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Autor's Note : In the third season of Roswell, after Tess' departure with Max's baby. Liz can't forgive Max for his betraying with Tess who is Alex's killer, she didn't speak with him. Maria and she too, because she had chosen the Alien's side, now Liz speaks just to Kyle and a litlle with Michael. She has changed, she isn't anymore the little Lizzie Parker.
In 6 season of Buffy, Buffy isn't died for the moment.
I should tell that in this fic, there is few characters of Buffy.
The crossover with Dark Anger will come later, 2┬░season.
*big* Now enjoy the fic, wish you like it.*big*

Part 1

I'm Liz Parker and I'm 19 years old, I'll come to the College of Las Cruces. I'm in the top of my classes, like ever, my best friend is Kyle Valenti, a few years ago I was used to have like best friends Alex Whitman and Maria Deluca. Alex was the brother I have never had and I'll always love him but he is died by the fault of my ex boyfriend Max Evans, God I hate him! This stupid git is an alien and hadn't find better way that save me one day however I was shot. Ok by his action I'm always alive but this had cost me to loose my Alex, the man who knew me since we were children and I missed him so much. Alex was killed by the ex wife of Max, really a bullshit this guy, she killed hom and I swear if a day I'll see her again I'll kill her.

There is Maria, she had prefered took alien's side instead of me. Just because she loved one of them, I should say that only Michael can be trust but it's not a stronger reason. But I have ever Kyle, he had ever believe me and it's a real friend. I like him like a brother, hey a couple of years ago I'm even dated him. Now when we think about this, we laughed during plenty hours. I like the College, we live on the campus and I'm feel more free, no more rules, I have lose my father's protectiveness, thanks to God. My clothes are changed a little bit, I like dark leather pants, yes. More boys notice me but for the moment I'm not too interest in them. I have others things in my minds, this year I want be me and only me, meet new persons, have no worries, I want be selfish but never toward Kyle.

Oh, I forgot a last point, now I'm hybrid, middle human, middle alien.

I walk in the hall, going to my classes when I see a girl, tall, brown hair and wearing dark leather pants too and red top. Maybe it's an new student, she seems cool.


I turn my head to see her walking toward me, I smile.
"Yeah?" I ask.

"I'm new here, where is the biological class?"

"Oh, I'll go to this place too."

"Cool, what's your name?"

"Liz Parker and you?"


"Glad to meet you." I shake her hand and we walk together to the class. The lunch period comes and I'm ever talking to Faith, I like her already, a lot her spirit, she is so sarcastic, I'm sure that Kyle'll like her.

"So Liz, where is the fun in this little alien town?"

I laugh to her question, if she can know how she is near of the truth. "Here, there aren't too many place where is fun, I should say there isn't. Oh, the bar of the College but it's all."

"Ok, we'll see that. So speak of you."

"Only if you make this too. My parents have a restaurant here called the Crash Down, to Roswell, before I go to the College, I was working like a waistress. I should wear an ugly green uniform with a silver antenna bandanna.

Faith laugh. "Ohhh... Poor you." I laugh with her when I have an idea. " Faith you live on the campus too, right?"

She nods. "Yeah." I look at her. " Why don't you come in my dorm, you can be my roommate." She grins. " Oh, yeah I like that, you know before you, all the people I have see are... not very funny."

"You read my mind, so now it's ok. I want to introduce you with my best friend Kyle."

"Like you want Parker."

We walk on the campus to find Kyle speaking with a girl with dark and red hair.

"Kyle!" I yell, he turns his head and smile at me, his smile grows bigger when he sees Faith, he lets the girl and go toward us.

"Hi Liz. Who is your new friend? I'm Kyle by the way" I see Faith nods, she likes that she see. I'm proud of this, Kyle has ever been handsome.

"Kyle, this is Faith, my new roomate."

"Good choice, Liz", he teased. I send him a little punch in the arm.

"Stop the charming behavior, Kyle".

We talked together and admit to go in a bar Saturday. Faith is really cool, she has fire like me. She likes have boy's attention even if she play with them, poors dears. Really I can't wait Saturday.
*big* End of this part.*big* Wish you like it !!!!! *big**big*

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Dedicace to: LittleBit, Calinia and Kim_56Emotion
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We talked together and admit to go in a bar Saturday. Faith is really cool, she has fire like me. She likes have boy's attention even if she play with them, poors dears. Really I can't wait Saturday.

Part 2

Faith and me go to meet Kyle to the bar of the College, I like the boys's glance on us both. I should say we are hot, black leather pants and tank top red and silver with black mascara. For the moment, Kyle isn't here.

"Great band, you want dance?" asks Faith. I nod my head, we go in the middle of the pist and begin to dance seductively. A few seconds later, a group of boys is around us, I smile to Faith, I'm feel very powerful tonight. Yeah, it's very great to be terrible with guys and I like that a lot.

"Enjoy your night?"

"A lot." I answer with a grin.

In the corner of my eyes, I have the bad surprise to see Max, looking at me, confuous and surprise. Oh! Go fuck your little blond beach, oh, right, she leaved with your son. But I don't want that he ruins my fun, so I ignore him.

"Hey, this guy looks at you since 10 minutes."

"Poor me, it's my ex boyfriend. He's really..."

"You dated him?" says Faith disbelieved. I nod my head. " He doesn't seem your type. I understand for Kyle but him?"

"In this moment, I was in drug." I joke.

"I should say he's a nice body."

"Oh, don't look only on the cover, he's terribly annoying. Hell is heaven compared to Max Evans, I swear it."

"Kyle!" I yell. "You are late!"

"Sorry, problem with my car"

"We forgive you but only if you buy a drink" announces Faith.

Kyle smiles at us. " I think that I can do this." Few moments later, we are sitting at a table, drinking and speaking.

"So Faith, where are you moved?" asks Kyle.

"I was at Sunnydale, California during a long time and after that, I have stayed to a friend, in Los Angeles. But tell me about you, Kyle. I know already that Liz was waistress and few things including annoying exboyfriend"

"The King Maxwell? Liz, you surprise me."

"I like the nickname." does Faith, laughing. " But what about you?"

"Oh, nothing important, I'm just the son of the sherif."

"Oh, I grin, don't be so modest Buddha boy. Yeah, Kyle is a Buddhist."

"Don't put Buddha in this conversation!" answers Kyle.

"I like you both, you are cool, not like this people around us." comments Faith, looking to Max, Isabel, Maria and Michael. "But tell me about them."

"Like you want, let me explain it's a long story. Max, ex boyfriend, I dated him during High School. You know it was the love at first sight. Love and smoochies."

"You remember a girl that I have knew. Buffy, she had a story like this with a friend of mine."

"What sort of name is Bluffy?" questions Kyle.

"Buffy." corrects Faith grinning. "I always called her B, but continue the story Liz."

"Ok, in this moment, I had other friends that Kyle, yes, it was to date Max that...

"She broke my heart." cuts Kyle with a fainted hurt face, I punch him in the arm. " Ahhh!! Liz stop hurting me!"

"Yeah and because of this, he was angry to me. My others friends were Maria, the blond girl here, and Alex, he died a year later. Ok, Maria began to date Michael, the tall guy."

"He's really handsome." comments Faith, grinning.

"I should agree with you" I say with a nod. "He's the only is the group who is good, Isabel the blond and tall girl who look like a fashion victim is the sister of Max, she broke Alex's heart during milliards times."


"What?" ask Kyle and me.

"A girl during my High School, with new clothes all the days."

"Exactly, her twin sister maybe."

"Max and me stayed together during a long time, a day his ex girl friend comes and he cheated on me, snog her and put her pregnant. Alex was died only few weeks before and I had broke with Max because of this, I want only time alone and this bastard made this. After the girl leaved with their son and he came toward me, said his undying love for me and that he want we'll be together again. And I just can't, Maria took Max's side because she dates Michael so our friendship is over, she knew how this guy hurts me and she just left me, only Kyle stayed with me and we were friends again"

"Evans is sure a bastard! I want kick his ass! If you want I can make this" I laugh. " I like a lot this idea but don't, thanks. I have passed him and I don't want to give him a reason to come near me again."

"Ok, like you want Liz."

"It's late now, we should go to our dorm."

"Can I walk with you, I'm feel lonely." Says Kyle with puppy eyes. I laugh and punch him in the chest. "In your dreams, Kyle, in your dreams."

"So at tommorrow Buddha boy, I like this nickname." says Faith, I see Kyle glances at me and I laugh. He walks with us until our door and left.

Faith and me were on our beds, eating cookies, thanks to my mother. I like her, and I think that we become best friends.

"You know Liz, you are the first person with who I'm feel good, I have never had a best friend."

"Instead of Kyle and Alex, I have never had a best friend girl so me too. I like a lot if we become firends."

"Yeah... me too."

"Ok, deal. So... speak about you."

"Ok, I should tell a thing, I won't have secrets toward my new best friend. I was in jail." she says softly, looking at me to see how I react.

I open my eyes and turn my head to her. "Oh, I answer. Don't worry, me too. Once I have rob a shop with a gun, only for the bastard Max."

She looked surprise and finally nods " I begin understand why you hate him so much. But it's not only that, I have killed a man."

I look at her, Faith a killer? Ok, she has the bad girl style but until this point. " How it's happened?" I ask.

"It was in the night, I walk to my home when a man grip my arm and I was frightened and I just react, to protect me I have a knife, I won't kill him but..."

I put my hand on her shoulder. " It's not your fault Faith, you were just trying to protect yourself. You are brave to confide me this. I don't turn my back to you, I know exactly what you feel in this circumstances."

"Thanks Liz... That means a lot to me."

"Don't thank me, it's normal. Now we should sleep, tomoorow we go to the Crash Down, I want you to see Roswell"

"Ok, good night Liz."

"Good night, Faith."
End of this part.
*big* I hope that you find Faith realist, and not to sweet but like I want that Liz and her become friends, it seems to me right. *big*
*big**big* I won't make Faith and Kyle together because I have already an other idea. *big**big*
*big**big**big* And my prefer sentence, its been a long time that I haven't say it *big**big**big*
*big* SUSPENSE IS THE CLUE *big* lol
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Part 3

Now, it's made 3 months that Faith lives with me. She knows for me and Kyle too, my secret to be... different. But I know her secret too. It's hard to handle the novel that one, aliens exist but vampires too?

Kyle, Faith and me were to a party. After three hours of dance, we leave the party.

"It's a beautiful night." I say.

"I like the night", annonces Faith.

"Why that?" asks Kyle.

"It's dark, you can make what you want, I'm feel free, powerful. It's the best moment of the day... It's hard to explain. Want a drive?"

"Sure." agree Kyle and myself.

We climb in Kyle's car, Faith drives. Very fast, yeah, I begin to understand what she had said. In the night, I'm feel free. Maybe it's caused by adrenaline? I really don't know, I just enjoy the moment. I pass in the opening roof, feeling the wind in my hair.

"Wow!!! I scream. More fast Faith! It's really cool !"

Suddenly an horse runs on the road and Faith stops the car violently, I'm feeling project out of the car. Too stun to grip anything, I scream, flying on the air. I heard Kyle yells before scratching me hardly on the tar. I'm feel dizzy and nauseous.

"Liz!" says Kyle, running to me with Faith.

I try to open my eyes, finally seing their worried faces. I let out an involuntar snob.

"Liz, speak. Please, say anything." tells Faith, passing her hand in my hair. She looks lost, doesn't knowing what to do. It's the first time that I see her like this.

"My back... it's hurt." I whisper.

"It's ok, Lizzie. Don't move."

"I'm affraid... I won't died Kyle. Not now."

He looks at me, smiling, I saw tears in his blue eyes.

"No, Liz, you don't died. I'll save you."

I understand what he means. I grib his hand and I begin to speak, ignoring the pain who screams everywhere in my body.

"No Kyle. You can't do this... We don't know what will be happened... You can died in doing this."

"I'll save you. Look in my eyes, Lizzie. Look at me."

We stared at each other and he puts his hand on my temple, a blue light comes out and slowly I feel the pain walk away. A flash is created between us and I saw his memories and he see mine.

After a long time, I push his hand away, jumping on my feeth and helping him to stead up. I hug him tighly.

"You are ill, you know that I hope."

"It's for this reason that you love me." he jokes.

"Thanks you, Kyle. Are you ok?" I ask worried.

"Perfectly fine." he assured me.

I turn to see Faith, she looks at us, surprise, very surprise. I feel my heart goes faster. Please don't walk away, don't turn your back to me I look at Kyle and he nods affirmatively.

"Faith... you should know a thing about us." I begin.

We stay during hours, talking to us, about our past, with aliens, Max, Alex's death, Nasedo, Pierce. Finally the story is finished and I look at her, with hope.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me guys. I can never reject you, you are my friends. But speaking of secrets, you should know a thing about me too."

"What is it?"

"I'm a vampyr slayer." she tells us seriously.

"You are joking, right?" asks Kyle.

"Oh, I say finally, you aren't."

She tells us about everything on her past, I'm ever think that nobody can have a life more incredible than me, this night I have learned that I was wrong.

"Liz! Earth to Liz!"

I look at Kyle who was putting his hand right in front of my face, Faith seems amused.

"Oh, sorry, I was in my thoughts. What were you talking?"

"For the vacations, the city where we are going."

"Oh, yeah, made a choice?"

"No, we want your suggestion." says Faith.

"Asking the map?" I suggest.

"Yeah, an innocent hand." proposes Kyle.

Faith takes a pen, Kyle raises an eyebrow, grinning.

"I said an innocent hand, Faith."

Faith sends him a snap on his head.

"Ouch! I'm hurt. Don't punch so strong, remember this the next time Hulk!"

"You are more beautiful than him." I assure her.

"Thanks. So Liz, your turn."

I take the pen and put it on the map.

"So where send us the Destiny?" asks Kyle.

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I take the pen and put it on the map.

"So where send us the Destiny?" asks Kyle.


Part 4


Finally vacances begin, I can't think that I am doing a car travel with my two best friends who are girls, thanks to Buddha. Me, Kyle Valenti, hybrid go to Seattle with Liz, who is an hybrid to and Faith a vampyr slayer, too bad I can't date them, they are hot. Shut up stupid brain, oh, I'm a man after all, I am weak. No, I can't date them, it will be like date my own sisters, yurk. But I should admit that they have a nice body, oh, I should stop that. Think to Maxwellking, yurk, it's work. But letting aliens to Roswell, this trip is for the fun. I look at Faith who was lying on the passenger's seat behind Liz who is driving and me.

I know this little travel makes Liz joyful like me, Roswell sucks, particulary Maxwell who yells at us to leave. Think to this stupid boy makes me angry. Don't think about him. I want enjoy the moment two months without parents or aliens, it's the Heaven. It's time to have a date... Yes, girls of Seattle...

"Why are you grinning like the Cheeshire's cat?" asks Faith, watching me.

"Oh, nothing."

Liz laugh without leave her glance of the road.

"Thinking about girls again." She responds.

"MEN!" say Faith and Liz in same time and burst in laughter. I grumbled between my teeth.

"It's not fair, you are two girls against me."

"Poor dear." answers Faith with a fainted sad face.

"Don't be so rough Faith" warns Liz. I wait for the nasty comment, it will be so beautiful if it was true. " Our little Kyle is weak." she finishs.


"Yes?" she aks me with a fainted shyly smile.

"Don't help me."

We laughed all.

"So how times to arrive to Seattle?" I ask.

"Certainly 2 hours, after arrive, we should find an hotel, two rooms." explains Liz.

"You know Liz, you ever surprise me" tells Faith.

"Why?" she asks.

"You are cool, clever, carying, funny and responsible in the same time."

"It's a part of my charm." she answers with a grin.

"Hey, I have an idea, Faith why didn't you finish your story when you were fighting against the fat vampyr?"

"Oh, yeah, he was really ugly, he was bathing in dirty watter, it was smelling yurk. He was too hot... um... bad topic, not this way. And Buffy and Angel were here too..."

"I should really meet Angel" cuts Liz. "Too bad that you can't photograph him but after your description he seems really handsome."

"Like ever" I groans. " Give to girls a man who can't died and didn't grow old, is an Hulk and they all run to him. Life isn't really fair."

"But death sweats really fine to Angel."

"Next vacations to Los Angeles so?" asks Liz, with grin and I should admit hope.

"It will be good. Why not." answers Faith with a smile.

Finally we arrived to Seattle and find a little motel, not too expensive but it's really bad. We decide to look for an appartment, like this it will be more comfortable.

The morning after I'm wake up, hearding punch on my door.

"Kyle!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!"

"OUch!!!!!!" I say, falling on my floor and hearding them opening the door. " Girls are you ill?! It's only 7 am, it's vacations I want sleep!"

"No, no man! You come with us. We should find an appartment we can't stay here." tells Liz to me.

"Kyle, don't force me to act." warns Faith.

"You wouldn't."

"You want bet on this?" she responds with a naughty grin.

"Ok. You win, just a minute to put clothes. Hum, girls to can make this, you leave."

"Really?" questions Liz with puppy eyes.

I smile to her, holding her by the waist and in my other hand opening my door.

"Really. Don't make me puppy eyes, little girl."

I push her away and turn to Faith, she grins and jumps on her feeth leaving my bed.

"I admit, you win. I'll go."

She rejoins Liz and I closed by door in front of their noses.


During all the day, we visit all the apartment's locations, after the 32nd visit, we find it the perfect appart, not too expensive. All of us have money so it wasn't too difficult. The appartment was in sector 5, it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a big living room.
After leaving the ugly rooms of the motel, we moved in our new little house.

"Damn, it's very cool."

"And it will be more cool with a little mojo alien, don't you think Kyle?" asks Liz when she puts her hand on the wall changing the ugly brown in a green apple. After little changements, we have a really palace.

"Oh, it's already the night. Are you tired?" asks Liz.

"No." Faith and me respond of a same voice.

"Make a little walk?"

"You read my mind Faith."

They go both in the bathroom during I wait for them, really girls.

"I really don't know if you two can survive without..." I cut myself seing them leaved the bathroom. "... a mirror." I finish, opening my mouth.

"You should letting me have a dance with you." I say grinning. " You look great."

"Thanks Kyle." they answer.


I smile, seing Kyle's face, totally stun, Faith and me decide to play twins plan, both of us wearing dark leather pants, with dark and silver make up and a short blue-green tank top. Faith and me grin at each other and turn to take our same black jacket in leather.

"We are ready for the fun." I tell. " So where are we going?" I ask during we left our appartment.

"I heard by a waistress that the Crash was cool, it's a bar, not too far of here."

"Already playing Dr. Love?" I tease.

"Buddha boy alias Dr. Love? It's ever the same man?" asks Faith doubtful.

"Please girls, tonight no teasing. We'll go enjoy our first night to Seattle and I only do this if you aren't teasing me."

"Ok, Buddha boy, we have a deal." agreeds Faith.

We enter in the bar, I should tell it's nice, Faith grins seductively and I see already few mens turning their heads even if one of them are already with a girl. I grin too and ask to Kyle to search bier. He agreeds but he asks me the first dance and I nod.

Just few seconds before Faith drains me on the dance floor, I look at the men searching if any of them aren't to ugly, I know I'm acting like a bitch but I don't care, I'm here to have fun and humilating few specimen of masculine race is one of the ways to have it. My eyes focused on the pool where are 4 men really handsome. One with dark hair, two with blonde and one with brown hair. I look at Faith, she saw them too.

"You dance Beauty?" she jokes.

"Of course, sis." I answer.

We begin to dance on the musik, moving in same time, making believe that we are just one person, doing same movements playing really good twin's play, the grin of Faith's face grows bigger like she looks better to one of the pool's guys. I should tell he's really handsome, he's tall with muscular chest, blonde hair and green eyes.

Of my side, I was watching the man with him, who has a dark blonde hair and blue-green eyes, who was actually grinning during he was winning the game. Of course, a playboy but I can't deny he was very handsome.

I stop to look at them and begin to enjoy the musik, only focusing myself on the dance, I attire looks on me too and I'm proud of that. Kyle walks with our drink and after dancing with him, we walk to a table to seat.

"So how is your night, Kyle?" Faith asks.

"Good." he answers.

"You are kidding us, right? Tell us who is this girl with long dark hair with who you have spoken."

"You have eyes behind your head, Liz?! I didn't know that."

"It's one of my secrets." I respond. " What's her name?"

"Jondy." he says with a smile.

*big**big* I'm evil and end my part on this. *big**big*

Hope you enjoy this part. *big**big*
*big* I find Kyle so cute when he is teased or should I say torture by Liz and Faith. *big**big*
*big* Next soon. *big*

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Ok, you win, I can't keep secrets, I'm sorry to say that but I don't think I'll go pairing Liz with Zack. I can just to confide that Zack doesn't stay too long single... *big**big*
I hope you have a little idea now on what I'll be doing soon.*big**big**big*
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New part 5! Finally meeting with the transgenics, hope you enjoy. *big**big**big*


"So how is your night, Kyle?" Faith asks.

"Good." he answers.

"You are kidding us, right? Tell us who is this girl with long dark hair with who you have spoken."

"You have eyes behind your head, Liz?! I didn't know that."

"It's one of my secrets." I respond. " What's her name?"

"Jondy." he says with a smile.

Part 5

We wake up later in the evening after had left the Crash. I left my bed and began to make breakfast or should I say, the lunch. I heard Kyle wake up, he was grinning like a little boy in front of his Christmas's gifts.

"Coffee?" I ask.

"Yup." he answers quickly.

"So Kyle tell me about this girl who actually steals my best friend."

"Oh Liz, don't turn in jealousy mod, I know you'll like her; she is like you and Faith."

"Wait a minute, why "I"ll like her"?" I question doubtful.

"Because this night, we go to the Crash to meet her friends and that she meets mine."

"Don't you think that you go too fast?"

"No, we haven't a date, we just want to know each other and it's more easy when friends make this too."

"Why not? After all, perhaps her friends are handsomes."

"Really Liz, I didn't know you so superficial." he teases.

"So why did I date you?" I reply with a grin.

"I hate you Parker, you and your stupid brain."

"Oh, Kyle you know I was joking... Faith!!!!!!! Time to eat !"

She left her room and seats near us, taking her food.

"Hi guys. Good sleep, dream about his handsome guy of last night, very sad that I didn't talk with him."

"Maybe you can see him again, we go to the Crash tonight, to cheerful our Kyle for his new conquest."

"Oh, yea, Jondy, right?" asks Faith.

He nods, we passed all day to do... absolutly nothing, lying on the couch and watching TV. The night finally came and we go to the Crash. I see Kyle scanning people to find Jondy playing to the pool. Faith gribs my arm showing me the area's pool.

"My dream's come true." she whispers with a grin. I laugh when I see "her" handsome guy of the last night.

"Hey Jondy." says Kyle with a grin. I look at her, yes, she's beautiful I should confide that. Long dark hair, green eyes, she was of my size, a little taller perhaps, wearing red tank top with black pants.

"Hey Kyle. Meet my friends." She turns to an other girl, with dark hair and brown eyes.

"This is Max, Logan..."

"MY boyfriend" warns Max. Faith and me shared an amused smile, just one second and already protectiong her boyfriend of us... Memo to myself : Max is the jealous type.

"Ok, Zack (Ah! Faith's HANDSOME guy. I can just say... WOW... and WOW again. tall, green percing eyes, blonde her, muscular, really handsome. If I should note him, I put him 21/20.) I look at Faith who seems very interested, strange, I'm sure to saw in her eyes an other thing that seduction, interest maybe? curiousity? The first time that I watch her looks like that for a guy. Really weird.

"... Krit, (I begin to think that all her friends are handsome) and finally Alec."

I nearly lost my breath, wow!!!!! I'm in Heaven, my guy too of yesterday, this one with dark blonde hair and green-blue eyes. Maybe I'll join Kyle's group and became a buddhist after all it's seems work. I smile, looking at them.

"I'm Liz, this is Faith and Kyle." I introduce.

"Why didn't find a table?"

"Good idea."

We seat and begin to talk, me near Alec, Zack and Faith together, Max and Logan and Kyle and Jondy who speak animatly together, ignoring us, it's like that the love in the first sight, I should be honest and say that never I have suspected Kyle to fall in love like this. It's remind me our meeting when Alex was ever alive with the Four Squads. I'm glad when Alec interrupts my thoughts.

"Where are you from?"

"Of Roswell, we go to Las Cruces College." I explain.

"Roswell? The alien's town?" he asks with a grin. Yeah, he's really cute. " Have you already seen one?"

"It's just a trap, no aliens in this town, let me assure you. And you, Alec, what are doing in this town?" I demand with a warm smile, yeah two can play this game.

"I work like a coursier to Jam Pony's Express, like the others."

"It seems cool, maybe we visit you."

"It will be a good idea." he answers, looking at me, I'm proud of that, few years later I'll have sure blush under his gaze but not now.

We passed all the night talking and I was feeling myself very good, never I have meet people with who I ain't tensed during the first meeting.

"Guys, look, I'm sad to interrupt you but we are busy tomorrow so we should sleep." I tell them, they send me a glare, hey! Like if I was happy to leave a conversation with a hot guy who is cool, good looking and clever, like if it was so easy to find this.

"I expect that you dance with me the next time!" shout Alec. I grin so he watched me yesterday, really good to know.

"I keep you a dance, bye everyone."

We come back to home and I collapse on my bed, sleeping in the seconds and dreaming about a gourgeous and handsome guy with dark blonde hair.

So how do you find it? I wish that you like Jondy's description I have want her different of Max. *big**big*

Next soon.*big**big**big*

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It's sure a great idea. *big**big* I imagine already Liz and Faith fighting vamps, one with Slayer's abilities and the other, with alien's blast. *big**big**big*
Really cool. I should put this in a futur part.
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I promise to post this part very very soon. *big**big*
Certainly tomorrow ! *big* but I go to bed now, it's 5.09am here and I'm tired so good night. *big**big**big*

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Like I promise, new part 6! In this a little fight with vamps, yeah I should tell that Liz and Kyle help Faith with the slaying. (it's seem familiar to you, no Roswell Slayer? *big*). Hope you enjoy but read it !!!!!!!!


We come back to home and I collapse on my bed, sleeping in the seconds and dreaming about a gourgeous and handsome guy with dark blonde hair.

Part 6

"Why when we want go out with handsome guy there are ever vamps who show up?" I ask to Faith, using my aliens abilities.

"Because "punch" they "punch" are annoying "punch" and make all "punch" to " punch" piss me of!" she finish, staking her vamp and looking at him when he turns to dust.

"You know Faith, I hate when you take homework! Why every time we left our appart vamps come instantanely, ok, I like a lot fighting against them but not tonight, Jondy waits for me." he says when he kills the vamp with alien's mojo.

"Ohhhhh, like it's cute! When comes the baby?" I joke.

"Oh, shut up Liz. Like if I didn't saw the big grin on your face yesterday and making goo-goo eyes to Alec."

"I was not."

"You were."

"I was not!"

"You were!"

"CHILDREN ! " yells Faith, catching our attention when the last vampire was in dust.

"Stop fighting, remember we have a meeting."

"Yeah, you are right. And we are late for, shit! 23 minutes, hurry up guys!"

After few minutes we arrive to the Crash.

when we enter in the Crash, I saw immediatly Jondy sitting to a table, Liz and her stupid jokes. But now, I think she has right, I'm in love with Jondy, it's curious because it's the first time I felt it, I think she is too but it seems so right when we are together. Love at fist sight, why not after all?

My eyes are immediatly on the pool, Zack was here, playing pool with Alec, he's hot too but less than Zack. It's really weird, normally I play with guys and treat them like shit but I won't do that with Zack. I can't explain that, it's the first time I felt that, I want know him but not just for the sex. It's like we are similar, I feel he can understand me. Before the guys with who I was, didn't interested me but I notice Zack, with him I don't play the Bitch and I like that.
I grab Liz by the arm, during that Kyle goes to sit near of Jondy, two little love birds. I'm happy for him, it's my friend, and Liz feel the same towards him, we are like his "sisters". But Jondy seems ok and if she's not and hurts him, she'll have soon a slayer and an hybrid pissed off and, for her, I hope she knows run fast.

"Do you want make a pool?" I ask, seeing her eyes glowing when she looks in direction of the pool and the same grin like me appears on her face.

"Of course sis. And like we have already lose Kyle in the Love's world, I think we play just both of us."

Ok, I should confess that I'm happy now, yeah, Alec is playing pool with Zack, and definatly the two are really hot. No, I'm not a pervert, I'm just a girl and I notice hot guys when they are here, it's simple. I watch subtily Faith, yeah, I think she got a crush on Zack, oh, it's not the right word, I know she got a crush on Zack. She didn't play with him so she's interested, but I know than never she'll recognyze it.
She loves be free like me, since Max I hate dating and think than men alien or human are jackass, I go out with guys but don't have sex with them, I just play the Bitch. I tortured them with promises and after, I push them away and left. I like do that.

" I wasn't making goo-goo eyes to Alec..."

"You were!"

"I wasn't!"

I wasn't making goo-goo eyes to Alec, I was staring at him I recognyze but I wasn't making goo-goo eyes to him. If I made this, but I wasn't! it means that I'm interested to him and I'm not, I have a fondamental RULE in my life, the only that I respect : Don't have feelings for a guy!
So yes, he's hot and cool but it's not going farther. I'm not interested. It's just physical, I won't be like Kyle or Faith, maybe I'll go out with him and after I'll dump him, it's simple and easy.

We arrived to the pool and the guy notice us.

"Hi guys, what's up? Can we join you?" I ask with a smile.

"Of course."

We begin a new play.

"So why don't we make a little bet?" asks Faith, looking at me. " Liz and me against you, ok?"

"You'll lose." assures Zack.

"You seems pretty sure about this, 50 bucks." I say, looking at them.

"50 bucks, ladies first." answers Alec.

"Thanks." I do with a warm smile.

We begin to play, we are equality and I see Faith cross her fingers, giving the sign that I would so I use a little alien mojo, right, we cheat but it's not really that we just take all luck in our side. Oh, yeah, how I can deplace the balls? Easy I have an power to push the things, yeah like this girl in Charmed, Prue, if I'm not wrong. So I use my abilities and the balls stops, Zack looks mad to lose and Faith wins her turn and we have a little of money. Zack and Alec smile finally and give us their money, poor dear. Faith and me smile to each other.

"Well, we have lose 50 bucks in a night, can you give the dance you owe me?" asks Alec to me.

"Why not."

Faith and Zack begin to dance too, I confess that Alec knows how dance, finally after an hour we stop during Faith and Zack were ever on the dance floor. Alec and me take a drink. Alec proposes to buy me a drink but I refuse.

"I think I had take from you enough money." I explain.

I drink slowly my beer and look at my watch. 3 am.

"Don't you work tomorrow?" I ask.

"Yes, but I just need only two hours of sleep to be alright."

"You are lucky, myself I'm not. I'm think I come back home."

"Do you want I drive you?"

"No, I'm a big girl, I can go by myself. But thanks I think and I found the dance great."

"Yeah, me too."

"Maybe we can do this again."

"I hope this."


I tell to Kyle and Faith I left and say goodbye to the other. Fast, I go to our appartment and go to bed, I'm really tired.

I go sit to Logan's and Max table, thinking about Liz, she's hot and I like a lot her jokes. She's sexy and she's determinated, she's the first girl that I really notice since Rachel. But I'm a strange impression with her like she was playing, of course, we play to flirt with each other but I have stopped that tonight, just enjoying be with her and not playing anymor, I want know her better. I hope she comes back tomorrow night, I just have ask to Faith or Kyle. Kyle seems a good guy and Jondy seems really "like" him like she said, the real world will be LOVE but she's stubborn and won't admit it.

"Alec. Earth to Alec." says Max with a smile.

"What?!" I ask abruptly.

"Nothing." she answers, but I don't miss the look she sent to Logan.

An hour after Liz's departure, we decide to leave too. We come back without noise to not wake up her and go to the bed, tired but happy of this night.

End of this part, I hope you like it!!!!!
Next soon.

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I'll post soon.*big*
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He he he, new part. I really love it, hope you too. *big**big*. But stop talking and read it !!!!! *big**big**big*


An hour after Liz's departure, we decide to leave too. We come back without noise to not wake up her and go to the bed, tired but happy of this night.

Part 7

10am, slowly I wake up. I bet that Kyle and Faith sleep ever, they are certainly exhausted. Good time to have a long and warm bath. I go to the bathroom and few minutes later I'm in the warm water. It's been a long time that I wasn't so relaxed. I'm in Heaven. Nothing, I say nothing can take me my peace.



I groan, I'll kill the person who is interrupt my beautiful moment. Why the bells rings when I'm in he bath? Life is just no fair. And like Faith and Kyle are sleeping, it's must be me who opens the door. In hurry, I grab a towel and put it on me. I won't that Kyle and Faith be waken by this stupid person behind the door.

"Yeah, yeah, I come."

I'm really in bad mood now. I open the door.

"What do you want?" I ask sharply.


I look at the man.

"Alec? What are you doing here?"

"I work for Jam Pony express. L. Parker, right?"

"Yes, it's me."

"A packet for you, a signature here please."


"Thanks. Sorry to arrive a bad time."

"It's okay."

"So will you go to the Crash tonight?"

"I don't know, certainly but I don't think that it's the good time to ask for this. I mean, I'm in a towel now."

"Oh right. So it's yes or no?"

"You'll see."

I close the door, in front of the door. Grining maliciously, men are all same.

I left the appartment. Wow! Sure it's a great day, this morning I was not in very good mood, go to Jam Pony Express, deliver packet. Right, I go to 542, Blue moon road. I knock to the door, I heard the woman groans during she opens the door. I gasp, a beautiful surprise, Liz in a red towel. Her long dark hair wet lying on her shoulders. She's really beautiful, I ask myself if I wasn't daydreaming.

"Liz?" I ask, unsure.


She seems totally surprise and during this, I can help myself and a grin appears on my lips. I'm sure that Liz will come tonight. Really a great day, I come back to Jam Pony, grining.

"Wow, Alec." begin Original Cindy. " There is a reason for why you are grinning like Cheshire Cat?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Don't act like dumb. Spill out." asks Zack.

"Ok, I saw Liz before." I admit finally.

"When in your dreams?" jokes Max.

"No, I went to her house."

"Stop man! You know where live Kyle?" asks Jondy suddenly very aware of what I say.

"My secret."

"Alec." she warns.

"How do you know this?" questions Zack.

"Ok, I deliver a packet, happy now?"

"Where?" ask both Zack and Jondy, not a very subtil way.

"542, Blue moon road."

"Um... Thanks Alec." they tell me.

I laugh and go take a new packet. I can't wait for tonight.

*big**big**big* I know this part is very short! But I promise to post soon. *big**big**big*
I hope you like it.

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New part! A lot of action in this. Hope you like it. *big**big**big**big*

Dedicace to LittleBit, Calinia, Rae85, Roswell Slayer

Part 8

Tonight, I don't go to the Crash with Faith and Kyle, I'm not in mood to play flirt with Alec. I don't know really why... Yeah, ok, I know why, I'm affraid, I'm not only attract by Alec but I want know him more. And this for me and my rules is really bad. I won't be in love again, I promised this to myself, and Alec is just a playboy, so it's better if I don't see him again. I confess that I'm not in mood to play the Bitch with him, I won't hurt him. So it's really good that I don't go out tonight.

"Liz, are you sure?" asks Faith.

I nod, smiling.


"Do you want I stay with you?"

"No, it's okay. I'm very lucky that you are my best friend, you know. Thanks Faith but I'm alright, I just won't..."

"You know, a day you will stop to be affraid..."

"Yeah, but not now. I'm not ready, and it will not with Alec. I won't give my free again for the moment."

"So I was right, he took your attention."

"Yeah, but you are worst involved with Zack."

"Yeah, you are right. But Liz, I have never meet a guy like him before. He's like me and I think that maybe..."

"You love him."


"So if you felt like this for him, I can't stop you to go to the Crash. Faith, since we know each other, you change a lot, better I say. You were ever rough with guys, or sarcastic but not now, *snif* my little girl grew up so fast...*snif*" I jokes.

Faith laughs with me.

"So what should I say to Alec?"

"Nothing, I don't care about what he think. Tell I'm not here, it's all."

"Like you want, sis."

"Maybe I'll do a little slaying tonight."

"Mmh... I don't like when you do this alone, after all it's me the Slayer."

"You know perfectly that I can handle that. I made already this and nothing happened."

"It's not the question, Liz. If never you have a problem..."

"I will call you after this, ok?"

"Ok. Be careful."


Kyle leaves his room, he isn't very happy that I want do slaying alone but I'm more stubborn than him so I win the round. They accept but tell me to call them if I have a problem. They finally left the appartment, after their departure, I begin to eat pop-corns watching the TV. I really love see your face Alec, you were so sure I'll come. Take this, stupid man! All men are stupid, not including Kyle of course, I don't see him like a "true" man, yeah, it's my brother.

I watch a love story, Bobby loves Anna, who loves Mike who loves... Really pathetic, I hate triangle of love, it's ever the worst! Remind me too much me, Maxass, Gerbiltess! Yurk! Stop to think about love, it's not good for my health. I love FUN, eat is fun, like dance, listen musik, I touch a CD with my hand and the song begin to play. Yeah, I have a lot of aliens abilities, Kyle too he can dreamwalking, it's terrible a day he is enter in my dreams, I waked up screaming against him! Oh, yeah, I was saying what is fun for me. SLAYING!!!!!!

Yeah, it's a really good time to do this. I look to my watch, 4 hours that Kyle and Faith left. Yup, vamps must wake up. I took my dark leather jacket, take a stake and left the appartment.

I'm really grumpy, depressed maybe. Liz doesn't show herself. Faith tells me she won't go to the Crash and had others plans, others plans who didn't include me. I felt like my last dates, rejected, it's the first time that happened to me. I watch Faith and Kyle speak happily with Zack and Jondy, life isn't fair. But I don't stay like this, I go see Liz.

I raise my hand, good! Three in same time.

"Don't tell me you are shy?" I joke to a vamp who makes the double of my size, cute, if he wasn't dead.

"You aren't the Slayer, I'll kill you."

"Come on Buddhy, I wait."

Glad that Faith learn to me the hand-to-hand. I punch him in the face with an uppercut and kicked his ass. I jump on him and look at him during that his face changes in the vamp mode.

"Who are weak now, dear?"

I put my hand on his chest and he begins to burn, screaming and turning like dust.

"Interesting." says a voice.

I jump on my feet, looking in the direction of the voice, it's man, tall, brown dark hair and cold brown eyes.

"Thanks." I reply. " Who are you?"

"You know, it's the first time that I saw species like you."

"What do you mean?" I question, unsure.

Two mens appear behind him, I decide to leave. It doesn't seem good to stay more longer.

"Oh, no, you won't leave now, little transgenic?"


They began to move and shit, they aren't normal, aliens certainly, they move too fast to be human. Suddenly I feel an enormous pain in my stomach and I fall on the ground. These bastards beat me! And I saw nothing. I try to stead up but they begin to kick me in the stomach with their feet. The man who spoke to me pushs my hair away.

"No barcode? You are clever, you erased it."

"Now, you will be a good girl and tell to Uncle Aimes White where are your little friends."


"Don't play with me!" he says, slapping me hard in the face.

I feel blood in my mouth, BASTARDS! They hurt me, I feel my anger grow up, raising my hand I put a shield between me and them. Breathing heavily, I send to them a powerful blast and run, ignoring my bruises which are hurting like hell.

I came to Liz's appartment but she wasn't here, yeah, she's go out but not with me. I decide to go to again to the Crash, maybe she finally came. I walk calmly, arriving in front of the Crash. Thanks God, it's Liz! I'm lucky. She walks slowly.

"Liz!" I call.

She turns her head and I feel my heart goes faster, her lips are cut and blood covered them.

"Liz, what's happened?"

"Nothing you concern you." she says sharply.

"You are hurt!"

"It's my bussness, understand? Don't play worried friend, you don't know me."

She opens the door and walk in, I follow her. She's hurt badly, she's very pale, ignoring her orders, I grab her by the waist and help her to descend the stairs.

I scan people, searching Faith and Kyle, I let Alec help me because I know I can't do this alone, I'm too weak, certainly this dear Aimes and his firends broke me few ribs. Kyle was talking to Jondy when suddenly he stops, his face becomes white like a ghost during he runs to me, taking me away to Alec's arms.

"Liz, what happened?"

"Need to... go home NOW Kyle."

He nods, understanding. In this moment, Faith arrives, very worried.

"Guys, we should leave, okay?"

"But..." begins Alec.

"NO, Liz needs rest. We'll see you tomorrow." says cutly Kyle in a very cold mod.

It's the first time that Kyle speak to me like that. He's exactly like Zack when one of us is hurt.

"Can we do anything?" she asks, hopefully that Kyle want her help.

"No, it's ok, thanks. We can handle that." answers Faith firmly.

I'm worried for Liz, she's really hurt and Faith doesn't seem want help of us. Like myself when it's about our family but I can't help myself, I'm worried for them, it's like if they were like my family. I want protect them. Kyle, Liz and Faith. I'm so good with her, I love her spirit, her behavior, maybe Maxie has right, maybe I love her. Yeah, funny for a guy who repeats to himself Lydecker's order: EMOTION ARE A WEAKNESS .
We look at them during they left, I promise to myself that I'll know what's happened tonight to Liz.

We arrive to the appartment and I can't help myself but think it's my fault, I'm feel guilty to let Liz alone. Faith helps her to sit on the couch. She's badly hurt, I heal her, she has 4 ribs broken and her right wrist too.

"Are you better now, Lizzie?"

"Yeah. Thanks Kyle."

"Explain to us, what happened? Who did this to you?" questions Faith in vengerly mod.

"Please, guys, don't feel guilty about this." Liz says.

"Look at you!" yells Faith. " You went to track vamps alone and it's not your job and you were nearly killed! Why can't I feel guilty to this, it's my fault, it's me who are the vampire slayer, not Kyle, not you! God, when I think I have nearly lose my best friend."

She hugs tighly, I'm surprise, Faith isn't very emotional, I hug her back.

"It's not your fault, I wasn't attacked by vampirs or demons. Oh, and Kyle, don't too."

"I leave you alone, I must protected you."

"You couldn't know like Faith or even me. So I was telling you guys, who did this to me. They are humans, I'm sure of that now but they aren't normal, they fight like commandos soldiers, they are really strong, I must used all my energy to push them waway and make a shield."

"You know make shield like Max?" asks Kyle.

"Until this moment, I diddn't know too, I was just angry to this guy, his name's Aimes White, it's him who's the boss. He takes me for a transgenic."

"So it's true, the news in the journal. It was about a secret agency called Manticore who created supra soldiers, very powerful and others creatures transgenics." explains Faith.

"Yeah, they have a barcodes on their necks, Aimes checks my neck to see if I had a barcode but like I hasn't he think that I have made erase it."


"What have you Kyle?" ask both Faith and me.

He pass his hand in his hair.

"We are in a bullshit, I know a person who is a transgenic. I saw earlier that Jondy has a barcode."


End of this part, hope you like it. *big**big**big*
Even if Aimes is a bad man, I really like him. *big*
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New part !!!!!!! lalala. *big**big**big* Hope you like it like myself ! *big**big**big* If I should put a title on this, it will be : SURPRISE

Dedicace to : Rae85, Roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia, Roswell Slayer and akasha15.
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"So it's true, the news in the journal. It was about a secret agency called Manticore who created supra soldiers, very powerful and others creatures transgenics." explains Faith.

"Yeah, they have a barcodes on their necks, Aimes checks my neck to see if I had a barcode but like I hasn't he think that I have made erase it."


"What have you Kyle?" ask both Faith and me.

He pass his hand in his hair.

"We are in a bullshit, I know a person who is a transgenic. I saw earlier that Jondy has a barcode."


Part 9

7 ap, I don't think that confront Jondy is really a good idea but Kyle is affirmativ he saw her barcode on her neck. I didn't ask how he found out, I can picture it without his explanations. Ok, now, we walk to Jam Pony Express, this, smells like shit. It's a bad idea, what we will do if Kyle had wrong, if it's just a tatoo? Stop be pessimistic! I told to myself. I stop Kyle and Faith before the enter of the building.

"I can't go with you, guys."

"Why?" asks Faith.

"Remember, last night, I was hurt very bad and what they'll think if I come like if nothing was happened?"

"Shit! You are right!" says Kyle, punching his hand against his forehead.

"We were so in hurry, we didn't think to this."

"It's ok, I'll wait here. Go guys."

"Ok, we return here in... an half hour." tells me Kyle.

"See you soon."

I watch them during they go to the building. Ok, I have just the time to return to the place of my rencounter with this beloved Uncle Aimes because yesterday, I noticed that I losed my pendant. I know it's a childish behavior but I wear ever the pendant of Antar, the pendant Max gave me, I know I told I was over Max but I kept the pendant, it means to me more than Max, it remembers to me Alex's sacrifice, all who arrived just for four aliens, the becoming of my life like hell. I run rappidly, I watch around, I see a metallic glanze near of garebage.

It's not my pendant, just a paper. I look around, hoping that nobody found it.

"It's for that you are looking around?" asks a familiar voice.

I freeze, I can't make a move that I was pinning against the wall, a strong hand around my neck. I try to push the man away but I can do nothing. I only look to Aimes White's face, only a few inches of me, and he doesn't seem really happy, his other hand takes my pendant, I try to grab it but he doesn't let this happen.

"I know you'll come back here, I take it of you yesterday."

I breath heavily, trying to send him a blast but I can't, my powers doesn't work because I used too energy yesterday and because I am only of two pouces of asphyxie.

"You are very interessing, little transgenic. I found nothing about you, you are certainly a secret project."

"I don't know... of what you are... talking about." I say hoarsly during his grip becomes more firmly. I see red stars in front of my eyes.

"Don't try to lie to me. You aren't normal, you know yesterday with your little powers you killed two of my best men."

"Really? I'm dreadfully sorry." I say, sarcastic.

He pushs me again hardly on the wall and I feel my feet quit the ground, flying in the empty.

"You want play? I can do that." he warns me, I gasp hardly, tears of pain in my eyes.

Breath... Need to breath...

"You heal very rapidly, I was sure to broke less 3 ribs yesterday."


He only smiles to this, he leans his lips against my ear.

"I think that someone should teach you about discipline." he whispers, I feel his fist enter in my right side, breaking one of ribs that Kyle healed me earlier. I scream, feeling the pain. I'm not aware that I'm recovered of cold swet, my blood run rapidly in my temples. I should really breath now.

"It's hurt, isn't it?" he asks me. " But it's not finish again."

I watch his brown eyes, my view becomes blurred.

"I tell you what will be happened now, after have finish to play and that you'll faint, I'll take you with me and both we'll go in my basement, I'll put you in a big cage and the scientists study you."

"Now it's time for you to sleep my little transgenic."

I try to push him away again, my feet beat the wall uncontrolably. I begin to faint when suddenly I feel myself collapse on the ground, free of his grib. I breath hungrily, feeling the oxigen in my lungs. I lean my head up high and is surprise to see a man fighting furiously against Aimes, not an human normal, certainly a transgenic. Aimes seems more stronger than him but finally Aimes leaves, he turns his head toward me.

"It's not the end, I'll see you soon."

I look at my savior and my eyes become wide.


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New part!!!!! *big* Hope you like it. *big**big*

Dedicace to: Roswell Slayer, Roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia, akasha15.


"Now it's time for you to sleep my little transgenic."

I try to push him away again, my feet beat the wall uncontrolably. I begin to faint when suddenly I feel myself collapse on the ground, free of his grib. I breath hungrily, feeling the oxigen in my lungs. I lean my head up high and is surprise to see a man fighting furiously against Aimes, not an human normal, certainly a transgenic. Aimes seems more stronger than him but finally Aimes leaves, he turns his head toward me.

"It's not the end, I'll see you soon."

I look at my savior and my eyes become wide.


Part 10

I'm too stun to say another thing, I just stare to him. He's a transgenic, wow, never I'll think that about him. He comes near me, giving me his hand, after few minutes I take it and stead on my feet.

"Are you ok?"


I feel an enormous pain in my right side, I put my hand on it, letting a small cry go out of my mouth.

"Where are you hurt?" Alec asks me, methodic like a soldier.

"I think... this bastard broke me a rib... but it's ok. I can handle that."

"No, you can't. I'll help you, take my arm."

"I never ask for your help, just go away." I reply sharply.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! I fight against Aimes, I saved you and it's like that you thank me."

"I owe you nothing, I didn't ask for your help, I was perfectly fine..."

"Yes, pinned against a wall, two pouces of the asphyxie, of course you were perfectly fine. I'm stupid to have think that you were in trouble."

"Shut up! You don't know me, all which interest you is have a girl in your bed. I know men, don't play worried friend or even knight in shaning armor because it doesn't sweat you. You can stop the game now."

I can't speak, so she only thinks that I was around her for sex. Ok, it was one of my ideas the first night but not anymore. I see her slowly make her way, leaning herself against the wall to not fall.

"You're really stupid, you know that?!" I tell her. She returns to me, her brown eyes glowing in the anger.

"What did you said?"

"You're stupid like if for this weak reason I fought a guy who can easily kill me and you think that I have just did this to slep with you. You are certainly a feminist but it's not a reason to push me away. Come on Liz, take my arm, you know that you can't walk alone, you are hurt."

I look at him, yes, he doesn't seem lie, maybe I was wrong, maybe he's not a jackass finally. I look at him and I nod slowly.

"... I'm sorry..." I begin " Thanks Alec."

He smiles to me.

"It's nothing. So are you of Manticore too?"

I bite my lips.

"In fact... not really."

Alec looks at me, beginning to ask another question.

"How did you know him?" I ask suddenly.

"We met each other there is not a long time ago. He puts a bomb in my head. But you who are you and why White thinks you are a transgenic."

And now, what do I do to respond to this?

Jam Pony Express.
Kyle and me walk in the building, scruting people to find Jondy, I say it was more easy if Kyle talk to her alone so I search Zack. Yeah, why not a little flirt to wait that Kyle finish what he should do. I see him, sitting on the couch, reading a magazine on motorbike's of course.

"Hi Zack."

He turns his head to me and slowly a smile appears on his lips.

"Faith, what's a surprise. Why do you come here?"

"Kyle want talk to Jondy so I decide to follow him to see the perfect and beutiful enterprise where you all work."

"Really, I can show you the place."

"I was hoping you say that." I answer with a smile.

"Oh, by the way, how is Liz? What's happened to her yesterday."

"Oh, she's fine, it's nothing really. In this moment she's in our appartment, sleeping she's a little tired."

I see Jondy, opening her locker, she's beautiful today. Her long dark hair lean against her shoulders. Stop it! I take a big breath and come to her, smiling.

"Hi Jondy."

"Kyle." she smiles and kiss me. " How is Liz?"

"She's fine, she just needs some rest."

"I'm glad to heard it. Why are you here?"

"Can I talk to you in a more privacy place."


We enter in Normal's piece, it's here who there are all the employe's files.

"What do you want talk about?" she asks me.

"Are you... it's just... I saw your barcode yesterday, are you a transgenic? Please answer me Jondy, I really need to know this."

I see her face becomes pale, fear in her green eyes. I take her in my arms.

"Jondy, I promise to not tell to anyone but I really must know."

She nods slowly.

"I suppose that you won't stay with me now."

"No! It's not that, I... I love you Jondy, transgenic or not. But like you trust me enough to tell me your secret I can only tell me mine."

"You... you are an X5 too?"

"No, I'm not of Manticore, Liz and Faith not too but... we are different."

"How different?" she asks.

"Like this." I raise my hand on the files and change their color.

She looks at me stun.

"Do you accept this?"

She hugs me and we shared a kiss, happy that none of us want leave the other.

"I tell you all my story but not here, it's not safe."

She nods slowly.

"Oh, a last thing do you know a man called Aimes White?"

Her green eyes grow wide.

"Yes, but how..."

"We are really in a bullshit Jondy" I confess to her. " Yesterday Liz fought against him, he's after her, after us."

"It will be alright Kyle, we help you."

"Thanks, I love you, I hope you know that. Stop! "We"?"

"I should tell you something."

*big**big* End of this part !!!!!!! *big**big**big* Hope you like it ! *big**big**big**big* Next soon !*big*
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He he he, new part!

Dedicace to akasha15, Roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia, Rae85


"Oh, a last thing do you know a man called Aimes White?"

Her green eyes grow wide.

"Yes, but how..."

"We are really in a bullshit Jondy" I confess to her. " Yesterday Liz fought against him, he's after her, after us."

"It will be alright Kyle, we help you."

"Thanks, I love you, I hope you know that. Stop! "We"?"

"I should tell you something."

Part 11

I listen Jondy when she tells me about her condition was the same than Max, Krit, Zack and Alec. After this, we come back see Zack and Faith, we explain to them all the story. Zack and Faith were both stun to see that everyone had a secret towards the other, of course during this, we care of nobody heard the conversation, oh and by the way, Max comes and was surprise to discover Vamp's existence, little aliens of course and hybrid too.

"It will be more safe if we talk about this not here. Go to Logan's appartment."

"Ok, Liz wait for us outside."

We left Jam Pony.

"Why?" ask Zack.

"Because I healed her bruises, I'm hybrid, don't forget."

"Your powers are cool, how had you them?"

"Long story... But where is Liz?"

I look at Kyle, he avoided Zack's question. Why does he hide? I note to ask about this later.

"Call her phone." says Faith.

I'm really glad to found out that Zack wasn't normal, a commun point, I know I sound "girlish" but after all I'm a girl. I know now where the understanding feeling where coming from. He hide his identity like me. He's a soldier and I know that he killed but I'm like him. Totally like him.

I can't believe that Faith has a secret identity, ok, a mutant, I can believe this, but a vampire slayer? It's really weird. Now, she's aware of my soldier's statut, I saw understanding in his brown eyes. Yes, I should confess that I was affraid (yeah, even me can be like this) that she rejected me after learned that I was a murderer but she didn't. She just quickly squeeze my hand before whispered in my ear.

"We are really same. I know how do you feel."

She killed too, I'm sad for her to know she did this. But I want even more know her, now. I slowly smile and nod.

Kyle calls Liz's phone.

"Liz, it's Kyle... Where are you?...yes... we go to...Wait! Why Alec is with you?... Um... Ok, I see the point. We go to Logan's appartment... Yeah, few minutes now... Bye."

He hang up.

"Why Alec is with her?" asks Jondy.

Kyle is more pale than before.

"Liz returned to the place when she met White..."

"What????!!" cuts Faith.

"Yeah, me too. But the point is that Aimes was here too."

Faith become white like a ghost, remembering the last time when Liz meet Aimes.

"Is she ok?"

"Yeah. Luckily Alec was here and stops Aimes, but she is hurt so we should go to Logan's appartment quickly."

"Let's go." says Max.

I heard my phone rings, quickly I take it.

" Liz, it's Kyle."

"Hi Kyle."

" Where are you?"

"I just walk a little. Why are you calling me, have you finish?"

" Yes."

"It's Kyle?" asks Alec. I nod my head.

" We go to..."

" Wait, why Alec is with you?"

"Ok, Kyle, I return where I met White and... he was here"

" Um..."

"I fought against him but my powers were weak and I can't so Alec came and save me... Don't worry, I'm fine. um you know about..."

" Yes, I see the point. We go to Logan's appartment now."

"When will you arrive? We are not far of it too."

" Yes, in few minutes. Bye."


I meet Alec's glanze.

"So what about your "powers"?"

"Ok, it seems right to tell you, after all I know about your transgenic's statut."
I take a big breath.
"Ok, don't cut me, I'm an hybrid, middle alien and middle human. I'm not a transgenic, like your little friend seems believe, I just would be here to go away of my ex, an alien, it's him who saved me and transformed in hybrid, understand?"

I look to him. He's surprise but after this, who will be not?"

End of my part! *bounce**big* Hope you like it ! I hate my little sister, she's so annoying !!!!!!!!!!! *big**tongue*
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First, I thank you guys for all the feedbacks. *big**big**big* Sorry to not write recently but I had lot of tests but now I'm in vacations so I can update! *big**happy* Two weeks without school. *happy* Yes, but now, just read.

Part 12


Alec and me arrive just to Logan's appartment, it's very expensive! I sit on the couch, waiting for Kyle and Faith. Did they tell the truth about us??? Or I just spill out our secret? I'm really stupid all this shit for a nicklace and say that I hadn't take away from Aimes, I'm really stupid, I sigh loudly. Stupid.

"So Liz, what did you want to Aimes?" asks Logan. Of course, Alec said all what I told him outside. I don't answer, lost in my thoughts.

"Um... I lost my pendant but in fact Aimes took it during our last meeting."

"It's when you were hurt." It was all but definatly not a question.

"Yes." I answer.

The door opens brutaly, letting appear a Kyle and a Faith worried.

"Liz, how're you?" "You're hurt badly?" " What were you thinking?" " And you called you responsible?!" " Really, now, I don't let you alone!" " Why didn't you return without us?"

After their little speech, I can finally answer.

"Sorry but I lost my pendant." I say sadly. Kyle nods, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Ok, Liz, but it's not a reason. The next time, tell us... No! There will be not next time."

"Oh, by the way Liz" warns me Faith. " They know about our statut, hybrid and slayer. They are all trangenics soldiers, only Logan is 100% human."

"But he's Eyes Only." adds Max, smiling to her boyfriend.

I nod during that Kyle sits near of me.

"Where are you hurt?" he asks.

I push the back of tank top, letting appear few pouces of my stomach, a large purple bruise was on it. Kyle touchs it a little and I clenche my teeth.

"Sorry." he replys. He puts his hand on my bruise and slowly I feel the alien's power, thanks that Kyle can heal! Few minutes later, it's over. I put my shirt in his old place.

"Wow." says Max.

"Amazing." replies Zack.

We stay a long time talking about Roswell telling them about all the stuff, of their side, they told us about Manticore, their statut, this time with details. I was stun in front of all their abilities.

"So who is Aimes White?" cuts Faith, in verngerly mod. " I really want tell him a piece of my mind about hurting my best friend (girl Kyle, don't be jealous.)"

"Aimes White is not of Manticore, he's in a secret gouvernment unit, his mission is to recapture transgenics and exterminate them." explains Logan.

"In others terms, he wants see us all dead." finishs Alec.

"I get the picture."says Kyle.

"So what do we do about him. I mean, he thinks I'm a transgenic and I'm not in mood that he breaks me again my ribs and certainly want not be die again." I say, jumping on my feet.

"So have you a plan?" I continue.

"Not for the moment, but I think about this." answers Logan, already tapping on his computer.

"Ok, now we go home." says Faith finally putting a hand on my shoulder. "Liz needs some rest. Why can't meet us to the Crash tonight?"

"Perfect. 9 ap?" answers Zack.


Faith kiss Zack briefly, I swear I see them blush, if it's not cccuuuuute. Kyle follows her after told good bye (in kiss of course) to Jondy, I begin to really find them annoying! he! I'm the only of the trio who is single, it's not funny! I begin to leave, following my friends.

"hey Liz!"

I turn myself to see Alec running to the elevator where I was with Kyle and Faith.

"Catch it!" he tells me, sending me something who I caught in my my hand before that this damned doors close themself.

"What did Alec give you Liz?" asks Faith.

"Don't know. " I say, opening my hands, I feel a smile appear on my face. Maybe I was wrong. More the time pass and more I have this impression.

Thanks Alec. I think during I watch my pendant glows in my hand.

He, end of the part, hope you like it. *big**big**big* My opinion, I like it, hope you don't find Alec too sweet. But I couldn't help myself, I think e's really cute here. *bounce**wink**tongue*
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I know this part is short, but I promise that the next will be more long. *bounce**bounce*

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