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Title: A New Life
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing *sad*
Rating: R
Couples: Alec/Liz, Max/Logan, Randi/Zack, Kyle/Kat

Spoilers: Season 2 for Dark Angel and Roswell, After the
movie for The Fast And The Furious.

Summery: Liz and Kyle move to LA to see Liz's cousin Letty after they can't take it being in Roswell anymore, they become street racers and Liz gets her own crew. They move to Seattle since cops in LA are after them. In Seattle, Max, Logan, Alec, Zack and all the other transgenics are trying to take down White and his punk ass familiars. Yes, Zack is in this too because I'm going to hook him and some other male transgenics up with Liz's crew *wink* Make out that Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan. Logan also bought a cure for the virus and he and Max are together. Liz also has a back bone attitude and dresses a little like her cousin Letty.

Part 1

Liz Parker pulled up to the starting line of the race, she revved her 2001 black Trans-Am up and heard the cheers of her crew members and friends. She checked the NOS tank on her installed computer and turned it on by typing in a few keys. She saw Dom give the signal to go and she zoomed off, leaving tyre marks on the road as she went. She past Kyle and another car and was now in the lead. Liz pushed the pedals and changed into fifth gear. Then pushed the button on her steering wheel to let out the NOS and she blazed through the finsh line. She grinned triumpantly and drove back to the starting line to collect her winnings. Liz got out of her car and walked over to Dom. "Where's my money?" She said still grinning.

Dom smiled and handed over a stack of rolled up cash. "Ten grand, all yours."

Liz put the cash in her pocket and hugged her cousin Letty. "Damn girl, you better than me." Letty laughed.

Liz smirked. "I learned from the best." Letty laughed and they all saw Kyle get out of his red Dodge Viper.

Kyle walked up to them and smiled. "Not bad for your last race Liz."

Liz shrugged. She and her crew were moving to Seattle tomorrow. It wasn't safe for another gang of street racers in LA anymore, cops were everywhere. They had chosen Seattle because Kyle's own cousin Sketchy lived there. "Yeah thanks. It's too bad we have to move. I loved staying here with you guys."

Kyle grinned. "Yeah, we couldn't have done this without you."

Dom, Letty, Brian, Jesse and Vince smiled. "Don't mention it-"

Liz's best friends and crew Randi and Kat smirked. "We couldn't have done this without you either. If Liz hadn't spotten our racing talents, we'd still be on the sidelines." Randi said.

They were cut off from furthur comnversation when Leon's voice errupted from the walkie talkie. "SHIT! We've got cops, cops! COPS!" Everyone ran to their cars and drived off. The fans and wannabe racers also ran off to their cars after seeing Liz and the crew race off in theirs. They knew cops were coming.

Liz got into her black Trans-Am, Kyle got into his red Dodge Viper, Randi got in her dark blue Honda Civic and Kat got into her purple Dodge Stratus. They all sped off, not even bothering to check who got caught.


Liz and Dom's crews pulled into the Torreto driveway. They got out of their cars and walked inside to see Mia watching tv with Liz's adoptive sister Sara. Sara was 14 and and had Italian parents and decendants. She had dark brown, almost black hair that was just past her shoulders and wavy on the top and curly down from the middle, she had brown eyes. She lived with her older brother who was in the military before he died when he was peacekeeping with troops in the Middle East. Her parents died in a car crash and after all her family died, she was put in foster homes that weren't so nice. She ran away and Liz ran into her one night and took her in. It took some time but Sara warmed up to her, she was actually pretty nice once you got to know her. Sara loved causing trouble and starting fires with her brother's lighter. Her brother didn't smoke but he kept one handy for situations. It was one of the only things left she had of him and brought it wherever she went, even to school. Randi got along the best with her because of their similar smart ass attitudes. Dom and his crew liked her because of her smart ass, bad attitude too. Sara was also a tom-boy that loved to dress in camoflauge clothes. Mia loved to tease her and call her a mini Avril Lavigne. She loved sports, skateboarding and also fighting. She'd been suspended from school a few times for getting into fights, giving people bruises, and even bad mouthing to teachers. When she wasn't getting in trouble at school, she was really very smart, she was top of her class and got straight A's.

"Hey, did you win?" Sara asked, getting up and walking over to Liz.

Liz nodded. "Yeah, ten thousand."

Sara grinned. "Jackpot baby."

Dom and the boys went to get a beer and the girls sat on the couches. "Cops came again though." Letty said and put her foot on the table.

Sara scowled. "Fuckin' idiots."

Liz gave her a warning look but didn't say anything. She knew she couldn't stop her from saying bad languag but still didn't like to hear it coming from her mouth.

"Did they get anyone?" Mia asked concerned.

"Not that we know of. We were busy saving our own asses." Randi said.

Kat picked up and magazine and started flipping through it, not really reading it. "We all packed up for tomorrow?"

Sara pulled out her silver lighter and lit it up, playing with it. "Yeah, my shit's in the boxes."

Kat and Randi nodded, and Liz got up when the boys came back in. "Alright, since it's your last night in LA, we're going to have a small farewell party," said Dom and handed out beers to everyone, but handed a soda to Sara, who pouted at not getting a beer. "Here's to the best additions to our crew that we ever had." They all clicked their drinks together and gulped them down.

"I'm gonna have to say I'm glad I left Roswell with Liz to meet you guys." Kyle said, "I couldn't stand being around all that alien crap anymore."

The others nodded. They all knew about the aliens. When Liz and Kyle first left Roswell, Max came after them and told them to come back, Liz got so worked up over it, that her hands and arms started to form green currents of painful energy that got worse, each time Max came near her. When the crew pulled out of their shock, they kicked Max out of the house and he left. Liz and Kyle were forced to tell them about the aliens and their newly found powers. Liz could astroproject, and Kyle could become invisble. They did have all the other small powers the aliens had too, but not the aliens individual powers. They could change molecular structure, move object with telekinesis, and heat things up. Their friends all said they would keep it a secret and wouldn't tell anybody. Liz's parents and Maria were disappointed when she left, but understood that she couldn't stay in Roswell anymore. It was the smae with Kyle's dad Jim.

"I still can't get over the fact that you guys have powers." Jesse said.

"Neither can we," Liz said putting down her beer. "I mean, seeing them is one thing, but having them is another thing all together."

"Tell me about it." Kyle muttered.

The subject was then dropped and they talked and laughed the whole night, but Sara fell asleep on the couch so they took her up to bed.


The next day, Dom, Mia, Brian, Letty, Vince, Leon and Jesse were saying goodbye to Liz, Sara, Randi, Kyle and Kat. Hugs and kisses were shared as they said goodbye.

"Take care of yourselves." Brian said, and pulled back from hugging Sara.

"You guys better come and visit." Liz said opening the door to her car, with Sara sitting in on the passesnger side

"We will, don't worry." Vince said and watched them all start their cars.

They pulled out of the driveway and honked their horns and waved goodbye, heading straight to Seattle.


When they all got to Seattle, they were exhausted. They pulled into a hotel and got rooms.

"Alright, Sara, you're with me," Liz said handing out the keys. "Randi and Kat get the next room and Kyle, you're on your own."

Protests came loudly from them both. "What?!" Randi and Kat shouted. "No way!"

Kyle grinned and wiggled his eyesbrows at them. "Well, if you ladies are that sure about it, you can come and share my bed."

Randi and Kat looked pale and then stormed up to him and slapped him at the back of the head, "Ow! I was kidding."

Randi and Kat scowled. "Thanks but we'll take our own instead."

Liz and Sara watched amused before going off to their rooms and heading off to sleep.

The next day they had a large breakfast of pancakes and waffles. "Does your cousin know we're coming?" Liz asked drinking her juice.

Kyle forked down another bite of pancakes. "Actually I'm surprising him."

Liz, Randi, Kat and Sara nodded. "We better go get dressed and meet him. Where's this guy work again?" Sara asked.

"Jam Pony messenger service." Kyle said and he got up from the table and about to go get dressed.

"Actually, me Liz and Randi were gonna go look for a place while you go see your cousin." Kat said.

Kyle shrugged. "Okay, guess it's just me and Sara then."

Sara was already rushing to her room and Kyle followed suit to go back to his room. Kyle came back later, now out of his pyjamas and dressed.

Sara was wearing baggy, low slung combat dark green camoflauge pants, a black midriff top that exposed some of her flat stomach and some Doc Martens. She looked like a punk, but she also looked very pretty. She had her curly, wavy hair down and wore a little makeup, lip gloss, eye liner and some foundation. She also had her portable cd player in her hands, and she was wearing head phones, that you could hear Linkin Park blasting from.

"Let's freaking go," Sara said grouchily and popping her bubble gum in her mouth. "I didn't get up this early for nothing."

Everyone rolled their eyes, knowing Sara wasn't a morning person. "Someone's got their knickers in a bunch." Kyle said and ran out the door before Sara could get him.


Alec, Zack, Max, Cindy, Krit, and Syl were talking with Logan, who came by to give Max her Tryptophan pills she left at his apartment the other day. They were now talking and laughing when they saw two people walk in. One a man with spiked brown hair and blue eyes, another a teenage girl around 14, with punk style walk in. The guy looked around before walking over to the counter, the girl wasn't bothering to folow him, she was turning, looking around the place, taking off her head phones. She then walked over to the lounge area and sat down, leaning her shoe over the side of the table, blowing bubbles from her gum with loud smack sounds. She pulled something out of her pocket, from the transgenics sight it looked like a silver lighter. She grabbed a magazine of table and flipped through it, as she flicked open the top of the lighter and tossed it up the air in one hand catching it every time, not even looking. She then caught sight of them staring at her. "Take a fucking picture, it lasts longer."

Zack, Alec, Logan, Max, Krit, Cindy and Syl raised their eyebrows in surprise at her language and walked over to her. "Hey boo, aren't you supposed to be in school?" Cindy asked, looking at her with a smile.

"I only just moved here last night." Sara then looked up from her magazine and stopped throwing her lighter up in the air. She looked Zack, Alec, Krit and Logan up and down and smirked. "Hell-lo. Hotties at twelve o'clock."

Alec and the guys grinned as Max spoke up. "There ya go Alec, your match made in heaven." Everyone snickered as the guy they saw before walked over and look at Sara with a grin, he looked at them.

"Hi, I'm Kyle, this is my sister Sara." Kyle said, Sara was like a sister to him so her treated and spoke of her as much.

"I'm Max, this is Zack, Original Cindy, Alec, Krit, Syl and my boyfriend Logan." Max said the boyfriends part out loud and clear to Sara, giving her the hint.

"Nice to meet you. We just moved here." Kyle said, smiling.

They nodded. "Here to get a job?" Zack asked.

Kyle shook his head, "No, actually I'm looking for my cousin. The guy over there with the head set said you'd know him. His name's Sketchy."

They all looked surprised. "Wow, your Sketchy's cousin?"

Kyle nodded. "Yeah, do you know where he is?"

"He's out on a run. He should be back soon." Alec said. "You wanna join us for break?"

Kyle shrugged. "Sure."

They all sat down and Sara stood up. "I'm gonna go get myself a soda from the machine."

Kyle nodded and Sara walked off. She put the change in the machine and pressed the button for a Pepsi. Sara looked down at the machine, waiting for the can to appear, but it didn't. She got irritated. She gave the machine a kick and the soda came out. "Works every time." She opened the can and took a sip, then walked back over to Kyle and the messengers.

Sara sat down on the couch, as Normal came over with a stack of flyers in his hands and smile on his face, directly at her. "Hey kid, take some of these. Pass them out to your friends." Normal handed Sara bunch of papers.

Sara took them and became furious at was on them. It was posters about transgenics. More specificly, hate messages written on them, about how they were dangerous and didn't belong here. She couldn't believe people were acting like this. When she found out about the aliens, she wasn't judgemental, she understood. She knew how scared Liz and Kyle were because they thought they were going to spill their secret, but they didn't. The transgenics must've felt the same way. She got up and and stepped onto the coffee table so she was eye level with Normal and glared. "If you expect me to deliver these transgenic hate messages, you're full of it."

Normal frowned. "Obviously you don't know about these freaks, missy."

Sara's face became a thundercloud, "No, you're the freak dumbass. You're just judging them because they escaped from a goverment facility and're different. You wouldn't know anything about the goverment facility they were held in so, this is what I'm gonna do with your fucking papers." She took out her lighter and lit it up, she pulled the papers towards the flame and they caught alight. She shut the lighter and shoved the papers in a nearby trashcan

Normal looked taken back, and shocked. Sara then turned back to Normal, who was now furious.

"You know what? I think you're one of those freaks."

Sara showed him her lighter and lit it up, again and smirked. "Hey, is that gel stiff hair of yours flammible?"

Normal squealed and practically ran to his office, shutting the door. Alec, Zack, Cindy, Max, Syl, Krit and Logan were trying very hard to spit out laughing. But they couldn't hold it and they spit out laughing.

Sara flicked shut her lighter and pocketed it. She turned and stepped off the table, and sat back down on the couch, seeing Kyle's proud smile and Zack's, Max's, Logan's, Syl's, Krit's, Cindy's and Alec's proud grins.

"So you're not a transgenic hater?" Zack asked, still grinning.

Sara grunted. "All that stuff's bullshit. Just because they're different doesn't mean they're dangerous, or freaks." She popped another bubble with her gum with another laoud smack and then looked at them all squinting her eyes in a deadly manner. "None of you are anti-transgenics are you?"

"No, we're not." Krit said.

Sara smiled. "Good."

"We like you already." Syl said, smiling.

"Yeah, you're all pretty cool yourselves. How come you don't hate transgenics?" Sara asked, genuinly interested.

"We just agree with your reasons." Max said. She liked Sara. She was a good kid in her book, and she was sure everyone else thought that too.


I won't be able to post another part till the end of the week, since I have a lot of studying to do.


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LittleBit originally wrote:
I didn't realize you were going to post this so fast! I love reading it the second time around. Can't wait for more.

I actually wasn't going to post this for awhile, but I was really anxious to see how much feedback I would get*bounce* Which reminds me, thanks for all the replies!*big* I'll post more soon!*happy*

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Title: A New Life
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Me own nothing *sad*
Rating: R
Couples: Alec/Liz, Max/Logan, Randi/Zack, Kyle/Kat
Spoilers: Season 2 for Dark Angel and Roswell, After the movie for The Fast And The Furious.
Summery: Liz and Kyle move to LA to see Liz's cousin Letty after they can't take it being in Roswell anymore, they become street racers and Liz gets her own crew. They move to Seattle since cops in LA are after them. In Seattle, Max, Logan, Alec, Zack and all the other transgenics are trying to take down White and his punk ass familiars. Yes, Zack is in this too because I'm going to hook him and some other male transgenics up with Liz's crew *wink* Make out that Zack didn't go nuts and try to kill Logan. Logan also bought a cure for the virus and he and Max are together. Liz also has a back bone attitude and dresses a little like her cousin Letty.

Part 2

Sara and Kyle were talking and getting to know eachother more before the person they came looking for came by.

"Hey, guess what I just delivered a package to a bombshell blonde-" Sketchy then took notice of Kyle and Sara.

"Kyle?! Dude, what're you doing here?" Sketchy said slapping hands with Kyle and giving him a manly hug.

Kyle shrugged. "Hey cuz, just moved here with my friends and little sister here." Kyle said pointing to Sara.

Sketchy looked confused. "I never knew you had a sister."

"I'm like his sister. His best friend Liz adopted me as her sister." Sara said.

"You're adopted?" Krit asked, surprised.

"Yeah, wanna make something of it?" Sara threatened. She didn't like being treated differently because she didn't live with parents.

Krit smiled. "No, just asking."

Everyone else grinned. Sara was a little firecracker that amused them.

Sketchy grinned. "I like you."

"Good to know." Sara started playing with her lighter again.

Sketchy shrugged and turned to Kyle. "Come on, let's get some lunch. We can catch up since the last time we saw eachother." Their voices faded out as they walked to the other side of Jam Pony, leaving Sara with the transgenics.

"What do you people do for fun around here?" Sara asked.

Alec snorted. "Not much. The only hangouts that are worth while going to are the Crash and the skate park."

"I don't know what Crash is, but skate park is right up my alley." Sara grinned.

"What do you like?" Logan asked.

"I play baseball, basketball and hockey. A little rollerblading and skateboarding too." Sara said proudly. "But I really like cars."

"Cars?" They all asked.

Sara grinned. "Yeah, don't tell anyone, but Kyle, my sister and her girls are street racers. Cars have NOS tanks in 'em. They bring in the cash. And it isn't chump change if you know what I'm sayin'."

"Can we see Kyle's?" Syl asked.

Sara grinned. "Sure. Just let me get the keys." Sara walked off to Kyle and grabbed his keys.

She came back and lead them to Kyle's red Dodge Viper. They gaped and stared at it open mouthed. There were other people around drooling at the car. "Back off." Sara growled to them. They scrambled off and Sara took off the alarm and unlocked the door. She flipped up the passenger seat and showed them the NOS tanks. "See? These babies make the dough come in."

"What'd they do?" Cindy asked, not really knowing anything about cars.

"Think of it as adrenaline for your engine." Sara said simply. "My sister Liz is the head of the team. We know that some people already have their own NOS powered cars here. Ever since awhile ago." Sara then flipped the seat back down and then showed them a computer under an expensive looking sound system.

"This is the Stand Alone Fuel Management System. Liz, Kat and Randi have these in their cars too. It's a computer that replaces the car's factory computer. It allows the car to program his or her own parameteres for maxium horsepower and to chart the effictiveness of changes. On engines with turbos or nitrous, such systems allow the maximum power of the engine to be realized by allowing far more adjustibility." Sara then turned to see everyone staring at her. "What?"

"In english that means what?" Cindy asked, dumbstruck.

Sara rolled her eyes. "That it makes the car go really, really fast. I could show ya the other stuff, but I think fashion-reject-Normal would fire you for not getting back to work." She turned the computer monitor off and got out the car. She locked the door and alarmed it.

They were impressed. "Bitchin'!" Krit said.

"You really know your stuff." Alec said.

"Thanks. I actually never knew anything about them till Liz introduced me to Dom and crew."

"Who's Dom?" Logan asked.

Sara smiled, remembering the big tall and well built guy that she considered like a big brother. "Dom's the guy who's the boyfriend of Liz's cousin, who is a street racer too. Along with their other friends. They're the ones who taught Liz about cars. Kyle knew a little but not much. Kat and Randi were amatuers when Liz found 'em, but now they're pro's, just like Liz and Kyle."

Sara noticed that Alec, Krit, Logan and Zack were eyeing the hood of the car. As if reading their minds, she said, "Wanna see the engine?"

The boys nodded and moved to the front of the car with the girls. Sara put her hands under the bonnet and lifted it up, revealing a very expensive and good looking, silver engine. It was spotless, just like the body of the car, and looked to be well taken care of.

"Holy shit!" They all whispered.

"What kind of cars do your sister and friends have?"

"Liz has a black Trans-Am, Randi has a dark blue Honda Civic, and Kat has a purple Dodge Stratus." Sara said as she put the hood back down.

Zack looked at Sara. "You do know that having that NOS in your car all together could get you killed?"

Sara scoffed. "Yeah, it could. But that doesn't stop everyone from getting them."

Zack just shook his head, while Alec, Cindy, Krit, Syl, Logan and Max couldn't stop grinning.

Kyle and Sketchy then came out. When Sketchy saw Kyle's car, his jaw dropped. "Dude, where the hell did you get this sweet piece of machinery?" Sketchy went to touch the car, but Kyle's hand smacked it away.

"No body touches my baby." Kyle said and inspected the car for damage. He blew on an invisible spot and rubbed it with some of his shirt. It looked the same as before, but Kyle thought it was cleaner. "Much better."

"These cars must've cost you a fortune." Zack said.

Kyle shook his head. "Actually, these were hunks of junk when we found 'em."

"Yeah right." Sketchy said, not believing that such a car like Kyle's could've ever been junk.

"It's true." Kyle said serious. "We were looking for some parts in a junk yard and saw them. Me and Liz payed fifty bucks for each and took 'em back to Dom's garage. A few weeks of hard work and some extra cash and we came up with these." Kyle said proudly.

"I helped stick the designs on." Sara added and pointed to the various transfers of flames and words.

"Hey, you think we could come to one of these races? Seems like a good way to spend the night." Syl said.

Kyle and Sara looked at each other. "Sure." Kyle said as Sketchy was still checking out the car.

"Would there happen to be any ladies present? Other than the racers I mean." Alec asked, smirking.

Sara caught this and couldn't resist. "Why? Been awhile since you got laid, eh?" She grinned.

Everyone except Alec burst out laughing. Alec mock glared at her, but couldn't help but allow a smile to form on his lips. The kid had spunk.

Max, Syl and Cindy grabbed Sara and walked her back into Jam Pony, leaving the men behind to talk about, well, whatever men talk about. "You know how we said we liked ya before? We change that. We love you. No-one's ever said anything like that to Alec before." Syl said.

Max and Cindy cleared their throats loudly. "Except Cindy and Max of course." Syl said, smiling.

Sara looked back and forth between them all. "Tell me, are those fine male speciems over there that you call your friends, single?"

"Yeah all except Logan. He's mine. Why?" Max asked with a half smile and making sure to emphasize Logan's being her man, clearly.

Sara shrugged, looking innocent. "No reason."

Max, Cindy and Syl didn't say anything else about it.


Liz, Kat and Randi stared at the two story house. "I like it." Liz said. "What'd you guys think? It has 5 bedrooms with balcony's, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen, a foyer, a study, and a double garage." She read from the paper in front of her.

"It's cool, other than the fact that we have more than two cars. Where're we going to put the others?" Kat said.

"Yeah," Randi said. "I'm not leaving my car out here for some jack ass to take, or worse, trash."

Liz stared at Randi. "No-one said you had to. I neglected to mention that there's also a very large space out back. We can get a guy to extend the already existing garage, then we'll have more room."

Kat and Randi seemed satisfied with that. "Fine by me. Call Kyle and have him and Sara get here. See what they think." Kat stared at the real-estate agent at the front door of the house.

Liz nodded and pulled out her cell phone. "I'm on it. Why don't you guys go get the tour. I'll meet you in there in a few minutes."

Randi and Kat nodded and walked off to see the real-estate agent.

Liz punched the number to Kyle's cell phone. It rang two or three times before it picked up.


"It's me Liz."

Kyle's voice perked up. Oh hey Liz, what's up?"

Liz wondered what he was so perky about, but decided not to ask. "We found a house. We want you and Sara to come and take a look for yourself and see what you think."

"Sure, what's the address?"

"22 Prescott Avenue." Liz said as she looked at the street sign on the corner and the number on the house.

"Be there in 10."

Liz hung up and turned to go into the house.


Kyle hung up his cell phone and looked at Sara and the group.

"Was that Liz?" Sara asked.

Kyle nodded. "Yeah. We gotta go. Her, Kat and Randi found us a house. Wants us to go take a look."

Sara seemed disappointed to be leaving when she'd made new friends.

Max and the others noticed this. "Go see your new house." Max said, smiling. "We'll catch up with you soon."

Sara brightened up. "Really? When?"

Kyle grinned. "Well, if we take the house the girls found, Sketchy and them can come visit."

The transgenics, Sketchy, Logan and Cindy nodded. "Yeah, thanks. We'd like that." Logan said.

Sara smiled broadly. "Great! You can meet Liz, Kat and Randi. You'll love them."

Sketchy looked thoughtful. "Say, are these street racing girls of yours hot?"

Cindy slapped him upside the head. "Shut up fool."

"Just askin'." Sketchy grimaced.

Kyle and Sara chuckled. "Yeah, in my opinion," Kyle started. "I think, no, I know they're hot. They're babes."

Alec grinned. "Are they single?"

Kyle scowled and everyone could see he was getting over protective. "No way are any guys touching them."

Sara stopped anyone from saying anything after that. "Okay Kyle, let's go. Liz, Kat and Randi are probably waiting for us. And if we don't get their soon, all three of them are going to kick our asses."

Kyle nodded. He looked at the others. "Nice meeting you." He slapped hands with Sketchy and gave him a manly hug. "Good to see you again, Sketchmeister."

Sketchy smiled. "You too man."

Kyle and Sara got into Kyle's car. Sara rolled down her passenger side window as Kyle started the car and reversed out his parking space with one hand, while trying to turn on his sound system. Sara waved at the group as Kyle sped off, leaving exhuast and tyre marks on the ground.

"Damn," Original Cindy said approvingly. "Now that man can drive."



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This is a message to inform you that someone from this board called roswell lover 1 has stolen my story and called it hers. She's changed it so it's called "Love Sucks" and also changed the main character from Liz to Maria and Sara to Clara. Other than that, it's copied word from word and I'm very, very, angry about this.

I don't want this to happen to anyone else so please inform anyone you can on the board and also report roswell lover1's thread. I originally wasn't going to post another part of this story, but I would not let my readers down because some idiot took the liberty of taking something that's not theirs. Thanks*happy*


PS, Thanks for the feedback Kat and Randi!*big* I appreciate it!*big*

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Thanks for the feedback and info Elin!*big* l'll post more soon!*big*

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Part 3

Kat, Liz and Randi waited impatiently for Kyle and Sara. "I'm gonna flatten Kyle's ass if he doesn't get here soon." Kat grumbled.

"What, you mean more than usual?" Randi said, making Liz snicker.

Kat just glared at the two. "Bite me."

Kat and Randi kept bickering back and forth, till Kyle and Sara came.

Kyle and Sara stepped out of his red dodge viper. “Hey, sorry we’re late, we got lost.”

Liz smiled. “That’s okay. How’d it go with your cousin?”

Sara smiled broadly. “Great! His friends are so cool! The men are so incredibly hot!”

Randi’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Oh yeah.” Sara said, smirking.

“Yeah, talk about this later,” Kat said, pushing them both forward. “We’ve got a house to look at.”

An hour later, Sara, Kat, Randi, Kyle and Liz all stepped out of the large house with a smile. “I say we take it.” Kyle grinned.

Liz looked at everyone else. “Anyone who has any objections raise your hand.”

No-one did and Liz got the message. She turned to the real estate agent. “We’ll take it. I’ll write you a check out now. When can we move in?”

“As soon as the check clears, which will take a few days.” The man said. “I think you can move in by the weekend.”

“Cool.” Liz walked the man to her car where her check book was and wrote him a nice big fat check with a lot of zeros.

“Pleasure doing business with you.” The man said and folded the check into his pocket.

“Yeah right.” Liz muttered. She tilted her head up to look at her crew. “Hey! Let’s go! We’ve got other business to attend to!”

Kat, Randi, Kyle and Sara grunted and walked to their cars. “I’m riding with Randi this time.” Sara said.

“Sure thing, hop in.” Randi took out her keys to her Honda Civic and took off the alarm, before unlocking the doors.

“Any chance I can drive? Letty taught me.” Sara asked hopefully.

Randi grinned. “Not a chance.”

Sara sat in her seat, with her arms folded, grumbling.

The ride back to the motel was short. They walked into their rooms and flopped down on a couch or seat. “Okay,” Kyle said. “What’d we do about the races?”

“Me and the girls already took care of that.” Liz said.

“What’d you mean?” Kyle put his feet up on the coffee table.

“We did some sneaking around and found that more people than we expected, race with NOS tanks.” Kat said.

“Which is good.” Randi grinned. “It means that this town isn’t as boring as it seems.”

“What about cops?” Kyle asked.

“A sector cop offered to keep us informed if any cops are going to show up.” Liz said.

“In exchange for what?” Sara asked, already knowing the answer.

“What else, money.” Liz said.

“When’s the first race?” Sara got up and opened the fridge, taking out a can of vanilla coke.

“Hopefully by the weekend.” Liz said. “We’ve spread the word to other racers and they in.”

“How the hell did they know about NOS tanks anyway?” Kyle caught a can of coke that Sara tossed him.

“Dom and crew. Word spread about him and Tran, then people wanted to have their own cars. Most were just in for the money though.” Randi said.

“Where are we going to have the races?”

Everyone sighed at Kyle’s continuing interrogation. “They’re some abandoned streets near the end of town. Also a warehouse a few miles away that’ll be great for out after-race parties.”

“And where are we going to get our supplies of NOS tanks and parts from?” Kyle sipped his coke.

“You’re just full of questions aren’t you Buddha boy?” Kat teased.

Liz spoke up before Kyle could throw back a retort. “There’s a shop on the other side of town that’ll be more than sufficient to get the tanks from. I was thinking we can open our own garage as well.”

At this Kyle burst out laughing. “No offence, because you guys are great mechanics. But no-one is going to have their car fixed in an auto shop with women.”

Liz, Sara, Kat and Randi glared at him. “Once they see all the recommendations we have from people in LA, they’ll be more than happy.”

Kyle shrugged. “Okay.” He stood up. “I’ve gotta call Sketchy and tell him the news.”


Sketchy, Max, Logan, Zack, Alec, Original Cindy, Krit and Syl were at Crash having a few drinks. Making small talk. Cindy had drunk the most beers of the lot.

“Some punk ass tried to knock Original Cindy off her bike today.” Cindy slurred. She appeared to be drunk, but the Jam Pony messengers didn’t say anything. Yet.

“Really?” Zack asked.

Cindy nodded. “Tried to steal Original Cindy’s package. I put the smack down on that his ass after I ran that sucker down!”

“Never mess with a lesbian.” Alec grinned. Logan, Krit, Syl, Sketchy and Zack snickered.

Cindy stood up on her chair, with difficulty and started to address the whole of Crash. “That’s right! No-one messes with Original Cindy!!”

Max stood up and helped her back into her seat. “Alright, that’s enough. I’m taking you home. You’re drunk.”

Cindy looked at her best friend with confusion. “What? OC ain’t drunk. You trippin’ boo.”

Max smiled at Cindy. “Really? Walk in a straight line.”

Cindy did as Max asked, but toppled over after a few stumbling steps.

“See.” Max took Cindy’s arm. “I’m gonna take her home. I’ll see you guys later.”

Everyone nodded. Max kissed Logan goodbye and led a drunk Original Cindy out of Crash.

Just then, Sketchy’s cell phone rang, he picked up the phone and pressed the talk button. “Sketchy here.” Sketchy listened to the other line, he grinned. “Hey Kyle, my man. How’s it going? Couldn’t leave the Sketchmeister alone could ya?”

Everyone listened as Sketchy kept smiling even brighter with each second. “That’s great. Thanks man. We’ll see you there.” He pressed the end button and looked at the group of people before him.

“That was Kyle.” Sketchy said.

“Yeah, we figured that.” Zack said, sipping his beer.

“Called to tell me that the first street race is on this weekend at those abandoned streets, Kingston Avenue.” Sketchy was grinning from ear to ear.

“Cool. I’ll be there.” Syl said, she turned to the others. “What about you guys?”

Logan nodded. “I’ll be there.”

“Count us in too.” Alec said, thinking of all the good looking women he would find there.