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Title: Throwing in a New Twist

Rating: I don’t know. I’m just winging it.

Category: AU and C/C. Is there any other?

Disclaimer: So not mine.

Summary: What do you want from me!!!! Ok, I’ll try. Umm, Liz has a secret. Prue’s dead? No she isn’t. Who are you? And who the hell is Paige? Of course Cole is a good guy. Duh. He’s just a little demon-y. Liz is adopted. What? Why are you looking at me like that? You didn’t know? Everyone knows that two blue eyed parents cannot have a brown-eyed child. Pay more attention! Now where was I? You know what? Just read the goddamn story. Geesh.

Distribution: Um. Have, want, take. Just tell me where it’s going and keep my name in the author’s box.

AN: JK should be stopped and my fellow authors should be writing the script.

AN 2: Suggestions of a title would be much appreciated.

AN 3: You should really read Watcher Tara’s ‘Two Down Two To Go’ and ‘Saving The Best Til Last’ if you haven’t already. Go to they the bomb. Oh and Bonding Eight by Nikki.

Chapter 1

Liz Parker looked at her friends and almost cried at the seating arrangements.

The Pod Squad were in one booth while the humans were in another.

This was her fault. She had ripped them apart.

Liz silently thanked God that her parents were out of town for the week. Maybe she could get to the bottom of this problem.

“Liz,” Alex called, bringing Liz out of her thoughts.

“Yeah. Um. I can’t tell you why this is important, just that it is.” Everyone was staring at her. “Since October, has anyone experienced flashes, uh, dreams, images that were like memories but couldn’t have been.”

The Pod Squad stiffened while the humans looked on in confusion.

“Liz,” Tess said slowly, “What do you mean?”

Maria started shaking her head and waving her hands. When everyone looked at her she stopped and stood up.

“Liz. Back room. Now,” she said. She dragged Liz into the back room and said, “Stay,” to everyone else.

They all looked at each other and scrambled to the serving window.

“Liz, what are you doing?”

“You remember I told you about that vision thing that Max had in Vegas?”


“Well I think that something happened to the Granolith and now they’re remembering. I have to find out what they know. Look, you go out there and stall. I need to … get something.”


The door swung open and Maria stopped and stared at her friends who were still at the serving window.

She began to retreat but was stopped when she heard Liz’s frantic whispering.

“Leo! Leo!”

Maria frowned and joined the rest at the serving window.

They could clearly see Liz pacing and wringing her hands.

“Leo! Get your whitelighter ass down here or I swear I’ll white light a fire under it!”

Everyone gasped quietly when a handsome blond man appeared in a swirl of blue-white light.

“Liz? What? I’m kinda busy!” he snapped, then, “Ah jeez, I’m sorry.”

“No probs. Leo, something doesn’t feel right. What’s going on?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Lea was shocked. “It’s all over the news.”

“What is? I have better things to do.”



Liz stalked into the restaurant and turned on the TV. Leo followed her.

Liz ignored her friends as she flicked through the channels.

Confused, the Pod Squad and Co. followed. On the TV, two women were vanquishing a demon.

“Oh. My. God.” Liz whispered.

We are now arriving at the house where they allegedly live.

Halliwell Manor came into view and Liz jumped, dropping the remote and clutching Leo's arm, pointing at the screen.

“Oh! Oh!

And you’re going to meet them live on Channel 8. Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

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fb already? wow. here's the next chapter.

Chapter 2

Liz stared the screen and watched as the media and half of San Francisco swarmed around the Manor. She whimpered when she saw Daryl run into the house.

“What’s going on Leo?” she whispered.

“That’s what we’d like to know.”

Liz and Leo turned quickly, surprised at their slip-up. Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex were stood protectively in front of the girls, glaring at Leo.

“Um. Ah. Guys, this is my cousin, Leo,” Liz stammered and Leo slipped an arm around her shoulder. Max and Michael visibly tensed. Despite their differences with humans, one thing was clear. Whoever this was, was a potential threat to the ‘family’.

“Liz, you don’t have a cousin called Leo.” From Alex.

“Um… uncle?”


“Really, really good friend?”

“Who materialised in the middle of the kitchen,” Kyle growled.

Liz and Leo paled. Maria, who had been witching the TV, gave a shriek, making Liz turn back. What she saw made her cry out in terror. Leo held her tight.

There, stood on a mini-van, was a young blond woman holding a sniper gun. Trained at the Manor.

Liz gained her senses and grabbed Max’s and Leo's hands.

“ORB!” she shouted.

Isabel screamed, as, in a swirl of blue-white light, they were gone.


Max was slightly disoriented as they appeared in a strange room.

Two brunette women were on the floor; one lying covered in blood, the other knelt next to her, crying as she put pressure on the wound.

It reminded Max so much of the shooting in the Crashdown, it was almost painful.

“Piper! NO!” Liz rushed forward. She began sobbing. “Oh God. Oh, please God no!”

Brunette number two looked up.

“Liz what..? Leo! You have to help her.”

Leo looked trapped as tears ran down his face.

“I can’t. My powers are tied to my emotions Prue. You know that.”

“So do I,” Liz said. “That’s why I brought Max.”

Liz looked up at Max.

“Please Max. You have to save her. Please. She can’t die.”

Prue and Leo were staring at Liz and Max. How could he help? Max and Liz were oblivious to their looks; instead, Max looked at the desperation in Liz’s eyes and made a decision.

He made his way to the young woman’s side, then looked up at Liz.

“Piper baby. Open your eyes. He can’t help unless you open your eyes,” Liz begged.

Piper’s eyes fluttered open and Max immediately formed a connection with her. He ignored the flashes and concentrated on healing a gunshot wound for the third time in his life.

When he finished he lurched away from Piper and doubled up in pain. Liz’s arms came around him and he held her while she sobbed her thanks. Prue and Leo helped up a dazed Piper and all three stared at the young man on his knees in front of them.

“What are you?”

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Chapter 3

“Where is he? Where is he?” Isabel was going insane. It had been two hours since Max and Liz had just disappeared.

“Isabel. He’s with Liz. He’ll be Ok.” Maria said.

Isabel, Michael and Tess rounded on Maria.

“You know something. What do you know?” Michael demanded.

“Nothing. I just know that Liz has a reason for keeping Leo from us and she has a reason for taking Max with her.”

“She’s probably working with the enemy,” Tess snarled in fear of her friends.

Maria’s hand lashed out as she slapped Tess.

“Don’t you ever say anything like that again. You have more to thank Liz for than you know. You owe her your life! She has a reason for everything that she’s ever done and when she gets back she will tell us if she feels like it.” Maria growled, her eyes flashing fury.

Tess flinched and backed away with her hand holding her red cheek. She was scared for her friends, for Max. She should learn to keep her mouth shut.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I’m just scared. Nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Everyone turned when the swirling blue-white light appeared again and Max, Liz and Leo appeared in the middle of the café. Liz saw Tess holding her cheek and immediately rushed to her side.

“Tess are you ok? What happened?”

Tess felt like a heel. She’d just called Liz a traitor and here she was concerned about her.

“Don’t worry. It was my fault,” Tess murmured.

Leo cocked his head to the side as if listening to something.

“Liz, I’ve got to go,” he said apologetically.

“It’s alright. I’ll see you later,” Liz smiled before turning to Max and helping him into a booth.

He looked dazed, like someone who had been hit with a bomb and survived.

“Thanks Max,” Leo said before he disappeared.

Liz turned to Max.

“Max can you fill them in? I’ve got to get Cole down here.”

Max nodded, still unresponsive. Liz threw her arms around him.

“Thank you. You’ll never know how much what you did meant to me.” She said for the umpteenth time.

Max came out of his daze and looked at her.

“Liz, I told you. It was nothing.”

“No Max. It was definitely something.”

She stood away from them and looked at the ceiling.

“Cole!” Nothing happened. “Cole if you don’t get here now I’ll tell Phoebe what really happened to her term papers!”

There was a sort of ripple in the air and a tall dark haired man appeared in front of Liz. He grimaced.

“I’m here. You know you’re gonna get in trouble if I’m found up here,” he groused then noticed Liz’s friends staring at him in shock and fear. His brow creased and he frowned. “Hi.”

Maria gave a small timid smile and wave. Cole turned and gave Liz an inquisitive look and pointed at them.

Liz shook her head.

“Don’t ask. What’s the sitch downstairs?”

“Everyone’s going nuts. Not only did your sisters vanquish the Source’s best assassin, the whole witch and demon thing is out.”

“Huh? Explain.”

“Well, your sisters didn’t just compromise themselves when they let themselves get caught. They compromised the Source and the rest of demon-kind.”

“Great. Can you get me in touch with Tempest.”

“Liz are you sure? He’s gonna want something in return, besides,” Cole gave her a look, “you know you don’t need me to contact him. You’re the only witch he’ll hear.”

Liz sighed and dropped onto a chair. Cole knelt in front of her.

“Liz are you ok?”

“Piper got shot Cole. I’m scared. This has to end now. Society won’t except us. It’ll be like the Middle Ages again.” Liz felt tears run down her cheeks and brushed them away. “This has to stop, but I want them to know.” Liz indicated to her silent friends. “I hate keeping this a secret.”

“Call Tempest. See what he says. But I want to be here when you talk to him. He didn’t become an upper-level demon by being fair.”

Liz took a deep breath.

“Ok.” She stood and moved again to the middle of the room.

“Tempest?” Liz’s voice was tremulous. Then it got stronger. “Tempest get here now!”

In a swirl of white light, a middle aged man appeared and smiled at Liz.

“Don’t smile at me,” Liz snapped.

The smile vanished.

“Very well little witch. What was so great you actually called me yourself?” he asked.

“Uh-huh. You don’t live under a rock Tempest. You know why I called you.” Liz said imperiously.

Tempest turned to Cole and frowned.

“Balthazar.” He acknowledged.

“Tempest.” Cole looked ready to leap at him.

Tempest chuckled and turned back to Liz.

“You want me to turn back time. I’ll need a little offering. I don’t move time for nothing, not even for you, little witch.”

“Name it and maybe I’ll consider it.”

“Remove this bond, little witch. You are getting on my nerves and I won’t be at the beck and call of good.”

“You created the need for this bond Tempest. Ask for something else. I won’t give you that.” Liz was firm.

“I shall not be denied!” Tempest roared, advancing a step.

Liz stood still and unmoved. Her chin raised a notch as she stared down the demon.

Her friends watched with fear and awe. This was not the Liz they knew, and yet she was. She’d always had a commanding presence, now it seemed doubled.

“Neither shall I. We do this on my terms demon. Now ask for something else.”

Tempest backed down.

“What exactly do you want?”

“Turn back time exactly one day, Tempest. No more, no less. Leave my sisters or myself with the information to stop this madness. That is all,” Liz ordered.

Tempest’s jaw clenched, then he smiled.

“I have the perfect price.”

Liz raised an eyebrow and waited.

“A kiss. One kiss from the one who commands me.”

Liz laughed.

“I doubt the Source would oblige.”

“The Source does not command me as you do, little witch. Even the Source cannot request my audience should I not wish it. No. I request that you pay this price.”

Liz’s eyes narrowed.

“What trickery is this, Tempest?” Cole growled from his place in the corner of the cafe.

“No trickery. One kiss and I will do as you ask. No tricks.” As if to prove the innocence of his request, Tempest held up his hands.

Cole grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her back slowly, as if from a wild beast.

“I don’t trust him sweet. You shouldn’t either.”

Liz moved away from Cole and walked until she was in front of Tempest.

“You know I have my own ways of travelling without you. If you try anything, I’ll stop you, and then I’ll kill you. Do you understand?” Liz whispered.

Tempest just nodded. Liz tilted her face to him and Tempest covered her lips with his own. When he raised his head, Liz nodded and he raised his hands. An egg timer appeared and he turned it over. Time slowed, stopped and began to run back.

Liz noticed that she, Cole and the others were unaffected by this. He was allowing her friends to keep their memory of this.
When time stopped flowing back, Liz looked at the calendar.

It was yesterday. She turned to Tempest.

“Not only was that the single most disgusting experience of my life … thank you. Here,” Liz held out her hand and gave him something. It was a gold pocket watch. Tempest took it and bowed to her.

“It wasn’t any good for me either. But, I’ve never kissed a good witch. Something to tell the lesser demons. Call it a novelty. Adieu.”

A bow and another swirl of white light and he was gone.

Liz immediately ran to the counter and took a long drink of water.

“Blech! That was disgusting. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Anyone got any gum?” she turned to her stunned friends. “Anyone? Gum?” No answer. “Cole?”

“Uh, yeah. Here.” He handed her a stick of gum and she unwrapped it and began chewing. “Come here. I want to make sure he didn’t do anything to you.”

Liz stood in front of him and he ran a glowing red hand from her toes to the top of her head.

“Anything?” Liz asked, still chewing the gum.

“Nope, nothing.”

“Great. Leo!”

“Hey not so loud,” Cole joked.

“Sorry,” Liz apologised just as Leo appeared.

Leo frowned at Cole.

“What’s he doing here?”

“Never mind about Cole. Get me to Piper.”


“Cole you stay here. Help them out with what just happened,” Liz pointed to her still silent friends.

Liz and Leo orbed out. Cole turned to the near catatonic group.

“Well. Where do I start?”

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thanx for the fb. 4 the purpose of time saving, liz has all the powers the charmed 1's have. K?

Chapter 4

An hour later, the gang was up to speed. They sat in amazement. Liz was a witch. A good witch.

“Wow.” - Maria

“Yeah. Wow.” - Tess

Liz and Leo appeared in a swirl of blue-white light. Leo guided Liz to a chair where she sat, a stunned expression on her face. She looked up at her friends and burst into tears.

Cole was immediately by her side.

“Liz. Sweetness. What’s wrong?”

Liz just shook her head and ran out of the café. Everyone turned to Leo with accusing eyes.

“Explain.” Cole growled.

“I had to take her to see the Elders. They’ve charged her with the Four,” Leo said.

“The Four? But they haven’t…” Cole levelled a look at Leo. “She’s to have the Four? She’s only 17. What are they thinking?!” he bellowed.

“They’re thinking that a storm is coming and they need the Four!” Leo roared back.

“What are you guys talking about?” Maria asked. “What’s wrong with Liz? You’d better start talking.”

“Liz is going to have the Four. Those idiots upstairs have impregnated a 17 year old virgin!” Cole shouted, glaring at Leo. “I hold you responsible. Why didn’t you speak up for her? Her parents are going to kill her.”

“Wait. Liz is a virgin?” Tess and Max shouted simultaneously, then rounded on Kyle.

“Kyle Valenti, you are so going to explain right now or I swear to God…” Tess left the threat hanging.

Kyle paled.

“Hey. It’s not my fault. She asked me to stage that thing and I’m her friend. I didn’t ask why, I just assumed she wanted Romeo off her back.”

Max sat down with his head in his hands.

“Why would she do that?”

“Max. I’ll tell you what I told them. Liz has a really good reason for everything she does. What she did she did for you and the rest of us. Trust me, it broke her heart.” Maria placed a soothing hand on his shoulder.

“Once again, Maria, it sounds like you know something that you’re not telling us,” Michael growled.

Maria turned to them and they all gasped. Maria’s green eyes were now a blue that was so pale it was almost white.

I know all and I see all.

“M- Maria?” - Michael.

No. I am just borrowing this body. I have come to explain our reason for charging Elizabeth with the Four.

“Alright. Explain,” Cole growled, crossing his arms.

“Show some respect,” Leo murmured, keeping his eyes down.

Elizabeth has shown herself to be one of the few white witches who are pure of heart and body. Even the Charmed Three are not as pure as their sister. We feel that Elizabeth will raise the Four the way they should be raised. And having friends as loyal as you all will be a bonus.

“But she’s just a child!” - Cole

Balthazar, you know she has not been a child for a long time. She has endured more than any child should and as a result, she has aged far beyond her years. She is loyal and good and she agreed to raise the Four.

“Did you tell her she was to give birth to them?” Max asked.

Maria looked chastised and a little guilty.

We agree that trickery was used, but what 17-year-old agrees to give birth to children. Very few, and the need for the Four becomes greater. Elizabeth is the perfect candidate.

“What are her parents gonna say?” - Michael

Her parents shall not know. The pregnancy shall only last a few hours and the children will have aged the equivalent of six years within seven hours of birth. During this time, it will be impossible to wake either mother or children as she shall be teaching them. The dream-walker should know all about the difference between the time spent in dream and the time that passes in this world. As she said this she turned to Isabel. At the shocked looks from the Roswell crew she smiled. I know all and see all. Blessed be.

They watched as Maria’s eyes darkened to green and she shook her head.

“Goddamit! She could have asked!” she fumed.

Before anyone could say anything, they heard a scream from upstairs. They all ran up to the apartment and looked around frantically.



Then they heard a voice coming from Liz’s bedroom. Maria hurriedly pushed open the door.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!”

Liz was stood in the middle of the room hyperventilating, her hair damp from the shower, wearing only a bathrobe. The alarming thing was her round stomach. She looked like she was at least seven months pregnant. Liz looked up and whimpered. Max was immediately at her side, helping her to the bed and whispering words of comfort. Her friends watched on in silence, noting the loving way that Max held her. Her whispered words echoed in the silence of the room.

“Why me, Max? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Their clasped hands rested on her rounded stomach.

“I love you Liz. There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Liz smiled at him then opened her mouth and screamed.

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I'm soo happy that the site is back on that I am postng two new chapters. one's really short but the other's really long.

here ya go!

Chapter 5

Max, Michael, Alex, Kyle, Leo and Cole paced the apartment living room. When Liz had unexpectedly gone into labour, Leo had quickly orbed Prue, Piper and Phoebe to the apartment and they were now playing mid-wife with Maria, Isabel and Tess.

Another agonised scream ripped through the apartment and Max strode towards the bedroom. Michael tackled him.

“Michael! Let me go!” Max shouted as he struggled against his best friend and brother.

“No. Max, it’s normal,” Leo muttered, all the while shooting worried glances towards the bedroom.

“Yeah. It’s normal for virgins to give birth two hours after getting knocked up by the Elders, who aren't even human.” Said Alex. When everyone frowned at him he chuckled nervously. “Yeah. I was going for levity.”

“Shut up Alex,” Michael growled, still holding a struggling Max down.

Suddenly there was silence in the apartment and the men watched the bedroom door anxiously.

Five minutes later, Prue, Piper and Phoebe walked out of the room and closed the door behind them. They raised their eyebrows at Max and Michael but said nothing.

“He was worried,” Kyle said by way of explanation. “I’m Kyle Valenti, by the way.”

“Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell,” Piper said for the three of them.

“I’m Alex Whitman and Michael Guerin is the one holding down Max Evans.”

“How is she?” Max asked from his position on the floor.

“She’s sleeping. The Four are fine. Asleep but fine. Maria, Isabel and Tess are just cleaning Liz up,” Phoebe said, trying to keep from laughing at the two boys on the floor.

“Maria gave us the 411on the whole ‘Liz is pregnant’ thing. Leo, how could you let them do that?” Piper asked her husband.

“I can’t disobey them Piper. You know that.”

“I know. It’s just, she’s so young. How could they do this to her?”

Leo wrapped his arms around her.

“If it helps, I’m not feeling great about this either,” he soothed.

“It helps me. But what about Lizzie?”

Chapter 6

“Mmm.” Liz moaned. She shifted in the bed and smiled when she felt four bodies around her.

“Momma. Can you tell Zane to move?” a childish voice asked.

“Ok, Serena sweetie. Zane, honey? Move.”


“Lizzie! You’re awake!”

Liz pried her eyes open and stared at Maria. She was surrounded with all her friends. Liz took in the worried faces of Max, Michael, Isabel, Alex, Tess and Kyle and the relieved faces of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Cole.

“Hey guys. Lemme just…” Liz heaved herself up and looked at the wide-eyed faces of her children.

All four had the physical appearances of six-year-olds but they had never seen anyone but their mother in their six years in their dream world.

“Ok kiddies. These are momma’s friends. There’s Maria, Alex, Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Max. And that’s Uncle Leo, Uncle Cole, Auntie Prue, Auntie Piper and Auntie Phoebe.” As she called out their names, everyone gave a wave or a nod. “Guy’s the red head is Serena, the brown haired girl is Sandy, the dark haired boy is Zane and the blond is Troy.”

“Hey! How are you guys feeling?” Maria asked them.

“Momma promised us waffles,” Sandy stated matter-of-fact.

“I’m tired!” Troy whined before snuggling back under the covers.

“Well I want waffles!” Sandy and Serena chorused, getting up and bouncing on the bed.

Liz groaned and climbed out of bed, grabbing the two girls and tucking them under her arms. The girls squealed with laughter and the boys jumped up, wanting to share the fun.

“Me now!”

“No me! Me!”

Liz turned to the others and gave them a playful but panicked look.


Max immediately swooped down and grabbed the boys. He placed Troy on his back and held Zane up by his legs.

“Where to, milady?” he laughed.

“To the kitchen!” Liz ordered and everyone moved to the kitchen.

While Liz and Piper made the waffles for everyone, Liz filled everyone in on the six years, (or five hours, it just depended on whom you asked) that she had spent raising and teaching the children. She had explained to the children at an early age that they would have to live with their aunts and uncles in San Francisco. The dream setting had even been the Halliwell Manor. Thankfully, everyone agreed that it was the best solution. Liz would visit the children every chance she had.

After placing the steaming breakfast treats in front of the children, the wolfed it down with great gusto. Occasionally, they would still look at the companions intently. Suddenly, Sandy spoke up.

“Do you want to know what I am?”

Everyone looked at her strangely, but nodded their heads.

Instead of speaking up, Sandy focused her brown eyes on and earthenware bowl in the centre of the table. Before everyone’s eyes, the bowl re-shaped itself into an earthenware statue of a horse, perfect to the last detail.

“Oh wow.” Maria breathed.

“Sandy is the earth element,” Liz supplied.

“Ooooooh. Me next!” squealed Serena, refusing to be outdone by her sister.

Everyone gasped as her green eyes flared as red as her hair and the horse’s mane became a flaming mass.

“Fire.” Max whispered.

Zane focused his grey eyes next and a gust of wind blew the mane of fire out. Serena pouted at her brother but he just smirked.

“Air.” - Alex.

Troy decided to be the piece-de-resistance and focused his baby blues intently. The earthenware horse shattered leaving a statue of rippling water. It was as if the original statue had acted as a mould leaving the water as an exact replicate of Sandy’s model.

“Water,” he announced triumphantly.

“Ok. Now clean it up.” Liz told them in a firm tone. Everyone looked at her. She sounded just like a mother. She raised her eyebrows at them. “What? I raise them for six years and you expect me not to sound like a mom?”
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I forgot that I hadn't posted the epilogue for this fic on this board.

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Chapter 7 - Epilogue

Maria, Isabel and Tess clung to each other sobbing while Liz said a tearful good bye to her children.

"OK. Now remeber. Listen to what you aunts and uncles say and don't talk to strangers. And don't use your powers around people unless someone in the family says it's ok. And eat your vegetables. And..." Liz almost collapsed crying. How was she gonna survive without her babies?

She saw Serena's lip quiver just before the child flung herself at her mother.

"I don't wanna leave you momma!"

"Me neither!" the other children wailed.

"Oh don't you worry. You can't get rid of me that easy. I'll be with you every opportunity I get, ok?"

The children nodded and grasped Leo's and each others hands. Seconds later all five disapeared in a swirl of blue-white lights.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe were next. They all hugged close together and cried.

"When we have time, I want you to tell me all about this bond you have with Tempest, do you understand," Prue sniffled.

"Yeah. Do you realise how dangerous that is?" Phoebe asked.

Moments later, they too were gone, leaving only the Pod Squad, their human friends and Cole.

Cole immediately swept Liz into a hug and murmered reasurances in her ear.

"Do you want me to tell them?"

"No, Cole. I can do it just... Give me a little time. All this stuff has happened and I need to recuperate."

Cole bent slightly to look her in the eye.

"Are you sure? By the time they convince Leo to orb them or me to shimmer over here and get you, they'll have calmed down a bit."

"I got it. Don't worry about me. Worry about getting Pheebs to say yes, ok?"

Cole nodded and kissed her on the forehead.

"I never had a sister before," he murmured before the air shimmered and he disapeared.

Tess took note of Liz's dejected posture and, to the surprise of every one there, walked over and put her hand on Liz's shoulder.

"Are you ok?"

With a sob, Liz turned and buried her head in the other girls shoulder.

"What am I gonna do?"

The End

Look out for the sequel - Blessed Be

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