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Title: The First Date
Author: LttleMrmade
Rating: PG-13
Category: Max/Liz
Summary: Very short piece of fluff! It may be a little too pointless and fluffy. I would love feedback. It will tell me whether or not to continue the story. Try not to be too harsh (I’m sensitive).

Prologue – Freudian Slips and Rubber Bands

Do you ever feel like sometimes stepping out of yourself and being someone completely different than who you are? I feel like that all the time. My name is Liz Parker. Braniac, nerd, geek, parents wet dream. That’s me. I’m not much to look at. Long, straight boring brown hair and brown eyes. I don’t have a curvy body. In fact, it’s pretty straight and flat. I’m not exactly what all the guys are looking for but I get by. You see, I am a senior in high school and there is a boy….(isn’t there always a boy?)…. A boy that is so incredibly handsome and is actually very sweet to top it off. His name is Max. And I like him. A lot. He’s got this body to die for (I saw him in his gym outfit), this rich dark hair and this incredible smile. But the best part about him is his eyes. It should be illegal to have eyes like that. They are this deep amber color and they are so intense that it feels like he is seeing your soul when he is looking at you.

Here’s the kicker. My friend Maria always says that Max is staring at me which gives me this amazing feeling of hope but when my brain unfreezes and my heart slows down, I realize that there is no way someone like Max (dark, mysterious, handsome, yummy) could be interested in someone like me (mousy, plain, boring, un-beautiful). But every time Maria says that he is staring at me, my heart soars and every time I look over at him, he is looking away so my heart drops. You would think I would have had a heart attack by now with how many times this has happened over the years. Oh well. The heart attack hasn’t happened…..yet.

Where were we? Ah yes, stepping out of yourself. You see, if I wasn’t so frightened, I would just go over to Max and start talking to him and find out if he is interested in me. Hasn’t happened. Why? Because I will always be that shy, insecure person that just dreams and hopes her days away. I would love to step out of myself and just BE someone else for a day. Someone who does the exact opposite of what I do. But see, here’s what happens. I tried that once. Don’t laugh. I actually did try it. And it was a disaster.

I decided one day to try and overcome my shyness. I think it was freshman year. Ok, ok. I know it was freshman year. Who can forget their most embarrassing moment, EVER! By saying “I think”, it makes it sound like it was really no big deal, doesn’t it? Anyway, I digress. It was freshman year and I was lab partners with Max in Chemistry. Our teachers must think we are the best lab partners in the world because for some reason, we were paired as lab partners again in Biology this year. Weird. Anyway, as I was saying…..I decided one day to actually talk to Max. I know, bad idea. I should have stopped myself. I looked him in the eye and I was planning on saying “So Max, did you have a good weekend?” with a small smile. I had even practiced the small smile….in the mirror….with lipstick on. What actually came out of my mouth was “S-so Ma-aax, did you do me this weekend?” I don’t know, Freudian slip maybe? And I think my small smile was a contorted version of a grimace. Scary. And to top it off, after Max gives me this really weird look, I realized what I said and I got so nervous that my hands decided to let go of the rubber band that they were playing with. No big deal, right? Well, there is a slight problem. I was stretching the rubber band at the time and so it ended up flying through the air. Where did it land? Well, in Max’s eye, of course. Damn, that’s why they tell you not to play with rubber bands. He was sent to the nurse, I was issued detention and I decided I would NEVER step out of myself again! Needless to say, things were a little awkward between Max and I after that. Thank God it was towards the end of the year and he wouldn’t have to suffer having me as a lab partner for very much longer. Little did he know that he would have to endure that fate again senior year.

So now we are up to senior year. You really don’t want to know about sophomore and junior years. They were really uneventful. Oh! Except that I grew somewhat of a chest. I think I was a late bloomer. Anyway. It’s not big but it’s definitely no longer the AAA training bra size anymore. Yay! I also had my first boyfriend, Kyle Valenti, for about 1 month before we decided that we were better off as friends. Plus, I think he has always had this thing for Tess Harding. Hmmm. First boyfriend means first kiss. Let’s just say….interesting? I never knew people had that much spit in their mouths. Sometimes I was surprised that my whole head didn’t come out wet after one of Kyle’s make-out sessions. Well, he was good for practice. You know….for Max. Ha, ha. I told you I was a dreamer! I dated a couple of other boys those couple of years but only once or twice and nothing special. One was James who said I had cool toes (he saw them one day when I was wearing sandals). The other date was with Sean….total loser! I learned after that one date (where he did nothing but talk about himself) that he was dared to ask me out during an intense game of Truth or Dare and had to keep dating me until he got into my pants. Didn’t happen. I found out the next day from my best friend, Maria, and immediately told Sean that he needed to cool down so I poured a soda over his head. He got the picture.

Maria. My absolute bestest friend in the whole wide world. The one I tell all my secrets to (except all my wild fantasies about Max, a girl has to keep some things for herself) and who has always been there for me since kindergarten. Sometimes I actually think of her as my sister. She is my rock, my angel, my confidant, my pain-in-the-neck-if-she-doesn’t-shut-up-soon. Seriously, I love her. I wouldn’t know what to do without her. She keeps me sane. Mainly because I have to make up for her insanity. So, here we are at the Crashdown. What is that, you ask? It’s the restaurant that my parents own that Maria and I work at. We have to wear these little alien dresses with these little alien antennas. It’s lovely. That’s what happens when you live in Roswell, New Mexico; alien themed capital of the world!

So it’s a Friday night and the place is packed. I think after the Football game, all the high school kids come here because it’s the only place open until 12:00. We are busy, we make lousy tips but at least we get to see all the people and get good gossip from waiting on table after table. On this particular night, is where my life changed.

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Wow! Thanks for the feedback. I was so surprised. Well, here is the next part. I hope you like it but let me know! Thanks again!

Chapter One – Cherry Cokes and Phone Numbers

Max, his sister, Isabel and his friends, Michael and Tess are all sitting in my section. You would think Max would never want to see me or talk to me again after “The Incident”. Yes, Maria and I call what happened with the rubber band, “The Incident” now. But, every time Max is here, he sits in my section. He thinks I’m mentally challenged, he knows I’m accident prone and yet he still sits in my section. Oh well. He must want to die young. So they are sitting there with their Saturn Fries and Cherry Cokes talking away and they don’t realize I am at the table behind taking an order… I hear what they say. My eavesdropping skills have gotten really good from Friday nights. Michael is the loudest so of couse I hear him first which catches my attention.
“Maxwell. Will you just ask her out already? This mooning is getting old.”
“Yeah Max. Just ask her out. What’s the worst that could happen? She could just say no. No big deal.” That must be Tess. The squeaky voice gives it away.
Hmmm. My ears perk up! Who does Max want to ask out? I wish I could turn around and see who he is looking at. It’s probably Pam Troy. All the guys seem to like her. I don’t know why. Plastic, Silicon, Fake, Lifted. If you point out everything that is false on her body, it would take three days. Oh well. I guess guys like that sort of thing. I think Kyle tried to start something with her. She must have not liked the wet look either.
“Just leave it alone guys.”
“Max, just ask her. You never know what could happen.” That was Isabel’s soft voice.
“Ok. Fine. You guys want me to ask? I’ll ask.” I’m so engrossed in their conversation while at the same time trying to take an order that I missed the fact that Max has gotten up from his booth and…..Smack! I turn around and walk right into him. Nice going, Parker. Good way to play it cool. Well, I must have surprised Max (yet again) because he is speechless. I, of course, mumble an apology while quickly walking away to the shake machine to start my orders. I guess Max had this insane idea to follow me because once I am behind the counter, I am sticking my head in the freezer to get the ice cream (and to cool off from my embarrassment) and I hear my named being called and….Smack! I bump my head on the top of the freezer trying to get out. Max is trying not to smile. You know……where you try really hard to hold in a laugh but your eyes are dancing and your lips are forming a really tight line? He manages to get control of himself and now he apologizes for startling me. I look at him. He looks at me. And time stops. Oh darn! There goes that heart thing again! Will the attack happen this time? No? Ok.

He actually opens his mouth and talks to me but I am so fascinated by his lips that I completely miss what he is saying. Should I just take a guess? Does he want another Cherry Coke? Should I just start making an Alien Blast Shake assuming that’s what he wants? Should I slide across the counter and jump his bones?
“Wh-What? I’m sorry. Could you repeat what you just said?” He must have said something interesting. He’s red now and chokes at the idea of having to repeat himself. Do no look at the lips. Do not look at the lips. Make eye contact when someone is talking to you. Oh no! I did it again. But this time I got mesmerized by his amber eyes and only caught the last word he said “…..sometime?”. Oh Crap! Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! This isn’t happening.
”I am so sorry Max, but I think it must be really loud in here because I still didn’t catch what you said.” Good one, Liz. Blame the noise. I look around and discover that actually the place is now pretty deserted. Now he must really think I am mentally challenged.
“I swear I will hear you this time.” I say solemnly.
“I was wondering…..Would. You. Like. To. Go. Out. Sometime?” He says his words really slow to make sure I catch them this time. I almost laugh at the way he is saying it and then I realize what he said. So I say the first eloquent thing that comes to my mind.
“Huh?” His look is classic. He shakes his head and just about to repeat himself…yet again…when I stop him.
“No, wait. I heard you this time. Is this a joke? Did you just play Truth or Dare?” Everyone in school knows why Sean asked me out so it’s definitely a valid question.
“Uh, no. I just thought it might be fun for the two of us to go out sometime. That is, if you want to. You don’t have to decide tonight. You can just get back to….”
“Yes.” Wait. Did I just say yes?
“Yes. I think that would be fun.” Who is this??? This is so not me!
“Ok. Great! How about tomorrow night? Or if that’s too soon, Maybe next weekend…..”
“I don’t have any plans tomorrow.”
“Ok. Why don’t I give you a call in the morning and give you a time.”
“Sounds good. Let me give my number.”
“That’s ok. I have it….uh, I mean….you know from Freshman Chemistry”. Ahh, Max still has my number. How sweet.

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Wow! Once again, I am flabbergasted by the response. This is my first fanfic so I thought for sure that it would be buried where I couldn't find it to update. Thanks a lot you guys! Well, here is a treat....Chapter 2! Enjoy and let me know what you think. *happy*

Chapter Two – Chips, Dips and 3 Great Kisses

“Oh My God! MARIA!” The Crashdown is now closed and Maria and I and have been trying to get our cleaning done as fast as we can so we can start our Girls Night. After Max left with his sister and friends, I’ve been busy trying to shoo the rest of the customers out so I could talk to Maria. She has an idea that something is wrong when I give the last customers their meal on the house just to get them to leave.
“What is up with you Chica? You are way too hyper for this late at night….or is it this early in the morning? What time is it anyway?”
“Maria… have to help me!”
“Liz, it’s really not that hard to read the clock on the wall. When the big hand….”
“MARIA! What am I going to do? I don’t know what to wear. I don’t know what to say. You HAVE to help me!”
“Liz. Ok. The first thing you need to do is calm down. I don’t know what has gotten into you but I knew that all that studying would eventually catch up to you and melt your brain!”
“He asked me out.”
“Max who?….MAX EVANS?!? The guy you’ve been pining over for four years? The guy you whose yearbook picture you made copies of and pasted them all over your bathroom mirror? The guy who you order bumper stickers about saying “I [heart] Max” and put them on your headboard? And you are just telling me this NOW? Oh. My. God! Where is my Cypress oil.”
“Maria. Calm down. I need you to be calm for me. We both can’t freak out about this.”
“Ok. I am a river. I am a river. I am a calm river. Gently running through the forest.” Maria chants.
Ok. Well, that went well.

So here we are now in my bedroom with our chips, dips and ice cream spread out all around us. I have finally realized that I was the girl that Max and his friends were talking about when I was eavesdropping. Instead of doing the soaring, dropping thing, my heart is now fluttering. I curse that I was born with such a weak heart! We have managed to calmly talk about how to act on my date with Max and we’ve even managed to pick out an outfit.
”Why do you think Max asked you out?”
“Great confidence boost, Maria. I really don’t need to be questioning that right now. I’m nervous enough as it is.”
“I’m sorry. I mean….he’s known you what….like forever…. so why now? Wait. You don’t think he played Truth or Dare, do you?”
“I already asked him that.”
“You didn’t!”
“Yep. I sure did. It was actually the first thing I asked after ‘huh?’. I know, I know. I’m a real charmer.”
Maria is laughing at me now. O-kay.
“So if he didn’t play truth or dare then he must really like you.”
“Maria. Look at the guys I attract. It’s either guys with foot fetishes, guys who like the wet look or guys who play games. Which category do you think Max falls in?”
“Hmmm. Maybe the Foot Fetish??? Just in case, we should paint your toenails.”

“Oh look. Here it comes! The best part of the whole movie!”
Maria and I have rated movie kisses over our lifetimes. We have narrowed it down to three movies that have the best kisses ever. Of course, everytime a new chick-flick comes out, our list may be reevaluated. We have already watched the kisses from The Cutting Edge and Clueless tonight so now we are watching the all-time best kiss in the history of movies. Want to know what movie it is? Some Kind of Wonderful. Cheesy eighty’s movie, I know. But there is something about the way that Eric Stoltz kisses Mary Stuart Masterson while they are “practicing” for his date. It makes my toes curl. Even with Tiki Punch nail polish on them.
Maria and I both sigh when the kiss is over. And of course, we hit the rewind button to see it again. We always watch these great kisses at least 3 times before moving on with the rest of the movie. Sigh……I really want to be kissed like that.

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Ok. I have little extra time today (since I am working, hee, hee!) so I want to thank all of those personally who having taken the time to reply. You guys are the greatest. I honestly thought that I wouldn't have much feedback and to know that people are enjoying this story really warms my heart.

aZNroSweLl- You were my first replier. I thank you for that and for the fact that you have checked back with this story.
BelievnDreamsToo- That is exactly why that kiss is #1. It's the whole body language. Don't worry I am working on 'the date'. Thank you.
Marteloise- Thank you so much for your reply!
CEO Shaft- I'm trying to post as often as possible. Being an avid reader on this board I don't want to leave you guys hanging for too long! Thank you for your feedback.
Roswellluver- I'm glad Max didn't give up either (although I did have some control over that). Thanks.
June.r.!- Thank you so much!
Breathless- I'm glad you are enjoying this. I am working on 'the date'. Don't worry...soon!
Spicytrini1- Thank you a bunch!
Abbs007- I'm sure Max will be able to provide that kiss too (hint, hint). Trouble is...can I write it? I'm working on it. Thank you so much for your feedback. I look every day for an update for "Undercover". I love that story!
izzylizard- I'm so glad you are enjoying this. I can't believe I'm quoted!
SciFiNut111- Thank you!
gonenuts- I wasn't planning on writing Max's POV but now you have me thinking about it. Thank you for the feedback!
miss_roswell- Thank you. The plan is all fluff and no evil (just for you!).
Aaliyah- I was going for the goofy smile, but twice! Wow! My life is complete now! Thank you so much!
ashbymh- A. I love your icon- I'm a total Disney freak (if you couldn't tell by my 'call sign'). B. Cutting Edge is the BEST! C. I love your Friends quote. One of my favorite shows (besides Roswell!). Thank you so much for replying!
Dreamy- I love that this makes you laugh out loud. I was laughing while writing it but you never know how an unknown reader will react. Thank you!
Mermaidgirl- I am working on 'the date'. I hope I can make it good! Thank you for your feedback. Us Mermaids have to stick together!

The next part should be up today. I'm just working on the finishing touches. This should be the last part before the big date! Thanks again you guys!


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Hi Guys! Well, here is Chapter 3. Same routine...let me know what you think!

P.S. mpls muse- Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad you are enjoying this story!

Chapter 3- Sexual Positions

So now it is the morning after. I embarrassed myself again this morning. How do I manage to do these things? Well, obviously, Maria and I stayed up really late last night, which means we slept in this morning. We both don’t have to work until the lunch shift. Anyways. As I was sleeping I was having another dream about Max. Nothing new. I always dream about Max. Well, you know when you are dreaming and you incorporate the real world in the dream? Like when your alarm goes off and it becomes sirens in your dream instead of you waking up. Well, this happened this morning. In my dream, Max and I were on a beach enjoying the sun and of course….kissing…..when all of a sudden the phone rings. Well, since this is a dream, there are phones on the beach. I think nothing of it.
“Mmmm, Max?” I sigh, “Wait. Why are you calling me? Weren’t you just kissing me?”
“Wh-What? Liz, are you awake?”
Well, if the phone didn’t wake me up, that sure did. “Max?” I whisper.
“Yeah. Liz are you ok?”
“Umm…..ummm….ummmm….y-yeah. I….ummm… was just up really late last night so….”
“It’s ok Liz. How about if I just call you later?”
“Ok. Yeah…that…would be…great. You can call me at work until 4:00.”
“Ok. Bye Liz.”
”Bye Max.” I look over at Maria. Thank God she is still snoring away and didn’t hear my conversation. She would never let me live that down! I bury my head in the pillows groaning at my stupidity.

So now we are at work. We have had nothing but C’s from H. What are those you ask? Well, they are “Customers from Hell”. When we say C’s from H, the customers don’t realize we are talking about them. It’s our restaurant “code”. I did manage to clue Maria in that Max called but I was still half asleep so he said he would call back. So far I haven’t heard from him. I am getting a little worried because it’s already 3:00 and I don’t know what time I have to be ready. Do you think I scared him off? Probably. This and the C’s from H have not put me in the best of moods. The time is passing really slowly so Maria has come up with a plan to take my mind off of tonight. Sexual Positions. That’s her new topic for conversation. There is no one in the café right now because we are in between the lunch and dinner rush so it’s safe to talk about these things. Of course, both of us are virgins but that doesn’t mean we don’t obtain some knowledge of sexual acts. Maria bought this whole book once on different positions so she could be “ready” for that special someone. Where does she come up with this stuff?

So we are cleaning the Coke machine with toothbrushes talking about the pros and cons of different positions and what we think about them.
”What about the rocking horse?” says Maria.
“The what? I haven’t heard of that one. Unlike you, I don’t have a book about all the exciting new and improved sexual positions so I can’t even imagine….”
A throat clears behind us. Maria and I look at each other and then we both slowly turn around towards the customer. I bet we looked very comical to a passer-by.
“Oh look Liz. Max is here. He must want to talk to you about tonight.” She says as she bats her eyelashes. I have that deer-in-the-headlights look so Maria tries to keep the conversation going while I collect myself. “So, Max, how long have you been standing there? Did you hear any of our conversation?” What? Maria…. shut up…NOW.
Max coughs and then says, “Only something about a rocking horse.”
I am mortified. Please, God, kill me now. Kill me now.
“So you didn’t hear about the table top position or the shower or….” My eyes go wide and I clap my hand over Maria’s mouth. Max has turned beet red. If I weren’t so embarrassed I would notice how cute he looks when he blushes. Maria is now rolling on the floor laughing.
“Maria” I hiss “stand up!”.
“I can’t. I’m..(gasp)..going….to…(gasp)...pee….my…(gasp)...pants (snort)! The look….on your….faces (snort)!” She is gasping and laughing so hard I’m almost worried that she needs oxygen. Maria starts to crawl towards the bathroom still laughing while I look at Max and he looks at me. I close my eyes and pray. Please, please, please, kill me now.
I open my eyes and Max is smiling. So I start to smile and then we both start laughing. The fact that Maria is in the bathroom trying not to have an “accident” has us almost rolling on the floor. We can actually still hear her laughing through the door. Eventually we calm down enough to hold a conversation.

“I just thought I would stop by since you said you were working until 4:00.” Max states.
I smile “Great. Umm… Max? Is there anyway you perhaps don’t remember any of the rest of our phone conversation this morning?” I can only hope, right?
“Uhh…what other part? I just remember you telling me you work until 4:00.” Max smiles.
Oh My God! I am totally in love with this guy. How sweet is that? He is willing to not mention the fact that I was dreaming about him to save me the embarrassment. What a guy!
”Nothing.” My smile turns into a full fledge grin.

Max stays for a little while as we make plans for tonight. Maria refuses to come out until he is gone. I think the whole situation has finally caught up with her. Ha, ha. And now I am really looking forward to the date. At least now we will have something to talk about…. Maria. Maybe I’ll mention that she had a tendency to wet the bed when she was younger. Hmmm, we’ll have to see.

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Hi Guys!

I know I have been getting a new part out every day and that you are all waiting on the edge of your seats for the big date but I don't have time to get a new part out today. For some reason, work is really busy (what's up with THAT?). I don't have my usual lull time to write. *big* I have most of the next part done. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to post it.

Dreamy- You rock! Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the reason I am able to come up with some of these scenarios is because they are real life experiences. Scary, eh?
alienchica- Whether Max is an alien or not doesn't really apply to this fic. I never made a decision so it is completely up to the reader. *happy* Thanks for the reply!
abbs007- Getting caught by a customer while talking about sexual positions actually happened to a friend of mine. It was so funny I had to put it in this fic. I'm glad you are enjoying this!
CEO Shaft- Thank you so much! You must be enjoying this if you keep coming back *wink*. I guess if I don't get a reply, I'll assume you gave up on it. Hee, hee. Thank you so much for reading.
roswellluver- I think Maria did make it to the bathroom in time. This part was taken from something that happened to me. My friend made me laugh so hard one time that I had to crawl to the bathroom. I almost did have an accident but I made it just in time. *tongue*
Mermaidgirl- I would have passed out too if the guy I liked caught me talking about sexual positions with my friend. The date begins in the next part!

Thanks again for all the replies. It really means a lot to me!*big**big**big*
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Hello, fellow Roswellians! I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to SpAcEgUrL370 and BelevnDreamsToo for replying. You guys are too cool.

I would also like to warn you that I am working off of almost no sleep. My little 9 month old girl decided to be sick this past few days which means she won't let me put her down (and she won't go to her daddy! - Us Mommy's really RULE!). I'm not too excited about this next part but hopefully will do better the next time.

Same rules apply: Feedback or NO MORE! Hee, hee. *big*

And so the date begins......

Chapter 4- Naked on a Bear Skin Rug

Max picks me up right on time, 6:00. Maria and I were frantically trying to get me ready in the very short two hours that Max gave me between my shift and when he was coming back to pick me up. If you aren’t a girl, then you wouldn’t understand why two hours is NOT enough time! Especially for a first date with the guy of your dreams! There is too much to do. Plucking, shaving, showering, dressing, hair styles, make-up, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless! Finally, I am just about ready. Good thing Maria was there so we could everything double time. Max wouldn’t tell me where were going so Maria and I had to improvise the shoes for the outfit so it would be suitable anywhere. With the whole toe fetish issue being unresolved we decided on sandals (just in case!). With strappy black sandals, I have put on a black miniskirt and a red V-neck t-shirt with capped sleeves. Nice but casual.

As we hear the doorbell ring, Maria and I start jumping up and down and squealing in my room. It was decided between the two of us that I should wait a couple of minutes to make my grand entrance but not wait too long because I wouldn’t want my mom to start pulling out the old family albums of me naked on a bear skin rug. Why does every parent have that picture???

As Max enters my house I come running down the hall to try and shorten the whole Mom and Dad grilling time. Unfortunately, I trip a little and run right into the wall. BAM! Thank God, no one can see me from the living room but I’m sure they heard me. I come into the room rubbing my head just in time to hear my dad “…. where are you taking my baby girl?” Oh no. Groan.

“Dad! Contrary to what you believe, I am no longer a baby.”
“Lizzie-poo, you will always be my baby girl. Are you ok? I heard you run into the wall back there.” Ok. First of all, it’s bad enough that your dad is calling you a baby but to also call you by your childhood nickname is so embarrassing. And then to bring up the fact that I’m a klutz is almost more than I can handle. I think Max notices my discomfort because he starts to speak.
“Actually I was just planning on dinner and a movie. If that’s ok with Liz, of course.’
“Sounds great to me.” I say hoping to get out of there…. soon.
“Ok. Well, you kids have fun and be home by 12:00.” Kids? Another groan from me.
Max and I go outside to his jeep and he opens my door to let me in the car. On the passenger seat is a single white rose. Ahhh, how sweet. Max blushes as I pick up the rose and he goes around to get in on his side of the car. This time I am able to notice how cute he is when he blushes. It actually reaches his ears. Normally I wouldn’t think too much of someone’s ears but lately, in my dreams, I’m able to use those ears to pull Max towards me. So now his ears turn me on. Yes, I know, I’ve got it bad.

Max and I have a pretty easygoing conversation in the car on the way to dinner. So far I haven’t had to bring up bed-wetting Maria. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that. I’ve also managed not to embarrass myself…yet. This must be a record for me. Can you believe it? I’m in a car on a date with Max Evans??? I start squealing inside. Unfortunately a little squeal escapes. Max looks over at me confused.
“Are you ok, Liz?”
“Ummm….ummm….yeah…ummm… I just…..I just got excited about the movie we are going to see. I hear it’s good.” Lame, Liz, very lame. Max just nods, gives me another confused look and turns his eyes back towards the road. Oh man, so much for not embarrassing myself.

We get to the restaurant and I find out that Max has chosen Mexican food. I love Mexican food! We are actually laughing and joking through dinner and having a good time. We realize that we don’t have much time to get to the movie so we leave the restaurant. Here is the coolest part. As we leave, Max puts his hand on the small of my back to lead me out (I love that!) and after we get through the doors, I turn a little bit so his hands drops but as it drops it kind of slides down my arm towards my hand and I make my move to grab his hand. Bold move, I know. Maria taught me it. We’ve been practicing on each other. The only problem was that Max’s arm isn’t exactly the same as Maria’s so I ended up missing his hand and stumbling forward. I will have to inform Maria about that! Luckily, Max caught me by putting his hands on my waist. Ahhh, how nice is this to be in Max’s semi-embrace. As soon as I right myself he grabs my hand and gives me a smile. So in the end, the move worked! Objective: Hold Max’s hand. Conclusion: Max is holding your hand. Yay for me! Oh my God. I think I’m going to melt. Into 22 buckets of butter. Unfortunately, we get to the car and he has to let go so we can get in. When he gets into the car, he starts the engine, puts the car in gear and grabs my hand again. In fact, he actually laces my fingers through his. I sigh. Get the buckets out again.

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Well, I went out last night to celebrate my brother's birthday at Dave&Busters and I came home and very quickly checked the board and I was #1! There was even a BUMP from my fellow mer-girl! How exciting is that??? I was a little too tipsy to write any replies which is why I wrote them today. I actually got a full night's sleep last night! Yippee! Now I can stay up late and catch up reading all my favorite stories. Here is chapter 5. I really hope you guys like it. It's really short but I couldn't think of anything else to add into this part. I wanted to get to the end of the date since I know you all are waiting for it. *wink* Thanks for all the feedback and replies. Enjoy!

Chapter 5- Green M&M’s and Pam Troy’s Pants

We get to the theater and it’s packed. That’s what happens on Saturday nights in Roswell. There really isn’t much else to do. Go to the movies or go stargazing in the desert. Max thought ahead and has already purchased the tickets. What a guy! We breeze right in past all the people in line with smiles on our faces. I’m sure there must be people from high school in line and with Max still holding my hand, I know there will be gossip all around school come Monday morning. I’ve never really been the subject of gossip before. Oh well, at least it will be good gossip this time. Unless they think Max played Truth or Dare. Highly possible.

Max has picked a comedy. Good choice for a first date. Of course, that’s what all the people we recognize from school have also picked. Hmmmm. So much for some alone time. We pick our seats towards the back in the middle. Nice boy, Max. Endless possibilities back there. Max is trying to balance his popcorn, put the drink in the holder and keep my hand in his all at the same time. It’s funny. He finally manages. I wonder how I’m going to open my M&M’s without letting go of his hand. Ah-ha! That’s what teeth are for! There is no way I am giving up holding his hand for a few measly M&M’s. If I had some super glue right about now, I would use it to bind our hands together forever! I finally manage to get the box open and offer some to Max. He takes a few and pops them in his mouth. YES! He got a green one! Maybe that will make him horny enough to kiss me tonight! I, of course, start picking out ALL the green ones and start shoveling them in my mouth. I don’t think I need that extra boost but it couldn’t hurt. Max watches me, raises his eyebrow and I blush. I offer him a couple of green ones and he takes them. We grin. I wonder if he knows the significance?

I know Maria is going to ask if we “chalked” so I have to try everything I can to make sure that happens. You don’t know what “chalking” is? Well, it’s another top secret code of ours. You see, chalking comes from “chalk one up” which all began when Maria kissed her first boy. Afterwards she had told me “Chalk one up for Maria”. It’s like keeping a tally on how many guys you’ve made out with. So… whenever we make out with a boy, we “chalk one up” this led to questions like “So, did you chalk?” Thus, the code.

The movie is good. It’s really funny and Max and I have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. We have also managed to lean towards each other while watching the movie so my head is basically resting on his shoulder. He lets go of my hand and puts his arm around me. Did I bring my buckets to melt into? I reach over for the popcorn, which is in his lap, and conveniently leave my hand on his leg. I am so sly! Max doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he is smiling away like a lunatic. Men! It takes so little to please them!

I look to the left and up a couple rows and see Pam Troy watching us. I’ve heard rumors that Pam has been after Max all four years of high school with no success. Thank God Max has some taste and hasn’t gone down that road. I would seriously have to reconsider dating him knowing that Pam Troy had him first. Ewww! Who am I kidding? I would still date him if he was an alien from another planet with four heads and spoke Antarian! After all, isn’t Love a universal language?

Pam keeps watching us with her eyes narrowed and steam coming out of her ears. This confirms to me that these rumors are true. Mmmm. Interesting. So what do I do? I rub Max’s leg a little. Max looks at me surprised, I glare at Pam and her date of the week turns around to see what she is looking at and spills Coke on her white pants. Hee, hee. This must be the best date EVER!

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Thanks to all of you who have continually checked back with this story. I would like to welcome 2crzy4roswell, BLS40, ISLANDGIRL5, and Care-Behr.

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Well, I managed to break the last bit of this into two parts so here is the first of the two. I am still working on the last part. I hope you guys enjoy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. If I had time today I would thank you individually but I figured you would rather have the next part. *wink* Thanks again!

Chapter 6- Coughing Fits and Stalkers

Unfortunately the date is over way too soon for me. There was a tense moment when we got back to the car after the movie. You see, I was totally serious about super gluing our hands together. Max opened my door for me but I absolutely refused to let go of his hand. I don’t even think my mind realized what my body was doing. I was leaning against the side of the car with the door open and Max was right in front of me. With him gently tugging on my hand, my hand reacted by pulling on his (harder) so he started to lean in and I thought “Oh my Gosh! This is it!” so I swallowed to prepare my mouth (after all, I know what a kiss is like when too much spit is involved). Well, I must have been nervous because I started choking on my own spit. Talk about a mood breaker! This coughing fit did however release my hand from Max’s as I covered my mouth. Of course, Max being the gentleman that he is proceeded to pound on my back asking if I was ok.

Max drives me home and our conversation mainly consists of our favorite parts from the movie. I also bring up the subject of why Max is in the Crashdown so often. This causes Max to blush. Hmmm. I wonder why?
“Well,” says Max “Izzy and Michael like to go and..
wellyouworkthereandIgotoseeyou.” He mumbles.
“What, Max? I didn’t catch that last part.”
“Umm…well, you work there and I go to see you.”
“Well, yeah.”
Oh. My. God. He likes me!
“By the way, Liz. What are C’s from H?”
Oh no. “Umm. Where did you hear that?” Someone is cracking the code!
“I heard Maria tell you a few times that she had C’s from H at her table.”
Should I tell him? What would Maria say? I can’t lie to him.
“Ummm….actually they are Customer’s from Hell.”
“Ahh, nice cover.” He looks at me confused. “Then what are H’s from H?”
Holy crap! I am in trouble here. I am totally blushing and trying to think of a good answer. I may have to lie this time! Anything but the truth.
I clear my throat. “Hats from Holland?” Lame. Very lame. But will it work?
Max thinks about it and then says, “No. I specifically heard you say that there were H’s from H sitting at table 4. Isn’t that the table I always sit at? I don’t think we were wearing ‘Hats from Holland’.”
Ok. Now I am really embarrassed. Since I always seem to embarrass myself around Max I might as well just bite the bullet and tell him the truth.
“Hunks from Heaven” I mumble.
He grins and changes the subject. I guess he liked my answer.

I begin to wonder if he is going to kiss me goodnight and I really start to freak about the whole thing. Do I have popcorn breath? Is my lipstick smeared? I should have done my tongue workout this morning! Max also gets very quiet as we near my house. Oh no. Is he trying to find out a way to end this without having to see me again? Is he thinking about how boring I am. I mean, he looked like he was having a good time but who knows. Maybe I am overanalyzing the situation. You think? But remember, I have liked Max FOREVER. If he doesn’t like me now after we’ve actually been on a date, I’ll be crushed! I will have to move out of the state, become a nun and teach English as a Second Language for all the foreigners who want to live in this country.

After an eternity we reach my house (which was more like 15 minutes). We get out of the car and Max walks me to the door. There’s another thing. I turned towards him in the car thinking he may want to chat in the car for a bit since I have 20 minutes left until curfew. Guess not. He gets out which prompts me to do the same. After all, wouldn’t it look bad if he got out of his car and I just stayed inside, locked the doors and held onto the passenger seat with a death grip? I think that reaches stalker level. We get to the door and I tell Max that I had fun tonight. He smiles and states that he had a wonderful time also.

I’m thinking that since he is not making a move, I will give him a hug goodbye. I’m a little too shy to attack him with a kiss (especially since I’m not sure he wants to kiss me!) although the scene after the movie might make him think differently. I turn leaning towards him but of course mistake the distance and my arms start waving while I try to keep my balance on the top step. Max steps in and grabs my arms to help me regain my balance and then lets go.
“Well….I guess….I should…..uhh….go in.” I say.
“Uhh….Ok. Good night, Liz.”
“Goodnight, Max,” I sigh.
Max turns to head down the steps and I start to put my key in the lock.
I turn back around surprised to see Max still on the top step. “Yeah?”
“Do you think…I mean….will you…..go out with me again?”
WHAT??? Are you kidding? Marry me! Let’s go to Vegas and elope tonight! My heart is totally jumping for joy right now. Ok, ok, be cool Parker.
“Yeah…I’d like that.” And then he smiles that incredible smile and I am lost.

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Ha, ha. Just kidding, guys! How could I ever be that mean when you all leave such incredible feedback? Well, here is the conclusion but....I have a treat for you guys! I thought of an epilogue today so there will be one last part after this one. It must be your lucky day. I am working on the epilogue but I wanted to get to this part since you have ALL been waiting for it! It's even longer than some of my previous parts! Enjoy! Give me your thoughts and feedback. I thrive on it!

Chapter 7 – The Perfect Kiss

Max’s smile. It’s breathtaking. In all the years I have known Max, I have never seen his full blown smile. I’d like to think it’s something about me that put it there so from now on, I am going to say that it’s MY smile. I am such a dreamer living in fantasy world but Hey, I’m happy there! Max hangs out on the porch a little longer and I wonder if this is how the date will end. He seems reluctant to leave. That’s a good sign, right? Before we know it we are both leaning towards each other. Oh no! Here comes the heart thing again. The heart attack will probably happen now when I really don’t want it to! God….where are you? Please don’t make me have a heart attack right now! Please, please, PLEASE!

When our lips meet for the first time, it’s amazing. His lips are so soft. The first kiss is light, a mere brushing of our lips against each other. He starts to pull away and I whimper and become bold. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him back. Ahhh. That’s better. That’s where he belongs. He lets out a small gasp but then presses his lips more firmly to mine as his arms go around my waist. The kiss is perfect and it goes on and on. Damn! Where is my super glue??? Eventually, Max is daring enough to run his tongue along my bottom lip and I open my mouth to let him in. His tongue starts caressing mine and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. I can feel it all the way in the pit of my stomach. My hands are clenching in his shirt over and over. Now this is heaven. I could die right now and I would have known the most perfect kiss. That’s all I need before I die, right? Max’s hands have moved to cup my face while mine have moved to his front but are still grabbing handfuls of his shirt. I can feel his body underneath. Ok. I saw Max in his gym clothes last year when we had P.E. at the same time but OH MY GOD! That doesn’t even compare to what I feel underneath his clothes. What? Does he do sit-ups in his sleep? The best part is that his heart is racing almost as fast as mine. Maybe he has a heart problem too? Eventually his hands start to migrate into my hair and he is massaging my scalp while tilting my head for a better position. We keep kissing and sighing. Sometimes with our eyes open but mostly with our eyes closed. His lips move down my cheek towards my ear and then back again, giving me small kisses the whole way.
“God, Liz!” he whispers.
“Mmm, Max…”
“I have wanted to do this for so long.”
“Really? Me too.”
“Oh yeah.”
His nibbles approach my mouth again and by now I have lost ALL control. I lean into him and cause him to stumble back until I have him pinned to the wall. My mouth cannot stop devouring his. And suddenly, behind my closed eyelids, I see flashing.

I think I must be getting dizzy from the kiss until I realize that there is actually a flashing light. The porch light. Oh no! How embarrassing! That is my dad’s cue that it is almost time to come in. If he knows I’m out here then he must know what I was doing out here. Groan. Oh well. Max’s kisses are worth the embarrassment of knowing your parents saw you. Max continutes to nibble on my lips while asking, “What was that?”
“Oh, (kiss)…that..(nibble)…was…(kiss)…just..(nibble)…dad”. Long kiss.
“Mmmm…..Wait! WHAT?” Max cries. He wrenches back pulling out of my arms.
“No, Max, it’s ok. We still have 5 minutes. Just be quiet because my dad is probably right inside.” I whisper.
“Really Max, the flashing porch light was a five minute warning.”
“Liz, I’m not really comfortable making out with my girlfriend while her father is waiting just inside.”
“Girlfriend?” I say surprised.
“Umm…well…yeah. That is…well…if you want to be. I mean, I know that we’ve only gone out once but I’ve liked you for so…..”

You know what my answer is? I attack him again. I actually launch myself into his arms, wrap my legs around his waist and kiss the daylights out of him. This is not that easy in a skirt but I somehow manage. As strong as Max is, he is not ready for this reaction and ends up stumbling back towards the door. Well, in his attempts to regain his balance, he unknowingly rings the doorbell. So here I am completely wrapped around my new boyfriend, smacking noisy kisses all over his face while my dad answers the door. Unfortunately, Max was leaning against the door when it opened. My dad leaps to the side just as both of us fall into the house with me landing on top of Max. I don’t think I am ever going to leave this position! I am so comfortable that I make no move to get up. Max, on the other hand, is struggling to get up and look presentable to my dad. Hard thing to do when his hair is completely messed up, his shirt is in dire need of ironing and he has my Pink Passion lipstick all over his face. He definitely does not look like the same guy who came to pick me up earlier. We finally manage to stand up and face my dad. I’m not willing to let go of Max completely yet so I put my arm around his waist while he puts his arm around my shoulders.

“Hi Daddy!”
“Uh, hi Lizzie….Max.”
“Hi Mr. Parker. I hope we aren’t late.”
“Um, no. You are just on time. Although I don’t know why you rang the doorbell.”
“Umm, umm, well…….” Max is beet red.
“Oh Daddy, I forgot my key.” Max lets out a relieved breath.
“I see,” he says, unconvincingly. I think my dad knows exactly what I was up to outside but he is willingly to let it go for now. It must be Max’s reaction. He looks like he is going to faint at any moment. I lower my hand and give his butt a little squeeze. He gasps and reaches for my hand. I am biting my lip trying not to laugh. I don’t know what’s come over me. I am usually not this bold but there is something about being thoroughly kissed by the man of your dreams that makes you willing to try anything.

“Well…” My dad looks at us and we realize that it is time for Max to go.
Max leans his forehead on mine and holds my hand over his heart briefly.
“Bye, Liz.”
“Bye, Max. Thank you for the best night of my life.”
He smiles “My” smile and turns to leave.
“Bye, Mr. Parker.”
“Bye, Max. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you soon.”
I stare at him dreamily as he heads out the door. Oh. My. God. Max Evans kissed me. And it wasn’t a dream. Oh. My. God.
”Lizzie? LIZZIE!” I jump. My father is waving his hand in front of my face. “You might want to get in your room. It is now 12:15 and your phone has been ringing off the hook for the past twenty minutes.”
“Ok. ‘Night, Dad.” I say dreamily.
“Good Night, Lizzie. Sweet Dreams.” He says with his tongue tucked in his cheek.
I get to my room and the phone starts to ring again.
“Hello, Maria.”
“Oh My God, Liz! I’ve been calling you for 30 minutes! How was the date?”
“You know the Some Kind of Wonderful kiss? Well, it’s now #2.”
She sighs, “Oh. My. Lord.”
So I proceed to tell her everything. And then I go to bed. I don’t know if I will dream about Max tonight. I think the real thing surpasses any dreams. Chalk one up for Liz Parker.


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Ok Guys! Here is the last part. Enjoy!

Epilogue – The First Appearance

Well, here I am. Back at school. It’s the first day of school after my big date with Max. I’ve done nothing but smile all weekend long. I’m beginning to wonder if my teeth will be damaged from being exposed to air for so long. I can’t seem to close my lips. I wasn’t able to see Max yesterday because we both had to work and then had to spend some time with our families. We did however talk on the phone last night for three hours. He is so amazing. Have I gotten any sleep the past two nights? Uh….No. So here I am now, at school, waiting by my locker. Why? Well, my ‘boyfriend’ said he would meet me here before school. I love that. My Boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. Liz Parker + Max Evans. Liz Parker Evans. It looks good, doesn’t it? I know this because for the past four years, I’ve written that name over all my books (all except Biology, of course!).

I’ve been waiting at my locker now for 30 minutes. Is Max late? Of course not. I came early just to make sure I wouldn’t miss him. You never know when there will be a 7-car traffic jam somewhere in the 10-minute drive to school. Maria is still furious with me for getting her to school so early but she understands that this is true love. She’d better or she would have to find a new best friend. Ha, ha. Only kidding. In fact, she’s so sweet that she offered to wait with me for Max. Isn’t that devotion? I know she just wants to view us kissing. I think that maybe she doesn’t quite believe me when I say I have a boyfriend.
“So Max’s friend Michael is kind of cute. Do you think we can double date or something?”
“Maria, I have been dating Max for a total of like 2 days! Don’t you think if I tried to set you up Max may feel like that’s the only reason why I’m dating him?”
“Lizzie! Come on! I want the Some Kind of Wonderful kiss too!” She’s whining and stomping her feet. Maria whining and stomping her feet is never a good sign.
“I’ll try and bring it up, ok?” I say to pacify her.

Max still has 10 minutes before our scheduled meeting time so I decide to get all my books out of my locker for my English class so I can maximize my time with him. I am a little worried though. What if Max has changed his mind? What if he recalls all the klutzy things I’ve done and decides that he really doesn’t want to endanger himself and die young? What if all that time apart has made him think? After all, 30 hours is a long time! Once again, I’m overanalyzing.

As I am waiting, Pam Troy and her entourage walk by. I’m sure Pam has filled them in with her version of my date on Saturday night. Yep. Here they come.
“Hey, Liz.”
“Pam.” We were never friends so why start now? “Did you get the stain out of your pants?” I’ve told Maria all about Pam and her date Saturday night so she starts busting up laughing.
Pam’s eyes narrow and she turns red. “Oh it was nothing, just a tiny little spill.”
“I see.” She is still standing near my locker with about four of her friends. “Was there something you wanted?”
“Yes, actually. I was wondering how Max’s ‘dare’ went Saturday night.”
“What? What dare?” Now I am really starting to get worried. Does she know something I don’t?
“The dare that he took saying that he had to go out with you. What else could it have been?” All of Pam’s friends are snickering.
“Why you little…” There goes Maria. After Pam’s throat. Good thing I saw it coming and caught in her time to hold her back. I don’t need Maria to fight this battle for me.
“Well, for your information….” I start but then I hear a throat clear behind Pam.
My eyes light up when I see him and Max pushes his way past Pam and his friends.
”Hi sweetie.” Max says in a husky voice. Sweetie?
“Uh, hi?”
He hands me a white rose and leans towards me to give me a small peck on the cheek.
“Thank you for the rose. It’s beautiful!” I say.
“Not as beautiful as you.” Maria lets out an audible sigh.
“Hi Max.” Of course Pam would want to get her say in.
“Oh hi. I didn’t see you there.” I’m trying hard not to laugh as Max says this. Maria of course, starts rolling on the floor laughing. Pam is not taking it too well. Remember the steam coming out of her ears? Well, it’s happening again.
”I’m sorry. I am going to have to steal my GIRLFRIEND away from you right now. I need some serious ‘alone time’ to get me through the rest of the day.”
“Your G-G-Girlfriend….?” I hear Pam sputter behind me while Max leads me away.
”Max….you know you just broke her heart, right?” I say.
“So? I’m only concerned about your heart.” Oh my. “You don’t believe her, do you?”
“About what?”
“About the ‘dare’?”
“Oh.” All of a sudden I’m quite nervous. I stare down at the ground.
“Well, I did ask you myself…”
“And I said no.” Max tilts my head up with his finger under my chin and I stare into his eyes and I no longer have any doubts about his feelings for me. It’s all right there in his eyes.
I smile. “Yes, you did.”
All of a sudden Max is looking curiously at my books.
“Liz? Did you bring your books home this weekend?”
I’m still staring at his face as I answer “No, why?”
“Well, it says ‘Liz Parker Evans’ all over them.”
Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!
“Would you believe that they were abducted by aliens?”
“Would you believe that I am adopted and that my REAL last name is Evans?”
“Well that would make it convenient.”
“Make what convenient?”
“If we ever got married, you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of changing your name.” He states very seriously. There goes my heart condition!
I completely stopped in my tracks. Which of course makes the people behind me slam into me. Max apologizes to them and grins at me.
I grin back. This day is getting better and better.

Max leads me towards my first class before he heads to his. Outside the door he cups my cheek and gives me a sweet lingering kiss on the lips. He even does this in front of my whole class. Now I definitely no longer have doubts about us.
“I’ll see you at lunch. I was serious about needing some ‘alone time’ with you”, Max whispers as he wiggles his eyebrows up and down.
I am so dazed by the kiss and his words that I turn around and promptly run right into the doorjamb. The guys in my class laugh while the girls all sigh. Max turns me around slightly so I am heading in the right direction and then goes to his class. Could life get any better than this? I think not.

Author’s Note: Ok, guys! Well, that’s the end. I hope you all enjoyed! Just a couple quick things:

1. I need to dedicate this story to my friend Mary. Without her, most of this would not have been written because it would have never happened. The C’s from H, chalking, almost peeing my pants while crawling to the bathroom, getting caught talking about sexual positions, Tiki Punch nail polish, the “wet-look” kisses, rating movie kisses and so much more were all due to being friends with Mary. Mary…you are the best! I am so glad we have been friends for over 15 years. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. If I am Liz, you are my Maria. Good luck on your wedding this summer (although I know you won’t need it!). Thanks, for always being there for me!
2. To all my loyal “fans” – Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback. Without you, I would have stopped the story after the Prologue. This was my first fanfiction and I truly enjoyed writing it. I have read so many of yours and was so inspired by them that I gave it a go! Thank you especially to Jessie, Abby, Debbi, Izzy, Jo, Laura, Aaliyah, Robyn, BelevnDreamsToo, alienchica, CEO Shaft, aZNrosWelL anglgrl, anonymousarfan, frenchkiss70, 2crzy4roswell, BLS40, Kristen, and june.r.! for leaving lots of feedback. I will be looking for all of your stories and leaving lots of replies. I am thinking about a sequel to this but have to find time to write it first. Life all of a sudden got very busy for me! Thanks again!


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Hi Guys! Thank you again for all who have replied. I really appreciate it. I see that you are all requesting a sequel. Well, I haven't started one yet. I have been really busy and whatever time I do have, I have spent reading all of your stories (for inspiration!). I am still thinking about it though so don't give up hope! Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback! You are all the BEST!

~Tania~ *wink*

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mermaidgirl- Hello Jessie! How funny that you ask. I was actually thinking about it in the shower this morning. I think I have the main idea but need to map it out and work on some details. Imagine my surprise when I get out of the shower and the first thing I do is check the board and see my fic on pg. 1. Hmmm. So then I go to Debbi's fic and see my name listed. WOW. By the way, I might be more motivated to write a sequel if I get inspired by "That Special Touch". What do you think???? Hee, hee. I'm still waiting to see how Max and Liz's week go. I can't wait. Thanks for leaving me feedback again. You are so GREAT!!! Have a great weekend! *big*

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