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Summary: re-writing my fic 'Dark Angel', a few changes added.
Catergory: AU DA / Roswell with a bit of species theme to it.
Author: Lady_without_a_clue
Rating: PG 13, with some fighting.
Disclaimer: I own nothing


TRANSMISSION FROM NM, AIRFORCE BASE to WASHINGTON, DC - After close observation, fragments and living tissue from the crash site, have been classified as not of this world. The three alien beings plus alien sacs containing human like fetus's will be transported to the bunker 51 for analysis.

TRANSMISSION FROM NM, AIRFORCE BASE to WASHINGTON, DC - After two days of captivation, two of the alien beings have died and the other escaped. Security measure's have been taken to ensure the safety of Sac's until transportation to Bunker 51.

TRANSMISSION FROM NM, AIRFORCE BASE to WASHINGTON, DC - Day three, the sac containing eight fetus's has split in half. Four will remain at the base while the others are transported to Bunker 51 for DNA analysis.

TRUCK INTERCEPTED - location of Sac 1 unknown

NM, AIRFORCE BASE INFILTRATED - location of Sac 2 unknown. Captain Hal Carver wanted for questioning.

Manticore CLASSIFIED records - X5 embryos: SUCCESSFUL.


X0101 59 888
X0101 11 595
X0101 23 389
X0101 67 739
X0101 34 737
X0101 21 289
X0101 00 503
X0101 27 042
X0101 19 723
X0101 49 763
X0101 50 988
X0101 88 911
X0101 81 000
X0101 23 555
Man stumbles out from no where bleeding and badly hurt, he falls to the ground in pain. X0101 59 888 appears and looks down at the man judgementally before leaping onto him and ripping at his face and chest. The others in his unit also appear and begin to strip the man of his skin until they stand back, painted with blood.
"2.5 minutes flat" Lydecker says stepping out with a stop watch "very impressive".

YEAR 2009

2000 HOURS


SEARCH: Lydecker, Donald


FILE MISSING..........................................

SEARCH: Summers, Angelica


FILE FOUND.....................

2013 HOURS
phone call between Tom Roberts (security officer of Manticore files and records) and Lydecker.

Tom: Ah Mr Lydecker sir.
Lydecker: What?
Tom: There is something.... something happening to the net sir.
Lydcker: something like what... you half-wit techno winnie.
Tom: I have one user on line who is accessing work enough for 10 users.. I think we got a hacker.
Lydecker: what's the situation?
Tom: well he's currently accessing terminal 23. It's an archive of every employee Manticore has ever..
Lydecker: I know what it is. has he accessed any bodies particular file.
Tom: No... wait... he has. A.... Angelica Summers.
Lydecker: shit...... Get the switch and control centre and tell them to track the call in process.
Tom: yes sir
Lydecker: and make sure nobody finds out about this or it's your job. got it.
Tom: yes sir.
Tom: he's gone off line sir.
Lydecker: did you get a trace?
Tom: Yes sir. It came from a trailer park 30 kilometres north of Las Vegas.
Lydecker: excellent. get a swat team out there immediately and bring the culprit back to Manticore alive.
Tom: yes sir.


-Black hawk has landed, I repeat black hawk has landed-
-affirmative black hawk- the swat leader answered looking towards the door of the trailer they had pin pointed the hacker to be. They surrounded the small trailer as the swat leader began to give his order "on three - 1.... 2..... 3.." he kicked the door in to find a completely empty trailer with a massive super computer off-line.
"what is this sir?" a officer asked looking around.
"I don't know" he said looking down at a bin full of empty Tabasco and sugar packets "Evacuate the area" he ordered "set up road blocks 30 miles all round and send a search team to look through the dessert. he may be on foot".
"yes sir" the officer said running off. the leader pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialed Lydecker directly.
"talk" Lydecker ordered.
"he's gone sir" the officer answered looking around the trailer "from the looks of it the culprits have been here for weeks even though the owner says nobody has been living here for years" Lydecker sighed.
"how many eye witnesses?" Lydecker asked.
"the whole trailer park sir" the officer answered standing perfectly still "How shall I handle the situation".
"burn the trail park to the ground and make sure no one gets away" he answer coldly "get as much information from the owner as possible. I'm sending a clean up team down immediately".
"yes sir".

0100 HOURS
Lydecker and swat leader Jacob Rains

Lydecker: this better be important.
Jacob: We have search down to new Mexico sir and found no trace of our culprit..
Lydecker: this was so important that it couldn't wait until day break.
Jacob: We found something else sir, a girl.
Lydecker: A girl (Pause) what is a girl doing out in the middle of the dessert?
Jacob: we don't know sir. We have tried questioning her but she doesn't know a word of English and it gets better. The scientists analyzed the jelly like tissue that was found over her entire body. It's alien sir.
Lydecker: Alien? how do they know that?
Jacob: because the material is an exact match to the material used in those pods that were found.
Lydecker: 1947 crash.
Jacob: excuse me sir?
Lydecker: never mind. I want that girl up here ASAP.
Jacob: yes sir.
Lydecker: make sure she passes quarantine.

NAME: Unknown
AGE: 6 years old HAIR: curly blonde
EYES: blue SEX: female

X5 779 24 381 & X5 322 11 975 <
< X5 333 76 891 & X5 113 20 101 ENTER>
>Em-ne-ba-lapara-car< THE BRUNETTE STEPS FORWARD >Me-eco-lag-me-sen-la-to-var-ca< THE BLONDE SHAKES HER HEAD.

1200 HOURS
>Where are we?< THE BLONDE SPEAKS.
>we were born here. this is our home< THE BRUNETTE STEPS FORWARD.
>This is not our home, we must escape < THE BLONDE CONTINUES > We have a destiny...... BRUNETTE PUSHES BLONDE DOWN BEFORE WALKING OFF. THE OTHER THREE FOLLOW.

Designation: X5 779 24 381 sex: female
Eyes: brown hair: brown
age: 6 1/2 diseases / allergies : none
Language: fluent English, Spanish, Germany, French and Swedish.
fighting technique : highly advanced.
fighting intellect : high advanced

Designation: X5 322 11 975 sex: male
Eyes: gray hair: light brown
age: 6 1/2 diseases / allergies : none
Language: fluent in Japanese, English and French.
fighting technique: lacking due to emotion.
fighting intellect: advanced.

Designation: X5 333 76 891 sex: female
Eyes: green hair: red
age: 6 1/2 disease's / allergies : none
Language: fluent English and Spanish.
Fighting technique : lacking due to struggle of physical strength.
fighting intellect : lacking.

Designation: X5 113 20 101 sex: male
Eyes: blue hair: blonde
age: 6 1/2 disease's / allergies : none
Language: fluent English, Greek and Latin.
fighting technique: ungraded.
fighting intellect: ungraded




X5471 (bullet wound to chest) DECEASED
X5327 (seratonin seizure) DECEASED


X5 113 20 101 DECEASED
Found 10 metres from base line with a silver white hand print on the back of his skull. cause of death: brain seizure.
X5 333 76 891 DECEASED
Found buried under 2 thick layers of ice. Cause of death: sharp blow to the back of the head.


DEAD OR ALIVE..........................


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Max's POV

Funny how from up here, it looks like nothing's changed. Only everything's changed. Not just me and Logan... everything. The whole time I was at Manticore, all I wanted was my strange little life back. Never figured it could get any stranger. But I guess it's gonna. And I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with it

If you ain't dirrty
You ain't here to party (woo!)

Ladies (move)
Gentlemen (move)
Somebody ring the alarm
A fire on the roof
Ring the alarm (and I'm throwin' elbows)

"And now it's time for the main event of the evening. Grand prize, five thousand bucks" The woman commentator coughed in to the microphone "First, the champion. With a record of forty-five wins and no losses...... 'The Cannibal'" the crowd exploded with roars.
Looking to the side, the female commentator got the go ahead to introduce the challenger.

Oh, I'm overdue
Give me some room
I'm comin through
Paid my dues
In the mood
Me and the girls gonna shake the room

DJ's spinning (show your hands)
Let's get dirrty (that's my jam)
I need that, uh, to get me off
Sweat until my clothes come off

"And now the challenger" the woman said as the crowds died down a little bit "Undefeated in her three times in the ring, she hails from parts unknown... Welcome 'PARKER'" A small stepped into the caged ring and the audience roared in laughter.

It's explosive, speakers are pumping (oh)
Still jumping, six in the morning
Table dancing, glasses are mashing (oh)
No question, time for some action

Temperature's up (can you feel it)
About to erupt
Gonna get my girls
Get your boys
Gonna make some noise

"What is a girl doing in that cage" Normal screamed at the top of his lungs "Go home and play with your Barbie dolls princess" Normal shook his head and sat back down in his chair, money in hand "what a waste".

Wanna get rowdy
Gonna get a little unruly
Get it fired up in a hurry
Wanna get dirrty
It's about time that I came to start the party
Sweat dripping over my body
Dancing getting just a little naughty
Wanna get dirrty
It's about time for my arrival.

Walking over to the cannibal, Parker tapped him lightly on the back. The cannibal turned and glared down at her "hi".
"I'm gonna tear your head off little girl" he growled, invading her personal bubble.
"Shouldn't we shake hands first" he merely grunted and walked off to the other side of the cage "I'll take that as a no".

Ah, heat is up
So ladies, fellas
Drop your cups
Body's hot
Front to back
Now move your ass
I like that
Tight hip huggers (low for sure)
Shake a little somethin' (on the floor)
I need that, uh, to get me off
Sweat until my clothes come off

Usually as soon as the two were left only in the cage and the bell had sounded, The cannibal would be circling his prey like a vulture. But he simply stood back and watched his opponent.
"I'm not gonna fight a girl" he declared.
"Why not?" Parker said stepping forward "you afraid a little girl like me is gonna kick your ass".
"Don't mess with me little girl" he growled stepping forward "If you hang around long enough and you will know I am not the one of whom to fuck".
"Why would I wanna fuck you" Parker spat in his face "you look and smell like dog shit, I'd have to be out of my mind to want to fuck you" he was angry.

Let's get open, cause a commotion (ooh oh)
We're still going, eight in the morning
There's no stopping, we keep it popping (oh)
Hot rocking, everyone's talking

Give all you got (give it to me)
Just hit the spot
Gonna get my girls
Get your boys
Gonna make some noise

'The Cannibal' Ran at her, ready to use all his strength to over power her. Parker stood planted to the ground as she drew her fist back and threw it his nose knocking him off his feet and on to the ground. Blood everywhere. Parker bent down to him.
"What are you?" He choked, looking at the blood that now laced his fingers.
"Better" Parker whispered, knocking him out. The room in silence.

Gonna get a little unruly
Get it fired up in a hurry
Wanna get dirrty
It's about time that I came to start the party
Ooh sweat dripping over my body
Dancing getting just a little naughty
Wanna get dirrty (oh, oh)
It's about time for my arrival

The woman ran into the cage, a bright smile on her face as she took Parker's hand and threw it into the air "The champion!" The crowd went wild.

Uh, what

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Terminal City is a twenty-block no-man's land here in the heart of Seattle Closed ten years ago after a massive toxic spill, it is without power or water, and it is a felony to go beyond this security fence right behind me. Terminal City is far from empty; it is home to rats, stray cats, a few homeless humans, and--according to reports--an ever-increasing number of transgenics, some of them far from human. Local citizens have begun setting up flaming X's, like this one, outside the fence as a warning to the transgenics inside.
I never asked to leave Manticore, Sure it wasn't exactly Hugs and cuddles but it was safe, safer than the real world anywhere. To me, Seattle is like a large sewer populated by disease infested rats, who reject the unfamiliar. Story of existence. But then I get wondering, where do I fit into this odd equation of the world. I'm neither human nor Transgenic, or I'm both with a dash of mystery. A dash of something that makes me unique but not an original. Manticore screwed that up when they created the X0101's, to you they look like a bunch of crazy 8 years olds to me their the enemy. I don't know why I feel like that, every time I see them I get the urge to run and hide. An urge to scream for my life. the urge to die. I guess that's where the dreams come in. there always the same. there always to dark to tell where I am, or even who I am. I feel like an Amnesiac, getting a glimpse of the past through her dreams.
Then I wake up and I remember who I am, I'm killing machine who broke free from her chains, but remains chained to her mind. I prison to a mysterious heart. Unnamable.
Rounding the corner, I look up and see my apartment covered in rats, you'd refer to them as sector cops. Making a quick turn, I walk down the street and keep walking not really knowing where I'm going until I stop and look down the street towards a mob of people throwing bottles and cursing at Terminal city.
"Idiots" I muu=tter to myself before Looking across the street at a bunch of transgenics looking hopelessly at the gates of Terminal city, don't ask me how I know their transgenics I just do. It's like a sixth sense. My eyes watch one girl in particular who looks no older than 14, in her arms is a baby, a baby blue from the cold.
"No matter how hard they fight, they will always be on the outside" he says looking over the crowds with disgust "Their just to blind to prevent it.... and you thought it would be different".
"I never thought anything" I answered "and I know why your here, my answer is still no".
"We could help each other" he sighs "by my side you would make a glorious queen and I would give you whatever your heart desired....".
"Every time I look upon your face I feel ill" I sputter "leave me alone... my answer will never change".
And so the night moves on until I am able to rest my head in an abandoned apartment, raided by the police and ruined beyond repair. the dream still haunts me, but now I can place a name to a strangers face, painted with grief. I look to the stars and I whisper it for them to hear.

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It's June 6th 2020, I'm Alexander Charles Parker and five days ago, I died. but then this amazing thing happened, I came back. I just find it ironic that finally one good thing happens to me and it's because of an alien. Not that I Can speak right, I was found by the Parker's when I was 7 years old with no recollection of the past 7 years of my life. the only clues to my existence being the bizarre army style uniform I wore and the bar code on the back of my neck. I got a sick feeling in my stomach, that if one day I do remember, I'm gunna wish that I hadn't.

"Alexander Charles Parker" Maria exclaimed as she ran into my room "get your nose out of that book and your skinny ass out the door where gonna be late" she ran out.
"Good morning to you to Maria" I called smirked, shoving my journal under my pillow and grabbing my back pack.
Maria Anne Deluca has been my best friend since I came to Roswell, In 3rd grade on my first day of school, a bird practically fell out of the sky and died. Maria cried and wailed like her most prized possession had been taken from her and crushed, so I stepped in and we buried it in the Kindergarten sand box. Since that moment, she never left my side no matter what or who
"So" she dragged out as we speed down the streets towards school "Notice anything different about me?" Looking her up and down, I couldn't see anything different or new so I shrugged.
"You got new shoes?" I asked.
"No stupid" she growls, pointing to her oddly larger breasts "I'm wearing an aqua Bra" she exclaims "You know, all the fun of implants except without the invasive surgery part".
"You have official lost it Deluca" I laugh, looking out at the passing scenery of shops and busy people, with their busy lives.
"Please, your a guy" she scoffs, throwing her blonde hair over her shoulder.
"I'm glad you noticed after all these years" I sighed turning back to her "your point being?".
"If I walked up to you in the hall" she says turning to me slightly, her eyes still glued to the road "You'd look at these babies and you'd want me bad".
"Your so superficial" I growl turning away from her again.
"Oh and your not" she snaps, pulling into the West Roswell's student car park "I've seen the way you and half of west Roswell high drool over Isabelle I'm a ice queen Evan's. don't think I'm blind".
"I'm just saying..." I begin grabbing my bag and jumping out of her car "You don't have to wear water bra's to get attention Maria, you should be loved for the amazing person you are".
"Okay" she shouts "How much Oprah have you been watching?" she giggles.
"You leave Oprah out of this" I sneer in a half teasing half serious tone, walking into the school with Maria babbling on about Oprah, I stop when I see Isabelle walking down the hall.
"shhh" I hush, looking down the hall.
"what?" she whisper looking over my shoulder "what are we looking at?".
"I just saw Isabelle go down the....".
"Okay enough is enough" Maria interrupts her eyes waving around like a mad man who just escaped from a loony bin "I will not stand by will my best friend turns into some... obsessive stalker with an alter devoted to Isabelle Evan's an Alien queen.....".
"she just went in the eraser room" I gasp.
"with who?" she gasps, looking over my shoulder. Tess suddenly appears and walks into the eraser room after Isabelle, Maria's face covered in disbelief "No wonder she couldn't make a commitment".
"Mr Parker and Miss Deluca" we spin around and face Principal White "Like to explain what your doing out of class?".
"We were late" Maria stuttered "We were actually just on our way to class" Principal White cocked her eyes at us.
"then I suggest you get a move on" we both nodded and walk off to class.
I went to class and did my work, but my mind kept on slipping to when I had seen Isabelle and Tess walk into the eraser room. what where they doing? was something wrong? did they need my help? before I realized it I had chewed off half a pencil and scribbled a repetition of weird symbols all over my paper like an encoded message. then again it's probably only scribble, most likely.

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"I can't believe I'm stuck in here with you two" Isabelle grumbled as she chewed her nails nervously, the door swung open and a petite blonde walked in and slivered up beside Max after closing the door. Smiling a little, Tess slipped her hand into Max's and they shared a moment.
"Did I miss anything?" she asked sweetly, tearing her eyes away from Max.
"No" Michael grunted, leaning against a wall "but I obviously did".
"this isn't about me and Tess..." Max said firmly, pulling his hand away from Tess who gave a little pout at her rejection "We needed a safe place to talk, I found out a lot about the sighting from Milton".
"Told you that place would get to you" Michael smirked.
"5 people saw a flash in Frazier woods" Max informed.
"5 basket cases" Isabelle sighed, looking around the eraser room with annoyance.
"Then why has Valenti closed off a 4 square mile area of the forest near the Indian reservation" Everyone grew quiet at Max's last statement "It was no coincidence.... we need to get out there before Valenti does just in case there's something to find".
"Yeah but we don't know how many guys are patrolling" Tess finally spoke up "If anybody saw us it would just make him more curious" Michael nodded with agreement.
"What do you do in Frazier woods?" Max asked.
"You hike, you fish, you camp out" Isabelle said obviously hating to stuck in the eraser room more than she had to be.
"I can't believe I'm suggesting this" Max said scratching his head "but we could go camping that weekend".
"what?" Tess and Michael spat in unison.
"yeah" Isabelle perked up "If we get lost we can just say were kids missing from our school group".
"There's only one problem" Tess said getting everyone's attention "It's father daughter day or whatever" Isabelle and Max groaned, they knew their father would be ecstatic.
"I guess that leaves us out, Tess" Michael grunted and left the eraser room.
"I'll go after him.." Tess said reaching for the door.
"No" Isabelle said stopping her "Leave Michael alone... he needs some time" Isabelle left leaving Max and Tess alone in the eraser room. Tess licked her lips and looked up at a some what nervous Max.
"So..." she purred.
"So..." Max choked "I better get to class" Max walked out and slammed the door in Tess's face. Tess shrieked and stumbled back into the eraser room, tripping herself up in the process and falling flat on her ass.

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I felt myself a giggle, as he scooped me up into his strong arms and attacked me with kisses. I had been longing for the feeling of his arms around me, his warm breath against my neck, his deep amber eyes boring into my eyes. Pulling away from his embrace, I stood in front of him, aching for his touch. reaching out he touched my shoulders lightly, sliding my dress down my body and onto the cold floor. I smiled. With a flick of my wrist, his clothes deteriorated until we stood in front of each other, naked.
Sliding his cold soft hands around my waist he bought me close to him, are naked bodies connecting through the darkness, like a jigsaw puzzle. Nuzzling my neck, he pulled back and smiled "I love you, Liyah".
Putting my hands through his hair, I repressed a groan of pleasure and licked my lips "I love you, Zan" I whispered as we fell back on to our bed.
We wrestled around for a few minutes, tangled in sheets and tickled with sweat, when Zan guided himself inside me. I stared up at him. He stared down at me. We were coming together and it was beautiful. As my climax approached I felt a need to study him, remember ever exact detail of his face. his black hair. his amazing amber eyes. His nose. Lips. I felt the heat rise in abdomen. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. I moaned for more.
As did he.
A dark figure appeared from behind my love, a dagger in hand. A dagger aimed at Zan, my love.

I woke up. eyes blood shot. lungs sore. chest heaving for air... and a pair of arms reaching out to touch me. Almost naturally, I reached up and used the figure for leverage. Pulling myself up I threw my foot into his chest and head, causing him to fly backwards and crash through a wall.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......"grabbing Zan's head, I used all my strength to roll us over until I was on top. feeling the knife slice into my back, a pain radiated through my body as Zan lay below me in shock. the knife was removed and I fell into a pool of blood.
"Liyah" he screamed shaking me "No... Liyah".

"Freak" he screams at me, as I stand up and get ready to run for my life "Freak.... she's a Freak". walking over I give him a firm punch in the face knocking him out. Walking out the back door, I hop over a few fences and begin to make my way to terminal city, damn rats couldn't even leave me alone.
"there she goes" someone behind me screamed, looking behind me I see sector cops out in full force.
"shit" I curse before running down streets, jumping over fences and leaping over obstacles "shit".
Sometimes I wish I had never been created.
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"running away?".
"I wish" I grumbled as a hauled my camping gear down the stairs, Stopping I wiped the build up of sweat on my forehead and threw Maria a pleading look "Maria, I'm begging you for mercy". I felt something give and before I could act the camping gear slipped and fell the ground in a big thud "Please come with me".
"Please... you know my idea of the great outdoors is riding with the windows down on the way to the mall" she says giving my camping gear a little kick "You really need all this stuff?".
"Yup" I nodded, sitting down on the couch "Why can't my dad be like other fathers and.... bond over football and beer" Maria laughed and sat down beside me.
"there, there" she cooed patting my on the head "tell Aunt Maria all about it" we sat for a moment in silence.
"please come with me..." Maria groaned and got ready to speak "Listen to me Maria, to me father son bonding... thingy or whatever they are... they should take five minutes, not an entire weekend. I mean there's not even a TV" Maria snorted a laugh.
"yeah" she chokes "Me, myself have found father grossly overrated" I roll my eyes.
"He's started to get nosy" I sigh, Maria gives me a look "'What ever happened to the lovely girl you were dating?' or 'Are you doing drugs'" Maria laughed "it's not funny".
"sorry.. sorry" Maria apologised "please go on".
"It's like he doesn't know me" I sighed looking up at the ceiling "It's Like he wants to know about ever detail of my life".
"or lack there of" Maria says quickly, I hit her in the arm "Ouch!... that hurt you prick".
"that didn't hurt" she rubs her arms and shifts away a little "And what do you mean 'Lack there of"? I have a life you know......".
"yeah right" she snorts turning to me "When your not pinning after Isabelle Evan's...".
"Shut up" I order getting up "You don't know what your talking about".
"I haven't finished" Maria said before opening her mouth to continue "you need a life beyond this Alex, you need to get over Isabelle Alien ice queen Evan's and get back to the dating scene. plenty of Tuna or fish or whatever in the sea. You need a...".
"I'll pay you" I said quickly.
"To find you a date?" she says, somewhat excitedly.
"No" I groan shaking my head "I'll pay you to go camping with us".
"did you even hear a word I just said, Alex" she said waving her hand over my face "It's true.... you've been turned into an sick alien love slave" I slap her hand away.
"Come on I'm being serious Maria" I said in deadly serious tone "I'll pay you... 25 bucks".
"100" she injects immediately.
"50" I answered just a quick, leaving Maria to think a little.
"75" she answers with a smile.
"62.50" I reply "and that's my finally offer".
"How the hell do you do maths so quickly" Maria mumble to herself before looking up at Alex "all right.. but there is one condition... You pay me 62.50 plus... I get to set you up with whoever I choose" Alex repressed a groan.
"Deal" we shake on it, and I bring her into a tight hug "Thank you Maria, you won't regret it".
"I better not" the bell rang and Maria scampered off to serve hungry customers.
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Max gave Logans hand another squeeze as she watched the flag flutter through the wind, black, red and white. the colour of their souls. It had been a week since it had been raised and nothing major had happened, more Trangenics had pilled into Terminal City no to mention lost X5 brothers and sisters. Jace and baby Max were here, along with Zane and his wife Julie, Krit and Syl were on there way and Jondy was out with Alec. It seemed like everything was finally getting good, everything was finally coming together.
"Ah Max" I turned and looked towards one of the anomalies known as Dix "We have an intruder on the south side of Terminal City".
"One minute" I gave Logan an apologetically look "I'll be right back".
"take your time" he smiled touching my face lightly, leaning into his touch I pulled back and ran towards Dix and the monitors "watcha got for me?".
"there" he said pointing to one of the monitors, a small petite girl was looking around, a torn expression on her face "We can't tell if she's one of us or one of them".
"hey everybody" Alec called as he and Jondy strolled in with food "Max I got those motorcycle parts you were looking for".
"I'll thank you later" Max replied grabbing a few things "We got an intruder... I'm on my way to check it out".
"I'll come with, just let me grab my coat" Max nodded and waited for her sister to grab her coat. the raced down the trangenic filled streets towards where the intruder had entered. there was no sign of her.
"Dix" Max called into the radio.
"yeah Max" he answered.
"Our little visitor seems to have taken a walk" she answered looking around "Know where she is?" there was a long silence.
"Max..." Dix said in confusion "she's right next to you" turning Max looked around, but didn't see anything.
"I don't see anyone" she answered, looking to Jondy, she shrugged and looked around again "Dix, we can't see her".
"She's directly left of you" Max looked towards her left "your facing her" Max took a deep breath. throwing her foot up into what she perceived to be nothing but air. she hit something and went crashing back to earth. Looking up along with Jondy, the small girl appeared and glared at them.
"who are you?" Jondy ordered.
"I'm nothing" she answered "leave me alone" with that she disappeared.
"what the hell was that?" Max gasped.


"I think he's our father" Isabelle gave Michael a what-the-hell-are-you-on look while Max choked on his cherry coke.
"That is so ridiculous" Isabelle said rolling her eyes.
"Why?" Tess sneered at Isabelle "because you and Max already have a father" Isabelle gave Tess an ice cold glare that would make anyone shudder, Tess simply returned it.
"That's not what Isabelle meant" Max said, sticking up his sister.
"River dog knows more about us than Philip Evan's ever could" Michael snapped slamming his fist down on the table "No matter how many camping trips you guys take" Isabelle opened her mouth to protest, when her words were cut short by a certain blonde waitress.
"hey there" she smiled happily "what can I get you?".
"A few minutes" Michael barked angrily "Go away".
"Well sorry" Maria said backing away from Michael "what the hell crawled up your ass and died" Michael looked mad and Tess looked even worse. With a flick of her wrist, Maria slipped up and fell to the ground giving the entire crash down a real show. Michael smirked and Tess giggled. While Max and Isabelle looked very unimpressed.
"Your a bitch you know that" Isabelle growled at Tess before walking off.
"what did I do?" Tess said trying to play innocent.
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"Maria are you okay?" Alex asked, as I helped her up.
"Nothings damaged... other than my pride" she answered walking through to the back of the crash down "I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!".
"Let me guess..." Alex sighed watching her sit down "Michael Guerin".
"Give the boy a prize" she cheered as she began to tear up "I swear one of these days I'm gunna just have a break down at the way space boy gets to me. And not just him Alex, it's the way Isabelle gets to you and to every guy at West Roswell high".
"Maria your hyperventilating" Alex said, rubbing her back "calm down".
"I don't want to calm down" she screeched "when did our lives become so... confusing Alex?" Alex pulled his best friend close and hugged her.
"it's gonna be okay" Alex answered.
"No it's not" Maria said pulling away "If your not carefully I'm gunna end up picking up the pieces of your heart for the rest of your life".
"No your not..." Alex sighed, brushing her hair a little "Because I'm... were gunna stay away from them".
"Really?" Maria sniffled, rubbing her eyes.
"yes" Maria looked towards the door and gasped, Isabelle had been listening to there conversation. Alex remained oblivious. Isabelle turned and walked away leaving Maria with an Idea. It's to test his faith "then why has Isabelle been staring at you since she walked in?".
"she has?" he squeaked, his face turning a bright red.
"You my friend..." Maria said slapping him little on the arm "Are a goner" Walking out of the crash down, Maria watched as Isabelle grabbed her brothers arm and yanked him out of their booth.
"where are we going?" he asked in confusion.
"I just wanna go" she ordered walking out, Max grabbed his keys and followed Isabelle out. Maria stared after there backs with curiosity.
"hey Maria" Michael barked "Are you gonna take our order or what?".
"Not if I can help it" Maria replied, before walking off. What is going on with Isabelle?
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"She wasn't there" Max repeated to others for what felt like the hundredth time "It was like she could make herself invisible".
"To you maybe" Logan said throwing some photo's on the table "But she can't fool a camera" looking down at the girl, Max saw something in her eyes. fear. Anger. Relief. A world of emotions even though her face remained as cold as stone.
"Max" snapping out of her daze she looked up at Logan.
"what?" she asked.
"Is it possible she was some kind of experimental unit from manticore?" he asked, max shrugged her shoulders and resumed her staring at the picture.
"It is possible" Dix pitched in "Many X series soldiers were experimented on with pesticides, and gene therapies.......".
"hey I just thought of something..." everyone looked up at Alec "How do we know she isn't watching us at this very moment" everyone paused and began to look around.
"Shut up" Max growled hitting Alex in the arm.
"what?" Alec laughed "she could be, and looking at her picture.... she can watch me anytime" Original Cindy stepped in and slapped Alec across the head.
"Move on, fool" OC ordered stepping up beside Max "So you got a little awesome foursome going on" Everyone turned to her with disgust and/or confusion "the cartoon".
"Oh yeah..." Joshua clapped loudly "I like the guy with the... stretchy hands" OC smirked.
Looking over at Max OC asked "You ready boo?".
"yeah, I'm coming" Max sighed tearing her eyes away from the picture.
"where are you going?" Logan asked with concern.
"Were gonna swing by the apartment and pick up some stuff" Max answered "I'll be back before you know it" Logan walked up and put his hand on her shoulder.
"be careful".
"Always" Max smiled before walking off with OC.
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"Are you sure you really wanna do this?" Mr Evan's asked looking around at his children. Isabelle looked nervous and annoyed, biting at her nails ever five minutes, while Michael stood over her with an unreadable expression. Max was face first in a map of Frazier woods, with the blond he insisted on taking at his side. She hadn't left his side since they left the house he thought seizing her up, she seemed a little... slutty "Kids?".
"Yeah?" Max said looking up, Tess squeezed his hand and looked at him pointedly "Were really looking forward to it".
"yeah absolutely" Isabelle smiled before turning away and Muttering to herself "Mosquitoes, pit toilets and animal droppings. yes!" Michael chuckled.
"Well I can't say it doesn't make me happy to see you joining in like this" Mr Evan's smiled.
"well that's our new policy dad" Isabelle cheered for joy "Were joiners...." Isabelle turned and hit someone "Opp's sorry.... Alex?".
"hey.." Alex said rubbing the area Isabelle had hit him "Someone remind me never to mess with Isabelle Evan's....... She's got a really powerful right hook" he choked, a concerned Maria coming up behind him.
"Oh hey" Maria sighed, wrapping her arms around herself.
"You get dragged along too" Michael grunted, as he walked up behind Isabelle.
"Nope, I'm being paid" Maria smiled, Michael kicked himself, why didn't he think of that "So.... hey" the group went silent "this is fun" she said sarcastically.
"..... Coleman. Daskal. Evans. Hausman...." The coach barked as people began to board the bus.
"Isabelle that's us honey" Mr Evan's called, Isabelle looked at Alex.
"I'll see ya around" Isabelle said picking up a small back pack.
"See ya" Alex replied and watched Isabelle board the bus.
"Whipped" Maria chimed, making a whipping noise "you are so whipped".
"Kalinowski. Parker...." The Coach barked in their direction.
"get moving" Alex growled shoving her towards the bus. THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING!!!!


"Joshua" Alec called running down an alley, towards a large crouched figure sniffling curiously at the ground "what's up?" Alec asked.
"Something whack" Joshua barked sniffing the air.
"yeah?" Alec sighed looking around "You think it's our special guest?" Joshua shrugged and continued his search while Alec let his mind drift to the gorgeous brunette. Chocolate eyes. full lips. bronze skin. long wavy hair. he snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Joshua begin to bark and howl at a building "hey... what is it?".
"Something.... Whack...... " Joshua growled, looking around angrily.
"Okay buddy I think you should just..." Joshua snapped at Alec "hey, where on the same side" Joshua stopped growling and stared down the alley towards something. Turning Alex caught sight of what Joshua was looking at and saw the brunette shifting through some garbage.
"Hey..." Joshua yelled running off towards her.
"Joshua" Alex sneered taking off after him his eyes remaining on the brunette who was now looking up at them with annoyance. Hissing, she disappeared into nothing.
"Great. Way to go Joshua" Alec said, before noticing she left something behind. Bending down he picked up a small scarf "hello".
"Give me that" Joshua snapped, snatching the scarf and smelling it.
"what are you doing?" Alex asked.
"Picking up smell...." Joshua informed "I can smell her" he said pointing to his nose.
"Then what are we waiting for" Alex cheered "let's find her" Sniffing the air, Joshua looked down the alley and run off with Alec hot on his heels. he couldn't wait to find out who this mysterious brunette was.


"hey" Philip huffed, dumping his bags between a few thorny bushes "This looks like a great spot" Max looked away from his father and towards a small clearing only a few metres away.
"What about over there" Max exclaimed, looking back at his father "It's closer to the trees".
"Yeah" Philip said dragging his bags over top where Max had pointed out "good call" Isabelle gave her father a small pat on the back, before hanging back with Tess, Michael and Max.
"Come with us, it'll be fun" Michael says trying to imitate Max "Valenti is right her Max, why don't you just walk up to him and say 'hey were aliens, dissect us'" Tess hit Michael on the arm.
"Shut up" she growled.
"Michael's right" Isabelle said watching her father cautiously "Valenti is already snooping around and if he catches us he's gonna know...".
"Know what?" Max snapped at his sister "he doesn't have any evidence that were anything other than high school students, If that sighting is real and there is something out there, then we have to find it first. We have no choice".
"Something wrong?" Philip asked, snapping them all back to reality.
"No..." Isabelle said walking away from Max "everything's peachy keen" Max threw a glare at Isabelle.
"hey Philip" Jim Valenti called, everyone with Philip Evan's as an exception visibly stiffened "you don't mind if me and Kyle set up camp her too" Max cringed and Kyle stared openly at Tess.
"Sure" Philip smiled brightly "let's make a party of it".
"yeah" Jim smiled dropping his bags, before looking up at Jeff Parker "Hey Jeff, come over here" Jeff smiled and made his way over, while Maria and Alex tagged along with very annoyed looks on their faces.
"hey Kyle" Alex called walking over to his friend side "If I remember correctly you said 'you'd turn Buddhist before your father dragged you to a father/son camp weekend'".
"I'm working on it..." he grumbled "So is Evan's taking out Tess?" I looked at him and knew he had a thing for Tess.
"yeah man..." I sighed slapping him on the back "sorry".
"Sorry?" he repeated "If you think I have thing for Tess, you are so out of line..".
"Really?" Maria said stepping in to our conversation "that's not what Lucy Warner told me yesterday" Kyle whipped his head towards a smirking Maria, while Alex began to laugh.
"what did she say?" Kyle demanded, Maria threw up her hands.
"Sorry little cricket" she sighed "I'm sworn to secrecy" Maria walked off to unpack, Kyle hot on her heels, begging her to tell him what Lucy Warner, his ex girlfriend had told her. Alex's laughter died down when he saw Isabelle watching him.

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"Then right of the milky way.... that's Orion" Isabelle smiled, as she snuggled close to Alex, but not close enough to label it as actually snuggling. Your a dork Isabelle thought to herself, as she gazed up at the stars.
"that's..." Alex paused "wow".
"And see the north star?" Isabelle asked, taking in Alex scent... what is that cologne?
"yeah" he answered, snapping her out of her cologne induced haze.
"Ok, now look a little to your left...and a little further out, that small group of stars right there" looking over at Isabelle she saw him give a small nod "that's the Cygnus constellation. It's the furthest we can see from here".
"this is amazing" he smiled brightly, turning to her "thank you".
"for what?" Isabelle blushed.
"for letting me stare at the stars with you. I mean, I used to look up there, and stars were just stars. One was just as good as the next one. Somehow with you...I mean... It's so wondrous, you know?" Alex said looking from the glittering night sky to Isabelle "I mean...each star a mystery, you know, and so full of possibility".
"thanks" she replied, wishing silently that this moment wouldn't end. but she knew it had too "It's getting late, we better get back to the others".


I guess everyone has their reasons for keeping people away, an instinct to protect yourself from getting hurt. It's part of human nature.


It was dark, scary and.... freaky. Great I've been spending to much time with Maria, Alex thought as he tried to pick up the direction Isabelle, Michael, Max and Tess disappeared in. Without warning a sickly feeling shook his stomach, a feeling that made him feel as though someone was watching him. Turning around at the breaking of a branch, he saw nobody, which calmed him down immediately. Swinging around to continue his search he came face to face with Michael Guerin.
"Fuck" he yelled stumbling back "You scared the shit out of me man".
"How do you think you made us feel?" Tess snapped, sending her blonde curls bouncing. I looked away from her to find Max looking down at the map again and Isabelle staring at me, fearfully.
"Go back to camp" she ordered.
"No" Alex protested "I'm coming with you".
"No your not" Michael growled "Your going back to camp".
"This isn't important" Max barked over them all "what is important right now is that we keep moving, the cave isn't that far off" Everyone nodded with agreement and moved to leave.
"Isabelle" I called, she looked up "Don't leave me out of this".
"This is a big mistake, getting everyone involved like this" Michael grunted, before a white light shone into his eyes blinding him "great.... others... do you mind getting the fucking light out of my eyes" Maria lowered the light and walked over to Alex.
"figured you guys would be having a little woodsy tryst" Maria spoke into the darkness "I hope you're here to talk them out of it, too?".
"There here because of the sightings?" Alex sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets.
"that was real" she gasped.
"that's what were here to find out Deluca" Michael said, eying the blond pixie into her PJ's "Nice PJ's by the way" Maria looked down and grumbled to herself, causing Michael to smirk.
"look... you can stand around and explain to them what were doing out here" Tess said, looking around at everyone "But I think we should get moving. NOW!" Tess walked off with other aliens not far behind her.
"Are you coming?" Alex asked, looking over at Maria.
"Your going with them?" Maria barked, Alex nodded and walked off "he can't let her go... WHIPPED MUCH!" she yelled running after him.
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"Okay" Maria called from the back of the group "We have been hiking for hours".
"We're getting close" Max called from the front of the group.
"You said that an hour ago" Maria grumbled as she hopped over a few fallen logs "Mr Parker has probably discovered were missing, theirs bugs and god knows what else out here and.... to top it off.... It's officially freezing".
"It's not that cold" Alex said looking back at his best friend.
"Maybe not for you" she chimed as she caught up to him "But right now Alex Parker, I'm now wearing an ice bra! it's uncomfortable" Michael looked back with an odd expression plastered to his face.
"Don't ask" Alex said over taking him.
(Dogs Barking)
"Coyotes?" Tess said, visibly stiffing.
"Search Dogs" Isabelle gulped.
"Come on" Max said running off with the others in two "It's not far! Come on!" they ran as fast as their legs could take them, passing thick bush and small streams but the dogs were still coming. Gasping for air, Isabelle and the group stopped and looked back at the flashing lights.
"We can't out run them" she gasped "what are we gonna do?".
"You guys keep going?" Alex ordered, taking a seat next to a flushed Maria.
"what?" Tess asked.
"Maria and I will just stay here" Alex sighed fanning himself "I'll tell them Maria wanted to take a leak, but didn't wanna go alone and... we got lost".
"that is typical of Deluca" Michael smirked.
"Don't start, Space boy" Maria growled.
"Are you sure?" Max asked.
"Yeah" Maria sighed, throwing her arm around Alex's shoulder "The important thing is you just find what you're looking for... Now go before your caught" Tess, Michael and max took off. Isabelle lingered behind and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.
"thank you" she whispered before running off.
"We're here! We're over here! Help! Come find us!" They yelled in Unison "Help us! We're over here! We're here! We're right here".
"My mom is gonna love this" Maria smirked.

~~~~~ Minutes later~~~~~~~~~

"I've been expecting you" A voice spoke from the darkness. Looking up, River dog appeared with a knowing smile on his lips.
"Why is that not a surprise" Michael said eying River dog, his suspicions of him still being their father lingers through his mind "So, your here about the sighting too?" he nodded and motioned for them to follow him.
"what are we looking for?" Max asked looking around.
"I don't know" River dog answered "Your the aliens" Michael grumbled something but kept on moving. Tess walked off in the same direction as Max, while Isabelle walked off into a rocky clearing, Michael stuck to River dog like glue until he caused River dog to trip and fall. In pain.
"You okay?" Michael asked.
"I think I... I broke my ankle" he whimpered, holding on to his ankle.
"Why don't you just fix it" Michael said standing strong, while River Dog stared up at him like he had grown a second head "heal your Ankle".
"What are you talking about?" River Dog questioned.
"Why don't you tell me the truth" Michael ordered.
"The truth about what?" River Dog asked with confusion, adding to Michael's anger.
"About who you are" Michael grunted.
"You think I'm Nasedo" River dog said slowly.
"You knew everything about us" Michael said kneeling down beside him, his face hard as stone "You knew what was wrong with me when I was sick, and you knew exactly how to fix it. How did you know all those things? And why would you wanna help us if you weren't...".
"I'm sorry Michael" River Dog sighed, placing his hand on Michael's shoulder "I'm not your father".
"Just had to make sure" she sighed, healing his ankle "All better".
"Oh my god" Isabelle gasped alerting everyone, getting up, Michael ran to Isabelle and found everyone huddled around a small symbol glowing on a rocky clearing in the middle of the forest "It's the symbol from the cave".
"The white light or whatever it was" Michael said turning to River Dog "it caused this".
"yes" River Dog answered "it's a sign.... it was meant for you" placing his hand on the symbol, Max felt Tess kneel beside him and begin to scan the symbol also. the symbol increasing with strength and light.
"What does it mean?" Michael asked.
"He's back" Tess gasped with happiness "Nacedo's here" at the breaking the branch Isabelle knew someone was approaching an fast.
"Someone's coming" she said stepping in the way of the intruder. Valenti appeared. Max caught a glimpse of him, before using his powers to eraser the symbol.
"What do you want?" Michael barked, using his height as an advantage over Valenti.
"Step outta the way" Valenti ordered.
"Do as he asks" River Dog advised, Michael nodded and stepped aside so Valenti could walk into the clearing. max stood up and stared at the sheriff blankly.
"Something was here" he accused, looking down at the ground "what were you looking at?".
"We've been lost for hours here" Max said stepping towards the sheriff "Thank you for finding us" Walking away with Tess, Isabelle and Michael, Valenti couldn't do anything but stare helplessly after them.