Title: Question Everything
Author: Phoenix
Category: M/L
Rating: PG for now....
Disclaimer: I own nothing, got it? Nada. the song belongs to 8stop7 and all the characters to upn and the producer people. I jsut write the story.
Summary: Takes place right after Departure. Max and Liz are on a roadtrip... you'll get the rest later.
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Note: anything in italics is a flashback!
Question Everything

My eyes opened groggily and I groped around in the darkness for the phone. The illuminated red numbers on my alarm clock said 1:30 and I groaned as I picked up the phone.
“Hello?” I asked, trying to get rid of the sickening sleep taste that clung to my mouth.
“Hey- it’s me,” Max’s smooth voice glided through the phone cord.
“What’s up?” I asked, flipping on the lamp and falling back onto my pillow.
“Go on a road trip with me.”

Those seven words altered my entire summer and eventually- my life.

part one
The fact that my parents even said yes ceases to amaze me. My parents, the most conservative people in the entire world told me I’d have fun. If they only knew. It was so out of the blue; so completely unlike them not to want to know where I would be- who would be driving. I guess the fact that my Mother’s Mother paid for a two-month trip for them to go around the world.

So here I was, throwing my duffel bag into the back of the jeep and making sure the place was locked up. We had everything we could possibly need; food for days, clothes, blankets, pillows, more CD’s than we could listen to in a year and our summer reading books- of course. I sat in the passenger seat and looked around to find Max coming out of the Crashdown with two cups in his hands. He jumped into the drivers seat, flashing an excited grin at me as put the cups in their holders.
“Ready?” he asked and I nodded. He thrust the keys into the ignition and turned around, backing out of the parking spot and putting the car into drive. I was eerily reminded of the time Nasedo had kidnapped me, but I easily pushed the thought away. This was Max, my Max. The town quickly disappeared and we were consumed by the desert as we made out way to our first destination.

As Roswell became a minuscule on the horizon, any thoughts of aliens were left behind. We were two free spirited teenagers from New Mexico, armed with junk food and a car full of gasoline with nothing dimming our hopes but the hot sun. Flipping on the radio, I popped in a CD I knew we both liked and cranked up the volume. It felt nice not worry about who was in the car beside me, who would talk about me behind my back as soon as I pulled away.
“What’s our first destination Mr. Evans?” I asked, my back to the door as I curled up against the soft top Max had put on to protect us from the heat.
“Your decision. I was thinking Phoenix?” he asked, his eyes staying on the road. I nodded, locating Phoenix on the Southwestern USA map.
“Phoenix works for me.” After mapping out how we would get there, I looked through the book Maria and Isabel had given me as a going away present. It had almost every major town or city in the country in it and stuff to do while you’re there. Throwing the book to the floor, I looked out on the vast desert that surrounded us and my mind wandered to the pact Max and I had made when he called me that night.

“Should I be worried you have an ulterior motive?” I asked after he asked me to come.
“I’m using you to meet up with a fifty year old woman I met out a bar,” he said teasingly. I rolled my eyes and laughed, wishing he was here with me.
“I knew it.”
“Seriously Liz. I want to spend time with you- just the two of us. No alien crap, no Roswell, just us being normal teenagers for once and letting loose a little.”

Us? Normal teenagers? The two words just didn’t mix. But here we are- being normal people. I felt my hands being pulled into his and I turned towards him, resting my head on my hand, propped up on the window, smiling at him sweetly. He pulled out intertwined hands to his lips, softly kissing the back of my hand. The radio playing in the background came onto a good song and I turned it up, knowing we would both like it. Our eyes locked and he pulled over, not wanting to crash the car on the second hour of our trip and I rested my head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of his gentle fingers running through my hair. He kissed he top of my head, and we both stopped for a moment, forgetting about places we were going, who we would meet, what we would do. And we just inhaled the sweet desert air, enjoying the sound of the music and each other’s breathing.

Dear Journal,
I’ve learned to question everything; everyone’s motives, the truths I always took for granted, the very existence of others, and even myself. But being on the open road with the one person I’ve ever loved makes me want to believe in everything around me. I want to believe in fate, in magic, in God, in the spirit that mysteriously floats through the air. I’ve forgotten about all the troubles at home, all the complications of life and the things expected of me. Here I’m free. With him I’m free.


Should I continue?

**God Bless America**

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