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Title : Missing and Lost
Autor's note : In 3 saison of Rowell, Liz was hurt by Max's touch and she leaves Roswell but not for the Vermont's school. End of saison 1 of Dark angel, Zack is in Buddy's farm.
A little CC and a lot UC. I don't know, perhaps Liz/ Alec or Liz/ Zack.

Part 1

It's hard when you can't touch the person that you love. Max hurts me, worse than my seizures, it was like electrochoc but ever more worse. Worse than Manticore's punishments. I left Roswell but I think I come back, I love Max and he loves me. Why can't it be simple? I have read in a book that love is a hard way, I think it is true. We see each other but it was so painful, just look, don't touch.

All people, parents, friends think I am in Vermond's school but it is wrong. It is just a lie, I go to Seattle. It was the last town where Zack was, he had give me his adresse. For 11 months and 2 weeks I haven't news of him, he doesn't answer on his voice mail. I am so worried and I can't say him what happened to Alex... Alex's death, no the murder of my twin by this damn blonde beach. I should contact him, I don't know what to do.
Alex was just a thousand better than me, most smarter, most stronger. All people love him, in Manticore he protects me all times with Zack and me, I can't save him. In Roswell, we have hide our past easily, we were friends nothing less, nothing more. I don't say that we haven't nothing in commun, same dark hair but it was all. Manticore thinks it will be great if twin's have just a few similarities, in this way it will be easier for the hide mission, no people think that we are brother and sister.

"I missed you, bro." I whispered.

I should find Zack, I should speak with someone, someone like me. I remember a sentence of Maria a few weeks later Alex's murder.

"Liz, talk to me. You shouldn't hide your feelings, Liz you haven't cry but I know you want do this."

As it was easy to say that I have failed, that my twin was dead because of me. A car accident. A CAR accident???? And I suppose buy this? Never, I have never believe in that. A super transgenic soldier dead in a simple and little car accident? How will it be hilarous if it wasn't so painful? Next fights with Max and Isabel, I have find the truth in Las Cruces. Leana and the super computer, there is a moment where I was affraid of Michael, that he finds the truth about me and Alex. Ok, every people knew that Alex was smart with computer but Michael knows because he worked to Crash Down that Alex and me go often in the computer and when we went in this ugly appartement where there was Tess' bomb. I had begin with the speed reflexes but Michael has destroyed the bomb, I remember when he looks at me, there were questions in his golden eyes. He has a lot of questions but for the moment it was only suppositions but I know that he had seen a thing. He is the one that had found a weird thing about me, he has never believe in the shy girl's story. Maybe it is because he is a warrior too, a soldier. He should be suspicious to protect his family, like me. I can't say them the truth, their lives are already complicated and dangerous. I think a part of me is happy to not tell them the truth because I won't be rejected.

In my nightmares, I tell them and I see Maria scream, same when she has learned the news about Max and the others but worse, I see Max look at me, tell me that I'm a monster, a freak and run away, Isabel and Michael protect Maria of me. Normally Alex was rejected too but now, he goes with them and tell me that it was all my fault, that I'm weak, that I have failed and he have never wish have a sister like me so I wake up.
But now, I should see Zack, he is ever my CO and I listen his orders.

With Alex, we didn't speak very often of Manticore, in reality never, we want forget this damn hell when we have grown. Specially a man who has haunted my nightmares, Lydecker. But we haven't stop the training. I remember when Zack found us in Roswell, it is like yesterday, before the alien's thing.

We were 15, Alex and me were in the Crash Down, I have finished with my shift and Alex takes me with his parents' car to go in the desert for the training. I say yes when I have a feeling that somebody spying us. Alex seems notice this too. We are going in the desert, driving fast, we stopped the car and hiding us in the wald. A few seconds later, I hear a crack and I jump on the guy and begin fight with him, he has a blonde hair and blue eyes and I was sure it was a X5. Alex screams and runs to help me but as I stop the punch of my adversair I look in this eyes, recognition comes already. I give him a hug to Alex's surprise.

"Big Brother !!!!!! You are here! I missed you so much!"
Few seconds later he returns the hug.

"Yeah Lizzie, it's me."

He looks at Alex and they have a brotherly hug.

"So how you find us?" asks Alex.

"It was easy, too easy, why you two haven't listening my orders ! I told you separate. If I can find you, Lydecker too!"

"Stop it, Zack, I say angrily, we can't do that, we are twins and stay together was a good idea. Nobody knows we are brother and sister."

"You dissobeid me."

"We aren't anymore in Manticore, Zack." says Alex firmely. "You don't have orders to give us."

"OK, but stop be so brilliant, you know articles in newspaper? Lydecker can read this."

"Oh! This echec tournament that I won with you, Alex."

"You should leave, it is a too long time you are here, it is not safe."

"No Zack, we have lifes here! Friends! Adoptifs parents who care about us!"

"You know that..."

"Please Zack, let us finish High school and next we leave, ok?"

"OK, but be careful. Not mistakes like this anymore and after the end of your High School, you'll leave with me."

"Yes. Where are the others?"

"It is more safe if you don't know."

"But Zack, it is our family!"

"I don't tell you where they are, but they are safe. I search the others."

"Ok, if we seat we have to talk it was a long time that we haven't see each other."
And we have talked later in the night. We were together.

If only we have listen him... But we were too stubborn. Nothing like this will be happened. Now, I will find you Zack, I promise that to Alex.
I wish you like it. The idea that Alex and Liz were brother and sister was in my head since a long time.
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Part 2

I am in Seattle for 2 hours now, I am gone in Zack's appartement, it seems that he has not used it since a long time, I have found an old Jam Pony Messenger's card with his photo. It's probably his cover, Sam Lee. I'll search this local and find it. A delivery's house, I walk in, severals persons are here with their bikes, I ask for the boss. A black guy says it is the man who repeats BIP! BIP! BIP!, I thank him and walk near of the guy called Normal who wear a phone in his ear.

"Excuse me," I say.
He looks at me with scorn.

"It is for what?"

"Is Sam work here, please?"


"Blonde guy, tall, blue eyes."

"Ah him! No! He has never worked here! He has never delivred his pack and say that I had trust him."

"You know where he is?"

"No and this a delivery's house not a information central. Nothing to deliver, nothing to do here."

"Fuck off, I leave."

I leave this dirty enterprise. This man is a jackass, I understand perfectly Zack's behavior. Zack where are you? I have only this adresse, maybe I should return to your appartement and search more.

Back to Jam Pony. Alec's POV
I have made my last drive and enter in Jam Pony. Normal is really an interessant guy, I think he is gay and that he flash on me, but this has advantages. I'm the only person with who he doesn't scream.

"Hey Normal, what's up?" I say, smiling.

"Alec! My little boy, you have finished. Ever the best."

"So, no news?"

"No, the usual. Well, now we are a information center."

"What mean you by this?"

"Oh, a girl came here to ask where is Sam. You know my last fainted golden boy."

Sam! Sam is Zack! Shit, this is bad, very bad.
"Which girl?" I say seriously.

"She just leaves, you should see her. A girl with dark hair."

I leave fast, looking around but nobody. Shit! Normal is definitely an ass. I come back.

"How looks she?" I ask.

"I don't know, she was short with a long dark hair and my god which language! Exactly like miss I Come Later Than Others."

Like Max? An X5? Probably. Looking for Zack, so in problem. I should say that to Max.

"Normal, I should leave. Bye."

"Bye Mantie Cora. You should come back on the ring, you know."

"I'll think about that."

I call Max and go to Logan's appartment.

Later in the night.
11 ap, in bar called the Crash, funny name I think, we can say I'm home again. The Crash... The Crash Down, same thing. I drink my tequila, I want be drunk but with the dearest Lydecker this is impossible. he has specified this in my gentic programm. Shit, Zack where are you? I should find you and soon, I don't have more time now. I look at the customers, boys, girls, two put my attention. It is a tall guy with dark blonde hair and blue green eyes with a girl with a long dark hair and eyes brown. They seem pretty familiar to me.

"Hey babe."

I look at a drunk man behind me, pathetic, he catchs my wrist.

"What do you think you are doing?" I ask.

"Want a dance."

"With you? No, never in fact, now get off."
He hangs ever my hand so I put his wrist and I twist it. He screams.

"Clair?" I ask.


I turn myself to my glass when I feel a move in my back. Stupid man, I warned you. I catch his bottle of alcohol and push him against a wall and leave the bar. I heard people behind me.

I return me, it is the guy and the girl, I know them, X5. I feel this, maybe because my new alien powers. I look at the girl and smile, how I haven't recognyze her. Zack's love, the beautiful Max and with her, Ben. I remember, next Alex, it was him with who I was more near.


"Who are you?"

"It is important?"

"Yeah, says Ben. I like know were you have learned to fight. You have look pretty good."
I'm surprise, too far I remember he wasn't so sarcastic.

"I'm Max and this is Alec."
I froze. Alec. He has changed of name, it is hurt. After all, it is me that gave him his name.

Manticore, ths X5 are in their room, in circle, I was near Alex and Zack, Ben was before me.

"I find you name, I say, you are Ben."

"I love it... Liz", he answers.

"Yeah, me too."

"It swears you very well", tells Alex.

"Thanks, I'll keep this name forever."

"Me too", says Ben.
He has broke our promise. And it is hurt me.
I wish you like.
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Here new part 3 ! *big* No worry Roswell Slayer this is a Liz/ Alec fic *big*.

"Who are you?" asks Max.

"It is important?" I answer.

"Yeah, says Ben. I like know where you have learn to fight. You have look pretty good."
I'm surprise, too far I remember ben wasn't so sarcastic.

"I'm Max and this is Alec."
I froze, Alec. He has changed of name. And this makes hurt, after all it's me who give him his name. (...) He has broke our promise and it's hard for me.

Part 3
I look at him. How could he do that? I glare at him, he has changed a lot and I don't recognize him, the same blue eyes but not the same gaze. It wasn't the Ben I have know, in a certainly way he is different.

"And?" I ask finally.

"Have you heard about transgenics?" says Max.
' Go to the point Max.' I think in my head.

"All people heard about that. Seattle mades the transgenics hunt with T-shirts or TV. Yes, I know about that."

"You seem strong, so strong", says Ben in a kriptick way.
I explose, I can't take that more longer.

"Go to the point, soldier, I cut sharply. You would know if I'm a transgenic Max? I answer to your question, yes I am. A warrior like you too Ben or should I say ALEC?"

I begin to leave in hurry. I lost my control, not very good.
"Wait!" screams Max. " Liz!"
I return myself to face them.

"What do you want?"

"You can't leave now, we have just finding us. Put a drink with Alec and me."

"Stop that Max !" I scream, angry. " His name is BEN not Alec! He is BEN !"
Max look at me saddly and put her and on my shoulder.

"No Liz, this is Alec, Ben's twin. Ben is dead, Liz."
My heart brokes. No... Ben is dead. Ben is dead, I repeat in my head. Max puts me in a hug but I don't respond, I'm catatonic.

"I'm sorry", I heard her in a whisper.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I have kill him."

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My last part was short but I work on the next. I don't know if I can post soon I'm very busy in my studies so sorry. I promise the next will be long.

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This is THE PART 4 ! Finally! *big**big**big* I should say that I hadn't work too much on this before, prefering write my others fics but your patience is recompensed now, it's very long too !!! *big*
*big**big*Wish you like it. *big* A little sad.*big*
But now read !!!! *big**big**big*

My heart brokes. No... Ben is dead. Ben is dead, I repeat in my head. Max puts me in a hug but I don't respond, I'm catatonic.

"I'm sorry", I heard her in a whisper.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I have kill him."

Part 4
"What just did you say?" I ask, pushing her away.

"I killed Ben."
My face stay neutral, without emotions, I feel the hatred burning in me. How dares she? She killed our Brother !

"Why?" I answer coldly.

"Not the right place", interrupts Alec.
I glare at him. I know it wasn't his fault but he has the face that my brother should have. He is a false copy of Ben. He is Alec. Alec. Strange name. But I decide to listen him.

"Ok, where?" I ask.

"To a friend", said finally Max, I look at her and follow them without speak. I can't do this because I know that I'll let my anger go out to Max.

We arrived in a rich appartement and I meet a guy Logan Cale. I glare at him, I'm just not in the mood. Alec introduce us, Max just look at me worried. After all, how did she think that I'll act learning about Ben's dead?

"Meet Logan Cale or Eyes Only", says Alec with a grin.
I should say that he is cute, blue eyes and brown hair but it doesn't matter. I look at his hand but don't took it.

"Liz, I tell sharply. So Max, explain you now."
Logan and Alec listen, I think that they don't know too.

"Tell me how and why have you killed our brother."
I heard Logan gasps.

"A year ago, with Logan's help, I have listen that a body with a barcode on the neck has been discovered in the forest. The dead man was in twenty years, with a broken arm and he hasn't teeth. The barcode on this neck was Ben's barcode."

I paled at her informations, memory coming in my head.
The X5 unit watching the prisonner running and few moment later going to his track, with Lydecker's orders. We were become animals, beasts without conscience. We have hunted him and find him. It was a carnage, we have beat him, I heard again his screams in my nightmares, we broken his right arm and teared his teeth. Blood covered us, we aren't human anymore, we were predators.

"No... It's impossible. Ben can't have do this... It's just..."

"a mistake. No, Liz, I have would believe this too but the facts were truth. Ben has killed this man and plenty men before him. All this murders for..."

"The Blue Lady."
Max nodded her head, saddly.

"Yeah, I found him, we spoke a long time and I have thought that I have save him but after he has kidnapp a priest. I run to his search and found him in the forest, save the priest and Ben and me began to fight. I have made to Ben strong bruises, I have broke his arm and his right leg, he couldn't run and... Lydecker will arrived here... He was lying on the ground and looks at me. He said... He said..."

(Ben's voice) " Don't let them get me. I don't want return in this hell. You know what they'll do to me. They'll put me with the heartless."

"He would heard about the High Place, the story who he told us so often in Manticore so... I began the story, he was smiling and... I have broke his neck. And after I should leave his body to Lydecker."

I look at Max with my eyes plenty of tears and I hug her strongly.

"I'm sorry", I whispered.
I feel her, crying hardly.

"Don't blamed yourself, Maxie. Now, he's free."
We stayed like this during a long time. Finally I let her go. Poor Max, she have should killed our brother for his proper safety and I have blamed her. If she knew about Alex...

Alex, all is my fault, if I haven't told you about aliens, you will ever here. You were the most smarter of us both, I remember when Valenti is come to annonce us the news. Maria is arrived near us, screaming and crying in the same time, my heart goes faster. Valenti looks at us and says with a roughly voice that you have a car accident had and that you hadn't survived, that you were dead. I won't believe this, it's impossible, you a car accident? We are supers soldiers with biggest reflexes and you haven't react face to face to a drunk conductor? No way, it's not the truth, it's just a stupid joke that you make to me.

I remember, next, when Max tried to heal you. He comes out of the van with a white face, like a ghost. There was nothing to do, too late, Maria cried on my shoulder but me, I can only fix the car where your body lie. I can't believe this, I don't accept that however the others begin to leave, I say that I want walk by myself. I fainted that I leave whereas the group leave with cars. A couple of minutes later, I run in the opposite direction, I look around to assure that there is nobody here and come in the van. I open the door and I see the dark sack, I open the zip and gasp. You are so pale, Alex and you are recovered of blood, so blood, I'm feel nauseous. I have seen blood before, I was recovered of blood during missions but on you, it's differant. I watch you, your hair is stick with blood who pass in a dark color. I breath, noting that I have stopped my breath during few minutes. I feel tears in my eyes but don't cry, I can't do it, not now.

"I want stay with you bro, but I can't."
I took my knife on my jacket, my hands shake as I turn your head to see your neck.

"I'm sorry Alex but I won't that Lydecker took your body, I won't put a empty coffin in the earth. Forgive me."

I cut the first ground of skin where is your barcode, I took the skin bleeding in my hand. I bite my lower lip to don't cry and I feel my own blood in my mouth. Suddenly I heard foothsteps coming near here. I leave in hurry, running faster and faster, feeling my lungs burning, trying to forget my pain but I can't.
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"I'm sorry Alex but I won't that Lydecker took your body, I won't put a empty coffin in the earth. Forgive me."

I cut the first ground of skin where is your barcode, I took the skin bleeding in my hand. I bite my lower lip to don't cry and I feel my own blood in my mouth. Suddenly I heard foothsteps coming near here. I leave in hurry, running faster and faster, feeling my lungs burning, trying to forget my pain but I can't.

Part 5

"You're ok?"

I turn my head to Alec and nod.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I ask." Maxie, do you know where is Zack? I should contact him."
I see her echange a look with Alec and Logan and I begin to be worried, they hide something, something big.

"What's happened Maxie? Where's Zack?"

"You should know Liz that nearly a year ago, Syl, Kreat, Zack and me decide to destroy Manticore. With Logan help, we arrived to destroy the labs but when Zack and me escaped, I meet my clone of eleven years old, I was so surprise, I haven't react when she shots me. The gards took me in the hospital, I was died but Zack was captured too. He saw me and... he shots himself to give me his heart. He has saved my life a last time."

When I heard her story I was... I don't know how I was.
My last hope was Zack and now he was died like Eva, Ben, Tinga and Alex. All my family died, but why all these things? I heard her continue.

"Few months after my escape and the destruction of Manticore, I saw Zack on the video that Logan had found on a vigil. Manticore kept he alive with machine's help and synthetics organs. He was robotised, his face was robotised. I have found him but he didn't recognize me in beginning but after a little chat he's remembering of me. And his face healed with all the skin. But Manticore has brainwashing him to kill Eyes Only, the man who knew too much about Manticore, X5 specially, this man was Logan and Zack knew it. He has tried to kill Logan but I stopped him but in our fight I should electrocute him."

I gasp, knowing what is mean.
"You... You are surcharged his numeric memorie!"

"Yeah. I should do this... Liz, you should understand I can't let Logan died?"

"Why?" I ask angrily. She drags away again a brother to me. Once Ben and now Zack! How dares she?

"I love him..." she whispered, her eyes in mine.
I smile sarticastly.

"So you are chosen the man that you loved instead of our brother, the man who had saved your life a number of time since your birth, since your first breath. Look how you are selfish Maxie. How dare you do that to him? I ask me how you can sleep the night. You aren't my sister, I don't know you."
I see her eyes plenty of water.

"How are you crying, poor baby? Don't count on me to recomfort you."
I laugh, as I am hypocrytical, it is exactly my behavior toward Alex. I chose Max instead of him and now he is dead by my fault but I know it's my fault but Maxie doesn't seem her fault. Love is never recompensate. A day, this man leaves her or betrayed her. Me, it was a stupid alien blonde beach who had broke the idyllic picture. I have learned that we don't reject our family. I have loose Alex for this mistake and I won't that nobody makes that again.
I walk in front of Maxie and look at her.

"Tell me the end."
"Zack lose his memories twice and I don't told him who I am when he saw me. Now he lives in a farm with friends. His name is Adam Thomson."
I smile slowly, I remember a night to Manticore, Zack and me were on the top of the basement, speaking of the "High Place". He told me that he will like live in the nature with animals. He said that he thinks they were most clever than humans. Since that, I have kept the same idea, Zack was right. It's only the true, I wish that he is happy in this farm, I'm happy for him.

"Sorry Maxie to told this. But learn all this things so suddenly... I have overreact, sister. Forgive me."
I hug her and her too.

"Forgive me too Liz."
I let her go. I turn to Logan, no he seems good for Maxie, perhaps the end won't be a bullshit after all. I shake his hand.

"Sorry for earlier."
He smiles to me.

"No worry, it's forgotten."

"Another try? Hey, I'm Liz, glad to meet you."

"Logan Cale, same feeling about you."

I look to Alec who grinned.

"Maybe you can introduce you to me more friendly."
I raised an eyebrow.

"Really. Let me think... perhaps." I teased.
Alec amused me, he seems be the type of guy who go out with all girls and probably with 3 in a night but I see between this cover. After all, with Michael I have experience. The look isn't what there is inside. Alec is mysterious, he tried every time to hide his feelings or emotions by wearing the mask of the superficial guy.

"Ok, I wait for your answer", he replies. "But maybe we can know where a pretty girl like you live."
I should say that he is clever in soustraction of informations.

"Oh, I haven't a place fix, I moved since the escape."

They buy my lie, it's so simple when you have the face of an perfect little girl. Alec raised an eyebrow, I think he's doubtful.

"Why you want contact Zack, Liz?" asks finally Max.

"I'll leave my last place and would give my new adress to Zack and like he doesn't answer I became worried and have decided to search him. But now, I think I'll go to my motel."

"Ok, you stay few days here, I hope. Please?"
I laugh.

"Why not? After all, we have a lot of things to say. Bye people."
She hugs me.

"Bye, Liz. Meet me here ok?"

I leave the appartement. Finally, I'm happy that Maxie and me aren't mad to each other. I need her, she is one of my family and I want see her again once before... I know what will happened. I want just forget that for the moment.

"Hey!" yells a person behind me.

"Alec? What are you doing here?" I ask surprise. "Shouldn't you be with Max and Logan?"

"And see them looking at each other with loving and puppy eyes. No bloody way!"
I laugh again. I'm feel less tired with him. He makes me feel... safe... less sad.

"Looking for a new conquest in the next bar?"

"Me? I'm not the type of guy!"

"I'm not blind Alec. Whatever you say, I know what I see and you are a playboy."

"Have you took option psychanalist to Manticore?


"You are a mysterious woman."

"It's my charm", I answer with a grin.

"You know maybe I have took the same option that you. I don't buy your little story."

"About what?"

"All, principal point that after all this hiding years you came and broke your cover when Zack doesn't answer, you know that this circumstances can arrive and you don't seem act before think. It's probably one of your reasons but not the most important. I am wrong?" he asks me, looking in my eyes and it's hard to lie under his gaze.

I can't help but notice how his blue-green eyes are attractive and like his body too. Yeah, he is definately hot. Stop! I can't think about that, I know that my end is near, that my death will coming soon. It stays to me perhaps, two or three days but nothing more.

"You are clever", I say finally. "But like I told you earlier, "je suis une femme pleine de mystères". I should leave it's my motel, so good night Alec."

"Yeah, but this talk isn't over."

"Like you want. Oh and Alec..." I begin, opening my room.


"It was great to meet you", I finished with a smile, closing my door.

And now, I should sleep a few hours, I'm tired. I lie on the bed, thinking about all I have learned today. I watch my hand, she glows in a green light.
"I'll join you soon Alex", I whispered closing my eyes.
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No! No! Don't worry Liz don't kill herself. *wink* but she has a big problem. You'll know that in the next part ! *big**big**big* and yes, Liz will tell what happened to Alex.
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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
So the green glow is Liz changing to be Like the aliens and Liz thinks she is dying because of it???
Update more sooN!!


Liz doesn't think, she knows. *big**big**big* But I have already give too much informations. Next soon. *big**big**big*
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He he he! *big**big**big* New part 6! I hope that you aren't already dead Calinia. *big**big**big* Read it!
I hope that you like this. *big**big**big*
Oh! By the way, I think that I'll go destroy the virus that has Max, like this she'll be able to touch Logan. Yeah! I have already find how!


And now, I should sleep a few hours, I'm tired. I lie on the bed, thinking about all I have learned today. I watch my hand, she glows in a green light.
"I'll join you soon Alex", I whispered closing my eyes.

Part 6
I wake up earlyer in the morning. I decide to go to Logan's building.
"Hey! Nobody is here?" I ask when I walk to the appartment. It's very spacious here, I watch a painting when I heard a noise behind me.

"Hey Logan! I say with a smile. It's a Monet, doesn't it?"
He laughs.

"Yeah, it is, you have a good choose, all your family are thief?"

"Max did?" I ask with a grin.

"Yeah, it was our first meet, she came to steal a golden statuet, Bastet."

"Oh, I see. No, I don't stole... ok, few times but I prefer rob shops in Utah."
I remember this day, it was to find an alien ship. I look at Logan, he is surprise.

"Close your mouth", I tease," it's a joke."

"All is possible with you."

"I took this for a congratulation."
I sit on a chair.

"How long Maxie and you are together?"

"What? No, it's not..."

"You both are in love with each other so what? Don't say that you won't ruin your friendship."

"We can't be together."


"Manticore gives to Max's body a virus to kill me."

"Oh, it's hard. I see why now after all it's because you are Eyes Only."
He nods. We speak together during a long time.

"Where is Max?"

"She works to Jam Pony Service. Alec too."

"Really? I think that I'll go see them. Bye."


Jam Pony Service. Oh now! Please, not the jackass again. I don't know if he comes near me,if I can be able to control myself and don't punch him right in the face. I walk inside, a tall guy a bit asleep comes near me, a big smile on his face.

"Hey Beauty! I'm Sketchy! But call me Sketch, what are you doing here?"

"Hey I'm Liz and I'm looking for a friend."
I smile back.

"Perhaps I know her or him."


"Good, what's her name?"

"it's M..."

I recognize the voice. A grin appears on my face.

"Oh, if it's not "Big Bad Boy". Hey Alec."
He comes near me, with his eternal grin.

"You are here to see Max."


"She isn't here for the moment. Want a little walk?"
He looks at Sketchy and gives him his bag.

"Sketch, a little bird says to me that you should go to deliver a packet."
Sketch doesn't seem find this too enjoying but finally leaves after whispered to Alec.

"You owe me a service."

After that, Alec looks at me grinning, we leaves the place.

"So what's the nickname?"

"You heard me perfectly, Big Manti Cora. Not very subtle."

"How do you know?"

"I have a little tchat with Logan earlier."

"I see. How do you find Seattle?"
"I don't know. Not very fun."

"It's because you don't know the Crash. it's the bar where we go after works. Come with us tonight."

"Why not. It's just I don't know where it is."
"Don't worry. Took my phone number and after the works end I call you."

"Number phone, um, you go fast." I tease.

"Not with everyone", he answers grinning.

"Ok, give me your number."
He gives me his portable number and we come back to Jam Pony to meet Maxie who was arrived.

"Hey Liz! I should introduce you to Original Cindy."
I watch the black woman who smiles.

"Hey Boo! OC very proud to meet you. Maxie talked me of you."

"Me too. So you work all here?"

"Yeah? it's not too fun, our boss..."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?! You should work !!! PACKET TO DELIVER!" yells Normal coming near us.
He looks at me.

"It's again you?"
All stare at me.

"Yeah, Mr BIP BIP BIP and me meet each other before."

"GO TO WORK!" he shooted to his employers.

"I think I'll leave, I'm sad for you."

"Ok, to tonight, to the Crash."

It is short but don't worry, next soon.

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New part 7! *big**big**big*
Um... I don't know what write... *wink* Calm, it's a joke.
*big**big**big* Read it! *big**big*

Part 7

I went to the Crash, it's a cool place. I put my black leather jacket, it was a gift of Alex. I should tell them what's happened to Alex but not tonight. Tonight, it's fun, no worries. I saw them, sitting to a table.

"Hey Boo!" calls Original Cindy.
I like her a lot, she reminds me Maria but not in the hyperactive mode. I walk fast to them and sit near OC.

"So what's up, guys?" I ask. "Great day?"

"If you want, but for OC it was a disaster, my mate doesn't show and I broke a nail."

"I understand."

"So what have you done today?" asks Logan.

"Oh, nothing really. I killed the time."
We drink our biers.

"You want made a pool?" says Alec.

"With you? Why not, but you'll lose."

"Really, I ask to see that."
I jump on my feet and we go to the pool. We begin to play, were watching by the others.

"Affraid to loose?" I questionned him with an evil grin.

"No, a little bet?"

"Ok with me. 100$ you loose."

"I win and you give ME 100 $."

"Ok, I accept."

"Twenty bucks on Liz", makes Logan and OC.

"Alec will win. twenty bucks on alec's back", says Max. "Liz will loose. You heard me Alec, win this party !"

"No prob."

"You are braggart, you know. Now, play."
After Alec's turn who was good, only two punch failed it's the turn of Liz. She doesn't failed a punch and smiling, she took Alec's money.

"Boo, I love you more in seconds in seconds."

"Thanks OC. So what do you say Alec?"

"Ok, you win."

"Glad to heard that."
We talk during a long time and we leave finally the bar.

"Do you want have a drive?"
I turn to Alec, he was on a motorcycle. I walk to him.

"Nice babe, I say. Personnally I prefer Max's Ninja but it's ok. I hope you drive fast."
I jump on the motorcycle and put my arms around Alec's waist and wait with anticipation. We leaved the Crash, I put my head against his back, I smell the leather of his jacket. I like be like that, I'm in peace. I smile and whispered in his ear.

"Drive more fast, Grandma!"

Alec laugh and turn his head to look at me.

"Like you want", he answers with a grin.

I heard her laugh and feel her grip on my waist becomes stronger. Her long dark hair fly in the night, caressing my check.

"Affraid?" I ask.

"Never Manti Cora."

"Stop the nickname."

"Why? You have chosen it yourself."

"A long time ago."

"Only a year."

"You seem know lot of things about me."

"I have my own informations."

"And what about you?"

"About me?"

"Yeah, you. You are here for a day and much, you know already everything about me, Max and the others of course. But you haven't speak of you. A thing more precisely like where were you. I know just of you, your vorname Liz who is a pretty name."

"Nothing to say about me."


"I'm a shy girl, I don't tell my life to bad boys."

"You, shy?"

"Yeah... a little bit."

"Whatever you say. So Liz, go. What have you been doing in this free world?"

"I was a waistress."


"Yeah, in a little restaurant wih an ugly uniform."

"I'll have want see that."

"Never in your life", I say with a grin. "You will tease me ever same after my death."

"It was so bad?"
I nod my head and he laugh. I like when he make this, suddenly I see my hands begin to glow.

"It's late, I should leave. I prefer walk."
He looks at me, a little confious and curious I think.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Thanks for the drive. Bye. Tomorrow."

I watch her dissapear in the darkness. I'm feel a little lost by her behavior, after all she had seem enjoy the drive. Why this suddenly coldness? I can't help but want to rejoin her but I know that she wasn't here and that I don't find her.

I come back quickly to my dorm when my seyzures begin, a minute later and Alec will see me like that. But after all, I had a very fun night with Alec's help. Things aren't so bad actually. But I have only a day now.
*big**big* End of the new part *big**big* I know that you want know what has Liz. *big**big* But I promise you'll know this in the next part. *big**big**big*
I hope you enjoy this, the pool's scene is very short but like I haven't never play pool I didn't know how describe this. *big**big**big**big*
*big**big*Next soon.*big**big* I PROMISE *big*

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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Great part!!
Does Liz know Normal????
I didn´t see that one coming!!! ;D
Update more soon!!


Yeah! *big* Of course, she meets him already when she searched Zack! *big**big*

roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
The pool scene was great!!
So Liz is deloping powers and it has effected her seizer some how. how is it going am I getting closer to the truth????
Update sooN!!


I'll kill you ! *big* lol, no. It's joke! *big**big*
*big**big*But stop to reveal my idea!!!!!!! *big**big*
*big**big* I should tell you, you are near near of the truth! *big**big*
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I promise to write the futur part this night. *big**big*
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*big**big* New part finally !!!!!!!!*big**big* I think it's definitly a Liz/ Alec fic so sorry for the persons who would that was Zack/ Liz fic. You'll know finally the reason of Liz's health!!!!!!!

I come back quickly to my dorm when my seyzures begin, a minute later and Alec will see me like that. But after all, I had a very fun night with Alec's help. Things aren't so bad actually. But I have only a day now.

Part 8

Today is my last day, I know that I'm dying, when Max healed me he has changed my metabolism. My genetic program didn't accepted this change, he reject the alien's power that Max gave me during our connection and I'm dying because of this. Max hasn't save me, he has just pushed my death to later and I can do nothing about that.

I refuse to tell to Maxie what's happened to me, she has been enough hurt already. She can't touch the man she loves, she doesn't need to know that one of her sisters is dying.

I walk to Logan's appartement and I am surprise when I find all people here, Max explains that she has taking her day and Alec too. We passed the day together and I enjoy this day. We going to the beach and after I finally meet Joshua, he's very gentle. Very fast, I'll become friend with him, he told me that he'll like a lot painting me and I said that I'll be very happy if he'll do this. Max and Alec go to found food during I stay with Joshua.

"You know you are pretty like Max."

"Thanks Joshua."

"You have both dark hair and brown eyes."

"Yeah, I think that we have the same mother but I'm not sure of that."

"But you are different too, not like Maxie."

"What do you mean by this?" I ask, surprise. Can he smell the alien's thing?

"I don't know, I just feel it."

"Oh, so please don't speak about this. OK?"
He nods his head happily.

"Joshua can keep a secret."

"What secret?" asks Alec to coming with Max who grins to Joshua.


"So Josh, tell me what secret?"

"None of your business, Big bad boy."
But happily, Joshua didn't say a thing. Hours fly and the night comes.

"So Liz, you come with us to the Crash?" asks Alec.

"With you, because um... Logan and me have plans", explains Max.

"Not this night, I'm really tired but tomorrow night with pleasure, I say smiling."
Alec looks at me and nods.

"Ok, but if you change of mind, call me."

"No problem. Bye people."
I hug Joshua and tell Goodbye to Alec and Max, walking to my dorm after be stayed watching the stars in the night during severals hours.

I just finish to close my door when my legs refuse to hold me and I collapse brutally on the floor, shaking hardly against the wall. I feel the pain everywhere in my body, I breath heavily.
It's becomes more hurtful of seconds in seconds.
I'll join you soon Alex, Tinga, Eva, Jack and Ben. I know that I haven't time but I can't help and think to Alec. After Alex's death it's the first man who has made laugh, I liked him a lot. For his humor, his behavior and his acts toward me. Finally maybe I won't dying, in reality I'll like a lot see him again. Him and his flirtatous grin, no, definately I won't died.

I creep slowly, trying to take my phone on the couch. Just take it... I can do it. It's easy, I have just to take the phone but he's seem so far of me and it's so hard to breath. I touch it nearly with my fingertips and finally after severals try I arrived to grab my phone.
Hardly, I began to compose a number, my seyzures being worst. I feel the power in all my body hurting like hell, like I was burning inside.
Please, just answer.

Alec was in the Crash, playing pool, not really enjoying this night, a person in his mind. Liz. It was the first girl since Rachel who have took his interest, his curiosity. She was mysterious, not like Max, with Max he can see her futur actions but not with Liz. Of course, she was hot, long dark hair and browns eyes thoughtful, with a nice body too and he had ever this feeling she was hiding something. Her feelings, all like him about Rachel. She hadn't talk of this, not even with Max and he was very curious.

"Hey Alec!" yells Sketch.

"What's up Sketch?" he asks.

"Oh, nothing, just your phone man."
Alec tooks his phone.

"Alec. Who is here?"
A long silence to the end of the line. Alec raises his eyesbrows. He heard a heavily breath.

"Yeah, who is it?" he repeats, not knowing what his heart begins to go faster.
" ... Alec..."
He recognizes immediatly the weak voice.

"Liz? It's you? What's happened?" he asks, suddenly worried.
He heards her erratic breath.
"... help..."

"Liz, where are you?"
He heards a noise and after, nothing a dead silence. He takes rapidly his dark jacket and runs to his motorcycle. Liz is in trouble and he didn't know where she was. He hopes that she was ever to her hotel. He drives faster and arrived finally to her room. He opens the door with a strong quick.

"Liz?" he calls in the dorm.
Suddenly he sees a form lying on the ground, Liz, her face against the floor, her body shaking violently, never he hadn't seen seyzures worst like that. He returns her and see her skin, she was paled like the death and didn't breath.

"Liz, wake up! Do you heard me?"
But she doesn't answer, he watchs a strange green glow comes of her hands and she becomes to shiver uncontrolably. He takes her in his arms and leaves the room, carrying her on his motorcycle and putting her against him, feeling her skin very cold.
Don't died, please.

I drive to Logan's appartement and push the door rapidly, making Max and Logan jumped on their chairs. Max seems angry.

"Alec! What are you doing..."
She cuts, seing Liz in my arms.

"What's happened?" she asks me worried.

"I don't have a clue. I found her like this, shaking on the floor. She doesn't breath."

"How long?"

"I don't know, since I arrived 15 minutes but her heart beats ever."

"Put her in my room."
We enter in Logan's room and I put gently Liz on the bed.

"I call Marshall", says Logan.
He leaves the room, Max sits near Liz, she seems livid.

"She can't die, Alec. We have just see us again. I can't loose her."
She leaves before crying.
I sit on the bed, near of Liz, caressing her check.

"What have you Liz?" I whisper, holding her when she begins to shake again.
Suddenly I heard her breath again and sight with joy.

"Good. If you died who'll tease me?" I whisper in her ear.
*big**big**big* End of this part!!!!!!*big**big*
*big*I love it! *big* Alec playing the nurse!!!!!! *big**big*
Like I want be Liz in this instant! He he he. (but not shaking) *big**big*
Hope you like it!!!!!!!!! *big* Next soon.*big**big*

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*big**big* I hope you like my new part and promise to write soon. *big*
*big**big**big* Rate for my fic *big**big*

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*big**big* Hope you like my new part!!!!!!! *big**big*
I just found that I have made a BIG mistake, in my story Alex's death isn't old and I spoke of the rob in Utah with Max. Aouch! I'm so stupid. *sad* oh, forget it.*big*


I seat on the bed, near of Liz, caressing her check.

"What have you Liz?" I whisper, holding her when she begins to shake again.
Suddenly I heard her breath again and sight with joy.
"Good. If you died who'll tease me?" I whisper in her ear.

Part 9
I wake up with a big big big headache, I feel the sun on my face and slowly open my eyes.

"Where I am?" I whisper.
It's in this moment that I see Alec, asleep near me, on a chair. Probably he heard me because, he wake up.

"Hey! he says happily. How is the Sleeping Beauty?"

"Like I fall on a moutain but instead of that, I'm good I think." Weird.

"Why?" he asks.

"Why what?" I respond.


"Oh, I said that loud."

"Yeah, you did. So explain yourself."

"Um... I'm not feel very good."

"Without me Parker, spill out."
He takes my wrist but I push him away.

"What did you say?"


"How do you know my name?! I never said it."

"I don't know... I have just say it. I really don't know why. But after all it was a strange night."

"Not really", I answer finally.

"What do you mean? You have already this seyzures before this night?" he asks me, suddenly serious.

"In sort of way."

"What didn't you talk about this with us?!" he asks, angry?

"And why I'll make this. You can do nothing about it."

"And we were supposed to let this happened? Are you ill Liz?"

"Nothing like that, I just already knew that you can't do anything when it's the end", I respond thinking about Alex.

"You'll died?"

"... Yes. I have should died yesterday but I don't know why it's not arrived."

"Thanks to the Lady."
I turn my head and look at him, smiling really.

"Thanks to save my life."

"I'll make this again if I should."

"What's happened last night after I fainted?"

"I found you and took you to Logans, Max was very worried and left the room before to begin to cry."

"You stayed with me?"

"It was nothing, I have just here holding your hand, it's not a big deal."
I put my head against the wall.

"Alec... When you touched me, had you see flashs?"
He looks at me, surprise.
"Yeah, you have right. But how do you know?"

"It's the reason why you knew my name."

"Explain me."

"It's a very long story."

"We have all the time."

It's not the end of this part, I'll add soon... I haven't finish. *big**big*

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*big* Like I promise new part !!!! *big**big* Hope you like it and thanks for all the feedbacks. But now, just read it!!!! *big**big* Finlly I have decide to close the part 9 even if it is very short.


"Alec... When you touched me, had you see flashs?"

He looks at me, surprise.

"Yeah, you have right. But how do you know?"

"It's the reason why you knew my name. "

"Explain me. "

"It's a very long story."

"We have all the time."

Part 10

"Ok, I say, can you call Max and Logan, please?"


Few minutes later, Max and Logan enter in the room, Max hugs me tighly.

"I was so worried about you Liz, do never this again." she warns me, I smile and nod.

"Ok, I should tell you something, it's a long story so don't interrupt me."

They sit on the chairs and listen me.

"Zack told us to separate when we left Manticore, but you know me Max... I'm stubborn, I didn't listen me. During the escape, Alex was with me and we left together, ignoring Zack's orders. We were twins, we couldn't separate us, we had run during a long time and finally a night, we arrived in New Mexico. We were on the road when suddenly we heard a car, in the beginning we were affraid that it was Manticore so Alex had run away but it wasn't and I didn't leave, I was too exhausted.

In the car were Jeffrey and Nancy Parker, they seem worried about me but not frightened. Nancy talked to me softly, asking for my name, I have said it was Liz. During few minutes, we talked and I decided to follow them, it will make a safe cover. I climbed in the car and look to Alex, pleasing him to show up. The Parker adopted me and when they'll moved of Los Angeles to Roswell, nobody knows that I wasn't really their child. I remember the day and the night after that, I would leave because Alex wasn't here, I was worried for him. Suddenly I heard a noise to my window, it was him. He reconfort me, telling me he was adopted by the Whitman, I was so happy, we were safe and together. It was the best moment of my life after we escaped of Manticore. I only hoped that my other brothers and sisters were safe too.

Years left fast and when we were 15, Zack found us, telling us we should move but we didn't, we had to Roswell a family, we were too stubborn to listen him. We stayed in Roswell, giving him the promise to leave after have passed High School.

A year later I was working to the Crash Down, my parent's restaurant. Two men began to fight, one take a gun and I was shot, I didn't move because if I have done this, it was the exposure, I can't be risk our cover, to Alex and me. I fell on the floor, feeling my blood on my stomach, dying, suddenly a boy walks to me, he puts his hand on me and saved me. This guy was Max Evans, my first love, but Max was different."

"It can't be possible." says Logan.

"Logan, don't interrupt." answers Max. " Explain yourself Liz."

"Max was an alien, of the crash of 47. Him, his sister Isabel, and his friend Michael were in pods and only wake up severals years later and were of our age. Max healed me and I can have flashs now, it's a connection with people, I can see their memories, I have now alien's powers and the green glow it's an alien thing. This energy is very strong and I have think that I'll died yesterday but I don't know how explain this but it's not happened... Maybe because I have had a connection with Alec and used a few of this energy, I really don't know."

"What have you say nothing?!" yells Max, now angry.

"And what will you do?" I answer. " Nothing, Max. But let me continue my story." Alec nods and I smile.

"So after have learned the existence of aliens, I have kept their secret, but I told it to Maria, she's over reacted like ever but I should tell to someone and I wouldn't say that to Alex because I wouldn't he worries about me or worst listens Zack and decides to leave. I was happy in Roswell, I was Liz Parker, the little daughter loved by all parents, in top of her classes, shy. Never considered like a soldier, worst a killer. I was so selfish..." I feel watter in my eyes but don't let it fall, I'm focused to the wall. " I helped Max and the others, not telling to Alex, it was the first time I was hiding something to my bro, he was really hurt by this... Finally after be arrested by the Sherif Valenti, Alex and myself, I told him the secret. In the beginning he didn't believe me, not wanting think that his sister was dying and too that he hadn't protect me. When he believed me, he was very angry to me but he forgave me. Both, we helped Max and the others, the FBI was hunting them."

I laugh sadly. " Max, Maria, Michael and Isabel, never suspect that we were different, like a normal teenager can crack FBI system computer or even, jump of a bridge of 10 meters." I breath hardly, remembering this hurt a lot. And confide to them what I have done, I feel Alec's hand holding mine and I continue.

"But during this time, others aliens came in the town, Tess Harding and Nacedo. Nacedo was the protector of the Four Royals, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. She was the ex wife of Max in an other life. But it's not really important, I didn't like her, she stoles me Max, the only guy who was interested by me, who didn't seing me like a monster... Alex was in Sweden, to make a travel, he always like travel, his dream was to make the round of the world of course, not going in the Wyoming. I was very happy for him and an other side, I was happy because he stays far of Isabel, he had a big crush on her and she had reject him plenty of times that I have really want punch her right in the face to one, hurt my brother but two, take him away from me. "

"After two months, Alex came back to Roswell. He had changed, he had a strange behavior but he was ignoring Isabel too so I have think it was a part of his plan to conquire the Isabel Evans's heart. After the prom, I was going with Max and him with Isabel who was really in love with him, I think she was during a long time but didn't want admit it. Max and me weren't really together but I had always feelings for him and him for me too, I danced a little with Maria who was single but Michael shows up so I decided to search Max to dance with him and I found him kissing Tess. I have run and finally passed the night talking with Sean, Maria's cousin."

I smile sadly. " After that, Alex was so happy, he was with Isabel and I had agreed with that, few nights after that, he talked seriously with me, he would say to Isabel our secret, the fact to be a transgenic soldier, explaining me that if I won't tell them about myself it was ok but he want tell the truth about him to Isabel, in this moment I really understand that he loves her. I agreed with him and he was smiling to him, so happy, in peace with himself... The night later, the Sherif Valenti went to the Crash Down and announces us that... Alex was died."

I wrap my arms around me, closing my eyes, seeing again this moment.

"A car accident, I whisper slowly, a sad smile appearing on my lips, an X5 died in a car accident... We go to the morgue, Alex's body was lying in the van, Max tried to heal him but it was too late, he can't bring him back to life. Finally they left, I said that I prefer walk but when they left, I run to the van and enter, I open the bag where was Alex, never I was sick seing blood but this time, I was feeling myself nauseous, I look at him, searching any signs that it was Manticore or aliens... I stay in the car and after I put my knife and I cut his neck to take his barecode. I wouldn't put an empty coffin in the earth." I open my eyes and jump on my footh, leaving the bed, having the needing to move, I look at the window.

"After the police says it was a suicide, in first a car accident and now a suicide. And for what motivations? Alex was happy and he would say the truth to Isabel, his identity, confiding to her his secret, our secret. I hadn't buy this, I had made research and all the persons that I have think were my friends turn their backs to me, reject me. Alone, I have find that Alex was killed by an alien, all this bullshit made by a fucking alien! It was my fault, if I hadn't tell to Alex the truth, he will be alive now. The fucking killer was Tess, this blonde bitch, when I have found the truth I have want so much kill her, torture her but she won and left this earth with an alien ship and Max's baby too. Yeah, he fuck her in my back, but it's not really important, the only thing I have know was I was dying and Alex was killed... I would should contact Zack to explain all the situation but he wasn't replying to my call and I hadn't a lot of time so I went to Seattle to find him. End of story."


I stop her. " No Max, it's ok, I'm fine. I could handle that. I always can that."

I look at them, they don't speak. Maybe they blame me, like I do with myself.

"I go out, I want have a walk."

"Are you sure?" asks Max worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry."

She hugs me tighly.

"Ever I will Liz. You come back, right?"

"Of course, but I want be alone a little."

She nods and I leave the appartment.


I look at her when she spoke, I see the pain in her eyes that she want so terribly hide. I understand her completely, she blames herself, I know that, like me with Rachel. But she can't hold that alone, I wish she let me help her. But for the moment, she needs to be alone and I respect her decision.

*big**big* And of this part!!!!! *big**big* I wish you like it. I hope that you didn't find Liz's story too long. *big*
*tongue* Oh! a last thing, I have made a new part to New friends so please read it and tell me what do you think.
Next soon. *tongue*

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He he he, new part, new part! Hope you like it. I find this part really cute. *big**big**big* Thanks for all the reply.



I look at her when she spoke, I see the pain in her eyes that she want so terribly hide. I understand her completely, she blames herself, I know that, like me with Rachel. But she can't hold that alone, I wish she let me help her. But for the moment, she needs to be alone and I respect her decision.

Part 11

I'm on the Tower, our "High Place", I watch the night. I have told them the truth, about my past, Alex's death but I don't tell them that all this bullshit is only my fault. Alex is died by my selfish behavior, it'll be better if Max didn't save me, if I was died Alex will be ever alive.

I herad a noise but don't turn my head when Alec sits near me, I thank him mentaly to stay quiet because I can't deal with him now. I must be strong, not show my weakness.

"I know you will be here." he says finally.

"I came here to be alone. Leave." I answer sharply.

"No. I know how you feel."

I don't answer, he takes gently my wrist.

"Look at me Liz."

After few minutes my eyes meet his.

"I'm nearly sure during our connection you had seen my memories, right?"

I nod.

ok, I know it's really short but I really should left so please, forgive me. Next soon.

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Like I promise, I finish this part.

I heard a noise but don't turn my head when Alec sits near me, I thank him mentaly to rest quiet because I can't deal with him now. I must be strong, not show my weakness. But I'm feel so guilty...

"I know you will be here." he says finally.

"I came here to be alone. Leave." I answer sharply.

"No. I know how you feel."

I don't answer, he takes gently my wrist.

"Look at me Liz."

After few minutes my eyes meet his.

"I'm nearly sure during our connection you had seen my memories, right?"

I nod slowly.

"You saw her?" he asks me.

"... Yes." I whisper.

"It was Rachel, she was the daughter of the man that I have order to kill. I fell in love with her and told the truth to her, she was angry with me and saved her father but doing that, she died."

"I saw you near of her bed." I remember.

"Do you felt my emotions too?"

"... yes."

"Don't try to act like you are ok, I know it's not the truth. "

"I have jump your changement in a psychanalist." I try to joke, wanting reverse on another point the conversation.

"Don't try to hide. Acting like if everything were fine and easy to handle instead of the fact that you are lost, not knowing what to do. I know that you hadn't tell how you are really feeling. Talk to me Liz, stop reject people who want help you."

I look at him and a sarcastic smile appears on my lips.

"Like it was so easy, you want that I told you how I'm feeling? Like a little girl lost? Sorry but I'm not a little girl, I was never like this, I'm only a soldier, soldier haven't feelings. I'm perfectly fine." I answer coldly.

He takes suddenly my arm forcing me to look at him, his face is drawn by strong emotions, anger and desesperation.

"Stop this!" he yells at me. " Stop blaming yourself, don't act like you didn't care, I'm sure you lie. You felt guilty, you blame yourself for Alex's death. You have feelings, Liz, because instead you are a soldier you are human too."

"You don't understand!!!" I scream angry, pushing away his hand of my arm.

"So explain me."

"It's only my fault if he died, I was too selfish to leave Roswell, it's me who put him with the aliens. Yes, I blaming myself, I wish that I have died the day when I were shot. Alec, it's like I have killed him of my own hands." I feel watter in my eyes.

"I killed him..." I whisper again, suddenly he hugs me tighly and I let fall my wall for the first time since Alex's death and begin to cry against his chest. " It's... only my... fault." I confide between my sobs.

"Shh, no you are wrong, you couldn't do anything." He whisper in my ear.

"I killed my twin... I killed my twin."

"No. Liz. Liz. Look at me." he pleases.

I look at him, my tears rolling on my cheeks, he whiped them away with his hand.

"It wasn't your fault, ok? You couldn't know that girl... Tess mindwarping him. You couldn't do nothing, stop blaming yourself. You heard you hadn't killed him, it was Tess."

"I let her did this. I hate me so much for that..." I finish slowly.

"It's for this reason you hadn't told us your problems with alien's thing." It was more a conclusion than a question. I nod slowly.

"If I have died, I'll have join him."

"I'm sure that Alex didn't want you stop your life for a fault that you hadn't commit."

"Nobody can know the answer." I reply.

"You would died so why did you call me?"

I watch him, he was serious, not joking.

"I don't know..." I answer. " Maybe... it was because you made me laugh, letting myself feeling... good, letting me hope again." I try to smile. " I know it's sound stupid."

"No. I'm really glad to make you feel this." he smiles softly, not a grin a real smile and I smile back.

"I think that the others begin to worried about us, we should come back."

Alec nods, I begin to jump on my footh.



"You know if you want talk about this, you can, ok?"

"I'll think about this." I reply with after a little silence.

"Good. Ok, go to Logan's appartment or Love's Maxie and Logan house."

I smile and we leave "our High Place".

*big**big* End of part 11 !!!!!!! *big**big* hope you like it and don't find this part too sweet. For me, I found this really cute. *big**big**big* Next soon. *big*

And HURRAH for UC COUPLES. PARTICULARY ALEC/ LIZ, they are so cute together!!!!!!!

RATE FOR MY FIC !!!!!! *shy*

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Ok, new part. I want say that I have add a new part to my xover btvs/Roswell/Dark Angel so read this, I really want know how you find this.

Part 12

Two month left after that I have talked with Alec. I begin to have control on my alien's power, I have find out that I have just to use my aliens abilities when the power begin to be too strong. Oh and by the way, I heald Maxie of her virus with my little mojo alien, since the beginning I want do this because she loves really Logan.


Logan's house, Max was sleeping on the couch, Alec and Logan were in the kitchen, discuting, yeah, who had think that they'll become best friends? I walk near Maxie and look at her, she sleesps peacefully, poor dear, I know exactly how she feels herself. Can't touch the man who you love there isn't a worst torture, like MY Max and me, but I should confide that the pain that I had is less big. In fact, I begin to think that I wasn't in love with him after his betrayal with Tess. I was just feeling safe with him, but not in real love, not after that.

I put my hand slowly on her stomach, I can touch her on the forehead, think if I let an silver handprint on her head? Hard to hide this. I take few breath and I saw my hand began to glow, I feel the virus leaves her body but in the same time I begin to feel pain because I was healing her. My knees are weak and I fell on the floor but don't push my hand of her stomach. I'm sweatting but I don't care, I should continue.

"Liz" begins Alec walking to the living room. " What was the noise... Liz!"

I heard Logan follow him. I feel Alec grabbing my arm.

"No Alec! It's ok, I can help her. Let me do this."

He looks at me, worry, I smile and hold his hand in my left hand. Max has wake up but I tell her to don't move.

"Just a minute... I have nearly finished..." I say, feeling me dizzy.

After ten minutes, I stop myself and put the back of my head against Alec's chest. He smells really good.

"Thanks." he answers with a grin.

O! I have said that loud! I smile back like he puts a lock of my hair behind my ear.

"What have you doing, Liz?" questions Maxie.

"I have healed you... like this you can touch Logan. The virus is gone. Touch him."

She seems affraid to do this but like she trusts me, she puts her hand on his check and wait during severals minutes. Nothing happened so she hugs him happily and cry. They kissed and turn their heads to me, I'm ever sitting on my butt on the floor.

"Liz! Thanks, I can't told you how we are grateful..."

"It's nothing Logan, I'm glad to see you happy."

I turn to Alec and try to stead up but lamentably failed.

"But I'm little tired, I'm dizzy. Alec... Can you help me?"

"No problem. And you two, go find a room." he jokes.

"Are you sure, you are ok, Liz?" asks Max, worried.

I nod my head.

"Yeah, sure, go to an expensive restaurant and enjoy your night for me, ok?"

"Um... but you..." begins Max.

"I stay with Liz." tells Alec. " So you two can leave."

They finally leave and I'm ever on the floor.

"You know, earlier you are sounded like a baby sitter." I told him. " I'm not a child. It's you who act like them."

"You know if you are evil like that, I let you on the floor." he warns.

"Hey! It's not fair!"

He laugh and I give him my hand but instead to take it, he hold me by the waist and hold me in his arms walking to the bedroom. I scream, telling him to put me down but enjoying this moment silently.

"So why did you act like a knight in shaning armor?" I ask him during he put me on the bed. He seats near me and grin.

"I don't know earlier I was only your baby sitter."

"Stop joke, Alec."

"I care about you, it's all." he confides simply. " You are tired, I let you sleep."

He begins to move but I grab his wrist.

"Can you stay with me, please?" I ask with a little of hope.

"Sure." He lies near me and I put my head against his chest, feeling myself in peace, his hand gently caressing softly my hair.

I yawned, I'm really tired.

"You know Alec, I like when you become my knight in shaning armor. Thanks for all you have done."

"Don't thank me, it's normal. I should confide that I love a lot be your... baby sitter."

I laugh and kiss him on the check.

"Good night Alec."

"Good night, Liz."


I smile, remembering this moment. I'm not in love with Max Evans anymore but with someone else.

End.... of this part, of course. *big**big* how you find it??????????????? *big**big**big*
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Hey! New Part!!!!! I have think that since the beginning I have erase a lot the Four Royals so for people who missed them. They come BACK !!!!!!!! Lol, but no words now, just read!
Just a thing : Four months left since Liz's departure.

I smile, remembering this moment. I'm not in love with Max Evans anymore but with someone else.

Part 13

New Mexico, Roswell


I'm Michael Guerin, teenager of 18 years old and I'm alien too, yes. You don't dream, I'm here in Roswell with two of my best friends who are like me Max and Isabel Evans, I have a girlfriend, Maria, I really don't know if she is my girlfriend after all, we have never have a real "date". But for the moment, it's cool between us, she doesn't tell me again that I'm not like Max, the romantic guy. Perhaps he's romantic but he can't touch Liz so uncapable to have a relationship and he had "sleep" with Tess alias "Blonde Gerbil" for Liz, oh, I'm not fair here. But why will I worried to be fair? I have never like it.

I should tell that I missed Liz. But I'm not repeating that to all people like Maria did, in this moment she's calling Liz to her school for have with her "girly talk". I can't help but smile to think to the note of portable that Amy will have, I'll like a lot see Deluca's confrontation.

Ha, yes, I was saying that I miss Liz. Recently we became really closed friends, I wish we could make this without Alex's death. Since the beginning I had doubt, alex killing himself? No, he was too strong to do that, Alex was really a good person, I really wish to save him, after all, I'm their protector, I have should protect him. Alex was understanding, ever calm but sometimes he could be very angry, nearly frightened, I remember when he comes to talk of Maria, it was the Courtney's thing, when she had think that I was watching Courtney in a "really closed way". He punched me right in the face and I fell on the floor, I was very stun and the pain was enormous in my check, Hank had beat me before but when Alex did this, it was a thousand much worst like him, after that he left, telling that his fist hurting like hell. Seriously, I have think he was playing when he did his little speech on his fist. Alex was ever shy, not this word, more discreet, he was a genius too, crack the FBI files.

His death has broke the group, aliens versus humans, Maria decided to stay with me, she was weak and couldn't handle that. Since that Liz was very cold, distant, she began to search reasons about Alex's death, not believing it was an accident. I think it's Liz who was hurt more than anyone, even more than Maria. But she never admit she wasn't too strong to handle that, so many times I have want comfort her, she had a sort of connection with Alex, they were seeing often each other, but in the friendly way. And after that she told us that it wasn't an accident, that she was sure it was a murder. Max turned like ill, I have never seen him like this, I had always envied him but after what he did to Liz, not anymore. He brang her back into life but didn't give her the right of choose, he bring her in a life which wasn't safe, I have never want this for her, it was the reason why I had try to stop Max but he didn't listen me.

And he rejected her, he turns his back to her, he was mad to her and it's for that he has fuck this blonde gerbil! Just to hurt her again, I was neutral, in fact no really just not wanting have the Maxwell's anger on me. I believed Liz, when she try to find prove to Las Cruces I haven't stop her but when she found a really big thing I have told her to stop, but she didn't listening me, she went to this supposed "Leana's" house but I have fowled her with Maria and I have heard Maria's scream, I have run to see Liz behind a bomb, alien's bomb. I have raised my hand and sent it out of the house before it explose. But during this I am sure that Liz begans to move really strangely, like her movements were soo fast that I can't see them. I look in her eyes and saw a thing who makes me surprise and frightened in the same time. There were fear and anger in her brown eyes, during a second I have bet that Liz didn't want that I save her.

After we learned it was Tess who makes this bullshit, I was so angry against me, I have failed, I had trust her, she left the earth and with Max's son. I was feeling guilt towards Liz, but when she saw the ship fly, her face was..., I have never seen her like that before, she looks the ship with cold hatred and I see her fists turning white. I bet if she'll have Tess, she could kill her with her own hands. She remembers to me, this day when Alex comfront me about Maria, it was not Liz Parker, it was an other person. Like Alex during our little "talk".

During this I have feel that there was a strange thing vetween them, maybe the reason why Liz was so affected by Alex's death. And I'll become suspicious and Liz began to be hurt by Max so she left us to go in the Vermont. But maybe it was the good decision, I only hope she is happy.

"Michael!" yells Maria, running at me.

"What again?" I ask, not really in good mood.

"I... Liz..." she begins.

"Explain yourself. Something wrong?" I question her, suddenly worried. She only nods.

"Yeah. I have call Liz's school and she wasn't here."

"it's just that? Maybe she makes a travel." I try to reason calmly.

"No Michael. It's not so simple."

"So what Maria, spill out!" I answer angry.

"Liz was never gone in this school."

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He he he, new part. Smoochies... *big**big**big* but read it!


"Yeah. I have call Liz's school and she wasn't here."

"it's just that? Maybe she makes a travel." I try to reason calmly.

"No Michael. It's not so simple."

"So what Maria, spill out!" I answer angry.

"Liz was never gone in this school."

Part 14

Seattle. Logan's appartment.

"Hey Liz, how are you today?"

"Great, thanks Alec. Your work to Jam Pony is finished?"

"Yup and I was asking if you want watch TV with me?"

"Of course, but I don't think that Logan and Max want too, they have projects and not including us."

"Yeah, they are like animals."

I punch playfully in the arm.

"Don't me think about that, specially when this concerned my sister! Men are all pervert!"

"It's like this, you love me."

"Mmmh... Let me think about this."

"So it's ok for tonight, I mean now?"

"Yeah, let me take my jacket."

I write a note for Logan and Max, telling I go to Alec's appartment to watch movie, but I doubt they find this before a long time.

"I have it."

Few minutes later, we are to his appartment, it's not the first time I went here. Alec and me are best friends now, I talk often with him and he did it too. I'm the only person with who he spoke of Rachel. I know it was hard to do this for him, and I'm really proud that he trusted me to tell me about this. But it's not the only reason, we make things together like spend time together, going to the Crash, watching movies or even drive our motorcycles. Yeah, Maxie and Logan bought me a black Ninja to thank me to heal Max. I didn't want be thank but I couldn't refuse this Beauty. Of course, I win always like Alec, yeah and Maxie too, I'm the Best !


We arrive to Alec's appart, it's really big and cosy. Before it was to another transgenic but I didn't remember his name.

"So what have you pick?"

"Braveheart and Ocean's eleven."

"With George Cloney? Good choice, he's really handsome." I tell him, sitting on the couch against him.

"Stop babbling about him, now he's died or perhaps he live again but he's a grand father."

"Oh, stop be jealous."

"I'm not."

"You are."

"Ok, maybe a little. The next time, I'll pick movie with the beautiful Julia Roberts, no, she's already in this. Cool."

I moan.

"Oooh, there is Brad Pitt too." I say with a grin.

"Oh, close your mouth and look at the movie."

My grin becomes bigher and I look at the TV, eating pop-corn.

"I really like the movie."

"Yeah, me too."

"You know, we could do this." I tell him finally. " Don't forget that we are genetics soldiers with surprising abilities."

"Maybe I want." he answers after a silence. I turn my head to him, surprise.

"What do you want?" I ask, curious.

"Maybe I want forget. That we are soldiers and just try to have a normal life."

"You are right, all of us want but it's impossible. Ever, a moment will arrive where we are forced to run or leave, life never will be normal for us."

"I know that, it's just that I want really build something, I have a normal life now, instead of fact I'm a transgenic soldier, I have a job, friends, I have doubt like all humans, we aren't so different Liz. Why can't we have a life with good times, where we can have friends and love too like Maxie and Logan. Look Liz, it was hard for them but they arrived to have what they would, they are together and they love each other. It's not impossible Liz, why didn't you want see it?"

I look in his green eyes, I'm feeling confious and happy in samee time, I know what he want say.

"I'm scared Alec." I confess finally.

"Why?" he asks me, taking my chin in his hand.

"Because I won't lose another person for who I care."

"I don't leave you."

"You can't know, he did the same promess to me but he left me, Alex left me and I was alone. I won't feel this pain again, it's too hard."

"I know I can't promise than never can't arrive to me but all I know it's... I'm in love with you Liz. I love you and I think you feel the same about me. What don't give us a chance?"

"What do you reply to this, Liz?"

I feel watter in my eyes, I breath heavily, biting my lips.

"I... Like if I can reply to this." I say.

I feel his hot breath on my check and I'm uncapable to move, to leave.

"You have just to say one word." he whispers in my ear.

"... Yes."

A smile appears on his lips and I smile back. Oh, and it's like a movie, when the man kiss the girl, like when the times freezes. I feel his lips on mine, and he's so gentle and so sweet that I close my eyes, enjoying the moment. I slide my hands on his hair, during his hands go on my back. I smile in the kiss, god, I should confess I think about this during a lot of times. I'm glad to face my fear.

Suddenly we break away, I smile to him during he put a locks of my hair behind my ear. My smile fades.

"Liz, are you ok? Liz?" asks Alec worried.

I breath heavily behind him, I see Isabel, she's looking at us, surprise and her apparition stops.

"Yeah, Alec. I'm ok, I just... zoned during few seconds. I'm ok." I smile, kissing him shortly.


"So we are a couple now?" I ask maliciously.

"Of course. I warn you I'm very jealous."

I laugh.

"Good, because me too."

shit! Bad! Bad! Bad! Isabel came here, connecting us. She saw Alec, maybe already she knows where I am. I know one day, I should confront them but I'm not ready now. I just become happy with Alec, I'm not in mood to see Max come here. I know this will come soon. But for the moment, I want enjoy be with Alec. I tell him this tomorrow, it's just I won't that that our first night like couple be failed by aliens.

*wink*End of this part. *big**wink* ok, I hope you find this part too and find the moment with Alec and Liz not too sweet. I don't know if I hadn't make too much on the kiss so I wait for your answers impatiently. Please, answer fast. *shy**shy**shy* And tell me what do you think about this. *big*

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Just to answer to your question.

roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:

Is Isabels power stronger then in the show??
Because she couldn´t do that in the show oh well..
What is Isabel going to tell them??

Yeah, llike a lot of times have passed, Isabel's powers grew up stronger like the others aliens.

And for your other question, you'll see that in the futur part. *big**big**big*
You know curiosity kill the cat. No, I'm joke lol, if this was true, I'll be died since a long time. *big*

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*big* New part, hope you like it. *tongue**big*

Thanks for all the reply.
Dedicace to: Calinia (x2), Roswell_lover_buffy, Roswell Slayer, Rae85


shit! Bad! Bad! Bad! Isabel came here, connecting us. She saw Alec, maybe already she knows where I am. I know one day, I should confront them but I'm not ready now. I just become happy with Alec, I'm not in mood to see Max come here. I know this will come soon. But for the moment, I want enjoy be with Alec. I tell him this tomorrow, it's just I won't that that our first night like couple be failed by aliens.

Part 15


"So Isabel can you arrive to connect yourself with Liz?" asks Max, worried.

The joung woman looks at her brother, like it was easy to say "Of course, I saw her but in this moment she's occupied to kiss widly a guy (who is really hot)."


"What? Spill out." yells Maria. " How is Liz? She's hurt?"

"No, it's all the inverse." Isabel replies

"What do you mean?" asks Michael, rising an eyesbrow.

Isabel stays quiet.

"Come on, Isabel." he continues. " It's not like she was having a love session with a guy."

Since when did Michael read minds?????????" She sends him a glanze, nodding her head. Max didn't miss this.

"What are you talking about? Isabel, answer me."

Isabel takes a big breath.

"I arrive to project myself this time, I was in a great appartement and I saw Liz... on a couch, kissing a guy. She saw me too and didn't seem very happy about this."

"Do you know where she is?" asks Max.

"Max, you know, maybe we should let Liz where she is, maybe it's the best solution, you two can't even touch each other. Why should her stay with you, think about this. Let Liz moves on."

"Do you know where she is?" he repeats. Max is really stubborn when he want.

"I don't know very well. All I know it's she's in big town, in the sector 5. I saw this on a pancart."

"I know where it is!" says Maria happily. " Only Seattle is divided in differents sectors. Oh, and Max, I think Isabel has right."

"I go to Seattle, now." Max left.

"You heard this everyone? The King wants find Liz, I think we must go with him, like this he risks to make a mistake."

"You have totally right Spaceboy."

Kyle enters.

"What's happened?"

"Come here Buddha Boy, climb in the jeep. We'll explain this, after all we have certainly 6 travel's hours, this is how pass the time."


I go to Jam Pony Express, very happy this morning. I watch to see Alec but I run in someone.

"Ouch! Sorry!"

I look at the man and smile.

"Hey, Sketch, how are you?"

"Hé Liz! Great and you?"

"Yup too."

"Do you want see my bike's demonstration?"

"Why not?"

"Come on."

We left the building, to go just under an old bridge were already others persons. It's a competition, cool, I chat animatly with Sketch before his turn. I really like him, he's like Alex but more in hyper activity mod!

"It's my turn."

"Good luck Sketch, if you want I can cheerlader you."

"I don't refuse that." he responds with a warm smile.

He climbs on his bike, and the seconds passed during he's on the empty. I found myself returning when I was go out with Kyle and I was cheerlader him.

"Go! You'll win Sketch !!!!!!!" I scream, totally not caring that all of people are looking at me with surprise expression, I can't help if I'm too euphoric.

"Ah, I act exactly like I was with Kyle." I laugh.

I feel suddenly a pair of arms encercled my waist.

"So you are already speaking of another man?" whispers a voice in my ear. I turn my head to see Alec look at me, I smile.

"One of my old conquests." I tease him.

"Really?" he put his head against my shoulder, I feel his warm breath against my check.

"Umm. Yes, there was a long time ago."

"I miss you, you're really evil you know. I wait you during all the morning and when you come finally, you go see Sketchy."

"Jealous Mister?" I turn my head toward him, smiling.

"Why *kiss* should I not *kiss* be *kiss* jealous?"

"Because it's with you with who I go out and not him, you should learn to trust me."

"I trust you but I just only don't trust Sketch or others men."

I laugh and during this time Sketchy comes back.

"You were really good! I think it's you who stayed more longer in the empty." I say happily.

Sketch sees Alec, and his smile fades, maybe Alec was right. Alec looks at Sketch.

"Oh, you are together?" he asks.

"Totally right Sketch and I warn you I'm really jealous and very fast."

Sketch gulps and nods his head, I punch Alec on his head.

"Don't listen him Sketch, he plays childish."

"Hey! I'm not childish!"

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I'm not!"




"Um... Guys, I think I should left, bye." He lets the couple alone, really acting like children! But he should admit they are good together. Really bad, Liz was very hot and cool too, why Alec had always the perfect girl? And this time, I can't even hope they broke, Alec seems really interested this time and not just after a little time, I bet he would go out with her since she's here.
Man! The look when he clearly makes me understand to not try to flirt with Liz. The return of Manti Cora, gulp!

"Look at what you did! Sketch left by your fault."

"Great, we are alone now, I prefer that."

"You are evil, you planned all of this." I say, smiling.

"Yeah but it's for that you love me."

He kiss me tenderly and for a long moment, I forget the reason of what I want speak. Max! Isabel! The aliens! Shit! I broke the kiss, smiling at him for apologyze.

"Oh, stop that."

"Why?" he questions me during he begins to kiss my neck.

"Because... I can't concentrate... myself."

"On *kiss* what?"

"Max Evans."

He cuts his kiss in the second, looking at me, angry and oups, very jealous I think.

"It's not what you think Alec." I kiss him shortly and take his hand.

"I know... that I should tell you this, yesterday but like it was our first night like a couple I wouldn't it failed because of this."

I didn't hold my breath anymore, she was over this MAX EVANS, I see him during our connection. What did she could find in him, he looks exactly like Dumbo with his bigs ears! Yeah, it's not fair, but it's not like I was acting fair. My jealousy left but you understand when you are kissing your girlfriend and she thinks to his ex it can make you very angry!

"I listen you Liz."

"Ok, yesterdayIsabelprojectsherselfinyourappartmentandsawusandi'mnearlysureshetoldthistoMaxandnowtheywillcomeherecertainlysoon." she says without taking her breath.

"Slow, slow down. I haven't understand one word."

"Ok, yesterday Isabel projects herself in your appartment and saw us and I'm nearly sure she told this to Max and now they will come here certainly soon." She bites her lips, waiting for my answers.

"Ok." I finally say.

"What? Just ok?"

"Yup, this way, I can push the little alien far of you, I won't sharing you."

"It's sweet but I'm not a thing."

"You're perfectly understand. So it's why you were strange last night."

She nods.

"Yeah, I was worried of your reaction."

"And how do you find it?"


20 minutes of kissing practice left.

"Logan waits for me."


"It's a surprise."

"Oh, you can tell me you know."

"Of course, I know that and after all the world know what it is. I love you Alec but you haven't capacities to keep a secret."

I groan.

"Just an little info." He pass his arms around my waist, kissing me deeply.


"You know, you used very torturous methods. But I'm weak, ok, it's about Maxie. Now, I tell you nothing more."

I kiss him and begin to leave.

"Alec, tonight, to the Crash, ok?"

"Of course, 9 ap."

"Good, bye!"

I'm really glad to hear that Liz sees another man and didn't think to Maxass alias Maxwell-who-betrayed-her-with-my-fellow-false-sister-alias-in-Liz's-opinion-Gerbil-Tess. Evans is really too stubborn, I just go with them to see how is Liz.

We should arrive to Seattle tomorrow night. Can't wait to see Liz.

*big**big**big* End of this part and hope you like Alec's behavior, I don't know if it's not too childish. *big*

Please, tell me what you think about this. *big**bounce**big*

Next soon. *bounce**shy**big**tongue*
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I'm really happy about this story, it will the 100°post. Yes! *big**big**big* But I think that you want know what happens so read!!!!!!!!!

*big* Just a little thing: The aliens are in Seattle. *big*

Hope you enjoy this like me. he he he *big*


I'm really glad to hear that Liz sees another man and didn't think to Maxass alias Maxwell-who-betrayed-her-with-my-fellow-false-sister-alias-in-Liz's-opinion-Gerbil-Tess. Evans is really too stubborn, I just go with them to see how is Liz.

We should arrive to Seattle tomorrow night. Can't wait to see Liz.

Part 16


Now, it's been three days that we arrived to Seattle, I look at the window, watching Seattle's light glow in the dark night, Max with the help of Isabel doesn't stop to search Liz. Pffffffuh, this guy is just an ass, after all what did he expect after fucked Alex's murderer? Ok, he didn't know but he cheated on Liz, even if they weren't really a couple during this time. I'll like find Liz and tell her to leave the far that she can of Maxwell Evans.

I think that Michael has the same opinion than me, he doesn't seem very joyful of this little trip, ok, in th beginning he was worried like me when we learned that Liz was never gone in this Vermont's School but when Isabel told us that Liz was safe, kissing a guy, I stopped worry and was happy for her, like Michael. Yeah, now we are best friends, curious idea because I always think that he will be stuck with "his brother" Max, happily he isn't and I'm glad to be his best friend. Sure, who think that versus the wall he put on Michael has a big humor.

Isabel. Isabel is like a sister for me. I understand why she helps Max, she is his sister. Poor dear, oh but I'm evil here. But who cares?

Suddenly by thoughts were cut by an Isabel and a Max breathless.

"What's happened?" I ask, during that Michael and Maria stop kissing. Really I should find a girlfriend soon, I begin to hate be singleman!

"I have a flash of Liz. She is in a bar... The Crash." says Max happily.

"Hum... Maybe we should wait a little..." begins Maria, unsure. Like if I want that my best friend should again confront you! Ok, she went out again after the Gerbil's thing even if I told her it was not good to do this. And happily for her, you can't touch her because after hurt her emotionnally you hurt her physically. I think the destiny was good to that!

"Maria, are you ill? Won't you know why she had lying to us?" asks Isabel. I want know, it's why I did all of this.

"Ok, you have right. We come."

The Crash.
All of us are here. Logan, Alec (who knows now), OC, Sketch, Syl, Krit even Jondy (yeah, she shows herself just there is two days), Herbal and even other guys at work. I grin when Max enters in the bar, all is dark.

"Hey! Somebody is here? Liz? Where are you? "

I contains my laugh during I watch her jump the stairs.

"You know, Liz, it's not fun..."

"SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we all yell, the lights comes and all around us you can read HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIE. She's near of the tears.

"Oh, I didn't expect... Liz! I'm sure that it's your idea!" she screams, hugging me happily and kissing Logan.

"Oh, sis, now you are old, 20 years, my poor old sister!"

"Oh shut up, I'm only a year more older than you."

After opened her gifts, Max begins to dance with Logan. I was sitting in a chair, looking at them happily. Suddenly I feel a tip on my shoulder.

"Hey beautiful." whispers Alec tenderly in my ear. God, I love when he did this.

"Want a dance with me, handsome and sexy guy?"

I laugh.

"You are so sure of yourself!" I joke, following him on the dance floor.

We dance during nearly two hours. I look at him, god, I'm really lucky Alec is so sweet, caring, never you can think that when you're looking at him with his seductive grin and his playboy maniers but you should never judge a book on his cover. I press my head against his chest, smelling his cologne, feeling his breath against my neck. I look at his blue-green eyes and kiss him like there will be not tomorrow. He kiss me back, with strong and lust putting his arms around me. I wan't never that this moment stops.

But I have never that I want, suddenly I feel a weird emotion so I turn my head and look at the stairs. There are five persons surprising, open mouths and one of them seems very angry.


It's Max.

He he he (evil laughter). *big* End of the part, hope you like it. *big*

Oh and I have just a question about Kyle in my head, I hate really when he's single so I think about this... but I'm affraid to exaggerate, what do you think about this? *shy*

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But I have never that I want, suddenly I feel a weird emotion so I turn my head and look at the stairs. There are five persons surprising, open mouths and one of them seems very angry.


It's Max.

Part 17

I'm really not happy to see them, all people in the party are watching them and wait for the explanation. Really why should they show themself now????????? I won't deal with them, no, deal with Max during the birthday of my sister. I look at my friends, they didn't change a bit, ok, maybe Michael's hair is longer but it's all. Maria and Isabel seems both fine, Max seems ready to explode but I don't care anymore. I just want that he doesn't screw Maxie's party. I watch Kyle who is raising an eyesbrow to Alec, I can't help but giggle when he grins. I run to him and hug him, I really missed my best friend, Kyle had never turn his back to me when I searched the truth about Alex's death.

"I missed you, Liz. I see that you found a boyfriend." he whispers in my ear.
I smile and nod my head, I hug the others even Michael but don't touch Max. Maria begins to speak but I stop her, I know that if I don't, her talk can endure forever. Finally I turn to my friends of Seattle and clear my throat.

"Sorry for the interruption, it's few friends of mine. Let me introduce you." I say with a warm smile.

"My friends of Roswell, Maria, Isabel, Michael, Kyle (I watch amused Alec glanze to my ex-exboyfriend) and Max (here, Alec's glare on him). Guys, I want you meet my sister Max, my brother Krit, Jondy, Syl, Original Cindy or OC, Logan Cale, Maxie's boyfriend, Sketchy, Herbal and Alec, my boyfriend. Tonight it's Maxie's birthday so can you wait a little for the explanation, right?"

Max wants talk but Kyle cuts him.

"Of course Lizzie, it's alright." he assures me.

"Lizzie?" asks Alec, rising an eyesbrow, amused.

I feel myself blushs and give at Kyle a glare.

"You and your big mouth! Stop teasing Alec, he used this nickname when we were children! It's not so funny!"

All people laugh, ok not all, Max didn't, he just doesn't stop to glare at me, crossing his arms on his chest. I really begin to ask myself what I could see in him before. I watch the other, Isabel talk to Maxie, certainly surprised to find that I have a sister and a brother too, like if I'm dumb and that I don't see the glances that she gives to my brother subtily but in another hand, I don't like too much this, after all she already played with Alex's heart, I know that he's gone and that she loved him but I don't want that she tears away again one of my brothers and if she wants do this, it will be hard because Syl doesn't seem happy to see her behavior. Oh, cute, my other sister has really feelings for Krit. I prefer if Syl and Krit go out more than Krit and Isabel. Michael stays with Max, the poor but in another side I understand that he's not too happy to see that I left without warn him. Kyle is.... I laugh, really he doesn't waste his time is already talking with Jondy, wow, I didn't expect that. It's true that my sister is far of the word ugly, she has a long dark brown hair with green eyes, she's a little taller than me and she has a good humor, I can even play the matchmaker but I think that maybe I shouldn't act, they seem get along very fine without my help. I look for Maria.... OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!! Alert! WARNING ! SYSTEM ERROR ! I don't like that, my best friend and my boyfriend chatting and laughing together. I don't like it! I don't like it! I won't imagine what they can do together ! I know very well Maria, she and her big nose and BIG MOUTH ! Worst than Kyle! If never she told him our little stories of childhood, I swear that I'll kill her!

Few hours later, the party is over, I feel my headacher arrive. Logan, gently accept to drive them to his appart who now he shares with Maxie. Yeah, two lovebirds but it's not the problem here. After arrive to Logan's appart.

"Liz" begins Max, I can feel his anger toward me but stay calm." We want talk to you... alone." he finishs, glanzing to Maxie, Logan and Alec.

"You don't need, they know." I say.

"They know?! How can you do that?!" yells Max.

"Stop Max, don't act like a child but like an adult please. I wouldn't tell them but why I could say when my hands began to glow green? I told them the truth." Michael who was ready to yell too stays quiet, understanding my situation. But of course, Max doesn't.

"How could you make this to me, Liz? And explain me why have you lied to us!"

"Shut up Max, Liz's right. Calm down." Isabe cuts him firmly, Ice Queen the return. " But Max's right too, Liz, why haven't you prevent us that you weren't gone in your Vermont's school. We were wooried about us, thinking that maybe you were kidnapped by Khivar or another alien."

I look at her, smiling seing the truth in her eyes, she cares about me even after what I say to her during Alex's enterrement.

"I'm sorry for that, it's just I was sick so I decided to see some part of my family."

"Your family? Really?" asks Max, with an ironic smirk. " It's a lie again? So if you want my opinion they are more strange than you."

Only few seconds later Max Evans was on his butt after that I gave him a punch right in his face. My anger raises against this alien. All people were quiet in the room, a dead silence. I know that I moved too fast for the Roswell group and Logan see me, I revealed our secret but I ignore their mouths open for a moment. I turn to Max, stooding in front of him.

"Don't dare insult my family again or I'll kill you. I mean it Maxwell." I tell with a cold hatred.

Alec put an arm around my shoulders, making me relax a little, I try to become quiet again. Leaning against him and closing my eyes.

"I really don't know what she could see in you, Evans." says Alec in a sharp voice. " You're really a stupid alien and don't you dare tell her something like that again because you'll should have a little discussion with me after. And enlighten me a little, it's you who cheated on her with the little blonde, Alex's murderer, it's your fault if you losed her."

"How do you know that?" Max asks surprise.

"The flashs." he answers quickly.

I look at Liz, she changed, no in fact I think that we just didn't know this part of her personnality. The "other" Liz came back, the same that I saw during Tess's departure, I have finally the answer to my question, Liz hides soomething too. Max is really an ass, he didn't see that he losed her definitively. I like Alec, he seems a good guy and plus he cares really about Liz, they have like a sort of bound together. I'm glad that she's happy, I never see her smiling like that when she was with Max.

"Ok, someone can explain me how you, Liz, a weak girl like you can beat Max????" asks Maria, stun.

Liz smiles at her and look at us, just glaring toward Max, who, thanks lord, just shut up himself.

"I think it's time to tell you something about me and after that I'll do this, I hope you'll be not frightened of me."

End of my part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it! *tongue**bounce**bounce**tongue**bounce**bounce**tongue*