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The Protectors
Author: LittleBit
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or Dark Angel.
Rating: PG-NC17, Language, Sex, and Violence
Category: AU, Crossover, some UC some CC
Summary: Answer to Lullaby’s Challenge, check it out on the Discussion board. Liz never lived in Roswell and has never met the others. She is an X5.



It’s been ten years since my family and I took our first breath of freedom. Ten years since we escaped the prison known as Manticore. What is Manticore you ask? Manticore is a secret division of the army that’s specialty is creating a better soldier. But they don’t do it by normal means like more training or better weapons. No, Manticore does it by genetically engineering them. Their scientists took different types of DNA, animal and human, singling out the best of each and mixed them together until they got the desired effect. A soldier with enhanced speed, senses, agility, and even brain functions. The perfect human weapon, a killing machine.

How do I know all of this? I’m one of the fifth class of a type of these soldiers, an X5. Manticore assigned me the designation of X5-435 with the barcode to go along with it but I go by the name Liz. It’s the name I chose. You see the people of Manticore, especially the man in charge of us Colonel Lydecker, didn’t believe in names because that would make us individuals. And that was something they didn’t want. They didn’t want us to think of ourselves as nothing but soldiers, or more like mindless drones who only follow orders. But like most kids we didn’t always do like we were supposed to. We became our own people and bonded together and became a family. A family not forged from blood ties but of just growing up together. We all stuck by each other as one large family even if we broke up into smaller cliches. Jondy, Zack, and Max, Syl and Krit, were a few of them while Ben and I stuck together.

Practically from the time we were able to walk we started our training. Weapons, hand to hand combat, martial arts, communication skills, explosives, computers, anything that could help us complete a mission. We did maneuvers, hiking exercises, and classroom training. They used the classroom training to aid them in our brain washing. Brainwashing that didn’t work. We knew that there was more to live than what we were living. In our barracks at night we would talk about what was outside of the walls, what was over the fence. Ben would make up all kinds of stories about what was outside as well as living inside Manticore. About what lived in the basement, what happened when we were bad soldiers. I loved hearing Ben’s stories. Even after the others were asleep, I would crawl into his bed then he would tell me more. He would even help me make up my own. Zack always said we were the most imaginative of our family. But I’ll explain more about that and Ben later.

One thing you need to know about us is that Manticore might have tried to make the perfect soldier but we are far from perfect. When several of us, myself included, were created our brains lacked the ability to create serotonin causing us to have seizures. Not all of us showed signs right away, most of us actually didn’t show signs of them until after the escape, but the ones who did, like our brother Jack, were taken away to be dissected. After Jack was taken away our sister Max started having them. When the soldiers tried to take her away Zack decided to save us by escaping.

I think of that night often. I remember Zack attacking the guard who was trying to take Max away, Zack leading us down the corridor, watching my sister Eva get shot and killed, the freezing wind when it hit us, even the snow under my feet as I ran. I don’t think I could ever run as much or as far as I ran that night ever again. The sounds of dogs, snowmobiles, and guns can spur you on like you wouldn’t believe. As I ran I caught the last glimpse of my siblings before following Zack’s last order to scatter.

I ended up in Minnesota. You’d think after that cold snowy night when I almost froze to death would have kept me from places that had cold weather but it didn’t. I was out on my own for six months staying low so Manticore couldn’t find me before child services caught up with me. The pulse had already hit so the country was in chaos but it didn’t stop child protection from rounding up every stray they saw. They put me at one of those big foster institutions for a while until I was put in a private home, the Parker’s. The Parkers were different than most of the people who look to adopt, most people want babies not eleven-year-olds but they didn’t seem to mind. Jeff and Nancy taught me what real parents were like. They were wonderful. They didn’t know about my past and didn’t push when I wouldn’t talk about it. My hair had grown long by then so I kept my barcode hidden underneath. I almost thought I could have a normal life. I was with them for five years. Then one day we were out on a lake swimming when an accident happened. I had gotten thirsty so I got out of the water to grab something out of the cooler but Nancy and Jeff stayed in the water. That was when it happened. Some teenagers were horsing around with their speed boat and came too close to the shore. Jeff and Nancy couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and were hit. I moved as fast as I could but the damage had already been done. They died with in an hour of each other.

I pulled away from everything after that. I was quiet and only spoke when spoken to sometimes not even then. For a little over a year I got shipped around to different homes because since I was so quiet I was considered a ‘problem’ child. I finally decided to ditch the whole system when the guy at my last home got a little too friendly one night. After I punched him in his groin then knocked him out, I took off. Out on my own I headed south, didn’t matter where just away.

I settled somewhat when I hit New York and not long after I caught the first glimpse of one of my siblings in eight years. I was walking down the street just window shopping or to be more accurate casing some places to brake into when I spotted him. He was leaning against a building watching the people pass by. My eyes were just drawn to him and I couldn’t stop looking at him, finally figuring out why I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I recognized him, it was 493, Ben. His blonde hair wasn’t exactly short but not long either. His hazel eyes moved over everyone that passed him. He had grown tall, I estimated him to be six feet tall, and he was built. But I didn’t expect any less from a product of Manticore.

I was about to approach him when he began to walk away. I started to follow him and saw that he too was following someone. I was startled when I saw him attack and knock out the man he was following. He scooped him up and I followed him to a warehouse. I watched as he took his unconscious hostage and tattooed his own barcode on their neck. Then I watched as he started preparing a weapon for his hostage. That was when I figured out what was going on. He was reenacting one of their seek and destroy exercises. And I knew I had to stop him.

Ben was so engrossed in what he was doing he didn’t notice my approach. I came up behind him and with a strategically placed kick to his head, he fell to the floor unconscious. I moved quickly and unchained his prisoner. I quickly used the same chains to secure Ben before I took his captive out of the warehouse. I dumped him a few blocks away in an alley while he was still unconscious. He would never know what had happened.

It wasn’t long after I got back to the warehouse that Ben woke up. He looked at me with shock then recognition. He knew me just like I knew him. I could tell he was happy to see me even if I did have him currently chained to the wall. I could tell by the first time he said my name. He sounded like someone had just thrown him a life preserver.

I asked him why he wanted to kill the man he had captured. He told me that he told me he was doing what he had been created to do. To be a predator. I asked him why did he insist on recreating what had happened to us at Manticore. He started telling me that we should never have left, that things made sense in there unlike out here. I was so shock that I couldn’t talk for a moment. Even after all of the crappy things that had happened to me in my life, I had never once wanted to be back in Manticore. That was when I realized Ben was lost. When I finally found my voice I told him that killing people wasn’t the way to understand the world. That was when he told me he was doing it so that the Blue Lady would protect him. The Blue Lady was someone Ben made up in his stories, she was our protector. We had a little alter her back at Manticore where we would leave her offerings, our teeth. It was just something we believed in to make us feel better. But Ben had taken it to a whole new level.

As he was telling me everything I kept saying that she was real, that she was just something we made up. I don’t know how long we went on like that, with him in chains and me standing just out of his reach but it seemed like forever. Finally we both wore down and then the most amazing thing happened; I saw tears in Ben’s eyes. I had somehow broken threw to him. I finally unchained him and took him back to my room. Over the next few days all we did was talk, eat and lie in my bed. I got him to make sense out of the world.

After that we were always together never straying far from the other. We were each other’s rocks. It was like we had never been separated. We knew each other as well as we knew ourselves. My relationship with him had always been like second nature and it still was. We moved away from New York and headed west. We weren’t in any hurry but we did want to get away from New York in case the man Ben attacked went to police. The barcode on his neck would bring the attention of Lydecker so we split. We would stop in mostly major cities, they were easier to hide in. We’d get odd jobs or steal for money. To save on money and comfort one another we slept next to each other, sharing a bed. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when our relationship became more intimate. After all it wasn’t everyday when we could be with someone who truly knew us including out secret. We didn’t have to hold back from one another. True we’re not in love with each other but we do love one another. We may have grown up like brother and sister but we’re not blood.

After a year and a half of moving around our travels eventually lead us to Seattle where we met up with another of our siblings. We were just cruising around the warehouse district when we came upon a girl who was kicking some major ass. By the way she moved and fought we knew she was from Manticore. And since she didn’t have any back up we assumed she was an escapee like us. So we went and helped. You should have seen the look on her face. First a look of shock then one of happiness. That was when we figured out who she was, it was 452, Max. Her and I were born from the same surrogate. Or as most people would say we shared the same mother. Hell most of our DNA is a like, but just different enough to be noticeable.

Max took us back to her apartment where we caught up. She told us that the only other one she had encountered was Zack, which the last time had been only a few weeks before. She told us that Brin had been caught by a band of mercenaries intent to sell her to the highest bidder. Zack and Max ended up getting her out but had to turn her over to Manticore. She was dying and they were the only ones who could cure her. Then Zack left Seattle. After that Ben and I decided to stick around even with Manticore so close. We wanted to be close to Max.

Max got Ben a job with her at Jam Pony Messengers while I got one at a Jam Pony hangout called the ‘Crash’. Bartending wasn’t hard especially for someone with my memory. The late nights don’t bug me because I don’t need as much sleep as other people. And since the messengers hang out there a lot I would get to see lots of Ben and Max. Then one night as I was tending bar a tall hard looking blonde guy plopped down in front of me and ordered a beer. There was something about him that felt familiar but I didn’t get a chance to figure it out before he introduced himself. It was Zack.

I was so happy to see him but it quickly turned to anger because I found out he had known where I was for years but had never shown himself to me. I was laying into him when Ben and Max came in, Ben ended holding me back from doing damage to him. The four of us went to a back room of the Crash to talk. It was an interesting conversation. Zack told me that he thought it was better if he hadn’t approached me when I was living with the Parkers because it could cause questions for me that I didn’t want to answer. Then after I ditched my last foster home he lost track of me. He had been one step behind Ben and I when we had made our way to Seattle.

Zack tried to get us to split up and leave but we refused. We had settled in our lives and didn’t want to give it up. We argued and fought ending up with Zack leaving. But he wasn’t gone for long. He came back a few days later with a somewhat different attitude. He decided to stick around to make sure we stayed out of trouble. He figured as long was we laid low we could stay together and not get caught.

Of course we didn’t exactly lay low. Max had met this guy Logan Cale who she had made a deal with. He is the media cyber journalist ‘Eyes Only’, a do gooder here in Seattle. The deal was she would use her abilities that came with being an X5 to help him with his work while he helped her look for her family. Since Zack knew where everyone was already, although he wouldn’t say, we made a different deal. He paid us for our services after all there were four of us now. He paid us in cash and Tryptophen. Tryptophen is what we take to keep the seizures down to a minimum. So all in all it’s a sweet deal.

With Zack around all of the time I began to notice something, he was in love with Max. And it was so obvious I didn’t know how she couldn’t see it but she didn’t. So I took it upon myself to make sure she did. After all I wanted them both happy and I couldn’t help but think they would make each other just that. I knew Max cared about Logan but not as more than a friend and she hadn’t dated anyone else so I played matchmaker. It took awhile, those two can be so stubborn you want to beat the crap out of them but so am I. Finally low and behold Max finally saw what was in front of her and her and Zack got together. When Max’s roommate Kendra moved out, Zack moved in. He’s been there ever since.

So that’s my story. We live our lives trying to hide from the people who created us because we want a better life than the one they decided we should have. We work, we play, we help Logan out when he needs us. We’re just trying to get by.


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Here's the next part, it's kind of boring but it's sets up everything for later.

Part 1


Liz made her way into the apartment as quietly as she could after her trip to the Space Needle. Max had taken her there not long after they had arrived in Seattle telling her it was a great place to think. She headed for the bed room pealing her clothes off as she went. Standing in nothing but her underwear she pulled on a tank top to sleep in and made her way over to the bed. She crawled in and took a moment to look out the large window. It wasn’t as good a view as the one from the top of the needle but it was nice. She loved having the bed right next to it especially when it rained, which it did often. She turned her attention to the body that lay next to her in bed. He was sleeping so she could look at him without him realizing it. He was perfect, just like he was made to be. She ran her fingers through his thick hair before kissing his head softly. She slid her hand down the firmly muscled back that had become so familiar to her. They had taken care of each other always, true they had been apart for a few years but in the time they were together they looked out for each other.

As her hands moved she watched his long eyelashes flicker. His hazel eyes glowed green as they met hers and he smiled in that childlike way he could. “That tickles.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Liz apologized.

“It’s okay. I was barely asleep anyway.” He said making sure she knew it was no big deal. “How was your trip to the high place?”

“Same as always. Quiet, peaceful.”

“Good. I was trying to wait up but you see how that worked.”

“I expected you to be asleep, we don’t all have shark DNA in us.” She said joking.

He stated as he ran a finger up her arm. “Are you going to sleep tonight?”

“I was just thinking about it. Why?”

“Just thinking that if you weren’t tired, I could see what I could do about it?” He whispered as he kissed up her arm pulling the thin strap of the tanktop she was sleeping in down to expose more skin. She couldn’t help but laugh when he hit a particularly sensitive patch at the base of her throat. “What do you think?”

“I think you should give it your best try, Ben.” Liz smiled as he lowered her to bed and began to do his best and if her moans were anything to go by, he succeeded.


The next evening Liz was busy pouring drinks when she saw some of the messengers from Jam Pony come in and knew it was just after seven. A clock could be set by when they started arriving. Jam Pony shut down at seven and by seven ten the first of its employees started rolling in. Five minutes later, Max, Zack and Ben came strolling in and sat at their normal table with OC and Sketchy some other friends. Liz grabbed a pitcher of beer and headed over. She set it down and leaned between Ben’s legs. “So how was work today?”

“Same as always,” Ben said smiling to her in greeting. “Except now we are going to have a nice long vacation.”

“What? Why?” Liz asked surprised. The others boss, Normal, was not known for giving his employees time off unless he was forced to.

“Why don’t you ask the cause of it?” Ben said looking pointedly at Max and Zack who were trying to avoid everyone else’s eyes..

“Okay what am I missing?” Liz asked.

“One of pipes kind of got busted in the women’s restroom and flooded the whole place. When Normal called a plumber to fix it, he found out that all of the pipes were so old that they didn’t meet health regulations so they all have to be replaced. Which means the whole building had to be shut down until everything was back up to regulation.” Zack explained.

“That means you’ve got a couple of weeks off so what does that have to do with you two?” Liz asked.

“Well….” Zack started to say but Ben cut him off. “Who do you think broke the pipe?”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to. My foot just slipped when Zack pushed me back onto the sink.” Max stated.

Understanding dawned in Liz’s mind. “I think I’ve got this figured out now. The two of you were screwing around, ‘screwing’ being the operative work, in the bathroom while you were working. Zack pined Max to the sink and you two somehow broke the pipe?” Liz said not being able to contain her laughter causing Max to throw a waded up napkin at her. “I better get back to work unless Max and Zack want to take a crack at our bathroom?”

The comment earned her another flying napkin as she headed back to the bar. The evening went quickly. Liz was just about to get off and she was currently talking to Max who had brought over an empty pitcher when her pager went off. “It’s Logan.”

“Here.” Liz said handing her the phone from behind the bar. A few minutes later she hung up and Liz asked, “What Logan want?”

“He wants us over at his apartment, all four of us. It seems whatever he needs us for is big.” Max explained.

“Alright, give me a minute and we can go.” Liz finished up for the night and the four set off. They drove over to Foggle Towers and headed up to the Penthouse. Once inside they found Logan sitting at his computer like always.

“Hey guys, thanks for coming.” Logan said.

“Nothing else to do. What’s the mission?” Zack asked getting down to business.

“Earlier ‘Eyes Only’ was contacted by a man by the name of Philip Evans. A lawyer down in New Mexico who wanted protection that he felt ‘Eyes Only’ could offer. The protection was for his two children plus a few of their friends. It seems they have become the subjects of an FBI investigation.”

“What kind of an investigation?” Ben asked.

“The very secret kind. According to Philip, a few of the kids have some kind of anomalies in their blood that the FBI wants to study. But these aren’t normal FBI, from what they emailed me, you have to dig deep in FBI files to find any kind of proof that the unit even exists and I mean deep. And it’s still what you find is only rumors about the unit.” Logan explained.

“What type of anomalies? Are they from Manticore?” Liz asked. She knew Zack would probably know the answer but she couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ve seen no evidence that they are from Manticore. They are the same age as Liz but they were adopted four years before your escape.” Logan answered. “Only four of the group have the anomalies, the other three they feel are at risk because of their association with the other four. Three girls, and four guys all twenty years of age.”

“We can’t keep them under protection for the rest of their lives.” Max stated.

“It’s just for a few weeks.” Logan explained. “Then things should cool down and they should be able to get over the border. But we have to keep them safe until then.”

“How does this fit into a story for you?” Ben asked.

“After they’re gone, they agreed to give me all the information on this secret unit. Then I’ll go through it all and do a broadcast from what I find.”

“What’s the setup?” Zack asked.

“I’ve got two safe house ready for you to use. I thought it might be best if you two split up into two teams.” Logan explained.

“Sounds good. Max and I can take one, Ben and Liz the other. Liz, you’ll have to take some time off.” Zack said.

“That’s cool. It’s a good thing you three already have some time off.” Liz stated. “The little accident at Jam Pony came at a convenient time wouldn’t you say Max?”

“Am I missing something?” Logan asked.

“No!” Max and Zack said at the same time. Zack wasn’t a big one for being real public about their relationship. It was bad enough all of their friends at work knew what had happened.

“An old pipe in one of the bathrooms broke today. It caused a domino effect so now Normal has to repair all of them.” Ben explained.

“Okay.” Logan said dropping the subject. “They should be here tomorrow evening. We’re meeting them at a warehouse on south Madison.”

“We’ll go ahead of time to check it over.” Zack said already lying out the plans. “We ride together so one of each team can drive with them to the houses. We start protection the moment they come into the warehouse. We’ll need to get some gear from our apartments.” He looked at Ben and Liz. “Bring clothes, weapons, everything you’ll need.”

Liz and Ben nodded listening to their Commanding Officer. They set about setting up the plans for their new job all the while Liz couldn’t help but wonder about what type of differences their new charges had.

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New part either today or tomorrow
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A few hours before, Roswell New Mexico.

Max Evans watched the driveway waiting for his father to return. He heard footfalls behind him and turned to see his best friend, Michael Guerin had walked up. “Anything?”

“Nope, he’s not back yet.” Max answered knowing what he was asking.

“I wish he would have let one of us go with him.” Michael said for the hundredth time.

“He didn’t want us anywhere near him when he made the call in case they somehow traced where his cell phone was.” Max answered. He could see Michael was on edge as much as he was although neither man would show it. But the week’s events had taken their toll.

One week ago, they had been forced to leave their homes or be captured by the FBI. Max’s adoptive father had hidden them away in a cabin that was owned by a client. The client was currently traveling in Europe and had no idea his cabin was being used let alone housing seven people who were hiding from the government. They owed so much to their parents that Max didn’t think they could ever repay them. But if you asked the parents they would just say that they were doing what any parent would do for their children, protecting them. They had been protecting them for eleven years ever since they found out their children were aliens.

Fourteen years ago Philip and Diane Evans had been driving down a deserted highway in the desert when they came upon two naked six-year-old children, a boy and girl. They didn’t know that another little boy was hiding not too far away, scared off by the bright lights from their car. The Evans quickly wrapped the two children in blankets and gathered them into the car. They adopted them naming them Max and Isabel. It wasn’t until two years later that the two saw the little boy again, by that time going by the name Michael. He had been put in foster care but his foster father was an alcoholic who never paid attention to him. The three remembered each other and became instant friends. They were bonded by a secret that they were different. No one, not even their parents knew at the time.

They had other friends as well but they too did not know the three’s secrets. Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman, and Kyle Valenti were those friends. Their parents were also friends with the Evans. They hung out from time to time and were in the same class at school, Michael and Isabel even had mild crushes on Maria and Alex. The Evans had the other families over often, which led to the event of the three’s secret coming out.

The Evans were having a barbecue to celebrate the engagement of their two friends Amy Deluca and Jim Valenti, the town Sheriff. The food was almost finished when little Maria went over to help carry the meat in. She was standing too close when a flame shot up and severely burned her. Max acted instinctively as he grabbed her crying form away from his father. He laid her on the ground, formed a connection with her and healed her burns. It wasn’t until he finished that he even realized what he had done. He had just used his powers in front of six adults and three kids.

Max pulled away from Maria, waiting for her to start screaming in fear. A scream that never came. Instead the onlookers just looked at him as well as Michael and Isabel who had come up behind him. Then he was engulfed in a hug by Amy Deluca who was enthusiastically thanked him for healing her daughter. That was when the questions started. The three were surprised that the group didn’t seen to be scared of them, startled and surprised but not scared, and tried to answer all the questions they could. But they didn’t know much themselves. All they knew was that they hatched from incubation pods not long before they were found by the road. They did suspect that they had been in the ’47 crash and been in the pods ever since.

After that afternoon the kids became much closer, after all they now knew the others secret so all barriers were gone. The parents took a vow to protect the kids from anyone who would want to hurt them. The Sheriff used all of his resources to track and find out any possible information on the Crash and anyone who might still be actively investigating it. He didn’t find anyone investigating but he did find information on another possible survivor from the crash. There were a number of unexplained deaths through out the decades that had one similarity, a silver handprint.

When the pulse hit not long after the others found out they looked on it as being helpful to hiding some of the evidence about the Crash. After all it wiped out a majority of the computers so figured that some of records were lost as well. It wasn’t until eight years later that they found they hadn’t gotten off that easy.

Half way through their senior year a new girl suddenly appeared at their school who had an abnormal interest in Max, Tess Harding. At first he didn’t think anything of it, just that she was new and lonely. But it wasn’t long before they figured out it was something more, when he started having flashes and dreams about her. Kyle said it was just because she was a good looking blonde with a nice body but Max knew that wasn’t it. He didn’t really like blondes, yes Maria and Isabel were blondes but Isabel was his sister and Maria was his best friend, they didn’t count. No, he knew it had something to do with his origins. Then when Isabel and Michael started having dreams about each other, Max finally confronted Tess. She told him that she had been with them in the pods but they had left her behind. She also told them about their destiny, that they had lived a past life where he was king, Tess was his wife, Isabel was a princess, and Michael was his second in command. They had been killed during a civil war on their planet and sent to Earth for safekeeping. So they told him that Max was supposed to be with Tess and Michael was supposed to be with Isabel. Max couldn’t believe even after he met her guardian, their protector, Nasedo. How could he be ‘destined’ to be with someone when he felt nothing for her?

After they found out about their origins, Nasedo helped them to improve their powers all the while trying to push them into their assigned couples but the three of them would have none of it. Michael and Isabel felt too much like brother and sister and already had relationships with Maria and Alex by that time and Max just couldn’t make himself be with Tess. They did become friends, sort of. He wasn’t near as close to her as the others but they did hang out and talk.

Six months before the group fled Roswell Isabel started getting visions of a girl in trouble while she was dreamwalking. They were unlike anything she had gotten before. The visions terrified Isabel so much that she knew they were real. They went to the Sheriff who looked into it. He quickly found a lead but it ended in dead end. Isabel got several more visions, her last one leading them to the woods nearby. Once there, Isabel, Max, and the Sheriff were able to find the distressed girl, buried in the ground in a box. As they began to dig her out, shots started whizzing by their heads. Thinking only of the others Max used his energy shield to protect them as they dug the girl out. They had just gotten her out when others from the Sheriff department appeared. They didn’t see Max use his powers though. After a shoot out, they were able to capture the shooter but he was severally wounded. Max’s energy shield had reflected several of his bullets back at him.

They found out that the girl’s name was Laurie Dupree and had been kidnapped for ransom from her home in Tucson, Arizona. Because it was a kidnapping across state lines, the FBI were called in on the investigation. The group waited with baited breath to see what would happen. Isabel and Max were questioned but only said that they had witnessed the kidnapper with Laurie and that was how they found her. They could see they didn’t buy it. The shooter/kidnapper died two days later but not before reporting to some FBI that had appeared what he had seen Max do out in the woods.

When nothing happened to them right after the whole episode the group thought they were in the clear. It wasn’t until a month later that they suspected something was up. It started when they noticed they were being followed, the four younger aliens as well as their human friends. Then it got stranger when they noticed that one of the office workers at the college they were going to was paying an unusual amount of attention to them. Alex and Isabel snuck into her office and were able to hack into her computer that was when they found out she was FBI.

Two days after they made the discovery Alex was almost abducted. He would have if Nasedo had not been nearby and took out the agent who had pursued him. Although Max didn’t like the fact that Nasedo had killed someone, he did see the silver lining in the situation. Nasedo assumed the identity of the fallen agent and infiltrated the unit who was spying on them. He discovered that the FBI knew quite a bit about the four, thanks to the surveillance they had been doing. They knew almost the full extent of their powers. In the few months he was there he was able to discover a lot as well as destroy quite a bit of information as well. It was while he was destroying some of the files that he was discovered. He was able to flee but not before sustaining fatal injuries.

Max still remembered the night Nasedo had come to him. He was glad he hadn’t been living at home at the time, he didn’t want his parents to have seen it. He was in his room almost asleep when there was a knock at the window. He opened it and Nasedo fell through to the floor. Max could see how bad off he was. He tried to question him but all Nasedo could say is, “They know and they’re coming.” Before Max could try to heal him, he crumbled to dust. It was then Max realized they were on their own and they were in more danger than they had ever been before. He notified everyone telling them to get their stuff that they had to get out of Roswell in a hurry. Three hours later, they said goodbye to their parents and thanks to Tess’s ability to mindwarp the agents watching them they left in Max’s jeep and Tess’s Suburban. It wasn’t until they left that Max told them about the cabin. As they were packing his father had pulled him to the side and told him about it. Then he agreed to meet them there as soon as he could get away.

So they drove to the cabin stopping only to get gas and supplies in the small towns along the way. They had arrived the next day, hid the vehicles and holed up until they heard news. There was none until five days later, that morning. They had heard a vehicle approaching and took it for the worse. Michael and Max prepared to protect the others but saw in time that it was only Max’s dad. They welcomed him inside and he told them what had been happening in Roswell as well as his plan.

He told them that hours after the kids left the FBI had made their move on the houses only to find their targets gone. The parents had been questioned but told them they didn’t know where the kids had gone, Philip being the only one who had lied. He had finally managed to sneak away and get to them. He gave them a bag full of money from the different parents and said that the kids were going to skip out of the country. He knew it was too hot now for them to do it but he thought he knew of someone who might be able to help. But first he had to contact them, ‘Eyes Only’. They all knew about ‘Eyes Only’, they had seen the broadcasts from him and knew he tried to help the helpless. So Philip was going to contact him and see if he could help hide them until they could get across the border. Then he left to make the call and they were waiting for him.

Max and Michael sat on the porch watching the road almost not believing it when they saw the headlights. As soon as the car was parked they approached it. “Well?”

“It took some doing but I was able to reach him. He’s agreed to help, offered protection but we need to go. Now.” Philip answered.

“Where?” Michael and Max both asked.


Here’s a timeline just to keep everything straight.


1947-UFO carrying pods crashes
1980-Zack is born
1981-Ben & Max are born
1982-Liz is born; Maria, Alex, and Kyle are born
1987- Max, Isabel, and Michael brake out of their pods and are later end up in Roswell. Tess brakes out later.
1992-Twelve X5s escape the Manticore Facility in Gillette,
Max exposes his, Isabel’s and Michael’s secret to their family and friends
The pulse hits
1997-Liz’s adoptive parents, the Parkers, are killed.
1999-Liz goes out on her own.
2000-Liz meets up with Ben and they decide to stay together.
Tess & Nasedo comes to Roswell
2002-February: Liz & Ben meet up with another sibling, Max. They settle with her in Seattle.
March: Their oldest sibling, Zack also comes to Seattle eventually also settling.
May: Laurie Dupree is kidnapped and the FBI surveillance of the group is started.
September: Liz, Ben, Max, & Zack receive a job as bodyguards for a group from Roswell.

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Sorry if you guys are disappointed about this being a dreamer and not an X-tremer fic but Lullaby insisted, maybe ifyou all asked her nicely (Of course then I would have to come up with a whole new story)


The first part of the next day Max, Zack, Ben and Liz checked out the safe houses and dumped their gear. That evening they all then headed to the warehouse to make sure it was secured for the arrivals. Logan arrived shortly after. It wasn’t long before the Xs were able to pick up the sounds of three vehicles idling out front. The four scattered and took up their post to watch over the meeting area making sure their guests were who they were supposed to be. Logan stayed in the center of the warehouse but didn’t feel nervous knowing he was covered by the four. He stood there and watched as the two SUVs and one jeep parked and the occupants began to file out, an older man, four twenty-something year old men, and three twenty-something year old women. The older man approached Logan first. “Philip Evans I presume?”

“Yes, are you Logan Cale?”

“That’d be me. As you know ‘Eyes Only’ sent me to get the arrangements settled.” Logan stated.

“You’re our protection?” One of the younger men asked sounding not too enthusiastic.

“No, your protectors are here though. They started their jobs the moment you pulled in.” Logan explained.

“Sounds fishy to me.” The same younger man stated.

“Are you always this cheerful or are you just being polite?” Max asked as she appeared behind the new arrivals.

All eight of them spun around to face her, Maria the first one to find her voice. “How did you sneak up on us like that?”

Before Max could answer another voice could be heard from the side, “I don’t know Maxie, he kind of sounds like Zack to me.”

The group turned to face the source of the voice and saw a tall blonde had also appeared. Ben just met their gazes as Zack came up on the other side. “I take offense to that.”

The group was so busy checking out the other three that they didn’t even notice Liz come up behind Logan. She used it to her advantage and looked over the group. The three girls were all blondes, one a tall statuesque one; the other two were shorter. Each one had a different eye color, the tall one had brown, the middle green, and the shortest, which was about the same height as Liz had blue. Liz didn’t know why but the blue eyed blonde looked like she would be annoying. The tallest one looked somewhat distant and cold. But the middle one looked friendly. She had this mischievous air about her. Like she would be fun.

The guys ranged more in their appearances. The one that her sister had been taunting was tall with brownish blonde hair and brown eyes. He had a rough look to him that made him look like the typical bad boy. All in all, not bad looking. The two standing closest to him looked like exact opposites of each other. They both had dark hair and blue eyes but that was where the similarities stopped. One tall and lanky the other shorter with jock written all over him. But it was the fourth that caught Liz’s attention. He was absolutely gorgeous. He stood as tall as Ben or Zack with hair so dark it looked almost black. It was long enough to just fall over his forehead but above his eyes. And what eyes they were. Even from this distance Liz could see they were a soft amber color that could probably suck a person in if they stared too long. She saw his lips looked soft, too soft for a guy. Her gaze traveled south. He was built, that much was obvious by the muscles she could see thanks to his snug fitting T-shirt, maybe even more so than Ben. Thinking of that she snapped out of her stupor and said, “I have to agree with Ben on this one.”

All eyes were now back to Liz and Logan. “Okay, now I’m completely wigging out.” One of the guys said.

“Sorry about that, we had to make sure you were who you said you were.” Logan explained. “You never know who might say what for the chance to get a hold of ‘Eyes Only’.”

“We understand. Let me make the introductions.” Philip stated.

“I can do it Dad.” Max said speaking up. He knew he had to keep himself occupied so he’d quit staring at the beautiful brunette next to Logan. In actuality both of the girls would fuel many fantasies for the opposite sex but it was the shorter one Max found the most appealing. He just felt drawn to her, like some sort of connection he couldn’t explain. She was around the same height as Tess. Tess was blonde; curly haired, pale, blue eyed, and overly curvy. The brunette had long straight hair that hung down her back in long chocolate tresses, her skin had a dark olive tint to it, her body was curvy but in proportion to the rest of her body and didn’t look fake. But it was her eyes that intrigued them. The big brown orbs looked warm and inviting but seemed to have a hard quality to them as well. They looked like their owner had had a hard life. “This is Michael, Kyle, Alex, Maria, Tess, Isabel, and I’m Max.”

As Max introduced the seven the three X5s surrounding them moved to the front, Ben taking position next to Liz. When he was done, the Xs started their own introductions. “Zack.”

“Max, guess that’ll be confusing.”


“Liz.” The youngest X5 stated.

“Pretty simple names for our big bad protectors.” Tess commented.

“Then it’ll be easier for you to remember won’t it? After all I figure the hair dye has probably done some major damage.” Liz snapped back. She was going to say more but from the look she was getting from Zack she knew to keep her mouth shut.

“I’m going to set up the situation so you should leave.” Zack said directing his statement at Philip. “The less you know the safer it is for everyone.” Philip knew that Zack was right so he turned to his two children. The three said an emotional goodbye and Philip said his farewells to the others as well before he got in his SUV and drove out of the warehouse and headed home to Roswell.

“I can’t believe those two are part of our protection.” Michael said motioning to the two female Xs.

Liz and Max both placed their hands on their hips. “Are you always such a sexist?”

“I just don’t see how much the two of you can offer in the way of help.” Michael stated.

“Would you like to see?” Liz said moving closer to him.

“Sure,” Michael said smiling at the absurdity of what was going on. He was nearly twice her size. Then before he could do anything he found himself laid out on the floor. He looked up to see a smug looking Liz standing over him. “Any more questions?”

“No.” Michael answered. After he was up, Zack started talking again. “Here is the situation. We have two safe houses. You are going to break up into two groups its up to you to divvy up, each group will be taken to a safe house by two of us. Max and I take one, Ben and Liz the other. We are here for your protection so you will listen to us or you’re back on your own. You have five minutes to figure out your groups, one in each vehicle and get your stuff.”

Max saw Michael was about to argue so he spoke up, “Drop it Michael. He’s right. Now who wants to go with who?”

“I want to go with you, Max.” Tess stated causing several of the others to roll their eyes.

“Isabel and I are sticking together.” Alex spoke up for the first time.

“I want Maria with me.” Michael stated. He wanted to make sure she was safe and he would only feel like it if she was with him. He was the reason she was in all of this mess.

“Fine, looks like Isabel, Alex, Michael and Maria are together in one group, then Kyle, Tess and me in the other one.” Max stated.

“Nope, I’m sticking with you Max. I’m your second and with Nasedo dead, it’s my job now to protect you.” Michael argued with him.

“I want you to stay with Isabel. If something happens to me, I know she’ll be okay with you. That you’ll protect her.” Max stated. He saw Michael accept what he said so he went on. “Let’s get the stuff sorted. I’ll take the jeep, Michael you take Tess’s car.”

Liz watched as the group started gathering their stuff. She had heard their whole conversation and found it very interesting. It seemed Max was the leader of the group. But the interesting part was how the others just seemed to listen to him; similar to how the Xs listened to Zack. She was curious when Michael had called himself Max’s second. Most people wouldn’t say that in an ordinary group. When they finished Max spoke to Zack, telling him who was in which group. “Maxie and I will take the four while Ben and Liz take the three. Let’s move out.”

Max felt himself feeling happy that Liz would be assigned to his group. Maybe he’d get a chance to talk to her, find out what she was like. Liz and Ben moved over to where he, Tess, and Kyle were standing. Max couldn’t help but notice that Tess was glaring at Liz. Did she notice his reaction to her earlier? That might cause some problems. But he was pretty sure that Tess didn’t have a clue though. He also noticed the way Ben and Liz were together. They were very aware of each other. Were they close friends or more?

Liz turned to Ben, “You drive the jeep, I’ll lead.”

Ben just nodded as Liz left before looking at Max. “Keys?”

Max handed Ben the keys and he climbed in the passenger seat as Kyle and Tess climbed in back. As Ben started the jeep Max couldn’t help but ask, “Where’d Liz go?”

“To get her baby.” Ben simply answered.

“Her what?” Kyle asked. But before Ben could answer the three were surprised to see Liz pull up in front of the jeep on a black motorcycle. Max was shocked to see it but couldn’t help to think she looked good on it. They watched as she gave Ben some kind of hand signal and take off. Ben started the jeep and followed her out of the warehouse.

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Just wanted to leave a note that says that the X5s and Logan do not know that some of the gang is aliens. Only that the FBI are looking for them because they have an anomaly in their DNA


The drive lasted about twenty minutes before they pulled up and a small house. Max had kept his eyes on Liz the whole drive. He could tell that she handled the bike easily. She guided it like it was a part of her. As he watched her he couldn’t help but wonder about her.

Liz parked her bike before sliding off and making her way to the jeep. She grabbed a few of the bags and started hauling them into the house. Once inside she set them down and looked at Kyle’s surprised face, “What?”

“Just surprised you could lift those, those bags are heavy.”

“I work out. After all what would be the point of being your protector if I was some weakling?” Liz answered.

Ben, Max and Tess came in behind them and after securing the door Ben said, “There is a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, a finished basement and three bedrooms. Liz and I have one of the bedrooms while you three can figure out how to split up in the other two. Any questions?”

The three shook their heads. Max felt the deep disappointment over Ben’s announcement. It made it pretty clear that the two were together. After all if they weren’t then Max figured Liz would bunk with Tess. He listened as Ben kept talking, “As Zack said before, you are under our protection. We tell you to run, you do it. If you hear something outside you don’t go checking on it on your own, you come get Liz or I.”

“Do any of you have weapons training?” Liz asked.

“Weapons training?” Tess asked.

“Do any of you know how to fire a gun?” Liz asked annoyed.

“I do.” Kyle answered.

Liz smiled liking him already. Where her sister Max didn’t like guns, Liz always made sure she had one on her, after all you had to be prepared. “What can you handle?”

“I can shoot a 9mm, and a 44 handguns. I can also handle a 12 gauge shot gun and some other rifles.” Kyle answered.

“We’ll go tomorrow and see how good a shot you are.” Liz stated before looking at Max. “How about you? Feel like learning?”

“Liz…” Ben warned wondering what she was coming up with.

“Ben I’m just thinking that if they get into a situation where for some reason they’re on their own it might help if they know what to do with a gun maybe a couple of other things.” Liz explained.

“Sure, I’d be willing to learn.” Max answered.

“Tess, how about you?” Liz asked.

“No, thanks. I’m not a gun type of girl.” Tess answered. She didn’t like this girl. She had seen the way Max had been looking at her. He looked at Liz in a way that he had never looked at her. She didn’t know why. Liz had boring straight brown eyes and hardly any body. Where as Tess was curvy and blonde. “I’m more gentle than that.”

“So you’d rather someone take care of you than take care of yourself. How 1950s of you.” Liz commented. “But if you think you can’t handle it then I’m not going to force you.”

“I can handle anything you can.” Tess challenged.

“I sincerely doubt that.” Liz stated. “But if you want to try, we’ll help.”

“But not until tomorrow.” Ben said. “Why don’t you three unpack and get settled?”

The three of them grabbed their stuff and divided themselves up Max and Kyle in one room and Tess by herself in the other. As they left Liz moved over to Ben. “So what do you think?”

“If I can keep you from killing Tess, I think it’ll be okay.” Ben answered.

“Hey, she’s been asking for it. Ever since that comment at the warehouse.” Liz stated causing Ben to smile. “But I guess I can behave for the time we’re doing this job.”

“Good, because I don’t think we’d get paid if we killed one of them.” Ben said as they went about settling in.


Later that night Max made his way out of his room and saw Liz sitting by the window. The moon shined though the window reflected off of her hair and caused it to appear to shimmer. She wore only a tank top and a pair of shorts obviously dressed for bed. But he could see the faint glean of the moon off of a gun and knew that although she looked relaxed she was on full alert. But it didn’t matter, she looked so beautiful. “You know most people let themselves be known instead of being rude and staring.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Max apologized as he made his way over to where she was sitting.

“It’s alright some times my inner bitch just comes out.” Liz stated. “Can’t sleep?”

“I did for a little bit but woke up. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep because of Kyle’s snoring.” Max answered. “How about you?”

“Ben doesn’t snore.”

“No, I meant why are you up?” Max asked. He couldn’t help but think that if he had Liz in his bed, he wouldn’t be sleeping. He couldn’t figure out where that comment had came from, he didn’t usually think like that.

“Oh, I just don’t sleep a lot.” She didn’t tell him that she had woken up because of nightmares. She didn’t like to dwell on her past so it built up inside her until it came into her dreams. She woke sometimes by just jolting awake, other times she was screaming or in a cold sweat. She hated those dreams the most. “So I decided to make use of the time and stand watch. I doubt they’ve followed you or figured out where you are.” Liz explained. “Why don’t you just go in and sleep with Tess?”

“No, Tess and I aren’t like that. I guess we were before…” ‘Like in another life.’ Max thought. “But we’re just friends now. How about you and Ben? How long have you two been together?”

“We’ve known each other since birth but I guess we’ve been together about two years. Not sure exactly.” Liz answered. She noticed Max smiling slightly. “What?”

“Just thinking how different you are than Isabel or Maria. They both know to the day how long they’ve been dating Alex and Michael, I thought all girls did.” Max explained.

“Well I’m not like normal girls.” Liz said simply. That was the understatement of the year. If she was an ordinary girl she would probably not being sitting here with Max protecting his and his friends asses. Although Max did have a nice ass from what she could see in his sweatpants. Of course she had been paying more attention to the muscles that were left bare by his wife beater. She had to snap herself out of it, she was with Ben. She was happy with Ben, he understood her but why did she feel so attracted to Max?

“That is true, I don’t know of many girls who work as professional bodyguards.” Max joked.

“Well it’s not my full time job. I tend bar too but that’s only to pay my part of the rent. These jobs just give some extra cash. And this is the first time it is for body guarding.” Liz explained. It was true; most jobs Logan gave her were to recover something, usually by breaking and entering.

“Back in Roswell I worked part time at the UFO Center while I went to college. I shared a house with Michael and Maria. It belonged to Maria’s mother. She got married and both houses were paid off and they were going to sell it but we moved in instead and paid them rent. It worked out well.”

“Ben and I only have a small one bedroom apartment, with Max and Zack not too far away. It isn’t much but it’s home.” Liz said. She wished that whatever had came over her would go away, she usually wasn’t so open with her life. But it was nice to talk to someone new and she was going to be spending some time with him so she might as well make the best of it. In a few weeks at the most they would be out of each other’s lives and that would be that.

“Sounds cozy.” Max stated.

“I’ve lived lots of places but out of all of them only one other place my whole life that I felt like it was a home.” Liz explained thinking about her dead adoptive parents.

“I think I know what you mean. Isabel and I were adopted when we were six and it’s the only home I know, it was strange to leave them behind.”

Liz was about to ask about the reasons behind them leaving but saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned towards the movement. “It is a night for people to lurk in the shadows.”

She saw a smirk on his face. “I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep alone. So I thought I’d come out and see what you were doing.”

Ben moved to sit behind Liz. Max saw how cozy the two were and felt somewhat uncomfortable. “I think I’ll try to see if I can go and get some sleep.”

Liz and Ben nodded as he got up and headed towards his and Kyle’s room. “Goodnight Max.”

“Night.” Max said. Right before he went inside his room he glanced back and saw that Liz and Ben were snuggling. He could see Liz’s mouth moving and knew they were talking but couldn’t hear anything. They must have good hearing if they were talking that low. He stared at Liz a few seconds before he turned away. Why did the first girl that he was really interested in have to be taken?

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Yeah, yeah, I'll post.
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The next day Liz and Ben drove Max, Tess, and Kyle to the woods outside of the city with some of their weapons. This time Liz rode in the jeep while Ben drove one of the bikes. When they hit their spot they pulled off the road into a clearing. Liz climbed out of the driver seat glad to be out of the car. She had chatted with Kyle and Max some on the drive but could feel Tess glaring at her the whole time. She didn’t like it She grabbed her bag with some of her guns and pulled out a can of bright yellow spray paint.

“What’s that for?” Max asked.

“Targets.” She answered simply. She walked over to some of the farthest trees and starting painting. When she was done, she handed a gun to Kyle. “Show me what you got.”

Kyle set up the shot and fired off a few rounds. He hit it not dead center but within the first ring. “Not bad.”

“My dad taught me, he’s Sheriff back in Roswell.” Kyle answered.

“Whose next?” Ben asked.

“I’ll go.” Max said.

“Just take the gun, close one eye, aim and squeeze the trigger, don’t pull it.” Ben coached. He had thought over Liz’s idea and figured it was a pretty good one. He wasn’t surprised, she always came up with good ideas and plans. She always had to have a plan.

Max took the gun from Kyle and tried to imitate what he had seen. He squeezed the trigger but the shot missed its target by a mile. He was about to get frustrated when he felt Liz come up behind him, her body very close to him. He was so focused on that fact that he almost didn’t hear her words to him. “Loosen your grip, relax. Your arm will buck more if you’re too tight.”

Liz felt his body relax against her. She tried to ignore the tingling she felt as she finished instructing him. “Focus on the target, just a small area of it not the whole part. Now shoot.”

Max did as she told him and squeezed the trigger. It hit the target an inch from where Kyle had hit. “See easy peasy.” Liz encouraged.

“Well if you think you’re such hot stuff let’s see how well you shoot.” Tess spit out vehemently.

“Alright.” Liz said. In one move she twirled around, pulled her gun from the back waistband of her jeans and squeezed off six rounds. They all hit dead center in the middle of the target obliterating the middle of the tree. Kyle and Max only stared in fascination and with admiration, mouths open.

“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” Kyle asked.

“Around. If you think that’s good you should see Ben shoot. He’s a lot better. He can hit a target dead on in high wind.” Liz commented smiling at Ben. But she noticed that Max’s attention was focused on her and she shifted around uncomfortably.

Tess watched the whole scene and felt the jealousy course through her blood. What made it worse was Max was reacting to Liz, again. Well she would just have to show Max that she could do anything Liz could. She picked up one of the other guns and was about to do like the guys had done when the gun went off in her hand. She stood there in shock and watched where the bullet flew. It was going in Max’s direction.

Liz heard the gun go off and saw that the trajectory was towards Max. She moved with transgenic speed, grabbed his arm, and pulled him back. But not before the bullet hit him in the arm. Max looked on in shock as his arm started to bleed. He had so far successfully evaded other situations like this and now he had ended up being shot by one of his own people.

Ben moved over and snatched the gun from Tess’s hand. “That was incredibly stupid you know.”

“I didn’t mean for that to happen, I’m sorry.” Tess said stuttering. Her face was even paler than normal and her lips were trembling. She could believe what she had done, she could have killed Max.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Tess. You could have killed somebody.” Ben chastised.

“I think we need protection from her.” Liz muttered. “I swear Tess if you don’t get away from us right now I kick your ass so hard that your nose will bleed.”

She turned away from Tess and to Ben, “Ben why don’t you show Tess how to ‘properly’ fire a gun then pack up. And I’ll see how badly Max is injured.” She turned Max gently to examine the wound. “The bullet only grazed you, I can get you patched up.”

Liz gently guided Max over to a fallen tree trunk so he could sit down. She then quickly grabbed the medical kit she always kept in her pack. She quickly pulled out what she would need and took a small pair of scissors and cut the sleeve up to the seam so she could get a better look. Max looked at her surprised. “The sleeve was already ruined. And it would hurt more if I tried to roll it up over the wound.”

Max nodded as he watched her. She took a couple of gauze pads and put it over the wound, “You’re lucky the bullet only grazed you. If she had been even an inch farther in and it would have penetrated then you would have had a lot of muscle damage and loss quite a bit of blood.”

“Know a lot about gun shot wounds?” Max asked as she started cleaning him up. He noticed that the sight of blood or handling it didn’t seem to bother her at all, he wondered if she would be the same way if she knew it wasn’t human blood. Would she freak out?

“Some. The place I grew up in wasn’t the nicest of places.” Liz said in a tone that Max understood not to ask more questions about. So he just continued to watch her work. Her hands were very gentle and soft and they moved over his skin. He tried to ignore the little twinges of electricity he felt from her fingertips and looked to see if he was the only one feeling them. Liz’s face was in a mask of concentration so he couldn’t tell anything. It wasn’t long before she was done and Max felt himself feeling almost disappointed. “You do good work. Where’d you learn to do that?”

“I picked up here or there.” Liz commented. His unique scent had filled her nostrils and she had breathed in deep, he smelled so good. She two tried to ignore the sparks she felt on her fingertips and how warm his body had felt as she had leaned in a few minutes ago to bandage him. Liz couldn’t help but wonder what his body would feel like doing other things. Liz snapped out of her daze when she heard her name.

“Liz?” Max asked looking at her wide eyed.


“I said thanks.”

“Oh, don’t mention it.” Liz said slightly flustered.

“And if I didn’t say it before, thanks for pulling me back.” Max said smiling wide at her.

“Your welcome.” Liz said before Ben and Kyle came over with Tess trailing tentatively behind them a few steps. “We ready to head back?”

“Yeah, Kyle and I got everything together after I finished showing Tess. I thought maybe we could pick up some Chinese on the way back?” Ben stated knowing how much Liz loved Chinese.

“Throw in some brownies and I’ll be eternally grateful.” Liz said.

“Deal.” Ben said. The five got on the vehicles and headed back into town.


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Here are two new parts for you, I know you're all probably surprised to be getting two new parts but inspiration bite me in the ass last night and I was finally able to move on from a place in this that I was stuck at. Anyway here you go.


Later that night Max found that again he was having trouble sleeping but this time it wasn’t Kyle’s snoring that was keeping him up, more likely the days events. After all Tess had shot him, granted not on purpose but it still shook him. He had to be careful how he slept, not wanting to jar his injured arm. With Liz and Ben knowing about it and Liz checking it constantly he couldn’t use his powers to heal it, only for a little pain relief. But he didn’t mind since it gave him some attention from Liz. He knew he was pathetic but he couldn’t help it. During the evening the two had talked a great deal while Kyle and Ben had watched a movie and Tess half hiding, half sulking in her room. Those few hours together had made him fall even harder for her.

Giving up on sleep for the moment Max got out of bed and padded out of the room. He remembered Liz saying she didn’t sleep much and wondered if she would be sitting out in the living room again. If she was then it would give him the opportunity to talk to her more. He knew she was with Ben but he couldn’t help how he was feeling. Although he had only known her for two days he felt like it was more. The evening the four of them, Tess had hid in her room once they arrived back, sat around talking, watching movies, and relaxing. Max had a great time watching Liz as she laughed and joked with them. She had a beautiful smile.

As he entered the living room, Max could see that Liz was not there. He was disappointed. He figured she was in bed and turned to return to his own room when he saw light faintly under the basement door. Curious Max headed over and opened it. When he did he could hear music coming from the bottom of the stairs. He didn’t know the actual song but he did recognize it as what Maria would call ‘hyper’ music. The kind you worked out or danced to. He thought it might be Liz or even Ben so he made his way down. He was surprised by what he saw at the bottom.

Liz and Ben were both in the basement and from what it looked like to Max they were trying to beat the crap out of each other. He watched as they each threw several punches at each other all the while the other blocked them effortlessly. He could see why they would make good bodyguards. They were well trained and seemed to move like they were made for it. Max would not want to be on the opposite side of them in a fight.

They were still unaware of him so Max continued to watch enthralled. They moved with fluid grace as they fought. There were times when Max thought he saw their limbs blur from speed as they kicked and punched. He never would have guessed Liz had as much strength in her as she appeared to. Sure he knew she was strong for her size but it seemed she was even stronger than that.

Ben got the upper hand when he reached out with his right leg and swept Liz’s feet out from under her. She grabbed a hold of Ben and he tumbled down with her. They landed with Ben on top of her and smiled at each other. Max felt jealousy toward Ben as he watched him lower his head just enough to plant a kiss on Liz’s lips. The two continued to kiss and Max felt like they would probably do a lot more so he decided he better leave. He made his way upstairs and back to his room hoping the music would drown out any sounds he didn’t want to hear.


Liz continued to return Ben’s kiss but for the first time it felt strange to do so. She wondered if it had anything to do with the attraction for Max that she felt was growing stronger. She didn’t know why, she didn’t even know him and he didn’t know her. If he knew what she was she was sure he wouldn’t give her a second thought. They had come downstairs when neither felt like going to bed and decided to work out some. They made sure that they kept up with their training, after all Manticore could be around any corner. She pushed the thoughts away and concentrated on Ben. She felt his hands come under her top and caresses her stomach before moving higher up. She brought up her own hands and started to undo the buttons on his shirt but didn’t get very far because her hands began to shake. Ben noticed and grasped her hands in his. “Just relax while I get the pills.”

Liz stayed where she was as Ben got up and grabbed the bottle of Tryptophen from his jacket pocket. He always kept it with him, his seizures seemed to come more frequently than Liz’s and they thought it was better for him to carry it. He grabbed a nearby bottle of water and hurried over to Liz. He leaned her up and tried to hold her still as he gave her the pills and water. She was really shaking now so it was difficult but he managed. He held her until the tremors subsided then helped her to sit up. “Better?”

“Yeah,” Liz answered. “That one came up so suddenly it surprised me.”

“Lizzie, you’re okay now. But we better get you to bed.” Ben said. Despite her protests and assurances that she was fine he lifted her up and took her upstairs. He made his way to their room and laid her out on the bed before he began to undress her. Of course he had planned on undressing her for different reasons but now he just wanted her to go to sleep and get over the effects of the seizure. She fought off sleep for a little while but ended up loosing the battle.

Ben knew she had saved him that day in New York. Saved him from killing that man, and saved him from himself. He had felt so lost out in the harsh realities of the world. But Liz had given a line to pull himself back and he was grateful to her. Thanks to it, he was able to find his balance and come back to who he was. But Ben was no longer completely dependent on Liz for his sanity, which he was glad of because he had a feeling he would soon be without her at least in the way they were now.

Ben lay next to her and watched her as she slept. He knew she had been trying to hide it from him but he had noticed the way she looked at Max, and the way he looked at her. He couldn’t blame Max; Liz was very special and beautiful. She had a lot love to give despite her trying to hide them inside. He had seen it by the way she cared for him. Ben knew it was only a matter of time before she found someone she was attracted to, to fall in love with. They had been together for two years but it was a relationship of convenience, protectiveness, mutual understanding along with a lot of other things but not romance. Sure they did little things for each other but it wasn’t the same. And she deserved to be loved like that. He also knew that he would never loose Liz completely. There was too much between them for that to happen. He hoped Max was good enough to deserve her and if he weren’t, Ben would just have to hurt him. He kissed Liz’s head softly before rolling over and going to sleep.


In a sterile military looking building on the outskirts of Seattle a strict looking man with steel cold eyes sat in front of his computer go over reports when there was a knock at the door. “Enter.”

“A Daniel Pierce to see you sir.” The young technician who had came in stated.

“Pierce? Let him in.” He shut down the computer files he was working and the task was completed just as the dark haired man entered, “Daniel, it’s good to see you. It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has been Colonel Lydecker. A long time, more than a decade. Not sense I left the Army and entered the FBI academy.” Pierce stated.

“Sit down.” Lydecker offered. After the two sat Lydecker got down to business, “Is this official business?”

“You know me too well, Colonel. It is business, but of the unofficial kind.” Pierce explained. “Over the last year I’ve headed up a Special Unit of bureau, one that investigates any evidence that there could be alien’s living among us.”

“Really? Sounds like interesting job.” Lydecker stated although his tone said the exact opposite. Pierce could tell that Lydecker thought he was wasting his time with his work. But for him it was very rewarding although frustrating especially lately.

“Believe me, it’s not as ludicrous as sounds. Especially since I have located five specimens of extraterrestrial life.” Piece stated before relaying the whole story of the investigation, which led to the discovery of Maxwell & Isabel Evans, Tess Harding, and Michael Guerin as well as the shapeshifter. He told the history of how the unit had gotten started and the authentic leads that they had over the years. He also told him how he had entered the unit and ended up heading it. He was vague about the full extent of their powers, saving that information for his later pitch. He didn’t like admitting that the shapeshifter had infiltrated their unit and gained information that had led to the four escaping.

“As pleasant as this catching up has been I’m assuming your visit here is not only to inform me of your work. So what do you want from me?” Lydecker questioned.

“We never could get anything by you.” Piece joked then turned serious. “The four have left Roswell and we have been able to track them here to Seattle. Seattle is very big and I don’t have the manpower to do an all out search of the city for them. I’ve followed your career and I’m aware of the work that you do here at Manticore, of the soldiers that you’ve created. I know that you sometimes contract them out for jobs. And I would like to make a deal for their services. I have heard of their efficiency and am positive that they would be able to track them down as well as help contain them.”

“And the terms of this deal?” Lydecker asked half-curious.

“You give me command over several of your soldiers, X5s preferably, to track down the four that I’m looking for.” Pierce started but Lydecker interrupted him, “And payment for the deal?”

“I’ll hand over samples of their DNA. One from each of them.” Pierce answered. “From those samples you can determine what in their DNA allows them to have these powers of theirs. And with that knowledge, incorporate it into your next prototype.”

Only with studying him while under his command could Pierce tell that Lydecker was considering his terms. It was then he decided to give the last push. “Colonel these creatures’ powers are extraordinary. Maxwell Evans for example. Our information states that he has the ability to heal even mortal wounds with just his hand. Not to mention a type of shield he emits that has stopped bullets in midair. I have several of these bullets and you can tell that they’ve been fired but there are no marks on them to show that they had impact with anything. Michael Guerin has the ability to send out an energy blast that can either kill its victim or have the same power as a low impact explosive. Tess Harding and Isabel Evans have unbelievable abilities in regards to the mind. More than telepathy or telekinesis but the abilities to make others see something that is not there or to enter their subconscious. Imagine what your soldiers could do out in field with those abilities. And I have no doubt that your scientist could isolate what in their genetic codes give them those abilities.”

“If you are so determined to contain these four so that they cannot do harm to Earth why would you give me these samples? It would lead to a type of hybrid.” Lydecker questioned. The idea did appeal to him, immensely so but he wanted to make sure that Daniel did not break the deal later. Of course if he did, Lydecker could always just send his kids to retrieve what he wanted. This alien DNA could advance the next series of soldiers, the X9s, further along than any of the previous series if they could incorporate it. A task he didn’t doubt that Manticore scientist could do.

“These hybrids, as you call them, would be here and under your control. They would never know of their origins therefore would not be a threat to humankind. So safety would be insured. And it would also lead to contain the threat the others pose.” Pierce explained. “So Colonel, do we have a deal?”

Lydecker just nodded. He reached over to his computer and pulled up the file that logged all of the current deployment of the transgenics on missions. “I have four X5s that I can spare. With them I’ll also grant you the use of six regular soldiers to aid in the footwork of your search. Equipment and vehicles will also be furnished.”

“I couldn’t ask for more.” Pierce stated happily. “I’ve set up the unit’s headquarters at a small previously unused facility twenty miles west of Seattle. I wanted to be positive that we would be able to start studying them as soon as we were able to capture them.”

“I’ll round them up and send them to you. They’ll have their orders so they know you are in command of this mission. But they will give me updates as well.” Lydecker instructed. He was too busy with his search for the escapees to head up

“I understand.” Pierce said before rising. “Pleasure doing business with you again, Colonel.”

Lydecker only nodded as Pierce headed out of his office. Once he was gone Lydecker started doing what was necessary to get the mission rolling. There would be no record of the deal only that he was asking for the supplies. He wanted to keep the new DNA to himself for now.

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The next morning Liz went out to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee when her cellphone rang. She looked on the screen and saw it was Zack, “Hey Zack what’s up?”

“Just calling to check in. Report.”

“Everything smooth on this end. Had a few minor ‘squabbles’ but no sight of the enemy.” Liz stated.

“Same here. I think we should meet up, get them together so that they don’t get antsy being apart. I’m going completely nuts by all of the noise.” Zack grunted.

“Not used to that many people around?”

“People? No. All of the noise is coming from one person. She won’t quit chattering, complaining, and nagging. I don’t know how her boyfriend hasn’t killed her yet. But hell that probably won’t shut her up.” Zack exclaimed.


“That girl Maria. She’s completely nuts. She sniffs these weird oils one of which she spilled on me and now I smell like a friggin tree.” Zack’s rant was interrupted by a yelp from him. “She just smacked me! I can’t believe it.”

“Big Brother, I think maybe you need protection from her.” Liz said as she busted out laughing as they continued to talk.

Unbeknownst to Liz, Max had entered the kitchen. He felt a little weird after the night before. He shouldn’t have been spying on her and Ben during such an intimate time. Granted he hadn’t meant to but he still should have. He wouldn’t want anyone watching him if the situation was different and he was the one with Liz. That thought brought up the feelings of jealousy towards Ben he had felt the night before. But he couldn’t hold anything against the guy just because he had what Max wanted, Liz. He still didn’t know why he was so strongly attracted to her. He felt so comfortable around her like he had known her his whole life, instead of just a few days. He continued to watch her as she laughed while on the phone. He knew she was talking to Zack and had been surprised to find out that they were brother and sister. He had thought that Max and her were sisters. They looked a lot alike. But that couldn’t be because he was pretty sure that Max was with Zack. Max just felt confused over the whole thing.

He was so busy watching her that he barely heard her say something about the two groups meeting up later before she hung up the phone and turned towards him. “Hey Max, good morning. Sleep well.”

“Morning. Not bad, I guess.” Max lied. He had tossed and turned. He had heard them come upstairs the night before only to hear them go straight to their room. Then the thought of what they had been doing had kept him awake. He inwardly shook himself; he had to get over this. She was taken. “Did I hear you on the phone with Zack?”

“Yeah. He wants all of us to meet up tomorrow, just a check in.”

“Maria driving him crazy that much huh?” Max asked.

“Uh, yeah.” Liz said. “Zack isn’t the friendliest of people. I think he thinks if she is spending time with you three she’ll be preoccupied.”

“Maria takes some getting used to. We’ve known her for years and sometimes we even need a break.” Max explained.

“Well we move out in two hours back to the warehouse that we met you at. That way neither group knows where the other is in case one is caught.”

“Sounds good.”

“I made a fresh pot of coffee and there are some pop tarts around here somewhere. I’m going to make a phone call.” Liz said she dialed the number that Zack had given her. He had checked in with their other siblings and Krit had talked him into letting Liz call him. So she was eager to talk to him. It only rang twice before she heard, “Krit here.”

“What did you tell our very stubborn pigheaded old brother to get him to let me call you?” Liz asked.

“LIZ!” Krit exclaimed. “Hey baby sister. I half expected Zack to blow me off and not tell you to call me. As for the answer to your question I just used my charm.”

Liz rolled her eyes as she hopped up on the counter top to sit. “Yeah right. Tell me the truth.”

“Okay okay, Syl and I happen to be blowing out of town and this number is going to be disconnected in an hour. He figured it would be safe.”

“How is Syl? Tell her that her baby sister says hi.” Liz said. She was so happy to be able to talk to some of her other siblings that a big smiled stretched across her face.

Max watched Liz as she talked adamantly on the phone. I seemed she had at least one more brother and possibly a sister. He couldn’t help put notice the difference in Liz as she talked, laughed. She looked like a hundred pounds were lifted off of her shoulders. He had seen that she always acted guarded around everyone. Acting friendly enough but not really opening up to others. Like the day before when she had bandaged him up and had mentioned about where she grew up. He could tell she hadn’t had a happy childhood but she didn’t elaborate. Maybe he could get her to open up and talk to him. He was interested in her life; it made her who she was. He poured himself a cup of coffee and started hunting around for the pop tarts Liz mentioned. He looked high and low but couldn’t find them.

Liz was disappointed when Krit had to hang up sooner than she wanted and said good bye. She hung up the phone and saw Max looking for the pop tarts and realized that she was sitting in front of the cabinet they were in. “Sorry, I’ve been blocking where they are.”

She leaned forward, twisted around and retrieved the box. She turned around to see Max had come up in case she had fallen off the counter and was within a few inches of her. Their eyes locked and they both were lost in each other eyes. Without realizing what they moved closer and their lips began to descend towards each other.

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When they finally met Liz couldn’t believe how his lips felt. They were so soft and warm, almost unbelievably so. She felt herself melting quickly.

Max didn’t know where he had came up with the courage to kiss her but he was glad he did. It was beyond anything he had dreamed. Her lips were like satin and he couldn’t get enough of them. He pushed against them with more hunger but still trying to be gentle. This might be their first kiss but he was addicted and wanted to taste more of her. He ran his tongue against her bottom lip and her mouth opened with the same hunger he felt. A flash whizzed by but he was too concentrated on her. But before they could deepen the kiss more they heard someone approach the kitchen door and jumped apart. Just in time to see Tess glaring at them.

Tess flicked her eyes from Max to Liz and back again. Despite their looks of innocence she knew they were anything but. They had been too close for them to be doing anything innocent.

Liz was surprised by what had been about to happen. Her and Max had kissed! Probably would have kept doin it if Tess hadn’t interrupted. Liz couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that she did. Now there was tension in the air and she decided to be the one to break it by leaving. She poured another cup of coffee, smiled at Tess and Max before heading out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Tess was still trying to figure out what was going by demanding. “What did I just walk into in here Max?”

“I don’t know what you talking about?” Max stated before sticking a few of the pop tarts in the toaster. He was ignoring Tess, not wanting to have this conversation with her because he knew where it would probably lead. She had kept off of the ‘destiny’ kick lately because Max had never shown interest in any girl so she never felt like she had competition. But he knew that now that she felt threatened by Liz, even if he and Tess weren’t any more than friends.

“I’m talking about the fact that when I walked in here the two of you looked like you were jumping apart. Not to mention you both looked like the cat that ate the canary.” Tess said.

“We weren’t ‘jumping apart’. She was getting some food out of the cabinet for me and I was making sure that she didn’t fall. When you walked in, she had just gotten them and I was taking them from her, that’s it.” Max lied. “Even if there was something between me and Liz it is none of your business, I told you that there would be nothing more than friendship between you and me.”

“There might not be anything between the two of us but did you forget that she has a boyfriend?” Tess argued. It was only a half-truth, but Tess wouldn’t admit that she was jealous of Liz. That this girl had somehow gotten into Max’s heart in a few days when Tess hadn’t been able to do it in years.

“I am very aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend.” Max explained. “Now we are dropping this discussion now.”

“Fine.” Tess said just as Kyle walked in. He must have sensed the tension in the room because he looked from Tess to Max then back again. “Did I interrupt something?”

“NO.” They said at the same time.

“Okay.” Kyle drawled out.

Max picked up his cup of coffee and drained it. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Max didn’t wait for a response before leaving. A fuming Tess glaring at him and a confused Kyle staring after him.


Few minutes earlier

Liz hurried away from the kitchen. Once out of there she leaned back against the nearby wall and let out a deep breath. She could hear Tess and Max arguing in the other room but didn’t pay attention. She had a pretty good idea of what they were saying.

She couldn’t believe that she had kissed Max. With Ben in the same house, only a few rooms away. What had she been thinking? She hadn’t been thinking at least not about anything that hadn’t concerned the feel of Max’s lips on hers.

What was wrong with her? She had never felt this kind of link with someone but why did she feel like this with a total stranger? It didn’t make sense. One minute she was moving out of the way to give him room to get food and the next she had kissed him.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts in just enough time to see Ben come out of the bedroom. He smiled at her, “Hey.”

“Hey, guess what? I talked to Krit.” She said excitedly.

Ben’s eyes widened in surprise. “How’d you pull that off?”

“He and Syl are blowing town and unhooking their phone so Zack figured it was safe to talk to him before they left.” Liz explained. She caught him up on the little news she had of their siblings. He was glad to hear a little news from the rest of his family. She had just finished when Kyle strolled through heading into the kitchen. Then she moved on, “Zack wants to meet up tomorrow, Maria’s driving him nuts and I think he needs some time away from her.”

“That’s fine.” Ben stated.

Just then she saw Max walk out of the kitchen heading straight for the bathroom; he seemed pissed and didn’t even acknowledge that they were there. Liz couldn’t help but stare after him until she remembered that Ben was there. “Um, do you think you could hold down the fort here for a little while?”

“Sure, why?”

“I need to get out, go for a ride plus I haven’t picked up my check from the Crash and we need some more money.” Liz said as she grabbed her keys and jacket. She kissed him quickly on the cheek before heading out the door.


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Max took an extra long shower in the hopes of dispelling his anger at Tess. He didn’t know why she always felt like she had to tell them how to run their lives. Ever since her and Nasedo came to town they had started in on telling them the way they were supposed to be. Granted Tess had lightened up considerably but her sudden rampage on the subject infuriated him. He wasn’t going to let it get to him anymore.

His mind wandered back to his kiss with Liz. It had been wonderful and definitely memorable. The brief flash suddenly came back to him and he felt confusion wash over him. The image was through the eyes of a young Liz, he didn’t know how he knew that but he did, and if he wasn’t mistaken she was looking at a young Ben. He was dressed in a gray nightgown with a shaved head. What was that all about?

He finished up the shower, dressed, and hurried out to his room. He was almost there when something caught his eye in the direction of Liz and Ben’s room. The door was open and it gave him a full view of the interior. Which meant he could see Ben inside. But what he was doing completely surprised Max.

He could see Ben’s hands shaking almost violently as he reached for a bottle on the dresser. Even with the shaking he somehow managed to get it open. Actually he ripped the lid off of it. When he did a bunch of pills spilled out onto the dresser and floor. Ben snatched them up and started chewing on them like candy. The shaking lessened until finally it was barely there.

Max just backed up and went into his room. He couldn’t believe what he had seen. At first he had thought something might have been wrong with Ben and was going to help until he saw the pills. When he had seen Ben take them and almost instantly calm down he had figured out what was really going on. Ben was addicted to whatever pills had been in that bottle.

His mind went instantly to Liz. Did she know about Ben’s problem? Did she just overlook? Maybe she was trying to get him help or help him herself. But what if she didn’t know? Shouldn’t he tell her in case Ben was dangerous? He didn’t know. He had never been in this situation before. Hell he didn’t even know anyone who had ever done drugs. Kyle drank sometimes when they went to parties but that was it. Hell he had even accidentally gotten drunk one night after Kyle had bullied him into it. Of course at the time they didn’t know that alien’s had no tolerance for alcohol. He had run around town with Kyle being drunk and silly. At least according to Kyle, Max didn’t have any recollection of that night.

He didn’t want to be in his room anymore so he headed out to the back porch. He was still sitting there for an hour or so before he heard the hum of a motorcycle and saw Liz pulling up. She walked up a minute later and smiled, “House getting too crowded?”

“Something like that.” Max answered. He looked at her and thought about the kiss again. He wanted nothing more than to lean in and capture those lips again. “Um, Liz. I think we should talk about earlier.”

“Max, there’s nothing to talk about.” Liz stated. On her drive she had thought a lot about the kiss and decided it couldn’t happen again. “It was a mistake, a momentary lapse in judgement.”

Max looked at her confused, “But it wasn’t. I don’t regret it, I’ve wanted to do that since I met you.”

Liz was momentarily thrown off by his words, but shook it off. “Max, it’s not going to work. We’re too different and I have Ben…he’s my boyfriend.”

“Who happens to be a drug addict.” Max muttered rather loudly.

Liz’s head snapped to look at him, “What did you say?”

“I said Ben is a drug addict.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“While you were gone, I took a shower. As I was walking by your room I saw Ben inside. His hands were shaking badly until he got some pills out of a bottle and swallowed them. Once he got the pills he was fine. He got his fix and stopped shaking.” Max stated.

Liz knew exactly what Max had seen but it didn’t dissipate her anger at him any. He was still butting his nose in where it didn’t belong, “Listen, you have no idea what you saw and you know why? Because you don’t know Ben or me for that matter! Just because we had one kiss does not mean you are the authority on my life! So stay out of it!”

“Liz I’m sorry.” Max said apologizing although he had no idea why she was so upset.

“Just drop it okay?” Liz said as she stomped into the house leaving a bewildered Max behind her. She headed straight downstairs and into the basement. She ripped off her jacket before she started taking her aggression out on a padded pillar that Ben had set up as a make shift punching bag. As she continued to hit it she thought of Max, of his admission of his feelings. She had to admit that she had enjoyed hearing it, mainly because she felt the same way. But she couldn’t abandon Ben. And then Max had brought up that he had seen Ben have a seizure, she had snapped. Partly because she was protecting him and partly because it threw the differences between her and Max in her face.

The hand on her shoulder made her jump and she turned, swinging a right hook as she did. But before the punch hit its intended target, Ben caught it. “You okay?”

“Um, yeah. Just working off some energy.” Liz explained.

“That energy doesn’t have anything to do with your argument with Max does it?” Ben asked.

“You heard?”

“Only bits and pieces, enough to know it was pretty heated.” Ben explained. “I thought you and Max were getting along pretty well, so who pissed who off?”

“He pissed me off. He saw you having a seizure earlier and mistook it for withdrawal from drug addiction. It pissed me off and I took it out on him.”

“You can’t take things so personally,” Ben stated. He could tell by the glare she was giving him that she wanted to drop the conversation so he changed the subject. “How was the trip to the Crash?”

“I got distracted and completely forgot to tell you about it. Joe wants me to work tonight. Said something about being short handed and getting fired if I didn’t show up.” Liz explained.

“Then I guess we’re going to Crash.” Ben said.


“I was thinking that we can take Kyle, Max, and Tess with us to Crash. Good way to avoid getting cabin fever from being locked up in here. So we go to Crash, hang out for a few hours play a game or two of pool, you keep your job and we’re all happy. I’ll go tell the others.” Ben said before leaving and going into the rest of the house.

“Great.” Liz muttered thinking of a night of tending bar, avoiding Max and trying not to kill Tess. Yeah, fun.

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Later that night Max, Tess, Kyle, and Ben were sitting at a table near the bar taking in the atmosphere of Crash. It was busy; some of the patrons were messengers and had talked to Liz and Ben frequently. Kyle and Sketchy had even played a couple games of pool, which Sketchy had lost. Kyle was still playing, with Tess watching, when Ben came back from the bar with fresh drinks. Ben set down a pitcher of beer for him and Kyle and a pitcher of Cherry Coke for Tess and Max. “Sure you don’t want anything stronger? Liz knows how to make just about any drink out there.”

“No, this is fine. I don’t have the best record with alcohol. But thanks for the offer.” Max answered. He shifted uneasily next to Ben. After his and Liz’s argument he had expected Ben to search him out, ready to fight him over the kiss as well as for what he said. Ben did seek him out but the confrontation never came, only Ben telling them that they were leaving, heading for the bar that Liz worked at. So Max assumed that Liz had not told him what had happened. But that didn’t make the situation any more comfortable.

They were all glad to get out of the house even if it was for a short time. They had even decided to extend it by walking to Crash. Tess had complained along the way but had ultimately walked and they had listened to her for the forty five-minute trip. Max had enjoyed the trip; it had given him a chance to see some of Seattle.

A commotion at the bar made both the guys look up. They both saw a few big beefy guys that had to be over six feet tall each getting loud. Most importantly they were hassling Liz, their voices carrying over to where they sat.

“Come on, sweetness. Why don’t you give us some free drinks?”

“Because this is a paying bar. Not a keg party. You drink, you pay. Surely you can grasp that simple concept?” Liz asked in a condescending tone.

“You’re a fiery one, and I happen to like that in a girl. How about we blow this dive and head back to my place?” The lughead leered. He leaned over the bar and grabbed her ass.

“You wouldn’t know what to do with me if you got me into bed. I’m a little too much women for you.” Liz said insulting him causing his friends to snicker at him. “And if you don’t remove your hand, you’ll loose it.”

The guy must have see the seriousness in her eyes because he removed his hand quickly causing his friends to laugh more. Max could see that the guy was getting upset and turned to Ben. “Aren’t you going to step in there?”

“If she needs it, but Liz would be more pissed than grateful. She knows how to take care of herself. Just watch.” Ben said before motioning towards the bar.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Liz said feeling in the mood to further insult the guy in front of her. “You and I, shot for shot. If you can you can out drink me, and then your drinks will be free. If I win, you pay. Deal?”

“You can’t be serious, I’m more than twice your size and weight. I’d win easily.” The guy exclaimed. “But you’ve got a deal, line them up.”

Liz asked one of the other bartenders to cover her for a little while before she pulled out a bottle of tequila and poured two shots. They both down them, and she poured another round. This continued for some time and after the tenth shot she saw her opponent starting to waver. She on the other hand wasn’t feeling a thing. Her transgenic metabolism allowed her to drink large amounts of liquor without it effecting her. It was why she had issued the challenge. She had done it before and knew that she would win. “Sure you want to keep going?”

“Yesss.” He slurred.

“Okay here we go.” Liz said covering her smile while downing the shot. He did the same thing but only got half of it down before he slumped on the bar. Liz slammed down her shot glass; “I win. Pay up.”

One of his friends retrieved his wallet and pulled out some money. Liz counted it and noticed he’d given her a tip as well, “Come back anytime.”

She looked over to see Ben smiling at her and Max just watching her in bewilderment. She smiled slyly and got back to work.


After her shift, the five of them headed back towards the house. Kyle was regaling them on tales of his exploits at the pool table when they saw a group of people congregating in their path. They approached cautiously and saw what looked like a group of soldiers, six in all, interrogating the people. From their vantage point they could see that they had pictures and Ben along with Liz moved in for a closer look.

When they finally was able to see the pictures, they saw that they were surveillance photos from a hover camera. And the subject of the photos were of them, focusing on Max, Tess, and Kyle, on their walk earlier. “We better get them out of here.” Ben whispered to Liz but she only paid half attention. The other half was focused on one of the soldiers mostly on what she saw on the back of his neck. “Ben, look.”

Ben focused on what she was pointing out and his eyes widened, “Let’s get them and go.”

But before they could get back to their charges, they heard one of the other soldiers, an ordinary one if they weren’t mistaken, call out for the rest of their unit and started moving in the threes direction.


Liz and Ben moved to stop the soldiers from gaining on Tess, Max, and Kyle. And while they had more in numbers, Liz and Ben had the element of surprise. Liz took the two on the left while Ben went right. Liz pulled the 9mm out of the back of her waist band and hit one of them on the back of the head with the butt of it then launched herself at the other one with a swift kick also to the back of the head. Which knocked him unconscious. Ben dispatched his two just as quickly and they were left with only two. One that they knew was an X5 and one who they assumed was also an X5. They broke apart and each squared off with one.

Max was shocked during the whole scene. He had kept his eyes on Liz since the two had moved to mingle in with the soldiers. He was astonished when he saw Liz and Ben move so fast he wouldn’t have seen them if he hadn’t been watching. He heard Tess gasp and knew he wasn’t the only one who had seen it. They moved just as quickly while they fought four of the soldiers. He then watched on as they each took on one of the remaining two. As the fighting began even Max’s untrained eye saw that the four moved in the same way, like they were in some training room learning to fight.

Liz dodged a punch and swept the other X5’s feet out from under him. She chanced a glance over at the three and when she saw them standing there she yelled, “RUN!”

Kyle and Tess moved to do just that but Max grabbed them, “We can’t just leave them here. Tess mindwarp those two that they are fighting. It doesn’t matter what just something to get us out of here.”

Tess didn’t argue for once, only closed her eyes and he could tell she was concentrating on the mindwarp. Max looked back at Liz and saw that she was still battling with the male soldier.

Out of the corner of her eye Liz could see Ben was only seconds away from winning his fight but she was just holding her own. She threw a left jab, which he blocked. “You can’t possibly think you’re going to win? We’ve got ten years of training on you.”

“Yeah, but you never had to fight for you for the right to live. And to do that, you sometimes have to fight dirty.” Liz yelled at him. And with that said she reared her leg back and threw all of her weight behind the front kick. Her foot hit its intended target, the X5s groin, and his face twisted in pain. He grabbed himself and fell to the ground. Seeing he was no longer a threat she snuck up behind Ben’s X5 and jumped her. The hit dazed the X5 enough that he didn’t get right up so they made their escape.

Liz and Ben moved towards Tess, Kyle, and Max. “Move, move, move. We don’t have time to just stand around. We have to get out of here.”

Keeping the three in the middle, Liz and Ben led them into one of the nearby alleys and started twisting through them, trying to put as much distance behind them. Liz knew it was only a matter of time before the X5s called in reinforcements, they had to get out of there. As they passed a black suburban, a plan came to mind. “Wait.”

They watched on as she aimed her gun and fired at the door handle. The lock was obliterated and she opened the door. She hit the automatic locks and yelled to them, “Get in.”

The other four quickly scrambled inside, Ben in the front with the others in the back while Liz hopped into the driver’s seat. She gripped the side of the stirring wheel and ripped off the casing around the ignition. Once that was done she started searching for the right wires.

The others could see what Liz was doing. Tess was in shock and shrieked, “Max, she’s hot wiring the car!”

“Shut up Tess! She’s saving our asses.” Max snapped back just as the engine roared to life. Liz threw it into gear and they were off.

“Where is it Liz?” Ben asked.

“Right front pocket.” Liz answered knowing that Ben meant the cell phone. She fished it out before he went for it himself and tossed it to him. He caught it then dialed quickly and soon she heard Zack’s gruff voice on the other end. “Zack, it’s me. We got problems. Liz and I just found out some new information that we need to share, and we need to meet.”

Ben listened and relayed Zack’s instructions to Liz before hanging up. Once he did Max finally spoke again, “What happened back there? Who were they?”

“Some people you don’t want after you, trust us. But it seems that they’ve already locked on you for a target so we’re meeting up with the others to restrategize. The job just got harder.” Ben explained.


Once X5-105 and X5-528 had recuperated they began searching for their targets. But it was quickly apparent to them that they were gone. “Radio in and apprise them of our encounter.” 105 ordered.

528 hit the button to activate their comlink and heard Colonel Lydecker's voice respond. “Report.”

“105 and myself along with the rest of our unit were in the middle of questioning when we spotted three of the targets 100 yards away.”

“So they have been caught?”

“No sir. We moved to capture them but found more resistance than planned.”

Lydecker perked up at the thought of these creatures showing their abilities on his kids. “What did they do?”

“It wasn’t the targets but two that they were with who interceded. All appearances showed that they are transgenics, I am positive that they are two of the rogues.” 528 stated.

“Do you know which ones?”

“No sir. They did not establish their identities to us nor were we able to spot their designations.”

“Interesting. The targets have somehow aquatinted themselves with at least two rogue X5s possibly for protection. From this point on assume that the X5s will be with the targets and take the necessary precautions. If possible capture the X5s as well.” Lydecker clicked the comlink off. This deal he made with Daniel had become more difficult but if he got back a few of the escapees it had just became more profitable.

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Liz and Ben took Max, Tess, and Kyle to meet the others at the factory where they had originally met up. Within an hour, they were all there. Liz and Ben pulled Maxie and Zack to the side and started to explain. “Everything looked normal, a simple questioning, until I spotted one of their barcodes. That’s when they spotted them. It took some doing but we managed to get away. I don’t know why but they wanted them badly.”

Liz told Zack what had happened especially the part about the X5s. He wasn’t happy. He stood in front of the seven with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “Okay we want the truth about who you are.”

“What are you talking about?” Michael asked confused. He didn’t know what was going on only that Zack and Max had told them that meeting with the others had been moved up to now. Then they had left and came back to the warehouse.

“I’m talking about the search party that Ben and Liz ran into. You told us that the FBI was looking for you but you never mentioned anything Manticore being after you too.” Zack stated.

“Who’s Manticore?” Max asked.

“Look, I am not known for my patience or my compassion so skip all the bullsh*t and tell us why they want you!” Zack yelled.

Liz was watching the seven the whole time and could tell that they were telling the truth, especially Max. She grabbed Zack’s arm and whispered, “Zack, look at them. They really don’t know. Logan told us that they had some anomalies in their DNA, maybe the FBI is working with Manticore because Manticore wants a piece of whatever the anomalies are.”

Liz saw Zack calm down for a minute so she turned to address Max herself. “Manticore is a division of the army that specializes in genetic manipulation, their goal is to enhance the normal soldier. And now they want you, and believe me that is not something you want. They will hunt you down until they get what they want. So why don’t you tell us why they would want you so badly?”

Max looked at the others and tried to figure out what to do. A part of him knew that he could tell Liz the truth about them, something in him just screamed it, especially after this night. But it wasn’t purely his decision to make. He looked over the others faces and tried to read them. Alex, Maria, and Kyle just shrugged; Isabel saw the seriousness in his eyes and nodded her consent. Michael and Tess took the opposite side, shaking their heads. But with at least Isabel’s and possibly Kyle, Maria, and Alex’s he outnumbered them. So he went with his gut and started. “Michael, Isabel, Tess and I aren’t exactly normal. We’re hybrids. We’re half human and…”

“And the other half?” Maxie interrupted.

“The other half of us is a little harder to explain.” Max said. “Let’s just say we’re not from around here.”

“That’s not an answer.” Zack said.

“Our other half is alien. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. We’re the recreated leaders of a planet called Antar. The planet was in the middle of a civil war when we were killed. In hopes to end it, mine and Isabel’s mother recreated, cloned us by mixing our essences, with human DNA and sent us here for safe keeping.” Max explained

Isabel decided to give her brother a load off and took up where he left off. “We look human but with one big difference. We have powers. Max can heal and has this plasma shield that is impenetrable, Michael has a power blast that is quiet destructive. Tess and I have mental powers. I can get into people’s dreams and Tess can make people see something that isn’t there.”

“That’s why they want you, Manticore.” Liz said trying to comprehend what they had told them. They were aliens! She had kissed an alien. “They want to find out about those powers and use them. Probably in their next batch of soldiers. With hose powers, they wouldn’t need weapons, or battle gear.”

“How is it you that you guys know so much about this Manticore?” Michael asked.

“Because they’re some of those soldiers.” Max answered before any of the four X5s could. When they had told them about Manticore and it’s working with soldiers the flash he had gotten from Liz made sense. Plus that explained what Liz and Ben had been able to do when they had been fighting earlier. “Aren’t you?”

“Yeah. We are.” Ben spoke up. “We escaped ten years ago, the four of us as well as eight other of our siblings. We’ve been hiding from then ever since.”

“Siblings?” Maria asked.

“Figure of speech. We were all raised together and for a long time thought of each other as siblings, there’s no actual blood relationship except for a little between Liz and I.” Maxie explained.

“So you guys are like supersoldiers?” Alex asked.

“Yes and no. We can move faster, have increased strength, and stuff like that but we’re not perfect.” Ben stated.

“When Manticore created us, they didn’t work out all of the bugs and our brains lack the ability to create serotonin. And because of that we have seizures if we don’t get a drug called Tryptophen. We get all shaking and eventually it gets so bad that we slip into a coma and later die.” Liz described.

Max shut his eyes in embarrassment. He understood now why Liz was so upset with him earlier. He had accused Ben of being a drug addict when he had only been suffering from the effects of something beyond his control. He looked over at Liz and shyly smiled at her.

Tess saw this and didn’t like it. “Max, can I talk to you for a minute? In private.”

“Uh sure Tess.” Max said before following her into one of the offices.


Max shut the door behind them then sat on top of a nearby desk, “What do you want to talk about now, Tess?”

“I’m worried about you.” Tess stated. “I saw the way you were looking at Liz and I wanted to remind you again that you can’t be with her.”


“What?” Tess asked

“I asked why, Tess. Michael and Isabel are with other people and not with each other so why can’t you or I? She knows our secret, and she didn’t run away screaming. Hell she even understands what it’s like to be different.” Max argued. He knew that there was little chance for him to actually be with Liz but he didn’t want Tess to think she could tell him how he could live his life.

“Max, she a freakin’ science experiment!” Tess exclaimed.

“What do you think we are?!” Max yelled back. “They are just like us! They didn’t ask to be ‘created’. They didn’t ask to live their lives like this. And I’m sure that they want to live a normal life.”

Max checked his anger and lowered his voice. “Tess wake up. We are not together and we are certainly not married. And the sooner you realize that the sooner you can see what is right in front of you.”

“What are you talking about?” Tess asked.

“Kyle.” Max answered. “Before all this stuff started the two of you were getting really close. The rest of us were all talking about it, Maria gave you guys less than six months before one of you made a move.”

Tess didn’t know what to say, she had noticed the way that Kyle looked at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. And the way she felt when she was around him. She felt like she could be herself. That she didn’t have to worry about being accepted or hiding who she was. She looked up as Max continued, “Tess we might have been married before, but we are no longer those people. And yes we were sent here to stay safe but we can’t live our lives waiting for someone to show up to take us back. We have to live our lives here and be happy. Now I’m going out with the others because we have more pressing things going on then our love lives, are you okay?”

“Yeah, go on.” Tess said before Max slipped out to join everyone else.


As Max and Tess talk

Liz watched as Max left with Tess before turning her attention back to Zack as he told a little more about themselves. When he was done he addressed herself, Maxie, and Ben. “We’re stay together from this point on but we need to get some supplies.”

“Ben and I will go get our stuff now.” Liz stated.

“No, we need to get them as soon as possible but we can’t leave these guys unguarded. We’ve still got a job to do.” Zack said.

“What are you thinking Zack?” Ben asked

“One of us along with one of them goes to get the equipment. Me and Isabel will go from our group that way Michael can be here to help if something happens here. Then one of you and Max should go to your house.” Zack stated.

“Liz can go.” Ben spoke up. He had seen the tension between Liz and Max and thought that if they could talk maybe they could get it out.

“Alright.” Liz conceded. Just then Max and Tess walked out and Zack announced, “Two teams are going to bring back supplies, Isabel and I and Liz and Max. The others left behind will do what they can to secure the building in case they find us here.”

Liz reluctantly nodded and her and Max jumped back into the stolen SUV and were on their way.


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Liz and Max drove in silence back to the house they had been sharing. Once there they moved quickly and it didn’t take long to gather what they had come for. Liz was looking over the gear when Max said, “This silence is driving me nut, I think I liked it better when you were yelling at me.”

“What do you want me to say?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know, anything. Tell me that finding out that I’m an alien freaks you out or that the kiss disgusted you. Or tell me how I had so stupidly accused Ben of being a druggie because I was a jealous idiot.” Max exclaimed. He just wanted to talk to her, get some reaction out of her instead of her ignoring him.


“No, let me talk. I want get this out before we’re stuck with everyone else and can’t discuss things in private.” Max argued. “I know that we’ve only known each other for a few days but I feel this…I don’t know…connection. I’ve never felt like this towards anyone, ever. And although I know that you are with Ben, I can’t stop the way I feel.”

Before he knew what he was doing, his hand was up behind her head, gently holding her close as he pulled her tender lips closer to his. She didn’t fight him as he pressed his lips to hers. He knew she’d probably toss him across the room when she overcame the shock of his assault.

Liz stood there unresponsive for a moment before she took in the feel of his lips on hers again. A wild passion swept through her and she put her hands on his shoulders and neck and kissed him hard. She could feel the surprise in him as she kissed him back, but once his other hand was around her waist and she felt his warm tongue slip inside her mouth, she knew he had no objections.

As they kissed, Max was flooded by flashes from her. They were flashes of her in what he figured was Manticore as he saw her as a small child with a shaved head doing all kinds of military training. Those were followed by ones of her a little older and a loving couple then some of her life on the street. Flashes of Ben and their time spent together were intermingled with them.

The kiss seemed to last forever. In the back of her mind, Liz didn’t want it to end. He slowly pulled away from her and they stood there, breathless, the same feeling of passion rising in both of them.

They looked silently at each other for a moment, and before she could tell herself to stop, she reached to him with her hands, placing them on his warm neck and pulled him close. He drew her into his arms and their lips met abruptly in the middle. She ran her hands down his strong, sculpted arms and around to his back as his held her close by her waist.

She tugged on his bottom lip gently with her teeth as she tried to speak, “This is wrong, you know that right?” Was all she could manage to whisper.

Max kissed her back in-between words, “I don’t care.”

He left her lips to kiss her neck, savoring the soft flesh and her quiet moans as he kissed lower and lower. He was working on pure instinct since he was inexperienced. She held him closer and suddenly began to undo the buttons of his shit. He leaned back and smiled as she hurriedly pulled the sides back, revealing his tan torso. She kissed him again; as she slowly took her hands and ran them over his chest.

His hands ran under her shirt reveling in the soft skin he found there. He broke the kiss only to replace his lips on her neck. He had no idea what he was doing, he had never done anything like this before but worked on instinct. And took queues from Liz. She pulled him up to her, kissing him once he was close enough. He pulled her shirt off over her head as they lay down on the floor. Liz was her back and pulled him on top of her. He held himself above her as she fiddled with his belt. Her hands stopped when her enhanced hearing picked something up.

Max noticed the difference in Liz and asked, “What is it?”

“Someone’s here.” Liz announced. “Go in the kitchen and stay down. If you hear anything unusual, get out. You have your cell phone, call the others when you get away. But be careful, we may be surrounded.”

“I’m not leaving you here.” Max said buttoning up his shirt.

“Yes, you are. Remember what Zack said, we’re in charge. They won’t expect us to separate after the earlier attack. Now go.” Liz ordered. She waited until she saw him move through to the kitchen before moving. She crouched down and quickly made her way towards the stockpile of weapons. Not wanting to screw around she pulled a semi automatic rifle out and tucked a few other weapons into her clothes. There was only one light on in the house since it was still dark out and she unplugged it. She knew that if it was Manticore than the Xs with them would be able to see as well as her but she was going to make it difficult for any regular soldiers to see them. Then she sat back to wait.

She only had to wait a minute before she heard something crash through the window and thump to the floor. She heard a faint hissing and as smoke filled the room she knew that it was a smoke bomb. Smoke bombs were used to disorient but Liz was able to see through it. Which helped when she saw them coming through the front door as well as the window next to it. That’s when she opened fire.

The figures ducked down as they returned fire. Liz held them off, not letting them increase their footing by an inch. Then as suddenly as the attack came, it was over. They retreated leaving Liz alone in the room with smoke dissipating. She checked to make sure that they weren’t waiting to charge in again but they had withdrawn. It didn’t make sense, why would they attack like that only to disappear? Unless…

She moved quickly to kitchen but as she feared it was empty. Liz searched the whole kitchen as well as the outside. She would have thought that Max had left on his own, it appeared that he tried but half way through the yard there was obvious signs of a struggle. She rushed back inside and grabbed up the supplies that she needed and threw them into Max’s jeep. As she drove away she pulled out her cellphone and dialed quickly. It wasn’t long until Zack picked up, “Zack we’ve got trouble. They hit us at the house and got Max.”


“They got Max. I was holding them off when they nabbed him.” Liz told him. She sighed as she added, “I messed up and they got him..”

“Where are you now?”

“Heading back towards you but making sure that I’m not being followed.” Liz informed him.

“Okay, get back here as soon as you can. I’ll tell everyone else what happened and call Logan. Hopefully he’s found something about where their headquarters are. That’s probably where they took him.” Zack said.

“Be there soon.”

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Part 16

Liz pulled up at the warehouse and saw how upset everyone was. She felt horrible that she had failed to protect him and now he was in the hands of the enemy. People who wanted to dissect him and study him, not carrying that he was a person too. She saw that Isabel and Maria looked the worse off and she found herself walking over to them, wanting to say something. “I’m sorry, I should have been more careful.”

“It’s not your fault, we know you didn’t mean for it to happen.” Maria said before elbowing Isabel.

“Yeah, it’s not your fault.” Isabel said uneasily.

“We’ll get him back, I’m not going to let them keep him.” Liz stated with firm conviction in her tone. “We’ve got a lot of resources that we can use and get him out.”

“I tried what I could but it didn’t help.” Isabel said.

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“I tried to dreamwalk Max but I couldn’t get anything about where he was, I think he was unconscious when they took him.” Isabel stated.

“Oh,” Liz said, she could see the disappointment on her face and said, “Don’t worry, we can still find him. After all Zack found out where all eleven of us were and he didn’t have half the information that we have.”

“Thanks Liz.” Isabel said opening up a little. “I can see why Max likes you.”

“What?” Liz asked.

Isabel smiled sheepishly. “Sometimes when I’m bored I go into people’s dreams for fun, and the other night I went into Max’s and well…it was kind of obvious that he liked you.”

“Oh.” Liz said apprehensively.

“Not that you’d have to see into his dreams to know that, it’s written all over his face whenever the two of you are around. I mean I haven’t been around both of you a lot but I noticed it the first time we met and then earlier.” Maria commented jokingly. “Max’s got it bad.”

Liz looked over at Ben who was on the other side of the room who was sitting next Max and Zack while he was on the phone. She wondered if he had picked up on what Maria said she had seen. Did he know that she was attracted to and cared about Max? What he would say?

She walked over to where they were sitting just as Zack hung up his phone. He nodded to Liz in greeting as he said, “Logan hasn’t found anything yet. Is there anything you can tell us that might help?”

“It was Manticore again. They hit us from the front and kept me busy while they snuck in the back.” Liz said then remembered something from earlier, “He’s got his cell phone on him. Even if it’s not on him still it’s nearby and maybe Logan can trace the signal.”

Maxie nodded and said, “I’ll asked one of them for his number.” Before strolling off to the Roswellians.

“Well we can’t do anything until we have a lead on where they took him except make sure we got all the gear we’re going to need to bust him out.”

“Zack, I think it might be smart to have at least Michael go with us. His powers might help to get pass some of the doors without having to waste precious time bypassing them.” Liz suggested.

Zack nodded, “You’re right, it’s a good idea.”

Maxie came back with the number just then and Zack quickly called Logan. It shouldn’t take the hacker long before he traced it. Ben saw how uneasy Liz was and asked, “Lizzie, you all right?”

“Yes.” Liz yelped. “I’m fine, just feel bad about getting us in such a jam.”

“We’ll fix it,” Ben said. “But that’s not what’s bugging you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re acting uneasy because of how you feel about Max.” Ben stated.

Liz’s eyes widened and stuttered, “What are you talking about? Me feeling what about Max?”

“Lizzie, I’ve known you since you were born. I think by now I know how to read you, you care about Max.” Ben confessed to her astonished face.

“Ben, I’m sorry.” Liz apologized but before she could say more Zack announced that Logan had tracked Max’s cell signal to an area on the outskirts of Seattle. An old military post that was west of the city. Logan had acquired the layout of the facility was bringing it to them. Zack told them to change into dark fatigues so that they would be ready when he got there. They still had a five of hours of darkness and they were going to need it.


Max fought against his restraints but found that they still wouldn’t give. And his powers weren’t working. He had a feeling it was because of the injection they had given him when he was first captured. But he didn’t know because no one was speaking to him. They had just drug him into a room and strapped him to the examine table that he was currently on. He did know that the people who caught him were X5s, they had been unusually strong just like Liz and the others and he had seen the barcode on the one of their necks.

Just then the door opened and two men entered. One he recognized, Daniel Pierce, the man who led the hunt for them, and another hard looking man that looked vaguely familiar to Max but couldn’t figure out who he was. Pierce came up beside him while the unknown man stood at the foot.

Pierce gave him a malicious smirk before saying, “Max Evans, you are such a hard thing to catch up with. But thanks to my associate here, I finally have.”

“Couldn’t do it yourself huh?” Max teased.

Pierce’s face turned dark and Max thought he was going to lung at him but the other man spoke up, “Daniel, he’s just trying to rile you so you slip up.”

“You’re right Colonel.” Pierce stated before he turned to Max. “I don’t think you should try that again. You see Colonel Lydecker has forgotten more about torture and keeping his subject alive through it all then most people know about anything. So I suggest you cooperate.”

Max then remembered why Lydecker looked so familiar, it was the man from Liz’s flashes. The one that had tormented her and her family when they were kids. He saw a strange expression come over Lydecker's face as he said, “I see you’ve heard of me, perhaps the X5s you have been with have mentioned me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Max said.

“Your loyalty to them is admirable but it’s of no matter to me. After my business here is done and Daniel gives me the samples of your DNA, I’ll go right back to searching for them.”

Before Max could say more, the door opened and what looked like medical technicians came through the door with instruments that Max didn’t like the look of.

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Part 17 is really short so I'm posting both 17 & 18. And just to let you know, there are only 20 parts to this story.

Part 17

Once Logan arrived with the blueprints of the facility Zack and the other X5s studied them. They knew how dangerous it was going to be since there were probably a few X series helping to guard the place but they managed to come up with a plan. Actually two plans, one more severe than the other. They approached the aliens and their human counterparts to discuss which one they were going to put into action.

“Okay, we’ve got a strategy on getting Max out but how far are you guys willing to go to get some control over your lives again?” Liz asked.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked.

“Well we have two plans. One is to sneak in, grab Max and go. Then you guys would go across the border and live in hiding. The other one of them is extreme. It entails blowing the whole facility, and everything in it once we get Max out. The Special Unit would be wiped out.” Liz explained. “That would mean killing everyone on the base. We have the means to do it, and we’ll help you. But you have to ask yourself a question. Do you guys think that you would be able to live with knowing that the people inside died because of you?”

The group in front of the Xs all exchanged looks of questioning. Were they able to go so far as blow up the whole base to keep themselves safe? To kill the whole Unit inside? If they did decide to do it, then at least they would be able to live safer lives as long as they stayed under the radar. They wouldn’t have to run from place to place like they knew they would if they didn’t do anything.

With Max gone, Michael was now the leader of the group. He looked at everyone to try and figure out what each of their answers were. But he was never good with emotions, his or anyone else’s so he just decided to ask them. He decided to have a short meeting. “Can we have a few minutes?”

“Yeah, but don’t take too long, we need to get going before sun up.” Liz said.

Michael and the rest of his group huddled together. “Okay everyone I’m not Max so I don’t have any speech to give or anything so let’s just skip it and put it to a vote like we always do. Do we just go get Max or do we take out the Special Unit before they take us out? You know I’m for taking them out, I always have been.”

“I agree with Michael.” Alex said speaking up surprising them all with his answer. Alex was normally the nonviolent type. “We can’t keep living like this.”

“But if we do this, we’ll be as bad as them. I vote no.” Isabel stated.

“Yeah, I vote no too.” Kyle threw in.

“I’ve been running from them my whole life, I’m sick of it. I say we do it.” Tess said.

The only person left was Maria and Michael thought he knew how she would vote. She wouldn’t want to blow up the bass. “Looks like we have a tie.”

“No, I say we do it.” Maria said firmly. “I can’t stand the thought of them having Max and I don’t want them to try and get Michael. So my answer is that we blow the base.”

“Okay then.” Michael turned to the X5s and said, “What do we do?”

Zack nodded and said, “We’ll set up charges all around the building as we search for Max. We might not have to look much if Isabel will be able to do her thing and find out where he is. Once we get him, we get out and set off the explosives.”

“How are we going to set them off?” Maria asked.

“Remote detonator.” Ben answered. “Now the next step is to get you guys ready to go. You’ll have to change into black clothes so you’ll blend in to the dark.”

Michael waved his hand over his clothes turning them black, Isabel and Tess did the same things before he said, “That’s done. What’s next?”

Part 18

As the early morning before daybreak settled on Seattle the small group of aliens, humans, and X5s followed the directions they had and found the small building that housed the alliance of the Special Unit and Manticore. There was no perimeter fencing or sentry guards. The only sign of life in the base was the faintest of lights in the windows.

Zack had already laid out the groups going in before they had arrived, Ben and Max were with Michael and Isabel while Zack and Liz were with surprisingly with Tess and Kyle. Tess had not saying anything disdainful to Liz so Liz had not felt like hitting her since Max had been taken. Zack thought it was better that they split up in different teams then normal. Ben and Liz were the only X5s that Manticore knew were helping the aliens so if one team were spotted, they would be pursued while the others were left to look for Max.

Kyle was the only one besides the Xs that was armed since the others didn’t know how to shoot. The other three were going to rely on their powers. The Xs were loaded with gear as well as explosives to take out the facility. The plan was to scour the probable areas of the facility that Max was being held at while they laid the explosives. They had the place mapped out so they knew the most strategic places to lay the explosives and had remote detonators so they could ignite the explosives from a safe distance away. They would all stay in contact through comlinks.

Using hand signals, Zack ordered them to separate and move to their targets. He and Liz directed Tess and Kyle towards the wing of the building they were assigned to search. They finally came across two guards and Zack raised his gun to shoot them but Tess’s hand on his arm stopped him, “Let me.”

Tess closed her eyes and Liz was surprised when she saw the guards heading off in the other direction. Tess opened her eyes and said, “They’ll be gone for a few minutes, I made them think they heard a noise that they needed to it check out.”

Once they were far enough away, Zack took the lead again while Liz took the last position. The hallways were deserted. From what the aliens had told them, the Special Unit did not have many in its numbers. And they sounded like they were mostly desk jockeys. So the biggest threat was from Manticore. They did not know how many they had but at least two X5s.

Their searching didn’t turn up much only empty rooms so they laid the explosives and kept on. Through his comlink, Zack heard that the other group was having As they reached the last corridor to search, Zack and Liz’s advanced hearing were able to pick up the vague rustles of movement. They stopped everyone and Liz moved to the front of the line. She crouched on the floor and peered around the corner. She motioned with her hands that she saw three men and four X5s guarding two doors, one they figured held Max, the other was probably their headquarters. .

They moved back down the corridor and into one of the empty rooms so that they could talk freely. Zack let the others know about their status as he thought about what their best plan of action. He looked at Tess, “There were seven of them, can you do that many with your mind thing?”

“Yeah, I can do it. What did you have in mind?”

“Make so we can’t be seen, so that we can search those rooms.” Zack stated.


“I’ll stay with her, cover her so that no one will get her.” Kyle spoke up.

Liz nodded, “When you’re ready Tess.”

Tess’s eyes closed again and concentrated. Liz and Zack didn’t know how fast it would be affective but after a minute decided to chance it. They stepped cautiously into the corridor and waited for the ones at the end to sound the alarm. But nothing happened, the seven moved around like they saw nothing. Liz and Zack moved quickly, not knowing how long Tess could keep up the illusion.

When they reached the two doors they had to choose which one to go through, she looked at Zack who had his ear pressed to the other door and signaled to her that he heard voices inside. So they decided to try the other one. They swung the door opened and saw Max lying on a medical exam table. They saw that large cuffs were restraining him and many instruments lying around him that made Liz uncomfortable. They were used during interrogation to make the subject talk. They hurried over to him and Liz tapped him slightly on the cheeks. “Max, come on wake up.”

He woke up looking groggy, “Liz?”

“Yeah, it’s me. We’re here to get you out. Can you walk?” Liz asked. She could hear Zack saying over their comlink that they had Max.

“I think so.” Max answered as he watched Zack rip the restraints off of his ankles as Liz undid the ones on his arms. “We need to get moving. When I eavesdropped on the other door, I heard Lydecker's voice. We don’t want to get stuck here.”

Max moved to stand and although he was a little wobbly he stayed standing. The three went back to the door and out into the hall. The warp was still up and they slipped by unnoticed. But it didn’t last.

They were ten feet away from the corridor that Tess and Kyle were waiting when they heard shouts from behind them and knew they were caught. Zack and Liz each grabbed a grenade from their belts, pulled out the pins and tossed them towards their pursuers. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

The two X5s jumped for cover, Liz dragging Max down with her. They heard the grenades tumble onto the ground before they exploded. They were powerful ones and had enough force to cause quite a bit of damage. The hall was full of dusts and debris; some of the ceiling had even come down. As they got up Zack yelled into his comlink to the others, “Withdrawal! Head back to rendezvous point.”

The three scrambled around the corner and encountered Kyle who was holding a limp Tess. She looked extremely weak and pale. When Kyle saw them coming he lifted her up and began to move with them to the outside. There was sound of gunfire behind them and Liz lifted her rifle and took out the two guards that Tess had previously mindwarped. They were the first ones to reach the meeting point and Maria, Alex and Logan seemed happy to see them. They could see people scrambling around the outside of the building.

“Are you safely away from the area so we can detonate?” Zack asked into his comlink.

“Yeah,” Maxie replied. “We should reach you guys in 5 to 10 minutes.”

Zack pushed his remote but was met with nothing except silence. He relayed it to Max who had the secondary remote and said she was having the same problems.

“What’s going on? Why are you blowing the place up?” Maria asked.

“We can’t. The remotes, they’re not working.” Zack answered. “We can’t blow it.”

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Part 19

“What do you mean they won’t blow?” Maria exclaimed, “Those guys are going to be coming if we don’t blow it up.”

“I know this but the remotes aren’t going to work. The only other choice is to manually detonate them, which means that one of us blows up along with it.” Zack explained.

“Zack.” Liz and Zack heard Ben’s voice over their headsets. “I’m volunteering for the mission.”

“What do you mean Ben?” Zack asked.

“I’m going to detonate them myself.” Ben answered.

“No, Ben.” Liz pleaded. “We’ll figure something else out.”

“There is no other choice.” Ben stated in a tone that Liz rarely heard it was a tone that meant he was deadly serious about something.

“There is always another choice then killing yourself! No matter if it’s self-sacrificing.” Liz argued. Her voice was so loud that the people around her winced.

“This is just something I have to do. It’ll make things safer for the rest of you; Lydecker is in that building. If we take him out, the search will end with him. Logan said that he is the one who has been obsessed with finding us while Manticore just wrote us off as a loss. And the Special Unit will be wiped out.” Ben explained. Liz could hear muffling through her comlink and her sister telling Ben goodbye. She couldn’t believe this was happening, she couldn’t loose him.

“Ben, I won’t let you do this.” Liz yelled. “I can get to you before you get back to the building.”

“I’m doing this and you’re not going to stop me. I want you to stay where you are.” Ben said. She could tell by his voice that he was already moving. “Lizzie, I’m sorry to leave you like this, but it’s something I feel I have to do. And I want you to promise something.”


“To live your life. To love, to let Max love you back.” Ben said. “I know how much love you have inside of you, I’ve felt it from you since you were born. And you should be with someone who you are in love with.”

“But Ben…”

“We’re not in love with each other, we never have been. But we do share something just as special and just remember I’ll be looking over you. Good-bye Lizzie.”

Liz heard the audible click of his comlink shutting off and she snapped. “NO!”

Liz took off in the direction they had just came from but Zack was quick and grabbed her around the waist to stop her. “No! I have to stop him!”

“You can’t.” Zack said solemnly.

“Get off of her!” Max yelled at him, “You’re hurting her.”

But Max’s words fell on deaf ears as Liz and Zack continued to argue. “How can you just let him do this? He’s your brother and you’re letting go and kill himself!”

“Any of us would do the same thing.” Zack said.

“I am not going to let him.” Liz said. She fought against Zack’s hold on her and only when her elbow hit him hard in the face did he lessen it. She scurried out of his arms and move to take off running again. She didn’t get far before there was a loud explosion and the building erupted in flames.

Seeing the explosion made what had happened hit home for her and Liz’s legs collapsed under her. The explosion was so intense that they felt the aftershocks from their spot. It was clear that no one could have survived that, not with all the C4 they had used to destroy the building. The tears began to fall as she cried out at the top of her lungs. “BEN!”

The others just stared at Liz’s shattered form as she started to sob. Neither Zack nor Max could ever remember a time when they had seen Liz cry, let alone weep the way she was now.

The fire kept burning as the group watched on, many with tears in their eyes. Maxie and Zack grieved their fallen brother while the others mourned the man who had given his life to help make their lives safe. Max was stunned by Ben’s actions. He had acted unselfishly and given his life to take out the enemy. That was a more noble action than he had ever witnessed in his life.

When the building was reduced to nothing but ash and rumble they finally moved forward to look it over. The building was far enough into the woods and away from the city that no police or fireman had been called so they didn’t have to worry about interruptions as they probed through the destruction. There wasn’t much except for ash and some charred pieces of wood. That was when something sparkling caught Liz’s eye.

Twenty feet away from the building lay what they would all consider Ben’s most prized possession. It was a Hail Mary medal. She picked it up and examined it. There was not a mark on it; it had came through everything unscathed. She quickly slid the long chain over her head and let the pendant fall to its resting-place next to her heart.


The disheartened group headed back to Seattle. They weren’t quite sure what to do, the Xs bodyguarding job was technically done but the group had become friends so they didn’t send them away. Alex and Isabel went with Logan so that Alex could give him all of their computer files on the Special Unit. Granted it had been obliterated but they thought it would be beneficial if he had them. They might help him to discover other secret units in the FBI.

Logan said it was no problem for them to use either of the houses so Michael, Maria, Tess, and Kyle all went back to the house that Michael’s group had been staying at. Maxie, Zack and Max took Liz back to her and Ben’s apartment. She had whispered that she wanted to go there and they decided to listen to her. After all it was the only thing she had said since she had stopped crying. She had turned almost completely catatonic and they were worried about her. Once they were there, the three weren’t sure what to do so just decided to follow Liz’s lead. She just shuffled into the bedroom and shut the door. They just watched her go; knowing that she needed a little time.

When she didn’t come out after a couple of hours, Maxie went in and checked on her. She found her sleeping peacefully. Maxie and Zack didn’t want to leave yet so they bunked on the couch while Max decided to take the floor. He slept fitfully that night, he was too worried about Liz. When he woke up the next morning just as the first rays of sunshine came through he decided to go check on her.

When he first entered, she appeared to be turned away and sleeping but as he walked away he heard her pain filled voice say, “I wouldn’t get too close to me if I were you. I’m toxic to anyone who’s around me. My adoptive parents, Ben, and you don’t want to be next.”

He turned around to see her tear stained, swollen, red-eyed face poking out from under the blanket. He backed up and sat down next to her on the edge of the bed, “Liz, what Ben did and whatever happened to your adoptive parents is not because they were with you.”

Max’s words weren’t comforting despite his intentions for them to be. Liz just laid in the bed she had shared with Ben and thought about what had happened, “He died because I couldn’t love him enough.”

“Ben sacrificed himself so that the rest of us would have safe lives. For the first time in a long time.” Max said as he took hold of her hand. “I’m not going to pretend I know what you’re going through or what you’re feeling. You and Ben had a whole life and past together that I’m just learning about. But I want you to know that I’m here for you. And I’m not going anywhere.”

Liz gave him a weak smile before falling asleep again.

Part 20=Epilogue

“Boys! Foods ready!” Liz yelled.

“Come on Buddy, your Mom is yelling for us to come and eat.” Max hollered as he caught the Frisbee that they’d been tossing while Liz prepared the picnic. They raced towards the blanket but Max lost. Liz laughed at the two of them as Max pretended to be upset for losing.

“Ben how many times do I have to tell you to go easy on Daddy?” Liz joked with her son.

“Because he’s not like you and me and my other Daddy?” Ben asked, with all the curiosity that five-year-olds possessed. He was the spitting image of his father all the way down to his hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. And he had inherited transgenic traits from both of his parents.

“Yes honey.” Liz answered. A few weeks after Ben died, Liz found out she was pregnant. It had came as a shock to everyone including Liz. But it had done the one thing that no one else had been able to do, snap her out of her depression. She had been only half of herself up until that point. But when she realized that she could not raise a child in that condition, she became her old self again.

After she had first told everyone, Zack had proposed that it might be smart to leave Seattle. They had had no problems but they didn’t want to risk it. And Liz didn’t really want to be in Seattle anymore; it held too many memories. So Zack, Maxie, and her had packed up and headed for Florida, deciding that it was a good place to start over. It was as far away from Seattle as they could get. The aliens decided that although they were safe, it might not be a good idea to go back to Roswell so they went too. A bond had definitely formed between the two groups, one that stemmed from being around people who knew what it was like to be different. Tess even changed to become a person who everyone could stand to be around.

Max kept to his word and was there for Liz whenever she needed him. And she had needed him a lot. Everyone else was paired off so there were quite a few times when it was just the two of them. Their romance cooled down to a strictly platonic relationship after Ben’s death and they became best friends. He went to birthing classes with her, helped decorate the nursery and even helped Zack deliver little Ben into the world.

It wasn’t until Ben was almost two that anything romantic happened between them. And even then it progressed slowly. Liz wanted to be careful since it wasn’t just her she had to look out for, but her young son as well. Max understood, not wanting to loose either of them by going too far.

After almost two years of dating, Max and Liz got married. It was a small ceremony with only their friends and Max’s family there when they said their I do’s. As soon as they did, Ben started calling Max Daddy and was still doing it a year after the fact. He knew about his real father and that he had given his life to protect them all but he really wanted a Daddy who was in front of him.

“Mommy, can I have some more milk?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, baby. It’s in the cooler.” Liz said. She wished that Ben had been able to see his son and she hopped that he was doing what he had told her he would. Looking over them.

As she watched him and Max chowing down on their food, she thought about how right Ben had been. They hadn’t been in love; she had only known that with one person, Max. But they had loved each other enough to create the perfect little boy in front of them. She noticed him staring at her and asked, “What’s wrong baby?”


“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Well I was just thinking. Uncle Zack and Aunt Max have two kids that are littler than me, so why don’t I have a little brother or sister?” Ben asked.

Liz and Max tried not to laugh at his question or his reasoning. He saw that someone else had two kids who were younger than him so he assumed that since he was older, he should have a younger sibling too. “Well sweetie. It’s funny you should mention that because Daddy and I wanted to talk to you about something like that. That’s why we came to the beach for this picnic.”

Max took over then and said, “Your Mom and I are going to give you what you want Ben. A little brother or sister.”

Ben’s little face lit up at the news and started asking all kinds of questions. Where was the baby? How did it get into Mommy’s stomach? When was it going to get there? Was it a boy or a girl? Liz and Max realized then that they had opened up a large can of worms in the form of a very inquisitive little boy.


It’s been almost six years ago that Ben died and I still think of him everyday. It’s hard not to when our son is the spitting image of him. But looking at him doesn’t make me sad; it makes me remember all the good times that his father and I shared. Zack, Maxie and I sit around sometimes and talk about him trying to remember everything so that we can tell Ben when he gets older. I wish he could be here with us. I know we wouldn’t be together, he was right when he said I would love Max, but it would still be nice to have him here.

There are times when I feel very guilty for all the happiness I have in my life. For my loving husband, and my two precious children, Ben and my daughter Abby. Guilty that Ben gave up his life so we could be safe. But then I remember that he wouldn’t want that. He would want me to enjoy the life I’ve made for our son and myself.

Life goes on, sometimes we wish it didn’t but it does. And we have to make the best of it, otherwise what’s the point in the struggle that they had fought to get there.

The End

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