I forgot to pick something up at Deluca’s. Wanna come?” Isabel asked grabbing her keys.

“Sure.” Maria exclaimed.


Liz went through her closet like a mad woman. She was putting different clothes in front of her body trying to figure out what looked best. She finally settled on short black dress she had borrowed from Isabel one time. She quickly put it on and smiled.


She started to run down the stairs when she heard the doorbell ring. She ran to the door, stopped, breathed, smoothed down her dress, smiled, and then opened the door. Max stood there in black slacks and V-neck sweater with a gray undershirt underneath it. He looked to die for.

“Hey.” He said handing her a bouquet of white roses.

Liz gasped as she took them and led him in. She closed the door and turned back to look at him.

“These are my favorite flowers! They’re so beautiful.”

“They reminded me of you. Elegant, sweet, and beautiful.”

Liz was speechless and was feeling hot.

“Thank you.” She managed to say.

“So I was thinking maybe we could take a stroll through the park or something.” Max shyly.

“Yeah, that sounds really nice….”

She opened the door to find it pouring rain outside.

“Or not.” She finished.

She closed the door. And headed to the kitchen to put the flowers in water. Max followed her. She looked behind her and she filled the vase on the counter with water and plopped in an aspirin then gently lowered the flowers.

“Done. So what do you want to do now?” She asked walking back into the parlor.

“We could stay here. Get to know each other.”

“That sounds nice.”

They walked out to the foyer and sat down. Liz got up and the radio on. Max got up swung her around in his arms. A tingle went through her body and she liked it. She put her arms around his neck and they swayed back and forth to the music, focusing on each other.

Hey, what's the point of this?
Oh hey, what's your favorite song?
Maybe we could hum along.
Well, I think you're smart,
you sweet thing,
Tell me your name,
I'm dying here.

Got you where I want you
Got you where I want you

Hey, maybe just a smile.
Oh hey, did you know that I can dance?
Could we tap for awhile?
Well, I think you're smart,
you sweet thing,
tell me your sign,
I'm dying here

Got you where I want you
Got you where I want you

Suddenly the front door burst open. Max and Liz both looked the see Maria and Liz panting. Max and Liz moved apart.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked.

Isabel looked up.

“We’ve got a big family emergency!” She said.



"Got You (Where I Want You)" by The Flys


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New part probably by Sunday, but it depends which of my stories I've stalled the longest!!!

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New Part on Thurs. or Fri

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Here's a new part. Not much but a promise is a promise...


Chapter 3a

“So what do you think about this dress?” Isabel asked holding up a sky-blue dress with rhinestones all over it.

“Ummm…it’s tacky. Who wears rhinestones on their clothes anymore?” Maria said.

Isabel pointed to the shirt and paints Maria was wearing. Rhinestones were going down the sleeved and the side of each pant leg.

Maria laughed nervously.


Isabel smiled.

“Okay so help me get an idea of what to make!”

Instead of Isabel growing up to be a super model she settled for making the clothes for the runway instead of wearing them down it. To be truthful it was a lot better. Isabel saw the way those girls were treated and it wasn’t all glamorous all the time. She loved her job, and she still got to do what she always dreamed about, even if was a little more modified to an adults liking.

Maria was about to sit down when she saw a newspaper on the chair. She picked it up and got a premonition.

A demon sneaking up on herself and Isabel out of the shadows and hitting Isabel with a demonic fireball before she could use her powers then turning the herself and doig the same….killing them both

Maria gasped and let go of the paper, dropping it to the floor. Isabel ran up to her fast.

“What did you see?”

Maria looked around the room looking for the demon. She didn’t really get to see his face, but she he’d be here and she was ready.

“Maria?” Isabel said getting worried.

“Make sure you have your powers handy.” She said still scanning the room.

Maria? What did you see?”

“We’re going to be attacked to be alterrrrrtttttttt…..”

A fireball came at from the shadows and Maria pushed herself and Isabel to the ground. The fireball hit a rack of dressed setting them on fire.

“For that.” She finished.

Isabel got up.

“Come out here you coward.”

A demon stepped out of the shadows.

“That's right." Isabel said filling up with pride.

One demon came into the light. Two were still hiding in the shadows and the one in the light was brand new to them.

“That power of premonition. Wasn’t it handy to know that would have died if you hadn’t have known we were here?” The demonic leader said.

Maria got up and stood next to Isabel.

“I’m getting a premonition right now and…wait what is that ….oh yeah it’s you getting your ass kicked by us!” Maria smirked.

“Really? Is that so?”

The demon sent launched a powerful ball of electricity toward Maria, but Isabel deflected it with her telekinesis vanquishing a demon in the shadows.

“The power of telekinesis. Now either one of you also has the power to freeze time or there’s another one of you. If so that makes three witches…the Charmed ones.” She smiled.

The demon hiding in the shadows came out and stood next to the girl.

“I believe you’ve met already?”

Maria and Isabel looked at the demon standing in front of them.

“Kyle?” Maria asked.

He smiled.

Isabel raised her hand and used her powers, throwing both of them against the wall. She pulled Maria to her.

“We have to get out of here!” She screamed.

Isabel and Maria started running for the stairs, since it was an emergency. They made it outside to the car, got in as fast as they could, Isabel put the keys in the ignition, turned the car on, and headed to the Manor.


Next part either later tonight or tomorrow!


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love andi

Hey Andi! I'm glad you got here! And I'm glad someone me feedback!!!! LOL jk. New part by tonight!!!

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Okay so shoot me! I know I haven't been here but it's not just you guys. I've been deluged with work from my teachers and I just can't say:

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So I hope you can understand. I go on vacation friday so then I'll start pumping up the chapters and making more cliffhangers! lol

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Hey.....I'm Back............

Chapter 3b

Isabel sped down the streets of San Francisco trying to make back home to the manor.

“How…what…. h…h…how?” Maria tried to say.

Isabel was still panting from running out of Deluca’s to the car.

“Three…excellent questions….” She said panting whiling focusing on the road.

Isabel took a sharp left turn onto Francisco Drive and zipped straight for the driveway, not caring the car driving down at that moment. She quickly shut the car off, unbuckled her seatbelt, and darted for the front door.

“Liz is gonna be so pissed at us…” Maria said has Isabel fumbled with the keys to the house.

“Well I think she’ll realize this is an emergency and quickly discard the fact we ruined her date with ‘Mr. Wonderful’ !” Isabel said opening the door.

Max and Liz moved apart.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked.

Isabel looked up panting.

“We’ve got a big family emergency!” She said.

Liz’s eyes widened.

“Is everything okay?” Max asked a little skeptical.

Maria looked up and caught her breath.

“It’s Aunt…”

Maria looked at the table next to her

“Poinsettia….Aunt Poinsettia”

“Aunt Poinsettia?”

Liz laughed nervously.

“It’s a name we dubbed her.”

Max nodded still skeptical.

Liz turned back to her sisters.

“What happened?” she asked.

“ She was attacked…. by fire.”

“Attacked by fire?” Liz said looking at Isabel and giving her a quick glance to Max.

Isabel too laughed nervously and smiled.

“What our dear young traumatized sister meant was, she was a using the…stove and it caught on fire and she was badly burned. So in Maria’s language you can see what she meant….”

Liz’s eye brows curved in a confused manner at what Isabel just tried to explain, but decided to go with it anyway.

“Right! Where’s Auntie Poinsettia now?”

“ San Francisco Memorial.”

Liz turned to Max.

“Rain check?”

He smiled.

“Sure. I hope your Aunt will be okay.”

Liz smiled.

“I’m sure she will be.”

Liz led him to the door and opened it.

“Bye Bye!” Maria said.

“Bye.” Liz said.

“Night.” He said leaving.

Liz closed the closed the door and sighed.

“So…..?” Liz asked still wondering what was going on.

“We need to consult the Book Of Shadows.” Maria said leading Isabel and Liz up the stairs.

“Will someone please tell me what is going on?”

Isabel turned around at the landing half way up the stairs.

“We were attacked at DeLuca’s.”

“Yeah I know. The big attacked fire thing kind of caught my attention.” She said looking at Maria.

Maria shrugged.

“We were attacked by three warlocks. One was destroyed, but two are still on the loose.” Isabel said continuing up the stairs.

“Do we know the two warlocks?”

“One of them.” Maria said piping into the conversation.

They reached the attack door and started towards the book.

“Well….” Liz asked in anxiouness.

Isabel turned around to face her sister.


Liz’s eyes practically popped out of their sockets.

“But…but…we vanquished him!”

Isabel sighed.

“We know. He was with this girl. I think she knows about us now. And Kyle is going to tell her everything he knows about us. I think we’re in worse danger than ever before.”

Liz looked at both her sisters as worry flashed in her eyes.

“Do you think…I mean…I don’t if I’m getting a good feeling about this.”

Maria placed her hand on her sister’s shoulder.

“I’m the one who can see the future. Don’t worry. We’ll be okay. We’re always going to be okay.”

“But…” Liz started.

Maria flicked Liz on the head.

“No buts.”

Liz rubbed her head.

“That hurt you know.”

“I only hurt you because I love you.” Maria said smiling and focusing on the book.

Liz rolled her eyes.

“Right.” She then too looked at the book.

“Okay….” Isabel said pointing at a picture.

“I think this is her. It says that this demon is called a ‘Tessa’, well actually it’s a witch turned demon. It’s main goal is to make a tiny army of warlocks and go after the most powerful witches and either steal their powers and kill them or have them turn to their side.”

“Is there a vanquishing spell?” Liz asked.

Isabel looked around the paper and turned to the back of each page.


Maria looked up at the ceiling.

“Thanks Grams!” She said sarcastically.

Then the book’s page started to turn on it’s own and landed on the page with an incantation.

Maria looked up again and smiled.

“Ooh Thanks Grams!”

“The Power Of Three Will Set You Free."

“Wait where did this come from?” Isabel asked flipping through the pages, “And anyway isn’t that the spell you get rid of Kyle?”

“Yep. But why would Grams open to that page. We know that spell, we need to know the one for the ‘Tessa’ demon.” Liz said flipping through the pages back to the ‘Tessa’ page.

“You think we could make a spell?” Maria asked.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Isabel said.

The three girls walked down the stairs and stopped.

“What if it’s Kyle or the “Tessa” demon?”

“Yeah Maria, demon now ring door bells when they want to kill you. It’s the polite thing to do.” Isabel said.

The door was then busted open and Kyle and “Tessa” walked through.

Maria looked at Isabel.

“As you were saying?”

“Yeah I was saying….lets run the hell up the stairs to the book.” Isabel said running up the stairs back to the attic.

“Get back here!” Kyle said running up after them with “Tessa” close behind.


Maria blocked the door with the dresser and walked over the Book Of Shadows.

“Wait… What’s this?” Isabel asked seeing the page has been changed.

Maria read it.

"The link which was not to be done, Give us the power with the god of the sun, And turn back time to whence it was begun."

Twinkling lights encircled them, as they disappear for a few seconds and reappeared in the same spot.

“Did it work?” Maria asked.




Be back with more...yeah yeah I know I said that last time, BUT this time I mean it!!! Enjoy!!! *big*

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New Part!

Chapter 4

Maria looked around the attic of their house.

"So did we go anywhere?" She asked looking at her two sisters.

Liz looked around as well. The she heard the phone ring. She looked at Isabel.

"That's not our phone."

Isabel crept towards. Liz and Maria followed her as they all quietly went down the stairs.

Liz gasped, but Maria covered her mouth.

"Grandma Claudia?" Isabel whispered.

"Yes. Maria would never hit Michael. Yes I know Diane. I will make sure. Goodbye then."

Liz looked at Maria as she giggled.

"I remember that. I hit him in the head when he tore my Barbie's head of----oh my god! I did when I was ten!"

Right before their eyes themselves as children ran across the Foyer.

"Liz will you play with the magic board with me?" A ten-year-old Maria asked her big sister.

Little Liz smiled.

"Sure. But it's not a magic board. It's a spirit board."

"Can we talk to mommy?" Maria asked.

Little Liz's face fell slightly but she smiled so she wouldn't upset Little Maria.

"Yeah maybe we could."

All of a sudden a teenage Isabel came in the room with her boy friend.

"Hi Alex." The Little Liz and Maria said.


Teenage Isabel turned to Alex and smiled.

"You hungry Alex?"

Alex smiled.

"Always for you're food."

Liz and Maria covered their faces in laughter.

"Shut up." Isabel said.

"I can't believe you guys are still together. You met him in the third grade!"

"Yeah well I love him. So shut up." Isabel said with a stern grin on her face then she broke down.

"Did we do that all the time?"

Liz and Maria both nodded.

Maria turned to Liz.

"Sorry about asking you that about Mom."

Liz smiled and pulled Maria close and kissed her forehead.

"It's okay. You were young when you lost Mom. I would have asked the same thing."

Maria smiled.

"Sorry to break up the sister-bond-moment, but we need to figure out why we're here and what year it is, and how to leave."

The three girls all thought for a moment.

"The back door." They said in unison.


Maria, Liz, and Isabel had managed to make it to the back door with creating a disturbance. As they were just about to step out the door a little voice scared them.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?"

The three girls turned around to find Little Maria and Little Liz standing there. Well actually Liz wasn't that little she was thirteen, only three years older than Maria. Isabel was fourteen and already placed herself as an adult.

Maria looked at the girls.

"Ummm we were checking the gas."

Little Liz looked up at big Liz.

"You're pretty."

She smiled.

"So are you."

Little Maria looked up at big Maria.

"I don't buy you're story. If you don't tell me I'll get Michael!"

Maria started to laugh.

"Michael? God he's a wussy now!"

"Maria." Isabel whispered angrily.

Little Maria gasped.

"You're name is Maria too?"



"Well we have to go now! Other homes to check their ....gas."

"I wanna go!" Little Maria said.

"Go where?" Teenage Isabel said as she entered the kitchen.

"With them." Little Maria said.

Teenage Isabel looked up and saw the three women. She gasped.

"We're screwed." Liz whispered.

Isabel looked at her sister.

"Where did you get that outfit?" She asked looking at big Isabel.

She smiled.

"I made it."

T-Isabel's jaw dropped.

"No way?"


"You guys look familiar."

"Umm we're just you're regular gas people."

T-Isabel glared at each woman.

"Huh. Well Maria they have to go now."


"No buts.", she looked up at the three girls while holding little Maria. “Sorry, I'll tell Grandma Claudia you were here."

"NO!" The three of them said.

"We're early. So uh we'll tell her when we come back."



Maria, Isabel, and Liz had run out of the house and now started to walk down the street.

"How weird was that?” Maria asked.

"It's funny how some things never change." Liz said giggling.

Isabel and Maria looked at her.

"Shut up!"

Out of the silence of walking Maria's neck hair stood up.

"Does anyone else get a feeling that we're being followed?"

Liz and Iz both nodded.

"On Three." Isabel mouthed.

"One, Two, Three!"

The three women stood there to find themselves, their younger selves, right behind them.

"Hi!" Little Maria said, " Liz wanted to follow you."

Big Isabel looked at Liz.

"What?" She shrugged.

Teenage Isabel stepped up.

"Well my sister thinks you're from the future. You know like aliens or something. But I told her you weren't."

"Well we're not." Big Maria said.

"Are you fairies?" Little Maria asked.

"No we're not fairies. You guys should get home." Big Liz asked.

Liz turned to take them back and saw a boy come out of the house across the street and look at both Liz's.

"Who's that?" They both asked staring at him.

"I don't know." Teenage Isabel said.

"He looks familiar." Big Maria said.

"I've seen him before." Big Isabel said.

"Isabel! Maria! Liz! Are you out here?" Grandma Claudia yelled from the steps.

The three younger girls looked at the three older ones.

"Will we see you again?" Little Liz asked big Liz.

"Yeah. I know we will. You guys should get home."

Teenage Isabel took Little Liz and Little Maria's hands.

"Bye." She said.

Maria looked down at the curb and picked up a newspaper.

"March 24, 1992. Why were we sent back here?"

"Maybe if we walk around and Maria if you touch stuff maybe you'll get a premonition and we'll find out."

"Yeah maybe, but I still have this weird feeling some one is following us..."


In the bushes a little girl about Little Maria's age looked at the three women walk by. Then she saw a big man follow them from afar. She wanted to warn them, but she was too scared. She closed her eyes and used her power of mind warp to make the man think they went the other way. When she opened her eyes she saw a browned haired across the street smiling at her, but then that smiled turned to a frown and before the little girl could know why she was plucked up from her yard and gagged and fell asleep.

Some Quotes are from "That 70's Episode"

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New Part Tonight!

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I know I said last night I was going to post, but it got to late so here it is. It's not my best work and I'm really not that proud of it, but soon enough I'll get back to deciphering who Max is, while bringing in Alex and Micheal into the picture and maybe a few new faces!

Chapter Five

Little Liz watched as the little girl was plucked away from her yard. She ran into the house to get Isabel. Little Liz ran up the stairs to Isabel’s room and barged in on her and Alex…well that’s not important.

“Isabel! Isabel! You have to come.”

Isabel sat up on her chair.

“Liz what is it?” She said getting irritated.

“It’s…sorry Alex, but I can’t tell while you’re here.”

Alex got up from his chair and waited outside the door.

“Liz what is it?” Isabel asked getting worried.

“I saw a girl get kidnapped. And I think I know her from somewhere or I’ll know her in the future.”

Isabel looked at her sister strangely.

“What did she look like?”

Liz thought for a minute.

“Ummm well she had blonde, curly hair. She was about Maria’s height and her age.”

Isabel walked around her room and thought about this.

“What do you think this is about?”

“I think we need to get those ‘gas people’ again.”


Isabel, Maria, and Liz were still walking down their street. They’d stop every once in a while to see if Maria could get a premonition off of anything. Maria was holding a newspaper concentrating hard, trying to call for a premonition.

“Any luck?” Isabel asked.

Maria opened her eyes and shook her head.

“Nope, nodda.” She replied disappointed.

She dropped the paper back where she found and started to walk down the street again. All of a sudden Liz stopped and looked back behind her. Isabel stopped and looked at Liz.

“What is it?” she asked.

Liz shook her head.

“I don’t know…I just felt a twinge or something. Almost like I was remembering something that just happened.”

Maria walked to Liz.

“Like what? A premonition.”

“No. A memory. A new memory.”

Isabel thought about this.

“Maybe that’s what’s happening. We’re making a new future. Anything that we do to change that we’re going to make new memories.”

“What did you see?” Maria asked.

“A girl, maybe about Little Maria’s age and height. She had curly, blonde hair. And someone was taking her.”

“Do you think it was the Tessa demon? I mean back when she was little. Maybe that’s how we’re supposed to stop her. Make sure she never turned evil.” Isabel said smiling proudly.

“Yeah,” Liz said still not sure. “but I think I have an idea or least a really strong feeling.”

Liz ran down the street back to the house she saw in her memory. Iz and Maria ran down after her.

“Maria touch something.”

Maria obeyed and touched a toy ball that was in the yard. She picked it up.

There was a little girl with curly, blonde playing her yard. Then she kidnapped from the front yard by a tall, skinny man with a strange smirk on his face.

Maria gasped as she dropped the ball.

“What did you see?” Liz asked.

“She was so scared.” She said.

“The little girl?” Isabel asked.

Maria nodded.

As they stood there in silence they heard a scream come form the little girl’s yard. The three girls looked at each other and ran to help the girl. As they made it into the yard they saw her with the tall man.

“Hey, let her go!” Isabel called out.

The man turned around still holding the little girl. They both had smile on their faces.

Liz felt a shiver going up her spine.

“Isabel I think this is a trap.”

All of a sudden there was a big flash of light. When it disappear the little girl and the tall, skinny man didn’t look the same.

Maria and Isabel gasped.

“Tessa and Kyle.” Liz said plainly.

Tessa stepped up.

“Now you know what you’re up against. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why are we here, why in this time?’ Well it’s because you needed to see what you were up against,” She turned to the side of the house where Little Liz, Maria, and Isabel were, “all of you.”

Kyle stepped up.

“Now that you know just know this. We can be anybody. Even the people you care about.” Kyle smiled and then as soon as the six girls blinked they were gone.

Maria looked at all the girls.

“I think we need Grams.”

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Umm today I don't think I'll be posting. I was watching Power Rangers this morning and the yellow ranger was one of my favorites (Thuy Trang). Well I went to see if she was going to be in any upcoming projects and I just found out she died two years ago in 2001. She was in a car accident. And I know that she was one of my childhood heros and she was a Power Ranger from 1993-1995 but I'm still on the verge of tears and I'm not in the mood to write so sorry, but it's sad for me. So today my best friend is feeling my sympathy and going to the movies with me.

Thuy Trang

Decmber 14,1973 - Septermber 3, 2001

R.I.P. Thuy, you'll be remembered

Also just to add, Thuy died because she wasn't wearing her seatbelt, so please if you drive always wear your seatbelt, it will save your life, because unlike Thuy, the person who hit her lived because they were wearing one.

Luv always,

mg_ros aka Natty

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