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Title: A Diffrent Couple
Summary: Max is bad, Liz is bad, they meet..........
Disclaimer: All I own are the thoughts of what I'd do to colin hanks if I ever got him alone
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: M/L, like anyother couple exists
Max Evans, Roswell's very own bad ass, stroled down the coridors of West Roswell High School, his destination Trig. Max walked into the room, to find he was 20minutes late & the teacher STILL hadn't showed up. He was going to take his seat when he noticed occuping it.
"Move!" he said to the person with their head down on his desk. The reply he got was the occupiers middle-finger.
"MOVE!" He said again.
"Go fuck you sister!" Said the female occurier, still refusing to even look up
"Alright, thats it get the fuck outa my seat!" Max holered
"Well would'ya look at that im not moving, so you fucked your sister already?" The bitch replied
"How'bout I go fuck your mar?" Max wasnt gona give up
"What im suposed to care? Now I dont give a flying fuck what you do, just keep off my case, 'right?" (Liz with spunk, what'do'you think?)
"Just get'outa my seat, & run off & cry to your pimp!"
"Dont speak that way bout my dad!" (joke, k?)
"Am I suposed to throw you outa my seat, or what?"
"You touch me, I remove your balls with a blunt knife"


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*blushes profusly*thanx. one word, 'tomoro' & its not even spelt corectly, is it?

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Nadia, "Hey!" Gracie, yeah I know, but im busy, I'll update tomoro, k?
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Just then the bell went signalling end of period 3 & the beginning of period4. The girl walked of to her next class, while Max went to the loo.

Liz Parker sat in the back of the class, still pissed-off thinking about the wanker from trig. She put her head down on the desk again, in attempt to sleep. Max Evans walked into his English class, & again no sign of a teacher, he walked to the back of the classroom, where yet-again he found ‘that-bitch-from-trig’ in his seat AGAIN!
“No fucking way! Yo bitch you in my seat!” Max boomed at Liz
“You have to be shitting me!?!?!?”
“Why the fuck are you always in my seat?” Max asked
“Why the fuck do you always accuse me of being in your seat?” Liz shot back
“You don’t believe me huh? Yo dork,” Max said turning to a student, “do I usually sit there?”
“Y-yes” The guy nervously, said
“See, your always in my seat bitch. Now yet up!” Max shouted at Liz
“I hear ya, I don’t give a fuck” Liz said finally raising her head & standing up. Max was taken aback she was HOTTTT! Her hair was in a pony & had gold streaks. She had a little make up on, which made her look her older. Gold hoops for earrings. She was wearing a short leather skirt, tight boob tube & a leather jacket, all black. He was hard just by looking at her!

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~Part 3~
Liz Parker stood up, “now I can see this wanker” she thought. As she stood up she took in Max’ appearance; worn out trainers, tight leather pants, dark green shirt which clung to his chest. His face was dark, he had a little ring in the cartilage in his right ear, he had stubble on his cheeks, his hair was spiked with dark blue lo-lights. The boy was soo hot he should be on fire.

“You da bitch, who always in my seat?” Max asked
“Well your pretty dumb arnt you?” Liz said
“Dumb-fuck” She then mumbled
“What was that?” Max asked obviously annoyed
“D.U.M.B. F.U.C.K!!!!!! Clear enough?” Liz shot back
“If you weren’t a girl I’d beat da fuck outa you” Stated Max
“Is that so?” Asked Liz walking closer to Max
“Well I might be a girl But I can still do this” Liz said
“Do what?” Max asked dumbfounded
“This” Liz whispered in Max’ ear. Before bringing her knee up to meet with his groin.
“OWCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Max screamed out
“Haha!” Liz said returning to Max’ seat
“That’s it bitch, your going down” Max said pulling Liz out of his seat.

Five minutes later when the teacher walked into his classroom, he found Max & Liz punching, kicking, hitting & generally beating the crap out of each other.
“Mr Evans, Miss Parker, detention for the rest of this week!” Mr Cassidy boomed out.
The word shit could be heard mumbled by two particular students.


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Amie, um no! j/k I'll post part4detention as soon as I can *happy* thanx for the fb

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~Part4~ ~Detention~

Max walked into Mr. Cassidy’s classroom, only to find Little’Miss’Bitch in his seat AGAIN.
“Ah Mr. Evans, im glad you could join us, now take a seat & think about what you have done, & why you are here” Mr. Cassidy said looking-up from his work.

The next 45minutes went uneventfully.

“Im leaving you two alone, I trust you wont talk” The teacher said before exiting the room.
“He’s having a slash, he’ll be gone for twenty minutes” Max stated matter-of-factly
“Dumb-fuck” Liz muttered
“What was that?” Max asked getting up & standing in front of Liz’ desk
“It doesn’t take twenty minutes to hava slash” Liz said in a board tone.
“Fine, he’s havin’ a shit, happy?”
“Look, what the fuck is your problem?” Liz asked looking up
“My problem, your da bitch who’s always in ma seat!” Max replied getting angry
“As you seam like the only decent, non-cornball in dis fuck-town, then I’ll be nice to you, k?” Liz said putting her legs up on the desk, giving Max a hard-on
“Look im Max, Max Evans, you might seem like a bitch, but hey I’m willing to be nice if you are” Max said sitting on the desk adjacent to Liz
“Liz, Liz Parker, im moved from N.Y” Liz said looking at Max
“Why did ya move?” Max asked, trying to get comfortable
“Coz of ma ‘rent. Basically I fucked to mutch so they moved sum where, day knew I wouldn’t wana fuck nobody” Liz said clicking her neck round
“I’d fuck you” Max said then mumbled something along the lines of; aw fuck, I didn’t just say dat, FUCK!
“Well I’d fuck you, ’coz you da only fuckable guy in dis alien-themed-shit-hole” Liz said noticing Max’ erection. Deciding to have some fun, she stood up, went over to Max, jumped into his lap, & started to nibble on his ear. Satisfied when she heard Max groan she stood –up only to have Max pull her back & start making-out with her. As their tongues dulled, Max as sure mini-Max was growing. Knowing Liz needed air Max pulled his mouth away from her’s & started licking & sucking on Liz’ neck. As Liz’ moan’s increased Max pulled back & got off the desk.
“Not bad” Liz said, really thinking *oh fuck, that was shitting amazing*
Max needed more, he pulled Liz out of the classroom & down to the eraser room.

As soon as they were in the ‘eraser room’ dibbed ‘orgasm-space’ Liz started kissing Max again, only to have Max pull away.
“I got one of da most painful hard-on’s, & you are gona take care of it” Max said pulling his leather-pants(& boxers).
“I don’t blow guys I’ve only just met” Liz said
“Look, you are REALLY hot, & this REALLY hurts, so will you at least jerk-me-off?” Max asked pointing to his arousal
“Fine, But I aint getting’ cum all over my clothes” Liz said, walking to stand behind Max
“Ah, shit that’s the stuff” Max sighed feeling Liz’ small hands in-circle his cock. Liz’ hands began to pump Max’ dick as he moaned out in pleasure. Max brought one of Liz’ hands to play with his balls & the other to pump his faster. Max’ climax came quickly as he shouted “LIIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!!!!!” his cum covering some erasers.
“Shit, that was fucking amazing!” Max commented pulling his pants up
“Yeah, well see ya” Liz said before exiting the room


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well their not quite fuck-buddies, you'll see what they are in part 5(& I dont just mean horny) *happy*

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ok the next part is going to be out on ither Saturday OR Sunday *happy*

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~Part5~ ~Liz’ House~
Liz has just got out of the shower & is walking out of the bathroom (Little note, Liz’ hair is dry). As she walks into her room she sees Max sitting on her bed.
“WhatTheFuck do you think your doing here Evans?” Liz asks pissed off
“Well I enjoyed the hand job so much I decided to come here & see If I could get laid” Max replied, leaning back on Liz’ bed
“Wana get laid, then crawl up a chicken’s ass & wait” Liz replied fiddling with hr towel
“I’d rather crawl up your ass” Max said smoothly, getting up, walking over to Liz & wrapping his hands around her waist
“Fuck Off!” Liz said, slipping out of Max’ grasp
“Liz, if I were you, I wouldn’t be telling myself to fuck off”
“That doesn’t surprise me,” Liz mumbled
“The way I see it, back in New York, your life was sweet, & im guessin’ you got fucked on a daily basis, BUT now I Roswell, you aint gona have it so sweet & im sure you don’t wana fuck anyone in Roswell, well ‘sept me” Max said smirking
“Lil wanker!”
“Look Liz, your hot, any dude can see that & the way you described yourself earlier, you sound like a bit of a nympo, & what’s a nympo wid out sex?” Max replied still smirking
“Oh yeah dis coming from a virgin!” Liz retorted
“Look, dare is no way I would wana fuck any bitch is dis town, BUT you, shit I get hard just from lookin’ at ya”
“Max” Liz started, but was cut off by Max
“Liz, leme just fuck you” Max said coming up from behind Liz (again) & pulling her towel off, as his lips started to attack her neck. Liz’ dropped her head back & let Max’ lips explore the sensitive skin of her neck. Max, sucked, nibbled, licked, bit & kissed Liz’ neck, making her moan in pleasure. Liz pulled Max’ head up & turned around, her lips locked with Max’ & her tongue plunging into his mouth, making Max moan. Max pulled away, catching his breath.
“Max, you turn me on so much” Liz said sighing into Max’ chest. Max quickly regained his breath & captured Liz’ lips again, gently sucking on her lower lip, he pushed her back into the wall, as her legs wrapped around his waist, his hips started grinding into her’s. He could hear her moaning & pulled back.
“Why did you stop?” Liz asked whining
“I wana do this” Max said his mouth dropping to Liz’ left breast, as his nibble fingers started squeezing her right breast, rolling her nipple, between his thumb & forefinger.
“OHHHH GOD MAX, THAT FEELS SOOOOO AMAZING” Liz said thru moans. Suddenly a light went off in Max’ brain & his free hand finding Liz’ heat, plunging two fingers into her.
“Shit your so tight” Max said pulling his mouth away from Liz’ rosy-red
nipple. He put his head back between her breasts & his teeth, gently biting down on her breast, making Liz cradle Max’ head as close to her chest as possible. Sensing Liz’ impending orgasm, Max pushed his thumb over Liz’ clit as she screamed out in ecstasy.
“O fuck that was amazing” Liz said coming down from her euphoria.
“Hmmmmm” Max mumbled against Liz’ chest.
“I wana ride you” Liz said.
“Ok” Max said pulling Liz over to her bed
“No, I wana ride you face” Liz said pushing Max back on her bed.
“Ok” Max said again.
“Good” Liz said straddling Max’ waist. She pulled herself up his body, so her legs had wrapped around his head. Max’ hands grabbed at Liz’ ass.
“AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Liz moaned as she felt Max’ tongue come into contact with her heat. Max’ tongue started pushing up into Liz’ womanhood, thrusting into her, drinking from her.
“OHHHH GOD MAX, OH GOD THAT’S IT, THERE, OH SHIT MAX!” Liz groaned as Max pleased her. Max found as especially sensitive spot & started furiously licking over it, bringing her over the edge.
“Max, that was wow,” Liz said making an attempt, at standing up, only to find Max’ hands pushing her crotch into his face, his mouth still firmly latched onto her heat. Max’ tongue, went back to her clit, sucking on it.
“OHHHHHHHH MAX YOUR GONA MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!” Liz screamed out. As Max’ teeth slightly bit down on Liz’ clitoris, she came again,
“AHHHHHHH, MAX, OHHHHHHHH, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!” Liz’ body slumped as her cum ran into Max’ mouth & over his face. Max pushed her petite frame down his larger one.
“Wow you, you taste of strawberries” Max gasped, trying to get as much air into his lungs as possible. Liz moved pulling Max’ shirt over his head.
“You like?” Max asked
“Hmmmmm, strong” Liz moaned in approval. Max & Liz both tugged at his pants & boxers until they fell to the ground.
“Wow, you soo big” Liz said her eye’s glued to Max’ pulsating member. Liz pulled a condom out of her bed-side-draw, ripped off the wrapper & pushed it down Max’ shaft. Max leaned over Liz & pushed into her in one thrust.
“Wait!” Liz stopped Max & pushed her legs up & over, to rest on Max shoulders.
“This way’s deeper” Liz a shored smiling
“God, Liz your pussy is so tight & wet” Max marvelled, as he thrust in & out of her.
“OH, HARDER, MAX HARDER!” Liz urged Max on. Before to long Max & Liz came together, their bodies falling onto Liz bed & joining in sleep.

~The Next Day~ ~English~
Max walked into the classroom, to find Liz in his seat.
“Yo, bitch you in my seat; AGAIN!” Max shouted at Liz.
“Yea, well what you gona do bout it, prick” Liz shot back
“This” Max said pulling Liz up, sitting down & pulling Liz into his lap, their mouths attacking each-others. Max’ mouth soon found its way to Liz’ neck. Liz opened her eyes to see the whole class looking at them. Liz looked at the class (focusing on the camera)
“What do you think your looking at?!?!?” Liz asked her mouth joining Max’ again


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