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**WARNING This is Part Three of The Blood Four Trilogy**

Part One is The Blood Four: Forging

Part Two is The Blood Four: Uniting

Author: Killian
Email: Killian1313⊕
Rating: PG-13
Category: AU/CC and X-over
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz & developed for TV by Jason Katims. Dark angel characters are the property of James Cameron & FOX.

Summary: The past has been revealed and the first true 4-Square in millennia has formed. The Granolith has been reunited with its Guardian. The bonds of love and friendship have been reforged. It is five years later and their true destiny awaits.

The Blood Four: Binding


Five years later...

Kyle watches Michael stare at his phone in fascination. “Hey man what’s up?”

Michael snaps out of his reverie and begins yelling Liz’s name. “L-I-Z-Z-I-E! Liz come quick you have to hear this! L-I-Z!”

Liz reaches the den preparing for the worst. “Good god Michael what is it? Wait your smiling so no one’s dead.”

Smiling smugly he says, “Hit replay and listen to the message.”

Liz listens and her eyes grow bigger and bigger. Unable to take the suspense Kyle asks, “What is going on?”

“Shh, Liz needs to know first.”

In shock Liz is unaware of the phone falling through her fingers. “OMG! OMG! I can’t believe it!” A joyous expression on her face she exclaims, “She’s safe! Serena is alive! We’re going to Roswell now! You have half an hour and then I’m leaving.” With a light heart Liz turns and runs up the stairs.

Zan and Ava walk in asking, “What’s all the commotion about?”

“Max called. Larek contacted him and a ship is arriving in a few days. Serena is aboard her. She came with some representatives to meet us and talk about us returning to Antaria.”

Chapter 1

‘Starlight…star bright
How I wish I may
I wish I might
Wish upon a star tonight…

‘There’s nothing like twilight in the desert. The vastness of it all humbles me. To know I came from one of those pinpoints of light is at times so hard to believe. Tonight my past, present, and future are converging. I’ve waited a lifetime for this moment. I thought I’d feel triumphant I had accomplished my destiny. But destiny is cold comfort in an empty bed. I almost wish this moment wasn’t coming I made a life here and to start over again seems impossible. And to start over with what? Isabel has never forgiven me for Alex, Max for Liz and Michael for any of it. How can we four work together to win a kingdom back? Is it even worth it for me to try? I want my son to be safe to rule Antar but am I willing to risk his hatred by betraying his father?’

Fear and excitement bombard Max. He squeezes Tess’s hand and notices she doesn’t respond back. “Tess, Tess the ship is here!”

Schooling her features to convey poise she doesn’t feel she walks forward with Max to the hatchway that has opened. Larek is the first one off running to Max to greet him. The rest of the party follows at a more sedate pace. All are unsure of how to comport themselves in front of the reincarnation of their dead deposed king.

Once the delegates are assembled Larek begins the introductions. “As you know the Royal Four are known by different names here on Earth. This is Max Evans our King Zan his wife Tess our Queen Ava and their son Zan. To his majesties left is Isabel, Princess Vilondra and Michael, Lord Rath.”

Larek then introduces the ranking delegate to his majesty. “May I present Prince Hanar of Callaine.”

Serena had been eyeing her surroundings with interest. With the formalities concluded Serena calls out to Rath and hurries to his side. “Serena! You don’t know how glad I am to finally meet you.”

In a desperate tone she asks, “Where is she? I can feel her. Where is my mother?”

Annoyed at the woman’s hysterics Tess orders her to be silent. Outraged Serena lights into Tess. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“I am your Queen.”

Laughing Serena says, “You are not my mother therefore you are not the Queen!”

Calmly holding Max’s hand she replies, “Zan and I didn’t have any children.”

In a derisive tone Serena states, “You’re Ava. You are not my father’s wife. In fact you’re not the true Ava you’re a clone and so is he. Where the hell are my parents? I didn’t travel across the galaxy to meet their clones. Rath, Larek you guys have some explaining to do!”

Max is baffled by Serena’s claims and Tess is irate at the woman’s wild accusations. “You little bitch how dare you talk to your King and Queen that way!”

Serena gives her a look of utter contempt. She opens her mouth to retort but is overpowered by her mother’s presence. In a little girl voice she whispers, “mommie,” and runs into her waiting arms.

Liz appears out of nowhere in the midst of them clinging to her daughter. Zan, Ava, and Kyle appear beside them. Michael is smirking at the shocked faces of Max and Tess. He leaves them to make his stand with the true four square.

“I guess introductions are in order.” Michael points to Kyle; “May I present the High Priest of Zayid, Declan.” The party from Antar gasp in amazement for he had been missing for decades. “The lovely young lady standing next to him is Princess Ava. The dark haired goddess clinging to the enchanting red head is Princess Sioneva of Treva. And last but by no means least is Zan High King of Antaria.”

Spitting mad Tess is screaming she is the real queen and that Ava is her dupe. The Antarian delegates move away from Max, Isabel, and the screaming harpy to see the second claimant for the High Kingship. Perplexed Larek asks, “How do we decide who is to be King?”

Serena breaks out of her mother’s embrace. “You don’t the true king bears the royal birthmark the same one that I bear. Check them both for the mark.”

Larek tired of the woman’s interruptions asks, “Who the devil are you?”

Head held high she lets the mindwarp over her features drop and proudly states, “Serena daughter of Sioneva and Zan and Generale of the Antarian Resistance Forces.”

Mad with fury Tess has put the pieces together and realizes her greatest enemy is about to attain all she had worked for. “N-O-O-O,” she screams while sending a blast from her hands at Liz.

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To spare everyone else and myself a lot of confusion I did a cast list and an extremely brief summary of Antaria and its componet parts.

Hope this helps!
Killian *big*

The Blood Four: Binding

Cast of Characters:

Elizabeth Parker/Princess Sioneva of House Treva/ Avatar of Meleri
Alexander Parker/King Zan of Antaria
Devilin Parker/ Dev /X-5 son of Liz

Kyle Valenti/Declan High Priest and Avatar of Zayid
Ava Valenti/Princess Ava
Jondy Valenti/X-5
Michael Valenti/ Myko /X-5

Michael Guerin/Lord Rath, Guardian of the Granolith
Ra Nol—Spirit form of the Granolith
Cade Guerin/ X-5 /SIC to Zack

Zack/CO of escaped X-5’s

Max Evans/King Zan’s clone
Tess Evans/Queen Ava’s clone
Zan Evans--human son of Max and Tess
Isabel/Princess Vilondra’s clone

Prince Larek, Ruler of the Biorra System
Serena—Daughter of Zan and Sioneva/
Generale of the Antarian Resistance Forces

Meleri—Mother Goddess of Antaria
Zayid—Father God of Antaria
The Dread Lord—Son of Meleri and Zayid

Antaria is comprised of 5 major systems and assorted smaller planets and systems. Antar is the ruling system and the other four systems are ruled by a sub-king/queen. The systems are Biorra, Callaine, Irestia, and Raknor.

At the summit meeting the names of the other rulers were given and I have placed them in my universe.

Prince Larek--Ruler of Biorra
Prince Hanar--Ruler of Callaine
Princess Kathana--Ruler of Irestia
Sero--Chief of the Tribe of Raknor, Ruler of Raknor
Khivar the Usurper Ruler of Antar/Overlord of Antaria

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The Blood Four: Binding

Chapter 2

Nothing happens…Liz absorbs the blast. Seething with fury Tess begins shooting fireballs at Liz and still nothing happens.

Liz merely smiles and the fireballs appear in the air over her head. One floats down to hover over her open palm and with a flick of the wrist Liz shoots it straight at Tess. Unprepared Tess is thrown into the air from the force of the blast and lands upon a pile of rocks. Broken and bloody she attempts to stand. Max runs to her side whether to stop her or aide her is unclear. Tess pushes him away screaming, “Leave me alone! I’m going to kill her. She is not taking what is rightfully mine!”

Seeing Tess stumble towards her with Max’s help Liz warns, “Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Hurt me? That’s all you have ever done! Max is mine! Do you hear me? Max is mine! The throne is mine! And tonight you die!”

Max lets go of her and pleads with his wife. “Tess what of our son? Liz is nothing to you she cannot take our child, our future away from us. Please stop this madness!”

“Oh so now you are all concerned for me! All you have ever cared about is your precious Liz. I know it everybody knows it! Liz has ruined every aspect of my life and I’ll be damned if I let her do it again!”

Head bowed in shame Max does not try to refute her accusations. Instead he puts a shield around her so she cannot harm anyone or herself.

Liz stands before Tess and commands her to kneel. “You kneel before the Avatar of your goddess. The first judgment is upon you. Tess you stand accused in thought and deed of treason and murder.”

“I do not have to listen to you Liz! You are a pathetic human trying to trick me.”

“No the truth is written in blood on the stone you call a heart. So desperately have you sought the title of queen you have destroyed your humanity in the process. All you think of are the perks not the true work of a monarch. A monarch’s job is to take care of the realm and it’s citizens. Bettering their lives is the priority not power, parties, jewels or lovers. After Nasedo died you chose to honor his evil bargain. You are responsible for the blood on your hands. Shall I recite a litany of your crimes? How you helped Nicholas escape after the Harvest? How after the summit you helped Nicholas kill Lonnie and Rath? How you killed Alex after he decoded the Destiny Book for you? How you had to mind warp Max into having sex with you? How you’ve had to continuously mind warp Max to stay married? How before the ship landed you were planning on betraying Max to Khivar so your son would be King?”

“You have no proof!”

“I do not require any. You’ve always thought yourself so superior to the others but there is much you never bothered to learn or question. You began as a pawn believing Nasedo’s perverted version of events. You have made an alliance with the man who killed Ava in our past life the man who killed her beloved Prince Garric. You are not Zan’s great love I am. You two married out of friendship and heartbreak because your true loves were gone. But I digress it is your future that is to be determined. Do you have aught to say for yourself before first judgment is passed?”

“You’ve condemned me already.”

Liz waves away the shield and places her hands on Tess’s head. Moments later Liz lets go and says, “This is the first judgment not the last and you will be given a chance at redemption. You have always despised humans and now you will live out the rest of your life as one. I have stripped you of your powers so you can do no more harm to innocents. Further more you, Max, and your son Zan will never be allowed off the planet Earth. Use your second chance wisely Tess.”

Disbelieving Tess tries to form a fireball. “Oh my god! What did you do to me?

“Hopefully given you a chance at salvation,” replies Liz.

Looking at the crowd apologetically Max says, “I am going to take my wife home now. Turning to leave he ads, “I don’t have any sort of birthmark so I am not your king nor have I ever wanted to be. Isabel you will fill me in later?” At his sister’s nod he starts the long hike back with his wife.

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The Blood Four: Binding

Chapter 3

Liz walks over to Isabel. “Izzy I have missed you.”

Isabel hugs Liz and asks, “What’s going to happen to me?”

“You have a choice you can stay on Earth and lead a relatively normal life or you can come with us. There are negative aspects to each decision. If you remain you will have no one but Max to help you if Khivar and his minions decide to come after you. If you come with us you will be walking into a civil war. Isabel you will not have an easy time of it on Antar the people view Vilondra as a traitor.”

Sensing Isabel’s rising fear she adds, “Lay your fears to rest you are not Vilondra or Lonnie. Her DNA and was combined with a human’s to create you. You were not born with her soul. Isabel you are a separate individual do not hold yourself responsible for Vilondra’s mistakes or Lonnie’s crimes. You have a good heart that is strong and true believe in it. And if you come with us you will be Princess Isabel sister of King Alexander."

Isabel exclaims, "What? Are you kidding me?"

With a grin Liz answers, "Zan tells me he would welcome you as his sister.”


“Zan has seen you through my eyes, Kyle’s, and Michael’s. He wants to talk to you later but now we need to get everyone to a more secure location.”

Zan gathers everyone’s attention and says, “Please gather over here so we can transport everyone out of here.” He has them stand in the middle of the Four Square and Michael.

Michael gathers his energy and sends streams out to connect with Kyle and Liz. Who in turn send energy streams to connect with Ava and Zan. Now enclosed by an energy field Michael transports them all to the Granolith Chamber.

Questions fly. “How?”

“Where are we?”

Zan smiles reassuringly at the group, “Everything will be explained but would anyone like to refresh themselves or care for refreshments?” While Zan is keeping the delegates busy Liz slips upstairs to check on the children.

Prince Hanar grabs the opportunity to talk to Zan and Serena. “Son I’m glad you made it. We’ll talk later right now I would like to be introduced to my grand daughter. You look so much like Sia I would have guessed who you were immediately. Why didn’t you make yourself known to me?”

“Because your son and his wife are traitors.”

Saddened he nods in agreement. “So my suspicions were correct. Please forgive me I’m an old man and after losing Sia I didn’t want to contemplate losing my only child too. If you will permit it later I would like a chance to know you.”

Smiling Serena replies, “Gladly grand father.”

Seeing Liz return Zan gathers everyone’s attention so they can get Isabel and the Antarian delegates up to speed.

Much later...

Serena demands, “Take me to my brother, mom.”

“Come on the kids are holed up in the game room. It’s crazy but I’m nervous I’m afraid you two won’t get along.”

“Mom please! I am the epitome of charm! Everyone loves me.”

“Serena, people will say anything when you hold a laser gun to their heads!”


“Close your mouth dear you want to make a good impression on him right?” Liz opens the door to the game room to find them all standing at attention courtesy of Cade.

Serena quips, “Oh I like this I want to be saluted every time I enter a room.” She moves to stand in front of one teen-ager green eyes look into green eyes. “Hello Dev.”


Liz becomes nervous as the two stare each other down. She interrupts, “Serena this is Cade, Myko, and Jondy.”

Neither one moves a fraction of an inch. A little voice pops up, “Mommie you silly they are doing it on purpose. Serena ‘pathed him and he’s playing along.”

Serena bends down, “siblings are not supposed to tell on each other! Dev what have you been teaching him? You haven’t explained sibling rules yet?”

“He’s explained but Alex likes to get us into trouble. I’m Ciara, Alex’s better half.”

Liz admonishes, “Ciara!”

“I know Mommie I’m not supposed to say mean things even if they are the truth.”

“And just where did you hear this truth from?” demands Liz.

“Oh around”

Laughing Serena says, “I like her! Come and give your big sis a hug!” Squealing Ciara jumps on Serena. “Come on Alex I’ll forgive you this once.”

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I've been having the worst case of writers block! I know what I want to happen I just can't seem to put it into words. It all sounds trite, stupid, moronic, etc.

Some things to know:

I changed the name of this segment to Binding. I put Reclaiming because I couldn't find my notes where I had named this part.

Devlin is Liz's child and not Zan's. His biological father is unknown but Zan has adopted him.

Ciara and Alex are the twin children of Liz and Zan. Ciara is a girl and Alex a boy. (Ciara is pronounced with a hard C.)

Serena is the daughter of Sioneva (Liz) and Zan from their first life together. She is not illegitimate. Sioneva and Zan were betrothed which is the binding part of marriage in Antarian law. The marriage is actually more ceremonial. It was supposed to be the crowning ceremony for them where they took oaths binding them to the service of the land and people.

To clarify using Antarian law people can become engaged and break engagements because they are not binding by law. A betrothal is an actual legal contract binding two people together. This is traditionally used when dealing with royalty and nobility because of the vast amounts of property and money involved.

Hopefully this clears up the confusion surrounding the kids.


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Warning foul language ahead!

The Blood Four: Binding

Chapter 4

Zan is strolling through Kyle’s contemplation garden deep in thought.

Serena calls out, “Dad?”

“Over here”

“I’ve been looking all over for you. Mom said you wanted to talk with me.”

Zan nods and says, “Walk with me.”

In silence they walk together until he stops before the reflective pool. “It is time for me to take up the reins of kingship. I have some decisions to make before the next round of talks. The biggest decision revolves around you. Do you want to be Heir?”


Taken aback by her vehemence he asks, “You’re not going to think about it?”

“I’ve thought about it for longer than you have been alive. If I had had ambitions for the crown I could have declared myself decades ago. Now if you want to offer me an army I’ll take it.”

Smiling ruefully Zan says, “Liz told me you would say no but you are my first born and I wanted to give you the chance.”

“You’re expecting trouble when you announce Ciara as the confirmed Heir.”

“How did you know?”

Ignoring his question she continues on, “Even with the Granoliths confirmation no one is going to be happy that your heir is a child much less a girl. On top of that you are an unknown player since everyone still thinks your dead and Max is the King. People are going to think this is just too convenient.”

“Can’t we chalk it up to good planning?”

Rolling her eyes Serena continues, “I’ve been thinking on how we can turn this to our advantage. The other leaders perceive Max to be weak and I know Max’s biggest secret. He cut a deal with Khivar.”


“Max resigned his rights to the throne in favor of Khivar and in exchange Khivar would name Zan as his heir. He also agreed to turn the Granolith over to Zan when he turned 18.”

Visibly shaken Zan holds up his hand to stop Serena as he sits down on one of the stone benches. “He sold us out…holy fuck…that bastard…I just can’t believe it.”

“Dad, Max is not you he is weak and made poor choices. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but he made the best decision he could. Married to Khivar’s spy he never had a chance. His gifts are not strong and he had no way to keep Vilondra…sorry, Isabel and Zan alive. None of you could trust him with the truth so he did the best he could with limited resources.”

“You say it so reasonably I could almost buy it. But he didn’t explore his options he didn’t consult Michael and I bet he didn’t talk to Isabel either. Did the fool not know that the only way to transfer the right to Zan would be to kill himself and Michael? The idiot…Khivar agreed because Max would do his job for him. Serena this goes no further this level of idiocy on Max’s part doesn’t need to be advertised. It’s a moot point anyway because I’m king not Max.”

Sensing his distress Liz paths to Zan ~what’s wrong? ~

~YOUR daughter and I have been talking and she just keeps on dropping bombs on me~

~Care to share? ~

~Not yet I don’t think she is finished~

~Shall I push back the next meeting for an hour? ~


~Love you~

“I take mom was checking up on us?” Zan nods in agreement and Serena continues on, “Did you tell her?”

“No I’ll discuss it with her later. We need to finish our own little discussion.”

“I said NO.”


“Do you not understand the word NO?”

“Gods you are stubborn!”

Serena retorts, “That’s rich coming from you!”

“Will you let me finish a sentence?”

Chin up arms crossed Serena says, “Fine but there is nothing you can say to convince me.”

“We are about to enter a war zone and I want to have the lines of succession secure and guardians appointed and approved by the Granolith for Ciara.”


Zan smirks at her but refrains from commenting. “Liz will be Queen Regent but if something should happen to both of us I want you to be next then Michael and lastly Isabel.”

“Regent I can handle.”

“Good because you’re also second in line to the throne.”

“I said NO.”

“Too bad the Granolith says yes.”

“Why me and not Alex?”

Zan is silent for a long time and says, “You’ll have to ask the Granolith.”

Apologies to everyone on it taking so long for a new part. I was truly beginning to think the creative well had dried up!

Killian *happy*

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