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A Charmed Life
Author: Raychell75
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Category: Crossover with Charmed.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the shows or any of charters involved with the show.
Summary: Takes place after the series finale of Roswell, and season three of Charmed except Prue never died.

Author’s Note: I love crossover fictions, so, I thought I would write one. Actually, I have one out there but I need to repost the story. Anyhow, if you like this, please, let me know that I know to keep writing. Enjoy!


Running. It has become the story of their young lives, except this time they are running away from everything they knew and love…

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a long strip of road is an old beat up VW van carrying six young, newly graduated high school students. “I don’t mind doing long drives or anything, but have we decided on where it is that we are actually going to?”

“Kyle, has a point Max,” Isabel yells from the back of the old VW van. “We can’t keep driving to no where. We need to decide where it is that we are going to hide out.”

Everyone in the van looks at Max to make a decision but its Liz who answers. “We are going to California, more exact, San Francisco.”

“Girlfriend, can we ask why San Francisco,” Maria ask from her position next to Isabel in the back of the van. “I mean how did you guys decide that we would be going there?”

Liz turns in her seat to look at her best friend to answer her. “Okay, this is going to sound stupid but Max and I were talking about possible places to go, and we couldn’t decide…so, we took a map out and I dangled a crystal around till it stopped, and it stopped on San Francisco. Besides, San Francisco is a big place with a lot of young people. We won’t stick out like sore thumbs there.”

“Well, sounds like as good as place as any,” Michael responded.

Everyone in the van looks astonished by Michael’s response. All expecting him to flip out or put up some sort of argument. “Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

“No offense Michael but you never really want to go with flow when it comes to group decisions,” say a still surprised Max.

“Yeah, well, why put up an argument,” Michael responds back. “We needed to figure a place to go, and that sounds like as good as place as any.”

“Well, everyone buckle up because California here we come,” yells an excited Kyle from the drivers’ seat of the van. At the same time everyone is signing, “California, here I come.”


Somewhere in San Francisco…

In a dark ally near P3 stands two individuals lurking in the Shadows. “The fourth is on her way.”

“How do you know,” replies a tall lanky looking man dressed in black.

Without even looking at the man that just spoke to him he slaps him across the face. “Do not question me, ever. I’m the Source and I know all and see all. She is on her way. I can feel her We must stop her from joining with her sisters.”

“So, its true,” replies the man that got slapped. “There are not three Charmed sisters but four. They will be unstoppable if they are together.”

“Yes, its true,” says the Source. “But, to our advantage the other three and their white lighter do not know about her. We must make sure they never find out about her. She will be here soon and we will take care of her then.”

I have the next chapter written and depending on why type of feedback I get will see when I post it. I know its short but its suppose to give you just a taste for the story.

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Author's Note: Wow! I was was surprised to find so much feedback. I wasn't sure if I would get any. I know I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting a new part tomorrow night for you guys. Thank you for all the feedback!
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Author's Note: I'm sorry I know I said I would post part 1 a couple of days ago. I'm a bad author! Just an FYI for you - I seem to have lost that part and am in the middle of rewriting it. It should be post either sometime tonight or tomorrow at the latest! Sorry! You guys are great!