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Author:TD DreamerBehr

Disclaimer: I own nothing except books and posters (a bunch of poster and pics) and I own the characters that you don't recognize: Ali,Jo,Josh and there might be more

Distribution: You can take just let me know

Rating: PG 13

Pairings: M/L Mostly J/A, A/I, M/M, K/T

Summary:Liz and Alex were best friends all their lives and when Alex decides to follow his dreams he takes his cousin Kyle with him to NY. Izzy and Maria are actresses but want to be singers, as for Max, Michael and the rest of the ppl, you'll have to find out on your own. I've said enough


Liz ran out of the bathroom to get the phone but was too late the answering machine piked up *oh well*

Hi this is Liz leave a message after the beep * I've gotta change that it's too boring*

"Liz ok, 1st of all I know your there because you know you have no where else to be since your not with me and 2nd hurry put channel 44 My life is on!" beeeeeeep

Liz went to the TV and turned it on and went to channel 44 *she has been talking about this band for weeks*

As she got to the channel 44 her heart stopped *OMG* She stood there in total shock staring at the TV

"ALEX!" She screamed and started jumping up and down and screaming, her mother came into her room..

"Liz honey what's all the commotion for?"

Liz was going nuts! "MOM MOM It's Alex he's on TV!!"

"Oh My, They made it and look, There's Kyle! I'll go call Jim"she started walking out" What channel?"



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Thanx for the feedback and I just wanted to let you know that My Life is a band, yes I know weird name but I couldn't think of anything else

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Ok I thought I would post Part 1 seeing as I don't think I'll be posting anything else till next week maybe. I have April Exams?!?! Who on earth invented that?!?! there's march exams,x-max,june and now april?!?!
Stupid school's there only there to drive you crazy I'll tell you that, so here I am posting part 1 at 6:00 in the morning

Part 1

Liz stood there mesmerized "Whoa who's that?" she said outloud to herself as she watched the dark haired mystery man, HELLO!, he's amazing

The phone rang again, she picked it up.

"I know I know!your gonna say they're hotwell only the singer is hot for me. I mean, he's amazing. I can't believe Alex and Kyle made it!"

There was silence

"You know the first thing I say when I answer a phone would be 'hello', itz what the normal ppl do"

Liz was stunned

"Alex" She said barely above a whisper

"Yup!, in the flesh, well actually not really 'cuz technicaly I'm on the phone but anyways"


"Yes it is thy Alex" Alex smiled
"Itz good to hear your voice Liz, Oh BTW (by the way, in case you didn't know) My Life is coming to Roswell in a weekand a half, you know, we have a break and since me and Kyle are from Roswell and so is Josh, were all coming"

"I can't wait" She was about to hang up the phon seeing as he was paying loooooong distance

"Oh and Liz" She put the phone back to her ears


"His name is Max" He said, trying to surpress a chuckle

"Who?" Liz asked already knowing who he was talking about, mystery man.

"The singer"

"Right, bye!" She said as she hung up

*mystery man now has a name, Max*


Ok Guys, thanks for the feedback and to make it clear to you all in case you haven't figured it out yet, My Life is what Alex's band is called, I'll give you the positions:

Alex: Guitar
Kyle: Piano, background vocals
Josh: Vocals and other instruments if needed
Michael: Drums
Max: Lead singer

Ok GTG get ready, wish me lucks!

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Ok here's it is BTW thanx for the feedback!

DreamAngel LPLB: Yes I know they need Bass but that and that was what I meant by Josh doing other instruments he does whatever else they need. What exactly is Bass? I think I know (well I know what it is but not in a band I think) if that made any sense. *tongue*

SweetCherryKat: Thanx for the feedback!

LiLEvEe: Thanks a gain for the FB! I saw your story Harvest moon and itz real good! I replied and I am now dying to find out if there will be a new part soon!


Part 2

1 week and a half later

Liz was ecstatic, she was so eager and desperatly awaiting their arrival, although she also ready to hit Alex too for never calling since he left and part of her wanted to meet the mystery lead singer Max.


"So Max" Alex said in the plane on the way to Roswell

"Yeah" he replied

"You don't have a girlfriend right?"

"" Max asked

"Just wanted to know" After a few quiet moments Alex took out a picture from his wallet of him and Liz when they were 16, right before he left for NY with Kyle.

"What do you think of her?" Alex asked showing Max the picture, he watched as he saw Max's eyes soften *Oh yeah, me think that he thinks good! Liz will let me off the hook* he knew Liz would want to hurt him for leaving and never calling

"She's uh......cute" Max said *Whoa*

"Oh Well, her name is Liz and she'll be waiting at the airport, I hope"

"Oh" Max was a loss of words, she was beautiful, beautiful brown shining eyes and her hair looked silky too, like you can just run hand through it. He was eager to meet her.

"Who's the hottie?" Josh asked looking over Alex's shoulder

Max looked up at him

"Is that Liz?" Josh said getting a closer look

"Yeah" Alex said

"How do you know her?" Max wondered

"We dated when we were 15" Josh explained

"She's cute" Joe said

"She's too old for you bro" Josh said

"She has a sister about your age" Alex told Joe *When I start playing matchmaker?*



"Ali! hurry were gonna be late!"

Ali came running down the stairs

"I'm so happy! I can't believe I'm gonna see Alex again!"

"Shut up and move"

"What got into you?"

"I'm gonna kill Alex that's what"

"Why" Ali asked knowing full well why but aking for the heck of it

Liz explained as they walked to her jeep

"Get in and hurry, I still have to pick up Tess, were gonna be late"

"Why's Tess coming?" Ali asked as Liz pulled out of the driveway.

"Because she wants to meet the band, she's obsessed" Liz said

"Oh" Ali said "Is there a pianist?"


"That explains it" Ali laughed


Thanxagain to everyone who left Fb! I love you all! And just in case you didn't understand Ali is Liz's sister and Joe is Josh's and Josh did come from Roswell. Oh and one more thing Ali is a tough girl, she's very sporty and all just so you get the picture. I'm not sure If I'm gonna make her come from a boarding school 'cuz of her attitude, still thinking about it, what do you think?

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Well Thanx a bunch for the feedback!! I love you all! And I've decided to post a new part today since I know have time *tongue*. Hope you like it ( and I hope it's not confusing!)

Part 3

As Liz found a parking sapce, Ali and Tess were talking about the band.

"I think the pianist is hot!" Tess said

"He's Ok"

"Do you like anybody!?!" Tess asked

"I think the singer is hot" Liz butted in

Tess and Ali were shocked

"Really?" Ali said

"Yes" Liz replied as they got out of the car and made their way to the entrance.


"Aaliyah Ariana Parker, don't say a word" Liuz warned her 15 year old sister

"I wonder if Alex remembered my birthday"

"I'm sure he did" Liz assured her sister, she knew Ali missed Alex. He was like the older brother they never had.

"So are you still planning on hurting Alex?" Ali asked

"Yes" She replied seriously

"That's funny!" Tess commented


"Your gonna hit someone"

"Fine then I'll make Ali do it"

"Don't bring me into this!"

"Well it makes more sense" Tess added

"Please just hug 'em and slap 'em, I'll say it was from me!" Liz begged "come on, you always hit people!"

"That's why we keep you around and call you a tom boy or miss. Ka- Ra- Te" Tess did a hand chop "Yah"

"Fine" Ali said" And I'm darn proud of it "


The group made their way down the long tunnel.

"So, when's this girl meeting us here?" Michael asked

"She should be here already" Alex said as they came out

"How old's her sister?" Joe asked

"She should be turning 16" Alex said "OH Shit!" He exclaimed

"What" they all said

"Her birthday is Friday" they all sighed, he had a tendancy of making things seem so much more worse than they are

*I wonder what she looks like* Joe thought


Ok I'm done and I might post another part tonight if I get a lot of Feedback

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Hey guys! Ok Well here's Part 4 I really hope you like it and leave some FB! Oh and Phoebe04 I like your icon and welcome to my story!

Part 4

"OMG! There they are!" Tess axclaimed

"Shhh!" Liz and Ali said together

They slowly made their way to them
Max stood there gapping at her, she was beautiful, even more than she was in the picture

"Alex!" Belle jumped on Alex but as she was pulling away Tess said "now" and she slapped him

"OW!" Alex said "what was that for?" he asked shocked, flexing his jaw, *damn it hurt, Belle's still got that arm*

"For leaving" Liz said "It was from me, I still can't believe you never called"

"Liz I'm sorry, but can we talk about this later?"Alex asked

"Fine but there's another one coming if you don't give me a good explanation"

"Not again?" Ali whined

"From me this time"Liz warned

Tess and Ali tried to suppress their smiles

"Ok, let me introduce you guys, guys this is Liz, Ali and.... ??"

"Tess, Tess Harding"

"My Best Friend" Liz added

"oh" Alex said sounding a little hurt, Ali gave him a sympathetic look "ok Well girls this is Michael, Max, Josh, Kyle and Joe"

Ali just there staring at the guy who's name was Joe apparently.He was so hot! he had rown spiked hair and brown eyes and was wearing a light blue tracksuit jacket and dark blue jeans she looked back up to his face to see him staring back at her, staring her down.

Joe stood there looking at her *Damn she's fine* Ali was wearing a white blue tight (but not too tight) Tee with dark blue on the short sleeves and it was written New York 60 with Light blue capri jeans with sparkles
all over them. Joe stood there gaping at her until he felt an elbow smash his side, he turned around to see Michael trying to control a fit of laughter but failing miserably.*Who cares I just gotta get the girl*

Max couldn't stop looking at her, she was wearing a light aqua halter top with black capri's.

Kyle was watching Tess who was looking down. She ws wearing a t-shirt written 'Attitude' on the front in green and dark green pants.

Josh looked at Liz *She looks amazing*
"Hey Liz" Josh said smiling at her

"Hey Josh" Liz said giving him a hug "How's it going?"

"Good, you?"

"Good" Liz said sneaking glances at Max the whole time thinking no one was watching her, but Ali noticed and smiled.

Max was boiling with jealousy inside, even though he knew they were only friends now. Just knowing that they dated before bugged him.


Hope you like this part!!

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Heyyyyyyy everyone my name is Trish and I'm posting up Part 5 for Belle because she's having problemes with her computer.I'm Belle's best friend!! I hope you enjoy the new part and I hope I dont make any mistakes!! Oh and she does not own any of the characters all though she wishes she did lol!!

~My Life~

Part 5

They all got over the introductions at the airport and were now squeezed in the jeep and the rent-a-crap-car as Alex put it. Liz was driving her jeep with Alex,Tess,Ali and Joe while Max was driving the rent-a-crap-car with Kyle,Josh and Michael.
As they got to The Crashdown they all took two booths, Liz sat next to Ali and Max across on one and Michael and Kyle next to each other with Josh on a chair at the end and Alex and Joe sitting next to each other behind Ali and Liz, while Tess went to work (she works at the Crashdown with Liz) her shift started in 10 mins

"So Liz..." Max said trying to find something to talk about "What do you do? I mean, do you work?"

"Ya actually, my parents own this restarant and I live right upstairs, they kinda force me to work here"

"Really?" Max said " What kind of music do you like?" *Nice, play it safe*

"Uh, any, I'm not really into a certain kind, Imean Kyle andAlex were always into diffrent beats and then there's my sister who's into everything, she wants to be a singer, always has, she's got a great voice, she even got a record deal but my mom said she had to finish school first, unlike Alex who just left" Liz said sadly "My mom and Ali aren't on good terms, but I understand where Ali's coming from"

"Oh," Max said "I understand, you feel like your caught in the middle don't you?"

He understands!

"You won't take both sides, because you love your mom but you don't want to be mad at your sister because she's all you have and you just want to take her side but you can't"

Liz's head shot up "Yeah"

He understands! He's incredible!

"I know" He said


Ali walked away from Max and Liz, she wasn't even listening to them, she was thinking about Joe, he was so adorable but there was a problem and she wasnn't ready to face it yet


Joe saw Ali get up and walked towards her as she sat on a stool and ordered a shake. He looked at her dark aurbur red hair shining in the light
*It looks so silky* He sat down next to her and she looked up and him surprised

"Hi" He said

"Hey" She smiled
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Ok here's Part 6 and I hope I get more Feedback with this part and Trish stop going into MY TD DreamerBehr.. stick to your own, your making me look like I'm insane, lol, I know I am but they don't have to know that*wink*
Ok onto the fic

Part 6

Max's cell phone rang and he excused himself and answered it

"Hello?...Hey Iz" Max said and Alex looked right at him * I knew I shouldn't have said her name*

Alex got out of his booth and sat next to Liz

"Talk about me" He said

"Yeah, ok, well um...hold on" Max said as he passed the phone to Alex "She asked for you" Alex's face brightened

"Hello?...Iz Hey! I wasn't sure who it was"

"Yeah right" Max chuckled earning him a glare from Alex. Liz sat there and laughed hysterically almost spitting her juice out of her mouth.

"Hold on there's too much noise" Alex glared at them and walked away, making them laugh even more, when they finally controlled themselves Liz asked "So, who was that?" *PLZZZZZZ NOT A GIRLFRIEND!*

"My sister Isabel"


"Oh are hey going out then? or does he have a huuuuge crush on her?"

"I think it goes both ways, but there both too naive to realize it" Max said as Alex made his way back to them

"Your sisters coming to Roswell day after tommorrow" Alex smiled

"What?!?!" Max choked on his coke

"Isabel and Maria are coming"

At the mention of Maria, Michael turned around

"When?" He asked

"Day after tommorrow"

"Nice" He said with a slick grin on his face

"So....Max" Liz continued "When did you realize you wanted to be a singer?"

A hot one too if I do say so myself,nice face,beautiful eyes, nice ass...

Liz came out of her trance and tried to pay attention to what he was saying

"I like all kinds of music like your sister, slow,fast,rock,pop, u name it...."

But was having a hard time because her eyes kept on drifting back to his lips

She finally came out of her trance at the last bit of his answer

"Ya, you have nice lips uh....I mean, yeah, right that's uh..good" Liz fumbled

OMG I can't believe I said that! What's wrong with me?

Liz smiled shyly and looked down and to the sides, anywhere but at him, blushing slightly. Then she saw Agnes come towards her.

"Hi Liz, you ready to order?"

"Yeah, uh, I'll have Will Smith burger and a strawberry shake"

As Liz made her small talk with Agnes, Max thought of ho her hair smelled like Strawberries and how silky it looked.

She definetely looks better in person, If that's possible. I just want to ru my hand through it,NO! Don't you think you made a fool ofyourself enough when you tried to do it before? "Yeah"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh uh, I just uh.....said that I was gonna order a vanilla shake"Maxthought quickly as Agnes walked away *Nice one, Idiot*

"That's my favorite flavour" Liz said softly

"Me too" Max smiled

Ok I'm sorry if there's any mistakes! I'm trying to write real fast here because my mom wants me off the computer. Hope you liked it ppl!!

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I'm really sorry it took soo long to post this part up but I lost this book and I found it in my locker at school *happy*. Now you know what I do in class*big*. Well I'm posting this up and I'm gonna try and find my next part of ~*Cry*~. or else I'll have to write it all over again

Here's Part 7, hope you like it

Part 7

Alex got off the phone and made his way back to the table and sat in front of Michael and Kyle.
Michael noticed the silly grin on his face and decided to have fun with the situation and watch him squirm a little.

"So....Alex, how's Isabel"

"Oh she's great, just great"

"So did you hear about Izzy's new boyfriend?"Michael said trying not to laugh
Alex's head shot up at the mention of Isabel having a new boyfriend

"What?!?!....When?!huh0?! WHAt?"

"Relax, relax man. I'm just messing with you" Michael laughed

"Kyle" Alex said to Kyle who was watching Tess run around taking people's order.

"Someone's got a crush" Josh chanted


Tess walks up to Ali

"Ali can you please cover me for a while I go to the bathroom, 2 mins"

"What? What do I do?I can't,I don't work here, I don't know the first thing about waitressing, all I know is that it's hectic and the customers are annoying and demanding and I want to beat the shit out of them for you guys"Ali said

"That's why you don't work here" Tess laughed"Ok all you do is write waht they want down and when the order rings up look at the book and bring it to table, you know where my section is right?"And with that Tess ran off

"Hey where's my order!" A customer yelled

"Oh shit!" Ali mumbled as she scrambled away not knowing what she was doing and praying to god Tess came back soon.

The bell rang and in walked four people, all guys. Ali looked up and saw them *Great! just what I needed*
Ali turned around and practically ran to the bathroom door. She banged on the door "Tess! Tess are you done yet??"

"I just got in! give me one more minute"

"Urg" Ali grumbled. She walked back to notice the guys were went to sit on one of Tess' table. She walked up to them and said "Welcome to the Crashdown can I take your order"

"You certainly can, Lili" one of them said

"Ryan I swear if you call me that one more time, I'll kill you"

"Ooooo" The others said

"You know she'll do it Ryan, since when do you work here" He asked her

"C'mon baby you know you love me"

"Yeah maybe if you weren't so damn conceited"

"Double Oooo"

"Shut up Daren" Ryan said

"I'll have a chocolate milkshake with an hottie on the side"

"Hang on I'll get that for you"

Ali walked to the milkshake machine which happened to be right in front of where Joe's seat was as Tess walked back

"Thank you so much Ali!"

"Could you go give this to table 8?" Ali said

"Hmmm"Tess looked at the table "So are you still together?"

"Yes, unfortunately"

"Why?" Tess asked "Say no more" Tess looked behind Ali a little and saw Joe staring at her
"I understand"


I really hope you liked it and I hope it's long enough *big*
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Hey Guys! I'm terribly sorry it took me soooooo long to post this new part! But I'm back! And I hope y'all are not mad at me. Hope ya like it!

Part 8

"So Liz there's a dance this friday, you going?" Tess asked, *say no*

"No, I have no one to go with" Liz said outloud, seeing where Tess was getting at

"Well I'm sure, if it's no trouble since he's in town, Max won't mind bringing you, right Max?"

"Ya sure" He said casually although he was doing summersaults inside. Ali made her way back to the table and sat down next to Max. Joe sat across in front of her and next to Liz.

"Max!" Alex called from his booth behind him

"Yeah" He said as he turned around

"We have a rehersal in 20 minutes and he have to go" Michael explained

"Do we even know where it is?" Josh asked

"No that's why we leave now" Kyle said

"Can we come?" Tess asked

"Yeah pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???" Ali said with turning her brown puppy eyes to Alex

"Oh Ali why you gotta go do that?" Alex whined

"So watcha say?"


"Hey Liz maybe you can do a duet?" Tess said

"I don't think so"

"Oh come on Liz!!" Ali backed Tess up, like usual

"Only if you sing too!!" Liz dared

After contemplating it a little she agreed. The group got up and were almost out the door when someone called Ali. Ali Tess, Liz and Jo turned aroundto see Ryan run up to them

"Where are you going?" He asked eyeing Jo



"What are you my keeper? a band rehersal"

"Kool can I come?"

"I don't think so, but you can ask Alex"

"Who's that?"

"Alex!" Ali called out

Alex turned aroud from his conversation with Kyle, Josh and Michael "Yeah"

"Ryan wanted to know if he can come to the rehersal with us" Ali explained begging him with her eyes not to allow him. Alex understood.

"Actually, no one else is allowed except the band"

"So whhy is he coming?" Ryan asked, sending Jo a death glare

"He's my brother" Josh said

"We gotta go Bye Ryan!" Ali said

"Wait! Are we going to the dance Friday night?"

"I don't know! I'm not sure if I can" Ali shouted back to him on her way out

"Why are you still with him?" Liz asked

"I'm asking myself the same thing"


Hope y'all liked it! I'll try posting a new part tommorrow! Before I leave for Italy, I'm going july 16.. Birthday present from my grandparents, you gotta love 'em!

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Ok Here's Part 9 guys hope you like it!

Part 9

(At the rehearsal 25 minutes later)

"What song are you gonna sing Liz?" Ali asked her sis

"I dunno, you?"

"No clue"

"Oh! Oh! I have an idea" Tess shouted

"What!" Liz and Ali shouted back together, looking at each other smiling,it was usual

"Why don't you sing that song from Jessica Simpson and Mark Anthony! What's it called?" Tess asked Ali who knew every song possible

"There you were" Ali said not even wasting time to think at all

"And who's gonna be my partner?" Liz asked

Just at that moment Max decided to walk up to them and take a seat next to Ali on the bench

"Hey" he said

"Hey Max!" Ali said, just then she got an idea "Max? You sing right?"

Liz and Tess looked at her funny "Well he does sing for a band Ali"

"Right whatever, Well would you mind singing a duet with Liz?"

Max's hope shot up high "yeah, sure What song?"

"Do you know the song with Jessica Simpson and Mark Anthony?"

"Yeah but I don't know the Lyrics right"

"No problemo,does anyone have a computer?"

"Yeah Joe has a laptop"


"Yeah, but he doesn't let anyone use it, Ever!"

"one sec" Ali said as she made her way to his laptop. Joe saw this and went over to her

"What are you doing?" He frowned

"Oh is it okay that I use your comp for a second?"

"Joe stood there for a few seconds, "Yeah for what?"

"I gotta get lyrics for a song"

"I'll do it for you"

"No it's okay, I can do it fast"Ali said as she typed everything in a hurry while looking at the screen *wow she's good, makes you wonder what else she's good at* Joe said stoping his train of thought when he started to imagine himself kissing her. Within a minute she was done and had the lyrics written on paper and went to hand the sheet to Max and Liz.

"ok hold on I'll go get the guys" Max said. Max told them the song and as they practiced he whispered the words to himself memorizing them.

After 10 minutes they were ready and Liz got onto the stage


Hope you like it!
Dreamer next, sort of. I promise I will post a lot of Dreamer parts soon but I'm trying to add the other ppl first, but don't worry their coming real soon. Oh and if I get enough FB,I will post part 10 today too!



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Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback! I hope you all like this new part! I'm gonna try to post the next part tomorrow or the day after because I still have to update ~*Cry*~ before I update my other one's . Anywayz enough of my blabber, on to Part 10

Part 10 (The Song)

Everyone fixed the benches so they were right in front of the stage (Tess , Ali, Joe and Michael since they didn't really need drums)

Hey Ohh

Max started to sing his voice filling the whole room

I was counting down minutes.
I was wishin' on the stars.
I was prayin' for a sign,
And tryin' to beat the odds.

Max saw Ali pick up a mic out of the corner of his eye and she walked up a bit but not near them, probably for back up.

I was dreamin' of you,
Love before I saw your face.
And there you were,
Waitin' for that day.
Then you, reached through the hurricane,
When you, baby you called my name.

You broke through the storm,
And you turned back the night.

Max and Liz sang the chorus together and when Max heard her voice he was shocked, it was an angel's voice, sweet and innocent, and he wondered why she wasn't a singer, she obviously had the talent and let's not forget the looks! But then he thought of all the guys that would want to maul her and wasn't too fond of the idea anymore.

Baby you are the fire,
Burnin' the midnight sky,
And your love,
Keeps taking me higher.
Just when all hope was gone,
Where the hero belongs...
There you were.

Must have broken into heaven,
Just to roll back the clouds.

Liz started to sing solo and the whole time she was amazed by the way he sang, with such emotion , it was as if the song meant so much to him, maybe just as much as they meant to her? But that wouldn't be possible what would a big singer that was climbing the charts want with a little town girl like her?

Were you on a mission.
Were tou seekin me out.
Was I that one in a million.
Was I that one sacred kiss,
That you couldn't chance,
You just couldn't miss.
Then you babe, you whispered through the silent tears,
When you
You swept away all my fears
Oh oh oh

You broke through the storm,
And you turned back the night.
Baby you are the fire,
Burnin' the midnight sky,
And your love,
Keeps taking me higher.
Just when all hope was gone,
Where the hero belongs...
There you were Babe

Standin' in the middle of nowhere,
With your arms wide open and you,
You were the reason when there was no reason
In my life
You're the reason in my life.

You broke through the storm,
And you turned back the night.
Baby you are the fire,
Burnin' the midnight sky,
And your love,
Keeps taking me higher.
Just when all hope was gone,
Where the hero belongs...
There you were.

You broke through the storm,
And you turned back the night.
Baby you are the fire,
Burnin' the midnight sky,
And your love,
Keeps taking me higher.
Just when all hope was gone,
Where the hero belongs...
There you were.

Ali started to sing and amazed the whole group just like Liz's voice did, Jo sat there and couldn't take his eyes of of his auburn haired beauty, she had an amazing voice.

Like the light in the eye of the storm,
Tellin' me not to cry anymore.
Where I watched my whole world fall apart,
Shinin' through like on angel from afar

Oh like an angel!

You broke through the storm,
And you turned back the night.
Baby you are the fire,
Burnin' the midnight sky,
And your love,
Keeps taking me higher.
Just when all hope zas gone,
Where the hero belongs...
There you were.

The song came to an end and everyone clapped.

"This song is good! And I can play some drums on it too come to think of it" Michael said

"They're good together" Jo said

"I wonder if we can put this on our cd"

"If it isn't copyrighted, you should be able to" Joe said

"That would be so good!" Tess said

"She has an amazing voice" Joe said

"Who?" Tess asked

"Ali" Tess smiled *This is good!*

"Yeah I know those girls should make a group called The Parkers!" Michael said "Hey that's not a bad idea!" haha Congrats to me!"

"Mike your such a bonehead" Joe commented

"I know" Michael laughed " But a nice bonehead!"

The rest of the group from on stage walked over to them "Man that was good!" Alex said

"You have great voices" Michael told them

As they started to make their way out Max passed by Liz "You have an amazing voice" He whispered in her ear. Liz blushed "Thank you"


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Part 11

After a few hours they all headed back to The Crashdown. It was now 9:00pm Liz had night shift but since there was only 3 people there she decided to serve them without changing and close early. Ali went to get her radio and put some music on, Michael noticed and called Ali knowing who it was. Somehow during the few hours that the guys knew the 15 year old she sort of grew on them, there must have been something about the way she acted, tough:she was protective of people she knew. That was her soft spot. And now she was their soft spot. Ali walked to the door and groaned

"what do you want?"

"What did I do?"

"Nothing your just annoying" She said irritadedly (I didn't spell that right, I know)

"Does this have something to do with the new guy?" He said shooting death glares at the back of Joe's head

"No this has to do with me, and you being so damn conceited and protective. I need to breath, your too brain dead for me anyways"

"You need to breath? Did you just call me fat?"

"No just brain dead" Ali smiled

"Oh" Ryan laughed. Ali shook her head and shut the door in his face, closing all the blinds so no one can look inside.


Ryan stood outside and frowned. What just happened?


Liz and Tess ran up to her. "What happened?" They said together and smiled. It was natural.

"I shut him out"

"You mean...?" Tess looked at Ali's smirk and they all laughed

"What a loser" Liz said

"Tell me about it, he was so stupid! I don't even think he saw it coming. He's probably just standing out there looking at the door wondering how it shut in his face and where I am" Ali laughed and walked back to the door and opened it. Naturally there he was.

"By the way, we-just-broke-up" She said closing the door and breathing a sigh of relief


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