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Title: Something Destined to Be
Author: Raychell75
Email: raychell68⊕
Category: Conventional Couples
Summary: Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Takes place at the end of each season, though a few things have changed. To give you a bit of an idea Liz never grew up in Roswell. That is all I will tell you. You will have to read the rest.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of characters. They all belong to Mr. “I don’t know how to end a good show” Katims


Somewhere in VW van going where the road will take them as long as it’s far away from Roswell, New Mexico…

Running. What else could they do? They needed to get out of Roswell in order for them to remain a live, and keep their families safe. The questions hanging in the air like a cool summer’s breeze – would they ever be safe. If it was not for Tess’ untimely demise, and the Sheriff, or now Deputy, finding out that Max, Michael, and Isabel where scheduled for an untimely death at graduation they would be dead now. Leaving with them the only humans besides the Sheriff, and the Evans Parents, where Maria and Kyle. Though Kyle being a little less human since Max saved him during the time of the Pierce fiasco.

Pulling over to a gas station on the dessert strip to fill up for their long destination to no where everyone steps out for a much needed break to stretch their legs. “Have we decided where it is we are going?” Kyle asks while filling up the gas tank.

Maria with weary, tired look on her face turns to face the group who has just started to pack into the old VW van, “Yeah, we can’t keep driving if we don’t know where we are going. If we are going to decide this you guys should know that big cities are out of question, since, I’m sure the FBI will be looking out for a five young people there. Before any of you mentions that we should separate – the answer is no. We are much better together besides if it where just me and Spaceboy who knows what would happen to him. I might have to kill him myself.”

“Yeah, well, who said I would want to be paired up with you. I was a loner before you, and I’m sure I could survive without you and you’re babbling.” Michael replies with his normal gruff attitude.

With anger in Maria’s eyes and her mouth ready to give a much needed come back Max steps in before this turns into a full fledge Maria and Michael argument. Everyone knowing that behind their heated words those two would be completely at a loss without each other. “Before you two start arguing, please, don’t. We don’t have time for this right now. Kyle, are we filled up?”

“Yeah, we are filled up and ready to go. Just waiting for Isabel to come back with the much needed food supplies.” Kyle replies with a boyish grin as he hops back into the driver sit of the van. While doing so like on cue Isabel comes in with a whole bag of food and gets in the back of the van where she has been sitting most of the trip.

Max looks around to make sure everyone is all accounted for. “Okay, so, I know we have been driving for a few days and everyone is getting cranky about being with each other in such small space…”

“Actually, Buddha says that…” Kyle starts to say while interrupting Max.

Rolling her eyes Isabel throws something at Kyle’s head to make him stop speaking. “Kyle, as much as I would love to hear the spiritual teachings of Buddha, could you let Max finish…Go ahead Max.”

Laughing at what just happened Max stops to regain his composer. “Believe it or not I have been thinking a lot of where we should go. Sunnydale.”

“Sunny what???” They all ask at the same time.

“Sunnydale, California. It’s small but big enough for us to regain some semblance of a life. There is a local college there, so, we could all attend some classes while we figure out what we want to do. So, what do you guys think? Are you guys’ game to check out Sunnydale?”

Everyone looks at each other before nodding their heads in agreement. “Well, then, Sunnydale here we come.”


Sunnydale by looking at it on the outside it looks like any other small town. Small mom and pop shops. A town where it seems like it would be a nice place to raise a family, but looks can be deceiving. Underneath all the small town facade lies a layer of evil. To this town there is one. A girl borne to fight the demons, vampires, and evil. To protect the innocent and save the world. With the help of her friends she has saved the world on more than one occasion even dying a couple of times to do so.

“Liz. Are you okay?” Dawn asks her older sister. Well, Dawn not really being Liz’s sister but the closest she will ever have to being one. With the monks sending Dawn to the Slayer for protection, Liz has protected Dawn as if she where her family and that is the way it will always stay. Looking at them on the outside the physical characteristics are the same. Both girls are slim with brown hair, though cut differently. Dawn with long brown hair that lays mid-back, and Liz with a new short cut that hits just about her chin.

Turning to face her sister with a slight smile on her face, “I’m okay. I just got this funny feeling.”

“Funny feeling? Oh, this can’t be good.” A little apprehensive to hear that Liz has some sort of funny feeling.

“Dawn, don’t wig out on me. I said a funny feeling. That does not mean that it was bad or good. I just feel like something will be happening soon. Not sure what just yet.” Liz replied trying to give Dawn some assurance. Though she is not quite sure what her feeling means. “Look, we better get to the Magic Shop today is the re-opening since…well, since what happened with Willow going all bad.”

Remembering a few months ago when they lost Terra, Willow had lost it. Going crazy with grief. Attacking not only who she held to blame for her death but also killing. If it was not for Zander the world might have ended again. “How is Willow? I mean I haven’t seen much of her lately.”

“Willow is doing much better these days. She has been spending a lot of time over at the Magic Shop helping Anya and Giles to get it ready for today. Can’t believe Giles decided to stay.” Liz replies while grabbing her jacket, so, her and Dawn can leave to go down to meet everyone else.

Walking out the Summer’s home Dawn turns to make sure the door is locked. “Yeah, well, I think he decided to stay not just to help Anya but you too. I mean, come on, Liz, you are the slayer not me. Why do I have to train so much?”

Laughing at Dawn, though she might complain about training Dawn loves it. Besides, after seeing how she handled herself during the whole Willow bad thing Liz finally saw her sister as someone who could take care of herself, especially, with the help of her and Giles.

“Well, look at it this way you are also helping me train too.” Liz replies with a sarcastic smile. “Now, come on we are going to be late.”


Meanwhile in a dirty VW van of a Sunnydale parking lot…

Looking hot, tired, and a bit upset Isabel takes a look around at their new town from the van windows, “Okay, I need to get out of this van and stretch my legs before I go crazy.”

Isabel hops out of the van a long with everyone else. “So, Max, what should we do now, since we are here in this lovely town?”
“Why don’t we split up take a look around and meet here…oh, how about 1 o’clock because we still need to find somewhere to live.” Max replies while surveying the new town. ‘Yes, this town is going to be great for us.’

“Alright, who is going with whom…I think Isabel and I should go and explore this town together.” Maria said while linking arms with Isabel. “You boys should take a look around and ask around to see if there is anyone renting a house or anything…oh, and jobs. We need to start looking for work.”

Everyone gives Maria an exasperated sigh, “Well, we better get to it before, Cheesehead, here thinks of some other things we should do.” Michael says after Maria has already turned and taken Isabel by the arm.


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Part 2

A couple of hours later…

“Maria, I think we have seen all there has to be scene in Sunnydale,” a tired Isabel says as Maria drags Isabel to another store.

“Isabel, I know you are tired, and believe me so am I but you see that store over there,” Maria points Isabel to a newly opened store right across the parking lot from where the VW van is parked. “Looks like they are hiring…come on we should go check it out.”

“Maria, do you really want to work for a shop called the Magic Shop. It seems a bit corny, don’t you think,” replied Isabel.

With a bright smile on her face Maria grabs Isabel’s arm to lead her to the Magic Shop. “Isabel, after working in alien theme restaurant with Spaceboy for the last couple of years and serving food named after weird alien names anything would be normal to that.”

Just then Max, Kyle, Michael walks up and catches up to the girls. “Did I hear someone calling my name,” replied Michael after hearing Maria referring to him as Spaceboy.

“Yes, Michael, Maria was just saying what a hot, sexy, stud you are in…” Isabel started to say.

Not wanting to hear anymore Kyle covers his ears yelling, “I can’t hear you!” Everyone starts laughing at Kyle’s little out burst.

“Okay, everyone, calm down,” Maria says to the group. “Look, we are about to enter this store who happens to be hiring and I’m getting a good vibe from this place, so, can we all just get a grip.”

“Alright, Maria, we will be good for you,” replies Max as he enters the door. As soon as he walks in he is struck down by the beauty of a short haired brunette. ‘Wow! She is gorgeous.’

Sensing someone looking at her, Liz turns around and is struck down by the most beautiful pair of amber eyes. ‘Oh my! Who is that guy?’ Liz walks to the group of friends to see if there is anything she can do for them. “Hi, there! Is there anything I can help you with?” While saying this never taking her eyes off Max.

‘MMM, mutual attraction I can see. I’m going to have to find out more about her for our dear Maxie.’ Maria is thinking as she sees Max and the attractive brunette exchange stares. “Hi, there, please, excuse my friend Max. He is usually not a mute,” Maria says as she rushes forward to shake Liz’s hand and interrupting the staring duo. “My name is Maria Deluca, and this is Isabel Evans sister to Max over here, the long hair guy in the back is Michael Guerin, he’s my on again off again boyfriend but you can call him Spaceboy, and last but certainly not least is our spiritual advisor Kyle Valenti. Kyle here has recently discovered Buddhism.”

Laughing and taken aback by Maria’s enthusiasm Liz introduces herself, “Hi, I’m Liz Summer’s, and welcome to re-opening of the Magic Shop.”

“Hi, Liz, please, let me first apologize for my friend Maria over zealous introduction,” Max says as he extends a hand for a handshake. While taking Liz’s hand as she extends it out to Max all of sudden as soon as they touch something happens.

A little boy and girl naked walking alone on a dessert highway.

Liz running towards a weird light.

Max holding up some sort of green force field.

Liz whispering something to a tall brunette girl.

As quickly as they came whatever it was ended. Both thinking, ‘What the hell just happened?’

Dawn watching the exchange between Max and Liz walked up to her sister to see what was going on, “Um, hi there. I’m Dawn Liz’s sister is there something I can help you with.”

Snapping out of his daze Max focuses his attention to Dawn, “Yeah, um, my friends and I are new to town, and Maria here saw your sign saying that you were hiring and wondered if she could possibly speak to your manager.

“Oh, well, let me get Giles for you since this is his shop. Liz and I don’t work here we are just kind of here to help out, so, why don’t you come in and look around while Liz and I go grab Giles,” explained Dawn while grabbing Liz’s arm dragging her away from the rest of the group.

Walking towards the back where Giles is organizing books on the newly constructed bookshelf Dawn whispers into Liz’s ear. “Okay, what was all that about back there with the like dark hair gorgeous guy?”

“What do you mean? There wasn’t anything going on I was just talking to him,” Liz replied not wanting to go tell Dawn what just happened between her and Max. Something happened but she was not sure what. She did know one thing she was going to find out what it was.

Not believing her Dawn rolled her eyes. “I don’t believe you. You were like just staring at each other like there was no tomorrow…hey, you don’t think that they have something to do with your funny feeling this morning. Maybe they are evil or something and hiding behind perky exterior, huh?”

“Dawn, don’t wig out, k,” Liz said trying to calm her overacting imagination. Whatever she was feeling about Max and his group it was not bad but good. Over the years of slaying she has learned to trust her instincts about people and for some reason she trusted them, though she could tell they were hiding something. She would have to keep an eye on them. “I’m sure they are probably just some college students settling in…you know school is starting in a couple of weeks.”

“God, don’t remind me. I can’t believe summer is gone already, and I wasted most of it training with you and Giles,” Dawn replies while rolling her eyes.

“I don’t think training is wasted time Dawn,” Giles buts in as Dawn and Liz come walking up to him. “This reminds me we should get started on this afternoon’s training session.”

“Okay, as fun as that sounds Giles,” Dawn starts to say. “But we have a few people over there replying to your looking for work sign…now, see didn’t I tell you that would work.”

Taking his glasses off and rubbing them with a handkerchief, “Are you referring to those group of young people that walked in a bit earlier?”

“No, Giles, the other five group of people that walked in after them…yes, those people, Giles,” replied Liz. For a watcher sometimes Giles could be clueless. “Now, the short blonde girl Maria is looking for a job and I think you should go over there and talk to her then hire her.”

“Um, excuse, me,” Giles interrupted and sounded a bit confused. “Did you say I should hire her? Now why would I do that without even talking to her?”

“Giles, look you need the help and I have already talked to her,” Liz started to say. “And, I get a good vibe about her. Besides, she is new in town and I think she could really use the job, so, what do you say…PLEASE!”

Not really being able to deny Liz’s request he just nods his head and walks over to the group of young people. “Hi, there! I’m Giles part owner of the Magic Shop and I hear one of you is inquiring about a job, is that correct?”

“That would be me,” Maria starts to say. “I’m Maria Deluca, and let me tell you that I love your shop, and I promise you that if you hire me you won’t regret it.”

Giles looks Maria over before speaking, “Well, according to Liz she has a good feeling about you, and that I should give you a try. So, how about you come by tomorrow morning and I will introduce to the rest of the staff and give you the tour.”

“Yes, thank you,” Maria says as she runs up and gives Giles a big hug. Then, turning to Liz, “And, thank you too. If there is anything you ever need, please, let me know.”

Laughing at Maria enthusiasm and Giles reaction to Maria’s hug Liz tells Maria, “Hey, no problem besides I spend half my time here since most of the staff here is my friends. So, I’m assuming that all of you guys are here for school, UC Sunnydale, I’m assuming…?”

“Yeah, we will be attending UC Sunnydale this fall or more like in a couple of weeks,” Max replied looking for any chance to talk to Liz. “Are you a student there too?”

“Oh, yeah, I will be starting up again this fall,” Liz begins to state. “I, um, took a little break last year but I’m really excited to start again…so, if you need a tour or anything, um, let me know…I mean that for all of you. So, where are you guys from?”

“Uh, sorry,” Michael interrupts. “We kind of have to jet. We have this house on Wilshire to look at.”

“Oh sure!” Liz says. “Sorry to keep you…so, Maria, I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow. Oh, and Max if you and your friends want to come by tomorrow afternoon after Maria’s shift I can introduce you to the rest of the gang.”

“That would be really great of you. We will be here,” Max replies with a silly grin on his face.

After Max and his friends leave the store Dawn turns to Liz, “So, what was all that about, Liz?”

Liz turns away from Dawn and walks back to training room. “What was what?”

“Don’t give me that,” Dawn states not wanting to let her sister off the hook so easily. “You are hot for that Max guy. I haven’t seen you drool over anyone since Angle. Now fess up.”

“Oh, please, they are new to town and I was just being friendly,” replies Liz not wanting to admit that Dawn was right. There was just something about Max that attracted her to him. Besides, she had a feeling she would need to keep an eye on him and his friends. “Look, can we talk about this later? We need to train before I patrol tonight.

“Fine, I will let you off the hook for now,” Dawn starts to say. “But, you remember this Liz Summers I’m watching you.”

Outside the Magic Shop Max and everyone starts walking towards the VW van, but what Max and the rest of the gang don’t realize is that someone is watching them…

Coming out from the shadows a boy who does not look more than the age of 12 steps out and is talking to a tall, lanky, looking man. “So, our dear King has decided to call this lovely place home.”

“Yes, they just arrived this morning,” replies the tall, lanky man. “Should we contact Kivar and tell him that we have located the King?”

“No, not just yet,” Nicholas commands. “I think we should watch them for now. There is no reason to let Kivar know right now. Let’s see what our boy King has decided to do with his time, but you can relay to Kivar that we will be up and ready to start transporting troops here in the next few weeks. It will be nice when we conquer this lovely planet.”

“As you wish, sir,” replies the man.


Oblivious that anyone is watching them the group talks about their meeting with Liz at the Magic Shop while walking back to the VW van…

“Okay, Michael, why where you in such a hurry to get out of there,” asked a curious Kyle.

Rolling his eyes like the answer should be obvious to everyone, “Well, let’s see we are kind of running for our lives here, and she started to ask questions about our past. I don’t even think we should be using our real names, but thanks to Cheesehead over here we have no other choice. So, we need to come up with a cover story before we meet up with Liz and her friends tomorrow.”

“Michael Guerin,” Maria starts to huff. “If you call me cheesehead one more time. I will show you where you can stick that little nick name you have for me. Besides, I have a feeling we can trust her.”

“No, Maria,” Max starts to say. “I have a good feeling about Liz too, but we can’t go around telling people who we are. We really do need to come up with some kind of cover story about where we come from. We will keep it simple just change the place and some names.”

“Wow, Maxwell,” Michael exclaims. “This has to be the first time you and I agree on anything. Okay, one question – What was up with you and that Liz girl?”

“Yeah, Max,” Isabel pipes in a bit curious about the whole incident in the store. “The way you two kept looking at each other it’s a wonder that you two even noticed that there was anyone in the store with you two.”

“I don’t know what you two are talking about,” Max starts to defend himself; though he knows it’s probably a useless battle. He is drawn to Liz like no one else he has ever known. Even when he was with Tess it was never like this. There was just something in her that made him go to mush inside. Then, of coarse there were the flashes. What where those about? No, he couldn’t tell the rest of group about them before he figured them out, and the only way of doing that is finding out more about Liz Summers. “I was just being nice, and thankful for her help.”

“Oh, come on, Max,” Kyle starts out. “As long as I have known you I have never seen you go all gaga over a girl. You could have done worst…I will admit she is pretty hot, and by the looks of it she is as into you as you are into her.”

Shocked to hear that Liz seemed attracted to him as he was to her made him even happier inside. Still he didn’t need his friends harping on his love life or lack there of. “Look, can we, please, stop talking about this. Come on let’s get in the van we have a place to look.”

“Okay, Max,” Maria starts out saying. “We will let it go besides I will be working there starting tomorrow and I will find out more for her for you. Okay, so, you guys really found a place, huh.”

“Yeah, it’s this nice little house over on Wilshire by the college. I think you two will really like it. This really nice old lady told us if you two like it that it’s ours to rent, so, she is kind of holding it for us. I figure while you are working tomorrow we can get settled in and sign us up at the college.” Kyle states all excited about their discover of the house. It really was by luck that they found it. Just like how Maria saw the for hire sign is how they spotted the for rent sign. The house was a small two-story Victorian looking house with five bedrooms. The outside looked like it was just painted it was crème with white trimming, and also had a long walk way to the front door. The inside of the house was repainted has well. It looked like the flooring of the house was redone as well. The carpet was stripped off and in its place was hardwood flooring. The kitchen was totally redone with all new appliances. Yes, the girls would fall in love with this place.

“Just out of curiosity – how much is the place is this going to cost because you know we are on a budget here,” Isabel asks wanting to make sure they were careful with the money that they were spending. Before leaving Roswell they all emptied out their bank accounts. Jessie even giving them what they had in their joint accounts to help them. At first Isabel refused but Jessie kept insisting that she needed the money more than he did. So, reluctantly she took it with the promise that she would pay him back someday. Knowing that as she made that promise there was a big chance that she was never going to see him again. That broke her heart the most but in the end it was probably better this way. This way he could have a normal life…a life that he could never have because of her. A life that she had once wished she could have had with Alex.

“Don’t worry. I guess she rents it out to college students at a discount, so, it will not be that much. All she really asks is that we pay first and last months rent, and that we take care of the yard. She doesn’t even require a deposit,” Max explains. “So, if we all get jobs we should be able to cover rent, and save the rest for a rainy day. And, we will just have to cover school on our own too but I think we have enough for all of us.”

“What are we waiting for let’s go check out this place,” says an excited Maria.

The next day at the Magic Shop…

“So, Liz, Dawn over here says you went all crazy over some guy,” Zander asked while hopping onto the counter top to sit down and talk while Willow, Liz, and Dawn finished putting some books away.

“I did not go all ‘crazy’ over some guy,” Liz responded. “First off his name is Max and he is new in town. I was just being friendly.”

Willow, Zander, Dawn all look at each other before laughing out loud. “What are you guys laughing at,” asks an irritated Liz.

Regaining some composer Willow responds to Liz’s question. “Liz, when it comes to new people being in town friendly is not what you usually are…you know more like suspicious or something along those lines.”

“Look, it’s a new year and everything has calmed down since…oh, damn, sorry Willow,” Liz says as she realizes she was just about to bring up the time Willow went all bad ass on them. A subject they all seemed to have avoided since it happened. After Zander got to Willow no one really talked about the incident. Afraid of making Willow feel guilty about killing Warren and basically attacking her friends. Willow seemed to retreat into herself those first few days, but after awhile she started talking to everyone again. Things really started to feel normal again as the Magic Shop got closer to opening. Willow started coming to the store more not for witch supplies (something she does not practice anymore), but to help with the re-opening.

“Hey, it’s alright Liz,” Willow says trying to reassure to everyone that she is alright. It took awhile and there are times she is still racked with guilt, but with the help of her friends she is doing better. “What I put everyone through after Terra died…well, I never apologized for what you guys did for me. I don’t know if sorry is even enough but I do know is that I’m thankful for what you guys did. If you hadn’t then I would have…”

“Hey, we will have none of that,” Zander says as he gets off the counter to give Willow a supportive hug. “Besides, what are friends for if not to keep us in check when we want to bring the world to end.”

Everyone laughs at the much needed emotional release. Just when everyone was done laughing the bell above the door rang as somebody walked through. “I hope I’m not interrupting. Giles did say to come in the morning right.”

“Oh, Maria,” Liz exclaimed excited to see her. “Yeah, Giles, did say for you to come in the morning but he hasn’t quite gotten here yet. Here let me introduce you to everyone. The red head over there by the counter with the tall, dark, haired guy is Willow one of my best friends, and the good looking guy…”

“Zander,” Zander says interrupting Liz and offering a hand to shake with Maria. “Her other best friend. She won’t tell you that, so, I figured I would put it out there for you.”

Taking his hand and giggling Maria shakes it, “My pleasure, I’m sure.”

“Oh, Maria, please, don’t encourage him,” Liz says and gives Zander a glare. “Zander she has boyfriend, so, don’t get any ideas …oh, that reminds me where is Anaya.”

“Um, she is off visiting some family,” Zander answers while giving Liz the eye saying that Anaya is doing something demon associated. “She said she will be back in a few weeks besides if I don’t recall Anaya and I are no longer an item.”

“Uh huh,” Liz responds. “Just know one thing, Maria, Anaya and Zander have one of those relationship that you and Michael seem to have.” Maria nods her head as she knows what Liz is referring to. “Oh, and you know my sister Dawn.”

“Hey, there, Dawn,” Maria says in warm voice. “Um, I know that Liz and Dawn don’t work here but do you two work here.”

“No, we are just helping out while Anaya is out of town,” Willow starts to explain. “But, as much as you will see us here we might as well should. We spend a lot of time here.”

“Yeah, you can say that this is like our second home,” Zander chimes in.

A bit curious as to why Maria decides to ask. “Just out of curiosity and feel free not to answer but why?”

“Oh, well, um Giles use to be the school librarian and he is kind of like a family friend,” Liz starts to explain. “Well, we kind of just starting to come here to study when Giles took over the place, and guess we never stopped. Besides, there is this work out area in the back that Dawn and I use to kind practice our self defense moves.” Liz concludes hoping that answer suffices Maria curiosity.

“That makes sense,” Maria answers. “Sorry, I’m usually not that nosey…okay, I take that back I am.” As Maria finishes her sentence Giles walks in with a coffee in hand.

“Oh, Maria, glad you are here. Sorry for being late I was up late reading and, well,” Giles rambles. “I see you have met everyone. Okay, how about we get started shall we. Um, Liz and Dawn didn’t you want to…”

“Yeah, we were just going to back room to practice our self-defense moves,” Liz interrupted Giles before he can say anything else. Giles looks over at Liz and understands. “Come on, Dawn.”

Later on that afternoon just outside the Magic Shop…

Max and everyone else arrived to meet with Liz and her friends, and well, Maria of course. They had to admit though they were a bit tired as soon as everyone besides Maria was up, Isabel, had put on her Nazi face. She was determined to make their new home as homey as possible, and everyone knew just to obey rules when Isabel was in Nazi mode. So, their day was spent going out looking for furniture, basically, stuff that people were giving a way bring it home and have Isabel change it with her powers, but when their day was done and over with they had to admit that their new place finally felt like home.

The bell above the door rang letting everyone know that someone had arrived. First thing Max did as he entered the store was look for Liz not only did he find her but saw her sitting with a guy. A sudden wave of jealousy ran through him, then, he realized this was probably her boyfriend. ‘I should have known someone as attractive as her would have a boyfriend.’

Turning around as if sensing Max had entered the room Liz looked for Max and smiled when she found him. “Hey, Max, Michael, Kyle, and Isabel…come over here I would like to introduce you to my friend Zander.”

Liz looked at Max while she called the group of friends over and she could have sworn that she saw a look of relief pass through Max when she said Zander was her friend. ‘Could he have thought that Zander was by boyfriend…Duh, he could have thought that. Thank goodness I called him my friend.’

As soon as Max and everyone was closer Liz did the introduction. “Max, I would like to you meet Zander. Before he speaks he is one of my best friends…sometimes I forget he is even a guy.”
“Hey, I take offense to that,” Zander says a bit offended. “Okay, so, you must be Michael, Kyle, and the lovely lady here must be Isabel.”

Isabel looks at Zander like she knows him then she figures out that he seems a lot like Alex with his quirky sense of humor. All of sudden she is swept up in her memories of Alex always trying to make her laugh or smile. Pushing all those feeling aside she puts a bright smile on her face. “Um, so, where is Maria?”

“Oh, she’ll be right out she is with Willow, my other friend you will meet, she went to show Maria the downstairs where they keep all the extra supplies for the store.” Liz answered. Just on cue Maria and Willow show up.

“Hey, guys,” Maria greets them. “Wow, you guys look tired. Isabel must have been in full Nazi mode with you guys. Oh, Willow, these are my friends that I was telling you about. “ Maria rattles off quick introductions to everyone.

“So, Cheesehead, are you done for the day,” Michael asks knowing that in a few minutes she will go full hurricane mode seeing as he used his pet name for her.

Not wanting to give Michael what he was egging her to do Maria just ignored his comment. “Yes, I’m done for the day. Willow and Liz were telling me about this place called the Bronze, and I thought we could go with them tonight if you are guys aren’t too tired.”

“Um, yeah, it would be great for you guys to come. Sunnydale doesn’t really offer that much to do at night, so, the Bronze is the one place we hang out. It’s pretty fun and I thought it would give us a chance to get to know each other,” Liz rambles. ‘Oh, God! I’m a rambling idiot.’

Max laughs at how Liz is rambling and thinks it’s quite cute. “Sure, we would like to go, so, what time should we meet up with you guys?” Max says as he looks at his group of friends to make sure they are all interested which it seems they are.

“Well, how about we meet there at around 9 o’clock. Do you guys need directions,” Liz asks telling herself to stop being so eager. ‘God, I feel like a little 12 year old girl with a crush.’

“No, I’m sure we can find it and 9 o’clock sounds fine,” Max replies with a grin on his face. Obvious that he is looking forward to spending some time with Liz and getting to know her better.

“Oh, hey, you guys if you don’t have to run off just yet there is one more person I would like you to meet he is one of Zander’s friends and I think you will like him. Cool guy and he is really funny too.” Liz says.

All of sudden the bell above the door rings letting everyone know that someone has just entered. A tall, dark haired guy comes in dressed in a pair of dark jeans and boots with a black t-shirt and black leather jacket to match. He lifts his head and smiles to the group of new friends and waves.

Isabel turns around to see who has walked in then her voice seems to have caught in her throat as she looks at the guy. Then, she whispers, “Alex???”

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Isabel just stares in shock at the guy who could have been Alex’s twin, but it couldn’t be, Alex died last year thanks to Tess. No, it’s not Alex, it can’t be.

“Hey, Charles, come over here I have some people I want you to meet,” Zander called after the guy who just entered. As he walks closer to the group Max, Michael, Kyle, Maria, and Isabel just stare opened mouth. “Guys, I would like you to meet a friend of mine, this is Charles Alexander but you can call him Charles or Charlie. Charles I would like you to meet Max, Michael, Kyle, and these two lovely ladies Maria and Isabel.”

Charles shakes hands with everyone then stops and stares at Isabel for a moment before taking her hand in his. “I must say you have one of the nicest smiles I have ever seen.” Isabel just smiles and blushes at his compliment.

“Um, so, will you be joining us at the Bronze tonight,” Isabel asked wondering if this person could somehow be related to Alex.

“Well, if you haven’t heard already there isn’t much to do around Sunnydale, so, that is where I will be. Glad to hear that you will be there, so, there is a God,” Charles says with a boyish grin that reminds Isabel of Alex.

“So, I take it you have always lived in Sunnydale, maybe you can show me around sometime,” Isabel suggests. She can’t believe how forward she is being but she just can’t seem to help herself.

“Well, actually, I just moved to Sunnydale last year,” Charles replies. “But, I do know Sunnydale well enough to give you tour sometime, Princess. I came here last year to go to school at UC Sunnydale.

“I will have to take you up on that offer,” Isabel responds. ‘Why did he call me princess? Could he be…?’

“Um, Charles, we will be going to UC Sunnydale this year too,” Maria starts to say wondering at the same time could this be Alex. He has the same mannerism and he looks just like him. This couldn’t be her best friend that died the previous year, could it? “Out of curiosity what are you majoring?”

“I’m a computer science major with and minor in music,” Charles answers. “Well, looks like I will be seeing a lot of you guys…well, I should get going I promised a friend of mine that I would help him move. I just stepped in to make sure we were all on for tonight. Liz, Willow, Zander, see you guys later. Dawn, check you later “ With that Charles smiles and waves his goodbye to everyone.

Following Charles lead Max starts to say his goodbyes as well. “We should get going. There are still a few things we need to get done at the house before tonight. See you guys tonight.”

“Okay, um, see you guys tonight,” Liz responds. “9 o’clock, don’t be late.” Okay, can I be anymore corny.

After Max and his friends leave Zander locks the store door behind them. “Out of curiosity did they all just seem a bit weird after Charles came in?”

“Yeah, they seemed to be weird out after seeing him,” Willow pipes in. “It was like they were seeing a ghost or something.

“You guys don’t think they might know something about Charles’ past, do you,” Dawn asks remember when they all met Charles last year. It was shortly after Liz had died. Charles was wondering the streets of Sunnydale with no memory when they found him. They all thought it had something to do with Glory but was never really sure. He couldn’t remember a thing about his past. After helping Charles put together some sort of life, he became a close part of their group. Of coarse when Liz came back from the dead they all had to explain how Liz was a live and who she was. Weird how he just accepted it and never really freaked out about it. Up until today they still had no idea on who Charles really was. Maybe their new group of friends had the key to his past.

“I’m not sure,” Liz responds. She also noticed how the group got all quiet when Charles walked in. “They could. Tonight we are going to have to some investigative work.”

“Scooby gang, in effect,” responded Zander in his usually ethusiams.

“Okay, let’s go home and meet at the Bronze a little before everyone gets there. Oh yeah, don’t tell Charles just yet. We don’t want to get his hopes up because it could be nothing.” Liz said. “I have some patrolling to do before tonight, so, I will see you guys later.”

Back at the Pod Squad’s house…

The gang is sitting around in their newly decorated living room talking about what happened at the Magic Shop.

“Okay, did everyone see what I saw,” Maria asked with excited tone in her voice. “That was Alex. Before you guys say it wasn’t, I’m telling you it was.”

“Hold on a minute,” Michael interrupts. “We don’t know for sure that’s Alex. For one his name is Charles and he didn’t seem to recognize any of us.”

“Yeah, Charles, was his name…Duh that was Alex’s middle name. Come on now, Charles Alexander…oh, and there is the fact that he is majoring in computer science and his minor is in music,” Maria starts to argue. “He probably as amnesia or something like that. “

“Look, we all saw Alex’s body after the car crash,” Michael responded.

“He called me, Princess,” Isabel whispers. Still shocked at what happened at the Magic Shop. Not wanting to believe Alex could be alive but feeling it in ever fiber in her body that it was him.

“You guys, I would like it to be Alex too but we just don’t know,” Max states. He could not ignore the coincidences either.

“Max, I know its crazy but I’m telling you that I feel it,” Isabel states with confidence. It was her Alex. She knew it.

“Okay, say its, Alex and he is suffering from amnesia we are going to need to find out for sure,” Max says.

“Max, how do you think we should go about doing that,” Kyle asks. “Its not like we can say, ‘hey, Charles are you suffering from amnesia because if you are we think you might be our dead friend.”

“Yeah, I know we can’t just come right out and say it,” Max says a bit irratated. “It looks like Liz and her friends know him pretty well, so, tonight I suggest we just start asking questions. Isabel can talk to Charles and find out more.”

“Maxwell, are you forgetting we saw Alex’s dead body,” Michael puts in. “Look, okay, I will admit that he looks like Alex and even acts like him, but we can’t assume that it’s him. If we start asking questions, don’t you think they will start getting suspicious of us. Am I the only one who remembers that we are running from the law here?”

“God, Michael, can you stop thinking of yourself for once,” Maria states angrily. “This could be Alex my best friend who supposedly died but looks like he could be alive. If it is him we need to help him, and you are not going to stop me, you got that, Spaceboy.”

“Michael, I know we have to be careful here, but Maria is right. If this is Alex we need to know what happened to him, and help if we can,” Max replies.

“Okay, you guys are right,” Michael reluctantly agrees. “So, the game plan is to ask around…well, what happens if that doesn’t work?”

“Well, if we can’t seem to get any answers the old fashion way, then we will have Isabel dream walk him maybe that will gives us some indication,” Max responds. “Isabel, do you think you will feel up to that?”

“Yes, if it will help us find out if this really is Alex, then I will do anything I can,” Isabel answered.

“Well, I think I’m going to go meditate because it sounds like we have one hell of night to get through,” Kyle says as he gets up to walk to his room.

Later on that night at the Bronze…

“So, you think that they will find their way here,” Liz asked the group as they waited patiently for Max and the rest of the Pod Squad to arrive.

“Bit excited to Maxie boy,” Zander teased. “Liz, I’m sure they will find their way here just fine. Its not like Sunnydale is this big city or anything…so, what’s Dawn up to tonight.”

“I’m not excited to see Max for the umpteenth time,” Liz responded. “Do I have to remind you that that they are new to town. Anyhow, Dawn is a bit cranky about all the training that I have her doing with me, so, she decided to stay home and veg because she says she has no life these days between Giles and I…so, what time is Charles getting here?”

“Oh, Charles, called me before I left…said something about him running a bit late, so, that should give us some time to feel Max and them out,” Zander told Liz and Willow.

“Um, guys, two o’clock, Max and his friends just walked in,” Willow warns.

Liz and Zander look up just in time to see Max, Michael, Kyle, Maria, and Isabel make their way to the table. “Hey, guys, sorry if we are late. Maria and Isabel couldn’t decide on what they should wear tonight.”

Liz looks over to Maria and Isabel as they give Max a death glare. “No biggie, we just got here a few minutes ago. So, did you guys have a hard time finding the place.”

Max looks over at Liz and notices how pretty she is looking tonight. She is wearing a pair of tight black pants, with a sleeveless v-neck top, and black boots to match. Her chestnut brown hair is pulled back and away from her face showing her flawless complexion. “Um, no, we found the place alright. This is a pretty happening place. I can see why you guys hang out here.” ‘Did I just say the word happening…oh, God! I’m a dork.’

“So, Chica,” Maria says trying to get Liz’s attention away from Max. “I thought your friend Charles was going to be here tonight. We didn’t scare him, did we?”

“Uh, no, of coarse not,” Liz says as she smiles at Maria. “He was just running a bit late. I’m sure he will be here any minute now. So, how do you guys like Sunnydale, so far?”

“We haven’t had much of a chance to look at it but what we have seen so far we like,” Kyle chirps in. “It reminds me a lot of where we come from.” Michael gives Kyle a glare as if saying, ‘Good going, dumbass.’

“Oh, so, where are from,” asks Willow oblivious to the look that Michael just gave Kyle.

“No where special,” Kyle starts to explain as he tries to ignore Michael. “We’re from Albuquerque, New Mexico.” At least he didn’t say Roswell.

“That’s not to far Roswell, New Mexico,” Willow again asked. “So, have you guys ever come in contact with Aliens…that is where they say the UFO crashed, right?”

Max, Michael, Kyle, Maria and Isabel all look at each other nervously and laugh, “Yeah, that is what they say but I have never seen any green little men,” Kyle answers with a nervous laugh.

This does not go unnoticed by Liz, Willow, or Zander. All making a mental note to talk about this later. “Um, I don’t know about you guys but its getting a bit stuffy in here. I’ll be back I think I need some fresh air,” announces Liz as she gets up from the table to go outside.

“Is she okay,” asks Max to Zander and Willow as Liz is stepping outside the door.

“Oh, Liz,” Willow starts to explain. “Yeah, she’s fine. Every once in awhile she just needs to get some air. Don’t worry about her.”

Not comfortable with the fact that Liz is going outside by herself Max decides to follow. “I think I need some air too, so, I think I will join her.” With that Max gets up and makes way through the crowd to go find Liz.

Outside the Bronze Liz walks out and feels that something is a bit off. Her senses are going wild there something wrong. As she looks around Liz sees Charles but what she also see is a vampire trying to feed off him. Going into full slayer mode Liz runs up to the male vampire pulls him off Charles. “I’m sorry was I interrupting.”

“Slayer, you are going to pay for that one…I was hungry for some regular blood but I think I’m craving some Slayer blood tonight.” After he says this the two start fighting each other just as Liz is about to dust the vampire Max walks out and see the two fighting. Without even thinking he runs up and tries to help Liz before he can do anything Liz takes out a wooden stake and pierces the heart of vampire where he then turns to dust.

“What the hell,” Max states as he watches the vampire turn to dust.

Not knowing Max is there Liz turns around to see a shocked Max and wounded Charles. “Max, I know you must be really shocked about what you just saw but I need you to help me get Charles inside, and then I think we both might have some explaining to do.”

Back at the Magic Shop…

After the attack on Charles, Liz and Max get their friends and head back to the Magic Shop to talk about what happened at the Bronze. Everyone is kind of scattered around while Liz talks on the phone to Giles to explain that nights events.

Liz hangs up the phone and turns around to face everyone. “Okay, I’m sure you guys are wondering why we brought you here, and why Charles has a bandage on his neck.” Liz looks around for support from Willow and Zander, which they both give by nodding their head. “Look there is no other way to say this but to just say it. Charles was attacked by a vampire.”

“A vampire,” exclaims Maria. “Vampires don’t exist…I’m sorry, Chica, but I think you might have bumped your head on something because vampires, witches, and things that go bump in the night don’t exist.”

“Maria, wait a minute and let Liz explain,” Max jumps in. “I saw whatever attack Charles and saw Liz put a wooden stick in it and watched it go to dust. Sorry, go ahead Liz.”

Liz smiles over at Max for coming to her defense. “Okay, look, Sunnydale sits on a Hell Mouth, translation, Sunnydale is filled with vampires, demons, and all sorts of creepy stuff. The reason I know this is because I’m the Slayer.”

Disbelief written all over Michael’s face all he can do is laugh. “You…who I might say are rather small, are a slayer. What the hell is that some sort of protector or something and if so how can someone as tiny as you fight whatever you say lives here – demons and vampires…yeah, right.”

“Look, Michael, Liz might look small and fragile but trust me she is one tough cookie,” Zander says as he jumps in to defend her. “Weather you want to believe it or not she’s telling you the truth. On more than one occasion she has jumped in and saved the world.”

“Zander its okay,” Liz interrupts. “That’s the truth. I do fight the things that go bump in the night with the help of Zander, Willow, and Giles. That’s the reason why we spend so much time here. This is basically Scooby central. Where we come up with our game plan when dealing with demons, vampires, and whatever evil thing that might be out there.”

“You guys I know its hard to believe but it’s the truth,” Charles steps in. “I should know because I was the one attacked by the thing, and I have known Liz, Willow, Zander for while now. If you look around Sunnydale you know that there is something a bit off in this place.”

Max, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, and Maria all look at each other like the people in the room are crazy, but at the same time believing what they have to say. Shit they were aliens and if aliens can exist why can’t demons and vampires. “So, that’s what you do? You go around fighting bad things?” Maria asks trying to find out more.

Liz looks at Maria a bit relieved to see that they are starting to believe her. “Basically, in a nutshell, yeah, that’s what I do. I guess you could call it my destiny.”

After saying the word destiny Liz notices Max, Michael, and Isabel all wince, which basically confirms her belief that they are hiding something. “Okay, so, you guys know our secret what’s yours?

Confused on how Liz knew they had something to hide they all look at each other and remain silent. “What would make you think that we have something to hide,” Michael asks a bit nervously. “We don’t have anything to hide here? We are just here because we will be going to college out here…nothing more to really say.”

“Right, that’s the reason why you guys are here,” Liz starts to say. “Look, I have almost a sixth sense about these things and I have a feeling that you might be keeping your own secrets. I’m not going to press you about them but when you feel ready you can tell us any time. Trust me when I tell you know that we know a thing or two about keeping secrets.”

Not ready to reveal to Liz that he is truly an alien and on the run from the FBI for his life Max decides that it might be best to call it a night. “Okay, you guys we have had a long night. Why don’t we just call it a night and we can talk about this some more tomorrow.”

“Okay, your right Max it has been a long night,” Liz says agreeing with Max. “Why don’t you guys come back tomorrow and we can answer any questions you might have.” Everyone nods their head agreeing to the idea and start to get up to leave and go home.

“Um, Liz, can I walk you home,” Max asks wanting to find out more about Liz’s life.

“I would love for you to walk me home but seeing that this is Sunnydale why don’t I walk you home,” Liz says as she reverses the suggestion.

As they leave the Magic Shop and start to go their separate way there is a figure watching the group in the shadows. He steps on his cigarette and walks away with a sly grin on his face.


On the walk home to Max’s place Liz and Max are talking softly as the rest of the group are a few feet a head of them.

“Um, so, a slayer, huh,” Max starts to say. “So, how do you become a slayer? I’m sure you just don’t wake up one day and say I think I’m going to fight vampires and demons.”

Liz laughs at Max’s remark. “Um, no, you don’t just wake up and decide that. There’s this saying, ‘ To every generation there is borne one. The one who will fight the demons, vampires…or something like that, and I’m it. I’m the one. Guess you could call it my destiny or something.”

“That must some sort of burden on you,” Max’s answers knowing how Liz must feel. How alone it is to have something told what you are and what your responsibilities are.

“I use to feel that way. I use think, ‘Why can’t I just be normal’ believe it or not I use to be normal. I didn’t always have to think about fighting demons or different ways of saving the world,” Liz answers. “Now, I know I can’t fight what I am because being a slayer is not just something I do on my spare time, but it’s a part of me. Now, I don’t really look at it being a burden but accepting that it is what makes me, me.”

Nodding his head he realizes that he and Liz have a lot more in common than he ever thought. “What happens if you, um, well…”

“Die,” Liz fills in for him. “I have to tell you something. I have died twice already both times saving this world but someone always brought me back. Though if there is a time I die and stay dead then there is someone out there to replace me.”

“You have died,” Max gulps out. Disbelief hear in his voice. “How can you have died and come back to life.” Max not liking the idea of Liz dying and her not being in the world, especially, his world.

“Trust me it’s a long story, and I think we should save that for our first date,” Liz says nonchantly. All the while hoping that Max caught the word date. ‘Okay, I’m lame but he is just too cute not to try.’

Catching Liz say the word date Max stops walking and turns to look at Liz giving her a chance to stare into his amber eyes. “Date, huh? Well, Liz Summer’s is this your way of asking me out?”

“Actually, it more of a hint to tell you that you should ask me out,” Liz replies with a coy smile on her face. “That is if you want to go out with me sometimes.” Liz can’t believe how forward she is being, but if dying has taught you anything its that you have to take a chance on life and love. Or else you are not really living in this world just kind of a participant in it.

“Its good for you that I can take a hint…so, Liz, would you do the honor and go out with tomorrow night,” Max asks with a boyish grin that melts Liz’s heart. “Maybe you can show me the lovely sights of Sunnydale.”

“Well, with an invitation like that how could I resist,” Liz answers as they stop in front of Max’s house. “So, tomorrow night how about 7 at the Magic Shop.”

“I will be there with bells on,” Max replies with a little excitement in his voice.

“Okay, well, then I better go. Dawn is home alone and I should head back to her, so, see you tomorrow,” Liz says as she turns away from Max and gives a wave good bye as she walks down the street.

Max turns to walk up his front walk way as he is walking up his door he is oblivious that there is someone watching him. Out of the shadows we see Charles watching Max enter his house. He takes his cell phone and dials a number. “Hey, it’s me. We have some interesting developments with the boy King…meet me back at my place, so, we can talk.” Charles hangs up his phone and walks in the shadows.

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