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A new life for Maria.
Maria: Ex-Girlfriend of Michael. Dating Dom
Michel: Ex Boyfriend Maria
Dom: Ex-girlfriend of Letty, dating Maria
Jesse Friends of everyone
Vince: In love with Mia
Letty: Ex-girlfriend of Dom
Brian: Ex-Cop, Dating Mia
Mia: Sister of Dom, Dating Brian
Tran: In love with Maria
There will be more later in the story

Maria has left Roswell because she can’t handle all the bullshit. She meets Dom. and fall for him.
Maria becomes a street racer. Join Dom team. Michael comes to see Maria and gets her back.
The gang finds out about the secret when Micheal blows up the table.

At Dom Place
Maria: what are you doing here?
Micheal: I came to see you. But you look happy.
Maria: I am
Michael: Can we talk Maria. Alone
Maria: Sure, lets go. I see you later Dom.
Dom: Be careful Maria. I love you.
Maria kisses Dom and left the house.
Maria and Michael get in the car her 2003 red Trans-Am.
They go to a diner. Maria sees Tran. Tran walks up to Maria
Tran: You look good Maria.
MD: Thanks Tran
Tran: You coming tonight, you still dating Dom. Who that??
MD: Micheal meet Tran. Yes I am stiilling dating Dom
MG: Hey
Tran So are you??
MD Yes I am

I will be writing more later.

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Part 2
MG: Who that?
MD: Tran, a guy that hates Dom. A deal that went bad and Dom Made a Mistake sleeping with his sister. Has hots for me.
MG: Okay, I miss u Maria. I am sorry for everyting.
MD: Well I don't. Plus how is a bitch doing? Fuck her yet?? I love Dom.
MG:Maria I will never to something to u that bad.
MD:Where everyone??
MG: They are coming soon to see u. They be here soon about 3 hours.
MD: I have to go. I am racing tonight in street racing. You can see me kick ass. Lets go.
MG: Yeah.
They go back and micheal go meet them.
Find out next time
When they see Maria race
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I will post a next part soon