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Title: In The Middle Harry
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or rights to Roswell or Harry Potter
Summary: Liz goes to Hogwarts gets a boyfriend but then Max turns up.
Authors Note: Ok this may seem a little weird, its the fifth year at Hogwarts, Liz has just turned fifteen but it is placed after Changes. Also this is my first fanfic so if you dont like it just tell me and I wont post anymore.

Liz Parker stepped off the train and exited the station into a busy London street.
As she opened her bag to find her map she caught sight of one of her birthday cards and her eyes filled with tears, just the memory of her fifteenth birthday was enough to make her start crying. Liz blindly started walking down the street only to crash head first into a person that was walking as hurriedly as her. “Ow” Liz groaned as she pulled herself up, “You okay?” said a boy with blonde, almost white, slicked back hair, “Yeah, I’m fine I thin…ahh” Liz said as two more people fell over her leg that was still stretched out, Liz noted that the first boy she had ran into was taking a good look at her thigh that was showing from under her skirt, Liz glimpsed a small lightning shaped scar that was on one of the other boys forehead before he quickly pushed his fringe over it. “Watch where your going Potter” the first boy said pulling himself up then putting out a hand to help Liz up, “You were the one that was on the ground Malfoy, you and your…” the second boy said, one with red hair and freckles, as his voice trailed off as he looked at Liz. “Ron Weasley” he said putting his hand out to Liz, “Liz Parker” Liz said smiling, “Harry Potter” the other one said putting out his hand as well. Liz smiled then looked at the other boy that was looking angry, “ Sorry I didn’t catch your name before”; “Draco Malfoy” Malfoy said looking at her and smiling again. “Where were you going? Maybe we can take you there?” Ron said looking hopeful, “Well I’m supposed to be meeting a Rubeus Hagrid” Liz said pulling the letter that she had received out of her bag. “Oh you go to Hogwarts too?” said Harry, speaking for the first time, “that’s funny I’ve never seen you there”, “Maybe you can answer a question for me? What is Hogwarts? Is it really a magic school?” Liz said looking confused, “Let me see that letter” Malfoy said pulling it out of Liz’s hand:

Dear Miss Parker,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You of course were to be accepted into Hogwarts when you were 11 but Albus Dumbledore saw fit to keep you in hiding, but now that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has come into power once again we must of course bring you to Hogwarts for protection. Even though you have no experience you will be placed into the fifth year, please meet Rubeus Hagrid at the entrance of Diagon Alley.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

“Yeah what does it mean ‘for protection’?” Liz said looking at each of them, “We better go and see Hagrid” Harry said grabbing Liz’s arm and pulling her away from Malfoy. “Hey wait a minute” Malfoy said grabbing Liz’s other arm, “I believe Liz was coming with me”. “Yeah well she won’t be goin with either of yer if ya pull er apart” said a large man that was coming through the crowd toward them, “Ello there Harry, Ron, Malfoy” he said his voice going cold as he said Malfoy’s name. “Hi Hagrid” Ron and Harry said together while Malfoy ignored him. “And ello there Liz” Hagrid said smothering Liz in a hug, “Um… I don’t want to seem rude or anything but who are you?” Liz questioned. Hagrid gave a small chuckle, “Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of grounds and Professor of Magical Creatures”. “Uh, Hagrid?” Liz said slightly, “What did it mean in the letter for my protection? Who is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?” “What? You mean you don’t know?” Hagrid said looking angry, then he gave a small laugh as he looked at Harry, “Well Then I guess I should tell ya, Liz meet Harry Potter yer twin brother”. Liz looked at Hagrid with wide eyes and realised that Harry was doing the same thing, then everything went black as she passed out.

When Liz woke up she was aware of someone sitting next to her on the bed that she was lying in. “Where am I?” she asked opening her eyes and then immediately closing them again to block out the bright lights, “You’re at the Leaky Cauldron” someone said, Liz recognised the voice of Malfoy. “I never got to ask you,” he said, “when we kinda crashed into each other, what were you crying about?” he asked trying to sound casual. Liz laughed, and laid back in her bed to explain, “Well you see just before I left to go to London I was living in Roswell”, “Wait, Roswell? As in the alien capital?” Malfoy interrupted, “Yeah you believe in aliens?”, Liz smiled as Malfoy shook his head. “Anyway just before I came it was my fifteenth birthday, it was on that day that I saw my boyfriend Max kissing a girl named Tess” Liz paused as all the memories came flooding back.

* Flash Back *
Liz smiling and calling out to Maria that she had to get something from her room, and her going into her room and finding Tess and Max making out on her bed.
* Flash Back *
Liz running down the stairs and Max calling out to her as he is chasing her, Liz runs out onto the road and is hit by an oncoming car.
* Flash Back *
Liz in hospital showing her parents her Hogwarts letter, her leaving Maria a note and getting on a bus to the airport.

“I was running out of there when I was hit by a car, I showed mum and dad the letter and left my best friend Maria a note, and that’s basically the whole story” Liz said looking down at her hands, “Wow, that’s uh that’s heavy” Malfoy said taking Liz’s hands and slowly getting closer to her, “Not compared to some of the other stuff I had to face” Liz said as there lips touched. They both jumped apart as the door opened and Harry came in, “Uh Liz, I though you might want to talk to my friend Hermione Granger, she could probably fill you in on everything that you want to know about the magic world” Harry paused looking at Malfoy, “your as famous as me here, Hermione would know everything there is to tell you about yourself”. Malfoy stood up from the bed, “Yes the mudblood will probably be able to help you” he said brushing past Harry at the door as a bushy haired girl came in and sat down next to the bed. Harry exited the room and Hermione extended a hand to Liz “ Hermione Granger, and you must be Liz Parker”. Liz took Hermione’s hand and smiled at her. “Well what do you want to know?” Hermione said taking out a large textbook, “Well um, everything! Why does Harry have that scar? Why don’t I know him if we are twins? Who is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Why am I being taken to Hogwarts for protection?” Liz finished breathlessly.

Sorry its so short but I didn't have much time to write it. *happy*
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I dont know if I should continue his story
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I dont know if I should continue his story*sad*