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Title; Hunted
Author; Sarah aka Wild_Child_Uk
Rating; NC-17
Disclaimer; don’t own nada
Summary; Liz left Manticore and only ever told Alex. It’s
set after EOTW and it’s a M/L fic. Liz is being harassed by an
unknown source and so asks Zack for protection.

Authors Note; I don’t really know where this is going and so be patient!

Max watched her quietly try and fade into the background. A small look
of anxiety crossed her face as she spotted Maria walk out of school. That’s
strange he mused. But then her looked changed to pain as Maria glanced at her
and turned on heel and strode back into the busy school. Max frowned wondering
what had happened to their friendship, why were they fighting, what could
be so big to tear them apart?

He cursed himself suddenly, why should he care..
she obviously didn’t care about him. Kyle and her flashed through his head,
oh who was he kidding, it was a perminate fixture in his head. He winced and
leant back into the tree.
He continued to watch Liz with interest as she spotted Alex leave school, a
brilliant smile rippled over her perfect features causing Max to give a small
smile himself. Alex spotted her and he waved as he headed over to her. She
finally relaxed Max noticed.
Alex sat across from her and offered her a cookie from his lunch bag, she
laughed at something her said as she excepted it. As much as his heart ached
with pain he was glad she was laughing even if it wasn’t with him.

Liz laughed at Alex’s pathetic attempt to lighten her mood. ‘Why so
glum, Lizbet?’
She sobered at gave a half smile at her best friend, she couldn’t hide anything
from him. Anything. Including the knowledge of her not so normal
upbringing in Manticore.

‘Nothing Lifestopping. I’ll manage.’ She gave a weak smile. But she could she
he wasn’t buying it. So she sighed, and mock frowned, ‘I suppose I should
tell you, best bud code and all.’

‘Thats right’ Alex just looked on with a slight smile at his best friend.

Liz turned serious and ran an agitated hand through her hair, ‘Well it’s nothing
big, my life’s a mess, I mean anyone can see that right. Maria won’t speak to
me because I refuse to tell Max about Future Max and well Max hates me
which under the circumstances is completely understandable. And then
there’s this.’ Liz paused and handed a folded note which had been burning a
hole in her pocket since this morning when she had received it.

Alex took the note and frowned as he slowly unfolded it not removing his
eyes from Liz’s. He looked down at the open sheet of paper.


Alex looked up startled, ‘Liz you have to get out of here, what if it’s

‘Don’t you think I know that. But the truth is I’m not sure I care
anymore.’ Liz sighed, ‘I know that it’s weak and I know that it’s stupid to
waste all I have gained but I’m just. so. tired.’

Liz waited for Alex’s sympathetic gaze and brilliant advice that would pull
her out of this funk that she had been living in. She raised her head from
where it had been slumped on her arms to find Alex no longer sat across from
her but striding like a man on a mission across the quad to a very
uncomfortable looking Max Evans.
‘Alex?’ She said quietly, fully aware that he wouldn’t be able to hear her but
just to try and pull her out of what she pleaded was a dream.


‘You sick fuck.’ Alex growled at Max as he approached the tree where Max
had been lazing, ‘You think this is some kind of joke?’ Alex’s voice getting
louder as he backhanded the sheet of paper for visual purposes.

‘Excuse me?’

‘Max I’m sorry,’ Liz started to pull on Alex’s arm, ‘He doesn’t know what
he’s talking about.’

‘No, tell me what’s going on?’ Max demanded.

‘Like you don’t know, I know what you think of Liz but this....’ Alex
trailed off in rage.

Max grabbed the sheet of paper still in Alex’s hand. Liz made a jump for
it so Max couldn’t see but Max just raised it above his head.

Max went still as he read the note, ‘I didn’t sent this. I would never
send this.’

‘I know Max, I know. Alex was just upset and jumped to conclusions.’
Liz whispered.

Alex still unsure, ‘Yea Max, I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking.’

‘Not a problem, I would have done the same thing.’ Max said still looking
at the note as if the words would change. ‘Who? Who do you think would
send this?’

So much deception and worry was written in Liz’s eyes that he had to look
away, what had happened to her? What was she hiding that was causing her
so much pain.

‘Look we don’t know. I’m sorry I accused you. I shouldn’t have, it was wrong.
Liz and I need to talk and so we’ll... see you around or something.’ Alex
started to drag Liz away by her arm.


‘Alex I can’t believe you did that. Now he knows. He will want to help.
He shouldn’t want to, but he’s Max.’ Liz sighed.

‘Yea I’m sorry but he was stood there watching you and I just thought...
well I just thought wrong, okay. I’m sorry, I really am but maybe you
should think about telling Zack or even Logan.’

Liz grimaced as she recalled how her last meeting with Zack went, ‘Yea,
I should probably do that.’

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Sorry everyone!!!
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Part 2

Liz ended the phone call on her cell and walked back over to Alex.
She smiled up at him, ‘Zack said he could be here tomorrow morning at
the earliest.’
Alex wrapped a protective arm around her and gave a tight tug closer to
him, ‘Let’s go eat with everyone else and pretend everything is normal.’
Alex smiled down at the petite brunette.
Liz gave a worried glance over to where the pod squad were located, ‘I
don’t no..’
‘Come on Liz.’ Alex said ignoring her protests and dragging her over
to the others.

The silence was deafening while they sat down.

‘So...’ Alex smiled, ‘What’s up with you guys, any gossip?’

‘Pam Troy’s been sleeping with Mr Mavrick, the French teacher.’ Isabel

‘No really?’ Maria gasped.

‘Uh huh, it’s true. Franny overheard them, and she told Claire who told
Tina, who told Kyle, who told me.’ Tess smiled.

Michael shook his head and muttered something, but Maria heard.

‘Yes Michael, is there something you wanted to bring to the table?’ Maria
poked him.

‘Oww.. that hurt.’

There idle chit chat continued as Liz started to relax with her friends
unaware of Max’s unwavering gaze. The gossip was broken by the
shrill sound Liz’s cell phone ringing.

‘Oh excuse me.’ Liz murmured as she opened the cell up.

There topic was returned to and no one paid attention to Liz.


‘I see you.’ The rasping voice on the other end replied.

Liz’s eyes widened and her gaze swung round the quad urgently looking
for someone on there cell.

‘Who the fuck are you?’ Liz said shortly.

This got everyone’s attention on the table as they went still not knowing
who was on the other end.

‘Do you know I could shoot your little boyfriend right now and you
wouldn’t be able to stop me. You would watch him die knowing that
it was all your fault.’

Liz’s eyes met Max’s.

‘ Just tell me what you want.’ Liz said quietly tears shimmering in her
eyes but refusing to let them fall for this mad man.

Max as if sensing they were talking about him covered her hand with
his offering support.

‘Lizzie lizzie lizzie, I’ll be seeing you soon. I promise it.’ And with that
he hung up and the ring tone taunted her till she closed the flap of her cell.

Max was the first to ask, ‘What did he say?’ His rage was quietly contained
but you could see if shimmering underneath his calm exterior.

But Maria interrupted, ‘What? What’s going on? Liz who was it?’ She was
clearly confused with the situation she hadn’t been included in.

Liz clearly shaken but holding it back, so only Max, who was an expert in
“Liz watching” realised. ‘It’s nothing Maria, just some guy thinking he can
scare me with notes and apparently phone calls as well now.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Maria shook her head and went grave. ‘Liz this has
got to stop! You can’t just not include bits of information to the group. First
with whole Max thing and now this. We can help, why won’t you trust us.’

‘Maria, it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just complicated and any when was
I supposed to tell you? You’ve been avoiding me for days.’ Liz said calmly.

The table went silent until Isabel asked, ‘What Max thing?’

Liz shifted in her seat and Alex wrapped an arm around her.

Kyle broke the uncomfortable scene and wandered over to the table, ‘Hey
guys, did you hear about Mr Mavrick and Pam Troy??’


Zack swung his leg over his bike and shifted his back pack. He pulled the shade
down on his helmet and looked back at Maxie and Logan in the Explorer, he
nodded back at them and they started their journey to Roswell, New Mexico.

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Well well well lookie here! New Part!

Part 3

Liz shut the door behind her as she walked into her bedroom, she slumped
against it as she banged her ead back against it to try and make sense of the
day she had.
After the phone call at lunch, the questions she couldn’t answer keep coming
from Max, Maria, Kyle, well just everyone wanted to know everything..

Who is it?
Who could it be?
What Max thing?
Can you think of anyone other than alien that would want to hurt you?

As much as she loved her friends there was no way that she could tell them
and not be putting them in more danger then she already was. While she had
to play the scared little girl act in front of everyone, she was planning how the
hell she could sort this out as well as helping to protect them at the same time.
God and being a girl was hard enough, you had to through in the fact that she
was an experimented solider as well.
Liz raised her head and opened her eyes, and now the whole FM situation was up
again, thanks to Maria and her mouth. She had let slip that there was a Max
situation that had been upsetting her, which had Max thinking again. She could
see it in his eyes. He was going over the events to try and make sense of It and
she had a feeling he wasn’t gonna stop till he got answers. To make it worse he
could see she was lieing, for the first time he was looking into her eyes and not
just listening to her words and for some reason he could always see right through
She pushed away from the door with a sigh and walked over to a loose panel in
her ceiling she had found as a kid and where she hid all her equipment. She
pushed it up and pulled down her bag. She through it down onto her bed and
started to look for her tracing equipment. She pulled out a small devise and
clipped inside of her cell and then loaded up her laptop, setting up the needed
program. She frowned, as she thought that she actually thought she wouldn’t
be needing any of these things anymore. She had stopped training, stopped
practising and just tried to be a normal girl. But as Max said, ‘Whats so great
about Normal?’

She smiled, finally thinking this bitch through. ‘They think they mess with me,
then they don’t know who they are dealing with.’ Thinking back Liz finally
realised that she couldn’t run from Manticore, even though she hated what had
been done to her, she knew that her brothers and sisters and her had out
smarted them once and if it was them that is after her then she and Zack could
outsmart them again.


She woke the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the new day, even
if she did have the breakfast shift in the restaurant. She swung her legs around
and moved of the bed towards the shower when her hearing picked up faint
voices of the pod squad plus the human sidekicks. She groaned realiseing they
were there for an QandA session but she was to happy to let them bring her
down, Zack was coming this morning and she couldn’t wait!

When she arrived downstairs she peeped through the door into the restaurant,
where Max was already watching with his sinfully intense eyes. Her stomach
dropped and her heart started to pound as he didn’t look away. She backed
away slightly and banged her head purposefully against the locker to try and
get rid of the cobwebs that Max seemed to insert into her brain everytime he
looked at her, but he hadn’t looked that hungry for her since when he kissed
her in Whitikers office. She smiled slightly but immediated tried to block it out...

Zack was coming.. she would just have to concentrate on that. She pushed
through the doors and put on her bright fake smile. She greeted her customers
trying desperately to avoid eye contact with Max but she could feel him
watching her like a hawk, she could feel the burning of his gaze and it was
making her ache in the pit of her stomach with want.
She shook her head, what was wrong with her? Then all at once it made
sense, the want, the burning, the ache.... Liz Parker was in heat and she
wanted Max Evans... now.