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Back Again
Author: LittleBit
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Rating: All of them maybe even NC-17
Summary: Liz realizes that the events of ‘Busted’ will lead someone to her that she has been hiding from for years. What happens now that they find her? Starts during ‘Busted’ while Liz is in jail, just after Max snuck in.


Thanks to Calinia for betaing this for me.

Part 1

Liz sat alone in her jail cell thinking of how stupid she had been to let Max talk her into holding that gun while they held up the convenient store. She had told him that they couldn’t get caught, but no he had taken his sweet time and it ended up getting them busted. Now she was sitting alone in a cell in the middle of Utah waiting to see if she was going to jail on a more permanent basis. And despite how stupid she felt she knew why she had done it, he had needed her. He hadn’t asked her for her help but when she realized how important finding his son was to him she had to do what she could to help him. She knew she was better-equipped and far more knowledgeable of search procedure than he was so she had told him she would help him. So that he could find what he was missing, she understood how that felt.

It was late, lights out had been a few hours ago but Liz was far from sleepy. Max had left an hour ago. She had almost listened to him when he had tried to get her out of there and go on the run. But she had tried for too long not to spend her life on the run that she wasn’t going to do it now. So she had sent him back to the store to see if he could get back down to the ship. At least then she would know the whole thing wouldn’t have been a waste.

Liz felt her stomach growl and wished she had another piece of the fresh green lime pie that Maria had brought earlier. Instead she got up and started pacing as she ran through her life over the last few months. It had still stung that Max hadn’t believed her when she had started investigating Alex’s death. Sure she had her own reasons to believe that he had been murdered that no one knew about but he still should have at least looked into it. But instead he had told her she didn’t know what she was talking about, turned her away and went to Tess.

When Max told her about Tess being pregnant she felt a part of her heart forever break. First watching them kiss at the prom, finding out that they had slept together that Tess was pregnant and they were leaving, it was all just too much. She had thrown herself at Sean in the effort to make herself feel better, to feel love. But she hadn’t been able to do it and Sean had held her as she cried. Then all of the events that led them to find out that Tess had been the one who killed Alex and her departure from Earth. After Tess had left and Max had made his little speech Liz had distanced herself from Max.

But she had caved when he had called her and asked if she would go out with him. Although she knew that her heart would never completely heal from what had happened. Even after his pathetic speech about why he had been with Tess she had taken him back. He had been so happy and carefree after that, she couldn’t believe it when he had started stripping to go skinny dipping. Max Evans had wanted to go skinny dipping, well as close to skinny dipping as swimming in his boxers. That’s when it all began. The vision Max got from his son that started him on the hunt.

So after tons of searching, some grand larceny, and a misadventurous road trip this was where she was. According to Max, the ship was there so it hadn’t been a total loss. Now they just had to get back in there well Liz had to get out of jail first.

Her parents were majorly disappointed in her. They had tried to get her to blame Max but she wouldn’t do it. She just couldn’t, ever since she had found out his secret she had tried to protect him and she still was. Maria had told her what the judge was up to so now she waited to see what would be in store for her.

Liz turned her head towards the door that lead to the station house when she heard loud voices suddenly. She could vaguely make out some of the voices. She didn’t like what she was hearing either, they were here to see her. She looked around trying to figure out what to do, she was pretty much a sitting duck. She looked up and saw some exposed pipes. She quickly climbed up the bars of her cell to the top and positioned herself parallel to the ceiling. She only had to wait a few minutes before she heard the door opened and someone actually several someones enter the cell block. She kept quiet as she listened. “I thought you said she was in here. Where is she?”

“She was here at lights out.”

“Open it.” She heard someone order. She heard the clinging of keys and the door open. “Now leave us.”

She heard the sound of footsteps retreating and she knew that it was probably one of the deputies. She looked below her and saw two armed men in army fatigues cautiously enter the cell. She counted to three before she let herself drop from the ceiling. She saw the looks of surprise on the faces of the two men in front of her before she made her move. She grabbed the end of one of their rifles pulling it from his grasp before hitting him in the face with the butt of it. She then turned to the other one and knocked his feet out from under him. He hit his head on the cot Liz had previously been occupying.

The men had not shut the cell door behind them so Liz hurried out of it. She crept down the hallway to the end of the cells. She peered through the small window and saw another soldier standing guard. The sheriff and his one other deputy were in the office on the far side of the station. She grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open hard. It hit the surprised soldier in the forehead knocking him backwards and giving Liz enough time to run through the station. She just had to get to Max and the others. They could help her. She had helped them so many times that she was sure they would help her now. She heard the officers coming after her but she wasn’t worried about them. She hit the front door of the police station and shoved it open. When she did she ran straight into the man she despised most, the reason why she was running. So she did the first thing she could think of, she slugged him. The punch was solid and collided with squarely with his jaw. He went down and Liz took off. She saw two hummers and knew there were more soldiers for backup.

Liz made it halfway down the block when she felt a sharp pain in her calf. It knocked her off balance, and she fell forward. She recognized the pain, it was from a bullet. She was about to get up when she was surrounded. She did manage to get up and retaliate when she felt a bolt of fire course through her. She looked over and saw the end of a taser gun only inches from her side. It came at her again and with a stronger charge, she dropped.

She was barely conscious, only aware of the pain in her leg, being lifted into one of the hummers, and the voices around her. “As you can see Sheriff. She is very dangerous.”

“I’m glad you came to take her off my hands. We weren’t aware of how dangerous she was.” The Sheriff commented.

“Well you never know. But thanks to the thorough job on the arrest report and the efficiency of your office in inputting the information into the database.”

“Thank you.”

“Now I’ll leave you and your men to your duty.”

“Pleasure to be of help, Colonel Lydecker.” And with that the Sheriff was gone. Liz felt herself being jostled around as they settled her into the back where she was cuffed and shackled. As they headed out of the small town she took one last look at the motel she knew that Max and the others were staying at before disappearing into the night.


I know that this might sound like another story on this board called 'Alone' but I promise I didn't plagerize the idea. I've been working on this story for a month before she started posting it.

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wild_child_uk originally wrote:
Randi! You didn't tell me you were writing this!!!!

Oh you have me all excited!

Post more soon!


I'm glad you like it, I only told two people about it because I wanted it to be a surprise.
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I'm glad you guys seem to like this, I plan on updating hopefully on Friday.
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Thanks to: wild_child_uk (3x), RoswellSlayer, Surfgirl02, Lullaby (3x), ofwolfandman408, Anya, Calinia (2x), angeleyes (2x), searchingthestars, roswellluver, BaBee_ImaJyn, roswell_lover_buffy, behrstars, KEmperor, Kim_56Emotion, Starlight, and Lady_without_a_clue.

Because of all the wonderful feedback, I decided to post a day early, so here you go.

Also thanks to Anniepoo98 for the beautiful banner.

Note: I also wanted to tell you guys that this fic is not always going to be a happy one. Most of it will take place inside Manticore so Liz isn’t going to be cheerful.

Part 2

Liz sat in the hummer as they prepared to move her to the waiting helicopter. They had only drove a half an hour in the hummer until they came to the helipad so it was still dark out. Her chains were loosened as two of the soldiers; these were X5s like her, pulled her out of the vehicle and took her to the helicopter. They had to hold her as she limped to the helicopter thanks to the bullet wound in her left calf. They had bandaged it in the hummer on the way there but didn’t give her any painkillers. She was lucky though; the bullet had gone clean through.

She had to admit that Lydecker had learned his lesson about underestimating her. He now knew that although she had been gone for years, she hadn’t forgotten her training. Only the soldiers who were of the X series had been guarding her since they left the jail, none of the normal soldiers like the ones who had come into her cell.

She was lifted into the helicopter and watched as her chain was snapped onto a bolt on the floor. They were making sure she wasn’t going anywhere. She listened and tried not to cringe at the sound of Lydecker’s voice as he barked out orders. The orders were carried out and within minutes the helicopter was in the air and quickly ascending. Liz scanned the faces of the X5s in the cab with her. Paying close attention to their eyes she tried to decide if she recognized any of them. She didn’t, they must be from other units. She turned her face into an expressionless mask as she stared out the window, to hide the anxiety she was feeling. She was being sent back to Manticore. After ten years on the outside she was going back again.

It was Grandma Claudia who had found her and brought her to her parents. Liz had met her while Grandma was camping in the canyons in the north of New Mexico. Liz had been hiding out in one of the lesser-known caves and had been scavenging for food at her campsite after she had thought Claudia was asleep. When the woman had appeared at the flap to her tent Liz had froze, like a deer caught in headlights. She still didn’t know why she hadn’t run, after all before she had met Claudia all the adults she had met were the enemy. Doctors, nurses, trainers, all adults that had ran her life at Manticore. But something about Claudia’s face and soft voice made Liz think she was okay.

Liz came back each night for more food and on the third night Claudia had broke Liz a little out of her shell. She had told her she was a runaway so Claudia had taken it upon herself to find Liz a home. She told Liz that she would take her in herself but she was on the road too much to take care of her. She then told her about her son and daughter-in-law. Liz had then found herself on her way to Roswell, where she had found out what a real home was like.

It had taken Liz a year of living with the Parkers before she had told them the truth about herself. She thought at first that they wouldn’t believe her but her Dad had been in the Army and had heard stories of different experiments the army had been conducting. Then when they believed her she thought they would turn her away. But after a few days of getting over the shock, they had accepted her. They helped to keep her hidden from Lydecker and Manticore and to get a normal life. No one else knew until a year before the shooting, when Alex had found out.

Liz thought she had been alone in the closed Crashdown and when she had seen that her Dad had left a note asking her to get some supplies for the opening shift. One of the jars was up high so instead of going back out and getting a stepladder, she had just used her abilities to jump up to it. She had just landed when she heard a gasp behind her and saw Alex standing in the doorway with a startled expression. It had taken quite a few Orange Sodas but Liz had finally told him the truth, calmed him down, and swore him to secrecy. Alex being the wonderful friend he was, had done it immediately wanting to protect her. They had become even closer after that. Maria never had any idea that her best friend was a genetically enhanced female prototype soldier.

It had hurt Alex so much when she had distanced herself when she had first found out about the aliens. But she didn’t feel like it was her secret to tell. She had been so happy when she had finally been able to tell him. Alex had even tried to convince her to tell Max and the others her own story but Liz refused Max had this image of her that was perfect, that she could do no wrong. She knew Max loved her for what he saw and if he found out the truth about her, that love might disappear. When Max first told her about the flashes she had been scared that he would find out but he hadn’t seen her memories. Actually the memories that he had seen weren’t even hers they were implanted ones. Just before she had left Manticore she had been the subject of a new experiment in Psy-Ops. The experiment was to see if a person’s mind was flooded with images of a ‘supposed’ memory would that memory come out under torture or even hypnosis or would the real ones come out. She had escaped before they found out the final result but she was pretty sure she knew the answer now. So without having to worry about what Max would have seen she had kept it from everyone else in their group.

When Liz had first found out about Alex’s accident her thoughts instantly went to Manticore. She thought they might be on to her and knew that Alex had known as well and killed him. After everyone left the morgue after Max tried to heal Alex, Liz climbed to the top of a nearby building and just sat there, watching the doors that her friend’s body had gone through. She didn’t know why exactly she had done it maybe because she was looking for any sign of Manticore’s involvement. Then she remembered that Manticore would have covered it up better so than she had switched to an alien theory. She owed it to him as a friend to find out what had really happened. Although she hadn’t minded doing it herself, Michael and Maria had been a big help. And then Kyle had helped give them the last piece. They found out that Tess had killed Alex, but Liz still felt his death had not been avenged since his murderer had been allowed to leave. So she had prayed to the Blue Lady who she hadn’t believed in for years to protect Alex and for Alex to forgive her for letting Tess get away.

Liz felt a pair of eyes on her and looked to see that Lydecker was staring at her intently. Even after ten years his penetrating gaze could bring out fear in her. She continued to watch as he moved closer to her watching her calm face. “You’re not fooling me. I know under that calm exterior you are boiling. Your attempted escape at the jail proved that to me. But it helped me prove to those pathetic excuse for law enforcement that you were as dangerous as I said you were. I must say that I’m surprised you let yourself get captured during a simple robbery.”

Lydecker was right; she was anything but calm. But for now she was biding her time until she could escape. They would be expecting right now so she waited and tried to come up with a plan. You always had to have a plan. “I didn’t intend to get caught.” Liz said simply. “And they must not be too pathetic if they could catch me when you couldn’t.”

“I taught you well on evasive techniques. But apparently not well enough to stay out of situations where your barcode would be listed as a ‘distinguishable’ mark on your arrest report.” Lydecker commented.

Liz’s theory was confirmed by his words. Thanks to the miracles of technology where all law enforcement agencies were cyberly linked, she had been found. “So you waltzed in there with some type of phony paperwork saying I was a danger to National Security and pulled me out.”

“You wouldn’t have wanted to stay in jail would you?” Lydecker asked menacingly. “I’m curious. I noticed by your file that it listed a set of parents. Are they aware of what you are?”

“No,” Liz lied changing her face into an expression that she knew would look convincing and hopefully help Lydecker buy into the lie.. “They have no idea.”

“What about others? Your boyfriend that was arrested with you perhaps?”

“No, they don’t know either. No one knows.” Liz said. She knew that if Lydecker really believed that her true existence had been leaked that he would take out whoever knew.

“I didn’t think so. After all I can’t imagine many people taking in something that may look like a little girl but is actually a hardened killing machine.” Lydecker commented making sure she was reminded of what she was made for.

Liz didn’t say anything in response as she saw that they were approaching a large facility. One that she recognized instantly, Manticore. The trip hadn’t taken that long since the Army helicopter traveled faster than standard helicopters. They began landing procedure and Liz felt the slight jarring sensation as they touched the ground. The side door was slid open. Lydecker hoped out and Liz’s chains were unhooked again. “Welcome home 435.”


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roswellluver originally wrote:
Poor Liz, Lydecker is a beast! Thanks for writing!

Just wait he gets worse.
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PhoenixFlamez originally wrote:
Oh no, Liz! Is Max going to come find and rescue her? Or will he be too busy with the search of his son?

All I'm saying is Liz is on her own.
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Dedicated to: Lullaby (2x), ofwolfandman408, wild_child_uk, Calina (2x), roswell_lover_butffy, Roswell Slayer (3x), BaBee_ImaJyn, roswellluver, PhoenixFlamez, and Kim_56Emotion

Part 3

As soon as she was taken out of the helicopter Liz was taken inside and led through the winding corridors. She could see that Manticore had stuck with the same cold sterile appearance that she remembered. The corridors were empty since it was still a few hours until the arousal hour that the base woke up. She knew that the first stop would be the infirmary to get her leg more thoroughly checked out and rebandaged. But when they reached it she realized that fixing her leg was only the beginning. Lydecker ordered a complete physical and even blood work as well as fixing her leg. Liz could only guess that he wanted to compare the results to her medical records from before. After all she had been on the outside for ten years, he was probably dying to know if she was in as good as shape as the X5s that had stayed behind. But first Lydecker wanted her into standard dress.

There was a small bathroom attached to the infirmary and she was told to go in to change. Liz grabbed the clothes and went in. She shut the door and instantly noticed it didn’t lock. She didn’t waste time looking around for a window or air vents that she could fit through to escape. There were no windows and the only air vent was four by four, too small for her to fit through. She resigned to fact that she wouldn’t be able to sneak out of there and went about cleaning up and changing. Her clothes were a mess, dirty and ripped from the struggle during her capture plus her pant leg had been cut all the way up to her knee so they could treat the gunshot. Liz struggled out of the pants leaning against the sink to keep her weight off her leg. Then she pulled off her shirt. She grabbed some paper towels and washed as much of the grime off as she could. She had a feeling it would be awhile until she would be allowed to go to the shower.

Liz looked in the mirror at her reflection. The stress was showing on her face. After all in a few days she had taken a road trip, staked out a convenient store, committed a felony, participated in a police chase, gone to jail, fought to keep her freedom only to be dragged back to the hell she was born into. She figured after all of that she didn’t look that bad. She wondered what her friends would think if they saw her now? She knew it was almost sunup. Within a few hours her parents, Max, and her friends would find out she was gone. She knew her parents would know what had happened as soon as they saw Lydecker's signature but her friends wouldn’t know. Would they look for her or would Max just keep looking for his son?

A loud voice, Lydecker's, coming through the door telling her to hurry up broke her out of her thoughts. She pulled her bra and underwear off changing into the clean ones then pulled on the clothes. They were different than what she had worn when she was a child, these consisted of a light blue T-shirt and camouflage pants of the same color. They hadn’t given her boots yet so she left the clothes where they were and left the small bathroom.

She took a seat on the exam table and got ready for the testing to start. As one technician rolled up her pant leg cleaned and bandaged her leg again, another one took her blood. The doctor then started asking questions, “How often and how powerful are your seizures?”

“I don’t have any.” Liz said simply.

“435, if you don’t cooperate we can’t give you the necessary treatments.”

Liz cringed like she always did when called by her designation. “I am cooperating. If I had the seizures don’t you think I’d tell you? From what I remember, they didn’t look very pleasant.”

“Did you receive any type of medical treatment while you were on the outside?”

“No.” Liz answered. She didn’t think Maria giving her some of her herbal remedies would count as medical treatment nor Max healing her.

“So you never developed seizures at all?” Lydecker asked.


Lydecker nodded, not all of the remaining X5s had developed seizures especially the younger member of the series. So her answer wasn’t a complete surprise.

After that the doctor started examining her, checking everything. Reflexes, weight, height, blood pressure, Liz was almost dizzy from all of it but after what she guessed was about an hour they appeared to be done. She knew it was only for now though, she was sure they would do more later. Especially after her leg was healed. They would want to test to see what she kind of shape she was in as well as other things.

Liz knew the next stop would be interrogation as they took her out of the infirmary and down the corridor. She saw that there were more people about. She saw a few her age that looked at her curiously as well as a few children she guessed were a series or two down from her either X6s or X7s. She was taken into an interrogation room where she was forced into a chair and strapped down. Once they were sure she was secure, the X5s that had been guarding her retreating leaving only her, Lydecker and what she assumed was another doctor.

Lydecker gave Dr. Taltos a stern look, motioning his head at 435. Taltos briskly strode over to a locked cabinet to the left of 435's chair. After opening the compartment door, Taltos took out a large syringe filled with a clear liquid. Liz recognized the label on the tube from her training so many years ago; it was a Manticore-made serum that they used on their soldiers to make them loose control over what they said. Basically a truth serum ten times stronger than normal. When you were injected with it, no matter how much you didn’t want to say anything, it would slowly break you down until the serum caused them to reveal everything. It forced the person injected with it to tell the Manticore doctors anything they wanted to know. She quickly started doing the procedure she had been trained to do when captured by the enemy. She didn’t want the aliens’ secret getting out after she had done so much to protect them. She chastised herself for not doing the procedure sooner but she had thought she would have been able to escape by now. But the doctor was faster. He walked to her side, injecting the relaxant into her bloodstream at the wrist just below one of the straps. It worked fast and Liz could feel the effects.

"Well, 435, I have some questions I'd like to ask you." Lydecker said. He sneered at 435, who continued to sit completely still. He knew he was going to get the exact answer to every question he planned on asking. He would find out all she knew. But first he wanted to make sure the serum was working right. He sat down in the desk chair and sighed. "First, your designation?"

"X5-435." Liz stated unable to stop herself.

“And what are you?” Lydecker asked.

“I am a transgenic, X series.”

“What is a transgenic?”

Liz looked at Lydecker annoyed at the mundane question. “A transgenic is a soldier made by Manticore. A soldier, a human weapon, genetically engineered to be superior by the enhancements of the mixture of animal and human DNA encoded into their own DNA sequence.”

“Good.” Lydecker said satisfied that the serum was working, so now came the real questions. “What are the locations of the other eleven escapees?”

“Eleven?” Liz said in question. She didn’t know until just then that eleven of her siblings had also gotten out that night. And since they were asking about all of them that meant that none of them had been captured.

“Yes. What are their locations?” The question was repeated.

“I don’t know.” Liz said truthfully.

“Have you had any contact with any of them?”



“I have not seen any of my other siblings since we escaped from hell.” Liz stated.

Lydecker tried not to show his frustration. 435 was the first of the twelve to be recaptured and he had hoped she would be able to lead him to at least one of the others but he should have known better. He had taught his ‘kids’ well, it was safer if they didn’t know each other’s locations. As frustrated as he was, he still saw the up side to the situation. He had one of the twelve back, and after some work she would be back in operation. “Next phase.”

Liz felt somewhat weak from the effects of the serum but she couldn’t understand why. As far as she could remember, that wasn’t a side effect of the drug. She felt herself being unstrapped and ordered to stand. As soon as she was up two X5s were next to her leading her out of the room. As much as the doctors examining her and the questioning had freaked her out, it was nothing compared to what she felt when she was led to the next area. It was Psy-Ops, where they did reindoctrination. “NO!”

Liz started struggling. She knew what would happen in there. They would brainwash her, wipe away all traces of herself, all her memories. Her memories of growing up, Grandma Claudia, her parents, Alex, Maria, Max. Granted there were some memories she could deal with out but others were precious. She would become a mindless drone. She grabbed the X5 to her left and managed to flip her onto her back. She wrenched her arm from the one of her right and turned to flee. But she didn’t make it far before she was hit from behind and plunged into darkness.

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wild_child_uk originally wrote:
Wahoo! An update!!
Great new part Randi... She isn't gonna be able to get outta being mind washed is she???

All will be explained in the next part!
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Aussie_Dreamer originally wrote:
Liz is in major trouble! You gotta get her out of there!
When's part 4 coming?

Don't worry, I wouldn't let anything happen to Liz. And Part 4 will be coming later today
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Dedicated to: Lullaby(4x), Calinia, wild_child_uk, RoswellSlayer(2x), roswellluver, angeleyes, roswell_lover_buffy, Aussie_Dreamer, and Phoenix Flamez

Thank you guys for all the wonderful feedback! Because of that and the fact that I already have like 25 parts written I plan to update more often. Not every day but close.

Part 4

"Lydecker wants you in his office." A female medical technician called out to the X5 she was sent to find. She watched as the X5 turned towards her and nodded in acknowledgement. The X5 followed the technician into the main building, and then into Lydecker's office. The stern looking man was sitting at a large desk at the back of the room. He glanced from the black laptop that he'd been typing furiously on and turned to address the new arrival.

"Thank you, Doctor," Lydecker said to the doctor who had led 494 with a dismissive wave of his hand. As the door clicked shut, Lydecker turned his full attention to the X5. "Your background here at Manticore?”

"My training is wide range, from basic Manticore training, participation in extensive education in Assassination, Field Medicine, Hand to Hand Combat, Battle Strategy, Weaponry, and Invasion. Primarily sent on Solo Missions. Special Mission training includes Common Verbal Usage, as well as a variety of human interaction lessons and instruction in fine arts for Covert Solo Missions. Four months spent in Psy-Ops.”

"I’ve heard that you have been showing progress since you were released from Psy-Ops a month ago.”

“Yes sir.” He responded. After his time spent in Psy-Ops, he couldn’t really remember anything from his last assignment but according to the TAC Officers, he had messed up and failed to achieve the mission objective.

“Despite some of your recent problems on your last mission, you have always been considered one of Manticore’s best. Because of that I have an assignment for you that if successfully completed will help us to further over look the mark on your record. If not it will be another black mark.”

“Yes, sir.” He knew he couldn’t have another black mark on his record. Despite having no memory of the screw up on the Berringsford Mission, he knew that it had left a big enough one. If he got anymore, he knew that punishment would be severe.

“It’s a long time assignment but I know that will make no difference to you.”

“No, sir.”

"I’m sure you are aware of the current status of X5- 435?" Lydecker asked.

"X5-435 escaped from the Gillette facility, along with X5-734, X5-210, X5- 471, X5-452, X5-734, X5-656, X5-205, X5-493, X5-526, X5-621, and X5-599, all of whom were the only successful Manticore escapees that I am know of. X5-435 was recaptured a week ago."

"X5-435 was indeed recaptured . She has been put through reindoctrination but we are not sure of how effective it was. But she appears to be compliant at this point.” Lydecker paused, again wondering about the distorted brain waves that the doctors had found in Psy-Ops. Then he turned his eyes to the X5's face. “You know where this is going, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," he stated, "I have an informed opinion of what this conversation is leading to."

“I am assigning you as 435s Commanding Officer. But unlike your previous leadership missions, you will only be CO to 435 not an entire unit. I want you to mentor her. Bring her back into the fold so to speak. You will catch her up on her training, make sure she is as knowledgeable in every area as you are. Plan on an extended absence from daily training and assign someone to take over command of your unit. I expect you to start her training one hour after the standard arousal hour."

“Yes, sir.”

“I want weekly written reports on progress along with a verbal report in one month. But if at any time 435 seems to shows signs of her previous traitorous ways, I want it reported right away.”

“Yes, sir. What is the time frame for the mission?”

“I want her operational in three months. If not then she will be considered defective and will be terminated.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Dismissed.” Lydecker ordered. He watched the X5 leave his office before sitting back down at his desk. If it worked out like he had planned X5-494 and X5-435 would be a very lethal team, Manticore’s best.


Liz lay in her bed, more like a cot, in her new cell trying to take advantage of the few quiet moments. The cell was a small one meant for only one maybe two and as barren and sterile as she remembered the barracks of her childhood. She wondered if her cell was now standard living quarters or if it was only to keep her away from the others. But for now she didn’t care if it gave her time like she had now, it was the first time she had been left alone since arriving.

The last week had been complete and utter hell. She had been through test after test mental and physical many of the repeated numerous times, poked and prodded. They started by doing all types of psychological tests probably trying to see how she could have turned ‘traitor’ and then they had moved on to the reindoctoring. That’s where things got confusing, it didn’t seem to have been successful. She was still the same as she always was. She knew the effects of the procedure; when they were young they had witnessed it being performed on an X4. It had turned him into the good obedient soldier he was supposed to be.

Liz rolled over being careful of her sore body and let her mind run free. She had a theory about why it hadn’t been effective. She had overheard the doctors talking about the results of her tests, mostly from monitoring her brain waves and CAT scans. They showed irregular brain wave that indicated that Liz was using more of her brain than on average. Even for a transgenic who were made to have increased brain functions. For reasons unknown to the doctors a part of Liz’s brain that wasn’t normally used was active. But Liz had an idea as to why.

Liz remembered Max telling her that Nasedo had once told Michael that their powers were in part human. But regular humans didn’t use that part of their brain. Ava had told her that when Max had healed her that she had been ‘changed’. So Liz had come up with the theory that by ‘changing’ her, Max had woken that part of her brain up, which she was now using. That was why the brainwashing hadn’t been effective. She knew that the doctors and Lydecker would know that the differences to her brain might effect the reindoctrination. But she wasn’t about to let them know to what extent.

She heard a noise at her door and removed the arm she had covering her eyes to see what was going on. They had already delivered her last meal of the day and she had hoped to get some sleep. She hoped they weren’t taking her for more tests.

The door opened and Liz watched as a guy a few years older than her walked in. He had dark blonde hair and a good ten inches taller than her. Like most male transgenics she had ever seen, he was easy on the eyes. He had a broad chest and she could see muscles hidden under the T-shirt he wore. His clothes were the same as hers, which she knew indicated that he was a transgenic. The regular soldiers wore dark fatigues. She was surprised when the door was shut behind him and he looked at her. She still hadn’t gotten up off the bed so she just looked up and said, “I thought it was time for lights out.”

“It is. But I came to deliver your orders to you, first.”

“And you are?”

“494.” He answered.

“494?” Liz asked. That was only one digit away from her Brother Ben’s designation.

“I’m the twin of your fellow traitor 493 before you ask.” 494 stated. He couldn’t help but look over the girl in front of him. The base had been buzzing with news about the rogue that had been caught. Only half a dozen X5s had seen her and a few other series and they had relayed everything they knew to others. He had to admit he himself was intrigued to check her out. But at the moment she didn’t look like much. She looked ragged and in serious need of some cleaning up but he knew she had been subjected to a lot so he didn’t hold it against her.

“Great.” Liz muttered. She was surprised to find out that Ben had a twin. “You wouldn’t happen to know if there are more of me running around here would you?”

“None in the X5 series, at least not that I’ve seen.” 494 stated. “I’ve been assigned to be your CO while you start your training. We start tomorrow morning.”

“Nuh uh, I’m exhausted and haven’t been able to sleep in a week.” Liz stated. She knew she was supposed to be obeying orders but she was tired. She could go extended time without sleep but the stress and testing that had happened had taken it’s toll on her. Thankfully her leg had healed up to almost normal so she didn’t have to worry about that.

“We have our orders.” 494 argued. He was starting to see what Lydecker meant by the reindoctoring not taking hold. He felt almost glad that she wasn’t a complete drone. It was a nice change.

“They can wait. Now I’m going to sleep, I think you know the way out.” Liz said turning over so her back faced him.

494 only stared at her back for a moment before he turned and knocked on the door for the guard outside to let him out. This was going to be a difficult assignment. She was strong willed and insubordinate to him who was supposed to be her Commanding Officer. That took some guts since she didn’t know he wasn’t going to report it back to Lydecker. He had to successfully complete this assignment. He didn’t want to think about what it could mean for him if he didn’t. He just needed to figure out a way to get her to cooperate and he thought he might know how.

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Part 5

Liz leaned her head back and let the water cascade down her hair while the rest of the stream beat against her body. The water wasn’t as hot as she’d like it but it was warm enough not to chill her. She was in one of the large shower rooms, which she had all to herself. She figured Lydecker didn’t want her mingling with the others yet so after they were done, Liz was lead to the room. There were guards outside in the dressing room standing watch making sure she didn’t escape. They might think she was reindoctored but they weren’t taking any chances. Liz had already searched the wash room but there was no way out of there.

The shower felt like heaven to Liz, the standard soap and shampoo felt better than her scented stuff back home just for the simple fact that this was the first shower she had taken in a week. She had felt grimy and filthy but now it was all washed away. She wished everything could be washed away as simply. But despite her circumstances, she felt a thousand times better. Knowing she had been in the shower long enough that one of the guards would probably come looking for her she turned off the water. She reached for the towel and dried off.

“Crap.” Liz muttered as she realized she had forgotten to grab her fresh clothes from the outer room. Thankfully the towel was big enough to wrap around herself, which she did and once she was sure it was secure she went to get her clothes.

She was surprised when she entered the outer room and saw that her guards were gone and 494 stood in their place. “Do you know of something called privacy?” Liz asked.

“Yes.” 494 answered from where he was leaning against the lockers. He couldn’t help but look her over, after all he might be a transgenic but he was still a guy. From what he could see, she looked pretty good. Better than pretty good. And much better than last night. Her wet hair hung around her face falling to her shoulders. Her shoulders as well as the rest of the skin he could see, which was quite a bit, was covered in a healthy tan. He could see the taut muscles beneath it. He was sure that despite the illusion she gave off of being the innocent little teenager, she was everything she was created to be. “But I figured if I came in here, you couldn’t make a run for it.”

“Who says I couldn’t take you out and escape?” Liz asked.

“Even if you could, and that’s a big if, the other two guards are just outside.” 494 said.

“If you don’t mind I’d like to get dressed.” Liz stated feeling naked despite the towel.

“Go ahead.” 494 said smirking. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen.”

Liz looked at him in shock. “You’re insane if you think I’m going stand here naked and get dressed in front of you.”

“You can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“You don’t sound like everyone else around here.” Liz commented. She had to admit that it was a nice change to hear someone talk in ordinary language instead of strict military language or technical terms. 494 didn’t act like any of the other transgenics she had met before.

“I took Common Verbal Usage, it helps to blend in. Thought you might feel a little more at ease.”

“Thanks, I think. So why did you feel you have to corner me in the shower room?”

“We’ve got work to do or did you forget we had a date?” 494 asked.

“I thought I told you last night…”

“Yeah you’re tired.” 494 stated. “Should have known so long on the out side would make you soft.”

“I’m not soft.” Liz snapped. “I kept myself in shape and studied up on things that would go along with my training.”

“Then prove it.”

“If you think you can come in here and try to goad me into everything because you think I would want to prove myself, you’ve got another thing coming.” Liz said. She knew that she should be following orders to stay under the radar but she just couldn’t do it for some reason with him egging her on. He just seem to want to get under her skin. He was nothing like the quiet, soft spokenness of his twin, her brother Ben.

Deciding there was no other way to get her to cooperate 494’s face turned serious “I’m going to tell you something Lydecker told me when he gave me my orders. He told me that he wants you active in three months.”

“And if I’m not?”

“You would be terminated.” 494 explained.

Liz sighed in frustration. She should have figured on this. “So basically I better listen to you or die.”

“That sums it up.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Liz asked.

“You’re my mission and I always complete my missions. If this is the only way to do it, then so be it.” Alec said. He wouldn’t tell her that this was one of his last chances too.

“Fine.” Liz conceded.

“Get dressed then meet me in the hall.” 494 ordered. He turned then and left. Liz dressed quickly and five minutes later she joined him in the hall. He led her into one of the training rooms that were full of mats. “First I want to see your fighting skills 435.”

“My name is Liz.” She muttered under her breath.


“I said my name is Liz.”

“Not in here it isn’t. What’s the big deal about a name anyway?”

“It says who you are.” Liz said. “Haven’t you ever had a name?”

“I’ve had ton, a different one for each assignment.”

“Like which ones?”

“Eric, CJ, Alec..” 494 started to list off but Liz interrupted him. “I like Alec. That’s what I’ll call you.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Of course.” Liz stated. “You know you’re not fooling me, you’ve got a whole side to you that you’re hiding.”

“Whatever. Let’s get to work.” Alec ordered. “First things first. Let’s see if you can still fight.”

They both moved into fighting stance and started circling each other. Alec threw the first punch, which Liz blocked and gave him one of her own, which landed solidly. He brought up his leg and kicked her in the stomach sending her to the ground. Liz flipped herself up and dodged another kick from Alec before firing one off herself and kicked with her left leg to his stomach, then a snapped a crescent kick to the face with her right leg, sending him to the ground. Liz stood over him and punched him in the face but Alec blocked it.

Alec pushed Liz off of him; she fell on the floor but got up quickly. Liz and Alec kept up with each other throwing punches and kicks that all hit their marks. Alec went kick her in the head but she ducked and gave him an uppercut to the face, then she received an elbow to the face by Alec. Liz was sent back a bit but she regained her composure and gave him another punch that made Alec's head spin. Alec grabbed her hand as she went to give him another punch and tried to flip her on the floor but she just removed his hand and out of the way and did a one handed back flip hand spring that kicked him in the face. She then went to kick him in the stomach with her left leg but he caught it. “No wonder you got caught if you were moving this slow.”

Liz decided to prove him wrong and used his hold on her leg for balance as she brought up her other leg launching a kick to his stomach. He let her leg go and she flipped backwards, landing on her feet. “Not that slow.”

Alec stayed silent as he launched another attack on her and continued her training.

In case anyone wants to know, this story is happening during S3 of Roswell and S1 of Dark Angel.

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Part 6

Over the next few weeks Liz set into the new routine. She had daily appointments at Psy-Ops for them to monitor her brain waves and continue to try and brainwash her. It still wasn’t working but Liz didn’t let them know that. She knew how to play along and give them the answers they wanted. She kept up the ruse of being the rogue turned good soldier. When she was anything but.

Her days consisted of getting woken up by the guard when he delivered her food tray then a quick trip to clean up and on to Psy-Ops. She would be there until some time in the early afternoon where she would meet up with Alec for training. She still wasn’t allowed to be around most of the rest of the population of the facility so her only human contact was with the guards, the doctors, and Alec. Alec was the only one she was glad to see although she would never tell him that. If she did then his head would swell even bigger than it already was. But it was nice to have some that didn't act like a drone and didn’t like to study her like she was some kind of experiment. Even if she was one. Of course, so was he.

Their training sessions had branched out and didn’t just consist of the sparring they had done the first day. So far they had worked on weapons mostly, Liz familiarizing herself again with an assortment of guns, and knives. They would work on training until the dinner break then for a few more hours until lights out. Alec always stayed with her while she ate, taking his dinner with her so that they could get back to training faster. Usually they went to one of the empty classrooms with their food, which was what they were doing at the moment.

Liz looked down at her perfect nutritionally balanced, vitamin enriched meal that was supposed to be dinner. Liz ate it but it didn’t taste that good. “What I wouldn’t give for a galaxy melt, space fries, and a blood of alien smoothie.”

She looked up to see Alec staring at her with one brow cocked up. “What?”

“What the hell did you eat while you were on the outside?” Alec asked.

Liz smiled at Alec’s confusion. “The couple who took me in owned a restaurant, an alien themed one actually since we lived in Roswell, and they renamed the dishes accordingly.”

“So what you said you wanted was a sandwich, fries, and…?”

“A smoothie is ice cream and milk.” Liz finished. Her mouth was starting to water, she couldn’t believe that she had been stuck in Manticore for almost a month. Of course she felt like it had been a lot longer.

“No wonder you move so slow, after eating all of that crap for so long it had to have weighed you down.” Alec said teasing. This assignment was easier than he thought it would be. As assignments went it didn’t take a lot of effort. After the first morning 435 was complacent and didn’t give him a hard time.

Liz’s brow furrowed, “You can’t tell me that in all of the missions you’ve had and undercover work that I’m sure were part of them that you never took advantage of it and ate junk food. You must have a favorite?”

Alec didn’t answer instead he just looked down and finished up his food. Liz lowered her face so she could look him in the eyes. “Come on, I can see you’re trying to hide it. So what is it?”

Alec looked up at her, cursing that she could read him for some reason and answered, “Pizza.”

Liz’s eyes lit up, “I love pizza especially pepperoni.”

“Pepperoni’s good but I usually get sausage and mushroom.” Alec stated surprised by how easily the conversation was going.

“What else?” Liz prodded but before Alec got a chance to answer a small window on the classroom door opened and they heard someone whisper, “494?”

Recognizing the voice of one of the guards, Alec and Liz looked at the door in annoyance. “What?” Alec barked.

“You got the stuff?” the guard whispered.

“Yeah,” Alec said as he got up and slid a packet of who knows what along with through the window bars and received what looked like a packet of money in return. Liz had no idea how Alec could use money in here, but from the way he seemed to have some kind of deal, there had to be an advantage. She raised an eyebrow at him as he sat back down.

“Working a scam?” She couldn’t resist asking.

“Always have a couple deals going. Keeps things less boring. Some of the guards like the drugs they give us, I don’t why. So we made a deal for them.” Alec explained. “Helps to get me some information that normally I wouldn’t be privy to.”

Liz picked up her med cup that had been put on her tray along with her food. She never took them, just made it look like it then palmed them. Then as soon as she could, she’d flush them. “You have to wonder if they put in more meds in the food.”

“They do.” Alec answered.

“What?” Liz asked somewhat surprised. “What do they put in?”

“Not much because some medicine looses its potency if mixed with something but I do know that birth control is a big thing that is in all of the food.”

“Birth Control? Why would they do that?” Liz asked.

“They can’t always determine the start date of an Xs heat cycle and there have been times when a male has reacted to it before they can isolate her so just in case they make sure that there aren’t any ‘accidents’.” Alec explained.

“Interesting.” Liz stated. Liz had always had problem with her heats and could understand how to the guards would have problems separating two Xs in the throws of heat. Thankfully she had been able to get away from men when she was in heat.

“Now I have a question for you. Actually a few.” Alec said.


“Around everyone but me you act like the good little soldier…”

“The same as you.” Liz interrupted.

“So if it’s all an act why didn’t you put one on for me the first night I came to your quarters? How did you know I wouldn’t report you?” Alec asked.

“How much do you know about by capture?” Liz asked back.


“I know you are probably thinking that I’m avoiding your questions but I’m not, I need to tell you some stuff to explain my actions that night. I was caught because I was arrested for armed robbery out in the middle of nowhere.”

“Armed robbery? What? Did you want junk food that badly that you had to rob a store to get it?”

“No. We didn’t actually rob it but that’s not the point. I had been in jail for almost two days when Lydecker came after me. During my capture I tried to escape but got shot. After I was brought here I was put through a bunch of tests and didn’t see the outside of the infirmary or Psy-Ops for days. So when you showed up in my room that night I was so sick of everything and so exhausted, mentally and physically, that I just snapped and couldn’t put on the act. Then when you didn’t report me, I figured you wouldn’t so I didn’t try to con you.”

“So you were too tired for the charade? Are you sure you’re a transgenic?” Alec joked.

“Laugh all you want but you have no idea of what my life was like okay? Of the stuff I have on my shoulders.” Liz snapped. She then lowered her gaze back to her food and jabbed some with her fork.

Alec could see that he had hit a nerve and he couldn’t believe he was feeling bad for it. Her statement made him curious because whatever she was talking about must have been bad if it had worn her down like that. Not to mention that he of all people knew what a vacation in Psy-Ops could be like. He had spent enough time there. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to fix it but he had to do something. Maybe if he could get her to talk. “So how about we switch subjects and I ask you another question?”

“Once you get started digging you don’t stop do you?” Liz asked.


“Fine, ask.”

“Do you know why your brain waves are different?” Alec asked.

“How do you know about that? Forget it, I already know.” Liz stated thinking about Alec and his connections. “As for the answer, no. I don’t know why they’re like that.”

Alec could see that her answer wasn’t a truthful one but he didn’t push. He would just have to see what he could do to wear her down. “If you’re finished, let’s go get some more training done.”

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Part 7

The two of them trained for a few more hours, mostly reading manuals in a classroom. Liz finished the last section in her manual when she looked at Alec, “Can you tell me what you know about the escape? I know that twelve of us got out but do you know which ones?”

Alec looked up at her pleading eyes, “734, 210, 471, 656, 452, 701, 205, 493, 526, 621, and 599.”

Liz nodded, she knew Alec wouldn’t know their names, only their designations. Their names were Krit, Syl, Zane, Jondy, Max, Tinga, Brin, Ben, Kat, Josh and Zack, they were all her older siblings. “And none of them have been recaptured?”

“Not that I’ve heard. I do know that Lydecker has came close but never actually gotten one. 435….huh Liz?” Alec said correcting himself. Most of the time when they were alone, he did call her by her name but there were times when he still messed up. He liked calling her Liz; it reminded him that she wasn’t under Manticore brainwashing. Just like when she called him Alec it reminded him of the same thing. “Can you tell me why you guys decided to make a run for it that night?” Alec asked curiously. He couldn’t understand why someone especially ones that were as young as the escapees when they left would want to go out into the world. He knew Manticore wasn’t the best but he had a roof over his head.

“We had heard enough from different guards and techs to know there was something outside of Manticore. And we had been curious. Then on that night my sister Max had a bad seizure and they tried to take her away. Zack wouldn’t let that happen so we started to run.” Liz explained.

“But the outside can’t be that great. Not from what I’ve seen. People starving and homeless. Why would you want to do that when you had a clean place to sleep and food to eat?”

“Because you could be in control of your own life. You have to understand a little bit of that or you would suck down those pills they use to brainwash us with no problem.” Liz stated. “But you don’t. And I think it’s because you know there’s something wrong with it.”

“I agree it’s not the best thing.”

“And the outside isn’t as bad as you think. True there are bad parts to living on the outside but the good outweigh them.”

“Like what.”

“I told you a big one, freedom. Being able to do whatever you want without having to worry about being put in solitary for having a single thought that Manticore didn’t put into your head. Not to mention having a normal life with friends, family, people who all around care about you.” Liz said. “I wouldn’t give up the time I spent with my parents or my friends for anything.”

“Tell me about them.”

“What?” Liz asked surprised.

“Tell me about them, maybe I’ll understand then.”

“I guess the best place to start is with the woman who found me, Grandma Claudia. She took me to her son and daughter-in-laws house and they ended up adopting me. She was a great woman. Exactly what I would want to be, independent, adventurous, knew what she wanted.”

“Sounds a lot like you.” Alec said surprised that he had actually spoken what he was thinking.

“Uh, thanks.” Liz said surprised by the compliment. “Like I told you before my parents owned a café. It’s called the Crashdown. Dad ran the restaurant while Mom dealt with most of the suppliers. But they always made time for me. As I got older Mom and I drifted a little but still got along good. She knew I was growing up but Dad kind of ignored it. Could only see me as his little girl.” Liz said before laughing. “You should have seen him when Mom explained my going into heat to him. I thought he was going to lock me in the store room forever.”

Alec laughed a little with her as she went on. “I went to school like everyone else and started working at the cafe when I was 15 along with my friend Maria. Maria, well Maria is kind of hard to describe. Her mom was a free spirited hippie, you know what a hippie is right?”


“Well it rubbed off on Maria more than she realizes. She’s very new age. She loves to talk but in a good way. She’s quirky, upbeat, very alive.”

“She sounds interesting.”

“She is. I was closest to her and our friend Alex. Alex was great.” Liz’s voice wavered at the mention of her dear deceased friend. Alec noticed the change in her but said nothing. “Sorry, he’s hard to talk about. Alex was killed last spring.”

“Oh,” Alec said not knowing what to say.

Liz brushed her hands over her eyes brushing away the tears she felt gathering there before continuing. “There were more members of our group, too. Kyle who was my ex-boyfriend but ended up being a much better friend. He was really into Buddhism and drive us nuts with quotes. Then there was Michael. He’s Roswell’s bad boy and Maria’s boyfriend. He was brash and impulsive but fiercely protective.”

“Did you and Maria hang out with just guys?” Alec asked.

“No, there were other girls. Isabel for instance. She was the most popular and beautiful girl in our class. Everyone thought she was cold hearted but she too had another side. She was very caring and giving to the people she considered family, Michael, Alex, and especially her brother Max.” Liz explained, her voice changing pitch again when she said Max’s name.

Alec’s eyebrow raised, “Now things are starting to get interesting. Whose is Max?”

“Max is…was…is my boyfriend.” Liz explained.

“Is he or not?”

“We were together until I got locked up in here. And of course I don’t know now what is going on with him.” ‘He might not even still be on this planet.’ Liz thought to herself. “I guess I didn’t even when we were together.”

“And why is that?”

“Why is what?”

“You said you didn’t know him even when you together.”

“I said that out loud?”

“Yeah, you did.” Alec confirmed. “So answer. And don’t try to wiggle out of it.”

Liz saw determination in his eyes and knew he wasn’t going to give up. So she started carefully. “Max and I have had a very unique relationship that’s really hard to explain. Sometimes we’re together and sometimes we can’t be. When Alex died we weren’t together. The whole group lost it when Alex died. I shut down and Max and grew farther apart.” That was an understatement but it was the only thing she could think of. “He turned to another girl in our group who he had had a thing with. They got really close and she ended up pregnant.”

“Yeah, I’d say that was close.” Alec stated offhandedly only causing Liz to glare at him, “Sorry.”

“Any way after they found out, Tess ditched town and Max has been looking for her and the baby ever since. Now that I’ve told you the whole story I think I’ll head back to my room. Lights out is in a little while.” Liz said before grabbing some of the manuals and storming out of the room slamming the door behind her. Leaving Alec in her wake.

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Part 8

The next morning Liz still felt like crap. She hadn’t slept well, she had been plagued with dreams. Not so much nightmares but just disturbing dreams. Mostly memories but not the good ones. They were of the times she had been hurt by Max, all of the periods he had pushed her away, of him kissing Tess, of the kidnapping by Nasedo, and the destiny message. Then they turned to play over the events of the past year. Her return to Roswell, Future Max’s visit, Alex dying, and the mess that followed. She had woken up in a cold sweat an hour before wakeup call and paced her cell until she had been able to go to the washroom.

She knew the dreams had been triggered by her conversation with Alec. He had been the one to convince her to talk about her life before her capture, drudging up memories. And although she knew it wasn’t his fault exactly, it was easier to blame him for the dreams.

So she wasn’t in the best mood when Alec announced the plans for the day. They were going to work on the obstacle course outside. It was a series of ropes to climb, jumps to make, etc. It was a complicated run but doable. It just took concentration. It was deserted because the others had trained on it during the days before. There were guards on the perimeter fence but they were too far away to count.

“You get one practice run before I time you.” Alec stated. He had noticed in the small amount of time he’d been with her this morning that she was still acting distant. He knew what he had said the previous night had pissed her off. But he knew that if he tried to say something to her it would only make her madder.

“I don’t need the practice, let’s just get it done.” Liz said. She checked to make sure her boots were tied tight before signaling to Alec that she was ready. He gave her the signal to start and she was off. The first hurdle was to crawl under barbwire then up a wall that resembled the practice wall used by rock climbers except this one had smaller hand holds. She moved quickly through each obstacle but obviously not quick enough because Alec yelled out, “Faster 435! Faster!”

Liz knew that he was only calling her by her designation now because they could be being watched but she still didn’t like it. It reminded her about all the lies and secrets she had told the people she cared about. But if she hadn’t lied to them then they would hate her. She had had dreams about how her friends would react to finding out. Maria shrieking and running away from her in terror. Michael aiming his hand at her in preparation to blast her. Isabel saying she knew they should have kept her away. Kyle just staring at her like he didn’t recognize her. But out of all of them, Max’s shook her the worst. There were actually two versions. One of Max yelling that he had to opened himself up to her but she couldn’t do it herself. That he couldn’t stand the sight of her and when she reached out to him he recoiled in disgust. The other one took place after Max had found his son and telling her that she was a monster that he didn’t want around his son.

Her mind was so much on the dreams that she wasn’t concentrating as she descended on a rope. She lost her grip and fell the remaining ten feet to the ground. But despite the feline DNA in her, she did not land on her feet. She landed on her left shoulder. She barely sat up when she felt Alec come up next to her. She couldn’t help but hiss slightly at the pain in her shoulder as he asked, “Are you okay?”

“I think so, but my shoulder.” Liz said glancing over at where he was kneeling next to her. She could see concern in his eyes even if his face said differently.

Alec had freaked when he saw Liz fall like she did. Especially considering he had a feeling it was because she wasn’t concentrating because of him. He looked over the shoulder she was favoring. His medical training told him that since there was no bone protruding and it wasn’t sitting at an odd enough angle that it wasn’t broken. “You popped your shoulder out of place. We need to get you fixed up.”

“No, I can’t go to the infirmary. They’ll report it to Lydecker and he’ll know I messed up. It’ll count against me.” Liz stated. If Lydecker knew she was making a mistake that got her hurt than he might shorten her probation period and she would be terminated.

Alec saw the panic in her eyes. “I didn’t say anything about going to the infirmary. I know what it would mean for you. Don’t worry, we can set it. No one will know besides you and me.”

Liz sighed in relief. Alec would cover for her. “Thank you.”

Alec moved behind her as she sat up on her knees. He pulled up the back of her shirt and moved to grip her arm. She felt his hands moved back over her skin, so soft, gentle and warm. She swallowed hard. And put off the feelings as not having enough physical contact with people. Liz had lacked human contact since being back at Manticore. At least real contact, the doctors didn’t count. She wanted to touch and be touched, to feel whole and needed once again. It made her feel pathetic. He moved up to grip where she needed him to before she jerked forward and reset her shoulder.

“Is it in?” Alec asked. He didn’t know how he had managed the words since his mouth had gone completely dry when his hands had came into contact with her bare skin. He didn’t know why he had decided to place his hands under her shirt instead of over it but figured it was so he could get a better grip. At least that was what he told himself as he felt her warm soft skin under his hands. It wasn’t like he had never touched or been with a woman before, he had met several during the off hours of his missions but Liz’s skin was different.

“Yeah,” She answered. His hands moved down her back and out of her shirt. She then felt him moving the material back over her, pulling her shirt back down. She was surprised that she felt disappointed.

“With our faster healing it should be okay in an hour or so.” Alec stated and saw Liz nod her head. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“I lost my grip and just fell.” Liz explained. She saw Alec give her a look that said he wasn’t buying it.

“It’s because of last night isn’t it?”

Alec’s eyes bored into her that she gave in. “Yeah.”

“You have to put all of that crap behind you and focus on the task at hand or you aren’t going to make it.” Alec stated.

“You’re talking about my life, my friends., people I love.”

“People from what you told me don’t even know you. That know nothing of who you are, only the illusion of what you wanted them to see.”

“I protected them. If they knew about me and Manticore caught me there, they would have been in danger.” Liz argued.

“You protected yourself.” Alec argued back. “You were afraid that if they knew the truth that they would turn away from you and reject you. But from what I could tell, it didn’t protect you from getting hurt in a different way.”

Liz couldn’t believe they were having this conversation. They had never had such a deep conversation before. It felt strange but not completely horrible. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve studied human nature and I know what I see. But I have a question for you, is Max worth it after everything? Was it worth all of the lying, and holding back?” Alec asked.

Before Liz could answer, a blonde female X5 came out to them and addressed Alec, “Colonel Lydecker wants you to report to his office immediately, 494. I am supposed to escort 435 back to her quarters.”

Alec nodded, face appearing to be all business.. He turned to Liz, “Training is not over for the day. I will fetch you after I am done. Dismissed.”

“Yes, sir.” Liz muttered before following the other X5 out of the yard thinking about what Alec had said.

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Part 9

Alec knew why Lydecker wanted to see him. It had been a month since his current mission had begun and it was time for an oral report. He entered Lydecker's office and stood at attention. “You sent for me sir.”

“That I did. At ease.” Lydecker ordered and Alec relaxed his stance. He glanced at the paperwork in front of him then up at the X5 in front of him, “Report.”

“435 is back up to prime physical condition. 435 has successfully completed lessons in Hand to Hand, and Small Weapons. Exceeds in agility, evasion, and martial arts. Almost completed Field Medicine and Battle Strategy. The assignment objective is going well.”

“I’ve been pleased by your reports I’ve received. You are making excellent progress perhaps even a head of schedule. Is 435 cooperating?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Lydecker said more to himself. He knew he had made a wise decision when he had assigned 494 to train 435. He knew that he would be the best for the job. After all he was one of the best in his series. Lydecker was glad he would not have to terminate 435. He did not like having to terminate any of his kids, he considered it a waste. If all was satisfactory with her she would be able to go on assignments soon. Possibly sooner than the time frame he had allotted the mission. But first he would have to see for himself. “Tomorrow I want you both to report to my office at 0800 for evaluation.”

“But sir, there is still two more months in the mission perimeters.”

“I am aware of that. This evaluation is to verify the progress as well as assess whether 435 should be reintroduced to the rest of the base.” Lydecker explained.

“Yes, sir.” Alec said understanding.

“Dismissed.” Lydecker ordered. Alec nodded and headed out of the room. He headed straight to his own quarters then headed towards Liz’s, intent on telling her about the evaluation. He got sidetracked by a few from his former unit who were curious about his assignment. All of the transgenics were still curious about the rogue since she was supposed to be as submissive as the rest of them. Once done talking to them he finally made his way to Liz’s quarters. He nodded to the guard standing watch before he slid the shade away from the small window and peered through it. Inside was Liz, sitting in the middle of her bunk with her eyes closed. But the strange thing was she had her hand over a pair of her pants and she looked to be concentrating. He watched her for a few minutes before he quietly slid the shade back and motioned for the guard to unlock the cell. When he made his way inside, he saw that Liz was now standing and looked like she had shoved the pants under her bed. What had she been up to? He doubted she’d tell him so he didn’t ask. Instead he decided to explain about the meeting with Lydecker.

Liz looked at him as she internally yelled at herself for almost getting caught. Ever since she had found out about the changed brainwaves she had tried to explore possibly having powers. She had tried to heat water, create a little ball of light, and like when Alec walked in, change color of stuff. None of them had worked but she was still going to try. After all they could help her escape. As she looked at Alec she could see he had some news to tell her. “What did Lydecker want?”

“A verbal report on your progress, he’s pleased enough with it to order an evaluation starting with a meeting in his office at 0800 tomorrow.”

“Great.” Liz muttered. “What kind of evaluation?”

“Purely physical, no trips to Psy-Ops. He wants to see if you’re up to his standards and if you are really cooperating like I’ve said. If he is satisfied he mentioned letting you out of solitary and be allowed to mingle with the others. Maybe get the guard off of your door.”

“So no more training with you?” Liz asked.

“Going to miss me huh?” Alec smirked and almost laughed when he saw Liz glare at him.

“You’re full enough of yourself to believe that.” Liz commented.

“Lydecker didn’t say anything about changing the orders about me being your CO. I figure that arrangement will stay the same but we’ll be able to train with others as well if we want to.”

“Good, I’m tied of beating your butt everyday and night.”

“Yeah, sure you do.”

“So do you have any idea what this evaluation is going to consist of?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got a good idea. And since we still have most of the day left, we can work on it. We’re stop at dinner so that you can relax tonight.”

Liz was surprised by Alec offering her a night to relax. Although physically she didn’t really need it, it would be nice. “Let’s get started.”

Alec leaned over and knocked on the cell door and told the guard to open up. Once out of the cell the two headed straight to one of the gyms. Then they moved over to some mats much like they did on the first day in there together. Liz was surprised when Alec pulled out a long piece of cloth. “What’s that?”

“One of my old shirts, I’m going to blindfold you with it.”

“Gross. Please say you’ve washed it.”

“Do you want my help with this or not?”

“Of course, sorry.” Liz stated.

“Now that we’re past that, turn around.” Liz complied and Alec quickly tied the torn up shirt around Liz’s eyes so she couldn’t see. He leaned down so he could whisper in her ear, “And by the way, it has been washed.”

Under the blindfold Liz rolled her eyes. Her strong sense of smell had already told her that although the shirt did have traces of Alec’s scent lingering on it. Just his natural scent, no cologne of course and not unpleasant. “So now what? You going to circle around me and pick on me?”

“Close except you and I are going to spar. You have to use other things then your sight to anticipate my attack. If you can do this with ease, you should be able to handle anything Lydecker throws at you, multiple targets, etc. Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” Liz answered.

“Then stand your guard.” Alec stated as he saw Liz tense in fighting stance prepared to attack as well as defend herself. He started to circle her, studying her to see if she was aware of his location. She seemed to be able to sense him but not completely positive of his position. He didn’t give her long to study where he might be before launching his attack. She misinterpreted the distance between them the two collided at her first kick. They both fell to the ground, Alec on top. He did his best to catch himself so that not all of his weight landed on her and accomplished it mostly. He turned to say something to Liz when he noticed how close their faces were. Now that he was aware of it, he could feel her breath on his face. All that he had to do was move half an inch and their lips would be touching or more precisely kissing. A prospect that Alec wasn’t finding unpleasant. He wondered if she would kiss him back or would she throw him off of her and try to kick his ass? But before he could contemplate it more Liz spoke, “Well I guess I messed that up, do I get another chance?”

“Uh, yeah.” Alec said as he scrambled off of her and helped her up. They started to fight again and after a few minutes to adjust but she quickly found her rhythm. She was able to defend most of his attack and landed some of her own blows and kicks. They kept up the exercise for quite some time before moving on to other areas they were sure Lydecker would test her on.

The next morning Liz got up, showered, and ate as usual but when Alec came to fetch her for the days exercises they didn’t head for the training rooms. Instead Liz and Alec reported precisely at 0800 to Lydecker's office. They both entered the office that was decorated in the same sterile way that the rest of Manticore was. Nothing to say what Lydecker was really like, not that Liz really cared. But it was instinct to try and find out as much as possible about the enemy. And Lydecker was definitely the enemy.

Alec and Liz both stood at attention with their faces in a serious expression. Liz tried not to show any emotion as Lydecker thoroughly studied her. He moved his face down so that their eyes were level. “State your designation.”

“X5-435.” Liz said on queue. She knew how to bluff her way through this whole ordeal. If Lydecker wanted a mindless drone then she would give him a mindless drone. Then once she was sent on a mission, she was gone.

“And your current CO and mission?”

“My Commanding Officer is X5-494. My current mission is to train with my CO to prepare for active duty, sir.”

“Good, good. According to 494 you are making excellent progress just as I thought you would.” Lydecker stated.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Hopefully the rest of the escapees will fall back into the fold as easily as you have once they are recaptured. Then perhaps you can be reunited with the rest of your unit for a few missions.”

“Yes, sir. Looking forward to it.” Liz answered inwardly cringing at the thought of her family being dragged back here.

“But first I need to see for myself at how rehabilitated you are.” Lydecker said. “Follow me.”

Alec and Liz fell in step behind Lydecker as he led them outside to the firing range. Once there Liz fired off a clip for every weapon given to her. With both pistols and rifles she was tested for all kinds of different variations and conditions. She hit her mark with complete accuracy every time.

When the weapons testing was done they were led towards the work out rooms. But instead of the large ones, they entered a smaller one although no less well equipped with mats and equipment. Liz saw several other transgenics, X5s & X6s if she wasn’t mistaken, who appeared to waiting for them. She figured they were who she would have to spar against. Something that didn’t completely surprise her. After all it wouldn’t be much of an evaluation if she only fought Alec, after the time spent training with him she knew his fighting style just like he knew hers.

“435 move into position on the center mat.” Lydecker ordered.

Liz did as she was told and tensed her body for the oncoming attack that she knew was coming. She didn’t have long to wait before two of the X6s came at her, one female and one male. She defended their blows. She knew that the only way to win this fight was to get out from the middle of them and not let them trap her. So she aimed her battle strategy to do just that. Using her ability to leap high she launched herself over the head of the closer of the two. She landed so she was facing both of them instead of one on each side.

Liz ducked a high kicked aimed for her head before dropping to the ground, kicking the legs out from under him, then elbowed him in the face, knocking him out. That left one left. She was up on her feet in just enough time to raise her arm and block the hammer kick coming towards her. She wrapped her arm and hand around the leg before twisting it. The hard twist caused the legs owner to fall and land on her other knee. That was when she punched her hard knocking her the rest of the way to ground.

Behind her unbeknownst to Liz, Lydecker signaled another X6 and two X5s to attack. Alec saw it but couldn’t do anything to warn Liz. She must have heard them because she rolled forward in just enough time to miss a blow to her back. She was up again in a few seconds and barely managing to hold her own. Especially when the second X6 from the first attack joined in. If the four attacking Liz had been ordinary soldiers then she could have dispatched them quickly but they had the same abilities as she did so it made it more difficult.

Alec stayed in his position next to Lydecker watching. It took every fiber in him to not jump in and help her. After all two against four was better than one against four. He pushed the feeling of protectiveness off as wanting to protect her because she was under his command. Like any other member of his unit. Another few minutes passed when he heard an order he wasn’t expecting. “Go assist 435.”

“Sir?” Alec asked surprised.

“Go aid 435.” Lydecker ordered again.

“Yes, sir.” Alec moved then into the middle of struggle. During the few moments that he had been talking to Lydecker Liz had managed to knock one of the X5s out and so now they were down to only one X5 and two X6s. Liz looked at Alec and he could see her looking at him in question. He did the best that he could relay to her that he was there to help her not fight her. He could see that she got the point and they moved to take out the other three.

Working together and in sync Liz and Alec fought hard and it wasn’t long before they stood among the passed out bodies lying on the floor with them as the victors above.

“Good work 435 & 494. The two of you work well together.”

“Thank you sir!” They both said.

“The evaluation is completed and the results will be appraised. Dismissed.” Lydecker stated before strolling away.

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Part 10

After the evaluation Liz was given clearance to the public areas of the base and the guard taken off of her door. It was still locked at lights out but she could leave during the day without restrictions. She was allowed around the other transgenics not that it mattered much. They didn’t talk to her except in short sentences and then not often.

She was still assigned to Alec and Liz couldn’t help but wonder why Lydecker still hadn’t assigned her to a unit. But she had an idea and that idea was that he had planned on making them a team for missions. The type of team that could be sent on undercover assignments, usually infiltration and assignation. That was why he had let Alec help her on the day of her evaluation. Liz figured out of all of the Xs she could have been paired with, Alec was the best choice to keep up her cover.

About a month after the evaluation Liz became depressed because she realized that Christmas was only a week away. She wouldn’t be home that year to celebrate with her family and friends. She told Alec about how they decorated the Café up, her Christmas tree she always had up on her balcony, and the stuff her parents and her did. He had never had a Christmas and didn’t completely understand the appeal but he listened to Liz. She figured he was just humoring her so that she wouldn’t sink back into depression. Regardless Liz was grateful to talk to someone about it.

Liz was surprised on Christmas Eve when she heard a knock on her cell door. There were only a few minutes until lights out and she didn’t usually have visitors then. But she didn’t mind because she had been feeling antsy for the last hour since returning to her quarters She walked over and swung the door open. “Alec? What are you doing here? It’s almost lights out.”

“I just wanted to bring you something.” Alec said before handing her a large candy bar. “I know it’s not the same as ice-cream or something like that but I thought you might like some candy for Christmas.”

Liz’s face lit up as she grabbed the candy bar from his hand. “Thank you. I don’t know what to say.”

“You better hurry up and hide it though before someone sees you with it.” Alec said. Liz hurried over to her cot and stashed it under her pillow. She turned around and went back to where Alec had come up and sat down on her cot. Before she thought about what she was doing she hugged him. It felt so good to be in his arms and felt her body starting to respond.

Although unexpected Alec enjoyed the hug. That was before her scent hit him like a punch in the face. She must have been downwind up until that point because he hadn’t detected anything but now he was overcome by her pheromones. He pulled away to say something but lost all thought when he saw the desire in her eyes. They leaned in at the same time for a heated and hungry kiss. They devoured each other desperately, tongues and lips moving seeking out the other. She moved toward him and brought her hands up around his neck; he took hold of her waist and pulled her on top of him, so as to straddle him. The sensations were sharp and powerful; each time a tongue swept through a mouth, dizzying jolts shot through each of them and exploded.

Then suddenly she was gone and only cold air hit him. He opened his eyes to see several guards restraining Liz. Not thinking about anything but getting back to where they were, he knew he had to help her. But before even he could do anything, he felt a taser hit from the side followed by another. It was on a high setting and he dropped to the floor. He could see Liz still struggling and winning against her captors until she too was stunned.

When they were both incapacitated one of the guards radioed in, “They are subdued.”

But the walkie talkie was not needed because just then Lydecker came around the door, “Why were you unprepared for this?”

“There had been no prior signs that 435 was entering her heat cycle sir.” One of the guards stated.

Lydecker nodded, “I want 494 taken back to his cell immediately. 435 is to be kept here in solitary until all signs are gone and we can determine that the cycle is over. Provisions will be delivered three times a day by a female of the X5 series only.”

“Yes sir.” The guards all said before several picked up Alec and helped him out of the room. One of the other guards picked Liz up and dropped her on her cot. She fell on it and didn’t move as the guards and Lydecker left her cell. Once they were gone she fell asleep.

After several hours of sleep, Liz woke up with the feelings of her heat coming on full blast. She rolled over and heard a crunch underneath her. Reaching under the pillow she retrieved the candy bar stashed there. She had read that chocolate was a good substitute for sex so she started eating it hoping that it would help. By the time it was done, she realized it hadn’t. She hopped up and paced trying to work off some of the energy she had. But there was only one thing that her body wanted to do with that energy, mate.

Remembering her kiss with Alec earlier didn’t help her inflated hormones one bit. It had been a very heated, passionate, animalistic kiss. Full of need, so much so that they practically consumed each other. She remembered everything so clearly. The feel of his hands and lips, how his tongue dominated hers. And she had loved every minute of it. The guys she had kissed before Kyle, Max, Sean had always treated her like she would break but Alec hadn’t. He hadn’t because he had known she could handle it, that she was tougher than glass.

So what did that mean? Did she like Alec or was it the hormones reacting? Was it because he was like her, a transgenic? After all she still loved Max. Despite the hurt that he had caused her and everything that had tried to keep them apart she still loved him. But what if love wasn’t enough? What if the kiss was someway of telling her to move on with her life? Or maybe she was over reacting to all of it and it was just a physical thing like animal magnetism.

Liz just shook her head. Right now with her hormones in overload was not the time to figure out her love life. She dropped to the floor and started doing pushups and hoping that the next forty-eight hours hurried up.


After being drug out of Liz’s cell, it had taken about ten minutes for Alec to come out of the sexual haze that Liz’s pheromones had put him in. He never felt the effects directly of a female’s heat only seen them from a distance. And now he could definitely see why they were all put on mandatory forced birth control. If those guards hadn’t come in when they did, nothing would have stopped him from ripping Liz’s clothes off and having sex with her. Something he knew that they would regret when they came out of the effects of the heat. At least he thought he would.

He knew that he and Liz were more than just comrades. He figured they had become friends as well. He wondered if things would be weird the next day that they saw each other. He would just have to wait and find out when she came out of heat. In the meantime he had a few days off of his mission. Might as well get some business done.


I hope that little bit of action will satisfy you guys for a little while.

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Part 11

Forty eight hours later all constraints on Liz due to her heat were lifted when the cycle was determined to be over. Alec found out first thing since he was her CO so he went to talk to her before daily routines begun. He wanted to talk to her without other ears around and figured her quarters were the best place. As he approached her door he knocked twice then entered when he heard permission. When he got inside he saw her standing in the middle of the room looking anxious.

“Morning.” Liz said greeting him. She wasn’t sure what to say after what had happened.

“You, too. Feeling better?” Alec asked.

“I feel back to myself again.”

“Good, the effects of a heat can make you feel out of the ordinary and effect the others around you so I’m glad you’re back to yourself.”

“Yeah, sorry you were effected by it.” Liz said apologizing.

“No problem, I know you have as much control over it as I did. Just forget about it.” Alec said trying to make her feel more comfortable.

But Liz didn’t take his statement that way and thought he meant to just forget what happened. “You’re right and I hate being out of control. Let’s just forget about all of it, at least after you gave me the candy bar.”

“Right.” Alec said before changing the conversation. “Um, there’s been a development since you were inactive for the last few days. X5-734 was captured and brought in last night.”

“Brin?” Liz asked eyes wide. “What do you know about it?”

“According to my sources Lydecker got a lead about a mercenary group in Seattle trying to sell her. She got a way from them with some other X5s.”

“Do you know which ones?” Liz asked. She couldn’t believe that so many of her family members had been in one city.

“No, the guard didn’t know.” Alec answered. “But they ended up giving her up because she is in the late stages of degenerative progeria. She’s in the infirmary being treated.”

“Alec, do you think…” But before Liz could get the question out Alec motioned with his finger for her to follow him. “Already got it worked out. I can get you in for a few minutes and that’s it. Lydecker’s still in Seattle trying to catch the others so you’ll be under his radar.”

“Thank you.” Liz said exasperated. They made their way over to the infirmary and Alec led her past the exam rooms she had previously been in to a private treatment room. Once there Alec talked to a guard, slipped him something and then turned back to Liz. “You’ve got three minutes before the doctor comes back.”

Liz nodded as she slipped into the room. Inside she saw a figure on the nearby bed that she assumed was her sister Brin but it was difficult to recognize her. Although she was only a year older than Liz, the way her haired had grayed and her face aged she looked a lot older. Plus she was hooked up with a bunch of tubes to different machines that partially hid her. Liz felt a lump in her throat at the sight, her sibling was very sick.

She moved to sit on the side of the bed and as she lowered herself, Brin opened her eyes. She might have looked different, but her eyes were the same. She looked at Liz for a minute before Liz saw recognition in her eyes, “Liz?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” Liz said softer than she meant to. She brushed Brin’s long gray hair away from her face, “How are you?”

“I feel better than I have, wish I wasn’t in here though.” Brin explained. It was obvious she was weak by the way she spoke. Like just talking was wearing her out.

“What happened? I heard that someone gave you up so you could get better?”

“Wasn’t their fault, I didn’t want to die.” Brin said.
“Who, who was it Brin?” Liz asked. She wasn’t sure if her sister would be able to answer though because she looked to be falling asleep.

“Zack and….Maxie.” Brin finally managed to say before succumbing to sleep. Liz wanted to shake her, wake her up and talk to her. But she could see that Brin was not up for it. Liz stayed where she was, just watching Brin sleep until she heard the door open and Alec’s voice. “Time’s up.”

Liz nodded and got up then left. She followed Alec out of the infirmary and medical wing without really noticing where they were going. When they stopped she finally took in their surroundings and noticed they were outside in a small secluded spot.

“Alec, is she going to make it?” Liz asked.

“This isn’t the first time they’ve had to treat progeria so she’s got a good chance, it depends on how she responds to the treatment.” Alec answered. “What happened in there?”

“I only got a few sentences out of her, she told me which of the X5s she was with. After that she fell asleep. I should be able to talk more to her when she’s better.” Liz explained.

“Liz, when she gets out of there she’s going straight to Psy-Ops.” Alec stated.

Liz closed her eyes tightly not wanting to think about it. “She’s not going to be her anymore will she?”

“Unless she has the same abnormal brain waves as you, yes she’ll be different.”

“She doesn’t have them.” Liz said more to herself than to Alec.

“How do you know that? Maybe that was why you all thought differently then us, you all had different brainwaves.” Alec stated trying to get an answer out of her. An answer he knew she had.

“I know because I’m the only X5 like that.” Liz answered. She hadn’t meant to say that much but Alec wouldn’t let up and she had dropped her guard since she was upset about her sister.

“So you were lying and you do know. So tell me.” Alec stated.

Liz looked at him for a minute before answering, “I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Alec asked angrily. He felt hurt that Liz hadn’t told him the truth when it was obvious that she did. He couldn’t blame her for not telling him the first time he had asked, he wouldn’t have either. But knowing that she didn’t trust him now made him angry. He had stuck his neck out for her, he could get in serious trouble if Lydecker knew he was hiding the fact that she hadn’t been completely reindoctored, he would be terminated as quickly as she would.

“Both.” Liz snapped. “I’m sorry Alec. But I can’t, it would endanger too many lives. “

“I can’t believe that you would think that I would rat on you.” Alec said stunned.

Liz knew he was right. He had kept secrets for her when she had never asked him to, only because he had wanted to. But could she trust him with the whole alien secret? Deciding to compromise, she said, “I don’t know anything concrete but I can tell you the theory I have.”

Alec was surprised at the fact that he had won the argument and said, “I’m all ears.”

“When I lived in Roswell, I was exposed to an unknown element. Possibly a type of radiation from what the military was doing out in the desert in the forties and fifties. Somehow it changed me, altered me and affected my brain waves. I don’t know if that’s what it was or not but it’s my theory.” Liz explained. It wasn’t a complete lie. She had been exposed to an unknown element, alien powers. And Congresswoman Whitacker said that Cadmium X was a radioactive isotope, not to mention that the military had been in charge of covering up the crash in the forties out in the desert. So although it was rather vague, it was the truth. From a certain point of view.

“And how does that endanger other s lives?” Alec asked.

“Well of course I’m not the only one affected. And I don’t want the people who were picked up and treated like lab rats to the US government.” Liz stated. “So there’s the explanation I have, can we drop it now?”

“Sure,” Alec said not sure if he bought that she was telling him everything but decided he could dig more later. After all if you solve a mystery all at once, where was the fun?

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Part 12

Over the week following Brin’s return to Manticore, Alec kept Liz up to date on her progress. She was unable to make any more visits to see her so she found comfort in at least knowing her status. Within four days of her being admitted into the infirmary she was cured of the progeria that had racked her body, almost to the point of death. She was healthy again but in a state of weakness when they took her to Psy-Ops. Liz wondered what she would or could tell them. Were they going to find out nothing about the others as they had with her? Or did Brin know or at least seen the others?

Liz thought that they might have found something out when she received a summons for her to Lydecker's office. Not her and Alec like the other time but just her. Why else but finding out something about her family would have Lydecker calling for her.

Lydecker looked up as she entered his office, his expression was hard to read. She moved to stand at attention in front of his desk, “435, reporting as ordered sir.”

“You followed the order in quick and efficient manner, 435.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I called you here to speak to you on a matter concerning your former unit.” Lydecker stated as he rose from his desk and stood in front of her. “Follow me.”

Liz was confused as Lydecker led her out of his office and in the direction of Psy-Ops. Once there she was even further surprised when she was led into another office or more precisely a viewing room. One wall was a one way mirror but at the moment the lights didn’t allow anyone to see on the other side. Lydecker spoke then, “I’m sure you are aware that when you were confined to your quarters last week that X5-734 was recaptured.”

“Yes, sir. I am aware of that 734 was captured.” Liz stated.

“But her recapture is not the only one in weeks passed we have also recaptured your former Commanding Officer, 599.” Lydecker informed her. Whether for drama or just his natural irony, Lydecker flipped off the lights and Liz could see the person on the other side.

It was indeed Zack who was strapped to a chair. Her oldest brother had been captured. Although Liz kept her face impassive, her head and stomach were rolling with the emotions churning inside. Of all of them, Zack was the last one she ever thought would be caught but there he was. She had thought over the years that she had seen him around but when she turned around he was gone. She had liked to think that he was checking on her, taking care of her like he always took care of all of them.

She studied her brother trying to commit to memory everything. She could see some bruises and cuts on him that had already begun to heal. From the looks and the multitude of them, he had fought hard against his captors. He looked tired and Liz figured that the last few days had been strenuous. She could see by the instruments in the room that they had already interrogated him and were not going to give up any time soon. She wondered how long they had already been at it. They probably figured that if Brin and her didn’t know anything then their CO would. After all it had been his job to look after them when he had been in command.

Lydecker got her attention drawn to a monitor off to the side and saw him start a program. Then to her revulsion the monitor showed what she assumed was when Zack was brought in. She saw him being drug but half a dozen transgenic into the room and tied to the chair. She saw them leave and about ten minutes later Lydecker and a Psy-Op doctor enter. But what Liz saw happen in those ten minutes made her want to smile. Lydecker had made a big mistake, he had given Zack those ten minutes.

In those ten minutes she watched as Zack closed his eyes and seemed to rest. At least to others. But she knew he was initiating a technique that was taught to them that would make him forget everything. Even his own barcode. Lydecker had taught it to them and Liz didn’t understand why he hadn’t figured it out. But she didn’t really care why he hadn’t, only that he hadn’t. It was keeping her family safe.

“As soon as I find out the locations of the other escapees I plan to dispatch units of X5s to capture them. I will assign you and your CO to go with one of these units.” Lydecker stated.

“Yes, sir.” Liz said already figuring out a way to get away and warn the family member, whoever it was, that Manticore was on their tails. She would not turn traitor on her family.

“I will keep you informed of both 599s and 734s status. Dismissed.”

Liz nodded before leaving. Lydecker turned back towards the window once again and his back towards Liz. She stood only for a few seconds as she looked towards Zack. She needed to talk to him, if only to reassure him. She left and sought out Alec. She found him in the cafeteria talking with a few other X5s. He finished up his conversation before turning towards Liz. “So what did Lydecker want?”

“To confirm that I knew about Brin’s capture and another one of my siblings.” Liz said studying Alec’s face to see if he had known. By the surprise registered there, he didn’t. “Who?”

“Zack. He was the oldest.”

“I didn’t hear anything about him being caught.” Alec bemused.

“Alec I know that it’s asking a lot but I need to get into see him. Do you think you could get me in?” Liz asked.

Alec thought about it for a minute. “I can try but I don’t know if I can swing it.”

Liz raised an eyebrow, “When have you ever not been able to get what you wanted in here?”

‘If you only knew.’ Alec thought. “Since I didn’t already know about his capture it means that ordinary guards aren’t in on the deal. Which means the security around him is higher. That’s why I might have a problem, but I’ll see what I can do “


Days passed into weeks and still Alec couldn’t get Liz into see Zack. He had bribed every guard he could think of but there was no getting around Lydecker and security this time. He couldn’t even get a lead on his condition or any information he might have let slip. Liz said that she knew that he had forced himself to forget everything but it was still possible for forgotten things to float back to the surface. But since Zack hadn’t been released, they figured nothing had been divulged.

Alec and Liz were in one of the training rooms watching some of the X8s who had just started physical training when Alec told her they were due at the shooting range. As they went down the corridors something caught Liz’s eye in one of the doorway windows. It was one of the smaller training rooms and inside there were two figures sparing. One had there back to them but Liz could tell it was a female by the long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. They watched on as the two fought hard and decided to go get a closer look. Liz studied them and thought that the female one fought in way that was familiar. The fight ended then with the unknown landing on the ground and that was when Liz figured out who it was. “Brin.”

She had barely whispered it but Alec was still next to her and had heard her. He looked at the X5 that looked nothing like her sister. “Must have started her training.”

“Yeah, must have.” Liz muttered. Brin looked towards the door right at her just then and it sent a chill down Liz’s spine. There was recognition there but nothing else. No happiness, no hope and no love. She had been reindoctored like Alec had said. Brin was gone leaving 734 in her place. Liz wondered if Brin had reported her visit or not but considering she had not been reprimanded for it yet, she guessed not. She wondered why. “Who’s her CO?”

“392, he’s not bad. Good soldier but not much of a leader. Looks like Lydecker plans on her to be part of a bigger unit instead of a pair like he is obviously doing with us.” Alec explained. Him and Liz had both came to the same conclusion that they were still paired up because they were to work as partners instead of being assigned to a large squadron. Alec didn’t mind, he had usually worked by himself on missions so working with Liz outside of Manticore wouldn’t be much different.

392 and Brin must have finished for the moment because they were suddenly in front of them. Brin nodded at her in greeting, “435.”

“734. Good to see that you have fully recovered and are back in training.”

“Yes, I am fully recovered. Both from my illness and my disloyal state of mind. ” Brin reinstated.

Liz nodded, “Good to know.”

Alec saw how uncomfortable Liz was and wanted to get her out of there, “435, we are running behind schedule.”

“Yes, sir.” Liz said before turning to follow him. But Brin grabbed her arm and said, “I know that you were sent in while I was sick in the attempt to extract information about the other escapees and wanted to let you know that while the effort was exceptional, there was nothing to expose because I did not know any of the others locations. I just wanted to make you aware that you did not fail in your assignment.”

Liz nodded again in acknowledgement before hurrying after Alec. Once they were outside Alec pulled her to the side where they wouldn’t be seen. He knew she needed a moment to compose herself. When he saw her close eyes and lean back against the wall, he knew he’d been right. “You okay?”

Liz just shook her head, not opening her eyes. “The look in her eyes, the blankness.”

“You knew what was going to happen.” Alec stated.

“I know but seeing it is a different story.” Liz explained. “And she thinks I’m the same as her. That I had forgotten all of the things that made me who I am and became a tool for Manticore to use for their advantage.”

Liz finally opened her eyes and looked right into Alec’s. “She thought that my sneaking in to see her was to try and get information out of her instead of just wanting to find out the welfare of my sister.”

Before he realized what he was doing, Alec moved forward and wrapped his arms around her to try and comfort her. He was glad that she didn’t pull away and even felt Liz relax against him. They were like that for a few minutes or so before breaking apart, “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” Alec said as they left. When they finally made their way to the firing range they were only there for around five minutes before another X5 came up to them. “Colonel Lydecker wants to see you, both of you.”


Lydecker just keeps wanting to see them doesn't he? Don't worry, they're not in trouble

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Part 13

Liz felt it was starting to be a regular occurrence for her and Alec to report to Lydecker’s office. She didn’t like that thought and hoped she was wrong. She wanted to get his attention off of her and her siblings so that she could find a way for them to escape without him watching her every move. She just had to play along for a little while long, she hoped. She without looking at Alec she asked, “Do you know what this is about?”

“Nope.” Alec said only half telling the truth. He had an idea but he wasn’t sure so he didn’t tell her. They would find out soon enough. They entered a half minute later and saw that Lydecker was waiting for them. They moved to stand in front of his desk at attention only this time he didn’t not give the order to stand at ease so they stayed at attention. “I’ve called you here to give you orders for 435s first mission since her return.”

They were sending her on a mission, here was Liz’s chance to escape, and she could barely contain her excitement as Lydecker went on. He turned his computer monitor in their direction and said, “Your target’s name is Richard Strole. He has become a security risk to Manticore and Manticore can not allow the risk to continue. So you’re mission is to make sure that the risk is eliminated by terminating him.”

“He is heavily guarded and his security is just as tight, but our investigating has informed us that tomorrow night he is having a party. It is this party that you are to slip through security and eliminate him. You are both excused from training for the rest of the day to prepare. You will leave this evening on a military aircraft to an airport just outside of New Orleans. Since this is 435s first mission, you will be accompanied by a surveillance team to verify when the mission is completed as well as survey your progress and track you.” Lydecker explained. “Follow me to Op-Tech for all of your necessary gear. Any questions?”

“No sir.” They both answered. The room that held all of the mission equipment was heavily guarded and secured so that no one with out clearance could get in. And only Lydecker and TAC officers had that clearance. Manticore wanted to make sure that the transgenics didn’t have easy access just in case there was a revolt. Plus it was connected to a lab where technicians invented the newest gadgets to be used in the field. Liz watched as a retinal scan was performed on Lydecker before the door would even open and they could enter.

A blonde female technician saw them and motioned them over to an area that she guessed held their equipment already laid out. Liz noticed a beautiful looking silver and onyx cross lying out and wondered if it was for her to wear. The tech walked up then and picked it up, “The Colonel said that it was likely that you would not be able to get a gun passed security and you don’t want to draw attention by using hand to hand so this is to execute the target.” As she finished the last statement she unscrewed the top and illustrated that it was hollow inside. “They’ll be enough cyanide in here to take him out. After ingestion you’ll have anywhere from thirty to sixty seconds depending on how much he consumes. But even a tenth of what is in here will kill him.” The tech handed Liz the necklace who took it, all the while trying not to show her hands shaking. There was no mistaking that she was the one to complete the mission. It was probably a test to see if she was rehabilitated.

The irony of the necklace was not lost on Alec. That something so beautiful could be so deadly, much like Liz herself. She was beauty and grace even if she didn't know it, and she didn't. She had the kind of beauty and sexuality that goes blissfully unaware by the owner. Alec shook his head slightly wondering where the last thoughts had come from. “I’m primarily back up on this mission, sir?”

Lydecker nodded, “Yes, you are to offer assistance as well as aid in 435s cover. An invitation has been secured under your aliases, and the two of you will go with each other, maintain the illusion of a couple enjoying the party. 435 will then get close to the target, drop the cyanide, confirm that target has been eliminated and withdraw.”

“Both of you have comlinks inside your mask that is sensitive enough that you won’t have to have it pulled over your face to be heard by the other.”

“Masks?” Alec asked, he had never had a mission where he had to wear a mask of any kind.

“The party that you are going to is a Mardi Gras Masque Ball. Part of you gear is going to be costumes that will allow you to merge with the other guests. They have been fitted for your size.” The tech said before showing them the garment bags that contained the costumes.

“A small room has been secured across the street from Strole’s building where you will be able to prepare and keep surveillance.” Lydecker explained.

The tech continued to brief them on all of the equipment before Lydecker led them to the infirmary. Liz managed to glance at Alec in question who only shook his head. This was not standard procedure. Once inside Lydecker ordered them to sit on two of the exam tables while a doctor and assistant came up to them with pressure syringes. “These injections will substitute for the meds that you two will missing while on assignment.”

After the doctor explained, Lydecker stated. “You two are dismissed until 1800 hours when you will report to leave. Dismissed.”

Liz and Alec left just then and headed for outside. It was one of the safest places to talk without having to worry about people overhearing, or the cameras watching them. They went to the same spot that earlier Alec had comforted Liz. Once there Liz was the first to speak, “Well it’s a sure thing that Lydecker wants this mission to be a test for me. He wants to make sure I’m what I appear to be.”

“Considering you’re the one whose supposed to drop the toxin, I think that’s a far assessment. What do you think about that?” Alec asked.

“Doesn’t matter since I’m not going to do it. As soon as we hit the air strip, I’ll lose the surveillance team and escape.” Liz said matter of factly.

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked just before a guard came up and motioned to Alec. Liz watched as Alec chatted with the guard but didn’t listen figuring that it was just Alec giving the guard something from one of his deals. But once Alec was done Liz was surprised when the guard didn’t take his prize and leave. “435, I want you to go with him, he’s going to take you to see 599.”

Liz couldn’t help the surprise come over her face. She had almost given up hope that she would be able to see Zack. Alec leaned in and whispered low enough that only she could hear, “Hurry up, Lydecker is busy finalizing our mission and you don’t have much time.”

Liz nodded and quickly started to follow the guard. They moved quickly and carefully through the corridors, corridors that were usually only used by Manticore staff until they reached the room Zack was held in. “You have five minutes. I’ll knock when there is only thirty seconds left. If you get caught in there…”

“I snuck in on my own.” Liz stated. He opened up the door and she slipped in. She turned around and saw Zack.

Zack was still strapped to the examine chair that he had been in the first time she had seen him. According to his clothes and the state he was in, it looked like he hadn’t been out of the chair since they brought him in. His face was unshaven and ragged looking. She could see fresh bruises and needle punctures on his body from the torture and interrogation they had put him through. She couldn’t help herself as she reached over and brushed the matted hair off his forehead.

Liz almost jumped out of her skin when she felt him grab her arm. His restraints gave him enough leeway to get a crushing grip on her arm. She tried to pull away from him but he had her too tightly. She looked up and their eyes locked. “Zack, it’s me. It’s Liz.”

His eyes moved over her face, studying her. She finally saw his eyes recognize her and he let her go. “I found out about your capture too late, you were already here. Are you okay?”

Zack’s statement confirmed what Liz had thought before, he had been keeping an eye on her. “I’m fine, hanging in there. They tried to reindoctor me but it didn’t work. How about you? You don’t look so hot.”

“I don’t feel so hot. But I won’t let them break me.” Zack hissed out.

“I know you won’t.” Liz said. “I’ve been trying to find a way to get us out of there but only managed one for myself. Lydecker's sending me on a mission. The X5 assigned with me is cool and helping me out.”

“Take it. Take it and get out of here.” Zack stated.


“That’s an order. Get out of here.” Zack said. “I’ll figure out a way to get me and Brin out.”

“I don’t know if she’ll go, she’s not her anymore.” Liz explained.

“I’m not leaving her, we already left too many behind.” Zack declared.

“I know.” Liz said. She barely got the words out when she heard a faint knock at the door. “Zack, I’ve got to go before I’m caught.”

“Follow my order, use your mission to escape.” Zack ordered again.

“I will. But I don’t want to leave you here.” Liz said, she could feel the tears in her eyes. She couldn’t leave him there. She just couldn’t. They would keep questioning him until they found out what they wanted to know possibly killing him in the process.

“It won’t help if you get caught.” Zack said. “And it’ll help me if I know you are safe.”

“Okay. I’ll go.” Liz said. The door opened just then, Liz kissed Zack’s forehead and left. She nodded to the guard and went out to the yard. She looked around but couldn’t find Alec anywhere. He wasn’t anywhere she expected him to be nor had any of the other Xs seen him. She finally headed towards their quarters where she ran into him. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you.”

Alec didn’t say anything, only pulled her into his quarters and shut the door. His actions confused her but her curiosity got the better of her. She had never been in Alec’s quarters and gave it a quick look around. Although there were no decorations or anything of that sort, the room seemed like Alec. His clothes and few personal items were strung out haphazardly and she could tell that he didn’t have regular inspections. “What’s going on? Why did you drag me in here?”

“I found out some stuff I wanted to tell you while you were off on your visit. How was it by the way?” Alec asked.

“He looks like someone dragged him behind a car but he’s still got his spirit. They haven’t broken him yet. It helped to see him, thanks. I don’t know how to thank you for it.”

“No big deal.”

“Well it is to me, you’ve helped me over and over and I owe you a lot, thank you Alec.” Liz said gratefully. “I won’t forget when I’m gone.”

“I don’t think you’ll be getting out of here as easy as you think.” Alec said not happy that he had to put a damper on her good mood.
Liz saw his grave expression and asked, “That’s the second time you’ve said that, why?”

“I knew something was up when they gave us that injection, I’ve never been given one when going on a mission. So I did some checking and found the real reason why they gave it to us. It’s not our meds, but a neurological toxin that if not counteracted with the antidote within 72 hours will attack our nervous system eventually putting us into a coma and killing us. According to my source we’ll be administered the antidote when we both return.” Alec explained.

“Oh my god.” Liz gasped. She should have known this would be too easy, then another thought hit her. “So if I escape, it doesn’t matter because I’ll be dead in a few days. And not just me but you too.”

“That about sums it up. Listen, I know how badly you want out of here but I would appreciate you not going just yet, I don’t really feel like dying.” Alec said trying to sound casual.

“You don’t have to worry,” Liz said defeated. “We’ll complete the mission.”

“We’ve got a few hours until we leave, what do you want to do?” Alec asked.

Liz looked up at him and suddenly felt very aware of their surroundings. They were alone in his quarters, and she felt slightly uncomfortable. “I think I’m going to head back to my cell see you shortly.”

Before Alec could say anything she was scurrying out of his room and he stood there confused.


I know the toxin thing is kind of stupid but I can't have Liz leaving Manticore just yet but I wanted the two on a mission. Thanks for reading.
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Great part Randi!!
I thought the Zack/Liz scene was cute!!
That toxin can´t kill Liz right because she is diffrent??
Update more soon!!


The toxin will kill both of them if they don't receive the antidote within 72 hrs. It doesn't matter that she's different so she has to go back.
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Thanks to everyone who said the toxin was a good idea. I liked it but got nervous about it when I posted.

Part 14

They took another helicopter to a nearby airforce base where they boarded the non descript aircraft. The trip to New Orleans was uneventful and Liz and Alec were silent most of the trip. It was only the two of them on the small plane, Alec explained that their surveillance team would travel separately so they would not know what they looked like and couldn’t try to loose them. Once they landed they were given keys to a black SUV and drove into the city proper. The flight was long and they had arrived in the middle of the night but with Mardi Gras going on, it didn’t matter, the town was awake all night.

Their hotel as well as the residence were located on the outskirts of the French Quarter. They checked into the hotel, under their alias of Abby Snow and Lucas Wolf, a couple there for Mardi Gras. A bellboy helped them with their sparse luggage despite their insistence that they didn’t need it and led them up to their room. Once he dumped off the luggage, Liz gave him a tip and he left, “Merci Beaucoup.”

Liz shut the door and turned back into the small room only to see Alec looking at her curiously. “What?”

“I didn’t know you spoke French. Granted, we never really worked on languages but still.” Alec stated.

“I speak French, Spanish, as well as some Chinese and Latin.” Liz stated. She had started learning the first two languages while still in Manticore but continued her lessons later when she had settled into Roswell. It was her way of keeping her mind occupied along with studying some advanced science texts while going to a regular school.

“Latin, why?”

“Because I love Science and scientific terms are in Latin.” Liz explained. “What about you?”

“French and Spanish, same as you as well as Italian, Russian, and German.” Alec answered. He turned then and dropped his bag on the bed, the only bed in the room. They figured they hadn’t been able to get more than one bed since they were supposed to be a couple. The room was small with only the bed and a small table as the furniture. It was nice and clean but not luxurious, it was more like a room that someone just used to sleep before going out to party more. It was nicer than some of the other places he’d stayed at when on a mission

Liz saw Alec looking around the room and decided to give the bathroom a look over. It was small and efficient with only a shower stall instead of a tub. She was disappointed, she was looking forward to taking a long hot bath. An indulgence she had not had since she had been back at Manticore, a luxury she had taken for granted while on the outside. She turned, leaving the bathroom and went back into the room where Alec was setting up their own surveillance equipment. The window was a large bay window with a small bench in front of it, perfect for what they would need it for. From there they had a perfect view of the fortress that held their target.

She looked out and saw the busy streets of New Orleans. There were people everywhere, with her enhanced hearing she could hear them talking and laughing. The city was definitely in party mode. And after so many months away from normal people she felt like she was in heaven as she soaked it all up. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t there on her own accord, she was there. “Get some rest, I’ll take the first shift.”

“You sure?”

Liz couldn’t take her eyes off the streets below, “Yeah, I’m sure. Go ahead.”

Alec nodded before heading into the bathroom to get ready for bed. He liked it when he went on mission, he was able to take advantage of things that he normally wouldn’t. Like a comfortable bed instead of sleeping on his small bunk. So he didn’t mind taking the first shift for sleep. He jumped in and took a hot shower before throwing on a pair of sweat pants and heading back in. Liz had shed her coat as well as shoes and made herself comfortable on the window seat. She seemed a million miles away, so set in her task that he didn’t bother her before he laid down on the bed and was asleep within minutes.


A few hours later as dawn came and went, Liz was still at her station watching the street. The city had finally settled down and gone to bed but it was still mesmerizing. The city took on a whole different appearance. With the old buildings, fog, and quiet streets you could easily mistake the year and think you were in the last century. A concept Liz liked.

She had been sitting there for hours not only gazing at the city but studying the house across the street. The only movement she could see on the outside was his security making rounds to make sure the place was secure. She had to admit that they were first rate, that they paid great attention to detail and took their jobs very seriously. But she also knew that Manticore had also taken this mission seriously and had taken every scenario into accord and thought this would be the best way to accomplish their goal. And while she didn’t see her target outside she had been able to see him inside. If she had had a high powered rifle and hadn’t been ordered to poison him, she could have probably gotten off a clean shot. She was good at shooting. It was all about angles and physics, something that her scientific mind easily processed. Liz wished that they had sent someone else, she didn’t want to kill this man. But she had to.

Liz took a moment to look over at Alec. He was still sound asleep and snoring ever so softly. She noticed that in sleep his face took on a younger quality to it. He looked like a little boy and she couldn’t help but smile. She could imagine what Alec was like as a kid. He would have been rowdy one, not a shy bone in his body, the exact opposite of Ben. Liz had a feeling that if a person met both Ben and Alec, they wouldn’t see two people that looked the same but two completely separate individuals. She didn’t look at him and think of her brother at all.

She moved slightly so she could see him easier. He had ended up on his side at some point and the comforter pushed down to his waist. He hadn’t noticed the cool air thanks to the fact that transgenics had a higher body temperature. And because he hadn’t pulled it up Liz had a good view of the top half of his bare body. His chest was firm, muscular without overdoing it. She could see his toned stomach and abs before they met his narrow hips. His skin was smooth and supple, Liz couldn’t help but recall how soft it was. She remembered how his hands had felt on her back when he had helped her set her shoulder back into place. Not to mention how the skin she had encountered when they had been in her quarters during her heat. He was flawless and she knew that there were probably many women out in the world that would love to have Alec. And felt herself sliding to move along with them. At least in a physical way. Whether he could feel her eyes on him or was just waking up naturally he started to stir and she turned her attention back to the window.

Alec snapped awake, a practice he had trained himself to do so he wasn’t taken by surprise while waking. He didn’t move his body, only his eyes and saw Liz across the room still at her spot. If his internal clock wasn’t telling him that he had slept for hours then he would have thought he had only shut his eyes for a few minutes. Deciding she needed to rest too he sat up, “Anything?”

“Not really. Looks like the caterers and other party people have arrived and started setting up.” Liz answered unable to look at him. She knew if she met his eyes while he was still shirtless that she wouldn’t be able to help but blush.

Alec grabbed his T-shirt off the foot of the bed and shrugged it on. “Well I’ll take over now. Get some sleep and I’ll wake you up when it’s time to get ready.”

“I’ve studied the blueprints against the vision layout and wrote down what I thought our best escape routes will be later. I wrote them down here if you want to take a look.” Liz explained. She didn’t even undress before moving over and collapsing on the bed. She was immersed in Alec’s scent as she drifted off to sleep.

Alec looked out the window until he heard Liz’s breathing even out and knew she was asleep. He took the time to study her, something he found himself doing more and more whenever she wasn’t looking. He had noticed that she always seemed to have a haunted look to her eyes, like she had had the fate of the world on her. But there were times when he had seen brakes in that appearance. He had joked with her numerous times causing her to laugh that was when he had seen happiness in her eyes. He had also seen the pain in them deepen as well, like when she had seen her siblings or when she had talked about Max. Max had hurt her a lot, that was unquestionable. And a part of Alec wanted to find him and hurt him dearly for that. But he didn’t think that Liz would like that very much.

He knew how much Liz wanted to escape. He guessed he couldn’t blame her. She had lived on the outside and preferred it. She hated Manticore and everything it stood for including him. Okay that might not have been entirely true, she probably didn’t hate him but he was sure that she’d forget him as soon as she took off. After all the only time that anything more than friendship had happened between them was that day in her cell and that had only been because of her being in heat. She’d never look at him in more than a platonic way. Alec rolled his eyes at how sappy he was sounding in his own thoughts and turned back to look out the window.


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The first section of this next part is very heavy with sexual tension, which I don't think you'll mind but wanted to let you know that it'll still be awhile before they get together, some other stuff has to happen first.

Part 15

Liz woke up a few hours later when she felt Alec gently shake her, she rolled over and looked at him. He smiled as he said, “I was getting hungry so I ordered us some food.”

Liz sat up and looked at the cart that was now next to the bed as he lifted the covers. There were two plates each containing a huge cheeseburger with an order of fries next to it. He looked over and smirked at her, “Figured we might as well enjoy some part of our stay here.”

“Thanks.” Liz said as she took her plate from him and started to eat. They made small talk as they ate and once done Liz headed for the shower after Alec reminded her he had already taken one so she could get ready for the party. She grabbed her bags and went in. She turned the water on hot, trying to work out the tension she felt all over body. She was edgy because of what she was about to do. She might have been getting ready for a party but she wasn’t going to be enjoying it, she was going to assassinate the host.

Once out of the shower, Liz went about getting ready. The event was black tie with masque so she prepared herself accordingly. Her long hair was kept down to hide her barcode and she placed a few curls through it to give it more body then moved onto her makeup. Twenty minutes later she was completed dressed and ready to go, the only thing left was the necklace. She hadn’t put it on yet because she had been having trouble with the clasp. Maybe somewhere in her subconscious wouldn’t let her put it on, after all it was a weapon that she was going to use to kill someone. Deciding to ask Alec for help with it, she knocked on the door and asked, “Alec, is it okay if I come out?”

“Yeah, I’m decent.”

“That’s a matter of opinion.” Liz said as she made her way out. She stopped though when her eyes fell on him. He was dressed in a modern cut tux with a black vest, a classic look. His longish blonde hair had been smoothed back and it brought out his eyes. He looked gorgeous. “You clean up nice.”

Alec smiled at her. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Your tie is still undone.” Liz said, not even giving it a second thought she moved over to stand in front of him and started to tie it.

“Thanks, it was giving me some problems.” Alec managed to get out. When she had first walked out of the bathroom his breath had left him like a sledgehammer had hit him. She looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair looked so soft, the curls accent the fact. This was the first time he had ever seen her in makeup and the dark lines around her eyes did nothing but enhance their deep chocolate color. Her dress was black and looked to almost be painted onto her body. It was long sleeve and had V neck as well as a long skirt. But it didn’t cover much since it had two high slits that left a great deal of her legs exposed when she walked and the material was so sheer that you could see through it, well except for the necessary parts.

Liz worked as quickly as she could to get the tie tied. It felt strange doing such an intimate thing for Alec but surprisingly comfortable. She pulled it tight and made sure it was even, “There all done.”

Alec turned to look in the mirror, “Not bad, where did you learn to do that?”

“My Grandma Claudia. My Grandfather Robert could never tie a tie so she always had to do it, she thought it’d be a good idea if I knew.” Liz explained, and handed him the necklace. “My turn.”

Liz pulled up her hair and turned around so he could fasten it on. He brought it around the front of her and brought the two ends together to the back. Liz shivered slightly when she felt his fingertips brush against her barcode. For some reason it had always been an overly sensitive patch of skin for her and feeling his soft fingertips graze it felt electrifying. But as quickly as it was there, it was gone. “All set, ready?”

Her thoughts returning to what she was about to do, Liz could only nod. They double-checked everything before heading out for the party.


They took a round about way of getting to the party, they left the hotel only to circle the block and walk back. That way if anyone saw them entering and thought about it later they wouldn’t know they had come from across the street. Once they approached the gate, their invitations were checked and sent through security. Many of the guests were complaining saying that it was insulting but Liz and Alec just went with the flow.

Once inside the two looked the large ballroom over. Alec looked at her; “Do you know how to dance?”

“What?” Liz asked confused.

“Dance, you know moving your feet to music?”

“Yes, I know how to dance, why?”

“Well I figured it could be a good way to mingle, and get a full view of the room without being too obvious.” Alec said motioning to the dance floor. He turned and held out his hand, “Shall we?”

Liz eyed him like he’d grown a second head but took his hand and let him led her to the dance floor. When they were in the center he turned to face her, keeping hold of the hand he already held and placed the other one on her waist. She in turned placed her other hand on his shoulder and the two began to waltz. They both moved gracefully and for a few moments they forgot they were on a mission. They were too absorbed in the other’s touch. Liz had not danced since the disastrous prom last year and was enjoying it very much.

Alec saw the tranquillity in Liz’s eyes and his ego inflated at the thought that he was the reason. The song ended but another started right away. It was eerily familiar to Alec. His attention was pulled from Liz as he racked his brain to figure out where he knew the tune from. Suddenly a memory of a girl slightly younger than Liz playing the piano flashed through his mind and then it was gone.

Liz saw an expression of confusion and uncertainty come over Alec’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Um, nothing.” Alec said hastily. “Why don’t we split up and look around for a bit? The sooner we get out of here the better.”

And with that the two split up and went to separate ends of the room. With their COM links in their masks they could easily stay in communication. Liz studied the many colorful decorations as she surveyed the room. Alec was on the other side where he had stationed himself next to the bar. There were people everywhere with the wait staff mingling in between them with trays of drinks and food. Liz had taken a glass of champagne but it was more for show than anything, her stomach was so tight at the moment she was sure that if she even had a sip of water she’d feel queasy.

“Strole at one o’clock.” She heard Alec say through the earpiece. With their enhanced hearing they barely had to whisper through the microphones for the other to hear them.

Liz quickly spotted the older man through the crowd. He had his mask pushed back as he drank from a large glass. It was obvious that although the party had only started an hour ago that he was already drunk and going for more. “Acknowledged, target heading for the bar and moving to intercept.”

Liz started force her way through the crowd until she was within a few feet of Richard Strole. Alec was still at his spot, which happened to be at the exact opposite end of the bar they were at. She closed in on the gap between them and saw that his attention was on her, “Bonjour monsieur.”

“Bonjour Mademoiselle. Enjoying the festivities this evening?” Richard asked, as he looked her up and down. Liz felt somewhat disgusted at the leering way he was looking at her but pushed it away. She vaguely heard Alec over the Com making some comment about dirty old men. She glanced over to see him glaring at the back of Richard’s head.

“Yes, I am enjoying myself immensely. How could I not with all of this fabulous food and drink?” Liz replied in what she thought would be a somewhat flirtatious manner. She noticed that he had his glass was empty and figured now would be a good time to drop the toxin. “How about I get you another drink? Then we can talk more.”

He nodded to her, told her what he was drinking and she turned to get the bartender’s attention. She told him what she wanted and he was quick to fix it. She looked at Richard and saw that he was busy talking to another party guest. She pulled her mask back down to cover her face then making sure no one else saw her she quickly unscrewed the pendant, well as quickly as she could. Her hands were shaking so bad she was sure that she would dump most of the powder on the bar. But she didn’t, she got it into the drink and moved around, mixing it in. She watched as the dark fluid sloshed around inside the glass and thought about what it really was. She held a man’s life in her hands. But if she didn’t kill him she herself would die as well as Alec would be dead. She closed her eyes for a moment to catch her breath before she turned to head back to Richard. He was still chatting with some guests so she handed it to him. “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to freshen up.”

Then as quickly as she could she headed for the back of the room where a large winding staircase was. That was the meeting point for her and Alec. As she approached it, she saw Alec standing there with a glass of scotch in his hand. She nodded to show that it had been delivered and he said, “So now we wait.”


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Part 16

For every second that they had to wait and watched the more Liz’s stomach tightened up. Every time he brought the glass to his lips, he’d decide to say something and didn’t drink. They didn’t have long to wait before metal clanking against glass could be heard. It was coming from another party guest not far from Richard and he said, “If you can quiet down for a minute, I’d like to make a toast.”

The crowd volume lowered and the most noise that could be heard was the sound of the wait staff moving around as they made sure that everyone had a drink for the toast. Once that was accomplished the man went on, “I just wanted to express our gratitude to Richard for hosting this beautiful party. To Richard.”

There was a round of applause then as everyone else took sips of their drinks Richard gulped the rest of his down. He had just drained it when he started to choke. He ripped at his collar trying to loosen it as if it would make a difference. Her hearing allowed her to hear the choking in grotesque detail, she could hear his desperate attempt to draw air and watched as his face turned beet red. His face then took on a tinge of purple as he continued to choke.

The two watched as three of his security personal hurried towards him as if they would be able to help him. They must have recognized the signs of a poison because one yelled some orders into his own headpiece and more came pouring through the door. “No body leaves!”

“Time for us to go.” Alec stated as they watched the guards come in. The two turned then and started running up the stairs as quick as they could, trying not to draw attention. There was only one guard perched at the top of the stairs. He came at them but Alec quickly interceded him and effortlessly knocked him out. They ran down the hall towards a room that they knew had a balcony with more guards on their tail. They found the room they needed but were held up. The door was locked with a comp key. There was a small key pad on the side of the door that required a code before the locks could be disengaged. But Alec was anticipating this and quickly punched in the master code that Manticore had somehow acquired. He yanked open the door, “Go, go, go.”

Liz had known about the key pad as well that was why she was still holding her drink. As they ran through the door she flung the full glass onto the keypad. It got the job done and fried the circuits. Alec pulled the door tight behind them, effectively locking the guards out, at least momentarily. Once they knew the door was secure they headed for the French doors on the opposite side of the room that opened to the balcony. It was a perfect set up for their escape, it was wide and gave them a good launching platform to jump from the house to the carriage house in back. Liz slipped her shoes off quickly. She didn’t think she’d be able to land very well if she was wearing heels, it had almost killed her to run in them. When they were off she nodded at Alec and they jumped. They landed effortlessly and started to run across the relatively flat roof of the carriage house. They had run only a few feet when gunshots rung out behind them. This just spurred them on faster. When they reached the roof’s edge they jumped again but instead of to another building it was to the alley below. They took off to the right, away from the house and their hotel.

They kept up this pace for a good six blocks or so before slowing. They were no longer being followed. The guards hadn’t been able to make the jump to the carriage house and had to waste precious time to get down to go after them. Plus they lacked transgenic speed. The whole scene of the man’s death ran through Liz’s mind and she felt her stomach turn over. She hurried over to the side of the alley and emptied the contents of her stomach onto the ground.

Alec cringed at the sound of Liz’s retching but moved beside her. He pulled her hair back away from face and held it as she finished vomiting. When she did, he asked, “You okay?”

“I just killed a man Alec! How do you think I feel?!” Liz snapped. “I stood there and watched him choke to death in front of his friends and probably some of his family. And I did it just to save my own ass.”

Alec didn’t know what to say, he had a feeling something like this might happen. “Liz, if it’s any consolation if I could have done it, I would have.”

Liz looked up surprised by his words, she wasn’t expecting them. His eyes said that he would have indeed done it for her, but he couldn’t. They didn’t know if the surveillance team had been watching the whole party or not. And the orders were for her to execute the mission, they would have been in trouble if the team had reported back that Alec had done it. “Thanks. That means a lot.”

“Come on, let’s get you out of this alley and get something to wash your mouth out.” Alec offered. Liz nodded solemnly and followed him out to the street. They were on the outer edges of the city and had somehow found a small part of it that was quiet There was a small coffee shop across the street from where they immerged and they hurried over to it. Liz went into the bathroom where she rinsed out her mouth and tried to push away the memories of what she had just done.

The first killing she had ever witnessed was one that she was a part of. It was in the early days of when the kids were starting to figure out that there was more to life then Manticore. They had been sent out on maneuvers with the orders to capture a prisoner. They hadn’t taken long before they caught up with him. When they had spotted a tattoo of a heart with a knife through it and freaked out. They had killed him with their bare hands, practically tearing him apart. After that they knew what it was like to kill and Liz hated it. She knew that they had to kill when necessary like for survival but she was still appalled by it.

She looked at herself in mirror and saw that she looked better than she felt. Her makeup was still set with no smearing and her hair as still in decent shape thanks to Alec holding it back for her. But her eyes scared her, they looked older than they should. She just turned away from the mirror and headed out to where Alec was waiting. “You look better.”

“Thanks.” Liz said, “It seems like I’ve been saying that a lot lately.”

“No big. I had some money so I got you a cappuccino with chocolate crème.” Alec said handing it to her. “We’ve got a few hours until it’s safe to head back to the hotel, thought we could walk around, see the city.”

Liz nodded and they headed out to the street. They just headed in the direction of the river and walked slowly absorbing the atmosphere. “So do you think we lost our little observers during our run?”

“I’m not sure. They probably estimated out exit route and were watching us as we left.” Alec answered. “Good idea about the wine by the way.”

“Thanks, I knew that it would fry the keypad and it would buy us some time. Of course I wouldn’t have known about what exactly would happen but thanks to once when Maria spilled a milkshake over the Crashdown’s computer. It just kind of came to me when we were on the staircase waiting to leave.”

“Very MacGuever of you.” Alec said.

Liz couldn’t believe it when she actually laughed, “Let me guess, you’re obsessed with ’80 television programs.”

“No, once I was stuck in this motel room for a day watching a target and the TV only had one channel that was airing a marathon.” Alec stated.

“I know how that feels, I went on a long school trip on a bus and there was a VCR. For some reason one of the guys brought an eight hour tape of Ren & Stimpy. I don’t mind the show but eight hours is a lot.” Liz explained. The two kept talking as they winded around the streets of New Orleans.


They snuck into back part of the hotel just before dawn. They quickly changed out of their costumes and into the black uniforms that were standard mission clothing. They collected their gear and loaded their SUV back up. They drove out to the airport and left on the same plane. Liz figured that it had been waiting for them the whole time. She wrote up her report about the mission to Lydecker. He required a hard copy as well as verbal report.

She looked out the window and couldn’t believe that for thirty-six hours she had been out of her prison but it wasn’t enough. She wanted out of there for good. She just how to figure out how. She had spent hours scouting out the facilities and had not been able to find a weakness. Maybe after this mission or possibly one more they would trust her not to put some deadly toxin in her and Alec.

They landed and were shipped by helicopter once again to Manticore. Liz felt the imaginary shacks being fastened around her and her shoulders stoop. She couldn’t believe she had been in there for so many months. She noticed that despite the late hour there was lots of activity going on. “What’s going on down there?”

“Hang on.” Alec said. He leaned over and spoke for a few minutes to the guards that had came on the helicopter before turning his attention back to Liz. “There was an escape right after we left.”

Liz’s eyes widened. “Who?”

“599.” Alec answered slightly smiling. “Zack.”

Liz couldn’t believe it, Zack had escaped. “Was he alone?”

“Yeah. Apparently Lydecker let him go, he knew that he had information on where the rest of your sibs are and thought if he let him go than he would lead him and his men to him. But it evidently backfired. 599, Zack, whatever, and one of the others figured it out before he gave out too much information. The information he did give out didn’t make much difference because they ran before they could be captured.

As they landed Liz felt a little bit better with the thought that at least Zack had made it out and her siblings were safe for the time being.


As you guys have probably figured out, Zack's escape was part of The Kids are all right in S1. Just to let you know.
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Part 17

The landing was an ordinary one; the helicopter touched down without so much as a hard bump. When the blades stopped Alec and Liz hoped out and made their way through the yard to the doors leading inside. There was a TAC Officer there telling them that they were to first report to the infirmary for another dose of ‘missed’ meds and then on to Lydecker’s office to give their report. The two of course weren’t fooled and knew that they were receiving the antidote toxin. Two technicians used pressure syringes to administer them. The technician worked quickly and they were soon on their way to Lydecker’s office.

The moment they entered Liz could see that Lydecker was upset about Zack’s escape and the failure of whatever plan he had schemed to use with it despite his attempt to cover it. Thankfully she successfully kept the smile she felt from coming out on her face. She started at the beginning and told him every step of the mission from the time they landed in New Orleans until they landed back at Manticore. Once she was done relaying everything as well as gaining Alec’s comments on the mission they waited for his comments.

“You did well for your first mission 435. The target was eliminated in the given mission perimeters. Good work.” Lydecker commended. He went on a few minutes but Liz couldn’t hear him. His voice was overcome by static. She shook her head trying to clear it and noticed Lydecker staring at her.

“Thank you sir.” Liz stated.

“Although there is no pending mission at the moment, plan to be dispatched soon. Many of the active X5s and X6s have been deployed through out the country and you will be needed.” Lydecker stated. There had been an upsurge of assignments that required the finesse that only transgenics could give it. So he was even more enthused that 435 had been so successful. It would be helpful to have a first rate team ready to send. “You are dismissed.”

Liz and Alec left and started making their way to their quarters. It was almost lights out and the halls were empty. Since they wouldn’t be overheard Alec took the opportunity to ask something that was bugging him. “So you going to tell me what happened back there?”

“What do you mean?””

“When Lydecker was talking you seem to space out. I would have thought you were ignoring him, but I saw this really confused expression flash over you face for about a second. So what happened?” Alec asked.

“I don’t know,” Liz answered with a shrug. “One minute he was talking then the next minute then the next minute all I could hear was static.” They approached Liz’s quarters first and went in to finish the conversation, “Have you ever heard of anything like that before?”

“You mean with the others?” Alec asked.

“Yeah, with any of the series. I mean it wouldn’t be the first time something like this just came up. Manticore didn’t exactly make us defective free.” Liz stated.

“I haven’t heard of anyone suffering from spontaneous hearing loss or hearing static like you described. But you’re right, who knows what the geneticists did when they were mixing us up.” Alec threw in.

Liz smiled at him, “You know it’s nice to be able to talk to someone about being cooked up in a laboratory. I mean not that I could talk exactly like this to anyone before anyway. Most people would rather do something else other than talking about genetics.”

At Liz’s words, an image of a brunette girl standing in front of him saying almost the same thing flashed through his mind. It was the same girl from the previous memory that he’d had in New Orleans. He couldn’t understand where these memories were coming from; they had never been there before. Who was this girl he kept seeing? She had been in plain clothes so he must have met her on a mission but why didn’t he remember. Alec thought. Unless....

Liz saw that now Alec was the one who was acting spaced out, she waved her hand in front of his face to get his attention. “Alec? Alec, you in there?”

Suddenly aware of Liz’s small hand waving annoyingly in front of his face snapped Alec out of his thoughts and speculations, “What?”

“You were a million miles away. What happened? Did you remember something about what we were talking about?” Liz asked curiously.

“No, I was just thinking of something else.” Alec answered. He watched as she flopped down on her bed and grabbed her flat pillow. He knew she’d keep asking him about spacing out so decided to get away before she could. “Well I’ll let you get to sleep, I’m assuming that we’re back to regular training tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Liz said before he left. She wondered what had gotten him in such a strange mood as she got ready to go to sleep. She slipped her black pants off and tossed them to the other room along with her black shirt. She changed quickly and fell asleep, not even noticing the charred marks on her shirt.


The next morning Liz went back to the routine that she had followed since being back in training. She got ready quickly but forgot her sweatshirt in her room and went back to get it. It was still cold out and it would be needed. She hurried back and started looking for it. But she had to stop when she suddenly felt dizzy. She didn’t know which way was up. She gripped the side of her cot and dropped to sit down on it. The dizziness edged off and she tried to figure out where it came from. What was going on with her?

She shook it off and realized she better get going. She reached for her sweatshirt and that’s when she saw it. Some type of green energy ran from the tips of her fingers all the way up her arms. She knew what it was it was alien energy. She had seen many different forms of it in the three years that she had known that aliens existed. And now it was manifesting itself inside her. The changes that Ava had told her had happened, ones that she had been anticipating since she had found out about her altered brainwaves. Perhaps now her weekly practices would be constructive.

And now that she knew for sure that it was happening that fact didn’t scare her. No what scared her was the place she happened to be at, Manticore. There was no doubt in her mind that if Lydecker found out about this, he would use it to his full advantage. He would want to know everything. How she had gotten her powers, who the aliens were, where they were, their weaknesses, and he would do anything to gain the information from her. She would be even more of a lab rat.

Feeling suddenly claustrophobic she pulled on her sweatshirt and rushed out of her cell and out to the yard. She jerked the sleeves down as far as they’d go, covering her entire arm. Thankfully the shirt was a little too big. She went to the small area that her and Alec went to occasionally when they wanted to be away from the prying eyes of Manticore. She had found it strange that it was there but Alec had told her that since it wasn’t close to the training facilities that they probably thought no one would bother with it.

She had to keep her new powers a secret from everyone here at Manticore. She thought she’d be able to hide it from the other transgenics, the doctors and Lydecker but she knew that hiding it from Alec was going to prove to be a challenge. They were with each other from lights on until lights out practically. Or as Maria would say, ‘Joined at the hip.’ He knew her mannerisms and would notice a difference. He would know something was up.

So now the question was could she trust Alec with this secret? She had trusted him with her life as well as other things during the time that she had known him. Hell he was the only one in the whole facility that she even remotely trusted with anything. And she felt like she knew him really knew him. And she liked what she knew. He might act like a smart aleck and cocky but that was only a facade he showed to other people. The trip to New Orleans had proven that to her. The way that he had watched over her and made sure she had been okay had left an impact on her.

She was still sitting there when she saw Alec coming towards her. “I’ve been looking for you for like ever. Have you been sitting here the whole time?”

“Yeah, I needed to get out of there for a little while to figure out some stuff.” Liz explained.

“Anything you want to talk about?” Alec asked with obvious concern in his voice. He felt better having found her. When she hadn’t appeared at their usual meeting place for morning training he had thought maybe she was late. He had gone to her quarters but there was no sign of her. After that he had gotten worried but he didn’t tell her that. Thoughts of her trying to escape played through his mind as he had kept looking for her. What they would do to her if she got caught, if she had struggled and gotten hurt. And one thing that scared him even more was that she had tried to escape and succeeded.

“Actually yeah.” Liz said. She took a deep breath and decided it was now or never. She pushed back her sleeves so that Alec could get a good look at her arms. He noticed them right away and his eyes widened as she said. “I need your help.”

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Part 18

Alec stood there staring at Liz’s arms, half in fascination, half in fear. The fear wasn’t for himself but for Liz. He didn’t know if it was hurting her. He moved closer to get a better look. What was it? It looked like electricity and although a body did contain electricity, it usually didn’t exist like that. That concept made Alec think about the toxin that Manticore had infected them with. Although they had been given the cure for it, who knew if it had side effects? Was Liz still going to fall prey to it and die?

“Alec? Say something.” Liz said feeling uneasy about his silence. Was he going to freak out on her?

“Does it hurt?” Alec asked.

“Not really. It feels kind of like when you shock yourself from static electricity.” Liz explained. “Are you going to freak out on me? I mean some people wouldn’t want to stick around if they saw this.”

“Why would I not want to stick around? It’s not your fault that Manticore messed up even more and made you sick or whatever.” Alec said confused.

Liz sighed; Alec thought what was happening to her was because of Manticore so now she would have to explain. She plopped down on the ground and motioned for him to join her. When he did, she began, “I’m going to tell you something that is very serious. And it’s crucial that you don’t tell anyone. If you do, me and some other people will be in a lot of danger. Can you promise me that you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you?”

Alec could see the solemn expression on Liz’s face and knew how serious the situation had to be. “I promise, no one will get it out of me.”

“Okay, I trust you. What is happening has nothing to do with Manticore; it has to do when I was living in Roswell. Remember when I told you that I was exposed to radiation?” Alec nodded. “What I was exposed to is called Cadmium X. It’s an isotope that is not found on Earth.”

Alec’s brow creased. “What are you trying to tell me?”

“Let me explain. When I was sixteen I was working in the café when I got shot. I would have died but Max came up, put his hand over the bullet hole and healed it. He was able to heal it because he was an alien from the ’47 crash. The Cadmium X is like a leftover of him using his powers. It changed me.” Liz stated.

Alec looked at her stunned, “So Max is an alien?”

“Yes, so is his sister and our friend Michael. Tess is too.” Liz winced at her name.

“So your friends and boyfriend are aliens and now you are one?”

“I don’t think I’ve actually become an alien, the doctors would have seen something in my blood when they took it. But his healing me kind of jumped started whatever was already there. Their powers are essentially human. Everyone would have them if they evolved a few hundred years. That’s what this stuff on my arms is, energy for my powers.” Liz continued to tell him everything that had happened since the shooting.

Alec sat there for a minute trying to process what Liz had told him. Manticore considered transgenics to be a step a head of human in the evolutionary scale and now Liz to be even one step further. All because an alien healed her. Aliens. He had never really given a thought to whether they did or not but now knew that aliens did indeed exist. And why shouldn’t they? He and Liz were genetically engineered super soldiers so aliens weren’t that far of a stretch of the mind. He glanced back over at Liz and his attention was drawn once again to her arms. “Can I touch them?”

“Uh, sure.” Liz said reaching her arm out towards him.

Alec tentatively reached out is right hand and brushed his fingertips over her arm. He wasn’t sure what he expected but what happened. The electricity seemed to move to gather under his fingers, drawn to him. The energy was warmer, warmer than even Liz’s skin and almost soothing like a warm shower. And it was almost as if the energy felt like Liz. Like how he felt when she was around. It was a feeling that could be addictive.

While Alec was enjoying the feeling of her energy, Liz was indited with flashes from Alec. They overwhelmed her as they flashed by. They went so fast that Liz almost couldn’t focus on them.

Ten year old Alec, looking just like Ben the last time Liz saw him, being rewarded for his outstanding training
Fifteen year old Alec being sent on his first mission with his unit, the TAC officer telling him that he was the Commanding Officer and in charge.
Alec, the way he looked now, standing at attention in front of a stern looking man that she recognized as one of Lydecker's lackeys being given mission orders regarding impersonating a music teacher to acquire information they needed.

Alec with a young brunette girl, she was playing the piano. “Good job, Rachel.”
Alec and Rachel in a pool, Rachel starring at him with love before they kissed.
Alec running through a large house looking for Rachel, finally finding her on a staircase, “I was sent here to kill your father.
It was my job. You were my job.”
Alec running out of the same house just to see a car explode, “RACHEL!”
Alec being drug down the halls of Manticore before being thrown into a cell meant for solitary. “NO!”
***End of Flashes***

Liz gasped as Alec pulled away from her and the connection stopped. She felt drained from what had happened, emotionally and physically. She had felt every one of Alec’s emotions during each of the flashes. The first ones had been full of smugness and pride but the later ones were different. The initial ones with Rachel contained confusion and adoration but the last few were overloaded with suffering, agony, and anguish. She had no doubt that Alec had cared about Rachel and had unwillingly watched her die, even tried to save her. But his bravery had been rewarded in typical Manticore fashion with being made to suffer. When she recuperated she looked up to see Alec staring at her. With everything so fresh in her mind she couldn’t help but say, “You loved her didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?” Alec asked confused. What was Liz talking about?

Liz could see that he indeed did not know what she was talking about and she realized why. Manticore had erased his memories of the whole thing. “Remember the flashes I told you I used to get from Max? Well I got some from you when you touched my arms, a lot of them actually. And in the ones I saw at the end there were of a girl and you. She had a brown hair like me and you called her Rachel. I think she was part of a mission but you fell in love with her.”

“But I’d remember something like that.” Alec stated although he wasn’t as sure as he sounded. After all if what she was saying was true then the little images he had been seeing out of no where would be explained.

“They made you forget, Alec.” Liz said sympathetically. “They wanted you to kill her and her father but you didn’t want to. You tried to save her but you were too late. They drug you back here and threw you into solitary.”

Alec turned away from her, trying to sort through everything. In just the last hour he’d found out that aliens existed, Liz had some kind of strange powers, and because of those powers she’d found out that some of his memories had been erased. He heard Liz tentatively move up behind him, “You have to believe me, I wouldn’t lie to you about this.”

“I know you wouldn’t.” Alec stated. “Listen, I need some time to think about all of this. If anyone asks just tell them that I ordered for us to have some down time from training.”

“Alec, about?” Liz said motioning to her arms.

“I’m not going to say anything so don’t worry about it. Your secret’s safe and I’ll help you cover it up if you need me to.” Alec said.

“Thank you,” Liz said relieved. She watched as Alec walked away and was worried about him, maybe she shouldn’t have said anything about what she saw. “Alec, are you going to be okay?”

He gave her a half smirk, “I’m always okay.”

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Hey, where did everybody go?

Part 19

After leaving Liz, Alec wandered around the buildings a little before finally climbing up a drainpipe to the roof. After so many years spent living on the base, he probably knew every nock and cranny especially the ones that could separate him from the others for a little while, which he wanted right now. What Liz just told him had flipped his world up side down.

He wasn’t naïve, he knew that Manticore was a messed up place. After all they were basically pumping out kids left and right from the genetics lab so they could train them to be soldiers, to be assassins. How disturbed and power hungry did someone have to be to make that their life’s work?

But even with that knowledge, Alec had gone with the flow. He knew that as messed up as it was, he was better off inside than out in the world. He overlooked their faults and stuck with it, for the pure reason that inside these walls he was safe from the plagues of the world. Out there, there was suffering and hunger while in here he had a warm bed and food to eat. More than some people had. Although now, he didn’t look at it the same way, according to Liz Manticore had taken something from him. They had messed with his mind, more than usual, and erased his memories. And that he couldn’t forgive.

He lay back against the cool roof and let his mind race. He wondered what exactly Liz had seen in the flashes she had gotten. She had said that he had loved the girl in his memories, Rachel. So she had to have seen more than the little bits that he had remembered. He wondered if it would ever come back to him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the brief images that he had recalled. As he did, he was assaulted by memories.

Receiving orders from Sandoval
His hands wrapped around a man’s neck; strangling a man
Himself standing at the door of a house as it is opened
Rachel smiling as she meets him for the first time,

He was kissing her before she breaks away. ‘ I love you.’ She looked down at his hands. ‘Your hands are shaking.’

‘They are?’

‘Are you all right?’

‘Yeah. I'm all right. I'm just happy.’

Rachel slapping Alec and running out the door
He runs up just as a the car exploded, ‘RACHEL!’
Alec being tortured, and Alec being dragged into Manticore's basement,

Alec finally broke loose of the memories and came back to reality. He was still lying on the roof, he was half surprised he was still there. He half expected to find himself at one of the places he’d seen in the memories, they had felt so real. He reached up and felt his face, he brought his hand back and looked at the wetness that were on his fingertips. It was from tears. He wiped them away quickly and tried to calm himself. He felt deep despair in his heart from remembering what he had with Rachel and how he had felt with her but at least now he knew, and he would never make the mistake of letting someone he cared for get hurt because of him again.

Of course at the moment that wasn’t a difficult thing considering there was only one person he cared about, and that was Liz. He would make sure that no one found out her secret or she would be taken to a lab and caged like an experiment so quickly he wouldn’t even have time to blink.

Alec heard a faint scraping on the drainpipe he had climbed up before seeing a familiar head of dark hair pop over the edge of the roof. Liz’s face appeared next and her eyes landed on him, “Finally. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I should have known you’d pick the highest spot to go to. Ben did the same thing, must be something in the genes, like you’ve got bird DNA in you or something.”

“I came up here to be alone.”

“I know you did, and I was going to leave you to that but then I thought of something. Whenever I’m upset you don’t leave me alone to wallow in it, you stick by me and help me talk it out. So I’m doing the same for you. Because believe me when you’re upset, being by yourself isn’t always the answer. It can make it worse.”

“How so?”

“When Alex died, I completely shut myself off from everyone, I mean I’d talk to my friends, even went to Max’s house because I didn’t want to be alone but I couldn’t open up to anyone. I couldn’t tell them anything I was feeling, about how lost I was because the only friend I had who knew the real me was dead. That I couldn’t protect him.”

“Like I couldn’t protect Rachel.” Alec muttered interrupting. Liz’s head snapped to look at him in surprise so he elaborated. “I remember it now. I was already starting to remember bits and pieces but I didn’t know what it was. Then when you told me about I put two and two together. I came up here and focused on nothing but the little bit I did remember. And it came back to me, in excruciating detail.”

“I’m sorry Alec that you had to go through that. If I knew what I was dragging up when I got those flashes I never would have said anything.” Liz apologized.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know. And in a way I’m glad I know now.” Alec said.

“I couldn’t imagine forgetting something like that. I mean I hate Tess with a passion but at least she didn’t wipe away every memory that Alex existed to us.”

Wanting to drop the subject Alec asked, “So with this whole new skin ailment of yours should I like never touch you so that you don’t get my life story? Because with training that could get kind of hard.”

Liz pulled her sleeves back as she studied her arms, “I don’t think its going to last, at least to where it’s visible. It’s already been fading in and out. I think it’s just the final adjustment my body had to make, to multiply the energy more so that it has a power source for the powers to use.”

“Well I’ll got down to the supply room and see if I can’t get you a few shirts the next size up from yours, that way it’ll be easier to cover your hands if you need it.”

Liz smiled at him, “Thanks Alec. I don’t know how I’d be able to pull this off without you.”

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*big**big* I like your part, glad that Alec and Liz have a little chat!!!!!! *big**big*
Same question that GEZ1987. What the hell did Max (the king) and the other and Zack is returned to Maxie's house, no? Did he tell her that Liz is to Manticore too? and did he discover that she isn't escaped to this hell?
Write sooooooonnnnnn !!!!!!!!!

You'll find out what was happening in Roswell in the end chapters. Since this is an X-tremer fic, I wanted to concentrate on Alec and Liz.

As for Zack, he thinks she escaped. SHe told him she was going on a mission and would escape then before he himself escaped. But don't worry, he'll be back.
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Part 20

Over the next week, Liz and Alec discovered that Liz was right and the energy on her arms and hands disappeared. But not completely, Liz could still feel it coursing through her body. So during the times when they could get away without being missed they would go so Liz could practice her powers. Alec would keep lookout while examining what Liz was doing. It took her a little bit of time to get the hang of it but eventually she was able to change the color of things and change the temperature of stuff, not quite to boiling or freezing but there were temperature changes. She had yet to be able to undo a lock, something that would have aided her in her escape, but she could tell her powers were increasing so it was only a matter of time. For now she was happy that she was able to control them, a task she was glad to perform when her and Alec found out that they were going to be sent on another mission.

So a few hours after receiving their orders Liz was in her room putting on the black field uniform when the door suddenly burst open, “Liz are you…woah!”

Alec spun around to turn away from her half nude form as she yelled. “Alec! Don’t you knock!”

“Uh, sorry.” He said. Alec closed his eyes trying not to think of all of the skin he had seen, which was a lot since she had only been wearing her black combat pants. “I thought you would already be ready.”

“Well obviously I wasn’t.” Liz snapped. She quickly hooked her bra and pulled on her tanktop. Next came her long sleeve shirt, “Okay, it’s safe. How much did you see?”

Alec turned slowly around and saw that she was indeed fully dressed, “Nothing, it was all a blur.”

Liz breathed out a sigh of relief, “Good. We better get going.”

She grabbed her small backpack and the two headed out. They were going by helicopter again but this time they were going to the mountains. There was a private laboratory of a company who did genetic research much like Manticore’s. Not wanting the competition, Liz and Alec were to slip inside, set up some bugs and download their files, to see how far along they had gotten in their research to see if they jeopardized Manticore. If they did, another mission, one with a larger unit would go back to destroy the lab. Liz was thankful it wasn’t another assignation, just a simple information recovery. She looked over at Alec as they walked, “I guess I should take it as a good sign that they are trusting me more since we don’t have a surveillance team following us.”

“Yeah, but I’d take the surveillance team over the toxin any day.” Alec commented.

“True, but it’s a step.” Liz said looking at the situation in a positive light. She lowered her voice as she finished, “Then I’m out of here.”

“Yeah, out of here.” Alec muttered cheerlessly as they reached the helicopter.


The helicopter dropped them at the bottom of the peak that the lab was located on before departing. The lab’s security was tight, so tight that if the helicopter stayed for longer than a few minutes, it would be picked up and the mission would be a failure. That was why Manticore had wanted to send a small team. After they were done they were to proceed to a cabin farther away than the drop off point, call the success of the mission in and be picked up.

It was a four-hour hike up the mountain but it was easy climb for the two of them and they made good time. Through the trees they could see the lights given off by the laboratory. They knew that there were guards all over the place so they were silent, only communicating through hand signals. When they reached the perimeter fence, Liz pulled out a small signal jammer and aimed it at a nearby camera before pushing the button. The red light on top flashed as it did as it was supposed to, the signal that it emitted caused the cameras to loop what had previously been recorded over and over so that they would not be seen. With that task completed, using their enhanced muscles, they jumped the fence. It was cleared easily and as soon as their feet hit the ground they made their way to the building.

Although it was a smooth surface they managed to scale it until they got to the roof. They didn’t have to bother with climbing equipment thanks to their transgenic abilities. It was one of the reasons that Manticore made them that way. Alec led the way to an access panel that once removed, would allow them entry to the building. They quickly got it off and checked their watches. They knew the guards patrolling schedule and one had just past one minute ago, which meant they had nine minutes until the next one would pass. They dropped inside. They both had weapons drawn as they did just in case a guard was close by that shouldn’t be. Thankfully there wasn’t.

Following the blueprints they had memorized on the trip there they wound through the corridors and down the stairs until they came to the office of the head director of the lab. The lab was locked with several high power locks that would only be opened by the keyless entry pad located next to the door. The director and a few other high-ranking officials of the lab were the only ones to have the code so they would have to bypass. Which they could do thanks to Op-Tech.

Alec pulled out one of his own gadgets to do the job. His looked like a small remote or cellphone because of its number pad on the front. Alec pulled out a small wire and placed it so it was touching the key panel before he tapped in the appropriate numbers and the device started doing its job. Within thirty seconds it had deciphered the code and it appeared on the device’s small screen. Alec tapped in the code and the locks disengaged.

They hurried inside and shut the door behind them. Once they did they knew it was safe to talk. Alec checked his watch and said, “We’re down to seven minutes, I’ll take the computer, you copy the hard files.”

Liz nodded and the two got to work. The computers were already booted up so Alec pulled up the appropriate files and started pulling out all the disks he had stashed in his jacket. As he started copying all of the research files, Liz went through the filing cabinets. She bypassed all the employee files and other things and went straight for the research ones. There wasn’t much since Liz figured they didn’t want them to fall into the wrong hands and kept most of the information in the computers. She finished making copies of them before putting them in a folder and sliding them into her pack.

She headed over to Alec and looked over his shoulder, “How are you doing?”

“Almost done.”

Liz looked over the screen trying to read the files but Alec’s efficiency and the speed of the computers made it hard. A few more minutes and he pulled the last disk out and secured it back in his jacket. He then pulled another disk and loaded in another program that would send all further files saved to be sent discreetly to Manticore through the computer’s modem. The lab techs working on them would never know.

Once he was done he returned the computer to the way he found it and the two left. They had one minute left before the next patrol would come by and they needed to get out. They were halfway there when they turned the corner only to find a guard staring at them from his position thirty feet away. Alec moved quickly to intercept him but not before the guard was able to trigger an alarm he had attached to his radio and the hall was consumed with the alarm lights and sounds. They stepped over the unconscious guard and hurried back to their exit. But they didn’t make it.

Alec and Liz were a hundred feet away when half a dozen guards cut them off, all shooting at them. They moved to back track but found that way was cut off in the same fashion. Liz saw a door and shot out the lock before she grabbed Alec’s arm and dragged him into it. Acting on instinct Liz placed her hand over the lock and concentrated with her powers. It heated up the metal and melted the damaged lock. “Okay, now how do we get out of here?”

Alec looked around before spotting a possibility. There was a dumbwaiter, probably used to move equipment back and forth between this lab and the one underneath, off to the side in one of the walls. “You’re going to go down that to the next floor and get out. I’ll be right behind you.”

Liz moved over next to it and looked at the small elevator then back at Alec, “Why don’t you go first, then I can melt the door so that they can’t follow.”

“Don’t worry they’re not going to follow.” Alec said looking over the rest of the lab, getting more ideas. He could also see that Liz wasn’t going to listen to him.

“What are you…” Liz didn’t even get the words out of her mouth before Alec scooped her up, and dropped her through the door of the shaft. She reacting as quickly as she could and caught herself before she hit the bottom. She crawled out of the door and yelled into her comlink that linked her to Alec. “When I get my hands on you.”

“Liz get out of there, the guards are concentrating on this floor, so go out the nearest window. I’ll be right behind you.” Alec yelled back.

Despite being furious with him as well as concerned she listened to him and found the first window that would open before slipping out of it. She was almost to the fence when there was an explosion, right in the lab where she had left Alec. “ALEC!!!”

Just teasing....

She got up from where she’d been thrown by the blast and started heading back to the burning building to get Alec. She only took a few steps before she was grabbed from behind. She grabbed the arm that was wrapped around her neck and threw her assailant over her head. When he hit the ground she heard a familiar voice, “Damn it Liz are you trying to kill me?”

She looked down at Alec’s face as he got up. She felt relieve wash over her then anger. “What did you think you were doing in there? You couldn’t have gotten yourself killed!” She yelled then her voice softened as she looked him in the eye, “I can’t do this without you.”

Alec was surprised by her words and was about to say something when a bullet whizzed by them and struck the ground close by. That event brought them back to what was going on around them. He grabbed her hand and started racing for the fence. They made it unharmed, jumped and ran off into the woods.


Hmm....what's going to happen next?

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Part 21

“We’ve got about three hours until they pick us up.” Alec stated as he disconnected the call. After the hike down the mountain, they had found the house and he had immediately contacted headquarters for a pickup. They needed to get back before their time was up. They didn’t want to get stuck up there and not be able to get the antidote to the toxin.

“Fine with me, the longer we’re away from that hellhole the better for me.” Liz said. She dumped her pack on the couch and decided she might as well explore the small cabin. Not that there was much to explore, the cabin was pretty much one room with a living area and cooking area with a bed on the other side of the room. She opened the only other door she saw besides the one that led outside and squealed.

Alec jerked his head in her direction, “What?”

“The bathroom, there’s a tub in it.”

“So?” He said as he came up behind her to look inside.

“So I’m going to take a bath. You know Manticore’s not really into the luxuries. Now I just have to find something for bubbles.” Liz said excitedly as she started looking through the barren cabinets.

Alec watched her and couldn’t get over how she could be excited over something as simple as a bath. Then the vision of Liz soaking in the tub flashed through his mind and he felt himself getting excited. After Liz was done he had a feeling he was going to have to take a cold shower.

“AH HAH!” Liz squealed again pulling out a small bottle of shampoo. She had found a small toiletry kit hidden in one cabinet obviously left there for someone who was passing through on a mission who needed to clean up. She reached around and turned the faucet on with full blast hot and put in a small amount of the shampoo in. Like she knew it would, bubbles started to form. She was about to pull her shirt up over her head when she realized that Alec was still there, “Huh, a little privacy?”

“Sure.” Alec said before slipping out of the bathroom and shutting the door.

As soon as she heard the door click shut, Liz started to strip. First she pulled her long sleeve shirt over her head and then pulled off her pants. Next to go was her tanktop and undergarments before she turned off the water and climbed in. As she sunk in and was enveloped in the warm soothing water she couldn’t help but vocalize her pleasure.

Alec’s head shot up from where he was looking through the pantry for something edible when he heard something from the bathroom. Did Liz just moan? He couldn’t have just heard that, after all it was just a bath. He didn’t get why girls were so into that stuff. He wished she hurry up because he wanted to talk to her, find out what she meant when she had said that she couldn’t make it without him. Did she mean she couldn’t get out of the hairy situation they had been in without him or more? He would have to wait to find out because he knew if he tried to go back in the bathroom, she’d probably try to kick his ass.

Liz soaked in the tub enjoying her bath and let all of her thoughts swim around in her head. She had let her guard down when she had spoken her thoughts to Alec. But she had been scared when she saw how close he had been to getting killed. She knew he had done it to protect her but she was still upset. She knew that Alec would ask her about it. She had seen the questioning look in his eyes when she had said it. And he was too much of an up front person to not ask her about it. So now she had to decide what to say.

She had realized a while ago that she cared about Alec, as more than a friend. At first she had blown it off as just pure physical attraction she had felt when she was in heat. After all Alec was very good looking, to put it in tame terms. To put him in more descriptive terms, he was gorgeous with his hazel eyes, annoying smirk, and awesome body. When she figured out that it wasn’t purely physical, she said it was because she had been lonely and cut off from other people. But the attraction was still there when she had been able to be around others. Granted they weren’t great company but she was still around people. So that was when she figured out that she had fallen for Alec. But she had kept her feelings to herself. And now she figured that at least part of them would come out. How would he react to it?

Deciding there was no more procrastinating, Liz got up and toweled off. After all they only had a few hours until they were going back to Manticore and she wanted to get it out before they got there. She pulled back on her clothes except only pulling on her tanktop and carrying out her long sleeve shirt. She saw Alec standing by the kitchen, “I was looking for some food.”

“Find anything?”

“Not much. Feel better?” Alec said studying her. She looked like she felt better. He could see some moisture still clinging to the skin left bare by her tank top.

“Only about a thousand times.” Liz answered. “Shouldn’t have to wait long if you want to take a shower.”

“I will in a little while.” Alec stated.

“Okay.” It was the last thing said between the two for some time as they figured out what to say. Then Alec finally broke the silence. “What did you mean back there? When you said you couldn’t do it without me?”

“Every morning I wake up in the one place in the world that is pure torture to me.” Liz said starting to explain. “Knowing that I’ll see you and be able to talk to you soon gets me going in the morning. If you weren’t there, I’d probably go insane. That’s what I meant when I said I couldn’t do it without you.”

Her statement surprised Alec. She had basically admitted to caring for him. But how much did she? Did she care about him, even love him as much as he did her. “So what does that mean? What do you want?”

Liz looked at him, his eyes, cheeks, nose, lips and decided to do something she had wanted to do for a very long time. She leaned in, and kissed him. Her lips soft, gentle, and the kiss full of question.

He saw her coming towards him, he saw her lips move towards his, and he was in shock when he actually felt them. It was tentative, and unsure. Her lips brushed against his, but she didn’t feel him respond so she pulled away, looking up into his wide hazel eyes. She swallowed unsure, not knowing if the reason he didn’t respond was because it was her, or because he was too shocked by what she did? She saw the questioning look in his eyes, and decided to try again. This time she leaned in, and kissed him with more force.

Alec felt her lips on his again, this time more demanding, but this time he reacted. His arms came up and pulled her towards him. His mouth moved against hers, and heard a small moan, as she pressed her small body against his. His mind then got some focus and he pulled back, “Liz… what are you…”

She stopped him with a finger to his lips. “You asked me what I wanted…” She smiled seductively at him, and he swallowed hard. “And it’s you.”


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Part 22

You asked me what I wanted…” She smiled seductively at him, and he swallowed hard. “And it’s you.”

Her voice was raspy, seductive and before she had a chance to let reason into her brain, she crashed her lips against his again. His mouth was hot and urgent over hers, almost instantly taking over the kiss. The fact that she had initiated it gave him that much more fever to reciprocate. He had waited for a sign that this was really what she wanted, that she knew what she was doing. When she arched towards him pushing her breasts against his chest, it was all the reassurance he needed. His hand found it's way up her back and laced itself inside the tiny tank top she wore. He untangled them so that he could reach further up and pulled the tight braid out of her hair. He had wanted to run his hands through her soft hair for so long that he wasn’t going to deny himself the pleasure of it now.

Alec thought of her words and knew he should ask her to explain more. But with the feel of her body pressing against him, her tongue moving against his, and her hands going up his shirt and now roaming over his bare chest, he was quickly loosing his reasoning power.

Liz’s thoughts were the same way. She knew they should stop, figure out whatever was between them but she couldn’t. She wanted this time with him, away from Manticore, Lydecker, and everything else. She felt herself quickly losing herself in him, her senses were drowning in the man before her, and she couldn’t think of a better way to die. If the need she felt to have him around before was great, the need that was growing in her for him now was overpowering. His hands traveled down over her heated skin, down to her hips, pulling her closer to him, and she moaned at the contact. The feel of his skin against hers, but she needed more.

Her hands moved to her top and soon his were there, helping her pull it over her head then her bra was quickly discarded as well. She was about to cover herself but his hands found her. His palms covering her breasts, squeezing them, his mouth moving to the tender skin of her neck. Her head fell back, her mouth opened moaning, her back arching.

Liz's hands traveled Alec's back, and she arched her spine, tilting her head back so he had better access to her neck. He planted kisses all along the soft skin there, leaving, Liz was sure, more than a couple of hickeys and several scrape marks from his teeth. He caressed her with his fingertips, driving her wild, before using a rougher touch to make her moan. He rubbed the pads of his thumbs over the hardened peaks of her nipples, before leaning down and pulling one into his mouth.

"Alec! Alec, yes..." Liz was nearly mindless with wanting by this time already. Their desire for one another was like a fire fed by the only thing that could put it out. The only way to fill their need for one another, was by touching, kissing. But with every touch, Liz and Alec just seemed to need one another that much more. Every kiss made their desire that more intense. They were both sweating, shaking. It was primitive in a way.

Liz knew she'd tried to restrain herself when in a heated makeout session with Max especially when the whole thing with the orb had happened, she had been scared that she’d hurt him. But she didn’t have to restrain herself at all with Alec. Something told her he preferred it that way. And something about him made it impossible for her to hold back. It was like they had been building up to this from the moment they'd met. She'd wanted him so badly, despite her dedication to Max. She'd fought that fact for a long time but mindless as she was with passion, she experienced clarity where her feelings for Alec were concerned that she'd never had before. And she wanted him, wanted to take what she’d been denying herself.

There was no denying that Alec wanted her every bit as much as she wanted him. He was every bit as wild and primitive in his passion as she was. He, too, had always had to restrain himself with lovers. He probably could have ended up killing one of them if he'd just let himself lose control like he was doing with Liz. She'd probably have a dozen bruises by this time tomorrow. And even the fellow transgenics he'd had encounters with would probably have been uncomfortable with his lack of control. That's Manticore for you, nice and repressed. There was no repressing himself now, even if he'd wanted to. Alec knew he'd wanted her long before now, he'd just always been able to call upon his better sense to keep from acting on that want. "Liz, I want you so badly..."

He reached down to undo her pants, and saw his hands were shaking and it took him longer than it should have. Liz reached up with one hand and caressed the back of Alec's neck, brushing her fingertips over his barcode. With the other hand she stopped his hand on her waist and began tugging at Alec's jeans even before she'd gotten them unfastened. "Yes, Alec...I want you, too."

Finally, the pants came unbuttoned, and Liz and Alec both pushed them down Alec's hips. He moved away for just a moment to pull them off completely, along with his boots. Then he went to work on Liz’s clothing. His touched changed to gentle as he unlaced her boots and pulled them off. He pressed her back so she was laying on her back on the bed as he undid her pants and pulled them off along with her underwear. Wanting to be rid of the rest of his clothing he pulled off his underwear and kneeled in front to gaze at her.

Her long, silky hair he'd always found sexy was fanned out behind her, her eyes were almost black with desire while her lips were puffy from their kissing. He moved his eyes down to her perfect breasts, the same ones he had accidentally seen only hours ago when he had barged into her cell. She had a trim body, fit and tanned despite how much time they spent inside, her skin that he now knew was so smooth and soft. He moved his gaze down to the little junction between her legs and he could smell her desire. She was perfect in every way.

Liz had always known Alec was gorgeous. His face was sinfully attractive, and his eyes. There wasn't an inch of Alec that wasn't perfect in every way. From his biceps, to his abs, to his thighs, to his… Liz felt silly when her eyes widened at the sight of Alec's erection. But she couldn't help it.

Later, neither remembered who moved first, but suddenly their moment of silent appraisal was over. Tentatively, their lips met and all the passion inside of them just exploded. They fell back upon the mattress, with Alec on top of Liz. He trailed his hands over every inch of her lovely skin, as she mimicked his movements. When his hands went back to her breasts, she gasped, and reached down to grasp him in her hand. Alec had to grit his teeth against the sensations that flooded him when she did that. His whole body went still as she began to stroke him.

Suddenly, he pulled away, out of her reach; not sure he could handle her touch at that moment. Instead, he began a trail of kisses down her body. Liz moaned. "Alec...Alec, please..."

He couldn’t help but smile as her fingers clenched the bed sheets beneath them; they were so taut he couldn’t believe they hadn’t ripped. He felt Liz quiver everywhere his lips touched her skin. And then he was kneeling between her knees, parting her thighs so his hand could slip between them to caress her. Liz nearly shot off the bed.

The need to slip himself inside the moist folds he was touching was so great, it nearly undid him. Liz was going crazy beneath him. He wanted her begging by the time that he finally joined them. By that time, he figured he would be ready to beg himself. Alec spread Liz's thighs wide, grabbing her legs under the knees to hold them apart. Then he leaned over, replacing his fingers with his tongue darting it inside her body before moving upwards and using it to tease her clit. He'd barely done this when Liz suddenly went rigid beneath him, her eyes flying open. "Alec!"

And then she broke. She felt like pleasure was coursing like waves through every nerve of body. It took her a few minutes to recover but when she did she felt need all over again. She needed him inside of her. "Alec... Alec, please..."

Alec saw the urgency in Liz's expression and could no longer hold to his intention to draw out the madness of their lovemaking. Liz was pulling at him, trying to draw him up on top of her, and with a groan Alec complied. He rose up over her and took position between her parted thighs. He kept his hands hooked under her knees, so that her legs were drawn up with him, opening her for him completely. With one smooth, fast motion, he thrust completely inside of her, and he felt something rip. Her hips bucked against him and she whimpered loudly. That was when Alec realized that Liz had been a virgin. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I never thought to,” Liz said.

“I could have been gentler.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” Liz said as she leaned up and kissed him before letting her tongue claim his neck. He felt her hips move underneath him and took it as a queue to move. Her hands ran over his hardback muscles as he moved within her. Her legs wrapped around him, begging him to go deeper.

She reached for his behind, and squeezed, making him lose his rhythm as he impaled her. His breath quickened as he caught her ear lobe with his teeth, lightly biting down, but not hard enough to break the skin.

From that moment on, Alec's body started to move with its own will. Faster, harder, deeper. He couldn't have stopped if he'd wanted to. Meanwhile, Liz could only moan his name again and again. Alec's weight was pinning her down so that she couldn't even move her hips to meet his thrusts. She could only lie there, nails digging into the flesh of his lower back, his buttocks, as Alec drove her into oblivion.

"Yes, yes..." Liz repeated, nearly breathless, until her moans became screams as her climax hit her. Her whole body shook with the effect. Alec growled, the primitive pleasure of having satisfied her making his kiss rough as he placed his mouth over hers, swallowing her cries. Liz's orgasm just seemed to continue, and not moments after it had begun, Alec began to climax, as well.

"Liz!" He grabbed her hip with one hand, bringing the other up to fist in her hair once again, holding her to him in a kiss as he began to seek completion. The both of them were moaning and crying out each others' names by the time Alec thrust into Liz for the last time, shaking as he emptied himself inside of her. He mumbled incoherently into her shoulder, collapsing on top of her. Liz lay beneath him, trying to catch her breath.

"Alec..." She turned so that she could plant a light kiss on his brow. He felt her hands start to move over his shoulders, and he tensed slightly, a sharp intake of breath coming from him, as they moved over the skin.

“What’s wrong?” came a soft, concerned voice from under him.

He moved up slightly, bracing himself on his arm to look down at her. Her legs having moved back around his waist, keeping him where he was. “Nothings wrong,” he told her. Seeing the happy look on her face, the content look in her eyes. That and the fact that she actually wasn’t looking like she was going to kill him at that moment, made him not care about the small amount of pain.

She looked up at him, and then looked at her hand. Her eyes focused on the red beneath her nails. “Oh my God…” She gasped as she realized what she did. “Alec… I’m sorry… I...”

He cut her off with a soft kiss, and then pulled away, “It was more than worth it.”

Her eyes widened, “Um, we didn’t use…anything.”

“For one, remember birth control in the food, Secondly, there’s a very slim chance that you could get pregnant without being in heat, only if we went at it for a few straight days, not that I’m not all for that.” Liz slapped his shoulder lightly as he captured her lips. This time when they pulled away Liz asked, “Alec, if I can get away, I want you to go with me.”

Alec looked down at her, and took a deep breath, “Liz…”

He smiled down at her, and moved his hips slightly, watching her mouth open, a small gasp coming from her. Her eyes opening again to look back up at him, as he spoke. “After this, do you have to ask?”

Liz smiled back at him, “I just wanted to be sure, I mean you don’t know anything but life in Manticore and having to go on the outside permanently could be scary.”

“It’s not like I’m some naïve drone who doesn’t know what’s out here.” Alec stated. He withdrew out of her and rolled over on his back. But he didn’t want to loose contact with her so he pulled her along with him. One of his arms was wrapped around her.

“True.” Liz said snuggling up against his chest. She smiled against the toned muscle as she felt the hand wrapped around her start to play with her hair. “I just love you too much to leave you there.”

She felt Alec’s body go ridged underneath her and became confused. “Alec? What’s wrong?”

“You love me?” Alec asked still not quite being able to grasp what she had said.

Liz’s eyes went wide when she realized that she had indeed said she loved him, as he kept staring at her she slowly nodded. She studied his face to see what he was thinking. She knew he cared about her but did he love her back? “You don’t have to say it back Alec. But I do love you. Some time during these last few months it developed slowly to where I practically didn’t know. But when I thought you were in that lab when it exploded, I knew it.”

Alec watched the fear come into her eyes at the thought of what had happened, he hadn’t meant to scare her like that but in a way he was glad he did. It had brought what they had just done on. “Liz, I feel the same way. It scares the hell out of me, especially after what we found out but I can’t help but love you. I hate to admit it but there were times that I was scared that you’d escape and I’d never see you again.”

“So how are we going to work this?” Liz asked. “I mean it’s not like Manticore encourages their soldiers to date within their units.”

“We’ll just keep it a secret until we get away.” Alec said. He leaned over and kissed her gently. “We’ll make it work.”


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Just to let you all know, I started posting my Khivar/Liz fic. It's called Don't Believe Everything You've Heard.

Part 23

Alec and Liz spent there remaining few hours of freedom in each other’s arms. They made love again, at a slower gentler pace before taking a shower. They had just made themselves more presentable when they heard the familiar chopping sound of the helicopter approaching. Alec leaned over and gave Liz a quick kiss, the last one that they would share for some time and the two headed out to meet up with the helicopter.

They were quiet on the trip back, not trusting to act like they were supposed to if they spoke, and they soon found themselves landing back at Manticore. Like before they were first led to the infirmary and supplied the antidote then it was on towards Lydecker’s office. But that’s not where they end up. They went to an office a few doors down and when they entered were met with the sight of a stern looking woman with short blonde hair sitting at the desk. A plague on her desk stated the name Renfro. “494, 435, come in.”

They walked in and stood at attention in front of her desk, she stood up and walked around to the front of it. “I’m sure you’re wondering why you were reporting to me, and not Colonel Lydecker. The Colonel is away from the facility at the moment and we wanted your reports as soon as you came in. I trust everything went well.”

“Yes, ma’am. 435 and myself recovered all the files regarding their research and uploaded the file export program before leaving. We did run into some problems when security became aware of our presence but we were able to escape safely with everything intact.” Alec reported before handing over what they had collected from the lab.

“Excellent job. I have read the Colonel’s reports on both of your missions since 435s capture as well your record before 494. Superior performance. That is why I hate doing this.” Renfro stated before leaning over and pushing a button on her desktop. Half a dozen soldiers, regular and X5 entered the room and surrounded Alec. They had the element of surprise on him and before either of them new what had happened, Alec was detained. Liz looked on in horror and was about to intercede when she saw Alec motioning for her to stay. So she stood there helpless, as he was drug out of the room. When the door shut behind them, Renfro spoke, “Until further notice you are reassigned to unit Alpha. 494 has been placed on the inactive list while he evaluated in PsyOps.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Liz managed to answer despite the sudden dryness in her mouth that had occurred at the mention that Alec had been sent to PsyOps. Why would they suddenly send him back? “Permission to speak freely?”

Renfro took a moment to eye her before speaking, “Permission granted.”

“I was just curious why 494 had been assigned to PsyOps.” Liz stated trying to keep the emotion out of her voice. She didn’t want him in there. Not after the hell that he had experienced the last time he was in there. Not with knowing what it was like herself.

“It has come to our attention that 494 might possibly suffer from a genetic defect that could lead to a mental illness. We were made aware of this defect when reports that his twin, 493, had committed several ‘unusual’ and vicious homicides since his escape. We wanted to determine that 494 did not have the same mental illness that his twin had been inflicted with. He shouldn’t be in there for more than six months.” Renfro explained as she continued to study Liz, “You are also one of the escapees, in 493’s unit, do you have any idea why 493 would have turn what seems to be insane?”

‘Gee, could it be from growing up in here?’ Liz thought but answered, “No ma’am. I had no contact with any of the other after our escape.”

“734 said the same thing. Hopefully our testing on 494 as well as 493 will shed some light.” Renfro stated. “It is unfortunate that 493 was in the state that he was in when we secured him.”

Renfro saw the confusion in Liz’s eyes and added, “Oh forgive me, I forgot to tell you that we were able to locate 493 but he was deceased. It is with remorse that I inform you of this.”

Liz barely heard Renfro as her words sunk in, Ben was dead. Her sweet soft-spoken brother was dead. He was no longer around to tell stories or make shadow puppets. She knew that she hadn’t seen him in ten years but she still felt his loss. She came back to the scene in front of her just in time to hear Renfro. “We were hoping to obtain the rest of your unit and after reindoctoritation, rebuild your old unit. But it looks like you will be one short.”

‘Two’ Liz couldn’t help but think as she remembered when Lydecker gunned Eva down as they tried to escape. But she just answered as she was supposed to. “Yes, ma’am.”

“You are to report to your new unit first thing tomorrow, dismissed.”

Liz left the office then and headed towards her cell, as she did she tried to figure what to do next. Alec was locked away from her, she had to get him out somehow but first she had something to do. And she knew just how to do it. She changed her course and headed instead for Alec’s room. Once there she let herself in and shut the door behind her. Manticore didn’t believe in them being able to lock their doors so getting in was easy. She walked over to his cot and propped it up so she could get underneath. Alec had loosened one of the bricks there and she slid it out. Behind it was all of Alec’s stores for his scams. All of the pills and other contraband he sold to the guards as well as the money he had collected. She stashed it in her uniform before replacing the brick and leaving.

Her next stop was to find the highest-ranking guard that Alec sold to. . After finding out about the scams, Liz had started giving her meds to Alec so that he could sell them too. Following that he had told her all the details of his scams, who he sold to, who got what, everything. And she was going to use that information to her advantage.

It took some searching but she finally found the man she was looking for. Giving off the appearance of confidence, she walked right up to him. “I need a favor.”

“I’m not here to do you favors.” He stated.

“I think you will” Liz said pulling out a little baggy and dangled it in his face.

The guard’s eyes widened in shock but quickly tried to cover it up. His face turned serious. “I don’t have any business with that or you.”

“Oh not according to the facts I’ve got. I happen to know you have a little obsession with these little pills.” Liz stated then moved to look him right in the eyes. “And with 494 in PsyOps for an unknown period of time who do you think you’re going to get your supply from? Me. But I might not be so willingly if I can’t reek the added benefits of the agreement.”

The guard seemed to think it over before nodding. “What do you need?”

“First off, I need you to take me to the morgue, I want to look at the body of the X5 they recovered.” Liz explained. She handed him the baggy and he directed her down the hall. They went down into the basement and Liz couldn’t help but cringe when they passed the cells that housed Manticore’s failures, the nomalies. She hated the thought that Ben was down here, it was the place he was most scared of. They approached the door and the guard stepped aside. “They’re just about to do the preliminarily autopsy so he’ll be laid out on one of the tables. Try to hurry.”

Liz nodded, took a deep breath and entered. Although transgenics had a higher body temperature, she felt chilled. As she hugged herself she realized that it wasn’t from the lower temperature of the room but wariness of being in the room. She saw that most of the stainless steel tables were empty, only one was occupied and was covered with a sheet. It had to be Ben.

She walked over to it and prepared herself for seeing him then pulled the sheet back. As she did, Ben’s face came into view and she was taken aback. She had to remind herself that it wasn’t Alec lying there dead. But where that thought made her feel better, it also saddened her because it forced her to accept that the guy who she had been raised with as a brother, was dead. That it was his lifeless body lying in front of her. She felt tears falling down her cheeks, she couldn’t hold it in. “I know what they said, that you killed those people but I know that it was because of them. That it was this place that did it to you. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you in some way.”

She brushed the tears away and said, “You were a good soldier Ben. And although they’re so close, the nomalies aren’t going to get you.”

She reached up and covered him back up . As she did she whispered, “Goodbye Ben, just remember you still have siblings who love you.”

Liz turned then and felt the need to get away as quickly as possible. She reached the door and followed the guard back to the main level. She didn’t have to report to her new Unit until the morning so she decided to spend some time in her cell. When she got there she extracted all of the pills and cash from her clothes and hid them out of sight. She then lay down and started to figure out how to get her and Alec out of there. It was going to take awhile, longer than she wanted but she was going to do it.

**Runs out the door before people start to throw things.

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Part 24

Over the next few weeks Liz planned and calculated her and Alec’s escape. It was taking longer than expected because most of the units were out on missions. As a matter of fact, half of her own new unit was out on a mission but she had been kept there. She had a feeling that Renfro did not trust her like Lydecker and considered a liability. And because there were less transgenics, the guards had less to watch over. But she was cut some slack from the guards she had under her scams. She did her training as much as she was expected to and on her off-hours she worked on her powers. They were increasing in power and she could now pop locks. So now she just had to wait for the right time and they were out of there.

She missed Alec. She missed his smile, she missed seeing his face everyday, she even missed his smartassness. It wasn’t fair that once they found each other they were split apart. She wanted to be with him. To lie in his arms like the one night that they had. Even one kiss would satisfy her.

She was walking through one of the corridors when an X6 approached her and told her that Renfro wanted to speak to her. Curious as to why she headed towards the area that housed the offices. As she moved towards Renfro’s office she had to pass Lydecker's. She had not seen Lydecker since her and Alec had received their orders for their last mission. At first the guards had told her that he had been spending a lot of time away from the base as he was attempting to lock down the location of another one of the X5 escapees. Then they told her a rumor that he’d fallen out of favor of the committee who were the head of Manticore and shortly after was reported to have killed Agent Sandoval, one of his underlings. Liz didn’t know what to believe but kept her nose to the ground to find out more.

She knocked on the office door and heard Renfro order for her to enter. As she did she saw that Brin had also been called and her curiosity was peaked. She moved to stand next to her sister and waited to see what was going on. The platinum blonde walked around them studying them as she said, “X5-656 was undergoing experimental treatment for a genetic anomaly that was diagnosed when we first recaptured her. Unfortunately because of Lydecker's interference she is now deceased.”

Liz felt like her heart clench at her statement. 656 was their oldest sister, Tinga and she was dead. The guards hadn’t even told her that she had been recaptured, she must have been taken to a different facility. Liz was starting to feel like she would never see any of her siblings again, at least not alive. Within a few weeks she had already lost two so what would the next few weeks bring? She glanced over at Brin and noticed that she didn’t seem surprised to hear of Tinga’s capture.

“I'm sorry for your loss. I... I know how much you were both looking forward to having your sister back at Manticore.” Renfro said as she came back around facing them. But for all of her concern, just like when she had informed her of Ben’s death, Liz could tell she didn’t give a damn about how they felt. But she didn’t say anything about it. Only nodded along with Brin’s words. “I was, ma'am. Thank you for your condolences.”

Liz was surprised when she thought she saw sorrow in Brin’s eyes. Could there still be a part, no matter how small, of her old self in there? Maybe she wasn’t a lost cause after all. A minute later Renfro dismissed them and they left.

When they were away from the offices Liz stopped Brin, “We you on the mission that captured 656?”

“Yes.” Brin answered simply.

“Why wasn’t she brought back here?”

“You heard Renfro, she needed treatment, treatment that she must not have been able to get here so she was taken another one.” Brin explained.

“Do you know what this anomaly was?”

“Probably had something to do with her being able to pass her transgenic genes on to her son.”

“She had a child?” Liz asked surprised.

“Yes, we captured him and decided to use him as bait to draw 656 out. It worked but 599 and 452 interfered and he was able to escape.”

Liz took in what she said and couldn’t believe she had heard it. They had used Tinga’s son against her, to try and capture them both and bring them back. But Zack and her sister Max had stopped them. She wondered if they knew Tinga was now dead. She looked up and saw Brin staring at her, “Are we done?”

“Yes, I was interested in 656’s capture, thank you.”

Brin nodded before stepping past Liz. As she did, she bumped into Liz’s shoulder. The moment that she came into contact with Liz, Liz was hit with flashes.

“We've got teams sweeping the compound, but according to control, there's no one out there.” Brin informed Renfro who was sitting in front of her.

“Yeah, that's because they hacked a fake feed into the damn surveillance system.” Renfro stated.

The scene changed suddenly and Liz focused on it.

Brin was in one of the corridors. Liz recognized it as one by the genetics lab. She appeared to be fighting someone. The person she was fighting was about the same height as her, with shoulder length curly black hair and big brown eyes. She wore black battle gear. She knocks Brin down and handcuffs a leg and a hand of Brin's to a nearby bar. “Someday you'll thank me for this.”

“You have no idea what you're doing. That's us back there.”
“No that’s us out there!” The girl said pointing out the window. Liz could see it was dark out and could hear alarms signaling intruders were on the base. The girl looked back down at Brin, “Come with me.”

“Never.” The girl only looked onto her sadly before taking off.

The flash suddenly ended and Liz found herself alone in the corridor. She rested her back against the wall and tried to figure out what the flash had been of. She was sure it hadn’t been a flash of the past, Brin looked like she did now and there had not been any alarms like the one she had heard since Brin had been back. Even during the times she had been off base. So did that mean she had seen the future? It had to be. So what should she do with this information?

The girl in the flash seemed to care about Brin, could she be another one of their sisters? But which one? That she didn’t know, all she did know was that the diversion she had been waiting for was coming. She would just have to sneak out of her cell each night and be prepared when it came.


A few hours after lights out Liz used her powers to turn her clothes from blue to black so that she would blend in easier. Next she put her hand over the lock and undid it. She stuck her head out and made sure that the hall was empty. It was and she started moving down the hall. She stayed in the shadows and away from the cameras. It would do no good if she got caught by one of the surveillance cameras. She’d probably get taken down to solitary and wouldn’t do her or Alec any good.

She made her to one of the corridor intersections and saw that she was directly across from the X7s barracks. Not being able to resist she took a peak. Inside were younger duplicates of her and her siblings. There was a little Krit, Syl, Jack, Brin, Max even her. It made her understand how Isabel and Michael must have felt when Lonnie and Rath had come to town. It was strange seeing them. They were the same age that they had been when they had escaped. She wondered if the X7s ever thought about leaving like they had. Did they dream about what was over the walls? Had they came up with their own names?

She shook herself out of musings and moved further down the hall. She hadn’t gone that far when alarms started going off. Knowing she didn’t have much time, she hurried towards the genetics lab.

**Disclaimer: LIz's vision is from the S1 finale of DA and not mine.**
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Part 25

Stealthily she made her way to where she knew Brin would be. As she hurried down the corridor Liz saw Brin and the mystery girl about 50 feet away from each other. Liz sped up and covered the distance quickly. She reached Brin before the girl and hit her from behind. Brin fell forward on the floor and landed unconscious at the mysterious girl’s feet. The girl looked up at Liz in shock but kept up her guard. She wasn’t sure if Liz was a friend or enemy. Liz held up her hands, “Hey I’m on your side.”

“Who are you?”

“You’re one of the escapees too aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” The girl said.

“Well, I’m your sister Liz.” Liz said introducing herself. Before either of them could say another figure came running down the hall. “Maxie we need to get moving.”

“Zack!” Liz screamed as she recognized her oldest brother. He looked a lot better than the last time she had seen him. He looked at her confused. “Liz, I thought you escaped.”

“I can’t believe it’s you Liz.” Maxie said. Liz could tell that Max was happy to see her even if the circumstances at the moment weren't ideal.

The alarms were still going off and Zack knew that they needed to move. “Guys, we can have the family reunion later. Now we need to get out of here.”

Zack picked up Brin and started to lead them away but Liz stopped him, “I’ve got to go to PsyOps first.”

“We don’t have time.” He said.

“I don’t care. I have to go to PsyOps, I’m not leaving Alec behind. So you can either go with me and help or get the hell out of my way.” Liz yelled. She didn’t wait for his answer as she hurried in the direction of PsyOps.

Zack looked after her for a minute then handed Brin over to Max. “Go on. We’ll be right after you.”

Max nodded, secured Brin on her shoulder and headed for the perimeter fence. Normally she’d ignore Zack and follow them but she had to get Brin out of there. And she knew that if anyone would get Liz and whoever Alec was, Zack could.

Zack caught up quickly with Liz and the two made their way to the barracks of PsyOps. They ran into a few guards but they made quick work of them and continued on. Liz found the barrack number that one of the guards had been able to get for her and with the wave of her hand, unlocked the door. Zack was checking the hallway so he didn’t even see her. She wretched open the door and went inside. Her heart about broke when she did.

A very worn looking Alec was splayed out on a cot with his eyes close. She saw various marks on him that confirmed that he had been put through all kinds of tests. She made her way next to him and shook him gently, not wanting to frighten him, “Alec, Alec wake up.”

His eyes slowly opened and she saw the hazel eyes she had missed so much, “Liz?”

“It’s me. Come on, we’re getting out of here.” Liz said. “Do you need some help?”

“I think I can make it.” He answered.

Despite what he said, Liz leaned over and helped him up. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door where Zack had been standing guard. Zack saw that they got what they came for and said, “This way.”

The three X5s hurried down the corridors, taking out guards when they came across them until finally they reached a door that led to the outside. They shoved it open and hurried out into the yard. It was in chaos. Searchlights were everywhere and the alarms could still be heard. They ran quickly and it wasn’t long before they were at the fence. They cleared it easily and once they were on the other side Liz could hear Zack talking into his comlink, “I’m clear.”

Liz was surprised when the sound of an explosion roared up behind them. She took a minute to look behind her and saw the building that she had been trapped in for months, ablaze, the flames seemed to start at the genetics lab and branch out from there. Now she knew what Zack, Max and however many others that had come with them had been doing there. They had gone to hit Manticore at the heart of its operations. She knew that next to the lab was the computer room where all of their research information was stored. They would have nothing to continue their work with, everything was lost. As Zack yelled for her to come on she felt a smile of satisfaction come across her face. But it was quickly wiped off when a bullet hit her the arm.

The impact from the shot sent her towards the ground but Alec grabbed her other uninjured arm and pulled her back up. The bullet had hit just below her shoulder and hurt like hell. She broke her attention away from it when she heard Zack open fire behind them with the rifle he had been carrying. “X7s!”

That was all Liz and Alec needed to know about whom was following them. Alec reached forward in front of Zack and grabbed his waist. It wasn’t until he pulled away that Liz saw that he had taken a handgun from his waist. It was a good thing that Zack had at least one extra weapon on them since Liz and Alec were unarmed.

Alec and Zack were now holding off the X7s as they continued on their way. “Zack, where are we going?!”

“The rendezvous point is about 100 yards ahead. It’s a van that says animal control on the side.” Zack yelled back.

Liz felt helpless since she could do anything to add to the gunfight. So instead she took the lead and led them through the woods. She saw a vague light ahead and assumed it was the van that Zack had mentioned. She noticed then that Zack and Alec had momentarily stopped firing and she guess that they had either taken out the X7s or they had just lost them. They approached the van and she saw Maxie standing outside the door. When she saw them she called for two others who were standing on the opposite side of the clearing as Liz, Alec and Zack. “Krit, Syl. They’re back.”

Despite the pain in her arm or Alec’s grip on her hand she ran forward and hugged her brother and sisters. They looked surprised to see her and she didn’t blame them. Zack had thought she’d escaped so they didn’t expect her to just show up. Liz noticed Maxie staring at Alec just as she whispered, “Ben?”

“No, Maxie. This is Alec. He’s Ben’s twin, his real brother.” Liz explained.

“Come on guys, we need to get out of here.” Zack said.

They all started to pile into the van when Liz saw two other figures inside. One was a cute older guy with glasses who was moving from him position at some computer terminals to the driver seat. When the other person who actually ended up being closest to them, turned towards her she instantly recognized him, Lydecker. And like the first time she had been reunited with him, she did the first thing that came to mind. She slugged him.

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When Calinia betaed this for me she said that the first aid part towards the end was kind of gross so if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to be weary.

Part 26

Everyone else stood back stunned at what Liz had done. Not that they didn’t want to do it themselves, it was just that she had been the first one to act on what they were all feeling. Liz winced in pain when she pulled her fist back from Lydecker's face. She had stupidly forgotten about the bullet wound to her arm and hit him with that hand. But it didn’t stop her and all the anger she had felt towards Lydecker for all of her life came out. She lunged at him but was halted when Zack grabbed her around the waist. He managed to pull her back and as he did he said, “Liz, believe me when I say I know how you feel and would love to do the same thing at the moment but we have to get out of here.”

“Zack, is right. There are more X7s in these woods that are intent on finding us. If we hope to get out of here, we should leave now.” Lydecker stated.

Alec took Liz out of the hold Zack had on her and pulled her up next to him. They climbed into the back of the van with the other but made sure they were in the farthest seat from Lydecker. Once they were moving Alec took a chance to breath and look over at Liz. She seemed more beautiful than she had a few weeks ago when she had been lying in his arms. It had been that vision, along with others like it from their one night together that Alec had focused on when he had been put through all of the testing in PsyOps. She looked a little tired and a little stressed but she looked better than he had seen her since they’d met. He had to figure it was from knowing she was free yet again. As his eyes moved down from her face he saw that her shirt was torn from her injury and remembered that she’d been shot. “Let me take a look at that arm.”

“Alec, it’ll be okay for a little longer. You can’t do much right now with the van bumping up and down like it is.” Liz said smiling at him. He couldn’t just sit there and without at least checking her. He pulled the rest of her torn sleeve off and wrapped it around the wound in the effort to stop the bleeding.

He lowered his voice before he asked, “Have you figured out how to heal it?”

Liz shook her head to answer him, “I got better at some of them like locks but that is one power I haven’t figured out yet.” Liz answered. She looked at him, and took the time to let it soak it that they were together and out of Manticore. He saw her staring and whispered, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Liz stated as she smoothed Alec’s hair back from his face. “I’m sorry it took me so long to get you out of there. But I didn’t get a chance until tonight. And it was just lucky.” She looked to make sure no one could overhear. They weren’t paying attention so she leaned in so her mouth almost touched his ear. “I touched Brin earlier and got a vision of my other siblings breaking in to Manticore hours before they were actually there.”

She pulled away just in time to see Alec’s eyes widen, “You saw the future?”

Liz nodded. “I wish it had came a little earlier. Maybe I could have been prepared and helped you before they dragged you off to PsyOps.”

“Hey, I told you, I’m always okay.” Alec said smiling.

“Alec, I saw you in there, I know you’re lying. Talk to me, what did they do?” Liz asked.

“Just some testing, a little laser in the eye. Nothing big.” Alec said shrugging. He saw that Liz didn’t totally believe him so he reiterated. “It’s nothing I haven’t lived through before. Either one of us for that matter.”

“Fine, but just remember I’m here. Okay?” Liz asked. Alec nodded just as they noticed the van pulling into a warehouse. It must be where they were going because the van stopped and they started to unload. Alec wouldn’t let Liz get up and made her sit on the bumper of the van while he took the chance to look over Liz’s shoulder. Zack, Lydecker, and Logan were busy going over what had happened so Max decided it was a good time to try and find out about this newest X5 to join them. “So Alec, you’ve lived in Manticore your whole life?”

“Up until about a half an hour ago, yeah. Spent some time on the outside on solo missions…”

“Assignations.” Max corrected.

“Yeah, but no large amounts of time like you guys.” Alec finished.

“So how do we know that you didn’t come with us to try and lead them to us?” Krit asked.

“Guys, trust me.” Liz interrupted knowing where this conversation was going. She might not have seen them in ten years but she could still read them. “Alec isn’t like that. If he were he would have reported me a long time ago. But he didn’t. He helped me a lot these last few months. And he’s more that just some X5 I became friends with, a lot more.”

“The bullet went right through. We're gonna have to cauterize.” Alec informed them as he tried to keep the smile off of his face at Liz’s words. She had been sticking up for him and it had given his ego a boast. He didn’t blame the others for being wary of him. They had spent the last ten years not trusting anyone and believing that anyone associated with Manticore would turn them in. So naturally they didn’t trust him. He really didn’t care as long as Liz did.

He hated the pain he was about to inflict on her but if they didn’t, it could get a lot worse. Krit pulled a long knife out of his boot and a lighter out of his pocket. He lit the lighter, heated the blade before handing it to Alec. Alec took the knife from him once it was done and looked down at Liz, “Babe, sorry but this is gonna hurt like hell.”

Alec took her other hand while her sister Max held her in place from behind He touched the knife to her shoulder. Liz shut her eyes and held in her screams as the smoke rose from her arm. She bit her lip until she couldn’t stand it anymore and yelled out in pain. Alec couldn’t stand to hear her in pain and tried to do whatever he could do to soothe her so he calmly said, “Hang on, hang on. It's almost over.”

He relit the lighter and heated the blade once again and repeated the action on the exit part of the wound. A few moments later he finished up and pulled the knife away from her skin. He brushed the hair away from her face and whispered. “Okay, it's done. Hey, hey, you're gonna be okay. All right?”

Liz nodded not liking the fact that she was showing weakness when Lydecker was only ten or so feet away. Alec tried to lighten the mood by saying, “You know I think you’re a magnet for bullets, this is the third time that I know of that you’ve been shot. You’d think for as tiny as you are, you’d make a small target.”

“Hardy har har.” Liz grunted. The stinging from the bullet was slowly ebbing away. With the wound close and freshly bandaged, thanks to a first aid kit that Krit had just provided, it wouldn’t be long before it would heal up. She turned her attention to her siblings as she asked, “So anyone going to tell me how you guys ended up teaming up with Lydecker?”

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Part 27

“Kind of a long story,” Syl said speaking up. “Zack called Krit and me to tell us that Max had been caught and need some extra assistance breaking her out. We came and while we were setting up the mission, when a hummer came crashing through the door. Max jumped out then dragged a bound and gagged Lydecker out of it.”

“Best way I can think to see him, except dead.” Alec commented.

“I agree with you there, but Maxie made a point that he could help us get into Manticore to blow it up. She mentioned that he’d help us because Manticore was not after him.” Zack explained.

“At least now he knows what it’s like to be hunted.” Liz said vehemently. She made sure Lydecker was looking right at her as she added. “It sucks when you step out of line and are punished doesn’t? To be threatened with death for anything you do.”

“435, I see you have reverted back to your prior recapture manner.” Lydecker commented.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, I never changed. I was just faking being one of your drones, something not hard to imitate.” Liz countered. “I did what I had to so that I could get the hell away from you. You made my life a living hell so don’t think that by you helping my family tonight that you look any better in my eyes.”

“It seems that not everything was horrible.” Lydecker commented as he glanced between Alec and Liz. Alec was up in a heartbeat and before Lydecker knew what hit him, he was splayed out on the floor.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about Deck. And since you’re a little outnumbered in what you should consider hostile territory I suggest you shut up. If you’re going to dish misery to others you should always be prepared for the repercussions.” Alec roared at him not hiding any of his anger. Zack, Max, Krit and Syl all hung behind Alec and Liz, knowing that they needed to have it out with Lydecker. Sure they had their demons with him, but Liz and Alec’s were far fresher.

Liz moved closer to Lydecker, no longer intimidated or scared of him like she had been before. “How can you stand to look yourself in the mirror when a monster looks back? A monster that tortures kids into being his submissive toys. Toys that you taught to kill.
Even when we got away, you were always there in the shadows, still commanding out lives.”

“I did what I had to, to make you what we wanted you to aspire to be.” Lydecker commented.

“What gives you the right to dictate so many lives?!” Liz yelled. “You messed with our heads, you turned our sister against us!”

“I don’t have to explain anything, I did what was necessary.” Lydecker reiterated.

“What about Rachel Berringsford?” Alec asked suddenly. “Was it so necessary for me to forget about her? To forget about the one person up to that point to give a damn about me?”

“We couldn’t have you questioning what you had been taught since you first started training.” Lydecker stated. He was started to look uneasy but knew that this was coming.

“No, you couldn’t risk that could you? For some to question what you thought we should think.” Alec yelled.

Now Zack moved forward, he had pushed his feelings of hatred behind him while they had blown up Manticore, but now that mission was over and he was free for once to show his feelings. “All those years of running, trying to protect my family from you. Making sure they were one step ahead of you, now it feels even more rewarding knowing that we beat you.”

“You might not have killed Tinga yourself but you are as much responsible for her death as the person who hooked her up to that machine.” Max said. “You used the safety of her little boy’s life against her, to get back one of your ‘kids’. Now that little boy will never see her again.”

“Ever since we escaped all I’ve thought about was to have a home, somewhere that I wouldn’t have to leave at a moments notice.” Syl jumped in. “But I didn’t get it, maybe now I can.”

Krit was the last one to get up in Lydecker's face, “How did it feel to watch all of your work go up in flame and smoke? Or knowing that the people who you had worked so hard for could so quickly turn away from you and try to kill you? Everything you worked for is gone now and the army will consider you a trader. And you know what’s done to traitors.”

Lydecker slumped forward then. He had never even noticed Zack moving up behind him or the blow to the back of his head before it had happened.

“What are you guys going to do with him?” The other guy from the van, which Liz thought she heard Max call Logan, asked.

“Turn him in,” Zack stated. “As much as I liked to kill him, it’s too good for him. We’re dropped him off somewhere and then report it in an anonymous phone call that he was the one that blew up Manticore. We’ll make sure that the detonator and other evidence are found on him. The only recording of us being there is with us and no one will believe that he had help from us. They’ll know that he was fired and a hit put on him. They’ll assume he just decided to take revenge.”

“Syl and I will take care of this on our way out of town.” Krit lifted Lydecker's body and hefted it into the car he and Syl and drove in with earlier, “We’ll make sure that he goes where he’s supposed to.”

“You guys aren’t leaving so soon are you?” Liz asked disappointed at what little time they had to spend together.

“I’m sorry Liz. But yeah we are.” Krit said. Liz hugged him tightly before Max took over hugging him. Liz hugged Syl then and Syl said, “Sorry we couldn’t stay longer but if we’re going to stop running then I want to get started on settling down and the place where we’ve been staying till Zack called us was nice.”

“I hope it makes you happy, we deserve it.” Liz said before they watched them climb into the car and drive off.

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Part 28

After Krit and Syl left Liz, Alec, Logan, and Max sat around while Liz told them about everything, from her capture to meeting Alec to when they had broke in. Zack told Liz about his escape after she had left for her mission, meeting up with Max, and how with Max and Logan’s help had warned the others about the danger. They told her more about Tinga’s death and the other events that led to their decision to take down Manticore. When they were done Liz asked, “What about Brin? How are we going to undo her programming?”

“I’m not exactly sure,” Zack said.

“She’s pretty deep in it, it might be a lost cause.” Alec stated. He had seen what Brin had been like when they had still been inside and knew they were in for some hard work.

“I’m not giving up on her.” Zack shouted. “She’s our sister.”

“All I’m saying is they did a thorough job.” Alec argued.

Liz moved in between the two guys trying her best to play peacemaker. “Both of you cool it. Zack, Alec was just preparing us for the worse.”

Liz turned to look at Alec, “I know she’s in there still.”

“Liz, you said so yourself that she was like another person. That her eyes looked dead.” Alec reminded her.

“I know I did. But when Renfro told us about Tinga, there was something back in them. It’s like she was sad that Tinga was dead, not just how you are when someone dies but how you feel when you loose someone close.” Liz explained.

“I’m going to see how she is.” Zack said as he moved towards another room nearby, with the others following. Inside was where they had left Brin. She was tied up to chair there and wasn’t going anywhere. As they walked in, she started to stir. They watched as she came awake. As her eyes landed on them she started to struggle against her bonds. But it was no use, Zack had made sure she was secure. She only fought for a minute before she stopped. “Release me.”

“No.” Zack said, “Not until you realize that we are not the enemy, we are your family.”

“You are traitors!” Brin yelled.

“Having your own mind and getting a life is not being a traitor.” Max argued. “Manticore was wrong, life isn’t always about the mission or duty. They lied to you Brin.”

“Don’t call me that!” Brin shrieked.

“That’s your name. Don’t you remember? That night in the barracks when we all sat around and came up with them?” Liz asked. “I know you do.”

“My designation is 734.” Brin disputed.

Alec grabbed a nearby chair and turned it around so he was straddling it. He moved it closer to Brin so that he could meet her face to face, “734, you recognize me right?”

“You’re 494.”

“Right, so you know that I lived inside Manticore longer than any of you. And trust me when I tell you that it’s not all they would have you believe it was.” Alec said. “You’re nothing but a thing to them. Something that they created to do what they tell you to do. A piece of property, that barcode just proves it.”

Brin lowered her eyes, Alec’s words seemed to sink in. Alec moved in closer, “Falling for what they told us isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

Liz saw Brin’s plan but didn’t have time to warn Alec. He didn’t see it coming when Brin reared her head back and headbutted him. It was a solid blow and knocked him back off of his chair and onto the floor. “Son of a …”

“Alec, you’re fine. I’ve hit you harder than that.” Liz stated.

“You should have predicted that would happen.” Zack threw in.

“Guys, give me and Brin a few minutes will you?” Liz asked directing her question to Zack and Max. “I want to talk to her alone.”

“Liz…” Zack started to say but Max interrupted him by pulling him away. “Come on, if Liz thinks she can help her than let her try. Quite being so …Zack.”

Liz stayed in place, standing directly in front of Brin but far enough away to avoid being hit if Brin made another lunge. Her eyes locked with Brin as she said to Alec, “If you’re going to just sit there and nurse your sore head then go out with the others and wait. But if you’re staying, I could use your help.”

“What are you going to do?” Alec asked slightly uneasy by the tone in her voice. He couldn’t explain the difference in it, it just sounded very unlike Liz.

“I’m going to bring by sister back.” Liz said. “Just watch over me.”

Liz moved forward so that her eyes were only a couple of inches from Brin’s. To avoid what had happened to she griped the side of her sister’s head and made her keep her eyes on Liz’s. Liz took a deep breath and forced a connection. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing, only going by what she knew from Max. But she had to do what she could to help her sister, even if it was using her newfound powers.

Like with Alec, the flashes went by so fast that it was hard to focus on them. But then the connection became stronger and she got more control over them. She saw memories through Brin’s eyes of them all together at Manticore, of the escape, of her life after. Liz saw Brin looking up at the sky wondering where they all were, of meeting up with Zack at different times, and lastly of when she started to get sick. Liz felt the illness as Brin had felt it, the weakness and fear that she was going to die, her begging Zack and Max to let her go back and Liz’s trip to the infirmary. The last flashes were of PsyOps and the reindoctrination.

The connection broke then and Liz sat back gasping for breath. The imagery and emotions she felt from the connection still amazed her. It was like she had been there. Brin only stared at her, not really knowing what had just happened. She saw Alec looking at her and she gave him a small smile. “I’m okay.’’

“Did you do what I think you did?” Alec asked her.

“Yep, now I’m going to finish the job.” Liz said repeating the position she had just had and forced another connection But this time she reversed it, in hopes that Brin would see some of her own memories and remember who she was. This time it felt completely different and Liz couldn’t explain it.

After a few minutes Liz felt it edging off and broke the connection entirely. When she did, she took the time to look into her sister’s eyes and saw something she hadn’t seen for awhile, Brin. Her sister was back.

“Liz?” Brin said. Tears were brimming her eyes as she said it.

“It’s me.” Liz said.

“What did you do?” Brin asked in wonder.

“I brought you back to us.” Liz said before hugging her. When she was done, she crouched in front of Brin. “But you can’t tell anyone okay? It’ll cause too many problems.”

Brin nodded unsure of what was going on but trusting Liz. Liz felt strong arms behind her and knew it was Alec helping her to sit down. The two connections had wiped her out and she was feeling the effects. He brushed a piece of hair away from her face and said, “You are the most selfless person I have ever met.”

“Hush.” Liz said blushing. “Will you go get the others? They probably think I’ve killed her by now and Zack needs to undo her bindings.”

Alec looked unsure of leaving her but went out to collect the others. Zack, Max, and Logan then filed in behind him. When their eyes landed on Brin they saw a difference. Liz smiled at them and said, “You better let her loose before she gets pissed.”

“Brin?” Zack said looking at her. After a few minutes they were convinced that Brin was indeed back and looked to Liz for an explanation.

It took some time but Liz managed to explain how she had helped Brin, which included telling them how she had gotten the abilities. She didn’t go into great detail, some of it was too hard to talk about, but she told them about aliens’ story. Zack was upset at first but backed down some at Liz’s insistence that she had had the chance to get out if she wanted to but she had chose to help.

When it was all done Zack decided to get Brin out of Seattle. Things in Seattle could still be dangerous if they were all there and it was best if they left. Liz didn’t want them to go, but understood. Manticore had been pretty much obliterated but they still had to be careful. He decided to head east but that was all he’d say. He made sure that they had his contact number and they said their good-byes. Then Liz watched as Brin and Zack drove away in the hummer that Max had commandeered from Lydecker.

Once they were out of site, Logan offered to put up Alec and Liz. So then they loaded up in his Aztec and were off while Max followed on her bike. They pulled into the garage under Foggle Towers and went up to his penthouse. Logan showed them around then to a guestroom they could use. Max disappeared for a few minutes before reappearing in the doorway with some clothes. “Here’s some of Logan’s clothes for Alec and some of my extra ones for you. I don’t know if they’ll fit but it’s better than what you’ve got on.”

“Thanks.” Liz said before handing Alec his.

“Yeah, thanks.” Alec said, “You know it sucks knowing that all that money I saved got blown up.”

“Well not really.” Liz said. She unzipped two of the pockets in her pants and pulled out wads of money. “After you got taken in, I kind of took over your scams.”

“That’s my girl.” Alec said giving her a kiss.

“God, I see why the two of you work so well together.” Max said rolling her eyes. She left them then and they were alone.

Alec moved up behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her. “Alone at last.”

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Part 29

“Alone at last.”

“And what do you think you’re going to do now that you couldn’t do with everyone else around?” Liz teased. With other people the weeks of separation might cause the scene to be tense but not them. They were so at ease with each other that it was like they had never been separated.

“Let me see.” Alec said before he whipped her shirt over her head. He moved quickly but with gentleness, paying attention to her injured shoulder. He tossed the shirt away and went to kiss what he had uncovered.

She gasped when Alec ran his tongue over her newly bear shoulder and up her neck as his hands found her breasts. Liz tilted her head back to give Alec more access to her throat. Almost unbelievably, she could feel his hardness press against her back as Alec's hands moved down her abdomen to her pants. His fingers fumbling with the button and zipper. Then deciding that since they were only clothes from Manticore and they wouldn’t be keeping them he said, "Ah screw it,"

Alec tore the zipper down and ripped her pants so that the legs and back of them were the only parts still intact. Liz turned her head to the right and Alec kissed her hard and passionately. It was all lips, teeth, and tongue with them. Liz moaned into his mouth when she felt his hand stroke her between her legs. He then broke away from Liz only to turn her around to face him.

"You're wearing too much clothes," she said breathing heavily as she did like he had to her, she ripped his shirt off completely and threw it to the side. Alec pushed their bodies together and reclaimed her mouth with his, their tongues waging a heated war with each other. She ran her hands down his perfectly sculpted chest enjoying the feel of muscle and rock hard abs until she reached the waist of his pants and started to fumble with the buttons. In her opinion she couldn't get them undone fast enough. He had released her mouth allowing them both to breathe again. During this time Liz had finally managed to get his pants undone as Alec started to attack her neck with kisses and bites, and as his hands roamed her breasts and began to fondle her nipples.

Liz's hand slowly made it's way into his pants and found what she way looking for. He groaned into her neck as she grasped his manhood. "Bed. Now."

Alec didn't have to be told twice, he tossed her onto the bed surveying how much of her clothes were left to take off. While he was doing that Liz set herself up on her knees, and wrapping her arms around his waist, started to kiss all the way up his chest. Stopping to play with his nipples with her mouth before running her tongue back down taking extra time to lick and kiss her way down his abs. When she reached the waistband of his pants and pushed them down in one fluid motion before he kicked them off quickly.

Liz moved back a little to see her handiwork as he asked. "Miss me?"

"Did you miss me?" she smiled.

"Don't answer a question with a ques.. Ah! Liz!" he breathed as she ran her tongue up his length, before coming back down and sucking on the tip. Alec groaned and gritted his teeth when she took him into her mouth completely. Just before he came Liz decided to cruelly stop and rework her way back up his abs. "Lizzzzz."

She was evil and needed to be punished. And he knew just what to do. Putting his hand on her shoulders, Alec gently pushed her into the depths of her bed. She laughed a bit before his mouth covered hers in a long kiss before he started to kiss his way down the side of her face and passed her collarbone. When he found her breasts he attached his mouth quite happily to one of her left nipple, which he proceeded to attack with kisses, licks, and bites. His hand fondling her other nipple, before switching his mouth or hand to attack the opposite breast.

Liz whimpered with anticipation as Alec kissed lower and lower down her flat stomach. She knew where this was headed and spread her legs for him. When he got between her legs he purposely skipped passed his target and started to kiss her inner thigh moving painfully slow towards her wet folds. "Alec please."

This was torture for her, and he knew it. He waited until she cried out in frustration one more time before shoving his tongue deep inside of her. She arched her back and let out a sharp intake of air slowly as she closed her eyes and ran a hand through his hair as he licked up what she gave him. He stopped what he was doing only to spread her folds apart with his fingers to give him more access; he ran his tongue over her clit before biting at it making her cry out his name. He slowly started to kiss his way back up her stomach and across her breasts to once again kiss her mouth heatedly.

When they finally broke apart Alec moved his hand through Liz’s hair looking directly in her eyes. "I love you.”

“I love you too.” She moaned as she felt him enter her. She bit her lip as she felt him fill her completely. She moaned and threw her head back as he started to move within her. Liz felt tight around him her inner walls contracting every time he pushed himself deep inside of her. He ran his tongue over the soft skin of her neck as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

As Alec thrust himself inside of her over and over again going deeper with every thrust she clawed at his back urging him on. Liz cried out, not in pain, but in pleasure when Alec sunk his teeth into her naked shoulder claiming her as his mate. He grabbed her thighs as he pushed himself deeper inside of her. Liz felt they were going too slow, so reversed their positions so that she was on top. Liz gripped Alec's shoulders and began to move on top of him. He groaned when her nails dug into his shoulders.

“Alec!" Liz moaned as she felt herself reaching her climax she threw her head back before moving back down to kiss him again. Her hands leaving his shoulders to grip the sheets above them. Alec bit her bottom lip, he knew she was building. He started at a faster pace this time and soon they were moving rhythmically together. With a few final thrusts Liz and Alec sent each other over the edge. "LIZ!"

"ALEC!" It was incredible; blinding passion and sweet bliss over came them. After their climaxes had subsided, they both collapsed into the mattress sweat pouring down their bodies and both breathing hard. Alec managed to pull himself out of Liz and roll over beside her. A few minutes later they were still lying in the same position though their heart rates had substantially subsided.

“Maybe we should constantly get into dangerous situations, we have the best sex afterwards.” Alec commented causing Liz to slap him, “How do you know that sex for us won’t always be like this? It’s not like we’ve had sex under normal circumstances to compare it too.”

“True, true. We’ll have to do some more research.” Alec said wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re incorrigible.” Liz joked.

“More like insatiable, specially when it comes to you.” He said kissing her gently, a kiss that she broke. “I hate to sound like a broken record since I asked the same question last time we were in this position but what do we do now?”

“Well what do you want to do?” Alec said as he played with a piece of her hair. “I mean, you’re the expert on the outside, what’s running around in that head of yours?”

She turned to look him deep in the eyes, “I want to go back to Roswell.”

“Are you sure? After everything?” Alec asked.

“I want to see my parents, to let them know I’m out. They love me like I was their own, and I want to put their mind at ease.” Liz explained. “And I want to see my friends.”

Alec wasn’t completely surprised by her admission. He knew how she felt about the place she’d called home for so long. But a part of him wanted to keep her as far away from there as possible. He wasn’t troubled by the thought of her seeing Max and leaving him. He was secure in that aspect. No he was worried more about what the return would mean for Liz. She would have to face a number of people who had possibly found out the truth about her, a truth she had spent years hiding. And he didn’t want them to hurt her by turning away. “Looks like we’re going to Roswell.”

Liz smiled before snuggling into his chest. After a few minutes of listening to his heartbeat and being surrounded by him, she fell dead asleep


The next morning, Liz and Alec told Max and Logan their plans to follow the other’s examples to leave town. Max took Liz to gather some supplies, clothes etc, while Alec helped Logan gain the needed documents that he would need to live on the outside like a birth certificate. After the paperwork was done, Alec suddenly disappeared from the penthouse only to reappear again when Liz and Max returned.

“Where’d you go?” Liz asked.

“Had to get us some transportation.” Alec said winking. “And this off duty cop who was shaking down some merchants for a bribe was nice enough to give me his car.”

“Oh he did, did he?” Liz asked knowing he meant he stole it.

“Yeah, told me to just leave it somewhere when I was done with it and he’d come get it. Now wasn’t that very nice of him?” Alec asked.

“Yeah.” Liz said as Logan made the comment, “Must teach Grand Larceny 101 back at Manticore.”

“And if we didn’t take stuff then I never would have met you.” Max said in a sarcastic sweet voice. Then she turned to Liz, “I’m going to miss you, I found so many of my family only to have them gone in a few days.”

“I’m not gone for good, if you ever want to talk just find the number for the Crashdown Café in Roswell, it’s the only one there and ask for me.” Liz said before giving her a big hug. She hugged Logan too as well as thanked them both for everything then joined Alec in the elevator and the car lowered to the basement. They loaded up and were on their way.

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Part 30

“Do you want me to go with you?” Alec asked. They were standing half on the sidewalk, half on the street outside the Crashdown Café. He looked up and down the street and realized how accurate Liz’s description of the small town was. But he found the idea of hanging around wasn’t repulsive.

“No. I have to face them on my own.” Liz answered as she looked at the glowing UFO over the doorway. It seemed the same but so different as well. It didn’t seem that long ago that Max had parked the Cheville there to pick her up for their road trip. One that drastically changed her life. “Will you wait here?”

“Well Roswell doesn’t exactly look like a big party town to me so I’ll be right here when you need me.” He said before kissing her on the forehead. As soon as his lips left her forehead, she pulled away and walked to the café doors. She took a deep breath and pushed them open.

Liz heard the familiar sound of bell above the door ring as she walked inside. The café was empty except for Maria who was by the counter, Isabel who was sitting at it and Michael who was behind the order window. She saw Maria turn towards the door when she heard the ring of the bell. “Sorry, we’re clo..OH MY GOD!”

The next noise was that of shattering glass as the glass Maria had been holding slipped out of her hand. Her shout and the glass caused Michael, and Isabel’s heads to snap up in shock. Liz could see equal looks of shock directed towards her. She could see it wasn’t just shock but maybe a little fear as well. She nervously tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she said, “Hey guys.”

Maria recovered from her daze and started walking towards Liz, “I can’t believe it’s you Liz. It is you isn’t it? I mean of course it’s your body but is it still you in there or someone else? Your parents said that if you ever came back you’d be different because of what Manticore would do to you.”

“Maria.” Liz interrupted. “You’re rambling.”

“Sorry.” Maria apologized.

“It’s okay, I’ve missed it. And yes, I’m still me.” Liz answered smiling slightly then feeling nervous about what Maria had said she asked. “So my parents told you the truth about me huh?”

“About a month after you disappeared.” Michael answered speaking for the first time. “They told us about you coming from a test tube, having some furry animal mixed into your DNA, training to be a soldier since you could walk, your escape and how you ended up here.”

“Max was trying to find out what happened to you and when your parents overheard us, they told us so that we would stop looking. They were worried we might get in over our heads.” Isabel added.

“Are they here?” Liz asked.

“No, they’re in Albueque at a restaurant conference. But they should be back tomorrow about noon.” Maria said. “We’ll call them and tell them. They’ll rush right back.”

“No, it’s okay.” Liz said. She wanted to see her parents more than anything but if they were gone she would just have to wait. She didn’t think it would be a good idea to call them. Knowing her dad, he drive like a bat out of hell to get back to Roswell and might cause an accident. “Where’s Max?”

“In Santa Fe with Brody.” Michael again answered.

Liz looked over and saw Maria staring at her like she was going to disappear. Her heart almost broke when she heard Maria ask, “Can I hug you?”

“Of course.” Liz answered. The two girls embraced, Liz squeezed her friend as tight as possible. She had missed Maria so much. She felt Maria’s body shudder and her shoulder becoming wet. She pulled back to see Maria crying.

“I’m sorry, Liz. I’m just so happy. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.” Maria sobbed.

“It’s okay. There were times I felt the same way.” Liz said wiping her tears away, trying to comfort her. “It took some patience and a little help but I’m here.”

“My turn.” Isabel said. Liz was surprised when Isabel grabbed her into a hug. True they had gotten closer after Alex’s death but Liz didn’t know if Isabel would still be friends with her, guess she had her answer now. When they pulled away she looked at Michael; “I don’t do hugs.”

“I know Michael. Don’t worry, I’m not offended.” Liz joked.

“But it is good to see you.” Michael offered.

“You too.” Liz said. She took a chance to look around the café. It hadn’t changed in the months she was gone and she was glad. It was comforting, and she didn’t want it to change.

“How did you get out Liz?” Maria asked.

“Well it’s a long story.” Liz said then remembered that Alec was waiting for her. “I don’t mean to be rude but we’re starving. I know you guys were closing up but do you think we could get something to eat? Doesn’t matter what.”

“We?” All three of them asked.

“I’ll explain that too.” Liz said. “He’s actually with me, waiting outside.”

“Go outside and grab your friend. We were going to hang around here tonight any way so I’ll have Spaceboy fix us up a bunch of goodies and you can tell us everything.” Maria stated. She wanted to sit down and talk to Liz. She wanted to know what her friend’s life had been like the past few months and she was curious as to who Liz brought with her. And the fact that Liz had said ‘He’ didn’t escape Maria’s attention.

“Yeah, I’d have to heat up the grill but the fryers still warm, how about some fries and a couple of burgers?” Michael asked also curious to hear what Liz had to tell them.

“That would be great. I’ll be right back.” Liz said before hurrying outside. She saw Alec sitting on the hood of a car staring up at the sky. He looked perfectly relaxed but Liz knew he was on alert to any danger around him at the same time. As she walked up he asked, “Done already?”

“Hardly but I didn’t want to leave you out here all by your lonesome while I told them everything.”

“What you think I’d be abducted by aliens?” Alec smirked.

“You’re hilarious,” Liz laughed. “Now get your cute ass up off of that car and come with me. We have all kinds of junk food waiting for us.”

“You’re going to make me fat eating all that stuff.” Alec jokingly complained.

“Then we’ll just have to figure out a way to work it off.” Liz said as she slapped his ass when he got up.

“You’re dead.” Alec said as he started to chase her. Liz took off for the safety of the café. She made it through the door before Alec tackled her from behind. They collapsed in a pile of limbs in front of more surprised expressions on Maria, Michael, and Isabel’s faces. Liz and Alec just looked at each other and laughed. “Sorry we’ve been locked away for too long.”

“That’s okay.” Isabel said to Liz’s statement. “Do you need help up?”

“No thanks, we’ve got it.” Liz said as she got up followed by Alec. “Guys, this is Alec. Alec this is Isabel, Maria, and Michael.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Liz talks about you all the time.”

“Well we don’t know anything about you.” Michael grumbled.

“You are exactly how Liz described you.” Alec commented.

“Guys, Alec’s fine. He’s like me.” Liz stated.

“You’re an X5 too?” Maria asked.

“Yep, if you don’t believe me you can see my ‘Made in Manticore’ stamp.” Alec stated turning to show them his barcode.

“Alec escaped with me with some help from some of my family. I trust him completely.” Liz said making sure her voice held the seriousness as her words.

“Completely?” Isabel asked.

“How about I just lay it out for you? I know you’re little secret.” Alec stated.

“What?” Michael exclaimed. “Liz, how could you tell him?”

Before Liz could answer Alec came to her defense; “Well it’s a little hard to hide when she was glowing and crackling in front of me. We didn’t want those mad scientists at Manticore finding out about you guys so I helped her hide it, it’s not that big a thing. You were genetically created on another planet, we were genetically created on this one, tomato, Tomatoe.”

Michael and Isabel looked at him in shock while Maria and Liz broke out laughing. They were still in the same arrangement when the front door swung open and ….....


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Part 31

They were still in the same arrangement when the front door swung open and Kyle entered. His eyes landed on Liz and his face broke out into a huge smile, “LIZ!”

“Kyle!” Liz said before running up to hug him. Over the summer the two had spent quite a bit of time together trying to sort through the aftermath of Tess’s mindwarps and had become even better friends. Kyle pulled away and asked, “What are doing here?”

“Way to make a girl feel welcome.” Isabel remarked.

“Hush princess,” Kyle said. “I just meant how did she come back.”

“We were just about to get to that, that is if Michael is ever going to make our food.” Liz joked. Michael ducked into the kitchen while the rest of them settled into a booth with extra chairs. It was then that Kyle became aware of Alec’s presence but saw his closeness to Liz and figured he was okay. So he stuck out his hand, “Kyle Valenti.”

“Alec.” He said shaking the shorter man’s hand. Liz watched the two interact as she moved around the counter to the drink machines. She grabbed what she needed out of the counter freezer and started mixing up some smoothies. Alec watched her curiously before she plopped a filled glass in front of him, “One blood of alien smoothie for the fugitive.”

“Funny Liz,” Alec commented before gulping down the smoothie as Michael brought out the food. Liz and Alec dove into their food as she started to tell their story. “As you guys know since October I’ve been in Manticore. I tried to figure out how to escape but security was too tight. So I played along with them until they would send me on a mission. During this time was when I met Alec. We got to know each other and became friends, neither one of us fell for their brainwashing so we stuck together. Two of my siblings were also caught, one escaped and one fell victim to the brainwashing. It wasn’t until February that they sent us on a mission. But of course it didn’t work out that way.”

“Manticore injected us with this neurotoxin that would kill us if we didn’t receive the antidote within three days.” Alec explained. “Luckily I was able to find out about it before hand so Liz knew not to try and ditch the mission.”

“I can’t believe this.” Michael stated offhandedly.

“Things went on like that for a while, then one day the weirdest thing happened. I started showing signs of having powers.” Liz stated.

“Powers?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah, I had these streams going up and down my arms like electricity. I had to tell someone and Alec was the only one I trusted, so I told him. Then when Alec touched me, I was hit by a bunch of flashes.” Liz said but didn’t offer any information on the flashes. It didn’t matter and they were personal. “The streams came and went while Alec helped me to hide them. I started to attempt to learn how to use my powers and actually made some progress. Then Alec got taken away.”

“Taken away where?” Maria asked.

“To a place inside Manticore called PsyOps. It’s where they do all their psychological testing on us. You see I have a twin, had a twin who killed some people.” Alec answered as he looked over at Liz. “The crimes were unusual and made them question his mental health. And since we shared the same DNA, they wanted to make sure that it wasn’t in the genes. So I got taken away to be studied.”

“I didn’t want him in there so I decided it was time to get us out. A few weeks after, I was called into the director’s office along with my sister Brin, the one who had been brainwashed and told that another one of our sisters had been killed. When we left the office, I touched Brin and got a flash or vision of Zack and some others breaking into Manticore. I knew I just had to wait and our escape would be soon so that night I snuck out of my cell courtesy of my powers. I got lucky, that was the night they came.”

“Wait a minute, you mean you saw the future?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah.” Liz answered.

“What is with you and this fetish for the future?” Michael asked. “First an old Maxwell comes to see you, now you get visions.”

“Funny Spaceboy.” Maria said.

“Well like I said, my family broke in.” Liz said starting up the story again. She told them about the breakout, the aftermath, how she helped Brin and how they made their way from Seattle. She had just finished up when Kyle’s cellphone rang. He answered, talked quickly then hung up. “That was Dad. I’ve got to get home.”

Kyle started getting up and added, “I catch him up on your arrival. He’ll probably come by to see you tomorrow.”

“Looking forward to it.” Liz stated.

“Wait up Kyle, I need to head for home too.” Isabel said getting up. She surprised Liz again by hugging her again. “I’m glad you’re back. I’ll come by tomorrow so we can catch up more.”

“Thanks Isabel.” Liz said. “That’d be nice.”

“Well I’m going to head for home too. I open in the morning unfortunately.” Michael grumbled. “Coming Blondie?”

Maria eyed Liz for a minute, “I’m not sure, I’m having a sudden urge for some ice cream.”

Liz caught her line of thought and smiled, “Yeah, me too.”

Michael knew what the ice cream ritual was all about and rolled his eyes. “Alec if I were you I’d run for the hills. But I’m out of here.”

Within minutes Maria, Alec, and Liz were the only ones left in the café. Alec went out to the car and got their stuff then was back inside. “Maria, I’m going to get Alec settled upstairs and then I’ll me back down. Have the ice cream ready.”

“Will do chica.”

Liz led Alec up the stairs and through the door there. Once inside she showed him around. “This is it. This is where I’ve lived practically since I escaped.”

Alec looked around, “It’s nice. Homey.”

“Come on.” Liz said dragging him down the hallway towards her room. When they got inside he smiled, “Now this is better.”

Even though he knew that Liz held some of herself back from her friends it hadn’t spread to her room. It screamed her. There was personal stuff of hers everywhere but it was still neat and orderly just like Liz. He saw a picture of a younger version of her and Maria along with a guy he didn’t recognize but figured out who it was. “That must be Alex.”

“Yep, that’s him.” Liz answered. “I’m going to go back downstairs, behave yourself. Take a shower or something. I don’t want to come up here and find you rifling around in my dresser.”

“Yes ma’am.” Alec joked. Liz just laughed before she hurried back down to Maria. Her friend had two bowels off ice cream set out and ready. Liz plopped down and dug in.

“So let’s skip all of the skirting around and tell me, how did you meet Alec exactly? I know you were at the same base but…” Maria asked as she dipped her spoon into her ice cream.

“Well it’s kind of unusual way that I met him. About a week after I got taken in, I was in my room when he came in. He came in and told me that he was my Commanding officer and that we were under orders to start training the next morning. Now I wasn’t in a great mood, after all I’d been dragged into that place and put through a bunch of psychological stuff so when he told me that, I basically threw him out of the room. The next morning I was in the shower room and when I went out to change Alec was there.” Liz explained.

“In the changing room?”

“Yep, and there I was just in a towel.” Maria could picture what Liz was describing and couldn’t help but chuckle. Liz smiled as she continued, “Any ways we bickered back and forth a little until he told me a little add on to the orders Lydecker had given him, he wanted me on active duty within three months or he’d have me executed.”

Maria gasped, “Seriously?”

“Very.” Liz stated. “So I agreed to follow the orders until I could get out. After that we kind of struck up a weird friendship, which led to more.”

“How much more?” Maria prodded.

Liz smiled, “A lot more.”

“I hate to bring this up but what about Max? I mean before you left you two were together.”

“I plan on talking to him, as soon as I see him.” Liz said.

“You should have seen him when we found out you were gone. He freaked. He broke into the sheriff’s station to go through your file trying to find out where they’d taken you. But there was nothing to where you actually where taken, only who took you. Which we already knew when the sheriff gave your parents a copy of your release forms. At the time we didn’t notice the way your parents reacted but later when they told us your story, we saw it. After that Max tried to find out anything he could about Manticore but there was nothing. He combined the search with the one for his son. Both of them have turned up nothing. But he was still thinking of you.” Maria said.

“When I first got captured, I did think about him. I thought about him a lot and I wanted to get back to him. It wasn’t until Alec asked me if it was worth it to hide what I was from everyone that I thought it over. Max didn’t really know me, at least not all of me. I’m not saying that I’m a stranger to him. Just that he doesn’t know all of who I really was. He had this perfect picture of me in his head and I was always trying to live up to it. Liz Parker the normal small town girl. And I’m not. I’m not this perfect normal innocent naïve person. I’m flawed, I’ve killed, and I know the harshness of the world. I was always scared that Max would find out the truth and not love me anymore. And I don’t want to live with that fear. I deserve to have someone love me for me. Alec knows exactly what and who I am. He’s known what it’s like being a transgenic.”

“So you’re with him because he’s like you?” Maria asked.

“No!” Liz exclaimed. “I’m just saying that he knows me, he understands what’s inside of me. I just can’t explain how it is with me and him.”

“I think I get it. I mean I’ve seen the two of you together.” Maria commented, “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t settling.”

“Hardly.” Liz said. “So catch me up on what’s been going on with the rest of you guys.”

Maria thought it over before she started. “Well a few weeks after you disappeared we all found out that Isabel was dating one of the younger attorneys, actually the attorney that was on your case. The relationship didn’t last much longer, her keeping secrets from him is what ended it. But Isabel got over it quickly and her and Kyle have kind of become close. Kyle still works at the garage even though his dad got his job back.”

“How did that happen?” Liz asked interrupting.

“Hanson botched a few things up as Sheriff. So the town decided that Valenti had only made one big mistake in twelve years while Hanson made three in less than a year.” Maria explained. “Michael and I are going strong. It even looks like he’s going to graduate next month. Mom’s gotten better at accepting us. Nothing on the alien front has happened, so it’s been pretty much dead.”

Maria yawned then and said, “If I go home to sleep you’re not going to disappear are you?”

“Don’t plan on it.” Liz stated. “I’m not sure what going to happen now but I won’t be leaving for a while if I do.”

“I’ll take that for now.” Maria said before hugging her again and slipping out the door. Liz locked up before heading upstairs. A smile spread across it at the thought of the sexy transgenic waiting for her up in her room.


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Part 32

As Liz made her way up to her apartment she thought of how nice it was to be there. It was the exact opposite of the sterile halls she had walked through the past few months. Everything was warm and secure where Manticore seemed sterile and cold. It would be even better tomorrow when her parents arrived. She smiled as she thought of what their reactions would be at seeing her again, her dad would probably not stop hugging her for days. She quietly walked through the apartment and entered her room. It was empty except for their open bags. The window to her balcony was open to let the spring air in but she didn’t see him there. Liz would have wondered where Alec was but then she heard a faint noise in the bathroom and figured it out for herself. She walked over and hovered in the doorway to watch him.

Alec stood in front of the sink shaving his scruffy face, barechested wearing only a towel around his waist. If the towel didn’t tip her off that he had just gotten out of the shower than his wet hair would have. His skin still looked damp and slightly pink from the heat of the water. He had combed his hair back away from his face but it’s shortness allowed her to see his barcode plainly on his neck. The black lines contrasting sharply against his pale skin.

“For someone who has constantly reminded me about privacy in the bathroom you’d think I wouldn’t catch you staring at me,” Alec joked. He ran the razor over the last patch before wiping off his face and turning to her. He gave her his usual half smile as he asked, “Maria gone?”

“Yeah, but not after eating quite a bit of ice-cream and getting the dish on you. We probably would have talked longer but she was tired and after promising not to leave in the middle of the night, she went home to bed.” Liz informed him. “I think it’s going to take some time for her to believe that I’ll be here every morning.”

“Well if I get to eat as much as I did tonight and keep taking showers like that then she doesn’t have to worrying about me leaving.” Alec stated. “Except I think I used all the hot water so you may have to wait awhile.”

“I’ll probably just wait until in the morning.” Liz said before leaving the bathroom and walking back into the bedroom with Alec following, still dressed in only his towel. “My parents won’t be here until noon or so, I’ll have plenty of time. Of course when they get back, we have to figure out where you’re going to live. I don’t think my parents would be too happy with the idea of you living here.”

“You mean I can stay here with you?” Alec asked pouting, “I thought I could just lay around up here waiting for you to get off work then provide any services needed.”

“Oh really,” Liz said with one eyebrow raised in question. “And what kind of services would that be?”

“Let me show you.” He said huskily before capturing her lips. They kissed softly, mouths just brushing, tongues darting out to stroke tenderly, faces shifting as their warm breath washed over each other. They were barely touching, yet Liz felt the fire inside her building. She traced the contours of his bare chiseled chest, her nail scraping against his flat nipples. She raised them to his shoulders, up to his head and threaded her hands through his hair, trying to push him into a deeper kiss. Alec grabbed her wrists and gently forced her hands back down.

He kept kissing her, pressing her to lie down on the bed while exploring the sweet recesses of her mouth as his hand moved up to touch her face. Liz tilted her head to give him better access, loving the taste of him. Pulling back when the need for air became necessary, Alec traced the edges of her lips with tiny kisses. Moving away from her mouth, his soft lips left butterfly touches against her left temple, the outline of her ear, her jaw, then repeated it by outlining the other side of her face. He found the sensitive spot behind her right ear and lingered there until her breath grew ragged. Moving on, he skimmed down the column of her throat, his breath warming where neck met shoulder, the hollows of her collarbone. Liz was already squirming beneath him, aware of how many nerve endings filled each inch of skin. She wanted him, now, but she never wanted this to stop.

Alec worked his way down before going back to the upper curves of her chest above her tanktop, loving the warm taste of her skin. Liz gasped, arching towards his mouth, but he pulled back until she relaxed. Slowly, using only his lips, he took gentle nipping bites of the soft flesh, over and over, occasionally grazing her with his teeth. She felt like she was falling to pieces. He pulled down the straps of her tank and lowered his mouth to her breasts. Every time his breath blew over her nipples she shivered. Until finally, he closed over one and drew it fully into the warmth of his mouth. He teased the tight bud with the flat of his tongue while he suckled, drawing moans from her, then switched to the other breast. He used his bottom teeth to gently scrape up from her ribs and over the nipple, then licked the same path, before allowing his lips to close over her. He alternated between breasts, pulling at one with his mouth while rolling the taut nipple of the other between his fingers.

Liz was writhing against his mouth, her head spinning. She could come just from this, she thought. As if he could read her mind, he placed a last kiss on each nipple and began tracing a line of fire down her ribcage while he pulled her shirt off of her body. She wanted to cry from frustration until he reached her navel and dipped into it. She jumped, grabbing at his shoulders. Once again he stopped her from touching him.

“Just let me,” he said his voice hoarse against her belly. He was so hard it hurt, but he was enjoying this too much to stop. He undid her pants and pulled them off quickly. Once she was undressed he went back to kissing her beautiful body. He slid his tongue down in a straight line through the dark hair covering her mound, and nearly came himself when she sobbed his name.

Liz was beyond rational thought as Alec’s warm hands parted her legs, and his thumb traced the inner crease of her thigh. It moved higher, barely brushing her curls, as he kissed his way up from her knees. She wove her hands into his hair, she couldn’t help herself, but he wouldn’t be hurried. Finally, delicately, he stroked her with his tongue, moving just over the outer lips, making her shudder with each elusive touch. He dragged his mouth up again, deeply, parting the lips and tasting her wetness. He did it again and again, his tongue pressing into her each time, flicking over the swollen bud. Liz was pleading wordlessly, her thighs trembling, and he desperately wanted to see her face, but he couldn’t wait either. As the first tremors washed over her, he pushed her harder, suckling and stroking until she screamed, not stopping until the last shivers ended and she lay limp against the mattress.

When she could finally move Liz rolled over to face Alec. She leaned in and rubbed her cheek against his face, before her lips sought his once more. They kissed slowly, deeply, while their hands roamed. ‘He feels so good, Liz thought, and pushed him back against the mattress. She used her fingertips to trace the lines of muscle in his shoulders, his arms, his chest, before following their path with her lips. She kissed his belly, loving the way he tensed beneath her.

Alec was in heaven as Liz explored his body; her hair tickling his skin as her hands and mouth igniting his nerve endings. She was so perfect just like she was meant to be, made to be. He felt her pulling loose the towel that had somehow managed to stay in place during them rolling around on the bed and off of his body. Her lips brushed over the tip of his erection and he jerked, moaning, all coherent thought erased. He needed to touch her, now, and tried to pull her up to him. But she would have none of it. And since she had similar amount of strength that he did, she put up a good fight. But he lost when she took him fully into her mouth and Alec stopped fighting her. Her soft lips wrapped around him and he was encased in her warm wet mouth. Her small tongue traced the small ridges and creases in his member before she lightly blew on it. Before he knew it she took him fully once again and sucked gently. It felt amazing but he was too close and he didn’t want to finish in her mouth. He gently pushed on her shoulders, taking care that he didn’t hurt her injured one as he said, “Liz, I need…”

She knew what he meant and released him. She needed him, too, and she was more than ready. She climbed back up his body and reached for the box of condoms that Maria had given her after her and Max had gotten back together. They had to start being careful, they were no longer getting birth control in their food. She put it on and guided him into her. She pressed down with her legs letting him fill her, feeling every slick bit of him inside her as her body accepted his. Once he was completely sheathed within her she sat back on him. They stayed like that for a moment, not moving, just enjoying the feeling of being joined together in the most of intimate of ways.

Their eyes met as they slowly, very slowly, began to move. At first they only rocked against each other, sensitive flesh rubbing against sensitive flesh, until their bodies demanded more. Unhurriedly, Liz began sliding up and down and Alec rose to meet her momentum. Despite how much they wanted each other, they shared the need to drag this out for as long as possible. Over and over they moved together, their rhythm leisurely, but as they progressed their breathing became more labored and their whispered endearments were replaced with moans instead. Gradually the pace began to quicken more, kisses become hungrier, movements becoming more forceful, as passion flared. Eyes still locked again, natural instinct finally took over, bodies moving roughly, demanding completion.

As they moved Liz could feel she was close, and with each stroke the tension grew higher . Her eyes closed of their own accord, her face flushed, as she continued to ride him, his hips pressing against hers. She tautened, arched, her whimpers rising in pitch, until he drove into her one more time and she snapped, shuddering, the waves of pleasure radiating up through her body.

Alec watched her as he held back, wanting to see her face as she came. She looked so beautiful as she moved above him. She was so hot and wet and sweet, his body was screaming for release, but as she tightened around him he kept thrusting, drawing out her pleasure for as long as he could. She was so beautiful, his Liz, and he finally gave in and let go, jerking as he poured himself into the condom wishing it were her, the pleasure even more intense than before. They both kept moving as small aftershocks ran through them, gasping breaths washing over each other until Liz collapsed on top of him. Finally they were still, hearts still racing, bodies still tangled.

When she could finally move Liz raised her head to look at him, “So you’d do that whenever I needed it huh?”

“I’m here to serve.” Alec said smiling.

“As appealing an offer that is, I don’t think my Dad would agree to it but you gave it a good try.” Liz said smiling. She got up and grabbed her underwear and tanktop and slipped them back on. She looked back to see Alec still lying on her bed. “It’s strange to see you here, in my room. But it’s something I could get used to.”

“Did you have to get dressed?” Alec asked.

“Yep, just in case Maria barges in here at an ungodly hour.” Liz tossed him a pair of shorts and the two got ready for bed.
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This next part was going to be the last part before the epilongue but since so many seem to want a physical confrontation between Max and Alec, I'll add one more.

Part 33

Liz woke suddenly and it took her a minute to figure out what had actually woken her. Then when the feeling of being watched came over her, she knew that was what had awakened her. She shifted her head slightly to see Alec still sound asleep and decided to check things out for herself. She slipped out from under the blanket and Alec’s arm and grabbed her pants that were discarded on the floor.

She reached over and grabbed the small handgun that they had brought from Seattle, and snuck over to her window. They had left it open and it made it easier for Liz to move out onto the balcony. She ducked through the window and stayed in a crouching position, gun aimed, as her eyes swept the balcony. She saw the dark figure on the other side of the landing, close to the ladder, and recognized it. She stood up and lowered the gun as she said, “You know Max, sneaking up on someone is a good way to get shot. And take it from someone who has been shot repeatedly , it’s not something you want to have done if you can help it.”

Max eyed the gun at her side and asked, “Is it loaded?”

“Yes, it is.” Liz answered then cocked her head to the side. “What are you doing here Max?”

“I just got back home and Isabel told me about you showing up earlier, I wanted to see you so I rushed over. I knew it was late but I couldn’t help myself. I came up the ladder and was about to go through your window when I saw…” Max explained. The plan to come over to see Liz was not going how he had thought it would. He hadn’t expected to find her in bed with another man.

Liz knew it must have come as a big surprise to him to find out she was suddenly back then only to find her in bed with some guy he didn’t know. “Sit down so we can talk.”

Liz moved around the balcony plugging in her little Christmas lights before sitting down on the lounge chair while Max sat on one of the stools. “I planned on talking to you but Isabel and Michael said they didn’t know when you’d be back. I didn’t intend for you to find out like this.”

Max was about to ask her something when he saw her shoulder. The usual unblemished skin was replaced with a scared pink flesh and what looked to be a large burn mark. Before he could stop himself he ran his fingers over it. “Are you alright, Liz?”

“It’s okay, it’s almost healed.” Liz said shrugging.

“What happened?”

“Got shot when we were escaping. The bullet went straight through and we had to cauterize it to stop the bleeding.” Liz explained, “In a few more days there will only be a small scar left.”

“What is going on Liz? I mean first you disappear from the jail in Utah and your parents were upset but not very surprised then they told us this story about how you were part of this government research project. That you were a prototype of a genetic soldier and you were recaptured by the people you escaped from. Then you pop up after months with a gunshot wound and I see you in bed with some guy.” Max said

“His name is Alec. And he’s not some guy, he’s important to me. He was the only one there for me when things were really rough for me at Manticore.” Liz snapped.

“I’m sorry Liz, I was just surprised to see the two of you.” Max apologized. “So he’s like you?”

“Yes, we were assigned to work together and we became friends, then the friendship moved to more.” Liz explained. She looked into Max’s eyes, “I love him, Max. And he loves me.”

“What about us? Don’t you still love me like I love you?” Max asked

“Max, a part of me will always love you. But I’m not in love with you. Too much has changed.” Liz said.

“I want to fix things, find out more about the other side of you.” Max pleaded.

“I don’t think you do. Remember in Copper Summit when I said you put me up on this perfect pedestal? That’s who you love, that image of me that you have. But you know what? I’m far from perfect.” Liz stated. Liz played with a piece of her hair that had fallen out of her loose ponytail. “I’ve experienced things that you would never think ‘innocent’ Liz Parker would have done.”

“Like what?”

Liz looked at him as she asked, “Do you really want to know? Do you want me to tell you about when I was little and the doctors would cut us open to make sure their experiments were progressing the way they should? Or about how the guy in charge of us would release criminals into the woods so he could see how fast we could hunt them down and kill them? How about when I was recaptured and was put through weeks of psychological and physical tests? Or the man I had to kill, poison, so that Manticore would let me live? I’ll admit you saw some of me, the ones of me as a teenager were real but those memories you saw of me when I was young weren’t. Manticore implanted them in me to cover my real memories.” Liz ranted before lowering her voice to a moderate level.

“I’m sorry Liz.” Max said.

“I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to go off on you like that.” Liz said. “It’s been a rough few days. I got to see four of my siblings for the first time in ten years and then they were gone.”

“Why?” Max asked.

“Because we all had live to get on with, lives that are safer now. Manticore was blown up, if not destroyed then it’ll take them a long time to get back up and running.” Liz explained.

“So now it was safe to come back.” Max half asked, half stated.

“Yeah, Alec always lived in the base and since I wanted to let everyone know I was safe, we decided to come to Roswell.” Liz answered.

“Liz, I’m sorry that it was my stupidity that got you put into jail and caused you to get caught.” Max apologized.

“Max, you didn’t know what it would lead to.” Liz said. “And as horrible as it was, I have to look at the positive part of it. I met Alec. And I have you to thank for it. I know it hurts you to hear that but it’s the truth.”

Max just slowly nodded but didn’t say anything so Liz continued, “Max, be happy for me, please. I’m happy, I’m not hiding my life or who I am from anyone that is important to me. And they’ve accepted me. I would like it if you could too, and if you can accept me and me and Alec, then I hope we can be friends.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t. I can’t believe that you could suddenly stop loving me. We can get through this. I understand about wanting to be with someone like you but we can move past this now.” Max pleaded.

“Max, I don’t want to get past ‘this’. I want to be with Alec and not you. Can’t you understand that? It has nothing to do with him being like me, it had to do with who not what he is.” Liz argued. “Listen I’m not going to argue with about this in the middle of the night. Either except that Alec and I are together and be my friend or stay the hell out of my way. Because trust me Max, you don’t want to be on the bad side of a transgenic, especially not one with alien powers.”

“I’ll go but this isn’t over Liz. We need to finish talking about this.” Max said as he climbed down the ladder.

Liz felt like hitting something she was so angry. Why couldn’t he just let her go? She had been willingly to do it when she thought he was supposed to be with Tess. Couldn’t he understand that she didn’t want to be with him anymore? That he suffocated her? She was starting to wish she had shot him when she found him on the balcony. She heard the Cheville start up and leave the alley before she crawled back into her bedroom. She shed her pants and gingerly crawled back into bed and Alec’s arms. She had just gotten settled when she heard him, “So that was Max huh?”

“I thought you were asleep.”

“I woke up as soon as I felt you leave my arms.” Alec stated. “But I thought I’d give you some space.”

Liz rolled over to face him. He was so understanding of her, not like Max. “Yeah, that was Max. How much did you hear?”

“All of it. Do you want me to kick his ass?” Alec asked. Although it sounded like a joke she could see that he was entirely serious.

“I’ll get back to you on that.” Liz muttered. She leaned in and kissed him gently, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Alec said before Liz rolled over and the two went to sleep.

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Since everyone seemed to want an Alec/Max confrontation, I decided to rewrite the ending I had in mind. The problem is that I don't have it written yet. But I do plan on doing it this weekend so I'll try to post on Monday
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Part 34

The next day the Parkers returned to the Crashdown and got the best surprise they could think of, Liz. Her and Alec were sitting at the counter chatting with Maria and Michael when they came in the front door. Alec freaked at first when Nancy screamed in delight and grabbed Liz but once he figured out what was going on, he was fine. Liz introduced them to Alec and the four went up to the apartment to talk. Liz told them most of her story about her time in Manticore and how she met Alec. They were somewhat weary of Alec at first but they trusted Liz and allowed him to stay with them until he could find his own place.

To Liz delight, Alec and Kyle seemed to hit it off. She didn’t know if it stemmed from their mutual dislike for Max or because they had similar personalities. They were both smart asses and had strange senses of humor. And when the two were together, you never knew what was going to come out of their mouths.

During her first few days back in Roswell, Liz hadn’t seen Max. At least not close up, she had seen him driving down the street but that was it. Of course it wasn’t like she had sought him out either, she had been busy with her parents and getting Alec settled into Roswell. Liz even started helping out her parents again around the café.

A week after Liz and Alec’s arrival in Roswell, things finally came to a head with Max. Liz had just finished helping close up, Jose had already left, and Maria was in the bathroom changing so she was alone in the café. Kyle had came by earlier and taken Alec with him to play basketball (Kyle and Alec all sweaty and shirtless?) and then were going to pick up some movies for them to watch. When she heard the bell above the door ring she looked up expecting it to be the two of them and found only Max. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She kept her face in an expressionless mask and said, “Max.”

He smiled slightly at her and said, “Hey Liz.”

“What do you want?” She asked coldly.

“I’m just here to talk,” Max said holding up his hands. “After everything you’re not going to shut me out completely are you?”

“Actually yes, I was thinking of doing it.” Liz stated. “Because if you don’t remember from the last time we talked I said either except Alec and I or stay away from me. And since you seem to not be able to do either…”

“I just wanted to see you.” Max said interrupting. “I just don’t understand how we could go from being together to you completely shutting me out.”

“For one thing, we didn’t ‘just go’ I was gone for months, I was in hell for months, Max. And secondly why not? You didn’t have any problems kicking me out of your life last October. I tried to help you, tried to make it so you wouldn’t hate me but you couldn’t get past your own hurt to try. You had to be cold and make small comments to put me down.”

“Liz, I never…”

“Didn’t you? I gave you a vital warning when you went to New York and you point blank told me that you didn’t trust me. You couldn’t believe that although we weren’t together that I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Liz explained. All the things that she had been thinking an feeling when she was locked up in her cell was finally let loose and there was no way to stop her now.

She looked at Max. “Do you think I intended for all of this to happen? I told you that we couldn’t get caught, I tried to get you out of that store but you couldn’t be rushed. I knew what would happen to me if we got caught but I still helped you. The night they came for me I tried to get to you, I thought, ‘Max will help me.’ But I didn’t get that far. Even once I was inside I always thought about you and put aside what I started feeling for Alec. The more time we spent together and the more I got to know the real him, I felt it growing. But I kept pushing and pushing it down like I could ignore it. Until one day I couldn’t anymore.”

Seeing all of the emotion that had suddenly seeped into her face, Max couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”
“We were sent on a data retrieval mission. Things didn’t quite go to plan and we ended up trapped in a lab. Alec made sure I got out of the lab and building. I was waiting on the lawn for him when the lab I had just escaped from exploded. At that instant it felt like someone completely ripped out my heart. Almost like something inside me died. It scared me deeply and I couldn’t imagine him not being there. I felt like I would end up like the other mindless soldiers at Manticore. I felt all of these things in just the ten seconds after the explosion. I ran for the building when someone grabbed me, it was Alec. I can’t remember being so happy to someone. It was that night that I finally quit fighting and gave myself what my heart wanted, him. I was lucky that he wanted me just as much.”

Max had listened patiently and calmly to Liz’s tale but something in her last statement caused all of the hurt and anger he had been feeling ever since he saw the two of them in bed together to come back. His anger didn’t listen to what Liz had said that she had loved Alec, only that she had given up on them. And the only thing he could think to do was try to hurt her as much as she hurt him. “Oh, I’m sure you really believed that he was just going to push you away? A woman as beautiful as you throwing yourself at him? I don’t even know him but I know no man would be that big of an idiot.”

Liz had thought she was getting somewhere with him but now she could see he was still being hard headed. “Like Tess threw yourself at you? There’s one difference here Max. We love each other! We didn’t sleep together because we had a deal to fulfill or because we had driven everyone who cared about us away!”

“Love? Ha. You were lonely and needed someone; you wanted out and saw him as a way to help you escape. Now that you’re both out, how long do you think this ‘thing’ is going to last? He’ll want to go out and explore other women and leave you here to rot. And then you’ll wish that you wouldn’t be pushing me away!”

They now stood toe to toe in the middle of the café, and Liz wanted to push him away from her but didn’t get a chance. Max was suddenly pulled backwards away from her. She could see around his surprised face that while they had been arguing Kyle and Alec had entered the café undetected. Alec had a hold of Max by the back of his shirt and had been the one to rip him away from her. And he looked thoroughly pissed off. He pushed Max back farther and let go of his shirt. “Don’t talk about what Liz and I have, when you know nothing about it. You’re definition of love is so twisted that you couldn’t even understand it if you did know.”

“You’re the one who has no idea what you’re talking about.” Max spit out. “I’ve loved Liz since the first moment I saw her.”

“No, you loved the act that she gave everyone, not her. Didn’t you ever think about why she didn’t tell you about that barcode on her neck? Because she knew that you would feel differently if you knew that that perfect image of her wasn’t the real one. I accept her for everything she is and you would never be able to.” Alec said vehemently. He was never one to talk so openly to someone he didn’t know but he had been so angry when he had walked in and saw him arguing with Liz that he had snapped. He watched Max’s reaction and knew what was coming next. After all one of their first lessons in hand to hand was learning the exact movements that showed when someone was about to hit him; he knew it before Max’s fist hit his jaw.

The punch was solid and would have knocked an ordinary guy flat on his ass but he wasn’t an ordinary guy. The proof was in the blood that he could taste in his mouth. He wiped his lip with his hand and felt the sting where Max had cracked the corner of his mouth. If Max thought that one punch was going to keep him away from Liz, he was sorely mistaken. Alec knew he could pummel Max in five seconds flat. And could kill him in even less time. But first he’d give him the chance to back out now but he only got one chance.

Liz moved to intercept the two of them but Kyle’s hand on her arm halted her, “They’ve got to do this, or things will never end. I know you can swat me away like a fly but trust me.”

Liz understood what Kyle was saying and held back. But only for now.

Max’s anger fumed at the lack of reaction and he ran at Alec. He aimed the hit just right and it threw them both to the ground. As they landed Max’s arms punched wildly looking to strike any part of Alec but the transgenic blocked or dodged them easily. He grabbed one of Max’s fists and used it to shove him off of him.

“Even if you have her now, it won’t last. We’re meant to be together and we will be. You’re not able to love her like I do Alec.” Max growled as he got to his feet.

“You’re right Max. Because I don’t look at her as something I own or supposed to have. Just as someone who loves me.” He said as he and Max circled each other.

“Is that what you told her to get her into bed? I bet she…” Max didn’t a chance to finish his remark because Alec’s fist effectively ended it before he could.

Max felt almost blinded by the pain in his eye and he would have fallen back onto the floor but Alec grabbed him by his shirt to yank him up to face level. “If I ever hear you say anything like that again about Liz and I’ll kill you! And I won’t hesitate.” Alec growled.

As Max saw the rage in his eyes, he finally understood what Liz had been trying to tell him the night on her balcony. Transgenics were not people to piss off and for the first time Max was actually scared of Alec. He saw the fierce protectiveness he felt for Liz and knew that he meant his words. But he still couldn’t let go, he couldn’t let Alec have her. Alec lowered him to the ground and that’s when Max made his move. He lashed out quickly and started throwing more punches at him although all of hit nothing but air. But unlike before when Alec just blocked him, now he punched back.

The two continued their brawling, not paying attention to what was going on around them. Not the sounds of the braking glasses or the tables overturning. They only stopped when they felt something shove them apart and they were both thrown back several feet and landed on their asses on the floor.

They both looked up to see Liz glaring at both of them. Max started to get up but she pushed him back down with her powers. That was when it clicked in Alec’s head that she had been the one to toss them apart. “I haven’t said what I needed to say yet so you’re going to just have to stay put until I do.”

“But…” Max started to say.

“I think you’ve said quite enough for tonight Max. And I did not just risk both Alec and my lives to get out of Manticore to have the two of you trash this place with your pissing contest.” Liz stated angrily. Alec looked around and winced at the damage they had done. He noticed Kyle and Maria staring at the two as Liz continued to talk to Max. “This is it. I’m sick of trying to be civil and diplomatic about this. I want you out of here Max. And do not come back. Not until you get your head out of your ass and realize that what we had is over. If you do come back and start trouble, you’ll probably get another beating while my Dad calls the Sheriff along with getting a restraining order. Then you come near me and you’ll go to jail. Not the little bit of time you did before but prison, and they take blood samples in prison Max.”

As she threatened him, Max could see that she was serious. He had pushed her too far. And her words over the past few minutes made it sink in that he had lost her, for good this time. The pain he felt from it far outweighed the pain he felt on his face at the moment. He had messed up too much and there was no going back, there was only one thing he could do to attempt to make it up to her. “I won’t bother you. You or Alec.”

“Good.” Liz stated relieved. She released the hold her powers had on Max and he rose. He stood still for a minute, looking like he was trying to say something. But he must not have been able to because he turned and walked out of the restaurant in silence.

Alec was about to get up when he saw Liz towering over him, “And you!”

“Um… I was just trying to...”

Liz sat down on his legs and pined him to the floor. “To be my big brave hero. And I love you for it but there are some battles I have to fight for myself. Okay?”

“Okay.” Alec said agreeing.

“Okay then. Now you have to clean up the mess you made. While you do that, I’ll be at the counter with Kyle and Maria.” Liz stated in a tone that reminded Alec of their command officers. He was about to argue but knew there was no point. He started turning the tables upright when he felt Kyle next to him. “How did it feel?”


“To punch Evans like that? I’ve been wanting to do it for so long…” Kyle said.

Alec only smirked, “It felt great.”


Thanks to the money that Alec had saved and Liz had rescued, Alec had enough money to get an apartment and other things. Michael talked to his landlord and helped to get Alec the apartment across from him. It was almost identical to his and plenty of room for Alec. Liz was somewhat surprised at how helpful Michael was, but she thanked him profusely for it. He said he was just paying back a favor from when Liz had talked her dad into hiring him. Kyle got him a job at the garage with him as a full-time mechanic. The owner didn’t like to do much hands on work anymore so it worked well. As much as he complained about it, Liz could see that Alec enjoyed it, partly because it helped him to control his life.

Two weeks after she got back to Roswell Liz went to the highschool to see what she could do about graduating. It was important to her that she did indeed finish, hopefully with her friends. With help from her parents, Liz came up with a plausible story to tell the principle and school board. Because of her exceptlerary records and grades before, she was allowed to test out of her courses and was able to graduate with Maria, Michael, Kyle, and Max. She didn’t make valedictorian but it didn’t matter when she walked across the stage and saw her parents, and Alec in the crowd. Then right before she got back to her seat, she saw something that completely shocked her, her sister Max and Logan. Liz found out later that Alec had contacted them and invited them to come. The two joined everyone else at the Crashdown for the gang’s celebration party after.

A few weeks after graduation, Max’s investigation for his son finally turned up something. He found another shapeshifter who was living LA under the guise of a Hollywood producer. He contacted him and with his help found the ship again. They were going back to Antar. Max told Isabel and Michael that he wanted them to stay on Earth and not to leave the lives they were set in. Michael argued at first but Max won out in the end. He said goodbye to his parents, who were finally told the secret, Isabel, and the rest of the group. He had come by the Crashdown and finally made peace with Liz and Alec. Liz wished him luck in finding his son before her and Alec watched him leave.

After several hours of talking, Alec talked Liz into still going after her dream of attending Harvard. She had missed the deadline for entry into Harvard for the first semester but managed to be accepted so she could start at the beginning of the second semester. So the two packed up and moved to Massachusetts. Alec didn’t mind except he said he liked the weather in Roswell more but he wasn’t going to be on one side of the country while Liz was on the other side. He got another small apartment and a better job at a security firm. He helped to test the effectiveness of the new systems for buildings as well as computers. Basically he broke into places or computers and showed them the weaknesses. He worked hard and by the time Liz was taking finals at the end of her second year, he was one of the heads of his department.

Before Liz started her graduate work, the two were married in a small ceremony in the chapel at Harvard. The whole attendance added up to twenty but they only wanted the ones closest to them there so it was perfect. They had already gotten a bigger apartment and had been living together for the past year. Just the two of them lived there until one week before Liz’s twenty-fifth birthday when a son, Brandon Zachary was born.

Despite the circumstances that they were born and later met in, Alec and Liz had a wonderful life together. Liz never would have thought that things would work out quite the way they did when she was recaptured.

The End

I wanted to thank everyone for reading this. I'm not going to be posting anymore Crossovers for awhile but I do have one UC story over on the UC board that you might try, it's called DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU'VE HEARD