Title: Sometimes you wonder
Summary: This is a Alternative World, Max and Liz have been best friends forever, and sorry to dissipoint you all, but there is no aliens! Boo Hoo! I like it this way.
Rated: PG-13, then next few parts may be R

"Hey im Liz Parker. And I have the greatest friends ever. They care about me and well yesturday I found out somthin that kind of scared me. You wont understand anything if we dont go back at least a few weeks. I just got dumped by my boyfried SEAN SWEENS.Yup you r right. I knew you would catch one. He is what we call a bad boy. Well lets get this rollin."

A screen apears. liz grabs a remote.

"Now my life is very complicated. Let me give you a few facts so you understand. Lets start with Max."

A picture of him apears.

"He is a guy who you could talk to like a friend. He is one of my best friends"

A picture apears of liz and Max sitting in a lawn chair together.

"Yeah I know what your thinkin great guy he can talk with about anything. And he will stand up for you. Well thats exactly where your wrong. He does do that stuff. But.........it does get him into trouble."

A picture of Max appeares of him with and bruised cheek.

"This only happened once. It was last year, we went to the dance and well a guy started harassing me and well Max got a little mad. Yet pissed is more like the word. Here mabye you should see."

Liz is walking over to get some punch and a guy comes up and touched her hair and started to kiss her neck.

"John stop please" liz begged.Max runs over and flips the guy on to the table.

The screean freezes.

"Now that is when it happened. That blew Maxs top of. He let his anger get the best of him and well lets just say Johnny had lots of BIG! friends."

"Well we should probably get to a couple weeks ago. Let it roll boys"
Liz walked put of the room and the screen read 4321 then it played.

It was in a car. Liz was talkin to sean then she runs out of the car and runs into the crashdown. It turns from night to Day.

You see a young gu about 1 17 running agusting his backpack to a tree house. This young man is Max. Yes, Liz's true best friend. He runs through what looks like a streem down a log and slips and falls down a hill but keeps runnig. he climbes up the rope ladder to the tree house nd opens the small little door that they made when they were 6 years old.

He sat down next to Liz kissed her on the cheek. he grabbed his jacket and pulled out two envolopes and Liz pryed her eyes from the television. She sqealed.

"its now os never." she said as she grabbed one of the envolopes.

they opened them and read down down down down. Liz sqealed and max just stared.

"im in." she said. " Max are you ok did you get in?" Liz asked concermed.

"I Im I Im"he looked at liz were going to photography school." he said they hugged.

"see I always said that you and I were going to ge there. " Liz said.

"I cant believe it. it is just to amzing. " Max sqaid.

"Well believe it. We got to get to baseball. Member game every Friday." she said. She grabbed her things as Max did. She grabbed his hand and rushed down the lader and waited for him. Then the took of dow the stream over the log and over the hill. they have been doin this for years. We see a flash back of to little childeren a boy and a girl running up the hill to ge to the street to the school bus. The it stops and we see the teenage Liz and Max run across the street to two house and they spread apart. then a few minutes later theyu come out in sweats and with there stuff. max goes up to liz and puts her cap on on.

They ran down the street to a lot . their own basball fireld. The town always had a game on Friday. they ran and got to the benches and got their stuff out. A blond come up.

"Come on Liz to the glove and get to your spot." she ordered.

"Thanks Maria." she said.

"Dont thank me." she said. Liz shoock her head and rolled her eyes and laughed. She ran to her spot. Max ran to the outfield.
We see liz throw a pitch and the other tem hit I and it goes flyin to the outfield where Max catches it and throws it back to Liz. The scene fades out to when there is only Liz and Max walking out out the feild and walking down the streets toward their homes. They seperated into the two house to tired to talk.

The screen froze again.

"See this is our lives.. Normal lives. Same thing every friday. Max and I have been friends ever since the diaper years. We planned on doing everything togeethte r andn stick by eachothers sides. Max had always been there. But that night is the night where Max would need me alot more than he ever had".

The screen played again.

It was at Maxs house he walked in ane saw his mother crying. He went her side like his fathe was and asked if she was ok. She brushed her hand along his face.

" Honey, your sister, your sister has lucimia." she said crying.

Max stood up and shook his head and said no. It was louder than he expected it to come out. He ran out of the house with tears streaming down his face. he had never cried before. not ever this is the first time. He ran to Liz's front door and started pounding. He screamed Liz. Liz was in the living worm in her sweater and her sweats and came to the hall way. When she heard himscream her name she ran to the door and swung it open to see Max crying. She instinctivley put her arms around him and brung him inside and shut the door. She sat him down on the couch and asked what was wrong.

"Its Leann. The doctors said she has Lucemea." he chocked out. Liz huggeed him as he cried and gently laid down with him on the couch till he fell asleep. she calmly and lightly got out of his grasp and went to the phone and called the nelsons. Those were Max's parents.

"Hey Mr. Nelson. I just wanted to tell you that Max is here. Oh well I wouldnt sayhe is ok but he doid get to sleep. Ok, Ok, Mr. Nelson ill getover there in a minute." she siad she hung up the phone and got her caot and went over to the nelsons and got Maxs clothes and tuff he would need for a few days. It started to rain as she got outside. when she gotin the house iit started lightning and thundering she placed the bag aof maxs things by the couch. She grabbed. She got a blanket from upstairs and put it over his body which was shacking frommthhe cold. She went upstairs and got into her own bed as well. Her parent werent home for the week so it would be ok for Max to stay there without her mom putting metal bars over her baderoom door. her mom wasnt comfortable with Max bein so lose to liz. But she was smart enough to know that max and liz were only friends.

The next mornig liz woke up and got down stair to see max still sleepin. it was 9:00 in th mornin. So she went into the kichen and grabbed some bread and made a sandwich. Thats when she saw Max at the door way.

"Hey sleepy head." she said wlakin over to himand placin ahnd over his shoulders." You okay?"

Max walked over to the kitchen table sat down and said" No, but I'll deal."

"Your mom and dad said it would be godd if you staid here for a while." Liz said as she made another sandwich.

"Yeah I cant be there right now." he said. liz walked over and placed a sandwich in front of him.

"Hey you can stay here as long as you want. it would be like old times when my mom didnt give me ;the talk' every time you came ver." Liz said Laughin a bit.

' I know what you mean expecially when we say were gonna study. They always think the wrong thing. We just trash the house a bit." Max said.

"A bit? A bit? That is just an understtment foor what we do to the house." Come on we gotta get to the school tfor that dumbbmeetin" she said as the finshed their sandwiches. But as she got up Max grabbed her arm. He spun her around and started dancing. " Max what are you doing were gonna be late." Liz said giggling. He spun he around again. They did this alot. When they were kids they would start dancing like the movie stars. And max would always say " Now we can feel like true movie stars" max said as she thought it. She loved Max with all her heart. He was the bestest friend that anyone could ever have. He was loyal and trustworthy and sweet and funny. Sure he's clumsy but, hey it comes with the package. And I know I will never regret taking it. She pulled back and looked at max.

" We really need to get over to the school or we are going to miss the meating" She said walking away.

Max just stood there. he new that she was sad about his sister just as much as him. But she was hiding somthing. It was a lot more than caution. She seemed to back away each tme that he got to close. THATS IT!!! I am so stupid. She didnt feel the same way he did. Max's feelings went deeper than a love for a sister or a friend. Only maria knows about the crush hes had on Liz. And that crush turned into love. but he knew she didnt feel the same./ She could never feel the same.


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