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To answer to Candycoat challenge.
In this Maria and Liz are both X5. Maria is with Michael, Liz dump Max after episod of the Departure.

Part 1

Gilette, Wyoming 2009

A group of children broke a basement's window and began to run in ths snow, they wearing short grey robes. They heard the sirens and dogs but don't stop.

After Zack told us to jump the fence and separate, we follow his orders. I remember this cold night of Dezember, but like I was a super soldier I could handle that. Ever running, I jump the fence, passing guards, knocking them unconscious, I arrive finally to the woods. I heard them hunting us, I can't return in this place, I should leave but suddenly I heard a noise near me.

I hide me behind a large tree, waiting to attack my adversair. I jump on him when I heard him stop, he fell and I'm on him, I look at him and gasp. Her green eyes.

"Ria! God, you had left too." I whisper, I help her to stead up.

"Yeah, Zane didn't follow me so I left alone."

"Don't blame yourself Ria, she has made her choice."

"What has Zack said?"

"Leaving Manticore, hiding ourself and separate."

"Liz, I can't do this, I have already let Zane in, I can't leave you too." she tells me, tears in her eyes.

"It's ok, Ria, we go very far and can built a cover for both of you. It'll be alright."

"Are you ok? your eyesbrow bleeds badly."

"Don't worry, I'm all right.

11 years later


In the Crash Down, an alien theme restaurant were two waistress discuting happily with each other. One, a little brunette with brown eyes and an other blonde with green eyes, a little taller then her and speaking non-stop. Who have think that this two teenagers girls know about the existent of aliens and one, was ever dating one of them and giving to him the cute nickname of

"Maria, you listen me?"

"Of course Liz. So like you wouldn't date Max anymore, I should it's time to you to watch other men. Date again."

"NO! Maria, don't help me by the Blue Lady, just don't!"

"Like you want, but I'm hurt." she responds with a smile.

"So how are you with Space Boy?"

"For the moment it's ok, in this moment he's so gentle..."

"MARIA!!!!!!!!! Order of the 4 !!!!!!!!!" yells Michael in the kitchen. I burst in laughter and Ria send me a glare and to Michael too.

"I begin to think that he was born to make the inverse of what I say. Sorry Liz."

"Don't." I drawn with my right thumb my eyesbrow's
scar, remembering how I have had this. Lydecker, during the escape but I'm lucky I could have finish like Eva."

Yeah, Maria, or should I say Rya for me are protecting aliens but hiding our veritably identity. We aren't normal teenager, we are transgenics soldiers with high abilities. During our first 7 years of existence we had been taught to kill, but now, for nearly 10 years we living here and try to have a normal life. And nobody, alien like human didn't know our little secret.

End of this part! I hope that you find this good.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks, I'm really glad you like it.

Part 2

"Liz, are you sure about this?"

"Yes, Ria, Max and me, it's past. He has a destiny with Tess, not me and I know that I can't stay with him. Our story isn't totally true, we love each other? I'm not sure, Max loves me? No, he doesn't, he loves this cover that I make, I'm pure for him but you know it's not true, I'm very far of this. He loves a Liz Parker who is only a lie, you know that. I won't that you break with Michael, if he makes you happy. I like when you are happy sis, you need this."

"Liz, you too. I know we aren't really twin or even sisters but we have grew up together, we faced all calamitys, I want you happy if you aren't I'm not too."

I hug her, smiling.

"I promise to think about this, but don't push me this time, no blind date, clear?"


She lies on my bed, I like our "girly talk".

"Do you think about them, Liz?"

"... Yes. Every day."

"You think that Zack search us?"

"I'm sure about this, he promised this to us."

"I want see them again."

"I know, Ria. I know, but it's not safe. We can't go to the Sherif Valenti and ask " Hi, shérif there are teenagers with barecode on their necks in jail, please?""

"Like that it's sounds stupid and not too subtil."

"We'll try, ok?"

"You promise?"

"I promise but don't make stupids things, okay? I don't trust this guy, the new policeman, Fisher. I have a bad impression about him."

"Ok, I do nothing and I will be careful. Thanks Liz."

"Nothing to thank me Maria. It's normal."

"Oh, our shifts begin in 2 minutes."

"We must change us."

"You have totally right."

We change us in our very "pretty" uniforms of waistress. Really what was my dad thinking the day when he choose our uniforms??????????? Maria comes in the kitchen during I taking customer's orders.

Suddenly I see Max comes.


"Max?" I ask. Not now. I won't speak with you, it's over. Can't you understand english?

"I need you go with me." he explains in hurry.


"We don't have the time."

"... Ok, I go with you. But let me explain this to Maria."

"No, it's really important. Please, Liz, trust me." He looks at me with puppy eyes and hope, I must help him after all he saved my life.

We take his car and left the Crash Down in hurry. I know that Maria is certainly watching us.

I saw Max came here and talked briefly to Liz. And it's happened again, she followed him when she'll understand that ok, he saved her life but this doesn't force her to help him and doing this put her own life in trouble. Yeah, I'm selfish, but it's my sister, Liz is the only person who can understand me, we are same. I love Michael, really, even if he played blind to my feelings; but I understand he's affraid, he's a soldier. Ah, like this word is funny, I don't count the number of times who he told me to leave. That he was dangerous for me, he was a soldier, like it's easy, I'm a soldier too Michael in THIS life not in my past. I have blood on my hands, yeah, I killed, like Liz. Our first mission was to track a prisoner in woods and we killed him, we were like animals and if only I could tell you how you make me laugh when you said you were a soldier in your other life. It's easy you don't have memories, me yes, I have it. Until my death, I'll heard the screams of pain of this guy, I'll feel ever guilty to made this, Liz too. Less me, I speak of this, Liz is worst than me, she won't tell about this, she want erase that, make like nothing was happened but it's just a lie, it's for that she try so hard to appear perfect. High marks, shy, smiling ever, never moaning or bad. It's not good to do this and I know a day, all of this dead silence will go out and not in a pleasant and calmy way.

I go to the garbage can and see Michael and Isabel, it's during this time he broke definitivly my heart.

"Isabel, it's my baby too. I'll help you."

He slept with Isabel? I can't believe this. So it was just a funny moment, we were nothing between Michael and me? I'm really sad and angry too. Isabel left and I come to Michael.

"Can you give me an explanation Michael?!" I scream, hurt. How can he do that to me?

"Please Maria, not now."

"No "Not now Maria" ! I'm tired of all of this! You slept Isabel and got her pregnant! How can you did this to me?! I hate you Michael!"

I slap him in the check and left, not giving him the time of explain himself. Isabel is sitting in my sector, really a great day! Fantastic!

"What did you choose?" I ask sharply, seing Michael coming back, Max comes, smiling.

"So where is Liz?" he asks me.

"I don't know, you should. it's you, you took her here there is an half hour now."

"What? It's the first time I go to the Crash Down today, I was helping my dad to clean the car."

"Max, I saw YOU , speaking to Liz and left with her." I become to worry. " God ! It was not you."

"Nacedo." Michael whispers.

"Call Liz, Max to tell her it's not you."

"You have right, Maria."

"Oh, no before this dreams of michael and me and now Nacedo..." says Isabel, taking her head in her hands.

"Stop! Dreams?" I ask surprise. Maria, my girl, you are totally stupid. I send a look to Michael, he struggles his shoulders and groans.

"Like if you had let me time to explain..."

"Ok, sorry. Please, call Liz, Max."

I don't want lose another sister. Please, Blue Lady, help us.

Max is strange, when he kissed me I felt this. It's Nacedo, but like I don't know if my soldier's strong can hurt him, I do nothing, just pretending like if all was normal. My phone rings.

" Liz, it's Max. Where are you?" Stupid guy! Don't talk so loud, I send a look to Nacedo and I know he heard him. He takes my phone and sent it on the road.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

End of this part *big* Hope you like it. *big**big**big*
I have think it was better if Maria gives her opinion. *big*

Next soon. *big**big**big*

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*sad* Ouch! I just saw now, that I made abig mistake, in the first part I said Liz dump Max after Departure, it's totally wrong! It's just few moments before Destiny, Max decided to cool the things between Liz and him but like Liz had enough to him, she dump him, telling that his destiny with his past wife alias Tess.

Hope you excuse me, I was certainly sleeping when I writed this! *big*

Next soon, I promise !!!!! *big*

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New part 3, hope you like it. Sorry Liz doesn't kick Nacedo's ass but it was a delicious idea. Just read to see what happen. *big*

Thanks for all the reply.


"Liz, it's Max. Where are you?" Stupid guy! Don't talk so loud, I send a look to Nacedo and I know he heard him. He takes my phone and sent it on the road.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Part 3

The car go fast on the roads and the night begins to appear. Rapidly, I think to my problems:

1) I'm with an alien killer.
2) I don't know where we go.
3) I can't call Maria.
4) I really don't know if I can kill him.

There are different solutions:

a) I kill him with my soldier's abilities and hide his body in the desert and return to Roswell, telling I escape of him.
b) I kill him and let his body here and return to Roswell to tell the truth to the Gang. Not very exciting!
c) I punch him in the face, making him KO and escape.
d) I jump of the car when he is driving. (More probably possibility!)

I wait to jump in the good moment but he stops, we are in front of attraction's park.

"Go out of the car."

"You can't do this, Max searchs me!"

"It's you who put him in danger."

My ass! I remember pertfectly to ask nothing when I was diying.

"You make him weak."

"No, it's not true."

I finally see Max and the others arrive but Nacedo grabs my ar and we go to the mirror's house. Shit! I don't like how the things move but I follow him.

"Be quiet." he tells me.

"Liz!" yells Max, entering to his turn.

"Max! I'm here!"

We see each other through the window. It's really weird two Max! Shit! The shérif Valenti comes! And no!!!! The FBI! I run, they aren't here for me, no, it's not possible. I grab the first Max to my side and left the house when I touch him, I know it's Nacedo.

"Yeah, it was a really good plan, now the FBI takes him. Really brilliant ET!" I say sarcasticaly.

I can't believe it, this jackass just leaves. I run to the others, tears in my eyes, Max was taken instead of him and I'm feel guilty to be happy it wasn't me. Maria hugs tighly, crying hardly. Michael hugs me too, it's really strange but I'm feel relax.

"They took Max." I say finally.

"We have a novel, Alex made a research, Mr. Fisher doesn't exist."

"Really?" I bite my lower lips, sending a glanze to Maria and she nods silently.

"Nacedo left, we must find Max again." I tell them.

"Yeah, you have right, go to Roswell now." manages Michael.

I stay silently during the travel, Fisher doesn't exist, it's surely an double agent, but the qestion if he is of Manticore or now? I remember the night when he stops us, I was feeling myself really nervous. His cold and blue eyes made me remember Lydecker. I feel Maria's Hand take mine and I smile to her, smouthing "I'm okay".

Now, it's the second day that Max was kidnapping by federals, I imagine perfectly what they make to him. I should find him, Isabel "dreamwalking" him even if he was awake to tell him that we know where he is and try to save him. Maria want stay too, she told it's for Michael but I don't miss her look to me.

Now, the Sherif Valenti and Michael help Max to get out of this hell, I drive the car where Max climbs. We separate of each other, taking opposite direction and giving the meeting to the mine.

Only few minutes later I heard gunshots, they break the windo and I make a false scream, I'm sensed be scared. And even if Max is groggy he can notice things are strange if I didn't seem frightened. I stop the car and grab him by the arm, forcing him to run but he's too weak. I see The bridge and the idea comes, we must jump it. I look at Max, telling we should do this and in front of the federals we jump in the watter. More high then ten meters, shit, I hope they'll don't report this. Lydecker will see that in the second, only one of his X5 can make this.

I breath out of the watter and took Max by his chin and get out of the watter, driving him with me. I find an old bus and we climb together in. He tried to kiss me but I don't let this happen. I have risk my cover for him, it's enough.

I really hope that Maria is safe too.

*big* End of this part, hope you like it !!!!!!!!!!! *big**big*

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New part! I'm really thankful for all the feedback. *big**big**big**big*. Hope you like this part, oh and for Roswell_lover_buffy you'll see this soon, I promise. *big* Yes, ever the suspense, it's more funny ! *big**big**big*


We climb in the old bus, Max tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. I have risked my cover for him, it's enough. I look at the stars, I really hope that Maria is safe too.

Part 4
7am. Ever no Max and Liz. It's bad, very bad. She know that I become worried soon. All of this smells like shit. Can it be possible, that they were capture? No, Liz is strong, but what if she didn't act to reveal not our secret to Max? I'm nearly sick thinking of this. I turn myself to Michael, I need my flower's essence, now! He's worried too, I can see that. I should go with them, I shouldn't let Liz alone with a Max groggy.

"Why aren't they here yet?" I try to ask calmly. But it didn't work because Michael puts his hand on my shoulder, giving me a quick kiss.

"Valenti and me take the jeep to search them."

"I want go with you!"

"No, it's more sure I you rest here. We'll be back soon with Max and Liz."

I want really scream now. I'm a soldier Michael I can take care of myself!!!! So fuck you, don't say to not acting when MY sister is in trouble. But of course, I didn't say that, I can't blow our cover for this. I only nod and look at them during they left.

Please Blue Lady take care of Liz, I won't lose her.
7am. Shit! I let myself sleep, I'm awake to the sound of helicopters. I have flashs of our escape of Manticore, I breath heavily and look at Max.

"Max. Max! We should leave! Now, they found us!"

I help him to left the bus and we begin to run. Of course I can't run normaly and like Max is weak we don't run very fast. Suddenly I heard the car, I turn my head. They are behind us, FBI or government agents? Please, let them just be FBI, it's more easy to deal with them. I heard Michael's voice sreaming to us.

"Run still Max." I cheerlader him.

A sharp pain enter in my right leg but I keep running. Shit! A bullet, happily it doesn't stay in my leg. I open the car's door and push Max and enter after him, breathing heavily. Michael had just use his powers in front of Valenti, yeah, and now he realised that there is not just one alien but three. I watch the agents behind us, I hope they didn't see that the bullet hits me if they saw this, I'm nearly sure that they didn't stay quiet about this.

I look to my leg, it's not too serious. Max is too groggy to notice what I do, finally we arrive to the mine. I leave quietly, not wanting that Maria see me like that. I know she's certainly sick of worry. I won't that she know that I'm hurt.

I was talking to Alex when suddenly I heard Valenti's car stop in the mine. They're come back. I run the stairs and found Michael in front of me, I hug him tighly, behind him I see Max and Valenti, in this moment I'm affraid.

"Where is Liz? Why is she not here with you?"

"Calm down, Maria. Liz is safe, she just left there is a second."

I let him here and go quickly see Liz. Why isn't she here? I scan the mine, using my nocturn vision and see her against a wall in the darkness.

"Liz!" I call her, furious, feeling my heart pounding heavily in my chest. Ok, she doesn't seem hurt.

"Why didn't you stay with Michael and the others? I was so affraid when I didn't saw you."

"I'm sorry Maria. It's just... I needed a little time alone."
Of course, I should hide my bruise before you see me.

"What's happened? Are you hurt?" Maria asks me, taking my hand.

I smile.

"No, it's ok, I ain't hurt but... you should know this, yesterday, Max and myself jump a bridge to escape to the agents."

"What? You escaped, where is the problem?"

"A bridge of ten meters."


"Totally my words sis. But I'm not sure they have notice this."

"Yeah, we should hope this, but why if they didn't?"

I stay quiet, what I should say. That it will be more safe if we leave. I can't do that to her, she loves Michael, I know she'll say nothing about that and will prefer leave for my own safety. But I can't do that to her, Michael is her first love, I can't do that to my sister.

"We can only hope they didn't, end of the discussion, ok?"

"Are you really sure, Lizzie? We..."

"Stop Maria, I made the decision. Don't forget that you should follow my orders soldier." I say with a sharp voice.
Her eyes grew up in the recognition.

Flash back
Gillette, Wyoming, Manticore.
We are all in a straight line, waiting for Lydecker's orders.
"Listen me carefully soldiers. Today, I want that you follow ever X5-599's orders, he will be your commandant officers during all your missions, clear?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!" we all say. I'm happy that Zack is our commandant, after all since we are born he always protect us. I see the glanze of Lydecker on me, I feel myself really frightened but don't show my emotions. If I'll do that, I'll be put in the "dark room" and I hate this.


"Sir. Yes, Sir." I say, steading myself straight in front of him.

"You will be the second if your commandant is hurt or kill you'll take the commandement. Understand, soldier?"

"Sir. Yes, sir."
End of the Flash Back

"Im the second, don't forget that Maria."

She nods slowly, I squiz her hand.

"It will be ok, Maria I promise."

She hugs me tighly and I hug her back, enjoying to be with my sister. I can't know the futur but I hope that mine and Maria's don't include Lydecker in them.

End of the part !!!!!!!! *big**big**big* Hope you like it. *bounce**bounce**bounce*
Next soon, I promise.

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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Great part!!
Wasn´t X5-494 Alecs barcode???
Update more sooN!!


You have totally right, but I erased it! I'm really stupid sometimes and I had put all the barcodes to not write same that Max, Zack or Alec. But I put it! Raaaaaah! *big**big**big**big**big*
Sorry for the mistake, but thanks to tell me.
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Dedicace to:LittleBit, MMCandyFanficLover, Roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia (x2), Starlight, candycoat, ofwolfandman408, angeleyes, akasha15, Dancie_Pixie_8, Roswell Slayer

New part, hope you like it.


"Im the second, don't forget that Maria."

She nods slowly, I squeeze her hand.

"It will be ok, Maria I promise."

She hugs me tighly and I hug her back, enjoying to be with my sister. I can't know the futur but I hope that mine and Maria's don't include Lydecker in them.

Part 5

Basement of Project Tabula Rasa (it's the name of the complex in books of Melinda Metz)

"How can you let them leave?!!!! They were walking and you in car!" yells Pierce to his men. "Explain me that."

"Sir. We tried to stop them."

"Yes, of course. Confort me, you know how shot, no?" he says sarcastically.

"Yes, sir. And during their escape we try to shot them in the legs to stop them but even like this it didn't work."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm perfectly sure to one of my bullets hit the girl, but even with that she didn't stop, she continued to run like nothing was happened. Of course, after we search the bullet, we find it and there was blood on it."

"Interesting, have you give it to the labs?"

"Sure, sir. The resultats is here now." says the man, taking the file.

"Give me that." he answers sharply. He beginns to read that and a smile appears on his lips.

"Tsk, tsk, Liz Parker is sure not an alien but I think she's very interessant in herself. Get out."

His men leave rapidly, when the door is closed he takes his phone and dialed a number.

"It's Pierce... I know that you don't work in my sector. Ha ha ha, very funny, the joke on little green men. But I think that maybe you will be intertested in a girl... Stop cutting me or you'll never know... I was saying that I found a girl who can interested you... She's very interesting, you know, she's tiny, black hair, brown eyes, oh and I forgot she possess universal blood."

His grin grows bigger when he listens the answer of his correspondant.

"Um... Yeah, Deck, see you soon."

He nods his head.

"Her name? Liz Parker."

He hangs the phone up.

"Now, it's time to find again this dearest Max."

He calls one of his agent.

"Miller, go to Valenti's house and watch his son, understand?... Good."

Roswell, UFO Center

Sherif Valenti came few minutes ago, he told us that agents of Pierce were with Kyle now. I find a plan and explained this to Max, all the group was ok with that we kidnap Pierce to ask him what he knew exactly. Max told me that Tess can mindwarp him, it will be more easy if she helps us, even if I don't appreciate her. But it's a point to ignore right now. One hour later we were all prepared. Valenti left to see Pierce and told him that he wasn't of our side anymore, I'm sure that Pierce will believe him. Max left to go to Valenti's house during that Tess and myself were watching the agents in front of the Crash Down. She begins to mindwarp them and they left. Now Valenti should tell to Pierce that all of his agents were killed by us. I heard Valenti's car arrive and Pierce is with him.

I stop to breath, they enter in the UFO, few seconds later Tess and myself enter too. Max and Michael play perfectly their rolls, acting like Valenti was a traitor and taking him like if they were ready to kill him. I watch Pierce tied on the chair and I can't help myself but enter in the room silently, suddenly he see me and looks at me.
The diapositive change, glowing on his face. I stay quiet, I can't believe that it's just one man who created all this shit. He remembers me Lydecker, he made suffer Max like Lydecker did to Ria and me.

"I know who you are." he speaks finally.

I freeze, he knows. But luckily like Max was enter in the room to this moment, he think that the comment was for him. Max hugs me tighly, thinking I'm affraid and yes I am but nor for what he thinks. My mind acts rapidly. Pierce is a danger now, for me and for Ria too, but I don't think he knows her statut, just mine.

"Liz has nothing to have in this." replies Max.

I really want push him and scream to him to shut up. Why he says my name? What stupid boy! I look at Pierce who is grinning now and I don't like that, not at all. His rictus made me affraid.

I try to ignore the voice in my head.
DANGER. He should me eliminate. One and only possibility: Kill him.
But I know I can't, I hate kill, I made this during the first 9 years of my existence. When I escaped of Manticore with Ria, I sweared to myself to never kill, hurt again. But I don't have the choice here, for Maria's safety and mine, Pierce is a danger and I know perfectly how erase the problem.

Max tries to interroge Pierce but his methods aren't really persuasives. So he let Pierce alone and like I won't be with Pierce I followed him. I should think about a plan to kill Pierce and not tell to the others, principaly Maria, I'm the second it's my duty to protect her.

After few minutes, we come back, Valenti with us. To our surprise, Pierce stead up, a gun in his hand, untied. Maria and I can't make everthing, to this moment Michael raised his hand and send Pierce against a wall with his powers. After we are all running to him, Valenti checks for his pouls but Maria and myself can tell already that he died. I look at Michael, he's totally stun and I'm sad for him that he did this. Suddenly Valenti looks at Pierce's gun.

"But... It's my gun."

He tears away the curtain and behind it is Kyle, lying to the ground, bleeding deadly. Valenti looks at Max, crying during he held his son, his eyes pleading for him. Max puts his hand on him and healed him. Kyle breaths again.

"What did you to me?" he asks.

"I don't know who you are or why you are here, but thanks, I'll help you all my life. Now, I just want be alone with my son for awhile."

We left Valenti with Kyle, Maria goes see Michael after that Max tried to comfort him and failing miserably. I can say that seeing his eyes, he's affraid. Of himself, I watch Maria who's talking to him. I hope he lets her in, if only he can know how me and she can understand him. He killed and Maria and me know too perfectly the guilt that he feel in him. We dealed of what we are done, everyday. I don't compt how times Maria went to my house in the middle of the night because she had nightmares of all the things that Manticore used to made by us. I turn my head, wanting let them a little in private.

I look at Pierce, or I should say to the Pierce's body. His eyes are opened, looking in my direction. It's very strange but during this moment I wait for his lips move, suddenly I feel Alex's hand on my shoulder.

"You're okay?" he asks me. I nod my head and hug him. Even if I prefered that it was me who killed the son of a bitch, the problem is over.


Michael comes just to reject me, but his time more hardly. He pushs me away from him and I really don't know if I can again approach him. I'm not angry toward him, I'm just sad, I remember again his words.

" Stay away from me, Maria. It's me the danger for you!"

And he walks away. But I understand his feelings, he feels guilty to kill Pierce. After all it was the first time that he killed, I really hope it was the one and the last. Like I want tell him the truth about Liz and me, after all I'm a soldier, I understand him. I have more blood on my hands than him. But even if I understand him, it's hurt.

I turn my head to see Liz and Alex hugging each other. I come to them and hug them too. I know that Liz hides something to me, she doesn't know that I saw her watch Pierce's body. She doesn't tell me what he told to her but judging to her face when she looked at him, it was sure something of very important.

End of the part. *big* How do you find it? I'm not against a little bump! *big**big**big* Next soon, I promise that in the futur part there is a lot of action.


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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Great part!!!
So Lydecker will come soon right???
Is this a Max /Liz fic??
Please don´t make it a Max /Liz fic!!
Update more sooN!!


I won't still tell with who I'll pair Liz, but don't worry never with Max! I'm for UC couple, don't forget it *big*. And stop tell what I'll be do in the futur part, you take all the suspense away lol !*big*

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ok, just to say that I'll post the new part tomorrow hope really you'll like it. Lot of action. *big**big**big*
posted on 12-Feb-2003 12:22:35 PM
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I turn my head to see Liz and Alex hugging each other. I come to them and hug them too. I know that Liz hides something to me, she doesn't know that I saw her watch Pierce's body. She doesn't tell me what he told to her but judging to her face when she looked at him, it was sure something of very important.

Part 6

Now, it makes 2 weeks that Pierce died. Valenti, Michael and Max burned his body and hid it in the desert. It's over but I can't stop myself to see again and again my last conversation with him. He didn't bluff, he knew my identity of soldier. The problem is had he tell to someone about this before be killed? I really don't know, I haven't talk about this to Maria, it's me the second, not her it's my mission to protect her and me by the same way. I won't that she worry about this stuff, I can handle that by myself. But now, two weeks left and ever no signs of Lydecker or Manticore so Pierce didn't speak. I sigh heavily, sitting on a chair in the restaurant, alone, my parents are gone to celebrate their second wedding's travel so it's me who hold the restaurant.

For the others, it's ok, Alex and Isabel finally go out together, I never see Alex so fine, Isabel too she isn't Miss Ice Queen anymore, I'm happy for them they are good for each other, Max decided to date Tess, I'm fine with this, I know that I never really loved him, I would just feel myself normal for once, Tess, I don't hate her but I don't like her, she just annoys me, she thinks that I'm jealous of her relationship with Max but I have already enough problems without put Max or her in it. So I just ignore her when she goes to the Crash Down. Too bad that Max comes here all days but I can handle that.

The only person for who I worry it's Michael. Yes, Michael. Since that he killed Pierce, he push away all people, specially Maria, he's more rough that normally and doesn't speak anymore or less than possible. I know he's feel guilty and I understand but I know I can do nothing for him, he should pass that and try to continue to live. He has put an other wall between him and us, trying to block his feelings, I'm sad to see him like this, so affraid of himself. But I understand his behavior, I really want comfort him but I can't without reveal our secret. Maria is really hurt to see him reject her, she's hurt and I'm sad for my little sister too, I know her feelings for Michael but never I have think that they will be so strong, she didn't stop to call him but never he answered to her. She's really depressed even if she understand him, I remember that a lot of times she went here, crying telling me that Michael wasn't fine, that he didn't stop to try to push her away.

Yes, I just can remember now. Because Ria doesn't talk to me anymore, it makes a weeks and four days now. I sigh heavily, remembering our fight, never we fought so hardly and maybe I lost my sister forever this time.

Flash Back

"Liz, why can't I tell him?"

"It's not safe Maria and we already discussed about this."

"But can't you understand? Michael trust us with his secret, he finally accept us and now he killed a man and thinks of himself that he's dirty and that he's a murderer, that he's not enough good for me, but Liz we are totally like him. We are soldiers too. I just want that he knows that I'm with him, that I understand him! Can't you see that he doesn't stop to shut me out, to reject me, it's hurt Liz." She tells me, tears running on her cheeks.

"We just can't Maria. We'll put him in danger."

"Like his life wasn't already in danger, he's an alien Liz!" she says with sarcascity.

"You know perfectly that Manticore's scientists are more worst than federals."

"I admit but if you're so wooried, I'll just tell our secret to Michael, not to the others."

"A secret like this can't be stay quiet. It's no and it's an order soldier." I tell her firmly.

"If it's an order." she answers coldly. " I follow it. But let just tell you something, I had think that you'll understand me but I see that I was wrong. You don't know that the word love means Liz, you'll stay ever a soldier heartless and I... I hate you!" she yells before leaving in hurry.

End of Flash Back

I sigh heavily, turning the lights of the restaurant off. But when I do this, I catch a movment in the corner of my eyes, I use my night vision to look at the roof of the building who is against the Crash Down and see men dressed in dark, armed. They are here, Manticore, I should have been more careful, I'm stupid to think they'll don't come. Force's commando, crouching, I go to the counter and take my gun who I have hidden under a wood's lath, I breath slowly, hearding them, they are already on the roof of the Crash Down and few of them have open the back's door. I'm trapped, I check my weapons, a 9 mm and two loaders, it will be not easy. I notice that my left hand begins to shake, no, please, not now, I can't have my seizures now.

I watch around me to see possible way to escape, I should go out of this hell, the only possibility is the window, it's the more safe because it's a secret governmental mission, nobody should know about transgenics and plus we are in Roswell, the aliens town, what do people think if they see government agents here? Sure, medias will be alerted. Carefully and silently I begon to move in a slow motion, when I heard them open the kitchen's door who is bind to the room when I am I jump on my feet and run to the window, hearing the bullets shot behind me. I jump through the glass, feeling it cut me but I'm outside. I stead up and turn to leave, in same time my glance is fixed by a blue one, Lydecker, he's here, on the roof of the building.

But I don't let this stop me, I run and take a dark street isolated, I know perfectly that Lydecker will be not stop by civils and will prefer kill them to capture me. I run rapidly, it's bad, I have no car and the pain everywhere in my body tell me that the seizures will come soon, already all my left side is shaking, I want scream and cry in frustration when I'm comfront against a wall, I'm really trapped this time, no way of escape but I don't let them capture me without fight. Already few of them are here, I take my gun and shot 2 of them in the head, they fall like fly and I watch without blink, I continue to kill them until I haven't no munitions. After all, I'm a soldier, I was taught for kill, even if I'm sick I'm ever more strong than them, I begin to fight them in hand to hand, sending punchs and kicks. I'm not myself anymore, inside of me there is just anger and hatred. Never I will have a normal life, I'm a freak and there is no way for free life for me. I'm just a soldier heartless, it's Ria's words and I just see that she was right. I'm totally like our first day of hunt, the hunt of the thief, I'm what I am, a predator like Ben said to us. I break the neck of the guy with who I was fighting when suddenly I stop, looking to Lydecker who is now here with 40 soldiers who are pointing their guns to me, I have lose, but now I don't think anymore. I just look at the man of my nightmares, he's totally like Pierce, the same cold blue eyes, I feel hatred towards him, I see when he killed Eva. Push by my hatred, I run to him, sreaming, ready to kill him when they all shot me, it's not real guns, it's teasers. I fall in front of Lydecker, shaking badly, my view is blurred.

"Soon you will be home, X5-491." he tells me with his cold and sharp voice.

Before falling in the darkness, my last thought is for Ria.
I'm sorry sis, I promised you to never left you but I failed. Forgive me, Ria.

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I just look at the man of my nightmares, he's totally like Pierce, the same cold blue eyes, I feel hatred towards him, I see when he killed Eva. Push by my hatred, I run to him, sreaming, ready to kill him when they all shot me, it's not real guns, it's teasers. I fall in front of Lydecker, shaking badly, my view is blurred.

"Soon you will be home, X5-491." he tells me with his cold and sharp voice.

Before falling in the darkness, my last thought is for Ria.
I'm sorry sis, I promised you to never left you but I failed. Forgive me, Ria.

Part 7

"You know, if it was only to drive to the Crash Down without speak Michael, you didn't need to do it." I say to Michael.

"I just want be sure that nothing happens to you." he answers roughly.

I smile a little, hearing this, even if he thinks again to Pierce's death, he cares ever about me. But even if I'm happy that Michael stops to push me away, I can't help but feel myself guilty towards Liz. Now, it makes a week and four days that I didn't talk to her, I remember our fight, I say hard words to her, I didn't mean it, at this moment I was angry against all people, principaly Michael and her, Michael for his rejection and Liz, because she didn't want told him our secret. But I told words very bad, I know she's hurt by what I said. I stayed mad at her during 2 days after our fight but after I was just affraid to talk to her again, affraid that she can't forgive me. Liz is the only sister with who I can see, she's a part of my family and even if I love Michael, I need her more than him in my life. I don't say that I want break up with Michael, but Liz is before him. Finally this night after trying to talk to Michael, I decided to go to the Crash Down to apologyze. Surprising Michael told me that he was driving me to the restaurant so here we are.


"Um, what?" I ask to my not exactly ex-boyfriend.

"I asked you why you want to the Crash Down so late." he answers shortly. Ok, there is a changement, he spoke to me.

"I want talk to Liz."

"In one in the morning?"


"Why?" Never I saw Michael so curious.

"We... In fact, we had a fight."

"About what?"

"None your bussiness Michael. We arrived, thanks for the drive." I say, opening the car's door and going to the restaurant. I heard him left the car, walking behind me.

"Listen Maria, I know lately I was not really... I mean I'm sorry to acting like an asshole." I stay quiet, if all was normal I'll be very surprise, Michael apologysing. Very weird.

"Maria, say something. Look at me." He takes my arm and is certainly stun when he saw tears running on my checks.

"What have you?" he asks me, concerned. I can't tear away my eyes of the broken window, I have a bad feeling. I run in the restaurant and check the place where Liz hides her gun, gone. It means just one thing, Manticore. Michael enters too, worried in front of the window.

"Hell! What's happened here?" he touchs the counter and stays few seconds quiet. I'm sure he had a flash, I grab his arm firmly.

"Michael, what have you seen?!" I nearly yell at him. No, no, it's a nightmare, I'll wake up. Liz can't be gone, she promised me. He looks at me strangely.

"Tell me!"

"Liz... behind the counter, a gun in her hand." He pass a hand in his hair. " But it's not possible, Liz hasn't a gun, and she can't fight like this."

I stop to breath, shit! shit! shit! If Liz used her abilities, it could only be Manticore. Michael had a flash when she fought, I try to stay calm.

"Have you seen something else?"

"Maria, have you listened what I said?! Liz was fighting like a commando's girl, a soldier. I never seen her like that, it's not possible." I stay quiet, I can say nothing. Manticore was here and I'm sure thay captured my sister, watching the fight who happened here, they were on the roof of the building and the back's door was forced. She was alone, she needed me and I wasn't here, just because I would say our secret to Michael, and now she's gone and I couldn't even apologyze her for what I said.

"Michael. Please, open a connection between us, I... I want know what happened."

"Maria, I don't know if I should."

"I don't care if she killed Michael! Damnit, just do this!" I scream, I take his hand in mine and the flashs begin.

Liz seing the soldiers waiting in the darkness.
Liz hiding herself behind the counter and taking her gun.
The men trying to shot her during she runs into the window.
Lydecker watching her.

I scream, letting fall Michael's hand. Lydecker. Lydecker was here. He took my sister, so it means that Liz was captured now she should be drived in Manticore. I run out of the restaurant by the window, following Liz's way, trying to reconstituate her escape. The rain begins to fall but I ignore it, focalizyng myself on the land around me, trying to think like Liz, I arrive in a dark street not too used, I see a bullet in the wall, they forgot it. I'm in front of a heigh wall, no escape, she was trapped. I lean myself against the wall and collapse on the ground, crying violently.

Few seconds later, I feel someone shake me violently, I open my eyes, to see Michael worried, loooking at me.

"They took her, Michael. They took her." I manage to say between my sobs.

"Who, Maria? Who?!"

I don't answer but just cry against his chest. Tonight I losed again one of my sisters.

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