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Title: STILL BROKEN a seqeul to 'In a broken world'
Summary: Liz is still the slayer, with a few changes.
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't anything.

In a broken world, she was the slayer. She was rejected by her greedy parents, loved by a Transgenic soldier on the run, utterly alone even though she was surrounded by friends. The world is still broken, but now she's changing.


Walking into the Magic shop I froze and began to look around cautiously, they all seemed to be stuck in time, frozen to their places around the Magic box "Liz".
"Giles" I gasped, snapping out of my thoughts "what's going on?".
"Hello Miss Parker" A man about my height with grey hair said holding his hand out to me "It's a pleasure to finally meet you".
"and you are?" I asked, shaking his hand briefly.
"My name is Mr Travers" he smiled "I'm from the council".
"The Council? in England?" he nods and his smiles grows "It's good to meet you.... it is good to meet him right?" I ask, directing that question at Giles.
"Of course" he hesitates "Maybe" I pull back and begin to take a look around, my eyes falling upon Buffy's frail and pale face.
"Buffy" I call walking to her side "What happened? what's wrong? is it Dawn?".
"No it's not..." she barely whispered, staring at me blankly "It's Glory... she's a god" I back away.
"Fuck me".


"Nothin' to worry bout Kid" Spike said as he and dawn sat out on the porch of The Summer's house "No one's gonna hurt you".
"Oh yeah?" Dawn grumbled "how can you be so sure?".
"Hey, chin up, platelet" Spike said, punching her lightly on the arm "Don't get scared. Maybe Glory doesn't wanna kill you, maybe it's something..." he trailed off.
"Worse" Dawn sighed, wrapping her arms around herself.
"Hey" Spike says reaching out to touch her hair, Dawn jerks away.
"Don't touch me" Dawn cries, getting up off the front porch "because everyone around me suffers and dies. I ... must be something so horrible ... to cause so much pain ... and evil".
"Rot" Spike scoffs.
"what?" Dawn spits.
"I'm a vampire. I know somethin' about evil" Spike sighs looking up at the stars "You're not evil".
"Maybe ... I'm not evil" Dawn cries again "But I don't think I can be good".
"Well, I'm not good, and I'm okay" they share a moment.
"help.." snapping their heads towards a strangled gasp, Spike and Dawn watch as a body falls on to the lawn.
"Quick" Spike said running over to him "we better get him inside" Dawn nods and help Spike carry him inside.


When one door Closes, a window opens

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Just when you think you've got life figured out, it throws you a tough curve ball. As if being a girl, 17 and the slayer wasn't hard enough, Now I'm changing into god knows what. Glory's a god. Dawn's the key. Son of a mother fucking Bitch!!!!
"Liz..... Liz dear....".
"what?" I snap at Giles, who immediately flinches away "Sorry... it's been a rough night".
"I know what you mean" Buffy choked out, her eyes fixated on a human skull.
"How are you holding up?" I ask, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.
"I don't know" she replies, her eyes still fixated on the skull "The more I think about it the more drained I feel.... Do you think you can take patrol all night".
"definitely" I sigh, putting my arm around her "I wouldn't have it another way".
"thank you" she says hugging me "I better get home.... bye Giles, see ya Liz" me and Giles wave goodbye and keep quite until we see her figure entirely disappear into the darkness of the night.
"were gonna get our asses kicked aren't we?" I blurted out, Giles gave me a unreadable look "I mean she's a god, me and Buffy... we don't stand a chance".
"Don't say that...." Giles says stepping towards me.
"It's the truth" I say stepping back and picking up my jacket "I.... I couldn't live with myself if Dawn... you know. It would tear Buffy to pieces" Giles nodded with agreement "I better go".


"Dawn" Buffy called as she walked into their house, their still wasn't an answered "Dawn I bought fatty drenched deep fried chicken" there still wasn't a response "where is every......". In a flash of green light, Buffy was thrown across the room and into the dining room where she found an unconscious Spike and Dawn.
"Dawn" Buffy yelped, swinging her head up to face the enemy in her home "All right... now I'm pissed".


Twiddling the stake in her hand and walking threw the graveyard like she owned it, Liz felt her stomach perform a few flips alerting her of a vampires presence. Turning around, she didn't have time to react when a fist flew into her face and knocked her back. tripping herself up, she flew backwards and hit her head on one of the tombstones.
"oh god" she gasped, getting up. her vision blurred and her head pounding.
"Slayer" someone hissed, but she couldn't pin point where he was coming from "I gonna have a little fun with you".


Rolling off the table, she picked it up and threw it at the intruder, he merely held up his hand and watched it burst into a million little shards, all capable of piercing the skin. Jumping out of the way Buffy moved towards the figure and kicked his ass.
"Nice trick" Buffy hissed, kicking him in the chest "Wanna see what I can do?" pulling herself into a hand stand, Buffy threw her foot into his face. He blocked her kick and hit her in the face, causing her to loose leverage and crumple to the ground.
"Who are you?" the intruder barked, grabbing her by the neck and strangling her "Where am I?" Buffy began to choke very slowly.


Cornering a blind Liz in his candle lit Crypt, he began to touch her arms and chest. Using her sense's, Liz threw her fists at him, hitting him only a few times before he got a hold of her and pinned her to the wall.
"you smell nice slayer" he growled, she replied by spitting at him.
"Fuck you dirt bag" she hissed.
"No thanks" he growled, burying his teeth into the side of her neck. Liz let out a howl of pain.


"Answer me" the figured demanded, still choking Buffy "You work for him don't you... don't you" Suddenly the grip on Buffy's neck loosened and he fell to the ground in a row of fits. His body shaking like a washing machine on 'spin drive'. Sliding down on to the floor, Buffy watched him until her eyes became to heavy and she feel asleep.


Shaking and crying, Liz put her arms around herself and cried, still bleeding from where the vampire had tasted her.

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Looking to where her attacker once stood, Liz mumbled a cry and turned to look towards the crypt exit. Weakly, she stood up and stumbled out. Her clothes torn and tattered, her skin bruised and coloured in a grey ugly dust. The wind caught on her long brown hair, sweeping it up into a violent hurl as she staggered home. To her empty apartment.
Once there, she slowly ripped off her jacket and stared horribly at the blood marks that stained it. Almost automatically she pressed the button on her answering machine and walked into the bathroom to soak her clothes in cold water.
* This is Liz, you know how this works *
Pulling her shirt over her head, Liz threw it into the sink and looked up at her ugly reflection. Her hair was lifeless, her skin was dull and boring, she looked like hell in a basket and she felt like it too.
* Hi Liz, it's me, Max. Can you call me back as soon as you get this message.... Nothings wrong I just wanna talk. About us... Our friendship I mean... Um.... See ya later maybe *
Pounding and rubbing her shirt, the water became bloody and soapy within a matter of seconds, repulsing Liz. Thick chunky vial rose in her throat and for a few moments she thought she was going to be sick, but the vial sunk back into her chest and she could breath again. Looking in the mirror, the mark where the vampire had violated her had disappeared like the other marks that scarred her flesh. Just another perk in her everyday life she thought as she listened to the last message that played on her machine.
* It's Dawn, we need you to come over right away.... Someone just tried to attack us *
Liz was already out the door.


"Are you okay?" Buffy asked as she looked over Dawn "Did he hurt you?".
"No" she answered as she looked over to the unconscious form, tied up to one of their dining room chairs "Who is he?" Buffy shrugged.
"I don't know" Buffy sighed as she walked over to him "but I'm gonna find..." Spike stopped her, his gaze falling on her oddly "what?".
"Something's off about him" Spike said as he sniffed the air "I can't put my finger on it".
"Something's off?" Dawn asked as she walked up behind me "Is he a vampire?".
"No" Spike said immediately "But he sure as hell ain't human" Silence fell on the group, before Buffy decided on a plan.
"Dawn go call everyone, tell them to get here now" Buffy ordered, Dawn nodded and disappeared down the hall "Spike, take him into the basement" Spike nodded and walked down the stairs.


Zan awoke and looked around the dark room, until his eyes rested on a tall white figure with bleach blonde hair and a leather jacket. He laughed to himself "Who is you tryin' to be, Billy Idol?".
"Have a good laugh" Spike spat, lightening his cigarette " While you still have a tongue".
"Your working for him aren't you" Zan said dead seriously.
"I don't know what your talking about mate" Spike said watching him cautiously "but you better calm down, or sweetness will have you".
"Sweetness?" Zan questioned.
"Yeah" Spike said inhaling and exhaling his cigarette "The slayer" Zan held a look of confusion "the chosen one..... The blonde you had in a death grip a few minutes ago".
"I don't know what your talking about" Zan said before standing up free of his restraints. Raising his hand he threw Spike back and knocked him out before taking off towards the stairs.


".... There are many types of demons that shoot weapons from their hands" Giles sighed, taking off his glasses "But none of them are able to take human form" Buffy bit her lip "We could be dealing with a warlock...".
"Spike said something about him being off" Buffy said to her watcher "Something about him being different".
"So what?" Xander spoke up "Are we really going to listen to Spike?".
"Spike is a part of the group now" Buffy said "As much as I hate to say it, it's true" Xander looked away, as though he were disgusted by association.
"Buffy is right" Giles said getting up at the sound of the kettle whistling away "Spike has proven himself usefully many times... Tea anyone?" He asked. Before any of them could answer a green ball of light ripped through the room and exploded throwing them all over the place.
"Ouchie!" Buffy whimpered before she looked around the room "is everyone okay".
"Yeah" Willow called as she held tightly on to Tara.
"Yeah.." Xander said rubbing his head "just dandy".
"Giles" Buffy called getting no response "Giles..." She trailed off when she saw Zan standing in front of her "Spike?" She gasped.
"Your friend is fine" Zan answered, glaring at her "which is more than I can say for you" raising his hand, Buffy's eyes went wide.
"Buffy I..." Buffy and Zan turned and looked up the stairs to a certain young brunette "Oh god".
"Dawn run" Buffy yelled throwing her foot into Zan's chest, knocking him back into the kitchen. Running into the kitchen, she leaped on to him and immediately began to pound her fist into him like a punching bag. Blocking some of her punches, Zan spotted an opening and managed to push her off him and back down the hall towards the front door.
"Goodbye" he smirked, watching as a stream of energy left his hand and traveled towards the slayer .


Liz stopped at the front of the Summers home when she heard the commotion from inside, breaking into a sprint she threw open the door and saw a large green light come screaming towards her. Grabbing Buffy who was crouched down on the floor, she held out her hand and prayed that the green light would miss them.
"Liz" she heard Buffy gasp after a few seconds. Opening her eyes, Liz almost died. A bright green light was illuminating from her hand, forming some sort of shield that had protected them. Looking down the hall she meet Zan's eyes.
"Zan" she called. He turned and ran out the back door.
"Liz" Xander said getting up "you got some explaining to do".

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