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A New Day
by: Jessica & Ann
DISCLAIMER:We Do not own any of the characters, they are the propery of WB and UPN.
(Roswell people walk in. Zane is carrying extra menus up to the bar, where Sam is sitting. He is flirting as usual.)
Zane: Come on Sam, the dance is next week! Please go with me...
Sam: *growls*
Zane: Now your catching on.
(Sam is staring over his shoulder at Michael)
Zane: (waving his hand in front of Sam) Sam? Earth to Sam. Sam!
Sam: Give me those! (snatches menus) We have customers!
Zane: Since when do you care about this job so much?
Sam: Since now! *smile*
(Walks over to the Roswellians. Max and Liz are making out.)
Sam: They do know they are in public, right?
Michael: Oh just ignore them, but I'll take a menu.
Sam: There are more tables if you want to move away from the tonsilhockey.
Maria: No, it's fine, but if you have any muzzles that might help.
(They all laugh except for Max and Liz.)
(Sam walks up to the bar where Zane is waiting.)
Zane: God, does he know what a pair of scissors are?!
Sam: I like it it's rugged. I like rugged guys!
Zane: Maybe I shouldn't shave for a couple of weeks.
Sam: It's more like a couple of years. Anyway you couldn't pull it of.
( Michael is staring at Sam's butt)
Maria: Mikey, do you have a little crushey-wushey! How cutie.
Michael: No, besides she's like 16!
Maria: News flash, you're only 17!
(Everyone eats. As they leave Mike bumps into Michael.)
Michael: Watch out!
(Fades to car)
Michael: Could you guys be anymore obvious! I thought we were trying to blend in!
Max: We did! we are normal teenagers! *laugh*
Michael: Yeah sure.
Maria: Oh did you guys see that hot guy at the counter! I mean thump, thump, thump!
Isabel: He's no Brad Pitt.
Liz: Or Paul Walker!
Max: Hey!
Liz: Well its true.
(Sam is at her locker and drops her papers. Zane walks up and grabs them for her. He is wearing a long blonde wig)
Zane: Hey babe!
Sam: What the hell!
Zane: You said that you liked the rugged look.
Sam: Not that rugged! (She grabs his wig and throws it)
(The Roswellians are walking down the hall. Sam grabs Michael and pulls him aside)
Sam: Hey are you going to the dance Friday?
Michael: No.
Sam: Why not?
Michael: They suck.
Sam: Do you want to hang out that night then?
Michael: OK.
(Michael walks back over to the other Roswellians)
Max: Who's That?
Maria: Someone special?
Liz: I wonder where the nearest eraser room is?
*All Laugh except Micheal*
Michael: Ha Ha very funny! Laugh it up.
Maria: I will.
Mike: Hey Sara. Have you noticed anything different about those new kids?
Sara: No, not really.
Mike: Don't they seem weird to you?
Sara: No!!
Mike: There is just something weird about them.
Sara: Shut up here they come!
(Liz and Maria walk in)
Liz: Hello Miss Dolan.
Sara: Call me Sara.
Maria we're here for the part-time job.
Sara: Of course! Come into my office.
(walk into Sara's office)
Sara: Please, take a seat. Now who are you?
Liz: I'm Elizabeth Parker. Liz for short.
Maria: And I'm Maria Deluca.
Sara: Nice to meet you both. Now what kind of job were you looking for?
(Interview continues. They come out of her office smiling)
Maria: Thank you Sara!
Sara: Don't forget that you start on Monday!
Liz: Thanks again. See you later!
(Liz and Maria leave and Sara is walking out. Mike catches her with his rolling chair)
Mike: You gave them jobs!
Sara: They're great kids.
Mike: They are WEIRD!
Sara: Shut up!
(Ellie is talking to Mike.)
Ellie: Maria and Liz are staying with me while they're here.
Mike: Those weird kids?
Ellie: Mike! There's nothing weird about them! They are practically family.
Mike: You hardly know them!
Ellie: They stayed with me every summer when I lived with Bob.
Mike: Bob, Bob, Bob! Thats all I ever hear!
Ellie: I've only said it once!
(Maria walks in.)
Maria: Strawberry!
Ellie: Maria!
Mike: Strawberry?
Maria: She used to eat lots of them when we were little!
Ellie: Do you have your stuff packed?
Maria: Yea, where's the house?
Ellie: I'll drive you over, just put your stuff in the truck.
Maria: Okay.
(They load up her car with junk.)
Liz: Do you like my new blonde hair? Isabel did it.
Max: Of course. I love blondes!
Liz: OK, I'm going to take a shower before our date.
(Liz walks upstairs into the bathroom and gets in the shower.)
(Mike walks in and thinks that Liz is Ellie)
Liz: Is that you come on in.
(Mike strips down and opens the curtain)
*Liz and Mike Scream alot*
(Max and Maria run in. Max starts to beat up Mike.)
Max: What the hell are you doing! *punch*
(Maria grabs Max's fist)
Maria: Stop it! It's only Mike!
Mike: She told me to come in! I thought she was Ellie!
Max: Blonde hair: bad idea. Too many blondes in this house!
(Liz runs with a towel around her to her room to get dressed)
Sam: He did that! He's such a loser!
Maria: I know!
Zane: *mumbeling* I'd like to see you in the shower...
Maria: What?
Zane: I just said that I need a shower ... umm...
Sam: Yeah, sure!
(Sam is working. "Michael" walks up and grabs her, kissing her.)
Michael: Your so hot! *kiss*
(Sam is not exactly angry)
Sam: Oh ... umm.. (shakes head) work. I have work.
(Michael comes in through kitchen and sees them. He runs toward them. "Michael runs out the door.)
Michael: Who was that!
Sam: It was (pause) you.
Liz: Shape shifters? How did they find us?
Max: They must have followed us.
Isabel: They probably know that we are close to finding the Queen Mum!
Michael: I only saw one of them though, plus none of these have ever attacked us.
Maria: Well obviously, they are now!
(Mike walks in, complaining.)( liz pulls a blanket around her.)
Mike: You will never believe what a great story I get to write is! I get to research the stupid new ki..... cactus
in the Rainy Day Cafe! It grows a lot. Um I'm gonna go, bye.
Michael: Now that guy is weird!
(Zane is late to work)
Hazel: You're late, where were you? You know never to be late!
Zane: It's only five minutes, not even that, four at the most!
Hazel: You are never going to get anywhere with that attitude! Just like your screw up father!
Zane: You want me to get to work! Fine! (grabs coffee pot and slams it down on the Roswellians' table) Here
You want coffee!?! Here is your stupid coffee!
(Runs out of the cafe. Michael and Liz are staring at the coffee pot. The handle is melted, like with powers.)
Michael: Hey, Max? Is this coffee pot supposed to look like this?
Liz: It looks like it was melted!
Max: Yeah. Hey you don't think he could be an alien, do you?
Maria: No way! There's more!? Rabbits, I say, rabbits!
Max: I think that he has the same kind of powers as Michael.
Michael: How-
(Sam walks in, kind of upset)
Sam: Are you talking about Zane?
Liz: No.
Sam: Well, he has been doing weird things ever since ya'll came. Blowing stuff up, melting things, you know stuff like that.
Isabel: Have you been doing weird things?
Sam: Yeah, I can read people's minds.
Liz: *thoughts* Yeah, and I can go two days without kissing Max!
Sam: That's good for you Liz.
Liz: I didn't say anything!
Sam: Yes you did! You said that you could go two days without kissing Max.
Liz: *embarrased* I'm not comfortable with you reading my personal thoughts!
Sam: Well don't think them so loudly, then!
Maria: So your an alien, Zane's an alien, and you are aliens together! *laugh*
Sam: Are you guys aliens?
Max: Maria isn't --
Maria: Thank God!
Max: BUT everyone else is.
(In Sam's room. Sam and Michael are "fooling around")
Sam: Oh ZANE!
Michael: *stops* Who!?! (Puts shirt on and goes down the stairs)
Sam: Michael! Wait!
(Door slams.)
(Sam runs up and knocks on the door. Zane answers and notices that Sam's make up is smeared.)
Zane: What happened!
Sam: I realized something totally life changing!
Zane: What is it?
Sam: That I don't love Michael! I love you!
(she kisses him)
Zane: I have always loved you!
(Sam runs, a little confused and embarrassed.)
(Max and Michael are talking. Liz walks up and sits next to Max.)
Michael: Yeah, we were having incredible sex, when she screams "Oh Zane"!
Liz: That's probably because they are soul mates, plus they were married on the planet!
(They stare at her.)
Liz: What! I can see the future and the past!
Max: PMSing?
(Liz slaps him.)
Liz: Don't even get me started!
(Zane walks in.)
Zane: Have you guys seen Sam? She came over last night and, well, and I haven't seen her since.
Michael: She is probably too upset about me!
Zane: Why? What did you do?
Michael: We were having incredible sex when she screams YOUR name!
Zane: Really? Wow!
Michael: (Looking at Max.) Wow! He calls this wow!
Sara: I'm not giving you a new story! this one is great.
Mike: But I hate following people.
*knock, knock*
Mike: Hey Zane, what do you want?
Zane: Is Sam here?
Mike: What did you do to her she has been up in her room all day? She won't talk to anyone.
(Zane runs up to Sam's room.)
Sam: Go away!
Zane: Come on Sam. Please open the door.
Sam: No!
Zane: I love you, please?
(This continues for a while. When everything is quiet Sam comes out to use the rest room and finds Zane asleep next to the door.)
Sam: Awe.
(She goes back into her room and gets a blanket to cover him up with. She tucks him in and kisses his forehead.)
Zane: *sleeping* mmm Sam. Mmm
(Sam turns around to see that he is only talking in his sleep. She goes into her room and calls Hazel.)
Hazel: Sam? Have you seen Zane?
Sam: Yeah. He's at my house. We were watching a movie and he fell asleep, can he stay here for the night?
Hazel: Sure.
(Zane had cooked breakfast for Sam and is walking into her room. They run into each other.)
Zane: That's okay nothing spilled!
(Sam takes the tray and sits it on her dresser. She pulls Zane inside.)
Zane: I love y-
(Sam kisses him.)
Sam: I know.
(Maria and Isabel are ordering.)
Zane: *smiley* What do you two great ladies want today?
Isabel: What up with you?
Zane: Only that the girl of my dreams loves me! (Starts to walk away, but turns back.) I'll get your usuals.
Maria: We don't have usuals!
Zane: Now you do! And they're on the house!
Isabel: I wish that you two would make out more often!
Zane: Me too!
Liz: So, dancing, dinner, and a great time!
Sam: What planet are you on?
Liz: Please! Max won't dance without someone else there!
Sam: That's kind of freaky.
Liz: Please Sam!
Sam: OK. Fine!
Liz: See you at six then.
(Zane comes to pick Sam up for their first date.)
Sam: Hey, "honey."
Zane: Wo -- wow! You look great, beautiful.
(They drive and finally reach the Fiesta Party.)
Max: Why did you drag me out here in the first place!?
Liz: I like to see more than my bedroom ceiling once in a while, Max!
Liz & Max: Hi.
Max: Come on I like your ceiling!
Liz: I can't believe you!
(She leaves and Max runs after her.)
Sam: I guess it's just us then.
Zane: That's great baby!
( They go inside.)
Liz: I think that Zane and Michael are brothers!
Maria: So?
Liz: So, his mom is the Queen Mum!
Max: How can we make sure?
Michael: We could just ask.
Max: OK thats just....
Isabel: Thats a great idea!
Liz: How though?
Isabel: Just leave that up to me.
Mike: What new case are we hard at work on today?
Rudy: Actually, today's been really slow.
Mike: Oh well, I've been researching these new kids and I think that they are aliens!
Rudy: Have you been smoking something Mike?
Mike: No. Fine, don't believe me then!
(Zane runs in as white as a ghost.)
Zane: My mom. She's dead!
(They get into the sheriff's car.)
Zane: She was right there!
Rudy: If she is dead, then how did she just walk away?
Mike: Maybe you should stay with us just in case.
Ellie: There is fresh blood here. Maybe she was just wounded and kidnapped.
Mike: Why would she be kidnapped?
Zane: they think that she was kidnapped.
Liz: It was the shape shifters! I know it!
Max: It's not them, it is definitely the skins!
Michael: We need to attack them before they get to us!
Liz: Yeah.
Max: I am the king! So, we are going to do what I say!
Liz: How dare you pull that king crap on me! (She leaves.)
Zane: Shape shifters?
Michael: Oh, yeah your an alien.
Zane: Did I miss the flyer?
Maria: I guess so.
(Zane runs up to Sam's room.)
Sam: Hey Zane.
(He sits on the bed, Sam sits next to him.)
Sam: What's wrong?
Zane: I just found out that I'm an alien, your an alien, and that my mom has been taken by aliens!
(Sam rubs his shoulders.)
Sam: It's all going to be all right.
Zane: I hope so.
(Liz is in her room. Max comes in through the window.)
Max: You know that I am right, come on just give up.
Liz: You are not going to get off so easily! I am sick of your king crap! I don't think I can stand being with
you. We are over!
Max: Fine! (Leaves out the window.)
(Hazel is tied up and is sitting in an old chair. A man comes in.)
Taryn: So you the infamous Queen Mum! It took so long to find you, but now that I have, shape shifters will
rule all of Antar!
Hazel: You have no idea how to do that! You don't posses the brains.
Taryn: I shall rule Antar! Its quite easy, you are the only one who can unite the powers of the royal six!
Without being united they cannot defeat me!
Hazel: What do you mean their powers are very strong?
Taryn: Those are baby powers!
Hazel: Who are you?
Taryn: I guess that there is no harm since your about to die, I am Taryn the ruler of.....
Hazel: The shape shifters!
Taryn: Exactly!
Rudy: Zane, we have a lead!
Zane: Who?
Rudy: A guy named Arnold Taryn.
(Zane runs over to Ellie's house to talk to the aliens.)
(Zane runs in and up the stairs to Liz's room.)
Zane: You guys!
(Max and Liz are making out.)
Zane: Excuse me, guy with a problem.
Max: Oh, we were just making up. What do you want?
Zane: I know who took my mom, the "queen mum" or whatever.
Liz: Who?
Zane: Arnold Taryn.
Max: The shape shifter?
Liz: I told you so!
Max: Call Michael.
(Michael gets there with Isabel.)
Michael: We know where she is then lets go!
Max: We can't just attack, we have to know where Taryn is!
Michael: We can find out I mean Glory isn't that big, and we have five.
(Sam walks up.)
Sam: Make that six!
(Zane and Sam are searching here. Everyone split up. Max & Liz, Zane & Sam, Maria& Michael, and Isabel is doing research.)
Zane: Thank you so much for helping, Sam.
Sam: I'd do anything to help Hazel, she's like a second mother to me.
Zane: I love you! *smiles*
(They are walking down the street when they see a guy that looks like Zane.)
Sam: Thats him! Zane.... Zane? (Zane is gone.)
Sam: Zane? This is no time for hide and seek!
Zane: Sorry I had to use it.
Sam: OK, but I saw him. He went that way!
Zane: I want to show you something. Come with me.
(He leads her into an abandoned warehouse.)
Sam: Hazel? (Sees Hazel.) Zane how did you know she was here?
Zane: He doesn't. (Changes back into Taryn.)
Liz: Where are they?
Maria: Probably making out.
(Zane runs up.)
Zane: Where is Sam? One minute she is there the next she's gone!
(Liz gets a flash of Sam and Hazel tied up in the warehouse.)
Liz: I know where she is. Taryn has her!
Max: Where are they?
Zane: Come on lets go!
(They jump in the car.)
( Sam is tied up to a chair)
Sam: what the hell is this
Taryn: I couldn't have you run back to your boyfriend and tell him my litlle plan, now could I?
Hazel: Let her go, shes just 16. Besides she isn't one of us.
Taryn: You "son" loves her shes perfect BAIT! *Muah ha ha*
Liz: She's captured, by a SHAPE SHIFTER, and now we have to save her.
Max: Its not that easy, what if its a trap? Taryn isn't stupid.
Zane: It doesn't matter if its a trap, all that matters is that I love her and what do you people care. Max, what if it was Liz would you be cautious and just wait until something happens?
Max: No, I guess not. What are we gonna do?
Maria:We could use our alien nightvision goggles.
Michael: Sometimes I wonder why you don't fall down more.
Liz: OR we could go look for the warehouse.
Isabel: That's good.
(Rudy and Mike are looking on a computer.)
Rudy: Taryn used to work at the old warehouse in town, before he was fired for strange occurances...
Mike: Lets go look there we can go do that detective stuff.
Max: Everybody be quiet.
Liz:We know that already, your highness
(Isabel is backing up and runs into Mike.)
*Mike and Isabel point at each other*
Mike: You!
Isabel: No, you!
Max: What are you doing here, you weird guy?
Mike: I knew you were weird.
Liz: yea your not so normal yourself! You walk in on people in the shower!
Maria: Yea you freak, ah that felt good.
Michael: Shut up, we're trying to find Sam, or whoever, 'Queen Mum', and Taryn the evil one all at the same time. Its kind of hard when your yelling at each other!!
Rudy: Mike I should have listened to you AGAIN! they are weird!
Mike: I told you so!
Zane:Okay Rudy, Mike, Maria, and Isabel go to the left, the rest come with me.
Max:Hey I pick the groups!
Zane: Well then, your royal kingness, what do you want?
Max: That's fine.
(They see Taryn pointing a gun at Hazel, and Sam next to her.)
Taryn: are you ready to die?
Hazel: Can I at least see my son 1 last time?
Taryn: Sure. (shifts into him)
(Zane, Max, Liz, Miachael run up to them as he shifts. Zane jumps on Taryn's back and they fight. "Zane" pins "Zane" to the floor.)(Liz unties Sam and Hazel.)
Zane: C'mon Michael blast him.
Sam: Wait which one is really Zane?
Maria: How are we gonna tell.
Zane and Taryn: I love you Sam, Its me!
Sam: Okay then what did I eat on the first day of school?
Taryn: Lunch.
Zane: Everything but the macoroni!
Sam: Zane! (She runs to him and Michael blasts Taryn.)
Maria: Is he dead yet.
(Sam and Zane are making out in front of Liz and Max.)
Liz: Do we need to get you both a muzzle.
Sam: Liz, do you forget when I first met you?
Liz: Fine continue..
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