Title: Bed of Roses
Author: Anya
Summary: This is based on challenge by Nova (Sour Chili Sugar Babe)
Its Uc.. Liz/Michael for now.. until Alec gets into the picture.

Chapter 1

Liz writing in her journal. Its been three years since Nancy died.. I wish

everyday since then that it had been me that had died instead. Jeff changed

overnight.. He's become a cold and very abusive. So, far.. I've kept Michael

in dark about Jeff. Jeff warned me if I told Michael he would kill us both. I

couldn't live with myself if Jeff did anything to harm Michael. He's been my

rock. Michael is worth all the pain.. He wants to get married once I become

legal. He proposes to me everytime I see him.. He even gives me a white rose

with a promise to give me a bed of roses on the night of our honeymoon..

Isn't he the best?? I live for the day we become man and wife. She stops

writing once Liz realizes how late it is and hides her journal.

Liz whispers her daily pray... "Please GOD, don't let today be the day I die."

Liz is busy hurrying up to get the dinner done for her father. For some reason

he's home early. She is almost done and quickly goes to put his food on the

table. Before Liz gets done, Jeff comes in drunk slamming the door shut.

"Why the hell is my dinner not ready, you little tramp?"

"I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as you are going to be once I am through with you, slut." Jeff

grabs Liz from her hair.. "You we're fuckng that two bit loser, weren't you,


"No.. He doesn't come around here anymore."

"Don't lie to me, you whore." Jeff grabing her by the face then slaps Liz

making her cry.

"Stop crying, bitch.. Its your own damn fault." He throws her own the floor.

Jeff begins kicking her. Liz knows better than to say anything or cry out in

pain.. It will only make Jeff hurt Liz even more. Jeff rips Liz's shirt off.

He takes his belt off and start whipping Liz. Can't taking anymore pain, she

passes out.

Hours later, Liz finds Jeff gone.

Liz tried to be strong for Michael but she doesn’t know what else she could

do. She doesn’t want to see the look of disgust on Michael’s eyes looking back

at her. Painfully she heads to the bathroom to clean up.. She turns on the

water and fills the tub. Liz picks up a razor.. She never notice before how

sharp the razors are. Liz begins to slash her wrist but doesn’t any pain. So

she cuts her other wrist.. Liz is hypnotize by the blood flowing down her arms

into the water. She starts to feel dizzy.. She reaches for the phone..

“Mikey?? I wanted to say I’m sorry for leaving you. You’re the best thing

that’s ever come into my life. I love you.” Liz passes out before she can tell

him anymore.

“Liz!!!! Answer me dammit!!! Liz??”

Michael uses his special powers and orbs to Liz’s house. He runs upstairs to

her room.

“Liz?? Babe, where are you?” Michael is shocked to seeing lying in tub with

wrists slashed. Michael becomes angry once he sees all the bruises and black

marks all over his lover’s body. He is going to kill that bastard that dared

to harm his Liz.

So, what do you think?? Should I write more???

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