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Title: Things Change
Author: Jenn
Email: tazgirl026⊕
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or it’s characters. They belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Mertz, and UPN!
Summary…Look it up on the repost board I forget what it is. Ok, kidding…well I do forget what it is but it’s something like this: Liz is from NY and her parents and she move to Roswell…where she meets everyone else. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens, and Maria and Alex have known for about a year. This is told from Liz’s POV.

Parts 1-12 are posted on the repost board so if you haven’t read this and are interested, or if you just want to refresh your memory you can find it there. Jenn *happy*

Part 13:

We made our way to the library and surprisingly Michael hasn’t begun complaining. Of course we’ve only been here for about a half hour but still. He’s reading up on war, and some strategies. Max is helping him since they will pretty much be planning our attacks together. Every once in a while they ask Alex for some ideas since he’s a pretty smart guy. Or at least that’s what Maria and Isabel keep telling me.
Us girls are looking up human abilities, such as telekinesis, mind reading, and aura reading. We’ve been looking in a lot of the New Age books, trying to figure out if any of this can help us, but so far we haven’t found anything useful.
“Liz, I think if we practice enough Alex and I can master some of these things. As a matter of fact I’m already spacey enough to probable pick up seeing aura’s and things like that. Mind reading might be a little harder but how knows. Although I think these books on reading minds are bogus,” Maria tells me.
“Yeah, I’m not to sure about them either. Although I guess it’s an alien trait because I can do it, but we’re not trying to figure out anything about me right now. So what do you think Alex might be able to do?” I ask.
“Well, I’d got with levitating things, and moving things with his mind, but that’s just me,” Isabel says.
“Yeah, I’d go with that too. I’m going to try that one, but you can never be sure if you can pick it up. I think it would come in handy though,” Maria adds.
“What would come in handy?” Alex asks coming over by us.
“Levitating and moving things with your mind,” I tell him.
“Oh yeah, I did that once. I don’t know how it happened but I was really angry at my parents and I went into my room to vent and I managed to throw the book from my bed to my closet without even touching it. I freaked myself out though. I kept getting flashbacks of Carrie,” he tells us.
“Well this is good, so if you read up on it maybe you can figure out how you did it and then control it so you can do it anytime you need to,” I say smiling.
This is great news. Alex has sort of done this before. It makes me feel much better about involving them in this whole mess. Well ok, we didn’t really involve them, they would have been so hurt if we hadn’t told them and I can totally understand that.
“I wonder if I read up on some psychic stuff if maybe I can try to tap into that,” Maria tells Isabel snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Hey, you never know but that could come in handy too. Then that way we could see a battle before it happens. Well maybe not see it exactly but we can know it’s coming, which would definitely be a good thing,” Isabel says.
I smile at them. They are really just so funny. I never would have guessed that they’d ever be friends, and I guess if Max had never healed Alex they wouldn’t be. It’s nice to see that our secret brought together so many great people. I just hope we can handle what’s coming our way.
We spend another hour and a half in the library before deciding to call it quits. There wasn’t anything else worth reading, and if by some chance there was we were too tired to try and find it. I’ll have to come back to the library on another day just to look up more war stuff. We really need some plans and contingencies if we are going to win this war and save our people.
My dad is sitting at the counter when we walk into the Crash. He smiles at us and waves me over. I walk over there wondering what he has to say.
“Lizzy sweetie,” he starts.
Oh this can’t be good; he only calls me sweetie when something bad has happened. “What’s up dad?” I ask.
“Well, Ava and Rath’s parents told them today. I’m afraid Ava sort of freaked out and ran away. Her parents are looking for her but they don’t know where she could have gone. Do you have any idea where she might be?” he tells me.
“Oh God! This is so not good. Did they check the subways? Penn station? Port Authority? JFK? LaGuardia? She could be on her way to anywhere. What about the NY public library, or FAO, we used to love to go into FAO when we were bored or upset?” I ask freaking out.
“Liz are you ok?” Maria’s worried voice reaches over to me.
“No, I’m not all right. My best friend Ava just ran away from home!” I cry.
Max is next to me in an instant holding me and trying to calm me down. “Liz it’ll be ok,” he says.
“How do you know?” I ask through tears.
“I don’t know but it always is,” he says trying to lift my spirits.
“You’re right I have to be strong. Ava will need for me to be strong this is good practice. I mean what kind of queen will I be if I can’t hold it together when this happens?” I say.
“That’s the spirit. I’m sure she’ll turn up somewhere,” Max says. “Are all your intelligence people looking for her?” he asks my dad.
“Not all of them but a lot of them are. Everyone who’s ever worked with her parents are out searching. I just needed to tell you Liz because Rath wants you to call him later so he can talk to you. He’s really upset about Ava disappearing,” my dad says.
“Ok, I’ll call him in about an hour. Knowing Rath he’s still out looking for her and he won’t be home yet. If he’s not home in an hour I’ll just call back or wait for him to call here,” I say.
I join my friends in the booth trying to keep myself together. “Liz, I’m sorry about Ava. I really was looking forward to meeting her,” Maria says to me.
“You’ll still get to meet her, she just needs for everything to settle in her brain first and she’ll go home. She’s too smart to run away,” I say trying to convince myself more them then.
“Maybe you should just go upstairs and try calling Rath right now,” Max says.
“Yeah, I’ll go do that. At least if I talk to him he can tell me if anything new has developed,” I say walking to the back. I stop at the door. “Max?”
“Yeah,” he replies.
“Can you come up with me and just keep me company just in case he’s not there?” I ask.
“Yeah, sure no prob,” he says. I see him hand his keys over to Isabel telling everyone something. They all nod their heads and he walks towards me. He takes my hand and we make our way up to my room. I’ve just got to talk to Rath; once I do I’ll have a better perspective on this whole thing.


I know it's short, but it's something...I'm sorry it's been so long...but school has been keeping me very busy lately! Please leave me some feedback and let me know what you think! Jenn *smile*

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Part 14:

Max and I walk upstairs and proceed into my room. I’m still in a daze. I can’t believe Ava ran away. What the hell was she thinking? Well I guess she wasn’t thinking and I guess I can’t blame her for freaking out, I mean she just learned her best friend in the whole world is an alien Queen. I mean look how I took it and it was about me.
I pace around my room I can’t help it. I know I should be calling Rath, but I’m afraid that he’s going to have bad news. Like Ava was found murdered or something and that would just kill me. I would totally blame myself for that, I mean it was because of who I am that she ran away after all.
“Liz, you’re not going to find anything out if you don’t call,” Max says to me. I know he’s right but I just can’t find the strength to pick up the phone.
“I know, but I’m afraid of what he might say,” I confess.
“I understand that. But you can’t blame yourself Liz,” he says. I look at him. “Don’t even try to deny it I can tell that’s what you are doing,” he says to me. Damn him, how did he get to know me so well?
“I can’t help it Max. She took off because she found out her best friend in the whole world is an alien. I feel responsible,” I tell him.
I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I do and I can’t help it. There is nothing that will change that fact until I hear that Ava is safe and sound, and not dead in some ally someplace.
I walk over to the phone and place my hand on the receiver. I know I have to call I can’t keep putting it off. I pick up the phone and dial the all too familiar number. I just can’t believe that Ava won’t be picking up the phone this time.
“Hello?” Rath answers. Thank God he’s home.
“Rath? It’s Liz. Has there been any word?” I ask.
“Lizzy! No nothing yet. I’m getting really worried. I mean we checked everywhere. I went to FAO because I know you two nuts always went there, we checked Central Park, Washing Square Park, Port Authority, Penn Station, all the subways, and all the airports. We can’t find her anywhere. This is so not like her and it’s scaring me,” he says.
“I know she’ll show up soon. She is too smart to stay away, besides she’d miss you,” I tell him. “I’ll call back tomorrow to see if anything changes. Please call me if you hear from her, or if she comes home. I don’t care what time it is,” I tell him.
“I will Liz. I love you and I miss you so much. I can’t believe you’re an alien. We’ll definitely talk about that later,” he tells me.
“I love you too. And I miss you so much you have no idea,” I tell him. I saw Max’s eyes darken with jealousy when I told Rath that I loved him. It’s kind of sweet that Max is getting jealous of Rath, but I will definitely assure Max that my love for Rath is only like a love for a brother.
I hang up the phone and climb onto Max’s lap. I need to feel his love all around me. He wraps his arms around me and I feel safe. “I love you,” I murmur.
“I love you too,” he says. I kiss his cheek. He really is too good to me.
“Max? What if something happened to Ava. What if our enemies got her?” I ask him.
“Then we’ll get her back. I promise you Liz, I will not let anything happen to her,” he tells me.
I believe him. I know that if he has any power over the situation he will make sure nothing will happen to her. “I know, I’m just so afraid for her,” I confess.
“I know you are, and you should be. You’re her best friend,” he says.
The phone ringing interrupted us. I jump up and look into his eyes. There is hope in mine I can tell and I don’t even have to see it. This is mad soon, I mean I just got off the phone with Rath, but if this is him I’ll be the happiest woman alive. Well, as long as there’s good news about Ava I will be the happiest woman alive.
“Hello?” I say answering the phone.
“Liz?” Ava says.
“AVA! Where the hell are you!” I yell.
“I’m at the airport. Can you come and pick me up please?” she asks.
“What! Yeah hold on I’ll be there in about an hour or so,” I say hanging up the phone. “Max! She’s at the airport,” I exclaim.
“Oh please let everyone be downstairs still so Bob is still here,” Max says.
“Bob?” I question.
“Yeah, my jeep. His name is Bob,” he says.
“Oh I see,” I reply. I didn’t realize Max named his jeep.
We run downstairs and everyone is still sitting at he table. We both breathe a sigh of relief. Max runs over to the table to get the keys back from Izzy while I run to my father.
“Ava’s here. She got on a plane and came. Please call her family and let them know she’s here. Max and I are going to go pick her up,” I tell my dad.
“Ok, I’ll call them right now. You two be careful and bring her home safely. Don’t be too hard on her she’s had a huge shock today,” my dad says.
“I won’t. I’m too relieved that she’s ok. Tomorrow is when I’ll decide to flip out,” I say smiling slightly.
Max and I jump into Bob and head towards the airport. I have no idea what gate she’s at since I forgot to ask but we’ll find her. I was just too shocked that she was in New Mexico. Her parents are going to flip a major wig, never mind Rath. He’s going to rip her a new one when he gets a hold of her.
An hour later we are pulling into the airport. Thank God. I feel so bad that Ava had to wait so long outside this place but there was no way to get here any faster. Max and I park the jeep and jump out. We run to the entrance and look around. We walk al along the outside looking for her. She is standing outside the American Airlines terminal and I see her as soon as the terminal comes into sight.
“AVA!” I yell getting her attention.
“LIZZY!” she exclaims. I can tell she’s happy to see me, which makes me very happy. I know she’s probably freaked out but the fact that she is still excited to see me is very good indeed. It means that she’s not too weirded out.
“Come on, let’s get you back to Roswell. You gave everyone a really big scare there missy. I thought that Rath was going to have a heart attack or something,” I say.
“Liz, you promised you wouldn’t give her a hard time,” Max says to me. He’s right I did and I will stop badgering her with questions, and I will definitely stop making her feel guilty.
“You’re right, I’m sorry Ava,” I say. “Oh by the way this is Max. Max this is my best friend Ava,” I say introducing them.
“It’s a pleasure,” Max says nodding his head since he’s carrying her luggage. I see that she had time to pack some things which means that she didn’t run away as soon as she found out. She waited long enough to pack some stuff.
We get to the jeep and Max puts her stuff in the very back before getting in. Ava remains quite all the way back to the Crashdown. Everyone is still there when we arrive and my dad pulls Ava into a hug the moment she walks though the door.
“You need to call your parents. They are really worried and they just need to hear your voice. Rath on the other hand is probably going to yell at you so pray he doesn’t answer the phone,” my dad says.
Ava nods her head and I take her to the phone. I walk back out to the restaurant to give her some privacy and join the others at the booth. We sit in silence waiting for Ava to finish her phone call. I want to introduce everyone before I take her upstairs to rest.


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I guess no one is interested in this fic anymore. I've waited too long to update and I've lost all of you. *sad* This makes me very sad.

Please read. And leave me feedback so I konw that you've read.

Jenn *tongue*
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Part 15:

I watch as Ava walks back into the restaurant. She looks like she’s going to be sick and I can see her hands shaking. From the expression on her face I can almost guess that Rath answered the phone.
Of course I jump out of my seat rushing over to her. I can hear the silence fall over my new group of friends and I can tell from that silence they are just as concerned for Ava as I am.
“Ava, sweetie. Are you all right?” I ask her hoping against hope that she is.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Rath answered the phone and yelled. I was expecting that. My dad yelled at him for upsetting me. I started crying and apologized for worrying everyone, but I had to come and see you. I mean this is too unreal. I didn’t believe it. I had to come and see for myself,” Ava says looking into my eyes with tears glistening hers.
I feel really bad for her. I mean this is definitely some hard stuff to try and cope with. Hell, I freaked out and I am an alien, I can’t even begin to imagine how it is for a human to come to terms with it. I know Alex and Maria can probably help her cope, but they weren’t best friends with their aliens when they found out they were aliens, so this is slightly different.
“Well, we can talk about it in a couple of minutes I promise. I just want to introduce you to everyone before we go upstairs. These are my new friends. You’ve already met Max. Next to Max is his twin sister Isabel and seated next to her is her boyfriend Alex. On this side of the table we’ve got Michael and his girlfriend Maria. Guys, this is Ava, my best friend from New York. Although after this mess I’m not sure she’ll be my best friend but I’m hoping,” I say.
“Lizzy! I can’t believe you just said that! Of course I’m still your best friend! I’m just shocked that’s all. Oh by the way. Rath is coming out tomorrow. He wants to make sure I’m ok, and he says that the three of us have LOTS to talk about,” Ava says shaking.
I involuntarily shake too. When Rath wants to talk you know it’s going to be serious and probably pretty bad too.
“Liz? Are you ok?” Max asks me bringing me out of my haze.
“Yeah, it’s just…well Rath…you see he’s…well, how can I explain this. He’s like my brother, and he gets very protective and well, this conversation isn’t going to be pretty,” I explain.
“Do you want me to be here when you talk to him?” Max asks concerned.
I smile at him. He’s trying to protect me and I love that! He is just too sweet. “No, that’s ok. I think Ava and I can handle him, but I’d love for you all to meet him so I’ll call you when he gets here and we’ll plan on meeting later that day,” I say.
“That’s fine with me,” Maria says. “Besides I’d love to get to know Ava better too. I mean you’re a cool person Liz, so I’m sure Ava is just as cool.”
“Thanks! I’d love to get to know all of you too. I mean anyone that Liz considers a friend is a friend of mine too,” Ava says with a smile.
I’m really happy that everyone is going to give Ava a chance. This is just great! It really does mean a lot to me that they are trying to make Ava feel welcome. I mean she means so much to me, well they all do and if they didn’t get along I’d be really upset.
I look up and notice Max looking at me. He must think I’ve gone totally batty, but that’s ok. I’m just excited that Ava’s here. I mean don’t get me wrong the fact that she took off after finding out what I really am it’s a good thing, but she’s here! I’ve missed her so much and I’m really happy to see her, and Rath is coming! I miss him so much too!
“Ok, well I think we should all probably go. Ava needs to rest; she’s had a tough day. I’ll stop by tonight,” Max says getting up.
The others follow and say their good-byes. Max waits for the rest of them to begin walking towards the door before he walks up to me.
“I promise, I’ll be by later. You know just to check up on you. Make sure Ava rests, you know force her to take a nap or something,” he say smiling.
Ava makes a grunt type noise at his suggestion causing both Max and I to laugh. “I’ll see what I can do,” I whisper. “I’ll see you later on tonight. You better go Isabel is getting impatient.”
“Let her wait. I don’t care,” he says leaning closer to me. He’s going to kiss me again I know it. As our faces move closer to one another the rest of the world fades away. How does he do this? Whenever he goes to kiss me it’s as if there is no one else around, it’s jut the two of us in the world. I love that!
His lips lightly brush against mine and I sigh into his mouth. He deepens the kiss quickly tasting my mouth. I open my mouth a little wider giving him complete access and wrap my arms around his neck. I hear Ava sigh in the background clearing the fog in my head.
I pull away from Max blushing. He smiles at me and caresses my cheek with his thumb. “I love you,” he says.
“I love you too! I’ll see you later,” I reply.
“Bye Ava, it was nice meeting you,” Max says walking away.
“Oh the pleasure was all mine trust me,” she says laughing.
Max and I are both blushing now. I watch as he jumps in the jeep and drives away. I pick up Ava’s bags and we walk upstairs. I’m so going to get her back for that comment, trust me!
We walk to my room and I drop her stuff. She sighs and falls on my bed. “You really should try to take a nap. You’ve had a very emotional day and you could so use the rest,” I tell her.
“I know, but there is so much stuff going through my brain right now I don’t know if I’ll be able to rest,” she says.
“Try. I’ll go make some hot chocolate for us though and if you’re still awake when I come back we’ll drink it and talk,” I tell her walking to the door.
“Ok. I’ll see you in a bit,” she says snuggling into my covers. I know she’ll be out in a few minutes. She really does need this.
I walk to the kitchen after leaving my room and pick up the phone. I just want to get Rath’s flight details so I know when he’s coming. That way my dad, Ava, and I can go pick him up and he won’t have to wait like Ava did.
“Hello?” Rath answers.
“Hey Rath. What time are you flying in tomorrow?” I ask him getting right down to business. While I’m asking him I start the water for the hot chocolate.
“I’ll be landing at noon. We’ve really got to talk,” he says in his no nonsense tone. I involuntarily gulp.
“I know. There is a lot to tell you, most of which I just learned so please don’t be angry with me,” I say close to tears.
“Lizzy, I’m not angry with you. I’m surprised. My dad told me that you had no idea you were an alien, so that explains why you never told Ava and I. I am upset that my parents never told us that they were working or your people though,” Rath tells me.
“I totally understand that. It was really strange for me too because I learned that the people I thought were my parents weren’t really my parents. They are my protectors, well all of our protectors. We’ve found the other Royals,” I say. “But, we’ll discuss that tomorrow. I just wanted your flight information so we’d be there when you got off the plane. So what’s the flight number and stuff?” I ask.
“Oh yeah! Duh. Well, my flight is 1757 on Continental and I’m arriving at gate 36,” he says.
“Perfect. I’ve got it all written down. Ok, I’m going to go. I made hot chocolate for Ava and I. Oh, we’re going to go out to dinner with the others tomorrow. After we talk of course. They all want to meet you,” I say.
“Uh, I guess so. I mean if you trust them, I guess I do too,” he says not too comfortably.
“Rath, Max is my husband, well he was my husband, and the others are his family so they are trustworthy,” I say.
“Well, all righty then,” he says laughing.
“I love you. I’ll talk to you later,” I say hanging up the phone after he says good-bye.
I grab the coco and head back to my room. As I open the door I see Ava snuggled in my bed fast asleep. I smile and start to turn around when a knocking at my window stops me. I turn towards it and see Max standing out there. A smile appears on my face and I rush over to the window. After placing the hot coco on my dresser I open the damned thing up and jump out.
I launch myself into his arms the minute I’m out the window and he catches me laughing. I just need to feel his strength and love. I’ve been though so much emotionally lately that I need this stability.
“Hmm…what’s this for?” he asks.
“Nothing. I just need to feel you. You’re my rock you know that right. You are one stable thing in my life, you’ve always been. Even when I didn’t know you I always knew you were out there and it helped keep me grounded,” I tell him.
“I know what you mean. I’ve felt the same way. All though my life I knew you were out there somewhere waiting for me. I think that’s why I never dated. I mean I felt like if I dated I was betraying you,” he says to me.
“I know I felt the same way. You are my first boyfriend,” I confess.
“Well, you’re my first girlfriend so that makes us even,” he says laughing. He sits in the lounge chair on my balcony pulling me into his lap. I snuggle into his chest and he wraps his arms around me sending me comforting vibes and I close my eyes breathing in his scent. He smells so good; I can’t get enough of it. He kisses my forehead and our breathing evens out matching the others. My eyes start to get heavy and I fall asleep with a small smile on my face and the love of my life in my arms.


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AN: Hey guys! I know it’s been a LLLOOONNNGGG time coming but here is the next part to this fic! I hope you all enjoy it. Once again I have to blame real life for intruding upon my fic writing time! LOL

Part 16:

Movement from my room slowly starts to penetrate my foggy mind. I can’t seem to remember where I am or anything. I take a deep breath and Max’s scent fills my head. Why am I smelling Max?
I open my eyes and take in my surroundings. I’m on my balcony. Why the hell am I sleeping on my balcony? Looking down I notice that I had a human pillow. Max is still sleeping underneath me and I smile at him even though he can’t see me. I totally forgot that we fell asleep while snuggling on the chair out here. It’s a good thing it’s not too cold out or else we would have frozen out butts off.
“Lizzie where are you?” I hear Ava calling from my room.
“I’m outside on the balcony,” I try to whisper. I have to make sure she can hear me but I don’t want to disturb Max.
Ava peeks her head out the window and gasps at my laying on Max’s chest. “He came over after you fell asleep and we started talking. I just needed to feel his strength and warmth so we snuggled and ended up falling asleep,” I explained. “What time is it?”
“It’s about two thirty in the morning,” she tells me. Shit I can’t believe its that late. I’ve got to wake Max up so he can go home before his parents notice him missing.
I am reluctant to wake him up. He looks so peaceful sleeping there but I know that I have to, and I’ve got to get back to bed as well. We have to pick Rath up tomorrow and we’ll have to leave really early so we make it there on time. I left a note for my dad telling him what time the flight lands and everything so I know he’ll be in here in a few hours to wake Ava and I up.
I sit up slowly so as not to startle Max. He deserves a few more moments of peace before I rudely wake him from his dreams and force him back to this harsh reality of a world.
“Max,” I say softly. “Max, you’ve got to wake up now.”
“Mmm,” he mumbles wrapping his arms around my waist. I smile at the gesture but I know he’s got to get up so I shake him this time. “Max! Get up,” I exclaim quietly not wanting to wake my parents up.
“Huh? What’s going on?” he asked groggily.
“Max, we fell asleep on the lounge chair and it’s two thirty in the morning. You’ve got to hurry up and get home before your parents realize that you are gone,” I tell him.
“It’s really that late? Or early however you want to look at it?” he asked still half asleep.
“Yes, now please hurry. I don’t want you to get in trouble because if you get grounded I’ll be really pissed off. That will mean that I won’t be able to see you for a while and we can’t have that especially when we’ve got to train for and plan a war!” I exclaim.
“All right, all right. I’m going keep your shirt on. Or not,” he laughed wiggling his eyebrows.
“Ugh,” I groan slapping his shoulder lightly. “Men are such pigs.”
“Yeah but you love me,” he whispered kissing my lips softly.
I melted into his embrace and deepened the kiss quickly. I needed that quick burst of passion. “I know I love you very much. Now, get your cute alien butt back to your house.”
“I love you too. I’m going, I’m going,” he said smiling. “So you think I’ve got a cute butt?”
“Max Evans!” I called out as he ran down the ally. He stopped at the end and turned towards me. I blew him a kiss and replied, “Of course I think you’ve got a cute butt!”
I could hear him laughing as he jumped into the jeep. I waited until I couldn’t hear his car anymore before walking into my room. Ava just looked at me smiling her “tell me all the details” smile. I swear she and Maria could be sisters. They have the same coded smiles.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow I promise. We really need to go to bed. My dad will be in here to wake us up bright and early,” I tell her.
“Oh no! You’re gonna dish all the dirt on lover boy and you’re gonna dish it now,” she says.
I sigh realizing that there’s no winning this battle so I grab my pj’s and run into the bathroom. I might as well get comfortable and besides the button of my jeans was digging into my stomach. As comfortable as Max is as a pillow next time I decide to fall asleep on him I better change my clothes first.
I walk out of my bathroom and Ava is sitting against the headboard patting the spot next to her. Damn, I thought maybe she’d decided to fall back to sleep, I guess my luck is not with me today. I sit next to her and get comfortable, take a deep breath, and proceed to tell her all about how I met Max.
Ava starts to laugh hysterically when I tell her I tripped over a little boy in the restaurant and I shoot her a sour look. I mean it really wasn’t that funny, but hey, who am I to complain? I mean thanks to that kid I got to meet my future husband and the rest of my family. Not too shabby.
I told her that the rest would have to be explained when Rath joined us because it goes into the whole ‘How I’m an alien’ thing and I don’t want to have to explain it twice. She reluctantly agrees and we both lay down to go to sleep. I shut off the light and the minute my head hits the pillow I’m out.

~*~*~Next Morning~*~*~

“Come on girls get up!” my dad yells into the room. Curse his morning personality to hell and back again. I’m so not in the mood for his cheeriness this morning. I mean how can one man be that happy all the friggin time? It’s just not possible, but then again he’s a full-blooded alien. Maybe aliens are always happy! Nope because if they were then there wouldn’t have been a war on my planet causing myself and the others to have to come to Earth.
“All right we’re up!” I ground out. “Please take your cheery attitude out of my room until I’m fully awake. I can’t take too much sunshine at the moment.”
My dad is laughing as he leaves my room making me grumble more. I hear Ava mumbling something about it should be against the law to be that happy this early in the morning and I totally agree with her.
I shower quickly and grab some towels for Ava so she can jump in next. I ask her what she wants for breakfast and I run to the kitchen to get it while she’s getting ready. We only have a limited amount of time to get ready in so we’re definitely making the best of it. Hell, I think this is the fastest we’ve gotten ready in our lives.
We run out to the car and hop in. I can’t believe Rath is coming here, how awesome is that. I hope he gets along with all my new friends. I mean so help me God if he goes into that Big Brother protector mode I’m going to blast him myself!
I so don’t need a big brother I’ve got enough people protecting me, I mean there’s Max who would do anything to keep me safe. Of course he’s never actually said that but it’s something I can feel. Then there’s Michael who I know would die for me, and well, that’s a sweet gesture. He’s a great guy. Now Alex, well he may not be an alien but I know he’d do his best to protect me. So I really don’t need Rath pretending he’s my big brother, although it’s nice to know that he worries so much about me. It makes me feel loved and almost like a part of a real family.
Before I realize it we’re at the airport and Ava and I get out to look for Rath. His flight should be landing any minute now so we go to the baggage claim to meet him. We don’t have to wait more then ten minutes before I see his head coming down the escalator.
“Here comes your brother,” I whisper to Ava jerking my head towards the escalators.
Ava groans. “Man, I hope he doesn’t make a big scene here in the air port because that would suck major ass!”
“Yeah I know,” I reply silently hoping the same thing. We so don’t need him making a HUGE fuss right now. I mean we just want to get his shit and get going. He can throw the fit once we get in the car.
“AVA!” he yells rushing over and enveloping her in a hug. “God you had me so worried,” he says much quieter.
“I know and I’m sorry. I just had to clear my head and see Lizzie so I would know the truth,” Ava explains to him.
He turns to me and gives me a hug too. “Man I know now’s not the place but I so want and need to know everything,” he whispers into my hair.
“I know you do and I promise to tell you everything as soon as we get your shit,” I tell him.
“All right,” he replies walking to the belt thing that the bags come out on. I hope his stuff comes out quickly because I’m already missing Max more then I can stand. How pathetic am I? I’ve been away from Max for less then 12 hours and I’m already missing him.
Rath grabs his bags and we head to the car. His stuff was the first to come out of the compartment so that was good. Thank God for small favors.
We jump into the car and Rath and my dad say hello to one another before we start on the LONG journey back to Roswell. It’s strange for me to think that I’ve only been in Roswell a short amount of time but it feels more like home then New York did, and I’ve lived there for years.
“Ok, so now that we are alone and on the road where no one else can hear us,” Rath says. “WHY DIDN’T MY PARENTS TELL US THEY WERE WORKING FOR ALIENS!!!”


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