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Nadia Blackman

Walking to the full length bedroom mirror, she took a peek. You look wonderful, she said to her reflection. So relax.

Her palms were anormally sweaty. She had been dating her present boyfriend Max for three years and he still managed to have this affect on her. However that was not the only cause for her nerviousness. She and Max had been having some problems lately and she was beginning to fear that things were heading in a direction that she did not wish them to go.So she wanted tonight to be perfect. She really wanted to work things out between them, because she loved him so much and did not want to loose him.

She yanked some kleenex from a nearby tissuebox and dried her hands. She then took one last look at herself in the mirror and decided that everything was as perfect as it was going to get. As she stood there staring in the mirror he mind began to wander to the day when she and Max had first met about four years ago. She remembered it as if it were yesterday. She had just finished her shift at the Crashdown Cafe and decided that she needed to be alone to sort her thoughts out. She made up her mind to go to her favorite place where she always went to when she wanted to get away from everything and everyone.

She had broken up with her boyfriend Kyle Valenti about a month ago and was still trying to work out what it all meant and where she should go from there. She decided that it would probably be best if she stayed by herself for a while but realised that being around her best friend Maria and her new boyfriend Kevin was not going to make the situation any easier to handle. Those two seemed inseparable . They were always kissing and holding hands at every opportunity that they got to be alone together. She was happy for the two of them . She had not seen her bestfriend so happy in such a long time.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not even hear the sound of approaching footsteps .

"Hi there" I hope that I am not interrupting anything She heard the voice say

Yes you are she replied looking at the stranger with any annoyed expression which asked who are you and what do you want?

At that same moment her anger began to disappear when she realised that she was looking ino one of the most handsome faces she had ever seen.

"Well uh am I was taking a walk and I just ended up here for some strange reason. I saw you sitting over here by the roses looking so beautiful and realised that I would be angry at myself if I did not come over and say hello to you. But I can see that you are kind of busy so I want bother you anymore I think I'd better be going.

"No stay" She found herself saying You haven't really interupted anything and I am sorry if I was rude to you at first.

The stranger smiled at her with a perfect pair of white teeth and this added to her conclusion that he was indeed as attracive as she had first thought. He was tall with black hair and well built. He was what you would call sexy in a hungry kind of way.

"My name is Maxwell Evans but everyone calls me Max he said with a smile that was intended to melt a girl's heart.

Now tell me what is yours

Liz Parker she replied with her eyes glued to his lips which she thought were also as sexy as his smile.

The two of them continued to stare at one another and it was obvious to both of them that there were some strange vibes being passed between both of them.

His scrutiny was intense, but she was as taken with him as he was with her. She remained silent as her mind began to ask questions like why she was having such strange feelings towards a person that she had met only three minutes ago. It was as though he could see and hear everything she was thinking by just looking into her eyes.

Her face grew warm at the thought of the handome guy who had been so bold as to come up to her and introduce himself.

Why you're blushing Miss Parker . Are you not accustomed to having a member of the opposite sex look at you with undistinguihed admiration.

She gaped at him feeling suddenly tongue- tied. At first she could feel her anger rising but that anger soon faded into a smile as she saw that he was merely trying to tease her and break some of the tension that was beginning to flow between them.

Now you've gone silent. I hope that I have not offended you . Miss parker

No you have not and please call me Liz

I will and please do excuse my staring. But you are very beautiful you know undoubtedly the most beautiful girl that I have ever met.

I bet you say that to all the girls she said realising that she was enjoying his company more than she had anticipated.

So are you from around here? she asked , I can't recall ever seeing your face around here before and boy I am sure that I would never forget a face as handsome as this one she said to herself.

No I am new in town Max replied. I just moved here over a week ago with my best friend and my sister . We live in LA but my folks told me that we are originally from Roswell . You see we had to move when my dad's company got relocated to LA.

So how long to you plan on staying?

We are not sure but I think that it might be for a while

So where are you all going to school ?she asked

Roswell High he replied. The three of us start on Monday.

Liz smiled at that moment and wondered to herself why this news was making her feel so happy.

Well I go there too she said returning his smile

Great that means that there'd be one familiar face I see on Monday morning .

You never know maybe you and I can become friends.

Say what ! Why don't we go out for a drink or a bite to eat tomorrow night. I promised my sister that I would help her with some of the unpacking tonight . But tomorrow night I will be free with nothing to do and nowhere to go seeing that I am new in town and have not really had the chance to make any friends.

So what do you say . Will you go out with me tomorrow night?

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Liz paused for a moment to make her decision. Her mind was telling her to say no but instead she answered and said "Yes I'll go out with you."
"Ok great Max said in answer to her response.But you gotta pick the place out "

She smiled when she saw the look on his face which told her that he had been holding his breath in anticipation to her answer.

"Well there's the crashdown Cafe she said . My bestfriend Maria and I work there on weekends and sometimes after school and that is also where all the popular kids hang out but
I do not wanna go there"

"Why what are you saying. Are yoiu afraid or ashamed to be seen with me for some reason?"

"Of course not it's just that I go there all the time besides I wanna take you to one of my favorite places.Its called the Meltdown. Its not as fancy aas the crashdown . But the food there is fantastic The cook Big Joe makes the best burgers and fries in town and their strawberry milkshake tastes great too.'

"Sounds fantastic. I'll pick you up around seven. How does that sound?"

"Taht sounds fine " she replied

"Well I guess I'd better be going" he said and started to walk off looking back at her one last time

"Wait!" she called after him. he turned around flashing one of his more charming smiles.

"How are you supposed to pick me up if you dont know where I live

"Oh yea that's true. she gave him her address and he committed it to memory. He said goodbye to her one lastr time and turned and walked away. Liz stood there on the spot and watched as the figure faded away.

Later that afternoon she went home to relax and take a shower. when she entered her rom she closed the door and began to take her clothes off leaving them all over the floor. She took out her earings and sat down and put them on the dresser and that was when she saw it.

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There was something on her dresser. It was an envolpe and her name was marked on it.She went over to her dresser and picked it andopened it. She then took out the note and began to read what was written.

She read it twice,a slight formedat the corners of her mouth. The handwriting was bold, the strokes were beautiful but the did not know who had written it.

Thank you for a most wonderful evening.I Looking foward to spending tomorrow night with you. (M.E)

She placed the note on the dresser and picked up a flower from where the note lay just moments ago.She put it to her nose and inhaled its sweet smell. Her heart began to beat widly in her chest. She began to have strange thoughts and feelings for Max Evans and was at that moment finding them hard to control. She tried to ignore the images that were flashing in her mind of being in his arms of him holding her in a passionate embrace, the feel of his breath against her skin and of his lips and hers as they touched, the way he smiled at her as they looked into each others eyes, and each others souls.

She placed her finger upon her lips as if she could fell the kiss taht he had placed thered. But the sensation of her touch brought her back to the realisation of where her thoughts had been going. It was then that she realised that this guy was doing something to her.

She was falling head over heals for him and for some strange reason it was as if it was destined to be as if she wanted it to happen or wished that it would. But why she asked herself . Why am I feeling this way I dont even know him. She flushed at the unnevering realization.

No she vowed fiercely. I am not going to fall for this guy or no one else for that matter.She decided that what she needed was a long overdue cold shower as her body was becoming hot and ...... She jumped to her feet. It was an illusion she swore to herself.

All of it. These thoughts, these feelings, they werent real. She refused to let them be real. She forced herself to remember that she had just come out of a relationship and that she had to deal with the searing ups and downs of her volatile emotions. She had managed to handle her break up with Kyle as best as she could. And at long last her life was once more calm and predictable, exactly as she wanted it and she had no intention of allowing anything or anyone to disturb her hard won peace. Besides she and Max could be friends couldnt they .

But every self protective instinct she possessed warned her that if anyone could make her change her mind that Max Evans might just be that person.

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Later that night as she lay in bed she trashed the covers about, tossing and turning and wondering why the long soothing bath taht she had took a few hours earlier had not worked its usual majic of sending her body into a deep dreamless sleep. She hated to lie awake like this for inevitably her mind conjurred up images she deliberately wanted to block out.

There were disturbing images if her and Max making passionate love.

She tosed and turned and forced herself to think about Maria, about the crashdown and about the project that she had to hand in the following Monday. Finally her eyes drifted shut and she fell into a deep sleep.

She could almost smell his scent all male enticing and arousing as he presed his lips to her neck. The feel of his breath on her was intoxicating as he nibbled and tasted and she sighed his name. He kissed his way along her delicate jawline to her mouth, his lips felt so soft so supple, sensual and irresistable as their touched hers in an intimate display of love and affection.

She didn't have to hold back with him. She did not want to. She wanted him to kiss her soft, passionate and sweet exactly the way he wanted to kiss her. Her lips parted and his tongue penetrared deep inside her mouth. His hands drifted to her back and hers went up and around his neck. It was as if the kiss wold last for ever and ever.She felt as if she would melt in his embrace.She sighed with pleasure which told him that she was enjoying what he was doing as much as he loved doing them. He ran his his hands across her back and she could feel her blood boil in the most delicate places.

She had no shyness with him no inhibitations. She was whispering his name urging him pleading with him to continue his lusturious assault on her lips . His mind raced with a million images and a million words all at once. It told him that the lips he kissed were the sweetest he had ever tasted .They were like some fruit on a tropical paradise. He ran his hands over her body until he came to her breast. He slipped his hand under her shirt to caress her hard pink nipple
Liz bit her lip as she felt the tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach as Max slid his hand inside of her bra and gently played with her hard erect nipples. He unhooked the front of her bra and put one pink bud into his mouth and sucked on it gently.
Liz could feel herself getting very wet. She felt as if she was going to melt in his arms.
He continued to suck and play with her breast as he let one hand slide down the lenght of her body and rest on her thigh. He began to caress her thighs until she felt his hand slide under her skirt to touch her wet snatch.He pulled the leg of her panty aside and ran his finger over her wet hot slit. After a few minutes of torture . he slid one long finger inside of her. He thaen began to slide his finger slowly inside of her and then brought it out again . Liz moaned at the pleasure that he was given to her as he continued to put another long finger inside of her. He moved his fingers in and out in and out of her now dripping hole slowly as he continued to kiss her and play with her breasts.Liz closed her eyes and succumbed to the warm sensations. She felt dizzy .She had never experenced nothing like this before but sll she knew was that it felt wondeerful and she did not ant him to stop.
It was dark , the night was cool but their surroubdings were a blur to her. All that mattered was the fact that she was in the arms of the man she loved and who loved her in return.It was as if he was her destiny her beginning and her end. She wondered as he contrinue to send those feelings through her body what life would had been like for her before she met him .She could not remember .Was it because she did not want to remember.She remineded herself to focus on the present and what mattered now.She realised that he was the one for her because It felt so right . It had never been like this way with anyone else for that matter not even her ex boyfreind Kyle . Not when he hugged her or even when they kissed. But this this this was different it was meant to be .It was as if he knew the way to her soul and all the secrets that were hidden there. She told herself in that instant that he was the only one who could set her free

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They continued to kiss some more . It was as if they never wanted the magic to end but knew that it must. They clinged to each other and tried to savour what was left of these last moments before their lips would have to part. Max's lips began to kiss her softer as Liz 's grip around his neck grew tighter and she clung to him with weak desire and abandon. The moment was magical the feelings were intoxicating . This was her destiny their destiny , to be together to belong to one another.It felt as if they were being washed away by a tidal wave of love that only the two of them could ride together forever and ever.

After a few moments more of their intimate tongue play, Liz broke the kiss and opened her eyes. She knew that what she was feling at this very moment was absolute love for him and she wanted to make sure that he saw and undestood the way she was feeling. She also wanted to make sure that he felt the same way about her too. She could always remember her mother saying that the way to read into a man's heart and soul was by searching into the depths of his eyes for that was were all honesty , truth deception and trust was shown.

She would always say that you could always see when two people were in love by the way how they acted together, their smile ,the way how they held hands and how they knew what the other wanted to say before they said it but most of all the ultimate way to tell this was by the way they looked at each other.

Liz raised her head and began to look into his eyes but what she saw made her scream over and over louder and louder. THe screams were piercing,shrieks they sounded as if they were coming from a place in her body that she did not know existed. The Max that she had been kissing only moments ago and declaring her love to had been replaced by something or someone else . For this thing could not be Max, not the Max whose lips she had just kissed and whose arms had felt so right .

Her mind told her to think rationally but that proved to be difficult in the present situation. Where is Max Whaa... whattt... have you done with him . The figure in whose arms she lay remained silent. His eyes were black empty vacant and ageless. Liz continued to scream Max Max Max over and over but alas she could take it no more and she passed out.

Liz Liz are you okay honey wake up . You are having a terrible nightmare. Get up honey mommy is here. Her eyelids fluttered . She could feel this downward pressure. someone was holding her down was it Max who had come to rescue her . Someone was trying to reach her . Focus She told herself to focus and the voice will come to you.

Liz Liz honey wake up her mother continued to say. Max is that you she wispered with sadness and desperation in her voice. It was then that she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw when she did was her mother looking down on her with a worried and scared expression on her face.

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Liz honey are you ok her mom asked. She was still a little worried about her daughter. Yes mom I am going to be ok Liz replied. Can you get me a glass of water please she asked. Liz mom got up and went to get her the water. She looked wildly around the room. It was quiet and the only source of light was coming from the lamp in the corner. She had been dreaming. There was no Max anywhere. Just her and the stillness. She remembered her dream and the thoughts of what she and Max had been doing made her blush. But then a sudden chill ran down her spine as she remembered what had caused her to wake up screaming from such an erotic dream.
“What had it meant and where did Max go and why had she ended up in the arms of some strange looking person. Those were questions, which remained unanswered. Just then her mom reappeared through the door with her glass of water. Liz honey are you going to be all right or would you prefer that I stay with you a little.
“ No mom I’ll be all right she replied. Her mom left soon after she knew that hr mom had a hard day at the restaurant tomorrow because Saturdays were usually very busy.
She was sweating and she felt miserable. She threw off the covers and stalked to the bathroom. Never had she had a dream so profoundly real, never had she been so affected by a dream, hell she was still affected. She brushed it off telling herself that she was probably just freaked after watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.
Sighing, she turned the shower on. The water was cold but she did not adjust it even as she yelped aloud when it splashed on her heated body.
“It was just a dream, just a dream, she told herself as she shivered under the icy spray.
She realized that Max Evans was having a profound effect on her since they had met. She told herself that she was not going to get involved with Max Evans or no one else for that reason. The words seemed to echo into the night, as if she had spoken them aloud. She wanted no part of an emotional and complex involvement with anyone. The thought of this seemed cold. Or maybe it was the frigid water pulsing down on her that was chilling her blood. It was certainly freezing her skin. She felt as if she was turning blue so she decided to turn the water off before the hypothermia crept in. Turning off the water she stepped out of the shower and swiftly wrapped herself in her thick terrycloth robe. Though she felt as if her body was only ice her sanity had been restored. There would be no more disturbing thoughts of Max Evans she told herself as she headed back to her bedroom. Her mind was now focused on other thoughts like the date that the two of them were having later that day. *bounce*

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Sighing she decided that what she needed was one of those good old conversations with her girl friend Maria. So she picked up the phone and dialed her number. The phone just rang and rang . After the tenth ring she decided that Maria was probably sleeping and that she should just hang up. Just as she was about to put the phone down she heard a voice come on the line.
"Maria is that you" she asked the person on the other end of the line
"Who else could it be" she replied. "Liz is something the matter?" Has something happened?"
"Na everything's fine I just wanted to talk to you"
Liz are you crazy it is 4:30 in the morning couldn't this have waited till later. This had better be good.Are you sure that you are all right?"
"Yes Jen I'm fine" Maria stressed trying to reassure her that everything was allright.
I just couldn't sleep and decided to call you so that we could talk"
"Well nice of you to think of me"
"Well whats up? " Maria asked trying to fight her sleepiness.
"Nothing much Liz replied "Just another sleepless night."
"Thinking about Kyle again huh, Liz she lectured I told you that things are going to work out for the two of you.All you guys need is a little time that's all."
"Well Maria actually Kyle's not the problem."
"OH yea Liz I hear ya." Maria did not believe her she knew that those two were inseprable and would not be surprised if Liz had called to tell her that they were together again.
"Honest Maria it's not him."
Well since we are on the topic of men or should I say guys. I gotta tell you I met this guy Kris about a week ago and he is like so gorgeous or should I say so hott"
"Last week" Liz replied with an astonishment in her voice and why may I ask are you now telling me"
"Oh sorry Liz I didn't wannna seem selfish with everthing that is going on between you and Kyle and ............
"Maria Liz said losing her patience , she was tired of hear about her and Kule .There was no more Liz nand Kyle.That relationship was over.She continued
"Kyle and I broke up over a month ago and besides I am not a little Kid you know"
"I know Liz but it is just that sometimes I feel like I gotta protect ya."
"Look Liz I am telling you now arent I "
"I guess so"
"So as I was saying " and Maria continued with her story.
"I told you his name was Kris. He is a few months younger than I am but he sure dosen't look like it and well I invited him over to my house because my mother had gone to visit one of her friends for the afternoon and so one thing led to another and"
"Dont tell me Maria and you had sex with him"
"Oh Liz how could you I have only known the guy for a week" Maria pretended to be hurt by Liz's suggestion but she knew that her friend would never intentionally say anything to hurt her. She continued to tell Liz the rest of her story.
Some where betwen the story Lizs mind began to wander elsewhere. It was the same old Maria story Of Maria meets guy Maria thinks that she is in love with the guy and then he screws her over and she realises that he is a jerk like all other guys .Liz was not finding any of the story surprising. The guy was probably just another geek but she knew that she would never tell Maria that.
"Liz are you still there? You haven't been listening to a word that I have been saying"

Yes Maria I'm here Sorry about that.I'ts just that I've had so much on my mind lately. I just don't know....."
"Oh I'm so sorry Liz I have been so selfish .Here I am babbling on about myself without even thinking about your feelings.Talk to me. Is it about you and Kyle."
"No it's not exactly about him you see I met this guy yesterday "
"Oh my gosh and when were you going to tell me about this."
"Like you are some person to talk Maria De Luca"

"Liz I already apologised for that"
"Ok well let me continue his name is Maxwell and he just moved here like a week ago. He is realy gorgeous and.......(she continued)
"Yes and ?" Maria replied
"yea and that's it, that's just it. There is no more just that I have found myself thinking about him alot and I am somehow feeling drawn to him."
"You are come on Liz stop kidding me and what about Kyle?"
"Kyle is still there Maria but I told you a thousand times .It is over between the two of us."
"Ok Liz Maria replied still not too conviced "tell me some more?"
"There is nothing more to tell just that he's been constantly on my mind for the past 12 hours and that's exactly as long as I have known him."
"Humph" Maria mumbled under her breath.
This was when Liz said to herelf great here comes the long advice speech. She wondered if she was going to tell her about her first love , first hurt story , she hoped not for she had heard it a thousand times before. But instead Maria just advised her not to do anything stupid.
"Maria you know I wont"she replied "I know how to handle my own relationships."
"What relationships?" Maria said sarcasticly.
"There has only been Kyle and you have known him all your life, that relatonship seemed to me like an extended friendship. For God sakes Liz you are still a virgin"
"Yea Maria a seventeen year old virgin since when did that become a crime?
"Maria just chuckled and said "take it from me Liz there is so much more that you still gotta learn."
"Just because I am a virgin does not mean that I don't know what goes on with memebers of the opposite sex.
Then she had to remind herself that this was Maria she was talking to. She and Liz were close but in this case she began to wonder if she had made a mistake about telling her about Max so early. All of Maria's relationships were dead ends and Liz sure did not see this Kris character as being Mr. Right either.
Another thing was that both of them were the same age so why was Maria making her feel like she was the last virgin on earth.
They talked for about ten minutes more and Liz decided that it was best that she not tell her about the date she had with Max later that day.
"Ok sweetie Maria said I'll see you later.
In the meantime don't do anything that I would't do.
"Are you trying to depress me?" Liz said to herself as she hung up the phone . She then turned off the lights pulled the covers more securely around her and went back to sleep.

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Liz woke up the next morning with a groggy kind of feeling. Her eyes felt dry. Her head was pounding and her body felt as if she had not slept at all. She silently hoped and prayed that she would feel better as the day progressed. She looked across at the alarm clock and realised that it was 11:30 am . "Oh my gosh" she said and rushed out of bed. Her shif at the crashdown began at 12:00 and it was quite obvious to her that she was going to be late. She just hoped that Mria would not be too angry because she had to cover for her for at least the first half an hour.

She showered and got dressed in what could be considered as flash time and was angry with herself that she did not have time to wash her hair. She made a mental note she would have to do that before her date with Max tonight.

She rushed into the crashdown at 12:45. She put her apron on and was soon in action. Maria saw her a few minutes later and came over for an explination. Liz told her about her sleepless night and Maria replied
"You were not the only one up last night in fact if I can remember clearly it was you who called me when I was trying to get some sleep because I had to work the next day and now yo waltz in here an hour late and apologise to me. You can't just treat people like this you know just because your parents run the plavce. You have just as much responsibility as me to be here on time.

Liz apologised to her . Maria was right it was not fair for her to have put her in such a position.

The time went by pretty quickly and before Liz realised it it was 5:30. Only half an hour more to go and she would be outta there. " Why are you in such a hurry?' Maria asked "aint like you have nowhere to go."
she was feling kinda bad for the way taht she had treated her a little while ago.
"Look I am really sorry for the way that I reacted to you earlier " Maria apologised.
"Its ok Liz ansewred and the two of them exchanged hugs both knowing taht tehy could not stay mad at each other for too long.

So where are you off to . You never told me that you had some where to go when we talked last night
"Actualy I do" Liz answered back "I got a date tonight."

"You what ? Liz Parker you devil. You never told me that you and Kyle were getting back together."

"Actually wer'e not and the date's not with him. But sorry Maria I can't talk now I'll give you all of the details later."

"Liz how could not not tell me . I am you best friend for crying out loud.We're supposed to tell each other everything"

"Sorry girl but we only met yesterday."

"Yesterday and you are going out on a date with him tonight are you out of your mind crazy."

"well its not exactly a date and yes I can handle myself you know I am not a little kid ."

"Look Mria I gotta finish up I can't talk right now besides he is coming for me at seven and I gotta hurry if I dont wanna be late. I promise I'll tell you all of the details later."

At exactly six o clock Liz had finished all of her work and was out of there. She went through the door and saw her dad's car in the parking lot waiting for her and she got in.
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By the time she got home it was already ten past six . "

"oh my gosh she said in frustration I gotta hurry or else I will be late. She rushed to her room and began to search through her wardrobe throwing clothes everywhere on her bed and even on the floor. Everything she possessed just did not seem right. But after a while she settled for her favorite blue jeans and a new red shirt . She checked her watch again and it said 6:20.

She rushed into the shower, shampooed her hair and was out in what could be considered as flash time. Now all that was left was a pair of shoes. She looked around for the black sandals that she had bought only last weekend at the mall and when she found them she slipped them on .

Ding _ Dong- she heard the doorbell ring. She looked at her watch. He was early , it was only 6: 59.

A few moments later she heard her mom yell

Liz someone's here to see you."

She looked at her reflectiion one more time and decided to put some earings on and add a touch of lipstick. She put on a few splashes of her favorite perfume for the finishing touch and went through the door. When she got down the stairs what she saw brought a smile to her face. There was Max in one chair and her mom in another and they were talking as if they were old friends. At least my mom likes him she thought nervously.

"Hi " she said upon entering the living room.He looked up at her with one of those to die for smiles on his face.

"Well I would ask you to introduce your friend but he has already done a good job at that. her mom said lookin back and forth at the both of them

"Oh is that so" she replied with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Well I guess we'd better be going" she said to her mother

"Max it was nice meeting you " her mom had said

"Same here " he replied

As they were about to go through the door her mom said " Liz don't forget it's 12: 30"

"But mum its a Saturday night and you and dad are going out too."

"ok 2:00 and only this once."

"Thank you so much . I love you mummmmmmmm ( kiss)

"Your mom is a really nice lady I like her "

"Thanks she replied I think so too."

When they got outside Liz was absolutely stunned by what she saw.

"Max you jeep is awsome"

"Thanks but it is not exactly my jeep it belongs to Isabel and Michael also."


"My sister and ........" " oh you had never said their names before."

Twenty minutes later they pulled into the back of the Meltdown cafe.

"Well here we are" he said taking her hand in his

"Shall we go in?'
They went inside and imediately began to look around for a table. Max spotted a perfect table at the back and led the way.

A few minutes afer they were settled the waitress came up to take their order. Liz ordered a burger with fries and diet coke and the waitress looked at Max fluttered her lashes and waited for him to make his order.

"I'll have the same as the lovely lady" he replied.

As soon as the waitress was gone he began to ask her questions about herself.

She told him that it was just her, her mom and dad that they were going through some stuff lately because her mom felt that her dad put his work before his family butthaty they that they loved one another and would work it out she also told him that she had grown up in Roswell all her life. She told him about her best friend Maria and the working at the Crashdown and even a little about Kyle.

"that's pretty much it she said after she had told him everything that she thought he should know. Max listened to everthing that Liz had to say he was glad that she was happy and she had had a good childhood but at the same time he wished that his life could of been that simple

"Now why dont you tell me a little about yourself ?"

Max told her about Isabel and Michael and about how used to live in Roswell but moved to New York when he was still a kid. He told her that both him and Isabel were adoptedbut that she was his real sister and that Michael was adopted too. He said that it was a coincidence that the three of them had lived in the same orphanage and had been adpopted by people who were friends.

He told her that he felt really lucky because that meant that him and Isabel could stay together and he could also get to see Michael too. He continued that things were perfect for the first few years but then Michael's parents started experiencing a few problems and that they had ended up gettin a divorce because his Michael's was having an affair with a younger woman and that Micheal blamed himself for the divorce saying that if they had not adopted him that they might still be together.

He continued to tell her that after the divorce things pretty much got worse and that his mom began to drink and even take drugs but no one knew,he remebered his parents saying that something was different about Lisa that's his mothers name but taht they did not know what it was.

It was later that year that Micheal came home from school one day and found his mom unconcious and rushed her to the hospital. Hours later the doctor came and told us that she had OD on herorin and that her blood level also showed high levels of alcohol content

After a few months his mom statrted getting better and my mom and dad were always there for her. Now everything is back top normal; and she has even got a new boyfriend named Russell . He is an Insureance broker and a really nice guy. He told hetr that about a month ago Michael came over to his house and confided inhim and Isabel that he wanted to get away for a while. At first they were said but then he came up with the iedea to go with him and Isabel wanted to come too. We told our parents and at first they disagreed but after some thought they gave us their blessing and a week later they were on our way over here.

He told her that his parents had some old connections and had pulled some strings to get them enrollerd in Roswell in this semester.

Just then the waitress returned with their order.

I am going to stop here sorry if it was too long