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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R+— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co; the genius' who know how to write a wonderful show. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different. PLeas don't sue me anyone, I'm so poor.
Category: AU. Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Only a smigeon of Maria/Michael. Some UC’s, but not with major characters; No Max/Maria. Or Liz/Michael.

Note: I posted this challenge up, but no one took it, so I decided to do it myself since it wouldn't leave me alone. Oh, and it does follow the Wolf Lake show for several chapters, but after that, it's all my idea. It's completly AU. NO ALIENS, but there are werewolves. Some are, some aren't. I also tried to incorporate all Roswell characters, even minor ones. Some characters are not the same age as others, but you'll just have to wait to see who is and who isn't. Another thing, I need feedback in order to post another chapter. BTW, what happens sets everything in motion.



*Special thanks to talena for making this banner for me.


Alex Whitman let himself into his apartment with a sigh. All he wanted to do was to soak in a hot bath for an hour and than sleep his ass off for at least ten hours. He’d had a mountain of paperwork to do at the station, and it hadn’t been a bit of fun.

Finally making his way to his bedroom, he shed his shirt and threw it behind him, not caring where it landed. Alex frowned as he felt someone’s eyes on him. He had never been wrong about that before. It was like a sixth sense that he had. Before he could even turn around, someone slammed into his back, forcing him to fall against the bed.

Alex quickly maneuvered his way onto his back and began to try to look at the hooded person, pulling the hood away. He gave a droll laugh when he saw who it was. “Your going to give me a heart attack one of these days.” he said laughingly.

Isabel shook her long mane of blonde hair out of the hood as she quickly undid the jacket, revealing a black silk camisole. “I hope so.” she said with a provocative smile.

“I thought that you had class tonight.” Alex said, running his hands up her sides. She was so beautiful and she was all his.

Isabel gave him a pouty smile. “I wanted to surprise you.” she said, pressing her body closer to his. Isabel kissed his hard on the mouth. After a moment, she began to trail her lips down his naked chest.

Alex fought the urge to take her roughly. He lifted his head up from the pillow. “I gotta take a shower. I must smell. The AC wasn’t working at the station and it had to be at least 100 degrees.” he informed her, even though leaving the last thing that he wanted to do. The need to be with her; to be in her was so overwhelming. It was something that he had never felt with any other woman in his life.

Isabel lifted her head up from his chest and gave him a sly grin. “Oh, but I like you dirty.” she said wickedly. She loved it when Alex lost control, when he acted so primal. She loved each and every time she and Alex would make love. It was like something inside of her was complete. It was something that she had never thought she would feel and it scared her a little bit.

Alex felt his desire for her intensify. Drawing her up to him, he worked her camisole over her and pulled her down to him roughly. Their tongues dueling and their breaths becoming more frenzied.


Isabel licked her lips as she pulled her boots back on her feet. She’d never felt so sated with anyone as she did with Alex. Not that she had been with a lot of guys. There had only been one other guy and it had been completely different from this. Nothing like it was with Alex.

Alex shut off the faucet and watched her through the open bathroom door. He was in love with Isabel Wilder. She was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman, beautiful, smart, passionate. “Where are you going?” he asked curiously.

Isabel turned to him and gave him a droll look. “I can’t eat soup out of a can for another night. So it’s either Chinese or pizza.” she said, watching him.

“Move in with me.” Alex declared, as he watched a dumb struck expression appear on her face. He suppressed his urge to chuckle.

Finally, finding her voice, Isabel began. “Move in? Alex, I can’t. It wouldn’t make any sense with the university being all the way across town from here.” she said, trying to convince herself more than him. She did want to move in with him. To wake up next to him each and every day. To share a dresser drawer with him; see the bathroom cabinets with both of their things. It all sounded like a dream to her, a wonderful dream.

Alex looked her straight in the eye. “Than marry me.” he said calmly, moving towards her. Even though he had only known her for eight months, he felt completely comfortable with asking her. He had known from the first moment he’d met her that he loved her. That he wanted to marry her. That he wanted for her to be the mother of his children.

Isabel stifled a gasp. He wanted to marry her? But could she? Could she possibly marry him when he didn’t know the truth about her? How could she possibly tell him the truth? He might not believe her. But than again, there were others that hadn’t turned in a long time. She could do the same. “I. . . . . . . “ she didn’t know what to say.

Alex took her in his arms gently. “I love you, Isabel Wilder. I’ve loved you from the moment I meet you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up next to you every day. Marry me.” he said, trying to persuade her. Everything he said was true. He wanted everything that he told her.

Isabel bit her lip. Why shouldn’t she say yes? Why shouldn’t she allow herself to be happy with the man that she loved? “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you.” she said, throwing her arms around him in delight, giving him a spattering of kisses on his face.

Alex pulled Isabel onto his lap and leaned his forehead against her own for a moment. Pulling back, he shook his head. “Do you know what’s missing? A rock. About this big.” he told her, holding his fingers two inches apart. “We’re going to do this again, real soon with a diamond.”

Isabel nodded seriously. “Okay, so I’m going to pretend that this never happened.” she said with a smile.

Alex’s nodded. “That’s right.” he said, with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

“Except for the Chinese, which I’m going to get right now.” Isabel replied, as she began to extract herself from Alex’s arms. She didn’t want to go yet, but she was hungry especially after their activities together. She couldn’t believe it. She was engaged. Well, unofficially. Since Alex wanted to do it all the right way, which she thought was cute. Though she didn’t care about getting a ring and what not, she was just happy to know that she would marry this man. That one day she would have his children.

“I’ll go with you.” Alex told her.

Isabel shook her head. “No, don’t. Stay here and relax. You had a long hard day at work.” she protested. Looking him in the eye, she smiled. “I love you, Alex Whitman.” she told him as she leaned in and kissed him. It wasn’t something that she said often, but something compelled her to say it to him right now.

Alex watched as she finally lifted herself off of him and with one last smile, she walked out of the bedroom. He laid down on the bed with a smile. Isabel Wilder loved him. Isabel was going to be his wife after he finally bought her the diamond that she deserved. In all of his twenty eight years he had never meet anyone like her. Isabel Wilder Whitman, wife of Alexander Whitman. He loved the sound of that. He couldn’t wait until they were married. Geez, where would she want to go for a honeymoon, he wondered.

As Isabel walked outside to her car, she was grinning. She was getting married. To a man that she actually loved. She was positively giddy over the thought. The only thing that she was worried about was whether or not she should tell him the truth about herself. To tell him the truth about her family. Maybe he would understand why she hadn’t told him the truth. Sometimes the truth wasn’t an easy thing.

Unlocking her car door, she slid in. She was about to put her key into the ignition when she felt someone watching her. She turned her head, and a fist smashed into her face. Dazed, Isabel tried to turn around to face her unknown attacker. The next thing she knew, she felt a cord wrap around her neck, causing her to lose her breath.

Isabel began to fight against the rope, her booted foot kicking out in her struggle. Her foot slammed into the windshield, cracking it.

Alex snapped his eyes open and walked over to the window. Something urged him to go. Pulling away his curtain, he looked down at Isabel’s car and saw that it was moving and something, which looked like a struggle was going on in the car. No. No! NO! Grabbing his gun, he ran down the stairs as fast as he could. One thought reverberated throughout his head. Isabel’s in trouble. Isabel’s in trouble.

In the car, Isabel felt herself changing as she let herself go. She let out a fierce growl as she began to reach back behind her. She knew what she had to do.

Running outside, Alex pointed the gun at the now still car. He saw the blood on the window of the driver’s side. Alex tried the handle, but it wouldn’t open. He smashed the window with his gun and frowned. There was no one in the car. Where was Isabel?

On the seat was a severed hand still holding a rope. A hand that clearly wasn’t Isabel’s. Alex looked around the parking lot, trying find any sign, any trace of Isabel. “Isabel? Isabel!” he shouted into the still night.


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Hmm, should I continue this story???

I do have the next chapter done. You'll find out a bit what happened afterwards. And you meet Liz and have a glimpse of Max.

Remember, feedback is a must on this story for me.

To all of the people who have left me feedback, you guys are the best. *happy* *happy*

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R+— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Category: AU. NO ALIENS. Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: Krazykitti, AvengingAngelIQ, roswellluver, Lucky Star, applebybehr, Twilighteyes1974, CRAZY 4 MAX, Mudshovel 5, Rim, PixieChic, LittleBit.

Chapter One

“Why the hell aren’t you looking for her?” Alex demanded to the older looking man. He couldn’t believe it. They were interrogating him, while who knows what was happening to Isabel? They had to find Isabel. They just had to. She had to be okay. Alex didn’t think that he could handle it if she wasn’t okay.

Det. Jesse Ramirez sighed. “Our problem with your story is that there is no Isabel Wilder registered at the University of New Mexico. There is absolutely no record of an Isabel Wilder. No DMV, no social security number, nothing. What I’m thinking is that your little girlfriend was messing around your back. And you caught her. You caught her with her lover. And you decided to pay them both back. And you tortured him, taking off his hand. What did you do with her? Kill her? Kill them both?” he said, meeting Alex’s eyes.

Alex shook his head. “I didn’t do anything to Isabel. She was fine when she left. She wasn’t seeing anyone else. She wasn’t. She was attacked by someone. And your sitting on your ass not doing a fucking thing. You need to find her. NOW!” he said, angrily. He couldn’t believe them that they weren’t doing a fucking thing. They thought that he had done something to her. That was so wrong. He would never have done anything to hurt Isabel. He loved her. He was going to marry her. She was going to be the mother of his children someday.

“Tell us what happened again, Alex.” Det. Suzanne Duff asked softly.

Alex swallowed hard. He wasn’t a fucking idiot. He knew what they were doing. Playing good cop, bad cop. He and his own partner had done the exact same thing. “Isabel went out to get some Chinese food. I was inside and I heard something so I went to the window and I saw her being attacked by someone. So I ran outside. When I got there, there was no sign of her. None at all. You need to be looking for her. You need to find her.” he told them again.

“How can we find her if we have no information on her. If she’s a ghost?” Det. Ramirez replied sarcastically. He knew that Whitman had done something to the girl. He was positive about it.

“This is over!” Captain Everett Hubble declared slamming into the room. He couldn’t believe that these pricks were interrogating his officer this way. Thank God, that he had gotten Alex’s call.

Alex looked up and sighed. He wanted to get out of this room and find Isabel himself. Since these fucking losers weren’t doing anything at all. They weren’t trying to find his missing fiancé. They were too busy thinking that he had something to do with it all. Alex stood up when Everett motioned for him.

Everett led Alex out of the room with a grim look. Once they were far enough from the detectives, he turned to Alex. “What the hell happened, Alex?” he asked bewildered.

Alex shook his head. “I have no freaking idea. None at all.” he replied, with a dazed look.


Six months later. . . . . . . . . .

In the room, the answering machine clicked on after the third ring of the telephone. “This is Alex Whitman. If this is regarding Isabel Wilder please leave a message and than page me immediately at 555-0196. Thank you.”

Alex sat there at the computer, not bothering to pick up the telephone. There hadn’t been a single trace of Isabel in the six months since her disappearance. He was still hoping that out there someone had seen her. That someone had helped her. He knew that there had to be a perfectly reasonable explanation why she had lied about her name. When he found her, all that would matter was that she was there with him.

“Hey, Alex it’s me, Grant. I know you’re there. Pick up. You know what you’re doing to me. Being assigned with Davis is like being assigned with my grandmother. Have some mercy. Hubble’s about to give up on you.” With a click of the phone, Grant hung up.

Moments later, the phone began to ring again. With a sigh, Alex picked it up. “Grant, I told you I can’t.” he said into the telephone.

“Uh, hello.” A hesitant man’s voice asked.

“Who is this?” Alex said, frowning. It wasn’t Grant. It sounded like an older man, but Alex couldn’t be certain.

“Uh, my name is John Buttry. I saw your poster at the Diamond Shamrock off Highway 54. I sure hope that I’m talking to the right guy.” The man said as he scratched his dark hair shot with grey.

“This is Alex Whitman.” Alex replied, scratching his forehead as he leaned forward.

“Listen that girl in the picture. I think that I gave her a ride. What was her name?”

“Isabel?!” Alex said, not knowing whether or not he should believe this man. After all, he had gotten a hell of a lot of phony calls. A lot of them had been sick freaks who told him that they’d screwed her before they had chopped her up into a million pieces. Sick freaks, he thought darkly to himself.

“Yeah, that’s right. Isabel. Real pretty girl. I picked her up in oh, jeez, I think it was September. Oh, well I think it was her.”

Alex cocked an eyebrow. The guy had the dates write though. But he didn’t sound like he was pretty sure about it though. “Oh, yeah. Brunette, about five feet, British accent?” he said, testing out the man to see if he was a phony.

“Oh, no. She was blonde, about five nine or so. No accent, she was an American. I’m positive about that.”

Alex stood up from his chair and walked to one of the many maps that he had plastered all over his wall. “Where was this?”

“Oh, well, I picked her up at Encino and dropped her off at the Wolf Lake exit.”

Alex’s finger followed the path on the map as he listened to the man. It matched up. Maybe this guy was telling the truth after all, he thought to himself. “What did you say your name was again?” he asked.

His only reply was the phone being hung up. Alex stared at the phone as he thought about it. The man had Isabel’s description right, as well as the roads matching up. Maybe he was telling the truth. This seemed like the most plausible of all of the leads he had gotten. Like he had done with all the others, he would go and check it out.


Several hours later, Alex loaded up his bike for the journey to Wolf Lake. There was just something about it all that seemed right. Like if he went there that he would find his answer. Or at least some of his answers. Answers nonetheless.

Finding Isabel was all that he had left. He had no job. He had given it up, so he could spend his time trying to find her, to examine each clue that he could find. As for his family, both of his parents were dead. They had died shortly after he had turned twenty— eight years ago. He had no family to speak of, other than his partner Grant Sorenson, who was like fifteen years older than him. Grant was like an annoying older brother to him.

As soon as his bike was all loaded up, he began his journey to Wolf Lake. Wolf Lake. There was just something about that name that stirred something up inside of him. It was really strange. Alex didn’t quite know how to explain it all. But he couldn’t shake the feelings that Wolf Lake was the key to all of it. That Wolf Lake held the answers to Isabel’s disappearance.

As Alex drove closer and closer to Wolf Lake, his thoughts were consumed by Isabel. His very first meeting of her. He’d thought that she was beautiful. A bit of an Ice Princess. But that was before he found all of that fire under her icy exterior.

He remembered their first date to that Mexican restaurant that she’d fallen in love with. He still recalled what she’d ordered. Floutas with a mango margarita and flan for dessert. He remembered the first time that they had made love, which had been on their fifth date. Isabel had fretted afterwards that he’d think that she was easy and how he had to convince her that he didn’t. He recalled their trips to Santa Fe, in the old convertible that had once belonged to his own parents. That with the top down that she would begin to pull off her shirt. He’d never known anyone quite like Isabel.

As Alex made his way into the limits of Wolf Lake, the feeling that he’d find his answers only intensified. He knew that he was getting close. He knew that he was close to finding Isabel. He knew that he would find her.

Just than a shadowy figure stumbled out of the trees and onto the road. Alex slammed on his breaks and pulled to a stop. He jumped off of his bike, running to the dazed girl, who was trying to shield her eyes from the head lights of the motorcycle.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Alex asked, taking her into his arms, trying to steady her. She was a tiny, little thing. She couldn’t be more than 5'2. She had luxurious chestnut brown hair and wide, doe brown eyes. Alex had to admit that she was pretty for jailbait, but that wasn’t his style.

Liz Valenti tried to yank away from him but he held her tight. “Hey! I’m fine. Let me go.” she protested, looking up to meet the tall man’s dark brown eyes. She could hear the rustling in the trees and she tried not to look. She knew who it was.

“You sure?” Alex questioned the girl. He watched as her eyes wandered over to the trees. How the hell had she gotten to here without a car or anything? Or had someone done something to her? he wondered.

Liz nodded. “Positive.” she said, freeing herself from Alex’s grip and walked to his bike, sitting astride it. “Can we go?” she asked with a smile.

Alex watched her curiously for a moment. What was this girl’s game? She was getting on his bike and he was a complete stranger. Well, he couldn’t very well leave her here on the side of the road. Who knew what would happen to her? “How do you know I’m not some crazed serial killer?” he said, with a smile.

Liz rolled her eyes. “You’re a cop. I can tell. You got that cop aura to you. Besides, if you try anything on me, I know self defense.” she informed him. She knew that he was a cop because his stance and his entire way about himself screamed cop. It was the same as her own father’s. And her father was a cop— Sheriff to be exact.

Alex cocked an eyebrow at her. “A cop aura. What does that mean?”

Liz smiled at him. “Oh, you know. That ‘I’m so tough, I can kick you ass’ stare. That cop walk. There’s two cop walks, you have #1, which you should be lucky. The long strides instead of that waddle that others have. Can we go?” she asked, impatiently.

Alex walked to his bike and handed her the helmet. “Put it on.” he said, leaving no room for discussion. Once she put it on, he hopped on the bike and revved the engine, taking off.

Liz bit her lip as she felt his eyes on her. She knew that he was watching her. But she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was leave. Get away from here!

Two golden eyes watched as the bike sped away, jealousy surging throughout his body. Max Evans couldn’t believe it. She’d left! Liz had gotten on some stranger’s bike. He knew that turning in front of Liz hadn’t been the right thing. He’d freaked her out, Max realized as he looked down at his naked body. Ah, hell. Where the hell were his clothes? he wondered, turning away to search for his clothes.

TBC. . . . . . ? Should I continue? It all depends on the Feedback.
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Mudshovel 5, is the first person to bring up Liz's father. I was wondering when people were going to start to wonder about Liz's father. He's a very very important part of this story. And he's a character that you know. {All I'm saying}

Now, I'm admiting right now, that Isabel is Max's sister and she is a wolf. But there was a reason that she left Wolf Lake in the first place.

This story is not just about Liz and Max, Alex and Isabel, or Michael and Maria. But it's also about the town and leadership.

Thanks for the feedback. Now, feedback will make me post a chapter sooner. {Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge}

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Note: Thought I would answer some questions and feedback.

Thanks to sarahdreamer, CRAZY 4 MAX, LXC, AvengingAngelIQ, Roswelllostcause, Rim, LegalAlien for their feedback.

Eccentric One

A naked Max? WooHoo! Okay, I take it that Max is one of those werewolves that you mentioned? He must be very close to Liz if he turned in front of her, huh? Maybe a 'I need you to know all about me before we're together' sort of thing? And he must be pretty...powerful...or something to be able to control when he turns.

This is very interesting. I have to admit to being more interested in the M/L portion of the story than the A/I, but that's just my dreamer self. If you incorporate them well, I'll be there.

Yup, Max is a werewolf. Max isn't the shy person he was on the show, totally different in this story. All the wolves can control when they turn. They can't control when the Change (their first turning) happens.

Actually, both Max and Liz and Alex and Isabel are all connected to each other. {Can't say too much without giving anything away.} But I'm having a blast writing the Max and Liz stuff, you'll especially love Ch.6 (which I'm writing at the moment.)


So Isabel is a werewolve and she disappears cause she kills someone? Max is also a werewolve so is he Isabel's sister in this?

Isabel didn't exactly disappear. And who said that she killed someone? All there was was the person's hand. Yup, Max is a werewolf and Isabel is his sister.


I hope Alex finds Isabel, and I can't believe that Liz is running away from naked Max!

Liz ran away from him for a reason, not because he was naked. He was in wolf mode, so she didn't see the gorgeous Max naked.


So I'm guessing Isabel is a werewolf along with Max and whenever something happens they fled the scene and get new identities!!!! (whew that's a mouth full).

Not exactly. Isabel is a werewolf but the second part of the sentence is wrong.


I feel really bad for Alex..I hope that he finds Isabel and that there is a good explaination for all of this. Liz running away from Max? Wow interesting. I love all your fics.

There is a really good explaination for all of it. But it's going to be a struggle finding the answers for him. As for Liz, she ran away for a reason. She was a tad bit freaked.

You've read all of my stories? Have you read Endings and Beginnings and it's sequel Fight or Fall? That's my favorite story to write. I know that Endings and Beginnings are tough for some people since it was so angsty and dark and all. Everything's coming together in Fight or Fall. I'd better shut up now, I can talk about those two stories all day long, and I'm sure that everyone has better things to do. *big*


Ahhh so we have Isabel who is a werewolve and now we got Max who is also having the ability to change...

Liz Valenti... Dad the sheriff.. Interesting...

I know this is based on the show..But I've read some books by hmmm Kristian Regnald I think... She has awesome books..All based on werewolves and the change and the history of them...

Can't say who Liz's father is just yet. Hmm, very interested about the book you mentioned. Are you sure that's the author's name???


So is Liz a warewolf too???

Where are Michael and Maria???

Why did Liz run away from Max??

You're just going to have to wait to find out about Liz. Michael and Maria are in the story. They are friends of Max and Liz. All I'm saying. You'll meet them pretty soon. Liz freaked out a little bit because of what Max had done.


I definitely think you should continue this story. I watched the show when it was on and really enjoyed it, and you're doing a beautiful job of incorporating the Roswell characters into this story........But before I get too attached to this wonderful story, will you promise me you won't abandon it like they did the TV show? Please? I don't think I could handle that again.....

I loved the show. It was great. I hated CBS for canceling it. I'm not going to abandon this story because it won't leave me alone. I'll juggle writing three stories for now. I just like this so much, maybe because it's something completely different from Roswell.

Since you watched the show, you should know that Max and Liz's relationship is going to progress much more faster than Luke and Sophia's. There are going to be alot of similarites for awhile, but I'm going to evolve things a bit.

Lucky Star

Mmmm Max with no clothes on *drools* sorry where was I? Oh yeah, this is a great story. I loved how you used the other characters from the show - Hubble, Sorenson, Jesse - it's cool.

Poor Alex

There's a lot of characters I'm going to use from Roswell. Riverdog, Eddie, Laurie, Courtney, Hanson, Nicholas, Pam, Vicky, Ava, Rath, Zan. A lot of characters. Though on some of them it's not really the characters from the show, but it's the name that is the same.

Forget to say: Isabel's not a happy camper either. She's missing sweet wonderful Alex.

Thanks for all of the feedback. It means so much to me. I'll see what I can do about getting a new chapter out. But right now at this point it looks doubtful that I can get you anything before Monday. Stupid work, and a dumb paper I haven't written yet and a stupid math test to study for. Only six more weeks in the semester though. Thanks everyone.


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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R+— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different. Sherman Blackstone belongs to the creators of Wolf Lake, not me.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Note: If you ever watched the show, you might notice that this follows the convo between the two men.


Dedicated to: Eccentric One, abbs007 (TWICE), roswellluver, sarahdreamer, Krazykitti, Kristin80, CRAZY 4 MAX, LXC, AvengingAngelIQ, Roswelllostcause, Rim, Mudshovel 5, PixieChic, ashbymh, LegalAlien, Lucky Star.

abbs007, Well, not his whole arm, just his hand. I can’t say any more. *big* You might see him in the story.

Chapter Two

“What’s your name, kid?” Alex asked as he pulled into the parking lot. The girl had directed him to some place. He wasn’t too sure what it was. She’d said that she had left her car there.

Liz jumped off of the bike and handed him back his helmet. “Liz. Thanks for the ride. So what are you doing in our town?” she asked him, wondering what the hell some big city cop would be coming to Wolf Lake for.

Alex looked at Liz and smiled. “Looking for someone.” he replied. Hmm, maybe Wolf Lake was such a small town that Liz might have seen Isabel. Alex began to draw out the picture that he kept in his pocket at all times. “You might have seen her.”

Liz shook her head. “No. You’re the newest person that I’ve seen in oh, about a year. Wolf Lake is a town that doesn’t change very much. It’s like your very own Cheers bar. You know, where everybody knows your name. Though you might want to try the Sheriff’s office. They could probably help you out more than I could.” she informed him.

“Do you know where I can go to rent a room?” Alex asked curiously. He wanted to get some sleep and than tomorrow morning he’d go to the Sheriff’s office.

Liz nodded. “Well, there is the Lodge. It’s a real nice place. Like I said, Wolf Lake’s really small and we don’t get much visitors. There’s probably a room available there. I know, I work there. I work in the dining area. It’s a nice place.” she informed him. After telling him the directions to get there, she waved at him and walked to the red car that was parked at the dimly lit library.

Looking to his right, Alex frowned at the huge bronze statue of a wolf. Hmm, they really must have a thing for wolves here, he thought to himself, as he took off, following the directions that Liz had told him.

After several minutes Alex pulled up to a huge brick and wood structured building. A bright red sign flashed it’s name, and announced that it had free vacancies. Walking through the wooden front door, he saw that there was no one there. No one behind the counter. It looked like a very nice place.

To the left side of the counter led to a room with several comfy looking chairs. A nice, bright burning fire was going in the fire place. It looked like one of those men lounges rooms from the south that he’d seen in movies. On the right side of the counter lead to a dining area. This must be where Liz works, he thought to himself. There was a long counter with seats for the bar area, as well as booths. On the far right was a pool table.

Placing his bag onto the seat next to him, Alex sat down at the counter, wondering where the hell a cook or waiter was. The place looked dead. There was no one around. Alex grabbed the menu that was on the counter and as he took off his leather jacket he looked it over. As he was reading it, he heard a rhythmic tapping coming from behind him.

He turned around and his eyes narrowed into slits as he looked at the man who was sitting in the booth behind him. That man hadn’t been there before. Alex was positive about that. “Who are you?” Alex asked, looking the man over. The man was Native American, full blood from the looks of it. He had to be in his mid forties, give or take a few years, with silver shot throughout his black hair. He was dressed casually in jeans, a red and white plaid shirt and a vest.

The man held out an egg for Alex to see. “Egg.” he said, simply.

Alex watched the man suspiciously. “No, thanks.” he said, after a moment. What the hell was this guy on? Was he on crack or something? What did he think that Alex wanted? The freaking egg?

The man shook his head. “Oh, no it’s not for you. Just watch close. Egg. Palm.” he said, showing Alex the egg before he placed his right hand over his left hand and the egg. Opening his right hand, he showed an empty palm. “Gone.” he said, with a laugh to himself. “Harmless tricks. Please, don’t encourage me. I could go on all night.” The man told Alex, with a laugh.

“Yeah. Is there a waitress anywhere around?” Alex asked, looking around. He didn’t see one anywhere.

“Glock or 38?” The man asked Alex.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the man’s question. How the hell had he known that he had a gun in his boot. He wasn’t about to tell the guy the truth. “Excuse me?” he asked, feigning confusion.

The man meet Alex’s eyes, letting Alex know that he knew the truth. “Strapped to your left ankle. 9 millimeter or a 38?”

Alex looked away for a moment, trying to find the right words. He turned back to meet the man’s eyes again. “38.” he admitted. Damn, this guy had some pretty good observational skills. Alex had never known anyone quite like that.

The man let out a loud laugh. “Hah! Old school.” he held out his hand as he introduced himself. “Sherman Blackstone.”

Alex walked over to Sherman and shook his hand. He saw no reason not to be nice to this man. Being nice might get him some answers. He didn’t want to start pissing off people. Isabel was way too important. “Alex Whitman.”

“Please.” Sherman said, pointing towards the seat across from him. After Alex sat down, Sherman looked at him. “So what brings you to our little paradise in the pines, Alex? Can’t be official business since you came riding in on that two wheeler.” he said, meeting Alex’s eyes.

“You don’t miss a thing, do you?” Alex replied, raising an eyebrow at the man. Well, after all, if Wolf Lake was such a small town like she’d said, than Sherman couldn’t have missed him coming in on the bike.

Sherman let out another laugh. “I think in a past life I must have been oh, I don’t know Custer or somebody. Oh, wait, I don’t believe in past life. That’s a Buddhist thing. Who knows?” he said, shrugging his shoulders at his own words.

Alex stifled a laugh at Sherman’s words. “Well, to tell you the truth, I’m starving. What’s with the service around here?” he said, looking around once again. Besides him and Sherman there was no one in sight. It had an eerie feeling to it.

“Oh, well after midnight. We’re pretty much on the honor system. So you can go help yourself in the kitchen.” Sherman informed him, pointing to the double doors behind the counter.

Alex frowned at Sherman’s words. “Your serious? Just go back there?” he said, pointing to the doors. It seemed so strange for him to be told that. Maybe it was because he had lived in the big city. A place where people locked their doors every single time they left their house. Was this how all small towns were like, he wondered.

Sherman nodded. “Yeah. Go.” he watched as Alex stood up and began to go toward the doors. “Oh, the money jar is in the freezer, and ah, watch out for Rusty.” he said, nodding seriously.

Alex nodded as he walked to the door. As he tried to open it, he hit something. With the door open wide enough to see inside, he saw a man sleeping on the floor. “Let me guess, you’re Rusty?” Alex turned around when he heard a noise. He frowned when he saw that Sherman was no longer sitting at the booth. And that the noise was the egg that Sherman had made disappear. The egg was spinning round and round on the table top in perfect circles.


“Hope you don’t mind making your own bed?” The sleepy looking blonde asked as she handed Alex several blankets, sheets and a pillow.

It was thirty minutes later. After Alex had gotten himself a sandwich from the kitchen, he’d gone searching for someone so he could rent a room. It had taken him nearly ten minutes to find this woman. She’d been sleeping too. Alex shook his head. “No, not at all.” he told her.

“We could get the maid to do it. When we actually hired one.” She said as she began a loud horsey laugh.

Alex gave her a brief smile as he made his way outside to where she had told him where his cabin was located. Walking the short distance of the parking lot, he swiftly unlocked the door to cabin 4 and entered the cabin.

It was nice. Small, but nice. There was a bed and a desk. There were three doors in the room. Alex assumed that one was for the bathroom, another for the closet, and possibly one for the kitchen. The room was tastefully decorated with wolves, which seemed to be the town’s theme, and it had accents of Southwestern style.

Within half an hour, Alex had his stuff all set up. His clothes were in the closet and his laptop was hooked up. He had the computer opened up to the web page that he had made of Isabel’s disappearance. Alex sighed as the little counter thing told him that there had been no new hits.

Damn it! After so long it was hard not to lose hope. Not one single sign of her in six months. Nothing! She couldn’t have disappeared off the face of the Earth. She wasn’t dead. He would know it if Isabel was dead. His heart was telling him that she was alive, that she wasn’t dead. That she was waiting for him to come save her from whatever it was.

She had to have run away from her home, her family for a reason. He couldn’t help but wonder at what it could have been? She had to have a perfectly good reason for leaving her family. Alex knew that family meant a lot to Isabel. They had talked on more than one occasion about having children; not necessarily with each other, but in general. Isabel had always said that she wanted to be the best mother for a child. She had said that was because she had lost her own mother. Had that been a lie? Had she lied to him about her mother being dead?

Alex shook his head as he shut down his laptop. He knew that he’d find his answers if it took him the rest of his life. Nothing else mattered to him. If he didn’t have Isabel than he would never have a moment of happiness in his life again. Alex had plenty of money from his parent’s that he would never have to worry about working another day in his life. His parents had always wanted him to be a lawyer, but that hadn’t been interesting to him. Being a police officer had that excitement that being a lawyer hadn’t had for him.

Alex sighed as he settled himself into the queen size bed. He’d find some answers tomorrow. He’d go over to the sheriff’s office. “I’ll find you, Isabel. If it’s the last thing I do. I will find you wherever you are.” Alex promised as he shut the light off.

TBC. . . . . . . . Now, the next chapter has Liz, Maria, Max and Michael in it.
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ashbymh originally wrote:
I'm glad that Max and Liz are gonna get together quicker than Luke and Sophie on the Max gonna have a girlfriend like that bimbo on the show? Oh, please tell me it isn't going to be Tess......but I don't really care, as long as everyone ends up together and happy in the long run.

There is going to be a Tess in this story. I've got alot of Roswell characters in here. So she'll definitely be in here. But you're going to have to wait to see exactly what role she is going to have.
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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: AvengingAngelIQ, Krazykitti, Snowdove30, Mudshovel 5, ashbymh, Humdinger927, abbs007, Lucky Star, roswellluver, Rim.

Note: I know that last chapter wasn’t very exciting, but it was an important one. Now, for some answers. You get to meet the teens. *wink* *wink*

Chapter Three

“Okay, spill chica. What happened last night? Did you go to the woods with Max after all? You did, didn’t you? So what happened?” Maria Valenti asked excitedly as she dropped down on the seat.

It was lunch time the following day. Liz was at work at the Lodge. It wasn’t as busy as it usually was. Liz rolled her eyes at her best friend, who was also her cousin. “Nothing happened. I mean, not really.” she replied. Liz knew that she was being mysterious and she knew what that would do to Maria. But she wanted to play with her friend for awhile.

Maria cocked an eyebrow at Liz’s words. “What do you mean not really? You better spill. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.” she demanded curiously. She had to know what happened. Liz just had to tell her everything.

Instead of meeting Maria’s eyes, Liz began to busy herself by wiping down the counter in front of Maria. Liz hummed softly to herself. In doing so, Liz knew that she’d get Maria worked up.

“Damn it, Elizabeth Ava Valenti, you tell me right now what happened between you and Max in the woods. Tell me!” Maria said impatiently. She had to know what happened. It wasn’t fair of Liz not to tell her. After all, Maria had told Liz everything about her own on-off relationship with Michael Guerin.

Liz grinned at Maria. “Okay. I’ll tell you. Alright, you had gone off with Michael and you left me alone with Max. So you know how he was asking me to go to the woods with him? I said, yes. So we go and we talked about things. You know about music, books, movies and stuff.” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“And? And? Keep it coming girl.” Maria urged Liz to go on.

“And he asked me I ever had any symptoms. I started asking him questions about the first time that he ever turned and he decided that he would just show me. He did it right in front of me, Maria. He turned right in front of me. I— I’ve never seen anything like it. It was amazing.” Liz said, biting her lip. Liz knew exactly how her father would react if he knew what had happened. Kyle Valenti hadn’t turned in years, not since before he married her mother. Her parents— Kyle Valenti and Ava Delanie had been Wolf Lake’s own Romeo and Juliet. Her father a wolf and her mother a human. It was a beautiful wonderful story, but it left Liz stuck in the middle. She wasn’t quite a wolf and wasn’t quite a human.

Maria’s eyes widened in shock. “He did what? Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it. He did that right in front of you? Well, what happened afterwards?” Maria questioned. She could hardly believe what she was hearing. Maria had always thought that Max had a thing for Liz. Even if he was dating super tramp Courtney Renger. Maria hated Courtney with a passion. Maria knew that Courtney had made a pass at Michael once. Courtney claimed that she had been drunk when it happened, but Maria knew better.

Liz looked down at her hands. “I, uh. I freaked a little bit. I got scared and I ran through the trees. Nearly got my ass hit by a motorcycle. I asked the guy on the motorcycle for a ride.”

Maria’s mouth fell wide open. “What? You left Max in the woods and you got a ride with some guy you’ve never even seen. What the hell were you thinking Liz? That’s just not like you at all.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t know what I was thinking. But I had to get away. I just had to.” Liz told her.

“Well. Well. Well. If it isn’t Wolf Lake’s very own half breed.” Courtney Renger said, as she approached the counter with a sly look at Liz. Courtney hated Liz Valenti with a passion and did nothing to conceal her hatred.

“Go choke on a chicken leg, Courtney.” Maria replied, giving Courtney the finger. She so hated this bleached blonde bimbo.

Courtney ignored Maria as she zeroed in on Liz. “Oh, Liz. Don’t you know by now that you will never fit in here in Wolf Lake. You’re not one of us and you’re not a human. Why don’t you just do the inevitable and leave already. No one would miss you.” she said, coldly. It was an all out war between her and Liz, except Liz didn’t know it. Courtney knew that Max liked Liz; that Max wanted Liz and Courtney was determined not to let that happen. There was no way that she would let this half breed take away her boyfriend.

Maria jumped in before Liz could reply. “Oh, really. Maybe Max would miss her. After all, he took her out to the woods last night. Maybe he decided that he wanted to try out a real brunette instead of a bleached blonde bimbo whose drapes don’t match her carpet.” Maria told Courtney with a smirk.

Courtney narrowed her eyes at Maria, and than dismissed her words with a wave of her hand. “Oh, yeah right. Max likes little virgins. And since you’ve never turned Liz, that would make you a virgin. He probably wanted to see if you’d turn, Liz. But he always comes back to me, always, Liz. He’ll get you to turn one way or another, and than he will dumped you like the mangy mutt that you are. So go ahead, play with Max now. But he’ll come back to me.” Courtney said with a smirk, walking away.

Liz watched through narrow eyes as Courtney made her way to Max’s table and sat on his lap. Liz looked away before Max glanced her way. She could feel his eyes on her but she was still stewing over what Courtney had said. “She’s right, you know. He probably wanted to see me turn. But the thought alone scares me so much, Maria. I could die. I don’t know how you could do it.” she confessed to her friend. Just the idea of it, scared her. People died when they first turned. Maria’s own brother had died when he turned.

“Oh, chica. It was something I couldn’t stop. I had to. If I didn’t than I would be dead at this moment. But you know what, no one’s died in the last five years. But than again, who knows since your—“ Maria paused, trying to find the right word.

Liz tried to meet Maria’s eyes, but she wouldn’t look at her. “Go ahead, Maria. Say it. I’ve heard it all before. Ever since I was little I heard it. Half breed, mutt. A whole lot of things. If full bloods have died while turning than so can I. And I’m all that my dad has left, since Mom died.”

Maria meet her best friend’s sad eyes. Maria knew that Liz missed her mom more than anything else in the world. Maria didn’t know what she would do if she lost her own mother. “Well, at least you can do something I never can.”

“What?” Liz asked.

“You have the chance to leave. I mean, yeah, we can leave to go to school. But that’s about it. In the end, we have to come back to Wolf Lake. But you don’t. You can leave and never come back if you don’t want to. If you don’t ever turn, than that doesn’t make you a member of the pack, regardless of your dad.” Maria told Liz. That was something she envied Liz for. Liz could leave. Liz could go see the world. Liz wouldn’t be stuck in Wolf Lake like she was.

Liz nodded. Maria was right. If she never turned than she wouldn’t be bound to Wolf Lake anymore. “You could go too.” There was a million things that Liz wanted to do with her best friend. Go to college with her, go to New York city.

Maria shook her head. “You know that they won’t let anyone leave town other for school. And if I did leave, I would be hunted down. I don’t think so. You know what happened to Isabel because she left.”

Liz nodded. Yes, she remembered what happened. Who could forget? Isabel Evans, daughter of Phillip Evans, sister of Max, had left town. The only exceptions for leaving town was for school. But Isabel had left on the eve of her wedding to Tyler Creed. The whole town had been stunned by the turn of events. “Yeah. They won’t stop until they find you.”

“Let’s not talk about any of the Evans family. So are you going to go to the party? Come on, Liz. You’re old enough. Uncle Kyle should let you go. There’s nothing wrong with going to the Valentine’s Day party. You want my dad to talk to Uncle Kyle?” Maria asked, changing the subject. She didn’t see why Uncle Kyle didn’t go to the annual Valentine’s Day party that was held for the wolves. It was nothing big. Just dancing and stuff.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Please, like Daddy wants me having to do anything with the wolf side. He hasn’t turned in at least twenty years, Maria. You really think that if I had the chance to turn, he’d want me to? No. He won’t let me go to the party. You know, Phillip Evans sends Daddy an invitation to the party every year. I know where he keeps them, Maria. I’m going to go to that party. I am.” she said, smiling at her best friend. Nothing would keep her away from that party. Not her dad. Not anyone.


“Courtney, would you get off of me?” Max Evans growled to the leggy blonde who sat on his lap like she owned it. Sometimes he didn’t even know why he was dating her. She was a blonde, he didn’t even like blondes.

Courtney reluctantly got off of Max’s lap. She knew that he was looking at her. At stupid little Liz Valenti. Courtney wanted to say something, but she knew better than to say anything if front of the other guys. He hated for everyone to know his business.

“So what are we doing tonight, Max?” Michael Guerin asked. Michael didn’t like Courtney Renger. He never had. But he thought she’d at least be a loyal girlfriend to Max. Boy, was he wrong about that. At a party just a few months ago, she’d come onto him. Not a little flirting come on, but a gargantuan one. She’d stripped right in front of him and asked him to fuck her. Michael had never been so shocked before in his life.

It didn’t help matters that Maria had walked in and started freaking out at him. She’d started yelling and throwing things. She’d grabbed Courtney by the hair and began to bitch slap her. When Courtney feigned that she was drunk and she didn’t know what was happening. Michael had grabbed his girlfriend and split. Maria had been so pissed that she broke up with him. It had taken him a whole month to get his girlfriend back. Michael was determined not to let this bitch destroy his relationship with Maria.

Max shrugged his shoulders, trying not to make it obvious that he was watching every move that Liz Valenti made. There was just something about her that drew him to her. Michael said that it was because she hadn’t made the Change. But Max knew that wasn’t it. Not at all. “I don’t know. We’ll figure something out. Dad doesn’t want me to stay out all night. You have to be home at a respectable hour, Maxwell.” he mimicked his father.

Sean DeLuca rolled his eyes. “Oh come on. Respectable hour, my ass. We all know that your dad was a party animal back in the day.”

“Just like Valenti was. Look what happened to him.” Jerry Dunleavy threw in. Everyone knew what happened to the Sheriff. He’d gone soft. He’d forgotten about who he was, just to please some human bitch.

Michael saw Max looking at Liz and raised an eyebrow in question. He didn’t quite understand his friend’s quiet obsession with the girl. Yeah, she was pretty. But not as pretty as Maria. You are so whipped, he told himself disgusted.

Max grinned. “Maybe we should go to the woods. We’ll take her with us.” Max said, talking about Liz. He wanted her. He wanted her to much that it hurt. He knew that once she turned he’d claim her as his own. No one would object. After all, he was the Alpha Male’s son. Everyone knew that one day he could be in charge. He would love if he had Liz by his side.

Courtney sighed disgusted. “I don’t see why we have to take that mutt with us. She’s not one of us. She’ll never be one of us. Why don’t we forget about her?” she suggested.

Max glared at Courtney, angry at her words about Liz. He hated when people would talk about Liz that way. He knew that they’d forget her half breed status once she turned. “Courtney, shut up.” he said in a cold voice.

Courtney stood up and looked at Max for a moment, before looking toward Liz hatefully. “I don’t see why she’s so interesting. I’m gonna go eat with Pam and Vicky.” she declared, walking over to her friends, so she could bitch about Liz Valenti.

“Bitch.” Michael muttered. He didn’t like the way that Courtney had talked about Liz. Liz was Maria’s cousin and Michael knew that Maria was fiercely protective of her. Michael had to admit that from what he knew of her, Liz was a nice person. Though he didn’t know her all that well. He really didn’t like to associate with anyone who wasn’t part of the pack. Michael did feel pretty bad for her. She was stuck in the middle. Not quite wolf. Not quite human.

“So do you know what you want?” Corrin Fitzpatrick asked as she came up to their table.

Max’s eyes snapped at her. “Your not our waitress. Go away!” he told her roughly, looking around for Liz. But he didn’t see her. Damn, it Evans. She had been there just a few seconds ago. “Where’s Liz?”

Corrin shrugged her shoulders. “She’s going on a break. Larry wants her to come back later tonight, since Jen says she can’t come in. So you’re stuck with me. What do you want?”

Max’s eyes were as narrow as slits. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Corrin. It was that he wanted Liz to come over here. He wanted to touch her arm lightly, to watch her doe brown eyes turn even darker. He wanted to watch her butt sway with each one of her steps. Max suppressed a groan. “Give me a rack of ribs and a cherry cola.” he told her.

“Same.” Michael replied, as he noticed that Maria wasn’t over at the counter with Liz anymore. Damn, he had wanted to talk to her before she went anywhere.

“Same.” Sean chimed in.

“Same for me.” Jerry repeated.

Corrin rolled her eyes. “Four rack of ribs for the pack. Are you sure that’s all that you want?”she asked sarcastically.

“That’s all. Go away now!” Max told her angrily. Damn it, Liz. Why’d you leave? Max had wanted to talk to her. To ask why she had left last night with that guy. He still couldn’t understand why she had done that. The guy had been a perfect stranger. Max knew he’d freaked her out by that was no reason to go off with the guy. He’d have to talk to Liz later. Max smiled at the thought. They’d definitely talk later.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!!
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roswellluver, Thank you so much for your feedback. It means so much that you always give me some on all of my stories. You rock. As for Max being the Alpha Male’s son, well, he’s got that leader quality going on in him.

abbs007, Yup, our poor Liz is stuck in the middle. Not quite human or wolf. I know, making Kyle her father is very different. But I just had to have Kyle in this story and for the other roles that I had, he didn’t quite work in any of them other than this one. He totally fits into this role, the sheriff, protective father. This role fits him so much. Oh, yeah, Courtney being Max’s girlfriend, was because for 1) I hate having Tess be his girlfriend, and 2) she has a different part in this story. As for the man who attacked Isabel, I can’t tell you about that yet. Just take my little smilie as an answer. *wink**big**wink**big* Thanks for the bump.

appleybehr, Well, not everyone is mean to Liz. Some wolves are though, because they think of her as a mutt, and stuff. But Liz has human friends, and she’s got Maria, who’d defend her against anything.

Snowdove30, I’m loving writing this Max, more confident and less unsure of himself. It’s fun. As for why some people die during the Change, well, it’s because sometimes they can’t make the Change completely. And when they are unable to completely change, the Alpha Male performs last rites and ends their suffering. Because if they don’t make that Change, than they are stuck and in a load of pain. I hope that made sense.

Lucky Star, Oh, yeah. Courtney’s the resident skank. Doesn’t everyone have one? Thanks for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated. *happy* *happy* *happy*

AvengingAngelIQ, Thanks for your feedback. And I’ve got some Dreamer action just for you in Chapter 6. *wink**wink**big**big*

Krazykitti, Yup, Max and Isabel are the Alpha Male’s kids. Oh, yeah, Isabel ran away from her wedding. Which means that there should be a disgruntle ex fiancé around here somewhere, if he isn’t married since than. *wink**wink*

LittleBit, I watched the Pilot of Wolf Lake on UPN, even though I have it taped. Love that show. Totally love Tim Matheson and Lou Diamond Phillphs. I’d better shut up before I start rambling. Courtney is an evil man eater, she’s like an evil Tess. LOL. I’ve missed Dark Angel so much, since I work Friday nights, so I’m totally happy about you having Alec in your new story. That should help me get my Dark Angel fix. Thanks for your feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy* Thanks for your second reply. *happy*

Roswelllostcause, Well, you could shoot Courtney with a silver bullet, but I don’t think it’d work. I’m not going to have that in this story as a way that they can die. They can in fact die from things like tumors and stuff like that.

Mudshovel 5, Liz is the only half wolf, half human in Wolf Lake, and everyone pretty much knows about the wolves. As for Michael and Maria, I don’t really think that they will have as much problems as M/L, A/I, Michael and Maria are happy with each other, and ho Courtney is there only real problem. As for the questions about Isabel being forced into the marriage, sort of. But not really. And you will find out what happened to Isabel.

Twilighteyes1974, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

alienchica, Well, Max is a typical male, and he wants to get laid. So that’s one of the reasons, he doesn’t really have any feelings towards Courtney. It’s all about Liz for him. But he knows all about Sheriff Valenti and what happened. But that’s not going to stop him anymore. Max wants Liz, so he’s going to take her. {Boy, does that sound like it came out of a cave man? LOL} I don’t even know what I want to have at the party. But, hey, I’ll take suggestions.

Wendy, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

Note: I think that I should be able to update tomorrow as soon as I get off of work, which could be about 7:00 Texas time. I would have posted it tonight, but I’m working on Fight or Fall, the long awaited Max/Liz chapter and I kind of don’t want to loose my groove on that. Thanks for all of the feedback. It means a lot to me. *happy*


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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: roswellluver, abbs007, applebybehr, Snowdove30, Lucky Star, AvengingAngelIQ, Krazykitti, LittleBit, Roswelllostcause, Mudshovel 5, Twilighteyes1974, alienchica, Wendy.

Chapter Four

Alex pulled up to the Sheriff’s station. He was surprised that there wasn’t any wolf things on the building, windows or doors. It seemed to be the recurring theme throughout the town. Just like in Roswell, the theme was aliens, he thought to himself with a smile. He’d been to Roswell a few times, and thought it was one strange place.

Pushing past the doors, he watched as the four people inside turned to look at him. Hmm, guess the Sheriff doesn’t like wolves, he thought as he noted that there weren’t any wolves anywhere. This had to be the first place he’d seen without any wolf crap.

“My name’s Alex Whitman. I’m looking for the Sheriff.” he announced without any preamble.

A moment later, a tall dark haired man stepped forward. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties, he had chocolate brown eyes, that held a hint of sadness in them. “I’m Kyle Valenti, sheriff of Wolf Lake. What can I do for you?” he asked.

“I’m a police officer from Albuquerque. I’m looking for a woman. Her name is Isabel Wilder. I got a tip leading me here.” he told Valenti, as he drew out Isabel’s picture that he didn’t go anywhere without. He showed it to the Sheriff and the uniform clad woman who’d come forward. Alex watched them intently, trying to read their expressions.

Kyle shook his head. “Sorry, doesn’t look familiar. Wolf Lake’s a small place. It’s like Cheers. Where everyone knows your name. Can’t say that I’ve seen her.” he said.

Alex frowned at his words. It was the same thing that Liz had told him last night. “Someone told me the same thing last night.” he muttered.

Kyle narrowed his eyes. There was only one person he knew that said that other than himself. “Teenage girl, about 5-1, chestnut brown hair, brown eyes. About seventeen years old?” he asked.

Alex nodded. “Yeah. I was coming into town and she came stumbling out of the woods. Why? You know her?” he asked, frowning at the angry expression on Valenti’s face.

Kyle nodded. “Oh yeah. Liz is my daughter. She can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I assume that you brought her into town? Thanks.” he said after a moment. Liz knew that she shouldn’t be out there in the woods. he knew what went on out there. After all, he’d been a teenager once. He’d done the same things that those kids did. It wasn’t something that he was proud of. Especially not after he’d fallen in love with Ava. He’d been ashamed of it all.

Alex nodded. He felt bad that he’d told Valenti. He’d felt a strange kinship with the girl. He didn’t understand it. “Yeah. I dropped her off at her car.”

“Must have been Maria’s car. Liz doesn’t have a car. Sorry for getting so off the subject. My daughter means the world to me. Can I ask why you’re searching for this woman? Did she do something?” Kyle asked, trying to take the subject off his wayward daughter.

“She’s my fiancé. She disappeared six months ago.” he informed Valenti.

Kyle looked at the picture again, and studied it for a moment. He knew who it was. And he also knew that he couldn’t let Whitman find her. According to Phillip, Whitman was a threat. Kyle wasn’t too sure about that. Ava had been human, just like Whitman. She hadn’t been a threat to him or the pack. He knew the real reason behind Phillip’s words. It was that arrogant asshole Creed.

Creed, who wanted Isabel. No matter how hard Kyle had tried to the like the guy, he couldn’t. Tyler Creed thought that he would be the next reigning Alpha Male and what better way to get his goal than by marrying the current leader’s daughter? If it was the last thing Kyle did, he’d make sure that Creed didn’t become Alpha Male. And maybe Whitman was the man to help him.

“Doesn’t that look like Trina Oliver?” Kyle finally said, showing the picture to his deputy, Melissa Henry. When Melissa looked up at him with curiously, Kyle silently asked her to go along with him. “The checkout girl at Walter’s Store. Didn’t she arrive in town a few months back?” he went on.

Melissa nodded her head. “Yeah, she did come to town awhile back. But she doesn’t work there anymore. She went to work as a nanny for the Dupree triplets.” she informed them.

“Really? You got an address?” Alex said, taking out a small notepad and pen after Valenti handed him back the picture.

Melissa quickly told him the address after another questioning look at Kyle. She didn’t understand what he was doing. Didn’t he know what the hell he was doing?

“Thanks. Do I have your help here, Sheriff?” Alex asked, meeting Valenti in the eye. He wanted to know that he would have back up if he ever needed it.

Kyle nodded. “Call me Kyle. Yes, you do have my help. Anyway that I can help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask for my help or the help of my deputies. Do I have the same from you? If I ever need some extra man power, will you help me?”

Alex blinked several times in surprise. He hadn’t expected Valenti to ask him that. But if it helped him find Isabel or get any answers that why the hell not. “Alright. Call me Alex. And thanks for your help, Kyle, Melissa.” he said with a smile, after a quick look at the deputies badge.

Kyle watched as Alex left through the doors. After a moment, he turned and saw Melissa looking at him curiously. “What?”

“If Creed finds out what you told him; that you encouraged him to stay in town, he’ll blow a gasket.” Melissa said.

Kyle dismissed her words with a wave of his hand. “Fuck Creed. He can’t do anything to me. Killing a fellow wolf is punishable by death. Creed won’t risk it.” Kyle told her, going back to his office. Sitting down, he looked at the picture of his wife that he kept on his desk.

It had been five years since her death. Her and their sons had died. Kyle honestly didn’t know where he would be right now, if he hadn’t had Liz. His daughter had been the only thing that had kept him going throughout the years. His daughter who looked like her mother.

His daughter who was curious about her heritage. Kyle didn’t like it one bit. He’d promised Ava that Liz would have a normal life. That she wouldn’t be stuck in this town like so many others. They both had known that Liz was capable of so much. So much more than Wolf Lake had to offer her. But Liz’s infatuation with Max Evans was affecting their lives. It had Liz interested in The Change, which scared him so much. He knew that when she turned that it was over. Liz would never be able to leave. Kyle was thankful that Liz never had any symptoms. Just a couple more months and he’d be sure that she would never make The Change. He’d have to hold out for awhile longer.

“I’m doing this for you, Ava. You and our daughter.” Kyle said, as he traced his wife’s features with his finger. Her gorgeous chestnut hair, her emerald green eyes that he regretted Liz hadn’t inherited. Her pert little nose and her cupid’s bow mouth he’d always loved. “I’ll give her the world, Ava. I will.”


“So how long did she work for you?” Alex asked Cinder Dupree. Cinder was a pretty blonde with an open friendly face and sparkling green eyes.

Alex had gone to her home with the directions given to him by Melissa Henry. But the maid had informed him that Mrs. Dupree had taken the children to the park. Since Alex had nothing better to do, he’d gone to Wolf Lake’s only park. It had taken him awhile to find the right woman, since several women had multiple kids. Alex had never seen so many twins and triplets in his life. Maybe there was something in the water, he thought wryly.

“Oh, about a month or so. All she did was watch VH1. I swear. She wouldn’t watch soap operas, but Behind the Music, Legends, Driven, all of those shows. Last I heard she was working over at Peter Hanson’s ranch.” Cinder told him as she patted one of the backs of her sons.

Alex wrote all of this down on his notepad. He closed it and smiled at Cinder. “I don’t know how you do it. My parents said that they had enough trouble with me and I was an only child. You’ve got three boys.” he said, shaking his head in amazement.

Cinder let out a laugh. “Oh, trust me. It’s nothing. Kara O’Keefe has quadruplets. And Kristina Pierce just gave birth to Wolf Lake’s very first set of quintuplets.” she informed him. Just than Cinder saw Kara O’Keefe and waved at her warmly. “Hi, Kara.”

Alex turned and saw a leggy red head wave at Cinder. She was pushing a stroller built for four. Alex turned back to Cinder.

“I heard that Amy Valenti is pregnant with triplets.” Cinder told him, as if it was a big secret that she was letting him in on.

Alex cocked an eyebrow at her. “Valenti? Sheriff Valenti’s wife?” he asked.

Cinder shook her head. “Oh, no. Poor Kyle’s wife died five years ago. She was pregnant at the time, you know. It damn near killed him, too. The only thing that kept him going was Liz. Now, she’s a sweetheart. She babysits the triplets sometimes. Oh, anyways. Amy Valenti is Kyle’s sister-in-law. His older brother, Jim’s wife. Amy and Jim have a daughter, Maria; they also lost their son a few years back. Kyle’s the black sheep of the family.” she informed him.

“You know a lot about Valenti.” Alex stated, rather than questioned.

Cinder nodded. “Hell, I had the biggest crush on him. But alas, his heart belonged to Ava Delanie. You know, they were a bit of a Romeo and Juliet. Kyle’s family didn’t like her one bit since she wasn’t as rich as his. But Kyle married her anyway. Went to Alamogordo to become a cop. Liz is their only surviving child. Liz had a twin sister who died in child birth. There was a little boy a few years later, who was born premature and died. And than there were the twins that Ava was pregnant with when she died. Liz is the light of his life. There’s not a thing that he wouldn’t do for that girl.” she said with a sad smile.

“How long has Valenti been Sheriff?” Alex asked. He felt sorry for the guy. He’d lost his wife and several children. Though it only made Alex more curious about the guy and his family.

“Oh, about eight years, I believe. Liz was about nine I think.” Cinder looked down at her watch and saw what time it was. “Oh, shoot. I’m sorry I’ve got to go pick up my daughters up from a play date.” she said as she began to gather up her boys.

Alex stood up and helped her out, earning a gracious smile. “Thanks for all of your help.” he told her.

Cinder nodded. “I hope you find who you’re looking for. You seem like a nice person.” Cinder said as soon as the boys were in their strollers.

“Oh, I will. I’ll find her if it’s the last thing I do. How old are your daughters?” Alex asked her curiously.

“Five. My place is like a madhouse. Five children all under the age of five. Can you believe that my husband wants to have another one?” Cinder told him with a smile. “I’ll see you around, Mr. Whitman.”

Alex watched as she walked away with the stroller. Hmm, hmm, hmm. There was just something about this town. It looked picture perfect but something seemed off about it. What was with all of the wolf decorations? And the multiple births? It seemed really strange to happen in a small town like this. Maybe there was something in the water. Some sort of chemicals that made it this way. Who knows?

Fifteen minutes later, Alex had arrived at Peter Hanson’s small ranch. Pulling up to the truck, he took off his helmet. “Hello, are you Peter Hanson?” he asked the man, who stood in the pick up’s bed.

The short man nodded his dark head. “Yes, I am. Who’s asking?”

“Alex Whitman, you have a Trina Oliver staying here with you?” Alex asked the man. He watched as the man hopped down from the truck bed. Alex took a good look at the man. He looked to be in his mid thirties, but he had a boyish look to him.

“What do you want with Trina?” Peter Hanson asked suspiciously.

Alex wasn’t going to tell this guy the truth. “I heard she came into town a few months back. She might be someone that the Albuquerque police is looking for. Can I go see her?” he asked.

Peter Hanson nodded. He knew that Trina wasn’t the person that this Whitman guy was looking for. But he wasn’t going to say anything. Not yet anyway. “Sure. She’s out back. Let me show you.” he said, urging the guy to follow him towards the back of his house.

Alex followed Hanson towards the back of the house. He saw the blankets blowing in the window, and saw the shape of a woman from behind. Her long blonde hair was blowing in the wind.

“Trina, honey. There’s someone to see you.” Peter called out.

Alex walked through the blankets. When he reached the girl and touched her shoulder. “Isabel.”

With a gasp, the woman turned around.

It wasn’t Isabel. Damn it! He thought as he faced the blonde. Though she was about the same height as Isabel, but it wasn’t her. Her eyes were a totally different color from Isabel’s own. And she was obviously pregnant. Alex frowned. Had the Sheriff sent him on a wild goose chase?

TBC. . . . . . . . . FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!!
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Ch. 5 has Liz in it as well as other people. Not really much Max.

Ch. 6 is for all of you dreamers. I wrote it specifically for the readers of EAB, and FOF. {Points at AvengingAngelIQ} That means for you. *wink*

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PS-Are you watching the four unaired episodes that UPN is showing? I taped last night's, but I really haven't decided if they're worth watching, considering there's never gonna be any new ones....Hmmm....

I taped it and watched it. I really liked it, except for the ending. Don't want to ruin it for you. But the next few episodes that they do have sound a bit interesting.

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Questions and Answers

b4echstarrynite, No, Liz will not bring Maria with her. Just Max and Liz alone talking. Can’t say anything else. *big**wink**big**wink*

Rim, Oh, you’ll find out exactly what is going on with Isabel. Where she is and what exactly happened to her.

roswellluver, Wolf Lake is unlike any place that Alex has ever encountered and it’s very strange to him. Alex will not stop until he finds Isabel; he just doesn’t know how big all of it all is.

abbs007, I know I’m mean, but I can’t tell you yet. But in fact, there is a clue in this chapter that I am going to post. *wink* Kyle wants the best for Liz, but being a teenager, do you really think that she’s going to listen to her father? Kyle can’t come right out and tell Alex to stay, but Alex is going to stay in town. Nothing will stop him from finding Isabel.

LXC, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

Lucky Star, Tyler and Courtney will not be getting together. Tyler wants someone else. {Wink, wink, nudge. Isabel. Nudge, hint, hint.} Kyle sure has his work cut out for him, with everything going on. His life will only get more complicated. *wink*

Tharos, As for your question about Alex, no. Don’t cops have like a sixth sense about things like that, especially after being in that line of business for awhile. Nice to see a new reader. *happy*

LittleBit, Nope, not much of Max and Liz together. Liz is pretty much in the whole chapter, though.

alienchica, Yeah, Kyle knows that he can’t say anything to Alex about what’s really happening. But if Alex stays, than he could find out what’s going on. Liz is all that Kyle has left. I mean, yeah, he has Jim, his brother, but that’s not the same as his daughter. She’s the whole reason that he’s been able to go on. I am following Wolf Lake still, but not all of it. Definitely not for Max and Liz’s relationship. I want them to get together faster than on the show. Hmm, I will keep your suggestion in mind about Liz not making the Change. But of course, she can’t make the Change, if she hasn’t had any symptoms. And she hasn’t had any at all.

Roswelllostcause, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

AvengingAngelIQ, Yes, you get your Dreamer action. And it because this Max and Liz are totally different from my NAF and FOF Max and Liz’s. Wolf Lake’s Max and Liz don’t have all the baggage that the others have. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

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Eraser Room, Well, Max is a typical teenage boy. He wants to get laid, which is one of the reasons he’s been dating Courtney. But he really doesn’t care for her. Liz has never seen anyone turn before. Maria knows that her uncle Kyle wouldn’t like it if she did that in front of Liz. So she has never done that in front of Liz. Kyle being Liz’s dad is a little strange, but he fits the role that I wanted for him. It was either him be her dad or no Kyle. And I really like Kyle, so I made him her dad. Anyways, pretty much everything that you asked about will be explored. Kyle’s reasons for his self imposed exile from the wolves. Max was close to Isabel, but Isabel was like five years older than him, so there was stuff that Isabel never told Max. Who says that Isabel didn’t like Tyler before? She thought that she was in love with him. Don’t want to give away some of the story. *wink* Now as for things that they did, some of the stuff that goes on in the woods made Kyle ashamed. The party is pretty tame, but Kyle doesn’t go because of his exile.

Next part will be out within the hour or so. Thanks for all of the feedback.

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: b4echstarrynite, Rim, roswellluver, abbs007, LXC, Lucky Star, Tharos, LittleBit, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , Roswelllostcause, AvengingAngelIQ, Humdinger927, Twilighteyes1974, ashbymh, Eraser Room, Krazykitti.

Chapter 5

“I know that you were up in the woods last night.” Kyle Valenti told his daughter in a low voice. Kyle had gone to the Lodge so he could talk to his daughter. But now that he said it, he didn’t think it was wise of him to get into this discussion with some of the other wolves around. But than again, he wanted to show them that he meant what he said. That he didn’t want his daughter involved with them.

“Well, hello to you to, Daddy. Have you had a nice day, Liz? Why, yes. I have, Daddy. Thanks for asking.” Liz said sarcastically, not wanting to answer her father’s question. She knew exactly how he felt about her going to the woods. She knew that he wouldn’t be very happy with her.

“Elizabeth, I specifically came here because here, you couldn’t hide in your room. I know that you were in the woods. Don’t lie to me, I can tell when your lying to me.” Kyle informed his daughter, with a stern look. He wanted to give her everything in the world, and he didn’t want her to be sucked into this town like the rest of them. It wasn’t fair.

Liz sighed. “Dad, you really pick a lousy time to talk about things, you know that.” she said, rolling her eyes. She felt like a child. He was treating her like one. This was her life, didn’t she have the right to do what she wanted to. She was trying to find out who she was. Where she fit in.

“They’re testing you, Elizabeth. They’re watching you and testing you.” Kyle told her. He knew exactly what those punks were trying to do to his little girl and he hated it. Hated that they were using her this way. Kyle didn’t know what he’d do if he lost her. And the fact was that he could if she ever made the Change.

“Dad, okay. You might be right about that. But I am seventeen years old, almost eighteen, don’t I have the right to experiment? Find myself?” Liz told him. She didn’t think that it was a huge deal, like what her Dad was trying to make it. She was interested in her heritage, to know more about her father even. He had done all the things that Max and the others did, and she thought that he was a hypocrite for not allowing her to be involved in all of it.

“Not with your life, Elizabeth. Your destined for so much more than this town has to offer you. You won’t find what you’re looking for.” Kyle insisted. He wanted Liz to trust him. He knew what it was like to be stuck in this town. He didn’t want that for her. He wanted her to have everything that he had never had; everything that he had been unable to give Ava.

“Mom found you.” Liz said, cocking an eyebrow at him. She knew what she’d do to her father by mentioning her mother and she hated to hurt him. But he needed to understand where she was coming from. Maybe she could find what her mother had found. True love. Maybe with Max Evans.

A wave of sadness went through Kyle at his daughter’s words. “Hopefully, your mother’s blood is stronger than mine.” he informed her after a moment.

“I have to get back to work.” Liz said, as she began to back away from the counter.

Kyle grabbed her arm and pulled her forwards. “I mean it, Liz. They’re testing you.”

“From the looks of it, they’re testing you, too, Daddy.” she told him, pulling her arm away from him. She walked to the back of the kitchen so she could let out a small cry. She hated fighting with her father more than anything else.

Kyle watched his daughter retreat to the back, aware that he was being watched. But he didn’t care. They were messing with his daughter, his only child, using her. Out of the corner of his eye, Kyle watched as Alex Whitman entered the room. Kyle raised an eyebrow at the guy, as he walked over to him.

“Well, hello, Sheriff Valenti.” Alex said politely to the older man. He’d only seen the tail end of Valenti’s conversation with his daughter. He was curious about the discussion. Something about someone being tested? Alex suspected that the Sheriff was talking about some peer pressure thing.

“I told you to call me, Kyle.” Kyle said amiably.

Deciding to avoid preamble, Alex said. “Why do I feel like I’m getting the run around. I spent today chasing down a false lead. I found Trina Oliver, all right. A very pregnant Trina Oliver. Who is not my Isabel Wilder.” he informed the man.

Kyle meet Alex’s eyes surprised. “Really? Well, it had been awhile since I had seen her. Sorry about that.” he said, though there was no hint that he was sorry in his words.

Alex nodded his head. “So this is where all the teens hang out. Why? Don’t they have any place better.” he wondered. He didn’t know why that Valenti had sent him on that false lead. What had been the whole purpose of it?

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. “You got me. Back in my day, our hang out used to be this burger joint.” he said with a grin. It wasn’t a total lie. Time had been spent at the burger joint and at the old abandoned house in the woods. Kyle hadn’t been to the woods for 20 years, he didn’t even know if the house was still there. Frankly, he didn’t care as long as his daughter wasn’t there.

“This is a very strange town.” Alex said with a sigh. Maybe he only thought that it was strange because he’d grown up in big cities. The concept of a small town seemed so strange to him. Small town niceness and trusting. There wasn’t much of that in either Denver or Albuquerque.

Kyle shrugged his shoulders again. “Oh, it only seems strange to you because you never grew up here. Wolf Lake is a quaint little town. There’s not much dangers that the big city has. But the downfall is that everyone knows each other’s business. Something happens, everyone knows about it.” he said quietly.

Alex felt that Kyle’s words held a hidden meaning in them. “Yeah. Your right. I grew up in Denver until I was about fifteen years old. Then my parents moved us to Albuquerque. I loved it there. But I have to admit Wolf Lake is a very interesting place and I think I’ll stick around for awhile.” he told him. He didn’t know how the Sheriff would respond to his words.

Kyle did his best to suppress his smile. Exactly what he was hoping for. Kyle had heard the rumors about Phillip Evans having some sort of tumor that was supposed to kill him. He knew that if that was true than the pack would need a new Alpha Male, because Max Evans was too young to become leader. He’d heard overheard two teens talking about it the other day. They’d said that if Evans died, than the new leader would either be Tyler Creed or Kyle, himself. As much as Kyle didn’t want Creed to become the next leader, Kyle knew that he couldn’t.

Kyle nodded. “Well, if you ever need anything, just come on by. It doesn’t matter what time.” he said to Alex. “Well, gotta go back to work. See you around.” With a wave of his hand, he left the room.

Alex had to admit that Kyle was a bit strange. He wasn’t encouraging Alex to leave town or anything, and he wasn’t exactly helping him, either. Alex smiled warmly as he saw Liz walk out the kitchen doors.

Liz let out a sigh of relief as she noticed that her dad had left. She was grateful. She didn’t want him to see that her eyes were red from her little cry in the back. She saw that the guy that had picked her up last night was sitting at the counter. He was a real nice guy. Liz walked over to him and smiled brightly.

“Well, if it isn’t my own personal hero. So you never told me your name.” Liz said graciously. Liz could feel Max’s eyes on her as she talked to Alex and that gave her a thrill. Hah! Take that, she thought to herself.

“Alexander Charles Whitman; former police officer of Albuquerque, New Mexico.” Alex told her, holding out his hand.

Liz shook his hand. “Elizabeth Ava Valenti. But you already know that don’t you? You told my Dad about finding me near the woods?” Liz asked, even though she was positive that she already knew the answer to that.

“Sorry about that. Valenti said the exact same thing that you did; the Cheers reference. He pretty much put it all together. Sorry, kiddo. Did you get into a lot of trouble?” Alex asked.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Enough trouble. My Dad doesn’t like me hanging out in the woods. That’s where the ‘troublemakers’ go to. Dad likes to forget that he used to go there when he was my age. It’s easy to get by him sometimes, though. Since he works such long hours and when he gets home, he sleeps like a bear.” she said with a smile. She could totally feel Max’s eyes on her. Her whole body was practically tingling.

Alex returned her smile. It had been the same way with his parents. Well, not exactly the same. “Same thing for me. My parents, they were older. They were in their early forties when I was born. By the time I was in high school, they were in their fifties. It was easy to get out at night. Had a blast in my youth.” he said, remembering the good memories. He’d loved his parents to death, they’d been the best. But they hadn’t done the same things other parents did. His father hadn’t played baseball with him when he was younger. They’d never gone camping or played a game of touch football. Instead, they’d played golf, which Alex had hated.

“You know, I meet a man last night by the name of Sherman Blackstone. He seemed sort of an oddball. Know him?” Alex questioned. Chance was that Liz indeed did know him. Since Wolf Lake was a small town and all. Liz seemed like the perfect source of information. Despite the run around that Alex thought he’d gotten from her father; he was positive that she would help him.

Liz nodded. “Oh, yeah. Mr. Blackstone is a teacher at my school. He teaches American History, I’ve never have him, though. I go to school with his son, Eddie. Mr. Blackstone’s father is reputed to be a medicine man. He goes by the name Riverdog.” Liz informed him, nodding her head.

“Hmm, school teacher. Never would have guessed that. He’s got a habit of appearing and disappearing, doesn’t he?” Alex asked.

“Hey, want to hear a joke that my best friend Maria told me?” Liz asked, trying to change the subject. She was also trying not to think about Max. She knew that he was still looking at her. At least she thought it was him.

“Maria? Daughter of Jim and Amy, who’s pregnant with triplets?” Alex questioned.

Liz cocked an eyebrow at him in surprise. “Well, your sure learning a lot about the folks of Wolf Lake. Your right, Maria’s my cousin and my best friend. Daddy and Uncle Jim are brothers. Anyways, do you want to know the joke or not?” she asked impatiently. Her dad had always said that she was an impatient one.

Alex nodded. “Sorry, cop habit. Just like to know all my info.” he told her apologetically.

“Mr. Johnson and his secretary are on a train to Paris. They are just about to go to sleep when the secretary, who has the hots for her boss says in a seductive voice, ‘I’m a little cold, could I borrow your blanket?’ Mr. Johnson says, ‘How would you like to be Mrs. Johnson for awhile?’ The secretary jumps at the chance and begins to get out of bed. Then he replies, ‘Good, than you can get your own damn blanket.’” Liz told him, smiling brightly.

Alex chuckled at her words. He liked this kid. He liked what he saw in her. The kinship that he felt he had with her only felt stronger. He barely knew that kid, but he was already thinking of her like she was a little sister or something. “Never heard that before.” he replied.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t think you’d appreciate me telling you a dirty joke. Maria’s got a dirty mind courtesy of her boyfriend, Michael.” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Trust me, I’ve probably heard all those dirty jokes. You wouldn’t believe the minds that some cops have.” he told her, looking down at his watch. “I should probably go. I must be taking up all your time. And there are a few things I still need to do.”

Liz nodded. “Hey, come back soon. I’ll save you a free piece of pie. It’s the least I can do since you rescued me, last night.” she said, grinning.

Alex nodded. “I’ll hold you to that. See you later.” He stood up and began to walk away from the dining area.

As Alex was walking towards the entrance he saw three men coming to the dining area. The one that caught his eye right away was the golden haired guy. Alex guessed that the guy was about his age. He had a neatly trimmed goatee and piercing grey eyes. The man next to him had a slick, oily look to himself. His brown hair was neatly combed and he had green eyes. But the thing that caught Alex’s attention was the bandage that he had covering his entire right hand. The same hand that had been found in Isabel’s car all those months ago. The third man looked younger than the two. Alex guessed he was about twenty or so. He was average height with thick black hair and cold dead black eyes.

As Alex walked past them, he meet the blonde’s piercing grey eyes for several moments before he moved away.

Liz had been watching for the counter as Alex had moved past Creed and his band. Tyler Creed was one of the most handsome men in Wolf Lake, but there was just something about him that she didn’t like. He treated her as if she was beneath him, which was how she was treated by some of the others. Creed’s younger brother, Nicholas had always treated her with respect.

Looking at both Creed and Alex, Liz could understand why Isabel had fallen in love with Alex. He was a really nice guy and Liz wished that she could tell him what she knew. That his missing fiancé had grown up in Wolf Lake, had lived here until she was twenty and about to marry Tyler.

Liz had heard her dad on the phone with Phillip Evans this morning. She knew that no one was telling Alex the truth about Isabel. And she thought that was wrong. But she couldn’t say anything. Liz knew that if she ever wanted to be a part of the pack that she couldn’t tell Alex anything. They’d have to know that they could trust her.

Liz smiled warmly as Nicholas Creed sat at the counter. He was nothing at all like his brother. “Hey, Nicholas.”

“Hey, Liz.” Nicholas Creed returned brightly. Nicholas could never understand why his brother didn’t like Liz. Despite her half breed status, she was a real great person. Nicholas knew that she would make the Change and once she did, he would take her as his bride. And even if she didn't, he still wanted her.

“What can I get you? And the others?” Liz asked, taking out her tiny notepad to write down his order.

“Oh, they just want some drinks. Two Big Reds or Red Flashes, whatever it’s called. As long as it’s red. I’ll have a burger and onion rings.” Nicholas informed her lightly.

“Do you know what all that grease is going to do to your heart? It’s really not healthy.” Liz told him with a motherly look.

"Fine, no onion rings. Make it a salad instead. Better?” Nicholas asked with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

Liz nodded. “Yes. That’s better.” she told him with a smile. She turned and handed the paper to the cook from the tiny window. She turned back and meet Nicholas eyes. He was really nice. And it helped that she might make Max jealous by talking to him. Sometimes she was confused by Max’s behavior. One minute he was after her and the next he was all into Courtney. She didn’t understand men one bit.

“So are you going to the annual Valentine’s dance?” Nicholas asked. He knew that Valenti didn’t want Liz to have anything to do with the wolf part of her. He thought that was wrong and Valenti would realize it once Liz made the Change. It was inevitable. She was one of them.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. My dad doesn’t want me to go. But I might be able to convince him.” she said with a secretive smile. She didn’t want everyone knowing that she would probably have to sneak out of the house to go to the dance. But she wanted to.

“Well, if you do go. Save me a dance.” Nicholas told her.

“Hey, Nick! Stop flirting with her. She needs to bring us our drinks.” Doug Shellow yelled.

Liz flushed at Doug’s words and hastily began getting their drinks. She knew that when if she made the Change that she would show them all. That she was indeed one of them. That they couldn’t treat her like a servant, like something beneath them. Because she was one of them. She was!


Alex made his way to the front counter. Behind it was the same woman from last night. He noted that her name was Sheila. Alex smiled at her. “Would you mind putting these up? Just in case?”

Sheila was silent for a moment and than nodded her head. “Sure, hon. I’ll put them all around the Lodge. I sure hope you find her.” she said, with a bright smile, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Thanks.” Alex said as his cell phone began to ring. With another smile to her, he turned his back and answered his phone. “Whitman, here.”

“Alex, it’s Grant. Traced that phone call for you. It took me awhile. Anyway, it came from a pay phone at the local school. Wolf Lake High School. The phone your looking for is (505) 555-6239.” Grant informed Alex without any preamble. He knew how much it meant to his friend finding Isabel.

Alex frowned. Hmm, his anonymous tip had come from the Wolf Lake school. It couldn’t have been a teenager that made that call, because the person sounded older. So maybe it might be a teacher. Hadn’t Liz said that Sherman Blackstone worked there? As he thought about it now, Sherman’s voice and his anonymous tipper had sounded quite alike.

“Really? Now that’s very interesting. What else do you have?” Alex asked, walking out the front door.

Sheila waited until she was sure that Whitman was gone. After a few moments, she grabbed the posters and threw them into the small trash can under the counter. There was no way in hell she was going to put them up anywhere. If she did, Creed would be angry. Very angry. And Sheila didn’t want to have Creed’s wraith on her.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Just a shameless bump. *big**big**big*
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You guys should be getting an update. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night. I need to give my beta my chapters though, before I can post. Thanks for all of the feedback. And I'm going to answer everyone's questions and comments, that'll probably be tonight.

Thanks for all of the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy*

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Questions and Answers

AvengingAngelIQ, The dreamer part is in CH. 6, and it’s all for you. {Since I kind of put you guys through hell in EAB.}

abbs007, The mystery man is indeed in Wolf Lake, and a friend of Tyler’s. You were absolutely right. *big* Max definitely has competition only he doesnt realize it. *wink* Well, Liz can’t make the Change, since she hasn’t had any symptoms; so can’t Change.

Eraser Room, If Liz doesn’t make the Change, she doesn’t have to leave. There are humans in the town of Wolf Lake. But if she ever did make the Change, than the rules that apply to the wolves would apply to her. Even though she would be able to leave Wolf Lake to go to school, and having total contact with the people of WL ( wolves and such), she would have to come back. Oh, Sean’s Max’s buddy in this one. But I really wanted Nicholas in this role, or at least the name {You know what I mean.} And even though, Max was next in line after his father, he is too young to become leader. Who becomes the next leader will be in this story a lot.

ashbymh, Well, not the whole town would be against Max and Liz being together. They would have Maria and Michael on their sides. Definitely not Kyle, though.

roswellluver, Alex is staying in town till he finds his woman. He’s so close yet so far away from getting his answers. But in the next chapter, he will definitely get a lot closer in finding some answers.

Humdinger927, Dreamer action is in the next chapter. *wink**big*

Tabasco Liz, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy*

Mudshovel 5, Yup, one of Tyler’s friends attacked Isabel. Well, actually some people do want Tyler as the next leader. But all the talk about Kyle, is just rumors; if he’s asked, Kyle really doesn’t think that he could do it.

Krazykitti, You will see exactly what happened to Isabel. {Well, not exactly. But she does have her own chapter.} Max does mention her in Ch. 6. Thanks for both replies. *happy* *happy* *happy*

Roswelllostcause, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy*

Lucky Star, Nicholas definitely has his own agenda. Can’t tell you a lot about it though. You’ll get to see more of the infamous Mr. Creed in another chapter or two. I’ve always loved Liz and Alex friendship, and in this story they are going to be great friends. And about Tyler and Courtney, they kind of do deserve each other; both of them are problems for the Evans kids. *happy*

alienchica, With Liz and Kyle, it’s a no win situation. As for Liz making Max jealous with Alex and Nicholas, well, she’s got to get his dumb ass moving. He’s still dating that good for nothing ho Courtney. Nicholas has a major thing for Liz, only he doesn’t let people know about it. In CH.6, Isabel is mentioned by Max, but you’ll find out about it when she makes her reappearance in the story, which is in another chapter or two. Now, people in Wolf Lake are both scared of Tyler and Phillip. Phillip is like the law in that town when it comes to the wolves, and he’s also on good terms with the humans in town. Kyle hasn’t wanted to turn in twenty years, he has the ability to turn but he chooses not to. Ah, who will be the leader is a major part of this story.

LittleBit, Max and Liz are sort of going to get together. *wink**big**big**big*

oObubbleOo, Liz knows all about the laws in town, since Maria’s made the Change. She knows. Hmm, your question about females being able to choose their mate or not, they can. {Cough, cough: Isabel thought that she was in love with Tyler when she was with him. Cough, cough.} But if Max wanted to be with Liz, he knows that he wouldn’t be questioned or stopped because of who his father was. There’s no hierarchy about the Alpha Male’s choosing someone first. So, you want Alex to find out from Isabel the truth? I will keep that in mind as I continue to write this story. Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

I will probably post the chapter within the hour. Thanks for all of the feedback.


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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: AvengingAngelIQ, abbs007, Eraser Room, ashbymh, roswellluver, Humdinger927 (TWICE) *happy* , Tabasco Liz, Mudshovel 5, Krazykitti (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Roswelllostcause, Lucky Star, alienchica, LittleBit, oObubblesOo,

Chapter 6

Liz could feel his eyes following her and it gave her such a thrill. She’d never understood why Max was dating Courtney. She was a total bitch and came onto everything with either two or four legs. Liz walked into the small bathroom and closed the door with her foot. When she didn’t hear the door shut, she looked up and meet Max’s honey brown eyes.

“Max.” She said, hoping that her voice didn’t squeak or anything, she quickly looked away from him. She didn’t know what else to do. He’d followed her into the girl’s bathroom. Liz bet that he’d never done that with Courtney. At least she hoped so.

Max took a step closer to Liz and grinned wickedly as she took several steps back until she hit the sink. “We haven’t had the chance to talk since last night. Why’d you leave, Liz? Why did you get on the bike with that human?” he questioned.

Liz’s eyes flashed with anger. “Don’t forget that I’m human, too. Besides, he’s a perfectly nice guy.” she informed him, not willing to meet his eyes. She didn’t want to fall into them. They were such a beautiful color. Especially when they glowed, like they had last night. Right before he turned in front of her.

“Oh, yes. I heard. You called him your own personal hero. You know, I wouldn’t have hurt you, Liz. I just thought that you were interested in turning. So I showed you. Wasn’t it what you wanted?” Max asked, taking a step closer to her.

Liz swallowed hard at his words. “You could have given me a warning, instead of just doing it, Max. You know, he’s looking for Isabel. He said that she’s his fiancé. I feel so bad for him.” Liz confessed, trying to change the subject. She didn’t want to be talking about herself.

Max shook his head. “Don’t be! He’ll never find her. She promised to marry Creed, he can’t stop it from happening.” Max told her, taking another step closer to her.

Liz was aware of him getting closer. Desire was rushing throughout her body like a freight train. She wanted him to take her roughly. She wanted to feel his skin on her own. “He won’t stop until he finds her. I’m positive. He will never stop unless he finds a body. Isabel’s okay, right?” she asked in a soft voice.

Max nodded as he took another step, which had him directly in front of Liz. It left no room for her to try to escape him. “She’s fine. My father wouldn’t let anyone harm her. He raised hell when he found out someone had punched her. Forget my sister. Let’s talk.” he told her.

“We are.” Liz said, still not meeting his eyes.

“Last time I checked, talking involved eye contact.” Max said with laughter in his voice. He took her chin in his hands and forced her to look up at him.

Liz licked her lips as she looked up into his eyes. “There! Are you happy?” she said breathlessly.

Max suppressed his urge to groan as he watched her lick her lips. Her lips were one of many things that he liked about her. They were a perfect Cupid’s bow. Just looking at them made him want her so badly. “Are you going to the dance?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “You’re like the third person to ask me this today!” she exclaimed.

Max arched an eyebrow at her. “Oh? Who were the others?” he asked, with a hint of jealously in his voice. He’d watched Liz with Whitman and Nicholas. And he didn’t like it one bit. Whitman was a human, and he was a threat to the pack. They’d never allow him to find Isabel. Especially because of Creed. Creed still wanted to marry her, even after she had left him three years ago on the eve of their wedding. Nicholas Creed was nothing compared to his brother, and Max wasn’t really worried about that punk.

Liz tilted her head in thought. “Oh, you know. Maria and Nicholas.” she told him, watching as his eyes started glowing a darker gold. Damn! When he did that thing with his eyes he was turning her on, she realized.

Max bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her. When she titled her head, she had exposed her throat. That smooth pale skin of hers. Max watched in fascination at her beating pulse. “Well, are you going?” he asked again.

Liz meet his eyes and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I don’t know. My dad won’t let me go that’s for sure. And if I do go, I could get into big trouble with him. So far there’s no incentive for me to go.” she informed him.

“You want me to get T to talk to your dad. I’m sure he could get convinced to let you go.” Max told her, watching her lips as she talked.

“I don’t think that would help convince Dad.” Liz said, rolling her eyes at his words. She turned her eyes back on him. “So are you going with Courtney?” she asked boldly.

Max smiled at her words. “Depends.”

“On what?” Liz shot back.

“If your going.” Max told her softly.

Liz’s eyes widened in shock at his words. “Well, like I said. Where’s my incentive?”

Max took that last final inch closer to Liz. “I’ll give you your incentive.” he told as he braced both hands on the counter behind her, pining her against the sink. He lowered his head and began placing light, teasing kisses on her neck.

Liz gasped at his kissing her. She couldn’t believe it. Max Evans was kissing her in the girl’s bathroom. Before she could utter a word, his mouth covered hers. She opened her lips to him, all thoughts vanishing. Pressing herself closer to him, she reached her arms up and wrapped them around his neck, trying to get as close to him as possible.

Max loved the feel of her body against his. He lifted her up onto the counter and stepped in between her legs. Pressing his hardness against her heat. He deepened the kiss, probing, tasting her lips the inside of her mouth.

Max had known that it would be this way. She was intoxicating, like a fine wine that filled every corner of your mouth with its taste. She tasted like strawberries. He’d always had a thing for strawberries.

Liz pulled Max’s head closer to hers. She couldn’t stop the sensations that were going through her body. With him pressed so close to her, she wanted him so badly. She wanted to feel him inside of her body. She wrapped her legs around his hips, causing her skirt to creep up higher on her legs.

When Max pulled his lips away from her, she moaned at the lose. His lips began a path down her neck. He focused in on her pulsepoint. Liz twined her fingers through Max’s dark hair and practically began purring. She loved what he was doing to her. She only wished that it wouldn’t end anytime soon.

Max raised his head from her neck and pressed his lips to hers, chuckling against her mouth. “You like that? Huh?” he asked her before he recaptured her lips fiercely with his own.

Liz pulled his head harder against hers, giving him her answer. She felt a tingle of excitement as she felt one of his hands slowly moving up her leg, gently kneading the silken skin. Max began to lightly brushing his fingers against her black bikini panties.

Liz broke away from him as she struggled to catch her breath. His gaze captured hers and her breath audibly caught in her throat. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with desire. Never taking his gaze from hers, Max began to massage her harder.

Liz grabbed Max’s head and locked his lips on her own, her tongue demanding entrance. The kiss was wet, hot and filled with sensual promise— and more.

Max reluctantly broke away from Liz. He knew that they had to stop. Right now. Otherwise, he would take her up against the wall. He didn’t want that for her. She deserved more than that. “Is that incentive enough?” he asked, leaning his forehead against hers.

Liz lightly ran her tongue over his lips, not wanting him to leave her. “Oh, yeah. That sure was. So you’re not going to go with Courtney?” she asked, unsure of his answer. What if he had just been messing with her?

“Courtney who? I don’t know any Courtney. I’ll be there waiting for you, Liz. Just you.” Max told her huskily, as he stepped away from her, instantly feeling the lose of her warmth from his body. “I should get back. Michael and Sean are probably wondering where the hell I’m at."

Liz jumped off the counter and her eyes widened. “Oh crap. Larry’s probably wondering where the hell I went off to.” she said, grimacing. Oh, well. What was he going to do? Fire her?

“I think that it’ll be better if we go out separately. Don’t want people to get the wrong impression, now do we?” Max said with a smirk. He wanted to keep this between just the two of them. He didn’t want to have to answer any of Michael’s or Sean’s questions about what it was like getting it on with the half breed.

Liz nodded. He was right. “Yeah, sure.” she said with a smile.

“I’ll go first.” Max told her, opening the door. Taking one last look at her, he knew that he just couldn’t walk away from her. He closed the door again and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It was over before she knew it. “I’ll see you.”

Liz stood there for a moment. She still couldn’t believe what had happened. She had gotten down and dirty with Max Evans in the bathroom of the Lodge. Liz turned to the sink and turned on the water, quickly splashing her face. Jeez, what would she wear to the dance?


Alex knew that he couldn’t wait. He had to be for sure that the phone call came from Wolf Lake before he started anything else. Had the mysterious Sherman Blackstone been the one to call him? The one to lead him to Wolf Lake? If so, why?

Alex couldn’t figure out the answer as he jumped over the back fence of the Wolf Lake school. He could have just waited until Monday, when the school was opened so he could find out. But Isabel was just too important. His mysterious tipper might have some answers.

Noting that several lights were on inside of the school, he guessed that there was a janitor or two doing some cleaning. He’d just go the same way that they had.

Ten minutes later, Alex was inside the building scavenging the halls, looking for any and all payphones. In what Alex thought was the main hallway of the school, he saw that there was a pay phone.

Quickly making his way over there, Alex looked at the phone number. Jackpot! It was the same number that Grant had given him. This was where the call had come from. Had it been Blackstone? Or could it have been another teacher at the school? Alex was sure that it hadn’t been a teenager.

As Alex began to walk away from the phone, his gut was telling him that it had been Blackstone who’d called him. It made some sense. Alex froze and walked back to the large display. What the hell?

Grabbing the fire extinguisher besides the display, he heaved it to the glass, shattering it. Alex grabbed the picture that had caught his eye. It had been taken several years ago, but Alex was certain in who it was.

It was Isabel. Only it said that her name wasn’t Wilder. But Evans.

TBC. . . . . . . . FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!! FEEDBACK!!!

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LittleBit originally wrote:
Please tell me that things between Max and Liz will be good and Courtney won't get in the way.

You said there will be a Tess in this story, when?

Like, I've said before. This Max and Liz will get together much sooner than the ones in my other stories. These two don't have the baggage concerning each other.

And yes, there is going to be a Tess. She's making her way into the story very soon. That's all I'm saying.
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Questions and Answers

Eraser Room, Oh, yeah. Alex got a major clue about Isabel. Well, Max wouldn’t really know if Isabel really loved Alex. He hasn’t seen his sister in years. There’s a little bit of Max and Liz in Ch.7. Not a lot, though. Thanks for the BUMPS. *happy*

oObubblesOo, Well, Max didn’t really want for them to do it in the bathroom. Liz is too special to him for that, at least for their first time together. *wink* Well, Alex is going to go somewhere, but not to Phillips house. Youll find out in the next chapter. And you will find out where Isabel is in Ch. 8. Thanks for the BUMPS. *happy*

Tabasco Liz, Ah, the episode with the Lenore girl, is episode 8, I believe. But there’s only 9 episode’s that were done. Max will be waiting for Liz at the party and Courtney will try to cause some trouble.

AvengingAngelIQ, Hah! I’m driving you guys crazy. It’s all about the baggage. This Max and Liz don’t have a lot with each other. But FOF is going to have Dreamer scenes very soon. *wink*

roswellluver, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

Krazykitti, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy* And BUMPS. *happy* *happy*

alienchica, Courtney will be taken care of shortly. And you will find out what happened to Isabel and what has been going on with her. She is in Ch. 8, which is already written.

the freak of roswell, Well, Max and Liz are going to have some problems, like every couple, especially with Courtney still around. Can you say Troublemaker. Alex will eventually find Isabel. No one wants him too, so he has to find her on his own.

BelevnDreamsToo, I have no clue what I want to have happen at the party. So if ya got an suggestions, tell me. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

ashbymh, No, Max is not a virgin, but Liz is. They don’t have the who ever you mate first with will be your mate for life.

b4echstarrynite, Nicholas Creed is Tyler Creed’s younger brother.

ps_dreamer, Alex will not give up on finding Isabel. He loves her way too much. And Max being with Courtney, well, he’s a typical male and wanted to get laid. And Courtney is an easy one.

Roswelllostcause, Well, first Max needs to break up with Courtney before he and Liz can get together. And as for Isabel and Alex, well I’m not quite sure yet. He still needs to get his answers.

gizmo, The Change can happen anywhere between the ages of 13-18. No one is ever known to make the Change after the age of 18. But since Liz is the only half breed wolf, they don’t even know if she will make the Change. No, the humans aren’t involved in the wolf activities. And the adults don’t do any weird activities, it’s the kids. They do bad stuff in the woods, which I can’t tell you. But you will find out later in the story. And as for the males, they don’t claim mates. It’s just like the Alpha Male can. I mean, they can’t force someone to marry them, but like someone would actually turn down the Alpha Male? Well, with Liz, some people want to know if she will ever make the Change; she’s like a freak to them. She’s half human. And as for Kyle, well, some people don’t like him. He married a human and turned his back on his wolf ways. They want to see how far that they can push him until he does something.

izzylizard, Hmm, looking at what else you’d love to see in this story, I can put in a few things. But how the hell would I get Jedi’s in the story? You will see where Isabel is, in Ch. 8. Kyle wants the best for Liz and he thinks that if Liz stayed in Wolf Lake, she wouldn’t be able to achieve everything that she is capable of. And it does have a little something to do with Ava. Max is just being a typical male, he wanted Liz to go so he did a little blackmailing to get her to go {Max will break up with Courtney, *wink*}. And while Liz is interested in making the Change, it did scare her that Max did that. She has never seen that before in her life. I dont know if I would use the word eager for Liz wanting to show the wolves that she can be loyal. Hell, I dont know what word Id use. She wants to be one of them, because she thinks that she should be apart of them, while some people treat her like crap, not everyone does. Lets just say that Sherman Blackstone knows more than he lets on. *wink* About Nicholas and Liz, they’re just friends. Wolf Lake has both humans and wolves. I hope that I answered most of your questions.

Lucky Star, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* *happy*

mpls muse, You are absolutely right about Max and Liz. He needs to tell her how he really feels about her.

LittleBit, Nope, the dance is not quite yet. There’s like still a few days till it. Got any ideas of what you’d like to see, since I don’t have any clue about what to have happen?

MagnusXXN, Now, if Alex wasn’t all human, would I tell you?? {Insert evil laughter}. But you will just have to keep on reading to see what’ll happen. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy* And the BUMPS. *happy*

abbs007, Courtney will be a problem for our dreamers. But they will overcome their problems that Courtney causes. Alex’s discovery will lead him to a few answers and a bit of trouble, I. e. Tyler Creed.

TrueLoveConquersAll, I love writing this story. I actually got the idea of doing it in my boring computer class. Well, Alex is in a bit of danger because of Tyler, who wants Isabel. Courtney will definitely be a problem for Max and Liz. Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

mesaalien, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Humdinger927, Thanks for the feedback and the BUMPS. *happy* *happy*

Bubbles, I had fun writing the Max/Liz scene. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: Eraser Room (TWICE) *happy* , oObubblesOo (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Tabasco Liz, AvengingAngelIQ, roswellluver, Krazykitti (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , the freak of roswell, BelevnDreamsToo, ashbymh, b4echstarrynite, ps_dreamer, Roswelllostcause, gizmo, izzylizard, Lucky Star, mpls muse (TWICE) *happy* , LittleBit (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , MagnusXXN (TWICE) *happy* , abbs007, TrueLoveConquersAll, mesaalien, Humdinger927 (TWICE) *happy* , Bubbles.

Chapter 7

Liz bit her lip as she struggled to concentrate on the hymn that she was supposed to be singing. But she couldn’t. She could feel Max’s eyes burning into her skin, and it felt wonderful. She still couldn’t believe it about last night. That she and Max had gone at it in the bathroom.

That she had been ready to lose her virginity in the girls’ bathroom at the Lodge, where anyone could have walked on in and seen them. But the sensations that he had stirred in her were so overwhelming. Though she loved each and every moment of it. Her only regret was that Courtney hadn’t walked in on them. It would be exactly what the slut would deserve. Liz knew all about Courtney coming onto Michael last November. Liz didn’t understand why Max was still seeing her, since she cheated on him.

If Liz concentrated hard enough she could smell him. His musky scent mixed with his cologne. Max Evans was getting to her. No, that was an understatement. Liz knew that her father would never allow her to date him. Because he was a wolf. Maybe she would have to point out to him that her mother had been a human, dating a wolf. That wouldn’t work for him. He wouldn’t allow her anywhere near Max. Oh, well. What he didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat as she felt Max lean forward in the pew behind her. Her heart began racing as she felt him lightly touch her back with his fingertips. Liz licked her lips as she struggled not to say anything or do anything. She didn’t want to draw any attention on what he was doing.

Maria nudged Liz with a smile. She couldn’t believe that Max was doing this in public. Take that bitch Courtney, Maria thought to herself. It seemed that Max was telling the everyone that he was taking Liz as his own. Maria was happy for her friend. And it didn’t hurt that Courtney Renger would drop down a few pegs. Her boyfriend dumping her for Liz. Exactly what Courtney deserved.

Max couldn’t help himself. He had to touch her, even if it was a light touch. She filled his senses. He wanted to have her scent on him. Like last night. She smelled so wonderful. She smelled of vanilla and strawberries. Her scent was enough to get him worked up. Last night had been one of the best times of his life. He couldn’t wait until he and Liz were alone again. Max knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. Especially not with Valenti. The sheriff would make his life a living hell for trying to date his only daughter.

Max had just started tracing little patterns on her back when he felt his father grab his shoulder. Max turned to his father who shook his head at him. Max straightened up, instantly feeling the loss of Liz’s warmth.

Just than the church doors were thrown open. “My name is Alex Whitman, Albuquerque Police Department.” Alex said as he strode up to the front of the church, with everyone looking at him. Alex looked around the room, and saw Liz Valenti sitting with a blonde. A couple of rows behind her were those three men that he had seen last night at the Lodge. The blonde haired one gave a snide smile, before his face turned blank.

Alex held up the picture of Isabel that he had found last night at the school. “This is Isabel Evans. I knew her as Isabel Wilder. For the last time, where is she?” he asked unflinching. He wanted his damn answers. And these fucking people were playing with him. They weren’t telling him the truth.

No one said anything. Some eyes stayed to the ground, while others looked away. But nothing was said. No one was willing to answer his question. No one was willing to step forward and claim that they knew her, let alone knew where she was.

“I’m not leaving this damn town until I get an answer.” Alex said angrily. What was the big secret? Alex knew that someone had to have known Isabel. After all, she had gone to school here. And if it was as small as a town as both Liz and Kyle had stated, than they all knew.

A tall, grey haired man stood up. His presence was unyielding, intimidating even. “I’m Phillip Evans.” he stated, he held his hand out to the beautiful blonde woman who had been sitting next to him. As she stood by his side, he introduced her. “This is my wife Tess. We’re Isabel’s parents.”


Forty minutes later, Alex sat in the dark green decorated office in the Evans home. After declaring that he and his wife were Isabel’s parents, Phillip Evans had suggested that they go to his home to talk over things. Alex had briefly meet Isabel’s teenage brother, Max, who’d told his parents that he would get a ride with his friend.

“Everyone lies, Officer. The people in this town aren’t any different. They aren’t lying to you. They are protecting me.” Phillip Evans began as he looked out the glass windows that dominated the right side of his office.

“To protect us. Our family.” Tess clarified, as she began pouring three cups of tea.

Phillip nodded. “Yes. Our family. We sign most of the checks in this town. Everybody knows how. . . hard we’ve been hit by this. I mean, three years. Three years of not knowing where our daughter was. Not ever hearing from her. Not even knowing if she was alive or not. You don’t know what that was like. Well, maybe you have a clue.” he amended.

Alex couldn’t believe it. Isabel had lied to him? She’d said that her mother was dead, but here was this woman saying that she was Isabel’s mother. But this Tess woman looked way too young to actually be Isabel’s mother. Who knew? Maybe she started when she was young. Though Alex was pretty sure that she was only in her thirties. Maybe thirty seven, thirty eight. Her blue eyes never left his face as she handed him the tea. Alex had a nagging feeling that she was trying to intimidate him.

“And the last time you saw her was when?” Alex questioned, meeting Evans hazel eyes. Something flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

“Three years ago at Juniper Hills, it’s a private hospital outside of Alamogordo.” Tess stated. Tess looked over at her husband, who had lowered his eyes at her words. Talking about Isabel had always been a hard subject for him.

“To your knowledge was Isabel violent or destructive in any way?” Alex questioned. There was just something about what he was being told that he didn’t believe. He didn’t believe that Isabel was the type of person who would be in a hospital. She had to be one of the most sane people that he knew.

Phillip shook his head. “No, never.” he said, as he took his tea cup from his wife. He took a drink of it.

“Only self destructive.” Tess said quietly, once again meeting Alex’s eyes unflinching.

“Suicidal?” Alex asked, his eyes never leaving her face. He watched as her expression never changed once. Maybe she wasn’t lying. No, Alex. Isabel wasn’t the type of person who needed to be hospitalized. Besides, he could always get the records himself. Or try to. Why would her parents lie to him about something like this, though?

Phillip shook his head. “No, not really.” he told Alex. Before he could go on, he was hit with a coughing fit that wouldn’t go away.

Tess stood up and walked over to her husband and patted him on the back several times. There were times when Phillip seemed so strong, while others he wouldn’t be. She was so scared for her husband. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she would lose him. The thought of it scared her so much.

Once Phillip stopped coughing, Tess raised her hand to his forehead. He felt feverish to her. He should be in bed, she thought to herself. “Maybe you should go lie down, Phillip.” she said, softly, so that only he could hear her.

Phillip nodded at his wife’s words. He didn’t feel so well. “I’m sorry that I’m going to have to cut this meeting short, but I’m not feeling very well right now. If you do have any more questions, Tess can answer them for you.”

Alex nodded at the older man’s words. He could see that Phillip wasn’t looking very well. His face had turned a ghastly white, and he looked like he was sweating. “Of course, I understand. If you don’t mind, I actually do have a few questions that I would like to ask you, Mrs. Evans.”

Tess nodded her head. Grabbing her husband’s arm, she helped him up and began walking him upstairs to their room.

Alex watched them as they left the room. He was positive that Tess Evans was not Isabel’s mother. She was just too young to be Isabel’s mother. Isabel’s brother looked like Phillip. Whereas Isabel didn’t resemble either Phillip or Tess. Though Isabel and Tess were both blondes, they weren’t anything alike.

Alex walked to the fireplace and looked at the music box that had caught his attention. It was a pretty little thing. Alex opened it and smiled at the song that began playing, ‘Fur Elise’. That had been one of his mother’s favorites. When he had taken piano lessons when he was younger, she had always made him play that song for her over and over.

Alex frowned when he noticed the inscription on the box. To Phillip, here is to fifteen years of happiness, love, and joy. And hoping that we’ll share another fifteen. All my love, Diane.

Who the hell was Diane, he wondered to himself. Had Isabel ever said that her mother’s name was Diane? No matter how hard he tried, Alex couldn’t remember if she had told him her mother’s name or not.

“Phillip’s first wife gave him that before she died. You know, I’m not Isabel or Max’s mother. I’m their stepmother. Isabel was fifteen years, and Max was ten years old when Phillip and I got married. Nearly eight years ago. I’ve done my best to be a mother to them, but I can’t ever take Diane’s place in any of their hearts.” Tess said quietly, as she watched Alex from the entrance of the room. She didn’t even know why she was telling him this. It was none of his damn business.

“Sorry about that.” Alex said, putting the music box on the fireplace.

“Would you like to see some pictures of Isabel? You know, when she was in high school and all?” Tess asked him, walking to the bookcase and pulling out a thick red photo album. Each of the kids had their own albums. Isabel’s was red. Laurie’s had been green. And Max’s was blue. Tess sat down on the sofa, and motioned for Alex to come forward.

“Isabel’s always been a sweet girl. She was really popular in school. Smart, too. She got all A’s. Phillip and I have always been so proud of her. Now, Max is a different story. He doesn’t really like school.” Tess began with a wry smile, opening the book for him.

“Were they close? Isabel and Max, I mean?” Alex questioned, smiling at the pictures of Isabel in her high school days. Which hadn’t been all that long ago. Sometimes when Alex had been with her, he’d felt so old compared to her. But he wasn’t. They were only five years a part from each other.

Tess nodded. “Oh, yeah. Isabel loved Max. He’s her baby brother. It’s been really hard on him, not knowing where Isabel’s at. But he doesn’t let people know that. Isabel and Max are a lot alike. Strong, capable. Did she ever mention any of us to you?” she wondered what exactly Isabel had told this human.

It wasn’t that she hated all humans. She didn’t. Tess just had a bad experience with one a long time ago. That human Ava Delanie had stolen Kyle Valenti away from her. That was still something that she was angry about after all these years. It should have never happened. Kyle should never have married that pathetic human, who had barely been capable to have his children.

Tess knew that she shouldn’t be angry anymore. Ava was dead, Kyle was free. But now she wasn’t. She had Phillip. Though Tess never loved him, she’d never loved anyone the way that she had loved Kyle. Phillip had been so wonderful to her. Tess honestly didn’t know what she would do without him. The thought of losing him was so difficult to accept. But she knew that he was going to die. She’d be left alone again.

Alex shook his head. “No, not really. When we talked about having children, and she told me that she would be the best mother. Because she had lost her own mother when she was younger. We really didn’t talk much about our past. I always felt that she would rather not talk about it. That she had some sort of bad experience with someone.”

Tess shrugged, not wanting to answer his question. She looked down at her watch and saw what time it was. “I’m sorry, I have to cut this meeting short. But I have to go pick up Phillip’s medicine. I hope you understand.” she said, softly, standing up.

Alex followed her lead. “Yeah, of course. I understand. I hope that he’s okay. I hope to see you around, Mrs. Evans.” he told her politely as she began to lead him to the front door of the large house.

“Oh, call me Tess.” she replied, with a smile plastered on her face. Once he was out the door and she had it closed. Tess leaned against the door and gave a sigh. He wouldn’t leave until he found Isabel. She was positive about that. Maybe something would have to be done about him.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Lucky Star originally wrote:
Okay I might have missed something (you'll have to excuse me, I'm blonde) but I don't remember Laurie being mentioned before. What happened to her?? The phrasing about her album was different to Isabel and Max's, was that a deliberate hint? Did something happen to her? Must go back and reread to see if I've forgotten something.

Lol at Tess being Isabel and Max's stepmother! I can just see her as being the Wicked Stepmother a la Cinderella! *big**big**big* And she's still got it for Kyle? Is she trying to bump off Phillip so she can get back together with Kyle?

Good eye, Lucky Star. I was wondering if people hadn't seen that. That mention of Laurie was deliberate. Can't tell you yet about her though. Talk of her will pop up in this story, though. {Hint, Hint}

As for Tess, she's not a horrible person. But yes, she still loves Kyle even if she is married to Phillip.
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Okay, guys. Are you trying to tell me something??? *big* A new part will be on its way in a day or so. I have like five computer assignments that I have not done, two of which were due today. Maybe, maybe if I do get them done, I might be able to post a new chapter tonight. It's mostly Isabel. *wink*

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Questions And Answers

Bubbles, Nothing bad is going to happen to Alex in the immediate future. But don’t quote me on this. LOL. He will get deeper into the mystery of it all, though.

ashbymh, Hell yeah. Max and Liz are way different from Luke and Sophia. Some things are a bit the same, though. Okay, it’s Sunday in the story and the Valentine’s dance is on Thursday.

Tharos, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

angelbaby6977, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

MagnusXXN, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Rim, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Krazykitti, Yup, Alex is getting closer and closer to finding the truth, which means that he could be in danger though. *wink*

alienchica, Hmm, no comment on if Tess will try to get back with Kyle after Phillip dies. Ah, don’t be too sure about how Tess feels about Liz. Despite Liz being Ava’s daughter, she’s also Kyle’s. As for Phillip, he will have a chapter of his own and you will find out what he thinks about everything. Max, Liz, Alex, Kyle, Isabel, Tess. Everything. And as for why Kyle wasn’t there, it was a mixture of both things; work and his loss of faith.

Gagnes Girl, Uh, how long is the not so distance future?? I’m definitely a dreamer, and Max and Liz will have their time. But there is a lot going on in this town, with other people as well, that is going to be shown.

BelevnDreamsToo, As for Phillip, I never went to church, but when you’re kids not paying attention, don’t you like stop them from goofing off? That’s why he did what he did, not so much that he knows about Max’s interest in Liz. Yup, Diane was a wolf and she died. Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

roswellluver, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Eraser Room, Well, when Phillip does find out, he’s going to be a little shocked. While Tess still does love Kyle, nothing’s happened between Tess and Kyle after Ava died. But if Kyle ever gave her the chance, Tess would have jumped at it.

kittens, Well, if Isabel wasn’t locked up, than she would go back to Alex, because she loves him. And they can’t let that happen.

behrhugs, Someone recommended for you to read this?? That makes me feel a little giddy. {LOL. I’d better shut up before I embarrass myself.} Well, the age of the Alpha Male is very important. A lot of things are taken into account; age, family background, how the people feel about you. Things like that.

abbs007, Nothing bad is going to happen. Now, Tess isn’t an evil person in this story. She’s somewhere in between. She cares greatly for Max, Isabel and Phillip. But she like everyone else makes mistakes in life.

Tabasco Liz, Very frustrating isn’t it? Tonight is the last episode on UPN. At least I have all of the epis taped. As for Phillip, I never went to church, but when your kids not paying attention, don’t you like stop them from goofing off? That’s why he did what he did, not so much that he knows about Max’s interest in Liz.

ps_dreamer, You’ll find out where Isabel is in the next chapter. But there’s no Max and Liz, though. There is some Max in Ch.9, though.

oObubblesOo, Well, you’ll find out what Tess does about Alex in the next part. As for Phillip, it was that he wanted Max to respect the fact that they were in church, and goofing off was not the right thing to do. Well, Court is going to get a talk with Max pretty soon. {Hint, hint, spoiler}

Kitcat26, Well, not all the inhabitants of Wolf Lake know where Isabel is. They know that she somewhere in town, but they don’t know the specifics. Max knows that she’s okay, but he doesn’t know where she’s at. Max and Liz will have a relationship. And Alex will find Isabel and the truth. Well, Tess definitely not going to be a problem, in fact she might want them together. {Hint, hint, hint}

icequeenfan, Jeez, I have no idea how long this is going to be. There’s so much that I have planned for this story. There is some segregation between the wolves and humans. Not a whole bunch. Like, the humans don’t really go into the woods, because that’s where the wolves go. But if any humans did go in there, most of the time they didn’t come out alive. Now, some wolves do think that they are better than humans. Tyler and Doug Shellow for one. Kyle doesn’t think of himself that way, though.

mpls muse, Tess is actually going to feel the exact opposite about Max and Liz. {Hint, Tess thinks if Max and Liz got together, it could bring Kyle back to the wolves, hint} And Tess really does care for Max and Isabel.

izzylizard, Ah, I love writing this Alex. He’s not going to stop till he finds Isabel, because she is the only woman that he has ever loved. You don’t have to be sorry about the long note, I liked answering most of the questions that I could without giving away too much. I love long, detailed feedback. *happy*

Mudshovel 5, Yup, Tess and Kyle were a couple before he dumped her for Ava. Nothing will stop Alex, nothing. As for Phillip, I never went to church, but when your kids not paying attention, don’t you like stop them from goofing off? That’s why he did what he did, not so much that he knows about Max’s interest in Liz. Oh, and I bought one of the books by Susan Krinard at Half Price. Called Prince of Shadows. First I saw the buff guy with his shirt practically off and he looked a little like Max to me. After closing my mouth, I grabbed the book. I haven’t read it though, haven’t had any time. Thanks for telling me the name. *happy*

the freak of roswell, Tess is a bit of a wildcard. She loves Max and Isabel as her own kids, since she’s never had any. And she respects Phillip so much. But she still hasn’t gotten over the pain of losing Kyle to Ava. And as for Alex, it’s not that she hates him, it’s that he is an outsider, who poses a threat to the wolves. She, like many others will kill to protect their secret. Now, no offense to Maria or anything, she in her own Maria way concluded that by what Max was doing to Liz in public, he was declaring Liz his girlfriend. And you may get your wish in Max dumping Courtney before the dance.

TrueLoveConquersAll, Phillip doesn’t even know that Max is interested in Liz, it was just a respect for being in church thing. There are going to be a lot more problems than Tess. She’s not going to be an evil person in this story.

Adrianna, So you liked that church thing? Well, I have a lot more places planned for them. Max’s car, the woods, the bathroom. I can’t help it, I want to go NC17 on those two already, but I can’t, not yet anyway.

LittleBit, Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll think about it. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Roswelllostcause, Now, Tess isn’t going to be evil. She’s somewhere in between; she loves her family, but she also makes mistakes.

Lucky Star, Mentioning Laurie was very deliberate. She will be talked about in the story, though. And even though she still loves Kyle, she will not try to bump off Phillip.

mandyhanford, Nice to see you here, too. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

I got really bored doing my computer stuff, though I did finish two of the assignments. Yay! I'll be posting the chapter pretty soon. Let me just look it over first. Thanks for all of the feedback. You guys rock.


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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Specially dedicated to: Krazykitti, who left me feedback six times.

Dedicated to: Bubbles, ashbymh, Thaors, angelbaby6977, MagnusXXN (TWICE) *happy* , Rim, Krazykitti (SIX TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , Gagnes Girl, BelevnDreamsToo, roswellluver, Eraser Room, kittens, behrhugs, abbs007 (TWICE) *happy* , Tabasco Liz, ps_dreamer, oObubblesOo (TWICE) *happy* , Kitcat26, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , mpls muse, izzylizard, Mudshovel 5, the freak of roswell, TrueLoveConquersAll, Adrianna, LittleBit, Roswelllostcause (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Lucky Star (TWICE) *happy* , mandyhanford (TWICE) *happy*.

Chapter 8

Isabel paced around the confines of the living room tensely. She hated being here in this cabin. She wasn’t used to it after six months. It was very nicely decorated, but it was a prison all the same. Just a decorated prison. She would give anything to be back with Alex. In Alex’s apartment. In Alex’s arms. As long as she was with him.

Tears started to well up in her eyes at the thought of him. She hated to think what he was going through. What was he thinking? Did Alex honestly think that she had left him? That she would willingly leave him?

Isabel had known that was only a matter of time until they found her. But she wished that it hadn’t been so soon. She’d been so happy with Alex. Isabel didn’t even know if he was okay or not. What if Tyler and his thugs had done something to Alex. It would be all of her fault.

By now tears were running down her face. Her heart was telling her that Alex was okay, but her head told her that there was a possibility he wasn’t. It would be her fault. Alex hadn’t known that she was a wolf. That she had ran away from her home. Right before her wedding.

When Isabel heard the front door unlock, she quickly turned her back and began to wipe away her tears. In the last six months only three people had visited her. Her father, Tess, and Tyler. Her father had refused to let her see Max, her younger brother. He’d been only fourteen the last time that she had seen him. He’d been tall for his age and already had muscles and everything.

“Well, have you had a nice day, Isabel? I have. I brought you some food from the Lodge. You always liked stuff.” Tyler Creed said, making his presence known to the agitated woman.

Isabel gritted her teeth. She hated when he’d come over. She knew what he wanted from her and she would rather die. She wasn’t about to agree to Tyler’s demands. She refused to.

Tyler sighed angrily when she didn’t answer him. Her refusal to talk to him was starting to piss him off. But he was determined to make Isabel his wife. She should have been already; if she hadn’t left three years ago. “You know, I saw your brother at church. He was making cow eyes at that half breed Liz Valenti. I don’t think that your father really likes that. But who knows?” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Isabel continued not to say anything. She wouldn’t talk to him. She wouldn’t! Isabel didn’t think that Tyler would do anything to Max. She knew that Tyler wanted to be the next Alpha Male, which had been why he had wanted to marry her in the first place. Max was supposed to be next, but that would change if her father died right now. An eighteen year old would not become the leader.

Tess, her stepmother had told her the news a few months ago. Her father might die. He had a tumor. They’d tried practically everything, but nothing had worked. According to Tess, when Phillip had gone to Riverdog; the medicine man evidently had told him to start preparing for his death. Which was supposed to happen by summer.

Isabel didn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. Her father couldn’t die. She’d already lost her mother and her sister. If her father died, than Max was all that she would have left. She didn’t want her father to die no matter what had happened between the two of them.

From her talk with her father yesterday, Phillip had said that since Max was still young, he’d have to pick someone else. Someone who the pack would follow. Phillip had informed her that it was either Tyler or Kyle Valenti. If the Sheriff was the same as he had been before than Isabel doubted that he’d step forward to be Alpha Male.

Maybe if by some miracle, he would. If Tyler was right in what he’d said about Max and Liz, than maybe Valenti had come back to the pack. She wasn’t about to ask Tyler about it, though.

Tyler sighed angrily. If Isabel wasn’t Phillip’s daughter, he wouldn’t even be here. But Tyler was determined to be the next Alpha Male, and Isabel was his ticket to it. At least he had always thought so. Quite frankly, maybe he didn’t need her after all. He had the power. People in town were afraid of him, they obeyed what he said. If Evans did die, who else could lead the pack to greatness? No one.

Definitely not Sheriff Valenti. Kyle Valenti had turned his back on his people for a human. A human! Tyler couldn’t understand why that had been allowed in the first place. Their survival was the most important thing. And who knew what the hell Liz Valenti had in her with her human blood.

Tyler knew that his brother, Nicholas had a crush or something on the girl and he didn’t like it one bit. When Tyler became Alpha Male, he’d make it illegal for a wolf to marry a human and to have half breed brats. Nicholas would just have to get over it.

“Isabel. Isabel. Isabel. I failed to mention that I meet your human. He came into church demanding answers.” Tyler told her, knowing that he would get her attention with his words. He watched as Isabel jerked her head to look at him.

Isabel swallowed her gasp. So Alex was alive after all! Just knowing that made her happy beyond words. They hadn’t killed him. Alex had come here looking for her. They would never let him find her. Isabel knew it. But she hoped that he would. That she would be reunited with him. That was all that she wanted. Nothing else mattered to her.

“Oh, Isabel. He’s not at all what I had pictured him to be. Looks like one of those nerdy types. You know, if he continues trying to look for you, we’ll have to take care of him. I would quite enjoy killing your lover.” Tyler informed her, watching her. He saw anger flash in her eyes.

Isabel’s anger snapped at his words. “Your not half the man that Alex is. I swear if you touch one hair on his head, I will kill you.” Isabel growled, breaking her six months of silence. She knew that it was against all of their laws for them to take another wolf’s life, but she would risk her life for Alex. She would do just about anything to make sure that he was safe.

Tyler cocked an eyebrow at her words. Was she really threatening him? Hmm, maybe he could use this to his advantage. Isabel’s supposed love over this human. “What on Earth did you ever see in him, Isabel? Are nerds good lovers? You might be able to convince yourself that you love him, but you will never be able to forget me. I was your first lover. I was the one that you were with for three years. The one that you were going to marry.”

Isabel scoffed at that. “Hah! If that’s what you’d call it. I learned more about making love from my eight months with Alex than I ever did in the three years that I dated you.”

Tyler shrugged his shoulders. “Must just be you. I’ve never had any complaints from any of my women.” he told her, thinking in particular about the blonde he’d visit later on tonight. She never complained.

Isabel sighed heavily. “Can we cut the bullshit. I know why you’ve kept on coming here? You really think that I’m going to marry you? I would rather kill myself than marry you.” she said harshly.

“Well, if you killed yourself than you’d never know what would become of your beloved Alex. You know, Doug had a lot of fun capturing you, even if he had to lose his fucking hand in doing so. He’d love to do the same thing to Mr. Police Officer.” Tyler countered, watching all color drain from Isabel’s face.

“You wouldn’t dare touch him. Wait, I know you. You would! You’re a vindictive son of a bitch. You would hurt Alex just to get to me. So this is your plan? Huh? Blackmail me into marrying you?” Isabel screamed, anger running throughout her entire body. She couldn’t believe this bastard. She picked up the glass vase holding yellow roses and heaved it at him, barely missing him by an inch.

“You asshole. Your fucking blackmailing me into marrying you. Get out. Get the fuck out right now. Now!” Isabel screeched as she threw more objects at him.

“Isabel, I’ve never thought of you as a fool. You know what I’m capable of. I’ll leave you right now. You have a mighty big decision to make. Either marry me and lover boy will be safe. Or don’t and we’ll kill him. The choice is yours, sweetheart. His life is in your hands. What are you going to do?” Tyler told her, smirking at her. “I’ll give you a week to come to decision. I’ll be back.”

Isabel watched as he left the room. She shrieked in anger after he left. He was really doing this. He would really blackmail her into marrying him. Isabel wished that she had never laid eyes on Tyler Creed. Oh God, Alex. What am I going to do?


“I love this view. It’s one of the best in town.” The sheet covered blonde said gazing out, over the town she’d always loved. The town that she adored.

Tyler ran his hand up her arm to her shoulder, placing a kiss on her golden neck. “Are you going to stay tonight?”

Tess shook her head. “You know that I can’t. Speaking of which, I should go home now.” she said, slipping out of his strong arms. Tess couldn’t believe what she was doing. Here she was married to Phillip, still in love with Kyle Valenti and sleeping with Tyler Creed. Her life was getting so difficult. She couldn’t even remember why she’d first slept with Tyler.

Tyler grabbed Tess’ arm before she could go back inside. “Wait! We still need to talk about the human. I found out that Valenti encouraged Whitman to stay. Valenti’s turning into a loose cannon. He doesn’t care about his people.” Tyler told her, not knowing what her reaction would be. He knew that Tess used to date Valenti before he got with the human. Despite her marriage to Phillip, Tyler could swear that Tess was still in love with Valenti.

Tess sighed and reluctantly stayed. She knew about that already. She didn’t need Tyler to point that out to her. “I already know about that. Thanks for your information. But when the human gets nowhere in finding Isabel, he’ll leave. He will. He won’t be getting any answers from anyone here.” she said, hoping that this discussion was over. She felt that Whitman would leave after getting nowhere.

Tyler shook his head. “I don’t think so. He was talking to Liz Valenti. I think that half breed is going to tell him something about Isabel.” he said with a sneer in his voice. That little girl wasn’t one of them at all.

Tess looked at him with cold eyes. She didn’t like the way that he was talking Kyle’s daughter. Over the years, Tess would sometimes imagine what it had been like if Liz had been her daughter. Hers and Kyle’s. But Liz wasn’t. Liz was Kyle and Ava’s child. Liz was stuck in the middle, not knowing exactly what she was. Not human or wolf. Liz wouldn’t be that way if Kyle hadn’t married Ava.

“Liz Valenti is a perfectly nice girl. She will not tell Whitman anything at all about Isabel. I’ve seen the way that she looks at Max. She wants to be with Max and she wants to be a part of the pack. And she won’t jeopardize it because she feels sorry for Whitman.” she informed him.

“I don’t see why you would want Max to even get involved with her. She’s not a part of the pack. Not at all. She’s never made the Change, she’s not one of us. She and her father are loose cannons.” Tyler told her, hoping that she would see that he was right in what he was thinking.

Tess sighed. There was no use in trying to get through his thick head. He was going to continue to think that Liz and Kyle were threats to them. She didn’t quite understand why he thought that Liz was. But she knew why Tyler was convinced that Kyle was. She guessed that he heard the rumblings about Kyle being in the running for Alpha Male. “I don’t need to hear anymore about this from you. If Phillip thought that, than he would have done something. But Liz and Kyle Valenti are not, I repeat are not threats to us. And they should not be treated as though they are. I’m leaving.” she said, walking away, without a glance back at him.

Tyler watched as she went back inside of his house. Was Tess really still in love with Valenti, even after he dumped her for a human? Tyler was positive that she was and he had to admit that it hurt a bit. Tess was a fucking great woman. Smart, beautiful, cool under pressure, great in bed. He couldn’t understand at all why Valenti would have dumped her for a human. But Tess was refusing to see that Valenti was a loose cannon. And if she didn’t do anything about it, than he would. It was his duty to his people.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . .
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LittleBit originally wrote:
I was wondering if you were going to follow the shows story about who the next Alpha Male will be?

No, I'm not going to do what the show did. I'm going to go in a totally different way from the show.
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Note: If I can post a next chapter, it would be on Sunday at the earliest. But than you won't get a chapter for quite awhile. My finals are next week.

Sorry about the wait. But unfortunately school does come first. I hate saying that.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps.

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: Bubbles, Kitcat26 (TWICE) *happy* , mandyhanford (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , alienchica, kittens, roswellluver, MagnusXXN (FOUR TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* , Eraser Room, Lizzie_Parker17, oObubblesOo (FIVE TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Krazykitti (SIX TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Adrianna, BelevnDreamsToo, abbs007, behrhugs, Lucky Star, ps_dreamer (TWICE) *happy* , icequeenfan (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , angelbaby6977, LittleBit (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , mpls muse, Rim, BrieCrow17 (TWICE) *happy* , gizmo, Reven Eid, AvengingAngelIQ, Humdinger927, honeybear, TrueLoveConquersAll, Roswelllostcause.

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Chapter 9

Max fiddled with his pencil as he tried not to lay his head down on the desk top. He’d never liked school. It sucked. The only reason that he wasn’t asleep right now was because it was Mr. Blackstone’s class. Sherman Blackstone was his father’s closest friend. And he knew that if he fell asleep in class right now, than Blackstone would tell his father. And his father didn’t need anything more on his plate right now.

His thoughts revolved around Liz Valenti. She was one of the few great things about this damn town. Max hated the fact that he was stuck to his town for the rest of his life. Yeah, he could leave if he went to school. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to experience all the things that the world had to offer. He wanted to back pack around Europe with Liz, Michael and Maria. He wanted to ride in a gondola in Venice with Liz at his side, watching as the sun set. He wanted to go to Paris and share a moon lite dance with Liz at the Eiffel Tower. There were so many things that he wanted to do, but he knew that he would never be able to do them.

But Liz could. Liz had never made the Change, she still had the chance to get out of Wolf Lake. She still had the chance to do more than what this town had to offer. And she could do just about anything, she was so damn smart. One of the smartest people in the entire school. And as much as he wanted her to make the Change, as much as he wanted to claim her, he knew that he would never be able to forgive himself if he took away all of the opportunities for her.

But the feelings that he had for her were just so overwhelming. It was so animalistic. The need inside of him. He just had to have her, whether or not she would ever make the Change. He needed her. She stirred up a hell of a lot of feelings inside of him. Max had decided that he was going to break up with Courtney once and for all.

He knew all about her extra curricular activities with some of the other guys. But none of that had bothered him. He and Courtney weren’t married, they were free to go out with other people if they wanted to. But she had come onto his best friend, that was just a NO. Courtney had claimed that she had been drunk when she had done it and Max had pretended to believe her, even though he knew better.

He didn’t even know why he had stayed with her so long after what she’d tried to do to Michael. He had never thought that Valenti would have let him date Liz, because of him being against all things wolf. But Max simply couldn’t help it anymore. He wanted Liz and he was going to take her. In three days would be the Valentine’s party and that would be the night that everyone would know that Liz was his.

“Oh, Max. Class is over.” Sherman said with a smile on his face. He’d always liked Phillip’s son. Max was a great kid, he seemed a little sad sometimes. Max had just been a kid when his mother had died. Sherman knew that Diane’s death had been painful to all of them. Phillip had been devastated, Isabel and Laurie had been shattered by their mother’s death and Max had been so utterly confused, not truly knowing what it meant that his mother would never come back.

Max snapped out of his reverie and smiled up at Sherman. Quickly looking around the room, he saw that everyone had left the room. “Yeah, uh. . . sorry about that.” he said, picking his bag up from the floor and walking away from the room before Sherman could say anything to him.

Max quickly walked to his locker, which was just outside Mr. Blackstone’s class room. Most of the wolf kids lockers were on this side of the building. Separated away from the humans. Separated away from Liz. He had never thought of that before. But that pissed him off. He didn’t want to be so far away from Liz. She should have had a locker over here too.

Just than Max saw Liz walking out of the school through the side doors. She was laughing about something with Eddie Blackstone at her side. Son of a bitch, Max thought angrily. He’d better not be trying to get with Liz or anything. Max had grown up with Eddie, since Sherman and his dad were such close friends. Eddie had been his first human friend, but he wasn’t about to let his old friend have anything to do with Liz.

Max was just about to run after them, when he felt Courtney approach his side. Just exactly what he needed. Well, since he had missed Liz, he could talk to Courtney. Tell her that they were finished.

“Hey, sweetie. What was up with you?” Courtney said, wrapping an arm around his waist, pressing her breasts into his strong arm. She suppressed her angry sigh as Max moved away from her. She knew what his reasons were. It was because of Liz. That was the only explanation for his behavior.

“Courtney, we need to talk.” Max told her, looking into her eyes, letting her know that what he was about to tell her was serious. He got the feeling that she knew exactly what he was going to tell her. He didn’t want to hurt Courtney, but he knew that if he continued to stay with Courtney and see Liz at the same time, it would hurt Liz. And he didn't want to do anything to hurt Liz.

Courtney nodded her head. She knew that she couldn’t tell him no. This talk was inevitable. Max was going to break up with her for that human slut. She wanted to scream out loud; scream at him for what he was going to do to her. But she knew better than to make a scene in the hallway.

Slamming his locker shut, Max lead Courtney back into Mr. Blackstone’s classroom. To his surprise Sherman wasn’t in there. But than again, Sherman had the habit of disappearing and reappearing at the oddest times. Max closed the door behind him and Courtney. He didn’t want anyone to come in and interrupt them.

“Max, what’s going on?” Courtney asked, giving him an arched look. Max just wasn’t worth it, was he? His hot-cold behavior was ever annoying. One minute he wanted her, and the next he didn’t even want her to be in the same room as him. But if she decided not to fight him over this, than everyone would knew that he’d dumped her for a human. She didn’t want people feeling sorry for her like they had to Tess Harding when Valenti had dumped her for a human. But than again, Courtney had always wanted to sleep Michael. He just had something about him that drew her to him. She wanted to know if he was as big as he looked.

Max meet ger eyes unflinching. “You know what’s going on. I don’t want to see you anymore. I think it’s best if we saw other people.” he informed her, watching as her expression stayed the same.

“So you’re dumping me for that fucking mutt, aren’t you? Liz fucking Valenti? She’s not one of us, Max. Do you know you’re going to do? What the hell will your father think? His son, the heir is making it with the half breed. You’re turning into Valenti.” Courtney said angrily, not caring about what she was saying.

Max felt his anger snap. “Don’t you dare talk about my father. You don’t know anything about how he feels.” he told her through clinched teeth.

Courtney sighed disgusted. “Whatever. I don’t even know why I bothered with you. You are not the person I thought you were. I don’t even have any fun with you anymore. All you want to do is obsess over Liz. And it’s been so long since we’ve slept together. Why the hell do you think I’ve been with other guys?” she asked him, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Because you’re a slut.” he replied coldly. “Life isn’t fun, Courtney. But you wouldn’t know because you don’t care about anything or anyone but yourself. You don’t fucking realize what’s going on. Right now, my father is dying. My sister is practically being held hostage because she doesn’t want to marry Creed. Everything is going to change in the next few months and you don’t even realize it. I never thought of you as a stupid person, but you’re a fucking idiot.”

Courtney blinked in surprise at his words. “What does all of that have to do with anything? I don’t care about what’s going on with them. All I wanted was to be with you. To have fun with you. To act like a fucking teenager.” she replied, shaking her head at him.

Max sighed. “I’ve tried, Courtney. I can’t be a teenager. Too much is going on. Too much has happened. I don’t. . . . can’t be with you. Because I love Liz. I need her more than I’ve ever needed anyone else in my life.”

Courtney’s breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t expected him to say that. To say that he was in love with the half breed. She had been with Max for almost a year and he’d never once said the word love to her. Not even anything like he loved his damn sister. It wasn’t fair. Not at all. He loved that stupid mutt over her.

“You love her? How dare you?” Courtney screeched as she banged her fists on his muscular chest. Hoping to hurt him as much as he hurt her. For calling her a slut, for calling her an idiot, for not loving her, for loving that mutt.

Max stood there, not moving. He let her hit him. After several moments, he grabbed her arms and forced her to stop hitting him. He held them away from him, looking her squarely in the eyes. Nothing would change his mind over what he was doing.

Courtney stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hard on the mouth, hoping that she could change his mind by sex. What better way for them to get back together, by having sex in their wolf class.

Max pushed Courtney away from him. He couldn’t believe that she would try to do that. He just told her that it was over, that he was in love with someone else and she was trying to kiss him. Trying to make him have sex with her. That wouldn’t work. Not with him. “I told you, Courtney. It’s over. I don’t want you. Find someone else. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.” he told her coldly, as he began to walk away.

Courtney grabbed his arm, trying to keep him from leaving. Courtney dug her nails into his skin, she saw that she was drawing blood but she didn’t care. “You are an asshole, you know that? Maybe I should just tell Liz what goes on in the woods. How would she like to know all the things that we’ve done together. How would she like to know what happened to that man? Huh?”

Max shook his head. “You wouldn’t dare. If I ever hear you telling Liz anything, you will regret it. Liz does not need to know about this stuff. Besides, if you tell her anything about that man, than you’re in trouble, too. Don’t forget that you were there, along with Sean and Jerry.” he told her, not wanting her to try to black mail him into doing anything. Besides, he would tell Liz himself about all the things. He didn’t need Courtney telling Liz anything. She would distort the truth.

Courtney let go of his arm, satisfied by the blood that was pouring from his arm where she had grabbed him. “Fine. It’s over. I won’t tell her about any of the things that we’ve done. Yet. Watch your back, Max. And Liz’s.” she informed him, walking out of the class without a glance back to him.

Max sighed angrily as he watched Courtney leave. Damn it! Why had she tried to make it all so difficult for him? Sometimes he wished that he was a kid again. Before his mother had died, before Laurie had died, before Isabel had left, before all of this teenage bullshit. When he’d thought that the world was a nice, safe place for everyone. But life wasn’t simple. Not at all.

“You okay, Max?” Sherman asked, making his presence known to the young man. Phillip’s son had a lot on his shoulders right now. As did Isabel and Tess. But Sherman felt badly for the young boy. He had already lost his mother, his older sister and now he was going to lose his father.

Max rubbed his forehead with one hand. “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Broke up with Courtney. I should have a long time ago, but I put it off.” he informed his father’s friend, with a shake of his head.

“Oh, really. What finally caused you to do it?” Sherman asked curiously. He suspected that it had something to do with Liz Valenti. But he wasn’t sure. He thought that maybe if Max and Liz did get together than it would lead Kyle back into the pack. The pack would need a strong leader and Sherman personally thought that Kyle was the best one for the job, regardless of his self imposed exile.

“Liz. Because of Liz.” Max replied, with a grin on his face. Just thinking about her caused him to smile. He knew that he was going to cause a bit of a stir because of him getting involved with Liz. The human haters in town would definitely give him some flak for it, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was that he and Liz were going to be together.

“You know, if you do a single thing to hurt Liz, Kyle will rip your throat out. She’s his only daughter. She’s the whole reason that he’s kept himself going, Max. I don’t want to see any of you hurt. But if you are just getting with this girl to see if she can change, than I’d advise you to change your mind.” Sherman told him seriously. He was pretty sure that Max had only the best intentions, well almost all the best intentions. Sherman wasn’t an idiot. He knew Max was most likely thinking about sex with Liz. Uh uh, don’t go there Sherman, he told himself.

“I care for Liz. I don’t want to do anything to hurt her. But being with Courtney was just plain wrong. We weren’t right for each other. She can’t give me what I want. But I really think that Liz can. It’s so hard to explain, Sherman.” Max said, shaking his head.

“Ah, I understand perfectly well, my boy. After all, I’ve been married to my Glynnis for nearly twenty five years. I understand perfectly.” Sherman said with a smile. “I’m going to go visit your dad. Do you need a ride?”

Max shook his head. “No. I’m going to the Lodge with Michael.” he said, swallowing hard. He knew what Sherman was going to do at his house. Sherman was going to check out the tumor on his dad’s back. Max didn’t want to be there. He couldn’t stand the idea that his father was going to die. He didn’t want to even think about would happen when his father finally did die. Everything was going to change. As much as Max knew that Tess was there for him, he still felt alone. So utterly alone. He hadn’t seen Isabel at all since they had brought her back. His father wouldn’t allow him to see her.

“I. . . uh. . . have to go.” Max said, breaking out of his thoughts. He didn’t need to deal with his father’s illness right now. The only thing that would make him feel better right now was Liz. He knew that she could make him feel better.

Sherman shook his head, watching the boy leave. “You are a goner, Maxwell Evans. You’ve found your soul mate. I can’t wait to see how Kyle deals with it.” he thought laughing out loud as he grabbed his stuff and headed out the door.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Well, I have one final left, which is tomorrow and I have to go to work afterwards. So if I do post a chapter, it will probably be on Friday. But it is not Max/Liz. They are in Ch. 11. No nookie for them quite yet, though. Thanks for the feedback and bumps.


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Questions And Answers

mpls muse, I didn’t want Max to still be dating Courtney when it was time for the party. So her trashy butt got dumped.

Adrianna, It’s not really a thing about liking Max. It’s all about trust with Kyle. It will take a lot before Kyle can trust Max. After all, Liz is his baby girl; the only thing that he has left in his life. It’s not very easy for him to trust anyone with her. Courtney has something planned for both Max and Liz, and Michael and Maria. Don’t forget Courtney’s got her eye on our lucky Mr. Guerin.

mandyhanford, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

TrueLoveConquersAll, Yes, what Courtney did to Max does have some significance later on in the story. That’s all I’m saying.

Kitcat26, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Krazykitti, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

roswellluver, Nope, Sherman is not a wolf. But he is a close personal friend of Phillip’s, and so Sherman knows some of the wolf secrets. But he’s human.

izzylizard, Oh, yes. Tess’s ways are going to get her in a little bit of trouble later on in the story. Well, Wolf Lake is a nice little town, where’s there’s not really much trouble or anything yet. But wolves and humans have lived in this town together side by side for a long time.

angelbaby6977, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Snowdove30, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

abbs007, Oh, Max will tell her. He will. *wink* Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

ps_dreamer, Kyle’s not going to take it very well. After all, that’s his little girl.

Eraser Room, Alright, about what goes on in the woods. You’re right. Some sex, orgies, drugs. Now that’s all that you’re going to get out of me for now. And the man. You’re going to have to wait. *tongue* But Max will confide into Liz about it. Not in Ch.11, though. Outsiders are a big no-no in Wolf Lake, because they could stumble on their secret, which is why no one was saying anything to Alex. A human, a cop and outsider all big no-no’s. Well, the humans in town do know about the wolves, but they don’t know everything that goes on in the wolf society. They don’t really like fraternizing with humans, though the only human who is close to the wolf society is Sherman Blackstone. Yes, Liz is still within in the time limit. But if she changed after the age of 18, she would be the first one. Yup, Max will tell Liz in Ch. 11.

BelevnDreamsToo, Courtney will be a problem for quite awhile. And Tyler’s still got his eye on poor Isabel. Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Lucky Star, What happened to the man is something that Max has never told anyone. And it will be awhile before he actually confides in Liz about what happened.

the freak of roswell, Let’s just say that Kyle is going to have to have a hard time dealing with the fact that his daughter wants to be with Max.

LittleBit, Nope, Courtney isn’t going to come after Liz. But Courtney does have other things in mind for both Liz, Max, Michael and Maria.

Tabasco Liz, Oh, yeah. Max and Liz will definitely have some time together. Ch. 11. *happy*

icequeenfan, Well, Courtney won’t do anything to Liz quite yet. But she goes things up her sleeves.

BrieCrow17, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

alienchica, Max isn’t going to let anyone stop him from being with Liz. He loves her and he wants to be with her. Dumping Courtney was the first step. But there’s still Kyle to deal with. And he’s not going to be very happy. Courtney was talking about what the wolf kids did in the woods. And the man, your suggestions were on the right track.

mara is a dreamer, You just might get your wish. *wink*

oObubblesOo, I love how you described Courtney. *A few tacos short of a combination plate*. Very funny. Liz is the only half breed in the town. There haven’t been any others. But if Liz did make the Change, than her half breed status would be dismissed. Nope, what happened to the man wasn’t how you described. The humans already know about their fellow townspeople. Well, since you asked. Laurie died making the Change. The wolves are pretty much the same as humans, but with a few differences. And the wolves don’t go out of town so Phillip will not get treatment for his tumor. Tess wasn’t really thinking when she started sleeping with Tyler. She hasn’t been with Kyle for a long time, but Phillip has been sick and she’s needed someone and she turned to Tyler, which she will realize is the hugest mistake of her life.

Humdinger927, Liz will make Max feel a lot better. *happy*

Lizzie_Parker17, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

behrhugs, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

Roswelllostcause, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

MagnusXXN, Don’t worry, Alex is still searching for his woman. Though Isabel is still in her hell of a cabin. They are not forgotten.

b4echstarrynite, Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: mpls muse, Adrianna (TWICE) *happy* , mandyhanford, TrueLoveConquersAll, Kitcat26, Krazykitti (FIVE TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , roswellluver, izzylizard (TWICE) *happy* , angelbaby6977, Snowdove30, abbs007 (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , ps_dreamer (TWICE) *happy* , Eraser Room, BelevnDreamsToo (TWICE) *happy* , Lucky Star, the freak of roswell, LittleBit, Tabasco Liz, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , BrieCrow17 (TWICE) *happy* , alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , mara is a dreamer, oObubblesOo (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Humdinger927, Lizzie_Parker17, behrhugs, Roswelllostcause, MagnusXXN, b4echstarrynite.

Chapter 10

“So are you feeling better, Phillip?” Sherman asked, looking his friend in the eye. Phillip’s color looked so much better than it had yesterday. But it didn’t help that Phillip had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was dealing with Isabel, and trying to figure out who would be the next Alpha Male.

Phillip shrugged his shoulders. “What does it matter if I feel better or not, Sherman? I’m going to die anyway. I’m almost prepared to die. It’s just trying to figure out who would be the best leader is kind of hard. In all honesty, I don’t know if I can fully support Tyler for being the leader. He doesn’t have the respect of people. He strikes fear in there hearts and that is not a real leader. He doesn’t. . . . he doesn’t have the warmest feelings for humans. Humans and wolves have lived in harmony for a long time. I’m not too sure that Tyler wants to do things like that anymore.” He hated that his time as a leader was coming to an end. He hated that he was going to miss out on so much of his children’s lives. His daughter. His son. He’d miss out on all of it.

Sherman frowned at Phillip’s words. “What do you think that he would do if he did become leader?” he wondered. Sherman didn’t honestly think that Tyler was the best candidate for the job. Humans and wolves had lived in harmony since before he was born and he knew that Tyler thought that he was better than the humans, like himself.

“I’m not sure, I just get a really bad feeling when I think about it. I mean, Isabel had to have had a good reason to leave before her wedding. But over the years, I haven’t found anything to give me the slightest clue about what could have happened. I don’t want to force my daughter into marrying him if she doesn’t want to.” Phillip said, shaking his head as he thought about it. Isabel was his only daughter left. They had lost Laurie all those years ago. Phillip knew that Laurie’s death had shattered Isabel’s heart. First losing her mother, than losing her twin sister.

Sherman gave his friend a look. “Well, you know that if she was given the chance she would go back to Whitman. He’s a nice guy, is he really the threat that you all think that he is?” he asked curiously. Sherman hadn’t told Phillip about what he had done. About him calling Whitman on the phone, leading him to Wolf Lake. Sherman had gotten a vision about Whitman; about Whitman being important. Sherman didn’t care about what the repercussions would be by what he did; he only knew that what he was doing was right. It was the right thing to do.

Phillip shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I mean, Whitman is a human. And you know in all of the years, the one and only time that it was allowed for a wolf to marry a human was for Kyle and that was nearly twenty years ago. Whitman’s an outsider, whereas Ava Delanie wasn’t. And Whitman’s a cop, or was one. Either way, that’s already two strikes against him.” he said, shaking his head. If Whitman had been one of the humans in town, than there might have been something that he could have done. But Whitman was an outsider.

Sherman didn’t say anything at his friends words. He didn’t know exactly what else to say about Whitman. Though Sherman hadn’t spent a lot of time with the man, he felt that Whitman was trustworthy and from everything that he was hearing, Whitman seemed to really love Isabel. “Talked to Max earlier. He told me that he broke up with Courtney Renger.” he said, changing the subject. Now that he thought about it, Max and Liz could make a very nice couple. Children of two of the most powerful people in town. Phillip was the most powerful wolf. And even though Kyle was a wolf, he was the most powerful to the humans.

Phillip looked at Sherman with surprise. “Really? That’s very interesting. Can’t say that I ever liked the girl. Did he break up with her because of any specific reason?” he asked curiously. He was a little jealous that Sherman knew about this before he did, but than again, Sherman had always been easier to talk to than anyone else he’d known. Talking to Sherman probably wasn’t the same thing as talking to your parent.

Sherman smiled at Phillip’s question. He didn’t exactly know how Phillip would react about Max and Liz. There was bound to be some trouble considering that Kyle didn’t want Liz to have anything to do with the wolf side. “Because of Liz Valenti.”

Sherman was pretty sure that sooner or later Liz would finally make the Change. He was pretty convinced that her wolf blood was quite stronger than her human blood. As much as Sherman hated to say it, Liz would be a very interesting person to check out. Compare her to a full blown wolf and see what was the same and what was different. But no kid deserved to be treated like a guinea pig.

Phillip frowned at Sherman’s words. “What does Kyle’s daughter have to do with anything? Are she and Max friends or something?” he wondered. He had seen Max messing with Liz at church yesterday, but he hadn’t really thought much of it. Other than Max, not wanting to pay any attention to the sermon. Phillip had been the same way when he was a teenager. Well, that and messing with Diane, trying to make her laugh during the sermon.

Sherman started laughing. “Or something. He was grinning like a kid in a candy store when he told me that Liz was the reason that he broke up with Courtney. I told him that he would have to tread very carefully concerning Kyle. I really do think that Max is in love with Liz.”

Phillip was momentarily shocked by Sherman’s news. His son in love. His son was still a baby. Well, Phillip knew that it wasn’t exactly true. His son was already eighteen years old. He wasn’t a child anymore. Jeez, where had time gone? His daughter was twenty three years old, his son was eighteen years old. “You think Max is in love with Liz?” Phillip finally said, not knowing what else to say.

Sherman nodded his head. “Yup, I believe that Max is in love with her. But there’s bound to be some trouble. You know, Kyle will not be very happy about this. Not to mention the people who think that humans are lower than dirt. Things will not be very easy for our young lovers.” Sherman could still remember the uproar about Kyle and Ava. Boy, oh, boy, had that been an explosive time. He had the feeling that the same thing was going to happen for Max and Liz.

Phillip groaned at the term, ‘young lovers’. He didn’t like that term used for his son. “Yes, there is bound to be some trouble. Kyle, Courtney, maybe even Ed Renger. If I didn’t have enough to deal with already. Why, oh, why must my life get so complicated when I’m about to die.” he said, shaking his head.

“In the memorable words of Woody Allen, the heart wants what the heart wants.” Sherman said with a smile, knowing exactly how Phillip would react by his words.

Phillip wrinkled his nose at Sherman. “Why must you mention that man, you know that I hate the man.” he said with a shudder. There were much bigger things on his mind besides his hatred for anything Woody Allen. “Alright, I honestly do think that Kyle will be the next one. He is the only one that I can see as the leader right now. You know, if Max was older than I’d choose him. But Max isn’t. Max is way too young for such a huge responsibility. Kyle can be the next Alpha Male. And he can show Max how to do things. How things should be run because I’m not going to be there to show my son myself.”

For a moment, Sherman didn’t say anything. He did agree with everything that Phillip was saying. He thought that Kyle was the best one for the role of the leader. People— both human and wolf— respected the guy. Only problem was Kyle, himself. “Kyle is indeed the best person for the job. But will he honestly do it? Especially with his self imposed exile?”

Phillip sighed heavily. That was the thing that was on his mind the most. Would Kyle do it? Would Kyle come back to them after what had happened? “I don’t know, Sherman. I mean, before Ava died, Kyle wasn’t so detached from us. When I would talk to him, I'd feel that he still cared about his people, despite what he said otherwise. But you know with Ava’s death, it changed it all.”

Sherman nodded. “Yes, Ava’s death changed Kyle. I remember that night. Kyle was getting himself plastered. Liz was with Jim and Amy, Kyle hadn’t told her about her mother’s death yet. He vowed to me that he would never be one of you again. Not after his wife was killed because of another wolf.” he said, shaking his head.

Phillip nodded. “I know. It was an accident though. Ava wasn’t the only one who died in that accident. So did Zan Guerin and Paulie Newman. Maybe this thing with Max and Liz will make Kyle see that he can’t pretend like we don’t matter anymore. Liz is one of us, despite if she hasn’t changed yet. Though, he needs to confront that issue with himself first.”

“I do think that this thing with Max and Liz will make Kyle come back to the pack. And who knows, in a few years it could be Max and Liz as the most powerful people in town. Max the Alpha Male and Liz his wife.” Sherman told his friend. If things did progress the way that he thought they would, it would happen.

Phillip studied his friend for a moment. Jeez, was Sherman having a premonition or something? Was that why he thought all of this? If Phillip knew one thing, than if Sherman did have a premonition that it would come true. All of his had. “I think that if Kyle does become leader, he can keep them all safe. Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Tess. He can keep them all safe. Tyler would be furious to know that he lost to Kyle, and all of them would be in some kind of danger. I don’t want that for them. I don’t want them to worry about anything.”

Sherman cocked an eyebrow at his friends words. “You really think that if you make Valenti the next Alpha that Tyler might try to retaliate against you or the others?” Sherman hoped for everyone’s sake that it wouldn’t happen. But who knew? Maybe Creed would try to get back at everyone who he perceived as his enemies.

Phillip didn’t say anything for a moment and than he finally nodded his head. “Yes, I do think that Creed would do something. Who knows what he is capable of. Who knows what he might do to my family or even Kyle’s. I have to also think about their safety.” he said solemnly.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Questions And Answers

Humdinger927, Tyler would go crazy. This is something that he’s wanted for such a long time. Ah, but they won’t let Isabel be with Alex, since he’s an outsider, and human.

wild_child_uk, Well, your just going to have to wait and see if Kyle even accepts.

Tharos, Though Kyle will relent on a few things, he will still be indecisive about other things. Being Alpha Male is one of them. Alex will find Isabel, but not quite yet.

Kitcat26, Alex does in fact get a clue in a coming chapter, only he doesn’t realize it. Courtney, though, is going to be a pain in the ass for awhile. But she will not stop anything between Max and Liz.

alienchica, Well, the Change happens when you are in your teenage years. No one has made the Change after the turned 18, because they usually have made the Change before that age. But with Liz they really don’t know, since she’s half human, too. They think that she could, but aren’t 100% positive. Now, your questions about Alex: I can’t say. Sherman, himself, doesn’t know why Alex is supposed to be important.

BelevnDreamsToo, Well, Phillip will ask Kyle to be the next AM, but don’t expect Kyle to accept. Kyle’s still got some soul searching to do, first. And the party is in about three more days. But you got Max and Liz in this next chapter.

MagnusXXN, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Krazykitti, Well, Phillip will ask Kyle to be the next AM, but don’t expect Kyle to accept. Kyle’s still got some soul searching to do, first. Like Courtney, Tyler is going to be a pain in the butt.

Eraser Room, Max has quite a few things to confess; but Max was never involved in any of the orgies or anything. Even though they did happen, he never participated in any of them. No, Tess wasn’t seeing Tyler when he was with Isabel. Though Tyler did see some other girls, it wasn’t Tess. Yup, Sherman is a valued member of the town, just like his father is. They both are special. Ava’s car was hit by Zan Guerin, who was drag racing at the time with Paulie Newman. Yup, there will be some Max and Liz in the next chapter.

behrhugs, Max isn’t going to force Liz to make the Change. He doesn’t want to keep her in town. Right now, he just wants to be with the girl that he loves.

Bubbles, Yup, I am making a promise. But no nookie for our Dreamers just yet.

Juliette, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

oObubblesOo, I really loved your reference to Courtney that I might use it in the story somewhere. Phillip knows that there isn’t much that he can do. He’s going to die and he’s accepted that already, and he’s trying to do the best thing he can for his children. Nope, it really is Isabel. Laurie died making the Change when they were sixteen years old. Ava’s car was hit by Zan Guerin, who was drag racing at the time with Paulie Newman, all three of them died in the accident.

roswellluver, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

mandyhanford, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

abbs007, Well, Phillip will ask Kyle to be the next AM, but don’t expect Kyle to accept. Kyle’s still got some soul searching to do, first.

mara is a dreamer, Sherman is a strange one, but he knows things. *happy*

mpls muse, Well, Phillip will ask Kyle to be the next AM, but don’t expect Kyle to accept. Kyle’s still got some soul searching to do, first.

icequeenfan, Sherman has his own plans for Alex. Sherman wants to find out why his vision told him that Alex was important first.

BrieCrow17, There will be more on Alex and Isabel, but my Dreamers are begging me for some action. Thanks for the feedback. *happy*

TrueLoveConquersAll, Ava’s car was hit by Zan Guerin, who was drag racing at the time with Paulie Newman, all three of them died in the accident. But who knows??

Roswelllostcause, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

I'm in a really good mood tonight, and decided to post the chapter tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow. Next chapter should be out within the hour. But Ch.12 won't be out until either Monday or Tuesday night. Sucky, I know. But it's all work's fault.

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Title: Wolf Lake
Author: Lillie (Amber)
Rating: R— NC17.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing. The title comes from the show of the same name. Belongs to John Leekley, Alex Gansa, Bryan Spicer, Joe Chappelle and Co. Roswell unfortunately belongs to Jason Katims and Co. Unfortunately, I do not own anything. If I did, things would have been a hell of a lot different. Of Wolf and Man belongs to Metallica.
Couples: Alex/Isabel. Max/Liz. Michael/Maria. Some UC’s, but not with major characters.

Dedicated to: Humdinger927, wild_child_uk, Tharos, Kitcat26, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo, MagnusXXN, Krazykitti (TWICE) *happy* , Eraser Room, behrhugs, Bubbles, Juliette, oObubblesOo (TWICE) *happy* , roswellluver, mandhanford, abbs007, mara is a dreamer, mpls muse, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , BrieCrow17 (TWICE) *happy* , TrueLoveConquersAll, Roswelllostcause (TWICE) *happy* .

Chapter 11

“You really think that I look okay, Maria?” Liz asked uncertainly. Currently she and Maria were waiting for Max and Michael to arrive at the Lodge to pick them up. Liz didn’t know why she was so nervous. It was Max. Liz sighed at the thought. Max. She had always had the hugest crush on him, ever since she was little. There had always been something about him that drew her to him. It wasn’t something that she could explain.

“Chica, I told you that you look wonderful. Max is going to love your outfit. Geez, is it just me or is it colder than usual? Shouldn’t it already be getting hot?” Maria told her friend, as she shivered. “Finally!” Maria said as she saw Max’s car coming towards them.

The cherry red 1968 Camaro pulled to a stop in front of the girls. From inside the car, Max did his best not to swallow his tongue. He had never seen Liz dressed that way before. She was dressed in a short tight denim skirt and a little ribbed shirt with a jean jacket over her to keep warm. Not that she needed it because he would keep her warm.

Michael howled with laughter next to Max. He saw the look on his friend’s face and thought that it was hilarious. Boy, Liz Valenti sure had Max wrapped around her little finger. Than Michael saw Maria and swallowed hard. She was wearing those pants that he liked so much. Those tight white pants and a loose purple blouse.

Max snapped out of his Liz induced stare. “Michael, you and Maria in the back seat.” he said, in a husky voice, as he watched the two girls walked to the car door.

Michael jumped out of the front seat, and lead Maria into the back seat, leaving the front door open for Liz.

As Liz sat down in the front, she gave Max a sultry smile. “Hey.”

Max’s lips curled into a feral smile. “Hey, yourself.” he said, before launching the car onto the road.

“Hey, Liz. Put the station on 99.5.” Michael asked, long enough to take his eyes off of Maria, who kept on licking her lips at him. Maria knew exactly what she was doing to him. Michael bit back a groan when she stuck her tongue out at him.

Bright is the moon high in starlight
Chill is the air cold as steel tonight
We shift
Call of the wild
Fear in your eyes
It's later than you realized

“Damn, I love this song.” Michael said as he began bobbing his head up and down at the tempo of the song. There were two reasons that he liked this song. First of all, it was freaking Metallica. They were gods. And the second was because it was about a werewolf.

Shape shift nose to the wind, shape shift feeling I’ve been. Move swift all senses clean. Earth’s gift back to the meaning of life.” Maria sang along with the song. She knew that Michael loved that song. He once confessed to her that he got turned on when she sang that song.

I feel I change, back to a better day; hair stands on the back of my neck, in wildness is the preservation of the world.” Max began to sing with the Michael and Maria. He looked over at Liz and with his eyes asked her to join them in the song.

So seek the wolf in thyself.” Liz said, finally joining them in the song. For a second, Liz thought that her saying those words were ironic.

Shape shift nose to the wind
Shape shift feeling I've been
Move swift all senses clean
Earth's gift
Back to the meaning of wolf and man

When the song finally ended, Liz realized that Max had parked up at the Lake. Hmm, well, she was a little surprised that he had come here. She wasn’t about to start doing anything with Michael and Maria in the back seat.

Maria sensed Liz’s anticipation and moved into action. Maria turned to Michael with a lusty grin. “Come on, Michael. Let’s give the love birds some time to themselves. I’ll see you in a little while, chica. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” she said, as she dragged Michael out of the car without a backward glance.

Once Maria and Michael were out of the car, Liz jumped into action. Before Max knew what was happening, Liz was straddling him, her short tight denim skirt was pushed up high, exposing her thighs. When Liz grounded her hips against him, Max squeezed his eyes shut, and reached behind her to turn off the car.

“You know that I missed you, Max.” Liz said as kissed his chin, then his throat, zeroing in on his pulse. She loved the way that it was throbbing. It was going so fast. Liz took a small bite and smiled at the yelp that Max let out.

“Liz. . . . “ Max said in a strained voice. He couldn’t believe what she was doing. But he wasn’t about to stop her.

Liz sat back until her back touched the steering wheel, she saw the scratch marks on his arm. “What the hell? Where did those come from?” she asked, her mind instantly wandering to that bitch Courtney.

Max cocked an eyebrow at her. “From that bitch Courtney. When I broke up with her earlier, she went all psychotic on me. And started clawing at me.” he told her, noting the jealous look in her eyes.

“Want me to kick her ass? She better know that she shouldn’t mess with my man!” Liz said, narrowing her eyes at the thought of that girl. Wait! Did Max just say that he broke up with Courtney? Liz gave him a wide smile. “Did you say that you broke up with Courtney?”

Max nodded. “Yeah. I did. I broke up with her earlier, right after school.” he told her, suppressing his urge to smile at her expression. He knew at this very moment that breaking up with Courtney had been the right thing to do. Liz was all that he wanted and now he had her. Life was good.

Liz leaned forward and nipped at his lip playfully. She was so happy that he had broken up with the she devil. Did this mean that she had Max Evans? That he was her boyfriend? Liz hoped that she wasn’t jumping to any conclusions about anything. Liz gave Max a lusty look. “So. Have you been bad, Max? Have you been bad with other girls?” she asked in a sultry voice, as she licked the side of his neck. She couldn’t get enough of him. She loved how he tasted.

Max groaned at her actions. He felt himself harden at what she was doing to him. He wanted her so badly. Like he had never wanted anyone before in his life; not that there had been a lot of girls. He knew that he couldn’t lose his control. Liz mattered so much to him. He wanted their first time together to be something special, not in his car or anything like that. She deserved so much more than that. “I love you.”

“What?” Liz said quietly as she pulled back to look at him. Did she just hear what she thought she’d heard. Had Max Evans just told her that he loved her? Liz couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. He had, hadn’t he?

Max froze as he realized what he had just blurted out. He couldn’t believe that he had just said that out loud. “Um. . . I love yogurt.”


Max mentally kicked himself as he saw the smile fall from her face. He hated himself for doing that to her. For making her look so dejected. “What I said, was that I love you. I love you, Liz. I’ve loved you for a long time, but I never really thought that we had a chance in hell because of your dad.” he admitted.

Liz laid her head on Max’s shoulder. “Oh, Max. I know that my dad will come around. It’s just been really hard on him. You know, since Mom died and all.” she said softly. He knew what it was like to have a hard time. Max had lost his mother when he’d been younger than her, and than he’d lost his older sister a short time later. He knew exactly what it was like to lose someone.

Max curled her hair in his fingers. He loved the color, and it was so soft. “Yeah, I know. That kind of made me not make any move towards you. I’m a little surprised that you don’t hate Michael or anything. You know, since his brother was driving the car that hit your Mom.” he said quietly, not wanting to upset her by his question.

Liz straightened up and shook her head at him. “What would be the point? It wasn’t Michael that was driving that car, he doesn’t deserve any of the blame. Plus, he seems like a really nice guy. I know that Maria loves him, so that means that he has to be okay. Besides, my mother wasn’t the only one who died in that accident. So did Ryan and Joshua. So did Zan and Paulie. I don’t blame anyone, but I know that Daddy does.”

Max nodded his head. He knew that what Liz had told him was hard for her to say. To mention her two little brothers who had died along with their mother. “I know that my Dad blamed Langley for Mom’s death. I. . . I even think that Dad had something to do with Langley’s death. A little strange that he died so soon after he shot Mom.” he told her, hating to think about that time so long ago. His mother’s death, he knew was something that haunted his father. It had been something that might not even have happened. It had been all that bastard Langley’s fault. Max had heard a lot about the man. Wolf hater who scurried the woods, waiting until any wolves would come and would shot them. The bastard had shot his mother while she had been in wolf form. Langley had taken his mother away from him.

Liz smoothed the hair off of Max’s forehead. She hated to see him in any sort of pain. And she knew that his mother’s death held a lot of pain for him. It had been before her parents had moved them back to Wolf Lake; as she’d been told he had been only eight years old when his mother had been killed. “Oh, Max. I’m so sorry.” she said, as tears formed in her eyes.

Max shook his head. “Liz, don’t cry. Please. It was a long time ago. Mom’s been dead for almost ten years. And Tess has been a good stepmother to us. I mean, she’s not my mom, but I do love her.” he told her.

“I’m sorry. I hate crying. But it’s just so sad. That some humans and wolves hate each other. That they would go to such lengths to hurt the other. My grandparents they hate my father and me. They think that we ruined my mother’s life. A lot of people don’t like me and my Dad. Because my father married a human. Because I’m a mutt. That’s one of the nicest terms I’ve heard.” Liz said quietly.

Max felt anger surge through his body. Her grandparents were fucking assholes. Saying that she ruined her mother’s life. That was wrong in a thousand ways. Those bastards didn’t deserve to even know Liz. And the people who were cruel to Liz; they got him so angry. They had no right. No right at all to talk about her that way. To say anything at all about her. Max wanted to find everyone of them and beat them to a bloody pulp for talking that way about his woman. Liz was so much better than all of them put together.

Liz felt Max’s anger radiating off of him. She ran her hand through his hair, in an effort to calm him down. “Oh, Max. It’s okay. I’m pretty much used to it. I can’t make them change the way that they feel about me. And people like Courtney, Tyler or Doug Shellow are worthless and there are a lot of things I’d rather do than spend time worrying about how they feel about me.”

Max cocked an eyebrow at her. “Oh, exactly what would you rather be doing?” he asked huskily.

Liz licked her lips at his words, she grounded herself into him. “You, Max Evans. I’d rather be doing anything with you, than worrying about them. I love you, Max. From the very first moment that I saw you, I’ve loved you. But I never thought that we would be together. And now that we are, I don’t want to waste anymore time.” she said as she pressed herself against him.

Max bit down on his tongue at her motions. He could feel her breasts pressing against him and he loved it. He so badly wanted to make love to her. To make love to someone that he was in love with. With someone who loved him. “Liz, you don’t know what that does to me. To know that you love me. I love you so much.” he told her just before his mouth covered hers.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Liz clung to him. She wanted him so badly. She didn’t care about anything else, but Max. Wanting to have Max inside of her. Liz opened her mouth wide, and their tongues began to dance with each other. Max’s hands began to move seductively down her back and Liz ran her hands through his thick black hair, pushing him even closer if possible.

As Max continued his torture, Liz ran her hands to his sides and slipped her hands underneath his shirt, loving the feel of his skin on her hands. Hesitantly at first, she began to make small patterns on his skin. Liz wanted to see what he would look like without any shirt on. She imagined herself making patterns on his skin with her tongue. She had a lot of fantasies of things that she wanted to do with him.

Suddenly the passenger door was jarred open.

Liz broke off her kiss with Max and gasped as she saw who it was. “Daddy, I. . . . “ she said shocked as she saw her father giving her the death glare. She knew that she was in some major trouble.

“Get your hands off of my daughter, Evans.” Kyle said in a deadly calm voice. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His daughter and Max Evans. His daughter straddling Max Evans. Oh, geez. There were just some things that a person was never meant to see and this was one of these. But than again, if he hadn’t interfered, he didn’t want to think about what could have happened.

Max reluctantly took his hands off of Liz at Valenti’s words. He knew that he was in deep shit. After all, Valenti was a cop. And cops carried guns. If Max wasn’t careful, Valenti would probably shoot him in the groin for even touching Liz.

“Daddy, I. . . . “ Liz began, not knowing exactly what to say to her father, who looked more pissed off than she had ever seen him before.

Kyle meet his daughter’s eyes. “Don’t say a word. Just come with me.” he told her quietly. He watched in silence as Liz looked at Max before getting out of the car. He saw tears in her eyes and hated that he had caused that. That he had caused his little girl to cry. But this was his little girl and Max Evans had his hands all over her. Max Evans was lucky that Kyle hadn’t kicked his ass for what he’d done. Kyle hated what he was going to tell Liz. But he knew that he had to do it. He had to. He couldn’t let her explore her wolf side. He’d promised Ava that he would make sure that she got the world, and she couldn’t do that if she was stuck in Wolf Lake.

TBC. . . . . .

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Very good question, alienchica. And you will get your answer. *happy*

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Just an hour or so guys. I'm answering your questions at this very moment. *happy* *happy*

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Questions And Answers

Krazykitti, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

mpls muse, Kyle is slowly going to come to terms with Liz making her own decisions. {Hint}

Eccentric One, Well, for Max, it was like that song. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with. Not that he loved the other girls or anything. *wink* Kyle’s not going to send her away or anything. Just the opposite.

roswellluver, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

angelbaby6977, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Eraser Room, I’d originally had the scene with them two just necking and stuff. But I thought that since they love each other, they should open up to each other more. And I really liked the way it came out. But Kyle isn’t going to make Liz leave town or anything. He actually doesn’t have the power to. I couldn’t handle it if Max had participated in any of the sex things in the woods. It was bad enough that I made him lose his virginity to someone else other than Liz. But Max still has a few secrets left.

abbs007, Kyle is only trying to protect his daughter. She’s all that connects him to Ava. And he’s afraid of losing her. But he’s going to realize that he must let her decide how to live her life.

BelevnDreamsToo, Oh, don’t worry. Max and Liz are going to have plenty of other times to make out. *big*

izzylizard, Kyle will realize soon that he must let Liz decide how to live her life, and that he can’t force her to do anything.

Humdinger927, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

behrhugs, Kyle hasn’t been handling his grief very well, but he will have to deal with a lot more in this story and deal with the pain of losing his wife. Well, Maria and Michael aren’t going to have a whole lot of time in this story, there together and pretty much happy. They are still out there in the woods, making out, though.

ashbymh, Kyle will realize soon that he must let Liz decide how to live her life, and that he can’t force her to do anything.

wild_child_uk, Max isn’t about to let anyone stop him from being with Liz anymore. He let himself not do anything before, nothing will keep him away from her now.

TrueLoveConquersAll, Kyle will realize soon that he must let Liz decide how to live her life, and that he can’t force her to do anything. But he doesn’t tell her about what Ava wanted for her.

LittleBit, Nope, Kyle’s not going to ban Liz from leaving the house. And she is going to go to the dance, with her father’s permission, too. *happy*

BrieCrow17, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Angelalien, Kyle’s got some words for his daughter. Hmm, I haven’t decided if I’m going to do what the show did. That having sex helps make the Change come faster.

oObubblesOo, Ava was pregnant with twins, Ryan and Joshua when she died. No, the humans don’t have to abide by the wolf rules. But it’s like, just stay away from them and there won’t be any problems. Langley was a psycho, who thought that the wolves should all be killed.

mandyhanford, No, Kyle won’t hurt Max in any places. Just give the guy some stern warnings later on. *wink*

alienchica, Yup, you will find more about Diane’s death. Kyle is going to realize that he can’t force Liz to live her life the way that he wants her to. His main mission is for his daughter to be happy and get everything she deserves in life. Kyle was the only except for him leaving and staying for so long, even though for the birth of his children he had to come back. But Phillip’s father was previously the Alpha Male and he allowed for Kyle to stay away for so long. But before Phillip’s father died, he made the Valenti’s come back to town.

ps_dreamer, Oh, Ava’s parent’s definitely knew about it, and they hated it so much. Alex is coming up pretty soon, and Isabel’s exact location will be coming up in the story soon. Not too soon. You’ll find out after the party.

Kitcat26, You make perfect sense to me. Kyle is going to realize that Liz is the only one who can decide what to do in her life. But he’s worried about his daughter’s safety, since she wants to be the Alpha Male’s son. Isabel won’t see Tyler again for a week, when he wants her answer. But if you do see her, it’ll be a little bit, not a whole bunch of her. Sherman is going to give Alex a little hint in a coming up chapter, only Alex doesn’t realize it.

Roswelllostcause, Max and Liz will definitely have more time for making out and nookie. No nookie for them yet, but plenty of making out. They are teenagers after all. *big*

Bubbles, Well, I don’t have them making love quite yet. But who knows. I might be inspired to change it.

Adrianna, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Alright. New chapters coming up very soon. Just need to check it over first. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

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Dedicated to: Krazykitti (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , mpls muse, Eccentric One, roswellluver, angelbaby6977, Eraser Room, abbs007, BelevnDreamsToo, izzylizard, Humdinger927, behrhugs, ashbymh, wild_child_uk, TrueLoveConquersAll, LittleBit, BrieCrow17, Angelalien, oObubblesOo (TWICE) *happy* , mandyhanford, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , ps_dreamer, Kitcat26, Roswelllostcause, Bubbles, Adrianna.

Note: So I don't know if I wrote the part with Liz and her Dad very well. I don't know how father-daughter relationships work, so I'm a tad bit clueless. Other than TV ones. LOL.


Chapter 12

“Jeez, Dad. Calm down!” Liz protested as her father drove angrily away in the police car. Liz had never seen her father quite so angry before in her life. The closest she seen him this was had been to her grandparents after her mother had died.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Elizabeth. I just caught my little girl making out with Max Evans. What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to do?” Kyle said, tightening his hands on the steering wheel. He didn’t want to think about how he had found his daughter.

Liz sighed angrily. “I haven’t done anything that you haven’t done before. I know all about you and Mrs. Evans. I know that you used to date her; that the two of you were caught making out all of the time. I know that you were even engaged to her before you dumped her. So don’t try to make me feel bad.”

Kyle glanced at his daughter in surprise. They rarely fought, but these past few months they had been fighting, and he was getting worried about it. “I was never engaged to Tess. But yes, the other things you said are true. Your mother was the only woman that I ever loved.” he informed his daughter sadly, as he thought about his beautiful wife.

“Well, sometimes it seems like your being a hypocrite. It was okay for you to be involved with all of this. But it’s not okay for me. I— I love Max, Daddy. I want to be with him. If he was a human, I’d still want to be with him. You know what that’s like. It was the same for you and Mom wasn’t it?” she asked softly, as she felt tears form in her eyes. She wanted her father to understand what she was talking about, what she was going through. She wanted him to know that what she felt for Max was something serious. That her feelings for him ran deep.

Kyle nodded as his memories came flooding back to him. “Yes, I loved her so much. I’d never loved anyone quite like I loved your mother. I’ve never known anyone quite like Ava. I’d never really associated with humans. Never wanted to. I was still dating Tess when the principal forced me to participate in the school play as part of a punishment. I don’t think I ever thanked old Mr. Crowley.” he said with a small smile.

Liz didn’t say anything. She’d never really known the specifics of her parents falling in love. Liz always got the feeling that it’d been as scary at the same time happy. The only wolf ever to marry a human, have children with a human. She knew that things must not have been quite so easy for her parents.

“They were doing Romeo and Juliet. Ava was Juliet. I’d never seen anyone quite as beautiful as her. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had the vaguest feelings for her. I didn’t want to think that I had feelings for a human. Until one night after practice Ava’s car broke down, so I gave her a ride on my motorcycle. I can still remember the looks on her parents faces when I brought Ava home. Especially after I kissed her. Shocked is an understatement.” Kyle continued, lost in his own world.

Liz remembered her grandparents, Bobby and Meredith Delanie. She’d seen them only a handful of times throughout her life. The last time had been at her mother’s funeral when she was twelve years old. They’d look down their noses at her. Called her, her father’s child.

“If we had it our way, than Ava would never have had you or stayed in this damn town! You and your father ruined it all for Ava. We don’t want to have anything to do with you. You are your father’s child. You ruined Ava’s life. Stay away from us, you disgusting monster.” Meredith spat out, giving Liz a hateful look.

“Finally, I couldn’t keep quite to myself anymore. I told Tess that I was in love with Ava. Boy, she didn’t take it very well. I told Ava that I loved her. She was a little bit scared. She’d heard all the rumors about what we did in the woods and I confessed all to her. She was shocked but she wasn’t disgusted by it. But when I actually talked about it; said it out loud. I was disgusted. I’d done so many wrong things. I hurt people.” Kyle continued.

Liz didn’t say anything at her father’s words. She was surprised that he was actually telling her about what had happened so long ago when he’d been her age. She’d wondered about all of this for so long and now she knew. The idea of her father hurting someone was so incomprehensible. Her father wasn’t the type of person to hurt someone. He never had. Liz couldn’t help but wonder if that still went on in the woods. Had Max ever hurt someone like her father was telling her he had?

Kyle was still lost in his world of the past. “Ava and I had barely started dating when Tess told me that she was pregnant. I didn’t believe her for one second. I was damn sure that it was a ploy. Than the shit began to hit the fans. Everyone knew about us and people started messing with Ava. Slashing her tires, toilet papering her house, things like that. She was scared and her parents were pissed off. They told me to stay away from her but I couldn’t.” he told her, as he pulled into the driveway to their large house.

Liz couldn’t help but ask. “What about Mrs. Evans? I mean, Tess? Was she really pregnant or not?” Liz didn’t really know what to think about that revelation. Her father had sex with Max’s stepmother. She didn’t want to think about it, but what if she had a brother or a sister somewhere out there?

Kyle looked at her, as if shocked to see her. Than he shook his head. “No, she wasn’t. I mean, she never had a baby or anything. So I know she lied about it.” he rubbed his forehead with his hands, surprised and shocked about what he had told his daughter. He hadn’t realized what he’d been talking about; he’d been so immersed in the past.

“I’m sorry that I got so off track, Lizzie. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about you and Max. I don’t know him very well, and I’m sure that he’s a nice guy, but he’s a wolf and I don’t want you involved with him.” Kyle told her softly. He’d promised Ava; he’d promised her right before she died to make sure that Liz was safe. And Kyle got the feeling that Liz wouldn’t be safe with Max. She wouldn’t!

Liz sighed as she watched her father turn off the car. They sat there in the silence for several moments before Liz finally found her voice. “But I love him, Daddy. And he loves me. You can’t keep us apart. We want to be together.” she said quietly. She knew that by what she was telling him that he might find it hard to believe.

For a moment, Kyle couldn’t breathe. His daughter had just told him that she was in love with Max Evans. He didn’t know how he was supposed to respond to that. His little girl wasn’t old enough to be in love. Shut up, Kyle, he told himself. He had been the same age she was when he had fallen in love with Ava. Hell, he’d been younger when he had started dating and sleeping with Tess. “Liz, I hate to say this, but are you sure that he’s just not using you? Seeing if you will change. I’m sorry if I’m hurting you, but someone has to say this.”

Liz shook her head adamantly. “You’re wrong, daddy. Max, he’s not using me. He loves me, he told me so. And I believe him. He even broke up with Courtney for me. Please, Daddy. Don’t tell me that I can’t see him. I don’t think I could handle it if you did that.” she told him, with tears in her eyes.

Kyle hated seeing the look of sadness in his daughter’s eyes. Over the years, he had told himself that what he was doing was the right thing for her. That it was best to keep her away from his wolf heritage. It had been what he and Ava wanted; they wanted Liz to have a normal life, to be able to do everything, but still things had turned out with Liz interested in her background.

His daughter was in love with Max Evans and there was nothing that he could do about it. If he tried to keep Liz away from him, it would only make her turn to Max more. And Kyle could be pushing her away from him. He didn't want to lose his daughter. She was the only thing that he had left that connected him to Ava. He wanted her happy and if Max was responsible for that, than he didn’t think that he could honestly stop them from being together.

“Oh, Lizzie. Please don’t cry. I do realize that you are nearly eighteen years old, but you’re my baby girl. You’re my daughter, and I don’t want to lose you. These past few months that we’ve been arguing have been hard. I want you to be happy. And if you honestly think that you will be happy with Max, than I can’t stop you. I’ve tried to keep you away from your wolf side, but I can’t anymore. So I’m going to let you see Max. I can’t control you and it’s wrong of me to try.” Kyle told his daughter, after a moment. Though he was scared shitless about what he had just told her, he knew that it was the only right thing for him to do. It was Liz’s life after all.

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. Her father had relented. Her father was allowing her to date Max. She knew that it must have been hard for him to agree to that. “Daddy, thank you. Thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to me.” she said, as she hugged her father.

As Kyle hugged his daughter, he knew that what he had told her was the right thing, but he couldn’t help but feel that things weren’t going to be okay for them. People might not be happy, just as they hadn't been happy when he'd been with Ava. Kyle knew that he still had to deal with his own feelings about his wolf self, but he didn't want to think about it right now. He had a nagging feeling that all wasn't going to be well.


Max walked into his father’s office with a mission. He had several things that he wanted to talk to his father about. One being Isabel, and another being Liz. He wasn’t going to allow his father to pull any bullshit over him. “I want to see Isabel!”

Phillip looked up from the computer screen and rubbed his forehead with his hand. “Max, you know that I can’t do that. Everything is still a mess, Max. This is ripping me in half, having to do this to the two of you. You’re my children and I love you. But I’m not supposed to let anyone see Isabel. Though I’ve let Tess and Tyler. After all, Tyler is her fiancé. There’s no sign that Isabel is going to stay in town. And unfortunately that makes her a liability. I’m sorry, Max.”

Max shook his head. He knew that his father was doing what he was supposed to as the leader. But it still hurt that his father wouldn’t allow for him to see his own sister. Isabel was the only sister that he had left since Laurie’s death. “Tyler isn’t Isabel’s fiancé. She dumped his ass when she left town. She’s engaged to Whitman.” he said, wanting to challenge his father.

“Max, don’t start with me about that. Isabel knew exactly what she was doing when she got involved with Whitman. She lied to him every day that she was with him. I hate what I’m doing to her, but it is my duty as Alpha Male. The same thing would be happening to someone else if they had left like Isabel did. But there’s not much that I can do, Max. If Isabel married Tyler, than it would show that she has no intention of ever leaving. And if she doesn’t prove that she has an allegiance to the pack, than she’s going to stay where she’s at. Guarded, and not seeing anyone at all.” Phillip informed his son, hating the way that it sounded coming out of his mouth. He really did hate what he was doing, but it was his duty. He hated thinking of his poor daughter locked in that cabin, only going outside for an hour, once a week.

“I want to see Isabel. She’s my sister. She’s the only sister that I have left, since Laurie died. Why didn’t you and Tess ever have children?” Max wondered, even though he knew that it really wasn’t any of his business. He wished so much that he had a big family. That he had brothers and sisters, but it had never happened.

Phillip looked at his son surprised. That was one question that he hadn’t been expecting from his son. For a moment, Phillip contemplated not telling his son. But Max was eighteen years old and he deserved to be treated like an adult. “Tess had a bad miscarriage years ago. And afterwards, she told me that she didn’t want to have any children. I think that she was just scared about losing another child, so she didn’t want to try. And now, it’s too late.”

Max nodded at his father’s words. He knew that it really hadn’t been his business to ask anyway. “Sorry for asking. It’s not really my business, I just always wondered about it. I’m in love with Liz Valenti, Dad.”

Phillip swallowed hard at his son’s sudden change of topic. “Yeah, I know. Sherman, he told me that you dumped Courtney Renger. Can’t say that I don’t blame you; she always seemed a little bit off kilter. I’ve always thought that Liz was a nice, smart girl. You couldn’t have chosen a better girl to fall in love with.”

Max smiled at his father’s words. “Yeah. We were together tonight and uh— the Sheriff caught us.” he said, wincing as he thought back to it. Max thought that he was damn lucky that he had come out of that alive.

Phillip couldn’t help but wince at the image that came to his mind. But it was also a little funny. Phillip stifled a laugh. “It’s kinda funny, Max. Let’s just say that is not the impression that you wanted to make on Kyle Valenti. It’s going to take a lot for Kyle to come around on you seeing his daughter. If your going to be making out with his daughter, make sure you do it where your not going to get caught.” he said, with a grin on his face.

“It’s nice to see that my father is smiling over my misfortune. He very well could have blown my balls off and my father thinks it’s funny. I guess that’s my cue to go to bed.” Max said with a smile. He felt a little bit better after talking to his father. Though he was still upset about the whole Isabel thing. He knew that his father was only doing what he had to do, but he couldn’t help but be upset that there wasn’t anything that he could do. Max hated to feel helpless to do anything at all. Especially when it concerned people that he loved.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Bubbles originally wrote:
come on post post post!!! please..........nookie......or symptons are her turning anything.....or how about kinky max??? lol. you love me admit it.

No nookie for our dreamers yet. Making out though. *wink* No symptoms. A kinky Max?? Definitely. *big*

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Questions And Answers

roswellluver, Just cause Liz got Kyle agreeing, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. *wink*

BelevnDreamsToo, Just cause Liz got Kyle agreeing, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. *wink* Phillip’s finding it easier to do things now that he knows that he’s going to die. He doesn’t want to do anything more that he will regret.

angelbaby6977, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

ps_dreamer, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Tabasco Liz, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

TrueLoveConquersAll, You’ll find details about Tess’ miscarriage a little while later in the story. But yes, the baby was in fact Kyle’s.

wild_child_uk, Hmm, your ideas are quite good. But things aren’t going to be quite as easy as that, though. BTW, Love your pic of Alec. *wink*

Lucky Star, Oh, yeah. Things are going to get majorly interesting.

Rim, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

mpls muse, It will take a lot to soften up Kyle’s attitude. Liz’s relationship with Max is going to help. *wink* Among other things.

BrieCrow17, A little M/M action? I’ll see what I can do. *wink* Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

frenchkiss70, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Kitcat26, I’m going into a soap opera territory? Sorry, I love the soaps. Ava’s parents might be making there way into the story. Not too sure yet. All the little sub plots have helped make the characters into who they are now. Ava’s death influenced Kyle. Diane’s death influenced the whole Evans family. Tess’ miscarriage influenced her. All of the things are very very important to the story. *wink*

Roswelllostcause, Phillip doesn’t want to have his last months fighting or anything. Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

gizmo, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Juliette, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

KEmperor, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Krazykitti, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

mandyhanford, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

alienchica, Kyle knows from past experience (from dating Ava) that Liz would just turn to Max, and he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. So he consented even though he still has mixed feelings about it all. More about Tess’ miscarriage will be coming out in later chapters. *happy*

LittleBit, Just cause Liz got Kyle agreeing, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. *wink* BTW, Love your Alec pic.

Bubbles, No nookie, but making out. *wink* No symptoms at this point of the story. Kinky Max? Definitely.

Jiggers, Thanks for the feedback. *happy* *happy*

Eraser Room, Tess’ miscarriage really messed her up. You’ll find out more in later chapters. She really wanted her baby. And when Kyle didn’t believe her that she was pregnant, she said good riddance to him, even though she still loved him. While Kyle (along with others) did hurt some people, it wasn’t an all too regular occurrence. Oh, yeah. The party is coming up pretty soon. Not yet though. I’m going to show a little bit more of each character.

New part should be up in a little while.

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Dedicated to: roswellluver, BelevnDreamsToo, angelbaby6977, ps_dreamer, Tabasco Liz, TrueLoveConquersAll, wild_child_uk, Lucky Star, Rim, mpls muse, BrieCrow17, frenchkiss70, Kitcat26, Roswelllostcause, gizmo, Juliette, KEmperor, Krazykitti (TWICE) *happy* , mandyhanford, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , LittleBit, Bubbles, Jiggers, Eraser Room.

Note: The last line of the chapter comes from a comment by oObubblesOo. I just had to put it somewhere in here.

Chapter 13

“Surprise seeing you here, Mr. Whitman.” Sherman said with a smile at the young man. He still didn’t know why Alex Whitman was important. Sherman couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t as if Whitman was a wolf. He couldn't be. Could he be part wolf? The only half wolf-half human was Liz Valenti. Well, if Whitman was part wolf than he had to have been born outside of town. But who knew? His visions were usually right, but sometimes there was a hidden meaning in them that he had to find.

Alex gave Sherman a smile. “Sorry for just walking on in this way. But I was interested in talking to you.” he said. He knew that the older man probably had some answers to his questions.

“So what were you interested in talking about? Who won the Hundred Year’s War? Who really shot the Sheriff in that Eric Clapton song? How the hell Jon Bon Jovi’s hair continues to look so fabulous after all this time?” Sherman said, with an affable grin.

Alex shook his head. “No to all three. You know, the whole reason that I came to Wolf Lake was because of my anonymous caller. He was an older man, and informed me that he dropped Isabel off at Wolf Lake. Says that he saw her poster at a Diamond Shamrock. You have any idea about that?” he questioned. Alex couldn’t help the suspicion that he had; that Sherman had been his caller.

Sherman shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly. He’d allow Whitman to come to a conclusion without any help. “Sorry, I don’t know anything about that. Do you really think that Isabel is somewhere in town?” he asked, his dark eyes meeting Alex’s. Sherman searched for some sign that could clue him into why Alex would be important. The feeling wasn’t going away, it only became stronger as he looked at the young man.

“I don’t know if she’s in town or not. But I can’t help but feel that she is. Why else would no one want to help me? The posters that I gave to Sheila at the Lodge aren’t posted anywhere. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think that everyone in this town knew exactly who I was looking for and they didn’t want to tell me. Evans told me as much.” Alex said, cocking an eyebrow at the older man.

“Phillip is a good man; he’s one of my oldest friends. He loves his children more than anything else. He’d die for them.” Sherman said quietly. Well, Phillip was going to die anyway, but still. Sherman knew that it had practically destroyed Phillip when he had to end Laurie’s suffering all those years ago.

Alex knew that if he was a father he would do the same thing. He had dreamed about having children with Isabel. Even before he had asked her to marry him. He’d wanted a daughter that looked exactly like her with her blonde hair and her beautiful amber eyes. “Yeah, I think that every father is that way to their kids.”

“Oh, is that the way that your father is?” Sherman asked, wanting to know more about where exactly this young man came from. If he had any kind of ties to Wolf Lake or not.

Alex nodded. “Yeah, my parents they were great. They were older parents. They— uh, I was adopted by them. My biological parents or mother, or whoever, dumped me at a orphanage in Denver when I was only three months old.” he told the man. It used to hurt when he thought about it. But not anymore. Katherine and Thomas Whitman had been the best parents to him. And they had never abandoned him like his real parents had.

Sherman’s interest piqued at Whitman’s confession. So, his real parents had dropped him off at an orphanage. Maybe Whitman was connected to Wolf Lake after all. But how could he be? Sherman would have been a teenager when Alex had been born. Sherman wasn’t sure if Whitman really was a wolf. Or he could be part wolf. He could have been born in secret to a wolf and human. “Have you ever found your real parents?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders. “Who cares about them? They left me. My parents were enough for me. I’m not going to stop until I find Isabel. And it seems that people in this town are hiding something, and if it has something to do with Isabel than I’m going to find out.” he said, changing the subject away from parents and back to the important subject: Isabel.

Sherman nodded. The idea of Alex staying in town was exactly what he wanted. Maybe he should give Alex some clues to try to investigate. Something to make Alex stay interested in finding some answers. To help him get closer to find Isabel, not that Sherman knew exactly where Isabel was anyway. He had a good idea though. “You know the cemetery is a nice place to visit. Kind of morbid, I know, but it’s always been a nice peaceful place to visit. And if you’re interested in gravestone rubbing, there are the graves from when the town was founded way back when.” he told the younger man.

Alex frowned at Sherman’s words. Why the hell would he care about the god damn cemetery? Unless Sherman was trying to tell him something. Hmm, did Sherman know something? Were there answers in the cemetery? “You know, I’m wondering what someone’s name is. Tall, dark blonde haired guy about my age, with a goatee, and gray eyes. He was with two other guys. You happen to know his name?” There was just something about the guy that Alex didn’t like. The way that the guy had looked at him; as if he knew something that Alex didn’t.

Sherman nodded his head. He knew exactly who Alex was referring to. “That man is Tyler Creed. And the two others are Doug Shellow and Nicholas Creed, Tyler’s younger brother. Tyler’s one of the wealthier people in town. Old money and all.” he said. So Alex had meet Creed. Surprising nothing bad had happened to him yet. Bad things always seemed to happen when someone got in Tyler Creed’s way.

“Tyler Creed. Hmm, don’t recall Isabel ever mentioning him to me. But. . . “ Alex went off. He was thinking that maybe Creed had been the one that Isabel had been involved with. It was just a hunch, considering the way that Creed had looked at him. Isabel hadn’t ever mentioned him.

“But what?” Sherman asked quietly, wondering what Whitman was going to say.

Alex shook his head, and than he thought about it for a moment. “I was wondering if Creed had been involved with Isabel when she was living in town. Do you know if she was?” he asked curiously, unable to help himself.

“Yes, they dated when Isabel was in town. But I don’t know why Isabel left. She just left all of a sudden. I never saw her again.” Sherman replied. Sherman felt awfully bad for Alex. It seemed like he truly loved Isabel. But no one was giving him much answers about her. Or anything remotely involving Isabel.

“Creed doesn’t seem like someone you can trust.” Alex stated. He hated the guy already. Creed had dated his woman and he didn’t like that one bit. Shut up Alex, he told himself. He was acting like a Neanderthal. He knew that Isabel wasn’t a child when he dated her and he really didn’t have any right to start getting upset because of her past boyfriend.

“Mr. Blackstone, I have a question? Oh, am I interrupting something?” Courtney asked as she walked into the room. She tried to keep her face passive as she saw that the human was talking to Mr. Blackstone. And they had been talking about Tyler Creed. Hmm, maybe Creed should know about what she’d overheard.

Alex smiled at Sherman. “I should be going. I’ve got things to do. Thanks for answering my questions. I’ll see you around.” he said, as he walked out of the room. Walking down the hall, he noticed several kids at their lockers looking at him. Alex cocked an eyebrow at them, as he strolled out of the building. Some people in this town were mighty strange.


Liz hummed softly to herself as she fixed her lipstick. She was still giddy over her father finally allowing her to see Max. She was just still so happy about it. Liz knew that it mustn’t have been easy for him. But she and Max were together and Courtney was out of the picture, and life was fantastic.

There was still two days until the party. She had to go get a dress with Maria. She wanted something beautiful and something that was completely different from everyone else’s. Maria said that usually girls wore some kind of red, pink, or white dress. And as much as Liz loved the color red, she didn’t want to wear that color. She wanted to be different. She wanted to stand out. Since everyone always liked to treat her differently, she might as well wear something different.

“Well, well, well, who do we have here?” Courtney sneered as she entered the bathroom. Just her luck, she got to see the half breed whore who had stole her boyfriend from her. The half breed who Max claimed that he was in love with. The stupid fucking bastard.

Liz cocked an eyebrow at Courtney and gave her a fake smile. “Well, nice seeing you again, Courtney. To what do I owe this pleasure?” she said, as she put her lipstick away into her makeup bag. Her day had been going so well, and now the blonde skank was going to ruin it for her.

“So, you think that you have Max? Just because he says that broke up with me? Hmm, didn’t you see the scratches on his arm? Max always loves it when I draw blood when we’re having sex. You should have seen what I did to his back. I clawed it up pretty good.” Courtney said with an evil grin. She saw the look of shock in Liz’s eyes and felt happy at knowing that she had caused that.

Liz rolled her eyes at Courtney’s words. She decided to call Courtney’s bluff. “Oh, Courtney, sweetie. We both know that you didn’t do anything at all to Max’s back. I should know. I saw it myself. It was flawless. It’s so pathetic when one has to lie about sex. I know for a fact that Max hasn’t touched you in months.”

Courtney bit down on her tongue at Liz’s words. Stupid mutt, she thought to herself. “Oh, is that what he told you? Yeah, right. Max can’t keep his hands off of me. He can be such an animal sometimes. He loves the rough stuff; you should see the bruises that he gives me when we’re having sex.”

“Jeez, you are so pathetic. Courtney, do you remember in freshman year when all your clothes were stolen from gym class and you were shoved into a locker. And you stayed trapped in there until Mr. Johnson from Maintenance sawed off the lock and got you out, naked and hysterical?” Liz asked, her lips curling into a smile as she thought about it. She, Maria and Serena had a lot of funny doing that.

Courtney’s eyes narrowed to lethal slits at Liz’s words. “You. I knew it was you, but I couldn’t prove it.” The little slut had been responsible for the most humiliating experience of her life. She hated Liz Valenti so much. She wanted to rip her throat out.

“Actually it was Maria, but that’s only because I lost the draw. But it was all my idea. Except for calling Mr. Johnson. That was Serena’s idea. Now, are you going to leave me the hell alone, or will I have to rip off that ugly shirt you have on and send you out of here naked and hysterical again?” Liz said snidely.

Courtney moved closer to Liz, until they were barely an inch away. “You bitch! I should kick your fucking pathetic mutt ass.” she threatened.

Liz pushed the taller girl away from her. “You know, Courtney the only problem with kicking the shit out of you is that it would be too easy. You’re the pathetic one. You had someone like Max, and you fucked around with practically everyone else. Coming on to Michael, I even know about you and Sean. Max finally got smart and dumped your cheap whore ass.”

“I hate you!” Courtney screeched as she lurched forward to try to grab Liz’s hair.

Liz easily stepped away from the agitated girl.

“What the hell is going on?” Maria exclaimed as she entered the bathroom, and saw Courtney Renger trying to attack Liz. Maria turned to Serena Francis— one of the few humans that Maria was friends with— and shrugged her shoulders as she realized what was going on. “Courtney, what are you trying to go after Liz now? I didn’t know that you hopped sideways. Liz doesn’t, keep your skanky ass away from my friend, or I will beat you down. Like I did the night that you came onto my boyfriend. You know not to fuck with me, Courtney.”

Courtney narrowed her eyes at Maria; she blew out an angry breathe. “Oh, fuck all of you! You better watch your back, Liz!” she said as she hurried out of the bathroom, a furious look on her face.

Maria shook her head as she watched the girl leave the room. “Courtney is definitely a few tacos short of a combination plate.”

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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KEmperor originally wrote:
Good part, although I would have preferred for Liz and Courtney to actually have it out. Maria has a human friend she hangs out with? I thought the wolves and humans didn't usually associate like that.

Serena is mostly Liz's friend, but Serena is friendly with Maria also. *happy*
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Nope, Alex is not Tess and Kyle's son. Alex is 28 years old, while Tess and Kyle are about 36, 37 years old. Tess really did lose Kyle's baby. I'll be getting into that a little later on.

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Dedicated to: KEmperor (FOUR TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* , Eraser Room, Kitcat26, roswellluver, LittleBit, Adrianna (FOUR TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* , behrhugs, BelevnDreamsToo (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , ps_dreamer, b4echstarrynite, Twilighteyes1974, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , oObubblesOo (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , mpls muse, wild_child_uk, izzylizard (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Krazykitti (FOUR TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* , Juliette, icequeenfan (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Bubbles (TWICE) *happy* , Jozmaharmon, TrueLoveConquersAll, BrieCrow17, Jiggers, mandyhanford.

Note: So Alex is not Tess and Kyle’s kid. His biological parents might not be explored for awhile, since I’ve decided for Alex to find Isabel sooner than originally planned. And no nookie between Max and Liz. And trust me Courtney will get exactly what she deserves. ::Insert secretive evil laughter:: And the party will be happening at least by Ch. 22, according to my timeline. I’ve got parts with other characters, like Isabel, Kyle, Tess and Phillip. As well as Max and Liz. The next part will certainly not be out for awhile. I haven’t finished the next chapter. I planned to finish it last night but had to pull a double shift. But I’ll have it done at least by Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for everything guys.


Chapter 14

“What’s the difference between cucumbers and men?” Liz asked Alex softly, as she set down the pecan pie in front of him. She just wanted to forget about the stupid fight with Courtney at school. She wasn’t even worth it. Liz was waiting for Max to come by the Lodge; he’d had Maria give Liz his note.

Alex shrugged his shoulders. He’d come by like he’d promised. Liz was one of the few nice people to him. He liked the kid. “I don’t know what?” he asked softly.

Liz began counting on her fingers. “The average cucumber is at least 6 inches long. Cucumbers stay hard for a week. Cucumbers never suffer from performance anxiety. Cucumbers are easy to pick up. A cucumber won’t ask: ‘Am I the first?’ A cucumber doesn’t care if you’re a virgin. A cucumber won’t tell other cucumbers you’re a virgin. Cucumbers can handle rejection.”

Alex howled with laughter at her words. He’d heard a lot of jokes before. The advantage of being a police officer, he thought. But this girl had told him one he’d never heard before. “That’s a good one. I never heard that one before.”

Liz smirked at him. “You’re turn. You tell me a joke.”

“Alright. What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann and the Pillsbury Dough Boy?” Alex asked with a smile. Maybe the reason he liked her was because she was one of the few people in town that he thought wouldn’t lie to him about Isabel.

Liz shrugged her shoulders.

“A red headed bitch with yeast infection. I know, it’s stupid. My buddy Grant told me it.” Alex told her with a smile. Alex decided to change the subject and ask her about Isabel. Casually, chewing a piece of pie, he looked at her seriously. “So did you know Isabel?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah. I knew her. Not very well, though. I mean, she’s older than me. But I do remember that she was really nice to me after my mother died. She told me that things would get better. I never forgot what she told me.” she informed him softly. Isabel had been nice to her so long ago, and she hoped that one day she would be able to do something for Isabel.

Alex nodded his head. “Do you remember if she had any boyfriends or anything?” he asked nonchalantly. He knew that Isabel had been involved with Creed, but he wanted to get an idea of what had gone down from someone else. Alex knew that his imagination might be running away with him. But he got the feeling that Creed had something to do with Isabel’s disappearance. He was thinking that Creed had her kidnaped, probably by that guy who was missing his hand.

Liz didn’t say anything for several moments. She didn’t know how exactly she was supposed to respond. She felt so badly for Alex. She thought that maybe he should know. Maybe he should be with Isabel. The differences between Alex and Isabel could be overlooked. If she never turned, than wouldn’t her and Max’s differences be looked over? At least she hoped so.

Finally Liz nodded her head. “Yeah, I do. She dated Tyler Creed for a few years before leaving town. I. . . It was pretty serious, Alex. They were supposed to get married.” she said softly, hoping that no one had overheard what she had told him.

Alex couldn’t believe what he had been told. Isabel had been engaged to marry Tyler Creed. The idea that Isabel had been engaged to the guy, Alex just couldn’t believe that. Isabel had never said any word about him. Something must have changed the way that she had felt about him. If she had ran away from him before they had gotten married.

Alex leaned forward in his chair. “Isabel was engaged to marry Tyler Creed.” he stated softly. He was just having such trouble grasping at it. His Isabel had been engaged to someone else.

Liz nodded as she looked around the room cautiously. “Yes, she was. It was three years ago when she left. She left right before her wedding. I. . . the only reason I’m telling you is because no one else will. There are things that they don’t want you to know, Alex. You seem like a really nice guy and I can tell that you really love Isabel, that’s why I’m telling you this.”

“Why don’t they want me to know this?” Alex asked curiously. What was so secretive about Isabel once being engaged to Creed? And why had Liz whispered this piece of information to him. He was getting so suspicious of people in this town. It was like everyone knew the secret and they didn’t want for him to know. It was starting to piss him off. But he wasn’t going to push Liz into telling him. She had already told him enough information. Maybe he should go back and talk to Valenti or even visit Tyler Creed, himself.

“Hey, I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Serena Francis asked, making her presence known to the two, who looked like they were engaged in a serious conversation.

Liz smiled warmly at her red haired friend. Serena Francis was one of her closest friends. Serena wasn’t a wolf, but that hadn’t stopped her from being friends with Maria and Liz. Serena was about average height, with full lips and her straight red-blonde hair swirled past her shoulders, with deep mossy green eyes. Looking between Alex and Serena, she said. “You know, the two of you almost have the same eye color.”

Serena rolled her eyes at Liz, she turned and smiled at Alex. “This is a sign that Liz has been working way too long. She’s not making anymore sense. Though she is kind of right.” she said to the older man.

“Alex Whitman.” Alex introduced himself to the girl.

Serena laughed. “Duh. I know that already. Everyone knows who you are. Going into church the way that you did. I’m Serena Francis.”

“Nice to meet you. I don’t remember seeing you at the church. You one of the lucky ones who escaped?” Alex replied, thinking about the way that he hadn’t liked church. Having to stay sitting on his butt for so long, hearing a boring sermon. Wishing that he was at home in his own bed, having X rated dreams.

“We don’t go to that church. Mom takes us to the other church.” Serena told him. Her mother didn’t want to have anything to do with the wolves. Serena didn’t quite understand it. Though Liz and Kyle were two people that her mother seemed to like. Serena knew that it was only because Kyle had tried to forget all about his wolf background. Her mother, Genie, tried to discourage any type of friendship with a wolf. Her mother even hated to be in the same room as one, with the exception of Liz and Kyle, of course.

“Oh, I didn’t know that there were two different churches.” Alex said, surprised by this. Why on Earth would a small town like Wolf Lake have two different churches? It didn’t make much sense to him. But than again, some things in this town didn’t. “So what’s with all the wolf stuff in this town?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on. In a town called Wolf Lake what else would you expect? This town was founded back in the late 1800's. They say by a division of the Ute Indians, who were unhappy by the way things were going in their tribe. What?” Liz asked, as she became aware of them looking at her.

“Where did you learn that stuff?” Alex asked curiously. It was interesting to say the least. Indians had founded the town? Maybe he should ask Sherman about it. After all, Sherman was a teacher and might know more about it.

“Maria told me that Mr. Blackstone told them that in class. He’s a really smart man. I just wish that I had him for a class.” Liz explained, shrugging her shoulders. The only people that had Mr. Blackstone for a class were all wolves, and while she knew that Mr. Blackstone had talked to her father about her being in the class, she knew that he refused. Mr. Blackstone was a special case in Wolf Lake. He had a gift that even the wolves had to acknowledge. The same as his father.

“And this son, Eddie is a total babe. He’s like to die for. I mean, have you seen Eddie without a shirt on. The muscles on that boy.” Serena said with a dreamy smile. Her lust for Eddie was something known among her friends. He was just too fine, but unfortunately Serena suspected that Eddie had a major jones for Liz. Not that she could blame Liz or anything. Liz was a great person.

Alex groaned. “Oh, am I going to have to hear all about your teenage crushes? Please God save me.” Alex mocked, only to earn a swat from Serena.

“Oh, don’t tell me that you never had a crush on anyone when you were our age? What was that a few years ago?” Liz retorted. If he said no, she knew that he’d be lying. She remembered who her first crush was. That was Max. She’d fallen for him at the tender age of nine years old. She’d fallen for him when she first came to town. But of course, she’d kept it to herself.

“Alright. My first crush was on Nancy Bartlett; she was nineteen to my thirteen. She was the hot life guard at the pool. You wouldn’t believe the way that she looked in a bathing suit.” Alex said, grinning at the thought of her. He hadn’t thought about her in years. Thinking back to it, she wasn’t anything compared to his goddess Isabel. Nancy was a distant second to his Isabel.

“Am I interrupting anything?” Max asked amused as he made his presence known. He hadn’t expected to get here so late, but he’d finally made it. He was anxious to find out what had happened with the Sheriff. Max bit down on his tongue, trying not to let the overwhelming jealousy consume him. He didn’t know why Whitman was here talking to his girl.

A heart stopping smile spread across Liz’s face when she heard his voice. “Max.” she said, as she quickly made her way around the counter and practically threw her arms around Max’s neck.

“I missed you.” Max told her softly as he kept her close to him, inhaling her sweet vanilla and strawberry smell. She smelled so good, that it took all of his willpower not to attack her. “So what happened with your dad?”

Liz reluctantly drew away from him. “My dad and I, we talked a little bit. And he agreed. He agreed to let me see you. He finally realized that I should be the one to make the decisions in my life. That he can’t force me to do anything. I mean, we haven’t talked about the party or anything. But I don’t think that he will have a big problem with me going with you.”

A relieved smile crossed his face. “He agreed? Geez, after last night I would have thought that he would have sent you away or something, after he shot off my balls. But this. . . it just makes me really happy. Nothing and no one can stop us from being together.” he told her happily.

“I know. Isn’t it great!” Liz exclaimed.

“So what are you doing tonight? Do you want me to come pick you up after your shift? And the two of us can spend some time together. Hopefully we won’t get caught in an uncompromising position again.” Max said, grinning wickedly at her.

Liz shook her head. “No, actually Larry told me that I could leave early. So when Maria gets here, the three of us are going to do find a dress. I’ll see you tomorrow, though.” she told him, hating that she wouldn’t be spending any time with him tonight. But she wanted to get a dress that he would love.

“Max, are you done pawing at my friend? Maria and I are going to take her dress shopping. She wants to look fab for you. So hurry up and say your goodbyes, or you’re going to make me change your mind about making Liz go shopping with us.” Serena injected to the happy couple. Max and Liz were so cute together. They totally fit together.

Liz glared at Serena before turning her attention back to Max. “Just forget her. She’s just jealous that she’s not getting any action. I’ll see you tomorrow, at school. I’ll make it worth your while.” she promised, as she pressed her body against his.

“Anything for you. Only if you promise to meet me at lunch time.” Max told her gently nipping at her earlobe.

“Of course, I’ll meet you.” she said as she ran her fingers through his hair. Hmm, she liked this. Being in his arms out in the open. With everyone knowing about them. That they were together. She could feel the stares of everyone on them.

“I love you, Liz.” Max told her softly, as he reluctantly drew away from her. Instantly losing her warmth and smell.

“I love you, too.” Liz whispered, not wanting everyone to hear them. She hated that he was leaving, but if he didn’t leave right now, than she would never find a dress for the party. “You better leave, otherwise your date is going to be wearing a paper bag.” she threatened.

Max cocked an eyebrow at her. “You’d look sexy in a paper bag. Hell, you look sexy in just about anything. You know, I’ve had little fantasies about you and this uniform. Hmm, we’ll just have to act them out when we’re alone. See you later, baby.” he said, kissing her softly before leaving the room.

Liz watched as he left. Geez, the things that Max did to her. He stirred up so much inside of her. Liz couldn’t help but wonder what his little fantasies were. They would definitely have to act them out, she thought smiling as she turned back to Alex and Serena.

“So is he your boyfriend?” Alex questioned. He was really surprised by this. He couldn’t help but feel a little brotherly towards the girl. Liz and Max? Isabel’s brother was dating Liz Valenti?

Liz grinned at his words. “Yeah, he is. He even dumped that flake of a girlfriend that he had. She was a huge ho bag anyway. She cheated on him so many times.” she informed him.

“Hey, Liz. Are you ready to go?” Maria asked as she into the room. She saw that Liz and Serena were talking to Alex Whitman. Uh oh. She knew that if Creed saw Liz talking to him that he might get the wrong idea.

Liz nodded at her friend’s words. “Yeah, Corrin’s already here. Sorry I can’t stay around and talk more, Alex. But we need to go get me a dress for the party.” she said warmly.

“What party?” Alex inquired. He was curious. Was Creed going to be at the party? What the hell kind of party was it anyway? Was everyone invited or was it strictly invitation only?

“Oh, it’s just the annual Valentine’s Day party. I’ll see you later.” Liz replied, not wanting to get into the specifics of it. She waved to Alex as Maria and Serena led her through the kitchen doors.

Alex looked down at his watch, and decided to go. There were a few things that he wanted to do tonight. He planned to go over to the library and read up on the old newspapers. Find out more about Isabel’s mysterious family. Find more information about anything. Anything that might help him find Isabel.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Chapter 15

“Look who finally showed up.” Sean DeLuca announced sarcastically. He hadn’t thought that Evans would show up since he was seeing the half breed. They’d joked that Max was probably trying to repent for all the things he’d done and wouldn’t show up to the house or the woods.

Max rolled his eyes at his friend’s words. He had known Sean ever since he could remember. But he could be a serious jackass sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. And Max wasn’t an idiot, he knew that Sean and Courtney had been screwing around at one point or the other. Not that he had cared. “Shut up and pass me a beer.” A moment later, Sean threw the beer and Max caught it easily. Max sat down on the worn couch with a sigh.

“So Evans where’s the half breed?” Jerry called out, his arms still wrapped around Lonnie Miller. “Good thing that you left her at home. She doesn’t belong in the woods. Who knows what she say to Whitman.”

Max took a drink of his beer and tried to think of the right thing to say to Jerry. He tried his hardest not to throw his drink at Jerry for calling Liz a half breed. “What the hell are you talking about?” he asked icily. He didn’t like the implications that Jerry was making towards Liz. Max knew that Liz wouldn’t tell Whitman anything about what actually went on in Wolf Lake. She wouldn’t do that. She knew the importance of the way things ran in Wolf Lake.

Sean shrugged his shoulders. “Oh come on, man. You know what he’s talking about. It’s what everyone is talking about. People saw Liz talking to that punk Whitman. I wonder what Creed is going to say when he finds out. He won’t like it, of course.” he said, smirking.

Max narrowed his eyes at Sean’s comment. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about Tyler Creed. Max admitted to himself that he had never liked the guy. There was something about him that Max hadn’t liked. But Isabel had been so in love with the guy that Max had never said a word about how he really felt. “Fuck Creed. Who cares what he has to say about all of this? He’s nothing!” Max growled.

Michael stepped into the room from the corridor, beer in hand. He hadn’t even known if Max was going to show up tonight or what, but he’d come anyway. “People have been talking Max. If Creed marries Isabel, than they think that he’s going to become the next AM, since they’re saying that your way too young.”

Max couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Creed!? Be Alpha Male? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Creed doesn’t have what it takes to be the next leader. And Isabel is not going to marry Creed. No way on Earth is she going to do that.”

Sean snorted. “Oh, yeah. Since she’s got it bad for that human Whitman. But I think that she’ll come crawling back to Creed. He’s one person that you don’t want to make an enemy out of.” he said, shaking his head at the thought. Hell, if he was in Isabel’s shoes, he would come crawling back to Creed. Creed scared him that much.

Michael watched them silently. Would Isabel marry Creed? He didn’t know if he wanted her to or not. Growing up, Michael had known Isabel. She was a nice person. And Michael knew that Max adored his older sisters, both Isabel and Laurie. Both him and Max had talked about why Isabel could have left hours at a time. But they could never figure out why she had run away. Michael knew that if Isabel did marry Creed, she wouldn’t be stuck wherever the hell she was.

Max rolled his eyes. “My sister is not going to be forced to do anything. She won’t marry Creed. After all, if she wanted to, she would have done it a long time ago. She’s been here for six months already. I doubt she’s going to. Why the fuck are we still talking about this bullshit?” he said angrily, wanting to change the subject of his sister. His sister wasn’t any of their fucking business. Well maybe Michael’s. But that was only because Michael was his best friend and they had talked in length about pretty much everything concerning what had happened.

“So Evans, you never said where you stashed the half breed?” Jerry injected, taking away the spotlight from Sean. He really didn’t care about Creed or Isabel. They didn’t have anything to do with him. Jerry didn’t understand why Max had dumped Courtney for the mutt. Courtney was one hot chick, and a good roll in sack. What the hell was it about the mutt?

Max narrowed his eyes at his so called friend. “Don’t you fucking call her that. Her name is Liz and if you don’t use her name when you are talking to me than I will hurt you. That is my woman that you are talking about.” he said coldly. He was going to make them all change the way that they talked about Liz. Learn that that wasn’t the way to talk about Liz.

“Jeez, Evans. What the hell is your problem. That bitch has you wrapped around her finger. Or are you just naturally pussy whipped?” Sean threw in sarcastically. Before Sean knew what happened, he was being held against the wall with Max’s hand wrapped around his throat.

“Don’t you ever talk about Liz that way again. Ever. She’s is better than you are. I don’t ever want anyone to call Liz a bitch, mutt, half breed, or anything else again. If you don’t call her by her fucking name than I will have to teach you a lesson.” Max growled, looking away from Sean and seeing that there were people standing at the entrance of the room, watching them. One of which was the she demon, Courtney herself. “You are a fucking jerk, Sean. I don’t know why I ever thought of you as my friend. I know about you and Courtney fucking each other whenever you had the chance and I didn’t care. And I still don’t. You’re not my friend anymore, Sean. I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Stay away from me, stay away from Liz. And if anyone touches one hair on Liz’s head I will rip your fucking throat out.”

Michael pulled Max off of Sean as fast as he could, which wasn’t an easy feat. Max was damn strong. “Let’s go, Max. He’s not worth it. Let’s go.” Michael urged his friend. Michael liked how his friend was stepping up, telling them that they couldn’t call Liz all those bad names that everyone liked to.

Max reluctantly took his hand off of Sean’s neck and left the room with his friend, seething in his anger. He was fucking pissed that they had talked about Liz that way, but he had told them exactly what to expect from him if they did it again. Good, they wouldn’t do it again. He was pretty damn sure about that.

Walking outside, the two ran into someone. “Watch where you’re fucking going.” Max growled, upon seeing who it was. Nicholas Creed.

Nicholas didn’t say anything for a moment. He didn’t like Max Evans one bit. This little prick was dating Liz. The gossip had started spreading around the town rapidly as Max dumped Courtney Renger. Hmm, where was Courtney? The kid had called Tyler spouting that she had to tell him something important, and Nicholas was the lucky one that got to talk to the kid. Nicholas doubted that she knew anything at all. “Sorry, I didn’t see you. You okay?”

“We’re fine. See you around, Nicholas.” Michael said, as he and Max continued walking away from the house. Michael knew that he had to get Max out of there pretty fast or he might do something that he would regret. Michael honestly believed that if anyone pissed Max off enough that his friend would rip there throats out.

Nicholas continued his way into the house, but didn’t have to go far because Courtney came to him. “So what the hell was this important matter that you had to talk to my brother about?”

“I didn’t want to talk to you! I wanted to talk to Tyler.” Courtney protested. She didn’t want to talk to this dip shit. He wasn’t anything important. Tyler was the important one. She wanted him to know that she was the one to give him this information about Whitman and Mr. Blackstone.

Nicholas cocked an eyebrow at her. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, dearie. My brother will find out that you are the one who’s telling me this information. So calm the fuck down and tell me what you know.” he said coldly. He didn’t like the way that she had talked to him. Very rude. Acting like he wasn’t anything compared to his older brother.

Courtney blew out an angry sigh. “Fine. It’s about something I overheard. About that human Whitman and Mr. Blackstone.”


“Hello girls.” Cinder Dupree said warmly as the three girls walked into the store.

“Hi, Mrs. Dupree.” Liz said warmly to the older woman. She liked Mrs. Dupree immensely; she had always been nice to Liz. And Liz enjoyed babysitting for her. Cinder Dupree was only in her thirties and she had five children. Five. It amazed Liz that she didn't go insane with so many kids.

“Hi, Mrs. Dupree.” Maria echoed as she waved at the older woman.

“You know, girls. My new shipment of dresses came in this weekend. I just finished hanging them all up. Looking for dresses for the dance?” Cinder asked, knowingly. She knew that Maria and Amy Valenti had already gotten there dresses, so that left Liz to be the one to be getting a dress. Certainly not the Francis girl, since she was human.

“Yeah, we are.” Liz began as Serena and Maria were pulling her towards the back where the dress were placed strategically against the wall.

“I’ll be up at the front if you need me, girls.” Cinder told them, smiling, as she sat back down on her stool behind the counter.

Liz nodded her thanks and began to sort through the gowns, her eyes taking in the details. Liz was positive that she would know which was the right dress for her when she saw it. She knew that it wouldn’t be something frilly.

There were short gowns, long gowns, tea length, satin, silk, lace, taffeta, white, pink, red, blue, black, yellow. So many to choose from but none of them seemed right to her. Right for her. To make her stand out amongst everyone.

Liz sighed frustrated. And then she saw it. Quickly reaching for it, she knew that it was the right one. It was perfect for her. It was forest green satin and golden lace. “I found it!” she declared, holding it out for Maria and Serena to see. Liz crossed her fingers hoping that it was her size. Looking at the tag, she smiled as she saw that it would fit her. It was her size. Perfect.

Making there way over to their friend, they nodded their agreement. “It will look so nice on you, Liz. The colors agree with your skin tone and your hair. Now we need to find some good shoes that are going to match with the dress. Maybe some black heels?” Maria suggested. She knew that Liz was going to kick ass in her dress. It was beautiful and it was something completely different from what everyone else would be wearing. It was going to be a nice change to see this dress in the mix of reds, pinks, whites and purples.

Maria loved the dress that she had gotten. It was fabulous. It was a slinky purple dress. She loved it. But she knew that she probably wouldn’t last an hour in the dress with Michael around her. She hadn’t last year. They had ended up in a freaking closet doing it against a wall half an hour after they had shown up. Since this was Liz’s first time at the party, she hoped that she wouldn’t get sidetracked by Michael, and would be able to spend the time with Liz, making sure that Court-beast wouldn’t do anything.

“Maybe some sort of slingbacks would be better. Oh, and Lizzie, you definitely need to wear the right under garments. Just in case you and Max decide to, ahem, you know?” Serena threw in with a wink. They definitely knew what she was talking about.

Maria nodded her head conspiratorially. “You are so right, Serena. You need to wear something that’s going to knock Max’s boxers off.” she smirked.

Liz laughed at her friends words as they made their way back to the front of the store.

“Looks like you found something. Oh, now that’s a great dress. I’d love it if they’d had one in my size but they didn’t. Only had that one. It looks like it’s just your size.” Cinder said, smiling at the young girl.

“Yup, it’s exactly my size. Can you ring it up for me?” Liz asked as she pulled out her wallet. She hadn’t looked at the price tag, but she was sure that it would be expensive. After all, a gorgeous dress like that, it had to be worth a lot. And hell, she was willing to pay the price.

Cinder shook her head at the girl. “I’m not going to take your money, Liz. It’s already been paid for. By a secret admirer of yours. His name has three letters in it.” she told the shocked teen with a smile. She thought that it was super sweet of Max Evans to pay for Liz’s dress. He had come in a few days ago and had given her $500 dollars, for any dress that Liz would find.

Liz was stunned. Max had paid for her dress. How on Earth? She would have to give him a big kiss when she’d seen him. “He paid for it? When? What day exactly was it that he came?” she asked. She had no clue about it. He’d never said one word about this.

“Oh, I think it Sunday, sometime after church. Yeah, I’m pretty sure about it.” Cinder informed her with a smile. Hmm, her husband had never done anything like this for her. She’d always thought that Max Evans was a sweet boy, and this had proven it to her without a doubt.

“Oh. I. . . . okay.” Liz said with a smile stretching across her face. She couldn’t believe Max. Couldn’t believe that he had done something like that for her. It was so sweet and wonderful.

“Let me put the dress in a plastic wrapper for you, Liz. I’ll be back in a minute.” Cinder said, taking the dress from Liz’s hands.

Within half a second of Cinder leaving, both Maria and Serena launched in a barrage of questions. Liz simply shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t known about what Max had done. Minutes later the three girls emerged from Cinder’s, with Liz carrying her bag, humming happily to herself.

“Liz, that was like the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done. I don’t even think that Michael has done anything like that.” Maria exclaimed, still shocked and surprised by what they had found out. She had known that she was right about Max having it so badly for Liz. This was just another sign.

“Hmm, I’ve never got anything special from a guy. You know maybe I should just go over to Eddie’s house one day and surprise him. Wear a trench coat and some crotch less panties, nipless bra. Who would say no to that?” Serena suggested, thinking that might be a good idea after all. She hated that she didn’t have a boyfriend. Never had a boyfriend.

“Talk about taking the control. I say do it. What have you got to lose?” Liz said, nodding her head as she thought about it. Liz was sure that Eddie liked Serena.

“My virginity?” Serena said in a hopeful voice.

Maria shrugged her shoulders. “I’m sure that you could find just about anyone to do that for you. I mean, I’ve seen the way that Malcolm looks at you. He is so interested in you.” Maria threw in.

“Serena Katherine Francis! What the hell do you think that you are doing?” A shrill voice called out across the parking lot.

“Oh, shit! It’s the mother.” Serena said, knowing that her mother wasn’t happy. Far from happy. The one thing that Eugenia Claybourne Francis could not stand was her daughter being involved with anything wolf. She only made an exception for Kyle and Liz Valenti, and that was only because they weren’t involved in the wolf clan bullshit. But here Serena was coming out of the dress shop of Cinder Dupree, a wolf, and in the company of Maria Valenti, a wolf. All was not going to be well with her mother.

Nostrils flaring, eyes flashing Genie Francis glared at her daughter and to Maria and Liz. “You’d better come home with me, Serena.” she said in a controlled voice. She hated it that her daughter was ignoring her about things. She never wanted her daughter to be involved with anything wolf.

Suppressing the urge to roll her eyes, Serena turned to her friends. “See you around.” she said, following her mother like an obedient puppy dog, knowing that if she didn’t, her mother would be incredibly pissed off at her.

Shaking her head, Maria meet Liz’s eyes. “That is such bullshit. I don’t know why that her mother hates us all. I mean, we’re not bad people or anything. She acts like we’re freaking ax murderers.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what Mrs. Francis problem is. But it’s not right. She shouldn’t try to keep Serena away from us because of who we are. But she’s always been that way. Dad told me. It’s weird. Come on, Dad’s probably wondering where I’m at.” she said, taking her arm into Maria’s as the two headed to Maria’s car.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Some very interesting theorys. Very interesting. *happy* *happy*

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Just wanted everyone to know that I do have the next chapter all done. And it's for all of you stargazers. It's Alex and Isabel, though they are not together. Not yet, anyway. Unfortunately, my beautiful niece is over tonight so I might not have the chance to update this story. Maybe sometime tomorrow. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps.


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Disclaimer: Separate Ways(World’s Apart) belongs to Journey.

Dedicated to: Juliette (TWICE) *happy* , LittleBit, mpls muse, KEmperor (TWICE) *happy* , Rim, alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , roswellluver, Bubbles, TrueLoveConquersAll, Esmeralda, abbs007, Lil Blu Bubble (TWICE) *happy* , angelbaby6977, BelevnDreamsToo (TWICE) *happy* , ps_dreamer, behrhugs (TWICE) *happy* , frenckiss70 (TWICE) *happy* , Jules, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , Reven Eid, Twilighteyes1974, b4echstarrynite, BubbleBlueSmurf, BrieCrow17, Jiggers, Roswelllostcause, Aurora Mist, Krazykitti, Dearheart, mandyhanford (TWICE) *happy* , izzylizard, Kitcat26 (TWICE) *happy* .

izzylizard, Velvet Goldmine is the only movie that I’ve ever seen him in. That and an episode of ER. It’s an amazing film and it also has the gorgeous Christian Bale in it. *wink*

NOTE: Alex and Isabel aren’t together in this chapter, but Isabel comes to a very important decision about what to do about Tyler. And Alex does find out some interesting info. *wink* And the part about the priest, well, I didnt know if they went by the last names, so if I was wrong, forgive me. *happy*

Chapter 16

Alex rubbed his forehead with one hand as he looked at the microfilm. He was hoping that it would give him some ideas on Isabel’s family. He had to find something on them. Something that would give him a clue onto their background. On anything that had happened to their family.

Alex perked up as he saw a headline. TEEN KILLED IN MYSTERIOUS SHOOTING. The date of the shooting was October 14, 1973. Hmm, he couldn’t help but think that this was very interesting. Valenti had told him that Wolf Lake didn’t have much violence.

The body of eighteen year old Jefferson Guerin was found on Euclid Street late last night by a fifteen year old whose name was will not be released to the public. Guerin was killed by a gunshot wound to the back; no signs of a struggle. At press time, police have no clues and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Guerin, the oldest son of Inglath and Jeremiah Guerin was a senior at Wolf Lake high school. Dwight Crowley, football coach and history teacher described Guerin as, “A natural on the football field. He was a great and wonderful person, and will truly be missed by everyone who knew him.”

Blah, blah, blah. The story went on about the kid. But it didn’t have much to do with Isabel. It was a tad bit interesting though. Turning the knob, he continued his way through the microfilm. Names, dates flew by him, nothing sticking out. Nothing that shouted out the Evans name. A headline caught his eye and he stopped it. CHURCH DESTROYED IN FIRE. The date was March 19, 1980.

Investigators are trying to determining what caused a fire that destroyed the Old Union Church early Monday morning. The fire broke out about 1 a.m. at the church on Grand Road. No one was injured in the fire at the church.

The church has about 350 members, Father Matthew Evans said. The church congregation was established in 1894, and the building was built in 1897. Father Evans also said he believed the congregation could get a new building. “We’ve got some insurance, and we’ve got a good spirit. The congregation is God’s and I think maybe he’s going to want us to rebuild.”

Sunday services will be held at the Lodge, which is located at 4300 Washington Avenue until a new church will be built says Father Evans.

Father Matthew Evans? Now, how could this person be related to Isabel? Well, by powers of deduction, it had to be someone related to her on her father’s side. Was it her uncle, Phillip Evans brother? The talk about when the church being built was interesting too. Liz had said that Wolf Lake had been established by a division of Ute Indians. Indians didn’t believe in God or shit like that. Hmm, maybe he should ask Sherman about it. After all, Liz said that she had heard about it from him.

Alex continued running the microfilm, his eyes growing heavily as sleep tried to claim him. But he wasn’t going to stop his search now. He was just getting started with this whole damn town of Wolf Lake. He would find out everything that he needed to know about Isabel and her family. He knew that he would find answers about Isabel and her family by searching through the papers. It seemed like the best way to find his answers, since no one else had wanted to help him out. The librarian had even looked at him a little funny when he had asked to look at the microfilm. Alex stilled when another headline caught his eye. WOMAN KILLED IN HUNTING ACCIDENT. The date was June 5, 1993.

Two teenagers stumbled upon the body of Diane Newley Evans yesterday afternoon in the infamous Wolf Lake woods. While it’s uncommon in New Mexico for hunters to be killed by another hunter, it does happen. Mrs. Evans death was assumed to be a hunting accident. That is until the coroner found that she had been shot three times in the back. The investigation has turned from an accident to a possible homicide. With no clues coming forth, it may be a tough case to crack.

Investigators are trying to piece together what happened. But with Mrs. Evans being killed outdoors, evidence could be anywhere. “It’s generally lots of leaves and brush.” said Deputy Sheriff Campbell Anderson. “Although sometimes that can help you to determine which way the bullet came from. There are no witnesses. And you have to rely on evidence that was left at the scene, and it’s very time consuming to find that.”

There are no suspects so far in the case. Sheriff Colin Logue said, “We have reason to believe she had no enemies. Personally, knowing Mrs. Evans, she was a very likeable woman. She was a volunteer at church, a wonderful mother. A nice person all around.”

Mrs. Evans death has not been the first to happen in the infamous woods. Over the past ten years there has been eight deaths, both men and women, according to reports, all ruled accidental. Deputy Sheriff Anderson stated that it is rare for a person to be killed intentionally. And that sometimes a shooter has no idea a bullet from his gun has killed someone.

Mrs. Evans is survived by her husband, CEO of Wolf Lake’s brewing company, Phillip Evans, twin thirteen year old daughters, Isabel and Lauren, and an eight year old son, Maxwell. Church services for the her will be held on Sunday, at 10:15 a.m at the First Union church on Grand Road.

Bingo! That was Isabel’s mother. Isabel’s mother had been killed in a shooting. But she could have been murdered. Why? Why would someone have murdered Isabel’s mother. If she was a nice person like the Sheriff had said in the article? And then the mention of a Lauren in the article. Isabel’s twin sister. He had never known about that. Isabel had never told him anything about a twin sister. And he hadn’t meet her either.

Alex’s instincts were telling him that Lauren wasn’t around anymore. That she was dead. He was pretty damn sure about it. Both the Evans hadn’t said anything about another daughter to him. Liz hadn’t mentioned Isabel or Max having a sister. Isabel had a twin sister. A twin sister?! Was she somewhere in town and he just hadn’t had the chance to meet her yet? He would have to find her sister wherever she was.

“Excuse me, young man. The library is about to close.” The librarian said to the young man.

Alex nodded his head. “Of course. Let me just print something out.” he said softly, wanting to take the article home to read again. Maybe he’d find some sort of hidden clue in the article.

The librarian gave him a withering look. “I’m sorry, but the microfilm isn’t available for printing.” she informed him.

Alex cocked an eyebrow at her, but decided not to say anything. There was just something in her voice that he didn’t like. It was like she didn’t want him to print the article out or anything. What the hell was her problem?? “Alright. Thanks for the help earlier.” he said cordially as he stood up. When she nodded to him, he began to walk away.

When Alex was out of her line of view, he took out his small notepad that he carried with him sometimes and wrote down several things: Matthew Evans, Diane Newley Evans, hunting accident, Wolf Lake woods, shot three times, Lauren. While he hadn’t found a lot, he had found things that left him very very interested in finding out more.


Isabel turned on the radio as she began to nervously pace around the living room. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She didn’t want to marry Creed; but she couldn’t let anything happen to Alex. She loved Alex so much. His safety was one of the most important things to her. She also knew that Tyler was serious in his threat towards Alex. Tyler was a fucking bastard who would kill Alex if he thought it would make her marry him.

But for all Isabel knew, he would have Alex killed right after she married his pathetic fucking ass. This was Alex’s life. And it was in her hands. She had to do something. She had to figure out what she was going to do. She had left Tyler for a good reason all those years ago. That pathetic jerk had used her, and he was trying to use her again.

Shaking her head, she couldn’t help but remember what had happened three years ago. What had made her change her mind about the man that she was all set to marry. The man that she had been so convinced that she was in love with.

She’d been humming softly to herself as she entered Tyler’s house. Her house. It was going to be her house very soon. She and Tyler were going to live together. They were going to have children together. They were going to grow old together. Isabel couldn’t wait until they were married. Everything was going to be wonderful. She just knew it.

Isabel stopped humming as she walked quietly to his study. She wanted to surprise him and he usually spent most of his time in his study, doing who knows what. She had asked a few times and he’d tell her not to worry her pretty little head. Which she hadn’t liked him saying that, acting like she was some ten year old when she wasn’t. She hated when he did that. Isabel lifted her hand to the doorknob to throw the door open when she heard Tyler’s raised voice.

“Doug, I know exactly what I’m doing. Isabel is going to be my wife. You honestly think that I love that little girl? Her father is the Alpha Male, that is the only reason that I’ve been with her. Did you think it was really love?” Tyler asked, insulated.

Doug shrugged his shoulders. “I thought you might be. After all, three years of dating her. You sure took your damn sweet time to get her to marry you. Why’d you wait so damn long?”

Tyler laughed coldly. “It was all part of my master plan. I couldn’t very well just pop the question to her after she turned eighteen. Besides, old man Evans wanted me to wait a while. So I did. If it hadn’t been Isabel than it would have been the other one. Too bad she died. Laurie would have been easier, more controllable, docile. I could have gotten Laurie to marry me in a snap. Too bad, I had to settle for Isabel.”

“Well, is she any good? I mean, she’s got a bod, so is she a good lay at least? Make it worth a little something?” Doug asked with a lecherous grin.

“Ugh. She’s alright for a little girl trying to be a woman. But there are others that I spend my time with. Vicky Renger, now she’s a one hell of a lay, and so is Pam Troy. Isabel is an amateur compared to those two. And they don’t mind if we have a little threesome either. Soon enough I’m going to have every thing that I want. I’m going to have the Alpha Male’s only daughter and am going to be in Evans line of succession. Things are going exactly the way that I wanted them to.” Tyler told his friend.

Isabel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was all a lie, wasn’t it? The whole thing. Tyler didn’t love her one bit, he had used her. He’d used her because of who her father was. And if it hadn’t been her, than he would have used Laurie. That bastard. How could he do that? And to sleep with two of the people that she had thought of as her best friends. How could he be so cold blooded?

He was a horrible person. And she never wanted to see him again. She wished that he was dead. He deserved to be after everything that he had done. Lying to her for years. Years! She should leave. Do all the things that she had never experienced because Tyler had manipulated her into staying in town. She should leave Wolf Lake once and for all!

She was going to leave. She was going to leave now and humiliate Tyler when he was at the church tomorrow morning, waiting for a bride that was never going to show up. That would show him. It would. She would leave Wolf Lake and do everything that she could. Everything that she always wanted to do.

Go Isabel! Go, she commanded herself as she left his house as quietly as she had entered. Yes, yes, yes, things were going to be okay. She would take care of herself. She would do everything that she’d always dreamed about. And there would be no Tyler Creed in her life anymore. Yes, yes.

Shaking her head, Isabel came out of reverie. She hated Tyler Creed so much for what he had done to her. He had used her for so many years, and would have continued using her. Sleeping with her so called friends. She had forgotten that she’d even known him, forgotten that she had ever loved his sorry ass.

Isabel had found out what real love had been with Alex. She had dated after she’d run away, and before she’d found Alex, but none of them had mattered to her as much as Alex had. In the eight months that she had been with him, it had been so wonderful and beautiful. Isabel sighed heavily as she sat down on the couch, still unsure about what she was supposed to do about Tyler. She laughed out loud when she heard a song start up on the radio. It was one of Alex’ favorites, he’d always sing it in the shower, even though he didn’t have the best singing voice.

Here we stand
Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two
Sleepless nights
Losing ground
I'm reaching for you, you, you

Feelin' that it's gone
Can change your mind
If we can't go on
To survive the tide love divides

Someday love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched
And went our separate ways
If he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
You know I still love you
Though we touched
And went our separate ways

Troubled times
Caught between confusions and pain, pain, pain
Distant eyesPromises we made were in vain, vain, vain

If you must go, I wish you love
You'll never walk alone
Take care my love
Miss you love

(chorus twice)

I still love you girl
I really love you girl
And if he ever hurts you
True love won't desert you
No, No

Isabel’s smile widened as the song ended. Yes, she knew what she had to do. She knew that she couldn’t marry Creed. It wasn’t right. Him blackmailing her like this was wrong in so many ways, and she wouldn’t allow for him to do it anymore. She wanted to be with Alex. And she was going to!

The only thing for her to do was to escape. She had to leave this damn cabin and find Alex. Yes, yes, yes, things were going to work out for her. The song it had been a sign. A sign that she was meant to be with Alex and Tyler Creed be damned. And she was going to do whatever she could to get back to Alex.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lil Note: Hopefully, Isabel's reason for leaving was okay for you guys. And it's going to be a little while before I can post the next part. Because I'm working on it as we speak, but who knows when I'll finish it.

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Tharos originally wrote:Now all you have to do is beat Creed into a bloody pulp of wolf meat, fight your way past his buddies...then the rest of the town and into the waiting arms of Alex!

So what we talking 1/2 hour could be with him by supper! *tongue*

Ah, it would take a little longer than that. Those men who are standing guard have tranq guns. So if they shot Isabel with a tranq, she'd be out like a light and in more serious trouble. She's got to do some planning, though. But when I do get Alex and Isabel together, trust me they will stay together. *wink*

In case anyone is interested, I've got a new story called Double Indemnity, an AU story, which shouldn't have any sort of effect on this story.


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Dedicated to: mpls muse (TWICE) *happy* , roswellluver, angelbaby6977, BelevnDreamsToo, Krazykitti, Jules (TWICE) *happy* , ps_dreamer, Esmeralda, LittleBit, Rim, Kitcat26, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , Jiggers, frenchkiss70, Bubbles, Tharos, Zero Cool, abarfeld, alienchica (TWICE) , roswelllover, KEmperor, Lil Blu Bubble, behrhugs (TWICE) *happy* , Aurora Mystique, Dearheart, BubbleBlueSmurf, BrieCrow17, gizmo, Gaby7tvm, Snowdove30, Roswelllostcause.

mpls muse, Hmm, very interesting theory. Are the Evans being targeted? Well, I can tell you that Diane’s murder was very deliberate, but Laurie died naturally— she couldn’t turn and Phillip had to do what he had to do.

Bubbles, Still no nookie, but you get the next best thing. Making out. *wink*

alienchica, Isabel will not be at the dance, neither will Alex. But Alex will find out where Isabel is at sometime after the dance. Exactly what chapter it is, I’m not positive. I’ve got the next four chapters planned out, and that’s all before the dance, depending how long the chapters are, anyway. But trust me, Isabel and Alex will be together. And they have a little something in their future when they get together. *wink*

Aurora Mystique, I could have had it with Michael and Maria in Alex and Isabel’s shoes, but I realized that there aren’t a lot of StarGazer stuff on this board. There is a little bit of Candy stuff, but not a whole bunch. Thanks for reading anyway.

izzylizard, I finally managed to get some stuff in about Jedi's, Ewan McGregor and Moulin Rouge. *Not vampires, yet.* *wink*

NOTE: Hey, no one get mad at me for the talk about Hayden, Ewan, Moulin Rouge. I've never seen the movie. *big*

Chapter 17

“Max, don’t stop.” Liz purred as she kissed him deeply. She couldn’t get enough of him. She loved everything about him. His deep set amber eyes that had the ability to look so vulnerable and possessive and full of love for her. His lips were full and had a sensual curve that she had never seen before on a man. And his skin was golden and flawless. She couldn’t wait to see if he really was golden all over.

“Who said anything about stopping?” Max asked breathlessly, as he drew away to answer her. He began kissing her along her jaw. “You’re so beautiful, Liz. I love you so much.”

Liz felt her heart constrict at his words. It felt so wonderful for him to say that to her. She’d always dreamed about him saying that to her, and he was. Only Max could make her feel this way. Only Max. “Oh, Max. I love you, too.” she replied, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he moved them towards the lone desk in the Eraser Room, the designated make out spot in the school.

Liz grinded herself into his hardness. She couldn’t wait until she and Max made love. What it would be like, how it would feel, she wanted all of it. And part of her wanted to make love to him right not, not caring about exactly where they were because it wouldn’t matter as long as she was with him.

“I can’t get enough of you, Liz.” Max told her, as he breathed in heavily, before he began sucking on her neck. She smelled so good. He loved her smell, it was like nothing that he had ever smelled before. And she fit against him so perfectly. As if they had been made for each other. Max began to massage the warm skin of her back under her top.

Liz moaned at his actions. It was nice, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Liz broke away from him, and gave him a smile. “That’s nice, but your on the wrong side.” she informed him, her lips curled in a seductive grin as he realized what she was talking about.

Max swallowed hard at her words, as he quickly moved his hands to her abdomen, touching her soft skin. When his thumbs gently brushed her nipples, he watched as she arched her back and cried out. She looked so beautiful, he wanted her more than anything in the world. He kissed her soft lips and returned his attention back to her breasts.

Liz leaned her back against the wall, as Max’s hands began to gently tease her nipples through her sheer bra. His actions were causing her so much pleasure, she wanted so much more from him. Liz dug her nails into the bulging muscles in his back. She wanted to feel his skin on her own.

Liz began rubbing her heat against his hardness, and moved her fingers to the bottom of his shirt, and began touching his belly button. Max groaned at both of the actions. “Off, Max. Take off my shirt!” she commanded breathlessly, as she began pulling at the hem of his own shirt, wanting to feel his skin.

Liz sighed as she pulled his shirt over her head, licking her lips as she saw the tight muscles of his body. Liz couldn’t help herself and she leaned forward and she began running her tongue around the tip. Max shut his eyes at the intense pleasure that she was giving him. He could feel his control getting ready to snap, and he didn’t want to get out of hand. But she was making it damn hard for him.

“Liz.” Max moaned her name, as he moved away from her, taking her hem of her striped t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Max pushed his lower body closer to Liz’s heat and drew her erect nipple into his mouth. As he suckled her nipple relentlessly, Liz pressed her lower body harder against Max’s; feeling the need in her lower body. She ran her fingers into his hair, pressing him closer to her.

“Max, do you have a condom?” Liz asked breathlessly, not caring about where they were. All she wanted was him, and she wanted him now. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She wanted it so badly.

Max drew away from her at her words. He looked at her shocked. “Liz, we can’t. Not here, not now.” he told her softly.

Liz looked at him confused. She didn’t understand. “But, I— thought that you wanted to. I’m not an idiot, Max. I know that your not a virgin or anything. And that’s fine with me. But why don’t you want to make love to me?” she asked, the hurt evident in her voice. He didn’t want to make love to her. Why not? Was there something wrong with her?

Max picked up their shirts from the table and handed Liz hers. He waited until both of them had their shirts on, regretting that her beautiful breasts were hidden from him. “I do want to make love to you, Liz. I do. I love you so much that it hurts. When we finally make love it will be some place special. Not here, in the eraser room. Not a place where people have had sex. It’s going to be special for the two of us. You deserve to lose your virginity somewhere special.” he told her passionately.

Liz cocked an eyebrow at him. “Who said that I was a virgin?” she asked mockingly, deciding to play with him a little bit.

Max looked at her shocked by her words. What the hell was she telling him? That she wasn’t a virgin. Who the hell had touched her? Touched his woman. Damn that Eddie. It had to be him. It just had to be. Who else would it have been? “Damn it, Liz. Who was it? Was it Eddie Blackstone? It was, wasn’t it? I’m going to kick his fucking ass for even touching you!” Max declared angrily. He hated the idea that someone else had been with Liz.

Liz bit the inside of her lip at his words, trying hard not to start laughing. “Oh, Max. You know that I like it when you act like a caveman. There hasn’t been anyone. You think that my father would actually allow anyone to get close to me. You are going to be my first lover. You, Max. And no one else. I couldn’t imagine ever making love to someone I didn’t love. You are the only one that I’ve loved, Max.”

Max felt a stab at her words. He hadn’t ever made love. He had sex with girls; but never made love. Max knew that it must hurt her to know that he had been with someone else. That he had slept with someone that he hadn’t loved. “I wish that I had waited. But I didn’t. I— it was different for a guy, Liz. I mean, for us, if you haven’t been with a girl by the time your at least 15, everyone starts thinking that there’s something wrong with you. I can’t even think of one wolf teen who is a virgin.” he told her.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max. “I’m sorry if I made you feel like you’ve done something wrong, because you haven’t. Just because you’re not a virgin. It doesn’t bother me. Okay, it doesn’t bother me a lot. I love you and I want to be with you no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done.” she informed him seriously. She wanted him to know that she wasn’t going to leave him or anything.

Max took in a deep breath, wanting to tell her about what had happened. About the man and what had been his part in it, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t form the words. He wanted to trust her, but he was scared about telling her. About confessing everything to her. He couldn’t! He couldn’t tell her. Not here anyway. Not in a public place where anyone could over hear.

“It’s okay, Liz. Besides, there haven’t been that many girls. Just three in the entire time. Sorry, I’m sure that you don’t want to hear about all of this. I’m sorry.” Max said sadly, knowing that he hadn’t said the right thing to her. She shouldn’t have to know the details about the other girls that he had been with. It wasn’t right of him to tell her that.

Liz didn’t say anything for several moments, as she rubbed his back soothingly. She didn’t care anything about the others. It did bother her, but it was a fact that she couldn’t pretend that didn’t happen. “Well, I can see why they liked you. You have one hell of a body. You’re my dream guy. Okay, well, that’s a little lie. You’re my number two dream guy.” she teased.

Max cocked an eyebrow at her. “Oh, really. I’m your number two. So who’s number one on your list? Come on, Liz. Tell me. Tell me.” he coaxed, as he began tickling her sides trying to get her to answer him.

Liz giggled at his actions. “Max, stop it! Stop! Okay, fine. You really want to know. Ewan McGregor, he’s like my sex god.” she confessed, smiling brightly at him.

Max made a face at her words. “Ewan? Ewan? What kind of a name is Ewan McGregor? That’s not a real man’s name! It’s not a strong name like Max. Now Max is a name of a man. Not that crappy Ewan.” he protested, not liking her choice.

Liz feigned shock. “Oh, Max. Have you ever seen a movie with Ewan in it?”

Max shrugged his shoulders. “That idiotic Moulin Rouge. I don’t see why people like that damn movie. There’s nothing cool about a guy singing.” he objected.

“Oh, Max. If you take me to see Attack of the Clones, you will see how wonderful of an actor Ewan is. Besides, there’s nothing more sexier than a Jedi. And personally, I’ve seen that Hayden Christensen guy, who’s supposed to be Anakin and he’s not very cute. It’s going to be all about Ewan.” Liz replied.

Max groaned. “All right, we’ll go see Attack of the Clones, but you’d better not start drooling all over McGregor.”

Liz smiled at him. “Don’t worry, I won’t drool over him. Not if your by my side. He may be cute and all, but your really my sex god. Just you, Max.” she told him, as she pressed herself closer to him.

“Really? So you lied to me. That wasn’t very nice of you.” he countered, as he bent his head to kiss her.

“Michael, hurry up. Someone is going to see us!” Maria declared, throwing the door open to the eraser room.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Michael asked, with a smirk on his face. He hadn’t expected to run into Max and Liz in the eraser room. But damn that meant that he and Maria wouldn’t be able to get busy. Oh, but this looked like it would be a little bit of fun. He could tease the two of them.

Max gave Michael a dirty look and shook his head. He knew what Michael was thinking, and he wasn’t going to allow his friend to tease them. Besides, he and Liz had done nothing that Maria and Michael hadn’t done before. “Liz and I were talking, that’s it.”

Maria quickly ushered Michael into the room, closing the door behind them. “Yeah, right. Look, me and Michael were coming to do the same thing that you and Liz were doing. That’s okay, because everyone does it. Us teenagers do it, adults do it. And you know, when grown ups do it, it’s kind of dirty. That’s because there’s no one to punish them. Not like us, though.” she said, rolling her eyes.

Liz shuddered at Maria’s words. “Oh, stop it. No one wants to think about that. Just stop where you’re at. Please.” she begged her friend.

Max nodded his head. “Yes, please. Let’s just not go there.”

Michael looked between Max and Liz. “Look, are you guys going to leave or what? Maria and I want to spend some time together. Just the two of us, you know. So can you guys go?”

Liz took Max’s hand in her own. “Yeah, come on. Let’s go. Let the love birds spend some time together.” she told him, smiling.

Max nodded. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” he told Michael, winking at him.

Michael laughed. “Of course, we will.”

Shaking his head, Max opened the door and led Liz out. Looking at Liz from the corner of his eye, Max felt so happy. He just loved her so much, but he was still worried about the future. He knew that he could go off to college and all, but than afterwards, he would have to come back home. Always come home. That just wasn’t fair. He wanted to do everything that he could with Liz. He wished so much that things could be different, that there weren’t so many damn rules that he had to follow, because some of them just weren’t fair. Not fair at all.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Oh, nice suggestion. When the moon is full. Hmm, I'd originally wanted them to finally make love near the end of the story. But I've thinking about changing it. My poor readers need some dreamer nookie. But it's not fitting in anywhere just yet.

And BUMP. I'm almost done with the chapter. Yippee!!!

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Gaby7tvm, You mean, Max or Liz changing into their wolf form? Well, I do have something in mind, but it’s not for quite awhile.

pandas2001, Well, no Liz doesn’t know what her dad wants for her. Well, some things are going to be easy for our dream couple, while other things aren’t going to.

BelevnDreamsToo, Honestly, I don’t have any clue when Max is going to reveal his secret to Liz. But he only has one major major secret.

Adrianna, Well, it’s not really a choice if Liz wants to make the Change or not. If it comes, she has to turn otherwise, she’d been in a hell of a lot of pain if she didn’t turn.

LinzyB, For what I’m incorporating into the story from the show, I’m not too sure. I’m pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. Making some stuff up as I go along. I noticed on the show that they had the teenagers call the Change, flipping. And I can’t tell you if I’m going to have Liz flip or not. That’s a secret. *big*

oObubblesOo, I haven’t figured out how I’m going to get Isabel to leave the cabin or what.

Aurora Mystique, Sorry but there’s not going to be a lot of M/M in this story. I realized that I might have misled some people having my title say M/M; so I took it out. I’d planned for some M/M, but well, it doesn’t fit with the story as a whole. Sorry.

LittleBit, *giggle* I can’t tell you if Liz is going to get symptoms. All I’m saying is maybe.

Chapter 18

Kyle looked between Tess and Phillip and the knot in his stomach grew bigger. He knew what they wanted to talk to him about and frankly, he didn’t know exactly how he was supposed to respond to what they wanted. “So what’s this all about?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at the older man.

Phillip opened his mouth to begin talking when he began coughing. Damn these spells. They just kept coming at him all of the time. He knew that his time on this Earth was coming to an end. He was going to die soon. Sooner than he wanted to. When his throat felt better, Phillip looked at Kyle solemnly. “I think you know what this is all about, Kyle. I want to talk to you about becoming Alpha Male. I do honestly think that you are the best person for the job. People— both human and wolf respect you. I want you to take the job.”

Tess didn’t say anything as her husband told Kyle of what he wanted. She hoped that Kyle would agree to it, he really was the best person for the job. Tess had begun thinking more and more about Tyler Creed and Isabel. She knew that it was wrong of her to begin sleeping with Tyler in the first place, and it didn’t help that he had once been her own stepdaughter’s fiancé. It was simply wrong what she was doing. And she’d begun thinking about why Isabel could have left Wolf Lake and the only answer that came to her head was: Tyler Creed.

Kyle knew that he had been right in this thinking. They truly wanted for him to step up and become the next Alpha Male. He didn’t know what to do. On one hand, he had promised Ava that he wouldn’t have anything to do with wolf side, for both him and their daughter. But on the other hand, these were his people. And he had tried hard to turn his back on them and though he thought that he had done a pretty damn good job, he knew that he hadn’t. He still cared about his people. Cared about what happened to them. “I. . . I don’t know what to say.” he finally managed.

“Max is too young to become the next leader, and I am not going to be around much longer. The fact is I’m dying and I can’t stop it. I trust you, I feel that I can trust you. That you would be able to help my son become a leader when it is time for him to. I hate to say this, Kyle. But there could be some danger for everyone involved. For Max, Isabel, Tess, even Liz. You are the only one that I think can keep them safe after I’m gone.” Phillip replied, hating the idea that his children and his wife could be in danger. That Kyle’s own daughter could be in some danger.

Kyle took in a sharp breath at Phillip’s words. “My daughter could be in danger? Fuck. Everything that I have done in the last twenty years have been for Ava and my daughter, and know years of trying to keep her safe and away from all of this shit, she could be in danger. What because she and Max are dating? This is bullshit.” Kyle said, angrily unable to help the rage that had come over him. His child was in danger. Damn it all.

Tess could see that Kyle was upset at the prospect of his daughter being in any sort of danger and she couldn’t blame him. She was afraid of the danger that Isabel or Max were in. She loved them both so much. And Tess hated the idea that they could be in danger. She knew that Phillip wouldn’t be saying this if he honestly didn’t think that it was true.

Phillip nodded his head. “Yes, I agree. It’s stupid and idiotic. Over the years, I’ve been watching Tyler Creed for the past few years, and though I haven’t found any sort of proof of wrong doing, I simply can’t trust the young man. I know that Isabel must have left Tyler for a reason, but she hasn’t told me.”

Kyle sighed. Could he do it? Could he honestly become the leader? He had never dreamed that he could be, and now the opportunity was right in front of his reach. If he did, than he could try to make things better. Better for everyone involved. “Phillip, I honestly don’t know if I can. I need time to think about it. I’m sorry. I don’t think that Creed should become the next Alpha Male. He’s. . . I don’t know. I just can’t trust him.” he said, shaking his head at his thoughts. He definitely didn’t trust Creed.

Tess stayed quiet. She was thinking about what Phillip had said to her. About Tyler, that Phillip had been watching him. Did that mean that Phillip knew about her idiotic affair with Tyler. Oh, she hoped that he didn’t. After everything that Phillip had done for her over the years, she hoped that he didn’t know about her betrayal. “Of course, you can think about it, Kyle. This is a major decision that you would be making. But remember what Phillip said, if Creed finds out about this. Bad things might happen.”

Phillip nodded his head. There was so much that he wanted. He wanted his children to be happy. And Max was. Max was happy with Liz. But his poor Isabel. Isabel wasn’t happy, and she wouldn’t ever be happy if she wasn’t with Alex. Phillip hadn’t thought that it was love, but now he was beginning to think that she really loved the guy. And he wanted to make things better. Better for his oldest child. “I’ve been thinking, Kyle. Maybe we could trust Whitman. Isabel does love him. Maybe they should be with each other.”

Kyle was shocked by that. He would never have thought that Phillip Evans, who had always been a stickler for the rules was thinking about doing that. Letting a human who was also an outsider into their world. “Really? You’re thinking about that. From what I have seen, Whitman is a nice fellow. I know that Liz likes him. She’s talked to him more than I have.”

“Can you just watch him? Make sure that nothing bad happens to him. Make friends with him. See if we can trust him with this. With our secret. With what who we are.” Phillip said softly. Whitman could be in some trouble too, and he knew that it would absolutely devastate his daughter. Isabel had lost so much already, and he didn’t want her to lose Whitman yet. Not if he was trustworthy.

Kyle nodded his head, and opened his mouth to say something when Phillip began coughing loudly.

Tess quickly moved over to her husband’s side, and began patting him on the back. She hated this. She hated that Phillip was in pain. He was in so much pain even though he had never said anything to her. Tess turned her sad eyes to Kyle. “I’m going to take Phillip upstairs, can you wait until I come back down?”

Kyle nodded his head, not saying anything as he watched Tess and Phillip leave the room. Kyle couldn’t help but feel badly for his old girlfriend. He could tell that she really did love Phillip. He knew that she must be going through a hard time with having to watch Phillip slowly die.

Kyle still didn’t know if he could do it? If he could become the next leader to his people. He had virtually abandoned them years ago, when he had married Ava, but slowly he was coming back to them. He was being given the opportunity to help them, to make things right between both humans and wolves. But than again, what about his promise to Ava and to Liz. He only wanted the best for his daughter. His little girl was what mattered to him. Nothing else, but Liz. But if her safety was in question, Kyle would do everything in his power to protect her. His baby girl.


Tess gingerly laid Phillip down on the bed. Their bed. She covered him with the blanket and smoothed back his hair from his forehead. “You should get some rest, Phillip.” she said softly, feeling the tears in her eyes. She hated seeing him so sick this way. It wasn’t fair. She didn’t want to lose him. She couldn’t lose him.

Phillip smiled unsurely at his wife. She was so beautiful. If someone had told him fifteen years ago, that he would one day marry Tess Harding, he would have laughed in their faces. He had cared for her back when she was a teenager. He had been her friend during a lot of things. But he’d never expected to marry her. Not when he thought that she still loved Kyle. But they had some good times, a good marriage. It had all been good. “Sweetheart, I think that you should find someone else. We’ve had some good times, but I know that you’ve never loved me. Maybe you and Kyle will have another chance. He’s free and you’re going to be free pretty soon.” he told her, as he felt the dizziness come over him. So tired. He felt so damn tired, all he wanted to do was to close his eyes. Close his eyes against everything.

Tess’ eyes widened in shock at his words. He really wanted her to find someone else. She couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right of her if she did. “Phillip, no. I— Kyle and I are never getting together. He doesn’t love me. He never has. I’m sorry if you felt that I never loved you. I did. I do. I’m sorry.”

Phillip half shrugged his shoulders, as he felt the darkness come beckoning for him. “It’s alright. I understand. Diane. . . always told me to take care of you. She loved you. She thought of you as a daughter. I hope I did right by you. I hope. . . . . “

Tess bit the inside of her lip as she watched him close his eyes. She bent down to make sure that he was only sleeping, and walked out of the room. Phillip would be gone in only a few months. And it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that he was going to die. She made her way back down to the study where Kyle was waiting. He was still sitting where they had left him.

“Is Phillip okay? He wasn’t looking very good.” Kyle said quietly, awkwardly looking at Tess. It had been a long time since he and Tess had been in the same room together alone. At least years.

Tess nodded her head. “Phillip’s asleep for now. He’s dying, Kyle. Slowly and he’s in pain. He’s never going to get better. He’s going to miss out on his children’s lives, Kyle. And he wants you. He wants you to become the next leader. He can trust you; that you would do the right thing. Please, Kyle. Please say that you will agree to doing this. Please.” she said softly, as a fresh batch of tears came to her eyes.

Kyle swallowed hard at her words. It was easier said than done. He had so much to think about. He had to think about his daughter first. He had to really do some major soul searching before he could say yes. “I’m sorry, Tess. But I have to think about this. It’s not an easy decision for me. There’s so much that I have to think about first. My daughter. She is the only— the only thing that matters to me.”

Tess fell down her face at his words. His mention of his daughter. Life just wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair to her at all. “I should have been the mother of your children.” she said softly, almost to herself.

Kyle looked at her shocked by her words. “I’m sorry that you think that Tess. I’m sorry that I could never love you the way that you deserved to. We weren’t enough for each other back when we were teenagers. Hell, we were children pretending to be adults. Look, I have to go. I’ll see you around.” he told her, leaving the house as fast as his feet could carry him. There was only one place that he had to go to. He had to go to the cemetery.

Tess watched as Kyle left. Damn it! She had been so close in telling him about their baby. Not that it seemed that he would care. He hadn’t cared when she’d told him that she was pregnant when she first found out. He’d thought that she had been lying, just because he dumped her for a human. Yes, she’d been pissed off at it, but she would never have lied about a baby. It didn’t matter after all of this time anyway. Tess had never had his child. Their baby had died. Died inside of her.

Tess had wanted their baby so much. She’d dreamed about all the things that she wanted for her child. She’d even dreamed that it was a little girl. And she’d even started calling her baby Elizabeth. She knew that it had been by some cruel fate that Kyle and Ava had named their daughter Elizabeth. But her baby had never had the chance to live, never had the chance to do anything.

Tess shook her head, trying to stop her thoughts. It didn’t matter. Her baby was dead and there was nothing that she could ever do to get her baby back. Tess couldn’t help the feelings that she would get sometimes. The need to have a child. Once she’d even dreamed about going over to Kyle’s and practically jumped on him, in order to get pregnant, thinking that he owed her a baby. It was idiotic, her thinking sometimes.

Speaking of idiotic, Tess had decided to end her stupid little affair with Tyler. It just worth it anymore. Quite frankly, she didn’t even know what she was thinking when she’d started sleeping with him, it wasn’t as if she liked him all that much anyway. Maybe it was just all the tension that she had and she needed to let it out somehow. And turned to Tyler, who’d offered a friendly shoulder, which had turned to more. It was stupid and she was going to end it today. Quickly walking over to the telephone, she dialed Tyler’s cell phone.


“Tyler, it’s Tess. It’s over. This little affair that we’ve been having, it’s got to stop. I’ve betrayed Phillip long enough. He doesn’t need this kind of bullshit right now.” Tess informed him, knowing that she sounded cold. And that was exactly what she wanted. She wanted him to know that she was serious about this.

“Really, Tess? Are you sure that I won’t go to Phillip? The poor man would have a heart attack if he found out that his beloved wife was sleeping around. Oh, wait. You’re not his beloved wife. Everyone knows that he’s still in love with Diane. It’s your loss, Tess, dear. And frankly, I don’t give a damn.” Tyler told her coldly. He had more pressing matters than his affair with Tess. He had to deal with this fucking human Whitman and Isabel.

“Yes, well. I guess that’s something that we had in common, Tyler. Phillip does love Diane, just like Isabel loves Whitman. Good bye, Tyler.” Tess said, hanging up the phone, glad that it was over and done with. Tyler Creed was going to be a distant memory for her. Hopefully, he wouldn’t try the things that Phillip suggested. Hopefully.


“It’s been so long since I’ve been out here. I’m sorry, Ava. I should come out more. I guess it just hurts too much. There’s so much that I want to tell you. Liz is so beautiful. She looks almost exactly like you. Except she has my eyes. She’s going to be as beautiful as you were. I went back on my promise to you. I promised that Liz wouldn’t have anything to do with the wolf society. But she does.” Kyle said as he looked at his wife’s headstone. His beautiful wife was buried here with their children. Their four children who hadn’t survived. Sarah Beth, Liz’s twin sister, their sons, Jacob, Ryan and Joshua.

“Liz is in love, Ava. She’s in love with Max Evans, the son of the Alpha Male. And I could have been a bastard and made her not see him, but I do think that she really does love him. And I don’t want to lose her. I can’t lose Liz. That’s the only reason that I agreed to let her see him. It was either that or lose her. And I couldn’t do that. I hope that you understand. And there’s more to it. Phillip’s dying. And he wants me. He wants me to be the next leader. I know, me. Kyle Valenti, leader of his people.” he said with a ironic laugh.

“Part of me wants to do it. Do my best to help my people. To make things better for them. For our daughter, since she is serious about Max. So that they can be together. But another part of me is saying no. That I made a promise to you. And I should keep it. Please, Ava. Please, I need a sign. Anything. Just give me a sign.” Kyle pleaded, hoping for a sign. Waiting for a sign, waiting. . . . and waiting. . . . . and waiting. . . .

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If anyone has any ideas about how Isabel should escape, tell me. 'Cause right now, I'm pretty damn clueless.


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PS Still mulling over the tag part for "Troubles," though I have loads of ways I could go...

Ah, they are horrible little brats(fics) that like to give us trouble at any opportunity. I swear my muse for Fight Or Fall is working double time on me, which isn't helping for any of my other stories.

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My little brats like to watch movies that they aren't supposed to. It gets their juices flowing. Like scary movies, or those movies, I wasn't allowed to watch when I was younger. ::Sigh:: They always get their way anyway.

The tag for trouble shouldn't be sad. :*tongue*out:: You are teasing me again, aren't you??? Can't wait to read it.

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Great ideas on how Isabel should escape everyone. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who said something: miss_Roswell, Kitcat26, sabu, LittleBit, Tharos, alienchica, Gaby7tvm, b4echstarrynite, ps_dreamer, BelevnDreamsToo, behrhugs, Roswelllostcause, A Rose Is True Blue.

NOTE: Sorry about the wait in this chapter. It wasn't my intention. And if anyone reads Double Indemnity, I sort of put that one on the back burner. I'm still working on it, but not as often as Fight Or Fall, Now And Forever or Wolf Lake. These three are my top prioriy right now, until I get more chapters written. ~~~Amber

Chapter 19

“Anyone attending the annual Valentine’s Day party, has been granted permission to go home early. Have fun, be safe and don’t forget to do your work for class.” Principal Thornton announced over the intercom.

Liz bit her lip nervously as she looked at her teacher. Liz knew that what she was about to do was going to make a statement. She was going to declare that she was one of them. That she was a part of the wolves. She couldn’t help but be excited about doing it. Liz picked up her book bag and stood up, walking slowly to the door.

“Liz?” Ms. James asked, looking at the young girl confused.

Liz turned and meet the teacher’s eyes. “I’ll see you next week, Ms. James. And I won’t forget to do my homework.” she said, with a smile to her teacher.

Ms. James nodded. “Alright. Have fun.”

Liz smiled to herself as she threw the door open. It felt good. Damn good to state that she was one of them. Because she was. Even if her father still didn’t want her to be involved in the stuff. Though he had relented on the Max subject and said that she could go to the dance. Her father was still indecisive, but Liz was hoping that he would eventually get over it all. At least she was hoping for; for both her and Max’s futures.

“Hey, baby.” Max said, grinning at his beautiful girlfriend, as he moved away from the wall that he had been leaning on. He had been waiting until Liz got out of her class. Waiting for he could see his beautiful girlfriend.

Liz smiled widely as kissed him firmly on the mouth. She had missed him so much and she had last seen him before class. She was insatiable when it came to Max. She couldn’t get enough of him and she wanted to be with him all of the time. It made her think about what would happen after school ended. She didn’t want to go to another school without him. She didn’t want to lose him.

“Oh, damn. Get a room.” Maria announced as she made her way down the hallway. Those two just needed to do it and get it over with. But Maria had to admit that they were great together. They just had that ‘I’m in love with you’ glow. It was rather sweet.

Max reluctantly pulled away from Liz and shot Maria a smile. “If we could, we would. But don’t worry, we’ll make some plans sometime.” he said winking at her.

Liz shook her head at his words. She wanted to. She wanted to so badly for her and Max to be able to go off somewhere where no one would bother them and just make love to him all night. But he was right. Hmm, maybe tonight would be the perfect time. Valentine’s Day was the perfect night for them, she thought to herself as they walked silently to Maria’s car. Max was being serious when he said that he wanted to make it special for her, but she wanted to tell him that it would be special as long as it was with him. It didn’t matter to her where or when, as long as it was with Max Evans, the love of her life.

“So I’ll pick you up at Maria’s at seven, right?” Max asked, as they reached Maria’s car. He hated leaving her, that he wouldn’t be able to spend all of his time with her. But he would later. He wouldn’t let her leave his side, later on. He would monopolize all of her time, and kick any ones ass who tried to touch her.

Liz nodded. “Yeah, but my dad wants us to go to the station, so he can take some pictures of me.” she informed him. That he been a pleasant surprise for her. She hadn’t expected that from her father. But it was a good sign. A very good sign.

Max froze at her words. Oh hell. Why was he getting the feeling that he was going to get threatened tonight? Well, hell. It was bound to happen. He wasn’t about to do anything to ruin his relationship with Liz. He didn’t care about what other people would say. He was going to be with Liz Valenti for the rest of his life. “Yeah.”

“Poor Max. You’re a dead man walking with Uncle Kyle.” Maria commented, rolling her eyes. Max had several things going against him. One being that he was a wolf, another that he was after Uncle Kyle’s only daughter. Uncle Kyle would definitely give Max a hard time. And he would expect Max to work for his daughter.

“Maria! Max is going to be fine. I’m sure about it. Don’t listen to her, Max. She’s just trying to worry you for nothing. Everything will be okay. You know Daddy likes you anyway. Don’t worry about anything.” Liz soothed, as she wrapped her arms around him, wanting to be close to him once more before she and Maria would leave.

Max rested his forehead against her own. “I know, I have nothing to worry about. If anything the Sheriff would have kicked my ass when he busted us the other night. So I think I’ll be okay.”

Maria couldn’t help but laugh at his words. Liz had told her what had happened and she thought that it was super hilarious. She thanked God that she and Michael had never been caught, and they had done a lot more than Max and Liz had. Boy, her dad would have killed Michael if he knew what they did. “I’d watch out if I were you, Max.” she told him seriously, getting a kick out of the whole thing.

“Shut up, Maria.” Max growled as he kissed Liz hard on the mouth. Her beautiful luscious mouth that he had fantasized for a long time about. He would show the Sheriff that he was serious about Liz, that he only had the best of intentions. Well, except for those X rated intentions that he had for her, of course.

Liz moved her hands to Max’s lower back, dangerously close to his butt. When Liz felt his erection pressing into her stomach, it was exactly the response that she had wanted from him. Liz drew away from him. “Max, we really really need to spend some alone time, if you know what I mean.”

Max nodded his head. He knew exactly what she meant and he wanted it too. But he wanted it to be absolutely perfect for her first. But the only question was where they would finally make love. Definitely not the woods, or the old house. That was no place for Liz. And hell, there wasn’t anyway that they could at his house. This parents weren’t leaving anytime soon. “I love you, Liz. And everything will be perfect for us when we finally do make love. I promise you that.”

“I know, Max. But wherever or whenever won’t matter to me. As long as I’m with you, it will be perfect. Only with you.” Liz said, leaning to give him a light kiss on his lips. His eyes were glowing a deep amber color, and Liz knew that it had to do with the wolf in him. And it turned her on immensely.

Maria sighed impatiently looking at her watch, as she opened the car door and settled herself into the driver’s seat. “Come on, guys. Liz, we need to leave. Mom is waiting for us at the house. She’s going to help us with everything. She keeps bitching that she’s not going to go because she’s as fat as a blimp. I mean, I told her that she wasn’t. Bit she doesn’t believe me. I mean, geez. The woman is about to give birth to triplets in three weeks.”

Max reluctantly moved away from Liz. He opened Maria’s passenger door for her, closing it once she was in. “I love you, baby. See you tonight.” he said, kissing her softly on lips.

“Bye, Max. I love you.” Liz replied, before Maria peeled out of the parking lot. Liz hummed softly to herself as she thought about Max. He was everything to her. She honestly didn’t know how she could have spent so much time away from him. She loved him so much and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. But Liz wasn’t about to let anyone know about that. Max might look at her like she had grown another head. They were still in high school and she was thinking about getting married.

“Oh, Lizzie, girl. You have it bad for Maxwell. Have you given him hell for flirting with you and dating Courtney at the same time?” Maria wondered. Max had always flirted with Liz, before he had gotten with Courtney and after. Now that Liz and Max were together, Maria wondered if Liz was giving him some hell for his past behavior. Hell, if it had been Maria, she would have.

Liz shook her head. “No, of course not. Max— he did that because he never thought that we would be together. And I’m not going to cast stones upon him for what he’s done before. It wouldn’t be right of me.”

“I guess so.” Maria said, shrugging her shoulders as she pulled into the driveway of her tall, robin’s egg blue house. Honestly, Maria couldn’t stand the color, but it was her mother’s favorite. And her father hadn’t questioned her mother’s choice.

The two girls quickly made their way up to the entrance, and before Maria could take her house keys out, the door opened and Amy DeLuca Valenti stood before them. “Girls, you are late?! I was getting worried about the two of you. Hurry on in.” she said, waddling away from the door as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast.

Maria stuck her tongue out at her mother as she and Liz made their way into the house. She knew that her mother was going to get over excited about the whole thing. Wanting them to look perfect for the big night and so forth. It was also going to be a hell for both her and Liz. Utter hell.


“Phillip, hurry, come downstairs! Max, you look wonderful.” Tess said with a smile on her face. He looked simply wonderful. Even though he wasn’t her child, Tess couldn’t help but think of him as her own. She hoped that Kyle would be able to see that Max was a good person. But she wasn’t sure if that would happen, because well, Kyle was a over protective father.

“Okay, I’m coming. Don’t send out the calvary.” Phillip said as he made his way into the room, a wide smile on his face as he looked at his son dressed in a sharp looking tux. Pride filled his heart. He only wished that Diane could have seen their son. See their daughter become a woman, watch their son grow into a man.

“So I’ll see you two over at the party.” Max said, anxious to leave and go pick up Liz. He couldn’t wait until he saw her. He knew that she would look beautiful. Hell, she was beautiful in every way that counted.

“Let me just get a few more pictures. Phillip, go stand next to Max. I want a few pictures of the two of you, for Max’s album.” Tess asked, motioning until Phillip moved next to his son. They didn’t look so much alike, but they were. They were alike in different ways. Tess clicked a few pictures of the two men. Oh jeez. Little Max was a man.

Phillip smiled warmly at his wife as she took the pictures. He was feeling damn good tonight, and was going to take advantage of it. He was going to have some fun. He didn’t want to think about any of the problems. He didn’t want to think about Isabel’s predicament. He would deal with all of that later, but not tonight. “Switch places with me, Tess. Let me take a few of you and Max.” he urged, switching places with her. Phillip began taking pictures of the two of them. Tess was beautiful in her alabaster gown with silk taffeta trim. She was simply beautiful, he thought to himself.

When Phillip finished the film, Tess turned to look at Max seriously. “I want you to be careful tonight, Max. I know that you care about Liz greatly. And it might shock a few people, when the two of you show up together. Just be careful, please.” she said, unable to help think back to when Kyle had come to the dance with Ava so long ago.

The room practically went silent when they realized what was going on. Kyle Valenti had brought a human into their midst. Tess couldn’t help but be shocked with the rest of them. She, like everyone else, knew that Kyle was involved with the human, but she had never expected for him to show up at the dance with her.

“What a prick!” Daniel Steligman exclaimed, from Tess’ side. He was her date to the dance, even though she didn’t really like him all that much. She just had wanted to shove him in Kyle’s face. To tell him that she was getting on with her life. But she had never expected him to show up with Ava. It was like a stab in the heart.

Tess couldn’t form any words. There wasn’t a word that could properly express her feelings about this. He had shown up with Ava. Ava Delanie. The human that he had dumped her for. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair at all.

“I saw that we go trash his house. Who the fuck does he think that he is, bringing that human bitch to our party. He knows better than that. Fucking idiot.” Owen DeLuca stated, shaking his head at it all.

“Are you okay, Tessie?” Diane Evans, asked coming close to the younger girl.

Tess nodded, helpless to say anything. Kyle Valenti— the love of her life was here at the dance with Ava Delanie, the human that he dumped her for. The father of her child was here with his human. It hurt so much. It hurt so badly that Tess just wanted to cry. Cry for all the pain that she had endured during the last two months. “I. . . . I’m fine.” she finally managed, though she knew that she would never be fine.

“Of course, I’ll be careful, T. I’m going to make sure that nothing will happen. I’ll keep my temper in check. At least for tonight. I don’t want to ruin the party for Liz.” Max told her seriously. He felt that there was more to her words than she was saying, but he wasn’t about to say anything.

“He’ll be fine, Tess. He’s a smart kid. He knows when not to talk. Don’t you, Maxwell?” Phillip said softly. He knew that Tess had been thinking about the party so long ago when Kyle had brought Ava. That had been the only time a human had been at the party and the last time. It had also been the last time that Kyle Valenti had attended their annual Valentine’s Day party. After the treatment that Ava had received from everyone, Kyle refused to attend another one.

Tess nodded her head. She knew that Max was a smart kid. She just didn’t want for him or Liz to be treated horribly. She didn’t want that for them. “I know, you’ll be fine. I’m just worrying for no reason. You’d better go and pick Liz up.”

Max nodded his head, as he gave her a kiss on the cheek before taking off, anxious to go to Liz.

“He’s in love with her!” Phillip stated. Part of him was happy for his son, and another part of him was afraid of what the future held. He knew that things weren’t going to be very easy. All he wanted was for his son to be okay. To be happy, and safe.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Kitcat26 originally wrote:
And just a question...when did the dance take place? The one in Tess's memory? B/C you said Diane EVANS. So was it after her and Phillip got married??

The dance from Tess' memory happened when they were teenagers. Diane and Phillip were in their early to mid twenties; those two were already married. Tess, Kyle and Ava were about 17/18; it was the last party that Kyle attended. And Owen DeLuca is Sean's dad, though I didn't say it or anything.

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Dedicated to: Kitcat26 (TWICE) *happy* , Juliette, carolina_moon, LittleBit, roswellluver, A Rose Is True Blue (SEVEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , behrhugs (TWICE) *happy* , Krazykitti (SEVEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo, ps_dreamer, icequeenfan, Gaby7tvm (TWICE) *happy* , alienchica (TWICE) *happy* , miss_Roswell, KEmperor, b4echstarrynite (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , TrueLoveConquersAll, frenckiss70, abbs007, Bubbles, mpls muse (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Roswelllostcause, BubbleBlueSmurf.

A Rose Is True Blue, Now, I can’t tell you if Alex will have any connections to anyone in Wolf Lake. But IF he even did, he wouldn’t be Kyle and Tess’s kid. Because the dates just wouldn’t add up. IF Tess hadn’t lost her baby, the kid would be about 20, not 28 which is how old Alex is.

Chapter 20

Max bit the inside of his lip as he stood outside of Maria’s house. He didn’t think that he had ever been he before. Hell, he’d never even been to his own girlfriend’s house. Well, he would have to change that sometime soon.

“Hey, Max. Nice to see you. The girls are almost done getting ready. Amy’s been having a field day with it all.” Jim Valenti said, a wide smile on his face as he ushered Max into his house. He hoped that his little brother would realize that he couldn’t ever leave his wolf heritage behind. That no matter what, it would come back to him.

“Have you seen Liz? I’m sure that she looks beautiful.” Max said with a smile on his face as he thought about it. Liz would look beautiful in anything. Looking around the living room, Max couldn’t help but feel a little bit uncomfortable by the picture of Maria’s brother on the wall. He had vague memories of Maria’s older brother, James had died nearly eleven years ago.

Jim shook his head. “I’ve tried, but Amy won’t allow me to go anywhere near upstairs. That woman loves to use her hearing to make sure that I’m kept out of everything she doesn’t want me in.”

Max opened his mouth to say something when a voice interrupted the direction of his thoughts.

“Jim, Liz is coming down!” Amy announced, as she gingerly made her way down the stairs. She went slowly but surely, just to make sure that she wouldn’t fall down or on her ass.

“Wow! Mrs. Valenti, you look beautiful.” Max commented with a warm smile. She did look very nice in her cream colored dress.

“Thank you, Max. But don’t be paying me any compliments, save them for Liz.” Amy said, winking at the boy. She smiled to herself when she saw him blush. Who would have guessed it? Max Evans blushing?

Max opened his mouth to respond when he saw a goddess walking down the stairs. For a moment, Max couldn’t breath as he looked at the love of his life. She was so beautiful. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. Her hair flowed down her back in soft waves. And her dress— a forest green and gold just enhanced her beauty. She was his goddess. “You look beautiful, Liz.” he finally managed.

Liz began to lick her lips at the sight of him, but thought better of it, especially with her lipstick on. Max was one to talk. He looked good enough to eat. “You look wonderful, Max.” she said softly, wishing that she could be alone with him and try to see what was under that tuxedo.

“I’m coming down, too!” Maria called as she entered the room in her slinky purple velvet dress. She was sure that Michael would like her dress, that is, if he even noticed it. Michael sometimes had the habit of not noticing things. Like if she changed her hair.

“Ah, look at my girls. They look so beautiful. All of ya’ll.” Jim said with a wide smile looking at each of the three women. His wife was gorgeous, his daughter looked beautiful and Liz looked like a dream. He knew that tonight was going to be a good night.

“We should go.” Liz said with a smile as she moved to Max’s side. She knew that tonight was going to be a great night. Her and Max. They would go to this party and everyone would know that they were together. Well, the best reason was that she was with Max, plain and simple.

“We’ll see you at the party.” Maria said, waving as she watched Max and Liz leave the house. Boy, they sure were in a rush. Were they planning to do a little Valentine’s celebrating on their own, she thought devilishly.

Max waited until he and Liz were in his car before he turned to her and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Liz ran her hands through his hair pulling him closer to her, wanting him to get closer to her. She had gone without for too long.

Max wrenched his lips away from her and rested his forehead on her own. “You look so beautiful, Liz. I’ve never seen anyone quite as beautiful as you.” he said softly, restraining himself from kissing her again.

Liz ran her hands down his back. “I love you, too, Max. We’d better head on over to the station. You know, Dad wants to take some pictures and what not. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time later on to say all those wonderful things to me.” she said, licking her lips and realizing that she didn’t have any more lipstick on, that Max was wearing most of it. “Oh, baby, you’re going to have to clean your face.” she said with a smirk.

“You should put some more lipstick on.” Max said winking at her, as he got to work on cleaning the lipstick off of his face. Not that he had minded about the lipstick, because it had been from Liz. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Liz put on a fresh coat of lipstick. It was a nice, red color that she was putting on. “That’s one nice color.”

Liz stuck her tongue out at him. “It should be. Cost me damn near ten dollars at the store. Come on, baby. My dad’s waiting for us and he hates to be waiting.” she said, causing Max to hastily start the car.

Fifteen minutes later, they had arrived at the police station. Liz opened the door with a smile on her face. And was surprised to see that there wasn’t anyone in the station. It sucked that her father had to work tonight. Well, he might have made it that way since it was Valentine’s Day and he had no one to spend it with.

“Hmm. Where is everyone?” Max wondered. Not that he thought that the station was ever really busy. Wolf Lake was a quiet town, not a lot happened in it. Sure there were a few things but nothing much happened.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Daddy’s probably in his office.” she said, knocking on his door. A moment later Kyle appeared at the door, a wide smile on his face.

“Oh, look at my little girl. You’re so beautiful, Liz.” Kyle said softly as he looked at her. She looked so much like her mother. She was so beautiful. He hoped that tonight would be alright for Liz and Max. He remembered the last time that he had gone to the dance. He had brought Ava along and people had been jerks to them. Especially Ava. They had been especially cruel to his wife.

“Thanks, Daddy. Come say hi to Max.” Liz said, walking back to where Max was. She knew that her dad was going to accept her and Max being together eventually. She just hoped sooner rather than later.

“Hello, Max. You look nice. Now, time to take some pictures. Oh, darn. Liz, sweetheart, can you go into my office and get my camera. I think it’s in my drawer.” Kyle said with a nod of his head. He wanted the chance to talk to Max on his own, without Liz in the room or anything.

“Sure, Daddy. I’ll be right back.” Liz said, as she went into his office.

Once Kyle was sure that Liz was in his office, he turned to Max with a serious look on his face. “I’m warning you right now, Max. I only want the best for my little girl. I don’t want to see or have anyone tell me that they caught you and my daughter making out. Take it to a private place. If you get her pregnant, I will rip your lungs out without hesitation. My wife and I only wanted the best for Liz, and I refuse to let anyone— including you ruin it for her. This is the only warning that I’m going to give you, Max. I want you to remember it.”

Max nodded his head. He understood why the Sheriff was telling him all of this. He did only want the best for his daughter. And so did Max. He wanted the best for Liz. She was the love of his life and he didn’t want her future to be ruined because of him. And he wouldn’t get her pregnant. Though he could see it in his head. Liz pregnant with his baby, he knew that either one weren’t ready for a child at this point of their lives. Maybe when they were older, but definitely not now. “I only want the best for Liz. And I want you to know that I do love your daughter. I’m not lying about that.”

Kyle nodded his head, a little unsure about how to reply to the boys words. Max had told him flat out that he was in love with Liz. That he wasn’t just pretending or anything just to get his daughter. “Alright, I’ll give you credit for that. You hurt my little girl, I will hurt you. That is a promise, Max.” he said, closing his mouth as he watched Liz come back out of the room, holding the camera in one hand.

“Here, Daddy.” Liz said as she handed the camera over. She scrunched her eyes at her father and Max, who looked like they had been talking about something important. What had her dad been telling Max, she wondered.

“Come on, kids. Smile for the camera.”


Alex halted his bike as he came to the SUV on the side of the road. It was only than did he see the driver, who was busily trying to fix the tire. The one, the only Tyler Creed. Isabel’s former fiancé that she had left. Alex couldn’t help but look his rival over. “Need some help?”

Tyler smirked at the human from his position as he finished up with his tire. Tyler so badly wanted to tell the human that he was going to marry Isabel, just to stick the knife into the human. Showing him who the bigger man was. Whitman didn’t know what he was dealing with. He didn’t know that Tyler Creed always came out on top. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m done already.”

Alex nodded and gave him his warmest and fakest smile. “Oh, I didn’t want you to get your tuxedo dirty. Sorry, I wasn’t much help. But can I ask you a few questions, Mr. Creed?” Just looking at the guy, Alex didn’t like him. There was just something about him that seemed so fake and mistrusting. Alex could see why Isabel hadn’t told him about Tyler. She probably had wanted to forget that she had even knew the guy.

“Why not, Mr. Whitman? I have nothing better to do at the moment than entertain your little questions.” Tyler said, raising an eyebrow at the human. This would be some fun for him.

“So you and Isabel were engaged to get married before she left town?” Alex fired his first question. He didn’t like this guy at all. And it wasn’t because Isabel had dated him. Looking at him, Alex realized that Tyler reminded him of one of those high and mighty jocks that he had gone to school with. A bastard in disguise as the golden boy.

“Yes, we were. We were in love. Very much in love. We dated for three years straight. I never knew why she left the way that she did. I guess I’ll never really know. Why on Earth would Isabel come back here? Obviously, she left for a reason.” Tyler said somberly, repressing that smirk that wanted to come on his face. He wanted to shove it in the human’s face that he knew where Isabel was. He knew and had seen Isabel. And the human didn’t.

“Three years is a long time. Maybe she just didn’t want to get married and that’s why she left. What kind of a relationship did the two of you have?” Alex went on. He couldn’t help the feeling that Tyler Creed had something to do with Isabel leaving town the way that she had. It made a weird sort of sense to him. That he was the reason that she left. Why else would Isabel leave her father and brother, having no contact with them all. Alex for damn sure didn’t believe that crap about Isabel being in a hospital. He would have to find out about that.

Tyler shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know why she left. We had a wonderful relationship. We were very much in love and we did want to get married. Are we done here? I have a party to get to.”

“One last question. Was Isabel ever in a psychiatric hospital?” Alex asked. Tyler Creed was going to the same party that Liz was going to, Alex realized.

“Not that I ever knew of. Isabel is one of the sanest people that I have ever known. Why did Phillip or Tess say that? Well, they would know since they are her parents. But if she was, I didn’t know.” Tyler said shrugging his shoulders again at the question. He just wanted to leave. These questions were pointless and going nowhere. He had bigger and better things to do. “I’m leaving now, Whitman. Things to do, a life to live.”

Alex didn’t say anything as he watched Tyler Creed get into his SUV. He knew one thing for sure. Tyler Creed knew something. His words just now. Isabel is one of the sanest people I have ever known. Shouldn’t he have said, Isabel was one of the sanest. Alex got the feeling that he was on the right track with Tyler Creed. The guy knew something and Alex was determined to find out whatever it was. It could very well lead him back to Isabel.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . The dance is going to take place in the next three chapters, and there will be some Alex stuff, though he is somewhere else at the time of the dance. *wink*

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NOTE: Good news. I finished the chapter. Yipee!! And I already sent it to my beta, but who knows when she'll get to it, since I already sent her about three other chapters of different stories to beta. And she's probably busy with RL. Hopefully, I can update tomorrow. But it's not a definite plan. Especially since tomorrow is my birthday. And I had planned on sitting on my ass all day long. *big* But as soon as I get the chapter, I will post it.

Thanks for all of the feedbacks and bumps. It means alot to me. And all of you, Isabel lovers. I did start another story, called Memoirs Of A Star.

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Hey, Gaby7tvm. If you want to be spoiled about the TV show. Here is a site you can go to. Go to the episode summaries, and click on an episode for the full summary. You saw Episode #4, there are only 9 in the show. And Luke doesn't get much better in the show. Not really.

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Disclaimer: Will You Love Me Tomorrow belongs to the Shirelles.

Dedicated to: mpls muse, ps_dreamer, carolina_moon, BubbleBlueSmurf, Krazykitti (ELEVEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo (TWICE) *happy* , abbs007, b4echstarrynite (SIX TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Gaby7tvm (FOUR TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* , frenckiss70, Rim, LittleBit (TWICE) *happy* , Juliette, Kitcat26, Twilighteyes1974, Bubbles, Jules, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , Gagnes Girl, Princess Aurora, roswellluver, Roswelllostcause (TWICE) *happy* , A Rose Is True Blue (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , TrueLoveConquersAll, Tharos.

A Rose Is True Blue, Who says that I haven’t already given a hint in the story about Alex? *giggle* Can’t say anymore. Yup, I got a way for Isabel to escape. It’s a combo of some of the stuff that people have said.

Gaby7tvm, The lake like in the show. I’m not too sure. Maybe. Who knows what I’ll decide.

Chapter 21

“Wow! Where is everyone?” Alex asked as he entered the police station. It place was practically empty. No one in sight anywhere. No one in the jail, no one at any desk. The only sign of life was the light coming from the open door of the Sheriff’s office.

“Hello, Alex.” Kyle said as he came out of his office carrying his cup of coffee. He was the only one on duty right now. There were other people who had significant others in their lives, while he didn’t. Besides, he tried not to think about what today was. Couples happy together, celebrating. Something that he would never be able to do again with his wife. There were a few days out of the year that were hard for him to handle, and this was one of them.

“Hello, Kyle. Hope you don’t mind me coming on by. I didn’t have much to do tonight. Quite frankly, I wanted to forget about it being Valentine’s Day. You know, not having any one. So can I ask why you aren’t at the party that Liz went to. I ran into Tyler Creed earlier, I’m assuming that he’s going to the same party. Why aren’t you?” Alex asked, a little confused about the thing.

Kyle shrugged his shoulder as he motioned for Alex to sit down. Once Alex sat down at one of the chairs, Kyle sat down. “Someone has to stay at the station. And I’m one of the only ones that doesn’t have a significant other waiting at home for a Valentine’s present. Besides, I haven’t gone to a dance for twenty years. Why should I bother now?”

Alex nodded his head. “Yeah. I heard about your wife dying. I’m sorry. I— how did she die? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.” Alex said softly. Alex didn’t know what he would do if he found out that Isabel was dead. In his heart, he knew that Isabel was alive out there somewhere.

“It was a few years ago. Two teenagers were dragging racing and Ava was the unlucky one that got caught in their path. Ava was seven months pregnant at the time. Everyone died in that accident. Ava, the two boys. Ava died in the ambulance before it even reached the hospital.” Kyle admitted, not wanting to remember it. Not wanting to remember the ambulance ride before his wife had died.

Alex shook his head. He felt so badly for the older man. Losing the love of his life that way. In such a senseless act. It just didn’t seem right. And he hadn’t only lost his wife, both the child that she had been carrying at the time. “I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t make up for anything.”

Kyle nodded his head. “Yeah, but sometimes it’s nice to hear, you know. Liz has nothing but the nicest things to say about you. My daughter doesn’t make friends very easily. But she’s taken to you like a butterfly. It’s nice to see that.” he said, nodding his head. Some of the kids were rude and mean to his daughter, and he hated that. Hated that he wasn’t able to protect her from the teenage bullshit. Kids could be so cruel to each other. That had been another of the reasons that he hadn’t been all too keen on letting his daughter go to the dance. But she was almost an adult, and he couldn’t control her life. And trying to do it would be just wrong.

Alex smiled warmly at the older man. “Oh, I like her. She’s a sweet kid. I feel very brotherly towards her, and it’s weird, because it’s the first time that I have felt like that. I was an only child you know. And I always wished that I had a brother or a sister. Never got what I wanted though.” he remarked.

“Oh, well, I grew up with an older brother. Jim’s nearly ten years older than me, and always was a pain in the butt to me. He’d tell me that I was adopted, that they had found me on the side of the road. The works. But I do love my brother. Besides, my daughter, he and his family are all I have left. My parents— they died several years ago.” Kyle said, shaking his head at the memory of the things that his older brother had told him so often. But as the years went by, he understood why his brother had said the things that he did. Jealousy.

“My parents— they adopted me when I was young. Only a couple of months old. My real parents or mother, or whoever had me, left me on the doorstep of an orphanage in Denver. I never knew who my real parents were.” Alex confessed. He didn’t understand why he was telling people— virtual strangers the truth about his background. He had never really told anyone before. Hell, he had never even told Isabel. But for some reason, he felt that he could trust both Sherman Blackstone and Kyle Valenti.

Kyle cocked an eyebrow at the guy. He hadn’t known that. It was interesting. Though he knew that it wouldn’t make much of a difference to the others. The other wolves weren’t going to let another wolf marry a human. It had been one thing when he’d married Ava. But they weren’t going to let the Alpha Male’s only surviving daughter marry a human. Not when there was so much more at stake. The line of succession for the Alpha Male. “Really? I hadn’t known. Do you even want to find out who you’re real parents are? I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but if it was me, I know that I would want to find out.”

Alex nodded his head. “Yeah. I tried a few times back during college, but I never really got anywhere. All I had was one thing that was left with me. A ring that was made from an acorn. That’s all I had, and it really didn’t tell me much.” he said, shaking his head. He’d never gotten anywhere with his search. And he’d lost all hope that he had. He would never find his real parents.

“Really? An acorn ring? Man, those things were popular way back in the day. I remember my brother made one for my sister in law when he was back in high school. Yeah, those things were pretty popular back in the 70's.” Kyle commented. He remembered that because he had been making fun of his brother. He’d made fun of everything that Jim had done back when he was younger. “I need a beer.”

Alex nodded his head, fully understanding. “Yeah, I know what you mean. What I wouldn’t give to get drunk. It’s been too long since I’ve done that. Need some good old Labatt’s Blue.”

“Labatt’s Blue? You like to drink that crap? No, no, no. It’s all about Half and Half. You ever taste that. It’s a pint of ½ lager and ½ stout. Now that’s some good beer. You’ve got to try it someday. You know, what Whitman. One of these days I’m going to get you drunk. How does that sound?” Kyle asked with a grin. He had to admit that he liked this kid. He knew that if his daughter could trust him, than he could.

“That’s a deal, Kyle. One of these days you’ve got to get me drunk. Good old wasted drunk where I’ll puck my guts out. Now that I haven’t done since I was in high school. But how will your daughter react to her father coming home drunk as a skunk?” Alex asked with a smirk. He liked the older man. He seemed like he was a nice enough fellow. Besides, he had to become friendly with someone in order to get closer to the truth about Isabel. To find his Isabel.

“Ah, don’t you worry about my little girl. She’s tougher than nails. Besides, we would have to wait until she’s spending the night at Maria’s house. Wouldn’t want her to see her old man drunk, cause she’d probably kick my ass. Just like her mother would have. Ava would have.” Kyle said with a reminiscing smile.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Isabel didn’t like it when I got drunk. She got mighty angry at me and it wasn’t pretty.” Alex said quietly, thinking back to that night long ago. Tonight, he wasn’t going to press Valenti for any details, he just wanted to have some fun. He’d get some answers this weekend. He knew that he would.


Liz wrapped her arms tightly around Max’s neck. She could feel the gazes of the other people and she was trying to ignore them. All that mattered to her was that she was in Max’s arms. She was in the arms of her boyfriend, the love of her life, the guy that would one day become her lover. And that was all that mattered. All that mattered to her.

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow

“I love you, Liz.” Max said softly, loving the feel of her body against his own. He was trying to pay all of his attention to Liz, but he could hear the murmurs coming from everyone else. They were talking softly about him and Liz. Max could hear every word that they were saying and it was pissing him off the way that they were talking about her. They had to know that he and Liz were going to be together. And that he wasn’t about to let ruin his relationship with her.

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure
Can I believe the magic of your sighs
Will you still love me tomorrow

“I love you, too, Max. Do you know how happy I am at this moment? I’m here with you, the love of my life. And everyone knows that. Courtney knows it, and so does all of the other people.” Liz stated, a smile dominating her face. She was truly happy at this moment. It felt so wonderful. So good.

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun

“I hope that you don’t think what I’m about to say is weird or anything. But I want us to get married. One day, not anytime soon. I know that we are young, but I want us to get married. What do you think about that?” Max asked with a smile. He knew that it might be a little premature of him to tell Liz about what he wanted, but he had wanted to tell her the truth. About how he felt. About what he wanted.

I like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow

Liz’s eyes widened in surprise. She couldn’t believe what Max had just said. He wanted for them to get married one day. That made her feel so happy. She wanted to marry him. She wanted to have a family with him one day. She wanted to have everything with him. “I don’t think it’s weird or anything, Max. I want the same thing. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want you to think I was a nut job.”

So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow
Will you still love me tomorrow
Will you still love me tomorrow

Max let out a laugh at her words. “So it was okay for me to be the nut job. But I want you to be able to do everything that you want to, Liz. Go to school, go to vacations around the world, do everything that you can. I don’t want to be in the way of all of that. I want you to promise me that no matter what happens between us, you won’t let me get in the way of everything that you want.”

Liz nodded her head, as she looked him straight in the eye. She loved him so much. She wanted him to know that none of those things mattered to her. As long as she was with him, she would be fine. “Max, I don’t care about all that stuff. I only want to be with you. School be damned.” she informed him.

“Liz.” Max warned. He had promised her father that he only wanted the best for her. And that was one promise that he was going to keep.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. We have plenty of time to talk about all of this later. Now, I’m going to go to the bathroom. When I come back, you’d better not be thinking about all of this, alright?” Liz said seriously. She didn’t want to get into all of this. Not here and not now.

Max nodded his head. “Alright, you’re right. I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t take too long.” he said softly, watching as she walked in the direction of the bathroom. He knew that she was right. They shouldn’t be talking about this. Not in a public place at least.

Liz hummed softly to herself as she entered the bathroom. The party was being held at the old Cramer house. No one lived in it, hell, no one had lived in it for at least thirty years. The wolf pack had decided that they would use the house only during celebrations. Five minutes later, as Liz straightened out her dress, she heard several people enter the bathroom.

“Can you believe Max? I mean, showing up with that piece of trash? My dad is laughing about it with Mr. Guerin. They’re saying about how Max is turning into the Sheriff. Bringing trash with him to the party.” Jen Collins said with a laugh.

“It’s the mutt. It’s all her fault. She’s the one that’s fucking with Max’s head. There’s no other excuse. Either that or he’s thinking with his dick. You know how Max is. I’m not worried about it all. Max and I will be together again. Liz Valenti is no match for me.” Courtney said with a smirk at the plans that she had. Liz Valenti wouldn’t know what hit her.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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A Rose Is True Blue, It’s okay if you haven’t noticed the tiny hints. And I do mean that they are tiny. I do it in all of my stories, and rarely do people even notice them, because they are so small. As for the acorn ring, I actually got that idea from an old romance novel I read a long time ago.

Sternbetrachter, No, Alex isn’t one of the Manticore kids. You won’t find out the truth about him for quite awhile.

TrueLoveConquersAll, Nope, Alex does not have any connection to Liz or Kyle or Jim.

Chapter 22

Liz narrowed her eyes at Courtney and Jen’s words. Those two bitches. Who the hell did they think they were talking about her that way? Talking about Max that way. Max wasn’t anything like her father. Her father was just so staid and over protective, where Max was passionate and sexy. They were nothing alike.

Liz could feel her blood racing at their words. She so wanted to go out there and rip Courtney’s bottled blonde hair out of her dark roots. That girl had no right. No right at all to be talking about her and Max that way.

“What are you planning on doing to get back with Max?” Jen asked her friend with a curious smile.

Courtney let out a laugh. “Now, if I told you it wouldn’t be so much of a secret. And it has to be. No one can know what I have planned. I have so much planned for both Max and Liz. They won’t know what hit them.” she remarked.

Liz knew that she couldn’t hold back any longer. She threw open the bathroom door and stepped out, ready to face off with Courtney. “You pathetic bitch. I should have known that you have nothing better to do than try to get Max back. But you know what Courtney, nothing that you have planned will ever work. Because I have something that you will never have. I have Max’s love. He loves me, while you— you were nothing but a fuck to him.” she told the other girl harshly, her anger racing through her body.

Courtney took in a deep breath as she narrowed her eyes at the petite brunette. There was no way in hell that she was going to allow this bitch to talk to her that way. “Is that what he told you. Did Max tell you that all it was a fuck? A screw? Well, you don’t know anything about him. I know more about Max that you ever have.” she said, letting out harsh laughter.

Liz smiled at the other girl, than shook her head. “Having sex does not mean that you know him. It doesn’t mean a single thing. If anything it just proves my point more. That Max never had any feelings for you. That you were nothing for him. I know that he has never told you, that he loves you. Or that he wants to marry you, has he? I know that he hasn’t.” she told the other girl, smugly.

Courtney smiled at Jen, before turning her attention back to Liz. “Oh, little girl. Haven’t you learned by now, that what he’s told you means nothing. He’s just trying to get into your pants and try to see if you can turn. You don’t know how many times we’ve talked about you. Wondering if you could ever turn. And it seems that Max has taken it upon his self, to see if you can. I told you before how Max likes to use little virgins, trying to get them to change. He’s been that way for a long time. You know that, I know that. But you’ve got your head stuck up your ass.”

“Right. I’m the one with my head up my ass. You’re the one that can’t deal with Max breaking up with you. You’re going to resort to childish things in order to try to get Max back. And I stress the word, try. Because I know that Max and I are going to be together, despite your pathetic attempts.” Liz sighed as she shook her head at the blonde. “I don’t even know why I’m bothering with you. You don’t even know anything about me and Max. You’re nothing to me and to Max.”

Courtney let out another laugh at Liz’s words. Liz didn’t think that she knew anything about Max? Boy, did that little girl have things wrong. She knew more about him than Liz did. “Oh, you don’t know anything about your sweet wonderful Max. I bet that he never told you about the things that we do in the woods. The parties that we have. How we get drunk, get high and than have wild sex. Max loves those parties. I’m sure that he would never ever take you there. You’d probably go running off to Daddy and tell him about it all. I’ll bet that Max never told you about what we did one night. About what we did to that man.”

Liz bit the inside of her lip at Courtney’s words. She wasn’t all that surprised if that was what happened in the woods. Sometimes the wolf teens were like walking hormones. That was something that she had noticed a long time ago. But what the hell was Courtney talking about? The man? Liz knew that she shouldn’t believe Courtney. Courtney would probably lie about everything. Just try to purposely try to freak Liz out. She knew that she shouldn’t believe her.

Courtney smiled coldly at Liz, before she went on. “Oh, you don’t know. I’m not surprised about that. It wasn’t all that long ago. Maybe six months ago. You do remember that accident that happened. How that rancher guy’s truck ran off the road. You know, the guy that died. I’m sure that you know about him, since Daddy is the Sheriff. And Daddy knows everything. I bet that Max didn’t tell you that the guy died because of him. That Max had killed him. Did you know, Lizzie?” she told the other girl coldly.

Liz’s blood ran cold at Courtney’s words. NO! She didn’t believe her. She didn’t believe Courtney Renger one bit. That girl was a fucking liar. She would say just about anything that would make Liz doubt Max. She wasn’t about to believe anything that this girl said. “You really are pathetic, aren’t you? Saying all of this bullshit about Max. I feel so sorry for you, Courtney. So sorry for you. You’ll never ever have anyone like Max in your life again. He wants nothing to do with your pathetic lying whoring ass. I’m going to go back to my boyfriend and enjoy him instead of talking to your dumb ass.” she told the other girl, as she walked out of the bathroom, seething over what Courtney had told her. She was going to find her boyfriend and have a talk with him.

Jen waited until Liz left the bathroom, before turning her attention back to Courtney. “You’ve been holding out on me. You never said anything about Max being responsible for old man Curby’s death.”

“Shut up!” Courtney screeched. She knew that Liz was going to tell Max what she had said. But she didn’t care. It was the first part of her plan. Only the first part.


“Great party don’t you think, Phillip?” Tyler asked sliding up to the older man. Tyler had always done his best to stay on the older man’s side. He couldn’t very well have the old man hate him when he was planning on marrying the man’s daughter.

“Yes, it is.” Phillip replied, looking at the younger man. He couldn’t figure out Tyler Creed. Or why his daughter would have run away before her wedding. It had never made any sense to him. His daughter had always seemed like she was in love with him. He remembered the way that Isabel had talked about the wedding, her happiness, everything. But in the end she had run. She had run from everyone that she had loved. Phillip knew that something major must have happened to make his daughter do that. To abandon her own family.

“I proposed to Isabel the other day. And I think that she’s going to accept. At least I’m hoping so. I do love her so much, Phillip. It’s been hell being without her all of these years.” Tyler told the older man, lying gracefully. That wasn’t even true. He hadn’t missed her one bit over the years. He had enjoyed his life immensely over the years. Though he did not have what he wanted the most. Being in line for the Alpha Male throne. Isabel had been his ticket to that, and she’d fucked that up for him.

“Really? That’s interesting. I need to go see my daughter. I haven’t seen her in awhile. I take it she’s okay?” Phillip asked softly, not wanting their conversation to be overheard. The subject of his daughter was a delicate one. Phillip wasn’t sure about how he felt about the whole thing. Isabel had left for a reason.

“Of course, she’s okay. This is Isabel we’re talking about. She’s always been the resilient type. You’ll never guess who I ran into earlier. Alex Whitman. He asked me some questions about Isabel and my relationship.” Tyler said, cocking an eyebrow at Phillip. He had no idea about how Phillip felt about the human. Tyler studied the older man trying to analyze his feelings. But Phillip was a master at disguising his emotions.

Phillip nodded his head, displaying no emotions on his face. He got the feeling that Tyler would try to use his feelings against him. “Yes, Isabel has had to be resilient in the past. You didn’t tell Whitman anything useful did you, Tyler? He’s probably going to leave on his own when he realizes that he’s getting nowhere. I mean, no one has told him anything.”

“Not exactly what I’ve heard. I’ve heard from several reliable sources that both Liz Valenti and Sherman Blackstone have told Whitman things. Liz was the one who told Whitman that Isabel and I were to get married. I know that we can’t trust that girl. She has too much human in her, her father has raised her as human. She doesn’t know the way that we do things. We can’t trust her.” Tyler stated, looking around the room. He could smell her here somewhere and he hated it. He hated that the half breed was here among them, when she shouldn’t be.

Phillip leveled his eyes with Tyler’s piercing grey eyes. “I guess that’s where you and I disagree. Liz Valenti is a part of us. She is a part of the pack, regardless of what Kyle has done or said. Her wolf blood is stronger than her human blood, I’m sure of that. She is a part of us and I refuse to allow anyone to treat her differently. And who is this so called reliable source. Would it happen to be Courtney Renger? The blonde that my son dumped so that he could start seeing Liz? Because if so, I don’t believe a single word that Mrs. Renger has said.” he told the younger man fiercely. He wanted Tyler to know that he wouldn’t have Liz being treated differently. She was one of them, regardless of her father’s own wishes.

Tyler narrowed his eyes at Phillip’s words. He didn’t like that Phillip was saying this. Liz was not a part of them. Tyler couldn’t wait until the man died. That way, when he did things would be different. Tyler was sure of that, he would make sure that everything was different after the old man kicked the bucket. Or maybe an accident should happen to him. To step up everything that Tyler had planned. Tyler blinked several times, and gave the man a smile, shrugging his shoulders. “Guess that just shows the different ways that we were raised. My father taught me that you couldn’t trust humans. Oh well. Isn’t that Pam Troy over there with Max? I haven’t seen her in ages.”


Max bit his lip nervously. Damn it! He was such an idiot. He knew that he shouldn’t have left Liz alone. She had been gone way too long. She had been gone nearly fifteen minutes. What if Courtney and her band of airheads had done something to her. He would kill them. Max began making his way to the girls bathroom, when someone stepped into his path. Max uttered a curse as he saw the person. Just what he needed.

“Well, well, well. Nice to see you, Max. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. I don’t know how we’ve missed each other. You’re looking all grown up.” Pam Troy said, as she casually ran her finger down the front of his shirt. Max Evans had only gotten better looking with age.

Max rolled his eyes at the red head. She was one of Isabel’s friends, and she had been the first girl that he had ever slept with. He had been an idiot. All of fourteen years old and he had been infatuated with her. Looking back now, Max had no clue why he had been. There wasn’t anything special about her at all. She wasn’t Liz. “Look, I’m kind of in a hurry. What do you want?”

Pam pouted at his words. “Oh, Max. I can’t talk to an old friend of mine. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. I heard that you came here with the half breed bitch. What on Earth were you thinking, Max? She’s not one of us. She’s human.” she said, sneering at the word.

Max narrowed his eyes hatefully at her. She called Liz a bitch? Who the hell did she think she was? “You have no right at all to say that about Liz. Don’t you ever call my girlfriend a bitch or half breed. Or even say that she’s not one of us. Because she is. She is one of us. Regardless of what you think.” he informed her coldly.

Pam shrugged her shoulders at his words. She really didn’t care to be talking about all of this. She was only doing it as a favor for a friend. He had asked her to talk to Max, and try to entice him with her charms. Pam didn’t know why he wanted her to do that, but she owed him. “Whatever, Max. How’s Isabel? I haven’t seen her. They won’t let me. I think that she would be happy to know how I took care of you after she left.” Pam said as she stepped closer to him, her hands stroking his shoulders.

Max opened his mouth to reply to her words, when he saw Liz. Her dark eyes flashing, they were almost glowing, he thought to himself. Max pushed Pam away from him and stepped closer to Liz. “What’s wrong, Liz?” he asked concerned for his girlfriend, who looked pissed off.

Liz narrowed her eyes at him. She had been aware of what was going on between Max and Pam and she didn’t like it one bit. Liz wanted to pull the red head’s hair out of her head. But she needed to talk to Max. Liz turned her attention to Pam. “Don’t you dare touch him again, or I will pull that hair out of your head and shove it down your damn throat, you bitch. Max, I want to talk to you. NOW!” she said aggressively.

Max nodded his head, wondering what the hell was going on. What had caused Liz to be so angry? Duh, Maxwell. She saw you and Pam together, even though it wasn’t anything serious. It might appear to be that way to her, he realized. He would have to tell Liz that it wasn’t anything serious. He would have to tell her that Pam Troy was nothing to him. That she was the only woman that he loved.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Next part should be out in five to seven days.

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Kitcat, don't worry about missing my b-day. Another day, another year older. I'm happy to inform you and everyone that Isabel will be making her escape soon. And reunite with Alex. But lo and behold, there will be some other stuff happening. But for now, here's a song to hold you guys over.

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Patience--- Guns N'Roses

Shed a tear 'cause I missin' you
I'm still alright to smile
Girl I think about you ev'ry day now
Was a time when I wasn't sure
But you set my mind at ease
There is no doubt
You're in my heart now
Said woman take it slow
It'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience
Said sugar make it slow and
We come together fine
All we need is just a little patience

I sit here on the stairs
'Cause I'd rather be alone
If I can't have you right now I'll wait, dear
Sometimes I get so tense
But I can't speed up the time
But you know, love there's
One more thing to consider
Said woman take it slow
And thing will be just fine
You and I'll just use a little patience
Said sugar take the time
'Cause the lights are shining bright
You and I've got what it takes to make it
We won't fake it
Aah, never break it
'Cause I can't take it

...little patience, mm yeah, mm yeah,
need a little patience, yeah,
just a little patience, yeah,
some more pati..
I'll been walkin' the streets to night
just trying to get it right
it's hard to see when so many around
You know I don't like being stuck in a crowd
And the streets don't change, but baby the names
I ain't got time for this game
'Cause I need you,
yeah but I need you,
oh I need you,
woh I need you,
This time

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Dedicated to: LittleBit (SIX TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Gaby7tvm (TWICE) *happy* , mpls muse, KEmperor (TWICE) *happy* , TrueLoveConquersAll (TWICE) *happy* , roswellluver, carolina_moon, BubbleBlueSmurf (TWICE) *happy* , icequeenfan (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , frenchkiss70 (TWICE) *happy* , Jiggers, Twilighteyes1974 (TWICE) *happy* , ps_dreamer (TWICE) *happy* , Krazykitti (TWICE) *happy* , miss_Roswell (TWICE) *happy* , behrhugs, BrieCrow17, Roswelllostcause (TWICE) *happy* , b4echstarrynite (FIVE TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Kitcat26 (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo, A Rose Is True Blue (SIX TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* .

LittleBit, Yup, Phillip is going to see Isabel really soon. Ch.27, according to my notes.

Gaby7tvm, Well, Liz’s eyes have more to do with being angry than actually going through the Change. And Max will tell the truth like a good little boy. And Tyler is definitely more evil in this story than the show. Every stories got to have a bad guy.

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Chapter 23

Liz looked at Max seriously, once they had the privacy that they needed. Max had led her outside to a gazebo. Liz took in a deep breath, her temper was finally in check. When she had seen Max with Pam Troy, her temper had started raging even more after the confrontation that she had with Courtney. And she needed to ask him about his involvement in Jackson Curby’s death six months ago. It hurt so much to think that Max might have had something to do with that.

“Liz, baby, what’s wrong? Are you angry about Pam? Because if you are, you don’t have anything to worry about. While I was once involved with her, I don’t even care about her. She’s nothing to me. You’re the only one that matters to me.” Max told her, trying to make her feel better. He had never seen so much anger in her eyes. He could have sworn that they were glowing, but they weren’t anymore.

Liz shook her head as she felt the tears well up in her eyes. “What did you have to do with Jackson Curby’s death? Tell me the truth.” she demanded, looking him straight in the eye.

Max took in a sharp breath at her words. How the hell did she know about that? There weren’t that many people that knew about that. Than it hit him. Courtney. Courtney had been the one that had told Liz. “Courtney told you, didn’t she? What did she tell you? I’m sure that she lied to you.”

Liz struggled to blink away the tears. Max wasn’t saying that he didn’t have anything to do with it. It felt like a stab in her heart. Her boyfriend had something to do with someone’s death. “She said that you were responsible. That you were the one that killed him. Tell me the truth. Were you involved?”

Max took in another deep breath as her words hit him. That stupid bitch had told Liz about what happened, minus a lot of details. Blamed it all on him. Max knew that he was partially responsible for what happened, but he hadn’t been the only one that had been there. So had Courtney, so had Sean and Jerry. Max looked into Liz’s eyes and nearly flinched when he saw the tears. He hated himself for causing that to her. “Yes, I was.”

Liz bit down hard on her lip, so hard that she drew blood. She couldn’t believe it. He had been involved with Jackson Curby’s death? Her own boyfriend? Liz took in a sharp breathe and she rubbed her forehead with one hand, trying to connect it all. “You were involved? What did you do to him? And how come no one else knows?” she asked after a moment of stunned silence.

Max swallowed hard at her words. It was something that he had never told anyone about. Well, his father knew all about it. That was the job of the Alpha Male, to know what went on in his own town. But was different. It was the first time that he was actually going to tell someone what had happened. What his part in Jackson Curby’s death had been. “I. . . I never meant for it to happen. It wasn’t just me. It was Courtney, it was Sean and it was Jerry. We were just goofing off, you know. I don’t know about them, but I didn’t mean for anything to happen. I never wanted for that man to die.” he confessed.

Liz could tell that he was telling her the truth, from the sound of his voice. The slight pause in his voice. She knew that he had to be telling the truth. “What happened, Max? What exactly did you guys do?”

Max looked down at the ground, not wanting to see the disappointment in her eyes when he told her the truth. “We were in our wolf forms, and we jumped on his truck, just trying to scare him. And the truck crashed into a tree. I didn’t mean for it to happen, all we were trying to do was have some fun. And it killed him. It killed the guy.”

Liz felt a tear slid down her cheek. “His name was Jackson Curby.”

Max swallowed hard as he felt a sob rising up inside of his throat. He hated what had happened to the man. It hadn’t been his intention. He never wanted anyone to die. He needed Liz to know that. That it had been an accident. “I. . . . It was an accident.” he stammered.

Liz saw that he was looking at the ground, and not at her and it was breaking her heart. Everything was. The way that he was talking about it, and how he refused to look at her. She wanted to make him feel better. Liz moved towards him and wrapped her arms around him in a fierce hug. “Oh, Max. It’s okay.” she whispered.

Max shook his head as the sobs started up inside of his chest. He knew that it wasn’t okay. He had been involved with Jackson Curby’s death. He had killed the man, whether or not it was an accident or not. He had been involved. There was no other way to it. He had been involved. He’d helped kill Jackson Curby. “It’s not okay, Liz. I. . . . I am responsible for it. I should have known better and I’m the one that is responsible for it.” he told her.

For a moment, Liz didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t help wonder if this was the first time that Max had ever talked about it. How long had he kept it all on his shoulders? And the guilt that he had over it all. “Oh, Max. Have you talked about this to anyone else? Who else knows?”

Max ordered himself to calm down. He didn’t want Liz thinking that he was some wimp. Or that he was a crybaby. Max swallowed hard as he reluctantly drew away from Liz and he looked at her in the eye. “Only a few people know about it. My dad, Courtney, Sean, Jerry. My dad wanted it all to be kept a secret. I don’t think that your dad knows about it. If he does know about it, than he’s never said anything about it to me. I wanted to tell you, Liz. But I was. . . . scared that you wouldn’t understand. I never meant for him to die, Liz. It was the last thing that I ever wanted to happen.”

“I know, Max. I know that you didn’t mean for it to happen. I know that you would never purposely do something to hurt someone, to hurt anyone. You’re a good person, Max. I know and I understand, I do.” Liz told him, just wanting to wrap her arms around her boyfriend. To let him know that it was okay.

“But I should have known better. We’re stronger than him and we should have known better. But we only wanted to have some fun, do something to keep us entertained and he lost his life because of it.” Max said, shaking his head in anger about what he had done. His part in all of it. He should have known better. He had known better, but he hadn’t cared. All he wanted to do was have some fun with his friends. And a man had lost his life because all of it.

Liz repressed the urge to let out a growl at his words. She understood that it had been an accident, that Max hadn’t wanted for Mr. Curby to die. Liz took Max’s chin into her hands forcing him to look her in the eye. “Max, I understand. You did not want for him to die. But he did. There’s nothing that can be changed about that. It was an accident, and I’m sure that your father has fairly compensated his family, he has, hasn’t he?”

Max nodded his head. “Yeah, I know that he’s done something, but there really is no compensate for losing your parent. You should know, I know. Hell, both of us have lost our mothers. I’ve lost my sister, you’ve lost your brothers. There is nothing that can ever make up for losing someone you love.”

“Yeah, I know. But it was an accident, Max. You didn’t mean for it to happen. I know that you didn’t. It’s not your fault, Max.” Liz said quietly. She knew that there was no way that a loss could be made up. There just wasn’t. She knew that there was a whole in her heart from her mother’s death, a whole that could never be filled. And that was something that Jackson Curby’s family would feel for the rest of their lives. But it wasn’t entirely Max’s fault. He hadn’t done it for the sake of being cruel. But than again, neither had the kids who were involved in her mother’s death.

“I’m sorry, Liz. It must bring back memories of your mom. I’m sorry, Liz. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. I didn’t want you to look at me differently. Or think that I was a horrible person who hurt people on purpose. I’m sorry.” Max said softly, looking her straight in the eyes. A part of him was rather content with her knowing the truth about what had happened.

Liz sighed. “I would never look at you differently. Or think that you would ever hurt anyone on purpose. I know you, Max. You are a good person. And I love you, regardless of the things that you have done. I know that you are not an angel, that you have done things. And this— it was a tragic accident. An accident, Max.”

Max took in a deep breath as he nodded his head. “It was an accident, his death was an accident. I just. . . . should have known better. I should have.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Max in a hug. “It was an accident, Max. There’s nothing that you can do that can change what happened. Nothing at all. I. . . . don’t know what else I’m supposed to say to you. I don’t know how I can make you feel better.”

“Just being able to tell you makes me feel so much better. I love you, Liz.” Max said, keeping his arms around Liz, wanting to feel her warmth against his own body. He loved her so much, and he wished that he didn’t have all that crap in his life. Courtney, Jackson Curby’s death. He wished that he had been perfect for her.

“I love you, too, Max.”


“Tyler, what are you doing?” Tess asked curiously, as she saw Tyler gazing intently out of the window and something outside. There was an angry sort of look on his face. Tess didn’t trust him. She couldn’t trust him. Not since Phillip had told her his suspicions about him. And Tess knew that it all could be true, Tyler did have a dark side. She had seen it before.

Tyler backed away from the window and gave Tess a smirk. He liked her, but he knew that she wasn’t his ticket. Isabel was. And regardless of how he felt for Tess, he owed it to be somewhat faithful to Isabel before they got married. And hell, he was still angry at Tess for ending their affair, even though he planned to do the same thing. But she had beat him to it. “Nothing, Tess. So where’s the kid and half breed?” he sneered.

Tess cocked an eyebrow at Tyler’s words. She didn’t like the way that he talked about Liz Valenti. Tess knew that she was a sweet girl. “Shut up, Tyler. Liz Valenti is one of us no matter what you think.”

Tyler sighed frustrated at Tess’ words. He didn’t understand why everyone he talked to said that Liz Valenti was one of them. The girl wasn’t. She was human and hadn’t made the change yet. And there had never been anyone to turn after the age of seventeen. Tyler was pretty sure that Liz was going to turn eighteen pretty soon and than she would never be one of them. “Liz Valenti has not made the Change, so she’s not one of us.”

Tess let out a laugh at his words. She knew that there was nothing that she could ever do to make Tyler change his opinion. Tyler Creed was never going to change his opinion. He was going to stay stuck in his way no matter what. “Oh, Tyler, why do I even bother with you anymore. I’m leaving now, this conversation is going nowhere.”

Tyler grabbed her arm before she could move away. “Oh, but I’m not done quite yet, Tess. You know that Isabel and I are going to be married, it’s only a matter of time. We should have been married years ago, but we’re going to be married now. Don’t get on my bad side, Tess. It might have dire consequences for you.”

Tess narrowed her eyes at him, wondering what the hell that he had planned. She didn’t like the way that he had said that to her. Telling her that it could have bad consequences. That was so much bullshit. He had no right to say that to her. “What the hell are you talking about? I doubt that Isabel is going to marry you. She doesn’t love you. Frankly, I don’t think that she ever loved you. She probably did the same thing that I did. Sleep with you because there’s nothing better to do in this town. But Isabel is in love with Alex Whitman. Regardless if he is a human or not. She loves him.”

“Tess, Tess, Tess. I would reply to that, but I simply don’t care. She could love that human but we are still going to get married. Just wait and see. Don’t fuck with me, Tess.” Tyler said in a low voice.

“I thought I already had.” Tess sneered, as she felt Tyler’s grip on her arm tighten. “Let me go, Tyler.”

“Tess, sweetie. I was wondering where you went off to. So what are you and Tyler talking about?” Phillip asked, coming up behind his wife and Tyler. He had been watching them curiously from across the room. And he hadn’t stepped forward until he’d seen Tyler grab her arm. He had some idea that Tess might have been sleeping with Tyler, not that he could entirely blame her if she was. He was dying and his wife needed someone. He just hated that it was Tyler Creed. Why couldn’t she have picked Kyle?

Tyler instantly let go of Tess’ arm, and gave Phillip a fake smile. “Just about Isabel. Tess was telling me how she planned on visiting her.”

Phillip nodded his head, his fake smile matching Tyler’s. “Oh, well. If you don’t mind, Amy Valenti wanted to talk to you about something, Tess, darling. Jim’s been telling me how short tempered she’s been, so we best hurry before she starts throwing things. We’ll see you around, Tyler.”

Tess nodded her head, as she allowed Phillip to take her by the arm to the other part of the room. “Phillip, I think you were right about him. I think that he plans on doing something.” she said, looking into her husband’s eyes.

Phillip nodded his head, sadly. “Yes, I think your right, dear.”

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 24

“Hey, nice to see you. What can I get you?” Adam asked, looking at the human that was sitting across from him at the bar stool. Adam had to admit to himself that he felt slightly sorry for him.

“How about. . . . drunk?” Alex asked, wanting to get as drunk as he possibly could. He just felt like fucking shit. He was getting nowhere with his search for Isabel and no one wanted to help him. And he knew that he shouldn’t be sitting here, trying to get drunk, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to forget about his sadness and loneliness for one night. Just a few hours.

“Sure, buddy. What can I get you?” Adam asked, with a smile.

“Got some Labatt’s Blue on tap or bottle? All I want is fucking Labatt’s Blue.” Alex replied miserably, as he rested his chin on his hand. God, he missed Isabel so fucking much. So much. There was so much that he wanted to be able to do with her once he found her. He didn’t care about what had happened to her, if she had some secrets, because everyone did. Everyone had secrets. All he wanted was to be with her again. He wanted to get married to her and he wanted for them to have children together. He wanted to have a daughter with her that would look exactly like her. He knew that when he found her that everything would be okay. It would all be okay. He would have her back and they would be together. He was positive about that.

Alex sighed with relief as the bartender placed the drink in front of him, and gulped it, nearly finishing half of the bottle. He sent the bartender a smile. “Keep ‘em coming.”


“See you tomorrow, Liz.” Larry called out, waving to the brunette as he watched her leave the dining area. She was a sweet girl and did a damn good job.

“Bye, Larry. I’ll be here bright and early.” Liz told him with a smile as she began leaving. All she wanted to do was curl up in her bed and cry a little bit. She hadn’t heard from Max in nearly two days and she didn’t understand why. Especially after what happened. After him telling her the truth about Jackson Curby’s death. Max hadn’t come to the Lodge at all, at least when she had been there, and when she called him, Mrs. Evans said that he wasn’t there. Liz didn’t know what to think about what was going on with him. But she was going to find out. She would find out tomorrow after she got off of work.

As Liz made her way to the center of the Lodge, to the desk area, she could hear a drunken voice coming from the bar area. Frowning, Liz thought that it sounded quite a bit like Alex Whitman. Standing at the doorway, she winced when she saw that she was right in her guess. It was Alex. A very drunk Alex singing.

All by myself. Don’t wanna be all by myself anymore. All by myself. Don’t wanna be all by myself anymore.” Alex sang, as he struggled to stay on the stool that he was sitting on.

Part of Liz wanted to laugh at what Alex was singing. Because it did sound funny. A drunken man singing. But another part was sad for him. Liz was thinking that it had something to do with Isabel. And she hated that. She hated that there wasn’t anything that she could do for him. She wanted him to be with Isabel, since it seemed like he loved her so much. And he seemed so sad and lost and alone. Liz knew that if she was in his shoes that she would want someone to help her find Max. But there was so much that was at stake, and Liz knew that she would be in very big trouble if she told him anything.

Liz quickly made her way across the room to where Alex was sitting, continuing his rendition of Celine Dion’s song. Liz flashed a smile to the bartender, Adam. He was a wolf and a very nice man. “Hey, Alex, do you want me to take you to your room? You’ve had a little too much to drink.”

“Liz? Don’t you have a bed time?” Alex asked drunkenly, as he tipped his glass to the younger girl.

Liz rolled her eyes at his words. “Not on a Saturday night, Alex. Don’t worry, Adam, I’ll be fine taking Alex to his room.” she said, flashing a bright smile at the bartender. Liz reached over and grabbed Alex and supported him in her arms. Liz bit down on her tongue, trying not to say an obscenity. But he was one heavy guy. And damn, he had some muscles on him, too, she realized. Hmm. . . she could definitely see why Isabel had fallen for Alex. He was a really nice guy, and he seemed really sweet. Poor Isabel, having to be locked away wherever she was instead of being with the person that she loved the most. It must be so hard for Isabel.

“Are you sure that your okay, Liz?” Adam called out, as he watched the girl practically carry Alex out of the door. Hmm. . . that seemed just a little bit odd. Liz Valenti had to be at least 100 pounds, maybe 110, and she was carrying Alex, who had to be at least 160 pounds. Very very strange.

“Oh, Alex. What were you thinking? Honestly, getting drunk like that? Not the smartest thing in the world, was it. But I so know that you are going to pay for it in the morning.” Liz told him softly, as she juggled opening the front door to the Lodge and carrying Alex, not to mention her back pack.

Liz sighed when Alex didn’t say anything. Not that she blamed him. She felt so horribly for him. She knew that he loved Isabel and it must be hell for him to be without her. Alex had been without the love of his life for months and Isabel was somewhere in town. Liz wished that Alex and Isabel could be together. It just didn’t seem right for them to be kept apart this way. They loved each other and they deserved to be happy. Liz hope that Mr. Evans would see that before he died. That he would allow for them to be together. Liz knew that if she and Max were in Alex and Isabel’s shoes, she would do whatever it took to get back to him. Liz knew what it was like to love someone so much. That’s how she loved Max, and she didn’t want to ever be without him.

“Alex, do you have your key to your room?” Liz asked, once she reached his room. But Alex only shrugged, nearly causing him to fall on her.

“Pocket.” Alex said, as he dug his hand into his pocket, clumsily taking the key out of his pocket.

Liz took the key away from him and quickly opened the door, feeling the hair on the back of her neck stand at attention. She knew it was weird, but it felt like someone was watching them. Probably someone watching Alex. Maybe one of Tyler’s lackeys. That guy just creeped her out so much. The way that he stared at her like she was something on the bottom of his shoe. Tyler Creed was an asshole. Shutting the door behind them, Liz guided Alex over to the bed, letting him plop down.

“I love you, Isabel. And that’s not the booze talkin’ either.” Alex said as he began snuggling on the bed.

Liz repressed the urge to start giggling at the sight of him trying to curl up in the bed. She wanted to talk to Max about this. She wanted to find out what Max really thought about all of this. About Isabel. About Alex. About Tyler. Maybe Max could do something to convince his father that Alex and Isabel needed each other. That they deserved to be together. It seemed like a long shot, but Liz knew that she had to try.


“Shitty car.” Liz screeched as she tried to start up Maria’s car. But it wasn’t starting. It was just making some weird noise, which was weird in itself because it had been working fine earlier. It had been fine when she had come to work earlier. Now it wasn’t working. Well, she was going to have to go back to the Lodge and find a phone to call her father. Her father was at the station.

The hair on the back of Liz’s neck stood up as she heard a car stop behind her. Liz looked over her shoulder and took in a sharp breath as she saw who it was. Tyler Creed. Great! Just who she didn’t want to encounter. Tyler Creed was a bastard, a complete jerk.

“Having some car trouble, Liz?” Tyler asked, smirking at the tiny brunette. He had to admit that she had a very nice ass, he thought as he watched her. But she had human in her, and that was something that he didn’t like. Something that he despised.

Liz stood up and gave him her fakest smile. God, she didn’t like him. Didn’t like him one bit. He was a bastard, a jerk, a creep. “I’m fine, really. Don’t worry yourself about me. I’m going to go inside, to get a ride.”

“Oh, I can give you a ride, sweetheart. I can give you a ride to wherever you want.” Tyler said, smiling coldly at the girl. He could see that she was a pretty girl and all, but too bad she had human in her. If it had been different, he might have been interested in her. But for now, it would be fun just fucking with her head. A lot of fun. Especially if she told Max.

“No thank you. I can get a ride from someone else.” Liz said, not wanting to get anywhere near him. She didn’t like the way that he was looking at her. All she wanted to do was to go home and be away from Tyler Creed’ ugly gaze.

“Oh, Liz. We take care of each other. Everyone of us that belongs to the pack. I’ll take care of you.” Tyler said snidely, even though he really didn’t feel that way. Liz wasn’t a part of the pack. Not until she made the Change would she be anywhere near one of them.

“Oh, am I interrupting something? Do you need a ride, Liz?” Sherman Blackstone asked amiably as he made his way across the parking lot. He had been inside the Lodge and had watched as Liz had carried Alex out of the room. It had seemed very surprising to him. It seemed like the girl got some strength in her tiny body.

“Yes!” Liz shouted. She trusted Sherman Blackstone so much more than Tyler Creed. She would rather go with Sherman than with Tyler. Sherman with his friendly face and pleasant demeanor, rather than Tyler with his smarmy smiles and arrogance. She quickly made her way to Sherman’s side, anxious to get away from Tyler.

“Well, I’d best be getting Liz home. Kyle’s probably wondering where your at, Liz. Nice to see you like always, Tyler.” Sherman said, as he held a comforting hand on Liz’s arm. He didn’t know what had been going on with her and Tyler, but he could tell that it had worried Liz. He knew that Tyler Creed couldn’t be trusted. “Are you okay, Liz?”

Liz nodded her head as she and Sherman made their way to his car. “Yeah. I’m fine. He was just freaking me out. I just— thanks for coming. You really saved me from having to talk to that jerk. I so don’t like him.” she told him as they entered his SUV.

“Don’t worry, Liz. You’re not the only one that doesn’t like Tyler Creed. There’s something about him. I wouldn’t trust him. I saw you take Alex to his room. You got him there fine, didn’t you? He seems like a good person, don’t you think so?” Sherman asked with a smile, as he looked at the girl. He liked her, she was a sweetheart. And he knew that she had a bright future ahead of herself.

“Yeah. Alex is a good guy. I can’t help but feel badly for him. And Isabel. Of course, I won’t tell him anything. But I do really feel badly. He seems to really be in love with her. He told me so himself. And I know that he’s really not going to stop until he finds her. That’s how deep he feels for her. He’s not going to stop.” Liz said seriously. She knew that she couldn’t tell Alex anything else, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t be a friend to him. It seemed like he needed one, especially with everyone watching what they did and talked about when he was nearby.

“Yes, I think that you are right, Liz. Alexander Whitman is not going to stop until he finds his answers about Isabel. And he might just find some answer about himself as well.” Sherman said ominously, thinking back to his flash. Alex Whitman would find answers not only about the town, but himself and Sherman knew that it was only a matter of time.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 25

“Hey, Liz. Was I a total loser last night? I don’t really remember much about it? Though I do remember you carrying me back to my room.” Alex said with a weak smile as he slid into one of the stools.

“Oh, Alex. You didn’t do anything like touch my ass or anything. Though I have to admit that your rendition of Celine Dion’s All By Myself scared the hell out of me. Other than that, I don’t think that you did anything wrong. Are you okay?” Liz asked softly, leaning closer, so that way their conversation wouldn’t be overheard. Well, as much as the wolves couldn’t hear anyway.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I don’t feel like shit or anything. A surprise. But I’m going to go to the cemetery to go check some stuff out. So I guess I’ll see you around.” Alex said with a sigh as he began to stand up. He hadn’t thought much about Sherman’s words. Telling him about the cemetery, but he’d had the strangest dream last night, and knew that he needed to go to the cemetery.

“Hey, how about I go with you? Larry said that I could leave since it’s getting dead. It’s been a long time since I went to the cemetery. I haven’t been to my mother’s grave for. . . gosh, I think a year. I know that my father goes sometimes, but you know, I don’t want to intrude on him.” Liz said softly, as she looked down at the counter. She couldn’t believe that she had just asked Alex to take her with her. She knew that some might wonder about what the hell she was doing. But she was going to see her mother’s grave. Her mother’s and her brother’s and her sister’s.

“Sure, of course you can.” Alex said quickly, feeling badly for the teen. He knew what it was like to lose his mother, of course, he hadn’t been quite as young as she had when she’d lost her mother. But a lose was still a lose. That was something that they had in common. And maybe, she could help him out.

“Alright. Let me go change, and call Maria. I’ll be back in ten minutes. Thanks.” Liz said quietly, as she left the counter through the kitchen. She couldn’t help but wonder what the hell that Alex was going to do when he went to the cemetery. Alex would see that Isabel had a twin sister that had died. And Alex might have some questions, but she was going to the cemetery. Where her mother was buried. Where just about all of her family was buried. Ah, today didn’t seem like it was going to be a good day. Far from it, she thought with a sigh.


Max gripped the steering wheel, his anger intensifying by each passing moment. What the fuck was going on? Liz was getting in the car with Alex Whitman? His Liz? What the hell was going on? Max knew that he should have gotten in touch with Liz earlier, but he had been busy over the past two days. But fuck, he should have made some time to call his girlfriend.

He had gone to Jordan Jewelers with his father, and he’d picked out a little something for Liz, and than the rest of the time, he’d spent with his father. His father was going to die, any day now. And Max didn’t want his father to die, without the two of them having spent any time together. He and his father hadn’t spent much time together over the past few years since Isabel had left. Things had just started going down hill for all of them. His mother had died, Laurie had died, Isabel had left, and his relationship with his father had suffered throughout all of it. And he had hoped that spending a few days with his father would have made up somewhat for it all.

He’d known that Liz would be working this weekend, she had told him. So he had decided that he would come and surprise her. That he would surprise her at work with the ring that he had bought for her. But here he was confronted by the image of his girlfriend leaving the Lodge with Alex Whitman. The same one who stated that he was in love with Isabel.

Where the hell did were they going anyways, he wondered. Well, he would just have to find out. Liz knew that she could be in some trouble if she told Alex anything. She had said that she felt sorry for him, but that it didn’t matter, Liz simply couldn’t say a single thing to Whitman, or she could be in some serious trouble. But he didn’t even know for sure if Whitman was the type of fellow that could be trusted. What if he had bad things in mind for Liz? Yes, he sure as hell wasn’t going to allow for Liz to go off somewhere with Alex Whitman. No way in hell.


“So I didn’t touch your ass or anything. Just got drunk and sang some Celine Dion songs. Well, my singing has never been the best. Isabel would always cringe every time I started seeing. Especially my morning rendition of Separate Ways by Journey.” Alex said with a smile as he drove on down the road that would lead to the cemetery that Liz was navigating him to.

“Journey? Aren’t they some sixties band? I think my dad listens to them.” Liz said shrugging her shoulders. After she’d changed into jeans, a warm red sweater and a parka, she’d called Maria and told her friend that she wasn’t going to be at the Lodge and that she was going to borrow Maria’s car, which her father had come by earlier and had fixed. Liz wasn’t sure what had been wrong with the car, but it was okay now.

“Bite your tongue, Liz. Journey is so not a sixties band. Journey was formed in the mid seventies. But I don’t really like Journey without Steve Perry. He’s the soul of the group, I think.” Alex commented, shrugging his shoulders at it all. Liz was such a good kid, he wished that he had a little sister like that. And he might actually have one out there. If he ever found his birth parents, though he wasn’t holding his breath. It was a long shot. His parents were god knows where. Alex knew that he shouldn’t care about his birth parents they had abandoned him a long time ago, but he couldn’t help but wonder where they were at. If they were happy, if he had a family out there.

“Hey, you okay, there. You blanked out on me. Turn left, that’s the cemetery right ahead.” Liz said quietly, watching him out of the corner of her eye. She knew that it was weird, but he reminded her of someone. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on who it was that Alex reminded her of.

“Damn there’s a lot of woods here.” Alex commented, as he observed the woods. Though it looked like the woods pretty much ended with the cemetery. Wolf Lake did have a lot of woods.

“Mmm hmm. Come on.” Liz said hastily, as he stopped the car. Without waiting for him to say anything, she jumped out of the car and started walking towards the cemetery. Her mother, brothers and sister were all buried in there. As was the rest of her family, her father’s parents.

“Aw, crap. Hold on, Liz.” Alex shouted as he quickly got out of the car, keys in hand. Alex followed Liz into the cemetery, and through the maze of the headstones. Alex dodged a tree root, as he continued following the young girl. When he finally reached her, Alex let out a sigh of relief. Valenti would kick his ass if he lost his daughter.

“This is my mother’s grave. I haven’t been here for a long time. She’s buried with my brothers. At least the two that she was pregnant with when she died. The other two are Sarah Beth— she was my twin sister and Nathan, who was my younger brother. He was born stillborn.” Liz said as she touched her mother’s headstone. It had been over a year since she had visited. It hurt to come here.

Alex bit his lip, not knowing what to say to her. Sorry didn’t make things any better. Liz didn’t have any one in her life other than her father. Her mother, brothers and sister had all died. She was all that Kyle had left, and it was no wonder that Kyle was so damn protective of her. Kyle was probably scared that he would lose his daughter. That he already lost his wife and other children, and that he couldn’t lose Liz either. “My parents died when I was in college. They were the best people that I have ever known. They were always there for me. For everything in my life. They attended my football games, even though it was sometimes too cold for them. They went to my basketball games, they were there for everything. The thing that I regret is that they never had the chance to meet Isabel. I know that they would have loved her.”

“I bet that would have. Though I didn’t know Isabel all that well. She did say some nice things to me after my mother died. I think I told you that already. I can see what she sees in you. You’re a great guy, with a great sense of humor. I never thought that Isabel was in love with Tyler. I mean, he’s such a jerk. Tyler doesn’t like me.” Liz said with a smile, as she reluctantly stood up. She knew that if she stayed here longer, that she would probably start crying as the memories of her mother came back to her, and she didn’t want to do that today. “So what exactly are you looking for?”

“I’m not sure. I guess when I see it, I’ll know.” Alex said, shrugging his shoulders. Sherman had told him about the cemetery, which was the reason that he had come here. But he didn’t exactly know what he was looking for. He was certain that he would know it when he saw it. When Liz grabbed his arm and began leading him to another part of the cemetery, the hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention. Alex turned his head, but he didn’t see anything or anyone.

“Well, I haven’t got the slightest clue about what Sherman could have meant when he told you to come here. I mean, there’s not really much. It’s a freaking cemetery.” Liz said, shrugging her shoulders as the two walked through the cemetery.

“What’s that symbol?” Alex asked curiously as he stopped in front of one of the tombstones, and pointed to the carved R that was on it. Jefferson Guerin. Wasn’t that the name of the kid who had been killed back in the seventies. That had been one of the articles that he had read at the library. Eighteen years old and dead, what a tragedy. No one should ever die before they got a chance to live their life.

“Um, I don’t know.” Liz said, recognizing that as a part of the wolf society. She wasn’t sure what exactly it meant, but it was the thing that had pointed out who in the cemetery was a wolf and who wasn’t. Her brothers and sister didn’t have it on their tombstones, even though they were half. Her father probably hadn’t wanted it to be on there. “Hey, I think that’s Michael’s uncle. Well, was, Michael’s uncle. I think he died in some sort of accident.”

“Naw. No way that was an accident. I read it in the newspaper. He was shot in the back, but there wasn’t any sign of a struggle. Which means that Guerin was probably shot while he was walking down the street, minding his own business. Which means that it could have been on purpose. His body wasn’t anywhere near the woods, so it couldn’t have been a hunting accident.” Alex explained. His detective instincts told him that it wasn’t an accident. While in the big city, someone could get accidentally shot while walking down the street, he didn’t think that the same thing went in Wolf Lake. From what he had seen, Wolf Lake wasn’t very crime ridden. Since he had been here, he hadn’t heard of one crime happening.

“Yeah, I guess your right.” Liz said softly, taking all of his words in. It really didn’t seem like it could have been an accident. And the only person who had been involved in killing wolves had been Cal Langley. He had most likely been the person that killed Max’s mother, had he even been around when Jefferson Guerin had died.

“What the hell?” Alex said as his eyes fell upon the grave behind Jefferson Guerin’s. Lauren Diane Evans. Born October 15, 1979. Died November 16, 1995. That was Isabel’s twin sister. Isabel’s twin sister had died when she was only sixteen years old. How the hell had she died in the first place? Car accident?

“What?” Liz asked, looking at Alex. Liz bit down on her lip as she realized that Alex was looking at Laurie Evans tombstone. Now that girl had been sweet. Isabel’s identical twin sister, though you could see the differences in the two girls. They’d been as different as night and day. “Oh, that was Isabel’s twin sister. She died when I was like ten or something. Now, as I recall, her death was an accident.”

Alex cocked an eyebrow at her words. An accident? His instincts were telling him that it wasn’t true. “What type of accident was it? Car accident? Motorcycle accident? Hunting accident?”

“Uh. . . . “ Liz said, biting her lip. Laurie’s death had been caused by Mr. Evans. It had to have happened. She hadn’t been able to turn, so he had to kill her. If Mr. Evans hadn’t done what he did, than Laurie would have just suffered.

“What the hell is going on here?” Max exploded, as he came charging up to them. He knew that he had been right. Whitman had been trying to use Liz in order to get somewhere. With all of his might, Max shoved at Alex, but to his surprise, Alex didn’t move much. Max shoved at him harder and gave a feral smile when the older man was pushed aside.

Alex stayed on his feet despite the tries of the younger boy. He knew that it probably wasn’t anything personal, and that Max was probably insanely jealous over him and Liz being together. Boy, was the kid an idiot though. It was damn obvious that Liz was in love with him. Alex gritted his teeth at the younger boy. “You don’t want to do this.”

“Maybe I do.” Max growled, as he raised his arm ready to throw his fist into Alex’s face. Max aimed but to his surprise, Liz moved in on them and pushed her way in between them. With a growl, she pushed them both away from each other, her eyes burning with anger.

“What the hell is up with this testosterone? What are you doing, Max? Were you following Alex and me? You don’t call me for two freaking days, and you start following me. And getting into a fight with Alex? What the hell are you thinking? Huh? That I was slipping away from some alone time with Alex? He’s in love with your sister for God’s sake. I. . . I, uh.” Liz said angrily, waving her hands into the air. She couldn’t believe him. She just couldn’t.

“Liz, I. . . . “ Max said quietly, wanting to appease his angry girlfriend.

“Don’t talk to me!” Liz growled in anger, as she struggled to get control of her temper. As much as she was angry about Max for nearly getting into a fight with Alex, she was happy that he was here. She hadn’t seen him in two days and she had to tell him about her encounter with that loser Tyler. Well, maybe she wouldn’t. She’d just seen his temper and if he did go off on Tyler for last night, who knew what Tyler would do. He was such a prick.

“Quiet down, is that a car, I hear?” Alex asked, straining at the sound. He could have sworn that it was a car, and it didn’t sound all that far away. It sounded rather close. He looked towards the front of the cemetery to where he and Liz had entered, but there wasn’t anyone there. So it had to have come from somewhere behind the cemetery. “I’m going to check it out. Either you can come with me, or not. Just keep it down!”

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hmmm. . . .what will Alex find???

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Chapter 26

“Isn’t that Tyler Creed’s car?” Alex stated, as he peered over the log that he, Liz and Max were currently hiding behind of. That was Tyler Creed’s SUV. He had seen it himself just a few nights ago. He was positive that it was Tyler Creed’s car, but what the hell was his car doing at this cabin. And why the hell was there a cabin in the woods near the cemetery. Why the hell were there three people standing at the front of the cabin? Isabel had to be in there.

Liz bit the inside of her lip as she saw that it was indeed Tyler’s car. She knew that this was probably the place where Isabel was being kept and Alex was about to find out about it. Liz didn’t know what to do. She wanted for Alex to find Isabel, but she knew that she would be in some serious trouble if she helped them. But Liz just couldn’t force them to leave, she just couldn’t.

Max swore to himself as he realized what the hell was going on. This was where his sister was being kept. Isabel was here at this old caretakers cabin. He knew that he should try to get Alex and Liz away from here, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He wanted to see his sister. To see Isabel. It had been so long since he’d seen her. He hadn’t seen her in so long and all he wanted was to have a glimpse of her, to see her once.

The three of them watched in silence as Tyler Creed emerged from the SUV and walked to the cabin. They watched as Tyler talked to the three men who were standing outside before moving into the cabin. Alex waited until Tyler had gone into the cabin, before turning his attention to the teens next to him. “What the hell is going on?”

Liz didn’t look at Alex. She wanted for him to know, but it couldn’t come out of her mouth. But this had to be a sign. That Alex and Isabel were meant to be together. She and Alex had only come to the cemetery to look for clues, but they had been lead right to Isabel, hadn’t they? Isabel was in there, Liz was sure. Liz didn’t know what Max was going to do though. Max had his duties as the Alpha Male’s son. Would he say something to his father about this?

“I don’t know what this is all about. Tyler Creed’s always been sort of a freak. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a woman stashed out here in the woods. But I doubt that it’s Isabel. I really do. Isabel would never have come back to Tyler.” Max said quietly, than firmly clamped his mouth. He knew that he should be trying to get Alex and Liz out of here. “I think that we should leave. This only shows that Creed’s got a mistress out here.”

“I don’t think so. I think that Isabel is here. Isabel was engaged to marry Tyler once before. Maybe he tried looking for her throughout the years. I’m sure that he stood to gain something by marrying Isabel. What was it? The brewery that your father is in charge of? I’m not going anywhere.” Alex said softly, but firmly, leaving no room for discussion. There was no way in hell that he was going to leave without finding answers. His instincts were telling him that his answers were right in front of him.

Max shrugged his shoulders at Alex’s words. Not wanting Alex to know just how close he was to the truth. Max knew that Alex could never find out the truth about all of this. “How would I know? I was just a kid when Isabel got engaged to marry Tyler. I’m sure that my sister thought that she was in love with him.”

“Don’t say a word!” Alex commanded as he watched Tyler come out of the cabin, accompanied by a tall, leggy short haired brunette. Alex felt the air escape his lungs as he strained to get a closer look without making himself known to them. What the hell? It wasn’t Isabel? Isabel would never have dyed her hair brown or cut it that short. Once they had talked and Alex had made her promise that she would never cut her gorgeous hair. No one had the same beautiful hair that Isabel had. But this woman— she wasn’t Isabel.

Liz chewed nervously on her lip as she peered over the log. That didn’t look like Isabel. The woman had short dark hair while Isabel hadn’t. Liz looked over at Alex and felt a stab of pain when she saw the devastated look in his eyes. He had been so sure that Isabel had been there. But was this woman really Isabel or not? Isabel could have dyed her hair. It could be Isabel.

“That’s not Isabel. I told you that it wouldn’t be. I know that my sister would never have dyed her hair. And cut it that short, never. She never would have. And I think that I would know.” Max said, glancing over at Alex, feeling badly when he saw that the older man looked sad. But there wasn’t nothing that he could do about that. He had his people to consider, and Alex wasn’t one of them. A part of Max wanted to tell Alex that it was Isabel. He could tell that it was his sister, even with the hair color. It was her. He would have recognized his sister anywhere.

Liz looked over at Max, and knew that it was Isabel. Nothing on Max’s face was readable, except for his eyes. She could tell by the look in his eyes that it really was Isabel. That Isabel had dyed her hair. But Alex didn’t think that it was her, Liz could tell by the look on his face. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She loved Max, and she knew that she couldn’t tell Alex the truth, but he deserved to know.


“Well, this is a surprise, Isabel. What the hell did you do to your hair?” Tyler asked with a growl as he looked at his former fiancé, whose hair was no longer blonde, but brown. He didn’t like it one bit, it looked ugly on Isabel. Simply disgusting.

“Oh, you don’t like it Tyler? Tess brought the color over a few months ago. Who knows what she thinks?” Isabel said, with a wave of her hand, brushing off his words. This was all part of her plan. When she would escape, no one would recognize her. They wouldn’t see that it was her. No one other than Tyler and those idiot guards of hers would see her dark hair.

“What’s your answer? Are you going to marry me or not? Or better question, will your human die or not?” Tyler asked with a feral grin. He narrowed his eyes at her when she didn’t flinch like he thought that she would. Did Isabel really think that he wouldn’t kill the human? Well, he would if he had to. And he would take pleasure in it.

“Well, since your hell bent on blackmailing me into marrying you, than you must be a fucking idiot if you can’t guess what my answer is going to be, Tyler. Of course, I’m going to marry you. Since it’s obviously the only way that I can keep Alex safe from you. You know, that there will never be any love in this so called marriage of ours. You don’t love me and I don’t love you. Frankly, I don’t think that you even know what love is.” Isabel told him coldly, feeling the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. She knew that she had to be going insane. But she felt that Alex was here. But he couldn’t be. He just couldn’t be.

“Oh, Isabel. I care for you. I honestly do. I was really worried about you when you left. No one knew where you were. Your family was so worried about you. Your father and your brother, and Tess. We were all so worried about you.” Tyler said, his smile remaining on his face. He had been worried about what had happened, but than it had expanded to anger. Anger that she had run away like that.

“I’m sure that Pam or Vicky were there for you, Tyler. Did they help console you after I left? Not that I care about your disgusting little threesomes with them. I’m sure that you weren’t heartbroken about it all. Angry because I humiliated you, I can see that. And you deserved every ounce of humiliation that you got, you deserved it all.” Isabel informed him coldly. She didn’t care what he would think. Even though she was telling him that she was going to marry him, there was no way in hell that she was. She was biding her time and she would leave and go to Alex. Isabel was sure that he was still in town, and he would have to be at the Lodge. There wasn’t any place else that he could be.

“So that’s why you left? You knew that I kept my bed occupied with your friends. Oh, Isabel. That’s such a pathetic reason to leave.” Tyler said with a smirk. He thought that it was rather funny that Isabel had known about him and Pam and Vicky. Those weren’t the kids of girls that one would marry, only one that he’d fuck. Isabel was the only one that he would ever consider marrying. She was in the right place for him.

“You might think that it was a pathetic reason, but every moment that I was away from here was worth it all. Living away from Wolf Lake and meeting Alex was the most wonderful thing in my life, Tyler. I might marry you, but you will have to live with the fact that I love Alex Whitman. And there’s not a fucking thing that you can do to change that. You never can and never will.” Isabel said, smugly. Though she knew that Tyler probably didn’t care about that. Tyler only wanted one thing and that was to marry her.

“Isabel, that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if you love Whitman or not. You’re gonna marry me and that’s all that I care about. Now that we have this matter all settled, I think that it’s time to go. I’ll come over on Tuesday, and we can talk about the details of the wedding.” Tyler said, as he grabbed her by the arm and began leading her back to the cabin.

Isabel clamped down on her tongue as she allowed herself to be lead back into the cabin. Things were going to be okay, she was certain of it all. She was going to escape and find Alex and things would be perfect. She and Alex would be together no matter what. Sheriff Valenti had been allowed to marry a human, why the hell couldn’t she? Well, she was. She was going to marry Alex if it was the last thing that she did. She would do anything in order to get to him and if she had to pretend that she would marry Tyler than fine; she’d do it.


“I told you, that wasn’t Isabel!” Max declared, once he, Liz and Alex had left their hiding place and were standing by Maria’s car. He knew that it had indeed been Isabel, but like he would really admit that. He couldn’t. Not to Alex, and maybe not even to Liz. It seemed like Liz really wanted for Alex to know about the whole thing, and he couldn’t let her do that. He had a duty to their people.

“I’m not so sure about that. Isabel could have dyed her hair. But maybe your right. Maybe that wasn’t her.” Alex said, sensing that there was something that Max didn’t want him to know. Max had to have a good reason for not wanting him to know if that was indeed Isabel or not. So he was just going to go along with it all.

Liz bit the inside of her lip as she looked between the two of them. She wasn’t certain if it was Isabel or not, but she could tell that Alex had something stirring in his head. That he was thinking of something. “Um, Alex could you drive Maria’s car back to the Lodge, Max and I need to talk about some things.”

“Yes! We do need to talk, Liz.” Max said, taking in a deep breath. He wanted to explain to her about why he hadn’t called her. He knew that he should have, but he had been an idiot. What had Liz thought because he hadn’t talked to her for two days. That he hadn’t seen her since the night of the party. He had been an idiot in the worst way, and he owed it to her to explain himself.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll meet you back up at the Lodge. Thanks for coming with me, Liz. It means a lot to me.” Alex said with a smile, as he nodded his head at her. He was happy that he had come here. He was sure that he was getting closer and closer to his answers. Even if that woman wasn’t Isabel, something weird was going on in Wolf Lake. Why the hell would there be a woman at a cabin that was practically in the woods? Something was going on and even if it didn’t have anything to do with Isabel, he would find out what it was. Alex watched as the two teens got into Max’s mustang, than got into the other car. Something was strange in Wolf Lake.

“So how have you been, Max?” Liz asked once she and Max were in his car. She didn’t know what else to say to him. He hadn’t talked to her in days. Days. She had been freaking about what could have been wrong, and than he had followed her and Alex. That was just. . . uh, she couldn’t even think of the right word for it.

“I’m sorry for being such an ass to you and Alex, but I. . . I spent the last two days with my father. He hasn’t been feeling well, you know this. I’m sorry.” Max said quietly, as he stared straight ahead looking out the windshield. He didn’t know what else to tell her. He didn’t know what he could say that would make everything right.

“Oh, I. . . . I was so worried about you, Max. I thought that you were ashamed that you told me about what happened. How is your father doing?” Liz asked softly. She couldn’t understand what he was going through. Knowing that his father was going to die and there wasn’t a single thing that he could do about it.

“He’s not doing okay. I mean, he’s going to die, Liz. He could die any day now, and there’s not a single thing that I can do about it. I can’t do anything about it. Nothing. He’s going to die and I can’t change that.” Max said, clenching his fists when he felt the tears come to his eyes. He didn’t want to start crying about this, there was nothing that he could do. His father was going to die. Just like his mother and his sister and his uncle. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it.

“I’m so sorry, Max.” Liz said softly, forgetting all about her earlier anger. She didn’t care anymore about why he hadn’t called her. His father needed him right now, and she understood. Liz ached to take Max into her arms and comfort him.

“I hate it, Liz. I hate it so damn much.” Max said, pounding his fist against the steering wheel. His father didn’t deserve to die right now. There were so many things that his father would never be able to witness and it wasn’t fair.

“Oh, Max.” Liz said softly, unable to help herself she threw her arms around him in a fierce hug. He was going through so much right now, he didn’t need for her to get all insecure about their relationship. Liz held him in her arms, murmuring softly to him, when she felt the slight trembles in his chest. She hated everything that Max was going through. It wasn’t right.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapter 27

“Daddy, I wasn’t expecting you today.” Isabel said quietly, as her father made his way into the cabin. Oh this wasn’t good. Her father wasn’t color blind and he would notice the difference of her hair color. She had been planning to make her get away today, but now her plans were shot to hell. Or were they? Maybe her father was coming here because he realized that Alex wasn’t a threat to them or anything.

“Isabel, what happened to your hair? It’s short and dark. Why did you change it?” Phillip asked in shock as he took in his daughter’s appearance. It didn’t look right on Isabel. The cut was all choppy and did absolutely nothing for her. If he had run into her on the street he would never have guessed that it was Isabel, that’s how different she looked.

“Oh, no reason, Daddy. No reason at all. So. . . what are you doing here? Has something happened to Max?” Isabel asked worriedly. What if Tyler had decided to do something to her brother? If so, she would kill that son of a bitch.

“No, nothing’s happened to your brother. He’s fine. He really is. You know that he’s dating Liz Valenti. Isn’t that something? Frankly, I couldn’t be happier with his decision. I think that if all goes well that Kyle will become the next Alpha. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I know that Kyle’s not all too sure about it quite yet, but I think that he’ll come around. I’m hoping so.” Phillip informed his daughter. Phillip knew that things would be okay if Kyle became the next Alpha. Kyle was the one who could protect his family.

“Yeah, that’s great. Max and Liz Valenti. So you really think that Sheriff Valenti is close to deciding on becoming Alpha? I mean, I think that things would be good if he was. Relations between humans and wolves would be good. He’d be a really good leader.” Isabel said quietly. It would be good for her, too. Kyle Valenti would understand her love for Alex, and it was possible that he would allow for her to marry Alex; that is if her father wouldn’t allow her to.

“Tyler told me that you said that you’d marry him. Why? Why did you say okay, Isabel? What do you have up your sleeve? I know you. I know that you wouldn’t have said okay if you didn’t have some kind of plan in mind. Why did you say that you’d marry him? I know that you left years ago for a reason, was it because of Tyler? I always thought that something had happened but I never knew what it had been.” Phillip asked, wanting to get right down to the point and not beat around the bush. He knew his daughter so well. He knew that she had to have a reason.

Isabel took in a deep breath, contemplating what she was going to tell her father. She couldn’t lie to him, but than again, Isabel didn’t know if she could trust him and tell him the truth about what she was doing. There was no way that she was honestly going to go through this sham with Tyler, but his ass didn’t know that yet. But he would soon find out. “Dad, what happened years ago, isn’t relevant to now. I left and talking about why I did is pointless. But yes, I did tell Tyler that I would marry him.”

“He threatened Whitman didn’t he? I know that he did. That’s why your going to marry him, right? He threatened to kill Whitman. Oh, I can tell that I’m right. I can see the look in your eyes. I know that I am. Do you honestly think that I would allow for Tyler to kill Whitman?” Phillip asked her softly. Even though he was still contemplating on what the right thing to do by his daughter and Whitman, there was no way that he would allow for anyone to hurt Whitman.

“Thank you for saying that Daddy. I want to trust you, and tell you the truth. But I’m a little scared about what you might do. Tyler did threaten to kill Alex, that’s the reason why I told him that I’d marry him. I don’t love Tyler. There was a point in my life that I thought that I did, but that was before I knew who the real Tyler Creed was. I didn’t find true love until I met Alex. I love Alex so much. He’s just everything to me. I want him to be safe. He’s what matters to me.” Isabel confessed, hoping that she could trust her father with the truth.

“Oh, Isabel. I know that you love him. I can see it in your eyes. And I want to do the right thing for you. You’re my little girl, and I want you to be happy. But I have to think about more things besides you. I have to deal with Creed, Tess, Max, and everyone else. I can’t show favors just because you’re my child. There’s only been one human-wolf marriage known in our history. This is not an easy decision to make for me. It’s also about the survival of our people, Isabel.” Phillip told her, wanting her to understand what he was going through. That he couldn’t just think about giving her what she wanted, that there was more to all of it.

“I know, Daddy. And I understand that your in a hard place. All I want to be is with Alex’s. That’s all that I want, and I’d be happy. Tyler only wanted to marry me because of who my family was, my father is. And I really thought that I loved him and that he loved me. But Alex, loves me for who I am. Him looking for me for six months is a sign. He won’t stop until he finds me, Daddy. I know that he won’t. He’s relentless.” Isabel said with a smile. She knew Alex so well. She knew that he wouldn’t stop, and she knew that she would be with him. Soon, she was hoping so.

“Ah, I can see some signs. I’ve had Kyle keep an eye on him. He’s growing awfully friendly with Liz. You know, I have to meet that Alex reminds me of someone. The way that he came into the church that day to announce who he was, reminded me so much of Jeff Guerin. He was before your time, my beauty.” Before Phillip could say any more, his watch alarm went off, signaling time for him to take his medication. Sighing roughly, Phillip took two bottles of pills out of his jacket pocket.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” Isabel asked quietly, biting down on her lip as her father took out the pill bottles. This reinforced the fact that her father was going to die anytime soon. Her father would never be able to see his grandchildren. Her father might never even walk her down the aisle when she married Alex.

“Time to take my medicine, my beauty. See these pills help dull the pain, while the others just knock me out. For hours at a time. I slept nearly eleven hours with two of these babies. I’m going to get some water, I’ll be right back, my beauty.” Phillip informed her, walking to the kitchen, leaving the pills on the table top.

Isabel watched as her father went into the kitchen. A moment later, she heard the water faucet turn on, and stay on. Was her father trying to help her, she wondered. Hell, whether he was or not, she was going to take a few of those sleeping pills. They would help her get out of her. She wouldn’t have to hurt her guards, which she had been dreading. She could just knock them out with some pills and make her get away from here. Stealthy, Isabel opened the bottle and took out four pills. Just in case Tyler happened to come on by, she could give him some. By the time Isabel had got the pills out, the water in the kitchen had stopped, and Isabel tried to act casual and calm as her father came back into the room.

Phillip grabbed the pain reducer bottle and took out two pills, swallowing them swiftly. He gave his daughter a smile. “I love you, Isabel. I love you so much. I’ve always been proud of you. I want to do the right thing by you, but you know. If Kyle agrees to become the next Alpha, at least until Max is old enough, I think that things will be okay. I’m pretty sure that they would be. But all you have to do is wait until I know for sure. Don’t marry Tyler. Don’t marry him in order to keep Alex safe. Tyler will continue to use that blackmail for the rest of your life even if you marry him. I want you to be happy, even if it’s with a human. It’s who you love. I’d better be going. There’s a few things that I need to be doing. I love you, my beauty.” he said, wrapping his arms around her in a fierce hug.

“I love you, Daddy. I love you so much.” Isabel whispered softly, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She and Alex would name their first son after her father, she was sure of that. It would be the best way for her father’s legacy to go on. It would be one of the best reminders of her father.


“Tess! What are you doing here?” Kyle asked, surprised to see Tess standing at his doorway. He felt slightly uncomfortable about her being here, especially since he still wasn’t sure about what he was going to do about things. He didn’t know if he could become the next Alpha. He hadn’t gotten any clue about what was the right thing for him to do.

Tess moved swiftly into the room and shut the door behind him, not wanting for any of his officers to hear what they were going to be talking about. “You know what I want to talk about, Kyle. What’s your answer? Are you going to accept the position of Alpha Male? You have to, Kyle.”

“It’s not an easy decision for me to make, Tess. There are so many things that I have to think about first. The most important one being my daughter. And now that she’s mixed up with Max, she could be in danger. I need to protect Liz any way that I can.” Kyle told her. She knew this all. She knew that he had to think about his daughter first and foremost.

“I know, Kyle. I know that you have to think about your child. But you have to think about everything else, not only Liz. There’s Isabel, Max, and me to think about. I don’t trust Tyler Creed at all. He’s got something planned, I know that he does. He hates humans so much, I know that he has something planned about it.” Tess informed him, repressing the ironic smile she wanted to give him. Part of her wanted to tell him about their baby. About their child that died.

“Yes, and you’ve been awfully close to Tyler Creed haven’t you? Don’t bother lying to me, Tess. I have eyes, I know that you’ve been sleeping with Creed. So you must have insights on the guy’s brain. Look, this isn’t an easy decision for me to make. You have no idea on how hard this is for me.” Kyle replied, wanting for this to be over. This seemed like it was going nowhere.

“I’ve made many mistakes in my life, Kyle. I know that I have, and I don’t have to explain to you about them, because there none of your business. And I know that things are hard. Hell, it was hard on me having to see you and Ava walk around school so much in love with each other, but I’m sure that you didn’t care. That you never gave me a thought. But you know what, let’s not go there. There are things that you don’t know about, things you probably wouldn’t even care to know about. But we’re talking about you becoming Alpha Male.” Tess said bitterly, thinking about her daughter that had died before she’d been born. Her child who should have lived, but hadn’t.

“What are you talking about, Tess? What don’t I know about back than?” Kyle asked suspiciously when he saw tears in her eyes. He didn’t have the slightest idea what she was talking about.

“You want to know what I’m talking about? Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m talking about our child. I told you that I was pregnant all those years ago, but you didn’t believe me. I really was pregnant, and you didn’t care. You didn’t care about anything other than your precious Ava. I lost my baby. I lost my little girl.” Tess told him angrily, wanting to hurt him like she had been hurt so long ago. Wanting him to feel the pain from all those years ago.

“What?” Kyle asked shocked, standing up from his chair, not paying any attention as it collapsed against the floor. Tess had really been pregnant, she hadn’t lied to him all those years ago. She hadn’t lied in order for him to dump Ava.

“Shocked, you didn’t I, Kyle? Well, someone had to tell you that everything is not always about you. You do have to think about other people, Kyle. Your actions are going to affect everyone, not just you or Liz. But all of us. Our people are going to need a strong leader, and Tyler Creed is not it. We do need you as our leader, at least until Max is old enough. He and Liz will be the future for us all. I know that they will. Think about it more, Kyle. Phillip needs an answer soon, otherwise we all will be in danger.” Tess said, blinking away the tears in her eyes as she walked away from him. Ignoring the curious stares of the other people, Tess knew that she had done the right thing by coming here. Maybe it would help make Kyle see the truth. It had to.


“Sorry for being such a jerk yesterday, Liz. I don’t know why I did it. I was. . . . just jealous. Jealous that you went off with Whitman.” Max said quietly, meeting her eyes seriously. He knew that he owed her more than an apology.

“I know your sorry, you told me so yesterday. And I understand, I really do. I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t. When I saw you with Pam Troy the other night, I was jealous and I wanted to claw her eyes out. But I didn’t, though I was so close to doing it. I would never ever betray you, Max. And I’m not interested in anyone other than you. You’re all that I want. You’re all that I need, believe me.” Liz told him, laying her hand on his arm. She understood him perfectly, but there wasn’t anyone else in the world for her. Max was everything that she needed.

“You’re everything that I want, Liz. I’ve wanted you for such a long time, and now that I have you, I don’t want to lose you. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you. You’re everything to me.” Max said, moving closer to her until his lips were an inch away from her own. Max knew that he would be lost if he ever lost Liz. He needed her in every way.

“You’ll never lose me, Max. You’ll never be able to get rid of me.” Liz replied, as she touched her lips against his own. His mouth opened over hers, causing Liz to part her lips and lured his tongue into her mouth.

A moan came out from him when he felt her nestle her body against his own. Her slender body tight against his, her breasts flattened against his chest, her fingers curling into his hair at the base of his nape. Arousal shot through him, hot and fierce. Reluctantly, Max broke away from her, resting his forehead against her own, he didn’t want for things to get out of control.

“Liz Valenti, the things that you do to me.” Max said with a smile, curling his hand into Liz’s hair. He wanted so badly to make love to her, but right now wasn’t the right time.

“Are the same that you do to me. Someday really soon is going to be the day that we make love, Max. No doubt about that. Soon.” Liz replied, laying her hand on his stomach, feeling his hard muscles clench at her touch. She knew that she was right. They were going to make love one day soon. And frankly, Liz didn’t care when, because the only thing that mattered to her was that it would be with Max.

“I know, Liz. And I want it to be perfect when we do. It’s going to be the most special night of our lives. But there’s some things that I need to do first. I need to go see Isabel. I feel so bad about what I did yesterday. That Alex saw Isabel, but I tried to convince him otherwise. I think what if you and I were in the same situation, I would want someone to try to help us. I told him what I did because I knew that I had to, it was what anyone else would have done, but that doesn’t make it right. It wasn’t right of me.” Max told her. He wanted for Liz to go with him when he saw his sister.

“You did what you thought was right, and that’s all that matters. So when are you going to go see Isabel?” Liz asked, happy that he was going to do this. She knew that it was right, she knew it in her gut that seeing Isabel was the right thing.

“I plan on seeing her tomorrow night. Sometime after it gets dark. But I need some company.”

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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icequeenfan, Jeff Guerin was Michael’s uncle. He was mentioned in Ch.16, when Alex was looking stuff up on the microfilm.

Chapter 28

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise, Isabel. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so much food before.” Tyler said with a wide smile, taking in the food that covered the table. It seemed that Isabel was getting used to the idea of the two of them getting married. She had to, if she was going to be making food like this for him.

“Only the best for you, Tyler. Besides it gave me a chance to fine tune my cooking skills.” Isabel told him with her best fake smile. Tonight was the night, the night she would escape from her hell, from Tyler. She would find Alex. He would have a room at the Lodge, no doubt about that, and it was where she was going to go.

“Your cooking was always fine, Isabel. Some of the best that I’ve ever tasted.” Tyler replied, reaching over the table, grabbing her hand within his own. He was on his way to becoming the town’s next Alpha Male. And if all went well tonight, there was going to be nothing that stopped him. Nothing was going to stop him. Tyler Creed always got what he wanted.

“That’s nice of you to say.” Isabel said quietly, screaming inside at Tyler’s touch. She hated him touching her, she never wanted for him to touch her again.

“So why the change in your attitude? Why are you being so compliant. Are you finally getting used to the idea of being married to me. It’s not going to be a horrible thing. Not at all. You’re a beautiful woman, and I’ll enjoy our marriage. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy our marriage, also. It’s not like it’s going to be a horrible thing. Not at all, Isabel.” Tyler said, giving her a feral smile.

“Well, since you did what you had to in order to get me to marry you, I guess I should just get used to the idea. We’re going to get married, and I can’t stop it from happening, can I? Why bother changing things?” Isabel told him, meeting his eyes. Just a little while longer and than she’d be with Alex.

“You know me better than that, Isabel. I don’t do anything. Things just happen. Things just fall into place for me.” Tyler told her, amused by her words. Well, it was good that she had realized that. There was nothing that she could do. She was going to marry him. They would be married in a matter of weeks. Hmm. . . maybe he should have their wedding moved up?

Isabel resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his words. He didn’t think that he had done anything to get her to marry him. Bastard. It was all because of him threatening to kill Alex; that was the only reason that she said that she was going to marry him. Well that, and she was using it to give herself some time. “I’m going to give my guards some food, they must be awfully hungry.”

Tyler watched as Isabel put some of the food on a separate plate for her guards. He couldn’t help but feel giddy over the way that things were turning out. He was going to get everything that he had always wanted. He was getting Isabel, he was getting the Alpha Male position. Sure, there were a few problems for him. But he’d take care of all of that. There was Max Evans, who had to be dealt with, and his half breed girl. That girl was a pain in the ass. He had some ideas of what should be done to her, especially to piss off her father, but he had to wait until he was in his position of power, than he would act. No one would oppose what he would do. And of course, he would kill Whitman after he married Isabel. There was no way that he was going to let the human live.

Isabel smiled widely at the guards, thinking that within half an hour or so they would be knocked out and she could make her escape from this place and go to Alex. “Made a feast for tonight. Here’s some for you guys. Now, you’d better eat it all, or I’m going to be awfully disappointed.”

“Sure thing, Isabel. Mmm. . . smells good. Thanks.” Neal Patrick told her with a smile, taking the plate gratefully from her.

Isabel nodded her head at Neal and John before closing the door. They were both good men, but Isabel didn’t regret what she was going to do to them. It wasn’t like it was going to be anything personal, it was what she had to do. Isabel went back to the table, giving Tyler a smile. “Let’s eat.”

“Good idea.” Tyler said, as he began serving himself. Life was truly wonderful for him. He was getting everything that he wanted. Isabel was his, he was going to be the next Alpha Male soon. Tyler gave Isabel his best smile as he began to chew on his steak, savoring the taste of blood. Isabel still knew his so well, she knew exactly how he liked his steak. Bloody. “I think that we should have the wedding within the next week. It would be best if we got married as soon as possible, especially since your father’s so sick. He can walk you down the aisle, before he goes.”

Isabel repressed the urge to say something at Tyler’s words. Her father was not going to walk her down the aisle to marry Tyler. The only man that she planned on marrying was Alex. How was her father going to react when he found out what she’d done. He had to have known that she was planning on doing something, since he had left his pills for her to get. He must have known what he was doing, that he was giving her an idea. Everyone was going to have to deal with what she was going to do. This was her life. And she deserved to be happy. And she was going to be happy with Alex. “Whatever you think we should do, Tyler. So is Max still seeing Liz Valenti?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Your brother is still consorting with that girl. I don’t understand why anyone would want to get involved with her. Who knows what she has? What’s in her? She’s not a full blood wolf, her DNA is questionable, she’s questionable.” Tyler said distastefully, not wanting to ruin his appetite by talking about the girl. He had a good idea about how she should be dealt with. Her and her father. There was only one thing that could be done. And Tyler knew that it would show everyone that he was in charge and that no wolf was ever to marry a human.

Isabel knew that Tyler had some sort of inside plan. She could tell by the sound of his voice. He was still the same arrogant bastard he’d been years ago. What the hell was he planning to do to Liz? She had known that Tyler had never agreed with Kyle Valenti’s marriage to Ava Dupree; that he thought it broke the moral codes of their society. Tyler would always get angry when he talked about that. But Isabel had never even entertained the idea that Tyler might do something to hurt the Valenti’s, but not anymore. She didn’t trust him at all. He might be planning to do something horrible to them. “She’s a good idea. At least from what I remember. And it’s not her fault that she’s what she is. She never asked to be put in the middle of things. She’s just a kid.”

“That doesn’t make her special. She’s what she is. She’s a half breed and there’s nothing that can be done to change that. I’m sure that she’s not ever going to change. Once she hits her eighteenth birthday, she’ll never make the Change. Let’s not talk about this anymore. It’ll ruin my appetite.” Tyler told her, wanting to change the subject of things. He was in too good of a mood.

“Sure. We don’t have to talk about anything.” Isabel told him, as she slowly began to eat her food. Her food that she had carefully made sure didn’t have any of the pills in. A couple more hours; just a few more. She had to stay calm and in control otherwise she would screw things up.

Isabel watched Tyler carefully, noting the slight changes in his body language. The drug was already working its way into his system, she could tell by the way his muscles were loosening up. He was always so rigid and in control, and unable to loosen up, at least without the use of drugs, Isabel thought ruefully. “So who have you been sleeping with Tyler? Anyone I know?”

Tyler let out a laugh at her words. Boy, how would she take the news that he’d been messing with her stepmother. “Oh, yes. You know her. Your wonderful step mommy dearest. Too bad she ended it. Something about betraying the old man. He’s gonna die anyway.”

Isabel was somewhat surprised by his revelation. So Tess had been sleeping with Tyler? She always thought that Tess didn’t love her father, that she was still in love with Kyle Valenti. Isabel remembered the longing stares that Tess would give Valenti. The way she’s sigh and than look down at her hands. Isabel had always been positive that Tess was still completely in love with Valenti. Tyler was probably only keeping her bed warm until Phillip died, than Tess would probably run to the man in ecstasy over finally being free from the husband she didn’t love. “Really? Who else, Tyler? Who else have you slept with?”

“Have a couple of hours? This should take some time.” Tyler cackled, leaning back in his chair unable to eat anything else on his plate. His eyes were getting a little blurry, so he rubbed at them with his fingers, trying to stay awake. “Pam, Sonia, Randi, Alli, Trude, Brettainy, Gaby, Angela, Laura, Robyn, Vicky, Noelle, Elsie, Tess, Courtney, Sharon, Isabel. A whole lot of girls."

Isabel leaned back and watched him with a look of disgust on her face. Well, he had certainly gotten around. He’d named seventeen woman and Isabel was certain that there had to be many more. But Courtney? Wasn’t that the girl that Max was seeing. “Courtney? Courtney Renger?”

“Stupid bitch. I felt sorry for her. She gave me some helpful information though. Sherman Blackstone gave Whitman some info, so did that little bitch, Liz. She’s been helping Whitman. Oh, well. They’ll all be handled. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I have my ways.” Tyler informed her, grabbing hold of the table when he felt a strong wave of dizziness come over him. Why did he feel so funny?

“I’m sure that you do, Tyler. I’m sure you have a plan. What’s your plan, Tyler? What do you have planned?” Isabel asked softly, needing to know what he was planning to do. She had to know!

“Oh, Isabel. You can’t know. . . . can’t know. . . “ Tyler slurred, finally letting the blurriness and dizziness take him over.

Isabel rolled her eyes as she watched Tyler’s body slump to the floor. Just her luck, he passed out when he was getting to the good stuff. Well, at least now she could tell her father that Tyler had some plan. There was no way that she’d allow for any of her family to be put in danger. Not her father, Max, Tess or Alex. Isabel stood up and threw her denim jacket on over her green turtleneck.

Isabel walked over to the window, checking to see if Neal and Llyod were still awake. They had to be out already, since Tyler had already passed out. Passed out like a sack of crap to the floor. “Yes!” she said delighted to see that both men were already passed out. This had gone better than she had ever imagined. All she had to do was walk out the door and she’d be out of her hell. And on her way to find Alex.

Isabel threw open the door and took in a deep breath, her first breath of fresh air as a free woman. A woman no longer captive. A woman on a mission to find the love of her life. To get to him. She had so much that she had to make up to Alex. She would tell him everything, she had to tell him everything. She wouldn’t leave out a single thing. He’d know everything, so he wouldn’t be put in any danger from Tyler. Isabel looked down at Neal and Llyod’s motionless body. “Sorry for doing this to you, but I had to.”

With one last look at the cabin that had been her hell for six months, Isabel took off running. One thought reverberated throughout her head. Alex! She was going to see Alex for the first time in six months. Six months?! Geez, what if Alex didn’t want her anymore? What if he was just looking for her because he was curious as to where she went? Isabel didn’t want to think that Alex wouldn’t want her anymore. She loved him so much. He had made her believe in love, and she had to find him. She had to be with him again. She had to. He was all that she ever wanted, all that she needed.

Falling in love with Alex Whitman had made her believe in happily ever afters. It had made her believe in everything. She had lost her childish notions sometime during her relationship with Tyler. That relationship hadn’t been what she had always imagined. It hadn’t been anything like it. But her relationship with Alex, had been everything. So much to her, for her. Isabel wasn’t whole without him in her life. She needed him more than she needed to breathe.

Isabel had made her way through the cemetery, trying to ignore the gnawing urge to go see her mother’s grave, to see Laurie’s grave. It had been years since she had visited their graves, talked to them about what was going on in her life. But she had to get away, this was her only chance. The rest of her life was counting on what she was doing right now. She would be able to visit them later. Isabel knew that she would. She would come visit them bringing lilies of the valley, her mother’s favorite flowers. She would come visit and she would bring Alex with her.

Isabel had barely exited the cemetery when she heard the sound of an oncoming car. This was why she had dyed her hair. If someone saw her from a distance, they wouldn’t be able to recognize her. She didn’t want to have to hurt anyone, but she would if she had to. She was going to do everything that was necessary. Keeping her head down, Isabel did her best to act casual, and not draw any attention onto herself as the car came closer to her.


Isabel’s head shot up at the sound of the voice. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t believe that Max was here. That Max was the person that had stopped by the side of the road. Her little brother, who wasn’t quite so little anymore, well, but than again, he’d been tall the last time that she’d seen him. Isabel let out a sigh of relief as her eyes swept over her little brother, and the pretty brunette who was gazing at her. “Max. . . . finally paying me a visit?”

“Your heading for Alex, right?” Liz asked, knowing that she was right. At least, Liz thought that’s what she would do if she were in Isabel’s shoes. If she and Max had been separated, she’d search for him first before anything else. Which brought her back to another revelation, Isabel had escaped from where she’d been at. The thought of it made her want to shout out in happiness.

“Liz? Yeah, I’m gonna find Alex. I need to find him. Don’t you dare try to talk me out of it, especially you, Max. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing at all. Take me to him or I’ll knock you out, little brother. Don’t think that I wouldn’t, I’ve already done it to three other people.” Isabel growled, trying hard to say it all. She wanted to throw her arms around her little brother that she hadn’t seen in years, but that would have to wait. Not yet. She needed Alex first and foremost.

“Hop in, Dogface.” Max said, with a grin on his face. Isabel was here in his car. Isabel was alright, she was okay. It was so wonderful to see his sister after such a long time, he had missed her for so long. He had tried telling himself for so long that it didn’t matter, but it had. He’d missed her. But could he really let his sister go to Whitman? He could tell by the look in her eyes that Isabel was completely in love with Alex Whitman. And he wanted for his sister to be happy, Isabel deserved to be happy.

Isabel hopped into the back seat, running her hands through the dark hair, hating it. But it had all been part of her plan, at least now she wouldn’t have to do any of the other things that she’d planned. She could see Alex without any interference.

“He’s at the Lodge, Isabel. He misses you so much. Do you have any idea what your going to tell him?” Liz asked curiously, unable to help herself.

“The truth. I’m going to tell him the truth.”

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Disclaimer: Crazy belongs to Patsy Cline.

Dedicated to: ps_dreamer, roswellluver, carolina_moon, searchingthestars, Sternbetrachter (TWENTY TWO TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , LittleBit (TWICE) *happy* , Beth_Evans (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo (THIRTEEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , KEmperor, TrueLoveConquersAll, Rim, Roswelllostcause (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , oObubblesOo (FIVE TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , icequeenfan (FIVE TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , frenchkiss70 (TEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , miss_Roswell, Tharos (TWICE) *happy* , Bored to Mundane life (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , Krazykitti (SEVENTEEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Gagnes Girl, jamie, PuReAn9el58.

Chapter 29A

“So what’s your next step, Alex?” Grant asked, wondering what the hell his friend was going to do. He knew that things weren’t easy for his friend, and he knew that Alex wasn’t going to stop until he found some answers.

“I’m going to go back to that cabin, I know that it had to be Isabel. At the time I wasn’t so sure about it, but it’s all I’ve been able to think about. And I know that it had to be Isabel. It had to be, I don’t care if her hair was a different color, I know Isabel. I love her, and I know that it was her.” Alex stated, pacing around the room. God, he had been an idiot, he’d been so close to her and he had allowed for his insecurities to overtake him. Isabel was there in that cabin, he knew that it was her. He knew the way her body moved, and it had been her.

“Be careful. Don’t forget to take your 38. Gotta keep yourself protected. Look, I have to go, Kara’s looking at me funny. Be careful, Alex.” Grant said, hanging up the phone. He knew that Alex knew to be careful, but it didn’t stop him from worrying about the younger man.

“Talk to you later, Grant.” Alex said, hanging up the phone. He was so close to everything, he knew. He could feel it in the air. He could feel that something was going to change. That his life was going to change. He had learnt a long time ago to trust his feelings, they were usually right. It had been that way ever since he was a child. His parents had always told him that he had a sixth sense that others didn’t have. Part of him had always wondered if it had something to do with his biological parents, the ones that had left him behind.

Aw. . . there was no use in thinking about them. They had left him for a reason, they’d left him behind like he had been nothing, like he’d been something unimportant. There was nothing that could be done to change that. But that had never stopped him as a child from wondering about his parents. Wondering why they hadn’t wanted him, the pain that he had to have done something wrong in order for them to leave him. But of course, he knew better than that. He’d been a child, and he hadn’t done anything wrong. It was his parents that had been wrong, wherever they were, whoever they were. They had to live with leaving him. All he could do was to go on with his life and forget about them.


“You want to tell him the truth? That’s. . . . you just can’t, Isabel. I’m sorry, but even if your in love with the guy you can’t tell him the truth.” Max said, looking at his older sister shocked that she was even considering telling Alex Whitman the truth. She knew what was at stake and she wanted to announce their secret, something that had been kept a secret from the entire world for over a hundred years because she was in love with the guy.

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Max. You know that you would do the same thing if you were put in my footsteps? Don’t you lie to me.” Isabel growled, her eyes flashing dangerously. Why was her brother being this way? She was talking about the love of her life here, and Max didn’t want for her to tell him the truth. The truth was what Alex deserved.

Max didn’t say anything as he watched his sister. Honestly if he was in Isabel’s shoes, he didn’t know what he would do. He loved Liz, and he didn’t ever want to be separated from her, but he knew what was at stake. He understood that his sister was in between a rock and a hard place, and hell. . . he wanted for Isabel to be happy. And she wanted to be happy with Alex.

“You know that I’m right. That if you were in my spot, you would do the same thing. I’m telling him, Max. Simple as that. Alex is going to find out the truth about me. Tonight. Nothing is going to stop me.” Isabel told him, letting him know that nothing was going to change her mind. Nothing was going to stop her from being with Alex. Not her family, not anything.


Crazy ... I'm crazy for feelin' so lonely
I'm crazy ... crazy for feelin' so blue
I knew you'd love me as long as you wanted,
And then someday, you'd leave me for somebody new

Alex sighed at the song. It had been one of his mother’s favorites. She had adored Patsy Cline. She’d always make him dance with her whenever one of Patsy Cline’s songs came on the radio. Alex had to admit that he missed his mother, he missed her so much more than his father. When he was little the way that he used to stay attached to his mother had sometimes gotten him into trouble. The other kids had called him a Momma’s boy. And that had probably been true.

Worry ... why do I let myself worry?
Wonderin' ... what in the world did I do?
Oh, crazy ... for thinkin' that my love could hold you
I'm crazy for tryin', and crazy for cryin'
And I'm crazy for lovin' you

It was weird. Ever since he had come here to Wolf Lake the question of who his real parents were was on his mind a lot. It probably had to do with Isabel. Trying to find out who she really was, who was her family and what not; it had made him wonder about his own family ties. Who he was, where he came from. But unlike Isabel, he wasn’t going to find any answers. The only thing that he had was that damn acorn ring. And that wasn’t much for him to go on. In fact, it seemed damn near impossible.

Crazy ... for thinkin' that my love could hold you
I'm crazy for tryin', and crazy for cryin'
And I'm crazy for lovin' you


“Do you think that I did the right thing, Liz?” Max asked softly, his arms wrapped around Liz. That was the only thing that he wanted to do: the right thing. The right thing for him, for Isabel, his father, Liz, everyone.

Liz couldn’t help but smile at his question. She thought that he did the greatest thing. “Yeah, I do think that you did the right thing. You’re letting your sister do what she wants to. She’s doing what’s right for her and for Alex. Give them some time to talk. With what she’s going to tell him, they’ll need some time.”

“I know, but I have to at least call Dad, and let him know what’s going on. I’ll just tell him that Isabel’s already told Alex and there’s nothing that we can do to hide the truth from him. That Alex has to be let in.” Max told her, threading his hands in her dark hair. He wanted to do the right thing for his sister, but he also knew that his father had to know about what was going to happen.

“Fine, but give them ten more minutes, Max. Wait ten minutes before you call your father. Please. They need some time together.” Liz told him quietly, knowing that in that ten minutes, things could be explained. That Alex would know the truth. Sure, they would have to deal with Phillip, but that would come later.

“Alright, ten minutes. We’ll give them some time alone.”


Alex threw on his jacket once he had his 38 strapped to his ankle. He was going to go back to the cabin. It was better that he go at night rather than in the day, more cover at night, easier to move around. The air crackled with tension, and he knew, he knew that something was going to happen. He’d find her tonight, it was simple as that. He knew that he would.

Alex cocked his head when he heard a sound outside his door. He’d been blessed with great hearing. Taking his 38 out of his strap, he moved closer to the door. Only two people had ever come to his door, one being Liz and the other being that maid lady with the horsey laugh named Sheila. But none of them would come over here at nine o’clock at night. Pointing his gun at the door, he threw open the door and blinked in surprise.


TBC. . . . . . . .

Don't worry guys. What you want is coming. *wink*

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Hey Lillie, pleaaaseeee give us a Christmas gift and post chapter 29b before xmas!*angel**angel**angel**angel**angel**angel**angel**angel**angel*

I'm sure that I'll get the next part out before Christmas. It's about halfway done. But Ch.30 will be the big explaination about things for Alex.

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Dedicated to: roswellluver, Bored to Mundane life (THREE TIMES) *happy* *happy* , ps_dreamer (TWICE) *happy* , LXC, Rim, Sternbetrachter (SIXTEEN TIMES) *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* , Krazykitti (TWICE) *happy* , KEmperor, icequeenfan (TWICE) *happy* , BelevnDreamsToo, Roswelllostcause (TWICE) *happy* , frenchkiss70.

Chapter 29B

“Isabel?” Alex asked again, stunned. She looked just like he remembered her. Her face, her body; the only thing that was different was her hair. Her hair was a chestnut color that looked like it didn’t belong on her. Because it didn’t belong to her, he told himself. It wasn’t her natural color. Screw her hair, she was here. Isabel was standing right in front of him. The woman that he loved was standing in front of him, and all he was doing was gawking at her like some three year old.

“Alex, I— I can explain everything that happened. God, I would never willingly leave you like that. All I want is to be with you.” Isabel told him, moving through the door, trying to move her way inside. She didn’t want to be seen by anyone else.

“Did you leave because of Tyler Creed?” Alex asked, slowly lowering his hand holding the gun down, closing the door once she was in. Isabel wanted to be with him and she hadn’t left willingly, but why had she left? What was the whole reason behind her leaving? What was with the hand that had been found in her car? He wanted to know what was going on, what the whole secret was.

“So you know about Tyler. Let’s just call him a mistake I made for three years. I’m happy to be rid of that man. Tyler and I were engaged three years ago. When I realized what sort of a bastard I was getting married to, I left. I left even though I knew that they would come after me. I don’t regret what I did because I found you, Alex. “ Isabel told him, pacing around the room. She knew that the things that she would tell him would confuse him, but he needed to know.

Alex watched her silently, not knowing what to say. She had known that they would come after her? Who? Her family? Tyler Creed? Who exactly had come after her; had taken her away from him? “Who, Isabel? Who was it that took you? Why did they come back for you? What’s the whole secret?”

“It’s because of who I am. Who my family is. It’s what is in this town, Alex. Surely, you’ve seen by now that this isn’t an ordinary town; that there’s something a little off about things.” Isabel told him, looking into his eyes, hoping that he would already know the answer deep down inside. She and Alex had always been in tune with each other, in a way that she had never been with Tyler.

“Now that you mention it, this town is weird. I swear sometimes it reminds me of that old tv show, Dark Shadows. What’s with all the wolf paraphernalia? Or the multiple births? It’s a weird place.” Alex said guardedly, trying to think back to all the weird things that had happened. What was it about the town?

“My family isn’t quite normal. Most of the families in Wolf Lake aren’t. You can call us Skinwalkers, but it’s the same. Wolf. That’s what I am.” Isabel stated, watching Alex’s eyes narrow in uncertainty.


“So your father’s coming right now? What’s he going to do to Isabel because she told Alex?” Liz asked quietly, biting her lip at the thought. What did Phillip Evans have in mind? It had to be a tough position for him to be in, to be a father on one hand and the leader of his people on the other.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do. I imagine that he’ll do what is the best solution. Especially considering that Alex will know the truth.” Max said, nodding his head, hoping that he was right. He had to have done the right thing. He had taken Isabel to Alex, and than he’d called his father. It wasn’t as if his father was a horrible man, Max was certain that nothing bad would happen to Alex.

“You don’t think that your father would have Alex killed because of what he knows?” Liz asked worriedly. She didn’t want for anything bad to happen to Alex. He was one of the good guys. It wasn’t right that he could be hurt just because he happened to be in love with someone who happened to be a wolf.

“Nah, I don’t think so. My father— he’s not a cold blooded murderer, Liz. I mean, I know that I said that I thought that my father had something to do with Langley’s death, but I know my father. He’s not a horrible monster and he won’t have Alex killed if Isabel tells him the truth. I know that he won’t.” Max told her, hoping to reassure himself. He knew that his father was a complicated man. But Max was sure that his father would do the right thing.

“I just want everything to be okay for them. They love each other so much, I mean, if I was in their shoes, I would want for someone to help me get to you. You’re everything to me the same way that Isabel is to Alex.” Liz replied, taking one of Max’s hands within her own, needing to feel the warmth of his skin on her own.

“I want for them to be okay, too. She’s my sister, a pain in the butt for me, but I love her anyway. I want Isabel to be happy and she’s pretty sure that she can be with Alex. So what’s the harm in them being together?” Max asked with a smile on his face, as he leaned in closer, loving the sweet smell of Liz, burying his face in the crevice of her neck.

“You know, Max. When you do that, I can’t think.” Liz whispered huskily, lacing her fingers into his thick jet black hair. Being in this position with Max, everything else in Liz’s head began to vanish.

Max kissed Liz’s neck once more before meeting her eyes. Max couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have this beautiful woman in his life. Even though he was scared that she would someday leave him and never come back, he knew that he couldn’t let that fear dominate him. They were together right now, and that was all that mattered. “I have something for you. Close your eyes.”

Liz did as Max asked and closed her eyes. What was it that Max had for her? It was just so sweet, whatever it was that Max had gotten for her. “Can I open my eyes now, Max? Please?” she asked, pouting.

“Okay, open those beautiful eyes of yours.” Max told her, smiling when he saw the stunned expression on her face. It was exactly the reaction that he had wanted to get from her.

“Max, I—“ Liz said, unable to think of the right thing to say. Was that ring really for her?

“I saw this and I had to get it for you, Liz. I love you, Elizabeth Valenti and this is a symbol of my love for you. They tell me that the rubies in the ring represent good fortune and the diamonds mean eternity, a love that will last forever, which is what we have. Will you wear my ring?” Max asked, taking the platinum ring out of the case, just itching to put in on Liz’s hand.

“Yes! Of course! I love you so much, Max.” Liz cried, throwing her arms around him. She knew that Max was her future, and that she would never let him go; they would be together forever.


“Phillip, what’s going on? Who was that on the phone?” Tess asked worriedly, watching as her husband strode over to his closet and took out his jacket. The two of them had been enjoying a peaceful evening at home, when the phone had rung. Tess didn’t know why it surprised her, Phillip was always so busy, and if anything went wrong with anything at all, he was the first one that was called, no matter what time or what they were doing.

“It was Max. He told me something very interesting. Evidently Isabel escaped from the cabin. And fortunately for her, Max happened to come by at the same time. Max took Isabel to Alex; my daughter is going to tell him the truth. And there’s nothing that can be done afterwards. Isabel is going to tell him everything about us.” Phillip said, resigned to the notion. Fact of the matter was that he kind of liked the idea. He wanted for his daughter to be happy. She was the only daughter that he had left and he wanted Isabel to be happy.

“Isabel escaped? What happened to Neal and Llyod? They were watching her, right? What happened to them? God, you don’t think that Isabel did something to them? Phillip, tell me what I can do. I want to help the best that I can. I know that Isabel and I haven’t been completely close but maybe I can help her realize the error of her ways?” Tess asked, wanting to help as much as she could. She threw her book aside and got off of the bed, heading towards the closet.

“No, Tess. I don’t want you to go anywhere. You’re going to stay here. I’m going to take care of everything. Isabel’s my child, and it’s also my responsibility to take care of things. If she’s told Alex Whitman the truth by the time that I get there, than there’s not much that I can do. I’m not going to kill him, that wouldn’t be right. I know that he loves Isabel, so I doubt that he’ll want to kill us all because of who we are.” Phillip told her firmly, knowing that everything that he was saying was true. He had a very good feeling about tonight. Isabel was going to be happy and that was a good thing.

“Are you sure? I mean, he’s a human. He can’t know about us. I mean, there are rules that we have to abide by. What is it saying to the others that your own daughter has a human outsider for a fiancé? Everyone will think that you are playing favorites. Allowing for it to happen because Isabel is your daughter.” Tess began protesting, wanting to talk some sense into her husband. He had to know that she was right, what he wanted to do was wrong.

“Yes, I’m playing favorites. How can I not? She’s my daughter. She’s in love with a human and there’s nothing that I can do to change that. There’s nothing that anyone can do to change that. She’s in love with him and she’s going to be with him no matter what. It wasn’t so horrible to let Kyle marry Ava and have a family with her, was it? Well, you might not agree on that since Ava was your rival for Kyle’s affections. But that is something entirely different. I make the final word, and I am going to allow for Isabel to be with Alex. Your going to have to live with that, the same way that others are going to have to live with it also.” Phillip told her, stalking out of the bedroom. It felt good for him to say that to Tess, he meant every single word that he said. He was going to allow for his daughter to be with Alex Whitman, to hell with everyone else.

TBC. . . . . . . . . . . .

NOTE: It will be awhile before I have the next chapter out. The wonderful restuaraunt that I work at is open every day, including holidays. And there's this huge college football game being held here in San Antonio, meaning that I'm going to be working very long hours. I don't have a day off until Sunday. So be patient with me. I'm not going to disappoint the StarGazers. I fully intend for Isabel to explain more about herself and her family in the next chapter to Alex. BTW, Merry Christmas everyone. *happy*


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