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Disclaimer: Are you kidding??? What I would doing here id I can publish it worldwide and I'm a latina, Mexican
Summary: Max and Liz were destinate to be married since Liz had borned, but when the wedding arrive Max in love with one of her concubines and thats why he oppose to the wedding
Category: Max/Liz
Authors Note:So this is dedicate to dane122, for the support that she had gave me, THANKS, if you had read Amor real don't think that this is going to be the same the argument is the same theme but the script is different


Ths prince had borned, Maxwell Evans had borned, the king and the queen were estactic, the people had congregate around the palace like a show of respect of the newborn.


"Maxie, maxie com to pay we us" say in exited way her litlle sister, 2 years younger than him

"No, I'm a boy, and the boys play with boys"

"Max come to mommy" 4 years max couldn't say no to his mother, he went to the arms of his mommy while Izzy was in his mother's lap.

"I love you Mommy"

"I love you too son"


In the Royal's bedroom...

"Diane, we have to talk"

"Yeah, I know, what do you think that we can give to Nancy and Jeff for their newborn, you know I was thinking"

"Diane, not about that, about Max's betrothed, we have to choose someone"

"Phillip we have time, he is only 4 years old, his wedding is until when he turns 21, do the counting"

"You know at what age I was betrothed to you"

"Yeah I know, you have told me a thousand of times at the age of 2, you already have been betrothed with me"

Then for a moment they stay quiet, while Diane was watching her list of present the daighter of...



"What about Elizabeht Parker???"


"Jeff's daughter, they told me that she was beautiful"

"Of course thay told you that, they are the parents, and all tha babies are bautiful"

"Phillip, Jeff and Nancy are our friends, our best friends, this will be like a celebration for our frienship, and the baby origin of a respectfull family it will be a good bussines, a good political busines, please..."

"ok, ok, we go to the party, and we tell Jeff and Nancy"

"Oh thank you Jeff"


In the party...

Diane was holding the baby and making funny voices

"Oh Phillip, isn't she beautiful"

"Yes, Di, very beautiful"

"Oh Di, you don't know how we appreciat that you have come, is an honor" said Nancy

"Yes we are really proud of our little Lizzi"


"Yes is Elizabet in short"

"oh, Nancy, Jeff we really came here to talk about bussines"

"Well Phillip I know that you are my king and all but this is a happy day for us and"

"We want Lizzi to be married to Max"

"What??" Jeff and Nancy were surprised

"Yes, we want"

"Wow is such an honor"

"But first we want to talk about the conditions"


"We are going to send you to live with you a lady, a companion for Liz, like a friend who is going to grown up with her and we are going to send you a governess for you daughter"

"Do you agree"

"Of course we agree"

"You can think about it"

"No of course"

"You will have to sign a contract about this and that you will give your daughter to Max, whe she is 17, on Max's 21 birthday to be exact"

"Is not problem"

"Then you agree"

"Yes, deal"

The woman hug and the guys shake hand



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Tess and the harem

After 9 years...

"Happy birthday Max"

"Thanks mom"

A shy Max said hugging his mother, all the people that he love was congregate in the royal living room, celebrating his birthday, his 13 birthday, behind him was Michael, his best friend, he was the son of the comandant and councelour of his father, Michael had always dream take his father place and help Max in the royal matters, next to him was his sister, he love his sister dearly even when she was nagging him all the time with playing with her, her mother was beside him, higging him...and his father was in the corner looking him with a funny look, but well it was his birthday and he was happy.


Parker's palace

"Liz don't drink you tea like that, neither you Maria, remember you are Liz's lady and you two have to behave like beautiful Ladies, Do you think Liz that the prince will marry someone without culture and education?"

"No, Miss Nomercy" said a 9 years old Liz with a resigneded face

"Of course not, you have to"

But Miss Nomercy was interrupted by the bothler making an announce...

"The queen is here and would like to talk in the garden alone with Liz Parker"

"Well girl what are you expecting, go to the garden and don't forget your education"

"Yes madamme"

Liz was very nervous this was the first time, she was going to meet her future mother in she went out to the garden.

"Well....Maria what are you doing"

A surprise Maria look at her and said to her

"I was going to my room"

"The instruction is not over"

"but...but Liz is not here"

"I don't need more work than Liz, you are a vety rebellious girl"

In one of the halls Max was talking to his father...

"So dad want you wanted to see me"

"I'm going to give you, your 13 present Max"

"Really??? but I thought, I thought that, mom gave me that beautiful horse named Zan, this black horse pure blood and I"

"Yes Max I know that you thought that it was your present from me and your mom, but what I'm going to give you is a special present, follow me Max"

"Yes dad"

After a while of being walking, his dad stoped in front of a big door, that Max knew since he had concience that it was forbiden, his dad took a key from his pocket, and started to open the door...
Max could heard already music and lafts and...


In the Parker's garden...

"Your majesty??"

The queen turn around, and saw a very beautiful little girl making a reverence, they had chose well, this will be a great wife to her son...

"You must be Liz, your as beautiful as a white rose"

All Liz's face turn crimison

"Oh thank you, your majesty"

"Don't be shy Liz, soon I'm going to be your mother-in-law, and we have to be friends, what do you think"

"Oh that will be an honor"

Diana could't help smile tenderly to her future daughter-in-law


"wow, is all full with naked woman, this is fantastic"

the little teenager Max couldnt help to get hard

"Yes Max, this is my present for you, like my dad did to me, I'm giving you the royal harem"

"Thanks dad, can I go now over there"

"Yes son, they already know that they have to treat you well"

"bye dad"

Max went running and in the way he was getting his clothes off, when he arrive he was congratulate with a lot of passionate kisses in various parts of his body and it dindn't take long for he to penetrate one of the girls, there were girls that were 12, 15, 19, the older ones were 23, who was going to be Max's favorite until his 15 years old was Crystal, of 23 years old...the older girl.


"Mom I want to play"

"Well play Isabel"

"But mom, Max is still in that forbiden room he hasn't got out of there since father showed him that room"

"Isabel, you will have to learn to play without your brother"

"Why mom, why, what is in that room, a lot of food, or what?" Isabel whinned

The queen started to caressed Isabel hair

"Your brother is growing up, Iz, nothing more"

Iz was not happy so she decided to take the matters in to her own hands, so Iz started to knocked on the door

"Max get out of there, now I wanna play"

"Oh god crystal, keep doing that and you Syla put your breasts in my mouth"


"Leonis, you want to play come here"

Said Max giving extendig an arm to her with smirked in his face

"Sir...your majesty...your sister is knocking, she said that she have to talk to you right now"

"What?, oh damn, ok, ok, I'm going, help me dress"

Outside the harem

"So what do you want??"

"What is so important that is there, Max I'm your sister play with me"

"First of all, what is in ther room, is none of your businnes, and second, I'm older now to be playing with you, bye"

Max entered to the harem and close de the door with a strong shut


In the harem, 2 years later...

"Where is Crystal"

"Your Majesty, Crystal was too old, and...well they have brought you a virgin sir"

"Really a virgin, I want her"

Max's eyes were dark and lighten, and his cock was very, very hard... and proud

"This is Tess"

Max was dumbfounded by her beauty and nakedness, he was very horny, he thought for the first time that he was in love, of the woman of golden hairs, blue ans shy eyes, beautiful, she was the perfection...




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AUTHOR'S NOTE: One of you who read ROYAL LOVE, show her disagreement about my story, I know that MUCH OLDER is a little out of the normal, ROYAL LOVE is more, you know the classic story, first of all I want to tell you that I'm going to study sexology, and that I had read a lot of essays and information about this theme, what I want to show in my stories is that Max is a normal sexual been as Liz also...MUCH OLDER is more sexual than ROYAL LOVE, and if it disturbs you so much, then, tell me that you don't like it, and I'm stop writing them, I'm really sorry...Thanks

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marteloise:Twice thank yous, thanks

JDreamer:Girl, Max is a guy...he has to think about sex, so sorry that you don't like it, but thanks for the odd feedback*wink*

Fallin' Angel

abbs007:Keep writing Undercover...




21 Birthday, the meeting *big*

In the Library, father and son...

"No dad, I not going to marry her"

Max and his father had been yelling to each other since the preparation for the wedding started

"I don't want more of this Max, you shut up, and you will marry her"

"I'm already in love father"

"This has nothing to do with love...If you want to learn to love your wife, like I learn to love your mother so be it, if you want to keep fucking that whore do it, I don't care, but you are going to marry Elizabethe Parker, since"

"Yeah I know Dad, she is my fiance, since I was 4 years old, so how old is she? 15, ha?"

"No son, she is 17...and you will marry her, I don't wanna hear more, and you know if you don't marry her you are not going to become the king, we will have to depend on Isabel, 'cause I'm not going to be king another 3 years or five years"

"Dad" said Max in a calmer voice

"I want to marry Tess, she deserve it"

"No Max, she is a whore, a concubine, someone who was train to please you, like Elizabeth was train all her life to be your wife, my father never love my mother, son, he love his harem, he was attached to them, it was very sad, I'm sorry, that it happened to you"

"Don't say shit to me"

Phillip look his son, with sadness and dissapoinment, and he left the room, Max even when he didn't want to marry that girl, but he know that his father was right if he wanted to be king he will have to marry that Elizabeth, so he was all dress, with his royal cloth, yesterday when he had gone to see Tess, she was very loving, and say the sweter words that he had ever heard "Max I don't care, I'm just only care that you love me like I love you" but the problem is that tonight he will have to sleep with this girl, to show all his people that the wife was his, and she was only for the king...a virgin girl, a present for the King...Damn it...Max stand up, and threw the table to were the books were pile up, in that moment Michael the army comandant and Max's couselor enter to the room.

"Wow you are really angry"

"Michael, you have to help me, try to"

"Wait, wait Max, listen, I just came here to tell that Elizabeth is almost here, she just got out from her palace, like 15 minutes, and the road form her palace to hear it takes like 25, so, be calm"

"Be calm, are you saying be calm, I'm going to marry someone that I don't care for, I love Tess know that I even gave all my other concubines away, just for Tess"

"Max, ok, thats your problem, but you also say that you want to be king, so you have to choose Tess or the crown"

"I don't wanna choose"

"But you have to, so choose now, so we have time, so I can help you to runaway with your lover. Let's see if she would want to be with someone that is not the king"

the last part Michael said it in a whisper, so Max couldn't hear it.
Max was confuse, what is he gonna do, Tess or the crown, his heat say the the...Crown, but and...Tess???, he loves her, isn't he??


In the Parker's carrige...

There was Liz, Isabel and Maria, Liz had a white veil covering her beautiful face, Isabel had been friends with Liz and Maria since she was 11 years old, since his father gave Max the damn harem

"Don't worry Liz, everything is going to be fine, my brother isn't that bad"

"I know" said Liz almost in a whisper

"Liz I know, that you have heard, that, you know that the prince is in love, with his whore

"MARIA!!!!!, don't say things like that, it is not"

"I know is not proper thing of a lady, and less the lady's queen, but what I mean is that I know when he sees you, he is going to forget about her"

"Oh Maria, I don't care if he loves her, I just want that we can be friends, and don't reject me as a friend

Isabel couldn't help to have pity for her friend, why her brother had to be very sturbbon.

"So what you feel about getting marry with the King"

"Oh, Isabel, I don't feel...really nothing, tell me do you feel special because you are the princess"

"Well no, but"

"Is the same for me, since the day I borned, since the day I knew how to talk, I already knew my destiny, marry the future king, and I've been trying to learn how to be a good wife I don't want to embarass your majesty"

"Liz" said both, Maria and Isabel, giving her a conforting hand


In the royal salon...

All the court was congregate, all the friends were congregat, the priest was ready, Michael the godfather was rady, Maria the godmother and Lady of the next queen was ready, and Max, Max keep asking himself why couldn't he quit all this for the loving Tess, why this was much important to he than Tess, does he really love her??? or it was just a ilusion like his family say, even Michael tought like that, but he never was going to tell that to Max, 'cause he was a friend, he just question thing about decisions...
The music started and Max could see a petit one cover of white, with a slende figure aproaching to him, well her body was terrific, but that doesn't mean that... the ceremony continue, all the things that was said didn'd come from the heart, Max didn't love Liz, and Liz was intimadate by Max, because thats the way that she was tought, there was exchange of the most beautiful rings, and then Max took the veil away, to give her just a simple kiss.
he looked at her, he just saw pure a comun bauty...damn it she was all, stunning, how he was going to share his bed without betraying Tess...

"Your Majesty??" her sweet voice asked

Damn even her voice was a voice from a siren...

And then he kissed her, first it started like a tender kiss, but then Max couldn't help it, and he grabbed her waist in a very possesive way, deepening the kiss marking her like his, making love to her thong, and Max smiled when the kiss finished, because this girl was going to be his, tonight, Liz could not find words, she had never been kiss, and the prince was very handsome, and she really enjoyed the kiss...and...he would take her virginity away, he would tear off her virginity, she didn't know much of this theme, she only knew that she had to guided by he, that he would teach her, but she was asking herself already if this would please her as much as the kiss, and with this thoughts couldn't help to turn very, very red.
Max look at her and said

"Don't be shy, you are a queen now"


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Wedding dance

After the wedding and many congratulations, all the invitates when to the Royal garden, to eat, to have fun, to wish long life to their new queen and King, all of them were happy.

When all they got out, Michael, and Maria acompany Liz and Max tot the garden, Liz had her arm entagled in Max's arm, after awhile Maria and Michael decided to leave them alone...

"Well Liz, it was nice to meet you"

Max couldn't look at her, he knew that what he was doing to do was just wrong, but he had to see Tess

"Your Majesty??"

Liz was confuse, King Max was anything like she was expecting him to be, he was really nice and handsome, she tought that they really could be friends 'cause thats was what they ever will be, since the "ROYAL KISS" like Liz liked to call it now, since that...he had been talking about his love one...Tess this...Tess that...but she didn't care...her mision on this life was to make the king happy.

"You know how I told you about Tess being alone???"

Liz had her head hanging down, with her cheeks painted in pink, she couldn't help be shy in front of her husband

"Yes, your majesty...You want to go to her, aren't you"

"Yes...I mean...I'm sorry that she is all alone and well I know that this is your wedding day are friend with Iz and Michael I know that they will entertain you"

"Don't worry about me your Majesty, go see her"

"Really???...thanks...I don't know what to say...well then...we will see each other in the Royal room for the cement...Michael will help you to find the room"

"Of course your Majesty, go to her"

"Thanks, are the best wife in the world"

"Thank you, your Majesty"

With that Max left her alone but before, he kissed her on the mouth, it was just a peck, but it was so beautiful...he wanted to show her, how gratefull he was, and with that he went to found his love one"


Walking in the hallways that conduct him to the Harem, Tess's room, he started to think, and how bad it was to think...the girl that he didn't wanted to marry, was gorgeous, no wait...she was hot...and at the same time, so tender, and shy...and when he kissed her, he felt wonderful, like nobody could stoped him...he felt like a King, well he was a King now, but he never had felt that way, not even with Tess, is this mean...NO...he loves Tess, he knew was the only certain thing that he knew...being in love with Tess.

Max was already in front of the harem, he took the keys from his pockets and opened the door...


he really sound rudiculous when he said that but Tess loved it
Tess wasn't answering his calls, so he started looking for her, everywhere, the tables...the pool...the chairs...the cushions...until he found her sobbing in the corner...


Tess saw him...and couldn't help to jump his bones


they started to hug and kiss pasionely

"Oh my Tessie"

After the great welcome, they seated down among the cushions.

"Why you were criying puppy??" Max caressed her face, erasing her tears

"Oh Maxie, I'm glad that you are here, I was scared, I tought that after seeing your queen you would leave me, like your dad di...well never are here in my arms and..."

"What you were going to tell me"

Max was serious now

"Come on Maxie, never mind, let's go have sex"

Tess began to undress him, but Max stopped before she could unbotoned any button

"I can't and I wont Tess"

Max didn't get angry or serious a lot of times, so Tess didn't like it a bit...she would have to tell him

"ok, I will tell you...My aunt Katrina was one of your fathers concubines, when your father married your mother, there was 3 concubines...Katrina, Kerosene and Shampoo. After just one week of marriage, Kerosene and Shampoo dissapeard, your father told Katrina than now he had a lot of abligationes, for to be playing with women, so he would just only keep her...but the time passed and...your father was coming every time lesser and lesser one day he stopped coming...Katrina heard when she was taken to her new master, that the King had falled in love with the queen"

"Oh my Tessie, you don't have to worry"

Max caressed her, and squeeze her, he was happy, that his Tessie was so jelous

"Look, I'm not in love with Liz and..."

"Thats her name, why are you calling her by her name?"

"'Cause is my wife, I told you, you know I'm tired of this...I love you, you love me, my dad didn't love Katrina, and I'm leaving, I have responsabilities"

Tess didn't wanted him to go, she loved him, so she went to him and stopped him, with her hand in his cock,

"Wait Max, I'm sorry"

"Tomorrow we will talk Tess, don't worry"

With a last kiss he went go to the party, when he arrived, he couldn't find her
Max hoped that he hadn't offend her and...Michael, there was Michael with Isabel

"Michael" said Max almost yelling when he catch up with him

"Where is she??"

"Oh, she told me, that she would wait for you in the room"

"Oh, ok"

When Max was about to go

"Wish you luck Max, your bastard"

Michael lafted

Max didn't know what to do, right now, he was going to have sex with Liz, and this was going to be her first time and she was so cute and innocent, he would have to be patient, oh my god, how I get in this trouble

Max got to the door, he opened...

And there was she, nervous in the bed...all cover up, you could see for the clother hanging on the closet that she was sweet naked, OH-MY-GOD

"I'm ready for you my Majesty" said a shy and nervous Liz


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Fallin' Angel


Wayliz: the society where they live is very


mermaidgirl:We will get to the falling in love part but not yet

StarPrincess: Just think that they are in XV century or so...a very macho time...and that Liz was educated to make Max happy with out care of her own happiness


aZNroSweLl anglgrl

RoswelliansAngel: Sorry but Max isn't jelous just yet

marteloise:he would fall in love later, not in this chapter


Wedding night


Max got closer to her sitting on the bed close to her, while Liz was still covered 'till the shoulders and nervous




"Is Tess all right?"

"Who???...Oh Tess, yeah she's fine"


Max still seated down on the bed, looking to the nothingness while Liz was staring him, and in that position they were at least 5 min. Then Max turned his head around to look at her, very slowly, until their were lock, he got close to her, they were just inches apart now and tentavely he kiss her, it not was so much different than the wedding sealed kiss, tentavely again he putted both hands on her shoulders, their thongs met, their thongs dance, caressing each other, Liz didn't know waht to do with her hands, this was new for her...she had never met a guy before, and she didn't know that a kiss could be like this, nobody told her this stuff Mrs. Nomercy just told her that in the bedroom the man was the boss, it was so odd, she never uderstood that. When the kiss finished it, Max stood up...

"Where are you going???"

"I'm going to take my clthes off"


Suddenly Liz looked more scared

"Or do you wanted me to take my clothes off under the covers, so you don't see my nakedness" said Max with a gentil voice

Max was not only confuse, he didn't know what to do with her or not to the harem he could do what ever he wanted, he never had to be nice to them even of they hurt when he took their virginity, it wasn't his pain and they were her slaves so...but Liz was his wife, an innocent girl, who had been married, maybe against her will, he would have to treat her well.

Max took his Royal top, in front of her and Liz couldn't help but gasp, and Max chuckled, then he went to his bed side, and lay down with her, he covered himself with the sheets, he smiled at her and then he started to take his boots, then his pants and at last his boxers, after that he just stood like that all naked with her under the covers, he was trying to put himself together so to not scared her, after that he turned around all his body, so to be on top of her, and then he gave her a cast kiss on the crook of her neck, Liz a little scared for the feeling of the erection gasp, but it was a mixed feelings...little by little she started to have confidence and tentavely she started to caress Max's torso, with this they gave pleasure to each other, the caress and kisses became more frenetic and sudenly Max putted her hand on her clit...

"Feel it"

Liz nodded, she knew that everything was going to be ok, he would always protect her, she knew it, while he was with her.

Max couldn't hold more, he had to penetrate her, so he did it, in a slow way, everything had to be in a slow way, her barriers were thight around him, how many virgins have he had, but Liz was tighter that any, Liz was trying to be strong, she didn't want to cry, but it hurt how he moved, she could tell that he was trying not
to hurt her but it was inevitable, then the pain started to come with the pleasure, waves and waves of pleasure, Max was getting more out of control, his ass was going up and down, down and up, Liz's could see the strenght that he was using, and then it came, the two of them, enjoying the best orgasm of their lifes, it was like, it was a suddenly thing like a sword in yout heart, it was out of this world.
After that, he looked at her, he gave her a kiss and layed down on his side...

"Did I hurt you??"


"Thats great...did you enjoy your first time"

Liz turned red, looked down her body


Max turned around his body, looking at her...


"Yes, your majesty"

Max chuckled

"Why do you always call me your majesty"

Liz surprised by this question turned around to look at him

"That what they tought me to"


"They said that it was a way of respect to you"

"Yeah I know, I understand that people that I don't know call me like that, but my friends and sister call me Max, should call me know 'cause you are my wife friend too, I want us to be friends Liz"

Liz looked at him with her big brown eyes, Max took her hand and kissed her palm

"Liz I need us to be friends, would you do that for me??"

"Of course your majesty, I mean...Max"

"You know my grandpa didn't love my gramma, I can understand that, but he hated her too, he died hating her, he blamed her for have to married her...but it wasn't her fault, I don't want that, that to happen to us, I want to be your friend, maybe love will no exist between us but friendship..."

"I understand Max"

"Thank you"

Max got close to her and kissed her cheek

"Good night Liz"



"Is ok to sleep with all this blood surrounding us?"

"Yes" said Max with his eyes closed

"They expect us to, tomorrow they will show to the people the sheet, and they will celebrate the consumation"

"I know but"

"They expect us to sleep with blood, it would like mean, that we are united, something like that, good night Liz"

"Goodnight Max"


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So king Max was the first to wake up, so all naked and sticky, for the blood, he sat down, he turned his head around and looked at her, all innocent and beautiful, he had sex with her, and she was only a child, even when they were only separated for 4 years apart, he had been train for fight, he was more experiment in the sex life, he had run away like a thousand times from the castle and had confront a lot of dangerous things while she had been lock up in a big cage, all telling her, how she should behave for him, when the people who taught her didn't know him.

Max stood up, and went to shower, in the water he couldn't help but thing of her.
Last night, he really enjoyed her, but oddly it wasn't like other times, he had never had a girls in his arms, he had only have women, even Tess when she was 13, was a women. She was angelical beautiful, but this made him feel guilty, what about Tess??? the women who swore to portect and could he think that impure thoughts about his wife, when in the other door his love was waiting for him, No, he woud try to be friends with Liz, that was the right thing to do, yeah.

Who was trying to convince him or...who????

Max went out from the shower more confuse than before, well he should not think about that, he had to start his new life, see Tess, show the sheet oficially...with his wife.
Wife, strange word of 4 letters

When he resturned the room he was all naked, with a towel, drying his hair, until he heard a sweet voice

"Good morning, your ma, I mean Max"

Liz was all blushed trying not to look at him, trying to cover her nakedness

"Hi Liz" he said blunty, staring at her, he couldn't move. what he do to deserve her??? Wait, Tess, I love Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Love Tess, Tess is bautiful and with that he discovered that he was all naked, normal for a comun couple but not for them, when he had another woman waiting for him, so slowly he covered his low part.

"You know, I was thinking"

"Yeah" said a shy Liz, she was still blushed

Max got closer to the bed he sat down, took her hand and the sheet drop to her lap, showing her breast, Max's erection started pumping like a living heart, and Liz didn't take long to discover, getting redder, and Max imitated her.

"I think you should shower first and then talk, you know"


Max looked at her and noticed that she was still unsure

"I promise I will turned around" Max said smiling, she was so tender and näive, that he wanted to hugged her, dammn it again with that thoughts

"Ok, I will trust you" she said giggleling, while she was getting up with the sheet tide securely around her, like he won't remember her slender body.
And he couldn't help but think that she was teasing him, they will be great friends, he could feel it.

When Liz finished the shower and dressing, like Max.

"What do you wanted to talk to me about Max??'"

"I want us to be friends Liz"

"I know, me too"


"Yes really" she said with a half smile, biting her lips "Friends????" she said extending her hand to him.

"Friends" he said giving his hand in return but he would have prefer to kiss her

Later on he explaind their intenerar, and the sheet was show, with the her blood cover in it, and the people was happy



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A picnic day

After the talk and the show of the red sheet, Max went in an act of guilt to Tess, he felt so ashamed, they talked, they made love, slowly and sweet love. And later he went to the bussines room, where he had to meet Michael.

"So you are telling me that the army want new weapons and the miners more tools, and the work people are complaining for the expensive life"

"Yes, Max, so is your decision what"

"I don't...I don'y know what to do Mike"

"You can talk about it to the queen"

"The queen???? I don't even know her Michael"

"You could start knowing her my friend"

"First we are talking about important bussines to the kingdom, and then you are talking with me about knowing my wife, What is this Mike?" Max said the last part almost yelling,

Max was so frustraded about everything, about not knowing what to do, he knew that the 3 things were important, he knwe too that his friendship with his wife was important, but he didn't know how to behave, and Tess...She was so beautiful and tender, that her so much, but his wife was a temptation for his libido

"And is not only that Mike, my dad went to vacations with my mother, he is in another country having fun while I am, attending this matter and I"

"You are the king now Max, your father is retired now"

"Fuck you"

And with that Max went out, to look for his lovely wife, she found her watching the flower of their garden talking to her Lady

"Liz..." Max yelled

Liz turned around and saw his majesty directing to her, When Max was close he took her forearm, and took her away from her lady, walking fast, Liz was surprised

"Where are we going Max????"

"Do you remeber, when we talk about being friends"


"Well let's get to know each other"

"Right now??"

"Yes, right now, or you have any bussines to attend???"

"No, you know, that I am at your servirce"


"But were are we going"

"To the lake"

"Yes, the lake, is my hiding place, do you know how to ride a horse"

"Yes of course"

"Then follow me"




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A picnic day

Max took Liz to the estables, Max prepared thier own horses, Max's horse was black, a majestuosy blackness, the horse looked almost savage, Liz's horse, was the calmer of all it was brown, so they went riding, Liz's horse was fast, but Max was guiding and Thor (Max's horse) didn't like to be the last, Liz' horse was named Fire 'cause of the color.

When they at last arrived...

"Wow is beautiful Max"

"I know"

it was a clear of the woods, a big lake surroud by trees, making shadows for anyone who wanted to rest a little awhile, the garden was green, an amoazing green, almost brighting, and the smell, was almost pure.

Max got off of his horse and took Liz horse and tied them near to the lake, then he helped Liz to get off.
Then Max took the soft hand of Liz, and started to walk

"Max are you ok??"

Max didn't answer he was behind his thoughts, and problems the way he liked to call them.


No answer

"MAX" Liz yelled and took Max away of his thoughts


Liz gigled

"What are you thinking about????"

"Stuff...Listen Liz" they stoped walking

"Remeber when I say that I want us to be friends"
Liz smiled with shyness, and her face turned red


"Well, thats why I brought you, I want to know you"

"Me too Max"

They looked into their eyes, understanding, soulfull.

"Well tell me about you, how you grow up everything"

Liz smiled and then lafted

"Ok, but then you have tell me about you, deal" she teased


They started walking again

"Ok, All my life since I remember I was told to that I have to behaver and learn 'cause someday I would be the wife to the King, you know, a big thing for someone to understand, but you know when I really understand it was, one night, Maria was sleeping in the other room, I was ten years old, and for the day I had finished all my studies, my studies about History, Table manners, Etic, Walking, it was very tiring, truly, more with the teacher that I have Miss. Nomercy, it was horrible.
Well I was in my bed, awake, watching the ceiling, the white and rough ceiling, while I was listening to the song of the crickets, and in the front of the bed you could see the window, that let you see the beutiful stars..."
They stoped Max invited to lay in the garden with him, while she was still telling about her life, Max felt a total ease while she was talking, more in ease, than when he used to come here, it was a good idea to brought her here, he thought.
"So I lay there, wiht my 10 years old, repeating in a whisper, I'm going to be queen, I going to married I guy who I don't know, who is going to be my king"

"All that you were repeating to yourself???" Max said amaze while he lift himself by the elbow

"Well, no with that exact words but yes"

They lafted

"Well continue it"

"And I don't know I felt numb, and almost like I didn't existed, but I felt quite well, like very awake, I know is dumb, but when the realization hit me, I knew, that I should be happy because I was going to married the king, and maybe the will be marry by love, but I was going to have a big mision in this life, so I just acept it"

"Is not dumb, is beautiful and humble and no selfish, that is the difference, I'm selfish, I always have whatever I want when ever I wanted, even Tess and...

Liz kissed him in the lips, it was short but tender, like the end of a story.

"Sorry, it just that I couldn't stand when you say things so terrible about you and...sorry"


Thanks for the feedback
and more feedback, please

posted on 26-Jun-2002 7:31:01 PM by Gaby7tvm

mermaidgirl - TWICE

Angel eyes


"And I don't know I felt numb, and almost like I didn't existed, but I felt quite well, like very awake, I know is dumb, but when the realization hit me, I knew, that I should be happy because I was going to married the king, and maybe I will not be marry by love, but I was going to have a big mision in this life, so I just acept it"

"Is not dumb, is beautiful and humble and no selfish, that is the difference, I'm selfish, I always have whatever I want when ever I wanted, even Tess and...

Liz kissed him in the lips, it was short but tender, like the end of a story.

"Sorry, it just that I couldn't stand when you say things so terrible about you and...sorry"



Max took Liz hand, his eyes were melancolic, with his thumb he caressed her hand, was he falling in love with the queen??...NAH it can't be he was in love of Tess

"Don't worry Liz, Michael make worse things to me, when I won't shut up"

And we that he stood up


She stood up as well

"Why don't we walk, for a little while"

"Of course your ma...Max"

Liz felt almost hurt, she didn't know what she was feeling, but...she thought that she really was starting to care about KING could she be so stupid? of course he would say that, he was in love of Tess.

"So...tell me about your life Max"

Max started to walk between the trees, you could hear the humming of the wind

"It has to be later Liz"

"Why? if I may ask"

"I think that a storm, is about to come"


Liz looked to the sky

Mas smiled

"Yes, really, and I promessed Tess that I was going to see her after my negotiations" and of course it was a lie

"I understand"

Max took a step, so he was in front of her, his bodies almost touching

"You are and gonna be a Great Wife and Queen Elizabeth"

Then he kissed her in the front

"Thank you Max"

Max helped Liz, to got up to her horse, and then he got up

While they were rinding Max was cursing himself, how could he said that to her, after the kiss I'm going to see Tess, and then you are going to be a great queen, how dumb was he, of course he was not going to Tess, how he was going to go to her after being with Liz, it would not be fair on them


After that Max continued with the negociations, with out any result, he was frustrated.

"Max is better we rest"

"Yeah I understand"

With that Max and Mike exit the bussines room, each one going to their rooms, Max going to his queen, he was deep, in thoght, and it wasn't about bussines, it was about his dearest wife, he opened the door, and THERE she was, all cute, on her teddie, and he had to take her to relieve himself, for her to forgive him, to calm him, he stood up next to the sleeping figure and startes to took off his clother in silence, but in a quickly manner, he sit on the bed, and started kissing all her face, until Liz woke up.


"hi, Liz"

Max began to undreessed her


"I need you Liz, please, let me have you"

"you know that you can, but what happen, what about Tess and..."


Max put a finger on her lips

"lets not thinks, don't ask, just feel, because I need you so much"

Soon enough he penetrated her, and their world collided to each other, it was something refreshing.

and after that

"Thank you Liz"

"Will you share with me your problems Max?"

"Not tonight"

And with that he hugger to him and felt sleep

But in the midnight, he lift himself from the bed, and dreesed only in his pants, and left the room.
Sure...To Tess, Liz thought and a tear fell of her deep eye
But Max didn't go to Tess, he wasn't comfortable with Tess anymore, not after what he had done, so he went again to the bussiness room, just to finish his sleep


Hope you like it
I did
Feedback remember

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After the sunrise, Max woke up, but this time, he said to himself he had to clarified his feelings toward Tess. YES that he would do. And then he would know how to behave with Liz.

So he stood up, and started walking threw the halls, till he arrive to Tess room, his old harem. Max took his antique gold key, and opened the door, while he was opening the door complained, for his oldness, for Max it was very weird to be here again after, after, after, he had known Liz at the lake...And it was only Yesterday





"Mmmmmm" Liz stretched her arms

"I'm glad you are awake"

"What?...Isabel, what are you doing here?"

"Oh with thought, that we could you know, have some bonding with the queen" Said Maria while opening the curtains.

Liz giggled

"Well how is my brother treating you"

"Well...Fine...fine, Isabel"

Maria sat down in the bed, with a face, fill of worried

"What happened Lizzie?"

"Nothing is just that Max...well, I think that I'm in love with him"

"Really??, and what he have to say about all this??"

"Nothing..." Liz said with her head down

"What do you mean...Liz?"

"He's in love with his concubine"

After that Liz started cry, and Maria and Isabel hugged her


Tess was all over Max kissing him, they were naked...and Max couldn't shake the feeling that he was doing something wrong

"Tess...Stop...Stop Tess"

But Tess didn't stop

Max screamed, and pushed out of the bed

"But Maxie..." Tess started to crying

"I love you"

"Then show me....No, don't touch me...SIT DOWN...Ok, I have a problem, look, my army want new weapons and the miners more tools, and the work people are complaining for the expensive life, I need your help, I need your advisement, as my partner in life"

"Where do you want me to suck you"

For a few minutes, he looked at her, his face was in blank, then he stood up, and leave the room



"Liz I have an idea"

"What Maria?"

"You could make him jelous"

"Thats a great idea Mar"

"But how???"

"I know, I know" said Isabel doing a happy dance "You could flirt with the soldiers

"What?" said almos yelling Maria and Liz

"Yes Liz, when I was younger and bored, I used to do it"

"You have to"


"Then is settled"

And together Maria and Isabel started to pull Liz, outside

"Now? But I'm not even dress"

"Well then dress"

"Wait Maria you help her, she needs a dress with a lot of clevage"


After Max exit the Harem, he was there, alone, just standing, until he heard footsteps

"Your majesty"

It was one of the guards, his name was Chris, his father was a soldier

"Hi Chris, long time" Max smirked for the first time since the picnic

"Yes, your Majesty"

"Ok, I understand but...well forget it..." Max crossed his arms "I have a request Chris"

"Yes, your majesty"

"Would you do me the favor to exchange my concubine, no, no, no, forget it, would you do me the favor, to give my concubine to one of the soldiers, or even better, do you want her, Yes, it would be my present for you, do you want her"

"Oh, your majesty, I'm flatered, I don't know what to say"

"Well is yours"

"But I don't deserve that kind of present, I...Thank you sir"

"Ok, take care of her and yourself too"


"I heard that you get rid of Tess, so what does it mean?"

"I don't know"

Max turn around, to see threw, the glass of the room


"So what??"

"Are you going to talk to her"

"To Who?"

"Is that her?" said a very surprised Max


"Is that my queen?"

"Well let me see"

Michael got close

"Oh yeah, thats her"

"Is she flirting with Chris" Said Max with angerness

"Well, it seems like that but you..."

Max turned around and slam his hand with the table

"Michael..." Max told him with an authorative voice

"I want you to take her to the Royal Room, lock the windows, take all her dresses, and locke her up"

"But Max, thats crazy, you have to"

"Are you going to question your king"

"No, no, Of course, Yeah, Yeah, I will locke the room up"

"Oh, and take the dress that she is wearing too, but don's see her naked, or I will cut your head..."
His breathing was getting faster "And then tell her that I will going to her, understand"

"Understand your majesty" Said Michael in a militar mode



And a lot


Finishing this I going to write

It is going to be about...Max is married to Tess, but when, he goes shopping he crashes a car, and bump with his true love Liz

Max and Tess have been friends all their lives and Tess is in love with him, but Max is in love, with Liz Parker, so what Tess is going to do?

Max Evans and Zan Evans share their adopt sister Liz Evans

Max and Liz had been separated for 5 year since they married, Max wants her back

Kyle and the gang is gay, and Kyle wants Max as a boyfriend

So what do you think????
Should I write them or not???

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First...A special thanks to *bounce*mermaidgirl*bounce*

And thanks fot the support to:

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Oh I'm sorry for the lateness...I was preparing myself for the Toefle...And now I have passed it...That means that I know how to talk english language...YES
But in a month I will have another Toefle...And college starts on August/26...And also I'm moving to my mom's house AGAIN...So I'm going to try to post daily with Sharing Liz Evans and Untamed Lover...Then I will see, what to do...




When Mike came back, Max was still working in some papers...
Michael entered with silence, but the noise of the door made Max, looked at him



"Did you do it?"

"Yes, I did it"

"Did she fight you?"

"No, she didn't, She was quite calm, but..."

"But...Princess Isabel and Maria were very angry...And I took the liberty to escorted them to their chambers...They did fight me"

"Well, is that all"

"Yes Maxwell, well I think so"

"Then I leaving to see my queen"

Max stood up, by his face you could see that he was still very, very furious...He was almost at the door when Michael stoped him, putting his hand on Max's shoulder

"Don't mistreat her Maxwell"

Max looked at his hand first, and then to his face, later on he took Michael's hand off him roughly

"First of all, counselor...You don't have opinion on this matter...She is Mine and second DON'T TOUCH ME AGAIN"

Michael looked at him, with new eyes...He didn't know this Maxwell at all.

"Yes your Majesty"

"Go to your chamber counselor, we will talk in the morning"

"As you wish"

After that Michael made a bow and left.


End of the first section

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Continuation of


Jelousy, Love and Sex

Max was walking down the hallways...deciding how he was going to show Liz that she was HIS

First he will take her to the bed, penetrate, until she screams HIS name, just to teach her, that she mustn't flirt with anybody but him

Then he will declare his love

YES!!!! he is in love of HIS queen

And afterwards he is going to decide, if he is going to let her leave the chambers

Thinking about her...his cock couldn't help to wake up
Max caressed himself, in a moment he will have the woman that he loves, Thank god he got rid of Tess.

He realized that he never love her, it was just pure lust...Now he found in Liz a new form of lust, a lust mix with love, so powerful, Oh god, his pants were getting unconfortable.

But at last he arrive to the Royal room, he got the key from his pocket, and opened with slowness and softness, just taking in the moment.

He entered the room a saw his dear Liz, all sweet nude, and cover with a sheet but she looked like...she was nervous and a little scare

Well he would have to change the order of his priorities

"Hi Liz"

Max got closer to her, sitting down on the bed

"Hi your majesty"

Max smiled at her

"Liz, remember what I told you" he said while he lift her chin up


"Call me Max, afterall I'm your husband"

Max kissed her on the lips, a tender kiss, then he kiss her, in the eyebrows, eyelashes, cheeks, then he suck her little nose.

"I want to make love to you"

"Max" said Liz..."I'm sorry" Liz let a tear escape

"Don't cry my love"
Max licked her tear
"Maybe you should cry...your tears taste good"

Max said smirking

Liz looked at him

"Why did you lock me up Max...your counselor didn't want to tell me anything"

Max felt his angerness come back to him and he stood up

"Why, why, your asking me why" he shout

Liz was scared, he started to cry

"I-I d-don't kno-know"

"How do you think that I felt when I realized that I love you, and got rid of my concubine, you know, a entertaiment that I have the right to have, even if I'm married, how do you think I felt, seeing you flirt with other men, that was not me, your husbans, YOU swear, NO you vote, that you will be loyal to me, but then I turn around and WHAT??"

"Don't yell at me please"

Max was breathing fast, Liz was crying and crying

"STOP crying, you hear me"

But Liz didn't stop

"Is an order" said Max almost in a whisper

But Liz didn't stop

Max just stared her,

"If you don't stop crying, I will leave you alone, for days, lock in this room, without company, understand me"

But Liz didn't stop

So Max turned around, and left slamming the door, he locked up, and then he left himself fall on the floor and started to cry.

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First of all, Thank you for not forgetting me, in august 1, my mom cut off my internet, so thats why I couldn't post or send feedback...the telephone calls were too expensive so we hired cable, and is easier this way becuase I don't have to connect every time that I want to enter to the web.
The second news, is that I'm through with english classes, and that I got a 95 on my TOEFLE. YAY. Applauses please.
The third thing is that my uncle went to USA, and he brought me 2 books of my favorite author, WOODIWISS, whom I dedicate this part of my story. Beacause I borrow some dialogue from her stories for this part. Isn't she great???
The fourth thing is b4echstarrynite that, you know I differ form some of you...about Max (2 and 3 season), for I would have done the same thing that he did, or maybe not, but what I'm trying to say is that I understand why he did it, and I just love him...¡PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!
The fifth thing is that I'm going to continue...jijijiji


"Why I'm doing here crying like a boy for this wench"
Said Max in a angry tone

"I'm Max Evans, a King, there are thousands of girls, dying for a kiss from me, or have the place that she has, but sadly I want her, I want her to love me, so I have to teach her a lesson"

Max stood up, took the key again and insert it into the door, with the door opened he pushed it, and the door slammed. Liz startled, woke up.

"Your Majesty?"

"Listen to me wench, You are mine, No one will have you but me. Only I shall taste your body's joys. Awhile ago, I was a fool to denied myself what I desired most, but I will no longer do it, for it's my husband right to take you whenever I want to. So this game is over and the act is done and I am a man and I will have my due. So my mind is made: I'm going to have you and not only tonight, so every day of your life and with the time you will learn to love me, so be it.

With that Max took big steps toward the bed, where she lay, Liz was very surprise, Max Evans loves her, but what should she do, now? She have to tell him, but she...

He took the bundle she clutched and tossed it in a nearby chair as he stared down at her, Liz could not talk, for this was a face that she had not seen on him, Max was dazzled once again by her uncommon youthful beauty.
He moved closer and in a rapid movement slipped his arm about her narrow waist, nearly lifting her from the floor, and then Max covered his mouth with hers, tasting her, she tasting him, male and female joint, thongs came together, caress each other, feeling their unique scent of each one had. She was surprise, for she could feel a fire, that she didn't knew that existed in her, she was burning, and it excited her, that she could feel the hard and masculine body against hers. He steped back, and smile at her, his eyes were burning with passion, he pulled his shirt off, and took her again by the waist but this time, to eat her soft bosom, he couldn't have enough, so he took a bite of her nipple, Liz was feeling in heaven he hadn't been like this the two times that they have shared the bed. She felt one hand go up her back while he tugged on his pants. Her naked breast were crushed against his chest, he let the pants fall, and tossed them aside, lifted Liz, and throw her onto the bed, then he follow her. She felt his hardness searching, caressing her between her thighs, then finding and entering a bit...

They heard a knock, but Max didn't listen didn't want to, he joint his mouth with HIS wife.


The knock became insistent

"MAX, it's me Michael, is urgent come please, is your father"

"Blast you, come in"

Max covered Liz with the quilt and Michael entered


Max, of course was in his naked glory, and still with a hard on.

"What do you want?"

Max stood up, crossed the room and picked up his robe to puted it on.

"Is your father your Majesty, he just came back and wants to speak with you, urgently"

"And he couldn't wait a minute, I was busy, you know" said Max watching Liz, while tieing his robe into a knot

"Yes, I understand, but..."

"And am I not the King?"


"So why I have to ob...this ridiculous, ok let's go"

Michael started to walk, but Max went back to the bed, and kiss Liz very soft.

"I love you, but I don't know if you do, I don't..." Liz try to talk but Max put a finger on her mouth "I don't know where you stand, so, I will lock you up, until I have take you and have a talk, it won't take long" he kissed her again and follow Michel, closed the door, and locked it"

"I love you Max"


So, more feedback...

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Well, First thank you for all the feedback specially to Nicoletta...
First of all, I didn't post 'cause:
I don't know if you heard about ISIDORE...Well I live in Yucatán, Mérida, Yucatán, to be exact, all the city was a mess, and the light posts destroyed, so, not electricity, no computer, then the electricity came back but not the internet...then a couple of days, a got back my internet, YAY...
But this week are my tests, so this I will promess I will post in two weeks, and if I don't post, I will give my story to somebody else

Now, to Wendy:
You know, that I love your story, I have feedback you every time that you post, so post the next part girl, I'm dying to know, what will happen to Max...Who is Valenti?

And FOR THOSE WHO WRITE...Check out my challenges:


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"I love you" Liz repeated again. She got up, and let fall the bundle

What he would want??? Max ask himself, in front him was Michael walking, like a cat, like a soldier very secure of himself. Well he didn't care about others needs, at least not now...he want to be with Liz, IN BED, Oh god, with that body of hers and that hair that caress his body with a sensual movement...

"Max, Max....MAX"

"Oh, what...Michael"

"We are here, wake up, your fahter is not very happy"

Max looked at Michael with a surprise look
But Max followed Michael without questioning him
and Michael knock the door

"Who is it?"

A strong voice asked

"Is me father" said Max with a voice that you could guess it was one of a reluctant man, Max could say that he was nervous even though he was the king his father was still intimidating, Max took a look to Michael while they wait up, he was standing like a true soldier, well it was a happy though that Michael was being intimidate by his father as much as him.

The door opened very slowly, you could here the crackin of the door, for Max it was unsetteling, it didn't help to his nerves, after what seem an eternity, a beautiful face appeared behind the door, it was an old one, a familiar one, it was from his mother

"Max" said Diane with much loveness

"Mother" Diane looked at him, and understand that he was not her boy anymore, that he was the King, but what the hell, so she launch herself at him, Max caught her, he was surprise of his mother behavior, her mother started hugging him, but he felt that they were squeezing the live of him, OH my god.
When Diane stop squeezing him, he took his hand and led him to the royal living room.
There was his father, an old man with the same energy of a king whose age is 25, and surprise, surprise, there was his sister and Liz's lady, very intriguing. And they seem like were having a very secret meeting with his father. what bussiness could they have with his father????
Isabel and Maria stood up, looked at Max directly in the eyes, Max didn't even inmute, Iz couldn't bealive it.

"Leave us alone" They all knew that he was refering about Max and him, so everyone except Diane left the room.

"Diane what are you waiting for?" said in a serious tone Phillip
"I'm not going to obey you, I want to hear my son and be with him, if you don't mind, the only one who can get me out of this room is my son, so I will stay"

Liz felt a little concern about her husband, he was taking to long, and she was naked, what she will do?, Liz took one look at the closet and decided, she took one of Max shirts, with the coat and his trousers, yeah she was going to look for him, but when she was going to open the door, she heard a knock, several kcnoks that startled her.

"Liz, I'm going to open the door, ok?"


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Read Behind the door on page 14...*big* and tell what you think.*bounce*
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