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Title: Change
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing, although if I did, Liz and Alec would be real a couple!*big**bounce*
Rating: R for now, and NC17 later*wink**big*
Main Couple: Alec/Liz
Spoilers: Season 2 for Roswell, Season 5 for Buffy, and Season 2 for Dark Angel.
Summery: Liz is the new "millenium" slayer after the deaths of Buffy (Died from Glory) and Faith (Died from suicide), she's twice as stronger than the last slayers and is prophecised to do great good. She moves to the new hellmouth Seattle with her new watcher, Kyle and Alex. She makes major changes to her attitude and wardrobe and rescues some transgenics along the way.
Feedback: Does someone need oxygen to breathe? Yes!!

Authors Note: Alex isn't dead in this story, he was just in a coma when he had the car accident, Zack is also in this story along with all the other transgenics you heard about. Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan and the aliens did leave the planet. And my favourite, the virus was cured and Max and Logan are together. Also a small warning, Max Evans lovers please stay away! It's not very friendly towards him. *big*

Part 1

Liz Parker walked down the quiet night streets of Roswell. She had just come back from visiting Alex at his house. Alex had just gotten out of his a coma from his car accident. No-one believed he would come out of it, but Liz kept hope. She investigated into the accident when the police said that Alex delibrately drove into the on coming truck. Liz didn't believe for a second that he did. She started investigating, despite Max's protests her investigation lead her to the evidence she'd been shocked at. Tess was the one who put Alex into a coma. Even though she didn't like Tess, she didn't know that she would go to the lengths of trying to kill Alex. She knew that an alien tried to kill Alex since there was no other explanation, but Max told her she was crazy and turned to Tess and got her pregnant. She was devasted. The only man she ever loved slept with the one woman she disliked and got her pregnant. All because she did a 360 to save the world. But she, Kyle and Maria were too late to tell them that Tess was the one that put Alex into a coma, because when they went to the Pod Chamber to tell the Pod Squad, they saw the granolith shoot out of the rocks, out into space. Maria was devastated of course, at the action of losing Michael. She and Kyle did their best to comfort her, and they of course tried to comfort her because they knew that she was hurting as well, at the fact that Max left her. She of course was just as devastated as Maria at the fact of losing a loved one, but the more she thought about it, she decided that she was never going to find love again. She didn't want to get hurt again so she made a promise to herself that she was never going to go through that heartache and pain again. But little did she know that a great burdon was going to be placed upon her again.

Liz was so into her thoughts that she didn't hear a figure come up behind her and push her into an alley. She tried to scream but a hand was kept over her mouth to keep her quiet. She was turned to see a man with a disfigured face and..... fangs? "Hey there sweet thing." He said, grinning maliciously.

Liz tried to run for it but the guy with fangs grabbed her and pushed her back into the wall. "You're not going anywhere."

"Let me go!" Liz shouted.

The guy grinned maliciously. "No, can't do that. I'm feeling hungry and I haven't had anything to eat yet," He ran his eyes up and down her body and grinned even wider. "I might even have a little fun with ya beforehand."

"What are you?"

The guy shrugged. "Vampire."

Liz's eyes widened. She screamed when he ripped open her shirt and started to feel her breasts. Liz knew she was about to be raped and she wasn't going to let that happen. She spotted a piece of wood near by and was about to grab it when he backhanded her across the face.

"I don't think so bitch." The vampire snarled and grabbed the piece of wood and threw it back onto the ground.

Liz put a hand to her lip and then brought it back to see a trail of blood on it. It was funny, she felt the hit but no pain. She saw the vampire grab her again, but this time, with a strength that Liz didn't know she possessed, pushed her hands into his chest and he flew into the back wall, at least 10 feet away. She was astonished to see him fly that far backwards, heck even fly at all. She then acted on instinct and grabbed the piece of wood on the ground. The vampire got up, but before he got to react, Liz plunged the stake into his heart, making him turn to dust.

Liz dropped the wood on the ground and looked shocked at the pile of dust before her. She then had a feeling she was being watched. She turned quickly and threw out her hand to grab a figure in the shadows.

"Wait, I'm not here to hurt you." The male figure said in a british voice. He was dressed in tweed and looked to be about thirty or so. He had a pointy piece of wood, and a cross in his hands.

Liz let him go. "What'd you want?"

The man stuck out his hand. "My name is Christopher Giles. And you my dear girl, are the millenium slayer."


Liz Parker sat in her parents cafe in shock after listening to what Christopher Giles had to say.

"I know this isn't going to be easy for you Liz, but this is your destiny. You can't run from it. Especially now that you're are the millinium slayer. The stongest prohecised." Chris said gently.

Liz nodded her head and wiped a tear away from her eye. She didn't know why, but she believed him. After all, what else could explain her all of a sudden superior strength and the guy with the fangs.


Two Years Later

19 year old Liz Parker walked into her Watcher's house. "Hey! Anyone home? Chris?"

"In here!" A voice shouted from the other room.

Liz walked into the study to see her two best friends Kyle and Alex talking with her Watcher Chris Giles, nephew of another fellow watcher, Rupert Giles. Alex and Kyle became members of their little team after Liz was forced to tell them when a vampire attacked them.

"You called." Liz said as she sat down into a chair and plopped her black boots on the table.

"Yes. Liz, I've found out the location of the new hellmouth." Chris said. Kyle and Alex were munching on some chips.

"Yeah, looks like we're going to Seattle, Liz." Alex said, with his mouth full of chips.

Liz snatched the bag away. "Gimme that."

"Hey!" Alex and Kyle said in protest as Liz ate the remander of the bag. Liz stuck her tongue out at them.

"Children please!" Chris exclaimed. "Back to the topic at hand."

Kyle, Liz and Alex quickly looked at Chris. "That's better. Now, we'll be moving to the new hellmouth in a few days. The council will provide us will all the necessary accomadations and jobs. I will be the new owner of a magic shop in Seattle." Chris said and sat in a chair.

Liz stood up. "That it? I've gotta go patrol."

Chris nodded and gave her a few stakes. "Be careful."

Liz tuck the stakes into the back pockets of her tight blood red pants. "Always am." She walked out the house, grabbing her jacket.


Liz walked through the streets of Roswell, on alert for any demonic activity. Liz still couldn't believe she was the slayer even after two years. In those two years, she had seen more than anyone should have to and she trained hard to become the best slayer that was supposed to be. It payed off. She was now the strongest slayer that ever lived. She was proud of herself. Proud of the countless lives she had saved and the evil she had conquered.

Liz came to the cemetary and walked in to stop at two tombstones.

Maria Rose Deluca
1981 - 2000
May Your Song Always be Sung

She then turned her head to the other tomestone. It was a double, one made for two people.

Jeff and Nancy Parker
1956 - 2000 1958 - 2000
Loving Parents Who Will Always Be Remembered

Liz let the tears roll down her cheeks. She couldn't believe that her parents and her best friend were dead. She looked at all their tombstones and remembered the day they died.


Liz walked back from patrol to her house. It was only a few blocks away and she made a mad dash toward the cafe, knowing her parents would kill her if she didn't turn up for her shift. As she grew closer to the cafe, she smelt smoke. She looked up to see the burning sign of her parents cafe. She rushed into a dead run toward her parents home. When she got there, firetrucks and police were already there. The cafe was burning to the ground. She ran forward and screamed. "Mom!!!! Dad!!!! Maria!!!!" She tried to run into the cafe but was stopped by a fireman. "I'm sorry, you can't go in there, the place's burning like hotcakes."

"My parents and best friend are in there!!!" Liz screamed at him.

The man looked at her in sympathy. "I'm sorry, but no-one could've gotten out. It was a gas leak in one of the pipes."

Liz pushed past the fireman and ran forward to go into the Crashdown. Determined to save her parents and best friend. She was about 20 feet away from the front doors, or what was left of them, when there was loud bang.

Liz stared in shock as she watched the Crashdown burn. Feeling numb she fell to the ground and sobbed hysterically.

*End Flashback*

Liz shook her head angrilly, not wanting to remember that day. It was that day that Liz changed forever. She started to act bitchier and dressed more like her fellow sister slayers Faith and Buffy did. She wore dark makeup all the time, since in her opinion, it suited her mood. She even drank and partied the night away sometimes after patrol. She wasn't the same Liz Parker anymore, in fact she was sure that if the Pod Squad ever came back, they would be shocked beyond the core. Ever since that day of her parents and Maria's death, she blamed herself for not saving them, even though Alex, Kyle, Chris and Kyle's dad Jim, all said it wasn't her fault. Liz begged to differ. She was the slayer. *The most powerul* slayer. She killed demons, vampires, but she couldn't save the people she cared about. 'You should feel guilty,' Her voice in her head said, 'You couldn't save the people you cared about. And you're supposed to be the slayer. You're pathetic.' Liz couldn't've agreed more with the voice in her head. She quickly turned and walked to the other side of the cemetary, not wanting to stay there any moment longer.

Liz walked over to the other side of the cemetary and spotted a vampire trying to eat a teenage girl. "Hey!" Liz yelled running over to them. The vampire let go of the girl. "Go!" Liz told the girl who obeyed.

The vampire, three times her size growled. "You just lost my dinner. Guess I'll have to have you then." The blonde leered at her.

"Fuck you." Liz sneered at him, making him laugh.

"Big words for such a small mouth." The vampire said, looking her up and down.

Liz then pulled a stake out of her back pocket. The vampire's eyes widened. "Shit! You're the slayer."

Liz smiled. "Yep, and I'm going to kick your evil ass."

The vampire lunged at her and she punched him in the face with her right hand, then gave him an uppercut and another punch, before she front kicked him sharply in the chest, making him fly back a few feet to the ground. Liz then positioned her fists to the self defence stance, waiting for the vampire to get up. She always liked to play with them before staking them, it was fun for her. "Come one, you're not even trying." Liz said in a mock pout.

The vampire growled and lunged for her again. Liz ducked a punch and gave him a backhand one with her left fist. She gave him a high side kick to the head and then backflip kicked him in the face. The vampire cried out, Liz grinned and gave him a flying roundhouse kick that sent him to the ground, but not before it sent him 30 feet flying. Liz did a show of doing gymnastic flips as she made her way over to him and then punched him back in the face as he was about to get up. Liz plunged the stake into his unbeating heart and watched him turn to dust. She turned around and continued with her patrol.


Four Months Later

Liz, Alex, Kyle and Chris were in the training room of their two story house. It had been four months since they moved there and Liz already had a reputation in the city with demons and vamps. Most of them ran when they saw her on patrol, but Liz didn't care unless they hurt someone. She had beaten every vampire and demon who went up against her, they either ending up dust or dead. She ran into the occasional good demon and she didn't hurt them, the few good demons in Seattle who knew Liz, actually liked her. Liz thought they were alright too. She even had some of them as her contacts for anything demon related. Liz didn't work as Chris provided everything she needed and because her slaying took up most of her time, so she just attended a few classes at a college. Alex worked at a small computer franchise as a computer technician and Kyle worked as a security guard at a law firm.

Liz was sparring with Kyle, who had to have hitting pads on him because Liz's hits always bruised him, while Alex watched and Chris took notes. "Very good Liz." Chris said, congratualting her on her moves as usual.

Liz grunted in responce and accepted a bottle of water from Alex. "Where's Liz patrolling tonight?" Alex asked, taking out his laptop and logging on to the net.

Liz looked at Chris for an answer. "Yeah, where?"

Chris took of his glasses. "Well, perhaps you could visit some of the local cemeteries and walk around town."

Liz nodded and threw her bottle of water in the trash can. "Yeah, fine."

Kyle spoke up for the first time. "Are you gonna be back late?"

Liz thought about it before shrugging. "Yeah, whatever. I'll see you guys later. I've got an essay to finsh before I go out to patrol."

Alex looked up from his computer. "Oh, Liz,"

Liz turned. "What?"

"Just remembered. David called and asked for you, told him you were out." Alex said, watching Liz intently.

Liz groaned. "Not again. The guy can't take no for an answer. Next time I see him, I guess I'll have to be a little forcefull." David was a guy Liz knew from college who she used to see before he cheated on her and now he kept calling to apologize and take him back. Liz didn't have feelings for him, she just went out with him for the hell of it. She of course never slept with any of the guys she went out with. She didn't believe in sleeping with someone you don't love. Although, everyone who saw Liz, kept thinking that she wasn't a virgin when she was because of her attitude and dress sense. Liz ignored them though.

Chris looked sternly at Liz. "Liz..." He said warningly

Liz rolled her eyes. "Kidding."

The three men watched her disappear from the room.


Liz quickly finished her four page essay and put on her clothes for another night of patrol. She dressed into a pair of skin tight black leather pants, a tight blood red midriff baring tank top and a pair of her many stylish black boots. She opted to leave her long dark brown hair down but she did put on her dark makeup of black eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow, and her dark wine red lipstick. She didn't need foundation or any of that cover up stuff. Her skin didn't have any blemishes or flaws. Liz finished applying her lipstick and then put on her tight black choker around her neck and looked herself in the mirror, she looked deadly, beautiful and very, very sexy. Liz gave herself a satisfied glance and went to grab her red leather thigh legth jacket. She put a few stakes in the inside pockets and her switchblade knife, then made her way out of her room and out the door after a quick goodbye to Kyle, Alex and Chris.


Liz walked into a bar called Crash. She patrolled around the cemeteries for an hour, staking four vamps, and then walking around town, finding nothing else. She past Crash and decided to come in for a drink and go out again for another quick patrol after. She took off her jacket since it was a little humid inside and made her way over to the bar. Her eyes fell onto a table with a large group of people talking. All of them were good looking. She turned away, not seeing, but feeling a pair of eyes on her.

"What's your drink?" The bartender asked.

Liz looked around at the liquors and finally decided. "Give me a bottle of tequilla."

The bartender looked her up and down. "You sure you can handle that?"

Liz glared at him. "Just gimme it."

The bartender shook his head and walked off, returning later with a bottle of tequilla and a shot glass. Liz grabbed the bottle and the glass and gave him a fifty, "Keep the change." She walked off to an empty table and sat. She poured herself a shot and drank it in one gulp. She then saw a large guy, obviously by her standards, a sleeze, come towards her.

"Hey, hotty, how's about a dance?" The guy said, seductively.

Liz looked him up and down and then turned her attension back to her drink and stared forward at the wall. "Gee, let me think. No."

"Come on, just a dance and then we can go somewhere private." The guy persisted, wiggling his eyebrows.

Liz slammed her glass back down onto the table. "I said no, now fuck off."

The guy obviously got angry and grabbed her wrist, hard. "What'd you say to me?" He hissed.

Liz suddenly got angry and pulled his hand off her wrist with ease. "I said fuck off. Touch me again, and I'll start to get mad, and you wouldn't want that, trust me." She said with a fake smile

The man was a little shocked when she pulled his hand off her like he was a feather, but he wasn't going to be intimidated by a girl two times shorter than him. "I think you and me need to have a little talk." He said and again, grabbed her arm and started pulling her out if the chair.

Liz felt his hand grab her again and she snapped. She grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and threw him against the wall. All conversations stopped and all eyes in the bar turned to her, now everyone could hear them. "What are you retarded?! I'm going to say this once again, and this time listen carefully. Fuck off before I break your nose and possibly much worse." Liz let go of him, hearing a few chuckles from the customers and turned to go back to her table when he grabbed her. Again. 'Why can't this guy just get a clue?'

Liz was spun around to face the guy again and backhanded across the face. "Alright, that's it," Liz spat. She saw a group of people at a table stand up to intervene but Liz gave them no chance. She pulled her arm out of the guys's grasp and punched him across the face with a right hook. The guy's head snapped back and he held a hand to his now bleeding nose.

"You bitch! You broke my nose." He lunged at her again but Liz ducked and kicked him in the back sending flying onto her table, crashing it, and sending her tequilla bottle up in the air. Liz caught it and took a giant swig from the bottle. "That's more like it."

Liz then watched the guy get up and run out of the crash. She then smirked as she turned and saw eveyone watching her, the group of people who were standing in particular. "What the fuck are you all looking at?! Somebody else wanna piece'a this?!" Liz watched them all quickly snap their heads away and Liz went and sat at the bar drinking the rest of her tequilla.

A really cute, no, gorgeous guy with dark blonde hair came over to her with a group of other people. The gorgeous blonde guy sat next to her while his other friends sat beside him and her. The blonde smirked at her.

Liz didn't even give them all a second glace before leaving the bar to go sit at another table, propping her legs up onto it. They followed her and a pretty brunette sat across from her and her groupies stood behind her.

Liz got annoyed. "What the fuck do you want?"

The gorgeous blonde behind the brunette, grinned. "We just came to compliment you on the show you put on there."

Liz took another swig of her tequilla. "Thanks, but I don't need a fan club, now piss off."

They all ignored her and the brunette, stuck out her hand. "I'm Max."

Liz simply stared at her hand. "That's nice." She took another swig of her drink.

Max sighed. "These are my friends. This is Alec," She said pointing to the gorgeous blonde who kept staring at her, liking what he saw and grinning. "This is Zack and my boyfriend Logan."

Liz stared at them before finally admitting her name. "Liz."

Alec grinned and grabbed a chair from another table and sat down beside her. The first time he saw her enter Crash, he thought she was really, really hot. Especially in the black leather pants and tank top. She was short, but man did she have a body. Alec thought about buying her a drink, but didn't thhink she needed anymore. He saw her grab a bottle of liquor and head to a table by herself. He watched her the whole time and she didn't seem to notice. She kept drinking her tequilla until a guy came up to her. His enhanced hearing, letting him hear what they were saying, and boy did she have a mouth. He then watched the guy grab her, he was about to go over and help her out when she took him out like he was nothing. He knew that no normal human could kick a guys ass that was her size or size unless they were superhuman. "Why so mean? That time of the month?"

Liz stared at him, taking in his appearance. She already knew that he was a cocky smart ass, and she knew he was a player in the field of women. She hated guys like that, but there was something about him that made her heart go warm, she ignored it though. She reminded herself that she wasn't meant to date, or fall in love anymore. "I'm free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally."

They all stared at her.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Look, I don't know what you want, but what ever it is, all I'll tell you is to leave me alone." She stood up from her chair and grabbed her jacket, putting it on, ready to leave.

Alec grabbed her hand. "We know you're not normal."

Liz looked at his hand. "Are you going to take that off, or am I going to have to do it myself?"

Alec let go of her hand and she walked off. "Well, that went swell."

Zack, Max and Logan glared at him. "She's got to be a transgenic or something else. There's no way she could've walloped that guy and not even get a scratch." Zack said.

Logan looked at Max. "Follow her?"

Alec was already making his way towards the exit. "Guess so." Max said

The three followed Alec out of Crash and followed Liz.


What do you think of this story so far? I made this post extra long since I won't be able to post for a few days. *big*


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Title: Change
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing, although if I did, Liz and Alec would be real a couple!*big**bounce*
Rating: R for now, and NC17 later*wink**big*
Main Couple: Alec/Liz
Spoilers: Season 2 for Roswell, Season 5 for Buffy, and Season 2 for Dark Angel.
Summery: Liz is the new "millenium" slayer after the deaths of Buffy (Died from Glory) and Faith (Died from suicide), she's twice as stronger than the last slayers and is prophecised to do great good. She moves to the new hellmouth Seattle with her new watcher, Kyle and Alex. She makes major changes to her attitude and wardrobe and rescues some transgenics along the way.
Feedback: Does someone need oxygen to breathe? Yes!!

Authors Note: Alex isn't dead in this story, he was just in a coma when he had the car accident, Zack is also in this story along with all the other transgenics you heard about. Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan and the aliens did leave the planet. And my favourite, the virus was cured and Max and Logan are together. Also a small warning, Max Evans lovers please stay away! It's not very friendly towards him. *big*

I decided that I would post another part today, since I had some free time*big* Thanks for all the feedback too!

Part 2

Liz walked down the street of Seattle, not really taking notice of her surroundings. She kept thinking back to the Crash about the guy she met called Alec. She couldn't get him out of her head. No matter how hard she tried. She remembered when he grabbed her hand and told her he and his friends knew she wasn't normal. Besides being confused and curious, she couldn't shake off the feeling she had when Alec grabbed her hand. It was like a spark went up through her hand and made her feel warm. She didn't show it though, she put on her tough ass attitude and hightailed it outta there. She'd have to ask Alex to do some digging about them on his computer. She then felt her slayer sense kick in, telling her she was being followed, she didn't stop or make a move that she knew. She'd have to lure her followers into someplace secluded and pummel them. But she'd bet her Armani jacket that it was the group from Crash that was following her. She made a turn into an alley and quickly turned to see that they didn't enter the alley yet, so she looked up and spotted a large pole, sticking out across the roof of a small building. She jumped up with her slayer abilities and caught the pole. She swung herself forward and made her boots lean against another pole above her. She was now doing a hand stand on a pole about 17 feet in the air, waiting for her 'fan club' to appear. Only a second later did they, and Liz was able to listen to every word they were saying.

"Shit." Zack hissed, looking around frantically. "Where'd she go?"

Logan, Alec and Max didn't reply, but just looked around for any sign of Liz. "She had to be around here somewhere. Keep looking." Logan said.

All of a sudden they heard a loud whistle above them. They looked up to see a small body, suddenly swing up and down the pole, unfortunately for Alec, Liz hit him in the chest with her boots and he went flying into wall. He grunted in pain. "Fuck." He looked up to see her swinging up and down again before she triple somersault flipped down to the ground, kicking Max in the face as she did so. Max went flying back also a few feet back into a stack of crates. Logan ran to her aid. "Max!"

Logan helped Max up, and Alec walked over to them, clutching his chest. They watched as Zack and Liz were now engaged in a deadly fight, and Liz was doing pretty well. "Should we help?" Logan asked.

Max shook her head. "I don't know anyone who can beat Zack."

Zack tried to kick Liz in the stomach, but she dodged it and jumped over his head and ended up behind him. She high side kicked him in the head. Zack stumbled a bit but regained his compure to give her a punch to the face. Liz's head was knocked to the side. She had to admit, the guy had to superhuman to throw a punch like that, but she knew for certain that he wasn't a vampire, as well as his other friends. She saw him about to throw another punch and she blocked it with a knife hand block. She then pushed him backwards and gave him an uppercut and then a flying roundhouse kick to his face. She then grabbed him as he was about to fall and pinned him against the wall. "Look, I don't want to fight you anymore. I know you're not the enemy but I need to know why the hell you're following me and how the hell you fight so well." Liz said reasonably.

Alec, Max and Logan shook out of their flabbergasted state from seeing a girl, barely past 5 feet tall, kick all their transgenic asses. Alec stepped forward. "Look we just wanna talk. We're transgenics, well Logan isn't, but we think you are too."

Liz let Zack go and nodded for him to go over to Max, Logan and Alec. "I'm not a transgenic. I'm something way beyond that." Liz knew there was something supernatural about the group, but didn't think they were transgenics. She'd heard about them on tv. Word in the demonic underground is that they really aren't what people on tv say they are. And frankly she believed them. She started to make her way around them and took a look at the transgenics' faces. Max had a split lip and Zack had a blood nose. Alec still looked like he was in pain form her kicking him in the chest.

"Here," Liz siad reaching into her jacket and handing them some tissues to wipe the blood away. "Sorry about that. I thought you were trying to kill me."

Zack and Max hesitantly accepted the tissues and wiped away the blood on their faces. "You're stronger than us." Max asked, throwing away the tissue after she was finished.

"I eat my vegetables." Liz said, they all simply stared at her, waiting for her to tell them what she was.

Liz started to walk out of the alley with them following her. "I'm a vampire slayer. One girl in all the world given superhuman strength beyond everyones reach to destroy evil. Vampires, demons, hell gods, I also have to stop the world from ending time to time."

They all looked at her in disbelief. "You expect us to believe that?" Alec asked raising an eyebrow.

Liz stopped and stared at him. "Want me to kick your ass again?"

"You really expect us to believe that vampires and things that go bump in the night exist?" Logan asked, still in disbelief.

Liz looked staright forward. "Yeah, well, now's your chance to have proof because about t vampires are coming our way."

Alec, Zack, Max and Logan quickly turned and indeed saw 6 men with disfigured faces anf fangs walking slowly towards them. "Shit!" Alec cursed.

"What'd we do?" Max asked, all of them looking towards Liz who was grabbing stakes out of her back pocket. She handed them one each. They became aware that she didn't have one.

"What about you?" Alec asked, slightly worried for her.

Liz took off her jacket and handed it to Logan to hold. "Don't worry, I can kill them other ways." She then saw their skeptic looks. "I'll take care of them, but if they come for you, aim for the heart, only way to kill them. Be warned though, they're really strong. And don't let them bite you." Liz said to them and ran into the circle of vamps. Aware that the transgenics and Logan were watching her every move. "That's right boys. Come and get it. Plenty ass kickin to go round."

The vampires growled and lunged at her. Liz kicked and punched, already taking down two vamps by snapping their necks. Now she was facing four vamps left and the vamps weren't doing so well. Liz was beating the hell out of them.

Alec watched Liz intently, his eyes following her every move as she kicked the vampires' asses. He couldn't believe something that small could do that much damage. He saw her take a few mean hits but they didn't mean to faze her. He wanted to go in and help, but knew that she didn't need it. There was a strange feeling he had about Liz. It wasn't because she was the slayer or whatever, he just felt a connection with her. Like she had lost people she loved. Like he did. His years of Manticore training taught him that Liz outside impression before wasn't the real her. He continued watching her as she faught. He was impressed to say the least. She moved her kicks and punches with accuracy and determination.

Liz lifted her leg up into a high snap kick to a blonde vamp's jaw, she saw him fall to the ground and she turned back to the other three. "Alright, who's next?" A blonde then lunged at her. Liz gave him an uppercut, a left hook and then spun and collided her fist into a backhand punch. Liz then gave him a cresent kick with her right leg and spun to face him again. She then felt his fist collide with her lip. She felt the blood leak out but ignored it. She caught his fist again as he was about to punch her again and yanked it back, snapping his wrist. The vampire cried out and Liz decided to end it when she saw two of the vamps head for the transgenics and Logan. The other was still out by Liz's kick to the face. She grabbed her opponents neck and twisted it expertly, with a resounding snap, he fell to the ground. Liz ran forward to the vamps. She saw that they were close to them and they had there stakes ready, but Liz got there first. She backflipped, cartwheeled and somersault flipped her way over to them with a fast speed. She landed in front of Alec, and took the stake from his hand. She staked a vamp in the chest as she landed.

The transgenics and Logan gaped at the pile of dust before them. They then turned and saw Liz fighting the last one, well the last one still standing that is. Liz gave him a side snap kick to his chest and he went down. Liz staked him and watched him turn to dust. She turned and saw the transgenics run over to her. "You okay?" She asked them.

They all stared at her. "We're fine, what about you?" Max asked, still in awe.

Liz gave her a smile, "I can stand to go another ten rounds or more." She saw the unconscious vamp on the ground start to get up. They all ran over to him and Liz picked him up by his throat and held him in the air a few inches above ground. "Why are vamps all of a sudden after transgenics?"

The vampire choked, "Their blood tastes better, it makes us stronger."

The transgenics and Logan looked disgusted, Liz looked like she was about to snap this vamp's neck too. "Do you know who I am?"

The vampire managed to choke out a few words. "Yeah. The millenium slayer."

Liz smiled at him. "Good. I'm going to be charitable this time and let you go with a warning and a message."

The transgenics and Logan looked at her surprised. "You're letting him go?!" Zack asked, furious. "He tried to kill us!"

Liz looked at him. "I know." She turned back to him. "I want you to spread the word around town. If any transgenics end up dead with bite marks on their necks, there is going to be one very pissed off slayer walking around, ready to beat the shit out of them so bad, they'd wish I'd stake them first off."

The vampire let out a scared squeal. "I'll tell them."

Liz let him go and he fell to the ground. She picked him up by his collar. "And if I ever see you again, I will stake you, no matter what." She then made him go wide eyed as he watched her snap her stake in half with one hand.

The vampire ran off and Liz went to stake the remander of the other vamps that were dead on the groud. She grabbed her jacket back from Logan and put it on, then turned to walk the other way. "You should go home. It's not safe for you out here."

The transgenics and Logan stood watching her, before running after her. "Look, we wanna know everything about this slayer business and how to defend ourselves against vampires." Zack demanded.

Liz sighed. "Okay, but when my watcher finds out about this, he's gonna have a big wig."

"Excuse me?" Zack said, confused.

Liz rolled her eyes. "A freak attack. A watcher is my trainer. I'm not supposed to tell anyone about me being the slayer. Only two people know and that's Kyle and Alex and they only found out by accident like you."

"So is Kyle or Alex your boyfriend?" Alec asked, with a hint of jealousy. He wanted to know if she had a boyfriend or not. He hoped it was the latter.

Liz stared at him. "Alex and Kyle are my best friends since childhood," She turned back to walking. "Granted, I've been out with Kyle, but that was a fling that didn't last long."

Alec grinned in triumph. He would have to ask for a date later. Not only was she hot, but underneath all that dark make up and attitude, he was certain that she'd be even more beautiful. Somehow the whole bad ass rap didn't suit her, but he didn't mind it either.

They walked in silence for awhile. "Are all vampires and demons bad?" Logan asked, intrigued.

Liz shook her head. "Not all demons. Some are just trying to live out in the world minding their own business, trying to make a living like the rest of us. Other demons aren't. They're out trying to either kill innocent people or destroy the world. Never trust a vamp to be good. There's only one vamp and he has a soul." She saw them looking confused. "I'll tell you about him some other time. When people get turned into vamps, they lose their soul, making them nasty and untrustworthy. There are witches and ghosts and all that other crap. Some are good, some are bad, mostly depends if you piss them off."

They nodded. "How long have you been the slayer?" Alec said, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Liz stared ahead of her, on the lookout for evil. "I was called to be the slayer at 17. It'll be three years in two months. My birthday is on the 22nd."

"Called? You mean like somebody dialed your number and said hey your the slayer?" Max asked, smiling.

Liz snickered. "Not quite. When I said called, I meant getting my powers. When one slayer dies another is called."

Alec looked at her. "That's unfair really. I mean, one slayer against a world of evil?"

Liz snorted. "Yeah, but I don't make the rules. There won't be anothr slayer until I get killed. Most slayers don't live past their 25th birthday."

They all stared at her, noticing her reaction of alight envy, but they didn't comment on it. "We're sorry." Max said softly.

Liz shrugged. "It's not your fault, I don't want your pity." She turned around and started to walk again. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Zack asked, annoyed.

Liz huffed. "I'm hungry. A good slay always makes me hungry. I want a twinkie."

Alec watched her and grinned, "A twinkie?"

"Yeah, and a diet coke." Liz said and stopped across the street from a small convenience store.

"We'll stay here." Zack said sitting on a bench.

Liz ran off across the street. Max looked at Alec and noticed the way he was looking at Liz. "Don't even think about using her as one of your conquests Alec."

Alec looked at her innocently. "Max, what makes you think that Liz wouldn't want to go out with me?"

Max scowled. "She isn't just another girl you can go screw and leave in the dumps. She'll kick your ass. Besides, she's doesn't seem the type to do one night stands."

Logan looked at them. "How can you tell?"

"Her body language, and our insticts." Zack said.

Logan shook his head, as Alec spoke up. "I'm not saying that I'm going to get her into the sack and leave her. I wanna get to know her. Who knows, maybe she'll be the one for me." He said grinning.

Zack looked him up and down. "Yeah right, what would you know about love?"

Alec's grin faded. "More than you'd think."


Liz stepped into the store and saw that no one was there, not even the cashier. Thinking that the cashier was probably out back and would be there any minute, she went into an isle and grabbed a sugar filled twinkie and then made her way to the fridge area and grabbed a can of diet coke. She made her way over to the counter and rang the bell for service. She waited a few more minutes, getting impatient. Then she heard a scream in the back room.

"Help! Somebody help! Jason stop it! No!"

Liz ran towards the back room and saw a door slightly open, but she couldn't see what was going on inside. She pushed the door open and found a teenage girl around 15 or 16, about to be raped by a guy around 22. She ran forward as he pulled open the girl's shirt. She remembered the first time she faced a vampire and how he was about to rape her, she was terrified. Liz got angry. She'd be damned if she was going to let the same thing that happened to her, happen to another person. Let alone a young teenager. She pulled the sleezeball away from the girl. He fell to the ground. She kneeled down and helped the teenager up, who was now crying.

"Are you okay?" Liz asked concerned.

"Yeah, thanks." The short blonde said. Liz looked at her ripped shirt and saw her nametag. She must've been the cashier that was supposed to be at the counter.

Liz motioned her to go. "Call the police, I'll take care of this."

The girl nodded and ran off. Liz turned to see guy Jason get up, he had his fly open and was doing it back up.

"You're going to pay for that." Jason leered, lunging at her.

Liz ducked and kicked him in the back sending him to the floor. She picked him up and grabbed him by the collar. Liz punched him in the face and then kneed him in the groin. He cryed out in pain. "Guess you won't be using that anytime soon, will you?" Liz sneered and punched him back in the face, imagining his face turing into the vamp that she faced all those years ago. She kicked him again, in the stomach and he fell to the floor. He got up quickly and ran out the fire exit.

Liz ran off after him. Determined to get him and make him pay.


Alec, Logan, Max and Zack were discussing whether to tell the other transgenics about Liz, when they saw a guy around in his early twentys running away from the convinience store Liz went into. They were confused when he starting running for dear life and kept looking over his shoulder in fear.

They jumped out of their skin when they heard Liz's voice hollar, "COME BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE FUCK!"

Jason wet himself. He had a very angry brunette chasing after him. He kept running, not believing that a small girl like that could kick his ass and run as fast as she did.

Liz saw the transgenics watching her from across the street, but paid her full attension to chasing the bastard. Liz used her slayer speed and caught up with him in no time. She jumped on him and landed on top of him on the ground. She punched him in the face. Hard. "You like beating up girls and raping them?!" She hissed, "Let's see how you like being pushed around!" She then started to punch him in the face repeatably until she felt a pair of arms pulling her off.

Alec, Logan, Zack and Max chased after Liz. They saw her jump the guy to the ground and punch him constantly. They ran up to hear what she was yelling. "You like beating up girls and raping them?! Let's see how you like being pushed around."

Alec grabbed her, pulling her off. She thrashed in his arms. He pulled an arm around her waist, pulling her away, while his other hand prevented her from hitting her way out. "Liz, stop!"

Liz paid no attension to Alec. She simply kept yelling. "You bastard! You're sick bastard!"

Zack and Max pulled Jason off the ground and made stony faces at him. Logan pulled out his cellphone. "I'll call Matt and have him get down here."

Alec tried to calm Liz down. "Liz, calm down." She finally stopped thrashing and looked at him.

"Calm down?! Calm down?! That bastard tried to force himself on a girl! You're telling me to calm down?!" She spat, "Do you know what that's like, getting grabbed, hit and violated?!" She still kept flashing the scene with the vampire in her head, all those years ago. She remembered how she went home and showered for hours, trying to scrub the places the vampire touched her and had nightmares about him doing worse than what he did to her before. She felt tears run down her cheeks.

Alec looked at her and saw the reason she was so angry, his eyes softened. She had something similar happen to her. He saw her cry and he couldn't help himself, he pulled her into a comforting hug, while she sobbed softly into his chest. He soothed her by stroking her long, silky smooth hair. He looked over at Logan, Zack and Max and saw them look at them in sympathy before turing to look at Jason with disgust. Jason already had a bloody nose, split lip and a few bruises on his face.

They all heard the police sirens sound and a familiar car pull up. Detective Matt Sung got out of the car and walked over to them with two officers behind his back. "Thanks for coming Matt." Logan said, gratefully.

Matt nodded and looked at Jason whose hands were in a tight grip, held by Max. Zack was looking furiously at him the whole time. "My pleasure to get this scum out of here." Matt said and grabbed Jason's arm and threw him into the grip of the officer's behind. "Book him for attempted rape." Matt said and looked at Liz, who was wiping away her tears. "Are you the girl he tried to rape?" He asked softly.

Liz shook her head. "No, the fifteen year old girl in the store over there. I was walking in to grab a snack and I heard screaming. I ran back and saw him ripping her shirt off." Liz said with disgust. "I pulled him off and I hit him a few times until he ran out and I chased him."

Matt nodded as he wrote this down on a piece of paper. "Thanks. We need more people like you guys on the street. What's your name?"

"Liz Parker."

Matt nodded and smiled at them all before leaving. Liz saw the girl come out of the convienience store. She walked over, the others not following her this time.

"I'm Liz." She intoduced herself to the girl.

She smiled weakly and held out her hand, "I'm Stacy." She said softly.

Liz lead her over to a bench. "Did they take your statement?"

Stacy nodded. "Yeah. My parents are picking me up now." She then started to sob. "It was my fault."

Liz shook her head frantically. "No it wasn't."

Stacy looked at her. "You don't understand. He's my brother's friend. I was supposed to close but he said he just wanted to help, so I let him in and he started to touch me. If I didn't let him in, this wouldn't have happened."

Liz took her hand. "Look at me," Stacy obeyed. "It was not your fault. You didn't ask to be touched and you certainly didn't want to be raped. It was his fault. He's just a slime ball who doesn't know the word no."

Stacy sniffed. "Forgive me for saying so, but you don't know what it's like."

Liz shook her head. "As a matter of fact I do."

Stacy stared at her. "You do?"

Liz nodded. She explained her inncident with a vampire and how afterwards she went home and showered for hours and had nightmares at night, obviously leaving out that he was a vampire and him turning to dust.

Stacy looked at her apologetically. "I'm sorry."

Liz shook her head. "Don't be. I still haven't gotten over it completely, but I'm working throught it. I talked to my friends about it and they helped me through it." Liz then pulled out a pen and paper. She wrote down a line of numbers and handed it to Stacy. "That's my cellphone number. If you ever want to talk, just call anytime. It'll take awhile to get over it, but believe me it helps."

Stacy surprised Liz by hugging her. "Thank you. I know if you weren't there I wouldn't've been so lucky to be saved."

Liz hugged her back and saw a car pull up in front of them. Two people, a man and a women came out and ran forward to Stacy. Liz guessed they were her parents "Stacy!" Her mom cried out and hugged her daughter with all her might. Stacy's dad joined the hug and they comforted their daughter as she sobbed. Liz decided it was her cue to leave so she quietly stepped away and walked over to Alec, Zack, Logan and Max.

Alec looked at her concerned. "You okay?"

Liz smiled weakly. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"How's the girl?" Logan asked.

Liz looked over to see the girl talking to her parents and an officer. "It'll be a long time till she gets over it, but I gave her my number if she wants to talk."

"That was a good idea." Zack said and looked over at Stacy.

Liz looked at them and changed the subject. "We better get to my place, Chris, Alex and Kyle are gonna think I'm in trouble if I don't get my butt there soon."

They nodded and followed Liz. "Before this happened, um, we were talking about letting other transgenics in on your secret. Do you mind? They'd want to know that vampires exist and all that."

Liz shrugged. "I don't have any problems with it. But I think Chris might."

"Your watcher?" Alec asked, walking beside her.


"If you don't mind us asking, were you raped once? You seemed to take that attack personally." Zack asked, trying not to pry.

Liz stayed silent for a moment. "No, I wasn't. It was an attempted rape," She paused "I'll tell you about it later."

They nodded and didn't press the issue. They followed her back to her house in silence, all into their thoughts.

Alec looked at Liz and for the first time that night, she looked shy and innocent. He was glad she wasn't raped, but he felt just as bad for her when she said it was an attempted rape. No wonder she got so worked up about, he would too. 'I'm such a jackass. Awhile ago I wanted to have her as one of my next conquests. Now I'm kicking myself and actually falling in love with her. And I've only known her a night.' Alec then mentally slapped himself, 'Wait a miniute, did I just say I'm falling in love with Liz?'


Find out if Liz's going to fall for Alec too and if she's going to turn back into the sweet, loving Liz Parker she used to be in the next part!*big* I'll post more soon!


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frances originally wrote:
*tongue* Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your story. But I have a question on Maria's tombstone it said that the year she died was in 1999 and the Parker's were in 2000 I thought that they all died at the same time? Or am I nut's?

Anyway's I just wanted to say MORE please and *bounce* B *bounce* U *bounce* M *bounce* P *bounce* .

Have A Nice Day, *big*


I'm glad you like the story!*happy* The dates of death on the tombstones are a typo of mine, sorry*big* I'll post more soon!

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Title: Change
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing, although if I did, Liz and Alec would be real a couple!*big**bounce*
Rating: R for now, and NC17 later*wink**big*
Main Couple: Alec/Liz
Spoilers: Season 2 for Roswell, Season 5 for Buffy, and Season 2 for Dark Angel.
Summery: Liz is the new "millenium" slayer after the deaths of Buffy (Died from Glory) and Faith (Died from suicide), she's twice as stronger than the last slayers and is prophecised to do great good. She moves to the new hellmouth Seattle with her new watcher, Kyle and Alex. She makes major changes to her attitude and wardrobe and rescues some transgenics along the way.
Feedback: Does someone need oxygen to breathe? Yes!!

Authors Note: Alex isn't dead in this story, he was just in a coma when he had the car accident, Zack is also in this story along with all the other transgenics you heard about. Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan and the aliens did leave the planet. And my favourite, the virus was cured and Max and Logan are together. Also a small warning, Max Evans lovers please stay away! It's not very friendly towards him. *big*

Part 3

Liz walked up to the steps of her house with the transgnics and Logan right behind her. She stopped in front of the door and turned to face them. "Look, I'd appreciate if you kept the whole store thing from tonight quiet. I don't want them them making a big deal out of it okay?"

They all nodded. "Sure." Max said.

Liz opened the door. She took off her jacket and shouted. "Hello?" She heard no answer and everone followed her into the study. "Where the fuck is everybody?" She walked to the table and saw a note lying on top of it. She picked it up and scowled.

Dear Liz,
Kyle and I have gone to get some more weapons I've been waiting for from out of town. We'll be back tomorrow morning. Alex went out to get some groceries. Take care. If you need anything, call us.


"Great." Liz grumbled. She turned around to see everyones curious faces.

"Something wrong?" Zack asked.

Liz scowled again. "No. You won't be able to meet with my watcher or Kyle till tomorrow morning. They've gone to get some weapons from out of town. Alex is out at the store. He'll be back soon."

They all nodded and grabbed a seat. Liz looked at them. "Want a drink?"

"Yeah, thanks." Alec said.

"Anything in particular?"

"Just sodas." Zack said and Liz nodded and went to the kitchen. She came back a minute later with 4 cans of sodas and a bottle of Heinekin. She handed out the sodas and grabbed the beer. She grabbed a chair across them and sat on it, leaning back on two legs instead of four, and propped her legs on the table. She flicked off the beer cap with ease and took and wasted no time before tossing the beer back and drinking almost half the bottle before finally stopping. She saw them staring at her. Alec was grinning. "What?"

"You sure drink a lot." Max commented.

Liz snorted. "I'm not an alcoholic if that's what you're getting at."

Max raised her hands up in defence. "No, I was just saying."

Liz smiled before taking another swig.

"Pretty nice place you've got here." Logan said, looking around.

"Thanks. Council gave it to us."

"Council?" Zack asked.

Liz sighed. "Yeah. A bunch of tweed wearing assholes, back in England. They teach watchers to train slayers."

The door opened and in walked in Alex. "Hey Liz, you're back." He caught sight of the starngers. "And you brought friends?"

Liz let her chair slam forward before swinging her legs off the table and standing up. "Hey Alex. I sorta ran into these guys on patrol. They're transgenics, except for Logan. They know about me being the slayer."

Alex looked speechless. "Oh, okay. Uh, hi. I'm Alex, Liz's best friend and computer geek of the group."

They all waved. Logan seemed to look at him in a proud way. "I'm Logan. That's my girlfriend Max, and her siblings Zack and Alec."

Alex smiled and walked up to the table to shake their hands. "So, how do you know about them if you're not transgenic? I mean, from what I've heard about 'em, they seem pretty secret about their identity."

Logan looked at Liz, not knowing whether or not to tell Alex his secret. Liz gave him a smile. "Go ahead. Alex'll keep it a secret. But I'm gonna warn you once you tell him, he'll never leave you alone."

Alex looked confused. "Huh?"

"I'm Eyes Only." Logan said.

Alex's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. "Y-You're Eyes Only?"

Logan nodded. "Yeah."

Alex smiled widely, like a little kid on Christmas. "Holy shit! Eyes Only is here!" He looked at Liz. "Liz, did you hear?"

Liz laughed. "Yeah."

Alec, Zack and Max watched amused as Alex babbled to Logan about hacking and computers. Logan looked interested and happy that someone shared his passion. "You and I together my friend," Alex started and sat next to him, "We'll be the next Microsoft. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

Everyone laughed. Logan liked Alex. He seemed to know his stuff. Alex then started to ramble and smile widely, he barely even stopped for breath. "This is great! I can't believe I'm meeting Eyes Only. I've been watching you ever since you came out. I've been trying to track you, but like you said on the hacks, you can't be traced. But hey, that's never stoppped-" Alex's ramblings were stopped by Liz walking up to him and slapping him in the face.

Alex looked at Liz thankfully. "Thanks. I needed that."

Liz smiled and turned to see everyone looking amused. Alec was smirking.

"Hey, why don't I show you my computer? I could give you some tips." Alex said hopefully.

Logan grinned. "You give the great Eyes Only tips?"

Alex smirked. "Hey, you never know. I've got some great ways of hacking and getting into the confidential and top seacret files of the goverment. They could be of use to you."

Logan shrugged and followed Alex out of the room.

"He seems cool." Max said.

Liz smiled. "Yeah, Alex is one of a kind. He's very loyal. You don't have to worry about him spilling your secret."

Zack seemed to feel more at ease at this. "Tell us more about the slayer."

Liz sighed. "I can't tell you much. You should ask Chris for everything really. But I can tell you that slayers are teenage or young adult women who fight vampires and demons that are evil. You should hear the famous slayer destiny speech. All of the slayers get it when they find out."

"Well, just tell us what you know." Alec said, watching Liz intently.

Liz sat down again. "Okay, slayers are teenage or young adult girls who get super powers whenever another slayer dies. My predessor was named Faith. Real wild kinda girl. She went rogue after awhile, but she turned good again. She died and I got called. Chris, Alex and Kyle it's where I get my attitude and dress sense from. Chris should be able to tell you more about her."

Max, Zack and Alec nodded to show their understanding. "Go on." Zack encouraged.

"Yeah, well, according to Chris I'm supposed to be this super slayer called the millenium slayer. Prophecised to do great good and save the world as usual, blah, blah, blah. I have more strength than the other slayers, and have all the abilites that slayers have, only higher." Liz said.

"So what kind of abilites do you have exactly, besides the strength?" Max asked.

"I can jump higher, do gymnastics better than an olympic gymnast, have unmatched weapon skills, sensing skills, can run faster and have faster and more efficient healing skills, prophecy dreams-"

"Prophecy dreams?" Alec said confused.

Liz scowled. "Yeah, my favourite." She said sarcastically. "They're really nightmares detailing my horrable bloody death, and the destruction of man kind. Naturally I stop it and go about it like nothing happened later." Of course Liz didn't mention that sometimes she got 'visits' from Faith and Buffy in her dreams. When they did, they talked and discussed Liz's life.

"Creepy." Alec said.

"Gee, you think?" Liz said sarcastically, glaring.

"Keep going." Max said, not wanting to see another fist fight for tonight.

Liz stared forward, unflinching as she continued. "Slayer don't usually live past 25, like I told you before. We get bested sooner or later."

Alec, Zack and Max watched Liz as she said it with a notion of envy like earlier tonight. "Why do you make it sound like it's a good thing?" Max asked, sympathatically.

Liz stared at them, her eyes void of emotion. "Death is my gift." She said repeating the line that Buffy had once said. "It's the only thing that'll take me away from all this. I can't quit being the slayer. If I tried, demons and vamps would still come after me. I can't hide from them. Unlike you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Alec asked stiffly.

Liz looked at him in the eyes, with a hint of anger. "You know exactly what I mean. You can run from those agents and government guys that are after you. They aren't stuck to you like glue, like demons and vamps are to me. They sense me anywhere like a juicy piece of meat. There's no room for compromise or any of that crap, no-one lives at the end of it. It's the world we live in. We fight, we die." Liz then stood up and leaned over Alec in the chair and stood an inch away from his face. "Now you see why I'm so envious. Maybe I'll even see my folks and best friend when I'm there." Liz stood back up, leaving them confused and slightly ashamed.

Alec felt truely sorry for Liz. He didn't mean to get her so...well, he couldn't even descrobe what she was now. It was a mixture of things. "Look, I'm sor-" Alec was cut off.

Liz squeezed her hand that held the beer bottle in it and the bottle shattered, making glass cut through her skin, and bleed. Liz didn't flinch or make any move to show any pain. Max, Zack and Alec flinched slightly.

"Save it." Liz hissed. "I don't want your pity. I wasn't looking for the sympathy vote. I was just telling you what you wanted to hear." Liz closed her hand shut into a fist form and blood dripped out of her hand onto the floor and she realised it was bleeding and opened her hand up again and it was covered in blood.

Alec stood up quickly as Alex and Logan came into the room laughing, but they stopped when they saw Liz's hand. Alex freaked and ran over to her. "What happened?" He gently grabbed Liz hand.

Liz looked at Alex snapping out of her daze. "I just had an accident." She didn't want Alex to know she got so uptight and emotional again about her parents and Maria, but Alec, Zack and Max didn't know about them.

Logan handed Alex a box of tissues nearby and Alex started to wipe away the blood. "I'll get some bandages."

Liz drew her hand away. "No, I'm fine. It's already healing anyway." It was too, with the handy slayer healing abilites. "I'm gonna go to bed. I'm tired." She then walked out the room before she could hear the protests.

Alex looked at Alec. "What did you do?"

"What makes you think I did anything?" Alec asked shocked, although he was feeling guilty. He just got his newest crush mad and depressed.

Alex read his mind. "Because you have this look of guilt on your face dude."

"We just asked why she felt so envious of dying." Zack said. He didn't expect Liz to react the way she did. Heck, none of them. They did understand her though. Although Zack would never admit it, he felt sorry for Liz. She had it worse than them.

Alex sighed. Logan sat down next to Max and she told him what happened in short details. Logan's eyes filled with sympathy as anyones would have.if they heard the story.

"We tried so hard to make her stop the guilt she was feeling." Alex said sadly.

"About her parents and her best friend dying?" Max questioned.

Alex nodded. "She mention it?"


"A few months after Liz became the slayer, she was coming back from patrol. She was late from working her shift at her parents restaurant. When she got there, the place was in flames from a gas leak," Alex sadly remembered the night they found Liz on the ground hysterically crying and shaking. "We wern't there but the fireman said Liz tried to go inside and get her mom, dad and Maria out. Before she could, the place exploded and fell to the ground. Liz blamed herself and was never the same girl since. Gone went the sweet and smart Liz Parker. She went into Catatonia for a day. After she snapped out of it, she went stright back to slaying. We wanted her to take some time off to grive, but she wouldn't have it. Even when we offered to patrol for her, she still wouldn't budge. We gave up and she's the person you see now. Kyle, Liz and I also had some other personal stuff that effected Liz before all that, but I won't get into that."

They all sat in silence, processing the information. Alec was silently cursing at himself for being an ass. He now understood what Liz felt like. She lost her family and now had to put up with risking her life every night. She was right. They could run and have a chance of never being caught by White, but Liz didn't have any chance to run from the 'demons' that were haunting her. He meant that in all meanings of the word. Alec made a mental note to himself to talk to her tomorrow, and make sure she was okay, and also apologize for being an ass.

"We'd better go then." Zack said standing up.

Alex nodded. "Okay. You can come back tomorrow. Chris should be back then. You can talk to him if you want to. He'll want to know everything about you, making sure you're not going to spill the beans or anything."

They all nodded and Alex walked them to the door. "I'm sorry about Liz. She just has it bad."

"Don't worry about it." Max said, half heartedly.

Alex smiled. "It was nice meeting you all. Especially you," He pointed at Logan.

Logan grinned. "Yeah, we'll talk shop tomorrow."

Alex laughed as Alec, Max and Zack smiled at him. "It was nice meeting you too." Max smiled.

They walked out the door, all thinking about what tomorrow would be like. But Alec had Liz on his mind the whole time.


What did you think of this part? Too crappy? Sorry if it sounded that way, I've just had a real stressful day at school.*sad*

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Title: Change
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing, although if I did, Liz and Alec would be real a couple!*big**bounce*
Rating: R for now, and NC17 later*wink**big*
Main Couple: Alec/Liz
Spoilers: Season 2 for Roswell, Season 5 for Buffy, and Season 2 for Dark Angel.
Summery: Liz is the new "millenium" slayer after the deaths of Buffy (Died from Glory) and Faith (Died from suicide), she's twice as stronger than the last slayers and is prophecised to do great good. She moves to the new hellmouth Seattle with her new watcher, Kyle and Alex. She makes major changes to her attitude and wardrobe and rescues some transgenics along the way.
Feedback: Does someone need oxygen to breathe? Yes!!

Authors Note: Alex isn't dead in this story, he was just in a coma when he had the car accident, Zack is also in this story along with all the other transgenics you heard about. Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan and the aliens did leave the planet. And my favourite, the virus was cured and Max and Logan are together. Also a small warning, Max Evans lovers please stay away! It's not very friendly towards him. *big*

Part 4

Liz woke up next morning feeling more refreshed than she had in awhile. She yawned and looked at her alarm clock beside her bed. Her eyes bulged, the clock read 9:30.

"Shit!" Liz threw off her sheets and started to grab clothes out of her giant walk through wardrobe. "I'm late, I'm late." She yanked on a pair of black cargo pants and pulled on a white baby tee. She then grabbed a pair of thick soled sporty sneakers and put them on. She raced to her bathroom and brushed her hair, not bothering to put it up in any style due to the time she didn't have. She did the rest of her normal morning routine. She put on her standard dark make up and raced back out of the bathroom to grab her wallet chain with her wallet attached and hooked it on to the belt loop of her pants and shoved the wallet in her pocket, chain dangling from the front.

She grabbed her books and made mad dash out the door and down the stairs, to leave, when she caught sight of Alex typing on his laptop. "Alex! Why didn't you wake me up? You knew I had classes today!"

Alex only smiled. "Well, morning to you too sunsuhine."

Liz scowled, making Alex grin. "I thought you might wanna sleep in today. With what happened last night and all."

"Yeah, well I don't and it wasn't serious. I just had a little blowup that's all." She said, not think twice about it. She didn't want to. "Kyle and Chris back yet?" Liz grabbed her black backpack and stuffing her books in.

Alex shook his head, not bothering to say anything on the 'blowup' comment. "Nope. They should be here by the afternoon though."

Liz threw on her backpack. "Okay, I'll be in class all day. Tell Chris to call me on my cell phone if anything comes up."

Alex nodded. "Do you want some breakfast?"

Liz shook her head. "Thanks, but I'll give it a miss." She looked at her watch. "Oh, shit! If I don't hurry, I'll miss the start of my second class."

Alex didn't have time to say anything as Liz was already out the door. "Some things never change."


Liz listened to her world history teacher lecture about some war in the early 1600's. She wasn't really listening, her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking back to last night when she completely snapped at Alec and his crew. She didn't know what she was doing, it just came out of no where. Maybe it was just some pent up anger she had inside that that was bursting to come out. She didn't know. Liz made a mental note to take out any leftover anger on some vamps tonight when she went out on patrol.

The class finally ended. Everyone stood up to leave. "Can you all please hand in your essays at my desk before you leave." Professor Stevens said.

Liz took out her four page essay she had written the previous night and threw it on the pile of other papers on his desk.

"God, could that woman go on and on or what?" A guy next to Liz whispered.

Liz smiled at her college best friend. Liz had made a few friends since she had started college. Most people stayed clear of her, thinking that she was trouble because she dressed a little dramatic. Scott had been her friend ever since she started school. They were both newbies, so they took kindly to one another. "Yeah. I wasn't listening though. How you been Scott?"

Scott chuckled. He had short spiky jet black hair and green eyes. He was a foot taller than Liz and dressed more on the sporty side. He was also very attractive. "Good. How bout you? You missed first class."

Liz sighed. "Yeah, I slept in. Wasn't feeling to well last night." That wasn't a complete lie.

"Well, me and some friends were going to go out to this new club that opened down town. Wanna come?"

Liz and Scott walked out the classroom. Liz paused, thinking about it. She did have patrol tonight. "Sorry, can't. I was supposed to catch up with some family visiting from out of town. Maybe next time." Liz lied.

"Okay, but if you change your mind, club's called Lightning. It on the corner of five and seventh. Right near Sector 4." Scott sat on a bench outside of campus and pulled out a bag of chips.

Liz nodded.

Scott smiled. "Want?" He tilted her bag of chips to Liz, offering her some.

Liz took a chip out of the bag and put it in her mouth, savouring the taste. She hadn't had anything to eat since yesterday and she was starved. "Thanks."

"No probs." Scott said.

"So," Liz said trying to make conversation. "How's work going?" Scott worked as a mechanic at a garage a few blocks from where he lived.

Scott shrugged. "Can't complain, but the boss does about Missy."

Liz laughed. "I still don't get why you bring her to work. Why don't you just leave her at home?" She pulled out a notebook and began writing.

Scott frowned. "I can't leave her there by herself. She'll get lonely."

Liz snorted. "Scott, she's a dog."

Scott glared. "She's not just a dog, she's my companion." He paused and grinned, "And she attracts the ladies."

Liz just shook her head and snickered. "I can't believe you use a poor defenceless animal to get women. That's an all time low for you Scott." She joked.

"You're one to talk. Here I just heard you say I should leave my dog at home alone, without supervision." Scott countered.

"Lots of people leave there dogs at home without supervision."

Scott smirked, choosing not to comment after that. He took sight of her notebook. He snatched it away and looked at it. "Geez Parker, you never quit. School stays inside the campus, not outside on a beautiful day like this."

Liz glared and snatched it back. "Well, if I'm going to be graduate, I have to have good grades.

Scott stopped. "Yeah, but you're a natural brain. You don't need to study."

Liz's cellphone rang, interupting further conversation.

"It's mine." Liz said as Scott went to reach for his. She flipped the ear flap up and pressed the talk button. "Yeah?"

Scott starting drawing stick figures on Liz's notebook. Liz caught sight of it and smacked his hand. Scott just continued, smirking.

Liz talked for a few more minutes on her cell phone before hanging up. She shoved it back into her bag.

"Who was that?" Scott asked curiously.

Liz sighed. "Kyle. Wanted to know what time I'd be home by."

Scott knew Kyle and Alex. He stopped by the house for a few study dates with Liz and Scott got along with them really well.

The bell rung, signalling the end of break and Liz and Scott made their way back into campus. "See you tomorrow." Scott yelled as she made his way opposite of Liz.

"Okay." Liz yelled back.


Liz made her way off campus and out the school. She had just finished her last class for the day and was going to get something to eat. She was starved.

She walked a few blocks before stopping in front of her favourite pizza parlour and went in.

Liz walked up to the counter and rang the bell at the non supervised desk.

A man in his late sixties came out and put on a smile. "Seniora Elisabetta. Comme stai'?" He asked in Italian. (Miss Elizabeth, How are you doing?)

"Buono, Buono Antonio." (Good, Good Antonio.) Liz replied in Italian, happily. She knew some Italian since her family on her mother's side were, and her grandparents taught her when she was little.

Antonio and his wife Lucy owned the pizza shop. Liz knew them from saving them from a gang of street thugs. Ever since then, they treated Liz like she was their own. But no matter how many times she told them to call her Liz, they still called her Elizabeth.

Antonio them turned and shouted to the back room. "Lucia! Venne', Venne'. Elisabetta e' qui!" (Lucy! Come, Come. Elizabeth is here.)

A woman also in her late sixties, with graying hair in a tight bun came running out with a huge smile on her face. She opened her arms and gave her a hug. She pulled back and placed her hands on her hips. "Gratzie Dio. Abbiamo pensato che vi dimenticaste circa noi." (Thank God. We thought you forgot about us.)

Liz chuckled. "No, no. Mai." (No, No. Never)

"Seduto." Antonio said. (Sit)

Liz sat down as Lucy came up and straightened the table cloth. "Che cosa posse' ottenervi?" (What can I get you?) Lucy asked.

"Un' insalata probilemente. E' che cosa tutti mangiano oggi." (A salad probably. It's what they all eat today.) Antonio said.

Lucy looked at her husband disapprovingly. "Chiuda la vostra bocca, Antonio." (Shut you mouth Antonio.)

Liz laughed at their antics. "No. Diami una grande pizza." (No. Give me a large pizza.)

Antonio and Lucy looked joyful. "Une grande pizza e'." (A large pizza it is.) Antonio said.

Liz watched Antonio rush off into the back room to make the pizza. Lucy sat down at the table across her. "Che cosa li hanno che fate recentemente?" (What have you been doing recently?) Lucy asked.

Liz shrugged. "Universitia'." (College.)

Lucy nodded. "Buono." She then grinned. "Che cosa circa la vostra vita di amore? Avete un boyfriend ancora?" (What about your love life? Do you have a boyfriend yet?)

Liz blushed. "No. No boyfriend ancora." (No. No boyfriend yet.)

Lucy smiled. "E' soltanto un aspettodi tempo. Una ragazza bella come' voi non rimane singola per longo." (It's only a matter of time. A beautiful girl like you doesn't stay single for long.)

Liz chuckled. "Nolo so. Forse." (I don't know. Maybe)

"Che cosa significate'?" (What do you mean?)

Liz thought about Alec. She'd only known him a night and already had a blow up at him, but she felt somewhat of a crush towards him. "Ho venuto a contatto di questo ragazzo la notte scorsa," (I met this guy last night,)

Lucy grinned. "Non dica nient altro. Pensate che sia handsome." (Say no more. You thought he was handome.)

Liz confessed. "Molto. Assomiglia as un Dio." (Very. He looks like a God.)

"Cosi', che cosa e' il problema? Chiedagli fuori." (So what's the problem? Ask him out.)

Liz sighed. "Non e' quello semplice." (It's not that simple.)

"Perche'?" (Why?)

"Le nostro vite' sono troppo complicato solo." (Our lives are just too complicated.)

Lucy nodded. "L'unico consiglioche posso darlo e', segue il vostro cuore." (The only advice I can give you is, follow your heart.)

Antonio then came back with a large pizza and put it on the table. "Una grande pizza la signora ha chiesto." (A large pizza as the lady requested.)

Liz could feel her mouth watering. "Gratzie Antonio." (Thanks Antonio.) Liz picked a slice and took a bite. "Mmmm. E' buono." (It's good.)

Antonio grinned and looked at his wife. "Naturalmente e' buono. " (Of course it's good.)

Liz smiled and ate the pizza while talking and catching up with Lucy and Antonio. When she was done she stood up to leave. "Sono spiacente, ma devo andare." (I'm sorry, but I have to go.)

Lucy and Antonio stood up. "Cura dell'introito di lei." (Take care of yourself.) Antonio said.

Liz nodded and hugged him. "Io volonta', voi anche." (I will, you too.) Liz then hugged Lucy.

"Ritornato presto." (Come back soon) Lucy said.

Liz nodded and grabbed her bag. She reached into her pocket to pay for her food but they shook their heads.

"No, no, no. Mantenga I vostri soldi." (No, no, no. Keep your money.) They both said.

Liz smiled. "Gratzie. Ciao." (Thanks. Bye.) She walked out the door and waved to Antonio and Lucy who were waving back.


Alex, Kyle, Logan and the transgenics waited for Chris' reaction. They told him about last night and how the transgenics and Eyes Only knew about Liz being the slayer.

Chris stood up and began to pace the length of the living room. "This is a disaster. How Liz could've let this happen, I'll never know."

"It wasn't her fault." Kyle and Alex said in unison.

"Yeah," Max cut in. "We followed her. She really didn't have a choice when those vamps attacked anyway."

Chris just sighed. "Look, the slayer isn't supposed to have any help from anyone other than her watcher. Your lives could be in danger. Liz doesn't even trust Kyle or Alex to go on patrol with her."

"But we could use some experience. The other transgenics need to know how to defend themselves if they were attacked." Alec said.

"What are you saying? That Liz expose herself to all transgenics and mutants from Manticore?" Chris looked at them like they grew another head.

Zack spoke up. "Why not? You know about us and we have the right to know how to defend ourselves against vampires and demons, especially if they're stronger than Liz."

Chris finally relented, but changed the subject. "What do you want to know about the slayer? What did Liz tell you?"

"That she has super strength, speed, senseing abilities and unmatched weaponry skills." Logan said.

Chris nodded. "Slayers a primaraly young girls in their teen to early adult years. They have all the skills you mentioned plus they can't get sick, so they're immune to diseases and normal sicknesses that regular people get. They have Watcher's, which is what I am. I train her and look after her."

"Are all slayers as strong as Liz?" Alec asked curiously.

Kyle, Alex and Chris looked at eachother silently. Logan and the transgenics caught this. "What?" Zack demanded.

"Liz isn't any normal slayer. She's the Millenium Slayer. She's prophecised to do great good. She has a lot more strength than the other slayers and will produce abilties that other slayers didn't have. In time of course. She hasn't been a slayer very long. Only two years. She gets stronger every day, and once she reaches her full strength, she'll get her newest abilites." Chris said.

"What prophecy?" Max asked staring at them.

Chris sat down at the table. "A very old prophecy. The Watcher's Council thought it didn't even exist until now. It's written in ancient latin, so it's hard to translate. But from what the Watcher's Council told me, it's what I've told you already. She's prophecised to do great good with her abilties."

"Wow." Alec said, making everyone stare at him. "What? I think it deserves that much."

Max just shook her head.


Liz walked up the steps to her house. She saw a few motorcycles and n Aztec parked across the street. Liz thought it was strange. She'd never seen them before, but she shook it off, thinking some people might be visiting some family. She hoped Chris and Kyle were back. She needed to talk to them about the transgenics. She opened the door and threw her backpack by the coat rack. She heard voices comeing from the study, so she walked there and wasn't surprised at who she saw there.

"Shit." Liz whispered in annoyance.

Alec took one look at her and smirked. He had to admit she looked hot, just like she did last night. "Hello to you too. We were just talking to Chris. Seems you left out some info about yourself last night."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Really?"

Zack, Logan, Max and Alec watched her drag Alex and Kyle out the room.

"What are they doing here?" Liz whispered harshly to the men in front of her.

Kyle raised his hands up in defence. "Hey, don't look at me, I only just got here with Chris half an hour ago. Ask Alex."

Liz looked at Alex.

"They wanted to know more about demons and, well, you. I can't stop them. They deserve to know."

Liz grumbled some curses under her breath and walked back into the study with a way too cheery smile on her face. She wasn't in a mood to socialise with the transgenics. Ever since last night that she felt embarrassed and ashamed of her actions. She wanted to spend as less time with them as possible. Well, she mainly wanted to spend less time around Alec since he was the one she yelled at. "Well then, what do our new friends want?" She sat in a chair and poured herself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table.

"We were talking about if you'd take us out to patrol with you tonight." Zack said casually.

Liz spit out her water she was sipping. "No way!"

Alec leaned forward with a frown on his face. "Why not?"

Liz looked at him incrediously. "Are you insane? You come out to patrol with me?"

"What's so bad about that? We could learn something." Logan said.

"Hello, are you people thinking straight?! You could get killed." Liz yelled.

"We can defend ourselves." Zack grunted.

"Then I don't see why you want to go out on patrol with me."

"Look, we just wanna know what to do if we ever come up against a demon or a vamp. We need to tell the other transgenic so they'll know what to do in the same situation." Max said calmly.

Liz stared at them. "I guess if I don't say yes, you'll follow me anyway." She grumbled.

Alec grinned. "You know us too well."

"Shut up." Max said. She looked at Liz. "So we have a deal? Meet you here for patrol at nine?"

"Fine." Liz said and stalked out the room.

Alec watched her go. "What side of the bed did she wake up on?"

Max slapped him upside the head.



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Part 5

At nine, Liz was ready for patrol, but she still wasn’t willing to let the others go on patrol with her. She could hear the transgenics talking downstairs with Alex, Kyle and Chris. She grabbed her jacket and thought of an alternative. She opened her balcony doors and jumped off the railing onto the ground, landing firmly on her feet. She grinned triumphantly. With the others inside, they wouldn’t know that she snuck out.

“Going somewhere?”

Liz turned and saw that Zack, Max, Logan and Alec were standing there. Liz glared. “I was.”

Zack glared back, “Did you forget we had an agreement?”

Liz walked around them and started walking. “No, I didn’t forget.”

“So why were you jumping off your balcony instead of meeting us in the living room like a civialised person?” Alec asked, grinning.

Liz stopped, and looked at them. “I like to do my job alone. And it’s going to stay that way. I’m not going to be held responsible if something happens to you.”

“We didn’t say you had to.” Logan said.

Liz sighed. “Fine,” She said through clenched teeth. “But these are the rules, You don’t try to be hero if you see me in trouble, you stay where you are. If I’m in real trouble, you run. Got it?”

“Sure, whatever you say.” Alec said, with a smirk.

Liz growled and turned around with the group behind her, following her.

“Where are we going?” Max asked.

“Cemetary. There’s the usual new born vamps hanging around there. I’ll stake some, then head out into town and see if I can find anymore.”

“What kind of weapons do you use?” Zack asked.

Liz turned a corner. “Good ole’ Mr Pointy.”

“Mr Pointy?” Logan asked, with an arched eyebrow.

“Yeah, my lucky stake. It’s actually an eirloom if you will from the last three slayers. First Kendra had it, then Buffy, then Faith, then me.” Liz finished just as they arrived at the gate of a cemetary.

“Ah, the sweet smell of death, can’t finish my night without it.” Liz said bitterly.

Alec turned to her. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but is there a particular reason you’re such a bitch?”

Liz turned blazing angry eyes on him. “Yeah, there is, but it’s none of your business.”

Alec didn’t back down. “All I know,”

Liz whipped around and stood face to face with him, not intimidated by Alec’s taller frame. “You don’t know anything.”

“Yeah, but it’s obvious that you’ve had some heartbreak in past. You wouldn’t have acted like a scared little girl the other night.”

Zack, Max and Logan stepped closer, afraid that the argument was going to get physical.

“Alec,” Max interrupted.

“I was not scared.” Liz retorted.

“Then what were you?” Alec was not going to back down till he got his answers. He didn’t like badgering Liz like he was, but he wanted to know what made her such a block of ice. He hoped he could melt it.

Liz stayed silent, not knowing what to say. She was saved the trouble of proving Alec right, when they heard a growl behind them.

Liz turned sharply and saw a large vampire. She’d bet her savings that this guy must’ve been a body builder. She turned back to the transgenics and Logan. “Get back.”

The vampire grinned at them. “Looks like I’m gonna have a feast. A slayer and her little group of friends.”

Zack, Max, Alec and Logan stayed on guard if they were going to be attacked.

Liz smiled sweetly. “Who says you’re going to eat anybody?”

“Me.” The vampire said.

“You’re going to get passed me first.” Liz said, taking out her stake. She took a good look at him, taking in his form so she could determine what she’d be up against. Maybe she’d play with him before staking him.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” The vampire said. He was at least 6 feet tall and very muscular. Black hair and green eyes.
“Are you sure you don’t want some help?” Max asked from behind her.

Liz waved her off. “I’ve beaten bigger. This’ll be a piece of cake.”

Liz ran forward and punched the vampire in the face. She got one in return, but she didn’t stop. She high kicked him in the head and elbowed him in the jaw. The vampire tried to punch and kick her a few times, but Liz ducked and blocked them, with precision and speed. The vampire growled and pushed her a few feet back onto the grass. Liz flipped herself up without using her hands.

“Ok, now that was harsh.” Liz somersault flipped over the vampire’s head and round house kicked him on the back of his head.

The vampire fell onto the ground. He got up a moment later, “You wanna play dirty? Fine, let’s play.”

“Bring it on.” Liz challenged.

The transgenics and Logan watched, intrigued by the fight.

Alec watched as Liz and the vampire continued to beat the crap out of each other. He wanted to step in and help, but didn’t think Liz would like that. The last thing he needed was to give Liz another reason to dislike him. He turned to the others. “Hey Max,”

“What?” She said, still watching the fight.

“You and Liz would get along great. Heck, you look alike, you fight alike, you act alike. You think you and her are related in some obscure way?”

Max, Logan and Zack stared at him. “How’d you figure?”

Alec grinned and watched as the vampire backhanded Liz across the face. “Well, you both fight dirty, you both have dark brown hair and brown eyes, you talk dirty and you both push me around. It just seems to fit.”

Logan, Max and Zack glared at him. “Well, with the way you keep asking about her past, I’m surprised she hasn’t decked you already.” Max retorted. “She’s okay by me anyway.”

Zack decided to put in his own two cents. “You gonna ask her if she she wants to go to Terminal City?”

Logan nodded. “Yeah, are you?”

Max shrugged. “Maybe later. Just wait till she finishes staking this guy.”

“She’s playing with him.” Alec grinned. He heard Liz yell some curses towards the vamp, and he grinned even bigger.

The vampire picked Liz up and threw her over the top of some tombstones. Liz landed in a heap on the grass. Liz was beyond pissed. She was done playing with him.

Liz got up and did a number of gymnastic flips and landed in front of him. “Now, you pissed me off.” She hissed. Liz gave him a speedy back kick to the stomach, followed by a right uppercut, left backhand, jump drop kick with her left leg to his jaw, a hard right with her fist and another with her left.

The vampire was on the ground now. He thought now might be a good time to run.

Liz grabbed him. “Oh no you don’t.” She tossed him across the graveyard like a bundle of hay.

Liz ran forward as the vampire got up. She got a good look at his vampiric face. It looked even worse than before, because of all the blood and bruises that Liz inflicted on him.

The vampire tried to make another run for it, but Liz intercepted him and crescent kicked him in the face, and crouched and spun, sweeping his legs out from under him. The vampire fell onto the ground for what looked like the last time.

Liz pulled at her stake she had placed in her back pocket sometime before. She heard the group come up behind her. “Looks like dinner’s canceled.”

The vampire looked at Liz with pure hatred. “Go to hell.” He growled.

“You first.” Liz then staked him. They all watched as he turned into dust.

Liz put her stake back in the belt loop of her pants. She turned and saw Alec, Zack, Logan and Max staring at her open mouthed. “What?”

“Do you always do that?” Logan asked, gulping.

“Do what?” Liz said.

“Play with them.” Alec elaborated.

Liz shrugged. “If I feel like it.”

Logan thought it might be a good time to change the subject. He gently nudged his girlfriend. Max looked at him and got the idea.

“Uh, Liz?”

“What?” Liz asked annoyed.

“Do you wanna come with us to Terminal City?”

Liz stopped walking and turned around. “What’s Terminal City.”

“It’s a safe haven for transgenics.” Zack said. “Normal people can’t stay long there because there’re some harsh toxins and chemicals that can kill you. Transgenics are immune to it.”

“What’d you want me for?”

“We were wondering if you could come with us there and tell the other transgenics about vampires and stuff. You’re the slayer and all, so you would be the best person to explain it all.” Alec said. He noticed Liz had a bleeding cut on her forehead and some bruises arms and became concerned. “You okay?”

“Peachy.” Liz said, not noticing his concern.

“You sure, you’ve got some nasty cuts.”

“I’m fine.” Liz grumbled. “I’ve had worse.”

Alec grabbed her arm, gently. “Look, you don’t have to act like you’re immune to pain. For once, can’t you cut the attitude and act like you have feelings!”

Liz shook her arm out of his grasp. “What would you know about pain?!” She screamed at him.

Zack, Logan, Max and Alec all jumped at her volume. They stood stunned at the look on Liz’s face.

“Before I became the slayer, I had it even tough than I do now. I got shot in my parents café and almost died, only to then be healed by an alien!” Liz said with the same volume. She didn’t care that anybody could be listening. All the rage and pain that she felt over the years came tumbling out and she couldn’t stop it.

Alec, Zack, Logan and Max all stared at her in shock.

Liz didn’t seem to notice, and kept on raging out. “Max Evans was a guy who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He told me he loved me and only me.” Liz didn’t care about the tears streaming down her face. “I thought nothing could ruin us. Not the FBI, not anybody. Till she came along. His past life alien bitch wife, Tess! Few months later with Max treating me like I was garbage, he got her pregnant and told me he was leaving the planet. Then after I became the slayer, my parents and my best friend died.”

Alec, Zack, Logan and Max were lost for words. They didn’t know what to say.

Liz turned to them and didn’t blink. “I got my heart ripped out of my chest, also to have it stomped on and thrown in the trash. So don’t fucking tell me about pain.” She angrily wiped away her tears and turned to walk the other way, leaving four stunned and shocked people behind.

Alec made a move to run after Liz, but a hand on his arm stopped him.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough?” Max said and grabbed Logan’s hand.

“I didn’t know,” Alec started, only to have Logan interrupt.

“Neither did we.” Logan said sadly. He felt bad for Liz, they all did. No wonder she was such a block of ice. Not that they could blame her.

“We should give her some time to cool off.” Zack said. “We’ll go to her house tomorrow and see how she is.” Zack wasn’t usually one to feel bad for people but with Liz he couldn’t help it. She endured a lot and in his eyes she deserved some slack, not to mention respect.

Everyone nodded. “I’m gonna go back to my apartment. See you guys tomorrow.” Zack left without another word.

Logan and Max followed suit and left Alec alone.

Alec felt numb. He just caused Liz to remember painful memories of her past. He felt so bad for Liz. He would give anything to get his hands on this Max Evans creep. For Liz to have acted the way she did, he must have caused her a lotof pain, along with this Tess girl. Alec angrily punched the concrete wall next to him, making a large hole appear. He would make sure to go visit Liz tomorrow and do anything to make Liz forgive him for his actions. He would.