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Title ~ To Breath Again
Author ~ RosWool
Disclaimer ~ I do not own the characters from Roswell and Smallville or wrote any of the episodes. Nobody Knows ~ By Live (Copyrighted cause I didn’t write this song)
Rating~R (language, so far)
Synopsis ~ Max has left earth to find his son on Antar. Liz having enough of being walked over and lied to by Max, has decided to get on with her life. Taking Kyle up on his offer to spend the summer with his nrealitives in Smallville the Kents. Liz is determine to begin a new chapter in her life, and maybe even find new love.

Prologue ~ To Breathe again By Carolyn Sawyers ~ Roswell/Smallville Crossover. ~ Roswell ~ Control ~ By Written by Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts/(Copyrighted) Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox~Smallville/ (Copyrighted) Warner Bros. & DC Comics.
Roswell, New Mexico

Liz Parker was worried! Max didn't call, like he promised.

She went through the motions of playing the Waitress at her parent's restaurant, the Crashdown. Her father was beginning to suspect that something not quite right was going on with his daughter. Why hasn’t Max called yet?

Liz looked up at the wall clock, glanced down at her watch. Checked her cell phone, which was in her apron. Making sure it was on, that the battery was charged. He was supposed to call before her shift. That was at 2:30.

It's 4:00 now. Max always kept their phone dates. What scared her is that something happen to him.

When she couldn't take it anymore. Liz called Isabel, Max.’s sister. Asking if she had heard from him. When Isabel said yes, he contacted her a few hours ago. Liz realizes he wasn't unconscious in a ditch somewhere. Why was he avoiding her?

When her shift ended. Liz angrily took her time card out from the metal slot, slid it in the punch out clock, shoved it back with the others, and went to the employee room, and opened up her locker. She shoved her cell phone in the locker, and took out a round beige box.

Maria startled by her sudden appearance, watched on, eating raisinettes.

Liz slammed the locker shut, plopped down beside her, and handed her a CD, and said grandly, "I brought your CD back."

"Good." Maria said, raising a curious eyebrow. She looked on. Chewing her food slowly, as Liz handed her the CD.

"Sure. There you go." Then Liz took the cover off the round beige sticker covered box, and began to unceremoniously handed her the contents," How about these peanut butter pretzels? I know that you really like those. Here. Just take them. The past 3 Simpson’s on tape. Really funny episodes. And why don't you take these stupid cookies that I made. And this really ugly, stupid picture of myself. Why don't you just take it all, Maria? "She slammed the cover back on the box, and she turned her head towards a stunned Maria, still chewing.

"Are we breaking up?" She finally said, looking at the bag of pretzels, Liz looked like she was on the verge of tears. Maria sighed and replied knowingly," No call?'

Liz shook her head and cried, "Nothing. And I was totally panicked until I talked to Isabel on the phone and she told me that Max called her this afternoon."

"Come here," Maria cooed, pulling Liz in an embrace. Liz rested her head on Maria's shoulder, and as she stroked Liz’s hair. She went on," I feel your pain, girlfriend. And you know what? Whenever this happens to me, there's only one thing I can do, and that is take it out on Michael. Let's go to his apartment right now."

This made Liz smile, and she pulled away from the embrace and looked squarely into her friends eyes, confuse, sadness and anger welled in them "You know that I have been with him through all of this. All of it. Any time that he needs anything, I'm there. Right? And he can't even pick up the phone." She tossed the box on the floor angrily. Liz folded both arms across her chest. She huffed angrily, turning to face Maria.

Maria nodded her head, agreeing with her, but she had decided to give Liz some advice," Well, this phone that you speak of, it's a revolutionary concept, yes, but it does work both ways." Maria opens the pretzels and reached in for a few.

Liz sighed, knowing her friend was right. Maybe she was looking into this more than she should. Why couldn't she call him? "I know."

Maria moved Max.’s care package items on the space beside her, got up and walked to the lockers. Liz watched her and realizes she was opening her locker.

"Maria what are you doing?" Liz asked, watching as Maria came back to the couch with Liz's phone. She handed her the cell, to a stun Liz.

"Go on, call him," Maria ordered, "Ease your mind girlfriend, he loves you, he wouldn't do anything stupid.... Well again anyway,"

Liz smiled at Maria's little jab, grabbing the phone, dialing the numbers, that Liz knew by heart.
In Los Angeles, on a high security Military base, a spaceship, that was hidden there, begins to rise.

Max just finish talking to Michael, informing his friend, that he's leaving earth. He decided that he was going to Antar. Determine to find his son. Of course Michael wasn't thrilled.

"What about Liz?" He asked, causing Max, to sigh in frustration. "Is finding your son worth losing her?"

"Tell Liz I’m sorry," Was all he could say, and ended the conversation.

Then his cell phone rings. Liz's name shows up in the window. Max looks at her name; conflicted whether he should take the call. With a frustrated sigh, he placed the phone back in his inside jacket pocket. He swore if he ever comes back to earth. He'll do everything in his power to make it up to her. That's if she'll ever talk to him again, and Michael doesn't kill him first.

The ship's tractor beam flashes out of the ship. Max looks at it. Knowing what, going on that ship, will cost him.

Yet the draw of finding his son took over. Pushing the guilty thoughts away. Max with determination walked into the beam.

Max was going back to his home planet, Antar.
Liz Parker sat on her bed, crying in the arms of her best friend Maria Deluca.

Max actually left, got on a space ship to rescue his son.

"After everything I did for him, he left without saying goodbye!" Liz wailed. Maria held her tighter; stroking her friends long black hair, and sighed in frustration.

Liz had to find out he left earth from a very pissed off Michael. Max called him, and told Michael he found the spaceship, it was working, and he didn't know if he was ever coming back.

"Tell Liz I'm sorry." He said before hanging up.

Michael told her the news about thirty minutes ago. You could tell he didn't want to. Max hurt Liz yet again, because he wasn't thinking about anyone but himself. "I'm sorry Liz, he screwed us too."

"God, I hate him, and that stupid murdering whore! I'm tired of all this bullshit. Sometimes... I wish Max never healed me!" Liz screamed angrily, pulling herself out of her friend’s arms. Going to her dresser and started throwing picture frames that had any picture of Max in them on the floor.

"Don't say that Liz, I'm glad he healed you, what would I've done without my best friend," Maria exclaimed, still on the bed. Watching Liz take her frustrations out on the picture frames. "Max was not the guy we knew then. Tess defiantly did something to him."

"Well yeah she did something to him! Tess fucked him, and he didn't protested very much." Liz shouted, her hands in fists, her face contorted in mixed hurt and anger.

"Well he did think you slept with Kyle," Maria pointed out, regretting those words.

"Don't you dare try and make excuses for him!" Liz screamed, smashing her heal into an already destroyed picture frame.

"I wasn't it's just...he was hurt to-"

"God, I'm so tired of this town. I can't breath. Day in, and day out I struggle. I can't continue to live in this place. Do you realize how hard it's going to be? It's going to be a constant reminder of him! God, I love him so much. He breaks my heart and I'm still proclaiming my love for him! We're so good together, and now.."Liz fell to the ground, totally exhausted, trying so very hard not to go insane." He told me searching for his son was a bad idea, that we were what were important. But he lied. In the back of his mind, Max knew he wouldn't be able to stop."

Maria got off the bed and sat next to her. Taking the small trash can beside her, and started putting the broken picture frame pieces in it.

"So, what do you want to do? Are you going to leave Roswell?" Maria asked, hating that she couldn't make her friends pain go away.

"Yes, far away," Liz said softly, picking a destroyed picture of Max. It was her favorite one of him.

"Well.... We still have a few months left before graduation." Maria replied. Touching her friends shoulder. "Soon you'll be heading to some collage far away from here. That should be enough distance."

"Oh, I need to be out of here like yesterday. I don't think I can survive another minute here." Liz said, throwing the picture away. She brought both hands to her face. Forcing her mind to try and think coherently.

"It's only a few months away." Maria pointed out, giving her friend a sympathetic look. Placing a hand, on Liz's, back and patted it with assurance.

"Well, I'm about to have a mental break down here! I don't think I can go back to school!" Liz countered, "So many memories, then there's Isabel-"

"Listen, Isabel is just as upset about her brother. She's not mad at you. Hell, she's about as pissed off at him, as you are. You got her support. Along with Kyle, Michael, and of course you got me babe, we'll help you get through this." Maria said, pulling her friend into a hug, "We all don't expect you to be all right with anything. What Max did to you was unthinkable!"

"Maybe they'll let me stay at home and finish the rest of the school year," Liz replied in desperation,
Lifting her face from her hands, "Maybe I can convince my parents that my sanity relies on not going back!"

"Okay, that's a start. I'm sure your father will understand. I mean you almost spent a long time in jail, when the two of you "held"up that convince store in Utah. He's never forgiven Max for that," Maria replied angrily.

"No kidding! I stood up for him too. Seeing Max behind my father's back. Doing what I could to help find his son. I was so stupid," Liz exclaimed, her face went back to her hands.

"You love him Liz. You're suppose to support the ones you love." Maria explained softly, "Too bad Max couldn't look past his selfishness to support you also."

"I'm so lost Maria. I-I don't know what to do!" Liz cried, her chin was now propped up on her knees, which were pulled up to her chest, "Where am I going to go?"

"Well what about Harvard?" Maria asked, "I thought that was like your dream collage."

"I did to, but I'm just not sure anymore. Maybe what I need is a break. What I should do is take a year off. Put myself back together."

"Liz, are you sure?" Maria replied in surprise. For as long as Maria can remember, collage was all Liz could think about. She planned everything out, since, God the fifth grade. Where she would go, the courses she'll take, the teachers she wanted. This was not the Liz she knew and loved. Max Evans better just stay where he is, because if he ever showed his face around her, she'll be sure to tell him like it is!

"Yes, I'm sure, I just don't think going to collage will do me any good," Liz announced sadly, "I think it'll make things worse."

There was a knock on the door and Kyle's muffled, "Can I come in?" came from behind it.

Maria looked at her friend to see if she wanted visitors. Liz shook her head, and said, "Come on in Kyle."

The door creaked open slowly, followed by Kyle's head, peeking in. looking around the room, seeing the girls little POW-Wow on the floor.

"Hey," He said, as the rest of his body came into the room, "Isabel told me what happen." Kyle shut the door softly, and went over to his friends. He took the spot, on the other side of Liz. With a sigh he asked, "Not doing so well huh?"

Liz shook her head and proclaimed, "I had better days."

"Liz is not going to collage after graduation," Maria said, causing Kyle to look at her in surprise.

"I hope you plan on leaving Roswell. I think it could do you some good." Kyle advised, placing his arm around Liz's shoulder.

"Well that's the plan," Liz said, resting her head on Kyle's shoulder. "I just don't know where yet."

"Well never fear, I've got an idea." Kyle announced, causing the two girls to look at him in wonder.

"My Aunt Martha is married to a farmer. She's my mom's sister. Well she's been hounding my dad to visit, but of course a lot has been going on. Well this summer my dad has decided to take her up on that offer."
Kyle went on, "Why don't you come with us? You too Maria. Nothing like getting back to nature and some manual labor to get one's mind off of heartache."

"You know that actually sounds like an idea," Liz replied, looking to see if Maria would go along with her. She's not really a nature loving kind of girl.

"I'll only go, if I don't have to do any manual labor!" Maria said with a smile.

"So where is this place we're going?" Liz asked

"Smallville Kanasas."

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful FB! Here's another part that I finsihed sooner then expected!
Peace Carolyn

Part one ~ To Breath again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers.

Three months later.... Smallville, Kansas…

Clark Kent, was in a loft, that his father built inside the barn for him. Jonathan Kent dubbed it, his fortress of solitude, his own little place to get away. It was in the back of the barn, you walk up a flight of stairs, stop at a landing and a few more stairs up, take’s you high above the barn to the loft. You can see everything that goes on in the spacious area below, from up there.

He decorated it with a couch, a desk, bookshelves, a radio and a telescope, that if you aim correctly out the paneless window, you can see right over at the Potter farm, about a mile away.
Clark with a sigh, thought about Lana Lang, the girl he loved for a long time.

It's been a week since the tornado wreaked havoc on Smallville.

Lana got caught in the thick of it and a whack to the head, put her in a comma.

He looked through his telescope, towards her house. It was deserted. Lana's Aunt Nell has been at the hospital every day since. After the storm ended, he found Lana unconscious. Using his super speed, Clark rushed her to the hospital. Got a doctor to look at her and left before anyone could ask any questions.

All of his powers were useless. What he wouldn't do to get Lana to wake up from that comma. His mother of course, told him he saved her from dying.

"Imagine what would've happen to Lana, if you never arrived."

His mother has always the voice of reasoning. However, he still couldn't help but feel guilty. If only he arrived minutes earlier. Before the truck got sucked up into the tornado funnel. She wouldn't be in a comma.

A knocking sound echoed through the barn. There stood Chloe, she looked as if she was having a bad day.

Clark knew this day would come. The last time he saw her was in the school's gymnasium during the prom. They almost kissed, and then the announcement of the tornado came, and he ran off knowing Lana was in danger. God she must really hate him right now.

"So...I ah, just came back from seeing Lana," She replied softly, fidgeting nervously, with a strain of her short blond hair.

"Oh, how is she?" Clark asked, knowing to procrastinate what happen that night at the prom was inevitable. He pulled the doors closed to the window, and stepped down from the landing where the telescope was on.

"Well nothing's changed," Chloe replied softly. She too was thinking about what almost happen.

Clark bit his bottom lip, raking a hand anxiously through his black hair. There was just no way around this. He had to broach the subject.

"Chloe about what happen at the dance, and me leaving you I-"

"Clark, it's okay,." She interrupted, knowing what she had to say, "I had some time to think things over, and you know, I think it would've been wrong if we crossed that line of friendship."

"You do?" Clark asked in disbelief. He was hoping for another chance. To make it up to her. He had feelings for Chloe and was willing to explore them more. Obviously she had a change of heart.

"Yeah," She lied, knowing there was nothing she would like more than to explore her more than friendship feelings for Clark.

However, the night of the tornado. Well it told her, that he was still hung up on Lana. That it didn’t matter how she felt about him. Lana will always be in the back of Clark’s mind. Chloe just couldn't bear that. She knew, even though Clark won't admit it. That she was just a distraction. Second best. Plan B if you will. Somehow she just didn't feel it was worth going through with it. What if things ended badly? Chloe did not think she could handle not having Clark in her life.

"Honestly Clark, we're great friends, I don't want to ruin something that means so much to me."

Clark was stunned. However, something deep down told him that it was a good thing. That maybe Chloe was right. Their friendship, meant so much to him. Things would definitely change. What would happen if they broke up? Clark didn't want to think about not ever having Chloe in his life.

"Okay, yeah.. maybe it's for the best." Clark agreed reluctantly, nodding his head slowly. His blue eyes looked to the floor.

Chloe did her best to hide her disappointment. She almost wished he protested a little. Try and convince her that she was wrong. That it was worth the risk.

His quickness in agreeing with her, confirmed she was right about Clark, he still wanted to be with Lana.

Now that Lana's boyfriend, Whitney is off to join the Marines. Clark will have a better chance to win her heart. However, Chloe knew that Clark, always the Boy Scout, wouldn't take advantage of that situation. Then there was the whole Lana in a comma. Kind of hard to win someone’s affections, when the person wasn't even conscious.

"Well now that we cleared things up," Chloe replied, putting on her best happy face, she went on, "I've got some great news."

Glad that the subject was being changed. Clark looked up at Chloe with a huge grin, he loved how sparkly blue her eyes were, and he shook his head, trying to remain focus, by asking. "Yeah what's that?"

"Well, since you're friends with Lex, I'm assuming you know about the Plant not closing down." Chloe explained, walking over to a couch, in the middle of the loft and sat down.

Before the tornado, Lex's father, Lionel Luther flew in by helicopter to Smallville. Lex thought it was going to be a congratulation speech to the Plant workers. The plant made a huge profit the past year. Well it turned out, that even though his father was impress, the speech he gave was hardly encouraging. He announced that the plant was closing, and everyone had Lex to thank for it. Though he didn't directly name Lex. However he knew the towns people of Smallvile were going to think that once word gets around.

"Yeah, he told me," Clark answered nodding his head, he chose to sit on a blanket-covered bale of hay, that was position in front of the couch.

Clark was wondering how Lex was holding up. Lionel Luther, Lex's father, got seriously hurt during the tornado. A ceiling support beam fell on top of him. Crushing his legs, and causing some severe swelling to his spine. Lionel Luther could be paralyzing for the rest of his life.

Lex flew all kinds of specialists in. They gave him all kinds of options. So after a lot of consideration; Lex told them to operate. The procedure was a success, that Mr. Luther's chances of walking again were possible. However, the operation had one slight side effect. Lex's father became blind.

Lex felt guilty about his decision. Maybe he should have taken more time to think over the options, but he was concern for his dad. He just wanted his dad healthy again.

He wanted to have his dad yelling at him. Challenging his every decision. He didn't know anything but being the pain in his father's ass. They were at their best when the two Luther’s were constantly at each other’s throats. With his dad at a disadvantage, Lex felt the fight for his own destiny, and his dad's constant reminder that he was nothing, seemed, well not the same. How derange was that?

For months he prayed his dad would get off his back. Let him run his own life. Well he got his wish. However this is not how he expected their battle to end. The good thing that came out of all of this, Is Lex got to keep the plant open.

"He is still my family Clark, no matter how dysfunctional it is," Lex told him, one day at the hospital. Clark went to see Lana, and there was Lex, still at his fathers’ bedside. He seemed to be crying, though Lex would never admit it to him.

Clark looked at him in surprise. Not that he would think Lex wouldn't care for his dad. He just didn't think he'd.. well be at the hospital so much.

He must've pick up on Clark’s confusion, and after he made that statement Clark was quickly in defensive mode.

"Oh, Lex I didn't think you didn't-"

"Clark it's okay, I think a lot of people are surprised." Lex countered. Taking his father's hand. Looking down at his dad's sleeping form. It seems to Clark, Lex felt guilty about his dad being blind. He never would've thought Lex would blame himself for it.

"So that means you're not moving to Meteroplios." Clark asked, sighing in relief.

"Well, no we're not moving." Chloe answered, however something else was on her mind.

"What Chloe, what happen?" Clark asked, sitting straight up. Concern.

"Nothing bad, actually it's good news." Chloe assured him, she added by saying, "I'm deciding to take the Daily news internship this summer."

"Really, wow, I-I thought they already had a summer intern. You did turn them down when they first offered it to you." Clark said, shaking his head in confusion.

"Yeah, I know." Chloe agreed, she then went on to tell him, "The other one got a better internship at some New York paper, they called me yesterday, asking if I would reconsider. So I told them yes this time."

"Wow, so you're leaving for Metropolis anyway." Clark replied a bit disappointed. When Lex told him the Fertilize plant wasn't closing down after all. Clark was thinking Chloe, Pete, and himself could hang out during the whole summer.

Well Pete Ross, the other member of their little cliche, is going to some football camp in Boston. Chloe has now informed him of her plans of interning for the Daily Planet. This was going to be the worse summer ever.

Now he'll have to play babysitter to his cousin Kyle. It's been Ten years since he saw his Uncle and cousin.

The year after their last visit, his Aunt Michelle left her husband and child. Running off to study art in Italy somewhere.

"Well, Congradulations, I'm proud of you," Clark replied, getting up to sit beside her on the couch, He took her in an embrace. A vanilla sent waft up his nose. He closed his eyes, willing the sadness to go away.

Clark so badly wanted to kiss her right now. However, he held back. Knowing that being with him is what she didn't want. Well at least he'll have the whole summer to get his mind off of his feelings for Chloe. It was good things didn't progress at the Prom. He wondered what would've happen if they did kiss. They'll never know now.

Pulling back, Clark gave her a huge smile, and demanded, "Send me tons of postcards will yay."

"You know I will." Chloe agreed, smiling at him. licking her lips, as she looked at his. Wondering what they felt like. Wondering if he tasted like the mints he popped in his mouth ever so often.

"Well I should get going, I've got tons of packing before I leave in three days." Chloe announced, slapping her hands on her legs as she raised from the couch.

"Leaving so soon," Clark said in disappointment. He was hoping to spend at least a little time with her.

"Yeah, I've decided to leave a week before I start. thought I get myself settled, bond with my Aunt, do some sight seeing." Chloe replied, walking to the stairs.

"I'll walk you down." Clark offered. Chloe smiled and began to descend the steps. He then added, "How about you, Pete and I go to the Talon tomorrow, have a send off coffee, on me. I'm going to be bored without you guys here."

"Well isn't Kyle coming?" Chloe asked as they reached the bottom step and walked towards the barns' front doors.

"Yeah, I'm so looking forward to that." He replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Chloe laughed and shook her head. She remembered Clark’s cousin very well. It was hard not to. The kid was a hardcore prankster. She remembered the huge wad of bubble gum he smooshed into her hair. It was weeks before it all came out.

"Well who knows, you haven't seen him in years," Chole said, as they walked to her car. "People do change Clark, sometimes for the better."

Clark opens her car door and she thanked him as she got inside. With a sigh he repied, "I hope so. I still can't stomach the sight of mayonnaise without wanting to hurl."

"Ah yes the infamous Mayo bath," Chloe said shaking her head, remembering the day Kyle rigged a bucket over Clark’s bedroom door. As soon as he stepped inside his room, down came the gooey smelly mess. She could almost still remember how awful it smelled. Kyle must've let the mayonnaise sit out for awhile.

"Yeah, pray for me will ya." He pleaded, leaning down to see Chloe better through the car window.

"I'll not only pray for you, but I'll pet the karma kitty as well." She promised, starting her car. Before driving away she confirmed, "So the Talon tomorrow night."

"It's a date," He replied stepping away from the car. Waving as she drove away. Thoughts of what could've been, invaded his head.

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Part 2~To Breath Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz Parker got out of Jim Valenti's Toyota SUV. Stretching her cramped legs. Enjoying the fresh air.
They've been on the road all day yesterday and today. They left Roswell before even the birds were awake the morning before. Liz stifled a yawn, and decided that it was awesome that Jim, decided to stop in downtown Smallville. They were all hungry, so everyone was thrilled, that Jim suggested they stop for a bite to eat before they drove another twenty minutes to the Kent farm.

"So, where shall we go?" Jim asked, slamming the driver's side door.

"I don't care! The first place we see, that has a bathroom," Maria exclaimed. Regretting the big gulp she sucked down about an hour ago.

"Hey this is new," Kyle pointed to a coffeehouse called the Talon.

Jim Valenti followed his sons’ finger and declared, "Oh this use to be the old Movie Theater."

He then looked next door at the flower shop. However it was empty now, "Looks like Nell Lang sold the flower shop."

"Whatever," Maria replied, making a beeline towards the Talon's front entrance, "We can go visit memory lane later,"

Everyone followed Maria's lead, and entered the Talon. The old Movie Theater’s lobby was now filled with Table's, booths, sofas and armchairs. Then there was the pillars, spread aimlessly throughout the Talon. decorated with Egyptian drawings . The place was amazing!

Jim Valenti whistled at the sight. "Wow, whoever bought this place did an amazing job."

Kyle sat on a huge red sofa, a glass coffee table, framed in rosewood, was in front of it. He picked up a magazine and pursued through it. Liz sat in a matching arm chair. Dying for a huge cup of coffee, maybe a blueberry muffin. Jim Valenti joined his son on the couch and picked up a menu. Maria joined them ten minutes later, raving about the bathroom.

"Liz, you should see it, it's about the size of the break room at the Crashdown. There’s couches in there, and it's immaculately clean." Maria gushed, taking a seat on the other matching armchair, beside Liz. She felt the velvet material and exclaimed, "OOH, I like this, very comfy."

Another ten minutes later passed, when a waitress finally came to their section, apologizing profusly, "Sorry for the wait, it's been a madhouse today! We finally reopened after being closed for about a week."

"Yeah, we heard about the tornado." Jim said. You couldn't help but notice the damage, driving into town. However the townspeople, use to living in such conditions, seem to have bounced back. It was business as usual. he then inquired, "So what happen to the flower shop?"

"Oh yes, Mrs. Potter sold it, she decided on a smaller location down the street. "The waitress declared, pulling an order pad out of her green apron pocket, then added, "She also on a occasion helps her niece run this place."

"Wait Lana Lang owns the Talon," Kyle asked in surprise. "Isn't she still in high school?"

"No, Lex Luther bought the old theater, but the two of them got this arrangement, since she was the one behind the conception of this place, Mr. Luther lets her run it. You can say he’s more of a silent partner"

"We have been away for awhile." Kyle exclaimed.

"Oh, you use to live here in Smallville? "The waitress asked, curious.

"Oh, no, but we use to visit here a lot, we have relatives in Smallville." Jim Valenti answered, "You probably know about the Kents."

"Oh yes, we sell Martha’s home made organic pies, their quite the popular seller." She beamed proudly.

"Oh yeah, Martha's pies, I remember those," Jim Valenti smiled dreamily, " She wouldn't have by chance, supplied you with any of her coconut cream pies, I hope."

"Yes, actually we got some in today." She replied with a laugh," So....I take it you'd have a piece of coconut cream pie."

Jim shook his head yes, and added, "Yes, and a cup of coffee, black please."

"I'll have the same, but make my drink a Mountain Dew." Kyle countered.

The waitress who's name is Amy, from her name tag. Looked at Liz.

"A caramel latte, and a blueberry muffin."

Amy's eyes went to Maria.

"A chamomile tea, and a honey nine grain bagel, don't toast it, and with some strawberry jam on the side."

Amy nodded her head, writing everything on the pad. She then looked up and stated, "I'll be back with your drinks."

She walked away, leaving the group to chill out, until their food came, in their own way.

Jim called Martha, telling her they’ve arrived, and will be at the farm shortly. Kyle continued to read the magazine from earlier. Maria began to file her nails, and Liz, well she extracted from her knap sack, a journal.

When Alex died, she just stopped caring enough to write about anything. Max was being a jerk. He got closer to Tess; slept with her and got her pregnant. Tess also was responsible for murdering her friend, Alex Whitman. She just didn't want to remember those times. So almost a year of her life remains uncharted in her journal.

So when Kyle asked Maria and herself to come along with him to Smallville. She decided to dust off her journal and write again. So now begins a new chapter in her life. Where there are no aliens. Where her life isn't in constant jeopardy from Evil aliens or special FBI agents who hunted them down, nothing.

For once in Liz Parker’s life, she'll be finally experiencing normalcy.

"OH my god, KYLE Valenti!" Screamed an unfamiliar girl’s voice.

Everyone looked up. Standing there holding a to go coffee cup, was a petite girl, about Liz's height, sporting short blond hair that feather upward at the ends, standing there grinning in disbelief.

Kyle got up and gave this girl a hug as he exclaimed, "Chloe Sullivan, my god you've grown up."

"Well I can say the same thing about you!" She countered, pulling back from his embrace, giving him a once over. Staring at him all impressive. After straightening his jacket collar, she declared, "You clean up well."

"So do you," He replied, raising an eyebrow, "You cut your hair, I like it."

"Yeah, well if you remember someone had this thing about putting gum in my hair," She exclaimed, glaring at him playfully, "I never got the chance to thank you for the lovely parting gift, when you last visited Smallville."

"Aha the pack of watermelon bubblicous gum."

"Freshly chewed, and put in my hair," Chloe counter, not knowing if she should strangle him, or laugh.

"I wonder if they even know we exist?" Maria whispered, looking at some obvious sparks going on between the two childhood friends.

Liz just shrugged her shoulders and looked on as Kyle and the girl Chloe went on about their past together as kids.

"..Clark still can't stand mayonnaise to this very day because of you," Chloe went on taking a sip of her coffee.

"It's good to know, maybe I should break out the old pranks for old times sake." Kyle suggested.

Then Jim Valenti cleared his throat. Kyle looked his way, and his father gave him a small wave.

"Son, I think you're forgetting something."

"What," Kyle replied confused. His father pointed towards his friends, who also waved, as if saying, hello Kyle, remembers us, your friends. He gasped, feeling stupid, and place his hand at the small of Chloe's back as he brought her closer to the group. "Ah Chloe, I like you to meet some friends of mine, Maria Deluca."

Maria waved, as she greeted, "Hello Chloe."

Chloe gave a small nod, and turned towards the petite brunette.

"And Liz Parker," He gestured with his hand, and turned to Chloe with a smile and announced, "They've decided to come with us, to get away from Roswell for awhile. Enjoy the small pleasures of Smallville."

Chloe laughed as she stated, "Well Smallville does have its uniqueness."

"What do you mean by that?." Maria declared, raising a curious eyebrow.

"Well, it's kind of complicated, but..."Chloe then caught the time on a wall clock, and gasped in shock, "Jesus is that the time? I need to get home and pack!"

"Pack, where are you going?" Kyle asked a bit disappointed.

"Metropolis, for the summer." Chloe answered excitedly, "I'm going to be an intern for the Daily Planet, I'll be staying with my Aunt Patricia for the summer."

"Wow, I remember you always dreamed of being a reporter for the Daily Planet," Kyle said with a laugh, he turned to Maria and Liz and declared, "She use to hide in trees across town, snapping pictures, trying to find the ultimate story."

"Hey, I was the one who caught that backyard bandit, thank you very much." She said indignantly.

"Yeah and if it wasn't for Clark, you'd probably would've been in serious danger." Kyle pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Clark was always there when you need him the most," Chloe countered, then with a sigh added, "Which reminds me, please ah, take it easy with Clark. Things have been kind of stressful with him lately. With the farm still totally being in disarray, because his father was in the storm, and was missing for a while, and then there's Lana in a comma."

"Lana's in a comma," Jim Valenti exclaimed in surprise.

"Yeah, Clark has been taken that pretty hard, since he was trying to find her during the storm." She replied with a sigh, then added, "So... I was kind of hoping you'd look out for him since Pete and I won't be here this summer"

"Yeah of course, do you know if she’ll recover?" Kyle asked, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"No one knows." Chloe replied, shaking her head," She should have died in that storm, you should've seen the truck she was driving, totally mangled."

"Damn," Maria replied, shaking her head.

"Anyway, I really got to go," Chloe replied, she rummage through her bag and pulled out a pad of paper and a pen, jotted down something, and ripped the page out of the notebook and handed it to Kyle. "My numbers in Metropolis, and my e-mail address. I hope you'll come and visit me."

"Of course, it's been awhile since I've been to Metropolis."

"So, ah tomorrow Clark , Pete and myself are getting together for a last hurrah, before we all go our separate ways for the summer. You should all come. Pete will be glad to see you again."

"I'll be there." Kyle replied, he looks toward Maria and Liz and asked, "What do you say you in?"

Liz nodded her head yes as Maria declared, "Yeah sounds like fun."

"Great," Chloe replied, buckling her bag back up. She looked at Kyle and gave him the biggest, brightest smile and announced, "I'll see you tomorrow Valenti. Just a warning, I'll be doing a body search for any gum."

“Looking forward to it,” Kyle joked, folding the paper she gave him.

Then she walked away, shaking her head. Leaving Kyle there staring after her. His jaw was on the floor, his eyes bugged out. The boy has got it bad.

"He's in town for not thirty minutes, and he's picking up chicks." Maria exclaimed, getting a wave of giggles from his father and friends.

"Ah you don't understand," Kyle said dreamily, walking towards the couch and plopped down, "I've use to have a crush on Ms. Sullivan. However she had it extremely bad for Clark."

"Ah, I get it." Maria said. Shaking her head, "That's why you tortured the poor girl, you liked her."

"Well, I had to get some attention from her somehow. She was so hung up on Clark, it was as sickening as Clarks crush on Lana. Man did she have an amazing left hook." Kyle replied dreamily.

"You're a sick individual." Maria added. Getting a nod of agreement from Kyle.

The waitress finally came with their drinks and food. As they ate, both Valenti men talked of their time spent here in Smallville. Even filled them in on the Meteorite shower, that destroyed half the town.

"We came to visit a month after it happen, man it was devastating," Jim replied, sadly, "They just adopted Clark. It was a crazy time."

"I remember reading about the strange occurrences that happen afterward. I was doing a research paper on natural disasters. " Liz recalled. Taking a sip of her drink. "People experiencing anomalous behavior, mutations. I heard that people were blaming the Luthor's fertilizing plant."

"Wait a minute!" Maria exclaimed, waving a finger wildly. "We go from one freaky town to another! Kyle you promised us a normal summer. This doesn't sound normal!"

"Oh come on Maria. It's a friggen meteorite shower, nothing you know Czechoslovakian," Kyle whispered.

Czechoslovakian is the term they used, whenever "Aliens" were discussed in public.

"I'm going to have to agree with Kyle here Maria," Liz replied. Putting down her coffee cup. "It was a natural disaster. I'm betting my money the fertilizing plant is the major cause of the abnormalities around here. Even then, six finger citizens and cucumbers the size of watermelons, could hardly compare with who we know and what we've been through."

"Yeah, Lionel Luthor is quite the shady character. I wouldn't be surprised if he ordered a few illegal dumpings here and there." Jim Valenti replied with trepidation.

As the conversation continued Liz suddenly got distraction by a guy, standing at the counter. He was about six feet tall, bald, and had amazing taste in clothes. He was dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt, with the top buttons undone, he wore no tie, and a black suit jacket that went past his knees.

It was weird how wrapped in Max she was that her eyes never wandered. Well her Max glasses were off now. And she liked what she saw.

"So you notice him too huh?" Maria whispered deviously in her ear.

"Huh?" Liz replied whipping her head towards Maria. A confused and dazed look appeared on her face.

"Tall, bald and handsome, by the counter." Maria declared, her head gesturing in that general direction.

The Valenti men who were listening in on their conversation, at the same time both looked in the direction, which seemed to be the point of interest.

Jim Valenti rolled his eyes and proclaimed, "That's Lionel Luthor’s son Lex. He runs the Smallville Lexcorp plant now."

"Is he like his father?" Liz asked, her interest for this guy peaked. She vaguely recognized him now from the tabloids. He was quite the bad boy years ago.

"Well, so far he's created more jobs, and more profit for the plant then his father. He’s supposedly got a clean environmental record." Jim replied, though skepticism was in his voice. "He managed to keep the plant open, even though his father tried to close it."

"Well it sounds like he's trying to prove he's not his father's son." Liz defended. Her gaze began to gravitate towards Lex again. A small smile appeared on her face.

"Well let’s hope so." Jim Valenti replied. "The world doesn't need another Lionel Luther."

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I am so loving this fic!!! I kind of like Kyle with Chloe. I also like Lex and Liz but only for a while. Maybe Lex can be Liz's rebound until she can get with Clark? Hmm? Please? I love Liz and Clark together and while there are a couple of fics that way, they aren't writing fast enough or they have broken them up again. I will keep reading this though and hopefully you think the way I do. If not, I can live with it. *big*


Well Beth, I;m glad you like the story, but so far I have no plans of putting Clark and Liz together. There's just too many of them out there, but I'm not saying that I won't concider it. My stories always have a mind of their own, so all I can say is maybe. Stilll love me*big*!

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great part. I wonder how Kyle and Chloe will hook up since she'll be going to Metropolis.

Well the answer lies in future chapters. You know she did ask him to come visit her, so we'll see what happens hmmm! *big*
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This is an amazing fic, but Nell's last name is Potter. She's Laura's sister, not Lewis's.
OMG, Your right! Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix that right away!
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ohhhhh!!! I have been looking for a lex/liz fic FOREVER!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! now if only it'll stay that way!

That's the plan. Thanks for reading. man the FB for this story is awesome. You guys rock, and it makes me want to write more.:D

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RosWool originally wrote:
Thanks for reading. man the FB for this story is awesome. You guys rock, and it makes me want to write more.:D

then please do!

Okay then I will.
I'm working on another on of my fnafics right now(Over at the dreamer board), however I promise later on this afternoon I will have a new part up for you guys.

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It's short, but I like how it came out. I promise a longer chapter next time *big*!
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Part 3~To Breath again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Lex Luthor was a little miffed that he had to park his Lexus two blocks down from the Talon. A SUV with Roswell plates were parked in his usual spot. Well Clarks Uncle and Cousin had finally arrived. Clark told him he wasn't really thrilled that his prankster cousin would be visiting the whole summer.

He was on his cell phone, talking to his father’s doctors. Getting an update of his progress.

Lex ended the conversation when he reached the Talon. Stepping inside, dreading the paper work he has to go over. Usually it was either Lana or Nell that took care of that. However, with Lana in a comma and her Aunt visiting her niece everyday, hoping for a miracle. Lex offered to take care of things at the Talon, until Nell was ready to come back.

Nell at first insisted that she'd do the paper work. He had his own crisis to worry about with his father. However Lex insisted back that burying himself in work would actually help him. So Nell agreed, actually relieved.

Lex didn't mind helping out Lana and Nell, they've been friends of the family for a long time. However he is going to hire a temporary manager soon, with his father coming home in a week, and running the plant, he’s not going to be able to do everything all the time.

"Mr. Luthor." Amy replied from behind the counter. Surprised to see the owner standing there. "I didn't think you'd be around until tomorrow."

"Yeah, well the hospital was getting a bit, claustrophobic." Lex answered. Putting his phone inside his jacket pocket. Then added, "I notice from the SUV outside, it seems we have visitors."

"Ah yes the Kents’ relatives, they're over there." Amy replied pointing. He followed her gesture. Seeing the back heads of two guys. Then he was surprise to see two girls. One had long light brown hair, and the other beside her was absolutely breathtaking. Long dark hair, brown eyes. she was sitting down Indian style in the chair, but he knew she was short, very petite.

"I didn't realize Clark had girl cousins." Lex asked, totally burning to memory the dark hair girls’ features.

"Oh, I believe they’re the boys friends."

"Interesting," He replied smirking. He turned to look at Amy and decided "Their order is on the house."

Amy nodded her head. "I was just about to bring their bill over to them."

"Is the weekly sales slips on the desk, all invoices?"

“Yeah all on the desk, along with things that I thought needed to be ordered. If you like I can do that, once you approve of everything."

"Excellent," he replied walking behind the counter, "If you don't mind, I'll make myself a drink."

"Of course," Amy said walking towards the group from Roswell.

He watched from the corner of his eye. As Amy explained that the bill was taken care of, the brunette glanced up catching his eye. He was caught, but he didn't care. He poured the milk in his Expresso. covered his cup, and raised it up in greeting to her. He walked away glad to see a huge smile on her face.

Lex has decided that he needed to welcome her properly to Smallville.

Jim pulled out his wallet preparing to pay for the bill. When the waitress announced that the bill was taken care of.

"Compliments of Lex Luthor." Amy replied. Smiling then walked away to her next customer.

"OOOkay," Jim replied, arching an eyebrow. Putting a ten dollar bill down for Amy's tip.

"Wonder why he did that?" Maria asked, confused.

"Clark and Lex have been friends since he saved Lex's life about a year ago." Kyle said. slurping the last of his drink. Then added, "Probably since we're family, we got some privileges."

"Nice," Maria replied nodding her head.

Liz looked up and realizes she was staring at the clearest blue eyes she ever did see. He smiled at her lifting his cup. She smiled, and was disappointed that he walked away.

Liz defiantly wanted to get to know this Lex Luthor a lot better.

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nice part.
I like the lex/liz couple thing though I am waiting her to meet clark, it should be very interesting. and with him being lex's best friend and all...

can't wait*happy*
thanks for the update.*happy*

Without ruining too much, Liz will meet Clark in the next part I post. I'm working on it at the moment. I hope to have it up tonight, but just in case something happens, tomorrow afternoon.

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I give you the thumbs up for posting to us so loyaly and in such a quick pace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are one of a kind *big*

yeah well Because I'm totally loving writing this story all my other fanfics have been suffering, but I do post eventually. I would like to give you guys a thump's up for being so awesome in reading this story and giving me such amazing FB and Bumping this story! You are the ones who are kind!*big*

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Since everyone has been so amazing with the FB, I made an extra effort to complete this next part.
Enjoy you guys!
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Part 4 ~ To Breath again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Clark came back from visiting Lana from the hospital to a full house. Not only were his Uncle Jim and Cousin Kyle here, but also one of Kyle’s friends. He knew there was another hanging around somewhere. He hoped his parents didn’t expect him to play the happy host-. He just wasn’t in the mood.

"Clark honey your home." Martha Kent exclaimed excitedly, hugging her son, and kissing his cheek.

"Mom." He replied. Kind of exhausted. Lana’s condition still hasn't changed. He looked at the crowd congregating around the kitchen table. An older Kyle waved at him.

“Clark my man, What’s up?”

“Nothing.” He replied. Going to the fridge. He grabbed a Mountain Dew and went upstairs to his room. Not caring if he was rude. He just wasn’t in the mood to play the charming host. All Clark wanted to do was mope in his room.

Seeing Lana just lying in the hospital bed, made him angry and sad. She was so fragile, it broke his heart. He may have all kinds of abilities, but he’d give them up in a heartbeat, if that would bring Lana out of her comma.

He turned on his bedroom lights and sat in front of his desk. Turning on his computer. He wanted to do some mindless Internet surfing, get his mind off of Lana’s condition, he knew however it wouldn’t be possible. However anything was better than having to deal with their guests from Roswell. He had the whole summer to be unwilling company. Right now, he just wanted to be alone.

So What ~ By Ani Difranco ~ Copyrighted Righteous babe records

Who’s gonna give a shit?
Who’s gonna take the Call?
When you find out that the road ahead,
Is painted on a wall.
And you’re turned up to top volume.
And you’re just sitting there in pause.
With your feral little secret,
Scratching at you with its claws,
And you’re trying hard to figure out
Just exactly how you feel.
Before you end up parked and sobbing,
Forehead on the steering wheel.

Who are you now?
And who were you then?
That you thought somehow,
You could just pretend.
That you could figure it all out,
The mathematics of regret,
So it takes two beers to remember now.
And five to forget,
That I love you so…
Yeah, I love you, so what.

Liz entered the barn. As instructed she flipped a switch and a flood of light envelops the room. It was huge and she couldn’t even begin to identify most of the things hung, propped, and placed through out the structure walls. She looked straight ahead and notice a staircase, it lead to a loft, built to overlook the setup of the barn. She walked towards the stair case, and began to walk up the stairs. She stopped at a landing and notice to the left and right of her, wooden platforms that ran the length of the building. On the right side there was a staircase which appears to leads to another way outside the barn itself. She sighed and continued to walk up the stairs. It lead her to Clarks loft. Martha was kind enough to tell her about it. She needed to be alone, and the kind woman said her son used the loft to think quite often.

Liz smiled seeing the telescope, on a raised wooden platform. She went to it. Glad to see something familiar.

How many times undone,
Can one person be?
As they’re careening through the façade.
Of their favorite fantasy
You just close your eyes slowly,
Like your waiting for a kiss.
And hope some lowly little power,
Will pull you out of this.
But none comes at first,
And little comes at all.
And when inspiration finally hits you,
It barely breaks your fall.

Looking through the lens, Liz realizes she was looking at someone’s house. She raised the telescope up towards the night sky. Amazed with how clear everything was. The constellations were not as hard to find. With a sigh she backed away, looking up at the night sky with her eyes alone. Wondering about Max. Was he okay? Did he find Tess and their son? She was so mad at him that’s for sure. Yet, she couldn’t help but love him still. Liz shook her head, cursing herself for her weakness. Did she honestly think that traveling to another state would actually make her forget about Max. No, she knew otherwise. Max was in her blood, under her skin, he burned in her mind. She’ll have to have amnesia to forget Max Evans. God what she wouldn’t do to get him out of her head. They had some wonderful times together. However the bad times seem to out number them.

Who were you then?
And who are you now?
That you can pretend.
That you can figure it all out,
Subtract out the impact,
And the fall is all you get.
So it takes two beers to remember now,
And three more to forget…
I love you so…
Yeah I love you, so what…
I loved you…so what.

Liz felt the tears misting up in her eyes. She wiped a stray one away, and willed her self to stay together.

“You can do this Parker.” She silently told her self. Taking a deep breath, then exhaling until she felt her control coming back. Max Evans is the past. He walked away, so can you.

“Clark,” replied a voice out of the blue. She snapped her head around and notice that it was Lex Luthor. Well this was an unexpected surprise.

Lex stood there a bit taken back. Not expecting anyone but Clark up here. She was surprise to. However, he was Clark’s friend. Why wouldn’t he be here for a visit.

“Sorry it’s just me.” Liz replied, stepping down from the platform. She sat down with an exhausted sigh on the beat up couch. Hoping she didn’t look as if she was crying.

“So Me, if that’s your real name.” He joked, leaning on the railing, arms folded across his chest. “Do you know if Clark is home?”

“No, I go by Liz, Liz Parker to be exact.” She replied smiling, “As for Clark. He wasn’t home when we arrived. So you’ll have to go to the house and check for yourself.”

Lex gave her a huge grin, and after a bit of a staring contest between them she said, “So your name is Lex right. I saw you at the Talon earlier today.”

“Yes that’s right.” Lex said shaking his head, he walked over to the couch and sat beside her. “I remember seeing you there, in fact Amy told me you were interested in a job as a waitress.”

“Well yeah, we were leaving and I notice the help wanted sign, I took a application to fill out and drop off tomorrow. Chloe invited us for coffee at the Talon tomorrow.” Liz said, smiling shyly at him. He did have some beautiful blue eyes and those lips, my God they looked good enough to taste.

“So have you waitress before?” He asked, liking the idea that he would have an excuse to see Liz everyday, when he gets his cappuccino.

“Yes at my parents restaurant, the Crashdown, quite the cheesy little alien theme resturant, but it does okay. I’ve even helped run the place when they’ve gone to restaurateur conventions, vacations, and stuff like that. I liked managing the place. So I saw the help wanted sign and thought it would be fun seeing how different a coffee bar is run from a restaurant.” She explained, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. Liking that Lex was distracting her from thoughts of Max.

“Probably not to much different.” Lex replied, a plan forming in his mind.

Liz saw a mischievous gleam in his eyes and asked, “What, is there something in my teeth?”

Liz began to run a finger over her teeth, when Lex declared, “No actually, I want to hire you, but not as a waitress.”

“I’m sorry then what exactly are you hiring me for then?” Liz asked, raising a confused eyebrow.

“I want you to manage the Talon, temporary of course until Lana Lang and Nell Porter are able to again.” Lex asked, hoping she’ll say yes. Even if she says no to the managing position, he’ll still take her on as a waitress.

“Wow, I mean I’m flattered Mr. Luthor-“

“Call me Lex please.” He interrupted, smiling at her.

“Well Lex,” She corrected her self, shaking her head, and then continued, “I’m flattered, but you hardly even know me. What makes you think I won’t run the place to the ground.”

“Liz, I’ve been a business man for sometime now, and if you don’t know now, you’ll know later that my father is a cunning and ruthless man. Growing up with a corporate shark like that gives you an insight on character, and you Ms. Parker, have goodness, creativity, and a certain kind of determination about you. I think the Talon would be more then capable in your hands.” Lex said, finding him self getting lost in her dark pools, in awe of how beautiful she is.

“So you can see all this about me in just this one meeting between us?” Liz asked, not sure if this guy was for real.

“You’ll be surprise what a first impression can tell you Liz.” Lex replied, holding out his hand. “So do you want the shot, or do you just want to be a lowly waitress which in my humble opinion is a waste of your talents.”

“Well after that stunning praise to the ego, how can I refuse,” Liz replied taking his hand, “You’ve got yourself a manger, temporary of course.”

“Of course.” He said, loving how soft her skin felt. Their hands lingered in the handshake, both not really wanting to let go, both feeling some kind of spark between them that they both really couldn’t quite explain.

Liz locked her gaze with his, and for some reason their heads started to gravitate slowly towards each other. When they heard someone clamber up the stairs. The spell was broken, and they quickly pulled away, letting their hands fall from each other’s grasp.

“Liz dinner is al-“Clarks sentence stopped short when he saw Lex sitting besides Liz. By the looks of things, he may have interrupted something, he then added, “Lex, this is a surprise.”

“Clark, just the person I was looking for.” Lex replied, getting up from the couch, “ I saw the lights on in the barn and thought you were in the loft, instead I found Ms. Parker here.”

Lex turned around and gestured a hand towards Liz, who got up, and stood behind Lex, she waved a meek greeting.

“Your mom said it would be okay to come up to the loft, so I could think a bit. I hope that was okay?” Liz asked, nervously. A bit shaken, but reeling in the fact that she almost kissed Lex Luthor.

“No that’s find, no problem, anytime.” Clark said, curious in what was going on before he came to the loft.

“Well, ah Lex, I’ll see you at the Talon tomorrow night, we’ll go over what you expect of me.” Liz said quickly, grabbing her sweater from the back of the couch, and made her way towards the stairs, “Clark I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Good night Liz,” Lex replied, watching her leave. A small smile on his face.

“Yeah, I’ll see ya soon.” Clark called after her, watching Liz go down the stairs, then turned to face his friend who was still watching Liz, until she exited the barn.

“What was that all about?” Clark asked, gesturing in the direction of the house, to where Liz was now heading.

“Hmm, what Clark?” Lex said, a bit distracted.

“With her meeting you at the Talon tomorrow, you seemed to be having an intense conversation before I interrupted.” Clark asked, wondering if Lex was romantically interested in one of the Kent’s guests from Roswell?

“OH, yeah well we were talking about her parents restaurant in Roswell, and how she use to help run the place, so I thought she’d be perfect to help run the Talon.” Lex replied, whapping his friend on the arm.

This made Clark furious, and he expressed his dislike in Lex’s new hire, “Are you crazy! I can’t believe you’d betray Lana like that!”

“Wait Clark you don’t under-“

“She made the Talon what it is! So now you’re going to replace her!” Clark sputtered out angrily, his hands were fists at his side, and he seriously looked like he wanted to punch a hole in something, or hell maybe even beat the crap out of Lex.

“No Clark I have no intention of re-“

“You hardly know her! What makes you think she-“

“Clark, for the love of God calm down,” Lex screamed, this time it was he who did the interrupting. When he got Clark’s attention he continued, “Liz’s position is totally temporary, she’s only managing until Lana is able to again, which I know will be real soon.”

Clark snapped closed his mouth, totally feeling like an asshole. He awkwardly stuffed his hands in his jean pockets and said apologetically, “I’m sorry Lex, I guess I’m just a little stressed, a lot has been going on.”

“It’s okay Clark, I understand.” Lex said, nodding his head in understanding. Lana in a comma couldn’t be easy for Clark. He’s of course probably blaming himself for it, kicking himself for not getting there sooner.
He’s always been the person to try and hold the world on his shoulders, blaming himself for a lot, when in fact he’s just a normal imperfect person who can’t always be everywhere for everyone.

Lex will always be thankful that Clark was at the bridge that day when his car went over, and dove in to rescue him. He’d be dead if he wasn’t. However he can’t be everyone’s super hero.

“Thanks Lex for being patient with me, I know you have your own problems to deal with..” Clark said sheepishly, he began to tap the bale of hay near-by with his foot. “It’s just, well I feel totally useless. I wish I can do something to help her.”

“We all do Clark, but Lana is a strong person, she’ll pull through. I have a few specialists flying in tomorrow. We’re going to do all that we can.” Lex said, sitting back down on the couch, Clark nodded his head, and took a seat besides Lex, his head went into his hands. He looked tired. Lex then added, “I’m glad to have found someone to run the Talon, with my dad coming to the mansion at the end of the week to recuperate, running LexCorp, and if it wasn’t for Liz, the Talon too. I mean I know I love keeping busy, but soon I’d probably be burning myself at both ends.”

“Well, I just hope Liz knows what she’s doing. I hate to have Lana come back to a restaurant she worked so hard to get up and running, be in shambles.” Clark replied, in concern.

“Believe me Clark, I invested a lot in the Talon, I don’t want it run to the ground as much as you do.” Lex answered, looking at his watch. “Which reminds me, I need to go to the Talon and go over the coffee order. I forgot to do that this afternoon.”

Lex got up and Clark followed him to the stairs, they walked down talking about Chloe and Pete leaving Smallville for the summer.

“Summer is going to really blow!” Clark exclaimed, shutting off the barn lights, as they exited the building

“Well at least Kyle and his friends will keep you company.” Lex replied, walking to his Lexus parked near the barn.

“Oh yeah, that’s going to be fun,” Clark replied saarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Yes, I know you have trepidation’s of your cousin, because of his childhood pranks, but he’s not a kid anymore Clark.” Lex said laughing, “I’m sure he’s outgrown Mayo bobby traps.”

“I hope so.” Clark said, stopping in front of Lex’s car.

“Just give them a chance, it never hurts to make new friends.” Lex replied, then added, “Hey we’re as different as night and day, and our friendship is doing pretty good.”

“I’ll keep an open mind.” Clark said laughing.

“Good,” Lex said, nodding his head as he got in his car. He rolled down the window and said, “So I’ll see you tomorrow night at the Talon.”

“Yes, I’m buying Chloe and Pete a goodbye coffee.” Clark said

“Yes, Liz told me, Chloe invited the Roswell trio to attend.” Lex said, laughing as his friend made a face.

“Well I guess here’s my chance to get to know them better,” Clark said wryly.

“There you go Clark, turning a negative into a positive.” Lex said as he started up his car, before he pulled away, he announced, “Good night Clark.”

Clark waved, and watched Lex’s car disappear. As he headed toward the house, he realized that this was going to be quite the dull summer.


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MRP originally wrote:
nice part, not what expected but hey, thats not my story, its yours!
it was a good part, come up with more soon*tongue*

lol Sorry, what was it that you were expecting? That Liz and Lex would Kiss? That Clark and Liz had more interaction with each other?

The story is still pretty young, and there's still so much that's going in my head. I'm glad you're liking it so far dispite.*big*

Thanks to everyone for the FB and BUMPS!!! You guys rock and it's greatly appreciated!

I'm hoping to get a new part up today, tomorrow the latest. I was writing an other fic that I've been greatly neglecting*big*.

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Sorry this a bit late. Posted in two parts because of length.
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Part 5a ~ To Breath again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers ~ The Pilot ~ Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar/ Smallville/ (Copyrighted) Warner Bros. & DC Comics.

Dinner at the Kent’s was a chaotic, fun filled event. Stories were being exchanged, laughter filled the comfy homely kitchen, and the mood was good, despite the tough times all the people in the room have been going through lately.

Well that is everyone except for Clark, who moped the whole time he was at the dinner table. Which was for about fifteen minutes. Then he abruptly asked to be excuse, claiming that he wasn’t feeling well.

Of course his parents knew he was lying. Clark never was sick a day in his life. For they knew whom Clark really was.

The day of the meteor shower, while Martha and Jonathan Kent was driving home. A meteor struck a near by field, the blast was strong that it tossed their truck over a few times. They woke up upside down in their over turned truck. A little dazed and confused from their accident.

Jonathan was the first one to see the five year old Clark, naked and smiling at him. A bit dirty, but not harmed or injured in any way. He seriously thought he was seeing things, because of the trauma to the head, by the car accident.

“ Martha?” Jonathan Proclaimed, needing her to confirm that he wasn’t seeing things.

Martha turns her head to look out the driver’s side window. They look at each other in shock.

Well if they were hallucinating they were hallucinating the same thing.

When they did mange to break free of their seat belts. They went searching through the debris for anyone who might know who this little boy belongs too? Martha clutched Clark in her arms; he was wrapped in a blanket. The whole ordeal didn’t seem to have any negative side effects on him at all. He hugged her neck, totally bonding to Martha, and she kind of liked the idea of maybe raising this boy. She couldn’t have kids of her own. Maybe they were supposed to stumble across this boy.

When they came across a space ship pod, about the size of a small child. It was pretty obvious it belonged to Clark. The little boy, in Martha’s arms was smiling and pointing at it excitedly and with recognition.

“Kids don’t just fall out of the sky, Martha.” Jonathan exclaimed, not really sure if he should believe anything that he’s seeing right now.

“Then where did he come from?” Martha asked, having a hard time turning away from the spaceship pod in the crater before them.

Jonathan sighed, and rubbed his hands across his face in frustration, as he answered, ”I don’t know, but he must have parents. They’ll find the pod.”

Martha looked at her husband, who turned to look at her and she replied, “ Well, if he does, they’re definitely not from Kansas. “

” Sweetheart, we can’t keep him. What are we going to tell people—we found him out in a field? Jonathan Placatingly said, shaking his head. Knowing that he’ll end up giving in. Martha always was very persuasive.

” We didn’t find him. He found us.” Martha replied cryptically, already setting up her case to adopt the little boy.

The Kents looked at each other, knowing that from that day forward their life had now drastically changed.

So their adopted son was from another planet, whom which had extraordinary powers. As time passed, new powers seem to have surface with Clark. He was amazingly strong, he runs so fast, you barely saw his form, he can see through solid objects, he never got sick, but in his first year of high school they realize he did have one weakness. The green meteor rock fragments, that are spread through out Smallville. They weaken him, and the longer he’s expose to them, the worse Clark gets.

So since they know that there’s no meteor rocks in the house, Clarks parents knew he was faking being sick.

Lana being in a coma hit him pretty hard. He probably didn’t like the idea of people he hardly knows staying with them. He’ll have to watch how he does things around the farm. With Clark being so strong and fast, most of the chores on the farm get done pretty quickly. Now that Theres Company, Clark will have to act “normal”, and pray he doesn’t screw up, which will make him even more miserable.

Clark until last year really didn’t understand why he’s the way he is. When Lex ran him over with his car, and he left the scene unscathed. Clark was confused in why he wasn’t seriously hurt, or even killed.

He went to his father demanding what the hell was going on? Reluctantly Jonathan Kent told him how they came about finding him. Least to say, Clark wasn’t very pleased. He wasn’t normal, he was a freak and hated that he couldn’t be like normal people. Instead he was hiding who he was, because his parents didn’t want anyone to know Clarks secret, because they were afraid that Clark would be taken away from them. If anyone found out how different he really is. The Kent’s knew that the rest of Clark’s life would probably be spent under a microscope. Being tested prodded, and god knows what else, to try and understand why he’s the way he is. They were determined not to let that day ever happen, and do what it takes to protect their son.

“Is he going to be okay?” Maria asked, following Clark’s retreating form.

“Yeah he will be eventually.” Martha said sadly, with a sigh she looked at her guests and added, “ Lana means so much to him, her accident has been really hard on him.”

“Yeah, we can only imagine.” Liz answered, playing with her food on the plate with her fork.

“Just be patient with him. I’m sure his anti-social ways will subside in time.” Jonathan asked, taking his plate to the sink.

“Hey, whatever.” Kyle replied, taking a drink of his milk. “We’re the ones that came at a bad time.”

“Kyle, don’t say that, we’re the ones that invited you.” Martha reprimanded, then with a sigh added, “How were we suppose to know a tornado was going to occur. You just try to enjoy yourselves and don’t let Clarks mood ruin your time here.”

Ten minutes later, dinner ended and Kyle and Jim volunteered for dish duty, while the Kent’s gossiped in the kitchen over coffee. Maria and Liz took theirs out to the front porch. Talking as they sat on the swinging chair.

“What a hectic first day huh?” Maria asked, placing her cup on the beat up coffee table in front of them.

“Yes indeed.” Liz replied, cupping her cup, enjoying the warmth on her hands.

“Soo, I think that since we’re alone. You can spill the beans about what happen between you and Lex up in the loft.” Maria asked, giving her a knowingly raised eyebrow.

“Nothing happen Maria.” Liz answered, rolling her eyes, she then added, “We were just talking. How I use to help run my parent’s restaurant came up and the next thing I knew he offered me a job.”

“Really?” Maria replied skeptically. She was going to further interrogate her but Kyle decided to show up.

“Howdy ladies.” Kyle announced as he open the front screen door. He took a seat on a white wicker chair, a few feet away from the porch swing, with a sigh of relief, he stated, “I’m so exhausted.”

“Well life on a farm I guess, and I’m assuming this is only the beginning.” Maria replied with a laugh. “I’m not really looking forward to waking up tomorrow. Why in the world did I decided to have a moment of weakness and offered to feed the animals tomorrow is beyond me.”

“No kidding, I hope you have decent footwear, I don’t think High heal shoes and thigh high boots are appropriate for manual labor.” Kyle joked shaking his head.

“Ha, Ha, Thanks for stating the obvious, Buddha Boy!” Maria joked, digging in on him about his recent journey into Buddhism. The ex-sports jock, after realizing that not only were there aliens from another planet living in Roswell, but he went to school with a few of them, and was brought back from the brink of death, because of Max Evans. It actually freaked him out. Finding Buddha was his way of dealing with things. Will there be any side effects, will he become one of them? Even after Liz told him that Max healed her long before Kyle, and she turned out just find. Didn’t seem to ease his mind at all.

“Just when we think everything has gone back to normal something very Czechoslovakian happens,” Kyle replied, using the code word, Maria and Liz had created, whenever “aliens” was being discussed. After coming back from football camp last year, He sought Liz out for answers to his questions. Since Max also healed her. ”Who’s to say that when Max healed you and me, there isn’t some kind of dormant side effect waiting to manifest and make our lives topsy turvy yet again. So I’ll just stay paranoid for the both of us, thank you very much.”

The quite night air was filled suddenly with the sound of a cell phone ringing.

“It’s me,” Maria replied, picking up her cell on the coffee table. She looked at the window and a huge smile appeared on her face, ”It’s Michael-“ She mouthed covering the phone, then gleefully replied, ”Space boy I miss you.”

Maria got up from the porch swing, and walked down the front steps of the house. Obviously wanting some alone time with her boyfriend.

Michael was kind of upset that Maria was going to be leaving Roswell for the summer. When Maria insisted that Liz needed her, Michael decided he should come.

“What and leave Isabel alone, I don’t think that’s a good idea, besides Michael I think it’ll be wise if you’re here in case Max decides to show up. I don’t want him trying to find Liz until she’s ready for him to find her. This is her time to sort things out. I don’t want Max confusing her with his profession of love. Max is her Achilles heal, and we all know she’ll give in if she sees him too soon. Liz has been involved with his needs for long enough. It’s time for Liz to start a new chapter in her life and that means No Max.” Maria exclaimed angrily.

So after hours of heated debating over Maria leaving him for the summer, he reluctantly relented. Making her promise that she’ll call him everyday, and that he could at least come to Smallville to visit her.

“So I know it’s too soon for you to be completely better, but are you having a good time anyway?” Kyle asked, deciding to take Maria’s place on the porch swing.

“Yeah I am Kyle.” Liz answered, a small smile formed on her lips, “I already have a job, and Chloe seems nice I can’t wait to hang out tomorrow with normal people, not that you and Maria aren’t normal it’s just-“

“I know Liz, back in Roswell whenever we hang out it was plotting some plan to save the world from evil Czechoslovakian’s destruction of the world, or trying to hide the Czechoslovakian’s secret from the FBI.” Kyle said laughing, then added, “It’ll be nice to actually relax and enjoy ourselves for once.”

“Exactly.” Liz said shaking her head, “So do you think something will happen between you and Chloe?”

“I don’t know, it’s too soon to tell, but I’m always open for the possibility that it could.” Kyle answered, sighing as he got this far off expression on his face. He snapped out of it and looked at Liz, with a mischievous look, and added, “I’m wondering about you and Lex Luthor myself.”

“Oh come on Kyle, you’re just as bad as Maria.” Liz exclaimed rolling her eyes, “He offered me a job that’s it.”

“Yeah, keep on telling yourself that.” Kyle countered laughing.

“Kyle it’s totally unrealistic for me to get involved with anyone so soon after Max and Mine’s relationship have suddenly come to a screeching halt.” Liz defended, though looking at Kyle he didn’t buy her denial of obvious growing feelings towards her now employer. “I’m serious Kyle, it’s not going to happen.”

“So what you’re saying is that you still love him.” Kyle asked, arching a curious eyebrow.

“You mean with Max?” Liz asked in return, getting a nod from Kyle. Liz pondered that question and wondered that her self. Max has been on her mind, reliving both good and bad memories. However since meeting Lex up in the loft, and what almost happen, Max.’s presence seems to slowly be taking a back burner. She glanced up at Kyle, who was smirking at her as she tried to wrestle with her inner emotions. With a sigh she finally answered him, “Honestly, I’m not actually sure. I’ve loved him so much for so long, I’m beginning to wondering if my feelings are out of habit instead of realness.”

“So Lex has nothing to do with that sudden revelation.” Kyle countered, giving her a huge knowing grin.

“No it is not.” Liz said shaking her head wildly, maybe she was protesting too much. Kyle’s look told her he didn’t believe her, “What Kyle, It’s the truth.”

“I believe you Liz.” Kyle said with a knowing smirk, though to him self, as he took a sip of his drink, he thought, “I give Liz a week before she gives in.”

Meanwhile as Liz was left to her own thoughts, she too wondered how long before the charms of Lex Luthor would win her over. It was obvious up in the loft he wanted to kiss her, and she probably would’ve let him if Clark didn’t interrupt them.

Liz had a feeling she was in over her head, and as a smile formed on her lips, she thought to herself that she might actually like that idea.

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Part 5b ~ To Breathe Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Lex sighed in pure bliss as he sat down in his recliner chair. A drink in hand, the fireplaces’ glow before him was claming, and the warmth inviting. He was exhausted, and wanted nothing more then to drink his brandy, and then go up to his room and sleep for a few hours before he heads back to the plant.

There’s a lot of work to be done before the EPA guy comes in a few weeks, and he wants to keep his clean environmental record. Unlike his father, he wants to actually earn it, and not pay off people. Lex yawned and
Shook his head, knowing he should really get to bed. Instead he remains planted in the chair and felt his eyelids getting heavy.

Then a buzz emanated form the intercom beside him, interrupting his lapse into unconsciousness.

The line flashing was from the front gate. He raised an eyebrow wondering who was visiting; he wasn’t expecting anyone.

“What’s up Charlie?” Lex asked the security guard on duty.

“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Luthor, but a Liz Parker is here to see you.” Replied the voice from the intercom.

Lex was definitely surprise. He wasn’t expecting to see Liz until tomorrow, and they were meeting at the Talon, since she’ll be there anyway.

“Send her up Charlie, thank you.” Lex replied, then called down to the kitchen and asked for a cart of refreshments, enough for two, to be brought up.

Lex got up from the recliner and went to sit behind his desk. He wanted to look busy. What a sight if she saw him snoozing in his chair with a drink in his hand. That didn’t make a very good picture in his mind.

Five minutes later a knock appeared on his study door. He opened his laptop, and a few files before announcing, “Come in.”

The heavy wooden doors open and there stood Alastair, decked out in his very starched suit, coattails, and stiff posture. He wheeled in a cart filled with a variety of drinks and pastries. Clearing his throat he announced, “Ms. Parker is out in the foyer Mr. Luthor.”

“Send her in.” He said, trying to hide his excitement. Liz actually came to see him, but exactly what for. Business, pleasure, he hoped it was the later.

“Very well sir.” Alastair replied, but before leaving asked, “Is there anything else you need, before I retire for the evening?”

“No everything is find, Thank you Alastair.” Lex replied, picking up a piece of paper that he pretended to be reading.

Five minutes after Alastair left, Liz entered the study. Her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. He stood up and couldn’t help but gawk at her. She was dressed in a stunning black strapless dress. Her long hair was up, and all Lex wanted to do was take her in his arms, and have his way with her right on this desk.

Lex quickly snapped out of his daze and as he cleared his throat he stated, “Liz, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Hello Lex.” She said softly, her smile made his insides melt. “I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything important.”

“Nothing that needs my attention right now.” Lex said, coming from behind his desk. She looked nervous standing there. So he suggested, as he gestured a hand towards his sitting couch, “Why don’t you take a seat. I took the liberty of ordering refreshments.”

“Thank you,” Liz said, smoothing the back of her dress before she sat down. Lex couldn’t help but watch her situate herself, crossing her shapely legs. Then stared up at him, catching him gawking at her.

“Ah so what would you like Liz, Tea, Coffee, some hot chocolate?” He asked, clearing his throat, walking over to the cart. Pretending to be interested in the raisin scones arranged on a plate and not how she’s making his knees turn into jelly, and his stomach twist into all kinds of knots.

“Well I’ll have some hot chocolate, but only if you’ve got some Bailey’s hanging around.” Liz replied, not taking her eyes off of him.

Her stare stirred all kinds of emotions inside of him. He cleared his throat and took the opportunity to walk over to the bar.

“Yeah I’ve got some Bailey’s,” He said opening the bottom cabinet door, pulling out a bottle, Lex walked back towards the couch as he announced,” A woman after my own heart.”

“Really Mr. Luthor, I pegged you as a Scotch maybe a Brandy kind of man.” Liz replied, getting up from the couch and walked beside him.

Lex fixed her drink, and handed it to her. Catching her gaze and locking onto it.

“Well yes, I love a good Brandy, but I don’t think it goes very well with hot chocolate.” Lex replied, feeling the electricity as her hand brushed his while taking her drink.

“I guess it wouldn’t.” Liz answered, taking a sip of her drink, without looking away from his eyes.

A staring contest assumed and Lex felt his lungs clench for air. What is she doing to him? A woman like this, has never before affected him this way. Liz made him want to lose control, to want to feel, to reveal his emotions, to open his heart and to love. Did he actually use the L word? Should this scare him? He’s not even know her a whole day yet. However here he is excited like a schoolboy on a first date, dying for her to feel the same way.

He cleared his throat, breaking the spell. She came here for a reason. Maybe he should ask her what it is?

“So Liz, what can I do for you this evening?” He asked, sitting on his recliner chair that he was on earlier.

Lex smiled and watched as she slowly walked toward him, and answered, him “Well to tell you the truth Lex, I came here with a story about how maybe we should go over some of the duties that you expect of me as acting manger of the Talon. Well after much thought, I felt that you being the intuitive businessman. Probably would have seen right through it."

“Probably,” Lex agreed, staring up at Liz standing over him, god but she was so beautiful. He smiled and repeated, “SO again MS. Liz Parker, Why are you here?”

“Well I couldn’t sleep Lex, because of you.” Liz answered, surprising him by straddling him. He hissed through his teeth as she leaned next to his ear, bit it’s lobe and whispered, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss we didn’t have up in the loft.”

“Really,” Lex whispered, taking his hand and placing it on the back of her neck, while the other went to the small of her back, he then added, “Well Liz you’re not alone.”

“Then what I suggest Mr. Luthor, is to finish what we started.” She whispered, taking his bottom lip in between her teeth and lightly tugged at it, she gave him a smoldering look and asked, “Don’t you agree?”

Lex answered Liz by taking her mouth with his hungrily. How soft they felt, how crazy she drove him as she rhythmically moved over him. How he loved moving his hands over her curves, how she reacted when he aggressively pulled down the top of her dress, and gently caressed her exposed breasts.

“Lex,” She shouted, taking her hands and ripping the front of his shirt open, causing buttons to fly everywhere. She then began to place feathery kisses all over his chest.

“Liz,” He growled, closing his eyes and reeling in the sensations.

Then she said the oddest thing, “Lex, the door.”

He opened his eyes and Liz was staring back at him, her hair down and wild, her lips swollen from their kisses.

“What?” He asked a bit confused.

“Someone’s at the door, shouldn’t you get it?”

That’s when Lex’s eyes flew open. Realizing he dreamt the whole thing. Hearing a knock on the door. He shook the sleepy cobwebs and announced “Come in.”

Alastair, came in looking a bit concern, “Are you okay sir?”

“Yes, I fell asleep.” Lex said, feeling bad, “I’m sorry to have worried you.”

“It’s all good sir.” Alastair replied his hands behind his back, “Maybe you should get some rest.”

“I will, I’ve got some files to go over.” Lex replied, not looking forward to that task. He then asked, “What can I do for you Alastair?”

“I will be retiring soon. Can I get you anything?” He asked dutifully.

“No, I’m all set.” Lex replied getting up from his chair to sit on another, behind his desk.

“Very good sir,” Alastair said with a bow, and before closing the door said, “Do get some sleep sir.”

“I will,” Lex answered, but thought that he probably wouldn’t, the images of his dream were still vivid in his mind.

“I’m in big trouble.” Lex said putting his head in his hands, but there was a small smile on his face, knowing that he was just find with it.

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MRP originally wrote:
what I expected from the clark liz meeting was a.. I don't know, that they at least talk a little bit? you really made him mopy...

anyway nice part(s). post more soon

Yeah I know I did, he's just upset about Lana is all. However never fear(or maybe you should hee hee), there's a method to my maddness. lol

Thanks for the FB
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Sorry I know it took awhile. Thanks for the FB and Bumps!

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Part Six ~ To Breathe Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers ~ Heat wave ~ By Jason Katims/Jason Katims Productions/Regency Televison/20th Century Fox (Copyrighted)

Liz was writing in her journal, back home in Roswell. On her roof porch, that was right outside her bedroom. Lounging in her chair, enjoying the light cool breeze. She had candles burning, and her red twinkle lights were on. Suddenly she heard Max.’s voice from down in the alley below.

“Liz! Are you there?”

A huge smile appeared on her face, and Liz got up from the chair and walks over to the edge of the roof and looks down to see Max.


“Hi.” Liz answered back, tucking a loose strain of her black hair behind her ear.

“Can I come up?” Max asked hopefully.

“Yeah, sure.” Liz agreed, backing up from the edge and went to her bedroom window to make sure her parents weren’t in sight.

Liz turned around to find that Max had already climbed up the ladder, and was on the roof, a smile on his face.

“Very impressive.” Liz said laughing.

“I try.” Max replied back, loving how he was staring at her with his intense amber gaze.

“You really can't stay long.” Liz said, pulling him away from the view of her bedroom window.

“I know. I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking a lot about last night.” Max replied, shaking his head.

“ Yeah, me, too.” She replied softly.

“When I saw Valenti taking you away like just hit home for me, you know? How much knowing me has screwed up your life.” He explained, looking up at her sadly.

“No, it's just the opposite.” Liz replied quickly.

“Thank you for saying that.”

“ It's the whole truth, Max.

“I better go.” Max announced, looking at her bedroom window, anxious that her parent’s will find him here.

“ Why?” She asked in disappointment.

“Cuz if I don't go right now, things are gonna change.” He warned, staring at her longingly

“Change, how?” Liz asked

“I'm gonna have to touch your hair...” Max began, smoothing out her hair, and then cupped her face with his hand, then continued. ” Cuz it's so soft...and I'd have to tell you matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together.”

“And then?” She asked, holding her breath as his other hand went on the other side of her face, she looked up into his eyes and smiled.

“And then...I'd have to do this...” Max whispered softly, before kissing her lightly. This was the first kiss they shared.

The two pulled away slightly. Smiling, looking deep into each other’s eyes, then without hesitation, they began to kiss each other long and with a whole lot of passion.

Liz snapped out of her daydream. Realizing she was no longer in Roswell, New Mexico, but in Smallville, Kansas. Sitting on the front porch, in a swinging chair, dirty, sweaty, and probably pretty smelly. As promised the girls awoke at the break of dawn, to feed the animals.

Kyle and Jim offered to pick up the animal feed and other provisions for the farm in town.

Clark and Jonathan were out in the fields spending their time repairing fence posts.

“Good Morning,” Replied Maria’s voice next her, Liz turned around and looked at a grinning Maria, who asked, “So did you have a nice nap?”

“I can’t believe I fell asleep!?” Liz exclaimed, rubbing her eyes. Maria shook her head. Then asked, “For how long?’

“Around twenty minutes.” Maria answered, taking a sip of her ice tea, “ Martha brought out some Ice tea before she went out to make her organic produce deliveries. Wait till you taste this stuff it’s amazing!”

“Thank god, I’m dying of thirst,” Liz said, gulping the ice tea, until it was almost gone.

“It’s a good thing you got up when you did, you almost missed the show.” Maria declared, staring to her left, where you can see part of the barn stick out.

“Huh? What show?” Liz asked confused, squinting her still sleep filed eyes.

“Oh come on Liz, brooding man and Kyle dirty, sweaty, and very bare-cheasted, are you blind or something!?” Maria exclaimed, shaking her head.

Some distance away from the Kent’s house, Liz did indeed see Kyle and Clark hovering over a beat up tractor that looked like it’s seen it’s day. Yet there they were trying to fix it, hoping to bring it back to life, so they can avoid buying another.

“Maria, you’re terrible! What about Michael?” Liz asked rolling her eyes.

“Oh Jesus Liz, I was admiring not acting upon, I love Michael with all my heart, but haven’t you heard the phrase you can look, but you better not touch.” Maria countered sipping her ice tea, and drooling over firm bodies and muscular arms, “ I mean please Liz, I would never do anything with Kyle, but Clark however I may consider.”

.”Maria,” Liz exclaimed laughing. Then as an after thought asked, ”When did Kyle and Jim get back?”

“Not to soon after you went into la la land. I believe Jim and Jonathan are in the barn unloading the animal feed from the SUV.” Maria answered, tilting her head a bit as Clark bent down to get something from a tool box, and announced, “ God lord, someone has got to hose me down or something.”


“Maria,” Liz exclaimed, with a laugh.

“Oh and speaking of hot guys, don’t think I’ve forgotten that I owe you a third degree about what happen in the loft with Lex Luthor.” Maria pointed out, smirking.

“Oh Maria your not seriously starting this conversation again, as I told you before Lex and I are-“

“Working together, it’s too soon to start a relationship, Blah Blah Blah, Liz focus!” Maria replied snapping her fingers, “We’re talking about having a fling with a very hot man, who you seem to have a thing for, and don’t you DARE try and deny it! Now spill or pay the price of me annoying you until you do!”

Liz looked at Maria who gave her, a very determine look. Obviously she wasn’t going to back down until she heard what Liz has been keeping to her self. Liz sighed and with a shrug of her shoulders decided to relent by confessing, “Lex and I almost kissed, I think.”

“You think, how can you not know about something like that?” Maria asked, shaking her head and looking at Liz as if she was about to strangle her.

“Well, I mean it appeared he was leaning in to kiss me, but we got interrupted so I’m not really quite sure if he was going to kiss me.” Liz answered, scrunching her face in confusion.

“Well what happen?” Maria asked, staring at Liz in anticipation.

“The Brooding Adonis happen, he came stomping up the stairs breaking the mood.” Liz answered, gesturing her hand toward the tractor.

“Damn him” Maria replied laughing.

Liz giggled with her friend and replied,” Maybe it was good that nothing happen, I mean maybe Lex would’ve regretted things if he kissed me. I’m just not ready, besides what would he want with a girl like me when every week he’s dating some blond bimbo with huge breasts.”

“You’re joking right,” Maria replied in disbelief.

“Oh come on Maria, remember all those times we’d be reading the inquisitor and there would always be some story with Lex and who he had on his arm that week. I’m sorry but maybe it’s best if I just focus on forgetting about max, and not get my life complicated by rebounding with the first guy that I find attractive.” Liz explained, shaking her head.

“So you do like him.” Maria replied grinning knowingly.

“That’s not the point Maria.” Liz answered. “Honestly, I’m sure I was looking into his body language more than I should’ve, He probably wasn’t even trying to kiss me.”

“Okay, you’re so not going to talk yourself out of this one.” Maria demanded, pointing a finger at her, then added, ”Why is it not possible that someone other then Max Evans could want you.”

“I wasn’t saying that Maria, I’m just thinking that it’s kind of wishful thinking on my part.” Liz replied wanting to end this conversation right now.

“Wishful thinking? Liz you’re a bouncing ball of emotions! You say with glee that you and Lex almost kissed, and then you’re like no he didn’t want to kiss me, and then you’re saying that you’re glad he didn’t cause your still getting over Max and besides he’s into blondes with big boobs, girlfriend you so want him!” Maria asked not believing her friend is being so delusional.

“Okay so maybe I do like him, and maybe I wish Clark didn’t interrupt us, but honestly Maria, maybe there’s a reason why it didn’t happen.” Liz countered, tucking her feet underneath her.

“Okay, so maybe you have a point, but honestly Liz, I know you and you’re going to be obsessing about what didn’t happen until it drives you crazy!” Maria pointed out, then suggested, “I think you should talk to Lex, ask him what he thinks.”

“What is it I should be thinking about?” Came Lex’s voice from behind them.

The girls swung their heads at the same time, toward the front door. Lex Luthor leaned on the inside frame, looking through the screen door at the girls, who looked back at each other with a ‘Oh shit how much did he hear look.”

“Ah-well, I guess I was wondering…” Liz started to say, looking at Lex nervously, then back at Maria, and pleaded for some help with her eyes, then back at Lex who seemed to be smirking, when Maria suddenly blurted out.

“Health Insurance.”

Liz gave Maria a, what look whom just said with her eyes, just go with it.

“Yes Health insurance,” Liz said quickly, turning to face Lex again, a smile plastered on her face, “I mean, do you have coverage, am I too temporary to be qualified, that sort of thing.” Liz bit her bottom lip thinking how very weak that sounded.

“We can talk about that tonight at the Talon.” Lex replied, walking over to Liz and hunched down beside her and asked, ” How are you doing Liz?”

Taken a little back she replied, “Find, thank you.”

Maria grabbed her completely filled glass of Ice tea, chugged it down in seconds flat and announced, ”Look at this I’m totally out of ice tea,” She got up quickly from the porch swing and headed toward the front door, ”Lex would you like a ice tea?”

“That would be great, thank you Maria.” Lex said, his eyes haven’t left Liz’s, who even though is enjoying his crystal stare, was feeling a bit awkward.

“Liz you good?” Maria asked, smiling knowing that Lex is definitely into her friend. Liz will give in, she had a feeling Lex isn’t the type of person who gives up easily.

“I’m good thanks Maria,” Liz replied, giving her friend a thanks-for-leaving-me-look. Maria in return gave her a this-is-for-your-own-good-grin, before going inside the house.

Lex got up and asked,” Can I sit besides you?”

“Sure,” She answered, then added,” I must warn you, I’m filthy, sweaty and smelly, so sit with caution.”

Lex laughed as he took the recently vacated seat by Maria and declared, “You wear dirty well, plus I must say your accessories go well with your look.” He grabbed a piece of straw from her hair, and lightly brushed it across her nose.

Embarrassed Liz snatched the straw from his hand and said, “Lex flattery will get you everything.”

“Here’s hoping,” Lex replied, taking his thumb and wiping a smudge of dirt from her cheek, however his hand lingered on her face, and Liz suddenly felt her face burn.

“So ah, Why-“

“I’m not seeing anyone Liz.” Lex replied suddenly.

“Well not that I really asked, but good for you-“

“I’m more of a brunette man myself.” He continued, interrupting her once again. “With dark brown eyes, that looks like melted chocolate.”

Liz looked on with mouth gaped open. He was pretty up front wasn’t he? Suddenly her head began going into four million directions, knowing that he actually heard everything that she and Maria were discussing, plus his hand felt so wonderful on her face, and she’s almost certain his body had moved closer. His face seemed dangerously close to hers.

“So-o-o, why is it that ah, you heard everything that ah, Maria and I were talking about, but you acted like you didn’t.” Liz wondered, trying to steady her breath.

“I don’t know, maybe I was waiting to see what story you’d make up.” Lex replied, placing his other hand on her face. “I didn’t sleep very well last night.”

“Really, why’s that.” Liz asked with a gulp.

“Because I couldn’t help but think about you, and what I was hoping we be doing, before Clark interrupt us last night.” Lex whispered, his head leaning in.

“Ah, yeah I wasn’t quite sure if I was imagining that, but-“

“No, I wanted to kiss you so badly Liz, and-“

“Lex is that you?” Screamed a voice from afar.

Both Liz and Lex looked out towards the front of the house, and there was Clark waving at them, walking towards the porch. Lex took his hands off of Liz’s face and stated, “Is it me or does Clarks timing get better and better.”

Liz smiled, and nodded in agreement. Thinking that she hated that Lex got up, but before walking down the steps he turned to her and declared, “WE will finish this conversation Liz, you can count on that.”

Liz looked after him, loving the way he moved. She watched as the two men shook hands and began to have a conversation.

Was this really happening? Was she actually leaning towards getting involved with Lex? He made it clear that he was interested. There were pros and Cons if she does this.

Was she ready, or is her being delusional, an excuse to play it safe?

“Okay here we go Lex one Ice-“ Maria announced then realized Lex wasn’t there, “-Tea. Where is he?”
Liz gestured her head over to where Lex and Clark was standing.

“Okay,” Maria replied taking back her spot, placing the two glasses on the table and asked, “So by looking at your flushed face, something was about to happen, but Clark interrupted again!”

Liz pointed to her nose as if she and Maria were playing a game of charades, Liz breathed a sigh in frustration as she announced, “ Maria, I can’t believe how intense things got between us. He heard everything we talked about you know.”

No,” Maria replied grinning,” I like him Liz, you should find a way to keep him, well at least for a little while anyway.’

“Maria what should I do?” Liz pleaded, framing her face with her hands.

Maria looked at her friend with sympathy and with a sigh she took the spot next to Liz and as she grabbed Liz’s hands she announced, “Liz my advice to you is attack the man and ravage him like a craze wanton!”

Liz laughed so hard she was close to tears.

“Maria I love you.” Liz said as the two girls hugged.

“I love you too chica,” She repeated, squeezing hard before she pulled away and announced, “But seriously Liz, you want to get over max, well Lex Luthor seems to be that cure. You totally beam with joy when he’s around you and that my friend in my book is a good thing. Don’t over analyze to the point of no return. Pursue your feelings for Lex, and see where they lead you. Who knows something special and unexpected might happen.”

Liz pondered on Maria’s advice. She looked towards Lex and Clark, and smiled as she saw him glance her way, catching and holding onto her gaze, so he could send her a private message. “Until tonight Liz.” Was what she swore he was telling her.

She slightly nodded her head and smiled telling him she couldn’t wait.

Maria was right of course, Max was like this incurable disease, or so she thought. Ever since she saw Lex at the Talon, the day she arrived in Smallville, the need to Miss Max, and have him invade her every thought has been far and few in between. Could she ever breathe again without Max? Well the answer to that was yes it was a possibility.

“So ravage him like a craze wanton huh?” Liz asked Maria with a grin. Who was laughing and nodding her head, daring Liz to let loose and go with the flow.

Liz could almost feel the fresh air invade her lungs. To breathe again, to live again, to feel again, and to be who she was before Max Evans entered her life. Free.

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I know my updates have been not so frequent, but I've been working on my other fanfics that I've been neglecting, but never fear I've been working on the next part also. I want to have it up by tomorrow night. You guys have been amazing with the FB,Bumps,That I want to get a brand new part up for you to read.

So here's my apology and a promise of a new part soon.

Peace Carolyn
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Hey it's me again, with still no update. I've been very unhappy with how this next part has been coming out.

I'm re-writing some parts that I think are important.

bare with me. I'm sorry for the delay again.

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Thanks everyone for the FB and Bumps. I'm sorry it took me so long, but I finally got a new part. It's pretty long to so I'll have to put it up in two posts.

I want to say that the next part does deal with Clark and Kyle, I was going to jump directly to the Talon after the last chapter, but I wanted Clark and Kyle to well you'll see. I think the part is good for this story, and of course I know you'll all tell me if it isn't lol.

Thanks agian for your patience! Enjoy

Peace Carolyn

Part 7 ~ To Breathe Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers ~ Roswell ~ Destiny ~ By Thania St. John ~ Jason Katims Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox (Copyrighted).

Kyle and Clark gave a celebrated whoop as the old tractor roared to life.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” Kyle announced, banging on the steering wheel. “She wasn’t dead yet!”

“I don’t know what you did Kyle, but dad and I were fiddling with that engine for an hour before you came to the rescue.” Clark replied beaming. He was amazed by how comfortable Kyle was playing around with the tractor engine. Clark was just the assistant, handing tools when asked. He did this with his dad too. Mechanics was all-Greek to him.

“Well it helps that one of your dad’s friends owns a garage and loves to talk about engines and how to fix them.” Kyle answered, wiping his filthly hands on a rag near by, he then added. “He’d invite me and my dad almost every weekend for a barbecue with his family. Every weekend he’d be working on a different car, he would ask me to assist him, and pretty soon, just by starting the engine, I knew what was wrong with it.”

Kyle actually has been surprising him in lot of things. They were getting to know each other over breakfast and he realized how much Kyle has change for the better.

Back when Kyle would visit, he was always trying to be the center of attention, when he wasn’t showing off he was annoying the hell out of Clark with his damn pranks. They were just kids, but Clark had Kyle pegged as a future Jock.

His cousin was all about sports. Playing them, watching them, declaring one day he’ll play left field for the Houston Astro’s. Though Kyle and his Uncle Jim stopped coming when his Mom’s sister left Jim. The former Sheriff and his parents would correspond through letters and phone calls. Keeping them updated on their lives. Clark wasn’t surprise that Kyle was captain of every sport imaginable, wrestling, baseball, football, and basketball.

He was on his way to that Houston Astro’s job; there was no doubt in Clark’s mind.

Now since he’s been here. Sports of any kind have yet to leave Kyle’s lips. Instead he would talk about his new founded love of fixing cars, and his journey into Buddhism. Kyle Valenti A friggin Buddhist! He was the last person Clark would’ve though to have found Buddha. Well Lex was right about people changing, and boy did Kyle change in a big way.

His cousin was actually enjoyable to hang around with.
Even at the breakfast table Kyle could feel the vibes of disbelief emanating off of Clark.

“Go ahead Clark ask your question,” Kyle urged, a smirk on his face.

“Ask what?” Clark responded, feigning stupidity.

“How is it that Mr. All American became a Buddhist?” Kyle asked knowingly, then added, “I know when we were kids I was a punk, who pretty much didn’t care about anyone but him self. Well my dangerous path continued up until my sophomore year of High school, but luckily for me I had an epiphany, well the epiphany kind of found me. From that day forward I knew I had to walk a different path.”

“So you just decided instantly to become a Buddhist.” Clark asked, intrigued.

“No, I was at Football Camp of all places.” Kyle answered with a laugh, then added, “Not that I wanted to be there, but well we went to town for a little field trip to the mall. I went to the bookstore to buy a football magazine, as I was waiting in the check out line they had this spinning rack and on it was little books, I mean they had everything from meet the stars of Star Trek to The tiny book of Buddha quotes. “

“You picked up the Buddha book.” Clark replied with a smile, Then asked, “What made you do that?”

“You know what, I don’t know. I just-I don’t know felt some kind of pull towards it, Laugh if you will but it’s true.” Kyle answered, smiling sheepishly, then continued, “From the first quote to the last I felt-I don’t know in peace, like someone knew I was feeling pretty low, and knew I needed to see these quotes to help me start my path.”

“What happen to you Kyle?” Clark asked, curious.
Kyle began to get this far away look, as if remembering…

Two Years ago…
He’s at his dad’s house and he’s confused as to why a FBI agent is guarding him, and why his dad isn’t around, and why he needs protecting.

Deciding he had enough of unanswered questions, he asked, “ I want to know what the hell is going on.”

“My orders are to protect…”

“Protect me from any harm. I know.” Kyle interrupted the agent, pointing a finger at his “protector” Kyle continued,” You told me. Look, if my dad's in any trouble, I have to know about it.”

“I know you’re confused, but this is for the best, just do as your told and you and your father will be safe.” The agent answered, looking outside the sliding glass window.

Just then the agent began to talk to someone at the sliding door.

He turned around to face Kyle who looked confused, “ Stay here.” He went back to looking unseeingly out the door, nodding his head, and listening intently.

“ I understand. Hondo.” The agent replied, Kyle at this moment, was behind the agent, seeing him talking to no one.

“Who are you talking to?” Kyle asked, wondering who would send a crazy guy to guard him. When he didn’t answer him right away, he clapped his hands together and screamed, “Hey!”

“What the hell just happened here?” Asked the agent, who seemed to have snapped out of a trance.

“I was kinda hoping you could tell me.” Kyle asked, realizing something not right was going on here.
See what Kyle knew now what he didn’t know then, is that Tess Harding was manipulating the mind of the agent. Making him hear and believe that Agent Pierce was standing right in front of him, when she lost control of his mind, the hallucination disappeared, and causing him to feel disoriented.

Just then Max comes in and punches out the agent. Who flew backwards on the coffee table causing it to break, he grabbed the agents gun and walkie-talkie. A stunned Kyle began screaming as he waved his hands wildly, “What are you doing? He's an FBI Agent.”

“He's not what you think he is.” Max replied, dragging the agent across the floor of the Valenti’s living room.

Kyle walked not to far behind him and accused, “ I should have known it! Where the hell's my father?”

“ Safe. That's all I can tell you right now.” Max replied, stopping briefly to look at Kyle.

Kyle shook his head wildly and declared, “ Well that's not good enough.”

“It'll have to be.” Max replied stuffing the agent inside the closet then turned around towards Kyle and Ordered, ”Turn around.”

Kyle defiantly folded his arms across his chest and declared in disbelief, ” What? No.”

“I said turn around!” Max said sternly. Kyle raised his eyebrows kind of imitated by max.’s demanding voice, not knowing what he’ll do to Kyle if he didn’t obey him So reluctantly he did as Max told him.

As Max melts the lock on the closet door, Kyle proclaimed, “Look, if anything happens to my father because of you, I swear to God, I will kill you myself.”
Max walked in front of him and replied sternly, “I can't explain anything right now. This wasn't supposed to happen. Your father's ok. Just stay put. He doesn't want you involved.” He pointed to the closet where the agent is and demanded,” Don't let him out of there and we'll all be ok.”

Max leaves from the sliding door. Kyle goes directly to the closet and tries to turn the knob it doesn’t budge. Deciding he’s not going to stick around here, not knowing if his father is dead or alive, he grabs his coat and starts heading out the door. However he stops in front of his father’s gun case, and decided, he was going to protect himself.

Kyle managed to tail Max all the way back to the UFO center. Something was going on, and if his father was there and alive he was going to help him.

Five minutes later he was downstairs in the basement part of the museum. It was dark, except for the illumination of the slide projector, it was flashing different pictures, and he saw his Fathers new deputy tied to a chair. He went to a room that was adjoined to the projecting room, and popped out from behind the screen.

Pierce saw him immediately, “Hey, Kyle. Kyle, it's Max Evans and the others they have your father.

Kyle’s face distorted in anger, he knew Max Evans wasn’t to be trusted, he then asked looking around the room, “ Where?”

“ I can't tell you, now, just untie me. They'll be back in seconds.” Pierce replied anxiously, looking around hoping they won’t come back until Kyle has set him free, he then said impatiently,” Hurry up.”

Looking over his shoulder at Kyle, he spots a gun tucked into Kyle's waistband. With a frustrated yet celebratory sigh he demanded,” Kyle, give me that. Give me that gun. What are you doing with it? Get out of here. Go hide.”

Reluctantly Kyle gives Pierce the gun, and though he disappears, he decided that he was going to stay and watch. Finally max Evans was going to pay for stealing Liz away from him.

Pierce waits in the chair with the gun hidden, pretending to be tied still.

Max, Michael and Valenti walk by. Talking about something, then in an instant Pierce jumps out of his chair and surprises the trio by shooting at them, however he misses.

Valenti fires repeatedly in the direction that Pierce had fled.

Kyle then felt something slam into his chest, taking the air out of his lungs, it burned, and he put his hand to where the pain seared, he looked at his shaking hand and realize it had blood on it. Jesus Christ he got shot.
Passing out on the floor, Kyle realizes he was taking in his last breaths, he was going to die. All because of Max Evans and whatever secrets he was hiding.

He vaguely remembers his dad hugging and crying over him, and the next thing he knew he felt something warm and energizing go over his wound.

Kyle felt the air go back into his lungs, He suddenly felt like he never was never in pain or a bullet didn’t enter his chest. Kyle looked at the group of people looking at him and in confusion asked, ”What the hell just happened to me? “

“I don't care who you are, or what you are. I'll be here for you. I need a moment alone with my son.” He promised, causing all kinds of questions in Kyle’s mind, his father grabbed him in a bear hug, and Kyle knew something had changed his life forever.

Later that evening his father told him that Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were aliens.

He thought his dad was crazy, there was no such thing as aliens. However, he was bleeding to death on the UFO center’s floor, how did he survive? There was no sign of any bullet entry on his chest, just a glow of a silver handprint. Just like the one he saw on Liz’s stomach in the beginning of the year. Max brought him back from the brink of death. What is going to happen to him now? Will he change into one of them?

Continued on next post...

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“Kyle are you okay?” Clark finally asked, watching as his cousin snapped out of whatever past memory he was living through.

He looked dazed for about a few seconds before shaking the cobwebs away and answered, “AH yeah sorry, didn’t mean to space out like that, I must be over tired.”

“Where were you?” Clark asked concern.

“Back in time, to where the journey I now take had begun,” Kyle cryptically answered.

“What happen to you Kyle?” Clark asked, knowing that it had to be serious, he saw Kyle’s face when he spaced out for about five minutes, and it was rather troubling.

“Something that I will never forget, however as Buddha once said, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present.”

“So I guess that means your not telling me.”

“Exactly, but I will tell you this; that it taught me that life is too short, and I wasn’t living it the way I was intended to. As Buddha says, ”This is what should be done by one who is skilled in goodness, and who knows the path of peace; Let them be able and upright, straightforward and gentle in speech. Humble and not conceited, contented and easily satisfied. Unburdened with dutied and frugal in their ways. Peaceful and calm and wise and skillful, not proud and demanding in nature. Let them do not the slightest thing that that the wise would later reprove. “

“I’ve no idea what you’re trying to say, but I guess if it makes sense to you.” Clark replied raising an confused eyebrow.

That’s what he’s been hearing all through breakfast and during the time they were fixing the truck. Kyle Valenti Buhhda ramblings, he is one crazy kid, but he likes the new Kyle better then snobby Jock Kyle.

So back to the present…

Kyle was trying to explain what he did to the truck, but one look at Clarks glazed over eyes told him he was losing his cousins attention. He then paused and with a laugh said,” Of course it’s amazing what electrical tape and a little creative ingenuity can do to breath life to a piece of machinery like this beat up girl.” Kyle explained hopping down from the Tractor, he grabbed his shirt placed on the hood and put it on. ”But seriously though Clark, all I did was put a Band-Aid on it, your father should start thinking about getting a new one.”

“Yeah, I know, but well the farm is barely surviving, we can’t afford a new tractor.” Clark replied grimily. Then joked, “ We’ll just keep you around.”

“As tempting as that offer is,” Kyle joked, grabbing his Mountain Dew bottle on the ground, and after he took a sip asked, “Isn’t there like loans that you can get?”

“Dad applied for one, but the bank refused.” Clark said, putting on his shirt. “Lex tried to help, but my dad refused to take his money.”

“Well that’s silly, just because Lionel Luthor is a prick doesn’t mean Lex will fallow in his footsteps.”

“Yeah well there’s a lot of bad blood between the name Luthor and the people here in Smallville.” Clark explained nodding his head, “A lot of families, Pete Ross’s included got screwed over big time when Lionel first showed up in Smallville, he conned a lot of families out of their land so he can build that plant.”

“Well your friends with Lex right. You trust him, why can’t your dad? I just don’t get it.” Kyle answered, a little confused. Then added, “There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills. “

“I like that is that Buddha?” Clark asked, knowing it probably was.

“Yes, it’s advice we all should learn and apply to ourselves.” Kyle replied thoughtfully, then after a pause he asked, “So what do you think about Lex and Liz getting together?”

“I’m sorry did you just say Lex and Liz were together?” Clark responded slowly.

“I’m surprise you don’t know since he is your friend.” Kyle answered, then added,” I’m not saying it’s set in stone, but well just by looking at them now, you can tell something is going to happen if not now, then later.”

“What do you mean by looking at them now?” Clark asked confused. Kyle pointed behind Clark and he turned his head and saw his question.

The two were sitting on the porch swing, and looking rather cozy.

“Oh I see,” Clark replied slowly, then turned back towards Kyle who was grinning.

“Ah yes, you knew something was going on didn’t you?” Kyle asked curious.

“Well, I wasn’t quite sure, I interrupted something intense last night when I went to get Liz up in the loft.” Clark replied, taking another quick glance at the porch, Lex had his hand on her face, and Liz was smiling dreamily up at him.

“You seemed concern Clark,” Kyle asked raising a curious eyebrow then added, “You don’t trust Liz or something, cause Liz wouldn’t-“

“No nothing Like that, Liz seems like a nice girl. To be truthful Lex isn’t a committed kind of guy. See he’s a bit –he kind of -well he dates a lot of girls and sometimes a few at a time, he’s been hurt, and well he doesn’t exactly trust the opposite sex too much.” Clark replied reluctantly, then added, “I just don’t want Liz to expect something more then like a few weeks of his attention before he’s off to his next conquest.”

“Does he keep his intentions a secret?”

“Well no he tells them how it is, but well-“

“Then what’s the problem, I see this as a great experience for Liz,” Kyle interrupted, then replied truthfully, “I for one am glad she’s not wallowing over Max, she’s been hurt and I am glad that she’s getting distracted. However I don’t care how powerful he is or who he knows or what he can do to me, if he once plays Liz for a fool and is untruthful to her in anyway, I’m sorry Buddha, but I will personally beat the crap out of him”

Clark couldn’t help but laugh, that was the first time he saw Kyle get angry since he arrived at the farm.

“Well I hardly think that Lex would hurt Liz, but still I’m worried, they work together and if this turn sour I feel it could get pretty awkward around here and-“

“Clark as Buddha says, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. So let them make they’re own decisions, and if they need advice, they know who their friends are,” Kyle announced whapping Clark on the back, then added, ”I’m starving lets grab something to eat.”

Clark shook his head and stated, “You got a quote for everything don’t you?”

Kyle shook his head and replied, “Yes I do, but it’s obvious that this is bugging you, So just go and talk to Lex, if it’ll ease your mind.”

“I think I will,” Clark replied slowly, looking back at the porch, “I’ll meet you in the house.”

“Okay,” Kyle said, following Clarks gaze, the couple on the swing looked ready to plant one despite who may or may not be watching, then announced, “I’ll just use the back entrance.”

Kyle left and Clark began to walk towards the front of the house. Biting his bottom lip he decided he was going to make sure Lex knew what he was getting into.

It’s not like Lex can ignore Liz, if they start a relationship and it ends terribly. They’re working together at the Talon. Though Liz is the acting manager, until Lana and Nell get back to running the Talon full time, Lex will be needed if a crisis arises.

“Lex is that you?” Clark said, stating the obvious, he waved at the two of them, and saw them pull apart. This was the second time he “interrupted” them in a span of two days. He felt bad, it just he’s got to make his feelings known.

Maybe he was over reacting a bit, but things are good between him and Kyle right now. Then there’s Lex his friend, he just doesn’t want to be stuck in the middle. He’s been through that enough already, if he can prevent that from happening then he’s going to try.

Lex met him half way, and said, “Hello Clark.”

“I would ask what are you doing here? However I have a feeling I know why.” Clark replied, looking at Lex knowingly, then shot a glance over to where Liz was sitting, Maria had just came out from the house.

Lex grinned back at Clark, looked behind him to stare at Liz, then turned back to look at Clark and responded, “If you mean I came here to see Liz, well that was only half the reason.”

Reaching into his inside jacket pocket he pulled out an envelope with the name Kent spelled in the middle of it, and as he handed the envelope to Clark he continued, “I wanted to drop this off on my way to the plant. Your mother forgot to get the check this morning for the produce order. Seeing Liz well, that was a bonus”

“So it’s true then, you and Liz are-“

“Not as of yet, but who knows, she intrigues me Clark.” Lex interrupted, putting his hands in his slack pockets.

“Lex, Liz is dealing with a relationship that ended badly, do you think its wise to pursue her right now?” Clark bluntly asked.

“Ah, the ever concern Clark Kent.” Lex responded shaking his head, then added, “You’ve never really cared about my dating habits before.”

“Yeah well that’s before your eyes set on Liz, my cousins friend.” Clark countered, then added,” Lex she’s not like your typical girlfriends. I just think its unwise to get involved with not only an employee, but someone who’s on the rebound from what I hear a very intense, very long, very loving relationship. She needs time Lex, I just want you to understand the possible negative outcome you involving yourself with her can lead.”

“Well I do know she’s on the rebound Clark, I have done a background check on her. There’s nothing about her past that I don’t know, or will hold against her.” Lex replied smiling actually getting a kick out of Clark’s concern. Then added, “Believe me she will not be left in the dark. In fact I have decided for the duration of Liz’s stay in Smallville I will exclusively see her.”

This caused Clarks mouth to gape open in shock as he proclaimed, “Exclusively, I’m sorry can someone please bring back the real Lex Luthor, I’m speaking to a clone of him.”

“I told you she intrigues me, she’s different from anyone I’ve ever meet. I want to get to know her, and I have ever intention of making sure we’re still friends, and communicating when she goes back to Roswell. She’s a rarity in this world of back stabbing, two-faced women.”

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay Lex?” Clark asked confused.

“I’ve never felt better.” Lex answered smiling, the with a shrug of his shoulders stated, “What I can’t have feelings?’

“No I’m just-It’s that-I mean Lex when Victoria betrayed you, you were so set in not-well you know, letting a female get under your skin, and it seems that Liz manage to do what no one has been able to do for a very long time.” Clark replied, shaking his head, then added, “I think it’s great, and believe me I’m not here to judge you or tell you who you can or can not see, I’m just saying, just be careful that’s all.”

“I know you’re just worried and that’s okay, I’m touched that you want to make sure that this doesn’t blow up not in only my face, but Liz’s also.” Lex answered, then as he put his hand on Clark’s shoulder he added, ”However Liz and I are grown adults, who are capable of making grown up decisions. You worry too much Clark, worry about the chaos of your own life and know that me possibly being involve with Liz is none of your concern.”

“Okay, I just pissed you off didn’t I,” Clark said shaking his head, feeling like a fool.

“Not to badly no, but It’s good of you to worry, even if it’s just a waste of your time.” Lex replied, smiling.

“I just had to say what I had to say, and I’ll not bring it up again.” Clark replied, then said,”You know it’s kind of funny, Kyle and Maria two of her best friends, are totally approving of this possible fling you know.”

“Really?” Lex replied in shock, and added, “I was expecting a line to form and a lot of you break her heart, I break your leg.”

“Oh believe me, I did tell Kyle about your-ah-well not so commited ways” Clark joked glancing at Lex, who was shaking his head and rolling his eyes, then he continued, “Kyle was-well....lets say adament about you being truthful with Liz from beginning to end. He even for a moment forgot he was a Buddhist and threaten to beat the crap out of you.”

“Wait the Jock is a Buddhsit?” Lex exclaimed in disbelief. Clark shook his head, and had a grin on his face, the look Lex gave him must’ve been what Clark looked like when Kyle told him the news.

“Well that’s a story I’d really like to hear..” He let his sentence trail off as he looked down at his wrist watch, then continued,” But I really need to get to the Plant.” He looked up at Clark and asked,” Would you walk me to my car? I parked behind the house.”

Clark nodded his head, as he answered,”Yeah sure.”

“Thanks,” He replied with a smile, he then turned to look back at Liz, and was happy that she was looking his way already. Clark watches on as they silently communicated to each other, and then with a sigh Lex looked at Clark and said, with a laugh. ”Okay let’s go before I change my mind, and totally blow off this share holders meeting.”

“The day Lex Luthor blows off anything related to his work, is the day I eat mayonnaise again.” Clark proclaimed, whapping Lex lightly on the back.

“Better be careful what you say Clark, cause you never know what may happen.” Lex said as they walked to the back of the house.

As Clark watch Lex drive away he was glad they had their talk. Even though Lex pretty much told him to mind his own business, it felt good to get what he was feeling out in the open.

In fact after talking to Lex, he felt that maybe he was wrong about not totally agreeing with Lex and Liz’s possibly seeing each other. In fact Clark notice something different about the look in his best friends eyes whenever he talked about or looked at the girl from Roswell.

Maybe Liz Parker will melt his friends’ heart that has iced up over years of heartache, and hell Lex could even possibly make Liz realize that Max Evans wasn’t the only man in the universe.

Clark has decided to make sure that this relationship has a chance and makes sure that no dumb stuff gets in the way of it starting, or continuing for tht matter.

What was that quote by Buddha that Kyle told him earlier, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. “


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MRP originally wrote:
I loved that part. it was really good!

just one thing. usually when people shake thier heads it means 'no'. you put it as 'yes' and it kinda confused me along the way. just for your notice.

keep up the good work*happy*

Thank you so much for pointing out my error. It was pretty late when I was editing. I went back and fixed them.

Thanks so much for the FB.

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ANyway give me a few days and I'll have a new part up. I have a other Fanfic tht I'm writing now, so thanks agiain YOU GUYS ROCK!

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RosBuffyangelfan Wow girl thanks for the bumps!

I also want to thank everyone for their amazing FB So far.

Okay Off to be creative hee hee.

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You've all have been wonderful and I apologize once again.

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Look I finally have a new part to post!!
Thanks for everyone's patience! It's kind of long so it'll be done in two posts.

FYI, I'm going to the dreamer party in California so It'll be a while before a new part is completed, like I've been regualry posting anyway.

Peace CArolyn

Part 8 ~ To Breathe Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers~ Roswell (Copyrighted) Balance ~ By Thania St. John ~ Jason Katmins Productions/Regency Television/20th Century Fox. Smallville ~ The Pilot ~ Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar ~ Smallville/ (Copyrighted) Warner Bros. & DC Comics.

Two years ago ~ Senior Chows Restaurant…

“Ok, let me see yours.” Liz asked after reading her fortune cookie, Max placed the small piece of paper against his chest so she wouldn’t see what it says.
"Ask a girl to dance with you." Max replied with a grin.
“Is that really what it says?” Liz asked not really believing him.
“It depends on your answer.” Max countered, flashing her a smile.
“Yes.” Liz replied nodding her head, her face turning red.
“Then that's really what it says.” Max said getting up from his chair and held out his hand for Liz to take.
“Ok.” Liz said, taking his hand, letting Max lead her out on the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around her, and as they slowed dance, they stared into each other’s eyes. Reeling in this moment, finally alone and reedy to take that final step of finally revealing feelings they’ve been trying to deny, but tonight, well tonight was going to put an end of all that. Nothing or no one is going to ruin this night for the both of them.
“My parents are away for the weekend. They're at a stargazing camp-out. Something about Venus being in the morning sky.” Liz replied, trying to make conversation, cause she was nervous as hell.
Max smiled, and proclaimed, “I thought she was right in front of me.

Liz smiled and the two began to gravitate towards each other, ready to share a kiss they’ve been longing to share all night, but haven’t because they kept getting interrupted.

However, it seems that the night of interruptions have yet to end.

“Hey Liz.”

Both Liz and Max looked toward their left and notice Clark Kent?

“Clark what are you doing here in Roswell?” Liz asked a bit perplexed.

“I don’t know, this is your dream.” Clark replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“You know this guy?” Max asked, obviously upset from being interrupted.

Liz shook her head as she answered, “Yeah he’s Kyle’s Cousin.”

“That’s funny, I didn’t know Kyle had any relatives living in Roswell, besides his Dad and grandfather.” Max replied, raising a curious eyebrow.

“Oh I don’t live in Roswell, I’m from Smallville, Kansas.” He explained matter of factly.

“What are you doing here then?” Liz asked again.

“Oh yeah, ah max right.” He asked pointing to him. Max shook his head, not really quite sure what to say. Clark then added, “Your spaceship is here to take you back to Antar to find your son. This is your only chance so you better go now.”

“Really?” Max replied excitedly, Clark shook his head, and he turned to Liz and grabbed her shoulders and added, “Isn’t this wonderful Liz, this is everything that I’ve been praying for.”

“But max we’re on a date.” Liz replied confused, this wasn’t how it happens, when it originally happens.

“I know, but we can always go on other dates right, this is my son Liz, he’s important.”

“Yeah I know, but you told me you were finish trying to find him, that I was what was important.” Liz said disappointed.

“You are important Liz, and I promise once I get back we’ll go on another date.” He kissed her forehead and said, “ You always have been there for me, and I know when I come back you’ll still be waiting for me.”

“Wait max I-“
“I better go.” He said going to their table, grabbed his coat and ran out Senior Chows. Leaving Liz in utter shock, heartbroken, and to pay the bill.

“That wasn’t very nice of him” Clark replied. Tissing, and shaking his head in sympathy.

“I totally agree with you.

Liz looked up to see that Maria is now besides Clark. When did she get here?

“Maria, what’s going on?”

“Well duh girlfriend, you’re having a dream and I guess you’re still upset that max left to go find his son.”

“Well I shouldn’t it’s his son and all-“

“Liz, it’s time for your reality check, forget about the Czechoslovakian It’s time to move on.”

“Max is a Czechoslovakian?”

“Yes he is Clark,”

“And he rides spaceships to other planets.”

“That’s what they do Clark.”

“So, all this time Czechoslovakians are really aliens from outer space.”

“Yes Clark how quickly you catch on.”

“Wow, so I guess I’m a –“

“Clark please can you not talk anymore okay.” Maria replied annoyed.

“Find you know what, I’m just going to ah-play pool.” Clark suddenly announced, walking over to the table.

Maria sighed in frustration and after a short prayer for strength turned to Liz and replied,” You have the weirdest dreams.”

“it must’ve been the Chinese food we had earlier, I know we should have gone for the Italian Instead,” Liz replied thoughtfully.

“Okay Liz focus here, you’re becoming just as bad as wonderboy over there.” Maria replied pointing to Clark who was taking the pool balls and sliding them across the table into the pockets. “Weird, any way back to the real issue.”

“So pretale what is that Maria.”

“Lex Luthor.”

“Even in my dreams you’re a hopeless nag.”
“Well come on he’s gorgeous, rich and not a moody dark haired guy from an exotic location if you know what I mean.” Maria said grabbing her friend by the shoulders and shook her a bit, “He’s normal, not a Czechoslovakian looking for his alien son.”

“Hey it’s Lex, Hey Lex.” Clark announced way to loudly, waving frantically at his friend, then declared, “Want to play pool with me?”

“Maybe some other time Clark.” Lex replied, walking towards Liz, his eyes not leaving Liz’s, since she looked up after Clark’s announcement.

Maria grinned and whispered in her ear before he reached them, “He wants you, you want him, go for it! Max is not the only living breathing male in the universe, remember these words Liz, Ravage him, like the wanton I know that is deep inside of you.”

Maria left Liz’s side, and went over to the pool table to try and control Clark who was now trying to balance a pool cue vertically on his palm. “Hey Maria Look what I can do.”

“I’m proud of you, now stop it before you hurt someone.”

“Hey,” Liz replied softly as Lex walked up to her.

“Hey,” he repeated, taking his hand and reached to tuck as piece of her strand hair behind Liz’s ear.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” Lex said softly then asked, “So why so sad Liz?”

“Max left me.”

“Well he’s a fool, for he doesn’t realize what an amazing person you are.” Lex responded, gliding his hand up and down her arm, then after locking her stare with his own asked,” Would you dance with me?”

“Yes I would love to dance with you.” Liz answered nodding her head, she encircled his neck with her arms, and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“This is nice,” He said softly, smiling gently at her.

“Yes it is.” Liz agreed nodding her head.

They continued dancing, looking into each others eyes. Her feelings for both Max and Lex have been confusing.

For almost three years Max has had a special place in her heart. He’s been both wonderful and not so wonderful to her. Liz found herself over and over again forgiving him. God knows why, it was always so very complicated being with max. She took to heart what her Grandma Claudia said to her about soulmates, “Well, one thing I can tell you.... If it isn't complicated, he probably isn't a soul mate.”

Now she doubts everything she and max had together. For this time, even though he’s been constantly on her mind, she just couldn’t find any forgiveness in her heart for him.

Did it have something to do with Lex Luthor and the increasing feelings she’s been having for him?

Not that she was thinking he was her other half or anything, but whenever he was around, Max seemed a million miles away, though that was probably how far he really was.

“What’s going on inside that mind of yours?” Lex asked, breaking Liz out of her thoughts.

“Just a lot of muddled feelings.” Liz answered laughing.

“Really, feelings regarding what?” He asked.

“About Max and how you make me forget about him.” Liz said not caring if it sounded stupid.

“Is that so.” Lex replied grinning, then added, “So does this mean if I ask you for a kiss you won’t turn me down.”

“I will most definitely not turn you down.” Liz said softly, closing her eyes, knowing that soon she’ll be feeling Lex's lips on hers, god he did have the most kissable looking lips.

However when she didn’t feel his lips she open her eyes, and Lex was just looking at her.

“Liz are you okay? ”He asked, but it wasn’t his voice, it was Amy’s, the waitress from the Talon...

Continue on next post.....

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Part 8b ~ To Breathe Again ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Just then her eyes snapped open and she realize she was behind the counter of the Talon, her chin propped on her hand. Amy was there staring at her with concern.

“I fell asleep didn’t I.” Liz asked a bit embarrassed, this was happen a lot today.

“I’m afraid so,” Amy Chuckled, grabbing a tray. “You going to be alright?”

“Oh, I’m find, I just did a lot today.” Liz answered, getting up from the stool. “Here let me finish my drink order, and-“

“It’s okay Liz-here,” Amy replied, taking the tray from Liz’s hand and added, ”I’ll finish, you go chill and hang out with your friends. It’s dead now, and Lex will be here soon. I know you still have some things to go over with him, believe me you did more then you should today.”

“It’s okay Amy I’ll just-“

“It’s okay Liz really,” Amy interrupted,” You saved my ass today by agreeing to help out after Janet called out, go relax, I’ll call you If I’m really swamped I swear.”

Liz nodded her head and said, “okay, thanks.”

“It’s no problem, you earned a bit of a rest, you were an animal today.” Amy said laughing, as she left the counter and went into the dinning area.

With a sigh Liz took off her green apron and headed towards the area where her friends have been hanging out for the last two hours.


“…I can’t believe he’s got a home theater in his basement.” Kyle exclaimed shaking his head in disbelief.

“Believe it and me he does it’s amazing, I saw both of the new Star Wars movies and The Fellowship of the ring there. The sound is top notch.” Clark insisted, taking a sip of his soda.

“Okay I’m totally jealous, who want’s to be a billionaire so they can have their own kick as Movie Theater.” Kyle announced raising his hand.

“I wonder how many rooms are in that place?” Maria asked, seeing Liz from the corner of her eye, and waved.

“I don’t know, I don’t even think Lex knows.” Clark answered shaking his head, then added, “ I know it has to be over fifty.”

“I love the Bowling alley.” Chloe said knowingly.

“A bowling alley! No way!” Kyle said, it looked as if he had died and gone to heaven.

“Oh yeah, it’s quite nice.” Pete agreed, though he wasn’t as excited as the rest talking about the Luthor’s. His parents were screwed out of their land because Lionel double crossed them. He’s still a bit confused about Clark’s friendship with Lex. Though Clark knows his reluctance to trust Lex, Pete has however kept his mouth shut after the one time he said to be careful. He went to the mansion a few times with Clark and all he could think about was what Lionel Luthor did to his parents. They’ve got this mansion with a movie theater, Bowling alley, forty million different rooms, While his parents struggle to stay afloat with the crappy land they were stuck with because of the name Luthor.

“Well just from the outside it’s gorgeous, I can’t believe Lex’s dad had it moved over from Scotland brick by brick, it must’ve cost a fortune.” Maria stated shaking her head.

“I remember seeing the trucks for days bringing the house to the site, it was quite the buzz for months.” Clark said, he then pointed to Kyle and said, “You were there that summer remember.”

“Oh yeah vaguely,” Kyle said shaking his head, then added, “it must’ve been awkward having Lionel Luthor living there.”

“Actually Kyle Lionel never stepped foot in the place. Lex is the first Luthor to live in it.” Clark replied remembering the first day he walked into the Luthor mansion. It was a few days after he pulled Lex out of the River. Lex had a very nice, quite expensive truck delivered to the farm. His father of course wasn’t very thrilled with the present of gratitude and insisted that Clark refuse it.

He insisted that a gift from a Luthor must have strings attach to it. Clark of course countered him by saying just because Lex is Lionel Luthor’s son doesn’t mean he’s like his father.

Reluctantly Clark went to the Mansion to return the keys. Lex actually was very understanding about his father’s reluctance of trusting him, because the last name Lex bears.

“It’s okay Clark, I’ve been bald since I was nine years old, I’m use to people judging me before they get to know me. ”Lex told him that day. Well Clark wasn’t going to be one of those people. So yeah he didn’t accept Lex’s present, however he wasn’t about to turn down his friendship. Clark thought it was a better gift anyway.

“That’s crazy, if Lionel didn’t even move in then why spend all that time and Money bringing it over?” Kyle asked confused.

Clark was about to open his mouth to answer, but a familiar voice answered for him.

“Well Kyle it because he could.”

Everyone turned their heads toward Lex Luthor standing there all in black except for his dress shirt, his hands were in his pockets and he had a small smile on his face. Though he was addressing Kyle he kind of couldn’t help but look Liz’s way. She notices his stare and smiled shyly back at him.

“Well I still think it’s odd.” Kyle answered rolling his eyes. “I would die to have a place like that, from what Clark tells us it’s very roomy.”

“That’s an understatement, but yeah it’s spacious.” Lex said laughing, then added, “Why don’t we arrange a time where you and of course Maria and Liz- “ Lex paused and smiled when he said her name, “-can explore the place for your self.”

Though the sexual tension between the billionaire’s son and the restaurateur’s daughter was in everyone’s face. Everyone respected then both enough to ignore it for now and focus on Lex’s invitation to the mansion.

“Really, that would be great.” Maria exclaimed excitedly.

“I’m there’ Kyle agreed shaking his head.

“Okay you guys figure out a day and time, and have Clark get in touch with me.” Lex suggested then looked over at Liz and added,” When your done, just come up to the office and we’ll get that paper work started.”

“Okay,” Liz said nodding her head, watching as he waved a goodbye greeting and walked away.

“There’s no escape for you now, endless you walk out that door this minute and risk losing your job.” Maria whispered in Liz’s ear gleefully.

Liz looked squarely into Maria’s eyes and whispered back, “Not even if Max walked through that door now, would I be able to stop what’s definitely going to happen tonight.”

“OOO, I love it when you put goody two shoes Liz in the closet and bring out fly by her pants I’m not going to over analyze everything Liz.” Maria said gleeful, nearly jumping out of her skin with joy.

“Maria, you act like I’m a total prude.” Liz exclaimed, not knowing if she should be offended or not.

“Well not now.” Maria said matter of factly, and the two girls’ bean to giggle

“Hey I have a present for you,” Kyle said suddenly, throwing something at Liz. Then he sat next to the spot Clark vacated minutes ago, so he Pete and Chloe could have some private POW-Wow. Feeling kind of lonely, Kyle decided to join his friends in there own circle of whispers.

Liz caught the object Kyle tossed her way, and rolled her eyes as she exclaimed, “Binanca spray Kyle.”

“Oh good call especially since she’s been drinking coffee all night,” Maria replied approvingly.

“Yes when you need instant fresh and minty kissable breath.” Kyle answered. Lifting his eyebrows up and down. Then added, “You can thank me later.”

Liz shook her head as she pulled the cap off and sprayed a few wintergreen spurts in her mouth. She made a face as the strong flavor insulted her taste buds. She began to hand the bottle back to Kyle, but he shook his head and insisted, “Keep it, I have a spare.”

Liz laughed as she walked towards the coffee bar. Maria and Kyle watched on as she and Lex silently flirted with one another.

“Our baby girl has grown up,” Kyle exclaimed melodramatically, as he pretended to cry on Maria’s shoulder.

“You’re nuts.” Maria said chuckling, hitting him playfully on the arm.

“But seriously, I’ve never seen Liz this giddy since, you know.” Kyle replied looking at her with a stare that told Maria all.

“Yeah I know who you mean.” Maria spat nodding her head, feeling the anger for max and what he did to her friend resurface.

They watched as Liz and Lex tried to mauneuver around behind the counter. Each turn and step had them bumping into each other.

Kyle folded his arms across his chest and with a sigh proclaimed, “You know they…


“…really do make a cute couple, “ Chloe pointed out to Clark and Pete. They were standing some ways from the Roswell trio and had their own discussion about the chemistry between Lex and Liz.

“I don’t know, I smell trouble.” Pete declared shaking his head, and glaring at the display behind the coffee bar. “I don’t trust Lex one bit.”

“Oh come on Pete, what’s he going to do? Buy out her non-existing company.” Chloe defended, shaking her head. “Give the guy a break. He has feelings too you know”

“I’ve read the paper’s Chloe, Lex has quite the reputation with the ladies. Liz should run the other way and fast.”

“ I am agreeing with you about how Lex shouldn’t get involved with Liz. Not that he’s a bad person, but because he’s got some relationship baggage that has me worried about whether or not he should be pursuing Liz. She did just get out of a very serious relationship, and Lex is about not being serious. ” Clark answered skeptically, “However we can’t stop what is obviously going to happen. Lex is my friend, and if this is what he wants, I’m going to be there for him.”

“I guess we can’t.” Pete agreed slanting a look towards Clark and added, “Too bad I’ll be gone most of the summer, this could be entertaining.”

“Indeed,” Chloe agreed, then asked, “ I’m thinking you should update us regularly on what’s going on.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in the loop.” Clark promised

“What does Kyle and Maria think about all this?” Pete asked a bit concern, “ I mean I’m sure they’ve heard all the gossip.”

“Believe it or not, they’re all for Liz branching out with Lex. They think it’ll be a great experience for her.”

“They want her to get involve with Lex knowing it won’t last! Okay can somebody hit me please.” Pete demanded gesturing his hands out before him, then added, “Cause I think I’m asleep here.”

“I think what Clark is tying to say is that they want her not to pine over her ex-boyfriend, that she can date and not wait around wondering if he’s coming back.” Chloe replied smiling.

“Whatever I still think it’s nuts,” Pete answered.

“Look at them though, you have to admit there’s something chemical about those two.” Chloe said, getting a dreamy look on her face.

“Yeah it’s called lust.” Pete replied dryly.

“Well, I like to think that maybe there’s a reason why Liz came with Kyle to Smallville, maybe it was to find Lex.” Chloe replied, then added, “She may be what Lex needs, and visa versa.”

“Your delusional Chloe, “ Pete said shaking his head.

“It can’t be easy for them either.” Clark said, looking as his friend and Liz got somehow tangled into each others arms, he then added, “I mean they’ve got to know they’re being watch, I mean we do live in Smallville. In an hour everyone will know about them.”

“I know they must probably…”


“…Feel like you’re under a microscope?” Liz asked from behind Lex, surprising him off guard.

“Liz hey,” He said smiling, turning around and found that he was mere inches from her face. He could feel her warm breath, and it smelled very minty. Her hand for balance was placed for a moment on his chest. He caught her off guard by having him suddenly turning around. The other hand dangling on her side was suddenly grabbed by Lex. Looking into her eyes he said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.”

”Ah-I-I’m find,” Liz stuttered softly. Then added, “I just came to get a coffee, my cheering section was getting-well a little overwhelming.”

Lex gave a sidelong glance over to where Maria and Kyle stood, trying to point discreetly and whispering comments to one another, he also notice Clark and Pete behind them, they however didn’t look happy at all.

“Well at least you have one.” Lex joked, reluctantly letting her hand go. Liz let her hand slid off his chest, and awkwardly began to grab a cup.

“Why do you say that?” Liz asked, grabbing a pot with fresh coffee.

“I’m not exactly liked around here, and Clark knows my past history with women.”

“So, who cares what they think, and what may or may not happen with us.” Liz said putting the pot back on the warmer and walked to where they kept the cream. Lex was standing right in front of the compact fridge’s’ door. “AH I need to kind of-“

“Oh yeah sorry, “ He said taking a small step back.

“Thank you.” She said, giving Lex a smoldering stare, she bent down to open the door and Lex couldn’t help but watch as she bent down to retrieve a container. Liz had quite the amazing backside. He exhaled and prayed for some restraint.

Liz stood back up and turned around, again facing Lex. The space behind the counter seemed to have gotten even more cramped, but for some reason Liz liked being this close to him.

“It seems I’m in the way.” Lex replied, reaching out to touch Liz’s arm, gently moving her out of his way, but he knew very well that he just used it as an excuse to touch her.

“I don’t think so.” Liz said smiling, turning around to fix her coffee.

“Well I now understand why you feel like a specimen under a microscope, we’ve got quite the captive audience, and I don’t mean our friends either.” Lex said, noticing that a few of the Patrons were attentively looking their way. Let them Lex didn’t care. “I’m expecting a photographer of the inquisitor to pop out and take our picture.”

“Yeah, I guess you would expect that. Your life has been one big fish bowl huh.” Liz remarked, leaning against the counter, and took a sip.

“You can say that, back in the day I sold a lot of newspapers.” Lex said grinning, “If I wasn’t in the middle of some bar brawl, I’d be causing quite the commotion with the lady of the week, so you see I’m quite the scoundrel. The kind your mom warned you about.”

“Well I never had feelings for a scoundrel before.” Liz replied, hinting her interest.

“And I never had feelings for a girl who didn’t have a hidden agenda.” Lex countered.

“I’m glad your dad sent you here to run the family business.” Liz replied remembering reading the story about a year ago.

“AH you saw that article did you?” Lex replied surprise.

“Yeah we get the inquisitor down in Roswell.” Liz said smiling, then added, “However I hardly think The Smallville Gazette will print a front page story of Lex Luthor’s 'extracurricular activities.”

“No it’ll be old news in an hour.” Lex joked looking down at his watch.

Liz laughed and Lex melted loving how musical it sounded.

“Well I think we’ve given the town of Smallville enough of a show this evening, would you like to go upstairs and start that paper work?” Lex asked, hinting of things to come. He held out his hand and she immediately grabbed it.

“I’ve been waiting all day to do paper work.” Liz replied huskily, with their fingers entwine, the two walked to the staircase and climbed up them, stealing glances, and dying to finally be alone. They’ve got some unfinished business to attend to.


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