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Rating: PG13ish?
Summary: Read and find out! (I'll give you a hint it’s a crossover with BTVS and its AU.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did...
A.N.: This is the first fanfic I've ever written! feed back would be awesome! Please, it keeps me going!

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Part One:

"Another late night patrol." sighed Maria as she wandered around the Roswell Community Cemetery, only one of 12. She then heard a scream, followed by a loud crash off to her left. She raced toward the commotion to find a vampire about to feed on a blonde girl. Just as he was about to bite her neck, Maria kicked him, effectively getting his attention. Pissed off by the sudden intrusion the vamp turned on her, baring his teeth. Maria just rolled her eyes. "Is that supposed to scare me?" She asked with a smirk. The vamp just growled and then lunged for her. Yelling at the girl to run, she fought the vamp. After a brief spar, Maria finally dusted him. She checked her watch to find it was 1:30 am. "Time to go home." she muttered.

Part 2:

"So how was patrolling last night?" asked Liz, one of Maria's best friends.

"Pretty quiet last night actually." Maria answered looking around. "Hey have you seen Kyle or Alex yet?"

"Nope, sorry." Liz said.

"Someone looking for us?" asked the familiar voice of Alex as he and Kyle, Maria's other best friends, walked up.

"So how was patrolling?" asked Kyle.

"fine, there was only one vamp, who was about to feed off Pam Troy, but I dusted him and saved her." Maria babbled.

"Aww, Did you have to?"

"I was only joking Liz, seesh."

The bell rang then, signaling the start of school. They all walked into biology and sat down at the work station the four of them shared.

"Class, we have some new students, so please give them your full attention while they introduce themselves." the class became quiet seeing as how they don't get too many new students.

"Uh" said the dark haired boy with deep soulful brown eyes.

"Where are you from?" asked the teacher, Mrs. Allen.

"L.A." answered a short girl with curly blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

"Oh, how interesting! What are your names?" inquired the teacher.

"I'm Isabell Evans," said a tall beauty, who could easily be a model, with her dark brown eyes, hourglass figure, and a waterfall of blonde hair, "that’s my sister Tess," she pointed one perfectly manicured finger at the short blonde with curly hair, "my brother Max," who turned out to be the tall boy with dark hair and soulful eyes, "and that is Michael, my other brother." she pointed to the last boy who had hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a demeanor that screamed rebel-without-a-clue.

"Okay, you four go have a seat at the empty work station next to Maria. Maria, honey, raise your hand." Maria slowly raised her hand, trying to read the new kids' expression to see if they were going to be any trouble.

"So, what do you think, trouble?" Liz, who sat next to her, whispered.

"Not that I can tell." she whispered back

"Man is that Tess hot or what?" asked Kyle as they ate lunch later that day.

"No, Isabell was way hotter." Alex replied with a smirk.

"No way." Kyle argued back, which began their debate.

"Uh, please, can I eat my lunch without wanting to throw up?" Liz joked with a roll of her eyes.

"I don't know what your talkin' about chika I saw you checking out that guy Max." Maria teased with a hint of hummer apparent in her eyes.

"Oh, like you weren't drooling over Michael!" Liz bantered back as she threw the pretzel she was eating at Maria."I was not, well at least not as much as these two were drooling over Tess and Isabell!" she replied indicating Alex and Kyle. "I thought I would have to paddle my way over to the door!" she teased.

"Hey!" Alex and Kyle shouted. Before they had a chance to say anything more the bell rang.

"Hey, remember to meet at the Crashdown after school, okay." Maria reminded them. She got "okays" and "fines" back.


Hope you liked it! More soon to come!

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Another Part!!

Part Three:

At the Crashdown:

"Hey." Maria said as she walked up to the group who sat talking in their usual booth in the back corner.


"So are you ready train?"


"Sure, why not? I love getting wailed on and by a girl no less." Kyle said sarcastically. Maria led the way to the back of the Crashdown. From there she unlocked the door under the stairs leading to the basement. Inside there was a blue mat covering the middle of the floor. On the far wall was a cubbord that held the weapons. There was a punching bag in the left corner of the room. On the right wall there was a counter with cabinets which held the magic ingredients and spell books. There in the middle of the room stood Jeff Parker, Liz's dad and Maria's Watcher.

"You're late." Jeff scolded.


"Its alright, but don't let it happen again." Jeff said with a smile.

"Come on Kyle, Lets go spar." Maria said as Kyle groaned.
"I'm gonna go work on my magic." Liz said, heading over to the cabinets.

"And I'm gonna just sit here and watch the show." Alex said as he watched Maria kick Kyle across the Mat. "Where's the popcorn when you need it?"

"Oh! Sorry!" Maria yelled, rushing over to see if Kyle was okay.

"I'm okay." Kyle said, standing up.
"Are you sure?" Maria asked worried.

"Yeah, just not so much power next time, okay?"

"Okay." Maria said grinning.

"I'm going to go and sit down."

"Okay Kyle, and I am sorry."

"I know."


"Yes Mr. Parker?"

"I want you to go through this obstacle course I have set up. When I say go I want you to try to get through it as fast as yo can."


"okay, GO!"

Maria took off through the obstacle course. First she ran through a tire run. Next she had to scale a 10 ft. wall. After that she had to go try and throw a stake at a stuffed vampire from 12 ft. away. Last was hand to hand combat with Jeff himself, which she finally defeated him after eight minutes of fighting.

"Very good. It took you less than 15 minutes to do that.

"Thanks." Maria replied.

"Hey, Maria can I go on patrol with you tonight? I want to test out this new spell I learned. It supposed to set things on fire and I can dust vamps without actually having to fight them!"


"Thank-you!" Liz squealed, throwing her arms around Maria.

"No problem."

"Well if she's goin' than I'm goin', you know for back up." Kyle stated.

"Yeah, me too." add Alex.

"Okay." Maria agreed. "We'll meet back here at 9:30."

"Okay its 5:48 that gives me enough time to get home, take a shower, eat, and do my homework before we have to patrol. I'll see you guys at 9:30." Maria chirped on her way out the door.

"Man how is that girl always so perky?" Wondered Kyle.

"I don't know, but its time to go home. I'll see ya'll later." Alex said.
"Yeah I got to go home too. See you later Liz."

"Later Kyle."

Part four:

“Alrighty, I’m here.” Maria said as she bounced through the Crashdown doors.

“Finally, its 9:45, you were supposed to be here at 9:00.”

Maria just shrugged “Sorry.”

“Lets go!” Liz said excitedly. They left the Crashdown and headed toward the cemetery. Once there they looked for grave of Sarah Hoppkins.

“I found her!” Alex called to the others.

“Now all we have to do is wait for her to rise.” Stated Maria. They waited about 15 minutes before she started to wake.

“Ooh, can I try my spell?” Liz asked.


“Okay, Ignitis!” She bellowed, and the vamp caught on fire. Before you could blink an eye the vampire bursted into dust.

“The word ‘Ignitis’ did all that?” Kyle asked in awe.

“Yup.” Liz said proudly.

“Come on, we still have to go and protect Roswell.” Maria said sarcastically.

“Lets go.” Alex replied. A couple hours later, with no vamp or demon activity, they were going to call it a night when they heard screams. They raced into the alley to see at least 5 vamps circling four figures to eventually stop in front of them.

“Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Maria yelled, rushing down the alley toward the figures, Alex, Kyle and Liz right behind her.

“Slayer,” A vamp, obviously the leader, growled.

“yeah, and?” Maria and the others moved in front of the four figures, protecting them, as five more came up behind them, blocking the exit. The vamps attacked. Maria, Kyle and
Alex kicked, punched and generally fought, while Liz used her magic to protect the other four from the vamps. After ten minutes of fighting, the battle was over.

“What the hell was that?” asked Michael as he checked to make sure if Tess, Isabell and Max were alright.

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