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Not All Powers Are Alien
Author: LittleBit
Category: Crossover, do I write anything else?
Disclaimer: I don’t own either show.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Starts during Changes. Liz finds out that she is different from others. But when someone shows up in Roswell unexpectedly she finds out that it isn’t because of the aliens.

Note: This story starts at the beginning of Changes so there is some dialog in the story that is the same as the episode. I didn’t write them so don’t sue.


Part 1

Two people, one tall brown haired man and one shorter blonde female, made their way into the lab and stood in front of another older man sitting at a computer terminal. When they entered he looked up to address them. “Good timing, I just broke through the seals about fifteen minutes ago."

“That’s a record considering you only started looking yesterday.” The blonde stated.

“What did you find?” The younger man asked.

“You were put up for adoption when you were one day old. Your parents names were Jeffrey Parker and McKenzie Taylor.”

The blonde could see that the news unsettled him and she put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure they think about you.”

They could see a hint of sadness in the older man’s eyes as he said, “There’s more. According to the file, the night you were born, your mother and father had been in a car accident and it had triggered her labor. She had massive internal injuries and died shortly after giving birth.”

“And my father?” He asked pushing away the thoughts of the mother who had died until he was alone later.

“From what I’ve found out he married eight years after and has a daughter, Elizabeth. He currently lives in Roswell New Mexico and runs a restaurant.”

The younger man nodded, “Looks like I’m headed for New Mexico.”


Liz sat at the garage Kyle worked at talking to him about the strange things that had been happening. At first she had thought she had been getting the flu but when she had the strange experience in school yesterday she knew it wasn’t just the flu. The flu didn’t make your face disappear when you looked in the mirror then suddenly come back. Max hadn’t even seen it. She had immediately call her doctor’s office and got an emergency appointment. Then the whole experience in the doctor’s office when his voice had been drowned out by static. It was then that she came up with a theory as to what was happening to her and went to the only other person who might understand, Kyle.

“Strange symptoms, shoot.” Kyle stated.

“Umm, fatigue, and total inability to concentrate.”

“Me, everyday.” Kyle commented.

“I've been having some hallucinations.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Well... Like yesterday, I looked in the mirror at school and my face totally disappeared.” Liz explained causing Kyle to laugh. “I mean--No, for real. This is serious Kyle something strange is happening to me.”

“Okay, why are you telling me this?” Kyle asked confused.

“What makes me different from everybody else is the fact that I was brought back from the dead by an alien.” Liz explained.

“Yeah. So was I, and now that you've touched on one of my deepest, darkest fears, lets just assume that what you're going through is stress.” Kyle said before showing her a book. “Buddha, Take Me Away. This book has gotten me through some very tough times. Here young grasshopper, take.”

As Kyle walked away Liz looked at the book before placing on top of a radio on the bench. Liz almost jumped when the radio came on for a second before stopping. She reached to pick the book back up when it came on again but for a longer amount of time. Deciding to further test it she placed her hand on top of it and sparks popped out at her. Static also erupted and she didn’t hear Kyle come up until he said, “Did you just...” More sparks flew just then. “You did. Whoa.”

“Kyle, I think I'm changing.”

“Have you talked to Max about this at all?”

“No, I don't want to tell Max not yet.”

“But he's the one who healed us, he needs to know.”

“I'm scared to tell him.” Liz admitted.

“Why? You go to him for everything.”

“No, he risks so much when he healed me. It's what made me fall in love with him.”

“Yeah, me too.” Kyle joked causing Liz to yell at him. “Kyle!”

“Look, what's going on here is really scary. If I don't lighten the mood, I might lose it.”

“Yeah, I know.” Liz said knowing exactly how.

“If it's too difficult for you, I'll go talk to him.”

“No! Um, sorry. No, um, could you just please respect my feelings.”

“Let the record show, I think this is a bad idea.”

“Noted. I have to go.” Liz said as she got up to leave.

Kyle watched her and said, “Liz. You're not alone in this. If you need anything, call me.”

“Thank you.” Liz said before starting to go again but stopped when a black SUV pulled up. It appeared to be almost new but was smoking bad under the hood. Kyle also saw it, as well as the two people who emerged from the vehicle. “Can I help you?”

“We’re having a little car trouble, we could take care of it ourselves but we don’t have the parts.” The blonde woman stated.

“No problem, I can fix you up but it won’t be ready until tomorrow.” Kyle offered.

“We’ll be staying in Roswell for a few days anyway so that’ll be perfect.” Her tall companion said.

Liz noticed him looking at her like he was trying to place her, like he recognized her. She didn’t know why because she was positive that she didn’t know him. But she didn’t get any dangerous vibes from him. He turned away when he saw she was aware of him staring and asked. “Could either of you tell us where the Crashdown Café is?”

“Yeah, it’s just a block up the road. I can show you.” Liz offered.

“Are you sure that isn’t too much trouble?” The woman asked as the two followed Liz.

“No, I’m heading that way myself. I live there with my parents. I’m Liz Parker by the way.” She said introducing herself. She noticed the man’s eyes widen in surprise as he said, “This is my friend Shalimar and I’m Brennan.”


AN: This story is a crossover with Mutant X but you mainly just need to know the concept behind the show rather than having kept up with the show’s story. This story will mainly be about Liz and the Mutant X characters are just background. Anything you need to know about Mutant X will be explained.

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Part 2

“It’s nice to meet you. Did you come to Roswell as tourists?” Liz asked.

“Umm, Brennan came to see some family.” Shalimar answered when she saw Brennan was still speechless. She couldn’t blame him. They had come to Roswell to find his father and sister and had ended up just running into her. Talk about timing. She could see Brennan just studying his sister, trying to memorize everything about her. Shalimar could see the similarities between the two siblings. They both had thick dark hair, brown eyes, and dark toned skin but it was in more than that. She saw the same friendliness in Liz that Brennan showed even if he didn’t show it to everyone. There were other indescribable things that were similar as well. Shalimar wondered, just like Brennan probably was, if Liz was a new mutant like her brother. Of course, that wasn’t a question they could just come right out and ask.

“Really, maybe I know them.” Liz stated interested.

“I bet you do. Is this it?” Brennan asked finally catching his voice as they walked up to a building with a large UFO sign out side. He hadn’t wanted Liz to ask more just yet because he wasn’t sure how he would answer. After all what could you say? Yeah, you know them because it’s you?

“Yep, this is it. Thank you.” Liz said as Brennan opened the door and held it for her. Once inside she started pointing things out to them. “You can sit at the counter and be waited on by my dad or grab a booth and one of the waitresses will help you.”

Before Liz could say more Maria came whirling by, grabbed Liz, and dragged her to the back. Liz barely had time to wave goodbye before Maria started going on and on about the offer for the recording contract while they climbed the stairs.


Brennan watched as a hyper blonde girl about his sister’s age pull her away and through a door at the back of the restaurant. He was about to stop her but changed his mind, he should probably talk to his father first, their father. He looked over at the counter and saw the man Liz had talked about. He was a tall man who looked to be weathered by a hard life. Brennan couldn’t help but wonder if some of it might have been by the death of his mother. He felt Shalimar grip his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. He looked down at her and saw her give him a half smile. He was glad he hadn’t fought against her when she had said she was going with him. It helped to have a friendly face. “Go talk to him.”

Brennan headed over to the counter and sat down. It didn’t take long before his father came over and gave them his attention. “Welcome to the Crashdown, can I get you something to drink while you look over the menu?”

“Actually I was wanting to talk to you, you’re Jeff Parker right?”

“That’s me.”

“You don’t know me, my name is Brennan Mulwray, this is my friend Shalimar Fox.”

“Please to meet you.” Jeff said shaking both of their hands. “What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you could help me find out more information about my parents. My mother’s name was McKenzie Taylor and you are my father.”


After reaching her room Liz started helping Maria go through clothes trying to figure out what looked best on her. She could believe the story Maria was telling her about how her and Michael ‘celebrated’.

“This so does not mean that we are back together.” Maria stated.

“Does Michael know that?” Liz asked pretty positive that he didn’t.

“Well, he knows that I'm not interested in having what we used to have. I've been clear about that. It's a-- it's a boy-girl friendship with a twist.” Maria explained.

Liz rolled her eyes. “It's sounds so romantic. Why don't you try that black pant suit on?”

“The black pant suit. Who are you? My Aunt Maude? This…” But before Maria could continue her voice was drowned out again by static. Her head started to spin from it and she tried to calm herself down. It felt like her energy was heightened and she didn’t know what to do about it. She could only hear small parts of words then it finally cleared up just as Maria said, “Right? I mean, come on.”

“Maria, I have to tell you something.” Liz said but Maria either ignored her or didn’t hear her as she went on. “You know what else I've been thinking? It is not a coincidence that my life started around the time Michael and I broke up. I mean, god, you don't know how liberating it is to be free from all this alien chaos. It's like suddenly my life is like a life.”

“Yeah.” After Maria’s speech she knew that she couldn’t weigh her down with her problems so she just pushed them back and said, “Why don't you try the boots on.”

Maria snagged them and sat down to put them on when there was a knock at the door. When she opened it she saw her dad on the other side looking serious. “What’s up Dad?”

“Can you come out to the living room? We need to talk to you.”

Liz was curious as to what was going on so she agreed, “Just let me tell Maria and I’ll be out.”

Her dad nodded and left. Liz quickly told Maria to take her time because her parents wanted to have a family meeting. Maria didn’t want to interrupt so she just left out Liz’s window and down the fire escape. Liz waited until she was gone before she headed out to the living room. She was surprised to see not only her parents but Brennan and Shalimar. They were sitting in the living room with an assortment of papers strewn about. “What’s going on?”

“Why don’t you sit down Liz and we’ll explain?” Her mom said. Liz complied and her dad started to talk.

“You know that when your Mom and I were in high school that we were friends and that we didn’t start dating until years after, right?.” Liz only nodded. “Well we became friends because of a mutual friend, McKenzie Taylor, who was actually my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, Mom told me about her. I didn’t know her name but Mom said that she was killed in car accident you were both in.” Liz stated. She saw her dad glance over at her mom for a minute before he went on. “But what your mother didn’t tell you was that McKenzie was pregnant and she managed to deliver the baby before she died. I was so distraught over her death that I didn’t think I could take care of the baby so I gave him up for adoption.”

Liz was shocked by what her dad was telling her. A strange thought flitted through her mind that Max and her father had more in common than she ever thought. They both had a son out there somewhere. Then she remembered Brennan and quickly put two and two together. She looked up at Brennan and asked, “You’re him, right? That baby?”

Brennan nodded. “I’ve always known that I was adopted before I split from my parents. But it wasn’t until a few days ago that I told a couple friends of mine who convinced me to let them search for my birth parents. That’s what led us to Roswell. I wanted to meet my father and sister.”

“So you already knew about me?” Liz asked. She was in shock. She was surprised and happy by the news that she had a brother. But finding out her father had given up a child before she was born on top of whatever alien thing was happening to her was almost too much. Not to mention the interview with Harvard coming up tomorrow.

“Yeah, we managed to find a picture but it was kind of old and I didn’t know it was you when we first met. You looked familiar but that was it.” Brennan explained.

Liz turned her attention to her dad. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Liz, I….”

“You should have told me. I wouldn’t even had known about McKenzie if Mom hadn’t told me to get me to understand why you were so strict last fall. You always tell me that you want me to open up about my life and tell you what is going on but here you are being all hypocritical and hiding something huge from me. You kept the fact that I have a brother, something I think I have the right to know so I’m going to be a little upset.”

Jeff knew that Liz wasn’t going to change her mind and only nodded. Liz saw that things were at an impasse with their relationship and looked at Brennan. “I don’t want you to think I’m upset because you are here.”

Brennan just shook his head; his sister definitely had spirit. Liz looked up at Shalimar, “And I’m guessing you were one of his friends who convinced him to look for us?”

Shalimar nodded, “One of them.”

“Thank you.” Liz whispered.

Shalimar looked at her surprised as did Brennan and caused Liz to laugh. “I’ve always wanted an older brother.”

“Why don’t the three of you go downstairs and get something to eat? Nancy and I need to talk.” Jeff stated. Liz led Brennan and Shalimar downstairs, hoping along the way to get to know him better.

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Part 3

Liz, Brennan, and Shalimar had just reached the café when Shalimar said, “I think I’m going to explore Roswell and head back to the hotel.”

“Shal, you don’t have to.” Brennan started to protest.

“It’s okay, you two need to talk. Nice to meet’cha Liz.” Shalimar said before she was out the door.

Liz led Brennan over to the back booth as she said; “You care about her a lot don’t you?”

“Yeah, we’re good friends.”

“I think there’s more than friendship there.” Liz said smiling.

“You’ve been my sister for less than an hour and you’re already trying to play matchmaker, great.” Brennan commented. “You’re not going to do that often are you?”

“No, matchmaking is more my friend Maria’s department. She likes to butt her nose into things like that.” Liz stated after her and Brennan ordered.

“Sounds like you are speaking with the voice of experience.”

“Yeah, I am. She went so far one time a few years ago when Max and I were apart to enter my name in a blind date contest. What was worse was that I won. The whole night was a disaster.”

“Max? Whose Max?” Brennan asked curiously.

“My boyfriend. You’ll probably hear Dad say something’s about him.” Liz explained.

Brennan’s eyebrow raised and a slightly mischievous smile appeared on his face. “He doesn’t approve?”

“Not exactly. There was a point where Max was banned from coming in here or even speaking to me but Dad’s relaxed since New Year’s. He doesn’t think that Max is a good influence on me.”

Brennan’s smile got bigger, Liz’s boyfriend sounded like someone he used to hang out with. “And why does he think that?”

“Well.” Liz said as she dipped a fry into the ketchup on her plate. “It has something to do with he and I getting arrested for holding up a convenient store in Utah last fall.” She stopped when she heard Brennan choke on his drink. “We didn’t actually rob it though.”

“Looks like we have another thing in common.” Brennan commented not liking it. He may have just met Liz but he didn’t like the fact that she had gotten into the same kind of trouble with the law that he had. He felt protective towards her already. Maybe their father was right about this guy Max, especially if he had gotten Liz arrested.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“I haven’t made my way through live in the most law abiding ways. When I was younger, the people that adopted me got into some trouble and I got put into foster home. I didn’t last long there and went out on my own. Had to make a living somehow so I started ripping off cars, stuff like that.” Brennan explained. Of course he didn’t tell her that he had boasted the cars by using his new mutant abilities to jump start the cars.

Liz was surprised by what Brennan told her and felt bad. She had just assumed that things had gone well in his life after he’d been adopted but she had been wrong. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I wouldn’t be here if things had gone differently.” Brennan explained. “So tell me something about you besides your criminal history.”

“I love to read and I keep a journal.” Liz said. “I love Shakespeare.”

“Let me guess? Romeo & Juliet?”

“That’s one of them. I like Hamlet and Macbeth too. What about you?”

“I’m a literature fan too. Poetry, Sonnets.”

“Cool, its not often you find a guy who likes poetry.” Liz said happily. She took the time to really study her newfound brother. He vaguely reminded her of some of the pictures Grandma Claudia had shown her of her grandfather. She guessed that was probably where he got his height. Either that or from his mother’s side. He had the same dark hair as she and her father both had and the darker tone of skin. She figured he probably had girls or women falling all over him.

“I’m guessing that you’re really good in school.”

“I try to. I’m in a lot of AP classes and get good grades. I love Science and am possibly trying to get into Harvard.”

“Harvard? Impressive.” Brennan said dumbfounded.

“Thank you. I actually have an interview tomorrow.”


“Yeah, I hope I’m ready. I got out of last period tomorrow so I could prepare then I’m coming home to change and hopefully pump myself up then it’s back to school for the interview.”

The two continued to talk and get to know each other. They eventually went back up to the Parker apartment and Liz showed Brennan tons of pictures. Ones of her as she grew up, and their family especially Grandma Claudia, who he was interested in. They even talked to their father a little and Liz began patching things up with him although she was still upset that he never told her about Brennan. Eventually Liz had to go to bed since it was a school night and needed to get up early the next morning. So Brennan told her that he’d come over the next day to see her before the interview and left.


Brennan walked into the hotel room that he and Shalimar had booked. It was actually two rooms with an adjoining door. “Shal? Are you here?”

“In here.” He heard her yell from the other room. He went in and saw her planted in the middle of the bed with a pizza and the TV on. He grabbed a bottle of water and sat down in a nearby chair propping his feet on the bed next to Shalimar who was grinning at him. “So, tell me everything.”

“I talked to Liz the most, she showed me lots of pictures including ones of my grandmother, Claudia. She was an Indian archeologist. She died a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry Brennan.” Shalimar said when he saw the disappointed in his eyes.

“I’m okay, it’s not like I actually knew her.”

“So tell me more about Liz.”

“She’s amazing, she’s very smart. She even has an interview with Harvard tomorrow.”

“Sounds like her and Adam would get along great.” Shalimar commented.

“I thought the same thing.” Brennan stated.

“Did she tell you if she was a new mutant?” Shalimar asked.


“Do you think she is?”

“I dunno,” He said. “Hell I don’t even know if our father is. True, Adam didn’t have any record of him but his records aren’t complete. But if she is, I’m betting she told no-one. But I’m going to make sure that whether she is or not that she’s protected. If the GSA ever found out I have a sister they might get to her or try to get her on their side or -”

“They’re not going to Brennan. None of us would let that happen. And after Adam got into your records he buried them again but a lot deeper so Genomex won’t even find out you have family here.”

Brennan smiled at her in thanks for trying to make him feel better before going into more detail about the family he had just found.

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Thanks for being so patient with me. I hope that by posting two parts today I'll make it up to you. I'm posting two parts because the first one is kind of boring and it's transitional. The second part is the one everyone wants to see, when Liz and Brennan find out about each other.



The next afternoon Liz retired to the bleachers by the football field to try and mentally prepare herself for the interview. She wished that she could postpone the interview for a few weeks until she could get things to settle down in her life more. After all in forty-eight hours she had found out that she was changing, possibly into an alien or at least a hybrid, started to develop powers or something, and found out she had an older brother. She had always been good at handling pressure but these were not things that normal teenagers had to deal with. But of course Liz’s life hadn’t been normal since the day she got shot.

Liz’s mind wandered away from the interview and to her brother causing her to smile. From what she had seen, Brennan was cool. Maybe a little rough around the edges. Liz had a feeling that he would get along with Michael very well. Maria would also probably love him. She always had a thing for the rebellious bad boy type. She was brought out of her thoughts when she saw Max walking up the bleachers towards her with a book in his hand. “College Interviewing for Morons?”

“I'm gonna help you get into Harvard.” Max said as he opened the book and started to read. “Why Harvard University?”

Liz smiled a little. Brennan had asked her the same question the night before. “Um, well, when I was in ninth grade, I read this really amazing article by Dr. Laura Holt, she's this professor who works in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and it just gave me a totally different perspective on science. It really changed my life.”

“What are your 3 greatest strengths?”

“Why are you helping me? Cuz if I get in... Cambridge is really far away, Max.” Liz asked wondering why he would want to help her to move away from him.

“I know that, but this is really important to you. Uhh, what is your greatest regret?” Max asked.

Liz didn’t know how to answer that question without hurting him. Max noticed her hesitation and asked, “What's wrong? Are you still feeling sick?”

Thinking quickly Liz answered, “Uh, just a little bit. I don't know. I'm kinda worried about all this school stuff, you know?”

She looked at her watch and saw that if she left now that she would get home just as Brennan got there. “You know what? I should be going. My dad is expecting me at the CrashDown. Thanks for your help, Max.”

Max stood up and grabbed her arm. “Liz, wait.” But as he did, she fainted. “You okay?”

Liz did her best to shake off the aftereffects of her fainting spell. “Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I, um, I just think this flu is hitting me. Um, I should go home.”

She leaned onto one of her books and was shocked when it burst into flames. She pulled her hand back and screamed. She felt Max’s arms around her to protect and used his powers to put out the flames. “I didn't do that.”

Liz stared at it in shock, “I did.”

Max just looked at her confused, “It's not possible.”

Liz nodded. “Yes, it is. You healed me and now I'm different.”

Max just looked at her even more confused as Liz asked, “Can you take me home?”

“Yeah, come on.” Max said leading her to the Chevelle. They were both silent as he drove them to the Crashdown. When they pulled up Liz saw Brennan and Shalimar sitting inside at the counter with her parents. Brennan also saw her in Max’s car and smiled at her. She realized that she still had yet to tell Max about her brother but didn’t have the energy to do it just now. She kissed Max on the cheek before climbing out of the car and going inside.

Once she was inside her parents asked about her day at school and she told them that it had gone fine. Shalimar told her that Brennan had told her about the interview and wished her luck. Liz’s mind was on the burnt book but smiled and thanked her. She saw Brennan studying her and wondered if he could tell something was on her mind. She didn’t ask, instead she chatted with them until it was time for her to get dressed. She left shortly after for her interview hoping that it would go well.


Liz ran out of school as fast as she could trying to get as far away as possible from the Harvard registrations person. She had completely bombed in her interview by freaking out when she had another episode. But this one was different. When she had started to hear the static it felt like she could also feel it, like electricity was coursing through her. She wondered if that was how the others felt when they were developing their powers. She knew she needed to talk to Max but she knew that he would feel guilty about it. She had seen the look in his eyes earlier when she had told him that she was different now because of him healing her. Max had a tendency to take everything on his shoulders regardless if he had no other choice in his decisions.

Liz could see the sign although she was still a good distance away. She could still feel the energy coursing through her as she walked towards home. Then suddenly the energy changed and she felt a sharp pain, like an Electro shock. She looked down at her hands and couldn’t help but scream. Running along her hands and arms like veins were stands of green electricity. They ran all the way to her fingertips where they ended in small sparks. Liz quickly got control over herself and looked around to make sure no one wan paying attention to her. No one was. She hurried back to the alley that ran down the street and to the ladder leading to her balcony.

She climbed up quickly and hopped into her bedroom window. She grabbed her phone and dialed quickly. Kyle answered the phone and she told him what was going on. He told her he was coming over and hung up. Liz had just hung up herself and pulled on a long sleeve top when there was a knock on the door. “Liz?”


Her dad opened the door and looked at her with a big smile on his face. “I thought I heard you, how did it go?”

Liz brushed her hair behind her ear, “There’s no easy way to say this, I blew it. I just freaked out in the middle of it and left. I’m sorry Dad.”

She could see the disappointment that he tried to hide from her in his eyes as he smiled, “It’s okay, there are other schools. How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Liz said a little too quickly. “I feel like I let you down though.”

“Don’t worry about it, I think maybe it was just the wrong time with everything going on, I mean you’ve had quite a big shock in the last few days.”

‘If you only knew.’ Liz thought. “Dad, if you don’t mind, I asked a few of my friends to come over to try and improve my mood.”

“I understand. I’ll send them up when they get here.” Her dad said before leaving. Liz plopped down on her bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. It wasn’t long before Kyle arrived and she retold him everything. “I'm sorry, I'm sure there's somewhere else you need to be.”

Kyle just shrugged, “No. Look, I offered.”

“I just didn't have anyone else to call.”

“Maria doesn't know?”

“Uh-huh, not yet. This record deal is like a really huge thing for her. She's given so much of her life for all this.” Liz explained as Kyle sat down next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and asked. “How are you doing?”

“I have no symptoms yet, but you know, Max healed me like a year after he healed you, so maybe I just got this totally cool window of time where I just get to obsess about it. “

Kyle’s sense of humor did the trick as always and she laughed. “Lucky you.”

They both turned when they heard a knock at the window and they saw Max climb in. He looked at her and asked, “What happened?”

Liz didn’t know what to say or how to answer but before she could come up with anything she heard Kyle say, “Show him.”

Liz rolled up her sleeves and her revealed her hands. The currents were still going strong through them. She had actually started to get somewhat used to them even in the short amount of time that had passed since they appeared.

“Does it hurt?” Max asked looking at her in shock.

Liz turned her hands toward herself again and studied them. “It comes and goes.”

She looked at him as he sat down and finally spoke what she was thinking, “Am I going to die?”

Max looked down unable to answer.


Later that night after Liz, Kyle, and Max came back from an emotional episode out in the desert where Liz had finally spoken her mind about Max sleeping with Tess and after going out with Maria Liz returned to her room. She was only half surprised when she saw Max outside on her balcony. “Max, what are you doing here? You can't be here.”

“I've been calling.”

Liz knew he had been worried by the expression on his face. “I was out with Maria.”

“I thought something happened.” Max said anxiously. All kinds of scenarios had played through his head when he hadn’t been able to get a hold of him.

“No, it didn't, but my dad is going to be up here in a few minutes.” Liz explained. Max tried to look past her but she blocked his view. “You really…”

Liz was cut off when the energy coursed through her stronger, hurting again. “Max, you have to go.”

“Look, we'll drive to LA. Langley will know what to do. He can fix it.” Max pleaded.


“Maria can cover for you. We can be back in two days.”

“No!” Liz snapped. He wasn’t listening to her and it was making her angry.

“Please Liz.” Max pleaded again as he went to touch her but Liz pulled back. “Everything you said tonight, we just can't pretend it didn't happened. I have to talk about it …” Liz didn’t want to hear anymore so she started to shut the window. “Liz, please don't shut me out. What are we going to do?”

Liz looked at him and almost broke when she saw his tear filled eyes. She could feel her own tears burning in her eyes but she wouldn’t let them fall yet. “I have to figure it out. By myself.”

Liz shut the window as Max continued to stare at her. It was raining but he didn’t seem to notice. He mouthed that he loved her before finally descended down her fire escape. Liz pulled the curtains together and sunk to the floor as she let the tears finally fall.
She didn’t muffle the sobs that came from her. She didn’t even hear the knock at her door and was surprised when she saw Brennan’s head pop in.

“Liz, I just…hey what’s wrong?” Brennan asked when he saw Liz’s tear stained face. He pushed through the door and sat down next to her. When he did, what he saw surprised him.

Liz saw Brennan starring at her arms and saw what he was looking at. The streams were still there. She quickly pulled her sleeves back down to hide her arms as much as she could but her shirt wasn’t as long as the jacket she had been wearing so they weren’t completely covered. “So did Dad tell you about how I bombed the interview?”

“Liz, I’m not going to pretend I don’t see it.”

“Umm…” Liz stuttered trying to figure out the best way to explain. “I know this probably looks weird and I know you’re freaking out….”

“No, I’m not freaked out. A little surprised but I’m not running away screaming.” Brennan tried to explain but Liz interrupted him.

“Why aren’t you freaking out? I mean this isn’t something that you see everyday.”

“Liz, watch me.” Brennan said as he waved his hands almost like a magician. Liz’s eyes widened to twice their normal size when she saw a small ball of electricity form between his two palms that faced each other.

Liz suddenly feared that Brennan’s whole story was false and that he was really and evil alien so she jumped up to move away. But Brennan grabbed her arm. “Liz, it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”

There was something in his tone that made Liz believe him. “Brennan how are…I mean are you…”

“I can do it because I’m a new mutant.” Brennan stated.

“A new mutant?” Liz asked with a completely baffled expression on her face. “What is a new mutant?”

“New mutants are people who have a genetic difference than others as a result of experiments. It gives us abilities, like these electric bolts that we both have. There are four different types, Psionic, Moleculars, Elementals like us, and Ferals like Shalimar.”

“Shalimar is like us?” Liz said trying to grasp what he was telling her. Could the changes that were happening to her be because she was like he said and that she was a new mutant? It seemed to explain what was happening to her. And if Brennan had it did that mean that they had both inherited from their father?

“Yes and no. We’re both mutants but different.”

“How can I learn to control this ability like you have?” Liz asked.

Brennan thought it over. “I can teach you. I’ve got an idea that I want to run by Shalimar real quick okay?”

Liz nodded and wiped the tear tracks from her face. Brennan got up and headed for the living room where Shalimar was waiting. His father and Nancy were still downstairs closing up the café so they could speak freely. “Shal, we’ve got a situation.”

“What Bren?”

“You know how we were both curious if Liz had any mutant abilities? Well I just found out the answer, she does. She’s an Elemental like me. Same powers almost exactly as far as I can tell.”

“How did you find out?” Shalimar asked.

“I walked into her room and saw it. It looks like they just recently developed. She doesn’t have any control and I told her I would help her.”

“You want to take her to Sanctuary don’t you?” Shalimar asked reading his mind.

“Yes, I do. She’s got a lot of questions and I think it would help if she talked to Adam. I’m going to contact him but I was wondering if you could go in and try to comfort Liz while I do it.” Brennan asked.
“Sure, I’ll try to do whatever I can.” Shalimar said before heading off in the direction of Liz’s room.

Brennan touched his ring and opened up his COM link to Sanctuary, “Adam, its Brennan. Are you there?”

“Hey Brennan it’s Jesse. What’s up man? Did you find who you were looking for?”

“Yeah, along with some other stuff. Is Adam around? I need to talk to him.”

“Yeah, he’s in the lab, let me tap you through.” Jesse said before Brennan heard a click and then a few seconds later Adam’s voice. “Brennan how are things going?”

“Good, I found my father the first day I was here. But that’s not why I’m contacting you. My sister is a new mutant too. She’s just developing and could use some help. So I was wondering if I could bring her back with Shalimar and I so we could help her.”
Brennan waited to hear Adam’s answer. She could hear him sighing as he thought it over. “I hate to ask this Brennan but can we trust her?”

“Yes, we can. I wouldn’t ask but she’s having a tough time here and I don’t think it’s the best place for her to work on her powers. At Sanctuary she can learn more about herself and her new abilities. You should have seen her when she first saw me using mine, she was completely freaked. She had no idea about what she could do.”

“What about your father? Do you think he’s going to let her go?”

“I have a feeling he will. He wants what is best for her and from what he told me he’s tried to get her to leave before.” Brennan explained. He had spent most of the day with his father just talking and found out quite a bit about his opinion on Liz’s life. He found out more about the influence of her boyfriend Max on Liz’s life, that plus the way he had found her earlier made Brennan want to zap him. “And I have a feeling that it’s not a coincidence that Liz and I are both Elementals.”

“So you think he is too?”

“Yes, I do.”

“If you can get things arranged then she is welcomed. After the proper security procedures are done.” Adam stated.

“Thanks Adam, expect us soon.” Brennan said as he sighed off and headed for Liz’s room.


Meanwhile in Liz’s room.

Liz had moved up to her bed when she heard a small knock on her door, “Come in.”

The door opened and Shalimar peaked her head in. “Hey, Brennan wanted me to check on you.”

“Thanks. He must think I’m going to have a complete breakdown.” Liz said smiling slightly.

“I don’t think so. Finding out about your abilities can be difficult, we’ve all been through it.” Shalimar said trying to offer some comfort. “You’re not alone Liz. There are lots of us.”

“Can you tell me more? About the different types of mutants?” Liz asked.

“Well Ferals like me, have both animal and human DNA. We’re kind of like part of both, which means we have the strength, speed, etc. of animals. Me for example, have feline characteristics.” Shalimar explained as her eyes glowed like a cats. Liz’s eyes widened but she didn’t back away.

“Why couldn’t I be like that? I’m sure that it would be easier to hide it.”

“Being an elemental isn’t so bad, Brennan’s used his abilities several times to help me.” Shalimar stated. “Elementals control energy. Some like you are electrical, others thermal, chemical, sonic, stuff like that.”

“What about the other two? The Moleculars and Psionics?” Liz asked.

“Moleculars can change their bodies from being able to walk through walls, move faster than others, invisibility or become invincible. Psionics have mental abilities. They can read minds or emotions, move objects, or project images that aren’t even there.”

Liz felt her mouth go try at Shalimar’s description. It sounded like a lot of the same powers as Tess. She didn’t think she’d like Psionics much. “Tell me something, is it hard living your life as a new mutant?” Liz asked. She was starting to understand more about how Max and the others felt living their lives.

“It can be but I like who I am. These abilities give me the chance to help people in ways I normally couldn’t.”

“Like how?”

“Well…” Shalimar started not sure of what to tell her. At least until Brennan got back which thankfully he did just then. She saw his subtle gesture that told her that Adam had given him the go ahead.

“You see Liz. Shalimar and I are part of a team called Mutant X. We use our abilities to help out new mutants when they need it. Us along with the rest of our team live in a secret location called Sanctuary. The reason I’m telling you this is because we want to take you there so we can help you learn control. What do you think about that?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I guess that would be okay.” Liz answered. She wanted to do whatever she could to learn control before she hurt herself of someone else. “What about Mom and Dad? How are you going to talk them into it?”

“Let me handle them. I have a feeling they’ll be pretty lenient.” Brennan answered.

“When do we leave?” Liz asked.

“As soon as I go down and talk to them and you get packed.”

“No, I want to be with you when you talk to Dad.”

“Then hurry up so we go.”

“Come on, Liz. I’ll help.” Shalimar said.

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I'm so glad you all like this story. I wrote it because Brennan's powers always fascinated me and wanted to figure out how to put them into Liz. THis story is the result. Now the next part is kind of boring but it give some history.

Part 6

Brennan, Liz, and Shalimar headed downstairs into the café and saw Jeff and Nancy finishing up. Jeff only had to pull the shades down, which he was doing and they would be done. He saw the three of them come down and turned his attention towards them, “Hey kids, what’s going on?”

“We need to talk to you.” Brennan stated. “Can we sit down?”

“Sure, what’s going on?” Jeff asked as the five of them sat down.

Brennan figured there was no way but to be blunt with this so he said, “We know that you are a new mutant, an elemental. And we wanted to talk to you about it.”

Jeff and Nancy’s eyes went large at Brennan’s statement as they looked at each other than back at them. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dad please. Tell us the truth.” Liz pleaded.

Jeff and Nancy saw the desperation in Liz’s voice and decided to fess up. “How did you figure it out?”

“Well it wasn’t hard to figure out.” Brennan said as he brought his hand up and showed them. Two small streams of electricity emerged from his fingertips to his thumb. “With both Liz and I being Elementals, we had one common factor, you.”

“Liz?” Her father looked over at her. She nodded before pushing up her sleeves and showing them her arms. They had lessened some but were still visual. “It just developed over the last few days.”

“We weren’t sure if we would pass the mutation on to you or not.” Her dad explained.

Liz caught the use of ‘we’ and asked, “You mean Mom too?”

“Yes, I’m a Psionic. My gift is telekinesis.” Nancy explained as she made the napkin holder in front of them float. “There were quite a few residents of Roswell who were taken to Genomex. At the time we didn’t know it was for research, they told us it was to treat us for potential radiation poisoning from the weapons testing they had done in the desert over the years. It wasn’t until a few of us started being able to do strange things that we figured out what it was.”

“Well we know about the two of you but what about Brennan’s mother?” Liz asked.

“No, Mackenzie never showed any signs of mutation.” Jeff answered. “She knew about us but never cared.”

“The reason we came down to confront you about it, is because of Liz doesn’t have any control over her abilities. And I want to take her with Shalimar and me back to Mutant X and help her.”

“Mutant X? You’re a part of it?” Nancy asked.

“Yes. I am. I’ve already contacted the guy who leads it and he said we could bring her.” Brennan explained.

“Do you want to go Liz?” Jeff asked.

Liz nodded, “My life is out of control and if this helps me then I want to go. Plus I’ll learn more about Brennan and the mutations and things.”

“Liz is already packed and we can be on our way tonight.” Shalimar threw in.

“I need you to take care of stuff for school. I can do the required courses through correspondence. I’ve got all but a few of the mandatory ones to graduate.” Liz continued.

“Will you come back for graduation?” Jeff asked. He had always wanted to see Liz graduate so he didn’t want her to miss it.

“Probably.” Liz answered truthfully.

Jeff and Nancy looked at each other and communicated to each other their decision. Their conversation had nothing to do with telepathy but of people who had been married for many years. At last they made up their minds and Jeff nodded to Liz. She jumped up to hug both of them and thank them. Liz needed answers, her scientific mind would accept no less. And a trip to Sanctuary would give her that. Plus she would hopefully get the control over her abilities that she was craving.

She hurried up to her room and double checked her room to make sure she hadn’t forgot anything. Then she went over to where she had left her journal and removed the loose brick. She didn’t want to leave it behind and had a feeling she would want to write in it again. She ripped a page out of the back and quickly scribbled a note to Max.

Dear Max,

I know you are probably surprised by the fact that I am writing you this letter but it was the only way that I could say goodbye. As you probably guessed by that line, I’m leaving Roswell. Actually by the time you read this I will have already gone. There’s something else that happened this week that I didn’t get a chance to tell you about. I found out that I have a half brother. He’s very nice and reminds me a lot of Michael. Last night after you left, we talked and I’m going to go with him to try and get to know him and some stuff about myself. .

I want you to know that I love you and always will but I need this time.


She folded it up and tucked it into an envelope. She had just sealed it when there was a knock at the door followed by Brennan telling her it was time. They gathered her bags, loaded up their SUV and said good bye to the Parkers. As they headed out of town Liz asked Brennan to stop by Michael’s apartment so she could drop off the letter. Once that was done they left Roswell.


Don't worry, she'll be back but she just needs some time. And before anyone asks, up until Liz returns the parts will solely be from her point of view, no one in Roswell. Here's some pics for you

Brennan & Shalimar

And this is what Liz and Brennan's powers look like.

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wild_child_uk originally wrote:
Wow I missed three new parts!
Naughty Naughty!
Thank you for posting!
This is such a new refreshing story!
Is Shalamar and Brennen gonna get together??? hehehe
Post more soon!

Originally I planned on it and still am but they don't seem to want to cooperate. They will be together but I'm not sure how much the story will focus on it.
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Duchess67 originally wrote:
LOVED the fact that Nancy is one too and I also wonder what's going to crop up for Liz in the future because of it. Really looking forward to whatever you write next here! *happy**happy**happy*

So we won't get to see Max's reaction to the note? *pout* Will we see/hear about it after Liz comes home? WILL she come home? *very curious* Michael has been so brotherly to Liz in the past, I can imagine him getting along with Brennan just fine. Can you at least have Michael meet Brennan before they- well no, guess you can't. Oh well. *lopsided grin*

I'm glad you like Nancy being a mutant, at first she wasn't going to be but then I thought more on the story and decided to make her a Psionic. It goes with the story later too.

You'll see Max's reaction to the letter later and Liz will come home sort of. I'm aggrivating aren't I?

And I didn't think about Michael and Brennan being friends but I'll have to work it in somewhere.
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Is this a Max/ Liz fic then???

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Duchess67 originally wrote:
No, you're not aggravating. You're giving me hope. *g*

Can Brennan zap Max at some point? Pleeeeeeeease? *evil laugh* Just enough to straighten him up and make him treat Liz better? *hopeful look*

I will tell you that he gets zapped but I won't say by who, how many times or how bad. And don't forget about Shalimar, she likes Liz a lot too and considers her a friend. I don't think I'd want her pissed at me.
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I'm posting tomorrow.
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Dedicated to: RoswellSlayer, Calinia (2x), KEmperor, Bored to Mundane Life (3x), Anya, StrawberryShortcake, wild_child_uk (2x), angeleyes, roswellluver, tamira, BaBee_ImaJyn, Emotions23, Roswelllostcause, and Duchess67 (4x)

To let everyone know now, this is going to be a Dreamer fic. At least in essence. There won't be a lot of Dreamer moments but the Dreamer idea is there. Liz and Max have a lot to work on before they can be together.

Part 7

Liz sat in the back seat of the SUV as Brennan drove. They had been driving for most of the day and the night before. Brennan and Shalimar had switched off driving while the other one slept. Liz couldn’t believe she was actually going to a place where there would be others like her. They had told her a little bit about the others that they worked with but said that some of it just couldn’t be explained and Liz would just have to see them for herself. So then they had switched to talking more about themselves. Shalimar and Liz deepened their friendship from casual to one with a greater bond.

“I need you to put this on,” said Shalimar, leaning over the front seat in front of Liz holding what looked like a piece of plastic. Brennan nodded so Liz guessed it was okay and nodded her own consent. The woman moved a little closer, “When this touches you’re not going to be able to see anything until one of us takes it off at Sanctuary, okay?”

“Okay.” She didn’t like the sound of that blind with people she didn’t know or barely knew, but she sat still regardless as the blackness swooped over her eyes, she tensed but a hand on her shoulder relaxed her just as quickly. Trying to sound casual and keep up a conversation in the heavy silence Liz asked a question, “So who does Mutant X protect new mutants from?”

“Ever heard of Genomex or GS Agents?” Brennan responded, Liz hadn’t so she shook her head, “They’re the bad-guys basically, they hunt down New Mutants and put them in stasis for ‘future observation’, but a few go to Genomex on their own because they think it’s the right thing to do.”

An hour later the SUV pulled smoothly into the port and Liz felt someone take her arm and guide her out of the vehicle and forward.

“This is Sanctuary,” Brennan said as he took off the plastic, Liz blinked and her vision returned,

“Oh my God.” Liz exclaimed as she looked around. There were computers all around, and she saw a waterfall and staircases leading upwards but with apparently nothing holding them up, as Brennan and Shalimar walked her through the building. She listened to the waterfall and couldn’t help but think that Kyle would probably like to sit there and meditate. “So this is where you guys live” She asked as she saw two people around her brother’s age walk up.

“That’s Emma, the doofus here is Jesse.” Shalimar said introducing them.

“Right, and you already know my name is Liz. So what are you guys?” Liz asked.

“I’m a molecular.” Jesse said as she shook his hand then moved to shake Emma’s hand as she said, “I’m a Psionic.”

Liz knew what that meant and couldn’t help but tense up. Thoughts of Tess and what she had done with her mind powers were too fresh in her mind to completely trust someone with similar powers. She did her best to smile before dropping her hand. “So you are the other two who put up with my brother.”

Jesse smiled, and turned round to see Adam coming down a set of steps, “And that’s Adam; he’s the leader of Mutant X.”

Adam smiled at the Liz, noting everything into his memory; she barely came up to Brennan’s shoulder but there was a certain likeness, something that went deeper than the similar looks of dark brown eyes and hair. “Welcome to Sanctuary Liz.”

“Thank you, Adam. I’m glad to be here.”

“We have a room all set up for you and when you get settled, I’d like to run a scan on your DNA if that’s okay.” Adam said.

“Why do you need to do that?” Liz took a half-step back from the group, she wasn’t sure if she like the thought of them poking and prodding at her.

“It won’t hurt Liz,” said Brennan, “It’s just a scan. No needles, no prods; a yellow beam will go down your body, then up and then its all over. It barely tingles.”

“I have enough things tingling go in my body as it is.”

“God, now there’s two of them.” Jesse commented on Brennan’s and Liz’s sarcastic comments before Emma elbowed him.

“But I’ll do it, especially if it helps me to understand more about all of this.” Liz said. “Just to prove to myself that Brennan isn’t playing a big joke on me.”

Brennan smirked, “Just go with Shalimar.”

“Come on, kid. I’ll show you your room.” Shalimar said as she grabbed a few of Liz’s bags and led her up the stairs.

Once they were out of ear shot Adam said, “She seems to be coping well.”

“You should have seen her when I first told her that she wasn’t a complete freak. I walked in to her room and found her huddled on the floor. I saw her arms covered in electrical streams. She saw that I had seen and tried to cover up. But I told and showed her that I could do the same thing. She had never even heard of New Mutants so I can only imagine what she was thinking was wrong with her.”

“Brennan,” Emma said, “You said she had no idea about new mutants not even Psionics?”

“No, none of us. Why do you ask?”

“Because when I mentioned that I was one, I felt her hand tense in mine and I was cut off from her emotions. She has advanced mental block. Once she was on alert that I was a Psionic, I was completely cut off.”

“What did you feel before she cut you off?” Brennan asked curiously.

“Confusion, anxiousness. But hurt is what I feel the most in her and it’s deep.” Emma explained.

“Our father told me that she’s been through a lot in the past year. One of her best friends was killed last year in a car accident. He said that after she isolated herself from all of her friends. Then one of the girls from her group disappeared without a trace not long after. They weren’t close but they hung out with the same people even dating the same guy. He also blamed her boyfriend for some of it. Said ever since she got with Max a few years ago that she’s changed.”

“That could explain what Emma is feeling. As for her being so strong mentally, perhaps she is a hybrid of Psionic and Elemental. When you contacted me as you left Roswell, you said her mother was a Psionic and hybrids are rare but not impossible. But I won’t know anything until I scan her.” Adam stated.

Brennan just nodded wondering if his sister wasn’t hiding more from him.


On the way to Liz’s room Shalimar gave Liz a tour, “Sanctuary is a very large place. There are several areas to it. The main area is set up to be where research is done. Everything is voice activated. Our computers are farther advanced than others and allow us to dig deeper into other databases too.”

“So you guys are good hackers?” Liz asked.

“Something like that.” Shalimar said smiling. “There’s also some work out rooms including a simulator. Inside the simulator you can program it to make something appear that isn’t really there, like a hologram. The other work out rooms is where we lift weights or just spar.”

“Shalimar? Can I ask you a favor?” Liz asked.

“Depends on what it is.” The blonde said.

“Well I was wondering if you could teach me how to defend myself without using my abilities.” Liz stated. She had thought about taking a self defense course ever since Nasedo had kidnapped her but never had. She just never found the opportunity and now one was here.

Shalimar smiled at her, “Sure, I’d be happy to. But I’m not a morning person. How about tomorrow afternoon after lunch?”

Liz thanked her and Shalimar continued the tour. “The only other two areas are the medical section and the hanger. The hanger contains the Double Helix, which you’re not allowed to touch. The medical area is pretty advanced like our computers and I’ll take you there after you drop your stuff so Adam can do his scan. But for now, here’s your room.”

After the door was out of the way Liz got a good look at her room. It was decorated in the same tranquil way that the main room was in different shades of brown and tan. There was a bed, a chair, and a dresser. Liz could see a door that she figured was a closet and then another one that she didn’t know where it led. But Shalimar answered the question, “You have your own bathroom so you don’t have to worry about sharing. This is your space so make your own for while you’re here. I usually go shopping a few times a week so if there’s anything you need or you just want to shop, you’re welcome to come.”

“Thanks.” Liz said as she dropped her bags on the bed. She wondered around exploring as she made her way to bathroom. It was about the same size as hers back home. She headed back out and looked at her bags. The last thing she wanted to do was unpack. So she decided not to just yet. “Well I might as well get this over with, show me the medical lab.”

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Part 8

It didn’t take them long before Liz was at the lab. After explaining some of the symptoms she had had in regards to her powers including the static and pain from the energy, she showed Adam her hands and arms. After that Adam instructed her to hop up into one of the examine chairs. Adam, Brennan, and Liz were the only ones inside right now. Jesse was catching Shalimar up on what they had missed while gone and Emma was about somewhere. She had thought that Liz would be more comfortable without her around since she hadn’t seemed to relaxed around her before.

Liz sat anxiously not sure what to expect despite the fact that Adam and Brennan had told her. She stared transfixed as a wide yellow beam ran down the length of her body to her feet then back up to her head. She hadn’t felt anything but the slight tingly that Brennan described. “All done, you can get up now.”

Liz got up quickly before she wandered over to where Adam and Brennan were studying the results of the DNA scan. She was amazed by what she saw. She didn’t know as much about computers as a hacker but she had been around Alex enough to know what quality stuff was. And what she saw was very high end, if not cutting edge. She shouldn’t have doubted Shalimar. She looked over at the screen that displayed what she recognized as a DNA chart. “What does it say?”

“It says that you are not only an Elemental but have some Psionic power as well. Have you ever exhibited any of those kind of powers? Telekinesis, telepathy, precognitive perhaps?” Adam asked

Liz didn’t answer for a moment thinking of the flashes she had gotten from Max and Nasedo. Could they not have been alien related but because of her new mutant genes? She wasn’t sure whether it was one or a combination of both but she didn’t want to betray the alien’s secret so she just looked at them both and shook her head. “No, not that I can think of. Why did my abilities just suddenly develop?” Liz asked.

“It depends. On some mutants they develop because of exposure to a catalyst for them. Such as when Genomex was experimenting on people. But in your case since you inherited your gifts they probably just developed like other things in your genetics.” Adam explained. “I’ve seen cases when mutants have developed at a young age. And others not until they were well into their forties.”

Liz nodded but still wondered if Max’s healing didn’t have something to do with it. “Do you think I could use one of the computers to read over the database. I don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy but I would like to read over all the data you have on mutants and stuff.”

“I think that would be okay.” Adam said. He was pleased that Liz wanted to know as much as possible about herself and other mutants.

“Thanks,” Liz said then she noticed Adam thoroughly studying the screen as did Brennan and asked, “What is it?”

“There is just some differences in her blood and DNA than other new mutants who were just developing that I’ve seen. Usually mutants develop their abilities slowly as you know but Liz’s seem to have accelerated to full development. That is possibly why you’ve had so many problems with them.”

“Could it just be because of inheriting them?” Liz asked. She knew that there could be some differences between her and Brennan’s abilities as opposed to other new mutants for the simple fact that they had inherited them.

“But my powers weren’t like that.” Brennan stated. “They developed slowly when I was around ten. It was a while until I got them at full strength.”

“The same with any other new mutant who has inherited them hybrid or any other.” Adam stated.

It was then that Liz knew she had her answers, mostly. From what she deduced, Max hadn’t actually changed her, only accelerated abilities that were already encoded within her. If she hadn’t had gotten shot and he hadn’t had to heal her that day she still would be develop the same abilities. Only probably had a later age and at a slower progress. She saw Adam and Brennan starring at her and she just gave them a half smile. “You guys know more about this stuff than I do.”

“Well I’ll do some research on this data and see what I can find out.” Adam stated saving all the records to the computer. He didn't want something to happen and loose them. “But for now you can work on your powers with Brennan and maybe to Emma about possible Psionic abilities you possess.”

“It’s late and you’ve had a long day. I think Shalimar and Jessie are getting antsy for dinner so let’s go get something to eat.” Brennan said jumping in.

“Sure, I’m going to get freshened up.” Liz quickly agreed and excused herself to go to her room. “I’ll be back down in a few minutes.”

Liz quickly left the lab and fled to her room. She knew she needed to get over her whole fear of being around Emma because she was the best one to help her with her gifts. Of course first she had to admit to the others about having these gifts. And then learn how to use them. If they accelerated like her other ones she would have no control soon. She had never had control anyways, she had never known when she would get a flash from Max. And getting everyone’s memories every time she touched someone did not sound appealing. Especially Max. Possibly seeing the night he spent with Tess would be horrible. To have to see it as if she had been there, except it would be worse because if she had been there she could have at least closed her eyes. But with a flash she couldn’t.

She went into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face. She still loved Max and despite everything she still wanted to be with him. She had talked in depth about this with Maria, who thought she was crazy for taking Max back. Maybe she was right, but she couldn’t forget Grandma Claudia’s words to follow her heart, wherever it took her. And it always took her to Max. But how much hurt could a heart take?

She wondered if there was a mutant out there who could go back in time or change the past in some way. But even as the thought went through her head she knew she shouldn’t act on it. She had messed with the future once and Alex had ended up being murdered because of it.

She felt the energy in her arms increase as her emotions overloaded. She had to calm down and keep her emotions in check. She thought about the book on Buddhism that Kyle had given her and wondered if it could help her. She had just gotten it when the chimes on her door went off. “Come in.”

The doors opened and Brennan stepped in. “Just wanted to come and make sure you didn’t get lost.”

“Uh, no. I didn’t get lost except in my thoughts.” Liz said.

Brennan saw her arms and the increase in the energy. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

Brennan pointed to her arms. “That wouldn’t happen unless you’re upset so spill.”

Liz was about to argue but saw his jaw was set in determination. When he flopped down onto her bed she knew that she wasn’t getting off easy. “I was just thinking about Max and these gifts when I get back to Roswell.”

“What about him?” Brennan asked.

“We haven’t had the best relationship, lots of pain. But I’ve stayed with him because I love him. And I’m worried that if I develop a Psionic gift like being able to read someone’s mind or see someone’s memories that I’m going to see something that I don’t want to.” Liz explained. Her brother’s eyebrow raised in question and she continued. “We broke up for most of last school year and he dated another girl in our group, Tess. A person to put it mildly I despised. It broke my heart that they were together but I felt he was better off with her. Then right after Alex died, we all found out that Tess was pregnant.”

“So you’re scared of seeing them?” Brennan asked.


“What happen to Tess?”

“Max found out that she purposely got pregnant and she took off.” Liz lied.

“And you got back with him?”

“I know everyone thinks it was stupid but I love him. Looking back we should have spent more time working things out than we did. The night you found out about my burgeoning abilities I had blown up at him and told him off. Then he came to my window and I told him that I needed to work somethings out on my own.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Brennan stated. “You’ve been through a lot and it’s gotta be hard.”

“Exactly. So now I’m going to try and sort out myself, get a hold of these powers, and get closer to my brother.” Liz said. “Now let’s go get some food, I’m starving.”


I hope that answered some questions. Max didn't give Liz her powers, his healing only excelerated them once they appeared to full strength instead of letting them slowly develop. I have no idea if that sounds plausible but it was the best I could come up with.
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Darth Maul 214 originally wrote:
This is a great fic so far. I was wondering if Patient Zero(Gabriel A.) will show up or be mentioned.

Nope, Gabriel won't be in it. I don't think I know enough about him nor am I a good enough writer to capture him correctly.
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Part 9

The next morning Liz and Brennan got to work on her control. They went into the training simulator and Brennan turned on his program for simple target practice. Liz stood about ten feet away from them with Brennan coaching her from behind. “The first thing you have to do is learn how to pull the energy out of your body. Put your hands together like I showed you. Now focus on the way the energy feels on your arms and push it out through your hands.”

Liz did as her brother told her. She placed her hands so that they faced each other and tried to push her energy streams into her palms. She pictured how Brennan had done it in her room and tried to achieve the same thing. She felt the energy starting to lessen and opened her eyes. Between her hands the streams had collected like Brennan’s but she could tell they were weak. She gave them another push and they got stronger. She mentally gave herself a pat on the back even if it had taken an hour to get there.

“Good job.” Brennan praised. She was catching on quickly but he wasn’t sure how long it would take her to learn. With him, he had kept learning as his energy had increased but Liz was at almost full power. That could be harder to learn. “Now keeping it together aim both of your hands at one of the targets and push it at it.”

Liz swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to do what he said. But when she did, the only thing that happened was they sparked for a moment then fizzled out. “Dang it.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You’ll get it. Why don’t you take a break for a minute?” Brennan suggested before handing her a bottle of water.

“I’m just frustrated, I’m used to being in control. I like to being in control.” Liz grumbled. She had learned that when she wasn’t control of something, that was when something usually went wrong. There were several events over the last few years that Liz felt backed up her thoughts on the matter.

“Maybe you should just relax and let it flow.” Brennan stated. “I know I don’t know the whole story, only what you or our father told us but it sounds like you’ve had it rough. That can make it hard to loosen up and even harder to control your abilities.”

Liz blew out a deep breath. “What do you suggest? I can’t just forget it all.”

“Have you ever tried meditation? It can help a lot.” Brennan stated.

“Now you’re starting to sound like Kyle.” Liz said only causing Brennan to look confused. “Kyle is a friend of mine that found Buddhism after he had a ‘life altering’ experience. Now he goes around quoting Buddha and trying to convert everyone. It’s quite a sight to see, Roswell’s biggest jock is now Roswell’s only Buddhist.”

Brennan smiled at his sister’s description of her friend, “Well you don’t have to go that far but Emma taught me how to meditate and it does help to clear out your head.”

“I’ll think about it,” Liz said uneasily.

“What do you have against Emma? Ever since you met her, it seems like you’ve been scared of her.” Brennan stated.

“I don’t have any problem with Emma, well not her as a person. It’s just Psionic powers kind of freak me out. I mean, they can read our thoughts and mess with our heads. Doesn’t that freak you out?”

Brennan thought it over, “I guess in a way. I’ve met some Psionics that do use their powers for less good ways but I know Emma. For one, she doesn’t read your thoughts but your emotions. And she uses her powers to help here with Mutant X. And she could help you with your own powers, so that you can get control over them too.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll talk to her.” Liz conceded.

“Good, now brakes over, time to get to work.”

“Yes, slave driver.” Liz joked. She placed her hands together and was happy when the streams popped up between them without as much effort as before. Brennan coached her again and she aimed another to try another shot. She almost jumped in shock when the streams blasted out of her hands. They flew wide of the targets but she’d at least been able to get them out

“Wide shot but you did it, that’s what’s important.” Brennan stated.

Feeling more confident Liz smiled and started to work to shoot off another one.


Later that afternoon, Emma was walking through the main living room when she saw Brennan and Shalimar resting, “Hey you guys look tired.”

“Started Liz’s training today, kind of wore us out.” Brennan stated. He was surprised by how much energy his little sister had. She was just like an energizer, she just kept going and going. If he could produce enough electricity to power a small city he wondered what Liz could do if she tried.

“Over eager is she?” Emma asked.

“I think she wants to learn anything and everything and it all right now.” Shalimar stated. “She’s in on one of the computers reading a bunch of files she got from Adam. Everything on mutants, genetics, Genomex’s experiments. And Adam’s not helping, he’s acting like a kid with a new toy. But he’s just happy to have someone who is as interested in learning as he is.”

“I think I’ll go see how far she’s gotten.” Emma said wanting to do something. She wandered into the computer lab and saw that Adam was no where in sight. She saw the back of Liz’s head bent over a computer and made her way over there. She could see that Liz zoned out as she studied the screen in front of her. Emma could tell that Liz did not know she had come in because her feelings were an open book. She was excited over what she was reading, enthusiastic about learning something new and as before she could feel deep hurt in the girl before her. She couldn’t help but want to comfort her. She reached out to place her hand on Liz’s shoulder and the girl jumped a foot. She whirled around to face her; her hands coming up and her electrical streams rising from her fingertips to defend herself.

“Emma?” Liz said with relief as she lowered her hand and the electrical charge that had been waiting to be let loose faded. “Sorry but you scared the crap out of me.”

Emma felt the wall slam down on Liz’s emotions the moment that Liz became aware that it was her who that was standing in front of her. She had also noticed that Liz automatically went on the defensive. Emma had seen that reaction in New Mutants who had been on the constant run from the GSA. But Liz had never even seen a GSA agent. So what had frightened her so much before to react like that? “It’s okay. I ran into Brennan and Shalimar and they said you were in here. So I thought I’d come see what you were doing.”

“Oh, I was just looking over all the files Adam has. Science has always been my passion and I thought it would help me adjust to having these abilities if I saw how they came to be, to help wrap my mind around it.” Liz explained. She shifted around in her seat uncomfortably as she asked, “Um, Brennan mentioned that you like to meditate.”

“Yes, I do. I find it helps me to focus my abilities.” Emma answered.

“I need some help with focusing and not letting all the baggage I’ve got to get in the way. And Brennan said that mediating could help so I was wondering you could teach me?” Liz asked.

Emma studied the girl for a minute trying to see her response as she said, “I would be happy to teach you, I think that you have a lot of potential to become a strong Psionic. But if I was to teach you, you would have to be more comfortable around me. You can’t learn to relax when you’re tense every time I walk into the room.”

Liz blew out a deep breath and tried to think of something to say that could explain how she felt without giving too much away about the aliens. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just the thought of abilities that mess with the mind makes me uneasy. I mean if you mess with someone’s mind too much doesn’t it have an after effect?” Liz asked thinking about how Alex died.

“I can’t speak for others because we are still learning more and more about different mutants but I don’t actually mess with their minds. I just pick up on their emotions. Like a radio or TV picking up a signal. True there are times when I can influence a person but I have never seen any damage afterwards.” Emma explained. Liz nodded in understanding and Emma went on. “I hope that you can learn to trust me, and I want you to know that I won’t probe into any of your thoughts without your permission.”

Liz smiled, “I would really appreciate that. And I’ll do as much as I can to loosen up around you. I already to feel more comfortable.”

“I’m glad, we’re a team here and you’re the family of one of the team members so you’re kind of like an extended part of the team.” Emma stated. Her and Liz talked a little while longer setting up a time period for Liz’s training with Emma before she left and Liz got back to reading the computer.


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First off, this was/is a great part! Liked how you're showing parts of the training, but I'm surprised Liz is still up and about while Shal is wiped.

Liz isn't using physical energy, just sitting and reading the computer. I find that my body gives out way before my brain does when I'm tired. I can feel like I can't move but then sit on the computer for hours writing. So I have Liz doing the same thing.

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Part 10

Over the next month Liz immersed herself in all things to do with New Mutants. She trained with Emma, Brennan, and Shalimar even Jesse joined in occasionally and continued to read Adam’s files. Late into the night the others found her sitting in front of a terminal with a large cup of coffee in her hand browsing through the computer. The scientist in her found them incredibly fascinating. True, genetics hadn’t been the field she was going to pursue but she still knew enough and was learning more every day, to get her by. She had poured over everything from Adam’s old notes to the most recent Mutant X encounters. She had quickly learned that there might be only four classifications of mutants but there were many different examples of each that varied a lot. Most were like her brother and the others but there were a few cases of hybrids between two types of mutants like her. She was glad that she was the only one of her kind.

Liz had gotten a good handle on her powers. She always hit the targets now with her streams and had even learned how to change the amount of power in them. She could use a low powered one to power anything that ran on electricity like a radio or TV or she could use one to blow up something usually a target. Her Psionic abilities could still use some work but she was learning. She could get a flash from someone if she really concentrated but it usually gave her a headache afterward. With all of her research she came to the conclusion that Max’s healing her was the reason behind why her powers had excellerated in intensity so much. Kind of like fast forwarding them.

Emma was right when she said the others would treat her the same. After they became accustomed to her being there, they all started treating her like their own little sister, not just Brennan. And Liz loved every minute of it. Granted she wasn’t allowed to go with them on the missions where they helped other mutants from Genomex but she was able to help them. She stayed with Adam and helped him with whatever she could. Usually just computer work and looking stuff up but she still felt like she helped them.

Emma was right when she said the others would treat her the same. After they became accustomed to her being there, they all started treating her like their own little sister, not just Brennan. And Liz loved every minute of it. Granted she wasn’t allowed to go with them on the missions where they helped other mutants from Genomex but she was able to help them. She stayed with Adam and helped him with whatever she could. Usually just computer work and looking stuff up but she still felt like she helped them.

Liz wasn’t confined to Sanctuary alone though. She did leave from time to time with others, like to go shopping with Shalimar and Emma. She also found time to do the small amount of class work she had gotten through the mail. Adam let her use the post office box that the rest of them used so that she could get any mail regarding her schoolwork. Brennan bought her a new cell phone that she used to call her parents as well as Maria occasionally. Things didn’t work for Maria in New York so she was back in Roswell. She kept Liz up to date on the news of what was going on in Roswell, which of course wasn’t much. Except that they were all laying low because they weren’t sure if the aliens might be in danger. Max had been working late at the UFO Center, something according to Maria he’d done a lot of since Liz left, and had seen a woman being mugged and had reacted before he thought. He had used his powers to save the woman. So far they had not seen any sign but with that on top of the other strange things over the last three years, they knew that someone had probably noticed. Liz told Maria to call her if something happened and left it at that.

Liz felt better about things since she had left Roswell. She had meditated long on everything, from Future Max’s visit to Alex’s murder and Tess’s pregnancy. She didn’t know how to explain on how it had left her. She hadn’t forgiven Future Max for coming back and messing things up more and she hadn’t forgiven Max for giving up on them and sleeping with Tess. But she didn’t let it eat away at her like she had before. If she did, it would drive her insane if she did. So she concentrated on the here and now.

When she had been there just over a month, Liz and Brennan were in the main room as Brennan tried to teach Liz how to play poker as Jesse looked on. They’d been at it about an hour when Adam came rushing in, “Jesse go fire up the helix, I need the four of you to go rescue some new mutants.”

“What’s going on Adam?” Brennan asked as he followed Jesse along with Liz and Adam.

“I just intercepted a message from Genomex to a team of their agents who were sent to pick up a group of undiscovered new mutants. There are three mutants and Genomex is treating them as a sizeable threat. They sent twelve to pick them up.” Adam explained.

“Twelve?” Shalimar asked as she joined them as they walked into the hanger. “Looks like Genomex isn’t taking any chances with these …How many mutants are there?”

“Three. Two guys and a girl. There was no information on what kind they are.”

“Where are we going?” Brennan asked.

“Liz’s hometown, Roswell.” Adam stated.

“Roswell?” Liz perked up. “Did you get the mutants’ names?”

“Maxwell Evans, Isabel Evans Ramirez, and Michael Guerin.” Adam answered. “Do you know them?”

“Yes, I do. Very well in fact.” Liz answered. She turned to the other four and headed up the ram into the jet. “I’m going with you.”

“No, you’re not.” Brennan argued.

“That’s Max out there, Brennan!”

“I know that Liz. But you’re going to stay here like you always do and stay safe with Adam. You’re not going to get into a situation where Genomex can grab you.”

“I know you are not telling me what to do. You might have forgotten Brennan but you’re my brother, not Dad.” Liz argued with her hands on her hips.

“And he trusts me to keep you safe while you’re here at Sanctuary, not let you go running into a dangerous situation.” Brennan fired back. Adam and Shalimar were about to jump in but Liz kept going.

“Dad doesn’t know half of the stuff I’ve been through…” Liz stopped in mid sentence and said, “I’m not going to stand here and argue about this. We’re wasting time. And I am going. I know these three and they won’t even consider going with you if I’m not with you. They will see you as an enemy as much as they will the GSA.”

“Liz is right, this is taking too long. Let’s go.” Emma said agreeing with Liz. Adam nodded for Liz to go and the five of them hurried into the jet. Within five minutes they were off and heading for Roswell.

It wasn’t long before they were in the skies over New Mexico. Brennan and Jesse were at the controls while Liz stood between them. Adam was on the Com Link and in constant communication. Which was good when Jesse asked, “Adam do you know where the agents are going to try and capture them?”

“The last communication said that they were closing in on them about ten miles to the north outside of town.” Adam answered back.

‘The rock formation that contained old podchamber.’ Liz thought. “I know that area. It’s really barren, all desert. But there’s a rock formation that just comes out of no where. That’s where they’ll be. Once we’re past Roswell you should be able to see it in the distance.”

“How do you know that’s where they’re at?” Jesse asked.

“Trust me, I know that’s where they are.”

“Trust her Jess, the ones we’re going for are her friends.” Brennan answered before looking at Liz. “What else can you tell us that could help?”

“The rocks around are steeper than they look but if you know about it you can look for foot holds.” Liz said trying to think what else could help. “There are probably a few people with Max, Isabel, and Michael but they can be trusted so don’t worry about using your abilities.”

The rock formation came into view in the windshield and Liz pointed, “There it is. Go around it and there should be a flat enough area to land there.”

Just as Liz said there was indeed a landing spot and Jesse touched the Helix down. And before the door was even opened completely Liz was out the hatch. Her feet hit the sand running and she used her connection to Max to find him.

Brennan saw his sister’s quick exit and swore, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch up to her and might loose her but got an idea. “Shal!”

“I’m on it.” Shalimar said, already knowing what he wanted so she used her abilities to chase after Liz and the others followed behind.


“Max, who are they?” Isabel asked talking about the men that were beginning to surround them.

“I don’t know, Izzy. Maybe FBI but they are definitely the government.” Max said sizing up the twelve men. They wore tan overcoats and sunglasses. But what worried him were the large weapons they were welding. They didn’t look like guns so what were they? Then he realized that they looked like the stun guns.

Max had thought it was a better idea for them to meet by the ruins of the podchamber instead of one of the apartments but now he was reconsidering. Of course if they had been in one of the apartments then they would be trapped but out in the desert they weren’t so confined. The six of them, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Jessie, Kyle and himself, clustered closer together, back to back as the men came closer, “Who are you?”

“That’s none of your concern, now come along with us or we will be forced to harm you.” The man up front stated but could see that the teens were not going to concede and motioned for his men to stun them.

Max could see them powering up to stun them and was about to use his shield to protect them. But before either side could do anything, what looked like a small lightening bolt came down and hit the guy who looked to be shooting first. He flew backwards, colliding with two other agents, knocking them all to the ground. Max and the others looked up and were shocked at what they saw.

Both groups stared up at Liz on her perch ten feet above them, with a blonde behind her. Her hand was raised up to let them see the streams dancing in her hands. “I don’t think they’re going anywhere with you.”

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Part 11

Despite her advantage over knowing the terrain better than they did, Emma, Brennan, and Jesse caught up with Liz and Shalimar just as Liz threatened the GSA. The GSA agents instantly recognized the members of Mutant X and moved to engage them in a fight knowing that they were intent on taking the three they were sent to apprehend. Some raised their weapons to fire while others readying themselves for hand to hand.

Max stood in awe as he watched Liz and her friends. The five of them leaped the ten feet down the cliff side, the blonde woman jumped the farthest landing right in front of one of the other men and started to fight him. The two guys, one dark haired, one with lighter were right behind her, they too started to fight a few of the agents. Liz was just in front of them and she was the most shocking. The electrical streams, the same ones he had seen running along her skin the last time he’d seen her, were now being thrown out of her hands aimed at the men just like Michael’s energy blasts. She took down two of the men, stunning them with her streams, before turning to them, “They already know what you’re capable of. If you guys want to get out of here and not locked up in a lab, use your powers.”

Isabel didn’t need to be told twice if it meant protecting her friends, brothers, and Jessie. She raised her hand and sent the nearest agent flying backwards. Michael did the same thing but Max was too enthralled with their rescuers. He noticed that the tall dark haired guy seemed to have the same powers as Liz but the others were completely different like the other guy. He seemed to make himself invincible. Who the hell were these people?

Brennan looked over the area and sized up the situation. Several of the agents were down but they were still coming. Shalimar was fighting two of the agents, he could see her eyes glowing feral yellow. Jesse was also holding his own as well as Liz and her friends. But Liz didn’t see the agent to her right about to fire. He gathered up some energy and was about to blast them but didn’t need to. Max stepped up and out of his hand came what looked like a large green shield, stopping the agent’s blast. “Liz! You and Emma get them back to the Helix. Emma can get it fired up and we’ll follow.”

Liz nodded, and turned to her friends. “Follow us.”

The six looked skeptical for a minute but trusted Liz. So the eight of them hurried away, Max still holding his shield up to protect them. They hurried up the rocks to where they had left the helix. Max was confused at first because he didn’t see anything at first but then the ramp came into view and figured that that was where they were going. They followed Liz and who he assumed was Emma inside and Emma plopped down at one of the front seats. She taped a few buttons and the consoles lit up. He saw Liz sit down in one of the other seats and mess with another computer.

Liz didn’t know much about the Helix but she did know that the computers on board were much like the ones in Sanctuary. And she knew those. She used the computer to get a lock on Brennan, Shalimar, and Jesse’s positions. They were on their way, “The others are coming.”

A minute later Shalimar, Brennan, and Jesse pounded up the ramp and into their seats. Brennan took the pilot seat. “Sit down and hold onto something!”

Max was barely able to grab onto a nearby console before the floor lurched upwards. Maria started to fall but Michael caught her quickly. Jessie, Isabel, and Kyle were more prepared and weren’t thrown around. They all looked but no worse for where and no injuries. Max could feel the vehicle moving and figured it was too smooth for a ground vehicle so it had to be a plane of some type. He could see through the windows in front and saw that they seemed to be ascending fast. After a few moments they seemed to level out. The two guys that had came with Liz were in the front seats while the two girls settled just behind them and Liz in the next seat. They all looked busy messing with the computer terminals in front of them. Max figured that at least one of them was flying the jet.

This was definitely not the way he had pictured his first meeting with Liz when she returned. When he had found her note outside of Michael’s apartment, he’d been shocked. He had jumped right in his car and drove over to the Crashdown only to find Liz indeed gone. She had gone off to stay with her brother, and while he was glad that she had found a brother, he had been worried. What if she exposed herself in front of him? She could have been in great danger if that happened. Of course now he knew that hadn’t happened and was again glad to know she had found a brother. He had gotten the story from Maria who had gotten it during her phone calls from Liz. The month that followed her departure had been a lonely one for him.

After Jesse took over the controls from his seat, Brennan took the chance to hit the button reactivating the comlink, “Adam, are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. How did it go?” They could hear Adam ask, the anxiousness could be heard perfectly over the speakers and they knew he had been worried about them.

“Piece of cake. We’ve got the three plus three of their friends. What now?” Brennan asked.

“Take them to one of the safe houses.” Adam answered, “Then we’ll see what we can do to get them into the underground.”

“Adam?” Liz interrupted.

“Yes, Liz.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. They’re not like others you’ve helped. And I’m positive that they won’t go willingly underground. ” Liz stated.

“What do you suggest?” Adam asked.

“Bring them back to Sanctuary for a little while, let me talk to them and figure it out from there.” Liz proposed. “Adam, I know these people better than I know myself, I trusted them with my life before, they won’t tell. And since we’re in the Helix it’s not like they’re going to be able to figure out the location.”

Liz knew she was pressing her luck with Adam and asking a lot but she felt like her suggestion was the best possible idea. They had to somehow get Mutant X to understand that they weren’t dealing with ordinary mutants and how dangerous it could really be if Genomex got their hands on them. They would be as bad as the Special Unit, keeping them locked up while dissecting them. Regardless of how much Max had hurt her, she couldn’t let that happen to him. She wouldn’t let that happen to her worst enemy.

While still waiting for an answer Liz chanced a glance over at her friends. Michael looked like he couldn’t decide whether they were friends or enemies, Maria just seemed in shock, Kyle appeared to be meditating, Jessie just looked astonished, she hoped that he already knew the aliens’ by now if he didn’t he did now. Isabel had put up a mask of ice, not relaying any of her emotions to anyone. And Max, Max just seemed to be watching her, trying to figure it all out. He was probably pretty confused, he thought she was just gone to connect to her brother and he was finding out it was a little more involved than that. Not to mention that the last time he had seen her, she didn’t have any control over her abilities. Now after her little display on the rocks he knew she did. And he still thought they were alien, but she would have to tell him that not all powers were alien, some were just plain human. His eyes met hers and they locked. Like always she felt herself falling into his amber orbs and forgetting everything else around her. She barely even heard Adam’s voice over the speaker, “Go ahead, but be careful.”

“Okay everyone, sit back and enjoy the ride, we should only be in the air another fifteen minutes.” Brennan announced.

Liz nodded and turned to face her friends, she figured they should know where they were going. “Guys, I know you’re all curious about what is going on but don’t worry I’ll explain everything soon.”

“Where are we going?” Michael asked.

“Some place safe.” Liz stated.

“Who are all these people?” Maria asked.

“Well that’ll take a little longer to explain.” Liz stated and tried to figure out where to start.

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Part 12

“I guess first I should start with introductions.” Liz said nervously. Deciding to start with the Roswellians she directed her words toward the members of Mutant X. “The blonde is my oldest and best friend Maria Deluca, the guy next to her with the scowl on his face is Michael Guerin, then Kyle Valenti, Isabel and Jessie Ramirez and then Max Evans. As you guys know Max, Isabel and Michael are the ones the GSA were after.”

“Who…” Michael started to ask but Liz raised her hand. “I’ll get to who the GSA are Michael in just a minute.”

Michael was actually quiet, a reality that surprised everyone but he figured if he kept talking that he’d never get the answers he wanted. Maria looked at him then back at Liz, “Wow, I’ve never got him to do that before.”

“You were never able to fry him with your hand Maria.” Kyle stated.

“Okay you guys, getting off topic.” Liz said. “Back to introductions. The brunette there is Emma, the blonde is Shalimar, then there’s Jesse in the right front pilot seat and that’s my brother Brennan, in the left seat.”

“He’s your brother?” Maria asked. She wasn’t surprised by the fact that Liz had a brother since Liz had told her about him when they had talked on the phone but Liz had never told her how good looking he was.

“Yep, that’s him.” Liz said smiling at him. She still got giddy when she was talking about Brennan, she thought it was great having a brother even with the previous argument. And she had a feeling there would be another one about taking off when they got back to Sanctuary.

“Hey you’re the two that came in to the shop to get some work done on your car about a month ago.” Kyle said interrupting and pointing at Shalimar and Brennan.

“Yup, that was us. We were looking for Liz.” Shalimar answered. “It was a pure coincidence that she happened to be at the garage when we got there. As soon as she introduced herself we knew who she was but Brennan waited until he told their father before he told Liz who we were.”

“It’s a good thing they showed up when they did since that was around the time my abilities decided to show themselves.” Liz commented. She looked directly at Max and said, “You see what was happening me wasn’t because of you healing me well not exactly. These abilities were already inside me, in my DNA, but you healing helped them to speed up development.”

“So you’ve always had these powers?” Maria asked.

“Yep, I got the electrical stuff from my dad just like Brennan, and got the flashes from my mom. You see I’m, as well as the others, are what called New Mutants. We’re humans, just with an added bonus.” Liz explained.

“Years ago, a company called Genomex did some experiments on ordinary people but the experiments caused the mutations that led to what you saw. Some new mutants are from those experiments others are offspring of them.” Emma said interrupting. “The four of us, as well as Liz for the last month, help new mutants from being captured by Genomex or the GSA. You see they’re trying to clean up evidence of what they did. So when they capture a mutant they take them back with them and imprison them. We’re called Mutant X.”

“So Genomex thinks we are some of these mutants.” Max stated. “Then what do we do?”

“That’s why we’re taking you back to Sanctuary. So that you will be safe while we figure it out.” Liz said then Brennan interrupted. “Come up on Sanctuary and be ready for landing.”

They all held on again while Brennan flew the Helix into what looked like the side of the mountain only to see a cave opening only it turned out to be the hanger. Once they were landed, the group moved to leave when Liz grabbed Max’s arm. “Max, Jessie already knew about you guys right?”

“Yeah, since not long after you left. Why?”

“Because I think it’s a good idea if you tell my friends and brother about you. I wouldn’t normally ask but you can trust them. And it’ll help them to help you if they know the whole truth. They think your mutants like us.” Liz explained.

“I’ll think about it but I don’t know about Isabel and Michael.” Max agreed. He looked her over as he changed the subject, “How are you Liz?”

“I’m good.” Liz said smiling. “Really good actually. I’ve got control over my powers and everyone here is really cool.”


“Yeah, I guess Shalimar has been rubbing off on me.”

“I’m happy for you, I really am.” Max said as they walked behind the others down the ramp of the helix. He noticed Brennan glaring at him and he couldn’t help but feel intimidated. Despite the fact that Max was six foot, Brennan looked to have a few inches on him and looked like he lifted weights. Liz’s brother looked like he would be a good fighter without having to use his powers. Max looked over and saw an older man standing there to meet them as Liz introduced them. “Guys, this is Adam. Adam this is Max, Maria, Kyle, Michael, Isabel and Jessie.”

“Welcome to Sanctuary.” Adam greeted. “Make yourselves comfortable while we talk.”

They all took seats, Kyle stared at the small waterfall and Liz smiled, “You know the first time I saw that I thought of you. I knew you’d love it. It’s become one of my favorite spots to meditate.”

“You meditate?”

“Yeah, Emma taught me. It helps to focus my Psionic abilities.” Liz said.

“What’s Psionic?” Maria asked.

“We use Psionic to refer to mental abilities. The people who have them are called Psionics.” Liz explained. She went more into detail explaining the different mutants along with help from the others. The group sat there in rapt attention through the whole chronicle.

When they were done Adam said, “So what abilities do you have?”

Max could see how much Liz trusted these people and decided they could as well. “Well I have an energy shield that the others have seen. And I can heal. Isabel can enter peoples dreams and see what’s in them. Michael has an energy blast like Liz and Brennan’s streams.”

Adam’s brow creased in thought. “They sound like Elemental and Psionic abilities but I’ve never heard of a mutant who could heal others.”

“Well that’s because we’re not mutants.” Max said.

“Max…” Michael warned.

“Michael, we can trust them, and maybe they can help us.” Max said. “You see our abilities or powers do stem from our DNA but not for the same reason as yours. Our DNA consists of a mixture of human and alien DNA.”

The five members of Mutant X were quiet for a minute before Adam said, “The three of you are aliens?”

“I know it sounds out there but it’s true.” Liz reiterated.

“You were dating an alien?” Brennan exclaimed looking at Liz. He knew that he should be more concerned about the fact that he had just found out that aliens did indeed exist but he was more upset that his sister had been involved with one. Call it brotherly protection.

“Hey, what do you expect? I’m from Roswell.” Liz joked. Shalimar couldn’t help but laugh at that or at Brennan’s expression after.

“Can we get back to the whole aliens among us thing, please?” Jesse asked from his seat next to Emma.

“Well it so happens that we were in the ’47 crash.” Max said starting. “We were in these incubation pods until 1989 when we came out looking like six year olds. But we couldn’t talk and didn’t know what was going on. We wondered out of the cave where our pods were and out into the desert. Isabel and I got picked up by the people who adopted us while Michael got sent to social services. A few years later we met back up with Michael and the three of us became friends. We knew that we were different and knew to keep it secret.”

“Skip ahead Maxwell.” Michael griped.

“In 1999 Liz and Maria were waitressing at the Crashdown when there was an argument between some of the customers. One of them pulled out a gun and Liz got shot.” Max explained.

“You were shot?” Brennan exclaimed again.

“Yeah and I almost died. That was when things got really crazy.” Liz said.

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Part 13

Taking turns between all of them but Jessie the Roswellians told their story of what had happened over the last few years. Everything from the days after the shooting up to right before Liz left. Brennan tried not fry Max when the story started to turn in the direction of when things started going bad for Liz. Once they were done, the mutants could tell that Adam was thinking over things. “Liz was right, putting them into the underground would not work.”

“What should we do with them then?” Brennan asked.

“You don’t have to do anything with ‘them’?” Michael snapped. “We’ve been doing fine on our own and if these GSA guys come looking again then we’re take care of them.”

“It’s not that simple Michael, Genomex is a large operation.” Liz said. “Their headquarters are huge and have information on every mutant they’ve come into contact with, including you. They’re never stop coming.”

“So why don’t you guys take out the building?” Jessie stated. They all looked at Isabel’s husband at his words.

“What?” Kyle asked.

“Well couldn’t you all team up and get into the building? Destroy their database or something?” Jessie elaborated. “Isabel told me that you’ve done something like that before and now you’ve got more firepower.”

“You know, that idea isn’t half bad.” Brennan said. “Adam’s knows a lot of about the layout and where would be the best places to hit.”

“Have you guys ever tried it before?” Max asked.

“Not with that big of a target.” Jesse answered. “Usually just to gain access to a small part or some data.”

“Perhaps it is possible.” Adam stated. “But it would take quite a bit of planning, and time spent in the simulator to get it just right. But everyone would have to agree to do it.”

Shalimar was the first to speak up, “If it means the GSA is gone, I’m in.” Everyone else agreed even the ones who had no powers offered to help in any way they could.

“I’m going to go search the database to gather all the information I have.” Adam said as he excused himself and went into one of the labs to see what he could arrange in the way of the layout of Genomex for the group. Meanwhile the mutants told the group more about their encounters with the GSA hoping that they’d get something out of it.

As they talked Brennan couldn’t help but notice how Liz was sitting close to Max. Too close for his taste but not on top of each other. He also noticed that despite the fact that they had not parted on good terms and that they had not seen each other in over a month, they still moved in sync. It proved to him that his sister and Max would be getting back together.

Jesse offered them a tour of Sanctuary and they were all happy to look around. Everyone went but Brennan halted Max behind while they all kept going. Once they were alone Brennan started, “I just wanted to about Liz.”

“I figured.”

Brennan started walking around trying to keep Max on edge. “I know about how things have gone between the two of you. She’s opened up and I’m pretty sure that I know most of it, like Tess and your son. Now a lot more of it makes sense now that I know the whole alien angle. But that doesn’t change the fact that you hurt her, hurt her deeply.”

Max hung his head, “I know I did. And I know she should never forgive me but I’ll do what I can to make it up to her.”

“You’re right, you will make it up to her. Rather you to get back together or stay just friends.” Brennan stated. He moved so that he was standing only inches from Max’s face. He brought up his hand and within a few seconds sparks ignited and four small streams danced from his thumb to his finger tips. “Because if you don’t, I’ll shoot enough electricity in to you that you’ll be able to light up all of New Mexico.”

Max gulped as Brennan brought one finger towards him and he felt a shock course through him. It wasn't overly painful but enough to scare him. He just looked at Brennan and nodded, “I will, I promise.”

“Good, glad we understand each other.” Brennan said. He kept his hand there for a moment more before lowering and cutting off the streams. “Because if I didn’t do enough damage to you, then Shalimar would get you. Her and Liz have gotten close so she wouldn’t want Liz to be hurt either. And she really gets into the whole cat and mouse game.”

Their conversation ended none too soon because everyone returned from their tour to the main room. They sat down again and just chatted about nothing.

As they continued to talk Liz noticed Emma, who was sitting right next to her, staring intently at Max. She wasn’t jealous, she knew Emma wasn’t interested in him and she knew why she was looking at him. She was reading him with her powers, scanning him. Liz leaned over slightly and whispered in her ear, “What is it?”

Emma turned her attention to Liz and smiled a little at being caught. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. But his emotions are just screaming at me.”

“And what’s it feel like?” Liz asked.

“On the surface he’s happy to see you, and desire to remedy this situation. But there’s more. Everything is so jumbled up, complete chaos. Almost as if some are not his own. It’s hard to explain but it’s not a new thing. Whatever it is, it’s been going on for awhile.” Emma explained.

Liz’s thoughts were in chaos as well as she absorbed what Emma was telling her. Could Max’s mind have been manipulated? By Tess? And to what degree? “Can you get a deeper reading to see what is going on?”

“I don’t know, what about you?” Emma asked. “I know your powers aren’t that strong but I was wondering if you picked up on anything when you touched him?”

“No, although.” Liz trailed off.


“When Max and I were first together, when we’d kiss I’d get flashes. But once we got back together, they were gone. I wonder if that might be the reason? Something blocking me.”

“I don’t know, I’m not used to reading aliens so I don’t know what could be going on. But I think you should talk to him, maybe you could figure out more.” Emma said.

“Yeah, well. Max and I have a lot of stuff to talk about.” Liz said thinking about exactly how much they had to talk about. Adam announced that they were moving into the lab to go over schematics on the computers. Everyone got up to go while Liz grabbed Max’s arm. “Um, Max and I will join up with you guys in a little bit.”

They all nodded except Brennan who looked uneasy about leaving the two alone. Liz smiled at him as she said, “Brennan, we’re just going to talk.”

“I know,” Brennan stated but still didn’t move until Shalimar came back in and pulled him away. When they were gone Liz turned her attention towards Max and saw that he too had been looking at her brother and Shalimar. “You know ever since I came here I’ve been slowly trying to get those two together.”

“I thought Maria was the matchmaker?” Max said smiling slightly.

“Usually but I can’t resist with those two, there’s just something there between them that I think they need help with. Brennan hasn’t had the best luck with women, and Shalimar is great.” Liz explained. “I think she’d be good for him.”

“You seemed to have gotten close to them.” Max said.

“Yeah, well although we do go out, we spend a lot of time here. Gave us lots of time to talk. And they’ve spent a lot of time with me helping me learn how to use by abilities.” Liz said as she brought up her hand.

Max watched as the electricity sparked again from Liz’s fingertips and danced for a minute just like Brennan’s. By the display he could tell how comfortable Liz was with her abilities. If she wasn’t, he knew she would risk the little display. He tore his gaze from her small hand and towards her face. “So it’s time to talk, huh?”

“Yeah,” Liz said uneasily. “I guess we’ve been putting it off for long enough.”

Liz sat down on one of the couches and tried to think of what to say next. Where did she begin? She looked at Max who had sat down next to her. “Max, over the last month I’ve thought about a lot of things. Stuff I should have thought about before we started dating again. About myself, you, TTTess. Do you know how much it hurt to see you kissing her at the prom when I was your date?”

“I can’t imagine how you felt, seeing that…” Max started to say but Liz interrupted.

“And I just can’t understand how you could tell me for so long that you loved me, that you could never love Tess but you ended up sleeping with her.” Liz stated, “Can you explain it to me? So I can understand.”

“I know it sounds like I’m avoiding it all but I don’t know. That period of last spring is really fuzzy.” Max said. “I mean I remember it but it’s like looking at someone else.”

Thinking of his answer Liz decided to broach the subject of what Emma had said. “Max, Emma told me something that I want to tell you. You see, she’s a Psionic, and with those abilities she can read people. Like their emotions and how they feel about stuff. Well most people, she has a hard time with me and other Psionics but others she can do easy. I’m getting off track, you see she’s been getting some strange things off of you. And I think I know why.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, wondering what she was getting at.

“I don’t how much but I think Tess mindwarped you.”
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Part 14

“You think she mindwarped me?” Max asked. Liz could see from his expression that he was in shock.

“It’s not like we don’t know she could do it. And it’s the only thing I can’t think of as to why your thoughts could be so frenzied. Kyle said he remembered Alex yelling at Tess about how she messed up his head and his thoughts. And that he was acting weird, not himself. Just like you were last spring.” Liz explained.

“But why didn’t I break out of it like the others?” Max asked. “Everyone else got their memories and broke out of the warp, why didn’t I? I’ve never showed any signs of it.”

Liz thought on it for a minute, trying to base a theory on what she had read about Psionic powers considering she didn’t know anything concrete on the aliens’ powers. “I don’t know, only Tess knows for sure. Maybe since aliens use more of their brain than humans it took Tess more energy to keep up the warp with you. That could be why she lost control.”

Liz tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “Think of the facts. Alex was fine when we were in Vegas, so something happened after it to pull some of her energy away from Alex’s warp. That’s was when Brody took us hostage and she mindwarped Ms. Deluca. But maybe Ms. Deluca wasn’t the only one who was mindwarped. Maybe you were too, at least in the days following.”

“So you think that Tess started warping me then?” Max asked

Liz shrugged, “I don’t know. You told me the day we decided to go to prom together that you had remembered something. Maybe Tess decided to mindwarp you to work off those? Like maybe make you remember feeling more than you really felt? It would explain why suddenly you seemed to care more for her than just a friend.”

“And after you …kissed her, she had her claws into you and wasn’t going to let you go. Look at the funeral, you started to act so different. Before if I had mentioned to you that Alex’s death was caused by an alien, you would have been the first one next to me in finding out what happened. And you never would have acted so cold to everyone else.”

“We never really did find out the extent of her powers, it was only when she mindwarped Ms. Deluca did we find out she could mess with peoples memories. It makes me wonder what all she did to you,” Liz turned to look at him as if the answers were on his face.

“I’d like to know that too.” Max said. He didn’t like the idea that Tess had messed with his head. That she had meddled in it and he ended up acting in a way that turned everyone against him, and with good reason. He had been repulsive to everyone, demanding that they bend to his will.

Liz could see how much he wanted to know and decided he needed some help. “I might have an idea, I’ll be right back.”

Liz hurried out of the room and to the lab. She tried to be as quiet as possible as she entered, not wanting to interrupt. Luckily Emma was facing her and with a small motion of her hand, Emma excused herself and came out to meet up with Liz. When she did, Liz said, “Thanks for coming out here.”

“What’s going on? I thought you were talking to Max.”

“I was, still am. And we found out some major stuff. But I need some impute from you.” Liz stated.

“What can I do?”

“Come on.” Liz said as the two women walked back to the main room where Max was still sitting. When they sat down Liz started to explain. “I told Max about the reading you got from him and I came up with a theory as to why. We think it’s because of Tess, the other alien we told you about, mindwarping him. We’re not sure of what all she might have done and I was wondering if you might help us find out. You know a lot more about Psionic powers than I do.”

“I’ll do what I can, tell me what you know about Tess’s powers.” Emma said. Liz and Max both told of the times they had seen Tess use her powers and described what they knew.

When they were done, Liz asked, “Is there anything you can do? Try to get a better reading?”

“I don’t know, like I said before I’ve never read an alien before. But I’ll try.” Emma said. She looked at Max and concentrated, again she felt the chaos within him. She felt anger, grief, confusion, loss, fear, but the biggest was his overwhelming love for Liz. It was very much ingrained in every part of him. She couldn’t find what they were looking for so she stopped.

She saw Liz looking at her anxiously. “Anything?”

“No, I’m sorry. I could feel his emotions and stuff but nothing to help figure out what is wrong.” Emma said.

Liz and Max both sighed in frustration, both wanting to know what had happened. Max looked at Liz, “What if we connected? Maybe you would see what’s going on.”

Liz thought it over, what would happen with the combination of the connection and her own abilities? But she wanted to know. “Let’s do it.”

Emma looked between the two of them, she remembered when they had explained what happened when Max and Liz connected. Liz got bits of memories like she did when she used her abilities. Abilities that Liz didn’t have complete control over and uneasily said, “Liz I don’t think this is the best idea.”

“Emma we don’t have another choice. And if Tess did something to him then I have to help Max find out what it is. Because it didn’t just effect him.” Liz argued.

“Then let’s go tell the others, see what Adam thinks.” Emma stated.

“Yeah, Liz we can wait.” Max added.

“No, Brennan would just try to talk me out of it.” Liz said. “Please Emma.”

Emma heaved a sigh of defeat. “What do you want me to do?”

Liz smiled at her as she explained. “Just sit there and watch us, just in case someone comes in, you can stop them from trying to separate us. It shouldn’t take that long.”

“Okay.” Emma agreed.

Liz turned back to Max and concentrated on using her Psionic abilities. She looked into Max’s eyes as he reached out to take her hands. But he didn’t get a chance to connect with her because as soon as his fingers touched hers she was sucked into flashes. The flashes whizzed by her and she couldn’t get them to slow down. She saw all of Max’s memories from the day he came out of his pod. Including what they were looking for.

In the end Liz’s head felt like it was going to explode, she had used her abilities too much and she was on overload. Somewhere inside her mind her survivor instincts kicked in as well as her Elemental powers. She didn’t realize what she was doing as she shocked Max enough that he dropped her hands. Once the flashes stopped her mind decided she needed a break to rest and she passed out.

Emma had been watching the two the whole time, reading them as well and felt the dread Liz had been feeling over whatever she was seeing. Then suddenly she saw sparks come out of her hands and Max jump back. Emma was as surprised as he was but got over it as she caught Liz as she slumped backwards.

“Liz…Liz…” Emma said trying to wake her but it was obvious that she was unconscious. She looked at Max who was pale and shaken, “Max are you okay?”

It took Max a few minutes before he answered in a whisper, “I remember, she did it. Liz did it.”

He looked over at Emma who was holding the still lifeless Liz. He inched his way over slowly before he pulled her into his arms from Emma. He looked up at the older mutant as he asked, “Is she okay?”

“I think everything was too much for her, these abilities are still new for her and she lost control and it took too much out of her.” Emma explained although she didn’t know for sure.

Just then everyone walked in, Brennan saw his sister lying unconscious in Max’s arms and was next to her in a heartbeat. “What happened? What did you do to her?”

“Brennan, calm down. Max didn’t do anything to hurt her. She was trying to use her Psionic abilities to help him and it was too much for her.” Emma explained.

“Help him how Emma?” Adam asked as he came up and started examining Liz.

“I told Liz that I was feeling something strange from Max earlier and she and Max were talking about and thought they found out why.” Emma said.

“Liz thought that Tess had mindwarped me and that’s why Emma was getting strange feelings from me. I suggested that we connect so that maybe she would see something. But I didn’t get a chance to because as soon as she touched me, I felt something strange and then flashes hit me. The next thing I know is Liz shocked me and she passed out.”

“I think she’s going to be okay but I want to get her into the medical lab so that I can monitor her.” Adam said. Max moved to pick her up only to have her whisked away by Brennan. He was sure that if he had his hands free that Max would feel himself getting zapped. He got up to follow but everyone else stopped him with their questions. He’d answer them quickly then get back to Liz.

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Part 15

Brennan carried Liz into the medical ward and laid her on the center bed. Adam was right next to him as soon as she was settled, placing the different medical equipment on her to monitor her. Brennan pulled up the nearest chair and took sentry duty next to her. To him, she looked like she was just sleeping instead of unconscious. But looks could be deceiving, she could be slipping into a coma at that very moment and he would know nothing. He couldn’t help but be worried about her, she had been fine the last minute he’d seen her and now she wasn’t. He felt more anger towards Max at that moment but Adam’s words filtered through it, “Brennan, I don’t have to be Emma to know how upset you are but you have to calm down. It’s not going to do her any good if you’re hovering over her when she wakes up.”

“So she is going to wake up?” Brennan asked.

Adam turned to study the monitors; “Everything here says she’s fine, just exhausted. She’s still not prepared to go full strength with her Psionic abilities and that’s just what she did. Give her a little bit of time and she’ll come out of it, of course her head will probably be hurting quite a bit when she does wake up.”

“Do you think Max healing her has anything to do with her powers coming out full strength?” Brennan asked.

“Well not being able to study both of them in-depth I can’t say for sure. But if I had to make an educated guess, yes. I think that if Max hadn’t healed her gun shot wound then her abilities would have appeared and gradually became stronger. But I do think that he added to her strength as well.”

Brennan nodded before turning back to watch Liz. She laid asleep for a few hours while he watched over her. Adam moved around him whenever he checked on her whenever he came into the lab and the others came in every fifteen minutes to see if there was in change. Which there wasn’t. Night began to fall outside but Brennan was oblivious to it.

Brennan rotated his head, trying to get the kink out his neck before he felt a pair of small but strong hands massaging it. He looked up to see Shalimar behind him. She gave him a small smile of reassurance as he said, “Thanks that feels good.”

“No problem.” She said as she continued to rub his neck. “Maybe you should get out of here for a little bit, go for a walk. There’s plenty of people here that care about her to watch her for a few minutes.”

“No, I want to be here when she wakes us.” Brennan said.

Shalimar knew she couldn’t talk him out of it, so she asked, “Do you mind if I sit with you then?”

“I’d like that.” Brennan said. Shalimar pulled up another chair and sat down next to him. “You know Max is sitting out there miserable thinking that she’s seriously hurt because of him.”

“Good.” Brennan couldn’t help saying.

“Bren,” Shalimar chastised. “Neither one of them knew what was going to happen, Emma said he tried to talk her out of it and wait for us but she was stubborn and said no. Something else you two have in common, hard headness.”

Brennan just rolled his eyes at her as he asked, “What was she thinking?”

“She was thinking that she was going to help someone she loved recover something he’d lost.” Shalimar explained to him. “I guess last spring when her friend died, Max was acting strange. The opposite of himself. And the two figured out that he had been mindwarped, his memories Psionically changed, and she wanted him to recover the memories. It worked. You would have done the same thing.”

“No I wouldn’t.”

“Yes, you would.” Shalimar reiterated. “Friendship is very important to both of you.”

She took his hand in hers and squeezed tightly. He pulled her into a hug and realized how good it felt for her to be in his arms. He knew that he’d been denying it to himself but Liz had been right. He cared about Shalimar as more than a friend, but because they had been friends first, he was scared that if he made a move on her it would ruin things. His thoughts were interrupted by a small voice, “Is this a private party or can I get in on this too?”

Shalimar and Brennan looked to see Liz’s eyes open and watching them with a weak smile on her face. Brennan’s face lit up as he released Shalimar and embraced Liz. As he did, Liz squeaked out, “Brennan, you’re going to make be pass out again from lack of air.”

He released her, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Liz said as she looked around, “Where is Max and everyone else?”

“Just outside,” Shalimar answered, “They were too scared of your big bad brother to come in.”

Liz’s eyes flickered back to Brennan, “What did you do?”

“What did I do? You and Max were the ones who tried to fry your brain.” Brennan stated.

“I was just helping Max. And I’m glad I did it. It gave us a lot of information about what Tess did to him.” Liz said then she saw Brennan’s confusion. “It was all fake, after he kissed her at prom none of the physical stuff of their relationship happened. She mindwarped him to believe that they had sex, but they didn’t, he’s still a virgin and there’s no baby. He was searching for nothing. And she implanted something in him, like a reaction whenever someone would disagree with him. She did it so he would think she was the only one he could depend on. The list of crimes against Tess just grew.”

Brennan thought it over and realized that at least Max hadn’t betrayed Liz, but he didn’t want her to stubble back in with Max just like nothing had happened. “So now what? You and Max are going to forget about it all and be fine?”

Liz’s eyes flickered to Shalimar, “Can I talk to him alone for a minute?”

“Sure.” She answered, as she passed by Brennan she whispered; “Now you’re in for it.”

Once the two siblings were alone in the lab Liz started again, “Brennan, just because we found out the truth doesn’t mean that everything is fine between Max and I. It just means that the biggest obstacle that was between us just disappeared. Max and I have a lot of things to work out. I’m not going to jump back into a serious relationship with him at least not before we have some time to get used to things, like my being a mutant and the fact that what happened last spring wasn’t real. So if we do get back together, it’ll be after a long time. ”

Brennan could see that she was going about this with logic and not jumping in blindly so he nodded, “Just be careful.”

“I will,” Liz said smiling. “I wanted to talk to you about something else besides Max and me, too.”

“Okay…. why do I not like the sound of this?”

“Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you. What I wanted to say is that you shouldn’t waste anymore time evading how you feel about Shalimar.” Brennan tried to say something but Liz held up her hand and continued, “Don’t patronize me and say you don’t care about her like that, I know better. That’s why I’m giving you this advice. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years is not to take time for granted. Alex and Isabel wasted time they could have been together longer before he died. And I don’t have to tell you how much time Max and I have wasted over the last few years. Things are so uncertain in the way our lives are that you should be with the person you most want to be.”

Brennan thought over her suggestion but before he could say anything Adam appeared at the door with Max behind him. He could see Max looking ecstatic at the prospect of seeing Liz and knowing she was awake. He squeezed Liz’s hand before saying, “I’m going to go while Adam looks you over and you and Max talk. But I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay.” She said softly.

Brennan headed for the door passing Max and Adam as he did. He saw Max approaching Liz tentatively and knew that they would soon be talking. He looked in the main room and saw that Shalimar wasn’t there, after asking Emma where she was he went after her. He needed to talk to her.

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Part 16

Liz remained on the exam table as Adam took readings from the monitoring equipment. She glanced at Max periodically and saw him staring at her with concern. She smiled a small grin of reassurance while Adam finished up. “Well Liz, it looks like everything’s normal. I just wouldn’t use those particular abilities for a little while. Just stick to the Elemental ones until you can work more with Emma.”

“Thanks Adam. Sorry I’ve caused so much trouble.”

Adam smiled affectionately at her while he said, “I’ll leave you two alone and go find you some food. You need to keep your energy up.”

Adam headed towards the kitchen area leaving Max and Liz by themselves. She suddenly felt nervous sitting there in front of him and started to play with her hair.

Max smiled at her and said, “I’m so relieved to see your okay. I thought I did something serious to you and I couldn’t connect so that I could try and heal it.”

“I’m fine. Just don’t know my own strength, or how to control it. I should have known that it would be strongest with you.” She said looking embarrassed.

“Don’t feel self-conscious about what happened. I shouldn’t have suggested what I did.” Max said.

“No, no. I don’t care about that. I figured out what was wrong, that’s what’s important.”

“No, Liz. You being okay is what’s important.” Max said firmly. “The other stuff is secondary to that.”

“But what I found out is important. Do you remember it? What happened?”

“Yes, I remembered it. I can’t explain it how but right before you shocked me, it all came back.” Max explained. “I am so sorry that I wasn’t stronger to fight her off. To stop her from mindwarping me and putting you through all of that.”

“Max, you didn’t know. You trusted her and didn’t think she would do it. You didn’t know how twisted and sick she was, if you did then we would have stopped her. The only thing you’re guilty of is kissing her at the prom. The rest of it is Tess’s influence.” Liz said then something he said hit her. “Wait a minute, I shocked you?”

Max smiled at her as a look of astonishment came over her face as he said, “Yeah, I think it was your brain’s way of telling me that I was overloading you. It’s okay though, it was just a small shock, nothing big.”
But instead of being worried, Liz did something he didn’t expect. She started giggling. She giggled until it turned to an all out laugh, one which Max joined in with. They continued for several minutes until Liz was gasping for breath. “I’m sorry for laughing, it just hit me right.”

“It’s good to hear you laugh, it’s not something I’ve heard enough of lately.”

“You’re right, I haven’t.” Liz said. “That brings up something I wanted to talk to you about, us.”

“Us?” Max said.

“Yeah, us. While this does clear up a major obstacle between us, it doesn’t fix things right away. It’s going to take a while before we can even remotely think about being anything more than friends.” Liz explained. “I mean for right now, I’m not even living in Roswell.”

“Friends.” Max said as he thought over what she said. He knew she was right. While finding out about Tess’s mindwarp fixed some stuff, it was only the beginning. So much had happened over the past year and a half, it was going to take some time to wade through and sort it out. “I think that would be good. To be friends and get to know each other again.”

“And if we get back together, then we do and if we don’t, at least we’ll still be in each others lives.” Liz added as she smiled. Max nodded and the two started talking more about what had happened since she had left Roswell.


Brennan went straight to the computer lab where he found Shalimar and Jesse hovered over a computer. As he walked in, they looked up and Jesse said, “Shalimar told me that Liz woke up, how’s she doing?”

“Fine, she’s back to her old self.” Brennan answered. “Adam’s in with her and Max. Shalimar, can I talk to you?”

Shalimar nodded and followed him out into the corridor. Once there she saw that Brennan looked nervous and was surprised, he was never nervous. What was going on with him? “Brennan is everything okay? You seem on edge. How did the talk with Liz go?”

“Nothing’s wrong. And the talk with Liz went fine, we discussed that her and Max are going to take some time to work things out. And she just wanted to give me some advice.” Brennan said.

“What kind of advice?”

“About not wasting time. To seize the moment and act on my feelings.” Brennan explained. Before Shalimar could question him, he grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him. She was caught by surprise and didn’t fight him. He planted his lips on her and put all of his emotions into the kiss. He felt a spark flare between them when he did and for once, it was not caused by his powers.

He took it as a good thing that she didn’t push him away and began to return the kiss. His lips moved smoothly against hers, massaging them softly. His tongue swept her bottom lip asking permission which she seemed to eagerly give him. Their tongues clashed and dueled against each other as they explored each other mouth’s. This was the first taste they had of each other and they weren’t going to waste anymore time. They only broke away when their lungs burned from lack of oxygen.

Shalimar smiled as she said, “Remind me to tell Liz to give you more advice, I like what happens when she does.”

“So you don’t mind that I just grabbed you and kissed you?” Brennan asked. “You weren’t just caught up in the moment?”

“Uh huh, I kissed you back because I wanted to.” She said licking her lips.

“So what happens now?”

“You’re the one who finally made the first move, why don’t you tell me?” Shalimar asked.

“Well how about once this whole thing with Liz’s friends is done, you and I go out? See where it goes from there? I’ll admit this is different for me. I’ve never lived and worked with someone I dated.” Brennan answered.

“Neither have I but we’re about to see if it works.” Shalimar stated before they leaned in for another kiss.

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Part 17

After a little bit of time, Brennan and Shalimar rejoined the others and they all squeezed into the computer lab. Liz although still some what weak insisted on joining them as Adam went over the plan to break into Genomex. To her it seemed like a long time since they had discussed taking out Genomex since they had been busy with the change in relationships since the Roswellians had reached Sanctuary.

Adam clicked the small hand held remote that controlled the large monitor behind him that displayed the layout of the interior of Genomex. He pointed to an area on the blueprint as he explained the plan. “Tomorrow is when we go. You’ll fly the Helix in stealth mode and land on the roof. Then make your way inside. The computer database contains every file of every mutant that Genomex has ever had contact with as well as all their research.”

“There will be two teams going in, one to go into the lab and the other to hold off security. The one who goes into the lab will first download the mutant database. Then destroy it. I’ll hack into their security system so no alarms will signal either groups arrival.”

“So the team on the outside will have to be the ones who have the defensive powers.” Jesse stated.

“Yes, I want Emma, Isabel, Shalimar, and Brennan to go to the lab while Max, Michael, and Jesse are on the outside.” Adam assigned.

“What about me? Where am I at?” Liz asked.

“You’ll be back here with me and the others.” Adam stated.

“No. I know you’re thinking that I’m too weak but I’m not. Let me go with Emma and Isabel and have Brennan with the others. I can help fry the computer after Emma’s done accessing the files. If I’m wrong and I’m still weak, I can do damage and Isabel can finish off.” Liz explained.

“Adam’s right,” Brennan spoke up. “You can stay here and help Adam with the security system.”

“I can’t just sit here when I have the abilities to help.” Liz said before looking pleadingly at Adam, “Come on Adam, please? I’ll rest up until it’s time to go and won’t use any of my powers until I have to when we get there.”

Brennan and Max both were about to speak up when Adam voiced his reply. “Fine but you will take it easy until it’s time to leave. It’ll be Emma, Liz, Isabel, and Shalimar going in, the guys will take the outside. Now it’s late and the day has been exciting to say the least. We all need to get some rest, we don’t have enough guest rooms for everyone.”

“How about Maria stays with Liz, Isabel and Jessie can take the last available room and the rest of the guys can sleep in the main room on the couches or the floor.” Emma suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Adam stated.

“A very good one.” Brennan said thinking that although he knew Liz and Max were supposed to be just friends he was glad that there would be some distance between them that night, and of course his room was between her room and the stairway that led downstairs.
The group broke apart and everyone settled where they were supposed to be. He saw Liz smiling smugly at him and asked, “What are you so happy about?”

“Oh, nothing.” Liz said in a singsong voice. “So, big brother, anything new going on?”

“Okay, okay. I know what you’re getting at.”

“And?” Liz asked.

“And yes, you were right about how I felt about Shalimar.” Brennan confirmed.

“And she said?”

“Well I didn’t give her a chance to say much. At least not at first.” Brennan said smiling; “I just grabbed her and kissed her. She kissed me back and after told me that she was glad I listened to your advice.”

“See I told you.” Liz said teasingly.

“You, bed, now.” Brennan said trying to sound serious but Liz knew he wasn’t. He was just trying to distract her from the relationship talk. But he had another thing coming if he thought she’d drop it.

Liz smiled as she pulled Maria down to her room. She let Maria borrow some pajamas to sleep in before they settled on her bed. Maria was gaping around at her room as she said, “I can’t believe all those times you called me and said you were just getting to know Brennan that you were really here. This place is amazing.”

“Yeah, it is. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as safe as I do here. Of course it’s called Sanctuary for that reason.” Liz said.

“Do you love it so much that you don’t plan on coming back to Roswell?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t give it a lot of thought until the whole thing with you guys came up. I mean I told my parents that I would come back for graduation but I don’t know if it’ll be for a visit or to stay. I really like it here and I feel like I’m being helpful when the others go out to rescue mutants. I just don’t know.” Liz said.

“Well as much as I’d miss you, I want you to be happy. You haven’t had much of it the last few years and you of all of us, deserve it.” Maria stated. Her face turned even more serious as she added, “I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. Can you forgive me?”

“Yeah, I forgive you.” Liz said smiling, “Let’s get some sleep.”

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Part 18

The next morning everyone woke early to get ready, which was a feat with seven extra people. When it was time, Kyle, Maria, and Jessie said good bye and stayed with Adam while the others left in the helix. It was a quiet ride, everyone feeling tense. They followed the plan and landed on the roof undetected. Adam hacked into the Genomex computer so that he could know what was going on inside.

The group snuck through an emergency hatch that was on the roof and crept into the facility. It was from there that they split up, much to Brennan discontent. He didn’t like the idea of being separated from Liz and Shalimar. He wanted to be with them to protect them although he wouldn’t tell either of them that. He knew that they could take care of themselves but he still wanted to be there for them.

The guys headed to the main floor to create a distraction while the girls went in the direction of the lab. They ran into a few of the workers but Shalimar took them out. When they came to the lab it was Isabel’s turn to be useful. Using her powers, she placed her hand over the keypad that controlled the security system and lock on the computer lab. Within a minute the light flashed from red to green. They yanked the door open and slipped inside.

The room was of medium size with six terminals and the server lining one wall. The server was enclosed in glass cases that were locked. Emma immediately went to one of the computers and started accessing Genomex’s files. Shalimar sat down at another terminal and decided she was going to help too. “Which database are you retrieving?”

“Their research.” Emma answered.

“I’ll get the mutant registrations.” The blonde feral answered.

The two Mutant X members began working quickly when Jesse voice could be heard over their COM’s. “They know they have guests.”

“Do they know about us yet?” Shalimar asked.

“Not that I know of.” Jesse answered. “They seem to be concentrating on us.”

“There’s no one on the monitors,” Adam confirmed. “But keep an eye out. There’s a blind spot in the cameras and I can’t see all of the corridors leading to the lab.”

Isabel and Liz went to the server and started unlocking the cabinets so they could have access to destroy it. While they did, Emma and Shalimar slid in new disks when others became full and it wasn’t long before they were done. They ejected the disks and Emma said. “Fry it Liz.”

“Frying.” Liz said. She knew she was going to need more power than she usually did she moved her hands in the same manner she had seen Brennan do the first time he had shown her his powers. She let the streams idle for a moment to gain strength before she pulled the hands apart and fired off in different directions hitting the wide server.

Isabel watched on amazed at how much power Liz’s small body seemed to be able to release. Her streams looked to be very powerful as they fried the server. It seemed like she could power an entire city if she wanted to. That is if she was up to par, which she wasn’t. If she could do this now, it’d be scary to see her at full strength.

Shalimar could see the server sparking and smoking and put her hand on Liz’s shoulder to get her attention. “Liz, I think you got it, it’s dead now.”

Liz blushed in embarrassment that she had gotten so carried away, “Sorry.”

“Well let’s get out of here.” Emma said.

“Emma behind you.” Isabel yelled.

Emma spun around to see a GSA technician come through one of the side doors. The technician looked surprised to see them but before he could do anything he was hit with a stream. He flew backwards and fell to the floor unconscious. Emma looked over to see Liz just pulling her stream back into her body. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The four girls headed out with Shalimar in the lead, she tapped her COM ring and said, “Brennan? Jesse? We’re on our way back up top.”

“Good, this party is getting old quick.” Brennan responded, “We’ll meet you there.”

The girls left the lab and headed back for the roof but ran into more obstacles then they had coming down. Whether they were fought by hand or powers, they were dealt with and they continued up. The way that they had came was completely blocked so Adam talked them through another route up to the roof.

They piled out of the door right behind the guys battling a large group of agents. Jesse was the first one to see them; “It’s about time you got here.”

“Well you know us, we love to make men wait.” Shalimar joked despite the fact that she was fighting hand to hand with an agent. “Why don’t you get your butt in the helix and fire it up so we can get out of here.”

Jesse did just that, taking Isabel and Emma with him. Brennan watched them go before looking over the others. Max and Michael seemed to be able to hold their own with their powers, Max had a large shield up keeping quite a few agents at bay while Michael was flinging other ones back with his powers. He saw Shalimar take down one agent before turning to help Liz out who was actually fighting one hand to hand without her powers. He saw she looked weakened and decided it was time to get out of there. “Come on, our flight is ready.”

They all backed up carefully up and into the helix. Brennan was the last one up and watched the angry agents trying in vain to get to them as the ramp came up and Jesse launched them up into the air.

only two parts left.

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I decided to post the last two parts together because they're kind of short. I hope you like them. I'm not entirely happy with them but I kind of lost my muse and did my best to wrap up the story. Thanks for reading.

Part 19

The group landed in Sanctuary without a hitch and was created by Jessie, Maria, Kyle, and Adam. Emma and Shalimar handed over the discs to Adam. There were some minor bumps and scratches on some, which Max took care of quickly and they headed into the kitchen/dining room area.

The group ate as they gave their tales of what happened. The guys told them about their run in with the agents and the girls told them about what happened in the lab. Liz as well as Emma, Isabel, and Shalimar gave reassurances that the computer server and all the information contained within had been fried. When they were done Liz spoke to Adam for a moment before he and the mutants left. Liz then turned to address her friends. “Adam is going to do some checking but he thinks it should be safe for you guys to go to back to Roswell. Since Genomex lost their database that would have told them the locations of all the mutants they knew about which included you guys, they won’t come after you.”

“What about you?” Kyle asked although everyone had the same question on their minds. “You said us but nothing about whether you’ll be coming back with us.”

“It’s because I’m not.” Liz stated. She noticed that everyone except Maria seemed surprised by the news, she was sure that they all thought that she’d be going with them.

“Why?” Max asked surprised that she wasn’t coming back. After all she had said that she wanted to be friends, how were they going to do that with her not even being in the city?

“I still have a lot of stuff to work on, to sort out and find myself. And right now, this is the place I feel most comfortable doing it. I talked to Adam and he says I’m more than welcomed to stay.” Liz explained.

“Are you sure about this?” Max asked.

“I’m going to work on my Psionic powers, we all know I’m not great at them yet and also help wherever I can. There’s a lot I can do to help my brother and his friends with their purpose, and help others like me. The database needs to be compared to Adam’s and there is still the underground that they will be taking care of.” Liz explained.

Max couldn’t help but notice how much passion she spoke with. He hadn’t heard her speak like that in a long time. “This is really important to you isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” Liz said nodding. “I mean, if you found out there were more of all of you out there, wouldn’t you want to do what you can to help them?”

Indeed Isabel, Max, and Michael knew what she meant and nodded. Max looked at her and asked, “Do you plan to come back to Roswell?”

“At least for now, I plan to come for visits and our graduation that’s in less than two months. I’ve been doing classes through correspondence so I’ll be graduating with the rest of you.” Liz announced.

“You’ve been doing schoolwork and this mutant stuff?” Kyle asked surprised.

“Yep, my parents wouldn’t have let me come if I neglected school.” Liz explained. “Despite needing to come to learn how to control my powers because I inherited more than my brains from them.” She had told them about her parents’ own abilities the night before as they had talked more about the whole mutant situation.

Maria was the first to speak again as she said, “I miss having my best friend around but I don’t want you to pass out every time you touch someone either.”

The others agreed with Maria and Liz felt better about her decision.


Liz and Brennan were the ones to take the Roswellians back home to Roswell. They landed at the same spot by the old pod chamber so that they could drive back to Roswell. Brennan touched them down without a hitch and they clamored down the ramp. The gang thanked Brennan for what he had done before going to say goodbye to Liz. Max was last after Maria and every one gave them some privacy.

“At least this time I get to say goodbye.” Max said.
“I’ll be back Max, I’m not going forever.” Liz said.

“I know, it’s just I feel like I wasted so much of our time and I want to make everything up to you. That’s hard when you’re not here.” Max explained before looking into her eyes. “But I know you need the time. So just know that no matter how long it takes, I’ll be here waiting for you. Bye Liz.”

“Good-bye Max.” Liz said. She reached up, kissed him on the cheek before running back up the ramp into the helix.

Max and the others watched for a few minutes as the Helix lifted off before it disappeared into stealth mode and flew off.

Part 20=Epilongue

Liz did as she promised and returned to Roswell for the gang’s graduation. She didn’t make valedictorian, but she did graduate with honors. Everyone was there, Brennan, Adam, Shalimar, Emma, and Jesse. She wasn’t sure but they sounded like the loudest bunch in the whole crowd. Afterwards, the Parkers threw a big party for all of the kids and it went well into the night.

Then after a week, Liz again left Roswell with the Mutant X team. She went back to Sanctuary although her and Brennan did go back for more visits to see their father and her friends through out the summer. She worked hard with Emma on her Psionic powers so that she didn’t loose control and pass out from using them. And by the end of the summer, she could use them as easily as her Elemental ones.

Thanks to a few calls to old friends, Adam got Liz another interview with Harvard and she wowed them. She was accepted into the next semester, which started that fall. Liz had the chance to live her dreams and study at one of the best schools. So it was then that she left Sanctuary. But before she left, Adam gave her a ring to commute with the others if she ever got into trouble or just wanted to chat.

Harvard agreed with Liz. She loved every minute of it and excelled in her studies. She kept in contact with her friends; her and Max were very close but kept things platonic throughout their college careers. After all they now had almost a whole country between them, it wasn’t the best way to start their relationship up again. Liz even seriously dated another mutant that was also attending Harvard. Justin was a molecular, and studying law. They met their sophomore year in one of their mandatory classes. They got to chatting then went for coffee. Liz had a feeling about him so she talked to Brennan, actually interrupting an intimate night with Shalimar, who looked him up in Adam’s database and there he was.

She waited until they would consider each other friends before she said anything to him. She was careful how she approached the whole talk, she knew that not all mutants were comfortable with what they were. But he surprised her by being totally okay and open with her about it. They spent the whole evening and night in Liz’s room talking. It was nice to have someone her own age to talk to. Not long after that they began to date. He even came to Roswell over summer break to visit. Max didn’t act too happy with it, it was hard to see her with someone she obviously cared about but put up with Justin to please Liz.

Then during their senior year, Justin received a letter stating that he had been accepted to law school at Oxford. Liz wasn’t happy about it in fact they argued about it a great deal but she knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. She even flew with him to England then Brennan picked her up in the helix and took her back to Sanctuary for part of the summer. He then went to Roswell, picked up Maria, and brought her back to be with Liz. The breakup was a amicable one and the two kept in touch and remained friends.

Her and Brennan’s relationship got stronger and stronger until you couldn’t tell that they hadn’t grown up together. They even bickered like siblings. As for Brennan’s relationship with Shalimar, it blossomed very quickly. It was like they were made for each other. They rarely fought except for times when they had to go on missions and one tried to protect the other. And after a year, they were sharing the same set of rooms at Sanctuary and were as good married. A point proven when Shalimar gave birth to a baby girl they named McKenzie. She like her aunt was a hybrid; she was both feral and elemental. Liz got to be there when she was delivered thanks to some fancy flying by Jesse.

Max and Liz did get back together. It ended up being five years after they made their pact to be just friends inside the medical lab at Sanctuary. They started slow the first month, going out to dinner or to a movie but things got heated after. By the end of the summer they couldn’t stand the thought of being separated while Liz continued her studies. So Max went to Massachusetts. He was bound determined that Liz follow her dreams, and it had nothing with the open threat Brennan had given him.

The July after Liz got her PhD, her and Max got married, not in an Elvis Chapel like Future Max told her but in a small chapel in Roswell. Sparks flew that night and for once, it wasn’t from Liz’s powers.

No one ever came for Max, Isabel and Michael. This was a good thing since they didn’t want to leave. They were settled into their lives and lived as humans. Or like Brennan always said humans with benefits. The two groups made up one large family, one that consisted of humans, mutants, and aliens.

The End

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