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TiTle : Wishing You Were Mine

Subject: Well of course its gonna be Max n' Liz I soo cant get enough of

A/N: hehe u should see this one gym teahcer I had last year is soo cute he actually kinda looks like Jason Behr...kay juz so u otha pplz kno my old sn for this was XxAnGeLBaBexX....hav one story kinda written "The Search for True Love"....itz kinda cute....check it out if ya want...somewhat a Cinderella twist to it

Summary: hmm not definate but pretty much Max Evans is gonna be some hot-shot jock.....n' well Liz iz juz gonna b lil Lizzie Parker somewhat in Max's place ....admiring from afar

He came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist bringing me closer, his straining erection pressing against my lower body. Placing kisses on the base of my neck, his hips grinding slowly against mine at a pace which was driving us both insane. Moaning I turned to face him, pushing him on the bed behind us. Straddeling his hips I began rocking against his erection, causing him to moan loudly, our pace quickened his hands on my waist stilled my motions.

"We need to slow down, I want you so bad, but I want this to be a night you'll remember," he whispered seductively in my ear as he began sucking on my earlobe.

His hands strayed from my waist, now they were cupping my breasts I moaned as I leaned into his hands, giving him more access to my body. My hands began to wander to the botton on his jeans. I slowly slid the zipper down and................

I awoke to the sound of the alarm, yet another day to face reality. The only time I'd be that close to Max was in my dreams. Max to describe him in one word is irresistable, dark jet black hair with these killer buby blue eyes. Max was a total hottie, every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to lay him. He was what most people would refer to as a jock, tall dark and handsome.

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Part 2:

My life has always been plain and simple, I live in a small apartment building with my mother, top of my class and shy. I've never had many friends and probably never will, ever since I moved to Roswell my life's been plain, simple and boring, that was until I noticed Max, who wouldn't notice him. At my arrivial people were somewhat friendly but that all died down by the next day, life going back to how it orignially was. Currently I'm single my last boyfriend was a total fuck-wit cheated on me with any girl within a 5 mile radius, but that was in California, my new life was here and I hoped to make the most of it. This being the third week of attending Roswell High I've gotten into the swing of things knowing what to wear, who to hang around and who not to. The thing of it was that the main person to hang with just so happened to be Max's sister Isabel and not just anybody could hang out with her they had to be in a sense invited to her group which was hard to do.

My mother had been trying to convince me to join a club or some kind of afterschool activity to get to know people better, but what was there to do in the small town of Roswell? My mother had finally been successful in getting me to try out for cheerleading not something I would actually want to do but if it got my mother off my back then it was worth it, plus it brought me closer to Max, since he was the star quarterback. Try-outs were this afternoon and I was in no mood to be around peppy, talkative blondes, the only thing that made it worth wild was the fact I overheard that Max was going to be there.

Isabel being the captin of the squad was extremely picky of who was going to be added to the sqaud this year, she made mental notes of how well they did, observing their behavior. Her eyes shifting from person to person finding fault in many until she finally rested her eyes on the new girl. Isabel only knew people who were worth knowing, anyone besides that was considered to be a waste of perfectly good space. She made note to talk to this new girl, finding very little fault with her routine. Isabel had constructed a routine for these pathatic wannabee's which was somewhat difficult for people who weren't flexible Isabel casually saunted over to her brother leaning against the wall behind her, observing the many who wished to be in her group, or being considered a friend of some sort.

"So Maxwell what do you think of these pathetic losers we've got here?"

Max laughed at his sisters atitude she always had to have it perfect never accepting second best.

"Well he replied the girl over there on the far end isn't that bad, actually she's kind of cute," he replied his eyes wandering over her pettite frame. She had dark brown, hair which appeared as if it might feel like silk to the touch, her eyes were a hazel almost matching her hair.

"Are my ears deceiving me or did my brother just say he thought someone was cute," Isabel replied sarcasticaly but honestly seeking an answer.

Max looked away at his sisters comment knowing what she was referring to, he had always been outgoing with almost anything but when it came to girls he was actually somewhat shy, he had no problem talking with them he's just never seemed to find the 'one' or anyone which intrigued him in the least bit. His current girlfriend Tess Harding was just for show, she was one that pretended to be someone she wasn't for the attention, she was all in all a pathetic little whore. For his social rank it was almost expected of him to be with Tess, after hearing how much she wanted him, there wasn't much he could do he knew cheeleaders never stopped till they got what they wanted and he just didn't want to have to suffer from being stalked around. Besides Tess there had been others who had made passes at him in hopes of being noticed, Pam Troy was another example she literally was trying to seduce him, only she looked like something out of a barbie comercials fake and disgusting.

The only reason he had ever considered going out with her was for his sisters benefit, when they moved here at the age of 13, the were like the many here at the try-outs trying to be someone, make something of themselves. As he hung around with her his reputation grew untill he became as popular as her, maybe even more. In the few years of attenting West Roswell High he had gone from a total nothing to someone that everyone wanted to be. At this point he had every intention of breaking it off with her, but having to deal with the rest of the female population of the school he decided against it, their relationship was for show nothing more, not that Tess knew this, she honestly thought he loved her.

"Alright thanks for your time ladies," Isabel started, "we will have a list of the new member or members for the squad out in a couple days" Isabel inwardly laughed knowing that only one of the many who were here were actually good enough for the team.

As many of the girls were leaving Isabel walked over to Liz "Hey you there in the red come here for a little bit"

Liz looked behind her and came face to face with Isabel Evans. " You called," Liz stated sarcastically knowing she shouldn't have been too harsh but hated it when people just said 'hey you' without even knowing her name. She was new but figured at least people would know her name.

Max laughed out loud, watching the scene unfold before him, the cute brunette had taken Isabel by surpise. The look on her face was totally priceless but only lasted for a second, before it fanished.

"You were pretty good out there today. What's your name?" She asked cooly flipping her hair to the side as if it didn't matter much.

"Liz, Liz Parker. I just moved her a few weeks ago." Liz replied looking at Isabel directly, refusing to back down at the Isabel's intense glare.

"Well why don't you come over afterschool so we can get to know eachother better, Max can drive you since I'm going to be a little late. That okay with you Liz?"

Liz heart pounded she was going to be in Max Evan's house, driven by him and she was going to be there for god knows how many hours. "Yea," she replied.

"Great well Max will meet you by your locker after your last class, I believe you both have Biology last."

"Yea we do," Max replied, "she's my new lab partner"

"What?," Liz asked totally shocked, the teacher had told her she was going to be setup with someone who would help her catch up with all that she missed she just wasn't expected to be partnered up with him.

"Yea the teacher asked me today if I wouldn't mind helping you out so I told him it was no problem. So maybe when you and Isabel are done we can get started on your school work." Max had actually fibbed a bit, he had asked the teacher to switch partners so he would be partnered up with her. He wanted to stake claim on her before anyone else did but there only came one slight little problem with this, Tess.

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whoa dude I soo wasnt expected sumbody to read it so soon but ne wayz glad u pplz are enjoyin it

Alienchica~ to answer ur question yea they gonna b in'd b kinda weird if it wuz juz surrounding them... I think like Maria is gonna b another person on the squad budz with Isabel...and Michael n' Alex will of course b Max's friends

hehe...I wonder if u pplz can guess how old I am?......I probably seem older than I really am cuz of wat I wrote for the beginning..but it would totally shock to my teachers if they eva knew I thought like supposedly an

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hiya guys miss me?...*looks around at the crowd forming*.....hehe...well here I am with yet another lil part im soo sry my school work is drivin me up the wall....well I hope u enjoy this part cuz I dunno how soon im gonna b able to post ne thing else...o n' btw thanks for all the fb I really appreciate it
Part 3:

The rest of lunch seemed to pass on forever, he just couldn't get her out of his mind. He was in love he knew it, just figuring out how to break it to Tess that it was over, there was no Tess and Max and there never was to begin with. Max was brought out of his current thoughts by a pair of arms which wrapped themselves around his neck pulling him closer. "Hey babe why dont we skip biology and have a little ER time to ourselves"

Max pondered how to carefully explain this to her that it was over, if he didn't tell her straight out that it was over she'd become obsessed, stalking him, not that she didn't already.

"Tess listen I really have to pay attention to this up comming lab and so should you, it counts for a big part of your grade"

"Why I mean were both lab partners and you understand this all so we could have our own little biology lesson"

"Tess I don't know how to say this but well the professor reassigned me to another person, so you have to work by yourself."

"What?!?" she shrieked, in disbelief causing somewhat of a scence.

"You know the new girl Liz, well she needs help catching up so I volunteered to be her partner."

"How could you Max you promised you'd help me get through this class. Hell I need to get through this class or I'm never going to get into a good college or a job in the least."

"Well that's just something your going to have to deal with"

She stared at him in disbelief her current boyfriend had just told her off. "Wait, wait what exactly are you saying" she questioned afraid of the answer she was going to receive.

"Listen Tess it was fun while it lasted but do you honestly think I ever loved you?" he asked his voice filled with sarcasm.

She stared at him in total shock trying to keep herself in control as tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to spill. She kept trying to possible think of a way to change his mind, or covince him otherwise.

"But Max....," she was cut short as he raised his hands in the air.

"Tess, I've had enough of this, it's OVER so face reality and get on with it"

After saying that he walked away, feeling a whole lot better about himself, he could hear that they had drawn a group by the some who were actually clapping. As it turned out half the school population were acting like Isabel in a sense, being nice to Tess since she was going out with one of the popular people and now that it was over they could treat her like the gerbil she is.

Liz watched from afar as the scene unfolded, a small smile crept to her face at knowing that now Max had no further attachments and was single. Yet the only thing that kept worry her was why a good looking guy like him would ever want her, but she would later realize to how wrong she was.

Liz slowly made her way into the biology room in hopes to not be noticed and asked the repeated questions for the millionth time today, yet she had no such luck. The teacher had seen me right from the second I had entered the class room and was already approaching me.

"I know you've been asked relentless questions over and over again so I'll save you the torture. I just came here to tell you that Max Evans is you lab partner."

I looked around the room trying to spot him, when I finally realized he was seated in the back of the room with a content smile on his face. I made my way ever so slowly down to him, my knees went weak at his smile, he was totally gorgeous. I sat down next to him and couldn't help but noticed he moved closer to me, I just thought it was since he was helping me out but everyonce in a while I'd get this feeling that there was something more involved.

"So where'd you move from?"


"Man, it must've been great out there. So what do you think of Roswell so far?"

"It sucks but there's nothing I can really do about that now."

He watched her with total fascintaion, admiring everything about her, he was drawn to her in a way he had never felt about a girl before. He felt sypathetic with the current situation she was put in but was exceedingly grateful for the powers above which had brought this stunning angel to him. She was perfect long dark brown hair, with these gorgeous chocolate brown eyes he could stare into forever. The period seemed endless, he kept steeling glances at her almost every second possible hoping that it wasn't all that obvious, except he didn't know that he was being watched.

Tess started across the room in total shock of what she saw, Max Evans was staring at Liz Parker this new out of town bitch who came here acting as if she was better than everyone else stealin HER man. Well technically he was no longer her's but that would all changer soon she thought to herself as an evil grin spread across her face. One way or another Max Evans would be her's once again and nothing would come in the way of this.

I was so nervous throughout this class, wondering how to act around this greek god, my mind started to ponder on various topics such as what did he look for in a woman, what did he think about me and of course what did he look like without his clothes because he looks dam fine in them but without the possiblities were endless. At the end of class he even asked for my phone number, I thought 'hey why not he's gonna be helping you pass the class'. So we exchanged phone numbers and had a quick little chat on the way to his jeep.

The car ride was filled with music and laughs, trading stories from our childhood, finding out more about one another. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, he was perfect, his smile, his personatily, he was totally hilarious and single! As we finally reached the house we discovered Isable hadn't gotten there yet and was most likely going to be with her friends for the next couple hours. Max and Liz slowly made their way into his house, he showed her around the place and lead her back to his room so he could get her caught up on biology.

"You dont mind if we study in my room do you, because the minute Iz gets home she's going to have her own little party of friends."

"Yea sure it's not problem, and anyways there's less here to distract us from getting our work done"

I couldn't help but think of another situation I would've loved to be in at the moment with him in his room 'get real' I thought to myself 'he couldnt possilbly like me that way'. Yet at the same moment Max had similar thoughts in his mind. Their study session went on slowly, both stealing glances at one another when the chance was available. At one point they caught one another and were currently engaged in a little staring fight. Liz smiled to herself knowing she was going to win, 'lets wipe that smirk off his face once and for all' I thought to myself. I moved closer to him and planted a quick kiss on his lips, after that he just looked at me and moved towards me. His arms wrapped around me, bringing me closer to him, soon we were making out for what seemed like forever. His lips wandered from my lips to the sensitive part of my neck.

"Oh god Max," I moaned

A smile played across his face as he began sucking on my earlobe, all that seemed to fill the room was the sounds of our heavy breathing and moans. Finally deciding to take control I stradeled his waist slowly rocking against him, he began to moan my name as his hands rested on the sides of my hips. By now it was apparent of the effect I had on him, yet before we had the chance to take it any further Isabel walked in on us.

"Hey Max I brought some.....OMG!" she shrieked as she saw the current state we were in.

"Hey Iz I was just helping Liz catch up on her biology while you were gone" he said as the both straightened their clothes.

"Yea, I bet you were."
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hiya guys im still workin on the next part life is a lil hectic atm....hada go to an induction ceremony cuz I got inta the one high school I applied to...yay! go me...hehe....well ne wayz I juz wanted to thank ya all for the wonderful feedbak...u guys r the greatest

BronWen ~ boutz ur comment on the break-up I did wit Max/Tess probably should have given a lil more detail of their relationship which I applogize I didnt n' thanxs for mentionin it

here we go pplz now u all get the dirt on Max&Tess wen they were together:(this is well an overal summary of Max&Tess wen the first hooked up till present wen he broke it off wit her)

Being new to a school can be somewhat frightening knowing you are being judge on what you wear, how you act and such. My sister throughout the whole moving process had been telling me to do whatever it took to become popular because she didn't need people automatically judging her on her brothers 'dorkiness'. Max even since a young age had always loved science with him getting these high grades and being no one people would automatically classify him as a nerd.

Isabel had been friendly with every populary person she found avoiding the people who turned out to be worthless to her reputation. Withing finding out that Tess Harding had a crush on her brother she had automatically told him to ask her out. Tess had been head cheerleader for a long time and had been one of those people everybody knew and wanted to be.

At first Max had been oposed to the whole concept of dating Tess but only agreed to do it for Isabel's sake. Their first date had been a total nightmare, listening to Tess bable on and on about fahsion, dissing those who never folllowed any of the new trends. He had taken her out to dinner and a movie hoping that things would get better which of course it only got worse and more annoying as time passed on. The only reason he kept up with this was he would constantly remind himself that he was doing this for Isabel.

By the time a year had passed Max had become so well known, he had joined the footbal team, baseball team and wrestling team. Tess had become so obsessed with their relationship that she began telling him what to wear. Max felt like he was suffocating in this "relationship" she was so controling and comulsive it was killing him. He had tried to think of some way to get out of this and the day a new student arrived he had found his miracle, her name was Liz Parker.

*** I kno this thing sucks but I juz wrote it within a couple minutes but at least u get the kinda idea of Tess's personality***
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