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Title: Blue Copper
Rating: ? (might need a beta if it's gonna be nc 17)
Category: definately A.L
Summary: Liz finally learns that Max isn't who she fell in love with anymore, and goes back home, but what she doesn't realize is that Max was never the man she fell in love with in the first place...
NOTE: guys this isn't my first fic, but it is the first time I'm gonna try and finish it! so please leave feedback, 'cuz without that, I'll give up hope

"Max, I didn't sleep with him!"

"Yes yyou did! I saw it with my own eyes! You can't lie to me Liz, it won't work! I won't play your lovesick puppy anymore! You slep with him and you gave up on our relationship in doing so!"

That's when I saw it. It was in his eyes. Those golden amber windows that used to shine with lvoe for me. He had used me as an excuse. He knew in his heart that I didn't sleep with Kyle, and that I was telling him the truth at this very moment. He didn't want to give 'us' another chance. Max honestly didn't love me anymore.

"Okay Max. Okay. I guess, I guess I"ll see you around then. Maybe I-I don't know." I spoke in a defeated tone, knowing I was the fool in this relationship. I stood up and moved towards the stairs of the Crashdown.

"Liz, don't act like that. Please, don't. Just because I don't want to be your boyfriend, doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend." His tone is a lot less harsher now. In fact he almost sounds like my Max. The Max he was before Tess came along. He'll never be my Max again.

I just turn my head and cast my eyes to look into his, and for a moment I could swear I saw love in those endless pools. I must be seeing things, I guess. I gave him one of my small smiles, but I knew we wouldn't be friends. We never could be around one another and not let our emotions get in the way. Turning back, I open the door to the Crashdown, and walk up to my room.

Pulling out my two suitcases, I start to pack. Opening the drawers in my dresser, and gently, slowly going through my clothes, one item at a time. I refold them to uniform size and I lay them in the bags. First jeans, then shirts in one bag, and sweaters, socks, underwear, and a few pairs of shoes in the other.

Next, I go into my bathroom. Taking only the essentials, my toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, makeup, shampoo and conditioner, feminine supplies, I pack them in my first bag. Lastly I turn to the clock. 11:51 pm, it reads in bold red letters. I pick up the phone and dial the oh-so familiar number. It rings only twice before a groggy voice answers.

"I want to come home." I say not feeling any emotion. I'm pretty sure that I'm supposed to be crying right now, right? I mean the love of my life just told me that he can't stand to be around me. I'm supposed to be playing the broken-hearted damsel, right?

I guess I'm just learning how not to play the foold. I hang up after I hear an "Okay.", then the dial tone. I'm just learning.
A/N- I know it sux doesn't it???? This isn't the spin-off of my life, it's a different one... it's new and I figured I'd give it a shot... so go ahead and tell me how horrible it is! I've already got the next part ready to go... it's short but it's ready!


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NOTE: Awww, thanx you guys! I'm shocked at how many actually replied to my fic! I feel so special now! Oh, and I finally decided that it'll be an X-over with Dark Angel... but I still don't know who the pairing'll be with... I'm thinking either Alec or Zack... you guys can decide! well, I feel so special that I'm gonna give out my last part that I have written, so it might take awhile to get the next part out... sorry! - Ellie
I don't know how long I'd been looking out the window at the passing scenery. It must've been awhile though because the sun's coming up. Deciding that the cramp in my neck is too much for me to handle, I turn my head Painfully, into a new position.

As I do so, I see jade green eyes staring back at me. I don't think I've seen eyes more gorgeous. Sure, Max's eyes were deep, and soulful, but they always made me think I was looking at a sick puppy that was about to be put down, or something along those lines. These eyes held a spirit about them. A certain spark of life, energy. I've missed that.

Our attention goes elsewhere. Green eyes to the road, brown eyes to the stickshift, where our hands met. Nothing romantic about it. Just comforting. Every once in awhile they would move to change gears. Which meant pressure would be added onto my hand. It was the slightest bit of pressure but everytime it happened, I smiled. I didn't smile because of the jolt I felt run through me everytime it happened. I smiled because even after the gear changed, our hands held on for a moment longer. During that moment we had a connection. It wasn't a connection like Max and I had, it was something that's totally new to me. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but I do know it's nice to have right now.

Feeling extremely tired, I yawn. Turning again to look at jade eyes, I lean forward. Using the shoulder as a pillow, I yawn again. I hear a small chuckle before I feel something. A nice something. A kiss on the top of my head. I smile again as I drift off, feeling the pressure on my hand as the gears shift, and that moment delay that follows afterwards. It's nice to fall asleep again. Really nice.
A.N- told ya it was shorter! okay now I have homework to do... see I was stupid enough to take genetics... real smart there huh? well, after I do my homework I'm going to write another chapter, or two, however much I have in me.... and then I'm going to come back and see if I got any replies!

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Guy's I'm SOOOOOOO sorry, but I just got back from Tennessee, and I havn't even had time to write a new part, so please just be patient, and I guess the majority wins, it'll be an Alec/Liz fic... and thank you guys sooo much for all the feedback, I'm presently surprised, I'm gonna go do my homework, put my kid down for a nap, and then run some errands... after that I'm writing the new part... I'm just gonna re read what I wrote first! lol

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Note- Okay since I feel really bad about not posting in a long time, I'm gonna make it up as I go along, so if it's a little funky, try to get the jist of it... 'cuz I don't even know where I'm taking it - Ellie
The sun filtered through the room, landing on two figures laying together so close that some would call it intimate. Brown hair feathered across a golden tan chest, moving slightly with each intake of breath.

Large hands drapped across her bare back, thumbs drawing lazy circles. Feather-light touches and caresses peppered along her back, careful not to wake her sleeping form.
I wake to the high squeel of the phone. I hear him pick it up and speak breifly before hanging it up. He looks to me expecting to see my sleeping form, but instead is greeted with a smile.

I crawl up his body and straddle his hips, leaning forward so that I can rest on him, but only to catch his lips in a sweet kiss before I hug his body close to mine.

I'm not ready to get up yet, I don't want to leave this sanctuary that used to be our room. It's his now, just like this house. Everything in this house, that was once ours, is now his. It all became his when I left.

It seems like such a long time ago now. During the summer that Max thought I was in Florida visiting my aunt. I was really here though. Here in the vast rolling hills of Tennessee.

Max and I had been having problems then, like we are now. The only difference is that he's the one who ended it this time, not me. He gave up hope on us, meaning that there's no more chance of us getting back together.

That summer we had spent many nights here in this bedroom. I wasn't always faithful to Max. I was so mad at him that I used Alec to get back at him. There was love though. There was this endless stream of love that flowed into me from him. He was so gentle with me, yet he was so over-powering too.

I want that back. He won't take me back though. After what happened that summer. After what I did. I did the unforgiveable. The ultimate betrayle. I messed up then, but I won't mess up now. I can't mess up now. He's the only thing I have left.

"What're you thinking about?" His sweet voice whispers into my ear, as he leans down to nuzzle my neck.

You. "Nothing."
A.N- so what do you think? Again, I'm sooo sorry for not posting earlier. And yes, my lil' Abyn's okay! She just got a case of the flu a lil' while ago, but 'cuz she's my little baby, she got it really bad. I'll try and post more later!