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Summary: Liz and Max aren’t exactly friends. Involves all.

Liz was lost. She had no idea where she was. Well she knew she was at Maria’s but her head was fuzzy from drinking and she had stumbled into the hallway, at least she thought it was the hallway.
Holding onto the wall she slowly walked along the passage way, trying to find the bathroom.
Maria’s party had gotten out of control.
There was about three hundred people crammed into her house and her back yard. Liz knew about half of them from school - the other half she had no idea who they were.
Maria didn’t care much, her mom was cool like that.
Liz tripped over a guys feet as she walked down the hall and landed on her knees.
“Watch what you’re doing,” The guy muttered at her.
Liz looked up at him.
“Alex?” Liz mumbled recognising the face.
“Liz?” Alex bent down and grabbed her hands.
He pulled her up to her feet.
“Alex!” Liz said happily and hugged him hard.
“Woah Ok Liz,” Alex laughed “You Ok?”
“I’m fine Alex, I’m great” Liz said happily “Are you Ok?”
“Yeah I’m great Liz, have you been drinking?” Alex said with raised eyebrows.
Liz pulled a shocked expression.
“Who me? Never,” Liz pretended to be outraged.
“Actually yeah a little,” She admitted smiling.
“A little?” Alex still had his eyebrows raised.
“A lot,” Liz nodded her head sighing.
“Me and Maria we’ve been drinking for a while now,” Liz continued.
“I can see that,” Alex replied.
“So I’m looking for the bathroom,” Liz swung her head around to look down the hall.
There were about twenty people crammed into the hallway talking.
“Uh it’s down that way Liz,” Alex said pointing towards the end of the hall.
“Righto!” Liz set off stumbling, but managing not to fall over.
“I’ll seeya Liz,” Alex yelled after her.
Liz raised her arm and waved at him.
“We’re going on a bathroom hunt…a bathroom hunt…” Liz sang loudly to herself.
Liz finally managed to get to the end of the hallway. She recognised the bathroom door and banged on it loudly.
No reply.
Liz opened the door and went in.
Finishing with the bathroom she looked into the basin mirror.
“Ugh,” Liz muttered at her reflection.
She looked tired, her eyes were a little red and her was messy.
She ran her fingers through her hair to tidy it a little.
“That’s a little better,” She said to herself.
Looking down at her clothes, she pulled at her dark-red tube top. And she twisted her midnight-blue skirt around so it was straight again, and the split ran straight up the middle between her legs.
Tossing her hair over her shoulders she threw open the door and walked out.
‘I need some lip gloss,’ She thought feeling her dry lips ‘Maria’s room.’
She walked over to Maria’s door and opened it, thinking no one would be in there.
Slowly she walked over to Maria’s dresser and grabbed a strawberry lip gloss stick and proceeded to put it on her lips.
‘That’s better,’ Liz thought looking in Maria’s mirror.
Suddenly something caught her attention.
Liz could see in the mirror, blonde hair.
Curly blonde hair.
The back of someone’s head.
Liz turned slowly and looked over towards Maria’s bed. There was someone behind the bed.
Liz slowly walked nearer the bed.
The blonde head turned and Liz saw blue eyes.
Tess Harding.
“Liz stay there,” Tess stated.
“Huh?” Liz kept walking.
“Liz please I’m not decent,” Tess hissed.
“Are you Ok?” Liz asked slowly.
Tess smirked at her.
“Oh I’m fine,” Tess replied.
Tess sat up a little and Liz noticed she only had her bra on.
“Oh I’m sorry, I should go,” Liz muttered embarrassed and turned away.
“It’s Ok,” Tess smirked at her.
Someone stood up from behind the bed.
“No you should go,” a deep voice said and Liz turned towards the bed again.
A half-naked Max.
“I’m…I’m sorry,” Liz couldn’t help but stare at his chest.
“Yeah whatever, could you leave now,” Max demanded angrily.
Liz nodded her head and left quickly.
She heard Max laugh as she left the room. Most likely at her.
She closed the door behind her.
Slowly she sank to the ground.
‘Max was with her? He was having sex with her?’
Liz felt like crying.
‘God what is wrong with me? I hate Max Evans!’
Liz felt stupid, she knew he was going to embarrass her about this at school.
God, like he didn’t hassle her enough already.
Slowly she got up and walked off along the passage way, suddenly completely sober.

What do you think? Should I continue with this or not? I’m not fully sure of where this is headed, but I’ll continue if anyone is interested.

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Part Two

Liz had walked out into the kitchen, hoping to find Maria.
No sign of her.
Liz sighed and rested against the kitchen bench.
“Yo Lizzie girl!” A voice yelled behind her.
Liz turned slowly and was engulfed in a hug.
“Kyle,” Liz mumbled.
“Lizzie my girl, hows it going?” Kyle asked with his arm around her shoulders.
“Great Kyle, just great,” Liz muttered.
Kyle was definitely drunk.
“Good, that’s good Lizzie,” Kyle said pinching her cheek.
“Ow, Kyle!” Liz yelled.
“Oh sorry Liz, was that a little hard,” Kyle mocked laughing.
“No Kyle, not at all I’ll just have a bruise there for a week most likely,” Liz muttered.
“Oh so it wasn’t hard enough ?” Kyle asked smiling at her.
Liz ignored him.
“So great party huh?” Kyle said into her ear.
“Yeah great,” Liz replied not really wanting Kyle’s arm around her.
“You havin fun little Lizzie?” Kyle asked.
“Oh yeah Kyle, can’t you see I’m havin the time of my life,” Liz said loudly pretending to be drunk like she was earlier.
“That’s my girl,” Kyle said so drunk he didn’t pick up on her sarcasm.
Liz looked around the room and finally there she was.
“Maria?” Liz yelled across the room.
Maria spun around.
“Liz? Chica where have you been?” Maria demanded walking across to Liz.
Maria spied Kyle’s arm around her and laughed.
“Aah, been held under arrest by the sheriff’s son have we?” Maria joked.
“Yes Maria she has, and you cannot take her,” Kyle said loudly.
“Righto Kyle,” Maria laughed.
Liz threw Kyle’s arm off her and grabbed Maria’s arm.
“I’m just gonna talk to Maria for a while,” Liz explained waling off with Maria.
‘Kay Lizzie, but you better come right back,” Kyle yelled after her.
But Liz and Maria were already out of ear-shot.
“So Liz having a good time?” Maria asked linking her arm with Liz’s.
“Uh yeah,” Liz tried to be enthusiastic.
Maria looked at her closely.
“Are you Ok?” Maria asked.
“Oh yeah, fine,” Liz nodded her head.
“No you aren’t, what’s up?”
Maria knew he too well.
“It’s stupid,” Liz muttered looking at the ground.
“What’s stupid?” Maria asked and they sat on the couch.
“I went into your room to get some lip gloss,” Liz started.
“Well that’s not stupid,” Maria laughed.
Liz sighed.
“Yeah and I caught Tess Harding behind your bed,” Liz mumbled.
“What?” Maria demanded.
Liz looked away.
“Well who was she with?” Maria continued interested.
“Max Evans,” Liz whispered.
“Sorry who?” Maria couldn’t hear her.
“Max,” Liz looked at Maria.
“Max Evans?” Maria repeated.
Liz nodded.
“Max “asshole - arrogant” Evans?” Maria laughed.
Liz nodded again.
“Well of course that pompous jerk would want the school whore, I mean if he wanted to get laid it would have to be Tess Whoring,” Maria smirked.
Liz looked away.
Maria watched her closely.
“Hey are you Ok?” Maria asked.
“Yeah, I’m good,” Liz smiled brightly.
“You’re not upset?” Maria urged.
“Me, hell no,” Liz laughed “Come on we’re talking about the guy that gave me shit for three years of my life.”
“Yeah,” Maria said sadly.
Liz looked at the ground again.
Someone was laughing loudly from the back of the lounge. Liz and Maria turned to see what was happening. It was Tess, she was laughing hysterically at something. Max appeared behind her, he had his arm around her waist.
Liz continued to watch.
Maria watched Liz’s expression.
Max kissed Tess on the cheek, and Tess giggled.
A lot of people were watching them.
Liz couldn’t take her eyes away.
Everyone knew what they had been doing.
Liz watched Max, as he moved his eyes about the room.
He nodded his head to his mates, and his eyes came to rest on Liz.
Liz stared at him.
Max smirked at her and laughed at something Tess said, still watching Liz.
Liz looked away, she knew that had been at her.
Maria watched her quietly.
“Are you all right Liz?” Maria asked rubbing her shoulder.
Liz looked at her.
“God Maria, what did I do to him? What did I do to deserve this? I don’t understand….I don’t know what I did?” Liz whispered.
Maria watched her, she didn’t know what to say.
“Liz, Max is an asshole…you know that,” Maria said quietly.
“Yeah I know that and you do…but I’m the only one he’s an asshole to,” Liz said getting up.
“Liz, wait,” Maria called after her as she walked away.
Liz had to get away and she walked out towards the kitchen and out the back door into the night.
Dark eyes followed her as she left the room.

I think this was crap…but I do have ideas for this so hopefully will get a little better.

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I'm suprised I got any feedback but I have a few ideas for this and I'll post some more tomorrow. The Max and Liz situation is a little complicated, most of it is Max's problem from something that happened in the past that Liz isn't aware of. Um yeh I'll post more soon.
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Part Three

Liz sat up on her balcony. It was 2 am.
She had been there for about an hour, since she had gotten back from Maria’s.
It was cold and she was shivering in her tube top.
She could have gotten a blanket but she didn’t much feel like getting up.
She didn’t know why she was so upset about Max and Tess.
He was such an ass, she shouldn’t care what he did.
But she did.
He didn’t deserve to be happy after how he had treated her for three years.
After he had basically made it his goal to torment her til she was 15.
It was strange though.
Max had basically not existed to Liz until she was 12 - the same time her father left her mother and Liz, then he had made his presence known to her.
First of all by shoving her in the hallway one day, Liz landed on her face and nearly broke her nose.
When she had gotten up, she had seen Max staring down at her with a cold expression.
Liz remembered staring up at him, tears in her eyes and he never even blinked.
Everything had started that day, but why?
Liz shook her head.
And so it went on for three years.
Max teasing her, harassing her and bad-mouthing her.
He had told a mate of his that she was an easy lay and that one got round the whole school.
Then when his mate had tried it on with her, she refused and so she was the ‘frigid bitch’ instead of the ‘easy whore’.
That hadn’t been easy.
But Maria and Alex stuck by her.
Thankfully none of this got back to her mother, who hadn’t been that same after Liz’s father left them.
Liz never knew why her father left, she just guessed that he and her mother didn’t get along anymore.
Liz hadn’t heard from him in about six months.
He was in Europe somewhere.
Liz thought more about the party.
Max had told her to get out, he hadn’t really rubbed it in that he was having sex with Tess.
Although he didn’t really need to, because Liz knew what they were doing.
Maybe he was embarrassed?
Everyone knew Tess was a slut, but then he had looked happy with her when they had come into the lounge.
Liz shook her head.
‘I don’t want to know anything about him and her,’ She shouted angrily.
‘Max doesn’t exist, Max doesn’t exist,’ She repeated over and over quietly.
Slowly she drifted off to sleep in her deck chair, under the stars.
She hadn’t noticed the person sitting silently on the wall behind her, just watching.

Feedback appreciated…

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Part Four

Max had watched Liz leave the party, he knew she was upset.
Giving Tess a quick peck on the cheek he followed her.
It was one am and Liz was walking fast along the Roswell streets.
Max hung back behind her and followed silently.
He didn’t know what he was doing.
Why was he following Liz?
Especially when he could have continued with Tess.
God he hated that name.
He hated her.
He didn’t know what he was doing with her.
She was just a way to pass the time, he guessed.
Not a very good way to pass the time in terms of…uh…the bedroom.
A distraction…from the shit in his life.
From his parents, from Liz and from the pretend life he led.
‘God if anyone could see the real me’ He thought almost laughing.
‘If anyone could see the fucked up Max Evans, who harassed an innocent girl for three years.’
Max looked at the ground.
He didn’t like how he had treated Liz.
Maybe that’s why he was following her now.
To make sure she got home Ok.
Max kept walking and saw Liz go in through the back door.
So why am I climbing her balcony ladder?
Max climbed to the top and silently slipped over the wall.
Creeping to a corner, he sat on the wall in the shadows.
‘What the hell am I doing?’
Max sat quietly and thought about the party.
He had seen Liz walk into the bedroom.
He and Tess had finished. Tess had started putting her clothes back on.
Funny, Tess had taken all her clothes off but Max refused to take anything off.
He just undid his fly when he had to.
Says a lot about his feelings for her doesn’t it?
But when Liz had walked in, he had just wanted to disappear or for her to go away.
He didn’t want her to know he was with Tess.
Although he didn’t know why he felt that way.
When he had stood up and told her to leave, he really didn’t know what he was doing.
He hated it because he saw that same fear in her eyes, that he had started to see after he had started being horrible to her.
One day he would have to apologize and explain why he acted that way for so long.
But he still wasn’t ready to talk about it.
Liz came put of her window.
She still had on her tube top and skirt.
Max could already see she was freezing.
Liz sat on the deck chair, under the stars.
Max watched silent.
Liz was still, staring up at the stars.
A long time passed before anything happened.
“I don’t want to know anything about him and her,” He heard Liz shout.
She was angry and Max knew she was thinking about him and Tess.
Max watched her.
“Max doesn’t exist, Max doesn’t exist,” Liz whispered over and over again.
Max watched her silent as she spoke those words and as she got up and disappeared into her room.
Max stood up silently, upset.
‘God what have I done to her?’ Max whispered sadly.
‘How could I do this?’
Max walked past her window, and risking everything he peered in through the open window.
Liz was lying on her bed, asleep.
Her face was peaceful.
Max turned away and walked to the ladder and silently slipped over the top and disappeared.

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Ok I'm sorry I've been posting such short parts - but tomorrow (it's 10.00pm in New Zealand at the moment) I am going to sit at the comp and get a decent part of this done and posted. Thank you for all the feedback - I was amazingly surprised!