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Hey !!!!!!! This is my new fanfic! *big* In this, Michael and Liz are brother and sister, of course adopted. Michael has moved of Hank's home when he was 8 and was put to Parker's house who have been moved in Roswell with their daughter Liz.*big* 8 years later, Liz has been shot and Max healed her, she has discovers the Michael's secret. Now, the part one. *big* Wish you like it.

Part 1
My name's is Liz Parker, I live in Roswell with my parents and my brother Michael. He's not my genitycal brother but I feel really like his sister. I remember when Michael came with us, he doesn't speak a lot, in the beginning, I have tried to talk with, try like a normal child but he was rough, but days go and he began finally to trust me. 8 years are gone since he lives with us, we have friends. My best friends are Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman, they are ever here for me and I don't know what I will doing without them. Michael's best friends are Isabel and Max Evans, I don't know them very well, she is called by all the girls to School Ice Queen, Max is just... Max, I think he has a crush about me, he doesn't stop to look at me but I don't care. Few months ago, I have learned why he was so quiet, he was hiding a secret. Would you believe that my brother is an alien?
It was a 6 months before, I was doing my job, I am a waistress in my father's restaurant, the Crash Down. Suddenly, two customers were in a fight, it was about money, one has put a gun and there was a detonation, I have felt a pain in my stomach. I have realised that I was on the floor, blood covered me, I have known that I was dying but in that moment Max has running near me. He has put his hand on my stomach and healed me, I have heard Michael yelling. No more pain, no bruise, I was alive. Max brokes a ketchup's bottle and says to ma an explanation to give. Next, he and Michael leave, Michael looks at me and I have know that he was worrying about me and about what I was thinking now. I have always now that Michael was hiding a thing but this day I have seen that it was very big.
The next night, Michael was come to my bedroom to talk to me, he tells me about the all alien thing. This stupid guy has think that I will reject him if I know the truth, I close his doubts when I hug him.
Months have flown next that and Alex and Maria knew too that Michael, Max and Isabel are "not of this earth." Max told me that he loves me but I wouldn't date with him, after all I have my own reasons. We live, accepting the differences of be alien or no aliens with joy, living all like normals teenagers.
But not today. Today, Michael has killed a man, it was an agent of FBI, the agent Pierce. I am worried, Michael is in his room since 3 days, he won't talk but I know exactly like he feels. He thinks that he is dirty, dangerous for others, that he is a murder, a killer. I open his door, he was sitting on his bed, looking into his window to the stars. He doesn't move, I seat near him and hug him silenciously.
- It will be alright Michael. Don't blamed yourself, you have save us, I whispered in his ear.
- You don't know how it is, he says with a sad smile.
It brokes my heart, his words. Oh, Michael, I know perfectly how you feel. After all, I have the same feelings, I am a soldier of Manticore, I know how you feel when you kill people.
I wish you like it. *big* Next soon. *big*

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*big* New part 2 !!!!!! *big* I wish you like it. *big**big*
I don't say with who I'm pairing Liz, it's a surprise *big**tongue**big*.
Suspense... *tongue* lol *tongue*

- It will be alright Michael. Don't blamed yourself, you have save us, I whispered in his ear.
- You don't know how it is, he says with a sad smile.

Part 2
- Don't feel guilty for this son of a bitch, it was him who wasn't human. You save us, Michael. You protect us, we'll be died without you. Don't blame yourself, you haven't made anything wrong.
I hug him firmly by his shoulders, putting my head against him. I feel him tensed but don't push away, I look at him, he is smiling at me and put me in a bear hug.
- Thanks Liz, that means a lot for me, he says with a rough voice.
- I know, me too bro.
"I wish I can tell you the truth Michael." But for the moment, I like this embrace. You don't push me away, you don't feel sick when you look at me, you don't reject me. I'm your sister, I'm your friend, not just a mindless soldier.
We stay together during a long time. Liz is with me and when she is with me it's ok, all the time she stays, it's gonna be alright. I don't affraid her and she doesn't push me away, she cares a lot about me, same with her for me. She is my home... Strange human's feeling, it's only with her that I have them. With Max and Isabel, it's not the same thing, we are all aliens.
- Liz, I enjoy a lot your behavior to cheer me but don't say words like that. It's not cute in your beautiful mouth, think about what mom says if she listening.
- Ouch! I see that.
She stoods and walks to the door after kiss me on the check.
- Good night Michael, you should sleep a bit.
- Yeah, good night Liz.

The morning, I come to the kitchen.
- So Lizzie, ready for be a perfect waitress, teased Michael.
- All the time, I say rolling my eyes. I'll go "Chef".
I push the door, 2 customers. I look at them, tall guys, a with dark hair and another with a blonde hair.
- Have you choose? I ask with a smile.
The blonde turns his head and I see a pair of blue-green eyes, so familiar. My hart goes faster, I know them.
*big* Suspense is THE clue. *big*
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*big**big**big*Roswell_lover_buffy is the winner ! *big*
You read the minds? lol *big*
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Hey! Hey! *big* It's me! *big**big**big*
Ready for a new part, I hope! *big**big**big* So read this! *big**big*

The blonde turns his head and I see a pair of blue-green eyes, so familiar. My hart goes faster, I know them.

Part 3
I toke their orders, I know them, I'm sure of that. The plates fall and broke with noise on the floor, all people look at me. I feel their glance on me and come rapidly to the kitchen where was Michael.
- Today you are clumsy, he teases me. So nothing hurt, I don't speak for the poor plates of course.
- No, I'm ok. Here, the order of table 7. 5 minutes I took my break.
I leave the kitchen and go in the backward room. Shit! And shit again! Did they recognize me? Why have I made fall this stupid plates?! They are here and I should bring their food. Are they here for me or it's just a game of the destiny? No, it's impossible, I have too good hiding me since years. The worst is if they come to me, I'll should tell to the orders, including Maria, Max, Isabel, Alex and in first Michael. Michael, I have think a llot about it, try to say who I was to him, after all he's the only who knows I was adopted, I have told him when we were 11.
Breathe in, breathe out. Go, ignore them, don't show that you have recognize them. I did what I told me to do and it was a success. They leaved after paying the lunch. Good thing. I don't think that Zack like the idea to be the sister of an alien. Too exposition, dangerous... blabla Manticore bla and bla. I can't say I'm not sad to ignore them, it's not true but I know that my reason isn't good. I'm just very selfish but I have here all that I wish. A family, a brother, friends, a perfect life, nice and calm... um, not too calm I should say, but here, nobody judge me. All people love me, I know that it's a lie, that they don't know what I have do. But here, I'm Liz Parker and I won't lose this life. I won't they know what I have done. Never, I can't support that. I won't they look at me, seing what I'm really are, a murderer.

The night after that. Liz's dream.
I run in the forest, it's nearly the dawn. I heard foothsteps, I look at Zack and Kreat, this is our mission. Found the thief, this a track, a hunt we are predators. We are that we are supposed to be, soldiers. I listen the noise, a precipiting breath, it's him, we moved quickly. I look at him, it's a man, tall with dark hair, he is dirty, recovered of mud. Zack, Kreat and me look at each other and with a nod, we began to beat him. He lied on the earth but we fought, I heard him scream.
- Please. Stop this. Stop. I whispered.
But we don't stop. We tear his tooth and he screams painfully, his mouth plenty of blood and saliva like a mad dog. We aren't anymore humans, no soldiers, we are only widdly beats. Zack stops my arm so I'll punch the man again.
- You should kill him, Liz. It's Lydecker's orders.
I look at the man, I don't understand his words maybe it's because he hasn't teeth in this mouth, but his look. In his eyes there are so affraid of... me. And I'm only 7. I put my hand on this heart and with stronger I punch him, broken his torse and gripping his heart and took it in my hand, all recovered of blood. I look at him, his mouth is in an O perfect and so he begins to spaek again. It's impossible, I have kill him.
- Liz... Liz... Liz... he repeats.
Suddenly I wake up, it's Michael, he is sitting near me, it was him who spoke. He look at me worried and I began to cry violantly. Please, don't reject me.
I look at her, Liz wasn't crying very often it's bad, I took her in my arms in a stronger hug.
- Shh, it's just a dream. It's alright.

Next soon. I promise. *big* This interruption is of the fault of my little sister ! *sad* She's very enervating so blame her, not me !!!!!!!! *big**big**big**big*

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Hey! My little sister stops to torture me so I write again.
Sorry for the interruption.

Suddenly I wake up, it's Michael, he is sitting near me, it was him who spoke. He look at me worried and I began to cry violantly. Please, don't reject me. I don't want remember of that. Not this memories, I can't do this. I want that they stop.
I look at her, Liz wasn't crying very often it's bad. I have only seen cry when Grandma Claudia is dead but never so hard. I took her in my arms, putting my hand in her dark hair so sweet.
- Shh, it's just a dream. It's alright.
I took her chin in my hand, seeing in her brown eyes plenty of pain. I have a flash of dejà-vu, it was only few years before when I was arrived here, to Parker's house. I was waking by a frightened scream coming of Liz's bedroom. I remember walking to her, affraid, it was a scream to wake up the deads. I entried and found her on her bed, her head on her legs, she was looking in the space, not seeing me. I sat near her and hold my arm around her shoulders but she would push me away but I don't let her do this. I have hug her during hours and she began to don't tense and her eyes began to close and she slept against my shoulder. After that, I have seen Liz like a member of my family, she was my sister, she needs of me.
- I don't want... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... she whispered between her sobs.
I kissed her on the forehead and in the moment we create a connection. I see flashs of her dream, I feel her emotions too. Fear. Pain. Regrets. I smell a strong odor of blood. She pushed me away quickly and I saw her face turning white with fear. I put her in a strong hug, comforting her.
- It's just a nightmare, Liz. It's over.
- Just a nightmare... Just a nightmare...
I let her go but she didn't move, she grabs my arm.
- Please, don't go. Michael... Just don't go.
- Ok, Liz, come here.
She lies near me and put her head on my chest, I passed my arm around her waist and wait for Liz sleeps.
- Michael?
- Yeah?
- Can you make me a promise? she asks.
- What is it?
- Don't leave me. Promise that never you leave me.
- I promise.
She closed her eyes and goes to the rencounter of Morphee, all like me.

The morning, Michael and me were awake and starting to open the Crash Down. Mom and Dad were to a meeting to Las Cruces. We have worked for two hours now.
- Hey! New customers! Michael screams. Weren't they here yesterday? he asks.
I look at them. Oh, Blue Lady! It's Zack and Kreat ! I can't avoit the ultim confrontation.
- I don't remember. I cut sharply.
I bite my lips hardly. It's not good. I feel my face went white.
- You ok? asks me Michael, seeming worried.
- Yeah, why I wouldn't be? I should go. I took my breath and open the door. I know that I can't avoid them another time again.

I look at Liz like she's walking to the customers. I'm pretty sure, they were here yesterday. What's happened to Liz? She has a weird behavior, I feel her soucious. Before walking to them, she had bite her lower lips, she made this when she's felt soucious. I watch them attentively.

- Have you already choose? I ask, wearing a fainted smile.
I know they have recognize me, I feel their glances but we don't say a word, the cold silence before the storm. Suddenly Zack grapped my wrist.
- So, Lizzie, you don't remember of us? he said with a cold voice. We know you faint.
- Stop this, I whispered quickly.
But too late, I heard his foothsteps.
Michael cuts me, walking faster near me, sending an angry look to Zack and putting his arm around to my shoulders. Kreat looks at me surprise, but Zack doesn't took the novel soo good. He is furious and waiting for my answer.
- It's ok, Michael. It's not a big thing. I have meet them when I was in the orphanage, they are friends. Kreat and Zack, meet my brother Michael.
I feel Michael ever doubtful but he didn't say anything. Thanks Michael.
- Liz has never talked of you, he states with a rough comment.
Oh, bad. very bad. Not a fight, please, not a fight.
- Really? answers Zack with a fainted hurt on his face.
Guys and their testosterone. Happily Kreat wasn't acting in the same behavior.
- Liz was like a sister for us. he speaks finally.
I was wrong. But why all the things are against me?!
- Didn't she, Zack? he continues with a calm tone.
- Yeah, like a little lost sister.
I hate conversation with double meaning.
- Um... I'm very glad to see you again since this long time but we should work to the restaurant.
- Ok, we understand perfectly. We come back tonight.
- Bye Lizzie, says Zack.
And they leave. Bastards! I'm in the mud now! I walk to the kitchen where is Michael, I wait for his questions.
- So who they are?
- Old friends. I answer.
I see him rising his eyesbrow.
- What have I the feeling that you hiding a thing? he asks.
- I hide nothing Michael. Stop being paranoid.
- Really? Liz, I'm not blind. I have seen your little friend Zack, him and his look.
- You saw weird things everywhere! Stop being paranoïd, Kreat and Zack are old friends it's all. I haven't just recognize them when I have meet them yesterday and they were teased me. End of the story. Now, I should go, new customers.
I leave him quickly, not letting him putting another question. Yes, explanations for later. I'll should say him the truth but I'm not ready to say it now. Like this two stupid soldiers that I had for brothers since years think that it was easy to say "Hey! I'm a genetic soldier, created by a secret agence of government and I'm a murderer too." But I doubt that Kreat and Zack want that I tell to Michael the truth. All I know it's that my life becomes more difficult of seconds in seconds and I don't know if I will survive to this night.
*big**big**big*End of this part *big**big**big*
Wish you like it !!!!!!! *big**big**big*
Promise a futur fight between Liz and Zack. *big*
*big*Next soon*big*

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New part 4 ! Wish you like it. I have only a thing to say: Fight and fight ! *big**big**big* Oh! Warning I have write an extra in the beginning of the part 3, I have forgotten to write this. It's very important so read this.

All I know it's that my life becomes more difficult of seconds in seconds and I don't know if I will survive to this night.

Part 4
At 9 ap, we closed the Crash Down. I look at the window (like in the first generic of Roswell but instead of Max it's Zack and Kreat *big*) and see them. I know that I can't avoid them.
- Michael, I'll go, speak with them.
Michael looks at me, seeming not very happy.
- Don't Michael. I can take care of myself, you know that.
He nodded.
- Be careful.
I smile.
- Ok brother. I don't come back too late, I promise.
He puts his black leather jacket on my shoulders, ever protective of me like if I'll break.
- Bye Mickey.
- Stop with this nickname! he shoots.
- Whatever you said, I know you like it. I answer grinning like a Cheschire cat.
I laughed and walk away, meeting Zack and Kreat who were waiting me, in front of their bikes. We leave Roswell to go in the desert. When we arrived, I jump on Kreat's bike and hug him tighly and want do the same thing to Zack but he sends me a furious look and I decide to don't do this.
- So, what are you here? I ask finally. I beat it's not only to speak of this good old time.
Kreat smiles to my words. I said sarcastly, I grip the jacket tigher on my shoulders, not feeling myself very good.
- I think you know perfectly why we are here, answers Zack.
- No, I tells him, very angry to this moment. I don't know, I see just that you disturbed a lot my life and I don't like it.
He laughed with a fainted smile but I see his eyes burning.
- You don't like it? So we disturbed the perfect world of Liz Parker.
- Yes, I say, gripping my teeth. You don't have do this.
- Oh, very sorry. Your Brother Michael doesn't appreciate us, ouch this really hurt.
- What do you want Zack? I tell him, firmly. Why are you here and how you find me?
- In fact, we were ignoring where you were, it's a weird thing of the destiny, says Kreat.

Kreat's POV
I coul feel the tension between them, nearly touch it. I know that Zack was very angry to Liz to ignoring us, and I saw too that he was jealous of this guy... Michael. I don't like him too, he seems in a sort of way different of other people I have seen since our escape but I don't found this thing. But I don't hate him like Zack does. I remember to Manticore, Zack was our CO, it was him that protect us, ever worried, lot for the girls, Maxie, Tinga, Jondy, Brin, Eva and Liz. See an other play his role doesn't please him. Yeah, he is jealous but too stubborn to admit this, so I'm quiet for the moment. I look at Liz, she is soo beautiful now, she was ever beautiful, same big brown eyes, her dark hair is now longer, arriving in the middle of her back. And she looks very angry too.

- So it's why you are here, to send me you snaky comments Big Brother? If it's all, I think I'll leave.
I turn away but Zack is now in front of me.
- No, it's not the end. Come with us.
I look at him, surprise.
- What?! Zack, are you mad? Why I should leave? I'm perfectly fine here! Lydecker doesn't know where I am, it's a safe place.
- You are here since a too long time.
- No, Zack. You heard me, I don't leave this place. It's my home. Have you forgotten your own orders. Dirpersion. It's what I have done! I have got a family, friends, people who love me...
He looks at me, his face serious and... hurt?
- People who love the lie you have made.
I slap him hardly in the face.
- Shut up! I yell at him. Don't say it! You don't know...
- They see you like a little miss perfect, shy, weak perhaps, but they know what you are really? What you have did? No, I don't think so. Here is just a comfortable cover that you won't let go.
- Don't come near me again. I don't want see you again. I said coldly. Never Zack.
Quickly I jump on Kreat's motorcycle and come back on the restaurant. It's late, I wish that Michael isn't waiting me. But I'm not lucky today when I turn the light on in my room, I see him, waiting, seatting in my chair. No, I don't want a foght again, not again with a person who cares about me.
- You should sleep. Thanks for the jacket.
Suddenly he tooks my wrist and I look at him.
- Stop hiding, stop pretend that nothing was happened today. I saw your strange behavior.
- Michael, I'm tired now.
- Liz! I'm your brother! yells Michael at me. There not secrets between us. Tell me who are this guys.
- Michael, stop. Please...
- I see, says Michael codly. You don't trust me enough to keep your secret, but me, in an other way, I haven't hesitate to told you mine, but this feeling is not share.
He leaves quickly before I could do, say anything. I seat on my bed. All was soo simple before they come back, I think. "They don't know you." "Come with us" "Did they know who really you are?"
Zack has right, I can pretend, I can try forget but I'll be ever what I am, a soldier, a human weapon.
I went to my balcon, seatting in my chair, watching the dark night. Like me... dark with her secrets. I heard a noise ad turn my head to see Zack. I stay quiet, my anger burning inside me, it was all his fault. Why was he here? Again to torture me with his statements hurtful.
- What do you want? I tell sharply. You don't understand english? What no remarks? Go, hurt me again.
He stays in front of me.
- Why do you wait? I ask. I'm sure that you want say me your thoughts. But you are in My house so leave! Immediately Zack. Don't let me say it again.
I jump on my feet walking near him, the blood biting in my tempers.
- You know what I'm feeling? I'm hurt, Zack, I'm human you know. I have feelings! I had what we have ever wish, a family, parents, brother, who cares about me, who LOVE me! But you don't understant that, you are only a machine Zack. You are a soldier, ready to kill everyone, you are heartless, you are only a robot. And you know what you digust me, I am amashamed to call you brother during all this years! I hate you!
I turn to leave but he grabs my wrist firmly.
- Really Liz, I disgust you soo much?
He kiss me roughly, I fought back but he is too strong. The kiss is widly, no sweet, hurtful. I feel me respond, putting my hands in his hair. After a moment, he let me go, tooking my chin in his hand for that I look him in the eyes.
- Why have you answered if I disgust you soo much? Maybe are you attract by the robots or maybe you are one of them too.
He leaves me, more confuse that never. What does this mean? Why this kiss? I lick my lips, feeling again his on mine. Is he right? Maybe it's just that. I don't know, I'm not sure of things now. The only way to have my answers and ask him. I jump on the street and run, following the direction that Zack has took.
Hey! Finish the part, wish you like it!*big* Maybe shouldn't I paired Liz with Zack but when I have write the fight between them, the thing appears me natural. So I hope that nobody didn't like it.
*big**big*Next soon*big* A little info for the next part...
Liz revealing her secret... *big**big* He he he *big* And I'm thankful to you Roswell Slayer you have made me think to explain Zack's behavior !
*big* SUSPENSE IS THE CLUE *big* he he he *big* I know that certain people didn't like when I write that but it's so tempting ! *big**big**big**big* Sorry Calinia. *big*

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GEZ originally wrote:
I so love this fic!!!
So does this mean that Zack and Liz are together now or will it be a Mi/L fic
To answer to your question. I think it will be an Zack/ Liz *big**big**big* but in a moment of my story, I have can think to pairing Liz with Michael. *big**big**big* But for this fic, finally I have decide took Zack.
*big**big* He is soooooo cute. *big**big**big*
Don't you agreed with me? *big**big**big*

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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Thank you Demonyte!!!
I love Zack/Liz pairings Max have hurt her to much.
I´m just curius wouldn´t have been weird to pair Liz with Michael when their feelings is Strikly brother/sister??
Update more soon!!


You are right to think that but like Liz and Michael aren't biologically brother and sister, it's not so weird. Zack is her brother too, he had protected her to Manticore like Michael did in Roswell (in my fic) so it's exactly the same situation. And like I make fall Zack for Liz it can arrived the same situation to Michael. But don't worried it's not happening here.
*big**big**big* I wish I have answered to your question.

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New part! Wish you like it !*big**big**big* I should make a flash back of the last part. *big**big**big* I have forgotten a important thing. But read. *big**big*

He leaves me, more confuse that never. What does this mean? Why this kiss? I lick my lips, feeling again his on mine. Is he right? Maybe it's just that. I don't know, I'm not sure of things now.
I look at my room, Michael isn't here. He's angry with me, like Zack. Michael because I don't have say to him my secret and Zack to try to reject them. I have lose the both.
With hatred and pain, I punch my fist against the wall again and again. I see the blood but I don't feel the pain.
My life is too hard already and I know that the only way to have my answers and ask him. I jump on the street and run, following the direction that Zack has took, ignoring the rain who falls.

Part 5
I run faster, I know where he is. In the desert. An hour later, I find him. He is on the rock where the alien's ship is hiding. He watchs the sky, quietly I walk to him. I'm confious, angry in the same time. I jump on him and wanting beat him, we began to fight, moving slowly around each other. I punch him in the face but he counters my fist. I give him a circular feethpunch in the chest.
- Why are you come back? You have destroyed everything! I have resulted to build a normal life! Why have you made me choose?! I Won't do this! Here, I was Liz Parker! The perfect daughter, having always big grades. I was the little Lizzie... Ever calm, shy, ever careful with all people... I have tried sos hard to forget. And you. You! You come... and with you my past, my horrible past.
I stop to punch him to just look in his blue eyes, don't notice my tears under the rain.
- Why?!? Why have you forced me?! I scream, grapping the collar of his jacket during I begin to collapse on the ground.
- Why have you forced me to see it was only a mask... Why have hae you made me seen that I'll be never like them, I whispered against his neck.
I sobs uncontrolably however that he puts his arms around my back, holding me tighly.
- Why Zack?

Crash Down Cafe
- But where is she? asks Maria, crying.
Michael was gone to see Maria and has spoke with her of Zack and Kreat, men that he doesn't trust. Maria abd him, after, were returned to the restaurant but Liz was gone.
Michael comes on the balcon and see the wall covered of blood (ok, not much blood) and put his hand on it.

Michael's Flash
Liz looking to her bedroom. Now he hates me.
I have lose the both
Liz punching her fist hardly on the wall Michael because I have say nothing
Zack kissing Liz Zack, because I have try to reject them

- Michael, are you ok? Have you find something? asks Maria in Liz's bedroom.
- I'm ok, Maria. But I have found nothing. He responds finally.
Where are you Liz?

After talk to Zack during a long time, I went finally to my home. I climb to my stair of my balcon and go to my bedroom quietly. I open my wardrobe, tooking a bag, putting clothes and all my money. I watch a last time my bedroom where I was so happy with Michael. I saw a picture of us on my desk, when we were gone to California to visit our aunt. I took it and I trace his face with my finger with a sad smile.
- You leave? asks a familiar voice.
I turn my head, Michael was against the door, watching me. I nod slowly.
- Why?
- It's not your business, Guerin. You aren't really my brother so why do you care? I say sharply.
He seems hurt and I turn to leave but he stops me, tooking my wrist gently.
- Liz, don't act like me. Don't push me away.
I feel water in my eyes but I don't cry. I can't be weak.
- I can't say it, Michael. Just I should leave.
- Why are you affraid? You don't trust me?
- You know it's not the truth.
- So tell me, Liz. We haven't secrets for each other.
- It's not so simple Michael.
I ran my hand on my hair and look into his amber eyes.
- You don't know who really I am Michael. And I don't want that you reject me... that you turn away.
- I can't do this Liz. Never, you are my sister. When you have learned that I was an alien, you don't turn away. Why can't I do the same for you?
- I have made things from I am not proud.
- I f you can't tell me, show me.
I look at him with fear, nodding my head in negation.
- No! I don't want you know... Michael. No.
- Liz, you will be ever my sister.
He hugs me tighly.
- I'm so sorry. I said.

Manticore. Young Liz sitting with a board in front of her with this words. MISSION. DUTY. DISCIPLINE.
Liz being punished and having a big cut on her eyebrow where is now her scar.
Liz fighting with other kids. Liz with all the unit X5 when they give to each other a name. Liz listening Ben attentively during he speaks of the Blue Lady.
Zack, Liz and Kreat acting like in her nghtmare (but this time Michael understands it is a memory and not a dream).
Liz during the escape, running in the snow after listening Zack's orders. Liz seing the Parkers however she walks on the road. Liz jumping in their car after looking at them during a long time.
Liz seing his brothers during her works, recognizing them in the second. Liz hugging Kreat and looking at Zack.
Liz during the heat when she returns to her house to see her mother Nancy in her bedroom.
- Liz, you aren't good. You are burning!
- Mom! Stop this. It's my body!
She closes the bathroom's door and collapses on the floor, shaking.

I let him go and took my bag, going to the balcon. Michael following me, I turn to leave but hug him again a time.
- I missed you Michael.
A tear rolls on my check, I feel Michael hugs me back.
- You too, little sister.
He wipes my tear away.
- I should go now. Zack waits me.
- Be careful.
- Ever.
I jump and ground on the street, I look again to Michael and whispered a goodbye and walk to Zack.

I look at her, she was a soldier like me and during all the time she hide this. I know now why she had resulted to recomfort me, she has the same feelings than me, she feels herself like a murderer too. I have made the promise that never I leave her but tonight it's her who leaves me. I saw Zack and our eyes meet each other, it was him, the guy who kissed her. He tooks my sister away from me and I hate him. I watch them disappear in the night. I lose her, the only person who had understand me.
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I look at her, she was a soldier like me and during all the time she hide this. I know now why she had resulted to recomfort me, she has the same feelings than me, she feels herself like a murderer too. I have made the promise that never I leave her but tonight it's her who leaves me. I saw Zack and our eyes meet each other, it was him, the guy who kissed her. He tooks my sister away from me and I hate him. I watch them disappear in the night. I lose her, the only person who had understand me.

Part 6
Now, it makes 5 months that Liz leaves Roswell. I have told nothing to the others, the worst are our parents, they are very worried, Mom has cried a lot but I can't tell them that their little daughter never comes back. Liz, I wish that you told me the truth before, I'll have understand I'm sure of that.

I leave this place for 5 months. I look at the Crash Down's window, they are are all here, smiling, laughing. Alex, Maria, Max, Kyle, same for Tess and Michael. I notice his face more dark than usually, he's worried and tired. I shouldn't come back but I missed them so much, I hadn't stop myself. But I can't speak to them because if I do this I'm not sure if I'll be able to leave them again.
I'll never forget you guys.
Quickly, I climb my ladder and go to my bedroom. Nothing has moved it's like this 5 months didn't exist. I stay quiet during severals hours, seatting on my bed and closing my eyes, thinking when Michael and I when we were younger teasing each other. I laugh sweetly, but what I was doing? Come back was a mistake, it makes the things harder, now I'm just more sad.
The door opens slowly and I see Michael in front of me, quiet like me. I jump on my footh and go near him, saying nothing. He stayed here, watching me I hug him tighly and he hugs me back, stronger, I don't how times we were stayed like that but I should let him go, I look again once in his amber eyes.
- I missed you Michael, I say finally.
- Me too.
- I love you so much Michael. I love you forever, I say smiling to him.
He tooks my hand gently.
- What do you say that?
- I want that you know how I'm feel towards you. It's all.
I climb my window and pass on my balcon.
- Liz, tell me what's happened, says Michael following me. I was so worried for you, for 5 months, asking me if you were died or not or if a thing was happened to you. I can't sleep since you leave or eat correctly and now you come back to leave me again! Your behavior tells me something is wrong and I don't like that. Explain me, Liz, don't let me in the darkness. Tell me the truth.
I look on this face, there is pain in his eyes and I'm the reason of this. I nod my head reductandly.
- We are going to destroy Manticore, the agence governemental who created us. It's a hard mission, I don't hide this and I want just... I just want that you know my feelings for you Michael because.. I don't want know if I'll have an other chance to tell you how I'm feel towards you.
- Liz, No! Let me help you.
- Never, it's too dangerous. I should go they have two of my sisters but I don't want loose a brother again. I we arrived to destroy Manticore, I come back and will stay in Roswell with you, I promise that.
I kiss him tenderly on the check.
- I love you Michael. Even if a soldier isn't supposed have feelings. I always consider you like one of my brothers, you are my family, you are a soldier like me. You are my home. Please, don't forget me.
He keeps me in his arms and I'm feel so safe with him. I want stay with him, a tear rolls on my check.
- I want that you stay in my arms again Liz, exactly like this night when you have had this nightmare 10 years ago, where you have let me comfort you, he whispered in my ear, kissing my forehead.

- Be careful Lizzie.
- Ever.
I saw her jumping of the balcon and arrived supplely on the street, I watch her running, feeling more worried since her departure. I don't know what I'll do if she died. No, she comes back, I should just wait. But I'm not a man of patience, I have should follow her even if she wouldn't that I make this.

Nearly 6 months that Liz didn't come back. Was she died or alive? There is nothing worst that the incertitude, this enormous doubt. Max and the others found me strange in this moment, they put me severals questions but I didn't answered, I'm too worried. I remember our last meeting, I finished to close the Crash Down, Dad and Mom were to a convention, they have stop Liz's research. For them, Liz was disappeard for good and it was terribly painful but Mom hopes again. For the aliens gang, she had leaved because she didn't support the Destiny's thing only Alex was doubtful on this. I was going to my bedrrom when I have heard a sad laugh. Slowly I have open the door, she was here. I watch her. Her dark hair was now more longer, she was wearing only black. In the beginning I have thinking that I was dreaming but to the moment she hugs me, putting her arms around my neck. I have smell her hair, ever the same smell like vanilla. My sister was come back, she was with me and I was happy for the first time since her departure. But after this joy I have learned to she'll go destroy this hell where she had lived, Manticore. I have should stop her! Told her to stay with me, in safety and now maybe she was killed and I can't know this.
Suddenly a little noise upstairs broke my somber thoughts, catching my attention. I jump on my footh, letting the others confious, I climb the stairs quickly and run to my sister's bedroom.
- Liz! I yells.
I push the door and froze, it wasn't Liz.
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Hey! New part 7! I hope you like it. oh, and by the way Maxie didn't kill Ben and he helps them to destroy Manticore.

Suddenly a little noise upstairs broke my somber thoughts, catching my attention. I jump on my footh, letting the others confious, I climb the stairs quickly and run to my sister's bedroom.
- Liz! I yells.
I push the door and froze, it wasn't Liz.

Part 7
It was Zack, he had a Liz's picture in his hand.
- Where is she? I ask him.
He doesn't anwer me but looks at me with his cold blue eyes who seem plenty of pain that I never seen before.
- Where is whe? Whe's alive?
The others were now here too.
- She is alive?! I repeat, angry. Damn! Answer me!
I took his arm and create a connexion.

Maxie, Ben, Syl, Kreat, Liz and Zack memorising the plan.
Ben and Liz jumping the fence of the perimeter with th others, wearing commando's uniforms.
Liz and Ben destroying the unit memory of the central computer however Max and Zack put the C4 in the labs. Max and Zack leaving the place, Ben and Liz making their way to the exit, Liz stopping seeing Renfro.
- Ben! It's her! Mrs X! The woman who has brainwashed Brin to capture Tinga. She tooks two sisters away from us!!!!
- Liz! Come on! We haven't the time, a unit of X7 is behind us. We should leave NOW!
- But... ok.
Ben and Liz leave, running. Zack and Max have jumped the fence and traverse the forest, going to the van and climbing in the car.
"Come faster" thinks Zack, looking to the screens who are blank of the Liz and Ben's presence.
Ben and Liz arrive finally and jump the fence easily, they enter in the forest.
- Where are you? asks Logan.
- in the forest, 3 miles of the van, anwers Liz. X7?
- Yeah, they are entered in the forest too. Be careful.
- Ah! I'm shot! says Ben.
- Need help? proposes Liz.
- No, it's not a problem. Continue, I can take care of myself.
- Roger. I'll arrived to the van soon. Be careful ben.
Sher continues to run suddenly she heards a noise to her left, she turns her head...

Zack' POV
Now, in the van, Max, Syl, Kreat and me are arrived. Logan is ever in contact with Ben and Liz. " Hurry up guys!" I think.
- Ah! I'm shot! says Ben.
- Need help? answers Liz.
- No, it's ok. Don't stop.
- Be careful Ben.
Suddenly she heards a noise.
- What... NO!
A detonation makes it heard, amplified in the van but after nothing, a dead silence.
- Liz? You heard me? asks Logan livid.
I leaved the van rappidly and beggan to tun in the direction where was Liz. Maw following me a few minutes later. I arrived in the last perimeter where she was and see her, my heart beatting faster in my chest, she was lying on the ground.
- LIZ !!!
I kneel me near her and look at the bruise, a bullet in the heart, she was losing too much blood. I put her head on my legs.
- Liz, please, answer me.
Slowly she opens her brown eyes.
- Zack...
- Shh, it's alright. I'll took you to the van, we'll heal you. Don't move.
- Zack... It was me.
I heard a noise and turn my head, I saw me dressed in commando's uniform, my clone of eleven years old watchs me, looks at Liz and leaves us.
- Zack... I...
Blood begins to pour of her noise.
- I love you... Say to... Michael... that I'm sorry. I can't... hold... my... promise, she whispered before closing and her head falling.
- No! Liz! Don't leave! Liz, come back. Lizzie, please.
I feel tears on my checks and I hold her strongly in my arms.
- I love you too. You can't leave me, not like this.
Max comes, tears on her checks like she saw Liz, she pushs me.
- No! Let me here Max!
- You think it's that she'll want, that you are captured or worst killed?!! We should move Zack! Now!
- No, I don't leave her!
- I'm sorry, she says.
Before knocks me out.

I look at Zack who says nothing. I feel water in my eyes but don't them it fall.
- She is dead, I say with a rough voice.
- I'm... sorry, he speaks finally.
- My little sister is dead...
I become angry, don't hearing the gasp of the others. I look at Zack with hatred.
- Liz is dead! And you know what Zack?! It's only your fault!

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- I love you... Say to... Michael... that I'm sorry. I can't... hold... my... promise, she whispered before closing and her head falling (...)

I look at Zack who says nothing. I feel water in my eyes but don't them it fall.
- She is dead, I say with a rough voice.
- I'm... sorry, he speaks finally.
- My little sister is dead...
I become angry, don't hearing the gasp of the others. I look at Zack with hatred.
- Liz is dead! And you know what Zack?! It's only your fault!

Part 8

I want punch him hard in the face. I have lose the only person who understand me, I have lost my best friend, my sister.

"It's your damn fault! You have forced her to choose between me and her origin family. She has followed you and you made her killed. I never see her again. You had stole her away from me. By you selfish behavior, I have losen Liz! She was safe here, with me but no, you came and destroyed all "

I walk near him, he doesn't make a move. I want hurt him like he hurt me. But when I see him, I saw me, we share the same pain, both of you lose Liz. I stop my fist only a few centimeters of his chin and whisper a little sorry for my behavior. I look at the others, I can't hold them now.

"Hey, leave, please. Tomorrow I'll explain to you everything but not now."

Maria looks at me, tears on her checks.

"It's true? Liz... Liz is dead."

I nod my head slowly and she begins to sob uncontrolably, Alex hold her tighly. Finally after a few moments, they leave the Crash Down.

When I climb the stairs again, I see Zack sitting on Liz's bed silencious. It's strange because since Liz left I have felt an enormous feeling of anger and hatred toward him but now it's gone. We stay on Liz's bed don't talking, sharing the hurt of losing her.

When the sun begins to rise, I decide to something. I jump on my feeth but to this moment he begins to talk.

"I have failed. I had should protect her, you were right, she was safe here. I have killed her."

I'm felt guilty, he didn't know the truth. I search in the bottom of Liz's nightstand and give him her diary.

"I'll go put food, you should read this. I know what she has made before meet me, you have the right to know what happened here." I'll go to the kitchen, letting him alone.

I begin to read your diary, you were shot! I continue my lecture, you have writting nothing about us, just aliens. Aliens, really I have never imagine that they can exist.
You were so strong, Lizzie. I missed you so much...
Suddenly I have the feeling to be watching, I tun my head away to the book to loot at the balcony.

My heart pounds rapidly in my chest. I can't believed what I saw, I dreaming awake. But it's you, you are here, in front of me, wearing blue commando uniform, your dark hair flying in the wind, more longer now, your chocolate eyes locking at mine. I passed the window, walking toward you, I should touch you, to see if you are real, not a creation made by my brain.

"... Liz" I whisper slowly.

I hug you tighly, feeling the smell of vanilla who never leaves you. I kiss your forehead, feeling your arms holding me back.

"I have believed that I have losed you."

"I'm back, Zack. I can't leave you."

I took her chin in my hand looking her brown eyes.

"I missed you so much Zack." she says, putting her head against my chest.

"Me too." I'm feel so peaceful in this moment. Liz is alive, near me. " I have think never see you again."

"Zack" she calls me softly, I look in her eyes. " I love you."

Her words run in my head. She loves me, not just love for a brother, it's more. I smile, kissing her and she kiss me back tenderly.

"Me too, I love you so much Liz. When I have seen you hurt like this, I have realesed how I love you."

"I'm so happy to find you. I went to Seattle but you had left, I was so affraid to never see you again Zack."

I was eating chips when I enter in Liz's room, seeing Zack on the balcony, walking more far I'll see her.

"Liz!" I let the chip's packet felf on the floor. She runs toward me, to fall in my arms, we were both laughing, happy to see each other again.

After few moments, calm comes again in the room.

"Now, guys, I should take a long bath so leave."

She closes the door but opens it few seconds later.

"Ah, an other thing, Manticore is destroyed."
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"Now, guys, I should take a long bath so leave."

She closes the door but opens it few seconds later.

"Ah, an other thing, Manticore is destroyed."

Part 9

Michael and me were in the living room, wanting for Liz's return, we didn't speak, staying quiet. Suddenly I heard the bell's ring. Shit, the others. I look at Michael, he jumps on his feet. In the restaurant were the others, Max, Isabel, Maria, Kyle and Alex.

"So Michael can you explain all of this?" asks an angry Max. (ok, Liz was never go out with him but he cared a lot about her).

"Who is this guy with who you were speaking?" asks Maria.

"Did he know Liz?" asks Alex.

"What does he did to Liz? Is he really her brother?" asks Isabel.

"How she died?" asks Kyle, pale like a ghost.

" STOP ! EVERYONE! Shut up! " yells Michael.

"It's better." he continues. " Ok, you should that things are changed a little bit earlier."

"What does this mean?"

"I'm ever alive." says a voice.

Everybody turn to the stairs to see Liz, wet hair, in red tank top and dark pants smiling to them. She arrives near of them and all people begin to hold her, Maria crying like a baby and Isabel too, not anymore playing the Ice Queen, Alex and Kyle hug her in brotherly hug. Max did too and Michael smiles seing Zack's green eyes glowing in jealousy. Yeah, he saw the couple on the balcony and Liz seems so happy that he's happy to her too, he was just affraid to lose her. But when she ran to him, he knows he was wrong.

"But why Michael told us you were died?" questions Alex, smiling brightly to her, he was so hurt learning his best friend was died.

"It's a long story. We must sit, it will take an very longer explanation."

She tells them about her X5's statut, they were surprised but accepted this to her big joy, she speak of when Zack came to her and she finally leave with him and when she returns here to say Good bye to Michael.

"So the plan was to destroy Manticore. But we weren't lucky we only destroyed the labs..."

Ben and me were the last to leave the buildings. Logan told us that an X7 unit was following us. We jumped the fence, Ben was a little behind me, we had decided it was ok, to regroup us to the van, so I was running in the wood.

(Flashs of her running in the wood and stopping)
Suddenly I heard a noise to few meters of me, I turn my head to see... I saw myself, an younger version of myself, Manticore cloned us. I was so surprise, never in my nightmares I have think they can go until this. She puts her gun and shots me, I haven't react. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I fell on the ground, I saw the crow, he was screaming to me, it was a sign, the sign of the death. I was felt my life slide of me, suddenly I heard that my name was yelling.
It was you... Zack. I remember you holding me and telling me to stay strong to not died. But the bullet hit me in my heart and I was dying, nothing can do. I told you I loved you and to say to Michael I was sorry and I have died.

After that, I waked up on a bed, Renfro was here and tell that I came home. After be heal, I was put in an chamber and must made assignments, in others ways I killed again. Months later, I have finally arrived to escape and has destroyed Manticore, burning all of this damned place and liberated the others transgenics.


"Now, you know all of this story. After I went to Seattle to see that Zack leave, I hadn't warning Max of my return, she didn't know. I would just to finf you before Zack and Michael too. I knew you were worried because I didn't call."

End of the part.

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Ariel70 originally wrote:
In the last part of the story when it said "I hadn't warned Max of my return." Which Max were you talking about? In these Roswell/Dark Angel crossovers I always get mixed up between the two Maxes. So can you clarify which oneyou are talking about, please. Thanks.

Of course. *wink* I speak of Maxie, as Max(roswell) and Liz didn't date, she didn't tell to him she was on a mission to destroy Manticore. I hope you see more brightly now.
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"Now, you know all of this story. After I went to Seattle to see that Zack leave, I hadn't warning Max of my return, she didn't know. I would just to finf you before Zack and Michael too. I knew you were worried because I didn't call."

Part 10

I look at my friends, waiting for their reply. When Alex hugs me until axphixy me even if I have DNA shark in my coktail genetic I know that I was wrong.

"Oh, Chica, if I knew all that you should support." she says tears in her eyes.

I smile to her and hug her too, I was so affraid to lose my friends, that they reject me, that they are affraid of me, but no. They stay here, with me even if they know the truth about me. I'm so glad to have them.

"I always know that you were different Liz." tells finally Max, taking my hand in his. I look at him, surprise.

"I know that you told me before that we can't be together but now we can, I mean we know the truth about each other, there is no reason that we don't date."

"There is me." says coldly Zack, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I can't help but grin to this, it's cute he's jealous and I like it. Before Zack always told us in Manticore to not get involved even if we should hide or erase our feelings. Always he did this but not anymore and I'm happy that it's for me that he broke his stonewall.

I turn my head to Max, trying to find a way to announce my relationship with Zack without be hard.

"I'm sorry Max, like I told you before I can't date you, you're a friend, you saved my life and I'm grateful for this but Zack and me are together."

Maria grins to me, I read easily in her eyes and hide my laugh, I traduce to you:

Very good, Chica. He's very handsome, sad you take it! Only a word WOW!!!!!!!

Max jump on his feet.

"But you told us that he was your brother !?!"

"We grew up together, like brother and sister but we aren't of same blood. We aren't genitically brother and sister, and it's true that before I loved in sisterly mod but feelings change. We can't control this, love isn't logical."

He seems furious but I begin to be like this too, why does he act like a child? I never say a word to Max who can make him think I want go out with me. Hell! I never go out with this guy!

"Max, I never promise this to you. I mean I never tell you that I was attracted to you so why are you so angry?"

"Don't play with me Liz. I saw you and your "shyly" looks and smiles to me when I was going to the Crash Down."

"Remember Max, I'm a waistress, I MUST smile to customers, don't play so egocentric, you aren't the center of the world!"

"You're really a bitch and..."

I never know the end of his sentence because Zack grabs him by the collar, and pin him hardly against the wall. He acts so rappidly that I hadn't react.

"If you tell again a word like this to Liz, I swear on your tombstone that I'll kill you." he warns him.

"Understand, Max?" he asks to a white and affraid Max. He shakes him a little.

"Ye... Yes."

Zack let him and goes to me, kissing me on my forehead.

"Thank you."

I turn to Max.

"Max, don't forget that never pissed of an X5. Because you only saw a little of what we can do." I prevent him. Max is really a jackass, he's so selfish!

Michael walks to him, certainly to help him during I pass my arm around Zack's waist, I don't like the looks of Isabel on him, after all he's MY boyfriend. I giglle, never I think I used Zack and boyfriend in the same sentence. Suddenly I heard a loud groan, I turn my head, stun to see Max Evans to this instant on the floor, his hand on his stomach. Michael hits him!

"Don't talk like that to my sister, Maxwell. If you do, you will rencounter an X5 and an alien pissed of. Now leave, I won't see you for a moment."

Max left with the little dignity that he kept, so I should say nothing.

"I'm sorry for my brother's behavior." says Isabel, before leave too.

Maria grins and kiss Michael.

"Very good behavior Michael, I'm glad of you."

I smile to Zack, during he kiss me too.

"Finally it wasn't to bad, don't you think?" I ask him.

"No, it was perfect. I hate Max by the way, I wish that you let me learn to him the man's behavior."

I giggle, yeah, I imagine this.

"Maybe another time." I say before kiss him again. In this instant my little wirld is perfect.

End of my part, hope you like it!
By the way, I have made an threesome R/Li/Mi, tell me what do you think about it. The title is "Return of a dupe"
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