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Authors: Angelic & Razeail

Rating:pg:13 xover with X men

Couples: CC

Disclaimer: We don't own Roswell or X-men. However we think Stan Lee might be a secret mutant one of the comic book writing varity

Summary: The aliens are still aliens, but some of the others develop powers.Scared and confused enter two groups fighting over the new mutants affliction: the X-men striving to lead humans and mutants into a peace co existance and the brotherhood of evil mutants - sworn to destroying all of humanitiy to creat a new world order


Throughout history people have been afraid of change and things that are outside of what is deemed the norm.

Mutant (mu-tan-t) n. - one born with the X factor an unidenified gene that emerges during puberty.

The emergence of mutants amoung the population, has caused great unrest in the general population, goverment have authorised anti-mutant legelation such as the mutant control agency and vigilate factions like the friends of humanity.

In our story we find ourselves with a group of these mutants called X-men under the supervision of Profesor Valenti.Even under great threat from the goverment have agreed to take on a very special mission...

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Just so you all know, coz we've already got so much feedback, part 1 will be posted up tomorrow!
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Darth Maul just so you know it is gonna be comiverse! And you can call me Vicky!
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You marvel fanatics out there might be interested in this quiz. I was silver surfer! James was Venom

You are Silver Surfer!

Take the "Which Marvel Comics Hero are you" quiz!

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Hey this is great James! I'll get started on part 1!
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Like dazzler

See what I did! No infrigment intended!

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Like storm

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Like cyclops

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Like Havoc

Kyle and Alex are brothers, like cyclops and Havoc

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Next will definatly be out tomorrow!
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Finally! Sorry guys for the wait! This part show how they got there powers!

Part 1

*2 years ago*
Liz Pov

"Bye dad we're leaving for our camping trip!" I shouted over the counter to my dad. At 14 years of age me, my best friends Maria Deluca, Kyle and Alex Summers were constantly going on camping trips in the local forest. My mum and dad didn't mind about Kyle and Alex coz they were like sons to my dad and brothers to me and Maria so nothing was going to happen to us together ya know...*wink*. Heck my parents encouraged it. They kept going on about how in a few years we won't want to do this coz were grow out of it, but I know we won't!

"Hey Liz!" the gang called over to me. I realised I had been day dreaming and noted that I was already in the car. Kyle was a year older than us and already owned a car. It was a green jeep that he liked to call bob. his argument had been,

"If it was a sports car it would have been called Belinda or something like that. This car is a man car so its called bob. And at the time I was mucking around with me GI Joe toy in a funny German accent going, I am bob ruler of the universe!"

Hey after that we never asked again! Once we were at the camp site we noted that there were 2 other tents there, 2 green ones. Me and Maria hated the green tents we had seen in the stores so we bought a half blue half purple, our favorite colors, (mine being blue!). Inside one tent we heared a girl arguing we her friend,

"Isabel I hate green! Can I please change the color?"

"Fine Tess go ahead but if my brother storms in, or crawls in then its your fault OK?"


At this point we were wondering what they were talking about, but all of a suden the tent closest to us turn a vivid pink.

"Holeycow!" I heard Alex shout thrusting his hands above his head, where suddenly an energy bolt shot out of his hands.

"Alex what was that???" Kyle had to keep blinking at his brother, but I think he blunk to hard at one point as enrgy fired directly at Alex who had to duck.

"Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod" Maria kept reapting with her hands clasped but when she pulled them apart there was a green energy ball floating in them. At this point them members of the tent emergered from them, and I noted one of them was Max Evans who I had a secret crush on. That looked over at Maria's hands,

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU" The spiky haired guy shouted at us. I think his name was mitchell, I'm not sure.

"Us who the heck are you? We saw your tent go yellow from green!" Maria shouted back clapping her hands together making the ball disapear.

"TESS" both mitchell and Max shouted and the shoter of the two blonds. Then eveyone started shouting at eachother! My mind was spining, I could feel something bubbling blow my skin, something I knew I would love but also hate. I needed the spining to stop, the voices they were too much,

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, I felt my eyes change, I opened my hands and was lifted of the floor like I was flying. No-one noticed I wanted them too, the next thing I knew lighting came out of my hands and the rain started to fall. At that point everyone looked at me...

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For an updated thing for Kyle he will be able to were clear contact lenses! I hope that helps!

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Thanks James! Can't wait for your part!
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Ok guys if your lovin this fic, I really think you should all read Dath Mauls fic. You can find it here,


It is so good. In it Liz is the scarlet witch, Magnetios daughter. So please you like have to read it! It explains what happens alot more in X Men them ours write now! But also I love it too!

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This was quite hard to do!

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Ya know what? In the picture above looks kinda like Brendan Fehr! What do you guys think?
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James that part was really good!
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Bill you have just a "Small list" don't you *big*! If I'm lucky enough to come up with something great in my head before about 6 (British time) then I might get part 3 up today! But the likly hood is tommorow morning! Of all you Americans will still in bed!
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Part 3a


"What sort of proposal?" Liz asked intrigued by his man siting infront of her, yet weary. She looked over to his companion. Logan a man of what Liz thought was about 5'9ft. Of course Liz noted that as he walked over to the table with a blood of alien soomthy, he walked slumped over. Not with a limp, but instead in a way that sugested to Liz that he was a preditor, almost wolf like. He seemed very cut of from emotion, but Liz reasoned that maybe he was like Micheal, a iron front with a soul able to love. She could read him like a book. The profesor however was another story. He showed no emotion, yet didn't seem closed off. These 2 people here together for the same reason, to change destiny, her destiny, yet so very very different in ways Liz could comprihend.

"I will tell you why we are here once your friends are here Liz."

"But were here, the ones with the 'gift' sir." Liz stated.

"No Liz your other friends. But they are already on the way, I sumoned them here with my power."

"Oh." Liz sat there. She looked over at Maria, Kyle and Alex who just sat there. They all just looked shocked. 'Better just leave them.' "So Logan what is your ya know?" Liz asked. 'Better pass the time'

"Not that its any of your business kid, but I heal real quick, and I have metal grafted to my skeleton, meaning I have metal claws. What bout you? Or is that too much to ask?" Logan answered realy sarcasticaly.

"I control the weather."

"Oh, like sto..." He stoped. He looked over to the door sniffing the air. I saw Max and the guys walk in. I waved and Logan turned to look at me. "Those kid aint even human!"

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Guys 3b will be up tonight! Promise!
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I know I said yesterdya but I couldn't get on the computer!



"Those kid aint human profesor. They smell to tabascoy to be human. What do we do, or can I go take em out?" Logan asked the proffesor. I thought he was compeletly mental. Max would never hurt a fly, so why take him out? And for that matter I always thought that Max smelled like soap, sweat and spice, the best smell in the world... not that I would know of course.... I smiled over at Max and waved him over. Both he and the rest of the pod squad looked worried.

"Liz are you ok? I need to talk to you and they guys in private about something." His eyes pleaded with me. If I hadn't already known what had happened to him I would have given in instantly. So I ignored what he said and looked away. I pointed to the profesor,

"Guys this is Profesor Valenti, the one who called you here. He's special like me... ya know. And this is Logan. There both here to talk to us about something." Tess spoke up,

"How did you do that? Call us with your mind. It was amasing." She pulled up a chair, and did Isabel and Max. Micheal remained standing. "I have a mind teqnique where I allow people to see objects that aren't there, but nothing to the strength of what you did from so far away! But I would love to learn how to!" Tess seemed exicted. Me and Tess sometimes fought, but for the last two years her and Isabel have been best friends along with Maria. They've been helping with our powers. I never knew that Tess wanted to learn to strengthen her powers.

"Well my dear, that is why I'm here. I run a school for special people such as Liz here. I would like to offer them a place at my school. People on the outside only believe it is for clever and disabled children, but of course it is not." I looked at Max. He looked disapointed that he didn't get asked, or was it something else.... "I would also like to offer you four a place to help with your powers. Being not of this earth I'm sure you need help with them. Well what do you think?" Everyone including me looked shocked!
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James said part 4 will be up tomorrow!
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James that part was fantastic!!!!! I'm not sure when part 5 will be up coz tomorrow I get my G.S.C.E's and Firday I go to James house for Reading Festival! Monday will probably be the earliest!
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Sorry its been a while a bad case of writers block has hit. Its most likely I will get james to post the next part!
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Ohmigod has it been a long time since I posted!!!! I will tomorrow though!!!
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So um... wow no one has tried to kill me yet! Well I'm posting part 5 NOW!!!! Whoo hoo! How cool is that! It’s been such a long time, too long I should say! Anyhoo, on with the story.... And the song is 'Its goin down' By the X-Ecutioners featuring Mike Shinoda and DJ Joe Hahn

Part 5

Watch them flee
Watch them flee
Watch them flee
Hip-Hop hits
And you do it like this

It's goin' down (It's goin' down)
It's goin' down (It's goin' down)
It's goin' down (It's goin' down)
It's goin' down

It's goin' down
The rhythm projects 'round the next sound
Reflects the complex hybrid dialect now
Detect the mesh of many elements compressed down
The melting pot of a super-futureesque style
The combination of a vocal caress
With lungs that gasp for breath
From emotional stress
With special effects
And a distorted collage
Carefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage

It's goin' down
The logical progression on a the timeline
The separation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's goin' down

Put it out for the world see
LP and X-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry
It's goin' down
Put it out for the world see
Me and x-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry
It's goin' down

Put put put it up
And it goes like this
And you do it like this
It's goin' down

Once again it is
Composed sentences all together venomous
The four elements of natural force
Projected daily through the sound of the source
Everybody on board with this blend
The sword with the pen
The mightiest is the weapons
Swinging right from the chin
The elevate of mental states
Long gone with the wind
To defend men for shoddy imitation pretends
It's going down
Stalence emulation readily
Trekking through the weaponry
Of the pure pedigree
Cleverly seeing through whatever is ahead of me
Whatever the weather be
We invent the steadily
It's going down to sub-terrestrial high
I rhyme regiment that's calling the shots
Execution of collaborative plots
Ready to bring the separation of style to a stop

It's going down
A logical progression on a the timeline
The separation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now, it's going down

Put it out for the world see
Me and x-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry
It's goin' down
Put it out for the world see
Me and x-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry

X-men 'bout to blast off world wide
X-men 'bout to blast off world wide
And you do it like this
'Bout to blast off world wide

It's Goin' Down
Put it out for the world see
Me and x-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry
It's goin' down
Put it out for the world see
Me and x-men to the 10th degree
Everybody in the world to see
When we melt down the acts with the weaponry

It's going down
Put put put it up
And it goes like this
And you do it like this
It's going down
Put put it up
And it goes like this
And you do it like this

The gang spent the next hour or so wondering around their new home. They discovered that the 'blue fur ball' was called Kurt Wagner, aka Night crawler. He was nice, and Liz thought that he was really sweet. Maria just thought that his accent was sexy, which caused Michael to glare really hard at Kurt. Liz thought if looks could kill, Kurt would be sliced, diced and fried already! Of course, it was Maria's turn to glare when they met Kitty Pride aka shadowcat. But then Michael said out loud that she was hot, which caused a smack up the head from Maria, and Kitty. Max, Alex and Kyle stood there laughing really hard. They continued walking, and met up with other students and teachers, and Liz noticed that they all had alias; Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine ECT. ‘Maybe we should come up with some names!’ So later that night, Liz held a meeting with just the 8 of them…

“Guy’s have you noticed that everyone here as another name! Ya know, like Kurt is night crawler.” At the mention of Kurt’s name, Michael sent Liz the most evil look you could imagine! ‘Hmmm… maybe I should tell Maria that Michael likes her.’

“Ya I think that maybe we should come up with another name. So if we are fighting, our enemies will be scared out of their wits! I will be destroy o man, the most deadly of the X-men you could ever imagine!” Everyone just looked at Alex, like he had grown another head. “Ok so maybe not... um… how about Pandemonium? That’s a cool name!”

“That is way cool!” Kyle thought about what he wanted to be called. “How about… Shatter?”

“Hmmm….. I think that might work, especially since when you sing, mirrors shatter!” Maria commented.

“Ha-ha Maria you have me in stitches! What’s your name gonna be then?”

“Oh that’s easy! I’m gonna be a star, so I’ll be called Nova!”

“I like that Maria. But am I gonna be called?” Liz expected Maria to answer, but someone else did for her,

“You should be called Tsunami. You are graceful in your movements, yet allow a destructive nature brew below the surface.” Everyone turned to look at Max, who blushed furiously. “What I watch the discovery channel!” Everyone started chatting away, and no-one noticed Liz leave the room, well almost no-one.

“What are you doing out here Liz?” Max called out. “Are you ok? Was I outer line back there?”

“No, its not that, it’s just what you said. You were right about what was below my surface. I’m a danger to myself and other’s. I’m scared what I might do to you…” She trailed off realizing what she said.

“I’ll be ok Liz, its you I’m worried about.”

“Thanks Max. But your right, I think I’ll be called Tsunami! I like it a lot! But what about you? What shall you be called?”

“Why don’t you name me?”

“Ok, I guess it’s only fair! How about…” She thought about it. Max was a hard person to name. But she came up with a name; “How about Barrier? It goes with that power of yours! You know, um… the barrier.”

“I kinda guessed that part!” Max looked at Liz who had gone red. “But yea, I like Barrier.” Hand in hand, they walked back inside, where they discovered that the other 3 aliens also picked out names; Isabel was now Dreamer, Michael was Explode, and Tess was now Distort. But little did they no that this was just the beginning of a journey of a lifetime…

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Great part james!