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Title-A Lost World
Disclaimer- I own nothing except for the story that came out of my imagination
Summary- Liz and Max have just had a really, really big fight and Max is being really, really forceful and they somehow get transported into the time of starwars in an earthquake
Authors Note- In this story there is still a Jedi Council and Anakin is the same age as he was in Attack Of The Clones, also Padmke doesn't exist. Liz is 19 and Max is 20. Please leave feedback good or bad.

Chapter One

Roswell, Crashdown

“Max no!” Liz cried trying to twist out of the grasp the Max had her wrist in, “Let me go!” she cried slapping Max over the face, Max’s mocking smile turned to a scowl and he pulled Liz close to him staring her in the face, “Look Liz, your always going to be with me accept that” Max said as he leaned towards Liz, Liz took a step back wrenching out of Max’s grasp and grabbed her backpack that was on a table nearby.
“What you need to accept that is that we are over, I am never going to be with you” Liz said staring Max in the eye, a cracking sound filled the air and Liz looked down to see small cracks appearing in the floor, “Uh Max…” Liz started as the floor cracked open sending Liz and Max falling into darkness.


Liz screamed as she fell into the darkness, she could feel Max next to her; the darkness evolved into a bright blinding light, Liz looked down as she was falling seeing something that looked amazingly like a spaceship, and two people hurrying towards it, a boy that looked about 20 with short brown hair and a small ponytail at the back, and an older man with a short beard and ear length hair. Liz saw the ground nearing and screamed even louder causing the two men to look up, the two men sprung into action running to where Liz and Max were about to crash, the younger one took a jump catching Liz and shielding her body as they fell to the ground.
Liz opened her eyes to find herself looking deep into a pair of dark blue eyes, Liz gave a groan and felt herself being pulled up by Max, Liz felt Max’s arm clamp around her, the older man pulled out something that looked like a metal rod and pressed a button, a laser of coloured blue leapt up from it crackling slightly, “Who are you? What planet are you from?” he said as the younger one got one of the weapons out as well making a laser of green some up. “Uh…earth” Liz said slightly as Max put an energy shield up and backed away slowly, “Energy shield by hand, that’s an Antarian trait” the older one mumbled, “Wait a minute master, I was aware that Antar was destroyed centuries ago” the younger one said. The older one nodded in agreement, “It was, get the girl Anakin, I’ll get the boy,” he said starting to circle the shield, “Hey! Hold on, you can’t just take us, its not like you’re the FBI or anything” Liz said angrily, “Actually we can, it’s in the privilege of being a Jedi” the one called Anakin said starting to walk towards her, “Look…” Liz shouted raising her hand threateningly, the weapon in Anakin’s hand shook and flew out towards Liz, Liz gave a squeal and ducked as it came flying at her head, Max ran over to it and slammed his foot down on it causing it to splutter and die out. “You’re a Jedi!” Anakin exclaimed, “What? No I’m not, what’s a Jedi?” Liz said nervously, “Liz come on!” Max said grabbing Liz’s hand and pulling her towards a small city in the background.
Max raised his hand causing the shield to expand and not letting the Jedi run after them, only once they were a good distance away did Max lower the shield.

Back at the ship

“That’s impossible, it can’t be Jedi powers, an untrained Jedi would not be able to use the force like that” Obi-Wan said turning to Anakin, “Well she cut herself when she fell and some of her blood got on me if you want to test it for midi-chlorians?” Anakin said scraping some blood off of the robe he wore. Obi-Wan took the blood and headed back to the ship after telling Anakin to stay where he was, a moment later he came back out looking amazed, “What is it master?” Anakin said noting his expression, “Her midi-chlorians, they are the highest that I have ever seen, this does explain how she was able to make the force work, only one thing puzzles me now” Obi-Wan explained, “What is that Master?” Anakin said curiously. Obi-Wan gave a smile at his apprentices curiosity, “Why was she not sensed before and taken for training?”

Should I continue?

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Just wanna say sorry for not posting the next part I've just been so busy, im going camping this week but after that you will defently get a new part to this and stck in the middle