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Title: Dust in the Wind
Author: David
Email: cameraman_dc⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, it does not belong to me. I am in no way associated with the WB, the UPN, Jason Katims, or Melinda Metz, Gregory Widen, Davis/Panzer Productions, or Rysher Entertainment. *Gerard is a fictional character created for this fic*
Summary: The world of Aliens and the world of Immortals collide. (x-over w/ Highlander)
Category: Crossover
Rating: R
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Author's Note: Parts 1-6 can be found in the Repost section at viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=48


Duncan's Loft
April 27, 2001
2:10 AM

"The horror, the horror," Alex muttered as he rummaged through Duncan's fridge. Going the entire day without eating a single thing had finally caught up with Alex. After practically searching the entire kitchen he was starting to get desperate. Not to say Duncan didn't have anything to eat. On the contrary, everything in Duncan's kitchen was edible, not too mention expensive. But Alex was searching for something that didn't require a long and complicated preparation.

"Four hundred years old and he can't keep a couple of microwave dinners lying around," Alex said with a sigh finally deciding to wait for Duncan to get back.

Richie left a few minutes earlier, he didn't want to leave Alex alone but he had to get back to his place. Alex assured Richie that'd he be okay and he'd just wait for Duncan to return. As Alex waited he wandered around the loft, merely looking around. The walls of Duncan's loft were covered old photos and paintings. In one photograph Alex saw Duncan with a mustache and wearing some sort of soldier's uniform. Looking closer he saw the date nineteen seventeen written in the corner of the photo. Alex chuckled, for him the whole being immortal deal was still sinking in.

Alex continued looking around Duncan's loft. Taking a quick glance out the window as he passed by it Alex immediately froze in his tracks. There, in the distance, no more than a few blocks from the loft, were the pair of golden arches. Signaling Alex like a key to his salvation.

'It shouldn't take too long to get there,' Alex thought to himself. 'Besides I'll be right back.'

Alex left the door unlocked and quietly slipped out of the loft. Ten minutes later Alex was walking on his way back to the loft from the restraunt, silently cursing to himself. In his haste to feed himself Alex had forgotten that he had absolutely no money. Not a dime to his name. His stomach still grumbling Alex once again felt the buzzing sensation in his head. Looking from left to right Alex noticed the street was completely bare, except for one other person walking down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.

The stranger across the street stopped in his tracks and turned his head towards Alex. After only a moment's hesitation the stranger walked across the street until he stood a few feet away from Alex.

"I am Gerard Chevalier," the tall stranger said.

"Uhm hi," Alex said. "I'm Alex Whitman."

The corner of Gerard's lip curled into a smile as he reached into his coat and removed a sword.

"Hey wait a minute," Alex said quickly raising his hands in defense.

Gerard took a step towards Alex, who nervously began to backaway.

"Listen I know that you and I are supposed to do this whole battle to death...beheading...thing," Alex said. "But I'm not really up for it right now. I just got into this whole immortal thing yesterday and so what I'm thinking is that you can go your way, I'll go mine, and we can forget we ever met."

Alex held his breath, awaiting the stranger's response.

"Fair enough," Gerard said lowering his sword.

Alex exhaled heavily, a wave of relief washing over him. Suddenly Alex felt an excruciatingly sharp pain in the side of his belly. Looking down Alex saw Gerard's sword impaled in the side of his abdomen.

"Stupid boy," Gerard merely muttered as he tightened his grip on the hilt and twisted the blade in Alex's side.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" Alex cried out in agony falling to his knees.

"If you know you're immortal then you already know the first rule," Gerard said. "There can be only one."

Alex's hands were frantically roaming the ground beneath him, searching for something, anything he could use to defend himself. Finally his fingers made contact with a small chunk of brick, grasping it in his hand Alex hurled it. The brick made contact with Gerard's forehead causing Gerard to fall backward pulling the blade from Alex's gut. Gerard was crouched a few feet away, his forehead bleeding profusely. Alex scrambled to his feet and began running away from Gerard.

Alex continued to move as quickly as he could down the street, stumbling and at one point almost tripping. His hands clutched to the left side of his abdomen, he could feel the blood seeping from the wound. His vision started to get blurry. Soon he found himself running short of breath, and just when he thought he couldn't go any further Alex collapsed with a loud thud.

There he was lying in the middle of the street, gasping for breath. In the distance Alex could hear the footsteps getting louder. Alex mustered what strength he had left and began crawling. Where to? Right at that moment Alex didn't care. So long as he was off the street. Raising his head Alex looked forward and saw stairs leading to two large doors. Alex crawled towards them hoping to get inside before Gerard reached him.

He had made it up eight steps before his arms gave out, Alex laid on the steps helpless. Alex new it was inevitable now, he was going to die for real this time.

Gathering his last bit of strength Alex rolled over and looked up the stars. At that moment he thought about Isabel. He wondered what she was doing, if she was okay. He recalled the time the two of them sat in the woods watching the stars together. Alex smiled at the thought of it, it was a good memory. One he was glad to have experienced before he died. He listened as the footsteps got closer and louder. Alex continued listening until rather suddenly the footsteps stopped.

After a moment the footsteps started, only this time they were slower. Alex watched as Gerard leaned over him with his sword drawn and smiled.

Alex closed his eyes and waited for the death blow to come. After a few moments Alex opened his eyes and saw Gerard standing several feet away, tucking his sword into his overcoat.

"Pretty smart kid," Gerard said. "Catch ya later."

Alex continued to watch as Gerard walked down the street and disappeared into an alleyway.

Slowly sitting up, Alex found that his strength had begun returning to him. His vision was no longer blurry and it became easier to breathe. Alex looked at the area where Gerard had stabbed him and saw a gash in his t-shirt, covered in drying blood. But no wound to be found anywhere.

Hesitantly Alex touched the area where the wound had been been. The second his fingers made contact with the skin, Alex winced in slight pain. The flesh was still sore, evidence that he was not completely healed yet. After a bit of wobbling Alex made it back up to his feet.

Recalling what Gerard had said to him about hiding on holy ground, Alex looked up and discovered he had been laying on the steps of a church.


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Here's a really quick short part, I know it's not much but I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks for the feedback, Rim, Oh My Max, & sablaine.



Evan's Residence
April 27, 2001
3:00 AM

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Isabel screamed as she shot up in bed.

"No...," Isabel gasped as her fingers desperately clutched the bed spread. She sat shakily in bed covered in a fine sheet of sweat.

The door to Isabel's room suddenly burst open as Max ran to kneel by his sister's side.

"Isabel!?!" Max asked.

Max immediately took Isabel's hand into his own and asked her what was wrong. Isabel just sobbed while Max just kneeled there, a moment later Philip and Diane Evans rushed into Isabel's room. Max stepped away as Diane immediately wrapped her arms around her daughter while Philip stood by his hand gently resting on Isabel's shoulder.

"What's wrong!?!" Philip asked.

"I think she had a nightmare," Max said.

"Oh my poor baby," Diane said as she held her daughter.

"What was it about?" Philip asked.

"I...I...don't remember," Isabel said. "It just felt so awful."

Isabel sat there rocking in her mother's arms as her father asked her if she was okay.

"I'm okay," Isabel said. "I'm okay, I was just a bad dream. I'm okay now."

"Are you sure?" Diane asked

Isabel nodded, wiping away tears as she laid back down in bed. Diane pulled the sheet up and covered Isabel and kissed her on the forehead before leaving with Philip.

Max lingered in the doorway, watching Isabel for a moment before speaking.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Max asked.

"Yes," Isabel said. "See I'm already going back to sleep."

Max was unconvinced.

"Isabel.." Max started.

"Night Max," Isabel said turning on her side away from Max.

Max nodded and went back to his room.

Isabel laid in bed staring at the ceiling, she couldn't sleep. As if losing Alex wasn't bad enough, now she had nightmares to contend with. It seemed so real to her, the feeling that someone was chasing her. No matter how fast she ran, she just couldn't seem to get away. After an hour Isabel finally fell asleep, her hand unconsciously rubbing the side of her abdomen.