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Title: Love In An Elevator
Rating: Dreamer fic, NC-17
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but if I did Tess would have been history long ago....
Summary: Max and Liz meet in a elevator, when it breaks down they take the chance to get to know each other better.

Part 1

Hey my name is Maxwell Evans, Max for short, and I´m a 27 year old from Roswell, New Mexico. I´m not really from Roswell, see my adopted parents found myself and my sister in the middle of the desert. They took us home and we were adopted by them. The only thing is they have no idea who we really are. We were in the 1947 spaceship crash, and were in incubation pods for nearly 33 years. When we broke out of our pods, that´s when Mom and Dad found us.
Now I live in California, with my best friend Michael Guerin. Michael was also in the crash and we both work now as personal body-guards.
We are both good at our jobs and it takes us to alot of interesting places. After growing up in Roswell all of our lives life, both Michael and I have seen alot of the world.
At the moment I am entering the building of Parker Inc. for my next job. Parker Inc, is owned by billionaire Jeff Parker one of the richest men in America, I suppose that would make him also one of the richest men in the world.
I am going to work for him, protecting his only child, a daughter.
She was kidnapped 3 months ago, and after the ransom of $10 000 000 was paid she was released. But now Jeff wants a personal Body-guard to protect her. I met Jeff about 1 week ago. He´s a pretty laid back sort of man for a billionaire we got on really well together. So after he went over my references, he gave me the job. Now I´m here to meet her. She´s supposed to be a prissy little bitch. But the moneys to good to pass up. So I took up the job.
Now I´m entering the elevator, I go to push the button so the doors will close, but the doors open again, and the most stunning woman I have ever seen before in my life runs into the elevator with me.
She looks at me with an uninterested look on her face.
Fuck, she´s beautiful!
She´s only about 5´4, shiny dark hair and cremy, smooth skin.
She has the most beautiful face and 2 big brown eyes that adorn her face.
Her scent is rivetting, strawberrys thats the smell I get off of her.
She dresses sharply in a light pink suit, she must be a secretary here or something.
"What floor are you going up to"? I ask this beautiful stranger.
"Top floor", her voice replies.
"Oh I´m going there too". I smile back at her in surprise, see that´s where I´m going to as well.
But she turns her back on me, and the elevator proceeds to go up.
Because I can´t stop staring at her, I accidently leaned on all of the buttons, a few seconds later the elevator comes to a halt.
"Oh damn, I´ve got an appointment in 10 minutes", the beautiful lady says.
"I´ll see if I can get the elevator going". I say as I start pressing all of the buttons.
The beauty just looks at me in disguist, "what the hell do you think your trying to do"?
"Trying to get us out of here", I reply back to her rudeness.
"Your not helping us at all, your just making things worse, hey somebody get us outta here". As she starts to bang on the elevator door.
"Let us out". She continues to shout.
This must of gone on for 15 minutes or so. I tried using the emergency telephone in the elevator, and then finally a voice comes over the line, and tells me that they have sent a crew to fix the elevator up. It could take and hour or 2 before we can get out of there, I tell this beauty this, and in frustration she takes off her jacket and goes to place it on the floor.
"No use my jacket", I say.
Still looking unimpressed with me, she lets me take off my jacket and sits on it once it´s on the floor.
Ten minutes go past and we still haven´t said a word to one another.
She keeps looking up at me, knowing my eyes have been on her the whole time.
"What are you looking at, it´s making me uncomfortable you staring at me all the time". She says sternly to me.
"Well I don´t mean to make you uncomfortable, but it´s not everyday a man gets stuck in an elevator with the most beautiful woman in the world". And I meant every word of it.
"Oh you do not really mean that", she looks suspective of me.
"Yeah I did". Only this time I´m smiling at her.
"Are we going to be stuck in here really for that long". Her voice asks but less harsher.
"Yeah we are". I reply
"Then here, take a seat next to me", as she pats a place next to her.
"I think I will take up that offer", I hurry to sit next to her.
We are sitting there for awhile and she must be getting tired because she leans her head lightly on my shoulder.
I smile to myself and lean my head on hers too.
It´s not for a few minutes before she realises what we are doing.
"Oh I´m sorry", she pulls her head out from under mine and looks me straight into my eyes.
"That´s OK", I say softly while I become fixated by her gaze.
And before we knew it we had both grabbed each other and were joint in a passionate kiss.
I rise and lift her up with me.
And our hands are hurriedly trying to take off each others clothes.
I don´t even know her name
But that´s the last thing I´m worried about.
She´s pulling my shirt out of my trousers, I quickly pull the damned thing off!
She starts to cover me with her soft kisses, going down to my chest
With her tiny, soft hands she is exploring my body.
"Ohhh", I let out at the soft touches of hers against my hot skin.
I then pull her up and take off her see through blouse, and bury my head on her breast with my lips.
Her head falls backwards and I nibble at her breasts through her bra
Then unhooking it, I let her bra fall to the ground
And I replace my lips back on her hot skin again
She moans sweetly at my attempt to turn her on
I place my hands under her short skirt
I´m surprised that when I touch the hot flesh of her butt
She wearing no panties at all
So I squeeze at the soft skin of hers
I then move my hands up to the buttons of her skirt
And undo the button and zip
She slips it off of her wonderful body
She´s wearing suspenders and silk panty-hose
She then undoes my belt and zips me out
of the confines of my trousers
Then she pulls my boxers down
And goes down and places her mouth on my hardness
My head falls back as she takes me in her sweet, sweet mouth
I rock my body to and fro
This beautiful temptress is driving me wild
But I want her and pull her back up to me
And our mouths entertain each other
I move my hand between her shapely legs
And on contact with her
I feel the wetness of her moistness
She´s so hot when I find her nub
I massage her vigourously
Stimulating her every needs.
She moans deep down in the back of her throat
I hear her and she´s going to be coming soon
I lick her lips
and she goes over the edge
Then I lift her up onto me
She straddles my middle
and wraps her long legs around me
She postions herself over the head of my hardness
I pull her down on me
She moves slowly at first
But the passion that´s running through me
Slides her up and down faster
She´s so tight and wet
And my hands are back on the skin of her butt
I back up to the side of the wall
And attack her neck with my lips
She moaning harder and faster
And I feel myself coming to the edge
I thrust faster inside her sweet honey
One more time
and I release inside of her
So holds onto me tighter and tighter
Our breathing slows down
I release her and her feet touch the ground
But my lips are still attached to her
She´s breathing slower now
Then a voice comes over the speaker
In shock we just look at each other
"We should be able to get yous out of there in another 10 minutes", the voice says
So we quickly tidy ourselves up, we re-dress and she pulls out a mirror. To see if her make-ups in place.
She looks over to me and smiles alittle. Then she goes to comb her long, soft, brown hair.
And then I ask her, "do you have a name"?
She looks at me and smiles, "it´s better if we just leave it at this".
I´m disappointed, more than disappointed, I don´t know nothing about the beautiful stranger. Maybe she´s married with 3 kids and a dog. So I just say, "yeah OK".
A few minutes later the elevator doors open, she says thanks then runs out of the door.
I see she´s walking quickly but I haven´t got anytime to see where she is going too, as I catch another elevator to the top floor.
Once I´m there, I ask the receptionist if she can point me out to the toilets. I go inside and clean myself up as best as I can.
Then I proceed to meet with Jeff and his daughter.
Jeff shakes my hand when I enter his office, and tells me to take a seat.
Once seated, I tell him how I got stuck in the elevator, he says it´s OK because his daughter is running late too. Her name is Liz, and soon I have to meet her.
Jeff and I are having good conversation, when the intercom goes off.
His secretary informs us that Jeffs daughter, Liz is on her way through.
I wait anxiously, as the door slowly opens.
"Sorry I´m late Daddy", she says.
Then my mouth opens in shock.
It´s the beautiful woman from the elevator!
And by the way she´s staring at me, she feels exactly the same way as I do.
Now I know what her name is!


couldn´t help but post this one. Hope yous enjoyed it! FB please


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Hi all

well that was hot! I had that idea in my head the other day when I heard Aerosmith singing it on the radio. Thanks all for all the FB, I love it!!! Yous have to bear with me, cause I haven´t written anything down for this fic yet. I just type as I think. Later it will come out why Liz is such a bitch for. So onto the next part.


Part 2

As Jeff´s daughter Liz approaches me I stand up to greet her. She still has that look of shock on her face and I don´t think it disappearing anytime soon.
"Honey this is your new body-guard, Mr Evans". Jeff announces me.
"Just call me Max", as I go take her small hand in mine and shake it.
"I know Daddy, we got stuck in the elevator together". I am still holding onto her hand, so I brush the back of it will my thumb. She quickly snatches her tiny hand out of mine and gives me a look of contempt.
"Honey are you OK, nothing happened to you did it"? Jeff swings Liz into his direction.
"Yeah Daddy, Max here took really good care of me". Shes still looking with contempt at me.
"Oh thank goodness you got stuck in the elevator with your new body-guard. This could have been done on purpose you know, thanks Max for looking after my Baby so well", Jeff turned to me and said.
"It was my pleasure Jeff, I would do it again", it was more than a pleasure, and I know I would do it again and I smile right back into her eyes.
"Daddy I´m feeling a little sticky, have you ordered me a new wardrobe"? As she looks over to me and sneers at me. I know why she´s so sticky, I´m glad I´m the one who put her in that situation.
"Yeah I did, order you a new wardrobe, they´re in the wardrobe in the ensuite", Jeff says to her.
"OK, I´m just going to take a shower then", she announces, only I´m wishing I was the bar of soap.
"OK Honey, you take a shower then", and Jeff pecks Liz on the cheek before she goes off to the ensuite.
Jeff and I sit back down again and begin talking.
"You know Max when she got kidnapped, she changed when I got her back. She´s still real fragile, and I am only glad that you were in the elevator with her when it broke down". Jeff said.
HELL! So was I and I say to Jeff.
"Well I didn´t know she was your daughter, and I´m glad I was in there to comfort her".
"So Max, lets get onto your job then. Lizzie and I are going out soon to meet her Mother. Her and I are seperated, and shes only in town for a few days, here´s a spare key to Liz´s house", Jeff takes out a key from his jacket and hands it over to me. "While we´re at dinner could you go over to her place and do a check on the security system for me".
"Yeah, I´ll go right over there when I leave here". I reply.
"Max I haven´t talked to you about this, but I want you to move in with Lizzie, I want you on the job 24hrs a day, a room has been made up for you, your be sleeping next to Lizzie´s bedroom, is that OK with you"?
Jeff asks me.
"Well I´m sharing a condo with my friend, and I don´t know if he can afford the rent if I move out". I tell Jeff.
"That´s OK, before you leave give my secretary the address and any other information and I can have you half of the expenses paid for. This is one of the perks of the job, Lizzie has never had a body-guard before, she never needed one, but now I don´t want to risk anything with her life". Jeff looks suddenly upset says to me.
"Well I always have a spare suit-case packed in the trunk of my car, you never know where this job can lead you too, so I´ll do all that then, is there anything else that we should discuss then Jeff". I ask him.
"Only I hope you enjoy working for Lizzie, she can be tough sometimes. But you have to keep her in line".
I´ll do more than that I think to myself.
"Good then Jeff, I better get going and check that security system then". I go to shake Jeff´s hand.
"And if you have any problems with Lizzie or anything, don´t hesitate to call me, you still have my number don´t you"? Jeff asks.
"Yeah I do".
"Well I won´t keep you any longer Max".
And we farewell each other.
When I get to Liz´s place, my eyes just pop wide open. Her place is in Malibu, and it´s more of a mansion than a house. The gardens are neatly trimmed, and when I go into the garage, she has a red hot Ferrari, a Lamborgine and a Masarati, all Italian luxury cars. The woman has an expensive collection of cars. I like it!
I take my suitcase upstairs and unpack before I go check out the system.
It´s getting late now, and I have just finished having a shower. I´m dressed only in casual sport trousers and a t-shirt, and go downstairs to see if Liz has arrived back yet. About 5 minutes later, I hear the door slam and she comes bounding into the house.
"Hey", I call out to her to catch her attention.
"Leave me alone", and she runs up to her room.
I go back upstairs and hop into bed. About 15 minutes later there´s a knock on my door. I go to answer it, still wearing only my boxers. When I do open the door, Liz is standing before me in a red, silk and lace teddy.
"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to kiss me good-night". She say with her face all taunt.
So I take up her second offer up, and grab her in my hold, applying my lips to her sweet ones.
Liz´s arms are around my neck in a flash as we begin to lavish each other in a hot, passionate kiss.
I pick her up and move towards the bed laying her down gently.
We are both grabbing and grasping at each others hot skin just as Lovers do.
My thumbs are rolling her hard nipples through the lace of her Teddy, while my mouth is attacking the hollow of her neck.
I then pull the straps of her Teddy down, and roll her Teddy to her hips.
Her smooth, bronze skin is just tantalising and I go to take her hard nipple into my mouth
Flicking my tongue over it in fervour
She moans in ecstacy I know that shes enjoying this.
My mouth moves down onto her flat stomach she tastes ever so sweet
I seperate her legs now, knowing I have to taste her heat
My tongue lingers over the base of the buttons of her Teddy
With my teeth, I pull the buttons apart
And start to explore her wetness with my lips
Sucking like a little boy on his candy only that Liz is my treat
I pull her Teddy off of her wonderful body
Looking at all her wonderful curves
She´s beautiful I think to myself
And go in for her wetness
My tongue begin to explore her every fold and crease
Her body buckle upwards when I apply my tongue to her nub
I greedily lick away at her nub as if my life depended on it
Bringing her nub between my lips her aroma is making me crazy
"Ohhhhhhhhhh", she moans
As I bring her to her pinnacle and she cums onto my face
She kneels up on her knees know
I surround her from the back
Placing my hands on her breast, I knead and rotate them both
She reaches behind, until she finds my engorged hardness
And slips it into her wet, hot heat and goes down it with a hard thrust
I move my body into motion with hers, my lips are back at that hollow of her neck
Our rythmn increase now and sweat starts to pour from my body
The movements are quick and fast
I drill her again and again.
Then I feel myself cumming, and my fingers are back on her nub
Rubbing it faster her head relaxes back onto my strong shoulders
I thrust myself faster, I know I´m reaching the edge
We moan together, Lovers sweet calls
I release myself inside of her
But I´m not finished there
I pull her into my arms
And take her over to a comfortable chair
I lean against the back of the chair and she leans her back against my chest
She puts her feet on the chair, opening her legs up wide
Her heads on my shoulder and I lavish her ear with my mouth
While my hands at her service, back on her heat
My fingers on one hand thrust inside and one on her nub
My thumb take over the fun of my finger rubbing away at her
While her head keeps on rolling from side to side
I know she is liking all my attention
Her buttocks start arching into my manhood and it´s only a second before it´s hard again
She moans out my name
In sweet ecstacy while she writhing in her own pleasure
She turns around and straddles my hips
And impatiently takes my hardness in her tiny hand
Then re-positioning again she goes down on me
And we rock our bodies together in our heated passion
She goes up and down, furiously and I know she can´t get enough of me
I meet with her thrusts and arch into her
I´m reaching my edge once again
With a few rapid thrusts, I moan out in delight
And I cum in her deepness again
Our breating is fast but I know I can´t stop and we start up our with our needs again.
Later after about 2 hours of non-stop sex, we collapse out of exhaustion in bed.
She rolls on my body, and I hold her tighter and stroke her silky long hair.
"Liz that was amazing"
"I know, we can do it again, now that your be staying with me". She whisper so softly.
"Is that the truth, now you promise, cause I don´t think I can get enough of you".
"Yeah I mean it, and I promise that this will only be the beginning of many nights".
I kiss the crown of her head, and in a second we are overcome by exhaustion and fall asleep almost instantly.


Well did yous like that? I have to start developing this fic, so there will be a bit more story tomorrow, and maybe HOT SEX! FB please

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Hi all

well that last part was definitely HOT!!! Yous don´t find out towards the end of the fic who kidnapped Liz. Thanks to yous all for all the funny FB, my husband was giving me funny looks as I was reading the FB to myself, I was laughing my head off and the snorting didn´t help much. So while it´s hot on the brain I´ll post another part. Enjoy!!!


Part 3

Liz´z POV

Max is still sleeping lying peacefully on his bed. He really is a wonderful specimen of a man!
Max´s skin is so smooth and hot, his body, I can´t even find the words to explain it! This is really doing the man no justice, but his body is more that perfect, and I could run my hands over his tightly muscled body forever. Max is such a hot Lover. I don´t ever remember having sex as good as this. It´s all lust and passion, and I know he could fulfill my every need and want.
The man is a sex machine!
I didn´t think he would stop last night, and was surprised when we finally stopped.
The mans got stamina!!!
He´s so good looking as well.
It´s those eyes of his, they are deep amber, and I could just melt looking into them.
Max´s well sculptured face, it´s a wonder the man doesn´t have more woman throwing themselves at him.
But then again he probably does.
Despite all of this, I can´t afford to get involved with him. No I worked to hard to keep this emotionless, little-bitch attitude up to get involved with anybody. I wasn´t always like this. There was a time when I was a young, carefree woman who always thought that one day a knight in shining armour would come and sweep me off of my feet, and it did happen. I started going out with Sean when I was 17. Sean was my first love. I gave him my virginity, I thought I wouldn´t do that until I was married, but when I was 18, we first slept together. Sean was my world. He is the son of an acquaintance of my Dads. But when I was 20, Sean left me. He said, that what we had had together wasn´t enough for him anymore and he wanted to move on. Then Sean moved to N.Y, that was 3 years ago, and I haven´t seen him since then. My whole world fell apart when Sean left me. The illusion that I had built in my head and heart were destroyed. After he left, I swore I would never fall in love again. The pain and heart-ache was to much for me to behr. So I went from one man to another. Never getting involved with them, stay with them for a week or so then move onto the next one. I think the longest I have been with someone since Sean, is 1 month. So I have built this wall around myself, most people that I meet think I´m a bitch. That´s what I want them to think of me. I know that Max and I had a good time together, and I promised him that we would have more nights together. I will keep my side of the bargain up, but I didn´t promise him anything else. I don´t know what he feels for me, I don´t even know if Max has feelings for me at all. But he´s barking up the wrong tree if he thinks this will go any further. No I will never put myself in that situation ever again.

Liz, bitch of the rich!!!

After thinking that to herself, Liz fell back asleep again. Sometime later Max woke up, he looked down on the sleeping body of Liz and it caused him to smile. Max then lightly kissed Liz on the forehead. He wanted to stay in bed with her, but he had alot to do.
Going downstairs Max rung up Michael.
"Yo, Michael here"
"Hey Michael it´s me Max"
"Yeah what´s up"?
"I started on my job last night working for the Parkers".
"So what´s the little bitch like"?
"She´s HOT!"
"Yeah, like how hot, hot to look at or hot to sleep with", Michael teased him
"You dirty dog, so your getting it on with one of your clients now, you know that professionally you shouldn´t be getting involved with them".
"I know", and Max told Michael a little of what him and Liz had done last night.
"Now I don´t think your a dirty dog, now I think your a lucky dog". Michael joked with Max.
"Yeah, I´m thinking that too". Max grinned to himself.
"So was it that important to tell me about what dirty deeds you got up to last night that you had to ring me at 7.00am in the morning". Michael said.
"Oh it´s just that Jeff Parker wants me on the job 24hrs a day, so I´m moving into her mansion, but don´t worry about the rent and expenses, Jeff is going to be paying my half of everything so you have the condo to yourself".
"I think I could get used to not having your funny looking face around here". Michael smiled to himself.
"Only because I´m on 24/7, I can´t leave her side, so I was wondering if you could pack up my things, and if I can´t come around to pick them up, Jeff is going to sent someone around to pick them up for me"? Max asked.
"Yeah Ok Bud, I better get going, I´ll start packing up your things now"
"Thanks Bud, see ya".
"Yep, see ya".

This was my first day on the job, I knew I had a few things to do before Liz woke up, so I quietly walked into the shower in my ensuite and showered. When I came out, Liz was still asleep, lying on the bed looking beautiful as usual. I dressed into my suit, and put my gun holster on, covered up with my jacket, and went to comb my hair. When I came out of the ensuite, Liz was awake and stretching, she saw me and got out of bed walking towards me she looped her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. I pulled her tighter towards me, but Liz pulled away from me in shock.
"What´s that under your jacket", as she surrounded my waist with her tiny arms.
"It´s my gun", I showed her.
Liz then pulled away from me and she had nothing but fear in her eyes.
"But..but..why do you need a gun for"? As she looked at me in horror.
"This is to protect you". I didn´t realise that she would react so badly at seeing a gun, then I remembered her kidnapping.
"But...but...", she tried to say something.
"This is about your kidnapping isn´t it"? I asked her.
"Yes", and she shook her head.
"I´m sorry Liz if the gun frightened you, but it´s part of the job, I´m here to protect you, and all body-guards are licensed to carry one". I told her.
" won´t use it around me will you"? She asked as tears started to roll down her face.
So I took the damned thing off, and threw my jacket over my gun so Liz couldn´t see it anymore.
In the most soothing voice I could use I said to Liz as I went to take her in my arms.
"No I would never use that thing around you on purpose, and I promise you that when we are in the mansion together, I won´t wear it". As I stroked her silky hair.
Liz just lay her head against my chest and cried, she was still naked so I picked her up and carried her to bed, covering her beautiful body with the blankets. For the rest of the day Liz didn´t feel like doing anything. I didn´t think it was a good idea to keep her in my bed, so after awhile I took her to lay in her bedroom. I stayed by Liz´s side the whole day, and the whole night comforting her better. Apart from the maids who bought us up meals, we stayed there the whole time. I then realised I wanted to kill those bastards who had done this to Liz.
The next day Liz woke up and was feeling alot better, I was feeling worse for wear, as I had just spent the last hour or so staring at Liz´s beautiful face. She looked like an angel when she was sleeping, and so peaceful. But now she was back to her normal self again, confident and happy.
"C´mon Max, I want to go to the club today, we´ll have breakfast and then go, you can drive one of the cars there if you like"? As she went to kiss me and go and have a shower.
So I jumped in the shower with her. And for those times when I wanted to be the soap lathering Liz´s magnificent body, I was. We were really enjoying the shower together, but we got out and changed. Then went down stairs to eat. After that we drove to this club in Malibu. When I got there, it was full of all the rich kids who had nothing better to do than sit there all day and get drunk.
Liz was like a magnet when she got there. We had hardly been there for a minute when she was surrounded by all these young men. Liz smiled and flirted with them. My blood was boiling, but I couldn´t make any claims on her. I must admit though I could understand why all these men were following her, she looked HOT!!! DAMNED HOT!!! In this short, tight white skirt, and a holster top that showed off the smooth skin of her back. One of the guys asked her where she was going and she smiled at him and said that she was going to the side of the pool to sun-bath.
When Liz walked out to the pool, she was followed by her entourage of drooling men. She was enjoying all the attention, but I wasn´t.
The day was a long one for me. When Liz got to the pool-side she stripped off her short skirt. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw her, she had a little white thong on. It wasn´t even a thong that covered her hot ass. It was only a thin string that slid down her ass. The front of the bikini didn´t leave much to the imagination either. It JUST covered her triangle of hair.
When she went to lay on her stomach she called me over.
"Max could you help me out of my holster top", she pouted at me.
"I´ll do it", one of the nerds said.
"Is your name Max, I don´t think so ", and I pushed that idiot out of the way, and helped Liz out of her tiny top.
"Thanks Max", she smiled that flirtation smile at me, "could you oil me down". She asked me.
Then this jerk offered to oil Liz down, when I went to say something to him, Liz said let him do it. I looked at her like she was crazy, but she just smiled that damned flirtatious smile in the jerks direction.
I stood and looked on as it looked like this dick was enjoying rubbing Liz´s skin down. It didn´t help because Liz looked like she was enjoying it too.
So I just stood there the whole time, trying to look as if I wasn´t pissed-off!
When we finally left, I was still pissed-off with her, and didn´t talk to her the whole drive home.
She knew I was pissed, and when I would glance over at her, her head that was leaning against the side of the car was grinning like a chassy cat.
I parked the car up and Liz said thank-you for taking her out for the day, and I let her go upstairs to her room.
Later I had to ask Liz a question, and I went into her room. But when I got there, Liz was dressing up in black stockings, she also had black suspenders on which she was pulling up wand black heels on.
I went hard as soon as I saw her leg up on the chair pulling up her stockings. She hadn´t heard me coming into the room as she was humming away to herself.
I couldn´t take it anymore, and walked to her quietly. I wanted to surprise her. When I got closer to her, I started giving her feather-like kisses down her back.
"Oh Max, I was just coming to look for you". As Liz´s body was starting to respond to me.
I moved my hands to the soft skin of her butt,
squeezing at her flesh
I couldn´t stop
Then I put my hand between her long legs,
massaging away at her hot little heat
It didn´t take long for Liz to get wet
I bent down and started to feast on the flesh of her butt
"Oh Maxxx this is wonderful"
And my hand started playing with her nub
I could feel her body rock on me
And without delay
I buried my head in her wet, hot folds
Sliding my tongue over them quite slow and deliberately
With my fingers I opened her slippery folds
And applied my tongue through her wet creases
She smelled so sweet, that I lost all my senses
But then I put my fingers in her hot heat
Her body started to move faster and harder
Pleasuring my need to have her again.
While my tongue flicked her nub over and over
"Oh Maxxxx", she called out my namein ecstacy
She exploded in my mouth and going over the edge
But I wanted to make her cum again
So I licked at her with all my fury of having this beauty sit on my face
Her panting got harder and faster
I knew that she´d climax all over my face
She must have just read my thoughts
As her body tensed up
I could feel the vibrations coming off of her
And she looked down on me with all of the passion inside of her
Liz held out her hand to me
and I stood up
She moved her sweet lips to my mouth
sucking hard on them I thought I´d explode
As her hand started rubbing me up and down
I removed my trouserand belt
I felt her hands on the top of my shorts
And she pulled at them, and I slipped out of the final constrictions between us
My shirt was my only distraction left on me
In haste I pulled the damn thing off!
She went down on me without hesitation
I watched as her mouth made love to my cock
She sucked at it and took me whole in her mouth
My head flew backwards writhing in lust
She flicked her tongue on the top of my head
I couldn´t take it no more I pulled her up instead
I placed her gently on top of a table
She spread her legs for me waiting to go
I moved between her hot little legs
She grabbed my hardness
And then I thrust into her
Her arms were placed on the table
Lifting her body up to meet me impale her
The rapport of our joining was perfect
We accelerated our movements
I bought her legs up upon my shoulders
They dangled behind my back lifeless
She must be almost reaching her edge
Because all of a sudden her legs tighten
Around my neck but I just keep on with my prodding
Her hands are now on the edge of table
I push her so she´s leaning over it now
"Liz look me in the eyes"
She opened her eyes and we stared in pure wonder
The animalistic stares from our eyes
Pushed us right over the edge
I released in her until I was dry
She wrapped her arms and legs around me and then
I led her over to the bed
Where we gave in to all our wants all night
This time I think we spent nearly 5 hours just of having constant sex!
But now I´m lying here, thinking to myself if this is going to go any further.


Well it´s slowly turning into a story, yeah slowly, and it will develop. FB please


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Hi all

another few things I forgot to tells yous is that I know there seems to be heaps of sex in the fic, I hope no one is disappointed, but I wrote this one mainly because I wanted to see something where at the beginning of this fic, there would be nothing but lust and passion running between Max and Liz. The series used to piss me off all the time, how they worked there relationship up for us and they only gave us Sexual Healings. So I wrote this. Also throughout this whole fic Tess never makes an appearance. Yep that´s right, she doesn´t exist in this one

posted on 7-Apr-2002 6:33:53 PM by maia

yep it was a country club, ummmm, I have been thinking where I can take this too, I don´t want to give to much away, but one of the plots is that someone is trying to kill Liz. Also Sean appears in this fic.

All the best

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Hi all

thanks for all the FB. Now I don´t know if anyone read my posts I read about how and why I wrote this. I know there is alot of SEX in this, but I did that, because I wanted them to have nothing but lust and passion at the beginning, blame the Roswell writers who only gave us Dreamers Sexual Healings. But also some good news is that in this fic Tess never appears in it. I had enough of her pungus face, so she doesn´t even get mentioned in this fic, enough about her and back to the next part, before I forget it.


Part 4

I have now been working for Liz for a week, it´s the same thing as usual we have been doing since we first met. I take her to the country club, she flirts all day with all the idiots there, and we go back to the mansion to have the most incredible sex I have ever had before in my life. We spent hours on end giving in to each others needs and I can´t say I´m not enjoying it, but it´s really hard not to become attracted to Liz. She´s alot of fun to be with, and we have the best sex, but something is missing there for me. It´s to early for me to say I love her, but I know Im starting to get feelings for her and beneath that hard bitch attitude she puts on she really can be quite sweet, but it´s like she hiding herself behind something. Take for instance my first day at work. When Liz saw my gun in my holster, she completely freaked out. She was practictly incapacitated the whole day and lay in bed, hardly saying a word the whole time. The second thing that had me thinking is when we were driving through town, a big bang went off. It sounded like a shot-gun, but it was just some kid throwing some fire-works. When Liz heard the noise she just covered her ears and began screaming, she just sat there rocking backwards and forwards, until I pulled the car to the side of the road and took her into my arms to soothe her back down again. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get her to snap out of it, and when she finally realised it was me she was staring at she wrapped her arms around my neck and cried her heart out. It took nearly 40 minutes for her to calm down again. And the rest of the evening she just lay in my arms. That kidnapping really screwed Liz up. I talked to Jeff about and he´s going to get his secretary to find a therapist for her.
I mean that´s where I can´t figure her out. When she´s around other people she always appears to be confident, assertive, happy just to say a few things about Liz´s personality. But just those 2 incidents made me see a Liz quite the opposite, scared, confused and fragile.
I sometimes wonder who is the real Liz, she´s quite the mystery. Anyway I think I have been thinking to much about that.
Yeah at the club, I actually get on not to bad with one of her drooling followers, his names Kyle he seems to be an OK guy. Kyle told me he´s been after Liz for like years, but it seems like Liz got into a real serious relationship a few years ago, and the guy left her, leaving Liz with a broken heart, and since then she´s been playing the field. Maybe I´m just part of her little game at the moment. Who knows?
But tonight I have to dress up in a tux, there´s a big party on you know the type of event which calls for evening wear gown and tails.
So Liz is going since Jeffs out of town. It´s some kind of fund-raising thing, should be interesting.

At the party

Well I have been standing here for 6 hours to long and I just want to leave. Liz has been having the time of her life flirting around. Now she´s flirting with this Dickhead. He´s been paying extra attention to Liz and she´s been returning it. She´s had to much to drink. I´m just watching her and the way she flicks her hair back and giggles, and that Dicks been touching and feeling her. At the club it´s quite tameless when I compare her actions to now then when we have been at the club. When we´re there she never drinks alcohol, but tonight this must be her 15th glass or something and I can´t stand to watch the way she´s acting. Now she´s being lead away by that Jerk, guess she´s going to end up with him in bed tonight.
"Oh you really want me to tell you if I wear panties or not", as Liz stumbles a little.
"No I don´t want you to tell me, I want to see it for myself". And he grabs Liz´s arm.
"Hey how did we get onto this subject anyway, and where are you taking me too". As Liz realises she´s being lead away.
"Upstairs so we can be alone", the Jerk says.
"Who says I want to be alone with you" Liz tries to pull her arm out of his grip.
"Don´t act like you don´t want it, your been over me all night practictly". The Jerk sneers down at Liz
"Hey let go of my arm", Liz says.
But the Jerk keeps going.
"I said let go of my arm", and when he still won´t let go of Liz´s arm, she panics.
"MAX, MAX, HELP ME". She screams.
Max only heard his name once and turned to see Liz trying to pull away from that Jerk, she tried to bite at his hand and he went to strike Liz but Max got there just in the nick of time.
"Get your thilthy hands off of her", as Max raised his hand up to meet Marks striking arm and with his other arm Max swung at him hard, the Jerk released Liz, and in a few seconds Max had beaten the crap out of the Jerk. It helped Max being a Second Dan black-belt in Kung-fu.
Liz had been surrounded by people that had come to the scene and she watched on in disbelief as Max knocked the other guy out. Then the Jerk was surrounded by security guards and was lead away.
"Max, Max", as Liz ran into Max´s arms crying.
"Are you OK now", Max surrounded Liz in his arms, and breathed in her lovely scent when Liz leaned her head against his hard chest.
"Yeah I´m OK now, I´m in your arms, please Max take me home, I just want to go home and lie in your arms". Liz whispered softly to Max.
"Yeah OK", and Max picked up and carried Liz out to the car. But when Max got to the car Liz wouldn´t sit in the other seat.
So Max ended up asking the owners of the mansion if they could arrange transport for them to go home. A few minutes later Max and Liz were chaffeurred home.
When Max took Liz upstairs he started to undress her, but instead of getting into her, Max searched Liz´s drawers until he found a pair of panties and put them on her. Max knew Liz wasn´t in any state to have sex, and it was always hard for him to control himself around her, so Max dressed her in one of his baggy t-shirts.
"Thats a little better, now you don´t look so irresitible, no thats a lie, oh shit. Why did I say that for". Max almost kicked himself for saying that,
"Max, come to me please", Liz asks Max looking at him with her big doe eyes.
Hell the way she´s looking at me right now, my hearts just breaking for her, so I go to take her hand in mine, "I´m right here Liz".
"Max promise me that you won´t leave me". Liz asks Max
"I´m not going anywhere tonight".
Liz is about to say"I meant forever", but bites the bottom of her lip instead.
And then Max picks her up and lays Liz down on the bed, he then undresses and pulls the covers over them both. Then Liz cuddles into Max, and he strokes Liz´s silky hair until she falls asleep in his arms.


OK I just thought I would throw this one in, because this is leading to one of my first plots.
FB please


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Hi all

so yous all liked those last parts then, good I´ll try to keep up the good writing up then. Thanks everyone for all the FB, really funny when I read them all back.


Hey girl, good to have you back, course I missed you!!!
I have to make this quick but Khivars Daughter is about Kiara(Liz) who after her mother dies giving birth to her she is left to be bought up by her father Khivar. Khivar is the Lord General of The Royal Antarian Army, and when Zans father is assassinated, Zan takes over the thrown as a child King. This forces Khivar to leave Liz to be bought up by her Nanny, as Khivars duties demand that he return to the capital as Antar go into war with 2 of the other planets.
Later on in life Kiara is injured in an adventure of her. She is found by Zan, and Zan takes care of the unconscious Kiara. But when she gains consciousness, she has amnesia...... and thats all I can tell you for now.
My life with you, lets just say that there are no love triangles in this one. I can´t tell you anymore, or I´ll give the plot away.
And lastly but most importantly, you should know I value your opinion, your always honest when you think a parts no good, or when you tell me you don´t like the direction I´m going. Just post to me like you always do, with your own very valued oopinions.

gotta go now


Part 5

When I wake up the next morning Liz is still fast asleep. So I get out of bed and do my usual routine. After breakfast I ring up Jeff to tell him about what happened to Liz last night. I don´t tell him about her being drunk or flirting with the Jerk, but Jeffs thanks me for informing him and thanks me that I was able to act so fast to protect Liz. After I tell Jeff that Liz is fine now and just sleeping it off we finish our conversation.
I go back upstairs to check up on Liz, and she´s under the shower. Usually I would think to go and join her, but this time I don´t. I wait until she gets out of the shower and comes out.
"Oh Max", she looks at me strange. Probably wondering why I didn´t join in with her. I then ask her what she wants to do today, as she dresses in front of me. Liz says that she wants to go to the club again, and I think to myself it´s going be one of those days again.
When we get there, her drooling followers go and worship her by the pool-side again. And she´s back to her little flirty moves with all those giggles and tossing back the hair thing.
That woman is a flirtomaniac!
I thought she would have gotten it through that pretty little head of hers that she should be more careful, especially after what happened last night. She´s just got this way of really pissing me off, shit what if I wasn´t there? Who knows what could have happened to her last night. But do you think she´s figured that out yet? No!!!
So the day goes on Liz is still being surrounded by her followers, in fact now that I think about it they never leave her. Then eventually she wants to go back to the mansion. I wait outside the womans showers until Liz come out ready to go.
We go out to the car-park and I drive her hot Lamborghine, we are on our way home, when I change to go into another direction.
"Max where are we going to" she asks me.
"Wait until we get there", and I speed the car up and take off down the Coastline Road
"Max I want to know where your taking me too"? Her voice starts to get angry.
Knowing that she won´t stop her questioning, I pull up to the side and take the keys out and jump out of the car
"What the hell is this all about Max"? Liz asks harshly.
"You don´t get it do you"! I spit at her.
"Get what"? She looks at me a little confused.
"Liz last night that Jerk tried to drag you off somewhere, do you get it now or do I have to spell it out to you", Man she´s really pissing me off.
"Yeah what about it, you were there to save me".
"And what if I wasn´t".
"Max nothing happened"! Liz tries to get out of it.
"Liz last night, you were all over him, and it was plain and clear to see what he wanted from you and what do you do, you just kept on teasing the guy, and only your last minute refusal to go with him meant you didn´t end up in bed with him. But look at the dangerous situation you got yourself into last night! You know you could have gone there, and just have a good time. Shit I´m the only one your screwing right now, and you make out to all those guys at the club and that Jerk last night that you were going to give it up to them too. But you only end up teasing them. Shit when are you going to grow up? Liz you deserve better than that! I mean look at you, your beautiful, you don´t have to go shaking your ass around to get a man. Do you think all those guys at the club are really interested in you-no they only want a piece of you. When are you going to stop selling yourself short, oh fuck this, I don´t even know why I said that to you". And I turn my back on her in frustration and brush my hand over my head. It´s to damned quiet I´m waiting for Liz to swing me around and slap me or something, but she doesn´t.
When I turn around to see Liz she´s fallen back onto her ass and is just sitting there with tears pouring down her face. How come I´m the only person who ever sees her like this? Yeah it´s all got to do with having to be with her 24/7. I start feeling bad about what I said to her and go over to apolgise.
"Liz I´m sorry for making you cry" I say with my hands in my pockets.
Liz just looks at me and says "but Max it´s all true", and she pulls her legs into her chest and puts her head upon her knees, hugging at her legs with her arms.
"Liz someone had to tell you, it could have gotten alot worse than it did last night Liz, you should just try to slow down a bit with the flirting, you don´t need to go shoving your tits in a guys face to get him, believe this is coming straight from a mans point of view

", and I sit down beside her and wrap her in my arms.
We just sit there looking out to the ocean. After awhile Liz starts to talk again.
"Max", she says in her normal tone.
"Why are you doing all of this for me"? She asks me.
"It´s part of the job", I reply
"No I don´t mean protect me, I mean look out for me".
Shit and I don´t even know where the hell to start. Should I start at when I first saw her in the elevator,or when we had the hottest sex I have ever had, or when I´ve seen her all broken and needing someone to take care of her.
"Liz you needed someone, and I just happened to be there for you".
"Oh"she says and Liz takes my hand in hers and leans her head against my chest, and we just look out to the ocean, until the sun goes down.
As we drive back to the mansion Liz looks out of the window saying nothing, I´m not used to her sitting there so quiet so I start up a conversation.
"Liz what are you thinking about"? I ask I got no way to know where this is going to lead.
"Just how screwed up my life is".
"Do you want to talk about with me, I´ve been told that I´m a real good listener", I smile at her.
"It´s just I don´t know where to start". Liz admits
"Well what evers bothering you, it´s better sometimes when you get if off your chest".
"It´s just everything", Liz answers to broad to understand.
"What do you mean everything"? I ask.
"Last week when my Dad and I meet my Mom for dinner, they told me they´re getting a divorce. See I always thought that they would get back again with each other, but they just proved my theory right".
"What theory is that"? I look at her confused.
"That there´s no such thing as love and commitment, it´s all bull-shit, it´s only that Hollywood shit that they put on the screens to make people think that what they got in a relationship is a good thing".
"Shit Liz, you can´t go around thinking that just because it didn´t work out for your Mom and Dad that the same thing is going to happen to you". You know I can´t get over the fact that this is the way she feels.
"Yeah well it happened to me too, you know when I was younger I fell in love with this guy but when he wasn´t satisfied with our relationship he left me, oh shit why did I tell you so much for". Liz says in frustration".
"Liz I can´t believe you". I say to her.
"Believe what"?
"That you let someone who obviously didn´t deserve your love, this one man ruin it for all those guys out there who could have loved you back. It´s Jerks like that, who give men a bad reputation".
"Max just take me home, I don´t want to talk about this anymore".
"Yeah that´s right Liz now just try to avoid the issue again, like you have been since that asshole left you". I say to her because now she´s getting me mad again.
"Max I just don´t want to talk about it anymore, please", as her voice changes to a softer tone again.
And I drive us back to the mansion.
When we finally get there, Liz says that she wants to be by herself and goes up to her room. So still on the job, I sit outside her room. I was reading some magazines and I must of been tired because I then fall asleep.
I don´t know how long I was asleep for because the I get woken up by Liz.
"Max wake up, wake up would you", Liz says as she shakes me awake.
"Yeah what is it Liz"? I open my eyes and focus on her face.
She´s smiling down at me.
"Come with me". As Liz holds out her hand and I take it inside of mine.
"Come on you can sleep on my bed", Liz says to me.
I start to take off my clothes and then Liz surprises me and says.
"If you don´t want to do anything tonight, we can just cuddle up to each other".
That makes me roar out in a fit of laugher.
"What´s so funny"? Liz asks me sternly.
"How often do we go to bed and just sleep", I ask her.
I don´t know if she´s serious or not because she then says" well its not going to hurt to try something new".
And I just laugh harder.
"What´s so damned funny Max", and she´s starting to smile at me.
"Normally when people want to try something" new" in bed, it´s usually a new position, not to go to sleep in the damned thing"
"Well I meant it", and she starts to pout her lip out to me.
She just looks so irresitible, I go to her and wrap her in my arms, "OK then we´re have it your way then, we will go to bed tonight and only sleep in the bed, nothing more, anyway why do you need me in your bed if your only going to sleep tonight, can´t you go to sleep in your bed by yourself or something", I tease her.
"Max don´t you like sleeping next to me", she pouts that lip at me again.
"Course I do who wouldn´t give there right arm to wake up next to you". I look into her eyes
She starts biting at that sexy little pout of hers
Then I take her hand in mine and walk her over to the bed and Liz jumps into bed
"C´mon Max hop over here" and Liz pats next to her for me to go to her
"Yeah I´m coming", and I move over beside her
I lie down on my back and Liz leans into me.
We cuddle up together and end up talking away to each other for ages.
But then eventually I end up falling asleep on her.

When Max fell asleep on Liz, she leaned up on her elbow and looked down on his face, she stroked his sleeping face gently and thought to herself, "Max are you one of those men that could love me back"? All those things that Max had said to her were starting to affect her.
Then Liz moved in as close as she could to Max´s body and fell asleep against him.

I was going to end this part differently, but tell me what yous thought of that. FB please


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Well hi everyone

I think it was time to move on with the story-line. Theres still alot that happens until the end of this fic. Thanks for all the awesome FB!!!


Part 6

The next morning I woke up but Liz wasn´t lying next to me. But I heard her voice and sat up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Liz was sitting on a chair talking to someone one the telephone.
"Yeah that would be good if you could do that then, OK bye". She finished talking to whoever it was and hung up the phone.
"Hey beautiful". I say to her and it causes Liz to smile.
"Hey Max", and she stands up and moves towards the bed. She then get ontop of it, kisses me on the lips before she gets under the blankets and cuddles into me.
"Who was that you were talking too"? I ask her.
"Oh that was one of the house-keepers at one of my Dads places he owns". Liz tells me.
"Oh OK then". I say.
"Max we are going to do something different today, I have arranged it and we are going to spent the day on my Dads private beach, and the house-keeper down there is going to arrange food and drinks for us". She told me as she started to trace circles on my behr chest.
I thought THANK GOD!!! We don´t have to go to that damned club today!
"I like the sounds of that Liz". And I peek her on the crown of her head.
"Yeah so do I, you want to take a shower with me now"? She looks up to my face and cocks her eyebrow up with that sexy look on her face again.
"Your going to be the death of me, but at least if I die, I die with a smile on my face", I tease her and we go into the shower.
THAT WAS HOT!!! Liz lathered me up and down with the soap, and gave me feather-light kisses all over my body before she went down on me. I swear that woman knows how to please a man. I couldn´t take it anymore and pulled her onto my waiting hardness. Then we just rocked our bodys together, and made sweet love with one another. I mean that´s the weird part! Usually when we have sex together, it´s feels like we are getting rid of all that pented up lust inside of us.
It´s usually hot and sweaty!
But today when we were in the shower with each other, it wasn´t animalistic like it usually is. It was passionate but not that kind of desperate like how it is when we´re usually together.
Anyway it´s making me think, I´m just going to have to see what it´s like the next time we´re together.
So after we dry off and dress ourselves when we have finally finished out shower, we go downstairs and have breakfast together and go to this private beach that belongs to Jeff.
When we get there, there´s a house on the beach and I park up the car in the garage. Then we went into the house to meet the house-keeper and grab some food and drinks. We make our way onto the golden sand beach and set up our things The whole beach is deserted.
Liz then strips down to only her little wee red thong of a bikini, and lies down on the blanket there. I dress out of my clothes and Im wearing a pair of shorts. I start to put oil onto Liz´s body. Slowly and deliberately brushing my hands slowly all over her. I can see her face and her eyes are closed and she has a little smile that makes her face glow.
"Your turn now Max" Liz says to me as she sits up and puts some oil on her hands.
"OK then", and I lie down on my back.
Liz starts to caress my body with her little hands. I look up to her and she´s smiling down at me.
I like the feel of her hands on my abs, she´s such a temptress, as she teases the muscles on my stomach.
Then she starts kissing me all over my body, I feel myself get hard again, just when I think I´m in heaven, Liz pulls my shorts up and puts some ice down my shorts.
"That should keep you cool down there big boy". Then she gets up and runs away from me.
"AARRRGGGHHH LIZ! You wait when I get you", and I put up a chase.
It doesn´t take me long until I wrap my arms around her tiny waist.
"MAXXX! LET GO OF ME", she screams out while she´s trying to get out of my arms.
"Your going to regret you done that my young lady". And I walk into the ocean.
"No Max, no let me down". She laughs out.
"Not before your wet", and I walk out until the waters up to my waist.
"No Max, I promise I won´t do it again".
As she holds on around my neck.
Only thing is I know where she is ticklish and after tickling her in the right spot she lets go of her hold and I throw her in the water.
"MAXXXX", she stands up after her dunking.
I´m just standing there laughing at her.
"It´s not funny", and she charges as fast as she can towards me.
But I just end up catching her in my arms.
"Did you enjoy you little swim". I ask her, while I´m still laughing at her.
"You just wait Mister, I´ll get you back", she threatens me.
"Ohh I can´t wait, but did I ever tell you I have a perversion for being spanked when I´m a bad boy". I tease her.
"Max"! She looks at me.
"I was only joking". And I carry Liz back to the blanket, sitting her down and wrapping a towel around her.
"That´s better". Liz says as I dry her off.
"And I´ll do it again if you ever put ice down my shorts again". I smile at her.
"Then I might just have to spank you". She teases me.
Once Liz is dried off I put one of my t-shirts on her.
"Max", Liz says to me.
"I love all this attention your giving me", she looks seriously into my eyes.
"I love giving all my attention to you", I gaze back into her eyes.
And Liz wraps her arms around my neck and she draws her face closer to mine.
Our lips meet.
And like this morning it wasn´t one of those fast and passionate kisses, it was one of those sweet, gentle ones.
I am softly sucking at the bottom lip of Liz.
She is gently running her fingers through my hair.
I pull her gently into my arms closer to me.
Then our tongues start to duel but with no desperation in it
Liz then slowly pulls away from me, and looks me in the eyes.
They are a little bit darker and it´s starting to ovewhelm me.
"That was wonderful Liz", I say softly to her.
"Yeah it was", she whispers back to me.
And looking into her eyes again I think to myself how I want her forever.


Well what did yous think of that. FB please

posted on 9-Apr-2002 6:13:46 PM by maia

you must have read my mind because now I am going to start to develop there relationship, and then follow that up with the first troubles in there relationship

All the best

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Hi all

good to know that yous are enjoying this fic so much and big thank-yous out to all of yous for all the awesome FB.


Part 7

When Liz and I get back to the mansion, we get the maids to bring dinner up to Liz´s bedroom and enjoyed a ROMANTIC dinner with each other. The bottle of Dom Perignon went down so well and we talked together for ages before we finally went to bed.
Yeah-that was something to remember. We made sweet love to each other for hours. You know I thought that these marathon love making sessions would be the death of me, but I just can´t get enough oh her.
In the morning we had our usually morning shower together. This is one of my favourite perks of the job.
Liz´s skin is so smooth and tantalising, I could run my hands over her body forever. Then after our shower we went down to have breakfast. I love sitting opposite Liz and recieve all those beautiful smiles that she sends in my direction.
"So what are we going to do today Liz"? I ask her.
"I want to take you out shopping today, I want to pick us up a new wardrobe". She smiles at me again.
"Liz you don´t have to buy me anything, and besides don´t you like my suits I wear". I say.
Liz than takes my hand in her small one and gazes into my eyes then says,
"To tell you the truth I like you better naked, but I want to do this for you Ok".
She surprises the crap out of me, but before I am able to say anything she just tells me there are to be no arguments about it.
We then drive down to Rodeo Drive, I park up and Liz takes my hand in hers and drags me to the first shop.
"Cmon Max we´re going to Armani first".
And I tag along behind her.
When we go inside the assistant comes and greats Liz, she then tells him that she wants him to have me fitted in some suits. After being measured up, we wait awhile before he comes out with a collection of Armani suits. Liz goes through them and asks me what ones appeal to my taste. I am just flabber-gasted. But then I show her which ones I like and go and try them one.
One by one I model them off in front of Liz. Then when I tell her that I´m getting sick and tired of getting constantly undressed and dressed all the time, she then has a few words with the assistant. Once I come out of the dressing room she takes me by the hand again and says that she has ordered me a few suits and they will be delivered to the mansion later on.
We then go onto a couple of other shops. Liz is having such alot of fun, but hey I´m a typical man and this is just not my type of thing. That woman sure does know how to spend money. She probably spent more money in 1 hour than what I earn in 1 year.
The last shop we go into was rather interesting. When we go in the woman there great Liz. They all great Liz in every shop we go to. She is a well known shopper on Rodeo Drive.
"Take a seat", the woman says and goes out to get a collection of clothes to show us.
One of the woman there kept on staring at me all the time. Liz´s notices it too, that this woman has been smiling at me. So Liz goes up to talk to her.
"Who´s the Hunk with you Liz". The woman smiled at Liz with a big smirk on her face.
"Oh that´s Max". Liz casually says.
"The man is HOT"! The little blonde tells Liz.
"Yeah I suppose he is", Liz says.
Then the other assistant calls Liz over. She goes over to this woman and looks at a few suits and then takes them to try them on.
While Liz is in the dressing rooms the little blonde comes over to talk to me.
"Hey good looking, how are you"? She flirts with me.
"Good", I smile at her.
"So are you and Liz together or something"? She asks me.
"I don´t think that´s any of your business", I tell her.
"Now you don´t have to be like that", the little blonde tells me.
"Yeah whatever". This little blonde is starting to really piss me off.
"So do you live around here", she asks again.
What we didn´t know was that Liz had come out and seen the little blonde trying to flirt with me.
"Max", Liz calls me.
"Yeah Liz", I am relieved she´s out of the dressing room.
"Can you come and help me out of this ohh so tight dress", Liz looks at me seductively.
And without a second thought I go to Liz, she then takes my hand in hers and walks us into the dressing room.
She then shuts the door! I am about to say something, but Liz just pulls me into a kiss.
"Ohh Liz", as she puts her hands under my shirt and starts brushing her hands over my hot skin.
"Max I want you now". Liz says with her lips sucking at mine.
I then start to undress for the 100th time today, but this time I´m enjoying it.
I whip my shirt and jacket off, and Liz pulls her top and bra off.
I then go down and place my warm lips on Liz´s breast.
Sucking away at her soft skin
I can feel her body lean against me, while her hands are playing with my hair.
My lips move to Liz´s hard nipple
I circle it with the tip of my tongue
While my hands go underneath her little skirt where I know her hot skin will be waiting for me
I love how this woman wears no panties
As my hands squeezes at Liz´s tight ass.
"Oh Maxx", she calls me
She must want it bad
Because she pulls me to my feet.
Our sweet lips meet and I can feel Liz´s hands undoing my belt and trousers
I then slip out of them
and Liz pulls my boxers down
And she slips her tongue into my wet recesses
My hand is between her legs while my fingers are moving gently over her wet folds
She is so wet!
I search her every fold
Then I slip my fingers over her little love spot
"Ohhhh Max"
Her calls are driving me wild
As I massage her little clit
She arches her body into me
My lips move down to her neck
I tantalise her nub
While I give her my application
Her body starts to tremble
I know shes almost at the top
of her soon to due climax
She grabs at my skin then goes right over the edge
Liz kisses me gently
Then takes me in her hand
Her legs then entwine me
As she wraps her sexy legs around my waist
She positions herself over my head
And in one thrust I move into her
Her arms are tight around my neck
While her luscious lips are sucking at my lips
I movements are slow and controlled
Going in and out of her wetness
My ass muscles are clinching together
To meet deep inside of Liz´s heat
We motion our bodys together
Then I hear her breathing get harder
I pull her body down on me
And push up ever so slightly
I feel myself starting to get there
Then I finally go over the edge
My mouths pulls at her sweet lips
Her scent is still making me wild
Liz feels that I´m finished
And eventually she pulls her mouth away from mine
And gazes into my eyes
There´s something new about how she looks at me
I guessing but I don´t want to read the look wrong
We gaze into each others eyes in silence
I keep staring because I don´t want to mess up the moment
Liz leans her head against my forehead
I take the sweet smell of Liz into my sense
I never want to stop this time we´re had together.
And eventually I release Liz back on the floor.
Wow that was amazing how Liz was staring at me with her big brown doe eyes.
We then clean ourselve up and dress back up. But when we go out the door the women are looking at us in shock. Liz takes my hand and smiles in my eyes. And we let out a little giggle together.
She then tells the assistant want she wants. Then she paid with her Gold card and we go out to the car.
"Max why don´t we go home and shower and change then we could go out for dinner if you want too". She asks me.
"Yeah that sounds like a good idea". I tell her, so we go back.
I didn´t realise how long we had been out. We left at 10.00am this morning and it´s not until after 5.00pm until we return.
We have another shower together, and when Liz gets out she books a table at a restaurant for us.
I walk to my bedroom with just a towel wrapped around my waist. When I get there, there are all 8 Armani suits and shirts that are hanging up in my wardrobe, I look down and notice that Liz brought me 6 pairs of Armani shoes. I can´t believe what she brought me, it must have cost a fortune. I am only surprised that she went to so much trouble for me.
So I dress into some of the things she brought me and return to her bedroom to thank her.
"Liz you didn´t have to buy me all of those, but thank-you", and I wrap her smiling self in my warm arms and kiss her tenderly.
"Max I should be the one to thank-you", she says, "for being honest to me and being here for me". She stares me in the eyes.
After Liz got changed it´s well after 6.30pm, she looks stunning in a light chiffon dress. Then Liz rings up one of her Dads chaffeurs to come and pick us up in a limosine. Once the limo is outside we get in and are driven to the restaurant. Where we enjoyed a romantic dinner together. Liz ordered about 3 bottles of Dom Perignon. The evening was absolutely wonderful. The candles on the tables and the fresh roses that lay in a crystal vase, just helped to set the mood off.
We had only really had a snack while we were out shopping, so I order a huge meal. Liz has always been a small eater and orders a small dish of chicken. It was wonderful holding her hand from across the table, and staring into her beautiful eyes. The best thing was that Liz was staring back into my eyes, with that new look of something more in them.
I ate dessert, and fed Liz with mouth fulls like a baby, she got a little cream on her face. So I obliged her and licked it off sensually. Liz went all red in the face.
After she paid for the dinner we walked out to the limo-with her tiny hand inside of mine.
I thanked Liz and gently kissed her. She said it was a pleasure and then we got in the limo and drove home.
When we got inside I lifted Liz into my arms and carried her off to bed to make her mine again.
I slowly undressed her magnificent body, then lay her on bed and took off my clothes.
That night we made wonderful love to each other. I know that I have fallen for her. But I´m not going to rush her into anything she´s not sure of yet. I don´t even know how Liz feels for me yet. But I know with time I have to face her about the way I feel.
We lay in bed for awhile before I fell asleep.

Again like that other night Liz didn´t go to sleep, instead she stared down at Max´s sleeping face. Thinking how wonderful Max had been to her. He hadn´t only been there for Liz emotionally, Liz felt physically safe in his presence. But it was also all the little things that Max done for her.
Like worship her whenever her dressed or undressed. Or how he pampered her whenever he could. Drying her off when she got out of there showers. No man had ever treated Liz like a Queen before. Because that´s how Liz felt when she was with Max-like a Queen.
Liz then smiled down onto Max, thinking that Max was the type of man that could love her back. Getting a little tired now, Liz moved in to cuddle Max, stretching her arm over his chest, and laying her head against Max´s hard chest, then sleep overtook her.


How did yous like that? FB please

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Hi all

yeah now it´s only up to 1 of them to make the first move. So who will it be? Read on to find out!
Thanks for all the awesome FB

ABBS you guessed it right!!!

Also all I have this evening and tomorrow evening off, so I will most probably update Chances Are and My Life with You


Part 8

The next morning I wake up and stare into Liz´s beautiful face. She looks so heavenly, I think to myself. Liz is fast asleep, and I begin to caress the soft skin of her face.
"Hmmmm Max", as Liz begins to stir, then she opens her beautiful doe eye up, her eyes are just smiling at me.
"Did you have a good sleep", as I pull her onto my chest and kiss her tenderly on her luscious, sweet lips.
"Yeah I did actually". And Liz starts drawing those circles she always does on my hard chest.
"I could hold you forever in my arms like this", I say to her.
Liz moves her face to look at me and smiles that wonderful smile that see has.
We then move our bodies together, and make beautiful love to one another.
Then when we have finally finished I kiss Liz on her sweet lips again and then I say to her.
"Liz your incredible"
Liz then moves into my body some more and she says.
"Max, you make me feel so special. I haven´t been in a relationship for years now. But I want to be in one with you, if your´ll have me".
My hearts starts skipping in joy, not believing what she has just said to me, and I bring my finger to her chin and move it up gently so I can look into her big brown doe eyes again.
"Liz, course I want to be with you"!
That´s all I have to say to her, as she brings her arms around my neck and closes the gap between our lips.
I suck at that bottom lip of hers, enjoying that delicious taste of hers and move my arms around her.
After awhile we pull apart from each other, and I can´t believe the smile Liz has on her wonderful face.
"Are you sure you want to get involved with me, I mean......".
But I bring my finger to her lips, then say.
"Liz I want this more than anything". And stroke at her long, silky hair, as I think this moment couldn´t be more perfect.
We then made sweet love once again, and then I lift Liz up and take into the shower where I had her again.
I still can´t get over the fact that Liz wants me too, she has made me the happiest man in the world. I don´t know where our relationship will lead too, but while we´re here together, I´ll just take one day at a time. But I start picturing Liz in my head walking down towards me in a bridal gown.
I know I got it bad for her! But then I snap myself out of my dream.
Liz and I then go downstairs to have breakfast, only this time, Liz takes my bigger hand in hers, as she skips towards the dining room.
The maids are all giving us funny looks!
But Liz just ignores them.
I don´t though and once we are sitting down at the table eating I say to Liz.
"What are we going to tell your parents".
"Just leave them to me", Liz says in a matter-o-fact sort of tone.
"But your the daughter of a billionaire, and I´m only a body-guard, how will they both react when they know that you are now in a relationship with a lowly body-guard". I say to her.
"Max, don´t you let me ever hear you say that about yourself ever again, now is that clear"! Liz tells me off.
"No, I mean it! I don´t ever want to hear you call yourself a lowly body-guard ever again. Besides I got my Dad twisted around my little finger and my Mom is moving to N.Y. So I´m not to worried about her, and if they can´t accept us, that´s there problem not ours", and she spoons a piece of grape-fruit into her tasty mouth.
"But what if your parents don´t accept our relationship Liz"? I say still worried about what they are going to say.
"They will just have to learn to live with it, look I´ll call Daddy now, I don´t know why your so worried about it, we are both grown adults you know", and Liz rings a bell for a maid to come out and asks the maid to bring a phone to her.
Once Liz has the phone she rings up her Dad.
"Hi Daddy it´s me"
"Hi Honey, how are you"
"Good, and you"
"Pretty busy at the moment, I have a big contract on at the moment and we are just about to sign. But why are you calling me? Is something wrong Honey".
"No Daddy not at all, quite the opposite actually".
"Oh that´s good to hear, is it something you can tell me".
"That´s why I´m ringing you up for Daddy, you see I´m in a new relationship"
"Oh Honey I´m so glad that your finally moving on from Sean". Jeff smiles to himself
"Yeah me too"!
"So is it anyone I know then"? Jeff waits impatiently for Liz to answer.
"Yeah you know him alright, it´s Max, my body-guard". Liz admits happily.
"Oh"! Jeff replies.
"Oh Daddy, he makes me feel so special, he just makes me so happy", as Liz looks over to Max and smiles.
"Well Honey, your a grown girl now your old enough to make your own decisions now, and it pleases me that he can make you so happy".
"Oh thank-you Daddy"
"Your welcome Honey, look I have got to go now, but you take good care of yourself and I will see yous when I get back to L.A. Oh and say hi to Max for me. Love you Honey"
"I love you too Daddy". And then Liz hangs up the phone.
I was sitting down the whole time, thinking I was a dead man.
"So what did he say"? I ask anxiously.
"Daddy said that he´s glad that you make me so happy". Liz says as she stands up and sits down on my lap, looping her arms around my neck.
"Phew, I thought he might want to fire me or something". I breathed out a sigh of relief.
"Don´t be silly Max, I wouldn´t let him do that to you, oh yeah and Daady said to say hi to you. So now that that is out of the way". And Liz bought her sweet lips upon mine.
Now I´m back on top of the world again, knowing that Jeff is not upset with our relationship.


So they are finally together!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!! FB please


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Hi all

well I thought I would let yous know that in another 2-3 parts that´s when they start having there first problems in there relationship. But PLEASE NOTE the problem is something that the 2 do not start themselves and rest assure this has nothing to do with a kidnapping or shooting or anything. But do remember that in this fic Max is an alien-babe.

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Well hi all

I know. THEY'RE FINALLY TOGETHER!!! Thanks for all the fantastic FB. I thought I would post instead of 2 parts today, an extra long part.

It´s so awesome to see 3 Kiwi´s reading my fic, I´m originally from Dunedin, but now I live in Germany. So a big hi out to yous all.

NZBellamari, you get your wish, but you have to read on!


Part 9

The next couple of days we spent together were some of the best days I had ever had in my whole entire life. The first day, Liz took me to her fathers stables and we went horse-riding. Now Liz has been doing this since she was a child and she is a very accomplished horse-rider. But this was the first time I had ever gone horse riding. Yeah what an adventure that was for me. I fell off the horse 3 times in the first hour. Liz is a really good teacher and coached me through the whole day. After about 2 hours I fell comfortable enough to go for a ride. And although I rode slowly Liz waited for me the whole time. We were out for hours. But nobody had ever told me how sore your ass gets after that.
When we got home I could hardly walk up the stairs because my ass muscles were absolutely killing me. I swore I would never go horse riding again, as I had my arm slung around Liz´s neck, and she helped me up to the main bathroom. There we undressed and we had a hot spa together. It was awful though. Because I couldn´t move and therefore couldn´t make love to Liz. As for that beautiful witch of mine, she kept on rubbing it in, she took my hardness into her little teasing hand of hers and placed her lavious lips on mine. Oh I wanted her so bad, but I couldn´t manage to do anything, so Liz ended up going down on me instead. With her hot little mouth wrapped around me, she bought me to my climax and she swallowed me all and licked me dry. That woman has got a magical mouth, doing wonders to my manhood with only the lick on her tongue on the tip of me, or sucking down on me all.
See what Liz can do to me. See could bring me to my knees with that mouth of hers.
Anyway to ease my pain, Liz´s tiny hands massaged my ass with oil. Easing and soothing my muscles to some relief. I mean I know I could have healed myself, but I was enjoying Liz´s massage so much I didn´t want to heal myself after that. I still couldn´t really move and we ended up going to sleep in each others arms that night.
The next day I was feeling much better for wear, and we decided to go and play tennis. Liz is also really good at tennis, but it was only due to my athleticism that I beat her. It was a tough few matches we had against each other, and it was close, but I beat her everytime. To take away that pout on Liz´s face after I beat her in our last game, I kissed the life out of her. She then became the gracious loser.
Before we left for tennis that day I rung Michael up and told him about our relationship. He was really surprised about it, mainly because before I met Liz we had heard stories about her from other people. What they had said about Liz are not things I want to repeat myself. But mostly they were about her being an absolute spoiled little rich bitch. But when I told Michael a little about her, he could understand the Liz that I know. So we are going to plan to go out for dinner in a few nights time with each other, so Liz and Michael can meet each other.
The next day, I wanted to do something I like to do, so we played basketball together. Liz didn´t know anything about basketball and she played miserably. She kept on thinking you could run with the ball. I didn´t mind that she always ran with the ball, because I could always easily catch her in my arms. Liz actually liked playing basketball with me. But I know I could never improve my game if we played against each other all the time. When Liz found out that I was a big basketball fan she arranged it so we could go to a Lakers game together. Jeff has a box at the Lakers stadium and 2 nights after our basketball match-up we went to watch them play live.
For most of the game I was explaining the rules to Liz, but she got the teams mucked up and started cheering for the Dallas Mavericks instead of the Lakers, making me laugh. When Liz asked me why I was laughing at her, I told her why. And she just blushed and started cheering for the Lakers again.
Also the days after the basketball match-up, I wanted Liz to learn how to defend herself, not just physically but how to handle guns. So from that day onwards in the mornings I would teach Liz some basic self-defense moves. She´s not so agile, but with time she will get better.
Then one time when I had her on the floor underneath me, she began to gaze intensely into my eyes.
And I bought my lips down onto her sweet lips
She slipped her tongue into my wet recesses searching my every crook n cranny
Then I undressed her still staring her in the eyes passionately
As I hovered above her kneeling down
"Take your clothes off Max", she said
And with my eyes fixated to her I obeyed her
Standing before Liz in all my nakedness
She surveyed my body with her eyes
But I had to have her
and then I knelt down and slipped her panties off
Making me go wild, when I seperated her legs apart
And stared into her glory
And how it was lying there waiting for me
I buried my head in her womanhood
Tasting her sweet juices with my tongue
Savouring every bit of her wetness I tasted on my tongue
As it explored her wet folds with a ferocity
And she pushed my head deeper ontop of her
Liz´s spicy-sweet scent making me week kneed
As I flicked my tongue over her hot little nub
Sending trembles through her body
As she squirmed in rhapsody underneath me
Moaning out m name
Her buttock arched up in soft movements
Meeting my rolling tongue with precision
And I felt the tremble from Liz again
As I bought her over the top
And she creamed in my mouth so blissfully
I didn´t stop!
No I made her cum time and time again
Until impatient she pulled me upwards
And put her hands on my hardness
Making me enter her hurriedly
Pounding against me I knew that she really needed me
inside of her, forcefully driving herself up and down me
Making my head go back
Thinking I couldn´t take anymore
But Liz wrapped her legs around my waist
Straddling me while I was still kneeling
I looked down onto my beauty
Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back
As she leaned on her hands moving her body up to meet me
It made my head roll around
But then she pulled faster, and harder on my butt
I drilled my Liz constantly
fulfilling both of our needs
And I felt myself get closer
To that wonderful over the edge feeling again
My muscles then tightened
As I cum inside of her core
And I relaxed my body onto Liz
She enfolded me in her arms
I showered her with my sweet kisses
Brushing strands of her soft hair from her face
She opened her eyes and they blazed in absolute awe
Then her mouth curled into a smile
Sending butterflies through my tummy
"Liz your so amazing, I´m crazy about you and everything".
She didn´t say anything to me only
"That´s so sweet".
And she rolled herself onto my hard body
I encircled her with my strong arms
And kissed her on top of the crown of her head
As Liz pulled tighter on me and we lay there for awhile longer
Ummmmm. That was the best self-defense lesson I had ever given anyone before.
But believe me we did do more than just have our fun in those classes.
Yeah well after we had lunch I started to show Liz how to use a gun. She was as nervous as hell the first hour, but I said to her, she would never know if she ever got in the situation when she may have to use one. So the first day was more about Liz getting used to having a gun in her hand. By the 3rd day Liz had her first shot with a gun. Like all beginners she has alot to learn. But after a few more days she was becoming confident around guns and using them. And I also have to say that she is improving as well in her self-defense classes. Liz now knows a few basic grips, how to get out of holds and grips and how to brush off punched thrown at her. She has such a soft punch though, so we started with weight training, she isn´t really all that strong, but she´s slowly building up the weights that she can now haul.
Oh yeah we met up with Jeff when he got back to L.A. We went out to dinner together and we all enjoyed the dinner together. Jeff only said that the good thing about our relationship is that Liz´s best interest are at my heart. Also Jeff said now he knows that I would protect Liz with my life, and he´s right of course. But the best thing that they don´t know is that if Liz ever got hurt, my alien side would be able to heal her. I haven´t had the guts yet to tell Liz who I really am. None of us have even told the other that we love the other yet, so just one thing at a time.
And that dinner we had with Michael went off really well too. Most of the time Liz had us in fits of laughter and afterwards Michael said she was really funny. So we plan on meeting up with each other another time. So at the moment we are both just really enjoying our relationship together.
Then at nights after we make love to one another, we fall asleep lying in each others arms.


Tomorrow they go away for a week at the house on Jeff´s private beach, but on there return trouble awaits them. FB please


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Hi all

yeah that was pretty DAMNED HOT!! !NZmari asked if I could write that one up.
Thanks for all the fabulous FB, I am really getting a good laugh reading them back.
Unfortunately today, troubles begin, but yous have to read on to find out what it is. Also if yous go back to the first part, when Max introduces himself it´s in that part where he says he´s an alien.


Part 10

Liz and I have been together for a month now. The best month of my whole entire life. We have been out a few more times with Michael and now Maria Deluca his girlfriend is living with him now. Maria´s from Roswell too, she has been living in L.A. working as a singer and she´s doing not to bad for herself as well. Well we have been going out on a few double dates together, Liz and Maria hit it off the first time they meet. Now sometimes Maria and Liz go out shopping with each other. I´m glad that Liz has another female in her life. I noticed that Liz doesn´t have any friends. She told me it´s because she doesn´t know if people like her for her money or for herself.
Anyway Liz arranged for the 2 of us to go to away for a week. So we are going to Jeff´s house on his private beach. Just the 2 of us! That should be so much fun.
We got to the beach house yesterday evening. The house-keeper arranged food and drinks for our arrival. Liz then dismisses her and gives her the week off paid. The woman thanked Liz and went away very happy. Both we were happier and as soon as she had walked out the door we ripped each others clothes off, then made sweet love together.
I swear that woman is a nymphomaniac!
She just won´t stop!
Not that I´m complaining, that´s one of the good things about being an alien, we can get instantly hard again unlike human man. Liz can´t get over it how my hardness can spring back into action again once I have cum. I said it was a deficiency of mine. Liz said it was the best damned deficency she ever heard of. But she confessed to me that because of my "little problem" as we call it, it makes her horny.
So it was another one of our marathon love-making sessions last night.
This morning when we did our usual ie. love-making etc, we after our shower went downstairs for breakfast, but there was nothing appealing to eat in the cupboards. So Liz and I decided to go shopping. That´s when I found out something really interesting about Liz.
We went to the supermarket and I got a trolley, I started to walk down the first aisle but Liz didn´t come with me. So I turned around to see why and said.
"Liz why aren´t you coming"?
Liz replied, "where are the people who do your shopping for you "? And she meant it seriously.
It then dawned on me that Liz had never been in a supermarket before. It also dawned on me that things that we would see as being normal, Liz had never done anything of those things before. So I decided I was going to change that.
"Baby, we have to collect the food ourselves, nobody is here to collect the food for us". I explained to Liz.
"Oh, that´s different". She looked at me dumbfounded.
And we proceeded to go shopping. Liz was so intriged at doing and looking for her own food. She told me she had never needed to go shopping before, but found it interesting. We spent longer in there than was needed, but it was all new for Liz so I let her walk around for as long as she wanted.
When we finished shopping we went home, where I am now teaching Liz how to cook. That morning I taught her how to make omelettes, for a first time at cooking she was pretty good. And we made a yummy cheese, ham and onion omelette. It amazes me at all the little things Liz has no idea about, like doing the dishes, that was her first time as well. I told her she didn´t have to help me, but Liz insisted, and later said, she was glad that she had maids at home to do that.
The next couple of days were wonderful, we mostly spent our time on the beach or going for walks.
One day when we were going for a walk on the beach it started to get windy so I protected Liz from the elements and surrounded her in my arms. Then it started to rain, and we were a bit of a distance away from the house, so we sprinted underneath some cover.
"Brrrrr, it´s so cold" as Liz began to shiver.
"Here let me keep you warm", I said to her as I bought her against my hard body in my arms.
"Umm if only you were a jacket, I would wear you forever". Liz looked into my eyes. Her eyes were just shining through her big doe like eyes.
That´s when I knew I had fallen in love with Liz.
I stared intensely in her eyes and bought her chin up slightly with my finger.
"Liz I´m in love with you, I mean it with all of my heart, I love you".
Liz looked at me and gave a little grin, but the words she said back to me were not what I wanted to hear.
"Max, you mean alot to me, I really owe you so much. But Max I´m not in love with you, please forgive, I can´t give my love back".
I put my head down, I really thought I would just cry.

But what Max didn´t know is that Liz couldn´t confront the way she really felt about Max. She was just to scared that it was all a big dream that Max had really confessed to her that he loved her.
"But I still want to be with you, if anything please take that as a consellation for now. Who knows maybe one day I could love you back, but right at this moment I would be lying to both of us if I pretended I loved you". Liz confessed, then she pulled me in her arms and kissed me and comforted me.
I will wait until the end of time if I have too, until Liz can love me back.
The next day it was still raining and we stayed inside for the day. We had a romantic dinner in front of the fire there. It was so romantic. The hot, roaring fire. I had cooked up a Czech gulash, and we had a few good bottles of red wine that went down well with the meal. Liz played some music, this song was playing when I asked her for a dance. Liz gazed into my eyes and took my hand, as I pulled her into my warm arms, and we swayed in each others arms together. Liz knew that Max was upset with her from yesterday and knew she had to tell him how she really felt about him and would do soon.

I Ask Of You sung by Anastasia

Your love is like a gentle breeze
Upon a brand new day
Your touching what it does to me
Like a flower needs it´s spray
We are like one of a kind
True love is hard to find
I can´t go on another day
Just her me when I say

I ask of you, would you love me if nothing else would ride
I ask of you would you hold me, forever in your life
Don´t let me go, cause I can only give my own
Here I am
I ask of you

I found a place where I belong
It´s right here next to you
And nothing else matters now
With all we´ve been through
I can´t go on trying to deny
Just what I feel inside
But now before I let go
You gotta let me know

I never really thought that it was you and if you would belong all to me
Oh Baby
I give everything and all I ask of you
Is that you feel the same way too
I know yu feel this way too

I ask of you would you love me if nothing else would ride
I ask of you would you hold me forever in your life
Don´t let me go, cause I can only give my own
I can´t pretend
I ask of you
I ask of you!

When the song had finished Liz was gazing into my eyes in absolute wonder.
"Max I lov....". And then the bloody thunder scared Liz and she gasped into my arms.
"Max I don´t like thunder". As she pulled onto me tighter and tighter.
"It´s alright Baby, it´s only LOUD noise, I´m here with you". See I was really pissed off the moment was so perfect and I knew that Liz was about to confess to me that she LOVED ME TOO BUT THE DAMNED LIGHTENING AND THUNDER RUINED THE MOMENT!
Anyway so I ended carrying Liz to bed where she cuddled into me tightly the whole night.
The last few days of our little vacation were still the best. Anytime I spend with Liz is magically for me. Also we never talked about love for the rest of the stay there.
We had only been back in L.A. for 2 days when one day we are told that Liz has a visitor.
"Who can that be, were you expecting anyone today Baby". I asked her.
"No I´m not expecting anyone, wonder who it could be"? Liz asked me.
So we wandered into the lounge where this guy in a suit with brown curly hair was sitting there. When we entered the room he rose from his seat.
"SEAN", Liz cried out in shock.
"Liz it´s so good to see you again". And her asshole of an ex-boyfriend then surrounded Liz in his arms and kissed her.
But Liz looked at me like she couldn´t believe what was happening.


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I was just wondering if any of yous read my other fanfic Changes In You + Me. If so would anyone be interested in a sequel. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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well Sean is back to cause trouble for the 2. Thanks for all the FB

TD Dreamerbehr, I got a request to write more nookie. Also because of the way that Liz and Max meet, I wanted to show how clearly in the beginning of this fic they were in lust with one another, now the fic has taken a new directions with Max confessing that he is love with Liz and now Liz has to confront her real feelings for Max.

Enjoy the next part


Part 11

The real reason why Sean has returned into Liz´s life.

1 year after Sean left Liz, his Mother had died of cancer. His Father then became an alcholic and has gambled his fortune away. The death of his Mother had the same affect on Sean as well. Sean began to experiment with drugs. The money that he had he spent it on wild parties, where alchohol and drugs were consumed like they were going out of fashion. Sean became involved with alot of woman, and would show them what he was worth by buying lavious gifts for them. Now after 2 years of being heavily involved in the party scene, Sean was penniless. Sean still couldn´t give up on his life of drugs and parties. A job wasn´t an option for Sean and the only way he could think of to pay for his habit was to go back to Liz. Sean knew he had hurt Liz when he left her. But hoped with a last glimmer that Liz would take him back. So after borrowing some money for the airfare, Sean travelled back to L.A to win Liz back. Sean had heard that since he had left L.A that Liz hadn´t been able to move on from him, making his job to win Liz back all the much easier.

When we meet Sean, that day, Liz broke away from his hold and looked at him in anger.
"Sean you walked out of my life 3 years ago and you think you can just pop back into it and we can start from new again. No way! See I´m involved now with a new man" and Liz walked to me and looped her arm around my waist."And it´s getting serious now. And the big difference between Max and you is that Max can love me back, so get the hell out of my life".
"Liz, Honey. I´m sorry that I left you, but I could love you back too. I was young then, and I made a big mistake. I really regret it now. But I can give you everything you need. You don´t need this jerk in your life". The Asshole said to us.
"No see that ´s where your wrong! Yes you made the mistake not me. And you had your chance with me, and it was you who choose for us. And about Max being a jerk, the only jerk I see in this room is you! And yes I do need Max in my life, the person I don´t need in my life is you. Baby can you throw this Asshole out, I don´t want to see him anymore". Liz looked up to me.
My pleasure I thought and I went to take hold of that Asshole.
"Hey get your hands off of me", the Asshole said as I put him in a hold, then Sean tried to hit me. Big mistake! I only hit him 3 times and he was out on the floor. So I dragged him to the front door and pushed his body onto the pavement, then went back to Liz.
"Baby, I´m sorry that Sean turned up". Liz told me, as she slipped her small arms around my waist and kissed me on the lips.
"It´s nothing that you could have done about the situation, c´mon lets get outta here". I said to Liz as I took her by the hand and we walked into the garage.
"Where do you want to go to Baby"? I asked her as we sat in the Masarati.
"Anywhere with you would be fine". She said as she grazed my hand with her small one, and smiled into my eyes.
"I think Maria´s singing at a club tonight, how about we go out for a quick bite and then go watch her sing". I suggested.
"I´d love too, so what are we waiting for, lets go". She said to me.
So we went to this little cafe and had something light to eat, after that we went to watch Maria sing.
Maria truly is a fantastic singer and Liz and I danced slowly to nearly every single one of Maria´s songs. Liz wrapped me in her arms, like she didn´t want to ever let me go, just like the same feeling I had for her. After Maria had finished she came over to our table and Michael turned up. So we ended up having a few drinks with them. Because I had to much to drink, Liz rung up someone to come and pick us up, and drive the Masarati home. So we all decided to stay a bit longer. They had a kareoke there too. So we song the rest of the night away. I am an OK singer, and Liz was surprised that I could sing so well. I sung about 5 songs, and they were all love songs that I dedicated to Liz. At one time when I got back to the table, Liz had had tears in her eyes. When I asked her want the matter was, Liz just said that my song to her was beautiful. So I rocked her against my body, and not long after that Liz stopped crying and hugged onto me tighter. Then when we were all tired we eventually went home and slept in each others arms.
The next couple of days after Sean got back to L.A, he kept contacting Liz. Liz would always get really upset with him, but by the 5th day, Liz agreed to meet up with Sean. This lead to our first misunderstanding and we almost broke up.
Liz agreed to meet Sean in a small cafe so we both drove over there together.
"Baby I don´t want you to leave the table when we meet Sean, if he has anything to say to me it concerns you too, you won´t leave me with him will you"? Liz looked into my eyes with her big brown doe eyes and placed her tiny hand over mine.
"No Baby, I won´t leave you, it interests me what this Jackass has to say to you as well". And Liz smiled at me, and leaned over and gave me a peek on the cheek.
"We´re be alright Baby, just trust me" I reassured Liz.
"I do trust you". And we drove on to the cafe.
When we got there Sean was waiting for us at a table, as we approached him he said.
"What´s he doing here, this is a private talk between you and me". Sean looked at me in contempt.
"No this concerns Max as well, he´s staying with me". Liz told him.
And we both sat down and began the conversation.
It was the type of grovelling conversation that none of us really wanted to hear, and when Sean tried to take Liz´s tiny hand in his, Liz just snatched her hand out of his.
"Don´t touch me Sean, and I mean ever again". She warned Sean.
Then I had to go to the toilet and I excused myself and left to go.
When I got back Liz´s back was facing me and all I heard was Liz say,
"Sean I do love you......".
The anger that grew inside of me was to great, and I left them sitting there together.
If I had of stayed a few seconds more I would have heard Liz continue to say.
"But only in the memories we shared together, but now I´ve moved on, so I´m sorry I can´t give my love back to you".
But I missed that part! I ran out of there and jumped into the car. I didn´t care how Liz got home. As I was driving I rung up Jeff, and told him that things hadn´t worked out between Liz and I, and I wanted to resign. Jeff said that he wouldn´t accept my resignation, and that he would give me 2 weeks leave. Then Jeff asked me what I was going to do. I said I hadn´t made any plans yet, but that I would probably go back to Roswell to see my parents. Jeff said that while I was in Roswell to re-think my position about my job, because he knew that it would be hard for Liz to trust another body-guard so soon. I said it was unlikely that I would change my mind, but Jeff said my job would still be here, if I wanted it. After I finished talking to Jeff, I went back to the mansion, and packed a suitcase quickly, taking some of my personal belongings, I sprinted back to the Masarati and drove to L.A International. I then booked a flight to Alburqueque, and boarded the plane heading back home.
When Liz was left behind by Max, she was confused and hurt as to why he would have left her in the cafe alone. Sean left after he got the big hint that there was nothing to save. So Liz waited for Max for another 2 hours. When he didn´t show up she rung up her Dad. Jeff then told Liz what had happened with Max, pained she asked Jeff to organise a limo for her, and tickets to fly to Alburqueque, Liz knew she had to tell Max the truth-that she was in love with him.


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I usually only post for this fic once a day, but I´m in a good mood this evening, so heres another part.
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Next part

I was lying on my bed the next day thinking about where everything had gone wrong between Liz and I, when there was a knock on my door.
"Max, Honey there´s a woman downstairs and she wants to talk to you", my Mom told me.
"Who is it Mom"? I asked.
"A Liz Parker, and here she gave me her card where she´s staying". My Mom gave the card to me.
"Mom I don´t want to see her, so tell her just to leave me alone".
"But Max, she´s come all the way from L.A. to see you, the least you can do is talk to her for 5 minutes".
My Mom pleaded with me, but my stubborness and pain wouldn´t make me change my mind.
Quite adamantently I told my Mom,
"Mom if she ever comes here to see me again, I don´t want to see her ever again and I don´t care what you tell her, but I don´t want to see her ever again".
"Max, I´m not the one who is going to deliver your messages for you, for now I´ll tell her that your busy, but that´s all I´m going to do".
And my Mom left me wallowing in my self-pity, and went back downstairs to Liz.
I don´t know what my Mom said to Liz, but at that moment I really didn´t care.
I then took the card that my Mom had given me, and threw it away in the trash basket.
"You bitch", I said to myself," I hope you go to hell".
And I lay back down on my bed again.
For the next 5 days Liz would call me up all the time, my Mom would tell me, because I never answered the phone. And everytime, I just said to my Mom, hang up the phone.
Which she did, but not before she apologised to Liz and told her to try again.
I should have known better, and it took me a long time to forgive myself after that. I mean with all the time I had spent with Liz, I should have known better. I of all people knew how emotionally unstable Liz could get.
By the 6th day, Liz had rung me up again and as usual I told my Mom to hang up the phone.
But the next day, I recieved a letter in the mail. I didn´t think anything of it at first and opened it and cried when I had finished reading it. It read.

My Dear Max

I don´t know why you ran away from me? What did I do wrong, please tell me? All I know is that when you went to the toilets that day we meet Sean, that you left me. I don´t think I can go on anymore, not knowing why you are out of my life. I only ask that you forgive me, for what I am about to do now. Please just let me go!
Max the day you told me that you loved me, I was only to scared to face my true feelings for you. You know I thought it was only a dream, that someone could really love me back, and that´s why I denied the way I really felt for you.
But now your gone, and I can´t take the rejection all over again. So by the time you read this, I will be gone from you forever.
And one more thing
I love you with all my heart

Good-bye my Love forever


When I finished reading Liz´s letter, I went numb inside, because I couldn´t think what she meant by
"Good-bye my Love forever".

And that´s when I figured it out, and in panic I ran downstairs to my Mom, yelling and screaming.
"Mom, where is she staying. Liz, Mom tell me where she is"? I yelled.
My Mom just looked at me in fear.
"You mean Liz, she´s down on Jackson Street, you know Tom Peters motel".
And that´s all my Mom had to say to me.
I ran out of the house, the adrenaline just pumping threw my veins, I just hoped that I wasn´t to late.
I drove over to the Peters motel cursing myself for not thinking of what Liz would do to herself because of how I rejected her.
I knew that I could save her, if she was still alive.
You see Liz told me once that when Sean had left her, she had tried to take her life.
And then I knew she had done it again because if me.
I didn´t care if she found out if I was an alien, as all my thoughts rushed through my head in a jumble.
So long as she was living, I knew I could save her, and it made me drive even faster.
I still can´t remember all the images that rushed passed me as I drove at speeds that now that I think of it, would have scared the living daylights outta me.
When I got to the Peters motel, I rushed in and frantically asked where I could find Liz Parker.
Old Peters told me Liz´s room number and I ran there as fast as my legs could take me, and I found the door.
I used my powers to unlock the door, after I turned the door knob and it wouldn´t open for me.
"Liz, where are you"? I called as I rushed throught the room and then I found her-she was lying in a bath tub, and the water was a deathly dark red.
"Oh Liz no"! I screamed, as I carefully lifted her body out of the cold water.
"Liz Baby talk to me", I cried in pain as I lay her down, gently on the floor.
"Please Baby, don´t leave me", and then I felt her pulse and I felt it slowly beating.
Then with all my attention on saving the life of the only woman I have ever loved, I brushed my hands over her body.
The connection was instant, and I saw all these images of my Liz as a child.
She was so happy then, and carefree and innocent, and it made me want to do that for her forever.
To see her smile in joy.
Liz´s body then began to jerk, as I started to heal her and she fluttered opened her beautiful eyes open.
"Baby, just look at me, focus on me", I soothed her as she started to come back to life in my hands.
Liz could hear my voice calling to her and with all of her will she gazed into my eyes again.
I knew she was almost saved.
"Baby it´s me Max, c´mon Baby, come back to me again, I promise I´ll never leave you again, please Baby just look at me".
And weakly Liz started to respond, as I felt her hand touch me, and I concentrated even more and harder.
"Max, Max....", her weak voice said to me, and then I saw her eyes starting to tear up.
My heart broke into 1000 pieces as I felt Liz grab at me, like I was her last life-line.
Then Liz was back to me!
And in broken tears she cried on my shoulder as she sat up and held hard onto me.
"Max what happened? How come your by my side? I should have been dead". She cried.
"Ssshhh Baby, please forgive me, it´s Ok, I´m here now, and I´ll never leave you again". I said softly to her.
I then picked up my Liz who was still sobbing, and carried her to the bed.
Then I´m peeked her on her head.
"Please forgive me, my Love, I was so stupid, I am so sorry that I treated you so badly".
Then we lay on the bed for the rest of the night, as I soothed and kissed Liz´s pains away, as she held tighter and tighter to me.
Now I know that if I ever did anything so stupid again, it should have been me in Liz´s place and not her.
Liz told me the whole story, and when I heard it, it made me realise how close I was to losing her, all because of my stupidity and stubborness.
Since that day if Liz and I have ever had problems, I know better to trust my instincts about her and trust her with all of my heart..
As I gazed into Liz´s beautiful doe like eyes, she slowly brushed her soft fingers across the the skin of my face and said.
"Max I love you, with all of my heart, nobody has ever been there for me like you have, and I think that I´m the luckiest girl in the world".
What she said to me bought me to tears, and I smiled sweetly upon that beautiful face of hers and it finally bought me to tears, but tears of happiness.
That with everything that had just happened, she was still willing to love me with all of her heart.
Do you now know why Liz is so special to me now?


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TD dreamer, you wanna know why the first 3 parts were all NC-17. Because it took me 3 days to figure out where I wanted to take this fic, but were you disappointed in all the Nc-17?


Part 12

The next morning Liz woke up in my arms, I really hadn´t slept well that night, as the memory of finding Liz in the bath-tub dead was haunting me.
"Hi Max", Liz said to me as she bit the bottom of that pouting lip of hers.
"Hi are you feeling this morning"? I asked her and Liz started to examine her now healed wrists.
"In shock, because I should have been dead by now, Max how was that possible, I know what I did to myself". She stared at me confused.
I took a deep breath, knowing that I had to tell Liz the truth, I only hoped she wouldn´t be disguisted with me when she knew who I really was, so I began.
" see....I´m an alien".
And then she cracked up laughing!
"Oh please Max, don´t be silly there´s no such things as aliens, give me another story".
I didn´t know what to say to her, I mean this wasn´t the kind of reaction that I was expecting from Liz.
"Liz it´s true". I said and by the reaction on my face, her wonderful smile dropped off of that beautiful face oh hers.
"But...but....Max how is that possible"? She asked me, but I noticed she didn´t pull away from me.
Now that was a good start!
So I told Liz everything, about the crash of 47, and our pods and everything.
"Wow, so I´ve been sleeping with an alien, that probably explains why you go instantly hard again".
She grinned.
"Yep, it´s got something to do with that". I bit on my lip. See she´s taking this heaps better than I thought she would.
"So...ummm, is that how you were able to heal me, and save my life"?
I just nodded my head yes
Liz then got out of bed and grabbed for a knife.
"So you mean if I take this knife and cut myself again you can heal me again".
And I jumped out of bed in panic.
"Liz don´t do it. Yes I really can heal you, but I can´t bear to watch you getting hurt again, it would just kill me". As I took the knife off of Liz.
"Sorry, I wasn´t thinking, well you know this doesn´t change the way I think and feel about you. It actually makes me laugh. That no man on earth has ever been able to make me feel so good before. It could only be an alien that makes me feel the way I feel about you, and how you make me feel, isn´t that ironic". As pulls me into her arms.
"I thought you wouldn´t want me when you found the truth about me, I was so scared to tell you the truth". I admitted.
"I think that we both have had that problem, about being honest with each other, and telling the truth, but I think that we should always be honest to each other from now on because look where it almost got us. I tried to ......well you know". As Liz placed her head on my hard chest, I began to stroke her long, silky hair, and kissed her on the crown of her head, before I took her beautiful face between my hands.
"Liz promise me that if things get to tough for you to handle in you life again, you won´t hurt yourself, or try to end your life. Don´t you get, your so special, and the world would be losing one wonderful person if you tried it again". As I looked into Liz´s with all my earnst and honesty.
"I feel so ashamed now Max, but I promise I´ll never do it again". As tears began to water her doe like eyes.
"Oh Baby, I shouldn´t have treated you like that, and given you a chance to explain yourself to me, OK Baby I believe you about promising me too, that you´ll never do it again"!
And we just held onto each other.
Later on that day I rung my Mom up and told her that Liz and I were going to come home tomorrow, until my next week was up. I explained to my Mom that Liz was my girlfriend and we almost broke up, but now I wanted to bring her home to stay with me.
Liz was really nervous about meeting my parents, but I reassured her everything would be fine.
Then Liz rung up Jeff, and told him we were going to be spending the next week in Roswell, Jeff said that was fine, and that he would see us when we got back. But before Jeff said good-bye, he told Liz that he had heard that Sean was back and he did a back-check to see what the sleeze was doing back in L.A. and that´s when Jeff told us that Sean and his family were bankrupt and that Sean now lived life in the wild lane, doing hard drugs and drinking.
When Liz did finally get off of the phone, she told me all about it, then said, she was glad that I had came into her life and that she had moved on from him.
Before we went to my parents I told Liz that they didn´t know about me being an alien, and she promised me she would never say a word.
The week we spent at my Moms was great. Liz was really shy for the first hour, but thanks to my Mom, she make Liz feel right at home. We would do normal things that a couple would do, I even took Liz out to the pod chamber. She was really amazed by the Granolith and the pods that were there. Luckily I bought a blanket with me. There has always been something that has turned me on about making love to a beautiful woman in the pod chamber, and that´s exactly what we did, for another one of those marathon love making sessions again.
And after our week had come to an end, my parents dropped us off to Alburqueque, and we flew back to L.A. To start our lives all over again.
Now that I know that Liz loves me too, I finally feel complete for the first time in my life.
It´s like something inside of my heart there has always been something missing, but now Liz takes that spot-I have my soulmate now.
The thing that Liz can´t get over, is the fact that I am a King of an alien race before
Liz said now she understands it, because that´s the feeling she gets when I am with her-
she said I treat her like a Queen.
Yes she is my Queen and I treat her the way that Liz really deserves to be treated. And I suppose that if we ever married, then she would have title of Queen as well as the feeling.


What will happen when they get back to L.A. Only more trouble, FB please


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Part 13

When Liz and I got back to L.A. We told Michael about Liz knowing that we were both aliens. Michael freaked at first, but Liz reassured Michael that she wouldn´t tell a living soul. Michael then asked me why I told Liz for. There was no way I was going to tell Michael the truth as Liz looked into my eyes in pain. So I only told Michael that I wanted Liz to know the truth about me. Michael was pretty upset that I told Liz but I said it was to late to do anything about it. Until Liz kept reassuring Michael that she would protect our secret with her life.
Also Liz started therapy up and I went with her to all of the sessions. It was difficult for Liz the first couple of times, but I always held onto her hand and supported her. Liz grew up a very lonely child, although she had every possible possession she could want, her parents never were around to watch her grow up. Liz was instead bought up by a number of Nannys, and her whole life Liz had felt not loved, until she meet Sean and then Me.
The therapys been good for both of us really, but now Liz is starting to realise that she has to deal with her problems like a normal person should, and not do any harm to herself. I tell Liz constantly that she is loved by me, and she has alot of love to give to other people.
We also have kept up with her self-defense classes and shooting practise. Liz is really getting into it now!
Whenever theres a Laker game at home, we go and watch together, and it´s always so much fun.
Everything was going fine for 3 weeks, and then one day we got a visit from Sean again.
We went to meet Sean in the lounge and when we got there, that´s when it happened.
Sean kept ranting and raving about how he had come back to get Liz in his life again, and how I had ruined everything.
Liz said, no that she knew the truth why Sean really came back to L.A. it was so she could pay for his habit.
This must of really pissed off Sean because then he went to pull out something from his pocket.
I saw the black object as Sean started to pull it out of his pocket-you see Sean had a gun.
Then instantly I put up my shield to protect Liz and I, as Sean started to fire at us randomly.
But when Sean could see us still standing there, very much alive, and he had also run out of bullets he just yelled.
"What the hell in Gods name was that"?


See what Liz and Max have to do now tomorrow. FB please


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I have posted a new fic, it´s called, Destination-Paradise

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Part 13?

We reacted fast after I let my shield down, first I went and knocked Sean out.
"Max what do we do now"? Liz asked me in panic.
"Call up the police and tell them that Sean has gone crazy and started waving a gun at us". I told Liz hurriedly.
Then I went and gathered up all the bullets and the gun, using my powers I made the bullets go back into the gun. Then I waved my hand over the gun, so all the powder residue would disappear.
I checked to see if Sean was still out, while Liz rung the police up, while I repaired any damages that had been made.
"The police are on there way over, so what´s our story now"? Liz said as she held onto me in fear and looked over to Sean.
"We tell the police that Sean waved a gun at us, but I was able to disarm him, then knocked him out. We both know that Sean´s a druggie, so who´s going to believe what a drug addict says, the police will probably think Seans off his face again".
Then Sean started to move, so I knocked him out again and told Liz to see if she had any rope or something.
When Liz got back, I tied and bound him with some sheets that Liz had bought down from the bedroom.
A few minutes later, Sean woke up again, and looked at me with nothing but fear in his eyes.
His mouth was bound, then we heard the door-bell go off, and Liz went to answer it.
The police came through and saw Sean lying on the ground and went to pick him up and haul him out of there.
"We need yous to come down to the station, and file a statement each, about what happened here today". One of the Officers told us.
"We´ll be down at the station right away". I replied.
And when the police had finally gotten Sean into the car I said to Liz.
"Have you got your story right"?
"Yeah I´ll be OK with it, we better get going, and get this over and done with". Liz replied.
When we got down to the station, we gave the police officers our statements.
When I went to leave the room the officer who had been taking down my statement turned around to me and said.
"That guys gone whacko, he claims that he fired all his rounds at yous, and you were able to put up some kind of forcefield, I think this ones going to end up in a mental assylum".
I stopped in my tracks when I heard this, but when I looked at the officer he was only laughing away to himself and he said.
"A force field, I´ve heard alot of crazy stories in my days but a force field, that guys absolutely lost it"!
"Yeah course he has". I played along with the officer, then left the room, and found Liz waiting for me in the receptionist area.
She took my hand and gave me a loving kiss and said.
"Are you OK Love". And looked at me worried.
"Yeah everything is fine". And I kissed Liz back then said, "lets go home".
As we drove back I told Liz what the officer said to me, and Liz laughed out loud, and said
"Thank God Seans a druggie, no one will believe him, and once my Dad finds out what Sean did, my Dad will have him locked away for years. That´s the good thing about being rich is that my Dad knows heaps of Judges, so they will help us too". Liz said as she brushed the back of my hand.
So that night we stayed at home, although there was a Laker game on at home.
We instead rang up Jeff, who said he would take care of everything, then we had a nice candle-lit dinner at home.
After dinner we went and sat in the jaccuzzi to relax from the days events. We had a bottle of champagne and the room was filled with lit candles, and soft music was playing in the back ground and Liz relaxed into my hot body.
"Are you OK Baby"? I asked Liz.
"Yeah I´m fine now, but you want to hear something funny", she smiled at me, and I shook my head.
"Well do you know when Sean went to shot at us, I was ready to do some kung-fu moves on him, I caught actually see myself, kicking him in the groin".
"Then I better be careful of you, you sound like you could get dangerous". I gazed into her beautiful eyes and grinned at Liz.
"The only thing I would do to your groin, is this".
And she took my soft manhood into her tiny hand.
As my body arched up I said, "I like these rewards".
And took Liz´s sweet lips into my mouth and kissed her passionately.
It only took a second for me to get hard.
And I bought my fingers to Liz´s wet folds and started to massage her
She threw her head back
At my slow administrations
But she couldn´t take it anymore
Liz straddled over me
And in 1 thrust you sat down on me
Then moving herself upwards
I knew it was sore
So I put my hand over her to ease her pain using my powers
As the friction started to flow through Liz
She moved up and down in slow motions.
Liz began to rock my body
And I lifted my butt to meet her thrusts
Moving even more quickly to satisfy her
"Maxxxx", Liz moaned and then place her soft lips on mine
And I began to bit down gently on Liz´s lip
As I felt the fire grow inside me
Liz pulled at my arms in anticipation
I knew she had almost reached her edge
And I moved even faster inside of her
"Lizzz", I moaned out in absolute ecstacy
As she bought me to climax
And she leaned her body against mine
In pure gratification
"Oh Max, how do you do that to me".?
"Do what"?
"Make me feel so whole inside".
I pulled Liz tighter to me and kissed her sweet lips and said
"That´s what you call true love".
Liz then smiled down on my face beaming and said
"Yeah your right".
Then leaned back on top of me.
We stayed there for ages, the warm water, and Liz got another bottle of bubbly, and she played some slow music.
I have never felt so completed before, I don´t know if I can, but I think I will ask Liz soon it she will marry me.
Then we eventually got out to the jaccuzzi, and I dried my Liz off and carried her to bed.
We made sweet love to each other, until I bodies couldn´t take anymore, and fell asleep lying in each others arms.


Well that drama´s over for now, I think I will just let the 2 enjoy there relationship for awhile before the next drama comes up. FB please

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Hi all

yep-Seans going to the looney bin. Thanks everyone for all the awesome FB, much appreciated.


Part 15

The next day Jeff organised the top lawyers in the country to take on the case. Jeff then came around to visit us. He thanked me for again saying, "his Lizzie".
Then Jeff then told us that he had arranged for one of his private jets to fly us to the Bahamas.
WOW! The Bahamas, I thought, with beautiful golden beaches, and dazzling coloured waters.
This life that I have been leading since I have been working for Jeff, is to much, everyone in Roswell would never believe the life of luxury I lead now.
We then thanked Jeff for everything he had done for us, and he left, to go to another meeting.
The maids packed us up some suitcases, and 1 of Jeff´s chauffeurs drove us in a limo to the airport, where we boarded a luxury plane.
While we were in the air, we drunk a bottle of bubble and ate fresh strawberrys with cream.
We also joined the 10 000 feet club.
Making passionate love to one another.
And fulfilling a wild fantasy we both had had!
After that we had a shower together, and changed back into our clothes before we landed.
Once on ground we were picked up by a limo that drove us to one of Jeff´s private villas.
Where we were greeted by the maids and servants.
Liz and I made our way to the bedroom, where we feasted on one another for hours.
Then hungry we went downstairs after we finished our shower and had changed into swimming attire.
When we finished eating we went to sit on the pool side.
When we covered each other in oil, slowly massaging each bodys to satisfaction.
"Liz, where is our relationship going from here"? I asked her.
"Max, I know I love you, but what else can we do from here" Liz told me.
"All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you".
"So do I, but Max if your talking about marriage or something, I don´t know if I want to marry you, why can´t we just stay like this, your happy aren´t you"? Liz asked me.
"Yes of course I´m happy with you". I replied.
"Then why can´t we just stay like this then". Liz stroked at the side of my face.
Disappointed that Liz didn´t want to take the next step, I replied
"Yeah as long as we are together, that´s all that counts".
And Liz bought her lips to mine, and we engaged ourselves in a sweet kiss.
Although I had pictured myself marrying Liz one day, I had to wait and be patient, until Liz felt like she wanted to marry me too.
So at that thought all the dreams I had had of Liz carrying my babys were put temporarily on hold.
I didn´t want to push Liz away from me, so reluctantly I accepted her terms.


If yous want me to write up a NC-17 about them making love in the plane, let me know, and I will type it up later on today.

Will Liz every let down her guard and marry Max? FB please


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Bubbles, Araxie, Katmcken, AMIE BABES, Starfire, and oh God I can´t think anymore, (I have had one to many glasses of red wine tonight, so I am sorry if I missed anyone), thanks for all the wonderful FB, really love reading it!!!


I didn´t know where to find you, but anyway

I read up to part 23 in Undercover, you go girl!!!

That was awesome


Post again real soon, and I left you some FB

Take care
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OK all heres some good old-fashioned mile-high nookie

Thanks for all the FB


Part 15 b

Liz had stood to pour some bubbly for us when my body started going on fire.

I approached Liz slowly

And placed my hands on Liz´s HOT body
moving them ever so slowly
brushing Liz so she would go wild
"Oh Max your driving me crazy"
As Liz´s head started rolling around in circles
I then slipped Liz out of her clothes
She was to over-dressed for my predictment
As Liz´s taunt body, started to arch
I placed light kisses down the HOT skin of Liz´s back
Undoing her bra, then slipping it from her waiting body
I sucked at her soft skin
Then placed my hands on her perky little breasts
Rolling them around in the palms of my large hands
Running my fingers over her now hard nipples
Liz´s sweet little ass then rubbed against my manhood
I then pulled down Liz´s tiny wee skirt
Knowing that only HOT flesh awaited for me to explore
Her wonderful creases and all of her womanly curves
My hands started wandering down Liz´s sides
As my lips were running fervent down the tantalising skin of her back
Drifting my mouth hungrily downwards
I took the flesh of Liz´s firm ass
Into my mouth
My head was going crazy
By the sweet scent that sopped in wetness
And my hands came down to rotate the skin of her sweet ass
And then I slipped my hand between Liz´s legs
And she moaned my name, as I started playing tortune
With her wet folds that were calling out my name
To satisfy her
But my mouth couldn´t move, but then Liz said to me
"Max, I want to feel your tongue all over me"
So I move my head slowly
Down her body
Grazing my hands where ever, I could feel her
I then put my head between Liz´s legs
And lapped up her juices
With my hungry tongue
I tasted at Liz´s sweet honey
and I ever pondered through her wet folds
Till it found her hard nub
In blissfullness Liz sat down on my face even harder
I lunged on her clit, wanting to bring to an
overpowering climax!
She rocked her body against my tongue
And I was loving it
Knowing that Liz was in 7 heaven
Because of my onslaught of her body sweetness
And my tongue flicked over her
With no restraint or restrictions
My lips ate her with such an appetite
Then Liz´s sweet nectar flowed
as she went over the edge, and cum into my mouth in a fury
So I licked her dry, then licking my lips
I stood up
I was hard as a rock and had to have her
And Liz curved her lower back
So her HOT ass was there for the taking
Liz then turned her head, and looked at my hard largeness
She pulled me in her tiny hand
And I felt myself moving between her well-formed legs
I could feel the entrance of Liz´s hot, wet core
And in one thrust I felt her surround me
I moved diligently and at a pace up and down her
Liz pushed assidously and swiftly in quick motions
She wanted me bad,
As I felt her butt tense up against my thighs
I knew I was going over the edge soon
As I thrust with determination
Wanting to fulfill all those need of the fires the yearned our bodys
In this perfect love-making situation
"Max....oh...oh...". Liz moaned out in pure satisfaction
As she reached her climax and continued to bring me over my edge
It was quick and fast and then I screamed out
And I relesed in Liz´s core
And it took a few minutes until we were again under control
Then Liz turned around and I pulled her into my warm embrace
Are you up for it again
She smiled at me sexually.
So until we knew that we had abut half an hour to land, we just kept going, not wanting to stop our love-making
And only when the pilot announced across the speakers
That we had half an hour to go, until we landed in the Bahamas,
Did we eventually slowed down, then we took a quick shower together
And we lathered each others bodies up in our firery ecstacy
Until the pilot said we had only 10 minutes until we got to the airport
So we stepped out of the shower, dressed each other, then took our seats
holding each others hands
And then we landed, it went smoothly
And we exitted the plane, then went over to the terminal where we collected our suitcases, and met our driver, who very promptly took us to the villa.

OK, Max and Liz have joined the Mile-high club now. FB please


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Hi all

thanks for all the FB, I´m enjoying reading it. Liz is a stubborn one isn´t she

ABBS, they´re bunnies alright!


Part 16

The next couple of days were idyllic, the warm weather, the beautiful scenery. Jeff couldn´t have suggested anything better.
The next day, Liz and I played some golf. Liz is really good at golf, she had a profi-trainer coach her, she has a real good swing.
I on the other hand was really bad.
And I lost miserably against Liz. But I did enjoy the golf tips Liz gave to me.
When Liz would move behind me, to show me how to hold the golf-cubs, she would always rub her front into my firm butt!
We got alot of amused onlookers, who were surprised at Liz´s behaviour, but Liz just ignored them all.
Liz also almost got in a fight!
When we went back to the club-rooms one of the rich woman tried to hit on me.
I walked passed that woman, and she pinched me on the ass.
Read on, this is what happened.
I went to walk passed this woman who was sitting at a table with a glass of wine in front of her.
The woman must have been about my age, she had long blonde hair, and her eyes were all blood-shot.
When I was about to walk pass her, she smiled at me, fluttering her eye-lids and said.
"Hey honey, you want to have a drink with me"?
I only said, "I´m here with someone else". Unamused at her suggestion, and proceeded to walk passed her, I saw Liz sitting nearby, and she smiled at me as I went to approach her, and that´s when the woman pinched my ass!
"Hey want do you think your doing to my man"? Liz stood up and shouted at her.
And the woman said, "I don´t see any I´m taken signs posted on him".
Then Liz came storming over to the woman and said,
"Well he´s taken, and I don´t have to put any signs on him to show that´s he´s already taken".
Then Liz picked up the womans glass of wine and threw it in her face.
"Here have that, so you can cool down a bit". Liz spat at her.
"Your little bitch", the woman said as she stood up drenched with wine and went to slap Liz.
But Liz´s self defense classes proved to work.
Because then Liz blocked the womans hand that was swinging at her, and Liz using her other hand, hit the woman in the face.
That´s when I grabbed Liz around the middle of her waist.
"And if I see you ever with you dirty clutches on my man again, I won´t be so nice".
"My lip, it´s bleeding, I´m going to ring the police up". The woman threatened Liz.
And then we were surrounded by people working there.
"See if I care, you went to hit me first". Liz screamed at her.
And that´s when I said it would be better if we leave Liz, and I carried Liz out.
When we got to the car-park, I stood Liz up straight, and placed my hands so I was holding Liz´s beautiful face between my hands and said.
"Liz it´s OK now, the witch isn´t here now, are you OK"?
"Yeah I´m OK now, sorry that I nutted out back there". Liz looked at me ashamed.
"Liz that´s OK, I think if a man did the same thing to you, I would have reacted the same". Then I kissed Liz on her sweet lips, then pulled away from her and said.
"I was really surprised at how you reacted back there". As I smiled into Liz´s beautiful face.
"I wasn´t and I would do it again if I had too".
"C´mon let´s go back to the villa".
Liz agreed, and we drove back.
During the rest of our stay on the Bahamas, we decided we would do things by ourselves, where there weren´t many people around. We would go to deserted beaches, and lie in the sun all day, one beach we went too we ended making love in the ocean.
It was a bit like that scene from Here To Eternity where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, I think it was. They get into a heated kiss, rolling around in the shallow waters of the tropical oceans of Hawaii, with the waves running over there bodies.
Yeah well that´s what Liz and I did, only we were both stark naked and made love to one another instead. That was so sexy, I had never done anything like that before, but I know I want to do it again.
And we will probably do it again.
Another day, we hired a boat and went out scuba-diving.
It was amazing, the coral reefs and the rainbow coloured fish it was unreal. We both are good scuba-divers and we could have spent the whole day out there. The water temperature was perfect as we swam through the reasonably shallow waters, with the sun skimming the waters below. After we got back to the villa, we had a romantic dinner together, before we took a spa, and went to bed, where we made love again.
I don´t think I´ve ever made love to someone as often as Liz, and m glad that I kept it that way too!
I still couldn´t stop thinking about marrying Liz, and the next day, I knew if I didn´t say anything to Liz, I would go crazy, so when we went back to the beach again I worked up the courage to ask Liz to marry me.
We were walking alone the beach when I stopped and pulled Liz around to look at me.
"Max what´s the matter"? Liz asked the concern ringing through her voice.
"It´s just that.......Liz I can´t help what I´m about to say to you right now, I hope you won´t be mad with me but since the moment I first saw you in the elevator I thought you were the most stunning woman I had ever seen before in my life. And when we got stuck in there and ended making love, it just blew me away". And I started to caress Liz´s beautiful face.
"When you left the elevator, I was so upset, because I thought I would never see you again, but when I met you in your Dads office, and found out that I would be your body-guard, it blew me away again.
But then when we started getting involved with each other, I thought my life couldn´t get any better, but it did. Then when we became a couple, it didn´t take me to realise I was in love with you, and the day you told me you loved me back, my heart was filled with this happiness that it had never known before. I know I am only a body-guard, and I can´t provide you with a life of luxury, but all I can give to you is my undying that ´s why I want to ask you to marry me, and become my wife, Liz Parker you are the most wonderful person I have ever meet in my life before".
When I stared into Liz´s eyes, she was crying and Liz took my hand and bought it to her warm lips and kissed it so, so gently.
"Max, wow, I didn´t know that I could mean so much to anyone, and yes I´ll become your wife".
Tears of joyfulness sprung to my eyes and I held onto Liz as if my life depended on it and finally said.
"Liz I will do everything to make you happy, and will love you always until the day I die".
And Liz said, "Max you already make me more that happy, and I love you with all of my heart".
Then Liz bought her sweet lips to mine and we kissed each other sweetly, as the gentle sounds of the waves could be heard in the near distance.

Surprise, surprise, FB please

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Hi all

that was a big surprise, but who wouldn´t wanna marry Max! Thanks everyone for the FB, much appreciated


Next part

Liz´s POV

At the moment I am lying on Max´s behr chest, looking into his more than handsome face. Max´s behr chest rises slowly underneath me. I run my hand over the contours of Max´s smooth face, and think to myself, how did I manage to find love with this wonderful man? A few day ago, Max started talking about us 2 deepening our relationship, in other words marriage. I don´t know why I always get scared about commitments and told Max that our relationship was fine and we didn´t need to take the next step. Over the next couple of days we never bought the subject up again, but I was thinking about it. I remember the first time Max told me he loved me, I said I didn´t love him back, but that was only a lie. I almost had to lose Max before, he found out that I really did love him back too.
Yes, Max left me, and I chased Max back to Roswell, and when Max wouldn´t see me, I went to some really extreme measures-and tried to take my life. I didn´t want a repeat of that, so when Max proposed to me today-how could I say no? Max´s wedding proposal was the loveliest thing anybody had ever said to me, Max bought me to tears, it really was so touching.
I never knew that anyone could love me as much as Max does.
Max has been the best person to walk into my life, I cherish the man with all of my heart.
Max is everything to me!
Max is my rock, without Max in my life, I would have been leading that pathetic life I used too live.
Max has showed me love, and showed me that I too can love a person back, I opened my heart, after shutting it off for years, and that´s only because of Max.
All the good things that have happened in my life since Max entered it are because of him.
Max´s honesty and straight-forwardness, are 2 things that I love about Max the most. He is the only person who has been able to make me confront the truth of my life.
Most people just told me nothing!
So for years and years, I flirted and slept with a few to many men.
But the day that Max told me that I was beautiful and didn´t need to shove my tits in a mans face to get him, I was stunned. No one had ever told me I was beautiful before apart from Mom and Dad, oh men have said, I´m hot, or that I´m a babe, but no one had ever told me I was beautiful before.
Max is a strong, capable man, caring, gentle, confident, straight-forward, funny, and honest, they are just a few of the good things about Max´s personality that I love so much, the list just goes on.
Max is so caring, he really does go out of his way to care for me, soothing me with his soft words of love whenever I have been upset or sad, holding me for hours, until I felt better.
I mean it must have seemed strange to anyone that witnessed our relationship, a body-guard sleeping in the same bed with his client. But then the unconventional way that Max and I meet, made us have no issues of closeness appear to us, when we both found out that Max would be my body-guard.
I still laugh to myself when I think about how we meet in the elevator.
See I haven´t ever told Max this, but when I first saw him, I thought he was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen before, I am only grateful that the feeling was matual, and when we made love, well we didn´t even know each others names back then, so when we had sex together, it was like.
I have never done that before in my life.
Have sex with a stranger!
Sure I used to be a flirtomaniac before Max and I got involved with each other, but I didn´t go jumping into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry, I was more of a tease.
So having sex with Max, was totally a spur of the moment thing.
It was just when I looked into Max´s eyes, and they were only burning with passion,
I got drowned in his eyes, and then I felt that fire starting to burn inside of me.
And then it just happened!
We had good, hard, fun sex!
No attachments involved, although Max did ask me for my name.
I thought I would walk out of that elevator and walk out of Max´s life, never to see him again.
Because it was so uncharacteristic for me to have spontaneous sex, I was more than embarassed about my behaviour, and tried to get out of the elevator as fast as I could.
But fate had it´s way of bringing Max into my life, so I owe fate alot.
Max and I have had that animalistic wanting to have each other since that first moment.
So the night he came to live with me, I knew I had to have him.
And I did again and again and again.
Come to think about Max has slept in my from the first day that he has come to work for me, apart from the time when Max went back to Roswell, we have always been together.
I like that thought, that Max has always slept in my bed.
So our relationship was only based on good sex in the beginning.
But now, I am pleased that now our love for one another has developed.
And we have been able to pass that animalistic wanting for each other, well that´s not true at all now that I re-think about it.
We still have the best sex in the world, when we make love together.
Max is UNREAL in the sack.
He has such good control over his body parts.
And especially one particular body part!
It´s amazing how Max can instantly get hard again when he cums.
That´s all to do with him being an alien.
And it just springs back into action for me, anytime. I want it too!
The man can go for hours, I didn´t know that you could get someone who could last as long as Max, he is truly the ultimate lover. That is probably with Max being an alien, I will never look at another human male ever again. WWOOOAAHHH, that man always makes me so horny!!
I am the most sexually satisfied woman in the world.
As for Max´s body, it´s to die for.
Do you know how much of a turn on it is to run my hands over his body?
Anyway back to love!
There are so many things I love about Max, like the way Max cherishes me, his gentleness. Max has been so incredibly patient with me, that says alot about my man. Then way he makes me feel like a Queen, he blows my mind away.
Yes I do love Max with all of my heart, I always will, in the end when Max was able to pull the walls that surrounded my heart, he made me into a hopeless romantic.
And one day in the future, I shall be Max´s wife, accepting Max´s wedding proposal is the best decision I have ever made in my life. And I am honoured that Max thought that I was special enough to love me.
Now I am just kissing my Max on his adorable sweet lips, softly sucking on Max´s sweet bottom lip.
He slowly stirring now, a smile appears underneath my own lips, and Max brings his strong arms around me.
"Hmmmmm, I like getting woken up like this, could you wake me up like this every morning"? Max asks me as his lips are responding back to mine.

"For the rest of your life"


So did yous like that? FB please


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Hi all

now that Liz has been able to face her fears of commitment, there relationship will only get stronger from here, but then another problem surface for the 2, but nothing that they won´t be able to handle together.
Thanks for all the FB, really loving it!


Next part

Now that I knew that Liz and I were finally going to take the next step in our relationship, and get married. I called up my Mom and Dad, and told them the good news. They were more than happy that we were getting married, but if I had of known what was going to happen next, I think I would have delayed telling them.
Liz then rung up her Mom and Jeff, and her Mom was more than surprised that she was going to get married. When Liz´s Mom asked who too, Nancy got really pissed-off that Liz was going to marry her body-guard.
They argued for ages, and Liz told her Mom, that I was the best thing to ever happen in her life, and why couldn´t she be happy about our impending marriage. But when Nancy wouldn´t stop saying that Liz was making the biggest mistake of her life, Liz hung up on her, and I pulled her into my warm and loving embrace.
"Oh Max, why is she being such a bitch". Liz cried on my shoulder.
"I mean, this is the happiest moment of my life, why can´t she just be happy for us". Liz said as she held onto me tighter.
"Love, she´ll come around one day, and if she doesn´t then that´s not our problem, c´mon why don´t you ring up your Dad, and tell him about us".
So Liz did!
And the response we got back from Jeff was a happier event, and congratulated Liz and asked to talk to me, and Jeff said.
"Max, I know your make my Baby happy, I´m glad that you and her are getting married now, I look forward to seeing yous both, when yous get back to L.A".
I thanked Jeff for his support, then I gave the phone back to Liz, and she smiled that dazzling smile of hers as she talked to Jeff, then they farewelled each other, and Liz came back into my awaiting arms and said.
"Well 1 parent is better than none".
And I kissed her on top the crown of her lovely head.
The next few days, we some of the best days of my life, we were both so ridicuously delirious in our happiness.
Then we flew back to L.A. and that´s where our problems began, the next day we recieved a visitor, here let me tells yous what happened.
We were sitting at the dining table having a meal together, when the door-bell rung.
Liz yelled out to the maids, "I´ll get it". Then Liz kissed me as she went to open the door.
When the door opened she was confronted by a woman.
Liz didn´t recognise her and asked
"Hi hey can I help you"?
The woman said
"Oh firstly by giving my man back to me". She demanded.
"What do you mean"? Liz asked her confused.
"Well I don´t know if Max ever told you this before, but you see I´m his wife".
And Liz stumbled back-wards, then looking at the woman with depise in her eyes, she yelled out my name.
"Max get your ass out here now"!


Ok that´s enough for now, Im a meanie aren´t I. FB please

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Well all

I am on a roll at the moment, so I´ll post yous another part.

Thanks for all the FB, oh and for anyone who is reading Chances Are, I updated on that fic too.

Next part

"Max get your ass out here now"!
And when I heard Liz´s voice all upset I ran out to her.
That´s when I saw why Liz was so upset-Tess was standing outside of the door.
When Tess saw me, she put that sleezy smile of hers on her face, and came to me looping her arms around my neck, and kissing me full on my lips.
"Oh Max", she said as she zeroed onto my lips, and I tasted her damned taste on me.
"What the hell do you want Tess"? As I pushed her away from me, and looked over to Liz, she looked like she was going to fall to the ground. So I went over to her, and Liz said to me.
"Get your damned hands off of me Max, I thought you said you loved me".
As tears started rolling down her beautiful face. I tried to help her up, but she pushed me away from me and said, "so when were you going to tell me that you were already married", and she choked on her tears.
I felt so defeated, because it was true, Tess and I were married to each other.
"Liz it´s not what you think". I said pleading to her.
"Oh but Max it´s true, remember we got married to each other, how could you let something like that slip your mind"?
I was shocked and proceeded to tell Liz the truth about our marriage.
"Liz it´s true, we were married, but that was in another lifetime, before we got sent to earth, remember how I told you about the crash and all. Liz you can´t believe that I ever, ever loved her. I´ve only ever loved you".
"Is that true Max", Liz whimpered to me.
"Baby I have never felt the way I feel about anyone like I feel about you ever in my life, yeah it´s true she was my wife on my planet, but that doesn´t change the way I feel about you know, in this lifetime".
And then Liz held her arms out to me, and I went and picked her up in my arms.
"It´s OK now Baby, I should have told you the truth, but I didn´t think it mattered because it had nothing to do with the life that I have lead since I´ve been here on earth"
And Liz leaned her head against my chest, and looked me in my eyes and said
"I believe you Max, but please let me stand up".
So I released Liz, so her 2 feet now stood on the floor, and she looked at Tess with nothing but contempt in her eyes and said to Tess.
"I´m sorry, but I´m not about to share my man with you or anyone, so get the hell out of my house". Liz demanded of her.
"But Max, you can´t let her treat me like this", she said in that pathetic damned voice of hers.
"Oh just watch me", as I held onto Tess´s arm and lead her to the door, and let her go on the doorstep and said.
"Now for once and for all just stay out of my life, I don´t want to see your face within 10 feet of me, and if I do, you don´t want to see my Liz when she is angry".
But then Tess started using that damned mindwarping powers of hers, making everything even more worse.
She made Liz see that Tess and I were now involved in a passionate kiss, and I didn´t realise it, until I saw the expression on Liz´s face.
"Max how could you do that to me"? Liz screamed out at me, and her eyes flooded with tears, and she curled over and fainted on the floor.
"TESS WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER"? I screamed at her.
"Made her see what really lies between you and me", Tess smirked smuggly at me.
"YOU BITCH GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE ONCE AND FOR ALL", and roughly I pulled Tess to the door, and unceremoniously threw her out and locked the door, using my powers.
"Baby, wake up, it was a lie, it was only a deception", I cried out in pain as I held onto Liz´s limp body.
Liz slowly started to stir, and when she opened her eyes, she slapped me with all her force, then pushed me away, and said,
And I shook my head no, and said.
"Liz I´m not leaving you".
Then Liz started pounding my hard chest with all of her power, continiously saying.
"How could you do that to me"? And her sobs got even worse.
And I just let her hit away at me.
"Liz, Liz, what you saw, was not real, that bitch can make you see things, that really aren´t there".
Liz then cried, "Max, but I saw it".
"I know you saw what she wanted you to see, let me call up Michael and he can explain what Tess can do to your mind".
"OK you ring up Michael, but don´t you touch me, do you understand".
Then we went into the main living room, and I rung up Michael explaining to him how Tess was in town and had mindwarped Liz, to think that Tess and I were kissing one another and Michael said he would talk to Liz, so I gave her the phone.
"Michael what the hell is this all about"? Liz asked him in tears.
"Liz that woman you meet has the power to make people see things in there minds, she wanted to make you see that Max was kissing her, but it´s not true, that´s all part of her abilities. I know it all seems real to you, but it´s only a illusion, and nothing more". Michael said.
"Michael but it seemed so real". Liz said, as her voice started talking in her normal tone, once again.
"Yeah I know the mindwarp seems real, that´s what we call it, a mindwarp, but it´s only real if you believe in what she did to you, and I know Tess real well. She´s a carniving little bitch, and she always wanted Max, but Max has always pushed Tess away. That´s why Max and I moved here to L.A. To get away from her. So Liz don´t let Tess come between you and Max, she´s not worth it. And believe me you are the first woman that I know of......whos ever been able to steal the heart of my friend, so please, believe him, I know if you didnt he would want to give up on life, can you trust him".
"Yeah I can....thanks Michael, ummm I´ll call you tomorrow, I think I have a little make up and kissing to do".
"Your welcome Liz, so don´t make my friend wait any longer, I´ll hear from you tomorrow, see ya".
And at Michaels last words Liz hung up the phone.
By now I was sitting on the couch, with my head on my hands, crying because of the mess that had just happened.
"Max, please forgive me, for not believing you". Liz said as she stood before me.
I went and held her in my arms, and said as I felt Liz´s head lean against my head.
"Baby there was no way you could have known, you didn´t really know what was going on, so lets just forget what happened, it´s not even worth worrying about anymore".
And I stroked my Liz´s soft hair with my hand.


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well it´s one of those restless nights that I´m having, so I thought that since Liz and Max have had a real hard time in there relationship, I´m going to make them have a real happy day together, but Liz won´t be getting pregnant this time, I wish I could type it know, but I always wake my husband up when I type to fast, so I will do it tomorrow.

Oh and just for interests sake, I also updated Chanes Are, and Destnation-Paradise

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Next part

Once Liz and I had sorted out all that shit with Tess, Liz then said something to me that surprised the crap out of me.
As I held Liz in my strong arms, Liz looked endearingly into my eyes and said,
"Max, why don´t we marry, I´m not talking about a long engagement, let´s take off somewhere just you and me, and get married straight away, what do you think"?
"OH Liz, flip I don´t know what to say". I exclaimed in excitement.
"Say yes Max", as Liz pouted that sexy bottom lip oh hers at me.
"Liz I would love to, but my Mom would never forgive me, if she wasn´t able to attend our wedding, how about we make a little compromise and say marry in 3 days time".
Liz contemplated the idea for awhile, and then when she smiled that brilliant smile of hers, I knew the answer would be yes.
And Liz didn´t disappoint me!
After the decision was made, we went about organising our wedding together, well Liz did anyway. All I did was ring up my family and friends and told them Liz and I had spontaneously decided to marry in 3 days time, and although they were all shocked they all said that they would make it to L.A.
The only one who said they wouldn´t come was Nancy, but we really didn´t expect any different response to come from her.
Jeff was more than pleased, like we thought he would be, we have alot to thank Jeff, but he took it all in his stride and was humbled by our decision.
The days leading up to our wedding were hectic to say the least, Liz busied herself with the arrangements, and Isabel flew up the day we announced our plans and had been staying at the mansion with us helping Liz.
Those 2 hit it off straight away, they had so much in common, they paired off well together.
Liz asked Maria to be her matron of honour, and Isabel would be her bridesmaid. On my side were Michael and Alex.
My Mom and Dad arrived in L.A. the day before the wedding.
I was more or less the one who had to do all security checks for our wedding.
We decided to get married in the gardens at Jeffs mansion, which was huge, we didn´t want alot of guests, and had invited about 50 close friends and family.
The day of the wedding was a beautiful day.
I didn´t get to see Liz after we woke up, until she walked down the aisle.
Isabel had arranged for the mens suits and I kissed Liz good-bye as I went to Jeff´s place to get ready.
"Wow just think about it Babe, this evening your going to be Mrs Liz Evans", I said to Liz as her eyes shined into mine.
"Yeah I can´t wait, Max you make me so happy, I love you so much". Liz said with this radiant glow surrounding her.
"Liz, your own my heart, I love you too"! I whispered to her softly in her ear, as I held her tiny figure in my arms.
"I better go for now, see you later on this afternoon".
"Yeah OK Max". And I pulled her sweet lips in mine, before I departed.
Alex came with me, and we picked Michael up on our way over to Jeff´s.
When we got to Jeff´s I was amazed at what they had done there.
We walked around the gardens and they had set up a big marqui there, with a stage to dance on and a band would also play there too.
Tables and chairs were set up not far from the marqui, which were decorated in white lace table clothes, and fresh roses. There were crystal glasses, and silver cutlery on the table too.
Where the ceremony was to take place, a light pink carpet was laid down for the aisle, chairs were orderly placed down both sides and flowers were adorned down both sides too.
There were arch-ways that had been set up down the aisle, with trelisses of flowers, and the stage where we would stand had been decorated in roses and there was a pulpit there, and a small table where we would sign our marriage certificates.
I meet the priest that would marry us, and then we decided to go and shower and change.
I meet up with Jeff, who asked me if I was nervous and I took him no.
Jeff just laughed at me, and told me to go on inside to get dressed.
When we were showered and dressed, then we had these woman who did our hair, and everything, I looked at my watch and we had 1 hour to go.
Michael had got the rings for us, I spent nearly my whole life savings on a ring for Liz, a nice big fat diamond ring.
I cringed at thought when I picked it, sometimes I´m lucky if I spend $10 on a shirt, I know, a real cheap-skate, but shopping has never been my thing, and usually my Mom bought me all my clothes.
So to pay out over $40 000 for a ring, I thought I was going to die, but when I thought of Liz, I knew she would be worth it.
Now as the time drew nearer, us guys went out to the stage, we were greeted by guests and then I went up the front with the others.
Now with our wedding only minutes away, I stood there listening to the music playing in the back-ground.
"You OK man"? Michael asked me.
"Yeah I´m fine" I said, but really I was as nervous as hell.
Then I heard whispers and knew that the bridal party had arrived.
As the wedding song started then 2 singers on the side with a band started singing.
I saw Maria and Isabel coming down the aisle, they both wore a dark pinkish bridesmaids dresses, they both carried baskets and were throwing pink, lavender and white roses petals on the carpet as they walked down and then the singers started singing.

"Girl you are to me, all that a woman should be and I dedicated my love to you always.
A love like yours is precious it must have been sent from up above and I know that your be there for always"

Then I saw my Liz appear, with her arm looped in Jeffs.
I felt my eyes get tears in them, when I first saw her, she was in a beautiful white off the shoulder wedding gown, short sleeved, with long white gloves on. The skirt part of the dress was tight and it had a long trail that flowed from behind, her hair was done up with a train and small white, pink and lavender roses adorned her head.

And the music played on.

"And we both know, that our love will grow, and forever it will be you and me
Oh your love is such, taking all of my breath away"

As Liz made her way down the aisle, we couldn´t take our eyes off of each other.
Everything around me had stopped! And all that clouded my mind was Liz.

And the music played on

"And when I think of you, you bring brighter days,
A love like your is special, it must have been sent from up above
And I will love you so for always"

Then I couldn´t hear anything around me as Liz and Jeff moved closer to me.
When Liz had finally reached me, Jeff kissed Liz on the cheek, whispered a few words to her, smiled at me and took his seat in the front.

Then I took Liz´s tiny hand in mine and lead her up the few stairs to me,
She looked so radiant, it was almost blinding.
But that smile she had adorned on her face was mind blowing.

"Max", Liz said, and I kissed her on the cheek.

The the priest began the service, and Liz and I were caught in a trance, smiling in our happiness.
Then the priest asked me to say my wedding vows. Liz and I had written our own wedding vows, and I began reciting my vows of love to Liz.

Liz you are my everything, my heart is filled with so much love for you, I hold these feelings so strong in my heart, You have made my life complete, by taking me as your man, you have filled all those gaps in my once empty heart, and that I shall treasure for the rest of my life. Liz I promise you that I shall always love you, I shall always care for you, and I shall never hurt you.
I have no regrets making you my wife, no on the contrary, I know this is the best thing that we can do to confirm our love for one another, I cherish you Liz, you are my one and only love, and that is why today I ask you to be mine forever".

Liz stared into my eyes, a few tears slid down her beautiful face, but then she smiled that shining smile of hers again, then the Priest asked Liz to say her wedding vows to me.

"Max, you are the love of my life, my rock, my steadfast, you protect me with all of your love. Max you have made me the happiest woman in the world, where I thought I would never find love. But then you came to me, and you showed me how to love and to be loved. My darling, you are my heart, and everyday you shower me unceasingly with your love, I have waited for someone like you all my life, and now that dream is finally fulfilled. Max I owe you everything, my life, my heart, and that you accept this from me, is the best feeling that I could ever have. I adorn the way you love me, I deeply admire the man you are, I shall love you endlessly for the rest of my life, and today I too confirm my love for you, by becoming your wife willingly, and take you to be my man".

I smiled down in Liz´s eyes, I know I had this really goofy smile on my face, but no one was going to be able to wipe that smile off of my face.

Then the priest asked me to place Liz´s ring on her finger, Michael handed the ring to me, and Liz slipped both of her gloves off, and handed them to Maria.

As I placed the ring on Liz´s slim finger I said.

"My Love this ring is a symbol of my love for you".

Liz got tears in her eyes again. I wiped them from her eyes very gently

Then Liz turned to Maria and when Liz got the ring off of her, Liz placed it on my finger and said

"My Love, this is a ring to show and symbolise how much I love you".

I smiled at my beautiful Liz, then the Priest said a few words and allowed us to kiss each other.

The kiss was sweet, and we held onto to each other, and rejoiced, knowing that now we were really
Man and Wife.


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just to say I posted another fic today, it´s called Don´t You Touch Me, M/L pg-13.
It starts from the Pilot. Also it´s Tess free. So if yous want to read it, get it a go.


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Next part

After Liz and I broke away from our breath-taking kiss, we were then surrounded by our friends and family, held in there arms, kissed and congratulated.
We walked over to the table to sign our wedding certificates still be followed by the well-wishers
When we signed our names away to each other, I took Liz´s small hand in mine, and kissed it gently
"Liz your finally my wife, wow, Mrs Liz Evans".
Liz smiled up at me and said, "I know, finally a married woman".
I lead her towards the marqui, where we sat down at the table spread, and prepared for us.
One by one people stood and said speeches to us, as glasses of champagne were filled to the rim, and lifted and drunk to our happiness.
Liz and I didn´t really drink as fast as others, no we intended to be sober for our wedding night, so that nothing would obscure our love-making we were both eagarly awaiting.
As the speeches were being finished up, guests food were bought to the table and music was being sung in the back-ground by the band.
We mingled around our guests, thanking them for coming to our wedding, there were alot of people that I didn´t know, as the guests were mainly made up of Liz´s friends and family.
But despite that they all welcomed me with open arms.
Liz and I then sat and ate our meal, never really taking each others eyes off of each other.
That was even though the food tasted brilliant.
As the plates started to be taken away, I pulled Liz up for a dance, we twirled around on the dance floor as our guests stood to the side, clapping and cheering us on.
When the dance finally finished, I went to lead Liz to a seat, but Jeff stepped in and said he wanted his traditional dance with his daughter.
I agreed whole-heartedly, and watched on as Liz and Jeff danced together.
My face wouldn´t stop grinning, at watching how beautiful Liz looked in her wedding gown.
I thought the song would never end, because I wanted her back in my arms again.
And what seemed like an eternity, the song came to an end.
Jeff then bought Liz back to me, then reminded us that we had to have our photo´s done.
So the wedding group then came away with us, where for about the next hour our photos were taken.
When we went back to the marqui, instead of Liz coming back with me she went up on the stage where the band was playing and made an announcement

"hi everyone, well who would have ever believed that I would one day get married, but it´s really happened and now I want to do something for my wonderful husband. Max you know how much I love you, and this song that I am going to sing, only says a few things about how I really feel about you".

Liz then turned to the band, nodded her head, and began singing into the micro-phone

"Oh Baby

You mean the world, oh and everything that I want for
Since I´ve been your girl
Oh my whole life has been much better than ever before
Your got a tender, sweet heart, yes you do
That weakens me and takes over me
Whenever we touch

Baby that´s just why, I love you so much
Baby that´s just why, I can´t get enough
Baby that´s just why, I love you so much
I love only you

Now you say that your heart
You won´t play around
no not with my heart
And when your boys come around
no your not disrespecting me
not trying to be Mr Wanna Be Hard
You let them know that I´m your heart
Yes you do
By holding me and kissing me
To let them know for sure

Baby that´s just why, I love you so much
Baby that´s just why, I can´t get enough
Baby that´s just why, I need you so much
I love only you

The way you touch me baby
The way you hold me
The way you kiss me
The way you love me
Makes me know we will never part"

"I love you Max".

When Liz finished singing that song to me, I couldn´t move a muscle
My heart started melting as I listened to the lyrics of the song
And my eyes teared up
And I wished that this moment would never end
As Liz´s voice washed over me, from that moment onwards, I really knew to what lengths Liz would go to make me happy, and she was right, from that day onwards, Liz and I were never apart.
The only time in our lifes that we were seperated in our entire relationship would be when I left Liz to go back to Roswell. But since that day we got back together, we have never spent a night apart from each other.
After Liz finished singing, I went to the stage and pulled her into my arms.
"Baby, I don´t ever wanna let you go". I said to her.
Liz just lay against my hard body and said.
"Then don´t, only it will be a bit hard if one of us wants to go to the toilet". She said, making me laugh.
The rest of the day went pretty quickly for us, the cake was bought out, and we cut it before it was served out to everyone.
Then Liz threw her wedding bouquet, Maria being the lucky woman who caught it.
Then Liz and I went inside to get dressed out of our wedding attire and get back into normal clothes again, being farewelled as we drove off.
Now on the way to our honeymoon destination, Venice, Italy.


I´ve been to Venice twice, and I love that place, so that´s where they´re going for there honeymoon.
I couldn´t help it, Venice is soooo romantic. FB please


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Next part

As Liz and I wave to all of our guests outside the now driving car, I pull her to sit on top of my lap.
Which was a real good idea, because Liz attacks me, and we end up making love in the back of the limo. When we get to L.A. International we prepare to fly in Jeff´s private jet to Italy.
Venice here we come!
I have never been to Venice before, I was in Florence one time working, the city is amazing.
We are going to be in Italy for 1 month, where we will visit all the major cities there.
Boarding the jet, our anticipation to get to Italy is obviously, and without any problems we take-off.
You know what we end up doing during our 12 hour flight there?
Continue our membership in the Mile High Club, but not the whole time!
Believe it or not!
No we both want to take in the culture and beauty of Italy so we go to sleep on the King-sized bed.
We sleep well and 2 hours before we land, the Captain informs us that we will be landing in Italy at 1.00pm there time.
So we shower together, then have a meal, drinking a bottle of champagne to lighten the mood.
Now landed, we are now being chaffeured to a hotel in Venice.
But once we get to the outside wall of the old city, the chaffeur is met by a guide who carries our luggage down to a private boat.
Jeff organised our honey-moon for us, and being the rich business man that Jeff is, he has good contacts all over the world.
Once in the boat, Liz cuddles in my body as my arm is slung around her.
Venice is everything I expected it to be, as we go down the Main Canal.
To say that I am more than impressed would be an understatement, as the red, and white brick buildings that line the Main Canal pass us by.
In the near distance in the Del Rialto Bridge, one of the most famous tourist sights in Venice, it is covered with tourists with camera´s, taking shots of this unbelievable place.
Our guide gives as a running comentary of all the places of real importance, Liz smiles at me, and I lean over and kiss her on her forehead. She snuggles closer into me, if that could be possible, but I don´t care, as I take in her scent. Chanel No.5.
There are gondolas with happy couples, entranced in this romantic of cities, then we start to approach.
Now we pass the house of Casanova, I never knew he was from Venice, but then you can imagine why he got his reputation as one of the worlds biggest lovers. In this place it is easy for someone to be caught up with the romantic mystic of Venice.
And the soft waves bring us to St Maria Cathedral. The church is made in white marble, it´s beautiful, and I pull out a camera and take a photo. I ask Liz to stand up too, so I can get photos of her, but then our guide Angelo, tells me to stand to, and he takes all these momentums of our 1st hour here.
Now the jet boat is passing the centre, St Marks Place, and the place is milling with people.
There´s another big Cathedral there too, St Marks Church, and to the right of the place is the Bridge of Sighs and the Doges Palace.
Tomorrow those tourists will be made up of Liz and I, but we carry on, to St Georgio, this is an island, with another huge cathedral on it, it´s about 10 minutes away.
Now landing at St Georgio, Angelo takes our luggage and places it on a cart, and pushes it along. No cars or bikes are allowed to be used in the streets here and as Liz and I walk slowly behind Angelo, Liz has her head leaned against my chest, and my arm is looped around here crossing over the cobble-stoned paths that lead us to our hotel.
The hotel is a 5-star one, and unlike the mainland, there is hardly anyone walking around on the streets, it´s so relaxing.
I take Liz´s hand in mine, and gently press a kiss to it and say.
"How do you like Venice so far, Mrs Evans". And can´t help but make a smile of happiness appear on my face.
"It´s everything I expected it to be, and more, especially that you here with me".
I take off Liz´s sun-glasses, so I can look her in her doe like eyes.
And they´re smiling back at me, in blissfullness.
Causing me to break out into another smile.
Then Angelo turns around to us and says
"Senore Evans this is the hotel you and your beautiful wife shall be staying at".
"Thanks Angelo", and we follow Angelo into the white marbled hotel, everything is in white marble in this hotel.
The floors, the walls, the reception desk, the plant stands, and it is so cool compared to the blazing sun outside.
Angelo talks to the person at the desk, the asks us to show our passports, and we do it.
Now we are being led up to the Main Suite, knowing that shortly we will be making love to each other again.


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Next part

Angelo left us at the reception, and told us he would come and pick us up tomorrow morning we thanked him and the bell-boy carried our luggage up to our suite.
When the bell-boy entered the suite I picked Liz up in my arms and said.
"Well Mrs Evans, now here is where the real fun begins". I then kissed her and Liz said.
"Oh I really hope so".
And I carried Liz over the threshold.
Then re-attached my eagar lips to Liz´s awaiting ones.
The bell-boy took our luggage through to our rooms and said that a maid would be up soon to unpack our things, I put Liz to the ground, and gave the bell-boy a tip, he thanked us and told us there were refreshments on the table.
"Do you want to eat Love"? I asked Liz.
"Yeah, I´m a little peckish".
So I lead Liz to a chair by the hand, and pulled the chair out for her to sit down on.
The table was covered with cavier, crackers, bread, crab-sticks and other delicious foods that I had only started eating since meeting Liz.
Also on the table was a bottle of champagne and a crystal vase with fresh white roses in it.
It was a really exquisite spread!
But a bit to much for this boy from Roswell.
So I feed Liz the food, she really has got a sexy little mouth, and would lick my fingers hungrily.
I picked at the crab-sticks, but ended up finishing the plate off!
Liz got stuck into the cavier, and ate most of it up.
When I opened up the bottle of champagne, I poured our glasses for us.
"Let´s have a toast, to us and our wonderful future ahead of us, and we clinged our glassed together, then I moved closer to Liz and looped my arm in the arm she was holding her glass in.
Then leaning forward slightly we tipped our glasses into each others mouth, sipping at the champagne while our eyes were entranced with each other.
Before we moved away from each other and I picked up the bottle of champagne in my free hand and said.
"Lets move this to the bedroom".
With Liz´s fingers in my hand we then walked into the bedroom to make love to one another.


I know this part was short, and if I have time later on, I will update! FB please

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ABBS, I hope this part makes up for yesterdays short part!


Next part

When Liz and I move into the bedroom to consummate our marriage again.
I put the bottle of champagne and my glass on the side drawer.
Liz is still standing before me, and without moving, I undress her with my eyes.
She really is so beautiful, and although there is that anticipation running between our bodies to make love, none of us make a move.
"Max make love to me", Liz finally whispers softly, her voice sounding like an Angel to me.
So I move into her warm arms, and gently place my lips to hers.
Liz drops the glass to the ground, it smashes on impact, but we don´t do anything to clean it up, no our bodies are demanding us to fulfil I need to be with each other.
I slowly undress Liz from her clothes, placing soft kisses on her shoulder, taking in that lovely scent Liz has, filling all of my senses up.
Liz has pulled my suit jacket off, it now lays at my feet, she has her hand weaving itself through my silky hair, while her free hand is slowly unbottoning my shirt buttons.
As Liz´s clothes start to disappear from her wonderful body, my hand eagarly starts to brush at the softness of her skin.
My lips are trailing soft kisses down Liz´s arm, I kiss her skin of her arm, the skin of her hand right down to her fingertips.
Once I have Liz´s fingertips on my lips, I greedily suck at them.
Liz has a creamy teddy on, I stand back from her, admiring the curved that icentuate her perfect body.
Liz comes closer to me, and unbuttons my trouser zip, unbuckling my belt she then pulls my trousers and boxers down to my feet, I kick them off using my feet, then carry Liz to the bed that lies before us.
With my warm lips attached to the sweet skin of Liz´s neck, I lay my beauty down gently.
The hovering over her, my fingers undo the buttons at the base of Liz´s wet spot on her teddy, our eyes are still glued together in nothing more than unbridled passion.
As the buttons are undone, my fingers dangle over Liz´s wet folds, Liz´s eyes pull tighter together, and she lets our a soft moan.
I then begin to peel the obstructing piece of material off of Liz´s body, as the teddy is pulled down, I kiss at Liz´s anticipating skin, as it becomes exposed to my eyes, right down to her feet.
When I lift Liz´s teddy finally off, I then walk up her body on my hands and knees, now that there is only nakedness between us, I grab for the body of champagne.
Slowly-I pour the champagne on the skin of Liz, her body jolts, at the wet, cold sensation she must be feeling.
As the champagne cascades over her wonderous curves, I lick it up, until there is not a drop left.
"Max..your driving me crazy". Liz moans out in pleasure.
I smile to myself, and continue pouring the champagne over Liz´s breasts, slurping at it as it touches Liz´s skin, and when drops rolls over Liz´s hard nipple, I dally my tongue over her breast, although I have already tasted all of the champagne into my mouth, my tongue continues to linger on her perky nipple.
Liz´s hand is ruffling my hair up, and I pour more champagen onto Liz´s flat stomach.
As a pool appears around Liz´s naval area, I drink from Liz´s soft, sweet tasting skin.
Flicking my tongue in her belly-button.
Moving down, I pour the last drops of the champagne onto the nestle of silky hairs of Liz´s little triangle of
at the top of her lovely shaped legs.
Then opening Liz´s legs, my lips zoom in on Liz´s wet folds that are awaiting my touch.
As I make contact, Liz groans in the back of her throat, and I begin to have my way with her.
Sliding my tongue at will through her wet creases, becoming drunk on the hot juices of her pussy.
She is so intoxicating, and my fingers enter Liz´s hot core, I push 3 fingers into her, and Liz begins to rock down hard on them.
My tongue then searches for Liz´s little hot nub,
and when my tongue finally locates it, I roll my tongue over it.
My tongue flicking out of control, hungrily devouring that little nub that it loves so much.
Liz´s hands are pushing my head harder into her sweetness
This only makes me want her even more, as my tongue and fingers continue to pleasure Liz
My fingers are moving hard and fast inside of Liz´s wet core, and my tongue continues to eat away at Liz
Liz´s body starts to bolt in an uncontrollable fashion.
"Max....Oh..Max...oh that feels sooo good.....oh yeah Baby".
And then Liz cums into my mouth, which licks her dry.
As the bolts of Liz´s climax wash over her, she pulls me up into her chest.
She then takes hold of my member
Sliding her hand up and down my shaft, and not before to long, it becomes hard as a rock.
I hiss at the sensations running through my body, and then sitting down, I pull Liz´s lovely legs over mine.
As I straighten up my hard cock to the entrance of Liz´s core, in one movement I thrust inside of her.
"MAX". Liz cries out my name.
Holding onto Liz´s legs I pull her in and away from my body.
Feeling the walls of her wet core, slide against my hardness-
As the rythmn moves in rapid paces,
With the pads of my thumbs, I open Liz´s wet folds up.
She is so beautiful I think to myself, and using one thumb, I massage it through Liz´s wet creases while the other thumb seeks Liz´s little hot nub out.
When it has found that love-spot of Liz´s, adding pressure, I begin to assist Liz in finding her pinnacle of ecstacy.
I love the natural way, Liz´s nub rolls perfectly underneath my thumb, causing me to whip my head back.
Liz whimpers, and when I open my eyes, Liz is biting down on her bottom lip, and her hand is grazing up and down the soft skin of her body.
Our bodies are still clashing together in sweet rhapsody
My muscles start to tense up, then simultaneous we start calling each others names out,
and in one moment we both go over the edge, our love juices mingling together as one.
I release my cum into Liz´s depthness, and she cums while I am still inside of her.
Our breaths are panted, and I go to pull out of Liz.
"No Max, I want you to stay inside of me". Liz says to me sweetly.
Readjusting my position, I move with my deflated manhood still inside of Liz, and move on top of her.
Looking in my beautiful wifes eyes Liz whispers.
"Max I love you".
Then I whisper, "I love you too, Liz".
Before I collapse fully onto Liz´s tiny frame of a body


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Next part

For the rest of the evening, Liz and I stay in bed, the windows of the hotel room are wide open, and the hot breeze that blows into our hotel room, make it an even more long, hot, sweaty night.
Yous can´t imagine how much happiness is inside of my heart at the moment, and all due to Liz.
God, the love I have for her is incredible, it always makes me go all gooey inside.
The next morning after breakfast, Angelo our guide is there to meet us.
We follow him at a slow lovers pace, and he turns back to us, smiling.
"So you and you beautiful had a good time then Senore"? Angelo asks.
"Yeah we did"? I think I didn´t even have to answer Angelo, because anyone that saw us together would have known we had an excellent evening.
We go to the mainland, and land outside of the Doges Palace. It is a builing with a real islam style of architecture, which makes it stand out.
The are hundreds and thousands of tourists everywhere, but we manage to go through the crowds, and stand on St Marks place. This is unreal outling the whole place is St Marks Cathedral, and expensive shops that are outlined with marble pillars. Angelo takes photo of us, then we walk over the cobble-stoned pavements, to go to the Rialto bridge, this is another wonder, and it is unbelievable how 700 years ago, the Italians were able to build such magnificent structures, all through the day, Angelo takes photos of us as we walk around.
We make our way back to St Marks Place, where we have lunch, after lunch I want to go on one of the gondols, but Liz wants to go shopping.
So we go shopping first, at one exclusive jewellery shop.
And you know what Liz does, she buys me a Rolex watch, it cost her more that I would ever earn in a lifetime, but she says that is her wedding present for me.
I tell her that I can´t afford such a present, and she just laughs it off, and says as long as I give her some good loving, she´ll be happy. That I can do, and plan something.
After Liz buys me that watch, we go on our gondola ride. We tell Angelo we can manage everything from her alone, and he farewells us and goes.
It is more romantic watching the splendours of Venice from a gondola, then a boat ride.
The man paddling the gondola, turns a tape deck on, and romantic Italien music is played.
Before Angelo left though he said something to the paddlers, then went off and bought over a bottle of champage in a cooler with 2 glasses.
Now Liz and I sit back, sipping on our champagne, and enjoy the scenery.
The sun is shining down on us, and we pass through the many canals off Venice.
Under bridges through the calm seas.
Liz is snuggled up to me, and my arm drapes her shoulder, we pass Marco Polo´s house, Casanova´s house, and St Mary´s Cathedral, until our journey comes to a slow end.
Disembarking from the gondola, we thank him and make our way back to St Gergio Island.
Once there we look around the deserted streets.
I take Liz´s small hand in mine, and she follows me, as I lead her through to a dark alley.
Unlike the mainland, the streets here have hardly anybody walking them.
So once we are in that dark alley, I pull Liz into my arms, and captured her sweet lips in my mouth-I want her so badly, my hands are skimming over the thin fabric of her tiny dress.
Liz wants this as bad as I do, because she starts to tear away my shirt that I have on.
Impatiently, Liz pulls down my shorts, and boxers to my ankles.
Then she moves her sweet mouth over my cock.
Liz´s cheeks are sucked in as she goes down on me
I feel her tongue flick my hardness are her mouth surrounds me
My head flies backwards, and I feel the brick stones of the wall against my head.
Liz´s hand is rolling my balls in her tiny hand
While her tiny fingers are tickling the area behind my balls
I breath in deeply
As Liz continues to go down on me.
Her mouth is now positoned at the tip of my hard cock
And she swirls her tongue over it
Then with her mouth back on my cock again, she adds pressure as she tortures my body to a sweet release
She moves up the tempo
And I know she´s hungry
Sliding that wonderful mouth of hers up and down my hardness
Then in one rush, I cum in Liz´s mouth as she takes me over the edge, and I climax
But when I came, I swing Liz around and she bends over
Leaning down I pull up Liz´s little dress.
That´s my girl, just like I know you-no panties on
And I latch onto the hot skin of Liz´s buttocks with my eagar mouth
She tastes so sweet
And that spicy-sweet scent of Liz´s is driving me crazy
I then seperate Liz´s dripping folds with my fingers
I look at her beauty, and her scent drives me wild
So I place my mouth over my Liz´s hot pussy
Liz squirms on top of my face, and I know that she is loving it.
My tongue moves through Liz´s wet folds, with my plowering tongue licking up Liz´s love juices
I search for Liz´s little hot nub, and when I find it, I roll my tongue over it at my own will
My whole mouth is over Liz´s pussy,
My lips at sucking at her, and my tongue is licking away at her.
She is so intoxicating
I lick faster and faster
Liz begins to moan, I it won´t be long now
Liz rocks her body against my mouth
The is one steady jerk, Liz screams out my name, and cums in my mouth
I lick her dry!
And still licking my lips as I stand,
I turn Liz around to me,
Liz places her delicate arms around my neck and our lips meet together
I nibble at Liz´s bottom lip, and her head is motioning in the same movement as mine
I then begin to feel Liz move up my body, and she wraps her lovely legs around my waist.
I am as hard as a rock, and with one hand free, guide my hard cock to Liz´s hot core
She is now looking down at my hand with my cock in it
And when it reaches Liz´s entrance of her hot core
She leans her body into mine, and I enter Liz´s deepness
My hands are situated on Liz´s firm cheek buttocks
As I push Liz into me fast and hard.
Liz´s meeting me thrust for thrust
And when I open my eyes to look at her
Liz´s head, is flung back
"Liz look me in the eyes". I whisper to her
And automatically Liz´s eyes are focused on me.
The desire that is shining in her 2 eyes are everflowed with love in there, and a want to have me.
I power Liz with everything I have got, and I stumble backwards, and lean against the wall.
My eyes close shut, and then I feel Liz ravish my lips with her own, as she bobs up and down on me.
My body´s getting those electrical waves through it again
Then in one moment, I cum into Liz´s depthness
Liz is still moving up and down me, but only so she can catch her breath back
She leans her head against my forehead and I whisper
"Oh Liz, I love you so much".
She whispers back, "I know, I love you too, Max"!
And then after awhile, we tidy ourselves up, I kiss Liz one more time, and then she leans her head against my hard chest as I put my arm around Liz´s petite figure.
When we step out from around the corner, there are to monks standing there with there eyes wide opened looking at us in dismay. But I don´t care, and say
"C´mon Babe, lets get outta here". Liz giggles and we continue on back to our hotel.


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Next part

Well when Liz and I got back to our hotel room we made love again. It was pretty kinky for us, but hell it was a hell of alot of fun.
When we settled down, I ordered some room service, I ordered champagne, strawberrys and cream and a bottle of chocolate sauce.
When our order got to our room, I asked Liz to take her clothes off!
"Liz lie on the bed". I said to her next.
Then I took my clothes off, and took the bowl of cream in my hands.
I began to cover Liz´s hot body in the cream.
Licking it off as I went along.
I took a small hand full and applied the cream to Liz´s perky breasts.
You know what, there is nothing more sexy than seeing the woman you are in love with covered in whipped cream.
Seeing the cream on Liz´s breasts made me hungry.
I then began licking the cream from Liz´s little moulds.
Liz was laughing to herself
But I just continued licking at her with my mouth.
"Hmmm, nothing tastes better than my girl with cream over her body".
And I began to roll my tongue over Liz´s hard nipple.
The taste of Liz´s skin mixed with cream is unbelievable.
Then Liz grabbed the bottle of chocolate sauce, and flipped me over on my back pouring the chocolate sauce down my front
"Now it´s my turn".
Liz then began licking the chocolate from me!
It felt so sensual as the sauce slid over my body, and Liz´s mouth was slurping the sauce into her mouth.
My eyes were closed, thinking how all my prayers had been answered, but my inquisitiveness to taste Liz with chocolate sauce and cream on top was my unfolding, as I rose and gently lay Liz onto her back.
Applying the sauce and cream liberally onto Liz´s breasts and flat stomach, my mouth set out to taste her.
Hmmm heavenly!
Are just a few thoughts that jump to mind as I devoured Liz, but when I had had my fill, I wanted more.
So opening Liz´s legs open I poured the sauce onto the base where here triangle of silky hairs covered her.
I watched as the sauce dripped down Liz´s smooth creases,
She looked so delectable, very appetising indeed!
Placing my lips onto Liz´s hot pussy
I ate away at her covered in sauce
She tasted wonderful
Liz´s own juices mixed up with the sauce
Made me think of chocolate cakes covered in tabasco sauce
And I devoured every last drop of sauce from her
I lay the bottle so the top was just over Liz´s little nub
Then squeezing the bottle gently
I lapped at the sauce that fell in continuation flows over her hot nub
"Max..Max", Liz called out my name
But I didn´t stop!
No Liz tasted to sweet for me to remove my mouth away from her.
I felt Liz´s body tense up and then Liz started calling
"Max....Max...I´m going to cum".
And in that instance Liz´s body thrust up wildly into my mouth as she went over the edge.
Now walking like a cat, Liz prowled over to me on her hands and knees.
Pushed me down and said.
"Now it´s your turn Baby"
So I relaxed back, and let Liz cover me with the sauce
But Liz cut to the chase and covered my hardness instead.
I felt the sauce trickle down me
And I closed my eyes, then I felt Liz go down on me
She rolled her tongue over the tip of my hard cock
Swirling my tip in her mouth, then taking me whole in her mouth.
And in a good rythmn went up and down on me.
With her free hand, Liz poured more sauce on me
And licked it all up!
I thought I was going crazy
And then I felt myself going over the edge
I cum into Liz´s mouth, and she swallowed all of me
Then looked down on me with desire in her eyes and laughed.
"I don´t ever think I will be able to keep a straight face again, whenever I see chocolate sauce", and she collapsed onto my front.
We done that for hours, chocolate sauce and cream, covering our bodies up, then hungrily licking it off.
It was only when the chocolate sauce ran out, that we stopped, but then I ordered another bottle and we started up again.


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Next part

When we woke up the next morning, the bed was a mess, so I cleaned the sheets up using my powers.
"That should hide all the evidence", I said very casually.
Liz just grinned at me, and we showered then went downstairs for breakfast, after that, Angelo came and picked us up, and we left the old town of Venice and he drove us out to a vine-yard.
We were greated by the owner, and we did a little wine tasting, before, he led us around his huge estate, Leonardo, was a personal friend of Jeffs, and remembered Liz from when she was a child, we finished our tour of the vine-yard well after lunch, and when we got back to the villa a huge lunch was awaiting us, all set up on a table outside.
There is nothing better that eating traditional Italien dishes, using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.
We feasted well on our lunch, and afterwards Liz asked Leonardo if she didn´t mind if Liz and I walked around the vine-yard by ourselves.
Of course he didn´t mind, so Liz and I set off, we must have walked a good mile or so, when Liz attacked me.
I swear sometimes that woman will be the death of me!
She ripped off my shirt, and pulled my pants, and boxers off, I was just thinking to myself, this is one hell of a honeymoon.
And as I stood there naked, using my powers, I undid the buttons of Liz´s dress, it slid down her perfect body, making a puddle of material around her feet, then Liz stepped out of her dress.
She had no panties on, no bra on, and stook stark naked in front of me.
And then I ravished her with my hot lips against the skin of her body.
Liz´s hand was twirling my hair around.
And I bought my mouth to her soft breasts, and started massaging one in my hand while the Liz´s other breast was being taken care of by my mouth.
I sucked at her sweet skin, and the moved my lips to her perky nipple
Where I nibbled on her, swirling her nipple endlessly in between my lips.
While my hands were going over the hot flesh of Liz´s firm ass
Liz arched into me
Then turning her back on me
I placed my hand between her legs
And dangled my fingers over her wet folds
Liz´s body moved against my hand
And impatiently, I searched through Liz´s sopping folds until I felt her hot nub
Then rubbing her love-spot vigourously
Liz started to purrrrrr
As I kissed away at the skin on her back, while my free hand squeezed at Liz´s ass
My fingers were moving frantically
I was hard as a rock
And I needed to be inside of Liz any moment
I rubbed at Liz until she finally released
And went over the edge
Then holding my cock
I pushed it into Liz´s hot core
And started pumping
My movements were hard and fast
I needed my release
And Liz moved hard and fast back into me
With my hands on her hips
I kept drilling
The sensation of having Liz´s walls surround me
As almost always my undoing
Feeling the wetness make my hardness glide inside and out
My mind started going crazy
As I pushed in and out some more
And that feel of electricity started setting my body on fire
As I went over the edge
I released inside of Liz
Then Liz stood up straight
And leaned against my hard body
I wrapped my arms around her
Kissing her gently down the side of her neck
"Oh Max, I just can´t get enough of you".
"I feel the same way too"!
"Shall we do it again".
"Yeah why not"! I said
But the laughter of woman, caused us to stop, and look around.
Covering Liz, we saw about 4 woman, peeking at us.
"Oh shit, we´ve been caught".
Then Liz bent down and quickly covered herself with her dressed and asked
"Who are yous, do yous mind, we´re trying to get dressed here".
But we couldn´t understand a word they were saying in Italian
But nonetheless they turned there backs on us, and we got dressed, and making sure they still weren´t looking I cleaned Liz using my powers.
Then we walked out to them, they were all woman, btween ther 40´s and 50´s and when they saw me, they pulled me away from Liz, and Liz started laughing to herself and said.
"I think your´ve got a little fan-club, the hot stallion"
And the woman lead us back to the villa, where we had another meal there until Angelo took us back to Venice.

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read the sequel to Khivars Daughter, it is not necessary that you read that one really there are a few characters that are mine, but you figure out who they are, and in this fic Khivar is Liz´s real Father.
Also Liz and Max were very much in love with one another on Antar and were married together, after Ava did a dirty on Max, she is the baddie in this fic

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Hi all

read the sequel to Khivars Daughter, it is not necessary that you read that one really there are a few characters that are mine, but you figure out who they are, and in this fic Khivar is Liz´s real Father.
Also Liz and Max were very much in love with one another on Antar and were married together, after Ava did a dirty on Max, she is the baddie in this fic

The sequel is called, Finding You Again, so why not give it a try?

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Next part

Liz and I spent another 3 days in Venice before we drove up to Florence.
This is one of my favourite places, having already been here 1 time before.
The red tiled slates that roof the buildings of Flrence, give it that continental look that one finds only in Europe.
I was so looking forward to showing Liz the centre of Florence, where the wonderful Catherdral, the Giotto tower and Baptistery dominate the busy, town centre.
Or to show Liz the Arno bridge or sometimes nicknamed the Golden bridge because of all the gold merchants who have served Florence for centuries line both sides of the bridge.
That night we had a candle-lit dinner, on the balcony of a restaurant that overlooked all of Florence.
It was so romantic, it was perfectas Liz and I sipped on the best wines and ate the best culinary meals that Italy had to offer us!
We dined until about midnight, watching the bright lights of the city before us, before retiring to our hotel room, just down the road from the restaurant.
The next day as planned Liz and I ventured out into this beautiful city.
We didn´t know if we wanted to go to the Uffizzi Art Gallery first or not.
This is one of the most famous art gallerys in the world, where great works from the Masters themselves are displayed there, for eg. The marble statue of David, by Michaelangelo, and works from Leonaro D iVinci, or Raphael.
Michael said I was one lucky guy to be able to go to Florence, because I got the chance to visit this world renowed art gallery.
But when Liz and I got there, the queue was about 3 km´s long, so we decided to walk up to the Michaelangelo Park.
From here we got a birds eye-view of Florence by day, and we walked around for awhile.
But not wanting to walk to the city centre which was about 6 km´s away, I rung up Angelo to pick us up.
Now waiting for Angelo, we stood on the side of the road, it was pretty much deserted for Florence, but then not many tourists ventured out this way, not like how they gathered at the main tourist attractions.
Liz and I were patiently waiting on a seat, when 6 men wearing suits and sunglasses started walking toward us in both directions.
I didn´t like the looks of this, and went to grab for my gun. But shit, I hadn´t expected any trouble on our honeymoon, and said to Liz.
"Any sign of trouble Love, and you run, OK"!
"Max what´s going on". Liz looked at me with that haunted look of fear on her face again.
"Just run Love OK, no matter what happens to me, just run".
The 6 men drew closer, and I pushed Liz back alittle and prepared myself to fight, hoping my years of learning Kung-fu would save us now.
3 ran for me, and whip-flash I beat them back.
I saw one grab for Liz, and blocked his arm, kicking him in the shins, then striking him in the face.
The other 2 went to hit me, but I ducked and stuck at them too.
Then the sounds of a car putting it´s brakes on screeched to a sudden halt in front of us.
The door swung open and Angelo yelled out.
"Senore Evans, quick jump in".
"Liz jump in quick"! I yelled at her, but she was frozen solid to the spot.
I knew that Liz had freaked out again, because of her last kidnapping, and I would have to beat the shit out of these 6 before, I would have to move Liz.
Then Angelo ran from the car, and started helping me beat off the would be kidnappers.
Thank goodness for that, because it´s no easy feat, trying to hold back 6 muscle bound men.
In seemed like forever before Angelo and I were able to beat the men down.
Pulling Liz by the arm, we ran into the opened car door.
Angelo bent down and took the wallet from one of the men, before running to the drivers side and taking off like a bat out of hell!
"Max....". Liz cried out in fear.
"Ssshhh Love, it´s OK, we´re safe now, it´s OK Baby". I said, as I held onto Liz´s trembling body and she leaned into me.
"Senore Evans, I do not think it is safe if you or your beautiful wife stay in Florence, if you agree to it, I can take yous both somewhere safe". Angelo said as he nervously looked into the rear-view mirror.
"Where are you going to take us"? I asked Angelo.
"To my Mama´s house". Angelo told me.
"OK then Angelo, take us there then".
As the scenery of fields of sun-flowers and wine vine-yards passed us by, Angelo then rung someone up, to check our bags out of the hotel.
And Liz fell asleep in my arms.
I then contacted Jeff, and told him what had happened.
Jeff was shocked, and said that he would fly to Italy straight away.
And Angelo carried on driving well into the night.


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Next part

As Angelo nears his Mothers house, he rings her and in english tells his Mother about what has happened, and asks that she prepares the spare room for us, and a light meal.
As we pull up to Angelo´s Mothers house, I am endeared at the traditional Italian house that stands before us, it is very charming, and gives that hint of Italian romantism only found in this fine land.
The woman comes and opens the doors.
"Please come with me, welcome to my humble home, my name is Sofia, come please Senore Evans".
"Please call me Max, and this is my beautiful wife Liz".
"I think I am going to have to feed your wife up alittle bit, she is to skinny".
"Mama please". Angelo pleads to his Mother.
"Come please, come inside", and we follow Sofia inside.
I am carrying Liz, who is scared out of her skin, and I hold onto my wife, thinking when will she ever get a good break from all of this bull-shit.
Sofia leads us to the table, which has been prepared with cheeses, salami´s and other scrumpteous Italian breads and tomatoes, making me realise how hungry I really am.
Liz sits on top of my lap, she won´t let go off me, my heart really goes out to her, and I fed her some cheese on a piece of bread.
Liz refuses to eat, but I say to her
"Love please, you have to keep your strength up", and tentatively Liz starts to take bites from it.
I wait until Liz has eaten her way through a few more pieces, and is now full before I eat.
Liz falls asleep on me, so I move her onto the couch by the fire in the lounge and return to the table.
"Senore Evans..." Angelo says.
"Please Angelo call me Max". I say to him.
"OK, Max then, I took this wallet from one of those attackers in Florence" he tells me.
"Anything, that can tell us who he is"
"Yes, there is identification of who he is, but it could easily be fraudulent, but there was also a card inside of his wallet, it says, La Blanca Olive Oil, Roma, Milano, Turin, Napoli, FirenzeFlorence), I know this firm, it will be very dangerous for us now".
"Why Angelo"? I ask.
"They are involved with the Mafia, and whoever wanted to hurt you and Senorena Evans mean business".
"Oh no not the Mafia". I slump back into my chair.
"It will be only a matter of time before they track yous down". Angelo warns me.
"What do you suggest Angelo"? I ask him.
"That yous leave the country as soon as yous can".
Then we are broken from our conversation as Liz starts screaming out.
And I run into the lounge, and take Liz in my arms.
"Baby, it´s alright I´m here now". I say as I stroke at Liz´s hair, that dangles down her back.
"Max, don´t leave me, don´t leave me Max". And I hold onto Liz and cry, she´s starting to have her nightmares again.
I wanna kill those bastards who have hurt Liz, but with the help of a few of my friends and I swear to myself, I will, at any cost!


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It will come out either today or tomorrow why the Mafia are after Liz, I just have to see how this part pans out.


Next part

I move a trembling Liz to the spare room that has been set up for us. Both Sofia and Angelo escort us there, Sofia then calls her pet dog, to sit outside of our room, he´s a small dog, but Sofia assures me
Che Che is the best watch dog in all of Italy.
Once I lay Liz down under the covers, I ask Angelo if he has a gun handy.
Angelo says yes, and within a few minutes he brings me a small hand gun with some bullets.
I intend on sleeping with this gun under the bed, I can´t afford for Liz to see it, and undress and get into bed with Liz, pulling her fragile body into mine.
I love this woman so much, and it breaks my heart knowing that there are people out there that want to hurt my beautiful wife, I cry myself to sleep wondering how anyone can hurt someone like Liz, I mean she is the type of person that can be quite difficult if you don´t know here properly, but Liz is also the type of person that would not physically hurt anyone unless there was a real good reason.
I am awoken a few hours later from someone ringing me up on my cell-phone.
I answer it and it´s Jeff, who has just landed in Rome.
We are staying on the east coast of Italy, just outside of Pescara about 100 km´s away from Rome.
I tell Jeff about Liz´s condition, Jeff is clearly upset, with all the hours of therapy Liz went through and now her nightmares have started up again.
I then tell Jeff about the Mafia being the ones who tried to hurt us yesterday.
Jeff is only thankful that Liz married a highly qualified bodyguard and not one of her wimpy ex-boyfriends.
Jeff had some damned good contacts in Italy, and asks me if I think it is safe enough for us to come to Rome, I say I don´t trust anyone in Italy apart from Jeff and Angelo.
So after telling Jeff where we are, Jeff says to prepare to leave, and that he will a helicopter and he will personally come with the pilot to come and pick us up.
I tell Jeff that now Angelo and Sofia´s lives maybe in danger now.
So Jeff says it would be a good idea if they came with us too.
I pace for the next couple of hours, then reluctantly wake Liz up.
"Max, no I want to sleep, I don´t want to wake up ever again, let me sleep please", Liz whimpers to me.
It makes me choke back on my tears, but I have to be strong for Liz, and refuse for the tears to run down my face.
"C´mon Love, you can´t spend the rest of your life sleeping, your Dad will be here soon to pick us up".
"Max, I don´t care, just let me sleep please Max".
"No Love, I can´t let you do that to yourself", and I move to slip the blankets off of Liz
"Max no......". Liz then cries out, I kiss her all over her face, thinking this must be so hard for Liz to confront the outside world.
"Max please.....let me go, I don´t want to go anywhere", and I hold on tighter and tighter to Liz
"Love please, we have to go soon", I pick up a blanket and cover Liz with it, then walk downstairs holding my trembling wife in my arms.
Sofia and Angelo give me a sympathetic look and Sofia holds the chair out for me.
"It will be alright Little one". Sofia strokes Liz´s hair, then Angelo motions that he will go outside to keep guard.
I tell Sofia that it will not be safe for her or Angelo to stay here, and she says that no one is going to make her leave her home, but when Angelo hears about it, he says to his Mother that there is no way that she will be left alone.
So Sofia sadly goes to pack somethings up.
Then Che Che comes to my feet.
Liz looks down at Che Che, and smiles.
This is the first time since before all this bull-shit started that Liz has smiled.
Liz bends down to pat Che Che, when Sofia sees Liz smiling down at Che Che she offers Che Che as a present for Liz.
Liz says no that she can´t take Che Che from Sofia, but Sofia insists.
An hour later, 2 helicopters land outside.
Jeff runs to us, and holds tightly onto Liz, there are more guards that come out of the 2nd helicopter clad with guns.
Liz doesn´t freak out though, I only guess that has more to do with the fact that we had been training with each other using weapons, when we board the helicopter, I fasten Liz in her seat belt, then take my place next to Liz, and Che Che sits on Liz´s lap as we fly off to Rome.
Leaving the surreal scenery of Pescara behind us.


So tomorrow yous find out why the Mafia is after Liz. FB please


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Next part

When the helicpoters land at an airport in Rome, limosines then sweep us to a motel
A nurse gives Liz a sedative, and she is now sleeping in the bedroom, while the nurse watches over Liz.
I kiss my beautiful wife on the lovely soft skin of her enchanting face, then go out to talk to jeff.
When I sit down, I look around the faces, I don´t know who any of these men are, but Jeff then introduces me to them
One of the men is the head of Police in Rome, the next man is a prosecutor, and the last man is a close business associates of Jeffs.
Now I know this is serious.
"So Jeff, why is it that the Mafia was trying to kill Liz and I"? I ask Jeff.
"Max, that has to do with a business proposal that was offered to me about 6 months ago".
"Yes Mr Evans the Mafia have a big interest in your Father-inlaws business interests".
"Like what"? I say, then cross my arms angrily.
"Max, about 6 months ago, I was approached by a gentleman, who wanted to buy out my shares in one of the businesses I run", Jeff started to explain to me.
"What business is that"? I ask Jeff.
"As you well know, I have a large shipping company that runs shipments of cargo between the U.S and Europe, as I can see it, the Mafia are wanting to use my shipping company to use in there own operations, but I refused the offer".
"But what does this all have to do with Liz and I"? I ask angrily.
"Because they couldn´t get to me, they obviously thought they could get to me through Liz, I´m sorry Max, you of all people should know that I would never want anything bad to happen to my Lizzie". Jeff says with pain clearly in his voice.
"So what do we do from here"? I ask.
"That is why we are hoping to be able to prosecute Don Bioggio with embezzlement charges". The Prosecutor says.
"Where does that leave Liz and I"? I then ask.
"I´m afraid that for you and your wife yous will have to go into hiding". The Chief of Police tells me.
And I sink into my chair, thinking about the unevitable future that Liz and I are now to lead.


I know this is really short, but tomorrow, I´ll type out a longer part. FB please


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Next part

The next morning was a hectic one to say the least.
Liz and I were packed away on a plane, heading back to the States.
Because the Italians wanted to press charges against the Boss of the Mafia, Liz and I were put into protection of the Government.
We were told on the plane that we would be given new identities and moved to a secret location.
It was unusual as Liz and I wouldn´t be testifying at any court proceedings, but that had more to do with Jeff than anything else.
Once back in the States, Liz and I would be sent to a small town somewhere that would be disclosed to us until half and hour before we got there.
Liz was a mess, and was for most of the trip sedated.
I looked onto Liz´s sleeping face, hoping that the sedation would not have to last much more longer.
But at the moment that was the only way Liz could face reality, to be constantly under sedation.
I asked one of the agents, if it would be possible to have a therapist at hand once we got to our secret location, and he said that it shouldn´t be a problem.
The next problem was to get Liz back to her normal self.
I thought that once we were located, I would try to contact Isabel to see if she could help Liz out some way.
Almost in the States, the agent told me that Liz and I would be shifted to Sarasota, in Florida.
As we drove the dark highways to Sarasota, I only prayed that some sort of normalacy would wait ahead of Liz and I there.
We arrived at the house close to 2.00am that morning, the agents took us into the deserted house.
Everything was there for us, furniture the works.
I carried a still sleeping Liz into bed, and tucked her in for the night.
Although the trip back from Rome had been along one, I knew I wouldn´t be able to sleep much that night.
My mind was working over-time and I was somewhat paranoid about being in strange surroundings again.
There would always be at least 4 agents there 24/7 with Liz and I. But knowing that there would always be FBI agents there with us, still wouldn´t ease my mind.
I had been told that it would be to dangerous for me to contact anyone in my family at this stage, but I needed the help from my friends.
After talking the agents into lending me there car, I went to a telephone box and rung up Michael.
Michael answered the phone.
"Michael it´s me Max"
"Hey Max, your back from your honeymoon already"? Michael asked me cheerfully.
"Yeah you could say that, hey Michael Liz and I had some trouble while we were in Italy". I said to him.
"What happened Max"? Michael asked concerned.
"The Mafia are after us, we´re back in the States now, under protection from the FBI",
"Oh shit, is there anything I can do for yous"? Michael asked.
"Yeah", and I told Michael what I had planned.


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Next part

When I finished talking to Michael about my plans, he assured me that he would get right onto it, then I went back to the house to be with Liz.
Entering the house, the agents seemed to be all in a panic, then I heard Liz.
She was having a night-mare, and I ran into our bedroom, the door was wide open, and one of the agents was trying to calm Liz down.
"I´ll take care of things from here, shut the door please when you leave", I said taking my shoes and jacket off.
The agent looked so relieved to see me, he did what I had told him to do, and left the room immediately.
"Liz, Love I´m here now", I said as I lay down next to Liz, pulling her sweaty body onto my own body.
"Max.....Max", Liz then began to whimper.
"It´s alright now Love, I´m not going to leave you now", I whispered softly into Liz´s ear as I stroked the sweat that had formed into small pebbles on her beautiful face.
Then I kissed Liz on her forehead.
"Max", Liz then began to cry.
My heart began to break into small pieces, as I held Liz´s trembling body in my arms.
"Love it´s going to be OK now, I´m here, I´ll protect you with my life", then almost instantly Liz then fell back into a deep sleep, and I lay there pondering for awhile, how much I was going to hurt those goons who had made my wife into the mess she was now, before falling asleep myself.
When I did eventually awake, Liz was still sleeping ontop of me.
I really needed to go to the toilet, and tried my best to move Liz off of me.
Going then to the toilet, I heard Liz scream, then quickly pulling my pants back up, I ran into the bedroom again.
"Max", Liz cried out to me with outstretched arms.
"Liz, I only went to the toilet", I said as I re-took my place next to Liz.
"I was so scared, when I woke and you weren´t here", Liz cried on my body.
"Love, ssshhhhh, I´m here now, just go back to sleep", I said to Liz rocking her body in a slow rythmn, before Liz fell back asleep again.
I knew that the next couple of months were going to be really testing months for myself, but especially Liz, and then I cried to myself, thinking how unfair life had been to Liz.


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Next part

For the next couple of days, I tried my best to keep Liz´s spirits up.
It was anything but easy, Liz was a real state, and I thought that this time around, it had pushed Liz right over the edge.
I kept in contact with Michael, to see how he was going with our plans.
Firstly I wanted Michael to find out as much information about the Mafia family in Italy. With the full assistance from Jeff, Michael was able to find out everything he needed to know.
Michael was also able to find out that the FBI had an agent undercover in the operations, and that the undercover agent had worked himself considerably well into the family.
But what I also wanted Michael to find out, was if it was possible for us to ever be able to strike right at the heart of the family, by this, I meant, if it would be possible for us to kill the boss.
Even if we were able to kill the boss, the next in line to take over the family would still be after us, but I didn´t care, that bastard had tried to hurt my wife, and he had basically been successful in nearly destroying her, and I wanted him to pay.
I knew it wouldn´t be easy, but what else could we do?
Michael said, yes that it was possible that we killed the Mafia boss, it wouldn´t be easy, but it was possible.
Michael had contacts in Italy, and at this very moment, they were tracking the Mafia´s boss every move.
They would contact Michael daily, and Michael was now trying to find out the boss´s daily routine.
The only thing that looked like the boss did regularly was to visit a fruit stand where he bought his own fruit, and there was a cafe that he would go to as well, next to that the boss would go to a small church to confess, so there were 3 times when the boss went out on public.
And if successful, we would use one of these 3 times to plan his death.
Yeah, I wanted that bastard to pay for what he had done to Liz.
Liz had a counsellor, come in every second day, I sat with Liz during the sessions, but Liz just wouldn´t open up.
Liz would hold onto my hand, and whenever the counsellor asked Liz any questions, she would just squeeze my hand for support, then end up crying.
The only way I was able to help Liz was by being there for her, and to hold onto her for endless hours until she slept.
It was so hard for Liz, to be able to face strangers.
No one was allowed to go near here, unless I was there, and then I had to forever reassure Liz that the agents and counsellor were on our side, and only there to help us.
Most of the day Liz spent it in bed, I wanted my old Liz back again.
Not this Liz who had become only a silent reminder of her old self.
I tried talking Liz into going out for walks or something, but the safety that the four walls of the bedroom gave Liz would not make her change her mind.
So I waited patiently until Liz felt secure enough to venture back into the normal world again.


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