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Title: With You
Author: roswellover
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, it belongs to Jason Katims and UPN
Rating: PG-13-R may go higher depending if anyone wants it to
Category: AU, M/L, M/M, A/T, K/I, Zan/Leah, Ava/Rath, there are aliens
Summary: max, Michael, tess and Liz are aliens, Liz got separated form the other 3 aliens but moves to Roswell 12 years later form California, max and tess are sibling and were adopted by the Evans, Michael and Liz are also siblings but Michael got adopted by the Whitman's and Liz by the Parker’s, the dupes will be introduced further into the story but they will be more permanent characters.
Author’s Note: this fic may sound unrealistic at times it’s fiction so bare with me, it’s me “trying” to use my imagination I hope this story goes well and I really like Feedback it helps me post and write my parts faster, the title is Linkin Park song .

Part 1
Max and Kyle are in biology working thought there textbook on ‘Excretion and Water Balances’ Kyle nudges max to get his attention.

“What’s the answer to number 2”?

Max laughs “can I ask why you were put in AP Bio”

“Hey just cause your smart doesn’t mean I'm not good enough for AP bio”

The bell rings signalling end of class, the teacher turns around “class do chapter 9 pages 156-160, I expect it to be done”

Kyle turns “how about I come over to your house”

Kyle “ how about I just do it for you”

Kyle looks at max “ man I'll worship you”

“ Do your own homework valenti”

Kyle groans “let’s go”

Max and Kyle head to their lockers where they find Maria and Alex waiting at Max's locker

“ Hey guys” Alex greets them happily

Max narrows his eyes at Alex “ why you happy Whitman my sister finally gave you the time of day”
“Yup she said 3 words to me... go to hell”

Max laughs, Kyle groans “ Whitman you do realise your a disgrace to the male species”

Maria shakes her head and starts walking away form them “guys please can we go find iz and Tess, before I suffocate myself in your testosterone levels”

Maria lights up when she sees them walking down the hall “ great there here”

Isabel and Maria greet them, Tess looks around “ where's Michael”

Maria who finally notices, answers “ oh yeah he’s got to finish his art painting for the national arts competition”

Alex nods “ yeah he mentioned something about that, he locked himself in his room for the last two days”

The gang is eating lunch at the lunch in the quad max looks at Kyle who’s sitting across the table “ I've got nothing else to do Kyle so why don’t you come over at 4 I can help you with your bio homework”

Kyle looks shocked” wow Evan’s how much of your pride did you have to bury to ask me that”

“ Funny valenti, you want the free help or not”

“Oh yeah count em there I'm not giving up free help especially from you”

Pam troy walks past “ hey max you coming to paulie’s party tonight”

Max snickers “ no I'm kinda busy”

Pam's voice drifted to the group as she walked away “suit yourself ”

Maria watches and waits until pams out of ear shot “does that girl not have a life”

“Doesn’t look like it” Tess answers

Michael walks over to the table leans down and kisses Maria on the cheek and sits down next to her
“Hey guys, sorry I'm late I had to finish my painting, what you guys doing”

“Pam just walked past” Maria replies

“ No wonder you guys look like you want to throw up” Michael looks at everyone

“ Just what I wanted to hear spaceboy”

Nancy makes her way to Liz's room to see Liz lying on her bad doing her homework “hey Liz what you doing there”

Liz sits up when she sees her mom come in “calculus homework”

“ Liz your dad and I want to talk to you can you spare a minute to come downstairs”

Liz looks at her mom “ yeah sure”

Liz and Nancy go downstairs to see Jeff sitting on the couch, Liz goes over and sits on the single sofa and Nancy goes and sits next to Jeff “ what’s wrong”

Jeff clears his throat “ Liz I found out yesterday that my company has closed and everyone who works for it have lost their jobs so you mother and I have decided to move to Roswell we bought The crashdown it’s a diner and there's a apartment above it where we are going to live”

Liz sits in silence while the word Roswell spin around in her head

*Roswell what if I find rath, ava and Zan this could be one and only chance to find my family*

Liz looks at her father “I'm fine with your decision, it’ll take me a while to settle in but I'll manage”

Nancy and Jeff hug their daughter, Nancy smiles “Liz were so glad u agreered to move, we never wanted to have a huge affect on your life”

“You can go and pack your stuff now, I'll inform your school, were leaving in 3 days and Liz I'm really glad your happy with this too” Jeff replied as he pulls away form the embrace

Liz gets up and runs up to her room, while Jeff and Nancy watch her leave “ I'm so glad we found her Jeff, she’s so special, I don’t know what I'd do if I lost her” Nancy whispers to her husband

“So am I Nancy, so am I”?

Hope it wasn’t too long sort of wanted to clear any confusions, don’t forget the FEEDBACK
good or bad. next part will be out soon..

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AN: I want to correct my mistake Liz lives in New York not California and thanks for the feedback

After packing Liz made her way downstairs “mom dad I'm going out for a while”

“Just be back before dinner honey” Nancy called back

“ I will” Liz said as she grabbed her jacket and went out the door

Liz started thinking as she walked through the streets of New York about how much she wasn’t going to miss it cause there was nothing for her but the one thing she was going to miss her friends Zan, rath, ava and Leah she had been friends with them for 4 years. Some people would ask her why she was friends with such people but they weren’t as bad as people thought they were deep down they were just normal people except unique she saw something in them that no one else bothered looking for.

Liz made her way down the tunnels of New York’s sewers she followed the light source that was coming form around the corner when she rounded the corner she saw Ava and rath making out on the old torn couch as usual so not being intimidated by it she walked in “hey guys”

Ava pulled away “hey cornball" as she got up to embrace her long time friend

“Where are Zan and Leah” Liz asked while looking around

“ They went for a walk, said something abut this place being too boring” rath said as he got up form the couch and went to the so called ‘refrigerator’

“I'll wait then” Liz said as she sat down next to Ava.

“Do you’s want a soda” rath asked

“Its here’s rath no need to ask” Ava replied obliviously pissed

“Ava just cause I get you the food doesn’t mean I can help myself to it and no rath I don’t need one I had something before coming” Liz stated

“Have you guys thought about getting jobs” Liz asked absentmindedly

Rath sat down next to Ava and handed her soda “ Liz, like we said before we can’t get jobs people don’t want to hire us, they look the doors as soon as they see us coming”

“Maybe you should change a little so you can get one” Liz suggested

“There is no way I am changing for these humans” rath pointed out, disgusted

Zan and Leah come in “ hey Liz” Leah greeted upon seeing Liz

“Hey can you guys sit down; I have news” Liz said nervously

“ Good or bad” Zan teased

“Well it depends on the way you look at it, good and bad”

“What is it Liz” Leah asked as she sat down and Liz got up

“Well today my dad that he lost his job, something about the company going broke so my mom and dad decided to move to Roswell where they bought this restaurant called the Crash down, so guys I'm moving to Roswell in a week” Liz finished.

“You’s going to Alien town” Ava more like stated than asked

“Yeah, I want to find the other’s, you guys are my family but they’re my real family and I need to find them” Liz said sadly

“We understand Liz, it’s ok” Zan spoke for everyone

“who’s going to get us food now” rath asked nonchalantly

“RATH” Leah scoffed at him

“I'm sorry to leave you guys like this but I have no choice” Liz sighed

“Don’t worry Liz we’ve lived without your help before we love what you do for us but knew it wouldn’t last we’ll deal with it” Leah told her dupe who became like a sister to her.
The gang is in the Crashdown, Maria comes through the double doors in disbelief “can you believe it guys my mom sold this place to the Parkers, I’m moving in a week”


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hey thanks for all the feedback I'm glad here’s part 3 but before that I've answered the questions that were asked enjoy

Transparent Clear- yes Liz is alien, and yeah she brigs food and stuff to help them out it‘s the least she can do because she hates the fact that they steal and use there powers to make money, and they except that Liz doesn‘t like it so they don‘t , the others are max, tess, and Michael are real family as Zan, Leah, rath and ava are the dupes of them.

abbs007 about Maria and Liz you‘ll just have to read to find out what happens between the two but Maria is a permanent character in this fic onto part 3


“What Maria, where you moving too” Michael asked frantically

“Relax space boy I'm not leaving Roswell yet, but my mom said were going to be living with Kyle and Kyle's dad until we find a place of our own” Maria answered.

“Your going to be living in MY house, Evan's can I stay over at your house there is no way I'm going to live with Maria's mom and my dad under the same roof” Kyle said freaking out

“Yeah Kyle, but why is it so bad that Maria's going to move in for a while” max asked

“Why is it going to be bad, Evan's me and my dad have never had another woman in our house except for my mom, and being as I've only lived with my dad my whole life, I can’t have female vibes in my house with chick stuff lying around and plus there is no way I am staying in that house to hear what my dad and Amy get up too behind the shut door” Kyle finished glaring at Maria.

“Shit Kyle, geez your right your dad and my mom will go at it like rabbits I mean gross I think might invite myself to izzy’s house is that ok” Maria asked sweetly

“I guess you can I'll tell my parents that your going to be over next week”

“Oh thank you izzy you saved me from getting therapy” Maria walked over to Isabel and hugged her.

“You guys can’t hide away at Isabel's or our house all your lives you know, my parents will start wondering why” Tess stated

“ We know and well cross that bridge when we come to it” Kyle answered as he sat down in the booth.

“K well, me and tess gotta go our mom’s ordering Chinese so I'll seeya guys later” max said as he got up and headed to wards the door with tess behind him.

“Hey Evan’s wait up, don’t mind if I join you for dinner myself” Kyle said and ran after them.

TBC sorry for the short part, I was still writing this part but decided to post today anyway
FEEDBACK please.

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thanks for all the feedback ,I wrote this part from the top of my head so I hope it’s ok

note: Liz's parents don’t know that Liz is alien, Nancy and Jeff saying special cause she was adopted
and also I don’t know how long it takes to go from new York to Roswell by road so I'm assuming here
and isn’t good on the New York accent either


It had been 4 days and now Liz was leaving New York to go to Roswell all there stuff had been put in the moving van and now she was down at the sewers to say farewell to her long time friends
She could still remember the first time she first met them she was 13 and was out on the streets of new York on a Saturday afternoon she had stopped when she saw a girl who looked similar to her and had gasped when she realised she looked exactly like her except with a pierced lip and a tattoo on her stomach that looked like the royal seal form Antar. Not being scared she had proceeded to find out who this girl was so she had stepped up behind her ad scared her until the girl to could see she looked like her and then that’s where she had found out that they were duplicates of the real royal 4 and she had meet the rest of them and since then she had become there friend at first they hadn’t been nice towards her but then realised that Liz saw more to them than just there looks and she was excepted Liz was broken out of the trance when she heard Rath say something to her.

“Sorry what did you say” Liz asked

“I said it’s not going to be the same without you” rath said

The rest of the dupes had now come to say their farewell too, Leah and Ava were teary eyed but tried to keep up their tough appearance.

“You guys I'm going to miss you so much, you’ll always have a place in m life” Liz said as it was getting hard for her not to be upset.

Ava stepped up to her “take care of yous self cornball”

“I will” Liz replied

Rath came next “I'll miss ya too, cause I'll have no one to fight with”

Liz laughed

Zan was next “I neva thought we could trust ya, but Leah was right to choose yous to have close, yous know I'm not good at all this” Zan said

“It’s ok Zan; I'll miss you, look after Leah for me” Liz said

“You know I will” Zan said

Leah was next she embraced her “I love you’s, your like a sister to me come back to us k”

“I will, I love you too Leah” Liz said

Liz stepped away from them” I'll miss you guys and I'll try to find a way to come visit but it will take a long time for me to do that”

Zan looks at the time “Liz yous gotta go”

Liz looks at them all with glassy eyes “bye” and turns around before she decided to stay.
Maria had been packing she wasn’t suppose to go until 3 more days, but the place was nearly empty.

“I'm going to miss this place” she said to herself

“I know honey and I'm sorry, but we needed to go” Amy said regretfully

“It’s ok mom I know” Maria said
Tess and max were in Max's room Tess was on the floor reading a magazine and max was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling
“ Tess do u ever wonder where she is” max asked not taking his eyes off the white ceiling

“Who” Tess asked as she looked at max

“Leah, the one we left behind” max said remorsefully.

“Yeah, sometimes but I don’t know” Tess replied

“Do you know there isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t think of her, what she’s doing, where she is one time I thought I herd her voice in my head ,saying where are you Zan? Crazy I know but I can’t help it” max said

“Max it’s ok for you to think of her, but will we ever find her, max, I mean really” Tess said

“I do, I know one day I will find her no matter what” max said determinedly.

The next part will be out Tuesday and don’t forget the FB.

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note: max, tess and micheal only know liz by Leah her former life name and liz only knows max, tess and micheal by there former life names so to answer your question max is thinking about liz not Leah as in her dupe
hey it’s Tuesday and it’s time for Part ....without further ado part 5...............

Liz is in the car staring outside the window at the empty desert that was going past they were in Albuquerque it had been 3 days as the scenery flew by Liz started thinking

*Would they know who I am*
*Would Zan have a Girlfriend*
*Will they accept me*
Doubts were racing through Liz and she wasn't so sure about going to Roswell but knew it was too late
Maria and Amy were moving their stuff out and into the garage of the Valenti’s, everyone helped out and soon everything was gone and the place was empty, the Crashdown was closed until the new owner would decide to open .2 hours later everyone had gone home and Maria and Amy were waiting to meet the Parkers, a car pulled up 10 mins later.

Jeff and Nancy got out of the car and went to introduce themselves
“Hi I'm Jeff Parker and This is my wife Nancy you must be the ex-owner” Jeff introduced himself and Nancy.

“Yes that’s me Amy Deluca, Welcome to Roswell” Amy said politely.

“Thank you” Jeff said

“This is my daughter Maria Deluca” Amy said

“ It’s nice to meet you Maria” Jeff said

“ It’s nice to meet you to Mr parker, Mrs parker” Maria said

“You can do meet my daughter she’s in the car” Jeff said

Maria headed to the parkers vehicle and approached Liz “ hi I'm Maria Deluca you must be...” Maria asked.
“Liz, Liz Parker” Liz answered

Maria smiled “hi Liz”

“So this is Roswell” Liz asked

“Yeah, nothing much interesting happens around here, it’s a small town that’s obsessed with Aliens” Maria laughed.

“I can see” Liz smirked the 2 girls made their way inside the Crashdown.

“So are you planning on going to west Roswell High” Maria asked

“Yeah, I'm going to be a sophomore (16) Liz said

“Oh so am I” Maria said.

“Thanks, I'm glad I found some one, I hate being new” Liz said

“Are you going to work here” Maria asked

“ My parents said I have to” Liz said

“Was this your old room Liz asked as she looked around her new room” Liz asked.

“Yeah it was, I really like the balcony, I can sneak out to meet Michael at night” Maria smirked.

Liz's eye’s lit up “balcony ohhh where”

Maria moved the curtain and showed Liz the window to the balcony, Liz stepped out onto it and looked around “ I love it already” Liz said excitedly.

The moving truck had arrived 10 mins ago and now they were moving there stuff out of the truck Liz's bed and stuff was al in her room and now Liz and Maria are in Liz's room, Maria folding or handing Liz her clothes for Liz to put in her closet.

“Your going to love hanging out with my friends there’s Michael my boyfriend Michael he’ll give you a hard time at first but he’ll soften and then there’s Alex he’s so funny and loveable and Isabel she’ll be an ice bitch at first but will to soften down once she’ll get you over, and Kyle Isabel's boyfriend he’s a joker so don’t take anything he says seriously ohhh and Max Evans is single and he’ll be so perfect for you and Max's sister who’s nice which Alex has a crush on”

Liz was contemplating over what Maria had said “ Max Evan’s is single and he’ll be perfect for you, perfect for me, the only one that’ll be perfect for me will be Zan” Liz thought to herself

Maria saw Liz zone out “oh my gosh I'm so sorry Liz, I never asked you if you had a boyfriend, I'm so sorry for intimidating you” Maria said frantically

Liz was broken out of her trance as soon as she heard Maria apologising

“Maria , hey it’s ok don’t have a a boyfriend, really your not intruding or intimidating me” Liz smiled

“You sure it’s ok” Maria asked

“ Yeah I am” Liz said

“Ok” Maria said

“Maria honey we need to go now” Amy shouted form the lounge room.

“Coming” Maria said

“ I'll seeya later Liz, how about I pick you up for school tomorrow at 8 outside the Crash “ Maria said

“That’ll be great, thanks” Liz said as she walked out with her.

TBC next part liz ill finally meet the rest of the Gang FB plz...
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Thanks for the feedback

Liz is on her balcony writing in her journal, all their stuff was now moved in and they had dinner in the crashdown her parents were discussing and sorting out things for the Crashdown.

Dear journal
I'm Liz parker and it’s the 21st of March 2002
I've finally moved to Roswell the town I was separated form my family the town which holds al the answers to my questions, so far it hasn’t been that bad I meet a girl, Maria Deluca she said she had a feeling that we will be good friends and I think I believe her, tomorrow I start school at West Roswell High I'm nervous, I hate being the new student, I know what they do to them I'm glad though that this isn’t New York or I surely wouldn’t survive, lets hope something interesting happens tomorrow until then I'll just have to wait.


Liz closed her journal and looked up at the sky

*I wonder where my planet is, how my parents are*

Nancy walked into Liz's room” Liz honey it’s late you have school tomorrow”

Liz got up “sorry mom but I just couldn’t keep away from the balcony”’ Liz said

“You’ve been really attached to it haven't you” Nancy said

“Yeah” Liz replied

I'll see you in the morning, goodnight Liz” Nancy said as she walked out of her daughters room

“Night mom” Liz replied back

Liz got ready for bed and got under her sheets and her last content thought was *goodnight Zan*
Max was asleep when he heard *Goodnight Zan* in his head form the voice of his angel, max snapped out of it, *it’s only a dream he though*
Liz woke up the next morning and got ready for school and went down to wait for Maria she glanced at the clock it was 7:55 Maria's jetta pulled up 5 mins later.

“Hey how are you this morning” Maria asked

“Great, I got enough sleep last night so I've got all the energy” Liz answered as she satin the front seat

They pulled up in front of the school
“Well welcome to West Roswell High” Maria said

“It’s quite big for a school in a small town” Liz said

“But not as big as schools in the Big Apple huh” said

“Hey can u show me where the principal’s office is” Liz asked

“Yeah sure” Maria said

“Thanks Liz said as they stopped in front of the principal’s office

“No problem, seeya round Liz” Maria said as she waved at Liz and headed back to her locker
Liz came out of the principal’s office and went to go find her locker, she found the number 321 and put her things in it and headed to homeroom. She opened the door and gave the teacher a slip

“Class we have a new student in our class, welcome Liz parker to west Roswell high”

Voices of the students floated around as some welcomed Liz, the teacher turned to Liz “why don’t you go take a seat” Liz nodded and headed towards Maria who she spotted while looking for a familiar face.

“ Hey Liz, I'm so glad you’re in my homeroom, now I have something to do during homeroom” Maria said as Liz sat down next to he.

“Thanks” Liz said

“So how’d it go with the principal” Maria asked

“Great I have 3 AP subjects” Liz answered

“Ohh I think you’re smarter than max” Maria said

The rest of homeroom was passed with chatter

When the bel rang to signal lunch Liz went to her locker, she also found out that Maria's locker was right next to hers so Maria had agreed to meet there, when Liz go to her locker she saw a thin, tall guy standing next to Maria's locker

“Hi” the guy said

“Hi” Liz replied

I'm Alex Whitman and you must be...” Alex said

“Liz, Liz parker” Liz replied with a warm smile

“Oh so your the new parker kid” Alex said

“Yeah” Liz replied

Maria walked up to them

“So I must assume you guys meet” Maria said talking to both Liz and Alex

“Yeah, so this is the Alex you were talking about” Liz asked

“Yup” Maria answered
“The one and only and she better pf said good stuff” Alex said

“Yeah it was good” Liz said smiling

Isabel and Kyle walked up to them

“Hey hey Maria, Alex” Isabel greeted

“Hey guys, let me introduce you to Liz Parker she moved into the Crashdown, Liz this is Isabel and Kyle” Maria said

“Hi” Liz said

“Hi Liz” Kyle and Isabel greeted her

“So where you from” Kyle asked

“New York” Liz answered

“Ohh the Big Apple” Kyle asked

“Hey guys where are Michael, Tess and max” Maria asked

“They had English together, they’ll come” Kyle replied

“Lets go to the lunch quad, they’ll know where to come” Maria said as she lead the way

10 mins later max, Michael and Tess headed to the lunch quad they spotted their friends and also spotted a brunette sitting there also

“Hey guys sorry were late, but our English teacher made us stay behind cuz Michael didn’t do his part of the assignment” max said as he went and went and sat next to Kyle while Michael sat next to Maria and tess sat next to tess
Liz froze the moment she saw max sat next to Kyle* I can’t believe its Zan, * then she saw Michael and Tess*OMG they look just like rath and ava*

Maria saw Liz space out “ hey chicha, Liz u there” aria tried to break Liz out of her trance

“Sorry what were you saying” Liz asked

“I'd like you to introduce you to Michael Whitman my boyfriend; he’s the lug sitting next to me” Maria said

“Michael, this is Liz she and her parents moved into the crashdown “ Maria said to Michael

“Hey Liz” Michael said in an uninterested tone, while Maria scowled at him

“The girl sitting next to you is Tess Evans” Maria said?

“Hey Liz’ Tess said friendly

“Hi” Liz greeted back nervously

“And last of all the one sitting next to Kyle is Max Evans” Maria said giving Liz a wink.

Liz looked at max* so he’s max, my Zan, Maria was right he is perfect for me, he looks just like Zan except without the perking and he has that whole boyish look and god his eyes I could look in them forever* Liz thought. At the same time across the bench max hadn’t taken his eyes off of Liz since he saw her *I know this is wrong Leah can be he only one for me, but I can’t help it she looks like an angel al innocent sitting there* max thought

Kyle nudged max, when he saw that max wasn’t responding and that hurricane Deluca would sure start if he didn’t help him out

“OW! Oh hey Liz” max said blushing as he saw everyone knowing hat he was thinking about

“Hi” Liz's voice cracked as she spoke to max for the first time and hearing his voice was stirring feelings inside her that she had never felt, she wanted to run into his arms and tell him who she was and that she’ll never leave him again but she knew she couldn't, she didn’t want max or anyone else to accept her just because she was the fourth alien she wouldn’t or else she’d feel cheated into being their friends.

“Where you from” Tess asked

“New York” Liz replied trying not to get rather emotional but no working

“Um guys, I'll be back excuse me for a minute” Liz said as Tess got up to let her out.

“Sure chicha” Maria said seeing that she was getting upset

Liz went to the bathroom and leaned against the door and started taking gulps of air and closed her eyes.
*This is overwhelming, there out three my family's out there and they don’t even know who I am’ Liz thought as a lone tear escaped form her glassy eyes she wiped it away and after a while she washed her face, gathered herself together and decided to go back

how was it, I hope Liz's meeting with everyone was ok, don’t forget the FB

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THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK now it’s time for part 7

The bell had rung and Liz was now headed to last period of the day, Biology, she entered the room, she was late cuz she had to stay behind to get extra work to catch up with her Spanish class.

The teacher stopped what she was doing

“You must be Liz parker the new student” the bio teacher asked

“Yeah” Liz answered

“Ok, you’ll need to catch up on a lot of work” the teacher said she turned to the class “Kyle, could you move to sit next to Tracy Howard's table” she said then she turned to Liz “ you can go sit next to Max Evan’s over there he’s our top Biology student he can help you catch up with the rest of the class” Liz was jumping up with joy inside she hadn’t talked to him except for saying hi she didn’t know how she would be able to handle sitting next to him let alone have a solid conversation with him Liz sat down next to him and finally had the willpower to say something “hi” Liz said

Max smiled *god if could kiss you I would* he thought even though he didn’t believe in him he didn’t know what to think all he wanted to do was get to know this angel and here she was although he’d secretly like her he'd never actually try and have a relationship with her he was too different form her and also had Leah somewhere out there and he couldn't betray her he realised that his angel had spoken.

“Hi” max said thinking it would be the best answer if he hadn’t of heard her
Liz took her stuff out of her bag “what page are we on” Liz whispered to max

“210” max answered

“Thanks” Liz said back

The bell rang to signal the end of school everyone packed there things and left the teacher had yet again given homework max turned to Liz “when do you want to catch up on the work” max asked hoping she’d say soon so he could spend more time with her

“ Is today ok, I have a lot of extra work to catch up on and I think getting this out of the way would be better” Liz said

“Great, do you want to come to my house or should we go to yours” max asked

“Your, my house is not good for a working environment” Liz said

“Ok” max answered

Kyle walked up to them knowing that his friend was quite happy with his newfound biology partner
“Hey guys” Kyle said

“Hey, I suppose you can do your own homework today” max asked

“Hey , I'm not in AP bio for no reason” Kyle said pretending to look pissed

“Lets go” max said as the 3 made their way out

They all were al a Liz's and Maria's lockers

“Hey Maria, I don’t need a ride home, I have to catch up on Biology and so I'm going over to Max's house” Liz said

“It’s ok chicha; I'll just pick you up tomorrow morning” Maria winked at loving the fact that Liz and max were going to spend more time together.

Tess, max and Liz made their way to Max's jeep after saying goodbye to the rest of the group

Diane Evan’s opened the door to see her children and a brunette standing outside

“Hi, Tess, Max who’s this” Diane asked

“Liz parker she moved here from New York and now lives above the crashdown” Tess answered her mother as Diane let max, Liz and Tess come inside.

“Do you want something to drink Liz” Diane asked Liz

“No thanks Mrs Evans” Liz replied politely

“Mom, me and Liz need to do Biology homework we’ll be upstairs if you need us” max said as he lead Liz upstairs

“Ok honey” Diane said surprised that Liz was here with max and not Tess

“Tess honey how would you like for me to make something new for dinner form that Martha Stewart recipe book you bought me” Diane asked

Tess's face paled*oh no not that* “I couldn't want you to go to so much trouble mom” Tess answered
“No, no trouble at all” Diane said as she went to the kitchen

Tess went to her room, not looking forward to dinner tonight, what on earth had possessed her to buy that book for mom
Max and Liz had covered all the pages, max had learnt that Liz was a fast learner and that she was just as good at school as he was he also learnt a lot of things about her that when she got stuck on a problem and got too embarrassed to ask she'd bit her lip and avert her eyes away from the page max found it cute, by the end of the night he felt like he thought he knew her from somewhere she was reminding him of someone but he didn’t know who.

Max and Liz went downstairs, it was now 7:00 and Liz needed to go home for dinner she had rung her parents from the phone in Max's room, Diane came out of the kitchen “Liz why don't you stay for dinner” Diane asked

“Thank you, but my mom’s already made dinner fro me and I need to go home and finish the rest of my homework maybe some other time” Liz replied

“Yeah sometime, bye Liz” Diane said

“Bye Mrs Evans, bye tess “ Liz said to tess who was sitting on the couch watching TV, tess waved back, max walked Liz to the door and opened it

“I'll seeya tomorrow, thanks for helping me” Liz said

“Your welcome bye” max said with a smile

“Bye” Liz said behind her shoulder as she went to her mom as she came to pick her up

Max held the door opened as he watched her retrieving figure

Tess walked up to him ’you can close the door now max, she’s gone” Tess said laughing

Max shut the door and walked up to his room

Tess followed after him and went into his room and shut the door

“You like her don’t you” Tess asked seeing Max's happy demeanour

“Tess” max said not wanting to explain

Tess realised that he didn’t want to talk and didn’t push him, one day she’ll get it out of him

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It had been four weeks since she first came to Roswell, four weeks now and she was closer to her new found friends, though Michael and Isabel were still hard to co-operate with but she knew that it was her brother‘s way of keeping who he really was hidden from her to keep himself safe but she didn't know about Isabel, she wondered if max, Michael and tess would of told them who they were cuz she sometimes felt left out of the dark and Isabel was too protective over ma, Michael and tess.

Liz was starting to think that this weekend would be the best time to tell them whoa she was, she had known them to close to four weeks and they had accepted her with open arms well some had, but the truth was Liz didn‘t know if she could go on any longer with max, Michael and tess within arms reach and to not to be able to embrace and get to know her brother better to not have that brother, sister relationship that Max and Tess had, or become best friends with tess like in her other life time or to be able to touch and tell Max how she really felt about him, it was getting harder and harder everyday that went by.

It was after school and Liz was heading to her locker to get her books that she‘d need, she opened her locker and started putting books into her bag when she heard someone's voice behind her

"Hey hot stuff" Julian Smith said, a jock and West Roswell High"s populist guy, of the school

Liz stiffened as she heard him, but ignored him, but Julian kept talking

"You must be new" Julian said with a smile and took his hand out for her to shake

"No, I'm four weeks old" Liz said back

He dropped his hand "well with football practise and school I must have missed you coming here" Julian said trying to sweet talk Liz

"Liz didn't care "yeah maybe" Liz mumbled back, she shut her locker and started to leave but Julian grabbed her wrist pulled her back and trapped her between his body and her locker

"So you free on Saturday" Julian said as he trailed his finger down Liz's face and lower and soon found himself pushed against the lockers "what the hell" Julian muttered

"No, she's not free" max said as he pulled Liz behind him

"Ah Evans whata pleasant surprise and may I ask who are you to answer" Julian said

"Stay away from her Smith, if you so much as touch her or talk to her you ill not see daylight again" max said

"IS THAT A THREAT EVANS!" Julian shouted

"No, it's a promise" max said glaring at him until he heard Liz's soft voice "lets go max, he's not worth it" she said as she tugged on his hand and walked towards the exit

"THIS IS FAR FROM OVER EVANS!" Julian shouted but al he saw as max and Liz's retreating figures

Max stopped Liz when they were away from Julian “Are you ok” max asked concerned

Liz nearly cried when she heard Max's voice full of concern "he's only concerned as a friend" she scowled herself in her head

"Yeah I am, he just startled me" Liz said

"You’ll get a lot of jerks around here, but he's the worst" max said

"Well you'll have to be my bodyguard then won't you" Liz teased, surprised at her as they started walking again

"Max Evans at your service" max teased back ad smiled when he heard Liz laugh, he was outside with Kyle when he felt fear sweep over him, he didn't know how he knew it was Liz but it was if his senses were pulling him to her he had run back inside school to se why Liz was in fear

"How were you planning on going home" max asked?

"I was going to walk" Liz answered

"Well, we can't have you walking alone on the streets after what just happened now; I'll dorp you off" max said

"No, max it's ok really" lis started to protest

"Liz I'm dropping you off and that's it" max said firmly

Liz sighed she knew it wouldn't be any use he was stubborn just like Zan he was a kin before he'd made so many decisions and stood his ground even with her, they reached the jeep, Liz went over to the passengers side while max went to the drives side and started the jeep

They reached the Crashdown and max parked the jeep, Liz got out and looked at max "thanks...for everything" Liz said

“No problem hate re friends for” max said although feeling a tug in his heart, he thought if he had imagined the hurt look cross Liz’s face but passed it off

'Yeah friends, I'll seeya later max" Liz said as she liked to the crashdown door *were friends, Liz felt like dying, he doesn't feel the same about me* she reached the Crashdown door and gathered herself together, she had to be strong and walked in

Max watched and waited until she safely went inside the crashdown, started his jeep and went home.

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Max had arrived at the crashdown showered, where he saw Kyle and Alex sitting n a booth sitting in a booth “hey Kyle, Alex” max said as he sat down

“Hey max, where’d you go before” Kyle asked

“I don’t know, I was talking to you guys and then I felt fear wash over me and somehow got pulled to Liz, where I found Julian smith intimidating her “ max said

“Whoa” was all Kyle could say “ do you think it’s something alien” Kyle asked

“No, I don’t know” max said
Liz looked at the doors to the crashdown to see whom it was when max walked in, she then walked to their booth

“Hey max” Liz said with a smile

“Hey” max greeted back

“Do you want anything “ she asked

“Yeah, I'll have a will smith burger and a cherry cola” max said

“ Sure” and went back to get Max's drink and order

Maria walked up to her “ Max Evans is looking at you” Maria said with a gleam in her eyes
Liz turned around in time to see max look away “yeah rite” Liz replied back

“Fine you just slip back into denial then” Maria said

Tess walked up “what are we talking about” Tess said with a smile

“Your brother” Maria answered

“Whoa that’s a change I thought you were talking about Michael” Tess said

“No today is Liz's day, Tess tell her that max has the hots for her” Maria said turning to look at her

“No can do cuz I my self have no idea” tess said matter of factly

“He’s your damn brother, twin in fact don’t you have a twin bonding connection thingy” Maria said

Tess rolled her eyes “no we don’t” Tess said

“See Maria I told you and even if he did I don't feel the same” Liz lied

“You can’t fool me chicha” Maria said

“Will you stop interrogating her Maria, stop-playing matchmaker” Tess said

“Guys sorry to interrupt but I think Max's kinda waiting for his food oh too long” Liz said as she went back to give Max's order

“That girl is so in denial” Maria said

“Give it up Maria” Tess said and went back to work
Liz walked to Max's booth “sorry for the long wait but your sister and Maria held me up” Liz said

“It’s ok, it’s kinda in their nature o do that’ max said

“I can see” and with that went back to work, max watched her move around

“Hey man, can you be any obvious about your attraction to Liz” Kyle said snapping max out of his hobby.

“It’s kind of getting old max” Alex said

“Hey don’t you have another alien chick out there anyway, your queen” Kyle pointed out

“Guy’s thanks for your concern, and pointing it out but it’s not going to go any further than this” max stated

“Sure” Kyle said

“Max it’s unhealthy” Alex replied

“Guys, I get the point k” max said as he started eating his food

Kyle and Alex looked at each other knowing it wasn’t the end of it

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It was Saturday and the days to come would be the hardest, Liz was heading over to Max's house to do their Biology homework, she reached the Evans door and knocked on it, Diane answered the door “ hi Liz’ come in” Diane greeted

“Max, Liz is here!” Diane shouted to her son upstairs

Max came running down the stairs “hey Liz” max said flushed

“Hey max” Liz smiled

“Ill see you around Liz” Diane said ad max lead Liz upstairs to his room, max shut the door behind him Liz looked around and for the first time realised what Max's room looked like, he wasn’t like most guys who’d have posters of girls in swim wear or cars and posters of sports and, he had posters of space, the galaxy, the stars, planets which made Liz smile, he had posters of Gomez and the country crows not bands like metallic and other heavy metal bands but of course max wasn’t like other guys he was an Alien form a far away planet, an Alien king to be exact

“So what do you want to do first, micro-organisms or animals cells” max asked

“Micro organisms” Liz said as she opened her book to the page and sat opposite max
An hour later they had finished and were now just talking, max was enjoying Liz's company whilst Liz was enjoying Max's.

“I should go, you probably have other things to do” Liz said as she started getting up, max grabbed Liz's wrist and pulled her back down

“I'm free, besides I enjoy your company, trust me talking about school and science is far better than listening to Kyle and Alex talk about sex, cars and tess and Isabel in the same conversation” max said smiling

Liz's heart melted at the way max was smiling at her “ ok” Liz said nervously

“Max, Tess I'm going to be gone for an hour, I'll be back before dinner if your dad gest home before that tell him” Diane shouted to max and Tess

“Ok, mom” Tess shouted back

Liz turned to max “max.... I...umm...I need to talk to you’ Liz stumbled

“Yeah, sure what is it” max said, wondering if it was about what happened at school, he gave her all his attention.

“Ok, well this is going to be hard for me to tell you, so bare with me’ Liz said as she started pacing in front of max

“What is it Liz” max asked getting worried?

“I guess, now is the best time as any” Liz mumbled although max heard her

“Max...I'm an Alien”

I know, know it was cruel of me to leave it there but really I'm sorry but I'm really busy at the moment and have taken out a little but of time out of my schedule to post you this part well hope you like next part - very interesting, Liz tells max who she is
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“I'm an alien” Liz waited with baited breath and continued on “my name was Leah on our planet in our other life, I was in my pod when you, Michael, and tess shad broken out, I hadn’t yet and I was left behind, my parents adopted me from the adoption centre when someone had found me in the desert walking alone, and now I'm here 11 years later” Liz said, she didn’t want to continue until she knew that max believed her

Max had Liz's full attention ever since she said she was Alien, when she stopped he knew she was waiting for him to say something

“You’re...your Leah” max said as he chocked on his words, he had been waiting for this day forever and now it was here

Liz nodded as tears came to her eyes

Max got up and embraced Liz in a fierce hug “your really here, I can’t believe your really here” max said

“It’s me max; it’s really me” Liz said as max pulled back for the embrace

Max leaned down and kissed Liz, it was slow and gentle as max caressed Liz's lips with his tongue asking for permission which Liz opened her mouth to allow Max's tongue inside as soon as their tongues met their connection started up instantly, but they never broke their kiss as the flashes flew by in both max and Liz's mind.

*Liz breaking out of her pod*
*Liz getting picked up by a stranger and dropped off at a adoption centre*
*The parkers taking her to a new home*
*Liz crying every night missing Michael, max and Tess
*Liz feeling out of place at school*
*Seeing Leah for the first time and meting Zan, Rath and Ava feeling contempt at meeting people like her*
*Liz seeing max and the hurt that they didn't know who she was*
*Liz's disappointment when max said they were only friends*

Meanwhile Liz saw into Max's soul
*Max looking behind his and seeing Liz's sleeping form still inside her pod*
*Max’s guilt for leaving her behind*
*Max and Tess getting picked up by the Evans*
*Max and Tess’s first day at elementary school and finding Michael*
*Max and Tess making friends with Isabel, Kyle, Alex and Maria the next day*
*Kyle finding out about his origins and not being scared in junior high*
*Diane catching max using his powers*
*Missing Leah*
*Seeing her for the first time and feeling an attraction towards her*
*The guilt of feeling as if he was cheating on Leah because he felt things towards Liz*
*The happiness at being able to spend more time with her*
*The joy of her telling him she was Leah*
*The desire he had felt to kiss her*

The connection broke off as fast as it had started leaving max and Liz breathless, al that could be heard were max and Liz's heavy breathing

“Wow” Liz said once she could form words

“I know” max said “I'm sorry I left you behind” max said remorsefully

“It wasn’t your fault max, I don’t blame you, it’s happened and we can’t change that” Liz said as she laid her hand on his shoulder

“I never once forgot about you, you know” max said

Liz nodded her head “yeah I know” Liz said

“Who were those people who looked like us Liz” max asked

“There our dupes, they were made to confuse our enemies, I meet them when I was 13 and we were friends since” Liz said

“Oh, I...umm. You know I didn’t mean it about us being friends I wanted it to be more, I only said that cause I thought u were human and also I had Leah out there I couldn’t just do that to her” max said

“I understand max, it’s ok” Liz said “I saw in the flashes that Kyle found out, who else knows” Liz asked

‘Kyle was my best friend since Elementary school and in Junior High I knew I could trust him and I told him and he didn’t freak out, pretty soon after that the rest of the gang found out before the end of the year, they’re really supportive though Maria was the hardest to convince she ran out screaming when Michael first told her but she’s great to now, my mom found out when she saw me using my powers last year she and my dad said that it didn’t matter what me and tess were they still love us, they took it well and now I feel better that don’t have to lie to my parents anymore” max said

“I hate lying to my parents, I wish I could tell them who I really am but I don't want to put them in danger and I'm afraid they won’t love me anymore” Liz said sadly

“I had the same fears Liz, but you never know your parents might just surprise you like mine did” max said

Liz nodded “can we wait until tomorrow to tell the other, telling just you was exhausting enough” Liz said smiling

“Sure” max said he leaned down and kissed her again, Liz deepened it, and Tess came in without knocking

“I'm so sorry” Tess said as she caught max and Liz kissing backed out of the room and closed the door apologizing, she was going to have to sit her brother down and have a talk
Inside max and Liz pulled apart hearing tess apologize, max groaned and leaned his forehead against hers “she’s going o ask 20 questions with me and then give me a lecture” max said

“Sorry” Liz said blushing, embarrassed being caught by Tess in the middle of a make out session

“Don’t worry about it, Liz Tess and Michael have missed you they will be really happy your here” max said

“Really “ Liz said tears falling down her cheeks

Max nodded as he wiped them away with his thumb

“I better go” Liz said

“I'll dorp you off” max said

“It’s ok; I'll call my mom besides you have bigger problems” Liz said talking about Tess

Max groaned again

Liz called her mom and then went outside they stopped at he front door “bye” max said and leaned down and kissed her again, but this kiss wasn’t passionate like the others it was full of hopes and promises to come

“Bye” Liz said as they pulled away and she walked to her mom’s car

Max walked back inside and closed the door upon hearing the door close Tess came running down the stairs

“Max Evans what were you thinking, of course you weren't thinking you were letting your hormones think I like Liz max she’s a nice girl I know you've like her for a long time but she doesn't know who you are, what about Leah max she was your wife how can you be insensitive to her feelings, you can’t just forget about her” tess went off at max

Max sighed “Tess sit down”

“What” Tess said when she looked at Max's expression and sat down “explain” she said

“Tess...she is Leah” max started

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“ She...she .max the first girl that comes to Roswell and finds you attractive doesn’t mean she’s Leah” tess said as she crossed her arms over her chest

“Tess, I know that every girl that comes Roswell isn’t Leah” max sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “She told me,..... we formed a connection and I saw her, she’s Leah tess it’s really her” max said the last words spoken in joy and sat down next to his sister

“Oh My god max...your telling the truth she’s Leah she was here and we didn’t even know who she was that must of been awful for her, I need to go see her” tess said getting up, max grabbed her arm and sat her back down

“Tess, she’s tired she doesn't need you going over there interrogating her” max said

“I wasn’t going to interrogate her I was going to welcome her here, have you actually done that max made her feel home or were you to self involved in trying to put your tongue down her throat” tess said glaring at max for being so insensitive

Max groaned “tess what’s today is it scowl at max at every chance you get day cause so far you have just told my I have been insensitive towards Liz and when it was me she told ‘ max said, he was tired and didn't need this from his sister

Tess sighed “I'm sorry max, it’s just that you know how much I had missed her, she’s the only one I know that’s like me, yeah I have you and Michael but I need a girl max and she’s just what I've needed just like what she needs and I'm too protective of her as well as you and Michael” tess said

They heard the door open and knew it was their mom

“It’s ok tess, how about we sleep on it, , Liz wants to tell the rest of the group tomorrow, so we‘ll tell you the rest then” max said

“Ok, I guess I can wait that long” Tess said

“Hi Tess, max where did Liz go” Diane asked, as she looked around for the brunette that seemed to have captured her son’s eyes

“She went home mom; we both did a lot today “ max explained

“Ok, well dinners nearly ready, has your dad been home” Diane asked

“No” Tess answered

“Ok” and went into the kitchen
Liz had finished dinner and was now outside her balcony, it calmed her not that she wasn't calm she had just told max who she was and he more than accepted her into his life, but she was nervous about the others but trusted max when he said they had missed her, she knew that form now on everything would be complicated but she had to take life as it was, she looked above her, the sky looked like long sheets of silk with stars scattered everywhere, some where up there was where her planet was her home, her real parents, but what would she know about that except for the memories earth was all that was actually real to her, Liz heard a faint ringing coming from her room she stood up and went inside to pick it up after the 10th ring

“Hello” Liz answered

“Liz, it’s me max” max said

“Hi max”

“Liz is it ok if I pick you up tomorrow for school” max asked

“Yeah it’s fine I'll just have to tell Maria but shell is fine with it I hope” Liz answered

“Great , I'll be around at 8”

“Yeah that's fine out of curiosity why have you got ten sudden interests to pick me up” Liz asked

“ I told tess and she wants to see you, she was going to come tonight but I told her not to so she made me promise to let her see you in ten morning” max said

“Is that all” Liz pushed on?

“I wanted to see you” max said

Liz smiled “you didn't think I was going to let you off that easy did you” Liz said

“Actually yes” max answered

“Well Max Evans you’ll get to learn a lot about me in the years to come” Liz said matter of factly

“Looking forward to already” max said

“I'll see you tomorrow then” Liz said

“Yeah, bye” max said

“Bye” they reluctantly hung up and both went to sleep contently
The next morning Liz had showered and was waiting in the crashdown for max while having breakfast she heard the door jingle and looked up form her cereal to see max

“Hey” Liz said

“Hey” max answered

Liz stood up and grabbed her book bag and net max half way, max leaned down and kissed her

“I've missed you” Liz said as she wrapped her arms around Max's neck

“I've missed you too” max said “we better go before your dad comes downstairs” max said looking at the back door

“Whoa, the king of Antar is scared of my dad” Liz said mockingly

“Hey I couldn’t bear to not be able to see yo” max said as they started to walk outside

“Is Tess here’ Liz asked

“Yeah she is she’s waiting outside” they opened the door and stepped out to se tess sitting in the back of the keep waiting upon seeing Liz's arrival she got up and stood beside the jeep as max and Liz walked towards her, when tess embraced Liz fiercely “it’s really you” tess asked

“Yeah it’s me tess, I'm here now” and the two girls embarrassed each other after 11 years, tess and Liz both had tears running down their cheeks

“God ‘m ruining my make up” tess said as she chuckled then swiped her hand in front f her face to fix it up and then went to Liz's “we should go before were late to school” tess said, speaking to max then turned to Liz again “welcome home Liz” and tess went back to sit in the back while Liz sat in the front on the way to school the air was filled with normal chatter, they didn’t want to talk about anything alien as max apposed to it until later in the after noon when he and Liz could tell the rest of the group.

When they got to school, Liz said she had to go to her Geography class early and left max and Liz at the car park when they got out they headed inside when Liz reached out and took Max's hand into hers and smiled over at him when max looked at her, when he flashed a smile back that nearly made her melt on the spot everyone stopped and looked on as the new couple went through the halls of West Roswell High, they were surprised Max was dating someone as he never had and some often girls were disappointed now that max was taken.

They reached Liz's locker when they saw Maria, and max knew this was going to be a bad thing
“OH MY GOD I WAS SOO RIGHT YOU TWO WOULD GET TOGETHER!” Maria shouted in happiness because in that moment Maria had just told the whole school the status of max and Liz's relationship within 5 mins of their day.

Max and Liz both groaned “I didn’t know she’s react like this” Liz said burying her face into Max's chest

“I did” max said

“You could have warned me” Liz muttered into his shirt

“I anted you to experience it yourself” max said before she was pulled away by Maria
“Details you two, this is me Maria Deluca I'd like to know how this happened” Maria said

Sorry I know I said the next part would be the family reunion but anyway it’s a new part doesn’t it count for something now I promise next part WILL be the family reunion PROMISE?
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The bell rang signalling for homeroom

“Saved by the bell” max muttered

“Haha, you may be but Liz here’s in my homeroom” Maria said glaring at max

Liz groaned “wish me luck” Liz said as she was dragged away by an anxious Maria

“Good luck” max shouted to her
It was now lunch, Maria had gotten nothing out of Liz all she said was all would be explained after school, Liz, max and Maria were at Liz and Maria's locker, Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Michael had all arrived 10 later.

“So rumours say that you two are together” Alex said referring to max and Liz

“Are they true” Kyle asked, narrowing his eyes to see if something different was about them “they are, max is actually smiling” Kyle said

Everyone turned and looked at him “what we’ve known him for 11 years guys don’t you see anything different” Kyle asked

“No” was everyone’s answer

“Look Max's smiling and it reaches his eyes that rarely happens” Kyle said knowing how bad it sounded

“You ok Kyle” Alex said

“It’s true” max said breaking out in a full blown grin and looked down at Liz “me and Liz is together”

Michael was pissed “Maxwell, can I talk to you” Michael said

Max saw Michael's expression “sure” fearing for the worst

Max and Michael walked away till they were in an empty classroom out of earshot of the others

“What the hell were you thinking!” Michael shouted

“I was thinking I love her” max said, here he was having the same conversation but with Michael

“Love, she’s human max different to you and that’s beside the point what about my sister max she’s probably out there waiting for you and your here playing tonsil hockey with the new girl!” Michael shouted

“Michael” max sighed “I don’t want to have this conversation with you’

“Well your going to have to Maxwell, forget it ” Michael said walking away

“Michael” max shouted “ Michael don’t do this look just come to the crashdown at 8:30 Liz has something important to say

“Like what that she’s no carrying your child’ Michael muttered but was too far away for max to hear “don’t count on anything Maxwell” Michael shouted over his shoulder

Max really wanted to tell Michael that Liz was Leah but ti wasn’t his secret to tell she had come to Roswell the love of his life had waited for him and was now here it hurt him to think that Michel would think he’d even think of cheating on Leah even if they weren't together but it wasn’t Michael's fault they didn’t know who she was not until after tonight he just hoped Michael would come.

Max walked back to the others

“Where’s Michael” Maria asked when max came back without Michael

“He just lest” max said honestly

“I'll go find him” Maria said and left to go find Michael

Guys Maria already knows about the meeting after school, so it’s important you come its going to be at 8:30 at the crashdown” max said

“Max man we’ll be there” Kyle reassured max and max nodded
It was 8:30 and max, Kyle, Isabel, Maria and Tess were all there as well as Liz

“Is this Czech related” Kyle asked

“Yeah” max said

“Max” the rest of the gang looked at him as if he’d grown a third eye, and Tess was smirking

“You didn’t tell her, did you” Isabel whispered

“Tess why aren’t you pissed” Alex asked looking at Tess to see her smirking

“Guys like I said all will be explained later” max said as Liz sat down next to him and he smiled at her

10 minutes later Michael still hadn’t arrived

“It looks like Michael isn’t coming” Kyle said

“He must have a reason” Maria said

Liz had unshed tears in her eyes, her own brother hadn't come to hear what she had to say, of course they thought she was taking Leah's place “I think we should just start” Liz said gathering herself together

“Are you sure” max asked

“Yeah I'm fine” Liz said giving max a reassuring smile, Liz took a deep breath and max squeezed her hand telling her he’d be there for her “you must of all heard form either max, Michael or tess about Leah, and well she.... I’m Leah” Liz said then continued “I broke out of my pod after the others and had been picked up by a stranger who then took me to an adoption centre where I got adopted by my parents we had moved to new York where I had lived 11years of my life, there was not one day that I wouldn’t think about max, Michael or tess max was my husband in our past lives Michael my brother and tess was my closet friend we were known to be the royal four, I had met Zan, Leah, Rath and Ava when I was 13 they were our dupes designed to confuse our enemies when they came to find us, then I had moved to Roswell where I think I've only started to live’ Liz finished with tears escaping her eyes

“Whoa” was all Alex and Kyle could form

Maria and Isabel were both openly sobbing “god Michael will be so happy to know your here he blames himself for not waiting for you”
“I'm so sorry I treated you so bad, I love max, Michael and tess were all a family ever since we net in elementary school and I felt that I was losing max to you” Isabel said

“It’s ok you didn’t know who I was, I'm sorry I just barged in like this” Liz said feeling guilty

“Liz no” Isabel said and Maria and Isabel embraced her “your family to” Isabel said

“Thank you” Liz said the floodgates had opened and Liz couldn’t stop crying

“ I think I should go tell Michael now” Liz said as she calmed down and wiped away her tears

“It’s getting late why don’t you guys all go hoe we'll see you tomorrow, tess I'll be home later tell mom I have something important to do and Alex you can catch a ride with us” Max said

Kyle said he was really happy for Michael tess and max his long time friend wasn't himself until she had come and he’d told her Isabel and Maria had embraced Liz once again and welcomed her while tess said she’d see her tomorrow and that she was glad her nearly sister had found them again

Find out how Michael takes the news and how hard it is for him to listen first hope you liked it FB plzzz btw I would of continued but I didn't realise how long this story was so this is all I posted *big**bounce**big*
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Part 14
Alex used his key and opened the door our parents are out for the evening so you’ll have the place to yourselves” Alex said “I'll be in my room if you need me” Alex said and went towards his room

Max and Liz stepped in and max lead Liz to Michael's room the door was opened and sounds of Metallica flooded the room, max turned the music off with his powers

“What the hell” Michael said as he turned around to see max and Liz “oh it’s you” Michael said not caring.

“Michael, why didn’t you come tonight” max asked as he shut the door

“Why didn’t I come, because you probably wanted to tell me about how you’re in love with.... With her, I'm sorry max but I can’t accept this relationship” Michael said then turned to Liz

“Liz look I'm happy for the fact that you like max for who he is and that max is actually going out with someone but you have to understand my reasons for not liking it” Michael said trying to tell Liz, he didn’t like anyone Liz or not walking in and taking Leah’s place because he knew no one could he was starting to like Liz but that didn’t mean he had to like max and Liz's relationship

“Michael will you just listen to us” max said getting frustrated at how stubborn Michael was being

“Max it’s a school night, and I need my sleep there’s nothing more you have to say to me, she‘s not Leah ” Michael said Turing his back to them and turning his music back on to hint to them that he wanted them to leave.

Liz felt like crawling into a hole and hiding away, she understood Michael's reasons but she was here and he still didn’t want to listen to her but it didn’t hurt any less to have Michael think she was a threat, someone who had walked in and took over, she felt like everyone saw her as the girl who walked into their lives and stole Max's heart which belonged to someone else which happened to be her, she couldn't wait for Michael to finally know who she was so he’d stop glaring at her whenever he saw her.

Max turned the music off with his powers “Damn it Michael she is Leah” max shouted, he was pissed beyond, yes Michael didn’t know it was her but him being way too stubborn for anyone else to put up with was just too much he needed to know and now was the best time as any he was going to prove to Michael he isn’t the cheating asshole he may think he is right now.

Michael turned around wide-eyed “WHAT, don’t give me bullshit like that max, if you think that making me believe that just so I'd approve of this teenage lust thing you have you’ve got another thing coming” Michael said he was fuming how could max even consider such a thing just to get his own way, to make him think that Liz was Leah was lower than any human or alien could be, maybe he was wrong about max too, maybe max wasn’t who he thought he was.

Max was about to tell Michael everything but Liz beat him to it

“I am Leah Michael, I.... I can prove it to you if you want I...we aren’t saying this just to make you accept me but it’s me Michael I'm home” Liz said softly as a lone tear escaped from her eye, Liz's voice had calmed him down and max had gone back to Liz's side and wiped the tear away.

“Michael had also had controlled his anger when he heard Liz’s plea “Leah.... This isn't an illusion is it...I‘d know if she was here” Michael looked like a boy who just got lost, he looked vulnerable in that moment to think this couldn’t be true that his mind was playing games with him

Liz stepped forward “it’s me Michael.... I don’t know why you can’t feel that I'm here but it’s me” Liz finished.

Michael didn’t need to be told twice, his sister had found her way back to him, she was here, He took the 2 big steps to Liz and pulled her in a embrace Liz was sobbing as she returned the embrace Michael never cried in front of people but couldn’t help at the very moment he felt his sister in his arms, he’d dreamt of this moment ever since he’d left her behind he'd cried himself to sleep wondering where she was if she was safe without him to protect her and now she was here his dream had come true.

Max looked at the tender reunion after 11 year between brother and sister, he felt happy for Michael, he’d wanted his family and now that Liz was here Michael could open a part of himself that he’d closed off from the rest of them.

Michael and Liz pulled apart “oh god I'm so sorry Liz for giving you such a hard time when you first came here and after wards” Michael said guiltily

Liz chuckled “It’s ok Michael, I understand” Liz said smiling through her tears

Michael turned to Max “max I'm sorry for saying those things to you at school, you know how I get about my sister” Michael said looking down at Liz “and tonight, can you forgive me” Michael said

Max smiled “of course I can Michael it was just a misunderstanding” Max said

“ Sorry Michael but I gotta go I told my mom I'd be home by 11:00 so I have to go, me and max will tell you everything else tomorrow” Liz said smiling at him

“Yeah go on before your mom grounds you” Michael said returning the smile “I’m glad your here Liz, I hope to make up for all the lost time” Michael said and embraced her

“So do I Michael...Thank you” Liz said then pulled away and took Max's hand in hers “we’ll see you tomorrow” Liz said

“Yeah tomorrow” Michael said narrowing his eyes at max and Liz's linked hands, Liz chuckled as Michael's over-protectiveness kicked in but max was squirming knowing form now that PDA in front of Michael would be a very bad thing.

Liz and Max walked to Alex’s room and knocked on the door “it’s open” Alex shouted form the other side, max and Liz opened the door

“Hey’ Alex said as he sat up on his bed

“Hey” max greeted back

“By the sounds of the voices lowering I guess everything went great” Alex said grinning

“Yeah it did” Liz said smiling too.

“That’s great” Alex said

“Were going to head home now, just thought we’d say bye” Max said

“Ok, it’s pretty late and my parents will be home soon” Alex said then could hear the sounds of Metallica fill the air “I guess Michael got over the initial shock huh” Alex said

Liz scrunched her nose “I don't like the choice of his music” Liz said

“Trust me Liz no one does” Alex said

“We’ll seeya tomorrow then Alex” Liz said
“Yeah bye and you two behave yourselves” Alex said smirking

“ALEX!” Max shouted embarrassed

“Max it’s not like you think logicall...” Alex was cut off when he got the Death look form max

“Logically what” Liz asked smirking

“Nothing come one I better take you home” Max said pulling Liz along with him

“Fine” Liz said and followed max

“Bye” Alex shouted from his room still laughing.

“Bye Alex” Liz shouted back, but max decided to ignore him.
Max and Liz pulled up in front of the Crashdown and sat there

“Well that went well” Liz said

“Yeah it went better than I thought it would” max said

Liz glanced at her watch “I better go”

“Yeah” max said and leaned over and kissed her, then pulled away fearing her parents would be around, Liz sensed his fear and chuckled “max this fear of my parents really is getting old could you get over it any time soon” Liz said teasing

Max looked at her sheepishly

“I'll see you tomorrow” Liz said as she opened the door of the jeep

“Yeah 8:00” max said

“Yeah goodnight” Liz said and shut the door

“Night” max said back and waited until Liz had gone inside the crashdown and left to go home.

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After max had dropped Liz off she had explained to her parents where she had gone and went to sleep it was the second night she had fell a sleep in content after 11 years of dreaming where rath, ava and Zan were and then dreaming of telling them but now she had told them and they had accepted her she couldn’t help but feel happy, her parents were glad that she was socializing so soon and didn’t think much about her being late home.
When max, Liz and tess had gotten to school Michael wouldn’t stop apologizing to Liz about the way he had treated her and he tried to keep max and Liz at a certain distance Liz had had noticed and now had enough of his overly protective behaviour

“Michael, look I love the fact that you r here but will you stop, I forgive you Michael and max isn’t going to kill me by standing a metre near me” Liz said irritated and amused.

“Oh his is funny Michael Whitman has feelings, Liz chica from now on you’ll have Michael joining you and max on your dates” Maria chuckled

Michael just glared at them all “I have just found my sister and this need for me to protect her is normal” Michael defended

“But its getting annoying Michael love you really but just stop please” Liz pleaded

“Fine but max you have your limits” Michael said

Max put his hands up in mock surrender

“Come on space boy” Maria said dragging him away

“Maria where are you taking me” Michael asked

“Michael leave them alone how would you feel if max did the same thing to us” Maria asked

“I'd feel fine” Michael answered receiving a hit on the arm from marina “OW! What was that for” Michael looked at Maria

“Michael just come with me I'll make it worth your time” Maria said

Michael forgot about Liz and max and followed Maria

Liz chuckled “I've just been introduced to hell haven’t I “ Liz said

“Yup” Tess answered

“Liz, can you come over today I want to tell mom who you are” max asked

“Yeah I don’t have to work today” Liz answered

Max nodded “you didn’t get in trouble yesterday did you’ max asked

“No, my parents were actually happy I had made friends cause back in New York my parents didn’t know about Zan, Leah, ava and rath cause of the way they lived I didn’t want my parents to cut my ties with them” Liz answered

“Will we get to meet these dupes” Kyle asked

“I don't think so” Liz answered sadly

“ Liz you will get to see them again ok” max said as he wrapped his arms around Liz's waist and looked at her.

Liz just nodded keeping her emotions in control

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Part 16
Max, Liz, and tess arrived at the Evans house Liz was nervous about having ’the talk’ with Max's parents about her being the their son’s and daughters long lost bride and sister

“Liz’ she’ll love you” Max said squeezing Liz's hand

“ It was hard enough telling you Max, I just haven't ever told an adult before I just don’t know what to expect” Liz said

“We understand Liz but remember we’ll both be here” Tess said

“Thanks” Liz offered a smile

Max opened the door and led Liz in with Tess behind them

“Mom, were home” Max called out as they went to the lounge room

Diane walked into the lounge room “hi honey, hi Liz” Diane said with a warm smile

“Mom, is dad home” Max asked

“Yeah why” Diane asked

“We have something to tell you” Max said

“I'll go tell your father and be right back” Diane said as she left the lounge room

Max, Liz and Tess sat down on the couch and waited

Diane and Phillip walked into the room “what is it Max” Phillip asked

“Mom dad sit down” Max said

They did and Max started “mom, dad do you remember how I said that there was a girl out there that me, Michael and Tess had left and she was my wife on the other planet” Max said

“Yeah we do, why are you bringing this up now” Diane asked confused

“Because mom, Liz is Leah, she told Max two days ago and the rest of us found out yesterday” Tess said

Diane gasped and looked at Liz “ you’re the girl that's consumed this family since she was mentioned”
Diane said looking at Liz with tears in her eyes.

All Liz could do was nod yes

Diane got up and embraced her “I'm so glad your finally here” Diane said

“Thank you Mrs Evans” Liz said ash she too was getting teary eyed

“Liz, why did you take so long to tell Max and the others Liz” Phillip asked

“I didn’t want to suddenly turn up in Roswell and tell Max and the others who I was I'd feel like I had cheated my way into being their friends as they’d only accept Leah not me” Liz said

“Its understandable Liz” Diane said

“I agree with Diane, do you parents know” Phillip asked

“No” Liz answered

“Well we've gone over telling Michael that he should tell his parents but he’s stubborn so since your his sister I doubt I should other trying t persuade you” Phillip asked

“Yeah, I just don’t know yet, Max already tried persuading me but he’s seen now that I too am just as stubborn as Michael is as in his words” Liz said in a light teasing tone

“It’s getting late Liz would you like to stay for dinner” Diane asked

“No thank you Mrs Evans my moms expecting me home” Liz said

“Ok, then well it was lovely to meet the real you Liz” Diane said

“ It’s great to see that Max has great parents” Liz said who then received a hug from both Diane and Phillip

“I'm going to go wash up for Diane I'll seeya tomorrow then Liz” Tess said excusing herself

“Yeah, bye Tess” Liz called out
Max parked the jeep outside the Crashdown, Liz turned to him

“You’re really lucky to have parents like that Max” Liz said

“I know” Max whispered

“ I better go inside before my parents send out a search patrol” Liz said as she got out of the jeep and went around to Max's side, Max too had gotten out of the jeep and was leaning against it.

“Liz” Max said

“Yeah” Liz answered when she reached his side

“Do you have any plans tomorrow” Max asked sheepishly

“No, why” Liz asked with a teasing look in her eyes

“Just wondering if you’d like to go out” Max asked

“I’d love to” Liz answered

“What” Max asked surprised,

Liz chuckled “what did you expect me to say no” Liz asked
“Ah yeah” Max said still shocked

Liz hit him on the arm” Max, I found you again and I'm not losing you” Liz said now serious

“I know, me too” Max said as he pulled her into him and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.

“So where are we planning to go” Liz asked against Max's chest

“It’s a surprise” Ma said

“But how am I suppose to know how to dress” Liz asked pouting

“You’d look great even if you were wearing rags” Max said smirking

Liz hit him on the chest “Max I'm serous” Liz said

“Ok, how can I resist you, dress casual yet fancy” Max said

Liz groaned “I guess I deserve that since I'm dating the king” Liz said

“Yes Liz parker and I order you to kiss me” Max said smirking

“Order obeyed” Liz said ass she inched closer to Max's lips and pulled them into a passionate kiss, soon Max found the kiss getting heated he groaned and pulled away

“You better go before you king gets his death sentence” Max said as he looked up to see the Crashdown

Liz rolled her eyes at Max’s obvious fear and decided tomorrow would be the best time for Max to meet her dad.

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“Zan, we’ve run outta food” Rath Yelled and slammed the refrigerator door shut

“Look I know dat” Zan shouted back frustrated and sat on the old couch, life had seemed to be getting rougher ever since Liz had left.

“Zan man we need sumfin, we have to go back to our old life before Liz had come” Rath said

“NO” Leah shouted shaking her head “NO we are not gonna have Liz distrust us, we promised her we would neva use our powers or steal again” Leah said from the couch.

“we have no otha choice sis” rath said

“why don’t we go visit Liz” Ava chipped in from the entrance of the room

“and how are we suppose to get dere” Rath said thinking about the idea.

“Look it’s not gonna be dat bad if we hot wire a car” Ava said
“Guys” Leah said unsure, not wanting to break her promise she made to Liz

“come on Babe we’ll only do it once” Zan said

“I don’t know I don’t wanna lose Liz” Leah said in conflict with herself.

“You won't lose her Babe, she’s just like you and I know she’ll forgive us that’s what you’s would do if you were Liz” Zan said

Leah looked up at Zan and saw his pleading eyes and couldn’t help but give in, he’d always been sensitive to her if not to anyone else that’s what made her love him so much.

Leah smiled “I guess” Leah said

“come on guys were goin to Roswell, town of Aliens” Rath said
“are you sure your dad won’t be there” Max asked he drove the jeep to the Crashdown.

Liz smiled “Relax Max, he won’t kill you beside he’ll be there but he has to run the Crashdown” Liz answered.

“ok here goes nothing” Max said as they pulled up in front of the Crashdown

Max and Liz got out of the car and Liz took Max's hand into hers max looked unsurely at her since her parents didn’t know she had a boyfriend.

“It’ll be fine Max” Liz said and pushed open the door, so far they hadn't had an encounter with Jeff Parker and Max was very grateful, they went through the back room and up to the apartment, Liz opened the door and found no one home.

“It must be your luck max cause it looks like my mom’s not home” Liz said as she led him in, max sat on the couch and Liz went into the kitchen.

“you want anything to eat, drink max” Liz yelled her head popping up from out of the refrigerator.

“just a cherry cola” Max said and looked around the room, it looked comfortable, homey, Liz came back with 2 colas and gave one to Max.

“so when do you want to get started on our English project” Liz asked

“lets get started on it now so then we’ll get it out of the way” Max said as he got up

Liz led max to her room and opened her door, she went to her computer and turned it on, max closed the door behind him and looked around, her room wasn’t like most girls with pop guy bands or actors there were white walls with posters about stars, galaxy, planets anything that involved space her bed was a queen size bed with pale blue sheets and he could see in the corner a telescope.

“so I see you love to look at the stars too” Max asked as he went to look outside her balcony, which had a lawn chair Christmas lights hung over everywhere and candles he could tell that Liz used the balcony a lot too.

“It’s my favourite place to go whenever I need to relax or just be myself sometimes” Liz said

Max nodded “Do you miss home, I mean our real home” Max asked still looking up at the sky

“I don’t know I mean I don’t remember anything about our past life to miss it the only thing I remember is what you three where to me and who you were” Liz said honestly.

“Same, but it doesn’t help make me wonder how everyone is and where our planet is” Max said

“I know” Liz said

“come one lets get started” Max said and they got started on their English it was 7:45 and max and Liz had finished

Liz had put in a CD and went to lie down next to max on her bed

Just loving you has left the world behind
I wish I knew how love could be so blind
Now all these thing I never can let go
Can't let go

I'd give you my heart & soul (I'd give you my heart & soul)
If that's what it takes to prove myself to you

I understand my life has lost control
What would I do without your love to hold
Nobody knows how much I've come alive
All that I have to give I give to you from deep inside

I'd give you my heart & soul (I'd give you my heart & soul)
If that's what it takes to prove myself to you
I'd give you my heart & soul (I'd give you my heart & soul)
To hold you now and let your love come thru

And all these nights I sat alone waiting for someone
And here you are my very own, waiting for so long
I want to give you more than you have known before


“I used to listen to this in New York whenever I started missing you” Liz said as she was drawing circles on Max's chest.

“I did the same thing whenever I thought about you” max said tilting Liz's chin up to look into her eyes, Liz got trapped into Max's deep amber pools and was being pulled into his intense gaze Liz soon found herself leaning towards Max, a surge of electricity surged through them as soon as their lips made contact max traced Liz’s lips and pushed against them asking for permission which Liz granted Max thrust his tongue into her mouth and their tongues mated their Kiss getting passionate Liz got herself comfortable and laid on her back max followed suit and was on top of her he kissed his way down her neck and kissed and suckled on her sweet skin “umm you taste like vanilla” Max said against her neck and continued his ministrations, Liz had her eyes closed as she let the sensations wash over her, Max heard a man come from deep inside Liz’s throat
Jeff parker had left his office to take a break when he stepped into the apartment he was introduced to silence, Nancy was out leaving Liz so he decided to check up in her he went to her door and opened it he wasn’t prepared at what he saw as soon as he opened the door. and when he did find his voice he shouted “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” Jeff asked rage filling him as he saw his only daughter in a very compromising position with a boy.
All movements stopped as soon as Max and Liz heard Jeff Parker shout max had jumped off the bed with Liz sitting up “Dad...” Liz said about to explain, Max and Liz both breathing heavily trying to catch their breaths after their long passionate kiss

“Would you care to explain what I just witnessed Elizabeth Claudia Parker” Jeff said “AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” Jeff asked direction at max, glaring at him, he’d violated his daughter, he’d violated the rule of no Sex in the house or anywhere until his daughter was 30.
Nancy Parker had walked through the door in time ti hear Jeff shout , she walked towards the way the sound had come from to see her husband raged in front of her daughters bedroom “Jeff what’s going on” Nancy asked walking towards the door and gasped when she saw her daughter and the young man’s flushed looks.

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Nancy Parker had walked through the door in time ti hear Jeff shout , she walked towards the way the sound had come from to see her husband raged in front of her daughters bedroom “Jeff what’s going on” Nancy asked walking towards the door and gasped when she saw her daughter and the young man’s flushed looks.


“Our daughter and this....this boy were about to have sex in our house, that’s what’s going on” Jeff said pissed off beyond.

all max wanted to do was die at that very moment , now how else was he suppose to get on Mr Parkers good side after what just happened

“Jeff cal down, I'm sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this” Nancy said “Why don’t you two come into the lounge room in a while ok” Nancy said giving them a brief smile and leading her husband into the lounge room.

After Nancy left, max looked at Liz with wide eyes “He’s going to kill me Liz, I won’t be able to see you anymore, god how could I let this get so out of control” Max cursed himself as he paced the length of her room.

Liz walked to max and laid her hand on his arm “Max calm down ok, it’s not your fault once we explain to them they’ll understand ok” Liz said

“God I hope so I can’t afford to lose you not when I just found you” Max said

“You won’” Liz said hugging him “Come on it’s time” Liz said

They walked to the lounge room to see Nancy trying to calm Jeff down when they heard them walk in , Jeff glared at Max and Max shrank back they walked up to them and sat down, max kept a distance between him and Liz not wanting her father to get any more angry then he was.

“So explain what I just walked in on” Jeff rushed out.

“Dad, will you stop glaring at Max” Liz said she knew that her dad meant well but it wasn’t Max’s fault he didn’t deserve her fathers wrath.

“Oh so the assaulter has a name” Jeff shouted

“DAD!” Liz shouted

“Look Mr Parker, you have every right to be angry with me but it’s not what it looked like, I have no intention to have sex with your daughter yet, I love her” Max spoke honestly.

“Love her, can I say you must know her for what 2 weeks a week , she’s only been here for a month you can’t possibly know her” Jeff exclaimed

“Look it must look like that to you but it clicked the first time we saw each other Dad” Liz said as she took Max’s hand in hers, Jeff saw this action and glanced at them both, Max looked at Liz and squirmed

“Dad please understand we weren’t doing anything , except what is normal to everyday teenagers” Liz retorted

Jeff calmed down “Your right, I'm sorry Liz you’ve never done anything to have us not trust you and you wouldn’t start now” Jeff said

“Thank you” Liz replied

“But it’s hard honey, when you don’t let us in into your life, we’d like to know we don; task you to tell us everything but having a boyfriend is important in ones life” Nancy explained softly.

“I’m sorry mom it’s just with a lot of things happening we haven’t been able to we only got together a while ago” Liz said

“It’s going to take a lot of getting used to, you never dated in New York and your suddenly found someone here it’s just weird for us” Nancy said then looked at max “Would you like to stay for dinner” Nancy asked

“Thank you but I have to go home, my mom’s got something planned” Max said apologetically.

“That’s ok, maybe next time” Nancy said

“Sure” Max said with a smile.

“I'm sorry about before “ Jeff apologized

“I understand” Max said getting up.

“ it was nice meeting you Max” Jeff said shaking Max’s hand

“it was nice to meet you too” Max said

Liz got up to walk Max to the door “Don't take too long Liz” Jeff called out.

“I won’t” Liz shouted back , when they got to the door, Liz opened it “It wasn’t so bad now was it” Liz said as she wrapped her arms around Max's chest.

“NO” max said smiling

“I’m sorry we couldn’t go out tonight” Liz apologized they had decided to go out but had to push it back with everything.

“It’s ok” Max said kissing Liz on her forehead.

“NO, it’s Saturday tomorrow Max, we’ll go tomorrow ok” Liz said

“ok” Max said

“same plans’ Liz teased

Max nodded “I’ll seeya tomorrow then”

“yeah” Liz said and kissed him on the lips tenderly, max pulled back “I should go now” Max said pulling away.

“I love you” Liz said

“I love you too” max said back.

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Part 19

Saturday morning Liz had asked her dad if she could have the day off as she had plans to go out with Max for the first time, reluctantly her dad her let her off with Nancy’s help, Liz had thanked and hugged her parents before retreating to her room.

Maria had shortly arrived having Nancy tell her to go up and help Liz she ran upstairs squealing.

“Liz” Maria squealed

“Liz poked her head out from the door to her bathroom “hey ’Ria” Liz said using Maria’s nickname.

“Don’t hey me, how could you not tell me you had a date today” Maria said her hands on her hips.

“Liz chuckled “I only found out last night” Liz said

“well then we better get you ready then huh” Maria said

“Maria what about work” Liz asked

“Your mom sent me up here she said I had the hour off” Maria answered

“ My Mom” Liz asked shocked

‘Yup” Maria said entering the bathroom “so what have you done so far” Maria asked

“showered, shaved, and am now drying my hair” Liz answered

“An what time is Romeo arriving” Maria asked

“11” Liz answered

‘m god Liz and this is all you’ve done come on girl you have the mojo powers USE THEM” Maria said exasperated.

Liz chuckled” relax Ria” Liz said

“OK, breathe in breathe out” Maria repeated the mantra.

“Ria you do realise that I should be the one being the nervous wreck her not you” Liz said

“ Oh but my Lizzie’s all grown up now going out with big boys” Maria said pretending to wipe at her eye.

“Maria” Liz said hitting her on the arm.

“Ok , ok lets get on with it” Maria said

Maria picked out a baby pink ruffled sleeveless top, low riding jeans and Liz’s cute adidas sneakers she’d found in her closet.

Liz had sat in her bed, while Maria picked her outfit out “ nice choices ‘Ria” Liz said eyeing the clothing

“Enough chit chat go change into them and then you can do your make up with the hand thing , you can do that can’t you tess always does” Maria said

“Yeah I can too” Liz said getting up “I’ll be right back” Liz said

Liz came out of the bathroom dressed and looked into her full length mirror, she didn’t look so bad she actually liked what Maria had picked out for her.

“looking good chica” Maria said ‘Now your make up “ Maria said

Liz went to her dresser and pulled out her strawberry lip gloss and applied I on “awe you don’t even need make up your naturally perfect” Maria said

Liz blushed “I’ve never been a fan of make up” Liz answered honestly

“I can see why Maria grinned come on you have 20 minutes before lover boy gets here” Maria said
half an hour earlier

Max was standing in front of his closet and pulled out a worn out black button down shirt when Tess walked into his room.

“Oh no if your thinking about wearing that to your date you’ve got another thing coming” tess said taking the shirt out of his hand putting it back into the closet and pulled out a cotton blue button down shirt that didn’t looked worn and gave it to Max.

“Here” Liz said as she took out a pair of khaki’s

“ I can dress myself you know” max said

“Yeah I know but you can't pick out your clothes well, you really need to start being fashionable brother it’s going to ruin my reputation as being your sister if you dress that way” Tess said

‘What’s wrong with this” Max said looking at his clothing.

“GO take your shower Max you don’t want to be lat ion your first date” tess grinned

“Ok” max said walking to his connected bathroom.

Max came out showered and clothed to see Tess laying on his bed reading a magazine, she looked up when she heard the door open.

“Your gonna knock her dead” Tess said

“Thanks” Max said

max glanced at the clock on his dresser and grabbed his keys “Have a great time Max, and behave” tess shouted

“bye Tess” Max shouted back.
Max arrived at the Crashdown, he had gotten from a flash from Liz that white roses were her favourite and head gone and bought a bunch from the closet florist, he got out of his jeep and walked into the alley way to the back door, Liz had told him to use it so he wouldn’t have to go through so many of the customers, he saw that the door was open and Jeff parker come out with empty boxes.

“Max” Jeff said passing the young man.

“Hi Mr Parker” Max said hesitantly

“Max” Maria said finding him outside, “Liz is waiting upstairs” Maria said dragging him upstairs.

they walked up to the apartment, Maria turned to him “Ok I'll leave you to it have fun girlfriend” Maria said and then went back downstairs, Max knocked on the door and waited with baited breathe, Liz opened the door.

“Hey” Liz greeted

“Hey, you look beautiful” Max said looking at her form top to bottom.

“Thanks you don’t look so bad yourself” Liz said

“Here these are for you” Max said handing the roses to Liz.

Liz brought them up to her nose and smelled them “Thank you they smell wonderful, how’d you know” Liz asked walking back into the house and walked over to the kitchen and put the flowers into a vase.

“I got a flash” Max answered

“Oh” Liz said then returned to him.

‘so where are we going” Liz asked walking back to the door

“I was thinking we could go to the movies, then out to the desert I want to show you were our pods are” Max said

“Our dates will always relate to something Alien won’t they” Liz asked

“sorry I just thought you’d want to know” Max said suddenly finding the floor more interesting kicking himself for what he had planned.

“Don’t Max I was just teasing” Liz said laying her hand on his jaw “I’d love to see it” Liz answered

Max took her hand “we have to go or we might miss the session” Max said taking Liz’s hand and leading them downstairs where they encountered Jeff Parker.

“curfew’s 11 be home no later” Jeff said

Max nodded

“Bye dad” Liz shouted behind her shoulder

“Bye sweetie and have a good time” Jeff said

Max and Liz got into Max’s jeep and drove to the movies.


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Max and Liz had picked to watch Spiderman and the had gone to senor chows to have dinner, their date was going great so far, they parked the jeep in the desert, Max opened Liz’s door and held his hand out with a smile Liz took it, Max lead her up the cliff and to where the pod chamber would be located, Max laid his hand on the rough surface and a silver hand print appeared and a door slid open it was dark and Max had bought a torch with him knowing they wouldn’t get anywhere without one.
They stepped inside and Max led her to the pods.

Liz gasped when she saw their pods, She walked over to her pod and fingered her pod, the memory of her breaking out of that very pod rushed back to her, how alone and sacred she’d felt, Max felt it and walked over to her snaking his arms around her waist “You know that if I could go back to that day we broke out of our pods I would, I would stay for you” Max whispered.

Liz laid her hand on his “I know” Liz whispered back, “but we can’t so we have to let go of the past”

She looked over and saw Max's pod and above his was Tess’s and above hers was Michael's.

‘There’s more” Max whispered against her ear and took her hand leading her to his pod where they crawled through it, when they reached the other side Liz gasped as she saw the colours that she’d never seen before being shone on the walls.

“The Granolith” Liz whispered when she saw the huge object reflecting the colours that were shone on the walls.

‘We only found it 2 months ago” Max explained.

“If we find the crystals we can go home” Liz whispered engrossed by the alien object.

Liz walked around the Granolith studying it “it’s so beautiful” Liz commented. ”Is this all you've found” Liz asked turning to Max.

“Yeah non of us have any memories of our past life so we don't know anything about where we come from” Max said.

Liz took Max's hand “C’mon” and led him out of the cave.
“Michael will you stop” Maria screamed in frustration.

“Look I'm sorry ‘Ria but Liz’s out there with him” Michael said.

“Excuse me Michael Whitman but that him is your best friend, you‘re not her father” Maria yelled trying to reason with him.

“Best friend or not, if he hurts her.....” Michael trailed off.

“I give up” Maria said exasperated throwing her hands in the air in defeat.

“I’m sorry “Ria but god she’s my sister, the only family I have that’s blood related to me I can’t lose her” Michael said dejectedly.

Maria laid her hand against his jaw “You won’t lose her, I now how much finding her means t you but she’s a bid girl Michael and she’s out with Max the most sweetest, sensitive guy a guy who only had his first kiss last week’ Maria grinned

“What would I do without you” Michael said pulling her closer to him.

“You’d probably be that same empty cold hearted jerk you were when I first meet you” Maria answered placing her lips on his for a tender kiss.
“So Tess I'm alone, you’re alone, our friends are out having fun” Alex hinted out.

“I like being alone” Tess answered.

“Oh” Alex’s face fell. “I’ll let you be then” Alex said getting up from the park bench.

“Alex sit down” Tess said chuckling, Alex did as he was told.

“Maybe some company wouldn’t be so bad” Tess said offering him a smile.

Alex grinned “I’m all yours” Alex said causing Tess to laugh.
“Kyle” Isabel shouted holding her stomach as she laughed watching Kyle fighting with his German Shepard on the cool grass.

“Kyle you might as well stop you know Toby will win” Isabel shouted

“Are you implying that my dog can beat me, Kyle Izzy” Kyle asked., sitting up and following Toby as he ran onto Isabel’s lap.

Isabel chuckled as Toby started shifting in her arms trying to lick her face “That hurt my ego” Kyle said pouting sitting down on the blanket that was spread over the cool grass on his front lawn.

“Oh poor Kyle, look Toby I hurt Kyle’s ego” Isabel said talking to Toby, Toby barked and jumped out of her arms leaving the couple alone.

“Awww Izzy will make it all better” Isabel chuckled.

“How” Kyle said inching closer to her.

“I can think of a few things” Isabel said.

“Only a few” Kyle said in pretending to look hurt, Isabel burst out laughing which now indeed hurt his ego “What” Kyle frowned.

“Kyle...oh god.....I'm so.......sorry” Isabel said trying to calm down from her hysterics, she looked up to see Kyle looking at her. “What” Isabel asked suddenly serious.

“You should laugh more” Kyle said and leaned down, they sighed as their lips met for their long awaited kiss.
“Rath will yous hurry da hell up” Ava shouted.

“Shut up Ava” Rath shouted back frustrated.

“Look Rath maybe you should let Zan do it” Leah said gently knowing how much her brother hated someone being better than him.

Rath sighed, Leah was right; Zan walked over and laid his hand against the hood of the car engine and the ignition started.

“Roswell here we come” Ava shouted, Rath got in the driver’s seat and they started their 48-hour journey to Roswell.
“There that’s the V constellation” Liz pointed out. She had led him out of the desert and laid a blanket that Max had bought with him on the sandy surface so they could star gaze.

“There in the middle is Antar, our planet, the other 4 stars above it are the moons that surround Antar” Liz explained, Liz turned around to see Max looking at her.

“Sorry” Liz blushed under his gaze when she realized she had rambled on too long.

“Don’t be” Max said giving her a small smile.

“It’s just when I talk about our Alien heritage or Astronomy I tend to ramble on” Liz said

“I love hearing about it” Max said and moved his hand up to her face tucking the strand of hair behind her ear.

“You have a hair thing” Max said sheepishly.

“How’d you New York” Max asked.

“I don’t know, I think I was the only one who didn’t end up like half the teenagers in New York, I never felt like home for me the only reason I want to go back there is because of Zan, Rath, Ava and Leah” Liz answered.

“Where does it feel like home” Max asked.

“Wherever you are” Liz answered truthfully, Max cupped her face and placed his lips oh hers taking her lips in a passionate yet tender kiss full of promises and love, Max pulled away and opened his eyes “I love you” Max whispered resting his head against Liz’s.

“I love you too” Liz whispered back pushing his bangs off his eyes gazing into her warm amber eyes, Max broke their intense gaze and glanced at his watch “We should go I don’t want to give your dad another reason to hate me” Max said getting up and then helping Liz up and they picked the blanket up and walked back to the jeep.
“Get up Spaceboy I have to go home before my mom throws a mental on me again” Maria said getting up form the couch in the Whitman's lounge.

Michael walked her to the door “I’ll seeya tomorrow” Maria said

“Yeah” Michael replied.

“And Michael please leave Max and Liz alone” Maria pleaded.

“I'm not promising you anything” Michael answered.

It’s good enough for me” Maria said, kissing him quickly and walking out the door and drove home in her jetta.

Michael walked back inside and grabbed the keys to his motorbike and ran outside starting his bike he rode to the Crashdown.
“Thanks for to night I had fun” Tess said smiling.

“So did I” Alex answered.

“I should really get home now, but how about we do something as friends next week” Tess asked.

“I’d like that” Alex said excitedly.

Tess chuckled and leaned over and kissed his cheek “Good night Alex” Tess said and got up form the park bench.

“Good night” Alex said still transfixed by the fact that Tess had kissed him.

Tess walked away leaving a dazed Alex behind.
“Don’t you need to get home soon Iz” Kyle asked, Toby now sitting n his chest his tail wagging in the air. As he laid on the blanket his head in Isabel’s lap.

“Yeah” Isabel said stroking his hair.

“I don't want your parents pissed at me” Kyle said stroking Toby’s head.

Isabel sighed and scratched Toby behind the ears causing him to bark “Well Toby I have to go, be a good dog for Kyle” Isabel said, Toby barked in response.

Isabel picked Toby off Kyle's chest and so Kyle could stand up, Isabel put Toby on the grass and stood up and they walked to her car.

Isabel kissed Kyle “I'll see you tomorrow” scratched Toby behind the ears one more time and got in the car.

“Say bye to Isabel Toby” Kyle said, Toby barked as Isabel drove out of the driveway.
Max and Liz walked hand in hand to the Crashdown door.

“Your going to be in my father's good books” Liz said knowing it was only 10:55.

“Better to be safe than sorry” Max answered.

I will never get through to you will I” Liz said.

“No you will it will probably just take a time and lots of persuading” Max answered.

“I’ll keep that in mind” Liz answered.” I had a great time” Liz said

“I’m glad you did” Max said smiling.

Liz stood on her toes and kissed him but pulled back quickly and smiled at him “We don’t want to get carried away” Liz grinned

“What time does your shift start tomorrow” Max asked.

“ 9” Liz groaned

“I'll come in for breakfast then” Max said

“Bye” Liz said and walked inside.

She walked up to the apartment above the Crashdown, her dad had asked her if she had anymore dates with Max saying he liked the boy as he had noticed the jeep had pulled into the car park 5 minutes before her curfew, Liz had said good night to both her parents and walked into her room.

“What are you doing here Michael” Liz whispered loudly.

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Part 21

“What are you doing here Michael” Liz whispered loudly.

Michael clamed his hand over her mouth “Shh will you quieten down before your parents hear you” Michael whispered.

Liz nodded and Michael pulled away.

“so what are you doing her” Liz asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Came to see if you arrived safely” Michael answered.

Liz rolled her eyes “You’ll never lose that over protectiveness no matter where you go will you” Liz said sighing and walking to her bed.

“So your okay” Michael asked checking fro anything different.

“Yes brother” Liz chuckled replying sarcastically.

“Can you tell me more about you know our other life” Michael asked seriously.

Liz smiled “Sure I wouldn’t get my sleep anyway, we should go outside so my parents can’t hear us” Liz answered.

Michael nodded and followed her out the window ledge “Liz you keep this locked don’t you” Michael asked.

Liz chuckled “Why” Liz asked.

“Liz” Michael warned.

“Michael please stop” Liz said.

“Liz” Michael said in the same tone.

“Don't make fun of me” Liz said glaring at him.

“Who says I'm making fun of you” Michael said smirking, sitting down on the blanket covered lawn chair,

“Arrrg take that smirk off your face, and your sitting on my chair” Liz said sitting on the lawn chair with a thump looking at Michael in disbelief.

Michael looked at her and couldn’t help but smile she looked so cute when she was pissed, but knew if he’d say that out loud he wouldn't live “Okay sorry were both tired and I think we should start before the sun comes up,” Michael said giving up.

“What do you want to know” Liz asked.

“Max told me you remember things from out past lives on Antar how much do you remember” Michael asked.

Liz shrugged “Everything, from my birth to our deaths” Liz answered.

“So you.....” Michael cut himself off.
Liz nodded “Yeah but I'm kind of used to it I've had 7 years to deal with it, but I the memories are only recalled if I concentrate hard enough but your deaths always hit me full blow” Liz said , the air around then suddenly colder.

“I’m sorry for bringing it up” Michael said.

Liz shook her head “It’s okay you needed to know” Liz answered, then smiled “I remember when you were 8 and I was 7 we were playing out in the gardens with Max and Tess and I had fallen over and grazed my knee and both you and Max had rushed to my aid” Liz said deep in thought. chuckling as she saw the frown appear on Michael's face.

Michael didn’t like the idea that even when they were little Max had loved his sister even if they didn’t know what that word would represent or how it felt.

“I was Leah The Queen of Antar , as you all remeber me as, Max was Zan the King of Antar, You were Rath, Zen's second in command a worrir, mom was always proud of you, your acolpishments made her proud just as mush as mine had, Tess was Ava, the Princess of Antar” Liz said but didn’t continue as she saw unshed tears in micheal’s eyes.

“We don’t know if their still alive or not as for the war but they loved us Michael, mom and Dad they were always proud of us and somewhere out there they still are” Liz pronounced gripping her bother’s hand in hers tightly showing him her support.

Tears flooded down his cheek “I’s all new to me knowing I have a family I had a family...finding being here god all my dreams have come true” Michael said as Liz crushed him into a warm embrace as he sobbed on her shoulder, reality hitting hard.

After his sobs subsidised he pulled away “God Maria would love to see a glimpse of this” Michael chuckled as he wiped his tears away.

“Michael, you don’t have to be strong all the time, your allowed to be weak” Liz offering a small smile.

“I know it’s just hard to trust people and my tough facade is to show people they can’t intimidate me” Michael answered.

Liz nodded. “Why are we here” Micheal asked.

“Meaning why are we here on earth” Liz teased “ Zan’s mom had Taken our past lives essences and mixed them with human DNA so we can survive on earth, our pods were out on a ship which crashed landed in Roswell, New Mexico.

“What’s our purpose here” Michael asked.

Liz laughed “well, I don’t know we mingle with the human race act like normal teens, and fight off evil aliens when they come” Liz answered.

Michael nodded “I don’t think I want to bring up any Memories form our past lives I don’t want to screw up what I have here, I should go before the rents find out I'm not home” Michael said getting up.

“It was great talking to you Michael” Liz said also getting up.

“It was, thanks.......I’m glad your here” Michael said.

Michael shook his head “NO I mean it, were now.....your the groups link you bring everyone together you help bring out the best in everyone” Michael said.

“That’s not my doing” Liz answered.

“Well I think I've learned anther thing about you lizzie, your modest” Michael said walking to the edge of the railing.

“Michael about Max he....your his Best friend you know him don’t be hard on him” Liz said.

“I know that, I'm glad it’s him and not some psycho but as you know when a brother’s protectiveness kicks in no one not even a best friend has a chance” Michael grinned.

“You wouldn’t hurt him would you” Liz asked her eyes widening.

“If it’s something I have to do then yeah” Michael said “I’ll seeya tomorrow” Michael bid goodbye and left.

“Wait Michael” Liz called out, but he’d already rode of on his bike.

Liz sighed, Max wouldn't’ do anything to piss Michael anyway so she had nothing to worry, walking back to the window she un hooked the latch and got in, going to sleep, she had a early shift tomorrow, she’d need her sleep.

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Part 22
Max, Liz, Tess, Alex, Michael and Maria sat at the back booth in the Crashdown , Liz had the Liz, Tess and Maria had finished work and the gang had sat down to talk before going home as it was Friday night they had nothing else to do.

"Where pathetic you guys"Maria said.

“Why do you say that” Tess asked.

“Look at us where sitting here on a Friday night while our youth wastes away” Maria said

“If it was such a problem Maria, you have Michael to take you somewhere” Liz said.

“Your not talking about this Michael are you” Maria asked.

“I asked you if you wanted to come over my house, it was you who said no” Michael defended.

“Yeah to play Playstation” Maria snickered.

“Hey don’t snicker at my baby” Michael said

“Sometimes I wonder if he loves his Playstation more than me” Maria pouted.

“awww honey I love you too” Michael said kissing her.

“You two, sister sitting here” Liz said sickened

Tess snickered “now you know how I feel” Tess mumbled

“Yo shortie” Zan greeted as he entered the Crashdown with Leah beside him and Rath and Ava following behind.

Liz turned around as she heard the name Zan used for her back in New York.

“Zan, Leah” Liz shouted with a huge grin plastered on her face, jumping out of her seat and running to them.

Tess, Alex, Michael, Max and Maria watched dazedly as Liz jumped up running to what looked like Max, Michael, Liz and Tess but rougher wearing tight leather, showing off skin they’d never seen before and heaps of piercing’s and weird hairdo’s.

“Omg what are you guys doing here” Liz asked crushing Zan into an embrace the rest following.

“We’s thought we’d come up to meet yous” Leah answered as Zan stepped behind her wrapping his arms round her waist and resting them on her exposed stomach.

“How’d you find me” Liz asked

“My sexy girlfriend, didn’t you baby” Zan said kissing her neck. “she used her dupe connection thing to find yous and bang here we are” Zan answered moving his lips to the sweet spot on Leah’s neck.

Leah moaned “Zan............oh god.............Zan stop.....mmmmmmm......ZAN!” Leah yelled pushing him away.

“Behave” Leah said.

//C’mon.....Leah// Zan whined

//Zan behave or you’s aient getting any t’night// Leah threatened him using their connection.

Zan stopped, that was one thing he could not go with out....ever..

Liz smiled at Leah thanking her for controlling Zan’s all too well knowing hormones, while the others at the table’s jaw dropped at the PDA, it was such a hard thing to see Max and Liz look-alikes at it like they had been.

Liz shook her head “okay, now for the introductions” Liz said.

“Zan, this is Max, Michael, Tess, Maria and Alex , Maria and Alex know about our unearthly origins” Liz said

“Cool, Hey” Zan acknowledged, while a few hey’s were mumbled back.

Liz walked up to Zan and the others turning to her new group of friends “guys this is Ava, Rath, Leah and you know this is Zan, they are our dupes if you haven’t figured it out” Liz said.

Rath wasn’t paying attention as his hands had disappeared somewhere underneath Ava’s top and his mouth was sucking on her earlobe.

Pulling Leah and Zan to sit down on the other booth hile Ava and Rath followed, Liz decided it was time to tell everyone, everything, coming to sit back down next to Max grasping his hands for support while he offered her a smile.

Zan was about to say something but left it, he'd talk to his dupe later.

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Part 23

Sitting at the booth, Maria couldn’t help but see Michael's dupes hand go up Ava’s hand, both Michael and Tess felt like gagging at the PDA displayed by them two , Zan and Leah were fine it was adaptable barely but Rath and Ava was sickening.

“Back when I was in New York, I ran across Leah who was looking through the alley way dumpster from her I was introduced the rest of the gang and since then we’ve always been there for each other, their Max’s dupes there were two sets of pods made one with the royal four and the other set of pods were made to confuse our enemies so they wouldn’t find us, hence the attitude since they lived in new York by themselves” Liz explained.

“Whoa...that’s a lot to take in, but how come there like always like that” Tess asked with a disgusted look on hr face while watching her dupe and Rath playing tonsil hockey.

and that question was the same one Maria wanted answer t was making her sick watching Michael look alike and one of her closet friends dupe like that.

“Look it’s da way it’s s’ppose to be, it’s our destiny it’s who we’s were on Antar ma sis was betrothed to Rath and I was married to Leah” Zan answered

“betrothed” Maria said.

Liz glared at Zan for being inconsiderate before turning to look at Maria, taking Maria’ friend in hers she wanted to take away the hurt look in Maria’s eyes cause what Zan had explained was no where near fair.

“I’m sorry for what Zan said Maria but he’s wrong yes Ava and Rath were betrothed on our planet back in our other life but that was in our other life, and yes it’s our destiny for me and Max to be together but how I feel about Max now is not the same as how I felt abut him in my last life. I don’t feel obligated to love him, and with Tess and Michael Yes they were supposed to be destined together but that’s there choice to make and I know what choice that will be Tess and Michael love each other just like Michael and I love each other like brothers and sisters okay you have nothing to worry about okay Michael and Tess won’t be together” Liz explained.

With the reassurance Maria was a little reassured but was insecure about the new information she had just discovered.

“As to why they act so...impulsive that would be the way they were brought up if happens a lot and with Leah here she kinda cools her and Zan half the time but she can’t do anything about Ava and Rath they are the only ones who can remember the past besides form me” Liz answered on their behalf.

“Hey we’s aren't that bad” Zan defended receiving the look from Leah telling him that they were.

“on that there here what....people are going to ask questions” Michael said

“yeah I know and that’s the part I'm afraid of, there can’t possibly humanly be for all 4 us to be twins it’s kinda alien” Liz answered.

“My point exactly” Michael answered.

“Well I don’t think they’ll be going out much anyway so we’ll worry about that later but what about sleeping arrangements” Liz said.

“We’s...uh we‘s ...never actually thought dat far as to where we’d stay we’d go down to da motel dat we’s saw down da road when we’s were comin here” Leah answered.

“okay seeing as Max and Tess’s parents are out this is going to help us a lot, you guys don’t mind do you” Liz asked Max and Tess receiving a no.

“how long are you staying for” Liz asked.

The dupes all looked at each other “Liz, Leah kinda misses ya ‘n she was plannin to stay and wherever Leah stays I do to” Zan answered.

“okay, it’s late and I think we should deal with this later, I'll go and tell my parents I'm staying over at Maria's, ‘Ria come with me, the rest of you please by the time I come back stay alive” Liz said before dragging Maria away to go upstairs.

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