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**WARNING This is Part Two of The Blood Four Trilogy**

Part One is The Blood Four: Forging

Author: Killian
Email: Killian1313⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: AU/CC and X-over
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz & developed for TV by Jason Katims

Summary: The past has been revealed and the first true 4-Square in millennia has formed. The Granolith has been reunited with its Guardian. And now the 4-Square must unite but can they with past lives and destiny in the way?

The Blood Four: Uniting

Chapter 1

Ava and Liz are sitting in a swing watching the sunrise. In the weeks since their return from Roswell Ava has watched her friend sink into an abyss of silence. Hesitant Ava begins, “Liz I can feel your pain. Will you please talk to me and tell me what is bothering you?”

“What isn’t bothering me would by far be a much shorter list. I’m trying to reconcile my lives and my choices.” Liz moves her gaze from the bottom of the coffee mug to the dawn sky. “I haven’t heard from Serena yet. I was supposed to contact her years ago. She may not even be looking for a signal anymore. Serena may think Zan and I died again. My worst fear is that something happened to her. Khivar could have captured her could be torturing her.”

In agony Liz wails, “By the goddess she could be dead! I hate the not knowing it is driving me insane. I should’ve stayed with her I didn’t have to die. I could’ve declared myself for Serena and fought Khivar. Instead of staying with my child I chose to die to be with her father again. What kind of mother am I? I’ve lost so many years with her,” her voice breaking in sorrow, “I could’ve missed her last.”

Ava attempts to soothe her friend, “Liz, you and Zan were meant to be.”

Her voice clipped Liz asks, “Were we? I never got a choice Zan chose me when he was three! I never knew anything else I never thought of another possibility. In every form I have been denied Zan. You got to marry Zan. Tess took Max away and you’ve even had Zan in this lifetime. You were sent here to be his queen not I! I was chosen by the goddess to be her avatar. The only choice I freely made was having Serena and I left her! I left her for a man who was never meant to be mine!”

Liz gets up and begins pacing in full rant mode, “You still don’t understand. The Queen Mother sent you to be Zan’s wife. YOU are the anointed Queen; YOU are the one the people are praying for to come back and save them from Khivar. I am dead in the eyes of the people a forgotten footnote in Zan’s life.”

“Why does this have to be so hard? Why couldn’t I have stayed with Serena? I had achieved peace I had accepted what I couldn’t have and now it’s been taken from me again!”

Uneasy at Liz’s uncharacteristic rage Ava cuts in, “Liz, Zan is yours!”

“NO! YOU ARE STILL MARRIED TO HIM! Ye gods I have so many people running around my head! Sioneva beloved of Zan, Sioneva mother of Serena, Sioneva avatar of the goddess, and poor Liz who just keeps on getting fucked over by aliens! I have to get out of my head!”

Liz runs off leaving a thoroughly bewildered Ava in her wake. Hearing tires squeal sets Ava into motion. She turns around to find herself in front of Michael, Zan, and Kyle. Striving for nonchalance Ava asks, “What on earth has you guys up so early in the morning?”

“Ava don’t be coy we heard it all,” replies Kyle.

“Well my question still stands why are you up at dawn?”

Incredulous Michael asks, “Are you kidding? I haven’t slept in a week! Liz’s emotions have been at a steady boil for weeks. I expected her to erupt days ago.”

Upset Zan asks, “Michael if you knew so much why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because there is nothing we can do. Liz is torn by feelings of love, fear, and guilt. She loves Serena, she is in love with you, and she is being consumed by fear for Serena’s well being. Liz is wracked with guilt over her choices in what appears to be a no win situation. If she had chosen to stay with Serena she would’ve lost you. She chose to leave Serena and come to another planet to be with you. Every second that goes by without hearing from Serena Liz feels doubly damned.”

Zan bows his head wondering if there is any right answer for his beloved. Zan pleads, “Michael will you go after her? I want to but right now I’m a source of pain for her.”

“And that is the difference between you and Max Evans. You are putting her needs before your own. I was going to stay to keep you from her but now I can go and take care of little one.”

They watch Michael run off. Kyle looks at Zan, “You may not realize it but Michael paid you a major compliment.”

“I do. I appreciate Michael’s straightforwardness more than you know. The original Rath would’ve been more tactful and evasive in his answers.”

“Wait Rath lied to you?”

“No I didn’t mean it that way. Rath always hid his emotions behind a thick wall of reserve. He always chose his words and actions very carefully and deliberately. I tried in vain to break down that wall. I wanted him to feel free to express his emotions, opinions. I knew that he loved me as a brother. Hell he would’ve died for me. But he would never let me be there for him as he was for me. Rath would’ve never revealed his knowledge of Liz’s feelings or his own. He would have remained silent and taken care of the situation in his own way.”

“And to think we call him Stonewall Guerin.”

Chapter 2

Finding Home

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“I’ve become predictable?”

“Only in your need to protect those you care for. I know you have followed me here before but I don’t think you have ever ventured inside. Come with me I have something to show you.” Michael follows Liz into the observatory. Silent he watches her prepare the telescope and move it into position.

“Take this seat and when I tell you look into the eyepiece.” While Michael’s getting settled Liz is entering a series of coordinates into the computer.

“I know you have waited your whole life to see your home world. Look into the eyepiece. What you are seeing is the Raknor System. The sun should be in the middle of your vision. If you look carefully to the right of the sun you can see five faint half shadows. The fourth one is Raknor your home world.” Michael silently stares into the heavens finding no word to express his emotions.

“Now that I have Sioneva’s memories to work from it was easy to figure out the V formation. Unfortunately the equipment is too primitive to get a clearer picture.” Handing him a folder she continues. “I took these for you one is of the V formation and the other is the Raknor system.”

Floored Michael begins talking opening up as never before. “My whole life I’ve been looking to the stars for my family, my home and it’s been staring me in the face the whole time. In two life times you have been both whether I wanted you to be or not. I didn’t thank you in the last one. I want to be sure you know how much I love you and more importantly how much I trust you.”

Gazing into his eyes she takes his hands in hers and wills him to feel the tremendous love she bears for him. “Michael I always knew. You are the most intensely private person I know. And to my sorrow I fully understand why. But we survived them and the fact that you could love me and trust me regardless has always been a treasured gift.”

He envelops her in a hug so she won’t see his tears. “Ah Lizzie what would I have done without you? I fear I would’ve turned into another Rangor.”

Fervently Liz replies, “Never! They couldn’t measure up and your being chosen as Guardian by the Granolith only confirmed it. It is because of their jealousy that they were so hard and hostile towards you. Michael we are free of the Tribe of Raknor. I told Serena what we went through with them and she promised to never involve the Tribe for they could not be trusted.”

“Protecting me even now are you little one?”

“As you have ever protected me.”

“Zan still doesn’t know about those months we would spend with our family every year does he?”

“Are you kidding me? He would’ve killed Ragnor for what he did to you but if he knew about me Zan would have eradicated the entire Tribe of Raknor.”

His smirk back in place Michael teases, “He never did take it too well if you suffered the slightest hurt.”

“Or you.” Thoughtfully Liz continues, “Michael he is going to expect us to contact whoever is Chief of the Tribe for help. We will have to have a very good reason why.”

“There is always the truth.”

“Well its not like Zan is in any position to do anything about it now but I feel it is your decision. Don’t look at me like that! Your eyes are pleading with me to tell the truth.”

Ducking his head a bit Michael whispers, “How much of the ‘truth’ does he need to know?”

“However much you decide to tell and I promise to tell no more than you.” Squeezing his hands Liz looks up at him, “Together then?”

Relieved Michael agrees.

“There is one other matter I would discuss with you. Since I moved here I’ve been wrestling with a problem and I can’t figure out what to do. Lizzie I need your help.”


Confusion colors his voice. “I don’t know who I am anymore. I am not exclusively Rath or Michael. As you have noticed some times I am pure Rath or pure Michael. I don’t know how to mesh the lives of Michael and Rath.”

“Sit down I have an idea.”

He watches her walk over to the escritoire to get pen and ink. “Lizzie the List maker strikes again!”

Eyes sparkling with mischief she retorts, “and how many times has my ‘golden pen’ saved your butt?”


“Let’s start off by making a list of all the qualities of each person you like and dislike.”


“Okay I think we have meddled with my life enough now we are going to talk about you.”

“Michael I need time. I need time without the constant reminders. At one time I had achieved a hard won peace and I need to find it again.”

“Little one why are you so sure you and Zan can’t be?”

“The goddess said so.”

“Lizzie nothing has gone according to plan. New possibilities have opened up why can’t you and Zan be one of them? Do you really think Ava and Kyle will willingly give each other up?”

“Whatever Kyle does is between him and Zayid. I made vows to Meleri and now that I remember them I cannot willingly break them. Until Meleri informs me differently Ava is Zan’s queen not I. No matter how I feel I can not offer Zan anything more than friendship.”

“Zan is not going to accept that. I saw what losing you did to him and there is no way he will go through it again.”

“Zan has a queen and he needs an heir by her.”

“Do you think he would dismiss Serena so lightly?”

“Serena has no desire to be queen after Zan she is too much like you a warrior at heart. Serena unlike me is a true daughter of the Tribe of Raknor. She has less patience than you do when dealing with politics and politicians. But I’m not ready to talk of Serena yet. Back to the original topic there were other considerations for me when I decided to come back. You are the only family that ever mattered to me. I needed you and I knew you would need me too. Those years without you were so lonely. I had hoped that on Earth we would get to grow up together with a real family. And that we would be able to have the childhood we were denied. God Michael I missed you so much.”

Unable to take the sight of Liz crying he engulfs her within his arms. He rocks her back and forth trying to comfort her. Once the tears subside he whispers, “I have something I want to show you.” He brings her out to her car and lays her in the back seat. Michael quietly drives back to the city while Liz sleeps.

Liz wakes up to a mouth-watering aroma wafting from the kitchen. She then realizes she is not at the house. “Michael?”

“Hey sleepyhead!”

“Whose place is this?”

Ducking his head he answers, “Mine. I’m not used to living with people and I needed a haven to myself.”

Liz walks around admiring the décor. “It’s beautiful it suits you.”

Michael turns faintly pink; “Thanks I decorated it myself. Let me show you around.” The bottom story contains a den, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. The second floor has three bedrooms and a study. The third floor has a small hallway with two doors. Behind one door is a glassed in room Michael had converted to a studio. “It was the third floor which sold me on this place. I knew I would bring you here at some point and this room is for you. Go in you’ll understand why.”

Michael opens the door and Liz walks into another glassed in room but this one has an indoor garden with a view of the water. Liz sighs in utter contentment, “sanctuary.”

“Exactly. You can do anything you want to this room. I almost fixed it up just like the room at the palace but I decided you might have more fun doing it yourself.”

Watching Liz glow with contentment Michael asks, “Shall we stay here at Sanctuary for a while?”

“Oh Yes!”

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Chapter 3

Ava and Zan are sitting in a swing watching the bees flit from flower to flower. After two hours of silence Ava decides to brave conversation. “I have never understood their relationship.”

“No one has. When we were younger I remember being so jealous of their closeness. I wanted to be everything to both of them. I know I couldn’t be but I tried. The strange thing is I don’t think he ever told Sia what was wrong. I always felt like she already knew. The darkness I could sense in Rath was but a shadow in Sia. I don’t know what caused it but it seemed to be a shared pain.”

“Zan what did they ever talk to you of the Tribe of Raknor?”

“You think they have something to do with it?”

“Besides you it really is the only common denominator between them. Rath is fully of the Tribe but Sia is only through her mother. When we were growing up Sia never spent time on Callaine with her parents she was always sent with Rath to Raknor. Oh, oh…Zan did Sia’s parents ever go to Raknor to visit?”

“You’re on to something I can feel it let me think…no I don’t remember her ever saying they did. In fact remember how much she hated court? The only time she had to make an appearance were the two times a year her parents came on official business.”

“What about Rath did he see his parents on Raknor or was he staying at his great-great grandfather’s palace with Sia?”“He stayed with Rangor like Sia not with his father Sero. In fact I don’t really recall Rath ever talking about his parents either.”

“So what happened to them on Raknor? You know it had to be awful for Rath to willingly seek comfort from someone.”

“OMG!” Shouts Zan recalling his earlier comment. “It seemed to be a pained shared! What the Hellas did Rangor do to them?”

“Why didn’t we see this before?”

“Because they didn’t want you too,” answers Kyle.

“Kyle, what do you know?” Demands Zan.

“Not much just part of a conversation I wasn’t supposed to hear. Sia was giving last minute warnings, advice to Serena before she left. I thought it was strange at the time but she said the Tribe of Raknor, her parents, and Rath’s could never be trusted that they could never know about Sia, her mission, and Serena especially. Sia told Serena they would either use her to their own ends, kill her or both.”

Zan and Ava are white with shock at these revelations. Sputtering Zan asks, “Where they in league with Khivar?”

“I honestly don’t know. Sia and I were on our way to die. It was odd enough to stick out but not the most pressing question on my mind at the time.”

“Uh yeah I can see where it wouldn’t be. But it does back up what we’ve been speculating.”

“If this is something they have never talked to you guys about I would be very careful about brining it up. Right now neither one of them appears to be in a great frame of mind. And frankly I don’t want a pissed off Michael coming after me!”

Laughing Zan and Ava agree.

“I hear the gate opening let’s go see who came back.” All three run to the house to the kitchen. Striving for a low-key atmosphere they take stuff out of the cabinets to look like their cooking.

Zan is standing in front of the stove when Michael walks in. “Zan it might be more effective if you actually had the burner turned on.”

Zan dismisses all pretenses. “How is she?”

“Confused. Very, very confused. She needs some time and some space. I came to get some of her things. Ava can you pack a bag of clothes for me?”

Ava nods her assent and quietly leaves to go upstairs. Zan begins asking questions, “How do we get in touch with you? Where are you gonna stay?”

“I know you’re concerned Zan but leave her be. Don’t call her cell. Don’t go by her classes. If you need her to know something call me I’ll be with her. I have a safe place for her to stay for a while.” Looking at Zan’s crestfallen expression Michael reassures, “It’s not forever if you give her what she needs now she’ll be back that much sooner.”

“Tell her…tell her…nevermind nothing I say right now will help. Just take care of her Michael.” Dejected Zan walks out.

Not wanting another confrontation Michael walks out before Kyle can speak. He heads to Liz’s bedroom to see if Ava is finished. He finds Ava standing over an open suitcase staring at a picture of her and Liz. “Ava she is not angry with you. She is full of anger and confusion at the situation. I had planned on being the one she went off on but you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Thanks Michael but Liz is my best friend it would take much more than that to put a dent in our friendship. I asked her what was wrong and now we all know. Liz has been stewing over some serious questions that the rest of us have been ignoring. Zan and I need to talk and so do Kyle and I. Even though I know the answers to some of the questions they haven’t been stated in fact or as a course of action. Even if Lizzie wasn’t in the picture now that I have Kyle I’m not giving him up. I lost Garric I’m not going through that again. Nor would Zan stand in the way of my happiness. No matter what happens between Liz and Zan I am no longer the Queen.”

Checking the suitcase once more Ava continues, “When she is ready let her know we are not angry we just want to help. I’m finished with her stuff if I forgot anything just call me.”

Chapter 4

Six weeks later

“God Michael could you be any more cryptic? I don’t possess the skill or the patience to interpret the meaning of your monosyllabic answers!”

Kyle laughs at Zan’s mounting frustration and Michael’s continuing insouciance. Zan shoots Kyle a dirty look; “You are not helping the situation.”

“Whenever Liz is ready she will…” Michael stops speaking a look of confusion spreading over his face. “She’s here.” Michael dashes out the door heading to the basement where the Granolith is hidden. Zan, Ava, and Kyle are hard upon his heels.

Michael stops short causing the others to slam into each other. The Granolith had changed shape again. Liz is lying on the altar encased within the Granolith. They all stare in fear and wonder unable to voice the question uppermost in their minds. Ra Nol appears in spirit form in front of them. “Despite appearances she is not dead merely in a deep trance.”

Zan stutters, “Why…why is she inside?”

“I am boosting her power and checking her vitals.”

“What is she doing?”

“Searching for Serena on the astral plane.”

Fearful Kyle clarifies, “She sent her soul to Antar?” Ra Nol nods his head. “Is she crazy? You know the dangers how could you let her go across the galaxy?”

“She was determined and I could either help her and keep her intact or let her go alone. I chose to help. Liz needs to know what happened to her child. Her soul will not find peace until then.”“How long has she been like this?”

“Since dawn.”

“Can you tell us anything of her journey?”

He shrugs, “I only know what she has told me which is nothing.”

“Can’t you find out?”

“I could but I promised I would not. I am only to interfere if her body begins to give out. Kyle I’m going to leave it to you to explain.” Ra Nol’s form shimmers into nothingness leaving three scared aliens staring at Kyle.

Sighing Kyle says, “Let’s go back upstairs and sit down.”

They settle in their favorite chairs in the den while Kyle tries to center himself for the wave of anguish about to hit him. “Liz is using a technique she learned during her studies to become a Reverend Mother. I have used a similar one during my time as High Priest. There are different levels of trances a person may go into. I use a light one all the time to keep myself centered. But sometimes there is need to go into the deeper states. When we faced different levels of initiation we would go deeper and deeper to learn about our true selves or to journey to the other planes of existence. Liz has gone into the deepest state besides death.”
“Could she die?”

“Yes. She is so far out it’s beyond my ability to find her. If she finds Serena, Liz can will her soul there leaving this earthly body to die. The thing that scares me the most is what does come back may not be Liz.” Seeing the confusion he explains further, “Liz went so far out from her body the connection is very, very fragile almost anything could break it. There are beings on the other planes that would not hesitate to break the connection and take over her body. Another problem is losing track of real time and staying away from your earthly body too long. If your earthly body dies there is nothing that can be done you are lost.”

“How long can she last like this?”

“About two weeks if she was in prime condition but considering the state she has been in the past few months I can’t say.”

Ava’s bright blue eyes shimmer with unshed tears. “Is there anything we can do?”

Unwilling to meet her eyes Kyle whispers an anguished, “No.”

Zan has been quiet head bent to hide his conflicting emotions. ‘He had dreamed of Sia for years hungered for her presence in his life to complete him. He should be jumping for joy that his soulmate has been returned to him. He should be ecstatic that the woman he is in love with Liz is really his wife Sia. He wants the woman who is Sia/Liz the woman who gave birth to his child, who died to help him regain his throne. But does he even know who this woman is anymore? She had lived two lifetimes without him raised his child without him. He had flashes of Liz living this other life where he was no longer the number one priority and he hated it. Damn I’m jealous of my own child for coming first in Liz’s heart. He had never asked Liz to make a choice between him and Serena but did she see it that way? He had been so wrapped up in his pain at Liz’s seeming rejection that he hadn’t even been conscious of her desperate need to find Serena. For Serena to him wasn’t a tangible being yet. What have I done?’ Zan breaks out of his reverie his countenance rife with emotion. “So the only thing we can do is sit here and wait?”

Not daring to speak in the face of Zan’s storming emotions Kyle just nods his head in agreement

Nine days later

Ava alternates between pleading and threatening to get Zan and Michael to move from the Granolith Chamber. “You two reek! Do you think Liz is going to want to be anywhere near your stinky bodies? She’ll pass out from the smell! Please each of you take ten minutes to take a shower and brush your teeth for god’s sake! I’ll sit here and if she makes the slightest movement I’ll have Kyle get you back down here I promise!”

A few hours later Ava tries yet again. “I made your favorites,” she says waving plates full of food underneath their noses. Neither showed the slightest sign of recognition. “You need to eat to keep your strength up for Liz. How can you help her if you won’t help yourselves? You haven’t eaten in a week I could knock you both out with a feather!”

Later Ava brings Kyle with her. “If you two don’t go take a shower and eat right now I’ll have Kyle forcibly remove you!” Kyle stands to her side looking macho. He begins to take menacing steps towards Zan. Zan doesn’t even twitch but a green shield suddenly blocks Kyle.

Furious Ava paths to Kyle. ~Do you see the water bottles behind them? Ok I need you to uncap them and float them over their heads. Now pour the water over them. The next set of bottles contains my favorite bath scent do it quickly! ~ Kyle does as she asks and sits back to watch the fire works.

Zan and Michael are shocked out of their trances. They begin bellowing their sentiments at Ava’s extreme behavior. ~Kyle start with the bath brushes! ~

Michael and Zan futilely wave their arms trying to get the brushes away from their bodies. They start yelling obscenities at Ava and Kyle sticks a brush in each of their mouths. With great satisfaction Kyle watches them try in vain to pull the brushes out. The absurdity of the sight before her causes Ava to collapse and give in to laughter.

Affronted Michael and Zan stop at seeing their tormenters convulsing with laughter. They slowly ease up on them intent on having their revenge. Kyle ever quick throws up a shield. “If this isn’t a Kodak moment I don’t know what is!” To their horror he then pulls out a digital camera and yells, “cheese!”

“Now if you boys will go upstairs and get cleaned up and eat something I’ll let Kyle remove the brushes.”

Defeated both boys acquiesce and trod up the stairs. Once safely out of earshot Kyle kisses Ava. “You are such a brilliant woman routing the King and his second! And bonus points to me for capturing a moment worth years of black mail!”

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Chapter 5

Day 10

Ra Nol observes the four friends exhausted slumber. ~Kyle wake up! Kyle I need you~

Kyle wakes instantly. Seeing Ra Nol a frown graces his face. He gently disentangles himself from Ava.

~I need your help Liz is being attacked and she doesn’t have the strength to fight anymore. Liz is so close to the edge it is taking all of my focus to keep her alive and on the path back~

Kyle lies down next to her and goes into a deep trance. ~What is after her? ~

~A Gorra, it’s a being from a hell dimension. The only way it can cross over into ours is to take over someone’s body~

Hours later Zan and Michael wake up to Ava’s moans of distress. She is trying to reach Kyle but the Granolith is blocking her.

“What went wrong?”

“I don’t know I woke up and Kyle was gone. I found him encased within the Granolith just like Liz.”

“Have you asked Ra Nol what’s going on?”

“Yes but he is not responding.” They stand staring forlornly at their friends encased in the Granolith.

“Is it my imagination or is the casing around Liz starting to get thinner?” Asks Zan.

“Zan she’s starting to shake. Can you get over to her?”

“Watch me.” Zan vaults over Kyle to land on Liz’s other side. Gingerly he touches the casing and it melts before him.

Liz is sweating, shaking, and moaning in agony. Her eyes open unseeing of reality she begins crying out. “Zack! Zack! Zack no! Help him must help Zack!”

Zan forces a connection and begins to heal her tattered soul.

Three days later Liz wakes up in her room with her ever-faithful guardians Michael and Zan hovering at her side. She greets them both with a weak smile and asks for water. Zan checks her vitals and puts her back into a healing sleep.

Liz drags them all into the dream plane so she can explain her drastic actions. ~You all have every right to be angry with me for endangering myself so. I did not say anything for I knew none of you would agree to it. None of you have children so I’m not going to try to explain a mother’s over riding need to see to a child’s welfare. I did not find what I sought and I have to come to terms with it. She is gone. But there is another child who cries out for our help. I encountered him on the dream plane on my way back. He and his siblings are in serious trouble and need our kind of help desperately~

~Would this be Zack? ~


~What kind of trouble are they in? ~

~Akin to our kind of trouble~

~Aliens? ~

~No but they are hybrids. The government created them to be super warriors. Their DNA was mixed with different animal species for certain traits. One of Zack’s brothers was killed the night I came back. He was having medical problems and they killed him so they could run tests on him to see if it was a defect that would show up in the others. Zack is torturing himself because he cannot save his siblings. They are taught that feelings make you weak and any sign of weakness could get them killed. Zack is an eleven-year-old boy not a man he shouldn’t be going through this! He should be outside playing in a schoolyard not shooting live ammo at his siblings! ~

~Where are they? ~

~This is the fun part they are in Wyoming and the year is 2008~

~Jesus Liz~

~I have approval and Ra Nol has agreed to the journey. I would like your help but I’m going to get those kids out~

~Ok for the sake of argument we do break them out. Where are they going to live? Do we bring them back here or leave them somewhere in the future? ~

Ava cuts Kyle off. ~Here. We know what they are facing it could’ve been us in there. We can teach them the skills needed to stay under the government’s radar and live a quasi-normal life~

~Thanks Ava but this is a decision we all have a vote in. Taking those kids in will alter our lives dramatically. No matter what is decided about living arrangements I’m getting those kids out. Take some time and think about it~
Liz lets go of the connection and Zan sees a smile grace her sleeping face.

By unspoken consent they gather in the Granolith Chamber to discuss this latest development. Zan begins, “We have seers whose visions are an interpretation of the future but I don’t remember anyone ever being able to talk to people in the future.”

In agreement Michael adds, “I have to go with Zan on this one I think her guilt over Serena and her obvious exhaustion account for this voice on the dream plane.”

“Until Lizzie gets her strength back humor her. I don’t want to get her anymore upset than she is already.”

“We hear and obey Father Michael.”


Ra Nol has been eavesdropping on their conversation and decides to but in. He forms in there midst. “Liz is telling the truth.” He watches with keen amusement as the emotions play on their faces.

“Liz is an avatar she can do things you can’t dream of.” He begins to dissipate leaving with a parting shot, “Ignore her at your peril.”

“Anyone have any ideas how we are going to break into a future fortress?”


“You guys just don’t know how to appreciate a razor sharp mind!”

Chapter 6

“Don’t even think about putting me to sleep again. How long have you kept me knocked out?”

With an unrepentant grin Zan replies, “a week.”

“How’s Kyle?”

“He seems to be ok but he won’t talk about it.”

“I’m not surprised going up a Giorra is a mind bending experience. Its very appearance is a sin against nature. So what did you guys decide?”

“Did you really think we would tell you no? We’ll do it but we need a lot more information to pull this off.”

“Zack can give us the Intel we need. Do you want to come with me to visit Zack?”

Surprised but pleased Zan agrees. “You still need more rest especially if we are going to the future tonight.” He pulls the covers back up to cover her and turns to leave the room.

“Zan don’t go.”

Concerned he walks to her side, “Is something wrong? Are you in pain?”

Liz scoots over patting the bed for him to sit beside her. She takes his hands into hers rubbing her thumbs up and down over his fingers. Zan sits there content to enjoy her touch for it is the first. Hesitant she begins, “Zan umm I-I need to apologize to you.”

He opens his lips to speak but she puts her fingers against them. “Please I need you to hear me out.”

At his nod she removes her fingers and takes his hand once more. “I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last few months. I’ve been so unfair to you. I should’ve handled things differently from the beginning. My rational brain knew you were different and that I could trust you. But my irrational heart was too shattered to risk it. I should have I should have gotten to know the wonderful man I know you to be.”

“I’ve watched you over the last few years seen your generous nature. The way you respect Michael and treat him as a true brother and friend. The way you welcomed Kyle into your home knowing the difficult battle to come. Zan you showed the patience of a saint in dealing with Kyle and his suspicions. You won him over by being yourself. And with me you have been so kind, gentle, and understanding no matter how much it cost you. I didn’t deserve it.”

“I’m ashamed to admit how much I let fear rule my life. Fear of Max and his machinations fear of what I might do if I lost the tenuous hold I had on my control.”

Liz looks up at him from beneath her lashes, “Fear for my heart because I found myself falling for you a little more each day.”

Zan pulls her into his arms inhaling her scent letting it permeate his being. Liz sighs into him savoring his embrace. Content she gradually falls asleep in his arms.

Hours later Ava goes to check on Liz she walks in to find Liz asleep in Zan’s arms. Zan’s expression is one of utter peace. He smiles at Ava while running his fingers through Liz’s long silky tresses. Ava closes the door with a wink and a smile.


Disclaimer: Just borrowing a few characters from Dark Angel. The concept belongs to Fox and James Cameron.

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Chapter 7

“It’s cold! How much longer are we going to wait?”

“Until dawn just like last night.”

Liz hisses, “Quiet.”

“Did you hear that?”

“It sounds like a siren!”

“Something’s wrong! Liz go!”

She astral projects to the wall the X5’s are to escape over letting the others survey the scene. ~LINK! SHIELD! COVER! ~

~Shit the area is too wide-open change of strategy. Limited mindwarps until the kids hit the tree line then start teleporting them Kyle.~

A few X5’s got over before the spotlights came on and the guards began pouring out. They worked in concert to battle the chaos shielding the X5’s from gunfire and the pursing soldiers. After what felt like hours Liz returned to her body to find only Zack and four others.

“I’m sorry I was only able to ‘port 5 of them. While we were busy with the soldiers the kids disappeared!”

Michael breaks in; “talk later go NOW!”

A heartbeat later they reappear in the Granolith Chamber. Taken aback Zack asks, “Where are we?”

“Our basement…hold still we need to get you guys dried off and warm.” The adults wave their hands over the kids drying them instantly.

Liz takes off her white cap and shakes loose her damp tresses. “Zan could you?” She asks pointing at her hair. He begins running his fingers through her hair drying it. The adults are too busy repairing the damage to them selves to notice the look of wonder on the kid’s faces.

Liz leads the kids upstairs to the kitchen. “Are you guys up for a Q & A session? Let’s start with introductions. I’m Liz our chef is Michael, tattoo man is Zan, The lovely lady with the pink hair is Ava, and our resident Zen master is Kyle.”

The X5’s stand and salute. “X5-599 CO.”

“X5-353 Second in Command.”




“Stop!” Exclaims Liz. “Zack what are your names?”

“We have private names that we gave ourselves.”

“May we know you by these names?”

“Jondy ma’am”

“Cade ma’am”

“Myko ma’am”

"Dev ma’am”

“Who are you and why did you agree to help us?” demands Zack.

“We are also hybrids but we were not made by Manticore. Because we are hybrids we are in a unique position to guide you from what we have learned. We can help you blend into society and stay underneath the governments radar.”

“What government agency made you? What type of hybrids are you?”

Zan takes over the discussion from Liz. “You are about to embark on lives dependent on secrecy. The rest of your life will be spent with an eye over your shoulder. I want to be sure you understand that your lives will be at an even greater risk if you know our origins.”

The X5’s glance at each other communicating silently with their eyes. Zack states, “We accept the risk. You have our word of honor that it shall never pass our lips.”“We are human/alien hybrids.” The only sign of disbelief is a slight widening of the eyes of the X5’s. “Not impressed I see. I guess a demonstration is in order.”

Michael lifts his hand at Zan and shoots a bolt of energy at him. Zan’s shield pops up deflecting the blast off to a nearby statue.

Ava cries, “Hey that’s my favorite statue!” She walks over to the pile of dust and broken pieces and waves her hand over it. The bits and pieces meld back together forming an unblemished statue.

Kyle teleports the statue to the other side of the room and makes it look like Elvis. “Kyle!” admonishes Ava as she walks towards it. Kyle ‘ports it again and again finally leaving it in front of the X5’s.

Liz teases, “Kyle that monstrosity is blocking my view!” She astral projects herself in front of the X5’s. Grinning impishly she exclaims, “much better!”

Only Zack maintained enough control not to be slack jawed. He simply states, “So you can protect them.”


In the wee hours of the morning Zack sneaks out to do recon of the house and grounds. Michael surprises him in the den. “Zack I have some stuff for you. Here are the floorplans to the house and a map of the grounds. The only outside security we have are motion detectors, which trip an alarm inside the house. There are no restricted areas in the house or the grounds all we ask is that you respect the privacy of our personal space and belongings.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“If I were in your position I’d be checking everything out too. I know this all seems too good to be true and until you know us better our word will not be enough. We have already fought many battles against the FBI, aliens, and traitors. We are finally living quasi-normal lives if you are lucky you won’t have to fight the same battles for your very existence as we did. Here are the keys happy exploring.”

Non-pulsed by Michael’s speech he begins a methodical search of the house and grounds. At dawn Zack creeps back into the house to report his findings. “A-OK so far here are maps of the house and grounds.” Pointing to areas on the maps he says, “These are the escape routes but we are lacking provisions.”

“There are no conventional weapons on the premises with their abilities they don’t seem to need any. We need to find out their full offensive and defensive capabilities.”

Chapter 8

Kyle is the last one to the breakfast table. Spying Michael with the sports section he makes a grab for it. Michael puts a shield around it so Kyle can’t take it from him. Kyle whines, “It’s my turn to have the sports section first.”

“As Buddha would say the early bird gets the worm,” quips Michael.

They continue bickering drawing Zack’s attention to the paper in question. He studies the paper eyes widening at what he sees. He grabs the rest of the paper scanning every page. The table falls silent watching Zack. Wearing a dubious expression Zack asks, “What year is it?”

“2002” answers Ava.

“It can’t be.”

“There goes breakfast and the sports page,” mutters Michael. He stands up and orders everyone into the den.

“How do we explain?”

“How much do we explain?”

Zack’s piercing gaze is locked with Liz’s as she says, “Everything.”

Ava directs everyone to sit in a circle alien, X5, alien, and so on. Once everyone is settled Liz takes over. “Hold hands, clear your minds and breathe. We are going to show you our history from our origins to the present.”

The images begin with Zan claiming Sioneva at her blessing. They hold nothing back showing the betrayal by one of their own leading to their destruction. They feel Sioneva’s agony at losing her mate twice in a lifetime her joys and sorrows in raising a child alone. Sioneva’s and Declan communion with the gods and their accepting the burden of destiny and losing their lives to become avatars. The aliens awaken on a strange world without help and their fight to survive in the shadows. The shadow wars with the FBI, the torture of Max, and the destruction of the Special Unit. The shocking betrayal perpetrated by a sister and a best friend and the deadly second one by a wife.

Liz and Kyle’s escape from the alien abyss in Roswell to find sanctuary in a city with the better halves of those they were running from. Liz and Kyle awakening to there true selves and a rediscovered destiny for them all among the stars. The forging of the first true Four Square in millennia and the uniting of the Guardian with the Granolith. The confusion Liz’s faced trying to meld the choices and actions of a past life with the realities of the current one. The heartbreaking journey of a mother to find a child ending with a desperate plea heard on the journey back to save a motherless child.

Liz begins releasing everyone from the link but Dev who refuses to let go of her.

~See me~ he pleads.

Zan asks, “Kyle shouldn’t they be out of it by now?”

“Yeah,” Kyle stares at Liz and Dev trying to break through her shields. “It’s no use I can’t break through Liz’s shields. “I can tell you they are not traveling the astral plane. We all need to get some rest I’m sure they will be done soon.”

Looking at the mutinous faces of Michael, Zan, and Zack he says, “I know I know you three won’t move until hell freezes over or they come out of it.”

Sometime later Liz and Dev come out of their link. Liz pulls him into a hug not ever wanting to let go. Dev strokes her hair whispering, “what you have suffered.”

Dev lifts his face to Zack, Zan, and Michael. To Zack’s shock Dev’s sea green eyes are brimming with unshed tears.Dev’s tears unnerve Zan prompting him to find out if Liz is ok. She lifts her bowed head to Zan and Michael her face blotchy from crying. “I’m fine just heart sore.”

Feeling helpless in the face of their tears Michael does the only thing he can he orders them both to bed.


Jondy, Cade, and Myko are awaiting Zack and Dev’s return so they can discuss the events they witnessed. Tired of waiting Jondy asks Cade, “Did you believe it?”


“Do you think we should stay here?”

“The CO has yet to discuss it.” At Cade’s tone Jondy ceases her questions.

Minute’s later Zack enters with a visibly drained Dev. “Dev, Jondy, Myko it is bedtime.”

Dev hesitates and then draws himself up, “Permission to speak sir?”


“I’m staying here.”

“Soldier you will leave when I tell you to,” barks Zack.

“Don’t force me to disobey a direct order, Sir. I belong here we all belong here.” Not wanting to argue with his CO Dev salutes and walks away.

Zack turns his attention to Cade, “Well?”

“We should stay. One they have possibly even more reason to stay under radar than we do. Two they will protect us even if it is only to protect them. Three they have the financial means to support and shelter us. Four Boston is a big enough city for us to blend into or disappear into. Five Lydecker can’t find us in the past.”

“Agreed but I still want to observe them for a few more days.”

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Chapter 9

The next morning

Liz approaches Zack after breakfast, “will you come with me?”

Zack nods and silently follows Liz into her lab area. She opens the door into another room. “Here I have a fully functioning medical facility. I have B. S. degrees in Pre-Med, Biology, and Chemistry. I’m currently working on my Master’s in Bio-Chem. We cannot go to regular doctors for fear of discovery I know you and your siblings are going to be facing the same fear. I would like your permission to start a chart on each of you including a blood sample and x-rays. I do perform some experiments but nothing harmful. Because of our alien origin there are differences between normal humans and us. I do regular check-ups on everyone to be sure we aren’t off our established norms. I would like to do the same with your group so we are prepared when something happens.”

“Why not have Zan heal everything?”

“Our core DNA is the same and there are something’s you need to be aware of. We all have the ability to heal to some extent but minor wounds only. Zan is the only one gifted with the true ability to heal. As you saw Zan’s clone healed Kyle and I at the brink of death. If Zan had to perform a healing of that depth on any of you there will be alien side affects.”

“As their CO I give you permission to use any means necessary to save their lives. I will go get them so you may begin.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Liz is in her lab working on DNA samples from the X5’s. Working on isolating the various DNA components she discovers something unexpected. She sends out a mental call to the adults for them to round up the kids and come to her lab. The adult’s filter in surprised to see her normally immaculate lab in complete disarray. She ignores their entry intent on finishing her experiment. Muttering to herself she finally looks up at her guests and questions, “How proficient are you in Biology?”

“Very,” answers Zack.

“I want all of you to look at the pictures on the wall behind you.”

“Liz for us non-science nerds what are we looking at much less looking for?” asks Kyle.

Dev answers instead, “DNA commonalties.”

After giving them a few minutes to look Liz asks, “What do you see?”

Zack draws on the chalkboard and answers; “At the core all ten pictures are the same.”

The still clueless adults ask to be enlightened.

“All ten of us have the same core DNA a mix of human and alien.”

Understanding hits Kyle like a bolt of lightning, “So that’s why she…”

“Yes,” says Liz interrupting.

Reeling with astonishment Ava asks, “How is this even possible?”

“Nasedo said that he and another protector were captured after the crash. Nasedo escaped but the other protector was too injured to leave. Do you really think the government passed up the chance for experimentation? The government has been working for years to create the perfect soldier. The X5’s are not the first of their kind they are the product of the scientists finally getting it right.”

“Back it up a minute how did the scientists do it without Gandarium?”

“The Antarian scientists had to use the gandarium for our abilities to be available to us. Without it we would have been just like the X5’s with some inherent qualities but nothing noticeable. Correct me if I’m wrong but the traits we share are the ability to heal quickly, immunity to illness, a higher tolerance to extremes in temperature, a photographic memory, and the ability to rapidly process information.”

Smiling Dev says, “Yes on all counts.”

Saddened Ava inquires, “How many more children were created?”

Jondy finally breaks her silence, “Hundreds that we know of and who knows how many experiments gone wrong.”

“We have to help them!” Cries Ava in horror.

Her face dark with pain Jondy continues, “You can’t they wouldn’t welcome the interference instead you would be handed over to our former masters. Our superior’s felt our series was too independent minded and the scientists have worked to eliminate that trait. We tried to convince others to join us but they opted to stay. And our brothers and sisters who stayed behind will be the ones paying for our betrayal.” A pregnant silence follows Jondy’s words all feel the guilt of not being able to rescue more of the X5’s.

Zack has been staring at the pictures putting his brain to work on another commonality. He sets two of the pictures in front of Liz and demands an explanation.

With one eyebrow cocked Liz replies, “I already know and so do you.”

“But how?”

Liz simply states, “I have a theory.”

Voice strained Zack queries; “Does he know?”

“He gave me the information instinctively knowing the answer. I confirmed it this morning.”

The edge of impatience creeping into his voice Michael asks, “Enough with the cryptic speak what in blazes is going on?”

Dev runs over to Liz face flushed with happiness eyes sparkling with joy and announces, “She’s my mommie.” Leaving all but Zack gaping in stunned silence.

Visibly shaken Zan asks, “How?”

“About a month after I was shot I had my yearly female check up. A few days later I was called back in because an abnormality showed up. I never even thought to be suspicious but I should have been with the FBI running around. Some of my eggs were harvested then. In the link Dev showed me his life and his extra curricular activities. Dev was being trained to be the group’s biological and chemical weapons expert. He was allowed the run of the lab. Dev found his birth information and memorized the data on his mother and then changed the records. He also found the rest of my eggs and destroyed them replacing the eggs with someone else’s. Dev is the only child born of my eggs.”

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Chapter 10

Later that evening Liz and Dev are outside on the swing talking. Dev states matter of factly, “Zan is upset that I am your son.”

“No he is upset because you are not our son. He regrets never knowing Serena and I know he wants another chance at fatherhood.”

Dev softly asks, “Mommie tell me of you and Zan now.”

“It’s complicated but true love always is. Love is infinite in the variety of ways you can love someone. You will love many in your life but only one will ignite your soul carrying you to dizzying heights and devastating depths. What I found in him cannot be explained by science only by my heart. With Zan in my life everything is enhanced my senses my spirit…I feel more alive; without him life seems duller, darker, without vibrancy or color.”

“It is scary to love someone that much to have a connection so deep you become one. Before the goddess claimed me I didn’t know where he ended and I began we were so intertwined. Everything became a blur after I was taken. I was lost trying to make a life without him. My only link to reality was the impending birth of Serena. She brought me serenity during the darkness hence the name Serena. I eventually got myself together and started to learn what the goddess wanted to teach me. But Zan and I were still connected we could give each other comfort and strength. As long as I could feel him and know he was ok I could live without him.”

“When he was attacked I felt every blow inflicted. I felt the life force ebbing from his body and mine slowly trailing behind. I felt his agony and fury at the betrayal by one whom he loved so dearly. I felt him die ye gods feeling him slip into nothingness was beyond devastating. Your sister by sheer force of will brought me back from Death’s cold embrace for I didn’t want to live in a world without him.”

“And now we are together again walking a path into the unknown. Where we can see but not touch one another continuously tempted by the proverbial forbidden fruit. It’s frustrating, heartbreaking to live life in this manner. I want the peace that I can find nowhere else but in his arms. I want to give into the fire between us and be consumed.” Blushing Liz stammers, “Oh I can’t believe I said that to you.”

“Mommie I know all about sex it was part of our training at Manticore,” Dev states proudly.

“Um…do you realize the difference between sex and love?”

“Mommie I have been taught that emotions make you weak.”

Thoughtful Liz asks, “Why did you escape Manticore?”

“I wanted my brothers and sisters to be safe. I wanted to be free and I wanted to find you.
You’ve shown me your life and what Lydecker describes as weakness has only made you stronger, fight harder. Lydecker said there is no right or wrong just power. Why did he lie to us?”

“From what you & Zack have shown me the training was meant to quash your individuality. They wanted you to obey without question but everyone is born with a soul. They couldn’t destroy your humanity. Lydecker’s own actions damned him in your eyes and you wanted to be free of him. Dev you acted from the right.”

Wanting to brighten her son’s mood Liz says, “Enough of this serious talk let me introduce you to the wonders of ice cream.”

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Hello Everyone!

I've reposted the original 10 chapters with a few minor tweaks and I stress minor! Mainly spelling and grammer because it bothered me. A new part will be up next week!!

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The Blood Four: Uniting

Chapter 11

Ava calls out, “Hey Lizzie can you come in here for a minute?”

“Sure,” answers Liz.

Holding hands Kyle and Ava stand nervously before Liz. Kyle stammers, “Liz we have some thing to tell you. Umm…Ava and I well…we got married.”

Surprised Liz asks, “They gave you permission?”

“Umm…we didn’t ask.”

Angered at their impudence the goddess’ aspect flares to life. “Avatar Declan, High Priest of my Lord Zayid, a god you are not! Mortal you dare to flout the gods will?”

Fearful Ava says, “Liz…”

But it is not Liz they face but Sioneva, Avatar and High Priestess of Meleri. Brown eyes sparkling with rage she cuts in, “And you Ava consecrated Queen of King Zan you have violated your vows. The vows made before your gods and your people! You presume to challenge the will of your gods? You both know what is at stake and you defy us?”

Kyle answers, “Sioneva you know the old plan won’t work and the gods have given us no guidance.”

Sioneva snaps back, “We serve at their leisure not ours! When we need to know we will be informed as an avatar you know this.”

Kyle tries to explain, “We covered all the bases Ava formally resigned the queen ship and dissolved her vows with Zan.”

“Declan is there no end to your nerve? Who gave you the authority to dissolve their marriage? Who gave you the authority to approve Ava’s resignation of the throne? Who Declan? Who?”

Kyle’s hangs his head in defeat. Sioneva continues, “Our kingdom, our people’s very lives stand in the balance and you violate our laws our beliefs in this way. How are we going to defeat Khivar if you can’t be trusted?”

Angry Kyle snaps back, “Sioneva you go to far!”

“Do I? Do I not face the same temptations? I have withstood the temptation of my beloved and I expected no less from either of you! You have both failed the gods test.”

A new voice enters the discussion. ~Sioneva is correct you have failed us. We gave our children free will and because we have given you access to powers that would give other gods pause we had to know the depth of your commitment to us. To my great sorrow you chose yourself. Declan, my lord desires a word with his High Priest~

Kyle disappears. ~Declan is not going to have an easy time of it my lord has been stewing about this for weeks. The longer Declan waited to tell you the angrier he became~

~What was the purpose of waiting?~

~You. You needed time to assimilate a lifetimes worth of knowledge and come to terms with it all. You had a child to find. O Sioneva you have done very, very well I am so proud of you~

~Thank you. But what is going to happen to Declan and Ava?~

~Always concerned with others before yourself! I don’t know how Zayid will discipline Declan for his disobedience but he and Ava will stay married. You and Zan were always meant to be and now it is time for it to be so. Zan has accepted your son and has accepted the person you are now. He loves the Sioneva of the past but it is the Liz of the present who burns in his soul. You will have a few years of peace to live, love, and grow with your new family. Enjoy it for all of you have a part to play in reclaiming the future~

~My lady will you bless us and marry us?~

~My dear child of course I will~


Asabetha thanks for keeping the faith! And many thanks to the rest of faithful hope you like it!


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The Blood Four: Uniting

Chapter 12

Frantic Liz begins calling out, “Dev! Dev! Where are you?”

“Out back Mommie!”

“I have something very important to ask you. Do you want Zan to be your Daddy for real?”

“He wants to marry us?”

“I haven’t asked him yet.”

“What are you waiting for let’s go get him.” Dev grabs Liz by the hand and runs shouting Zan’s name.

Worried Zan asks, “What’s wrong is someone hurt?”

Breathless Liz says, “Marry me.”

Holding Dev she amends, “Marry us.”

Dev adds, “Be my Daddy.”

Filled with joy Zan answers, “Yes to all three.” He embraces them both.

An hour later…

In the Granolith Chamber Liz and Zan stand before the alter and begin chanting,

“We call upon our Mother Goddess Meleri
By the Earth that is her body
By the Air that is her breath
By the Fire that is her bright spirit
By the living Waters of her womb
We call upon the blessings of Meleri

We call upon the Na Coimirceoiri o Na Faire Tura!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be our foundation. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be the sword cutting through the mists to reveal the truth. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be the spear giving us the strength and flexibility to accomplish your purpose. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri giver of the Cup of Life nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls. Fiat!

Meleri give us your blessing in our endeavor. Fiat!

~My children you have called upon me for what purpose?~

“We seek the blessing of marriage great Mother.”

~Know now before you go further, that since your souls have crossed in this life and other lifetimes you have formed ties between each other. As you seek to enter this state of matrimony you should strive to make real, the ideals, which give meaning to both this ceremony and the institution of marriage.

With full awareness, know that within this circle you are not only declaring your intent to be married before your friends and family, but you speak that intent also to your gods.

The promises made today and the ties that are bound here greatly strengthen your union; they will cross the years and lives of each soul's growth.

Do you still seek to enter this ceremony?~

“Yes, We Seek to Enter.”

~What have you to say to each other?~

Love shining like stars in his eyes Zan turns to Liz and speaks:

United across space and time two halves of a whole are we.
As we become one, we become part of each other.
Your joys become my joys;
your sorrows become my sorrows,
your worries become my worries,
and your child becomes my child.

I promise to be a true and faithful husband and father,
always there to comfort you, rejoice with you,
and share the experiences of life together as a family in the years to come.

My love for you and Devilin is pure and unshakable.
I pledge myself to both of you from this day forth and forevermore.

Tears pooling in her eyes Liz replies,

Zan- I love you and on this day I wed you.
Not just for who you are, but also for who I am when I'm with you. I love you not for what you've done with your life but for what you're doing with mine.

I love you for making me good, happy and whole.
Without a word,
without a gesture,
without a doubt,
just by being yourself.

Such a simple thing...
but no one else in the world can do it.
Only you.... forever.

This day, before our family and friends
with joy in my heart I pledge myself to you as your wife
promising to love you to cherish our moments together
for now and forever.

Meleri begins the ceremony. ~In times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions: East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that a blessing is offered in support of this ceremony.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the East. Communication of the heart, mind, and body Fresh beginnings with the rising of each Sun. The knowledge of the growth found in the sharing of silences.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the South. Warmth of hearth and home The heat of the heart's passion The light created by both To lighten the darkest of times.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the West. The deep commitments of the lake The swift excitement of the river The refreshing cleansing of the rain The all encompassing passion of the sea.

Blessed be this union with the gifts of the North Firm foundation on which to build Fertility of the fields to enrich your lives A stable home to which you may always return.

Each of these blessings from the four cardinal directions emphasizes those things, which will help you build a happy and successful union. Yet they are only tools. Tools, which you must use together in order to create what you seek in this union.

I bid you look into each other’s eyes.

Zan, Will you cause her pain?~

I May

~Is that you intent?~


~Liz, Will you cause him pain?~

I may

~Is that you intent? ~


*To Both*
~Will you share each other's pain and seek to ease it? ~


~And so the binding is made. Join your hands~ Meleri drapes the first cord across the bride and grooms hands.

~Liz, Will you share his laughter? ~


~Zan, Will you share her laughter? ~


*To Both*

~Will both of you look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other? ~


~And so the binding is made~ She drapes the second chord across the couple’s hands.

~Liz, Will you burden him? ~

I may

~Is that you intent? ~


~Zan, Will you burden her? ~

I may

~Is that your intent? ~


*To Both*
~Will you share the burdens of each so that your spirits may grow in this union? ~


~And so the binding is made~ She drapes the third chord across the couple’s hands.

~Liz, will you share his dreams? ~


~Zan, will you share her dreams? ~


*To Both*
~Will you dream together to create new realities and hopes? ~


~And so the binding is made~ Meleri drapes the fourth chord across the couple’s hands.

~Zan, will you cause her anger? ~

I may

~Is that you intent? ~


~Liz, will you cause him anger? ~

I may

~Is that your intent? ~


*To Both*
~Will you take the heat of anger and use it to temper the strength of this union? ~

We Will

~And so the binding is made~ She drapes the fifth chord across the couple’s hands.

~Liz, Will you honor him?~

I will

~Zan, Will you honor her? ~

I will

*To Both*
~Will you seek to never give cause to break that honor? ~

We shall never do so

~And so the binding is made~ She drapes the sixth chord across the couple’s hands.

Meleri ties chords together while saying, ~The knots of this binding are not formed by these chords but instead by your vows. Either of you may drop the chords, for as always, you hold in your own hands the making of or breaking of this union~

Meleri places her hands upon the chords and changes them into wedding torques.

~You may now kiss the bride~

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I am stopping the story here. I am in no frame of mind to finish Uniting the way it should be done right now. BUT I've already started the last of the trilogy which suits my mood so much better! The story begins 5 years in the future.