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“Liz why do you have to drag me to this place?” I yelled as we entered the museum of genetically enhanced spiders
“Because” Liz began “this is a chance to find out about genetic creation. You know Maria what you're boyfriend is made of?” she told me in her annoying but right way
“This wouldn’t happen to have anything with all the science stuff you like now would it?” I asked and she guiltily looks away
“Well…” she cracked turning to look at the microscope
“Aha I knew it! You just wanted to come here and play, this hasn’t got anything with the three aliens where on the run with now would it” I joke
“You know it has everything to do with them they're practically our family now” she corrected
“Okay Chica, but this better be worth it! Space boy hasn’t been totally nice to me lately after Billy Darden” I snapped and folded my arms. We walked round the large room of the museum and walked past a school class on an outing. There was a geeky boy trying to get a picture of some redhead pointing at some spiders. Spiders why did it have to be spiders, Liz knows they freak me out. I didn’t have to come here; I could have gone and trashed the crappy talent scout Monique’s studio for not letting me do my songs! So what if I was pissed of I was going to have spend the day with Liz ‘science boffin’ Parker! I looked into the small glass cages the new spiders where in. there was one missing! I looked around the floor to see if it was loose but I couldn’t see it. I felt something crawl up my leg and I froze. Oh my god it was in my pants! Ow oh my god it just bit me get it off!
“Arrggghhhh!” I screamed and Liz ran up to me
“Ria? Ria what's wrong?” she demands as she takes hold of my shoulder
“Spider! Spider in my pants!” I yell I shook my leg and the spider fell out and landed on the floor. Instant reaction I stamped on it hard with my boot
“Okay were not staying here!” I snapped at Liz “not even if we do find the key to are alien boyfriends existence!” and I walked out of there with Liz to follow me.
By the time we got back to the Travel Inn I felt drained and so weak. My head weighed a ton and my feet where light as air. I climbed the stairs to our room and crashed down onto the bed the second I was through the door. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
My dreams were weird, spiders. Red and blue spiders crawling on electrically wiring and everything turning from white to blue and red.
Then I woke up and I was back in the cheesy excuse for a hotel room, Michael was watching me, he was pretended not to be because he was trying to read a brochure he had snagged from the lobby. He gave up and tossed it onto the unit next to him
“You look better” he began “when you came in you looked like hell. What happened Liz said you went to a science museum. No surprises there being Liz and all but you… Liz said you were bitten Max tried to heal you but he was blocked out. What the hell happened Maria!” he said shouting the last few words
“I don't know I was bitten by this spider and now I feel great. I mean really great” I grinned girlishly
“Well you sure scared the hell out of me!” he snapped as he stood and walked to the door
“Hey before you go can you pass me that copy of vogue you were looking at?” I asked pointed towards the unit and a thin trail of white webbing shot out from my wrist. Michael just stared at me in disbelief
“Ahhhh! Ahh Ahhhh” I whine seeing the white webbing that only freaky spiders make
“I’ll go get the others…” and with that Michael was gone leaving me to face this problem by myself. I stood up and let the web loosen and I went in search of something sharp to cut the string. After five minutes of searching and finding nothing it began to snap and dissolve. I stared at it in disbelief, when it was gone I stared at my wrist where the white webbing came from; there was a white patch of silky webbing stuck on my wrist. I tried scraping it off and then shaking it off when it wouldn’t budge. Another string shot out of my wrist and I pulled on it hoping it would snap like the one before but I didn't and I got pulled towards the wall where it was joined. I crashed into the wall and put my hands up to move away. My hands were stuck to the wall! I pulled them off and put them higher to get my other hand of and before I knew it I was on the ceiling! If I hadn’t known about the little aliens running around screwing up my best friends lives this would have been weird but it wasn’t and to tell you the truth I was kind of enjoying it. Michael burst through the door with Max, Isabel, Liz and Kyle in tow. Kyle shut the door and stared at Michael
“You said she was here!” he growled angrily “I almost had a date then and you drag me here to help Maria because she’s got white wire coming out of here and she isn’t here!” he roared angrily
“Hey you guys I’m up here,” I said after watching the argument between my boyfriend and soon to be brother in law. The all turned towards me and Isabel fainted, Liz threw up, Max gagged, Kyle left and Michael stood there with his mouth wide open.

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Thanks For the FeedBack Guyz! Oh and I have already looked at your story. A New Life For Maria is good write more!

“How on earth did you get up there?” he whispered finally
“I’m not really sure but I would love to get down, being up here is playing havoc with my hair” I grinned not facing the seriousness of the situation. Michael stood on the bed and pulled me down, we landed on the bed together and I smiled naughtily at him.
“Okay what’s going on?” Max asked haughtily “why have you become ms world wall crawler all of a sudden?” he demanded impatiently just as curios as I was to find out the truth.
“The spider” Liz said to herself but loud enough for most of the conscious group to hear. I looked at Isabel who showed no signs of waking up anytime soon
“Yeah what about it” I said as I sat up and put an arm across my lap
“It bit you, it must have been one of the new ones”
“What new one?” Max snapped glancing back and forth between me and Liz
“The lab created a new kind of spider, one with all three of the pro-dominant senses that made it unique. The ability to jump, the ability to sense and the ability to produce web, strong web that can lift three times its own body weight plus the regular spider abilities such as being able to get up or down over anything” she said totally geeky in science boffin mode and waving one hand to explain it all.
“OH” was all I said and it was all that was spoken since Liz finished her big speech on spiders. Finally Max spoke and broke the chain of silence
“Is she going to turn into a spider?” he asked right in front of me and I shuddered and teared
“I cant nooo I cant turn into a spider I’m a song writer I have talent people will love me for my songs and as a person! You hear that a person I’m not turning into any spider!” I shouted at our leader
“I was only asking since you seem to be displaying their abilities” he spat angrily at my selfish outburst. Then I got angry that he spoke back to me, yeah he was the leader but he gave up his big title when we left Roswell; he had no right to being Mr high and might here and to me when I was upset!
“OH SHUT UP!” I shouted angrily at him and waved my hand in the air and a strand of web appeared and got him on the mouth covering it up and preventing him from talking. I put my hand up by my widened mouth
“Oh my god Max I didn't mean to do that to you I’m so sorry!” I gasp staring wide eyed as he pulls of the silky webbing, it didn't come off and snapped back and got him right in the face, he fell back with a muffled yell. Liz quickly ran up to him and waved a hand over the webbing and made it vanish. Max sucked in air like he had just come up from under water. He glared at me half frightened half angry that’s when I lost it completely. I got up and ran. I ran from the room, I ran from Michael, I ran from the hotel. I ran along the sidewalk till I stopped and saw the geeky boy who was taking pictures in the museum leaning against the wall in an alley. He looked at his hands then up at a spider’s web and turned and began crawling up the wall like me! I watched him reach the roof then someone grabbed me. I turned and saw Kyle staring back at me
“So you ran too?” he inquired handing me some starbucks coffee. I looked back to the wall were geek boy was crawling and he was gone. I sighed with lost of not knowing who he was and how he was now like me
“Yeah I ran. I put web on Max’s mouth. The big high and mighty is sorely pissed off with me so I thought I would cool it out here for a while” I told him
“Really?” he beamed “thanks” it wasn’t nasty it was just so simple. We got on like Max and Isabel did, we would make a good pair us two. Soon to be brother and sister, thanks to are parents.
“Listen I gotta go there’s something I gotta do” I said abruptly and dropped the coffee cup and ran off
“Maria!” Kyle called after me but he didn't come after me he just staid there mulling over his coffee and brooded over the fact the him and me were to be related. He brooded alone.
I got there in time to watch the geeky boy swing on the string webbing; he crashed into a billboard above the café opposite the building he had just left. He eventually got down and I was waiting for him, I walked up to him and grabbed his arm
“I saw!” I said clearly but not trying to not it into a threat
“Huh?” he murmured his eyes growing wide with fear
“I saw you crawl up that wall and I saw you swing from the building. How did you do it?” I asked keeping me cool knowing that I was asking for trouble
“I don't know what you're talking about” he lied denying everything
“I know you can do it because I can do it too,” I said as he turned to walk away. He stopped with his back to me and sighed
“I know all about the spider in the museum. I was there the spider bit me too the next thing I know is I’m webbing my best friends boyfriends mouth and hanging upside down from the ceiling!” I tried not to loose control but it was so easy because I was getting wound up.
“What’s you're name?” he asked and finally turned and I saw he wasn’t that geeky after all he reminded me of kyle only more good looking, brown hair loosely covered his forehead and beneath the matt of brown locks peeked out two blue gorgeous eyes
“Maria, Maria Deluca” I smiled and put my hand out for him to shake
“Peter, Peter Parker” he replied shaking my hand rather manly
“Nice to me you Pete” I chirped in a little ditty
“So you must have got bitten yesterday like me because you can have been bitten after me because I killed the spider by standing on it” I said sadly
“Yeah I was bit yesterday. I felt terrible and the next thing I know is that I’m beating up Flash”
“Flash?” I asked as we began to walk along
“A friends boyfriend” and he seemed to wander off in a daydream
“Oh I see let me guess new abilities got something to do with it?” I point to his wrist as we stopped
“Yeah” he grinned as we crossed the road “you seem so calm about all of this, I’m surprised you haven’t freaked out already” he said rubbing his head must have bumped it when he crashed into the billboard
“Oh I’ve freaked out but I guess it’s normal to me what with the pod squad” I told loosing myself in giving out the info. Then I realised what I had done!
“Pod Squad?” the corners of his mouth turned up into little creases as he waited for me to answer
“Ah hell!” I snap trying to think up a lie fast enough “aliens, I’m going to become half alien soon like my best friend and my soon to be brother in law, Kyle” he laughed not believing me for a second. He looked at me and I didn't push it he just knew I wasn’t lying and his cheesy grin disappeared
“Oh” he said simply “so why not aliens if we can be mutated humans” he shrugged it off
“Good reaction” and we started walking through the crowds of New York.
“Ahhhh!” a woman screamed and we both turned and saw a masked man robbing a small convenience store.
“We’ve got to do something,” I told him I as quickly ran to cross the heavy traffic filled road. A car swerved but not quick enough. My eyes went wide, I gasped and jumped up into the air, then everything went into slow motion I moved through the air turning and landing on the hood of the car on all fours with perfect balance. I saw the robbers run and I leapt and landed on the sidewalk. I ran and I was surprised how fast I was going, I grabbed the robbers and kicked the gun out of their hands and twisted round on the ball of my heel and kicked them so they went flying into a trash can by the lamppost. Peter ran up to me and grabbed my arm
“We should get out of here,” he suggested pulling me from the scene into an alley.
“Can you swing, I’ve been practising but I’m not that good. We could crawl and jump” he suggested approaching the wall and jumped then crawled off. I looked at the wall where he had been and then jumped up and crawled off myself.
We slowly jogged through the darkness along the pavement in a quiet area of town; it was where all the commuters lived. He stepped up the small wooden stairs of a house that was cream washed with neat-latticed windows and window boxes. I hope Space Boy and me could have window boxes one day, I thought quietly to myself. He pulled out a key and unlocked the front door
“You can stay in my room for tonight, you're gonna have to meet my aunt and uncle though they're probably watching TV in the living room” he told me as he held the screen door open for me
“Peter” an elderly woman with white hair neatly braided into a plat that stretched down her back turned in a white flower patterned to look at her nephew and me
“Err aunt May this is Maria” he gestured to me
“Hi err hello” I beamed politely
“She’s a friend from school is it ok if she stays over for the night?” he asked and his uncle turned round from the chair I thought was completely empty
“Now you're bringing home girls, what's gotten into you lately Peter? Starting fights and bringing home girls this isn’t like you… at all!” his uncle informed and I felt anxious and nervous all at the same time. Pete’s aunt stood and tucked a handkerchief into her silver bracelet
“Have we met before because I’m sure I recognise you Maria?” she said with her hand on her cheek trying to place me. I remembered the pictures they had put out of us on the news saying we were wanted criminals.
“Err I’m a song writer I probably just have one of those faces” I grinned trying to think up something quickly
“Oh I know now I saw you on the news!” she exclaimed with joy at remembering
“Noo I haven’t been on the news” I lied trying to get away from where this was heading
“Yes you were. You were on Americas most wanted” her last few words turned into a whisper and she backed up and waved at Peter
“Peter come here she’s dangerous!” she stepped forward and grabbed Pete and pulled him to her and stood watching me waiting for me to do something
“Mrs Parker I’m not dangerous I’m set up Peters helping me and my friends,” I told them and she looked won over until his uncle stepped up
“You’re a criminal and you will do anything to trick us. Now get out before I call the police!” the elderly man shouted at me
“Uncle Ben! No!” Peter shouted
“NO!” I shouted and flung up my hand at the phone uncle Ben was jogging towards. It went bang then started to melt
“Oh my god!” aunt May gasped, “How on earth did you do that!”
“Ah hell” I said again as the alien ness ruined my chance of a place to hide out for the night.
We had been sat down in the living room for half an hour making up a fake explanation to tell to Pete’s relatives so his secret would be safe. I finished my little yarn and waited for them to react.
“Okay. You helped our nephew so you can stay for the night” aunt May warned and smiled
“Thank you so much, I should fix you're phone but I’m not that good this is the first sign of my powers. My mom said they would appear when I reached eighteen like her but I’m late” I lied, god I was fitting in right along Liz and the rest of the conspirators according to Max’s dad.
“Never mind, there is another one in the kitchen,” Uncle Ben told me I had a feeling he knew I was lying through my teeth but he wouldn’t say anything. He didn't trust me and I could understand why; I nearly caused the guy a heart attack for god sake you could understand if he wasn’t so keen on me!
My phone rang and buzzed in my little strappy shoulder bag. Liz or one of the others calling to track me down. I stood and went into the kitchen to take the private call
“Liz?” I asked into the phone
“No Maria it’s me Michael” was the reply “Max’s pissed and Liz is going crazy with worry. So am I Maria where are you?” he asked his voice slurred through the phone line
“I’m at the Parkers house,” I said
“What you're back in Roswell! What are you doing at Liz’s house!” he boomed and I held the phone away from my ear
“Not Liz’s house. I’m not stupid Michael I know the Special Unit is still looking for us. I’m at Peter Parkers house is Kyle there?” I ask and he sounds disappointed I want to talk to Kyle instead of him
“No he’s not here yet. He hasn’t come back yet probably getting drunk at some club or something…” I knew he was lying but I didn't want to cause a big argument. It was a believable lie because Kyle’s new best friend was Mr alcohol, his day and nightly friend.
“Ok Michael I’m staying the night here and I’ll be back at the hotel in the morning. More of the little incidents happened again; you know like what I did to Max” I whispered into the phone
“Oh what exactly did you do?” he inquired
“Oh crawled up the wall flipped through the air, landed on a moving car and took out some robbers,” I said casually
“Were you seen?”
“Of course I was seen they were robbing in broad daylight. Any way Michael that’s not it. You know the extenuating circumstances you're always warning me about you know like Liz has got and soon so will Kyle well I’ve got them I haven’t got the green flashes yet but give it time”
“Maria I think you should come back here” he bossed
“Listen Space Boy I’m staying here tonight and I’m having a break from all the pod squad crap now bye!” I pressed the button on the phone ending the call and switched it off so I wouldn’t be disturbed. I went back into the living room
“Well we’re going up now, the telly must be off by half eleven and you two must be in bed by twelve at the latest” Aunt May ordered with a grin, it was like being back with my mom and Valenti again. I began to sob at missing my mom and her quirky little sense of humour.
“Oh dear what’s wrong?” cooed Aunt May
“When we had to leave we had to leave our parents, I didn't even get to say goodbye we left during graduation. I never got to say bye to my mom or Sassafras my cat” I sobbed and rooted in my purse for a vial of cedar or lavender to cool my nerves. I pulled the lid off and sniffed
“Are those drugs” Aunt May gasped
“Oh! No these are vials of cedar oil, its wild herbs and roots. They relax and calm me down, I make capsules too” I told her handing the lavender and she sniffed the vial
“Hmmm smells nice pet, did you make these?” she asked and I nodded “there good, could you make some for Ben. He has so much stress what with loosing his job after thirty five years” I grinned and nodded happily. God they had been together that long, I had admiration and compared it with where me and Space Boy would be in that time. It looked hopeless.
I climbed the stairs and found Peters room, he was sitting at his desk looking rather nervous in boxer shorts and nothing else
“Err do you want to have the bed?” he struggled
“We could share… I don't bite” I grinned my cheeks flushed and in that brief second I forgot about Michael
“What about you're boyfriend?” he asked
“Oh Space Boys’ nothing to worry about and anyway you can probably swing on the web and get away from him” I said as I straightened up and spoke to myself. I slid into the bed and he was quick to get in next to me.
Hmm nice, he’s like Liz spending time just two friends not sexual or anything just talking in a bed together.

Hope you like it, I've already write most of it but I'm only putting little bits on. I've done twenty three pages so far but it gets better and weirder. Look forward to the return of Agent Pierce and The Weddings and Isabel's Baby Puzzle! *bounce**bounce**bounce*
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Thanx For all your wonderful feedback! loving it so much!

just try and go along with the weird things that happen in this. The Return Of Pierce.

“So I guess we’re like family now us being the only ones who are part spider now. So what does that exactly make us, friends? Brother and sister? Twins? Neighbours? Two strangers?”
“I think it makes us twins since we were both bitten by the same spider”
“So that makes you family and tomorrow when you wake up I’m going to show you my alien family”
“Err I dunno” he sounded scared and dubious
“Oh come on they wont hurt you. There’s Liz my best friend, her husband Max you have to be nice to him coz he’s an alien king. There’s his twin sister Isabel and Michael my boyfriend, he’s a general and then there’s Kyle, he’s like my brother in law since his dad and my mom are at it like rabbits!”
“Eww didn't need to know that. So you're an alien too right if Max is a king and his sister is a princess or a queen what does that make you?”
“I guess it makes me a princess coz Isabel and Max treat Michael like a brother so that would make him Prince. Liz would be a queen and Kyle; well Kyle would be a prince coz of the family thing with me. Then Alex would have been a proper prince if Iz hadn’t married Jesse”
“Who’s Alex?” he inquired
“Oh he was my best friend, he was killed by Tess. She was an alien she had married Max in their past lives and was queen. Max fell in love with Liz and Tess got pissed and forced Alex to translate the book that was the key to getting them home because Max knocked her boots and now he’s got a kid. Alex’s mind couldn’t take it any more and it overloaded and he was killed. Tess went of back to Antar and had Max’s son Zan. She came back and that was the reason we had to leave and is the reason why were wanted. She blew up Rogers Air Base to destroy all the evidence of the aliens but there was things left over. A tape of Isabel using her powers was found, they were going to kill all of us but we left and we came here,” I informed him rather hurriedly
“Oh” he was back to being simple again.
I woke up and he wasn’t there I got dressed in the clothes I had on the night before and made my way downstairs. His uncle gave me the shifty eye as he drank his coffee. Aunt May put a plate of bacon, eggs and toast before me and watched me eat
“So Maria when will you be able to make the vials or capsules for me?”
“What vials or capsules?” uncle Ben spat
“Maria can make herbal capsules of cedar or lavender I thought it might be good for you to have them because they relieve stress
“I can make them when I’m back at the hotel with all my stuff, aunt May” I grinned and chugged my hot chocolate.
“I’m going to be late for school so I’m gonna go without breakfast” Peter told the table as he grabbed his black coat from by the door
“Take Maria with you, a girl like this should be in school not on the run” his uncle snapped he really didn't like me. I grabbed my jacket and followed Peter outside and hopped on the bus with him.
We took a seat together at the back and sat quietly for a few minutes till the silence was broken by his questions
“You said you were a song writer… so can you sing and play an instrument too?” he waited for an answer
“Alex had a band and I was lead singer for a while, when he died his parents gave me his acoustic guitar for me to play. I sung at his funeral, he was my best friend and he convinced me to sing on stage in Las Vegas and go for the big time. But no fugitives can be celebrities can they?” I sobbed silently inside
“Can you sing me a song?” he waited for me to say yes but I didn't
“The dream begins, I’m living on you're air tonight never knowing when you cut it off though you have a way that makes it hard to sleep alone Just when the dream gets good you always seem to have to go so here I am alone again waiting for the story to finally end while the world spins around it out of my hands don't even try to understand and I guess its time to tell you what you should already know oh you know I’m better breathing on my own all alone” the bus grew silent then cheered and clapped when I stopped singing. I went bright red. A girl in front of me turned to face me
“Sing something else,” she urged me on
“Err why are you trembling so much? I don't think I ever felt so good
When all I need is to be free where I love you and you love me
Follow the circle sur la plage on a mono coloured trip voyage
This is the colour of my world Stay and watch me find another pearl
Follow the gold leaf trail back where we were young and didn't have a care
Tracing circles that we made I don't want to live life in the shade
Will this be a desert or a beach? Or a place to find the things we need
Now you and I make up perfect things Watch me trade my wheels for wings
But don't ever use the wings to fly Just the essence of a lullaby
Now I am a giant grain of salt but I may be slipping through your hand
Follow my colour-coded world and I watch me find another pearl
It's a sound that I love and it came from above
There's the sound of the sea Are you following me?
Let's walk to the sound of distant shells To a place where life would have no end You'd be the mother of my pearls If you follow me into my world
Back to a place where you'd be free where I love you and you love me
This is the colour of my world Watch me find another pearl Oh no, I see
A spider web, it's tangled up with me and I lost my head the thought of all the stupid things I said Oh no what's this? A spider web, and I'm caught in the middle so I turned to run the thought of all the stupid things I've done
I never meant to cause you trouble And I never meant to do you wrong
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble Oh no, I never meant to do you harm
Oh no I see A spider web and it's me in the middle So I twist and turn Here I am in my little bubble Singing, I never meant to cause you trouble
I never meant to do you wrong And I, well if I ever caused you trouble
Although I never meant to do you harm they spun a web for me
They spun a web for me they spun a web for me” another barrage of applause swept over the bus as it pulled up outside a school similar to west Roswell high.
We got off and I followed him to his classes. I walked into biology with him and the teacher stopped me
“Can I help you miss?” the middle aged man asked, he was like Mr Steligman but his hair was dark brown and he didn't have glasses and he wore new clothes instead of the old brown knitted cardigan Steligman was famous for.
“Err I’m Peters cousin, I’m going to be his tutor because he’s falling behind in biology so the principal asked me to help” I fibbed through my teeth
“I didn't know anything about this and I haven’t seen you at this school before” he stated suspiciously
“Oh I’m not from this high school, I’m from the college” there I was lying again I was going to end up as a big a liar as Max or Liz!
“Oh ok go find yourself a seat” and he turned and continued writing on the chalkboard.
I wandered over and sat in the desk next to him, the redhead marched in and grinned at the messy haired boy two chairs in front of Peter. How could she not see the way he looks at her, its like Max and Liz all over again! The lesson was boring as usual not my subject. I like music not science.
The morning dragged but lunch finally came around, and the pair of us piled into the canteen and I set about getting high school food, recollecting the neon orange foods I never had put in my mouth in Roswell now being dumped on my tray. I grabbed a salad and went to pay, I flopped myself down next to Peter who was shovelling chips down very quickly. I didn't do anything just stare at how fast he finished his meal
“What?” he asked as if there wasn’t anything wrong with the speedy urge to shove down food
“Oh you're such a pig!”
“I don't think pig spiders exist Maria” he scoffed
“Yeah and human spiders and aliens don't either” I replied sarcastically
“Haha very funny” he quipped and patted me on the head. My bag began shaking and I delved into it to retrieve my phone; checking the caller I was surprised to see it was my mom! I pressed the accept button and put the phone by my ear
“Mom?” I whispered
“Maria!” she giddily cried into the phone “me and Jim are getting married!”
“What!” I shouted loudly in the canteen that I got stares from the students and teachers
“Oh my gawd! Wait till Kyle finds out!” I rubbed my head in stress with the tension that was boring down on us now
“Oh Jim’s telling Kyle at this minute…” she trailed off
“What he’s going to go mental! Listen mom thanks for the call but I gotta do some damage control” I flipped the phone shut and glance at Peter who was looking for answers
“That was my mom she and Valenti, Kyle’s dad, are getting married. This is really not a good time. Its not that I’m not happy for them its just she they’ll both expect all of us to be there and it isn’t safe to go back to Roswell not with the Special Unit still digging and pawing about” I sighed trying to figure out a way out of the alien ness but I kept the ‘it was and is and forever will be hopeless’ thought out of my head but it lingered back there taunting me wickedly
“What’s the Special Unit?” he asked and pulled me hurtling back to earth in more ways than one
“The Special Unit, it’s a organisation that tracks down aliens on earth and finds out if they're a threat. Max got dragged into the White Room; it’s a place where they “interrogate” aliens. Their idea of interrogation is torture them till they can’t even walk” I huffed fearing the place
“Oh my god, where any of you in the white room?” he gulped
“No only Max but I know where it is and what they did to him because Isabel, his sister made a connection with him and we were all holding hands so we felt and heard and saw all that they did to him and believe me it wasn’t pretty!”
“I guess torture never is” he said dryly, I picked at my lunch till the bell rang. I never realised how much I missed this, being in school I hadn’t missed it after we left because we were always helping people we were always busy helping the sick and avoiding the law as Liz put it.
“So what lessons do we have next?” I excited bounced as I marched proudly down the hall
“We have Music” he grinned at my reaction
“Ooooh you're kidding! I majored in that!” I chirped
“Yeah kind of figured the song writer singer would major in music” he tried to avoid my giddiness but it was catching and he set about grinning and laughing like a madman up the hall. The band room was like a music studio, there were instruments scattered on one half of the room and the studio was in the other. I went over a picked up a finely tuned acoustic guitar and began to play and then I sang. A man walked into the room clapping
“You’re very hard to track down Maria” he looked like Pierce but was taller and his suit was navy and his skin was paler. I gasped and dropped the guitar
“Pierce!” I stammered, my hands began shaking
“No I’m his younger Brother and I want revenge. You are the picture person to have to get my vengeance, I know the White Room doesn’t exist anymore since that shapeshifter posed as my brother to have it shut down but there are other places and still agents who want to study you” his grin was devilish and he relished in the fact that he had me running scared. I dashed around the instruments to get away from him but it was no use he grabbed me and began pulling me out of the music room
“Help!” I screamed but the police were waiting outside for me. I thought of Michael and Peter and all my friends and aunt May who wanted those cedar vials and capsules. I had made I promise to all of them and I wasn’t about to break it! I slowed my movements and they loosened their grip, I wriggled my arms loose slowly and then shot webbing up to the ceiling in the hall way and pulled myself up. I stuck to the ceiling as the cops stared dumbfounded and Pierce Jr was jumping up to try and get me down. I crawled along the ceiling
Quickly and jumped down when I got to the hall and ran as fast as I had ever run before. Peter was waiting for me in a taxi; he had secretly climbed out of the window when I got all the attention of Pierce Jr. The cab sped off and we were lost in a sea of yellow as we left the taxi. I chucked a ten into the front of the cab and we ran off onto the pavement and down an alley and crawled off. We got back to the hotel and marched through the lobby to the elevators. I pressed the button for floor six and waiting listening to that annoying music no one in the right mind would listen to by choice. The elevator pinged and the doors slid open there were only three apartments on the floor and we had all of them. Kyle was walking around in his under wear with a big tub of Rocky Roads ice cream; he tossed the carton on the floor snorted at me and went into his apartment. Obviously his dad’s engagement hadn’t gone down well… but we had bigger things to get down to.
I opened the door to our apartment and found Michael asleep on my bed hugging my favourite t-shirt. I kicked him and he jerked awake
“Space boy get up!” I tossed my hair back after it went into my eyes
“Maria!” he jumped enthusiastically
“Listen, get the others Pierce’s Brother is here in New York he tracked us down and now he’s out for our scalps”
“Pierce Brother as in White Room Pierce as in tortured my best friend Pierce’s brother!” he raved frantically
“Yes now get Liz and Max and Iz, oh leave Kyle he’s pissed coz Valenti and my mom are finally tying the knot,” I informed him and he laughed they snorted and walked out to get the others
“You didn't introduce me,” Peter moaned
“Oh well that was Michael my on and off boyfriend, and the half naked guy in the hallway was my definitely soon to be brother in law Kyle. And the girl coming in soon draped over tall boy is Liz, my best friend and the boy she’s draped over is Max, big King alien of Antar. Their home planet” I informed him
“Oh ok, thanks for telling me and Isabel is…” he trailed waiting for my answer
“Max’s sister but don't take it personally if she gives you the whole Ice Queen deal she does that to everyone and by the way she’s married”
“Married? How old is she?” he gasped at surprise
“She’s eighteen, she’s going to be nineteen in two months. Her husband Jesse Ramirez is a lawyer’; he works for her dad. Hahehahehaheha” I couldn’t help myself by laughing. Isabel walked in with her arm linked through Max’s and Peter instantly thought she was Liz. He walked up to her
“Hello Liz I’m Peter, Maria’s friend” he smiled and she gave him an evil glare
“I’m Liz” Liz corrected him and put out her hand
“Sorry its just I thought you were Isabel” he gave a small smile to Liz for the mistake
“I’m Isabel and you are…” she dropped the Ice Queen routine and turned her head to the side and smiled at him awaiting his answer
“I’m Peter, Peter Parker” he held out his hand but she didn't take it
“Oh are you a relative of Liz’s?” Max asked
“No why?” he returned a question with a question, I had the feeling he would be doing that a lot around us
“Because you're last name is Parker and so is Liz’s” he replied
“Okay!” I began “getting off the subject”
“Yeah why did you get us all here?” Michael interrupted
“Agent Pierce” it was all I said and all it took, Max backed up to the door and began shaking
“Agent Pierce is dead” Liz countered trying to calm down Max who was hands wouldn’t stop shaking
“But his brother isn’t” Peter added
“Brother…?” Max whispered
“Yes his brother tried to capture me, its ok I made sure we weren’t followed. We got away from him safely but he’s here and he was revenge for his brother,” I informed them all
“Ok well we’re getting out of town now c’mon were packing up” Michael ordered
“No he’ll be checking all the places out of town so he’ll be waiting for us so we stay here” Isabel snapped
“What do you say Maxwell?” Michael asked
“Stay Izzy’s right, we stay here and wait till it blows over”
“Maxwell he’s not stupid! He’s going to search all the hotels to find us! We need to stay somewhere they won’t look!” Michael argued. We are turned to look at Peter
“We shouldn’t drag him into this but we need help” Isabel said to the group
“I understand what you're going through so I will help you,” he said kindly
“Going through! Going through!” snapped Isabel “you have no idea what we’ve given up! I had to say goodbye to my parents! My husband and all our friends who lived back in Roswell! You don’t even understand,” she roared and he stepped back to avoid her wrath
“I’m sorry” he said guiltily “its just Maria and me well we’re the same”
“What!” Max gasped
“I blew up his phone so I had to tell him!” I explained before Max kicked off
“Oh well that’s just great!” Michael stood and waved his arms then slammed then down into his sides
“How is he like you?” Liz asked after the silence and Peter put out his hand and shot webbing out to the ceiling and swung from it
“I was bitten by the same spider Maria was so we have the same powers now” he told us
“Ok I see” Isabel piped up “so can we stay at you're place? Listen Pete we need a place to stay because we’re not ending up in the White Room!”
“Hey Izzy calm down it’ll be ok” Michael hugged Isabel because she was getting upset
“Sure, you just have to get round my uncle Ben my aunt May’s ok but Uncle Ben wasn’t too happy with Maria staying the night. I’m not sure how he’ll react to this,” he said.
I quickly set about gathering my stuff into the tiny black hold all bag, while Liz was practising her powers by copying twenty’s and ten’s to pay the bill for keeping the whole floor. Max packed his and his wife’s clothes into the little suitcase they shared and Isabel went to help Kyle sober up and get packed. We left the place in a tip, but we didn't have time to tidy we had to get out of the hotel as quick as possible.
We piled into the lift and once it reached the bottom Max and Izzy went over to pay the bill and the rest of us piled into our grey people carrier that we had bought with the money from the volks wagon van and some made cash too. Michael started the engine and held the door open for his brother and sister to hop in. We followed the directions that Peter gave us and after fifteen minutes finally arrived after going down wrong turns so many times. We pulled up outside and began unloading our things.
Peter went up to the door and went in side, knowing that Aunt May would be the only one in there and easy to get around.
Aunt May came out onto the front porch and tried to be welcoming but she was a bit peeved that so many people were staying at her house.
Max and Liz took the guest room, Michael and me got the living room and Isabel and Kyle were in with Peter.
It was five o clock and we had all had dinner and was now sat down in the living room watching some documentary that kept being interrupted by new bulletins that the escaped fugitives were in New York. Uncle Ben walked in on one of them and saw all of us sat there.
“The police are everywhere, scoring all the hotels in the city! I knew it I knew you was trouble right from the off!” he shouted pointing a cruel finger at me
“Hey leave her alone she’s not the one to blame!” Michael countered
“Then who is!” Ben roared at Mikey
“The, people who wont leave us alone!” Isabel answered
“Mr Parker… hah ha hah” Max began laughing madly
“What's so funny?” Liz asked
“I never thought I would be saying Mr Parker again in a long while!” he informed the group the Liz fell about laughing then Michael then kyle then me then Peter too!
“I don't get it!” Aunt May looked puzzled, I struggled enough to stop laughing to give an explanation
“Liz’s dad is called Mr Parker and Max’s is Mr Parker’s son in law!” I giggled Aunt May smiled but hid it with her hand
“What is Mr Parker’s first name?” Uncle Ben inquired
“Jeff” Liz couldn’t stop giggling
“Jeff?” Aunt May and Uncle Ben gasped in unison and this caused us to stop laughing
“Peter we never told you this but you're father Jeff Parker gave you away to us because we couldn’t have children and he had a little baby girl with his new wife Nancy” Ben said grimly
“Uncle Ben” whispered Peter
“Oh crap that’s just bought Spider boy into a whole lot of trouble!” Michael quipped
“What trouble? Spider Boy?” aunt May uttered
“It is a long story, no clichés!” Liz spoke clearly
“Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens and not just any aliens. Max is a king and Isabel his sister is a princess, Michael is a general of a great army. The reason me, Maria and Kyle are mixed up in this is we apart from Kyle fell in love. Max saved my life when I was shot, it changed me forever I became alien. A car hit Maria and she was healed, Max left a silver handprint on her and she changed. Kyle was changed after being shot by his dad and healed by Max. There are others who we will always remember those who couldn’t be healed or were victim to the war that we’re involved in now, Alex, Grant, and even Tess who gave her life to protect her son and us” Liz put her hand on top of Isabel's in memory to Alex.
“There are others alive who know, Kyle’s dad. Our Parents, you're brother and sister in law Maria’s parents Izzy’s husband Jesse, Lauree DuPree too” Max recalled all the people who had been involved in the whole deal back in Roswell over the three years.
“I see and does Peter is he an alien… a… an alien” Ben asked shifting his arms about uncomfortably
“No not unless Maxwell heals him and leaves a silver handprint” Michael answered quickly
“Why is the armed forces and military after you?” Aunt May inquired ever more on the want of this new knowledge
“That would be because of Tess,” Max sighed deeply to himself and continued “she killed Alex and then left and went home to Antar with his unborn son Zan. She returned a year later and his son was eleven months old by that time. She killed people in the army and they came after her and the baby. Which led them straight to us, we tried to leave town but she couldn’t hold the mindwarp so she went and blew up Rogers Air Base. The military found a tape that my dad had made secretly of me using her powers and they were going to kill us on graduation but we left and ran off leaving our parents. Liz and Max got married a month after graduation and now were happy but on the run. We don't know when we can return home but hope its soon because Maria’s mom and Kyle’s dad are getting married and we want to be there for Valenti he’s helped us through a lot” Isabel spilled the biggest secret that was holding us together and pushing us apart at the same time.
“Oh well I’m not sure I believe you but if Peter can find trust and find all you people as friends then I welcome you into my house!” he smiled but not big he was trying and making an effort.
The next day came around and Isabel decided to change her face and go to school with Peter. She changed into that squeaky head cheerleader everyone had the unfortunate luck of hearing her squeaky cheer. Stacey Scheinin, luckily Isabel couldn’t pull of her annoying bounce so she didn't bother. Max changed my face into a younger version of my mom and then moved onto Liz while Michael did his. Kyle stayed at home and helped aunt May with dishes, while Uncle Ben went to work. So we arrived at school and tried to blend in as brothers and sisters who had just moved to New York and were attending school for the first day. We followed round Peter the entire day, going to the same classes as him. I could have jumped for joy when we went to music but I didn't because it would give away my character trait. But I joined in too enthusiastically, playing the guitar and trying out my new voice. It took a while before I got it trained to sing perfectly and by the time I had done this; the class was finished and it was time to go home.
We piled into our family people carry all tired and weary
“It feels strange being back at high school after graduation” Isabel began “I just wish Alex was there to have graduated with us” she sighed and forced back the tears. We all went quiet thinking of Alex; Peter hopped in next to Liz and made his face blank because he knew we were in a serious moment.
When we pulled up at Peter’s we changed our faces back and crept inside, Aunt May had tea already when we got there. Meat Loaf with neatly peeled vegetables, some of us sat in the living room. Max, Liz, Peter and Aunt May sat at the table leaving a space for uncle Ben.
“I wonder where you Uncle is Peter, Liz” said to her new niece
“It feels strange after finding out that you are my Aunt, my dad always told me he had no relatives so I never asked. I feel like I should formally introduce you to everyone, my husband Max. Oh I have an idea you can call my dad and talk to him that way they wont know!” Liz cried jumping up and searching for the phone and found a mound of plastic and metal on a table by the couch
“Ok who blew up the phone?” Liz demanded of the entire group
“Sorry my bad” I put my hand up guilty “I’m not sure how to fix it”
“Oh my god Maria you did it, I had no idea you're powers were coming on so strong. That means Kyle isn’t far behind” she glanced at Kyle and he glared at her and she waved her hand over the phone returning it to its original shape.

posted on 10-Jan-2003 9:32:32 PM
spider man gets more involved in the later part of the story and theres a crash. aunt may dies and so does mj. isabel doesnt want her daughter and maria finds zan and finds out that isabels daughter has spider powers!
more to come good stuff! thanx for the feedback!
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Hey guys sorry its been a while my computer crashed and I had to find nearest working station, cant update for a while really sorry guys!
posted on 16-Jan-2003 5:15:56 AM
I know my computer crashed but I cant just leave it like this! So I'll try write from memory so you guys arent left waiting for ages to read what happens next

Liz dialled the number for the crashdown and her dad answered
"Hi dad, its me Liz!"
"Wedding?" she questioned
"Oh yeah the wedding, listen I'm staying at your brothers house... dad its a long story, Maria met Peter and we kind of just crashed here coz theyre after us agian. they know we're in the city but they dont know we're here"
I listened to Liz's half on the conversation on the phone, then she held the phone away for a few minutes then handed it to Peter
"Hello... Mr Parker, okay dad. it feels weird saying that because uncle ben said you and mom were killed"