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By Gamma Rho Girl

Title: Alone I Break

Author: Jennifer (Oompa Loompa666)

Email: flora⊕

Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Metz, Katims, and 20th Century and their associates, and Smallville belongs to WB and their associates. (I'm sorry, I don't remember the originator of Superman, but him and his guys.) But I mean no harm, it's a fic, lighten up. The title stems from a Korn song. (From the "Untouchables" album) And as you read further, this has no relation to John Doe, even though it may seem so at first.

Category: Roswell/Smallville Crossover

Summary: Tess gives Alex an ultimatum...leave Roswell or die. (Somewhere before "Cry Your Name") Forced to leave he ends up in Smallville with no recollection of his life in Roswell. Through painful flashbacks, he must remember what he lost in order to stay alive. Though everyone in Roswell thinks Alex is dead, Liz is on a quest to discover the truth.

Author's Note: OK, this is based before CYN and what you need to know is that Liz is still the detective into finding the reason behind his "death." In the Smallville verse, it's going to be general BUT Pete does know about Clark's abilities, just in case it's needed in the plotline. And it will be conventional couples for Roswell, although it may not seem so. Remember the Max and Liz from the near end second season, well they may act that way towards each other at first, but it will have a happy ending for Dreamers, Stargazers, and Candies. The Smallville verse will be secondary characters. I always thought Alex was the most under used character, so this is centered around him, though it will be about Liz's quest to uncover the truth.

I hope you guys like it.

And please leave feedback.


"Alex, please, I don't want to do this, " Tess Harding pleadingly said to him. Her tear stricken face did not change his mind.

"Tess, you invaded my head, I trusted you, we all did," he said with anger. He couldn't believe what he had discovered. He trusted her, she became his friend, and through everything she used him. She raped him of his mind. He could feel the anger rising as his face grew redder.

"You got me to translate this silly thing, why can't you tell anyone about it? " he said, waving around a stack of paper.

"Alex, please, don't make me," she pleaded once more. She really didn't want to go to the last resort. Really she didn't. But if she had to, to protect herself and Max, then fine she would do it. She tried to get used to her human side. Max would like that side, but after everything Nasedo taught her, she knew she would do anything to protect the Royal 4, even if that meant killing Alex.

"What are you going to do? I'm weak to begin with," he said, he knew of her abilities, her mind warping abilities, he wanted to stand strong, he wanted to defend himself, but he was powerless, after being mind warped for so long, all he wanted to do was sleep. Have a peaceful weekend, instead of doing her job.

"But I can't risk it, I'm sorry Alex," Tess said grasping the glass coca cola bottle she had tuck underneath her sweater on her lap. Another idea dawned on her. Why would she have to take a life and make all of her relationships that she has worked so hard for suffer? She closed her eyes and concentrated....

Alex's eyes widen when she began, he knew what she was doing. He had seen it all too many times. He ran to his car, skipping over the rocks he passed. No wonder she had asked him to meet in the desert. Her intentions where there all along and he was blinded. He didn't think she was capable of it.

He fumbled around with his keys, looking up to see Tess facing him. Her eyes seared with fury, her arms stretched to the sides of her. She resembled a fiery phoenix screeching its deadly call.

Then the world went black.

Alex awoke to the sound of a crying baby. He rubbed his eyes. His vision returned to a near 20/20. He was in a chair, a sticky chair. He immediately looked to his right and faced the reflection of himself. He slowly turned around and faced a woman struggling with a baby. He feared the worst. He tried to think of where he was, he was about to ask the woman where the destination of the bus was, but found something poking from his side of the chair. He lifted what was an envelope and opened the flap and he found a ticket stub. He was going to Smallville, Kansas.

He was hit with a wave of nausea. He had no idea how he wound up on the bus, no less why he was going to Kansas. He struggled to remember, but he couldn't. Every time he tried to search for a memory, he was struck with a pulsating vibration in his head. He lowered his head onto his hands and began to cry. The crying baby next to him stopped and the woman looked at Alex, and in a maternal show of affection, began to rub Alex's back.

He stopped weeping, fearing his pride had been tarnished, and glanced at the woman, "Why did you to that? I don't know you...I think."

"Because at the bus stop you were the only one who was willing to help me with all my luggage," she said, shifting the baby over to the other shoulder.

"I'm sorry, but where was that stop?" he asked. He wrinkled his brow in confusion. Nothing was coming to him. He just felt a void.

"Oh, it's OK, it happens to everyone, you were connecting at Trinidad, Colorado," she said smiling at him.

"Thank you, I'm feeling a little..."

" ... tired... me too. See you in Denver."

"Denver, right." Colorado? He didn't understand any of it. He felt empty. He had a bag with him. He opened it up and only found clothes. He found a pamphlet about Smallville and nothing else. He took out a shirt and bunched it up and used it as a pillow. He laid his head down, closed his eyes, and prayed for a better tomorrow.

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Part 1

Liz Parker, Maria Deluca, and Isabel Evans were all centered around the television. Earlier they were arguing on which movie to see. Maria wanted to see the 1970s movie 'Hair' and Isabel wanted to see anything without blood. Liz, the wise one, was neutral.

When all was finally quiet, the channel was interrupted by a news bulletin:

Channel 5 is reporting live from the outskirts of Roswell. Police have discovered a car that apparently has exploded. No word on how this occurred, but we can tell you ashes were found. The details are still sketchy but we will inform on the latest, this is Alice Hadiatmodjo reporting....

"Wow, some accident," Maria said, turning off the television.

"Yeah..." Liz said silently, somewhere inside she knew something was wrong. It didn't feel right.

"Hey, why'd you do that? The movie was getting good," Isabel said, throwing popcorn at the perky one, as the movie was continuing.

It had been the first time in a long time since the three of the them got together. They never really hung out, except for the occasional dinner at the Crashdown, but Liz and Max weren't exactly on speaking terms. Whenever a rare dinner date came up, everyone became silent as the two would walk in separately. They knew a silent war was brewing between the two. They just seemed to grow part and go their separate ways, though Maria and Michael had been increasing their relationship.

"Yeah, yeah," Maria said, getting up to go to the kitchen to restock on supplies.

"Maria, is it ok, if I call Alex?" Isabel asked. They had went to the Prom together and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. It had been the first time she was able to go out on a date with him. With Grant and the whole Las Vegas fiasco, she was really able to enjoy herself with the one person she felt like she could spend the rest of her life with.

Maria waved her off and put some red Sour Straws in her mouth.

While listening to the phone ring, Isabel pictured what Alex was doing. Probably playing his guitar or reading the latest computer magazine. She wasn't thinking he was a dork, well maybe, her dork. She wanted to make sure their plans for that night were still a go.

She hung up the phone, discouraged, "That's strange, no one picked up."

"Oh don't worry Isabel, he's probably getting ready, you know perking those pecks," Maria said gigglingly.

She was met by a poke in the side, "You know Alex wouldn't like that," Liz said.

"And why wouldn't he?" Isabel asked curiously.

"Oh because you know how our Alex boy is..." Maria said turning on the radio.

"Riiight," she said laughing, "Hey Liz, did you ever think about doing something different with your hair?"

"No," she said, self consciously touching her hair, "Not really. I kinda..."

"Shh- there's something about the accident," Maria said. She motioned everyone to hurry to the radio to hear the announcement more clearer.

More about that accident outside of Roswell. Boy, it seems that this one is a big one. Maybe the worst accident around. More confirmed information though, there were some identification cards found on the scene. Some of them were burned in the blaze and there is an analysis going on as we speak about the ashes the police found. They fear that it may be of a person. The blaze was so ferocious that left only pieces of the car. The police are asking if you have any information on any missing persons, to please call your local station. More information will be provided as it develops. Continue to listen to KROZ for more on this on going case.

"Something isn't right about this," Liz said. She had this feeling before, she had it before Prom. What if? No, it wasn't possible. He was home getting ready for his date with Isabel. He had no reason to go out on the road. No less be outside of Roswell.

"Liz, is everything ok? You seem kinda pale," Maria asked, concerned.

"Yeah, fine, it's just, it's not what I think," she said, hopefully her thoughts weren't true.

"Liz, what do you think it is? Is it about the accident?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah, I think so," she said, looking at both the girls.

"I think... I think..." she stumbled..."I think it's Alex."

Alex opened his eyes to find sun rays shining upon him. He smiled at the warmth.

He sighed, "It was all a dream, I knew it was."

He was hit with a certain pang of reality. He realized where he was. He was still on the bus. He felt it screech into a stop.

"Welcome to Denver," he heard over the PA.

"We're here," the woman next to him said, "I guess this is my stop, I guess I'll see you around."

She stepped off the bus before he was able to say anything. He grabbed his bag and something told him to look up, and when he did he saw a bag that matched the one he was holding in his hand. He grabbed the bag and stepped off the bus.

He went off to the side, stretched a little. He patted his pockets and pulled out some money, "At least I'm not broke," he kidded.

He looked some more until the lint came out of his jean pockets, no id or credit cards.

He sighed and went to the closest newsstand. He bought a cup of coffee and an apple turn over. He wondered how he knew how many sugars he would want and how he liked apple turn overs. Everything was new to him. Everything that was him. He knew about the American Revolution, he knew about the latest Macintosh computer, but when it came to him, he knew nothing. He heard a bus honk and almost choked on the apple turn over when he realized the bus to Smallville was pulling out. He raced over to it, he wasn't sure if it was the right decision. But if he could get answers there then that would be better than staying where he was. He hoped that whatever lied ahead, it would be for the better because nothing could be worse than this.

Too bad the bus to Denver pulled in 5 minutes later than it was supposed to. If it haven't he would have had time to notice the newspapers that aligned the floor in the newsstand. If he would have looked he would have noticed the headline, "Teenage Boy Missing After Explosion."

The ride to Smallville was long. Extremely long. Not only did Alex have time to count every dot on the seat in front of him, but he made a list of everything he knew. For one he was a boy, a 17 year old boy. Liked apple turn overs, liked coffee with 3 sugar packets. He was on a connecting bus ride. He woke up when he was going to Trinidad, Colorado. He thought about getting off the bus and going back, retrace his steps, but it would be too much for him to do.

He looked through the pamphlet about Smallville, Kansas. Your usual run of the mill town. It used to be the Cream Corn Capital of the World, but after 1989 it's now known for the meteor shower. It said that now there are walking tours around the local forest to find pieces of the meteor rocks. The shower was so huge that it wiped out some of the town, and pieces of the crash are found everywhere.

He shuffled through his belongings once more. He found a couple of shirts, some pants, seemed like he was going on a little trip. He found no phone numbers, no way to know who he was. He tried again, like he did the previous night, to search through his brain to find some kind of memory. He was hit with a blank.

He tapped on the paper, while he was trying to think of some way to figure out who he was. He decided though, to call himself Mario. It sounded familiar, maybe it was the name to a cousin or his father's. That's if he had a father. Another thing to add to the list. Mario what? Mario Parker. Yeah that sounded OK. Parker, that too sounded familiar. There were many things that struck a chord, but nothing actually panned out. He sighed some more ... and some more. Boy was it a boring trip. He wondered if he left any family behind and if he did, were they worrying about him?

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Thanks a bunch for the feedback. I should have part 2 by tomorrow.

Sternbetrachter - The's going to be a long fic, that's what I'm shooting for, but somehow let's put it, that our Alex aka Mario Parker, while come in contact with one of our Roswellians. *happy* I'm leaving it up to the imagination.*big*

Gamma, I'm still not sure what will happen to Tess. In my head, which by the way it's confusing, I have the story planned out all the way to the near end. Tess, I guess, will get what's coming to her. You'll later see the elements coming after her. I don't know what that means*big*, but you'll see. Hey you know what I just got a very good idea for Tess, thanks Gamma! lol*big*

Again, thanks for the feedback, and I hope you like the future parts.

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Part 2

"It's Alex, I know it is," Isabel said pacing the room. That's all she did the previous night. The last report was that the car pieces were similar to the color of Alex's car.

She didn't sleep, she didn't eat, she only blamed herself for Alex's disappearance. She thought of all the ways she could have prevented this. She didn't listen to Max's comforting words, she only heard her scornful thoughts in her head.

Liz tried calling Alex's house, but to no avail no one picked up. Mr. Whitman was out of town, working on something and surely if something were wrong, he would be the first to know and of course Mr. Whitman would phone them. He knew they were best friends. Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong was Liz's mantra.

"Isabel, please, don't worry, Alex is fine," Max said, embracing his sister. He gave Liz a worried glance, but she turned her head. She was worried about Alex, she didn't care about herself, she was really worried. As soon as she turned her head, she immediately regretted it. She knew Max didn't mean any harm, he just wanted to comfort her, but Isabel should be his first priority. Right?

"Michael, you don't think it's him do you?" Maria asked him.

"No, he's a big boy he can handle things himself, I'm sure if he was in trouble he would have called by now," he said. He knew it wasn't the best or right thing to say. He was never good at saying those types of things to her.

Maria was going to say something about his insensitively but decided not to, she didn't want to get herself worked up even more.

"Kyle, has your dad called and said anything?" Max asked.

"No, he hasn't. He doesn't really know what's going on either. Hanson has been keeping him out of the loop," he said. Kyle had been one of the outsiders recently. He knew Max didn't trust him after what happened in October. The only person he trusted was Tess. She was always the quiet one. She would console you when no one was looking.

Tess felt like an outsider too most of the time. They seemed to gravitate towards until that was until the Prom.

"Well, there has to be something we can do. We can't just sit here," Isabel said.

"You're stressing out, like all of us," Tess said, "you should get some sleep, we all should. After Maria called us late at night, it will all do some good."

"I think she's right," Max said.

Tess was a little surprised that Max agreed with her. Usually he only agreed with Liz, but after Prom, she knew she made her mark.

Liz wanted to leave. She was dying to leave. All possible of the impossible theories were racing throughout her scientific mind. She wanted to go to the Whitman's and see what was going on. She was the first one to get up. Everyone looked at her with surprise. She felt Max's gaze on her and at first she welcomed it, but followed was Tess's eyes. She remembered what happened after Prom, when she saw Max kiss Tess.

"I'm just going to go home and shower, it's been a long night," she fudged. She didn't know why she lied. Why it was the first thing that came to her mind. She didn't want to stress anyone out. Everyone deserved some sleep, she knew that. But she had to find out what was going on. Liz felt like something else was going on, she felt like there was a cover up, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

She left Maria's house in the mind set that she would find out the truth. No matter what. She walked to Alex's house. It wasn't too far away.

She rang the doorbell. No one answered. She rang it again. When no one answered, she went towards the back of the house to see if any lights were on.

She knew Alex and Mr. Whitman always left a key underneath the flower pot by the back door. She reached for it and it easily slid into the key hole.

"Alex? Mr. Whitman?" Liz said slipping into the Whitman residence. When no one answered, she knew the coast was clear. She went towards Alex's room, she was scared when she heard no noises. It was too quiet. There was no music playing, Mr. Whitman wasn't watching 'Jeopardy.' Her heart raced as she had never done something like this, not in her best friend's house.

When she entered his room, it was a mess. Clothes were scattered, papers thrown around. She lowered herself to pick up the papers, but then realized that it could be a crime scene. She scolded herself when she had that thought. She went over to Alex's desk. Gingerly touching the counter top, she stopped, when she noticed Alex's favorite book of poetry was out. She opened to the book marked page and there lied 2 tickets to Beth Orton. The concert was for tonight. Something was definitely wrong. He wouldn't have just left if he had bought tickets for Isabel and himself. She looked around some more, and saw his lap top on his bed. She opened it and turned it on, maybe something would be on the hard drive that could tell her something. When the computer booted, she clicked on 'Alex's Stuff' and noticed that files were password protected.

"What is the password?" she thought to herself.

"Right, I the Stud," she remembered. Alex had let her a couple of times use his email account and his passwords were all the same. She typed in the password and the files that appeared seemed like gibberish.

She thought about printing the files, but then decided it would be more useful to take the computer. She didn't think his father would mind. Mind you she didn't think. She went on her first instincts.

She left the room, but first she had to take one quick last look around. She realized that all the clothes and papers, were just Alex being Alex. There was no crime, nothing out of the ordinary.

"God, Alex, where are you?" Liz said with a sigh of fear and of worry, before she left the room.

Hours later Alex reached his destination. This time he was awake when the bus pulled up. It was getting dark, by the time he arrived and as soon as he got off the bus, his stomach grumbled.

He got on line for the information desk and when it was his turn he asked for the nearest diner.

"Sir, the best place would be the Talon," the clerk said.

"Sir, I'm a sir," he said quietly to himself as he nodded his head in confirmation and hailed a taxi.

As soon as he arrived in front the Talon, he groaned in pain. He sat on the fire extinguisher as he let the vibrations in his head continue. When he closed his eyes, he saw something. A building, bright lights, a round object. Everything was happening so fast. By the time the images past, he was on his feet. It was all a blur, just looking at the Talon made him have a feeling of warmness.

Alex reached into his hoodie pocket and took out the piece of paper where he was writing all of his theories. He wrote: 'Talon, restaurant connection? Round object. What's the connection?'

He thought about it for a couple of moments, but when nothing came to him, he grabbed his bags and stepped into the café.

The aroma of coffee welcomed him. There were so many people, unlike the few on the bus.

"Hey, take a seat, I'll be right with you," a small brunette told him.

Alex nodded, not really sure what to do, he saw the nearest table, next to a blonde girl.

He gave her a weak smile, before sitting down.

He took out his paper again, maybe something else would come to him.

He began tapping on the paper without his knowing it, it felt like he was in his own little world, when a thought was coming to him, it was interrupted by the brunette again.

"Sorry, about that, it's a little busier than normal. Can I get you something?"

"Um, yeah, coffee, and an apple turn over," he said, giving the girl his attention. Something about her gave him the impression that she seemed familiar.

"Are you new here?" she inquired, taking down his order.

"Is it that obvious?" he answered blushing a little.

The brunette giggled lightly, "Um, sorta, you seem kinda out of place, but don't worry about it. I'm Lana."

"Well,… OK, Lana, nice to meet you," Alex said. He didn't really feel comfortable using his alias.

"Well, welcome to Smallville, I'll be right back with your coffee," Lana said, going to the counter to place his order.

"Don't forget his apple turn over!" Alex heard from the side of him.

He turned towards the voice.

"Oh, those are the best here," the blond next to him side, "I'm Chloe by the way."

"Nice to meet you," Alex replied shaking her hand, "would you like to join me?"

"Sure, wow, so where are you from?" Chloe asked.

"Down south," Alex replied remembering the list he wrote. He figured he came from that vicinity, but he wasn't so sure.

"Oh, well, Smallville is kinda Smallville. Well, unless you're one of those crash fanatics," she replied.

"Crash?" Alex inquired. "Why did that sound so familiar? Right, the pamphlet," he reminded himself.

"Oh, well there are these weird things that happen here and we well, I think they're all related to the meteor showers from '89," Chloe said. She was really getting into the subject. Alex didn't want to interrupt her because of her enthusiasm.

"Oh Chloe are you already filling in our visitor about the weird things?" Lana asked with a look, placing the coffee and the turn over on the table.

Alex smirked.

"Well, enjoy!" she said.

"Thanks, so what is there to do here?" he said taking a bite of the turn over. This was the one thing he was positively sure that he liked.

"Um, well there's here, the Talon, and I think that's it," she said smiling, "so you're really enjoying those turn overs huh?"

Alex laughed because she was so right, "Yeah, you got me."

"Well, those would be the spawns of the Kents," she said, "speaking of the Kents, here comes Clark."

As Clark was approaching them he gave her one of those "who's he?" looks. You could see a pang of jealousy, but Chloe was used to the feeling already.

"This is my friend Clark, Clark this is, oh I'm sorry what's your name, I didn't catch it?"

Alex fidgeted for a moment, "Mario."

"So, he's new here," Chloe said introducing Clark to Alex.

"Hi, so are you going to Smallville High?" Clark asked.

"Uh, yeah," Alex said, "um, actually I have to get going, you know the worrying parents. I'll catch you at school."

He shoved his hands in his pockets grabbed some bills and threw them on the table, "Nice meeting you guys, later."

And with that Mario Parker left the Talon. He felt suffocated. He felt like the world was spinning around him. He freaked inside, there were so many new people. He had the feeling he knew them all, or they had some kind of connection to him. The weight of the world was on his shoulders and he was still hungry for apple turn overs.


It was the early morning of the following day and Liz Parker still hadn't slept. She had been on Alex's computer trying to decode the files. She couldn't figure the code of it. It wasn't like it was in another language, it was in jumbled computer symbols.

Liz felt so lost. She officially lost Max. She had only used Sean. Maria was no where to be seen. Alex, God Alex, she missed him so much.

The official report was that Alex was in the car. His driver's license and credit cards were all found at the site. The school memorial was being held that Monday. She didn't know how to react. She still hadn't allowed herself to cry for him. She wouldn't until the truth was out. She couldn't accept it. She wouldn't let her friend die. She owed it to him. God, she couldn't let it go and grieve. Was she wasting her time? Should she be with Maria and Isabel. She thought that maybe it was an accident. But no car could spontaneously combust without some kind of tampering. The photos she had seen on web pages from the Roswell ledger showed no way it could have crashed. It was too perfect. There were no poles, no rocks to crash into. He didn't smash his car. Something was wrong with this picture. She was a scientist, everything had answers. In science there are always answers, it just takes time to hypothesize and reach a conclusion.

She was frustrated with her tenuous attempt to decrypt the files. She got up from her seat and stretched. When she did she got a look of herself in a body length mirror. She was still fully dressed from the night before, makeup smeared and sticky from her tears of frustration. She needed some air.

She climbed out of her room, using the window. She didn't feel like being consoled by her parents. She wanted to be alone. She didn't want the "it's OK, everything will be all right's because she knew everything was not going to be OK. Alex was gone. The trio of her, Alex, and Maria had been destroyed. Gone, zapped, disconnected. Whatever it was, it would not be OK. She couldn't even think anymore. She didn't know how she felt. She couldn't sort out her feelings. She just felt numb. She couldn't write in her journal. Everything felt bottled up and there wasn't a way to open the bottle. She felt empty, a part of herself which she had given to Max and to Alex was gone. Part of herself was missing and she wasn't sure how to get it back.

So Liz started walking. She didn't go anywhere in particular. Didn't care in what direction. If the street signal said walk she would, if not she would turn the corner. She just starred out, not paying attention to anything. She realized she was a block away from Kyle's house.

She sighed and walked towards his house.

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Calinia originally wrote:

But Max is starting to annoy me, even though he hasn't even made an appearance. Damn him for breaking Liz's heart. *sad*

I really don't want for you to be annoyed by Max. I don't want you dislike him, but to realize and understand his side. After what happened in the White Room, Max is very much afraid of going back there or worse having someone else get captured and placed there.

So hopefully you want get annoyed, I hope not.*big*
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Part 3

She wondered about Tess. She wondered if she would be home or maybe she would be at Max's. At Max's. It didn't feel or sound right.

She was across the street from his house, when the door opened. Tess appeared with Max behind her. She laughed at something he said. They exited the house and Liz caught Kyle rolling his eyes. She could only let her heart fall and smirk at Kyle's reaction.

They were too busy to notice Liz. She crossed the street and walked up the driveway to Kyle's.

She rang the door bell and heard Kyle say with sarcasm behind the door, "You're back so soon. I was beginning to miss you both."

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Liz. "No its only me."

"Oh, I'm sorry Liz, I was just..."

"Yeah, I know Kyle, I saw them leave."

"Oh, yeah well, I guess we all knew it would happen, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess. Could I come in?"

"Of course," he said, feeling dumb because he didn't let her in sooner, "So what brings you around?"

"Kyle, we're close, right? I can tell you anything and you won't judge me, right?" she asked him, sitting on the couch.

"Of course, Liz, after what happened with Alex, we need each other," he said, sitting next to his friend.

"Ok, well I think Alex was murdered."

Kyle tried to take it in. He rubbed his eyes, "That's a bit of an accusation. What makes you think that? Who would have anything against him?"

"I don't know. No one human that's for sure. If none of this alien stuff would have happened, then things would be different. But after last year, we can't rule out anything," Liz said. She needed someone to talk to and someone who would believe in her.

"What about Max? Have you spoken to him about it?" Kyle asked.

"No, not really, after Prom, I think it would be hard to do so, but if I have to I will," she said, looking down. She was ashamed that she was holding her personal grudges against Max when she should be focusing on other things.

"Maybe Max knows something or he can do something with some alien voodoo," Kyle said giving in his idea.

"I don't know, he seems to be occupied with Tess," Liz said in a sad tone.

"Yeah, well, he better get his act together because if what you said about the alien terrorists is right then we need him."

"Does your dad have anything about Alex? Files? Records?" Liz asked.

"Um, well, he has some things. He managed to make photo copies of these things. He tried to get Hanson to let him take the case, so you know, he can tell us what's going on," Kyle said.

Liz nodded in agreement. They walked over to the dining room table.

"We've stopped eating, we're both on a diet," Kyle joked.

On the table were papers about the crash all spread about. A bulletin board about possible scenarios. It seemed like Valenti thought otherwise too.

"This is a lot of information," Liz said picking up a file.

She scanned through the file. It had Alex's background information. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"Yeah, I've been through most of it. Everything seems legit, but dad has this board, I think he was thinking what you were thinking," Kyle said.

"And Tess doesn't have a problem with all this stuff here?" Liz asked. She was meaning to take down notes on all of the aliens powers. Maybe figuring out exactly what kind of powers they had, maybe something would show up.

"Um, not really. She hasn't been in here. She's sorta not here a lot," Kyle said.

"Right," Liz said, quickly changing the subject, "Has the official report come out yet?"

"It has now," Valenti said coming in from the back door.

"Dad, you were able to get it?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, well, I have to get it back in a couple of minutes to the station. I couldn't make copies. I thought of bringing it to the Crashdown and having a meeting, but it would have taken to long," he said handing the file to Liz.

"Thanks, Mr. Valenti," Liz said. Finally something official. Everything about the case had been sensationalized. This had to offer something else.

Valenti pulled Kyle to the side, but Liz didn't notice anything as she was reading the report religiously, "Son, how is Liz doing? She seems sick and frail."

"I don't know. She wants to know the truth that's what. But other than that, I don't know. She seems to have the idea, Alex was murdered."

"Murdered?" Valenti asked in disbelief.

"What? A suicide?!?!? You can't let this come out. A suicide? He did not commit suicide. He would never do that. His parents will think that, but that's not the truth," Liz said in shock. She couldn't believe it.

"Liz, everything points to it. His grades had been slipping. His teachers said he had been isolating himself in class. The police think his car had a leak and he took that as a chance to light it on fire." Valenti said. He didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure what the truth was anymore.

"And he committed suicide over bad grades? You seriously don't think he lit his car on fire," Liz said. Bad grades?!? He would never do that. Not over bad grades. Not over anything. He would never do anything harsh or as rash as this report puts it.

When Liz didn't get an answer from Valenti, she pleaded with Kyle. When she didn't get a response from him, she blew up.

"He would never do that. Never would he commit suicide. Kyle, you've gotten to know him better, please, he wouldn't do that. We have to find out who did this. I'm not going to believe it. I'm not going to believe he killed himself, until I see a body."

"Those results will be in a couple of weeks. The lab has to sort out the debris out of the ash. It generally takes a couple of days, but after the lab in Roswell closed, it has to be shipped out to Santa Fe. Liz, please, listen to me," Valenti said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "There's nothing else we can do. We can only wait for the results. Please you can't do this to yourself."

Liz forcefully pulled out from under his hand, "But I'm the only one thinking realistically. Something happened out in the desert. Why can't you two see it? This is a cover up, a conspiracy, after everything we've been through, you have to know that nothing is like what it seems."

"And what exactly are you saying, Liz?"

Liz spun around. She was crying from the fact that no one would be open minded and listen to her.

"Max," Liz said surprised. Behind him was Tess.

"What are you saying Liz? That aliens did it. That we did it," Max said. His face was stone cold.

"No not you, but the report says that Alex committed suicide. We all know he wouldn't do that. Something or someone murdered him or did something. Max, please, you have to help me," Liz said pleadingly. She hoped that the one she loved would come through.

"No Liz, you have to stop. Look at yourself. You look sick. Go home and rest. We heard everything you said. We had nothing to do with it. Stop this crusade of yours of proving his death wasn't accidental. You have to stop it," Max said.

"Fine, whatever you say King Max," Liz said storming off. She gave Kyle a look of "please believe me" before she left.

Max was going to go after her, but Tess held him back, "Talk to her later, she has to blow off some steam."

Kyle followed after her. "Liz, Liz come back," he yelled from the doorway. He sighed and grabbed his coat and ran after her.

"Kyle, don't bother. You don't believe me. That's fine. I don't need you guys, I can find out what happened with out your help," Liz said heading back home.

"Liz wait, hear me out," Kyle asked. He had to do something. He always wanted his relationship with Liz to work. He cared about her. He knew she was hurting from her little blow with Max, he had to comfort her, but he knew she was stubborn.

"Listen Liz, I'm not sure if I should be saying this, but I believe you. After everything that has happened, it's only fair to listen to your theories, after all Buddha says we should be mindful to what others have to say. Liz, c'mon, I'll walk you home and we'll talk."

Kyle put his arm around Liz and they walked to her house. They didn't realize they had spectators.

"I guess, she got over it fast," Tess said, looking up to Max, "Look at him, classic Kyle move."

Max wished he could have done something, but he didn't want to believe that if Alex was killed by aliens then that would mean that he was responsible.


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OK ok, I confess Max was annoying and I always thought that he and Michael switched roles almost. But Max hopefully he'll redeem himself.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.*happy*
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Hey, here's part 4. I may not be able to get another part out for a couple of days because I went ice skating today and needless to say I haven't gone skating in years and I mean years, so I kept falling, and I can feel the black and blues itching to show, so hopefully I'll be in bed just writing, but I may not be able to go on the internet. I don't know, I want to see LOTR (yes, I know, its been out for 2-3 weeks and I haven't seen it yet), so maybe soon, but no longer than Monday- Tuesday. I'll have something out by then.

Part 4

Alex was sleeping in his bed. After he left the Talon, he found a motel. He checked in and thought about what happened in the Talon. He felt paranoid. Walking to the motel he felt as if everyone was staring at him. He was asked about attending school. He wasn't sure about anything. He felt uncomfortable around them. He knew he would see them again. But everything seemed familiar. The Talon, Chloe, Lana, and even Clark. They all seemed familiar. He knew he couldn't have known then because if he did they would have recognized them. He didn't know anymore. He just didn't know.

While he slept he was hit with dreams. Some good, but mostly bad. But they were blurry. Not exactly dreams, but not actual reality. He heard voices. Women's voices.

"Remind me I should take more computer classes," he heard himself say.

A giggle. It sounded familiar. A face appeared. Small, petite, blonde, blue eyes.

He woke up in a start. He scrambled for his book and jotted down everything he knew. He grabbed his head in pain as another flash entered his mind.

A sign. "Sorry, we're closed." Women inside, mint green uniforms, waitresses.

"That's it," he said to himself. He turned on the light and sat at the table and wrote, "Restaurant = The Talon. That's why the coffee smelled familiar. I used to hang out or walk by a restaurant, where the women were waitresses and wore mint green uniforms. I took computer classes, or wanted to. I'm a computer geek. That's it. I am. Ok I'm getting there. A blonde girl. Kinda like Chloe, but not."

He was pleased with himself. He was able to retain something from what he remembered. This was ground breaking. Granted there were thousand of restaurants all over the world, where there were women waitresses, but this was something new. He knew the place. He was once there. If he could have more of these minus the pain then everything should come back to him soon.

He put down his pen and crawled back into bed. He stared at the ceiling. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep the rest of the night. He was too wired. The pain subsided. He looked over to the clock on the bed rest, it was almost 6. He decided to wash up and wander Smallville. Some breakfast would be good. Something warm in his stomach would do some good. Maybe he could find an internet cafe and look up restaurants. The bolts in his brain were turning. Ideas were whizzing by and he wanted to go through each and every one of them.

After taking a nice and long shower, he got dressed, got his Smallville pamphlet and went to discover the world.


After a long talk Kyle thought he went a little insane. Liz made perfect sense. She was a little extreme, but he couldn't see why no one would listen to her. He thought that if you listened to her theories and wondered about them then it would make sense. You just had to give her a chance. And that's what Kyle did.

"I can't believe we talked for so long," Kyle said yawning.

"I know, we've never done that," Liz said surprised. Time seemed to pass by so fast. They had never even had this long of a conversation when they dated two summers ago.

"Well, I hope we can do that more often," he said. He genuinely meant it too.

"Yeah, what about your dad? He's probably worried," Liz said stretching. After 3 hours of Liz convincing him of what she thought really happened, they talked about other things. It had been the first time since she was able to talk about other things. They talked about the good times they shared with Alex. They talked about television shows and how Kyle was starting to like 'The View'.

"It's ok, he knew I was coming after you, hey I'm hungry and since we're above a restaurant do you think you can spare some food before school," Kyle asked curiously.

"Of course, Kyle, c'mon, I'll fix you the Liz Parker special," she said with a slight smile.

"That's the Liz Parker I like."

They left her room and went downstairs. When they entered the restaurant portion of the building, Max and Tess looked at them. Max felt jealous. He had a flashback of that night in October, when he saw Kyle in Liz's bed. He turned his head to not look at them.

"Kyle, take a seat, I'll bring you some pancakes," Liz said quietly.

Kyle took a seat two booths away from the aliens, before saying a quiet "hey" to the couple. He didn't want to have a us vs. them attitude. He didn't want to cause a schism in the group, when it was clear that they needed each other.

Tess knew something had happened between the two men and she didn't know what it was, "Oh hi, Kyle. What time did you get here?"

"Oh I've been here a while," he said locking eyes in Max, making it obvious he hurt Liz.

"Really? I didn't hear you come in," Tess said, slurping on her cup of orange juice.

"Yeah, well, I didn't think you'd care," he muttered.

He gave them his back and looked for Liz and those pancakes she offered.

Liz was in the back whipping a batch of pancakes. She felt a little different. Happy. She was happy that someone believed her. Finally she had someone to listen to her rantings. She held the bowl of batter as she made circles of it on the pan. Her thought seemed to daze away as she was making them. She felt a little hot. She saw something in the corner of her eye, FIRE!

The fire alarm went off, and Max and Kyle burst into the room.

"Liz!" Max yelled.

Liz went into action and raced for the fire extinguisher. It was getting out of control. When she looked at the flaming pan, Max put his hand over the fire and it disappeared.

"What's happening? What's going on?" Jeff Parker yelled in confusion and worry.

"The alarm went off accidentally," Max said rubbing his hand.

"That damn thing, I have to get a new one," he said, looking at the now turned off alarm, "What are you two doing here? Liz shouldn't you be getting ready for school?"

"Yes, dad, I should," Liz said, walking to the staircase that lead up to her room. She couldn't help but smile. Max still cared about her. She knew that. But things would have to change in order for her to be his friend again.

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Part 5

After walking around aimlessly for 3 hours Alex found himself at the Talon. It was 9 o' clock Monday morning. and the Talon was empty.

He took a seat by the window and looked at all the pedestrians. A silver BMW whizzed by and made an abrupt stop. The bald headed man seemed important in the way he walked and also in the way the pedestrians looked at him with fear and disgust.

Alex couldn't help but stare. He appeared to be powerful. And a guy who would keep secrets.

As he walked in and went towards the ordering counter Alex told him, "Hey, buddy, nice ride."

He stopped in mid stride and turned his head, "Thanks, are you skipping school?"

"No, I'm new here, I don't start for another day," Alex said.

"Because if you were I would salute you," he said with a smirk, "welcome to Smallville, I'm Lex Luthor."

"Mario Parker."

"What brings you and your family to this very humble nitch in Kansas?" Lex asked receiving his coffee from a waitress, who smiled at him.

"Oh the prospects of starting over," Alex said taking a sip of his own coffee.

"I know the feeling. Well, Mario Parker, I do have to go. I have an appointment I must keep. You seem like a nice guy, maybe I'll see you around. I'm be sure to tell Clark Kent to give you the run down of the town," Lex said shaking his hand.

"Oh Clark, yeah, I met him last time, thanks."

As Lex was leaving Alex thought about the way he said the name Mario. Something about that name sounded familiar. He thought so when he made it up on the bus. As he started to gain strength to remember he was hit with another flash.

"Hey, Maria, are you going to hear the band's CD?" he heard himself say.

He was at the restaurant again. This time he could see a blurry figure. Long blonde hair, "Sure, I'm going to Michael's tonight, but swing by the Crashdown. I'll be here covering the late shift."

He jumped out of his vision. He looked around the Talon and much to his expectations some of the patrons were looking at him funny.

"Thank the heavens that be," he told himself. He almost ran out of the Talon and walked to the Internet café he found before.

He burst through the double doors intent on finding something useful.

He logged onto the Internet and went to the first search engine he could think of. He typed in Crashdown. To his disappointment nothing useful or relevant turned up. He typed Crashdown restaurant next. There were results that matched in Georgia. He entered the web site and there were no waitresses in green. He looked at the results again, 20 more listings, but there was a figure coming towards him.

"Hey, man, we gotta close. There's a virus in the main computer and we gotta shut these off before they become infected too," a man with a curly afro and thick black rimmed glasses said.

"But hold on, I gotta find something important," Alex said panicking.

"Sorry, man you gotta try somewhere else," he said trying to get a hold of the keyboard.

"No, you don't understand. I need to find a place. It's a life or death situation," pushing the guy out of the way.

"That's what they all say," the guy said again from the floor. As he got up Alex heard him say, "oh Buddha help me."

When Alex heard that, he stopped. That definitely struck a chord.

"I said you have to come back later," the employee said, getting angry.

"Fine," Alex said numbly. He walked outside and a woman bumped into him, as he apologized he saw the local movie theater. As he looked up, he had another flash. This time, he wasn't prepared. He couldn't handle it. His body had had it. He fell onto the ground. He felt paralyzed. He couldn't speak, he couldn't move, he could only see a series of images.

"So what about a regular movie instead?"

"Yeah, OK Isabel, sure, yeah, new movie, not old movie," he said.

"It's called an aqua bra. Would you like to try it on?"

"Jonathan what's wrong with him?" Alex heard a woman say.

"So I'm sure you're eager to hear the results of your computer profile."

Alex's body began to convulse.

"Psychologist. Wow. How did you get started in this field?"

"OK, I'm making a point here. The point here is, musicians get the ladies.

"I need your blood."

"Oh God what are you people hiding?"

His vision began to fade.

"What is it.... drugs? Is that what this is? You and Max go out for a drive. He gets wasted, almost kills you both. That's what I'm covering for isn't it?"

"So they're Canucks."

Isabel and Max Evans. He knew them. He could feel it.

He screamed in pain and the last blurry image he saw were the worried expressions of Jonathan and Martha Kent.


"Alex!" Liz screamed. She woke up from her daydream and twenty-five sets of eyes were locked on her, including Max, Tess, and Maria's.

"Ms. Parker, maybe you should go to the bathroom and get yourself together," Ms. Hardy said understandingly.

Liz blushed immensely and without say grabbed her books and left class.

"Ms. Deluca, you should check up on after her," Ms. Hardy said to Maria, sitting in the first row, first seat. She hated sitting there.

"Sure," she replied, gathering her stuff and exiting the now buzzing with speculation classroom.

Liz splashed cold water on her face. It felt so real. She saw Alex. She could feel what he felt. Pain, despair, loneliness. He was in so much of it.

"Liz, what happened to you in there? One second you're answering a mighty difficult question, the next you screaming Alex's name, Maria said leaning on the sink.

"Nice to see you to, Maria," Liz said, moving away from her.

"You know Liz, I don't even know who you are anymore. You don't come to the yearbook meetings anymore, when you know we're working on a double page spread for Alex. You scream murder at Max. You skip lunch to talk to the computer geeks. Liz who are you? You used to be my friend, but after everything that happened with Alex, you're not. God Liz why aren't you my friend?"

Liz at first took everything with grace but when Maria spoke about friendship, she exploded,"You wanna talk about friendship. OK let's talk Maria. You were the one who abandoned me when I wanted to talk. You immediately went to Michael for comfort. He was the one who comforted you. You left me Maria. I'm the only one in this god forsaken town that gives a damn about Alex."

"That's so not true, Liz. I care about him. This town may suck, but everyone cares for him. He was our best friend," Maria said taking a stand. She couldn't believe the way her soon to be ex friend was talking about him.

"You're talking about him in the past tense. Like's he dead. Well he;s not. I know it. I'm going to tell you like I told Valenti, I'm not going to believe he's dead until I see a body or those results come in positive."

"Don't talk like that, Liz. He's dead, face it, we lost him. Get over it and grieve. I haven't seen you cry, Liz. When are you going to cry?"

"When I see those results."

"You better not act like that in front of his dad at the funeral. If you yell conspiracy, I will never talk to you again," Maria said. She had the last straw.

"You better clean yourself up, the memorial is next period," Maria said with a stone cold face.

"I'm not going," Liz said facing the school mirror.

"What?" Maria said from the doorway, "Why not?"

"Because he's not dead."

Maria sighed.

"God, Liz, I really don't know you anymore." Maria left the bathroom and Liz was left by herself, as she has been for the last day.

All the emotions from before bubbled inside her. She couldn't take it. She couldn't take that no one believed her except Kyle.

She left the bathroom and looked at the class room from where she came from. The door just closed and she knew Maria was the one who closed it.

Liz sighed and walked to her locker. She couldn't help but look at the makeshift memorial the students of West Roswell High made for him.

"God, no one knew him and they try and act like they did," she said to Kyle behind her.

"They're only trying to be nice," he said leaning on the locker next to hers, "shouldn't you be in class?"

"I was about to ask you the same question," she said placing her biology book in her back pack, "Kyle, do you ever get the feeling that Roswell isn't meant for you?"

"All the time. I dream about playing left fielder for the Houston Astros. Being somewhere where the desert isn't your backyard. Where Buddha is accepted without ridicule. Sure, I do," Kyle answered.

"I used to think about being the head of the molecular biology research department in Harvard," Liz answered, closing her locker door.

"Liz you can still achieve that. Especially with that head of yours," Kyle said getting a feeling she knew where Liz was heading.

"Kyle, could we leave?" Liz asked.

"Of course we can leave Roswell. Someday that is."

"No, I mean, could we leave now? I don't want to go to the memorial. I got into an argument with Maria and the bus won't come until 2:30."

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Kyle asked. He didn't want her to regret her decision after they left.

"He's not dead, you know. I'm not going to sit around and celebrate his life when he's not dead. We can celebrate his life when he's here with us."

"Sure, Liz, I was planning on skipping it too," Kyle said, "you know after everything you said." He took Liz's backpack and swung it over his shoulder.

"Are you sure Kyle? I don't want to get you into trouble."

"Buddha will forgive me."

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abarfeld originally wrote:
wow this story is amazing *bounce*. I can't wait 4 the next part.*bounce*
btw how did you like the two towers? I loved it, but I heard that a lot of the people who have read the book are disappointed (fotunately 4 me, I'm too lazy 2 read it*big*).

Thanks for the feedback.

I really liked The Two Towers, I haven't read the books though, I would want to, but I don't have the time now. BTW the trees ..... rule! *big* If you saw it you know what I mean. *happy*

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Part 6

Voices. A male voice. A female voice. That's all Alex Whitman heard. He could feel his eyelids being lifted and a light being shown through.

He groaned in pain as he tried to sit up. His head felt like it weighed a thousand pounds.

"Son, don't try to get it," he heard a voice say.

"Did he wake up?" the female voice said, lifting her head from the magazine she was flipping through for a couple of hours

"Yes, he did, I should go get a doctor, you stay with him."

Alex watched as the man got up from the seat next to him and looked for a nurse.

"You're at the Smallville Hospital," the woman said, moving over to him.

"Who are you?" Alex asked, his throat felt dry. He rubbed at it as if that would make it better.

"My name is Martha Kent. We were there when you fell, the doctors didn't know what happened. Here honey, drink some water."

"Thank you Mrs. Kent," Alex said gratefully accepting the cup of water.

"What happened?" Mrs. Kent asked, "We were across the street when we saw you fall. We thought maybe you tripped or something, but you went into some kind of a seizure afterwards."

"I don't know. I came out of the Internet café and I was looking at the movie theater and I felt weak."

"Oh, honey, we tried to contact your parents, but we couldn't find any id on you and you're obviously new here."

"Thanks, I really do appreciate you bringing me here," Alex said. He was in Smallville for not even 2 full days and already he was in the hospital.

"Son, this is Dr. Brown, he's the one that looked at you before," Mr. Kent said ushering in the doctor.

"Well, first we should id you. What's your name?" the doctor asked.

"Mario Parker."

"Well, Mr. Parker, after looking at your MRI results it seems you have an abnormal amount of activity in your brain. It appears to be a tumor lodged in a hard to reach location in your brain. What seems to be puzzling is that a normal teen would or should have died from this because of the specific location. The tumor seems to be growing and by the time it's in a location where surgeons can operate it will be too late. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do except prescribe you some medication for the pain. I'm truly sorry, Mr. Parker."

Mr. and Mrs. Kent shuddered when they heard Dr. Brown use the phrase "normal teen." They immediately looked at each other and thought about Clark.

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do?" Mrs. Kent asked.

"I'm positive. It's embedded in tissue that at this moment our technology can not remove without doing more damage."

With all the doctor had said, Alex remained quiet. He knew something was wrong with him, but he didn't think in was incurable.

"Mr. Parker the only thing I would suggest is to take each day easy. You don't want to do anything strenuous. Relax." Dr. Brown said, regretting that there wasn't anything else he could do.

"I guess listening to all that loud music won't help much" Alex said quietly.

"No I guess not" Mrs. Kent quietly as well.

"Dr. Brown, could I go home?" Alex asked.

"Yes; however, I'm going to schedule another appointment for you. I want to look at this again, have some of my colleagues look at it as well, see if there's something we can do. In the mean time we need to contact your parents to sign the release forms and so I can ask a few questions."

Mr. and Mrs. Kent gave the doctor a questioningly look.

"About the family history. See if something like this has been in the family for a while."

Mrs. Kent mouthed an 'O'.

"Oh, well, they aren't here. They went out of town a couple of days ago and aren't coming back for another week or two," Alex said, having the feeling none of his colleagues or the doctor himself would have anything to contribute. He had the feeling they wouldn't be able to heal him.

The doctor gave him a questioningly look.

"Business," Alex said in response to the doctor's expression, "They travel a lot."

"If he feels fine, and because we're adults, could we sign the release forms," Martha said taking control of the situation. She took pity on Mario. He looked only a year or two older than her son and she wouldn't want Clark on this kind of situation.

Alex was praying the doctor would agree He was itching to pull out the IV from his hand.

"Well, he would have to stay in your custody until the parents arrives," the doctor said thinking it over.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kent I don't want to be a nuisance," Alex said, even though he really wanted to leave.

Martha looked at her husband asking for his approval. He couldn't say no. Especially not in front of Alex. It was like the day Martha decided to keep Clark after they found him in the debris of meteor rocks, he couldn't say no.

"Mario, my wife and I insist you stay with us. You can go home when your parents arrive. We won't take no for an answer," Mr. Kent said.

Mrs. Kent smiled and whispered a 'thank you.'

"Well," Mr. Kent said, he looked at his wife and at Alex and smiled, "welcome to the family."

"Thank you," Alex said, beginning to get up from the bed, "A lot."

"Of course, Mario, I'm glad we are able to help," Martha said.

Alex smiled and reached for his clothes. Mrs. Kent smiled and went outside to wait for him.

Standing outside, Mrs. Kent heard a thud in the room. She rushed into the room, to find Alex leaning over the bed trying to put on his pants.

"I think you need some help," Martha said with a slight grin, she couldn't help but chuckle at the scene in front of her.

"Oh, are you laughing at me, Mrs. Kent?" Alex asked, standing up fully dressed.

"Oh, no, Mario," Mrs. Kent said getting caught in the act.

"Because if you were, then I would say I really do need to stay with you do. Who knows what trouble I could cause to myself," Alex said humorously.

Martha laughed once more, feeling happy that she and her husband were the ones who found Mario.

"Well, good, now let's sign those papers and make you something warm to eat."


As soon as Liz and Kyle made sure the coast was clear, they made a mad dash towards Kyle's car. She jumped inside the car and soon Kyle was on the go.


"We are here to celebrate the life of a young and vibrant man. One who would have made this town proud. We are all stunned and saddened by the turn of events. But we shouldn't mourn and cry in grief, but cry in joy that we all had the chance to know the young man," the school principal said in his address at the service.

"Maria, I don't see Liz. She shouldn't be late," Michael whispered to Maria.

"She's not coming," Maria whispered back in tears, but it was loud enough for Isabel to hear.

"What do you mean she's not coming?" Isabel said.

"Exactly what I said, she's not coming," Maria answered back.

The group of 5 were at the memorial. All dressed in black they sat silently as members of the faculty gave their words of encouragement for the student body and words of remembrance.

"Liz, has no respect for Alex," Tess said, looking at Max.

He stayed silent while the words were said in their group.

"Well, it's better that she didn't come, then," Maria said, facing the speaker.

"Maria, what exactly happened in the bathroom?" Max inquired.

"We had an argument. Words were said, Max. Harmful words. We probably won't see much of her," Maria said.

Tess looked towards the double doors of the school.

"Who are you looking for?" Max asked.

"Kyle, he said he was going to meet me after 5th period."

Max looked in the direction of Tess. He had a thought about where Kyle was and where Liz was, but he didn't want to get anybody more upset than they were. She was probably with her ex-boyfriend.

He squeezed Isabel's hand in support while he had a war in his head. He thought about what Liz said. On how maybe aliens could have killed Alex. He didn't want to believe her. He didn't believe her after he lost her trust in October. He tried to lose the grudge, but every time he saw them together, especially in the last couple of days, it was harder and harder. He loved her with all his might, but that one moment where he saw Liz with Kyle, shattered everything. But he thought, at least she was being comforted by someone and wasn't alone.

He cared for her. She was his first love. He would always care for her, but after what happened last night, he didn't know what he would say to her to make it better.

As the service was coming to a close, each student received a red rose to place it on the picture of their lost brother. Isabel placed her rose and her tears near the other roses. Tess was behind Isabel.

As she was placing her rose, a sudden burst of wind hit the service area and the rose in her hand flew away from her and drop by Isabel's feet, "I didn't mean to drop it," shuttered a cold Tess.

The wind picked up and the flowers aligning the make shift memorial were blown away. It began to rain and everyone rushed inside the school building.

Isabel and Maria began to cry louder and they were immediately embraced by Max and Michael, respectively.

"God, we couldn't even have a nice service, everything is ruined," Isabel said in between tears.

"If I didn't know better, Liz is a witch and did this," Maria said, wiping her tears away.

Michael shushed her and gently said, "Honey, don't say that. You don't mean it. This is the way Liz is dealing with it and this is the way you are."

"I don't think Liz is dealing with it," Maria was about to tell him what happened in the bathroom, when they were interrupted.

Nancy and Jeff Parker quietly approached the group, they weren't sure how to come about it.

"Guys, come on over to the Crashdown. Have a bite to eat," Mr. Parker said as his wife was hugging Maria.

"Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Parker," Isabel said speaking for the sullen group.

"Have you seen Liz, Max? I didn't see her at the service," Mrs. Parker asked.

Everyone lowered their heads as they wouldn't see but only hear Max's response.

"She wasn't sitting with us," was Max's only response.

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This part is fairly short, but the next one I believe is longer. I'm up to part 12 now for this, and editing part 11 and I really must say that part is weird (I hope it doesn't turn anyone away) and inspired by Donnie Darko, the movie, so here's the next part. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you continue following the adventure of Alex Whitman and Liz Parker. Thanks.

Part 7

The car ride to the Kent farm was a quiet one. Martha would occasionally ask questions. Mainly about himself. Alex would politely answer back, whatever he could, but he was more interested in his new surroundings. The isolation of the farm seemed familiar. The familiarity was agitating and annoying. Everything that could unlock his amnesia was so close yet so far.

As they pulled up into the garage, Alex marveled as the vastness of their property. Never did he think Kansas would be so beautiful. Alex smelled something bad in the air, as he turned to face where the odor was coming from, he heard the mooing from the cows.

"You have cows," Alex said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, don't worry, they grow on you," Martha said, ushering Alex inside. When he entered the small, but quaint yellow painted home, he was welcomed to a nice smell of baked goods.

"Yum, muffins, could I have one?" Alex asked, exciting to see pastries.

"Of course, enjoy yourself," Jonathan said, "I'll go fix up your room."

As he went upstairs, Martha poured him a cup of milk, "Our son, Clark should be arriving home soon."

"Oh, Clark, yeah, I remember him. I met him last night along with Chloe and Lana," he said taking a bite into another chocolate chip muffin.

"Oh, really, they're really great people, you're in great company," Martha said, "Do you think you're ready for school? Of course you're welcome to stay here until you're ready. Whatever you decide."

"Oh I think I'll like to try it, a new change of scenery would be nice," Alex said.

"Great, well you should get some sleep," Martha said ushering him upstairs.

As they were going upstairs, they heard the door open and slam.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home."

"That's Clark. C'mon you have to meet him," Martha said holding Alex's hand.

"Muffins," Clark said to himself.

"Honey, welcome home," Martha said, hugging her son.

"Mom," Clark said. He was taken back when he saw Alex.

Alex was tempted to go upstairs and sleep until next year. He kept on trying to keep his eyes open. He yawned. Martha saw him and patted him on the arm to go upstairs. Alex took this as a great sign and ran upstairs.

"Clark, you met him yesterday right?" Martha asked.

"Yeah, he sorta freaked out when I asked him about school. Mom, what is he doing here?" Clark asked, getting worried. She couldn't just invite people to have a slumber party. What if they were to stumble upon his secret?

"Clark, listen honey, he's a good kid. There was an accident today. Your father and I took Mario to the hospital and the doctor said that he has a tumor. God knows how long he has to live. His parents are out of town, he's staying here with us for a couple of days."

"Mom..." Clark was still unsure.

"Look at him as an older brother. You always wanted someone to take care of. He isn't doing well. Don't worry he won't find out. Trust me, OK?" Martha said putting a warm hand to her son's face.

"OK, mom, fine, but he better not be in my bed."

"That's my boy."


Pulling up to the Crashdown Café, Kyle Valenti had time to think. He wanted to start a new life. A life filled with Buddha. He wanted to spend more time with his father. After everything that has happened he wanted his life to be different. He knew Liz was right. He knew in his heart. Obsessed but right. If only he could convince more people. If only people would give him time to explain. To tell them what Liz had said. Maria. Sure, she's been hard headed like the rest of them, but she would have to listen. She would be first. Then Isabel. She would listen. She would have to listen to him. He looked over to Liz, she was sound asleep. I guess all the detective work got to her, he thought. At least she was finally getting some sleep. He carried her to her room, the back way of course. He laid her on her bed and looked around. He noticed Alex's laptop perched on her desk. He opened it up, booted the machinery and wished he had been paying attention in computer class.


"Well, kids, the buffet is all hot and ready," Nancy said to the group of teens.

"Thanks, Mrs. Parker," Maria said.

They took their usual seats at the same booth they had been going to for the past year and a half. They didn't notice, but they left a spot for where Alex would usually sit. They weren't hungry. Isabel thought she couldn't possibly eat anything.

Maria yawned.

"Tired, honey?" Michael whispered in Maria's ear.

"Yeah, but Mr. Whitman should be arriving soon, I don't want to leave and miss him."

Michael nodded his head and passed his hand through his hair. He looked at Isabel noticing her hard attempt to keep it together, he looked at Max next, he noticed the stone cold face he wore. Next, he looked at Tess. She didn't looked like she had cried. Her face was red, a little puffy. Michael wasn't the one to spot out people who had been crying all day, but compared to Maria, it seemed like Tess was happy. He looked at Maria once more, but in the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw Tess smile.

"Tess, what are you smiling at?" Michael asked. Everyone in the group fell out of their daze and gave her their attention.

"What?" Tess said, looking at the group, "Oh, that little boy over there, he's making faces at the little girl."

They all looked at the two kids, and they couldn't help but smile. They saw the innocence in them. They were oblivious to what was going on.

Mr. Whitman arrived and once he shook hands of those in attendance he went to the table of Maria, Michael, Isabel, Max, and Tess.

"Why, thank you for coming. I know how close you all were to Alex, I really appreciate you coming," he said, choked up.

"Of course, Mr. Whitman," Isabel said, giving Mr. Whitman a hug. He felt uncomfortable at first, but after Isabel he was showered with hugs from everyone except Tess.

"Tess, honey, do you mind, going to the back and bringing out the finger sandwiches?" Mrs. Parker asked, not knowing that Tess didn't hug Mr. Whitman.

"Of course," she replied.

Michael found it odd she didn't hug Mr. Whitman. He also found it odd that the rose at the service was blown out of her hand at the moment she was about to lie on the picture of Alex. Of course, this is all coincidence, he thought.

But nothing is coincidence in Roswell. Michael for one should know. He has always been the irrational one of the group, a dare devil and for once in his life he knew he had a feeling and the hunch wasn't going away.


Upstairs, Kyle couldn't understand what was on the computer screen. He read Liz's possible scenerios on a legal pad she wrote. He heard voices coming from the Crashdown and decided to check it out.

Coming downstairs, he realized the lunch for the service was going on. He didn't remember Liz mentioning it. She probably forgot about it.

"Kyle, were you upstairs?" Nancy asked, holding a platter of cold cuts.

"Yeah, I brought Liz home. She wasn't feeling that good in school, so I dropped her off. She's sleeping," Kyle said, feeling a little awkward.

"Thank you, Kyle, Isabel and the group are over by their usual table."

"Thank you, Mrs. Parker."

He walked over to the group and was given weakened smiles by the group.

He sat next to Maria and joined the group in silence.
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Part 8

Alex woke in a start. He wasn't sure where he was. He looked to the side of him and it was pitch black. He climbed out of bed and tripped on shoes laying on the floor. He stumbled as he tried to catch something to break his fall. He walked to the window and looked out. He looked up and smiled at the beauty of the sky. The beauty of the radiating sky. The stars were so bright in Smallville He had the feeling that he had done something like this before with someone he knew. With Isabel Evans. He got a warm feeling when he thought about the blonde. Maybe we dated, maybe we're married. OK maybe not married, but at least I know I have a friend.

Isabel Evans. The one and only Isabel Evans whose brother is Max Evans. Alex was glad he remembered something at last. Mind you, he had to be hospitalized, he was happy he remembered people. They cared about him, he could feel it. He was on his way to remembering who he was. He looked over to the bed stand and saw that it was midnight. His stomach grumbled. He thought about going downstairs to grab something to eat. He contemplated the thought and his stomach talked to him again and he was sold.

He walked down the creaky stairs, trying his hardest not to make any noise. He felt his way downstairs, trying not to fall down. A lamp was on. There was a note by the side of it. He picked it up and read it. He noticed the nice cursive handwriting, he smiled.

"Mrs. Kent. She's so nice," he said to himself.

He opened the refrigerator and pulled out the bowl that said 'Mario'. He lifted the bowl and was startled by the noise behind him.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," Clark said.

"Oh, no, that's ok, midnight snack," Alex said holding up the bowl.

Clark wasn't sure what to say. He stood there for a couple of moments. Alex wasn't sure what he was doing.

"So, I'm starting school tomorrow. Could you show me around?" Alex said, breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah sure, are you a sophomore?"

"Oh no, Junior," Alex said matter of factly.

"I'll introduce to my friends, hope you don't mind that they're freshmans," Clark said,

"Trust me, I'll take anyone. Did Lex talk to you?" Alex asked, putting the bowl into the microwave.

"Lex, yeah, he reminded me to show you around," Clark said, remembering his talk to Lex.

"'He seems like a nice guy. Knows about cars, that's a good sign, show him around. Bring him around here if you get stuck and don't know where to go'" Clark recalled what Lex told him when he brought him produce from the Kent farm.

"So Mario, I'm sorry about what happened this morning," Clark said, sitting across from Alex.

Alex almost forgot what Clark was talking about as he was fascinated by the motion of the bowl in the microwave,"yeah, well, good thing your parents were there."

In all seriousness Alex looked up at Clark and said, "I really appreciate you letting me stay here. I know I wouldn't want some stranger staying at my house. I really don't want to be an inconvenience. I'll help around the house, around the farm ... with the cows."

"No Mario, you're a guest, no problem and plus I pretty much got everything under control around here," Clark said with a sly grin, noting he could do any of the household and farm chores in 0.379054 seconds flat with his superpowers.

"Wow, this is really good," Alex said after taking a bite of the roast beef.

"Mom's specialty," Clark said smiling, so I should get going, gotta sleep for tomorrow, goodnight."

Alex turned to face the window and the outdoors as Clark was going up the stairs.

"Goodnight," Alex said slurring the syllables together as he took another bite of the roast beef.


"Mario, honey, it's time to get up," Martha said quietly as she rubbed Alex's back to get him up for the day.

"Five more minutes please," Alex said yawning and turning away from Martha.

"I didn't think you were ready for school," Martha said to herself ready to leave the room.

Alex woke with a start, with a new found energy source,"school, I'm totally ready."

"Are you sure honey?" Martha said from the doorway, "I don't want you wearing yourself out."

"No, no, I'm ok," Alex said getting up, looking for his belt.

"OK, I'll bring you some of Clark's clothes," Martha said, leaving his room to fetch Alex some clothes.

Minutes later Alex inspected himself in the mirror. He frowned as he tried to pinch the plaid button down shirt to more of his size. Length wise the shirt and pants were fine, but width wise, he thought he could fit two of him selves in there. He attached his chain wallet to his jeans and looked at the foot of the bed, there was a backpack full of the days necessities. Alex wondered if Martha did this a lot.

"Mario, the bus will be here in 10 minutes," Mr. Kent said poking his head into the room.

"Great, thanks," Alex said fixing his hair.

Once leaving his room he followed the scent of fresh pancakes. The warm aroma was calling to him.

"Mario, Mario, come eat me. You know you want me!"

Once downstairs he heard a chuckle from Clark, who was trying to hide his face.

"What's so funny?" Martha asked.

Clark knew he had been busted which made him grin even more, "nothing mom."

"Oh, he's just laughing at how this shirt fits me," Alex said smiling at the 4 pancakes served in front of him, "no wonder Clark is such a big boy, look at what you feed him."

Clark liked Alex. He knew he would have to keep his guard up because he had to keep his secret, but he thought he could start a new relationship, with someone who wouldn't question his background or where he would disappear to, when he was actually saving someone. He wasn't a Chloe or a Pete, but he wouldn't have to lie to Alex about anything. Just avoid and not bring up the topic, easy enough.

"OK, kids, the bus will be here in 2 minutes, " Martha said ushering the two boys outside, "have a nice day and Mario, if you need anything the house number is in your bag."

"Thanks," Mario yelled from outside.

"She probably also sewed your name on your underwear," Clark said smiling.

Alex laughed.

"So what happens if you miss the bus do you have to hitch hike?" Alex asked.

Clark shot him a mischievous grin, only he, his parents, and Pete knew that if that situation arose Clark would run to school and make it in 10 seconds, literally.

The yellow school bus pulled up and as soon as Alex got onto the bus he was shot with looks from all the students.

"Look, it's the Kent twins," Chloe shot at them. Clark sent her a look which made both her and Pete laugh louder.

"Ha ha ha," Alex said sarcastically, "I had a feeling you or someone would mention it, so I came prepared."

"Oh really?" Chloe asked with curiosity as Alex was pulling out something from his bag.

"A hoodie," Pete said, "smart idea."

Alex laughed as he put it on. No one was going to laugh at him when it was his first day at school.

"Is it a big school? You know with lots of people?" Alex asked, looking over to his new friends.

"Yeah, don't worry. You'll blend in with us," Pete said.

Alex smiled of relief. He wasn't worried about blending in, he was worried that he was going to be singled out as someone who wasn't registered by his parents. Obviously his parents didn't register him, he was wondering how he was going to do it without being caught. He had a plan, swindle his way in. Say his parents had called and hopefully the lady or guy at the desk forgot to put his new into the database.

"We're here already?" Alex asked, looking out the window.

"Smallville isn't that big," Pete said, patting Alex on the shoulder.

They got off the bus and Alex was intimidated by the school. He noticed the brunette from the Talon was walking up to them. He could sense Clark tense up just by glancing at her. Chloe rolled her eyes at Clark's show of affection.

"Hey guys," Lana said to the group.

"Hi, Mario," she said to Alex, "let me show you around."

She took him by the arm and led him inside.

She took him to the admissions office, which made Alex's heart pounded louder and louder.


Liz woke up from her bountiful sleep filled with nightmares. She looked at her clock and realized she would have to get up in a half hour. Realizing she would no longer be able to sleep as she feared she would be plagued with more bad dreams, Liz dragged herself out of bed. She yawned as she stretched her limbs. She dragged her aching body to the bathroom. She welcomed the cold sensations she was feeling from the tiled floors. She turned the cool knobs of the shower and stripped herself of her sweat covered clothes. She let the hot water pound her back as she crouched down on the tub floor.

She pulled her legs closer to her body and cried. She cried tears of frustration, pain and sorrow. She was falling apart. She didn't know why she had to remain the level headed one of the group. She didn't know why she had to remain strong and not let anyone see her weaknesses. She wanted to be with her friends. She didn't want to remain isolated. Away from Maria. She wanted to grieve like everyone else. She wanted to feel. She didn't want to feel numb. Since Alex was taken away she could only occupy space. She wanted to have real emotion. All of this was building. Ever since the summer. Ever since the time she learned of Max's real destiny. It wasn't with her, it was with the enemy. All that was pouring out of Liz's body, started that day. Every single tear came from the helplessness she felt. She couldn't let herself feel this way. She had learned as a little girl that she always had to remain strong. Because life was unfair and things would stand in the way and she would have to remain strong and brave. She had to enter the world ruthless and courageous and unwilling to let anything or anyone stand in her way. Because she had goals she needed to fulfill and she would do that no matter what.


Liz walked into school undeterred. Flashbacks of that morning raced through her head and soul.

She felt good, energized.

She saw Max and Tess by their lockers. She could feel their stare, but she looked away. She saw Michael and Maria next. She was about to give them a small smile, but Maria shot her an angry look. Liz walked away, knowing that when this was solved, she would have her friends back.

Her classes flew by. Liz who would normally be taking notes for her classes instead was writing notes about possible scenarios about her vision of him in pain yesterday.

The worst class was Biology because she was partnered with Max. Upon entering class she knew how to remain composed. If he didn't want to listen to her then fine, he didn't have to. She wasn't going to bother him. This class she would pay attention because anything could explode and that would be bad, especially if something happened to Tess.

She was the first one in Biology class as she had a free before. Max entered the class feeling Liz's presence. He sat down and said a quiet, but quick, "hey."

"Hi, Max," Liz said, not looking up from her text book.

"About what happened at Valenti's and at the Crashdown," Max said trying to explain.

"No, you're entitled to your opinion. If not, then what kind of country would we be living in?" Liz said, still busy in her text book.

"Oh," Max replied expecting a full blown argument.

"And about the Crashdown thing, thanks," Liz said in full honesty.

She couldn't very well let that go by ungrateful. She would have been a Liz-shabob, but she wasn't. No thanks to Max. He was so close, yet so far away from her.

"Your welcome, Liz, anytime," Max said in a half smile. He stayed silent, only to bring up an awkward topic.

"Are you stopping what you started?" Max asked, referring to her crusade. He noticed she had been asking the computer guys questions about some papers she had.

"No," Liz said emotionless.

"Will you be careful?" Max asked, as he was not going to win this losing battle, "not only for yourself, but for all of us. We can't be exposed."

"I know," Liz said sighing, "I know."

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I'm addicted! I'm just going to take a stab in the dark and guess that Michael will be joining Liz and I right? I'm really glad that Liz didn't just give up. Keep them coming!'s going to be a little different. Well actually 4 characters come in contact with Alex and it's probably not the way you're expecting. I mean physically yes soon, but before that, there's some other stuff going on. So to compensate for that they'll be dialogue with the Smallvillers and other things. So I hope you remain "addicted" because that's really encouraging.
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Part 9

"Easy, so easy," Alex said to himself as he walked out of the admissions office. He had the feeling he was good at those types of things. He had his schedule, his locker number, everything for today was looking pretty good.

He walked over to his locker and tried opening it. He looked over and noticed his locker was across the hall from Chloe's.

"Hey, Chloe, why is it that the new kid's locker never opens?" he asked the blonde.

She stepped away from her locker and smiled at Alex, she looked at his program quickly and said, "That's because your locker is right next to the one you tried opening."

Alex blushed lightly and tried to cover it up, "Duh, right, I totally knew that. I was testing you out, and guess what, you passed. Congratulations."

Chloe laughed, "Sure Mario, what-ever you say."

She almost forgot what she was about to say, "You have Math fourth period, I'll pick you up and you can sit with me and the gang for lunch."

"Oh great, I won't have to be a loser at lunch today," Alex remarked, shutting his locker.

Chloe laughed some more, she enjoyed his company, "anytime, buddy."

They were parting ways, in opposite directions when Alex yelled, "which way is Economics?"


It was lunch time at West Roswell High and Liz was starving. She couldn't remember the last time she ate. She rushed to school, forgetting her lunch, so she was forced into buying school lunch.

She walked out onto the quad, looking for someone to sit with. As she didn't see Kyle or someone who would stomach her, she sat alone under a lone tree. She leaned against the tree, welcoming whatever sun was seeping through the branches and leaves.

Upon opening her eyes and taking a bite of her hot slice of pizza, she saw Maria walking out of the main building. She tried making eye connection, but she was too busy collecting year book entries.

Liz almost slapped herself on the forehead when she remembered, she was going to make it a point to go to this morning's yearbook meeting. She had completely forgotten.

When the bungle of people left Maria and she was left alone, she faced Liz. They made an eye connection. Liz waved a small hello. What else could she do? She wasn't going to scream at the top of her lungs a hello. She was surprised when Maria waved back. She looked back and forth. To Michael and to her and back once again. Her decision was made as she pointed to Michael who was sitting alongside Max and Isabel.

Liz nodded her head in recognition and understanding of what she was referring to. Maria waved goodbye has she watched her sit with her friends. She noticed Michael's face change. He went from an angry burly look to a sweet and gentle look. Liz was happy that two people of their group could go beyond the alien conventions and be together. She noticed Isabel smile at the couple as they kissed. Public affection, how un-Michael, Liz thought to herself. Liz was enjoying the silent movie which became interrupted as she noticed Tess say a quick goodbye to a fellow classmate and look in Liz's direction. She had a slow reaction as the group looked at her including Max. Liz fumbled around with her slice of pizza, but lost the battle as it fell cheese size down on the grass. She picked it up, ignoring her spectators and realized she not going to be eating the grass filled pizza. She groaned as she quickly realized she had spent her last two dollars on it. She placed it back on the plate and sighed. She rested her head against the tree as someone came into view.

When she focused her vision it was Kyle, he had a big cheesy grin on his face, "Aren't you going to eat the oh lovely au-natural pizza?"

"No," Liz said a little disgusted as Kyle picked up the slice of pizza and took a huge bite of it. Grass hung from his mouth and stuck on his chin. Liz couldn't help but laugh as she started removing the grass from his chin. When Kyle noticed, he started laughing too.

"So how was it?" Liz asked, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Very... grassy. Did the grass do anything to my complexion?" Kyle asked, smiling and and acting girly. Mission accomplished, he thought, he made Liz laugh so hard, she cried.

"Oh yeah, perfect skin," Liz said trying to say it using a straight face, but ended up laughing.

"Hey, how about I treat you to an all-American burger and fries since we have 30 minutes of lunch left," Kyle said, "excluding the grass of course."

"Of course," Liz repeated, giving her hand to Kyle as he lifted her up, "thanks."


Chloe tapped her foot on the floor, getting a little impatient as she was waiting for Alex.

"Who are we waiting for?" came a whisper from behind her.

She spun around, smiling at Pete, "our new visitor to Smallville High."

"Oh, Mario, he seems like a nice guy."

"Yeah, and he's really funny."

Alex exited class laughing at something someone from behind him said.

"Making friends, so soon?" Pete asked.

"Yeah, a couple," Alex said.

They started walking towards the cafeteria.

"Did they make you stand up and say your name and tell everyone your favorite activities? Because I think that's just cruel," Chloe said.

"Luckily, no, they didn't make me. What's this I hear about Clark being tied up a couple of months ago? A school prank?" Alex asked, remembering what he over heard a couple of girls say.

Chloe snickered, "Yeah, it's an annual thing. The jocks take it upon themselves to grab a freshman and tie the person to a scare crow stand. Sounds fun, huh?"

"Yes, very, too bad I didn't come here when I was a freshman," Alex joked.

Entering the cafeteria, Alex spotted Clark immediately as his height out shined almost all of the students.

"Hey, Clark," Chloe said, throwing down her bag.

"Oh, hey guys. Mario, my mom called the school to make sure you were doing ok," Clark told him.

"Wow, Mrs. Kent calling the school, you must have really done a job on her," Chloe said, already knowing the story behind Alex's stay.

"Well, she's a great mom, you're lucky to have her," Alex said, feeling a pang of jealousy. What if his mom wasn't like Mrs. Kent. She was absolutely great.

"She may want to adopt you, like she did Clark," Pete said reaching for his bag.

Alex smiled.

"Hey, could you point me to the bathroom?" he said changing the subject accidently.

They all laugh lightly.

"I'll show you," Pete said.

"Thanks," Alex said.

Both of them got up and left through the double doors.

"Oh Clark, are you going to stay after school with me?" Chloe said, playing around with her salad, "I have an internet conference with a girl from Roswell."

"Oh, that came through?" Clark asked, he remembered her mentioning it, but he didn't know she got it.

"I've only been talking about it for weeks now," Chloe said, a little annoyed that he forgot, "Yeah, it's with I think Liz Parker. I had Principal Kwan set it up. It should be really good."

"Why again are you so interested about Roswell?" Clark asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Because the Roswell case started the wall of weird. It's like the grand dad of all things weird," Chloe said, getting excited.

"I'll stay if you want," Clark said.

"Oh, good, I need help setting up the new web cams the school received. Mario should stick around."

"So you can show him the wall of weird?" Clark asked.

"Yeah, maybe I can get a believer out of him," Chloe said, "Maybe I can convert him."

"Yeah you can start Chloe-ism, the religion of all things weird."

Alex and Pete came back, they both had silly grins on their faces.

"What's so funny?" Chloe asked, giggling at the expression that was on Alex's face.

"Mario and I were in the bathroom and we heard these weird sounds coming from one of the stalls," Pete started.

"So us being guys, stood in front of the stall. Pete looked quickly underneath and there were two people in there, just making out," Alex said.

"Yeah, so then we stood aside because we heard someone coming. In comes Principal Kwan with a paper bibe intact, pist because he was interrupted while eating his lunch, and he busts open the stall door and completely embarrasses them and threatens to call their parents," Pete finished.

"Raging hormones," Clark said lightly.

"Tell me about it," Chloe said.

"You should write a story on it, 'Teens Exposed In Stall'" Pete said, using his hands to show a headline title.

"Yeah and underneath, 'Two Horny Boys Listening In'" Chloe said, repeating what Pete did.

"Riiight, that will really give me a good reputation," Alex said.

"Mario, are you doing anything after school?" Chloe asked, closing the empty container that once contained the salad.

"No, nothing, why?"

"Well, I have an internet conference with a girl," Chloe said.

"What Chloe really wants to say is that she wants to show you her wall of weird," Pete said, knowing Chloe all to well.

"Yeah, and that too," Chloe said, laughing.

"Sure," Mario said, "that sounds fun."
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It's a snow day for me (although I had to go school to find out, which sucked, but no Spanish and Chem tests. *big*) but here's another part. It's divided into two posts because of length. The next couple of parts will be really long compared to before.

Part 10

Liz was walking down the hall when she felt an arm sling around her shoulders.

"Oh, Kyle, hey," Liz said, trying to act cheerful.

"Liz, what do you want?" Kyle said, eyeing his friend, "I know that look of yours."

"What makes you think I need anything?" Liz said, playfully.

"Because you're Liz Parker, I know when you need something because of that voice and look of yours."

"Yeah, ok, well in class yesterday, I had this flash...." Liz started, she looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was listening, "of Alex," she said whispering.

In the corner of her eye, she saw a couple of students coming their way, Liz grabbed Kyle's shirt and pulled him into the nearest classroom.

They didn't notice; however, that a blonde was looking at then from the very start, "What are you two up to?"

"Tess," a raspy voice said.

She turned around for the voice, thinking the person would be behind her.

"Who's there?" Tess asked, when she finished scanning the hallway for the voice.

"Come closer," the whispering voice continued.

"OK, I'm not falling for this, so whoever you are, you're not going to win," Tess said, turning around to leave.

"I know your secret," the voice said.

Tess felt a rush of wind pass her, the voice seemed to follow her.

"And the secret of 3 other people you know."

This intrigued Tess. A little challenge she thought.

"Come closer, c'mon, I know you would never be afraid," the voice continued.

Tess continued to follow the voice. She winded through the hallways, constantly looking behind her to see if the jokester would reveal himself. She came to a close at the class room door. The door opened instantly as she was about to turn the knob. As she entered the room, she didn't see anything.

"Ha ha ha, funny," Tess said, sarcastically. She knew this was a joke, she knew no one could know of the alien secret.

"But it's not over," the voice said, directly behind her.

Tess rolled her eyes as she turned around, "What was the point ---"

Her sentence was cut off instantly as she saw who the person was.



"Liz, oooh, the first time you've brought me into a class room?" Kyle said seductively, but when he saw that Liz was about to cry, he immediately changed his attitude.

"I was in class, and I had this sudden feeling of loneliness, then I began to see things, things through Alex's view, when he asked Isabel out, when Maria and I were joking with him about her aqua bra, moments we shared together. Kyle, it was so real. That just proves that he's alive."

"Wow, that sounds intense...."

"It was," Liz muttered.

"... but we need physical evidence. We need pictures or something that proves he is alive and somewhere other than Roswell."

"I know, Kyle, I've been trying to get this document translated. It was emailed," Liz said, removing the papers from her bag and showing them to Kyle.

"Have you had the email address traced back?" Kyle asked, asking Liz questions he knew his dad would ask.

"Not yet, I'm working on it. I tried finding the exact location of the email account was located on, but it's taking a little longer than I expected," Liz said.

"Have you tried the computer geeks?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, they said they would look into it," Liz said, putting the papers back in her bag.

"Kyle, speaking of computers, the principal gave me a couple of web cams he wants me to set up, so that's what I need you to help me with," Liz said, changing the subject and giving herself something to do to take her mind off of everything for a couple of minutes.

"You know, I'm not the best at computer stuff, that was Alex's world," Kyle said, quieting down as he realized he was bringing out Alex again.

"But yeah, I'll help," Kyle said, trying to cover up the second of silence.

"What's it for?" Kyle asked as the bell rang for next period.

"This girl from Smallville wants to interview me. I guess she's really into the Roswell stuff," Liz said.

"If only she knew, right?" Kyle asked raising his eyebrows.



After the bell for the 8th period rang, Liz rushed to the computer lab. Bumping into one of the computer geeks, she spoke about to Kyle a while ago, she asked him if he found anything.

"Well, I couldn't hack in the system without being caught, give me a day, and I'll go over to my friend's house and do it," he said.

"Don't get caught ok? It's important and I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"Oh, Elizabeth, don't worry about it. We hacked into the Republicans web site and put George W.'s head on Anna Nicole Smith's body."

"Um, ok," Liz said a little weirded out at their friends recreational hobbies.

As she turned the corner, she bumped into someone else. Maria this time.

"MARIA!" Liz semi shouted a little surprised.

"Liz, hey," Maria said, with a half smile.

"So what are you doing after school?" Maria asked, looking for conversation.

"Oh, I have this thing with Kyle now," Liz said, looking at her shoes.

"A thing, huh?" Maria said a little disappointed. After the silent conversation at lunch today she realized that the cold treatment was just her way at dealing. She wanted her friend back, "How about later, 6? We can hang out. Maybe a movie or something."

Liz looked up, a little dumbfounded at what Maria asked her, "Yeah, sure," she stuttered, "That would be great."

"Good, chica, I'll be over later."

"OK, bye," Liz said. Maria gave her a bright smile and left Liz to her thoughts.

Liz couldn't help but smile as she entered the computer lab. She couldn't help, but laugh as she saw Kyle entangled in wires.

"Liz? Is that you?" Kyle said, standing up with wires all over him.

"Yeah," Liz said stepping over the boxes of the web cams, "Where did all these wires come from? There aren't that many wires to begin with."

"Yeah, I know, but this wire has to be here," Kyle said pointing to the hard drive, "but the printer was there. So I tried removing it, to put the web cam, then I had to move to scanner wires, and then I had this mess."

"Well, good thing I came, huh?"

"Oh, yeah," Kyle said, getting up, stretching his legs.

"We better hurry up, the interview is in 30 minutes," Liz said, picking up the instruction manual from underneath the stack of textbooks near the computer.

"Ooh, so that's where it was?" Kyle said, sheepishly.

"Yeaahhh," Liz said, continuing to read it, "OK I think I get it."


"Clark, I think you set a world record. What was it 5 minutes you set the web cams up?" Chloe asked, nodding her head in approval, with arms folded.

"Well, when you left I was finally able to get some peace and quiet from hearing you talk about what you were going to ask Liz," Clark said, standing up getting ready to leave.

Chloe was about to comment back with something sarcastic, when she realized what he was doing, "hey, aren't you going to stay?"

"Um, well..."

"Oh no mister, you're going to stay and watch, you may learn something about aliens," Chloe said taking off his jacket.

Clark looked down at Chloe, remaining silent at what she said about aliens.

"Am I missing something?" Alex said from the doorway seeing the scene before him, "because if yes, then I'm led to believe something I'm sure the principal wouldn't like was going on."

"In your dreams, Mario," Chloe said positionally the camera so that the wall of weird came into focus.

"Oh, so this is the infamous wall of weird," Mario said, putting down his bag, and looking at the wall.

"Oh, Mario, I forgot to tell you, Mom said to call her right after school, she wants to check up on you," Clark said.

Alex looked at Chloe who was caught in a fit of giggles.

"Sure, ok, I'll do that now," Alex said, looking at Chloe strangely.

"You're weird," Alex said, mocking her.

"See someone agrees with me," Clark said.

"Funny, Clark, you better call Mrs. Kent, Mario," Chloe said giving her attention to the computer screen.

"Already on that," Alex said, dashing out of the classroom.


"OK, so this looks good," Liz said tightening the camera on top of the computer monitor.

"Well, that better do," Kyle said, looking at it, "Hopefully it will stay."

"I know, I hope the connection sticks, hopefully we didn't screw up," Liz said opening the connection.

"OK, so welcome to Smallville," Liz said facing the camera towards herself and Kyle.

"What are you doing?" Kyle asked, questioningly.

"Getting you in the shot," Liz said pulling a chair next to her.

"Oh, no, I'm not letting people see me," Kyle said.

"Like you haven't spoken to people, no less girls on the internet," Liz said smirking.

"Well, if you put it that way..." Kyle said, obeying Liz and sitting down.

"That's what I thought and plus if Chloe needs answers from a guy's perspective there's you."

"Hey, Liz, are you there? It's Chloe from Smallville," a voice came from the computer.

Kyle shushed Liz, eager to see the new face. Liz rolled her eyes. She thought he didn't want to do it.

"Hey, Chloe, systems are a go here," Liz said.

"Good, here too, who's your friend?"

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, this is Kyle Valenti. He's the son of the former sheriff here..."

"Yes, and I'm a Taurus, love football," Kyle said as if he was taping a dating service tape. He was met in the stomach by an elbow.

"Yeah, I think he's practicing his spiel," Liz said, a little embarrassed.

"No, no that's fine, so first question. You live in the infamous town of Roswell, does it get a little annoying when people like me ask questions about it?"

"Um, no, it's only natural that people want to know the truth," Liz said, relating it to her situation. It wasn't intentional. After all the people that have stuck their noses in their business, things were eventually going to get dirty, "Tourists always ask questions and we're happy to oblige to them because they're the ones that drive the Roswell economy."

"Kyle as the son of a former sheriff, have you ever tried to unravel the mystery?"

"Oh, a question for me," Kyle said to himself, with a nervous laugh escaping, "Actually, no, I've tried to stay away from those things."

"Interesting," Chloe said, writing down terse notes.

"Liz, I've read on the Roswell web site that there's a restaurant called the Crashdown and I was wondering if you had a connection to the Parker's associated with it?"

A dry laugh came out, "Yeah, I occasionally manage the restaurant when my parents go out of town to attend conventions and such, but I mostly waitress there."

"Well, coming from a town that has it's own weird happenings, has there ever been something.... what's the word I'm looking for, strange happen?"

"You have no idea," Kyle said, realizing he had said it, and not thought it in his head.

"What he means," Liz said, swallowing the bile that was rising, "is that every town has it's weird occurrences. Just because we're in Roswell, doesn't mean we have out of this world occurrences."

"Um, ok, thanks for that one. Yeah, here in Smallville, lots of unexplainables," Chloe said.

Clark in the background, out of the camera and Chloe's view, he couldn't help but give a quick smirk.

"So what else is there to Roswell?" Chloe asked, once more.

continued in next post...
posted on 7-Feb-2003 9:27:29 AM

Alex walked down the hall, whistling a tune to himself. Hands in his pockets, he entered the classroom he was previously in. Right as he entered, he received a quiet command from Chloe.

"Interview," Alex mouthed to Clark.

He nodded in agreement.

Alex nodded his head back.

As quietly as his feet would allow him, he began to look around. He lifted various news articles that were posted on a bulletin board. Scanning them quickly. He followed another article that he found interesting. It lead to another one, and another one, each questioning a weird occurrence in Smallville. He followed the trail of articles. He didn't realize he was entering Chloe's shot.

He looked at the picture in front of him.

"Acclaimed restaurant in Roswell, NM involved in shooting," was the headline underneath the picture of the restaurant.

His eyes almost jumped out of his sockets as this was the place he was searching for. He looked closer and in the corner of the picture, at the very edge was a blurry picture of a woman. A blonde woman, Isabel.

"Isabel Evans," he whispered quietly.

It was loud enough that Chloe heard him say something, she caught a couple of syllables and nothing more, "Oh Mario," she said interrupting her conversation with Kyle, "I'm sorry, I know very interesting, but could you move over an inch, you're in the frame."

"Oh no problem, Chlo," Mario said, looking back at Chloe.

"OH MY GOD!" Liz said, jumping out of her seat, pointing at the screen, "ALEX!"

"What?" Kyle said, looking at the screen, "HOLY BUDDHA!"

He jumped out of his seat as well, but his weight shifted the chair, causing the ill prepared electrical wire to fall out of the electrical socket.

The computer screen went black, but both didn't notice as the had saw their friend.

"Hey, the connection broke!" Chloe said, hitting the computer monitor, annoyed.

Clark walked over and inspected their equipment, "everything is fine, it must be in Roswell."

Alex turned around as he saw the word 'Roswell'.

"I'm from Roswell, New Mexico," Alex muttered to himself.

"What?" Chloe said, clicking on various keys.

"Uh, I gotta go home, pick up some things, catcha later," Alex said, dumbfounded and quickly.

Both Clark and Chloe's backs were facing him, he seized the opportunity and snatched the article from the wall.

"Are you sure you have to go now?" Chloe said, still looking at the computer screen, "why haven't they fixed it yet?"

"I don't know," Clark said, trying to fix the situation. He could have swore he heard Mario say he was from Roswell, New Mexico, but with Chloe in one ear, he couldn't make it out.

He watched as Mario left the room, he looked a little strange, like he was in a daze. He continued to look at the behavior of his friend, but Chloe was yelling at the screen and focused his attention back to her.

Liz and Kyle's mouths remained open as their shock attack wouldn't subside. After a second of two Liz gasped for air, putting her right hand over her pounding heart.

"Kyle?" Liz asked shocked.

"Yeah?" Kyle responded equally shocked.

"Did you see him? Was that just me?" Liz asked. She didn't know how she would handle seeing him. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought she would never find him, but now. Here?

"Oh God," Liz said, realizing they were losing precious moments, "We have to restore the connection."

Both of them jumped at the computer, looking for the error. Liz was at the back of the computer, making sure the wires were secure, while Kyle was in the front, booting up the software.

Liz looked up and saw the chord was on the floor, next to the chair.

"There!" Liz yelled pointing at the chord.

Kyle jumped at it, as if it was a flying football. He forcibly stuck the chord into the socket, and the screen of the video connection turned on.

Chloe appeared again, "Hey, guys, having technical difficulties? I was beginning to worry about you guys."

Liz patted her hair nervously, fixing it as it was a mess.

"Chloe, the guy behind you..."

"Oh, Mario, sorry about that, he was in front of the wall of weird. I would really like to say the Roswell incident has inspired it."

"Where did he go?" Liz almost yelled, ignoring Chloe's previous statement.

"Uh, he, uh, left," Chloe said, looking around for him, "Clark, where did Mario go?"

"He had to pick up stuff at his house," Liz heard from a male.

"Mario?" Liz asked, confused.

"Yeah, he's new here. Just transferred. I think he got in a couple of days ago."

"The time he disappeared," Kyle said quietly to Liz. She nodded her head.

"What's his number?" Liz asked, there were so many questions in her head, she couldn't manage to sort them out and ask useful ones.

"Actually, he's so new we don't have it. He is staying with the Kents. He had an accident yesterday and since his parents are out of town, they're taking care of him."

"Accident?" Kyle asked.

Liz sat back in her chair, shocked.

"Yeah, he fell yesterday," Chloe said, not wanting to go into the details because she didn't know these people, "if you don't mind me asking, why are you so interested in him?"

"Um, we're, uh, just curious," Kyle said, before Liz could say anything,"you know to learn some things from the Smallville male perspective."

"Chloe, we're sorry, but we really have to go. If you want we can do this again soon."

"Um, ok, I'll just ---" Chloe said, but the connection was cut off permanently, "talk to you later."

"Kyle, that was Alex, we we have to go there. Get him back. The accident. What I saw. Oh my God. Kyle." Liz said incoherently and fast.

"Liz, listen to what you're saying. We can't go there. We have school, our parents," Kyle said, listing the cons.

"Kyle, that was Alex, our friend, he's in trouble and we have to help him, if you want to act like Max or Maria, fine, I'll go by myself," Liz said, doubling her fists at her side.

"No, Liz" Kyle conceded, "I'm not like them. We'll go. I don't want you to get into any trouble. We'll need excuses."

"Yeah, I know, first we should go home back, get everything we need, I have about 600 dollars in my bank account, that should do for the air plane tickets," Liz said, grabbing her stuff to run home.

"I have about 500 hundred, that should cover everything else. So Kansas we go?"

"Kansas, we go," Liz confirmed.

Feedback please.

NEXT PART: Tess meets Alex. Isabel has a dream to end dreams. Kyle and Liz's adventure continues. Valenti gets some news and 6 foot rabbits.
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Sternbetrachter- I've been wondering where you've been. Glad you enjoyed the parts.

And to everyone else, thanks.
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MRP originally wrote:
wow, great new part!

so kyle and liz are going to smallville? super!
I just wanted to ask, somewhere in the middle of the story will be something about the fact that larck is an alien or is smallville is more like a just a background place for alex to be in?

I've been trying to figure out whether it should come out. The next part sorta takes it to the direction that it does come out that Clark is an alien, but I think it will as in the future it will be necessary to have more man power.

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A quick little FYI, I should have Part 11 out by Tuesday. I want to finalize it and make sure it's good to go. I have off next week so hopefully I'll be able to get some more out. I was planning on writing tonight, but with all the tests and everything I have tomorrow (there should be a law banning the giving of 3 tests in one day. And it's not like there easy subjects, but no chemistry, math, and history...blah)

So anyway new part Tuesday, oh and I have this really good idea for another Roswell/Smallville crossover. It touches "Nicodemus". So I would like to get that started. Oh would anyone read a Roswell/Gilmore Girls story. I have an idea for that too. I don't know it seems like all these ideas keep coming to me.*big* (I have about 8 crossovers in my head, including BtVS.)

So Tuesday or maybe Monday. ::Too much information in my head..numbers...civil war...groups and families valence electrons...ahhh::
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This part is divided into 2 posts and the second post was inspired by the movie Donnie Darko.

Part 11

Give me loud to drown it out
Before the world starts breaking up
You change and then, you change again
Turning like a wheel inside your head
Yours and mine and left and right
There's still two sides to everyone
~Foo Fighters, "Overdrive"

"Alex?!!?" Tess whispered, afraid, "You're not supposed to be here."

"I'm always here," Alex said, "as long as you're here, I'll be here."

"What? I don't understand," Tess asked, stepping back from him, knowing this was impossible. He was gone. She made sure of it.

"I'm in your human side. Unlike Max, Michael, and Isabel, you have to switch from your alien side to your human side. Your human side is doing this to you. Making you see me. I'm not really here, it's all you. You're doing this. Your human side feels guilty. Your alien side, well, it doesn't feel anything."

"I'm just like Max and the rest of them," Tess said.

"No, you're not. Their sides are intertwined. In you they're not," Alex said.

"Nasedo," Tess muttered.

"Ding ding ding, Tess," Alex said putting his index finger on his nose and pointing at her because she was right, "that's right. Perhaps if you would have never grown up with him, you would have been different. You certainly would have been different. He raised you in the way he wanted. Not the way the Evans' raised Isabel and Max. They didn't find raising them a job. They loved them. It was a blessing to them. Even Michael was raised better than you and he was beaten by Hank."

"Why are you doing this?" Tess inquired, afraid.

"I'm not, doing this, you are," Alex said, "It's all because of you. You made me disappear because of your job. Because of Nasedo."

"But it's not my fault," Tess pleaded. Tears began to swell up in her eyes, "it's not. He made me. He said it would be better this way."

"Whatever you say Tess, I hope your guilt eats at you," Alex/Tess said, "There are ways you know."

"No, I won't do it. I did it for a reason, for a purpose."

"And you always wanted to fit in," Alex/Tess said sardonically.

"If you're me, then I can get rid of you," Tess said, moving up to Alex.

"Are you going to kill your human side because if you do you'll be killing your alien side, killing yourself, while that would do a whole lot of good, I don't think Nasedo and the man upstairs would have liked that."

"Shut up!"

"No, you got rid of Alex, you left him with no memory, he's somewhere else. He's hurt and afraid. People think he's dead, you're causing pain," Alex said, morphing into Tess herself.

"Shut up!" Tess screamed grabbing her head.

"You caused a division in the group."


"Liz and Kyle, they're on to you. You know that. You didn't think she wouldn't have figured it out, huh? You're stupid. If you really wanted to do some damage you should have gotten rid of her, made her translate the book, but you didn't."

"I'm not listening, I'm not listening," Tess chanted holding her hands over her ears.

"Tess I'm a part of you. You can never get rid of me."


"Fine, I'll stop now, but I'm in your head, in your conscious. I'm you."

When Tess looked up, no one was there. Alex wasn't there, she wasn't there. She wiped the tears off of her face. She damned Nasedo for doing this to her. She hated him. He did this. All those years of running from the FBI, his influence made her the way she is. Cold. Hard. She wasn't like Isabel or Max. Sometimes it was hard for her. She would have to switch the human alien button. She couldn't be both at the same time.

His contract. His deal with Kivar. Nasedo was weak. He couldn't stand up to him. She was only his pawn. But Nasedo had told her that what she did, what she was doing was worth it. Because in the long run her planet would benefit from it. That she would be Queen and rule her planet the way it was meant to be ruled. For someone who's power or gift as she liked to refer to it was to mind warp, she herself was manipulated by Nasedo. He would constantly remind her that it was for the greater good.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Max outside, leaving school.

She had a decision to make. She bit her lip as she contemplated her thoughts. Should she tell him the truth or let the guilt eat at her? Should she tell him everything she did and why?


"Roswell, New Mexico, Roswell, New Mexico," Alex said over and over to himself as he was walking to his hotel. He couldn't believe he was from there. He thought Chloe would have a field day with him about that piece of information.

After fumbling with the key, he entered his room, and sat down with his notes. Everything made sense, he was from Roswell, New Mexico. The Crashdown and the women in green. The only thing he couldn't figure out was why he was here. There were still many questions that remained unanswered, but this was definitely something to be proud of. This was the smoking gun of his identity.

He smirked at the thought he had. He thought his situation was oddly similar to that movie 'The Bourne Identity.' He certainly couldn't kick ass as Matt Damon had done in it, but both couldn't remember things about themselves. He never did see the last of hour of it. So he didn't know how Jason Bourne got his memory back.

Coming back to reality he remembered the article he had taken from the room back at school. He unfolded it and read it twice.

"Elizabeth Parker," Alex said to himself.

"Parker, Parker. That's where I got the last name from. Either she's my sister or it just stuck."

"The Crashdown Cafe," he said. He would have to go back to the Internet cafe and do some more research. This was exactly was he was looking for. He wondered about the way he spazzed out in front of Chloe and Clark. Well, they had their backs turned towards him, but he wondered how they would question it. He would have to go back to the Kents because if he didn't they would worry and he didn't want more people to worry about him.

He picked up the empty duffel bag that was resting by his bed and stuffed the belongings he had. He zipped it up and headed for the main office.

He checked out and walked to the Talon.

"Coffee, I need coffee," he said, hoping something warm would calm him down, "but then again all the caffeine wouldn't be that useful...."


"Liz are you sure about this?" Kyle asked for the last time, "Because us leaving on a Tuesday is very suspicious."

"Like us suddenly going to check out a Buddhist school isn't suspicious," Liz said, putting her stuff in Kyle's car, "I told my mom the school is hosting a week of college tours. I told her I forgot to mention it because I wasn't selected at first but then Vicki Delaney had to cancel and I'm filling her spot and that we're leaving tomorrow and that I would be staying at Isabel's for the time being. You?"

"Buddhist school," Kyle said, turning on the car.

"And he bought it?" Liz asked dumbfounded.

"Well, yeah, I had been interested in one anyway," Kyle said, not needing to finish his sentence.

"Well, as long as we have time to find him, we'll be ok."

"Right, so I called Clovis Airport and reserved tickets to Metropolis, from there, we can drive, it's not too far." Kyle said, backing out of the Crashdown lot.

"Good, everything is looking better," Liz said, looking out the window.


Isabel was walking to the Crashdown. She planning on meeting Max and Michael there. She spotted Liz getting into Kyle's car. She thought it was a little odd, but then again, Liz had been acting a little peculiar and distant from the group.

She entered the cafe and it was back to business. All of the usual patrons were sitting at their normal spots. Everything seemed normal. But for her it would be hard to get back to normal. After Grant died and now Alex, she thought she was a walking and breathing curse. That every man who would be remotely interested in her would be killed.

"Hi Max, Michael," Isabel said, sitting down, next to her brother.

"Hi Isabel," Max said, sliding over a large yellow envelope.

"What's this?" she asked, touching lightly her name that was written across from it.

"I don't know, Mr. Whitman gave it to me to give to you. He wanted to give it to you personally, but he had errands to take care of," Max said.

"Oh," Isabel said lightly,"I wonder what it is."

Michael noted the way Isabel nervously fixed her hair and rub her eyes and neck. He noted the way she eyed the envelope, wondering if she should open it or not and the way she took a deep breath and lifted the flap of it.

"Prom," he heard Isabel say.

She didn't even have to take out the pictures as she knew what event they were from. They were mostly of herself and Alex and they were a few of Alex and Liz. She thought that Mr. Whitman probably gave the rest of those to Liz and left those by mistake.

Her eyes began to water a bit as she thought that she could have prevented this whole thing from happening.

As if reading her mind Max said, "You couldn't have stopped it. We couldn't have. It's not your fault."

"Yes, it is," Isabel said, forcibly, but then regretting the way she said it. In a more quieter way so that the patrons would hear she said, "We could have done something. Anything."

"Isabel, don't do this to yourself," Michael said, "You can't blame this on anyone. Especially yourself."

"Michael, if I wouldn't have canceled breakfast with him then he still would have been alive. I would have spent the day with him and prevented it. If Liz would have never told him, if he never got involved with us," Isabel said, standing up. She couldn't take it, she had to leave, get some fresh air.

"But he did. He could have left us and not associate himself with us, but he didn't. He chose to be with us. He choose to become of the 'I Know An Alien Club.' And plus mom needed you to help her plant flowers. Isabel, trust me, it's not your fault."

"Is it yours Max? Or yours Michael? Are you saying he chose to die, Max? We have these gifts for a reason. God, this is just so hard. I-I-ju-just need some air."

Isabel clutched the photos in her arms and maneuvered through the crowds of people.

Michael held Max back, "Give her time. She just needs some time."

"I seem to be doing that a lot," Max muttered to himself.


Everything is so blurry and everyone's so fake
Everybody's empty and everything is so messed up
You know that I'll protect you from all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing, imagine where you are
There's oceans in between us but that's not very far
Everyone is changing there's no one left that's real
Make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel.
~Puddle of Mudd, "Blurry"

Hours later on the plane to Metropolis, Liz sorted though her papers once again. She seemed to have been doing that a lot. She couldn't help but think how close she was to finding him again. She couldn't help, but think of all the things she could have said to him before he "died." She hadn't been spending so much time with him, she thought she owed it to him.

From the side of her, she heard Kyle's groggy words, "If you keep looking at those, the ink will disappear from you touching them."

"You're right. I'm just so anxious, you know?" Liz said, placing them back in her bag, fidgeting.

"I know, me too, Liz. I just hope everything will work out. That it wasn't some trick of the eye," Kyle said lifting his head up from the pillow.

"Oh, it will, everything will be back to normal again."

Liz tilted her head to the side and looked at the vastness of the world from her window. She was this tiny person in this big world and she would make a difference.

"Back to normal, everything will be normal."


At the Forensics lab in Santa Fe, the results of the crash were complete. Everything was confirmed and written in a complete report. Valenti waited impatiently outside of the lab. As soon as he saw the men dressed in white lab coats he walked over to them. He was handed the report.

As he was skimming through it, he heard the confirmation, "The analysis turned up negative. There were absolutely no human remains mixed into the ash. It was all from the leather interior and other debris from the crash site."

As the final words of what the man was saying, processed through his head, his eyes found the word he wasn't looking for, 'NEGATIVE.'

I can be your liar
I can be your bearer of bad news
Sick and uninspired by
The diamonds in your fire
~ Foo Fighters, "Tired of You"

Tess entered her house and threw her keys on the table nearest her.

"I'm home," she shouted. She looked around for the two men that would normally be inhabiting the house. She couldn't do it. She couldn't tell Max. Her human side urged her to do it. It yelled at her to do so, but her other side willed her not to.

"Nobody home, huh?" she said to herself. She pulled off her sweater threw it on Kyle's bed/couch, walked to her room, and threw herself on the bed.

"But I'm here," the raspy voice said.

Tess didn't bother looking up, knowing who it was, "I will block you out. You're not here. I'm stronger than you."

The Tess figure laughed, "That's ironic you know." She walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down, "I'll never leave."


Disenchanted lullaby, sing me yours I'll sing you mine
Sing with me now what's a boy to do
What's a boy to do?

Sing along for yesterday
Sing along we'll soar today
Sing along another song for you
What's a boy to do?
~ Foo Fighters, "Disenchanted Lullaby"

Isabel entered her room, she sat on her bed, she took out the photos she brought from the Crashdown. She looked at them once more. This time, she really looked at them. She saw how happy everyone was. Isabel let out an dry laugh as she thought how everyone is not happy now. Everyone was divided. No one was together. Everyone had their own agendas.

She touched Alex's face on one picture. She rubbed her tears away with the back of her other hand as she smiled at the picture. She thought of all the times she rejected Alex. Of all the times they could have spent together. Either as boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends. She wished she could have one more moment with him. So that she could express and ask for forgiveness. Just to be able to hear his voice, his laugh that was always contagious or just to be in his presence. He was always there when the aliens needed him. He was the glue that held everyone together. He always came through. Either it was him telling a joke to lessen the tension in the air or donating blood as he did when Max was in the car accident. He would always come through.

Isabel laid down, she put the picture of her and Alex kissing from Prom against her lamp. She closed her eyes, wishing everything was a dream, wishing everything would get better soon and for the will to go on. Slowly her eye lids felt heavy and within seconds she fell asleep holding another picture of Alex.

(continued from before)
Whisper with me pass the time
Whisper for the days gone by
Whisper with the voice inside of you

The Talon was a bust. No one he knew was there. Except for Lana, who was working. She would occasionally stop by and chat for a couple of moments. He stayed for a cup of hot chocolate and decided he needed some sleep.

"Need a taxi?" Lana said, holding up a wash cloth.

"Yes," Alex said, lifting his head from the table.

"Ok, I'll call one for you."

Lex walked into the Talon, surveying the coffee shop, he spotted the boy he had met the day before.

"Mario, right?" Lex said, receiving a cup of coffee from a waitress.

"Yeah, you sure have the people working here, serving you on their hands and knees," Alex said, observing the way, the employees would act around him, except for Lana. She wouldn't treat anyone any differently.

Lex laughed lightly, "well, not really. I'm just a silent investor."

"Well, still, you sure do have the power," Alex said, yawning, Lana shimmied by him, "did you call the cab service."

"Yes I did, a car should be here in 5 minutes," Lana said, cleaning up a table.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Mario said.

"You don't need a taxi," Lex said, reaching for something in his duster.

"You want me to walk there or hitch hike?" Mario said, tired.

"No, I mean, I'll give you a ride. Any friend of Clark's is any friend of mine," Lex said, finally reaching what he was looking for.

"You don't have to. Lana already called a cab."

"I insist and plus even though the cab lot is a couple of blocks away, they always tend to be slow."

"Fine, then," Mario said.

"Don't be too happy about it?" Lex said, receiving a muffin from another waitress.

"I'm just really tired," Mario said, he really didn't want to move. If it was his way he would pitch a tent in the Talon and sleep there.

Alex though that his sleep deprivation came from his condition. His incurable tumor.

"Sleep deprived?"



continued in next post

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"Hi, Mrs. Parker, is Liz around?" Maria asked Mrs. Parker.

"Didn't you know, she was going on the school trip. A little odd that it's on a Tuesday," she said, wiping the counter.

"Yeah, that is odd," Maria said, thinking, "Hey, I left some books in Liz's room. Could I go up there and get them?"

"Sure, Maria, go right ahead."

She turned to face Max and Michael. They knew by the look on her face that something was up. Without say both men got up and followed Maria.

Silently they went up the stairs that led to Liz's room. Quietly Maria opened the door and poked her head in. Welcoming her was the scatter of clothes and papers. Shrewd around the mirror were pictures of herself and Liz.

"She's gone," Max said, silently.

Maria turned around, "where would she have left to?"

"To find Alex."


Isabel entered a cold world. She almost wrapped her arms around herself to conserve warmth. It took her a second to figure out where she was. She had never entered the mind of a dead person. This was uncharted territory for her. She looked around and found herself in an unfamiliar house. Alex was sitting by himself at a table. She ran to him, but fell back by an unknown force. She lifted herself up and tried to touch the one she lost, "Alex, Alex, it's me."

"I don't know anyone anymore. Everything is gone, everything," he muttered.

"Look at me Alex, look, please," she pleaded. Again she was forced back by the blue force field. It resembled the one Max used on her and Michael.

Alex shook his head, "no, no, I won't. I'm so tired. I need sleep. I left them. Chloe and Clark, they must think I'm weird."

"Alex, who are they? Where are you?" Isabel said, she knew she wasn't dreaming. She knew she had entered Alex's dream. She knew he was alive.

"Stop calling me Alex. My name is Mario Parker. I'm new here. They are my new friends. I don't remember anyone else. Well Max and Isabel Evans and Elizabeth Parker."

"That's me. I'm Isabel Evans," Isabel said but rumbling ensued as the ground shook. Instinctively she crouched on the floor. When she looked up she saw her new environment, the desert. Why here, she thought.

Alex was standing by a Joshua tree, he was looking around as well, as if he knew the place, but didn't. It wasn't by the pod chamber, Isabel knew so well, and it wasn't by the place they had entered when they were healing Michael on the other plane, but somewhere new.

"How come everything seems to be familiar, but when it seems like I'll be getting my memory back, something happens and I forget. It isn't fair, Clark has such nice parents. Martha, she's such a sweet heart. The Kents, they welcomed me into their home, and I lie to them. I tell them my name is Mario. I don't know my name, it's so frustrating. You know, Isabel?" Alex said, facing her again.

"Wait, I don't understand. Your name is Alex. Alex Whitman, we became friends last year," Isabel said approaching him.

"No, don't come any closer," Alex said, protecting her.

They both heard sounds coming from the sky, they looked up and lightning struck the ground once about 20 feet away from Isabel. She immediately jumped to protect herself.

"What does this mean?" Isabel asked out of breath, standing behind a log Alex dreamed up for her.

"It means something's coming. Why I don't know. Do you know?"

"No I don't," she said, sitting on the log. He sat next to her.

They looked at the tree as it again to shrink in size and slowly it crumbled and turned it ash. The remaining debris was blown away from the cool breeze coming from the hill.

"Where are you? Us? What is this place?" she asked, wanting to get information from him.

"Does it matter?" Alex said sighing, "does anything matter?"

There was another sound. It sounded like vultures, death was coming. Vultures always meant something bad was coming. She remembered that much from her dream dictionary.

She turned around as she was transported into another change of scenery. She almost fell back by the velocity of the change in areas. A coffee shop this time. She could smell the aroma of coffee. It had a similar smell to the Crashdown, except there was no grease smell.

Alex was dressed differently. In his usual baggy jeans and hoodie. Talking and laughing to a tall boy and a short blonde. The feeling of the room was different too. Before in the house, the feeling was of solitude. In the desert, despair. Now, here, it was different. A little happier.

She was going to approach Alex once again and try another approach on him, but instead, she sat in one of the chairs closest too her and watched the scene before her.

"So 'The Whits' has an alternativ sound. You know, something for the ladies, but also something for the men," she heard Alex said to the couple.

"You know, Lana is always looking for bands, maybe one of these days you can come up and play," the tall boy said.

A bald man walked into the cafe. Instantly there was a bright light radiating from him. It was sorta a white light, not like one of those angel lights, but something similar.

He went into the back room. Isabel could see the group was going to greet him, but because of his entrance, they didn't dare interrupt him.

"What was this all about?" the blonde girl said.

"Lex, probably has to see Lana," the tall boy said again.

"Well whatever, he didn't have to be so huff and puff about it," she said.

"Chloe, give him a break," Alex said being the mediator.

A loud crash was heard from the back. The trio instantly looked back as he noticed Isabel.

"Isabel, thank God, you came here," Alex said, hugging her. Isabel was taken back by it. This show of affection was completely different from before. Before Alex was protective, almost like Michael and Max.

"Alex, God, it feels so good to touch you again," Isabel said, not wanting to let go of him, "I'm so sorry. About the way I treated you. I'm so sorry."

She had to play along with the scene. She knew this was only a dream, but everything, every emotion was so real, every touch and smell, felt so real and so comforting. She wished she could stay in this particular scene forever.

In the corner of her eye, she saw a figure moving. She let go of Alex and they both faced the thing in front of her. A 6 foot rabbit. A grotesque almost satanic looking rabbit. But it wasn't an actual rabbit. Like a costume. Like someone was in the costume and pretending to be a rabbit.

"What is this?" Isabel whispered to Alex.

"The thing I've been running from. The thing that took my memory," Alex said attitude changing, he immediately stood in front of Isabel.

"You hear me, you won't take me anymore. You won't hurt Isabel. You won't hurt anyone," Alex yelled at the rabbit.

"I had to do it," it said in a raspy voice, "because it was meant to be. That was my mission."

Isabel was thoroughly confused by the rabbit image. Normally it wasn't too difficult to analyze dreams, as she had entered dreams before and was used to seeing the same things. Money images, water images, the same usual things people dreamt about. But this was definitely different.

It's right eye began to bleed. It slowly oozed out, but within a second blood sprayed out of the same eye quickly and hard like when water sprays out of an open fire hydrant. It's hand reached up to touch it as it began to rain blood. Tons and tons of blood began to pour. Inches were forming on the floor of the cafe.

"Clark, get everyone out of here," Alex yelled, unmoved by the flood of blood.

He saw him usher Chloe out of the restaurant and began to look for something in his pocket.

"Alex," Isabel whispered, "we have to get out of here."

"We can't. We have to stop them."

Blood began to soak through their clothes. It was hard for Isabel to see and breathe through the thick blood. She tried to wipe it away from her eyes, but more would rain on her, as if it would never stop.

Alex stood in front of the rabbit. It began to circle around them. Then it did the weirdest thing ever. It began to dance in the puddle of blood, as if welcoming the blood. The skin of the rabbit, turned from a dirty gray to a blood soaked red.

"War, war, war," it chanted, "all the blood, yours, your parents, everyone of this planet."

More 6 foot rabbits began to appear. Each one inching closer to Alex and Isabel. They moved back. They went around the counter. Max appeared from the opposite side the rabbits were coming from.

"Max?" Isabel said, confused. She had to get out of this dream. It was too much. She had never experienced something like this.

"Whenever you got scared you would leave. You can't leave now Isabel. You have to face this head on with us," Alex said.

Isabel knew he was right. She would always do that. Whenever the going got hard, she would make excuses and leave, just like when Alex began to warm up to her. She used the excuse he was suffocating her, but in reality she welcomed it because Alex was different. He didn't want to ravage her like the other boys in school did, but be loving and a good boyfriend.

But this was a dream, this wasn't happening.

"It's going to be ok," he said to Isabel, softer. Behind Max, Michael stepped out. To his side Maria, Liz, Kyle.

Clark rushed back into the restaurant at a lightening speed.

"This isn't your dream anymore is it," Isabel said to Alex.

"It's yours. These people are from where you come from," he responded back.

Isabel tried her hardest not to change her focus from Alex because she knew. She knew he was alive. This was going to happen in the future. Somehow she knew.

"You want a war," Max yelled to the leader of the rabbits, he raised his hand getting ready to release a green force field, "we'll give you a war."

"Zan," he hissed, releasing an evil laugh.
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Well after months of mind warping, how would your mind be?*happy*

Dreams can lead a person to the subconcious area of the mind. Haven't you ever dreamed of something weird? I know I have.

The rabbits and Zan are all symbols of the future. Alex isn't screwed up, he's having a dream.