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Author: Lizwell Zuri8223⊕

Catergory: Mainly M/L, All CC, AU

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me, I only wish they did.

Rating: R through nc-17, parts will be accordingly labeled

Summary: Through a summer of fun and a series of misadventures the group is able to redefine the meaning of the love of your life, "The One"

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Hey guys

Thanks for keeping this story on the board as soon as I finish my other story this will be the next thing I focus on so hold thight. I've jsut been really busy lately with school and midterms but that's really no excuse because I've been wroking on this story since summertime. Promise guys next story tobe finished...

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For summary see first post

Part 5

Cautiously Liz peeked her head in the door of the female outhouse checking to see if anyone else was there. It was early morning and she was returning from the boy’s cabin after spending a blissful night with Max by her side. However she wasn’t too keen on the idea of everyone knowing her whereabouts for the night which is why she was now being careful to make sure no one had seen her leave. Once Liz determined the coast was clear she entered the outhouse fully, releasing a sigh.

Just as Liz began to relax a little Maria made her presence known as she stepped out of one of the shower stalls “There you are. I didn’t see you last night. You must have gotten in pretty late from the meeting. Where you go?”

“Um… for a walk with Max. You’re right we did get back pretty late I didn’t want to disturb you.” Liz said feigning innocence.

Maria thought she knew exactly where Liz was last night…or more importantly whom exactly she was with…but she could play this guessing game as long as Liz could. “Really?” Maria probed

Receiving a promptly nodded “Yes…” from Liz “Of coarse where else would I have been.”

“Oh nowhere I guess…”Maria continued. “…It’s just that when I got up this morning your bunk was already made…pretty much like it hadn’t been touched all night so…”

“Okay Maria you got me. I spent the night with Max…in his cabin.” Liz admitted. It wasn’t that the pressure was too much Liz probably could have held up under Maria’s interrogation a bit longer but she would have found out sooner or later beside Liz wanted someone to share her feelings about Max with.

“Oh My God Liz tell me you didn’t do anything with him right there in the cabin…Where any of the guys could have seen… not to mention Kyle…” she rambled on.

Leave it to Maria to blow things way out of proportion but that was one of the things Liz loved about her best friend. “…Relax Maria we just talked and slept, nothing happened.” Liz assured. Maria eyed her suspiciously “Okay so maybe we necked a little…” Liz added. “Okay a lot, but nobody saw us we snuck in after everyone was asleep...”

As Liz was explaining Melanie burst through the door cutting her off “Liz I’ve been looking all over for you. I saw Max kissing Tess behind one of the cabins. I tried to tell you last night when I saw it happened but you never came back to the cabin where’d you go?” Melanie finished in a hurry.

“She was with Max.” Maria provided.

“Oh no I’m too late!” Melanie lamented.

“Too late for what?” Liz asked she didn’t see what the big deal was Max had already told her the truth which made a big difference because she wasn’t sure how she’s feel right now if she were hearing this for the first time.

Melanie lowered her voice to just above a whisper as she asked. “You didn’t sleep with him did you?”

“I should hope not considering he’s kissing Tess behind cabins in the middle of the night.” Maria said

“Will you guys both just stop. No we did not have sex and yes I know Max already told me he kissed Tess… or actually she kissed him…. Whatever it is it’s over now and Max said it only help him to realize how much I mean to him.” Liz explained.

“If you say so.” Melanie said as if she was with holding precious information.

“Okay what aren’t you telling me about Max?” Liz inquired

“Let’s just say my brother has few bad habits…one of those habit’s is using girls… ‘playing’ them if you know what I mean. I hear he and Michael joking all the time about what a playboy he is…I just don’t want to see that happen to you.”

“It won’t.” Liz assured, although she had the feeling she was saying it more for herself than for anyone else. “I mean he could have just as easily not told me about the kiss with Tess, but he did because he cares about me.”

“Morning girls.” Isabel chimed as she entered the outhouse fully clothed and apparently equipped with a chipper attitude to face the day.

“What’s gotten into her?” Liz mumbled to Melanie. “She seems… happy to say the least.”

“You mean more than usual.” Maria added. It was a fairlywell known fact that Isabel was not one of her favorite people.

“Probably found a new guy to torment.” Melanie said as she ran the water to brush her teeth.

“No.” Isabel corrected “For you information I have found a way to show Alex Whitman who is the queen of pranks.”

“What did you do to him?” Liz asked.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Isabel responded before grabbing her hairbrush and exiting.

“New guy.” Melanie repeated and they all nodded in agreeance…

* * *

Max’s POV

Lips locked Liz and I stumble down the stairs of the sailboat, down the short corridor and into the bedroom at the end of the hall.

“So who’s boat is this again?” she breathes between kisses.

“Tess folks.” I mumble as I attach my mouth to the soft skin at the nape of her neck. Come to think of it…It’s pretty weird making out with Liz in the same places Tess and I used to…never mind. That part of my life is totally over. Liz is the only one I care about now, I just hope she knows that. Judging by the way she pulled away from me just now, I guess that she still has doubts. This may be a completely new experience for me but I think I actually care. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Nothing it’s just...” Liz says as she brushes her hair behind her ear, something I’ve come to know she does when she's nervous. I think it’s adorable… also futile considering the dark tresses almost always slide to their original position.

“Liz you know Tess will never come between us.” I say because I think that’s what she needs to hear right now. More importantly it was almost second nature for me to say it at the sight of her uncertainty.

She laces her finger through mine as we sit on the bed. “I know that…I do, it s’ just…”

“…Hey Max you want me to let the sails down so we can get ready to take off.” I hear what has been nothing more than the annoying voice of little Rob call from up top. He’s actually part of the reason we left breakfast early to get away from him and his nosey bunch of friends.

Although the kids weren’t entirely to blame they were only fueled by the good natured ribbing of Michael and Maria who took it upon themselves to point out to everyone that Liz and I were feeding each other strawberries. Okay so maybe the dining hall wasn’t the best place for our little display of affection but still…

Did I mention how much I like strawberries… or at least the ones Liz feeds to me.

Anyway now thanks to Mike and Rob we’re known as the ‘passion produce counselors.’ They were repeating this over and over and I’m thinking

Do you mind I’m trying to have a tender moment with my lady here in much the same way that I’m thinking now. “Hang on a second Rob. I’ll be right up.” I turn to Liz with an apologetic smile and say, “What were you saying?”

“About you and Tess. I know it’s over and I’m glad but don’t you think it’s a little early to…” Liz began but was cut off by Rob once again.

“…What are you doing down there?” He asks

“None of your business Rob.” I say, which is the truth this kid has serious privacy issues although I suspect he’s just trying to make up for his lack of a sex life by replacing it with starting rumors of my own.

Right now I’m too busy to care I’ve got a distressed girlfriend here. I turn to her and say. “Liz, the way I feel about you…”

“… Well I’m gonna start setting up the boat.” Rob calls down once again interrupting a moment that could be pertinent to the future of my relationship with Liz.

But I’d better stop him before I end up owning Tess and her family money. “I have to go… I’ll see you later.” I say as I brush her cheek with a kiss before I head up top to murder one of my campers.

When get up there I see that more than half the group has arrived…not to mention Tess when will she realize her presence is really not necessary… for anything.

I barely miss being knocked over as Alex whizzes by chasing Isabel…

Did he just have green hair? Compliments of the ‘Ice princess’ I’m sure. Yeah I know she’s my sister but Its’ true Isabel is an ice princess, maybe Alex will be able to teach her a lesson.

Isabel narrowly avoids Alex’s grasp but ducking down the stairs past Liz who happened to be coming up “Oh my God Alex what happened to your hair.” Liz asks.

“Someone must have put hair dye in my shampoo… Gee I wonder who it could be…Isabel!!!” Alex says as he scurries down the stairs after her. Poor Isabel only so many places you can hide down there.

Liz and I were staring at each other awkwardly…again “ Listen I know we didn’t get to finish our conversation down there but I promise…we will later.”

“Okay?” she says rather indifferently. Maybe the whole Tess thing didn’t bother her as much as I thought. I know more and more people are boarding the boat and we should probably get going, but I just have to have a taste of Liz lips…


She‘s wearing strawberry flavored lip-gloss. I mean we both know how much I love Liz lips on an ordinary day but adding berries into the mix…

Breaking us out of my reverie I hear the unmistakable laugh of my youngest sister Melanie. We look over to see her obviously flirting with Kyle on the dock. “Do you see that?” I ask Liz.

“Unfortunately yes, but look at it this way at least She takes Kyle’s mind off of us?”

“I don’t think I like Kyle with my sister.” I say.

“ Why not?” Liz asks

“I don’t really like any guys with my sister.” It’s true I just threatened Rob the other day when he mentioned he had a crush on Melanie, but even Rob is better that Kyle Valenti. But what could I do, I never talk to my sister about guys the whole topic makes my stomach turn… which is pretty odd considering she seems to have no problem talking to me about girls. “Maybe I could get Isabel to talk to her.”

“Bad idea.” Liz says

Good point I’m not exactly thrilled with Isabel’s track record with guys either. Case and point Alex Whitman. “What could I do?”

“Here’s a thought let her handle it. Melanie is a big girl she can take care of herself.” Liz says before she goes over to talk to Maria…

True enough Melanie has always been mature for her age but that can work either way. Because if I know Kyle, and I think I do, he has an agenda. One, which involves my sister and if I know her, and I definitely do, little miss mature will play right into it. This must be stopped “Hey Rob I have a job for you…”

* * *

Liz’s POV

Today I felt like a girl on one of those cheesy tampon commercials. Actually today I felt a lot of things but the scenario was:

I’m on a sailboat, my boyfriend is here, about thirty or so extraneous campers, and I needed a pad.

Ordinarily I would have known it was coming today but recently my life has been a bit hectic. Filled with heightened sexual awareness and thoughts of Max, it must have just slipped her mind.

I’m sure Maria has my back she has everything in that bag of hers, never leaves the cabin with out it. Thank goodness for best friends. How embarrassing is this Liz Parker who plans everything from the outfit she going to wear, to what time she’s going wash her hair has to bum a pad off of her best friend.

Therefore I guess Maria’s reaction could have been expected. After she stopped laughing long enough to answer she said “Can’t help you there I don’t have a pad…but you can always use Max’s finger.” And doubles over laughing again.

Here I am freaking out and she decides to make jokes “Maria.” I say reminding her of my current crisis.

“I’m kidding. I really don’t have a pad… but a tampon.”

“I can’t use that.”

“Why not?”

“I’ve never used a tampon before.”

“God Liz you really are a prude.”

“Maria I would try it but we’re on a boat, Max is here I need sure fire protection not an experiment...Besides won’t it hurt.” The prospect of shoving cotton inside of myself just doesn’t seem appealing.

“No it won’t hurt…there are women all over the world using them trust me it’s safe, won’t hurt, and right now all I have to offer you.”

“I don’t know,”

“Well there's always...” Maria let that statement hang in the air as she points to Max and wiggles her finger.

“Give me the tampon.”

I head down to the bathroom and on my way there I see Isabel and Alex involved in what seems to be a major make out session. How many of us didn’t see that one coming…They quickly break apart when they see me. Alex hurries up the stairs and Isabel walks over to me and says, “You saw nothing…”

Like I wanted to see anything “You secret is safe with me.” I say.

I go to the bathroom to do…what I can me to do and it actually went off a lot easier than I thought it would. Guess Maria’s right about a few things…

As I’m washing my hands I hear the unmistakable voice of Max out side, in the bedroom. Me being head over heels for this guy exit the bathroom prepared for a little smooch fest from lover only to find him in the arms of someone else. Not just anyone else Tess. Shirtless no less. “Wait Liz I can explain…” Max says.

I’m thinking

Yeah I’ll bet you can.

Remember earlier when I said I’d felt a lot of things today, hurt and betrayal were ranking pretty high up on that list right about then.

However I couldn’t speak or cry I just ran up the steps. I found Maria in the same spot that I’d left her a few moments ago soaking up sun. She knew without speaking that something was wrong. Call it best friend intuition. When she saw a half-clothed Max and Tess race up the stairs after me she probably guessed what it was.

Great now everyone would know what a fool I’ve been

I could I have been so stupid to believe all that crap he was telling me.

That‘s easy Parker, I believed it because I wanted to, because I thought he was ‘the one.’ But flowery language and soulful eyes didn’t make a difference in the end.

I’m beginning to think Maria was right there are no such thing as soulmates. There is no such thing as ‘the one’


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For disclaimer see first part

Part 6

Isabel’s POV

Just when I think the dork and I have come to a mutual agreement to stay out of each others way He finds some way to prove me wrong.

“Hey Isabel come control your kids!” Alex chimes with that ‘I-know-best’ attitude.

And every time I hear his voice it’s beyond just wanting to get revenge it’s just plain annoying “Don’t tell me how to do my job.” I say.

“It was your bright idea to bring a bunch of six year olds out here to a car wash.”

“They’re helping.” I’d given everyone very specific assignments, directions even six year olds could follow. Some were handing out sponges; others were keeping the bucket filled with fresh water and soap. What could go wrong?

I look over to see that a few of my kids have turned the sponges into a ball for their own personal game of catch splattering everyone, including me, with soapy water in the process.

And of coarse Alex would point that out with that smug little smile of his “Your bright idea.”

I hate it when he’s right.

Okay so maybe putting 1st graders in charge of soap and water wasn’t the best idea “You know Alex I asked you to keep an eye on them if you couldn’t have done it you should have said so. Their partially your responsibility also.”

“My responsibility? All I’m supposed to do is make sure the boys are safe and clean in their bunk each night!”

“Oh well excuse me but would it have killed you to go out of you way for a moment!” I look at the excess of water sloshing around every ones feet “Now we both have to clean this up!”


You know, for some one who acts like they know it all Alex sure can be an asshole. “Yes we! You act like it’s such a huge inconvenience to be any where near me and my kids!”

“Maybe it’s not he kids that are the inconveniece.” Okay that was a low blow, what a jerk. I try to refrain from using physical violence but some times you just can’t help it.

I wack him with a wet towel and then proceed to start cleaning up the mess my kids have made and get the pail of soapy water back in order so everyone else can continue to wash the cars.

As I bend over to pick up the hose Alex wacks me back right across the back of the legs.

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark. You know this means war.

I spray him with the hose. Something normal self respecting young lady would do. Pretty soon Alex and I are engrossed in out own private water fight.

I barely even hear when my kids start singing that stupid play ground rhyme. “Alex and Isabel sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

If only they knew the half of it…

Maria’s POV

Car Wash!


Car Wash Yeah!

I sing as I swish my hips to beat, there’s no music but luckily I come equipped with my own ready and willing set of vocal chords. It’s oddly appropriate considering we’re having a joint fundraiser Car wash in the parking lot of the old movie theater in town. Teens, Junior Teens, and a bit of help from Isabel and her ankle biters all working together. We pretty much unanimously agreed, we have got to take a road trip before the summer’s over. And the money we make from the bake sale on Saturday just wasn’t going to be enough for the kind of road trip we wanted to take. So this morning we agreed to squeeze in a few extra fundraisers before the weekend. Hence the Car Wash…

All Morning I haven’t been able to get that stupid song out of my head. I guess that’s what they mean when they say oldie but goodie. The song is so old and I know I’m too young to even say I remember that song but yet for some reason I can’t stop singing it and it just rings good tidings of joy.

Yeah right!

If that were true why on earth is everyone at this function so entirely somber? “Working at the Car wash yeah!” I sing once more for good measure, trying to spread my good mood.

I realize my attempt was in vain as Liz mopes by me looking like she lost her best friend… But then I guess in some way she has. No. I don’t mean me. Max and her just broke up and despite her best efforts to conceal this I can tell how much they cared about each other…

“…Liz I know you’re hurt, but will you just let me explain.” Max pleads as if he’s begging for his life. Liz just turns around and shoot’s him a death glare… you know the ones that scream leave me alone or else…and you pray to god you never find out what “or else” means. I see Liz gripping the bleach bottle.

I have to intervene, for Max’s sake “ Max, girlfriend…”Yes at camp sunrise everyone’s my girlfriend, regardless of gender “…I suggest you just leave her alone for now…if you don’t want to lose your eye sight.” Resignedly he agrees and goes about his appointed task of hosing down the soapy cars as they pass. Once he’s out of earshot and say “Don’t you think you’re being a little hard on him?”

“Hard on him Maria…I thought that you were my friend.”

“I am and as your friend I have to say…I think you should at least let him explain.”

“What possible explanation could there be for Shacking up with Tess in the bedroom of her parents boat.”

“I thought you said they weren’t doing anything yet.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Come on look at him.” I argue “he seems really sorry.” I say making her face Max as his wet T-shirt sticks to his muscles… I know that has to weaken her reserves. Who could resist an Adonis like Max. We all should be having a great time but he too is walking around like he lost his best friend.

“The only thing Max is sorry for… is the fact that he got caught.” Liz spat out

“Liz…” I plead one last time. I hate to see them apart...

“Give it up Maria my brother’s a jerk, he deserves everything that coming to him” Melanie says. What is it with Evans women thinking they have a right to everyone’s personal conversations?

“Thank You Melanie.” Liz says.

You think one Evans girl is bad try adding another to the mix “Hey girls what are you talking about?” a thoroughly sopping wet Isabel says. Thanks to her little love tap water fight game with Alex.

“Just what a loser Max is.” Melanie provided.

“What else is new?” The three of them of them agree unanimously. I’m thinking what a shame because Liz would so fit into this family if she ever married into it.

“Okay enough about Max. Do any of you know if Kyle Valenti is seeing someone?”

“Not like it would matter, Kyle too old for you.” Isabel says.

“Wow a whole two years.” Melanie dismissed “Please Isabel don’t go all big sister on me”

“Melanie I think she may be right trust me I dated Kyle for a while I just don’t think he’s the type of guy your looking for.” Liz agrees “But then again I take that back… I haven’t been judging guys very well…”

This is just pathetic. I have never seen group of females worse off than us… over a group of lousy teen guys at that.

“Okay Isabel could you just move over…your kinda dripping on me.” I say to Isabel .You should have seen the look on her face.


Miss Ice Princes thinks she can do no wrong God it is painfully obvious how much her Alex belong together. The campers know it, we all know it now what will it take for them to realize.

“Mealnie if Kyle is interested in you it’s not because you’ve got a cute face…” Ain’t it the truth I should tell her some of the horror stories Liz has shared with me over the years.

“And Liz Give Max a chance to explain himself he so obviously loves you.”

There.That ought to knock some sense into them.

“You expect me to believe that?” Melanie says

“You’re dreaming.” Liz spouts as the three of them walk away.

How did that go wrong?

* * *

A Green Van sporting a sun as the logo with the words “Sunrise” on it pulled into the parking lot. A young woman donning sunglasses hopped out and read the sign before returning to the Van. “This is it guys, Dead Man’s Trail.” Maria informed.

“Do we have to?” One of the girls inside the van whined

“You guys said you wanted to go hiking.”

“Yes but why would anyone want to go hiking on a trail that proclaims death as it’s signature.” Another responded.

“Don’t worry they just call it that no one is really gonna die.” Melanie explained like the pro that she was. She really did know her way around these parts which was good considering it made the counselors jobs a lot easier.

“Right… exactly.” Maria agreed “Besides we have to wait for the other group to arrive before we can start so you guys can relax for a few more minutes.”

“I can wait.” Max offered. “You guys go ahead.

“Good Deal. Let’s go.” Liz chimed who was positively itching to get out of her seat next to Max. He had been shooting her those apologetic eyes all afternoon it was clear Max was truly sorry Liz every time Liz thought she was ready to forgive Max she’s think about how embaressed she had been the other day on the sailboat and that served as a quick refresher.

Max was stung by Liz eagarness to get away from him but resignedly he was beginning to see that she wasn’t going to except some cheap explanation. If he wanted her back he was going earn her.

The group of about twenty girls piled out of the van and began assembling their back packs for the hike.

“Wait a minute… There is no way I’m hiking up that road with all you guys by myself… Uh-uh sorry, if Max stays we all stay.” Maria said.

“Come on you got Liz and me we know this trail.” Melanie pointed out.

“I know but we need at least one guy with us.” Maria persisted.

Just then Michael pulls up on his dirt bike as Maria silently mouthed ‘Thank You’ to the heavens before eagerly heading over to greet him. “Hey.” Maria said giving him brief peck on the cheek “I thought you had to get the supplies ready for the bake sale?”

“I did it all ready, and Isabel and Alex got stuck with clean up duty in the dining up hall.” Michael could barely contain his laughter “You should have seen her face when Alex tied her bra to the flagpole…Unfortunately Tess’ folks saw it too so they got stuck with clean up duty and I got off early.”

“Just like you to let other people clean up your mess.” Maria joked as Michael hopped off his bike grabbed his pack and slipped his arm around Maria

“Now that Michael is here he can go with us.” Liz said anxious show on the road.

“Yeah and Michael, Maria no sneaking off in the bushes.” Melanie jokes as the group heads toward the trail.

Michael and Maria arm in arm started another one of those stupid camp songs. What Max wouldn’t give to be signing “stupid camp songs” as he charted the hike with Liz…

As the sounds of the group faded into the mountain the second Van pulled up and group of rowdy male campers hopped out Kyle Valeni at the helm.

At first they didn’t even notice him and Max had the misfortune of over hearing their conversation “... I’ll hit that before the end of the week.” Kyle brag

“No you won’t” Rang the annoying voice of Little Rob. It was apparent to Max they were talking about some girl and the fact that Kyle and Rob could share interest in a girl didn’t sit well with Max

“I will…I’m you telling Dude.” Kyle persisted

“Melanie Evans… No way, I already tried and she turned me down flat.”

Wait a minute, were they talking about his sister? “Well that may be but this is me we’re talking about. When I turn on the charm Melanie won’t be able to resist me. I’m telling I‘ll hit that”

Yes they were. Disgusting. Little Rob the annoying perverted teenager and Kyle grubby High School football Senior were discussing his sister. Max planned to put a stop to that real quick.

Clearing his throat Max made his presence known.

“Oh hey Max, where did everyone go.” Kyle asked

“The girls already started at the trail.” Max informed

As the other guys headed toward the trail Max pulled Kyle and said. “Can I talk to you for a sec.”

“Look Max if this is about Liz you can have her I’ve already moved on to other prospects.”

“It’s exactly those prospects I need to talk to you about. Get this straight my sister Melanie… Is off limits.”

“Oh come on Max we both know Mel can take care of her self she’s a big girl.”

“Just stay away from her.”

“Suppose I don’t.” Dared Kyle

“Trust me you don’t want to find out.” Max said cracking his fist. He wanted to let Kyle know he meant business.

“Oh really Max why would that be.” Melanie says stepping from behind a busch making her presence known

“Oh hi Mel I thought you’d already gone up the trail.” Max wondered how much of their conversation she heard. He knew his sister wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of him protecting her. Even if it was from grubby hands.

“I was waiting for Kyle” Melanie said as Kyle slipped his hand around her waist and they prepared to leave. “Oh and Max you get one thing strait the next time I find you threatening my boyfriend you’ll be sorry.”

“But he said…” max began but was interrupted

“It doesn’t matter what he said. Maybe instead of screwing around with mine you should worry about your own love life… oops I’m sorry you’ve already managed to screw that up as well

As he and Melanie headed up the trail Kyle took a moment to look over his shoulder and laugh at the dumbfounded look on Max face…

The hike was long and treacherous as it had always been the many years at Sunrise. And as they were about half way through the stupid camp songs had died down and Max didn’t think he could feel any worse. Liz thought he was a creep and Melanie thought he was trying to be the over bearing older brother. Couldn’t he catch a break with anybody?

Seeing Liz as she paused for a moment to rest her aching feet as the group trudged back down the mountain Max saw that as his opportunity if ever to explain things to Liz. Cautiously he took a seat next to her “Water?” He said offering his bottle.

“Did you lace it with Arsenic?” Liz shot back


“What’s the matter Max I know you couldn’t actually have pure intentions here, without in some way wanting to hurt me.”

“Liz please will you just give me a chance to explain.” Max pleaded

“What could you possibly have to say for yourself?”

“A lot… a whole lot that I know will change your mind about us.”

“I don’t think so. There is no 'us' you screwed that up remember”

“Liz please.”

“Why is it so important to you what I think, I mean you sure didn’t seem to care when you were kissing Tess.”

“That’s not true…” Max couldn’t find the right words “….In fact that’s all I could think about…Liz I Love you!” Max blurted out, He hadn’t meant to say all that. When he finally admitted his true feelings to Liz he wanted the perfect setting, flower and candles like she said she wanted. But now that the cat was out of the bag “Will you at least hear what I have to say” he lowered his voice as it was apparent everyone had heard Max’s little admission and was now staring at the two of them.

Liz didn’t know what to say to that so she just walked away.

Amidst the snickers elicited form the group Michael could be heard saying “What a pussy.”

“Are you kidding anyone with eyes can see those two are totally in love with each other.” Maria said

Michael rolled his eyes at his girlfriend’s naiveté, He’s thought Liz was the one with the fairytale notions of love. “Max does not love her. He’s just trying to get in her pants. And from the looks of I’m sorry to say Max lost that score.”

“Michael I don’t care what you say those two are in love.” Maria persisted She was getting a little tired of Michael and his Machismo attitude

“There is no such thing as love.”

“Well if you don’t believe in love maybe you don’t believe in us.” She said before heading off to comfort her friend.

* * *

After his little spat with Liz Max hurried on down the mountain to see if he could catch Liz. To his surprise Melanie and Kyle hadn’t made it too much farther ahead of the spot in which he had left them. They were off to the side near a secluded spot of bushes. And if Max wasn’t mistake they were doing some pretty heavy making out.

Very heavy he thought as Kyle attempted to untie her halter. “No.” Melanie said in soft voice as she grabbed her top before it fell down

“Come On just relax.” Kyle enticed.

“No I won’t relax. And if you can’t take no for an answer made we should just cool it.” Melanie said as she stood up and tied the halter securely in place.

Kyle grasped her arm “Babe jus…”

“Leave me alone.” Melanie said before kneeing him in the groin and heading off.

Max decided then was the appropriate time to make his presence known “Gee Kyle I guess you were right looks like Melanie can take care of herself.” Max joked as he saw Kyle holding his crotch in agony


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Hey guys sorry this is so short but I wanted to give you guys something but you can expect another part either later tonight or tommorrow.

Lucky Good lookin' out with that quote you'll see how true taht statement actaully was for Liz.*wink*

Part 7a

Michael’s POV

This camp should change it’s name from “Camp Sunrise” to “Camp Nobodies Smashin’ ” because ever since my buddy Max has managed to supremely screw things up for everyone that’s what it feels like around here.



Most importantly, what I think is at the root of the problem no one is getting any.

Not even me.

I mean we had our “Sunshiny” moments when everyone was getting their little piece of action on the side but now that no one is getting any sex things are rough.

Okay so maybe it was a little harsh of me to blame this whole thing on Max but it really is his fault, all because he couldn’t keep his women in line…

I mean it‘s no secret Max is a playboy. But this time for once I actually thought he was serious about this one girl, Liz. Liz is pretty special and any guy would be lucky to have her which I thought Max realized. You should have heard him the past few days with all his talk of being committed and in love, which I think is a cliché by the way, but I was sure Max and Liz would last at least through our stay at camp Sunrise.


Mr. Hot-In the-Pants Evans had to go and throw his ex girlfriend Tess in the mix and get caught with on not one but two separate occasions. It would be okay with me if Max wanted to have his little piece on the side, but just don’t get caught.

Never get caught.


And now he wants Liz to give him the chance to explain himself. What could he possibly have to say? I’ll admit Max has come up with some pretty creative excuses in his day, when he was dating Tess.

But Liz is no Tess and I don’t thinks that type of thing is going to fly this time and he’s walking around all weepy faced because of it.

What a punk.

Maria thinks they’re in love. I think Max just was just trying to get Liz to drop the panties. I told her so and now Maria is not talking to me. I see several lonely nights in my future.

See how Max ruins things for everyone.

Anyway that whole thing was like a catalyst for everything else. Because she wanted to be with Max, Liz broke up with Kyle who at the time was infatuated with her and still is to some degree…

So Kyle tried to mess around with Max’s little sister Melanie who happens to look like a miniature version of Liz. So Max threatens Kyle and Melanie threatens him. Because one thing I forgot to mention is although Melanie is two years younger than the rest of the counselors she acts like she’s twenty-six.
Therefore from what I understand, when Melanie found out Kyle was only with her for the sex she kicked his ass.

So while Max may no longer have to worry about Kyle he still ahs to worry about Melanie.

Yes she’s still upset with him because…


What the hell do I know, She’s Melanie does she really need a reason.

Isabel and Alex.

What do you really say about them? They’ve been on this whole vengeance thing since they got here.
She stole his shorts at the beach.

He ruined her blouse with paint.

She died his hair green.

He hung her bra from the flag pole.


While their antics are hilarious, It’s actually kind of immature. It is almost like when you were in kindergarten when you liked a girl and so you would pinch and hit her to prove this point

I personally think that if the y would just have sex it would alleviate the whole problem.

“Hey Isabel…” Alex says holding a huge piece of dough

Here we go again.

“What do you wa...” Isabel says walking right into his palm full of dough.

Has to be at least ten dollars worth of cookies right there.

We’re preparing the goods for the bake sale. I made the dough yesterday. But all the counselors and I are actually baking today while the campers are listening to some guest speaker.

I hand kneaded this dough and these doofs are playing around with it “Hey the dough is for the cookies!” I remind.

“Lighten up Michael” Isabel says as she aims a piece at the back of Alex’s head. Unfortunately Isabel has always had terrible aim and it ends up in Maria’s hair unbeknownst to her.

“Maria you’ve got a little something…” Max says picking the dough out of her hair.

“How’d that get there?” she asks

“ I think it was…” Max says pointing to his sister. ‘Oh’ Maria mouths as she and Max conspiratorially grab two collasal spoonfuls of frosting to lop it at Isabel. Isabel narrowly misses their attack as she bends to but a tray in the oven. But Liz who was standing right next to her gets it right in the face.

Although I am bit pissed that they’re messing with the supplies this is hilarious because Liz looks like she’s seriously PO’d. Not that I blame her considering half of who was on the delivering end of that blow.

“So you want to play games now.” Liz says as she clears her face of some of the frosting. She takes a five pound bag of flour and dumps half on Max, half on Maria, then follows with quart of milk. I think she may be the only person who actually hit her target.


What the hell I think “Food fight!”

All hell broke loose. It was every man for themselves slinging and sludging until we’re all covered in either flour frosting or dough. We must have been making some noise because Tess wandered in to check on us and ended up getting smushed in the head with some dough.

Of coarse she went to tattle to her parents. When the Hardings come down I knew we were in trouble “Who is responsible for this mess?” they ask.

Each of us point to Alex and Isabel who definitely can’t stand to get in any more trouble.

I mean how many days a week can you get clean up duty before it gets old

“All of you have an hour to clean this up and then you and your campers head over to the big house. You’ll be under our watch tonight!” informs Mr. Harding before they leave.

Of coarse Melanie is only two steps behind them “Oooo” She chimes like a tipical sixteen year old. “I just passed Ed he looked pissed. What happened?” Again we point t o Alex and Isabel

“Well he started it…” Isabel began

“…Why don’t you two just have sex and be through with this.” Melanie says cutting her off.

A woman after my heart


and next a coed sleepover & Max's expalnation and apology...*wink*
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Guys I am extremely sorry.

I know you guys were expecting a new part on Saturday but unfortunately I ende up being sick most of the weekend and then schoolwork caught up with me so I may not be able to psot again until the weekend.

Just wanted to let you guys know what's up and that I haven't abandoned you.

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First I wanted to say thanks so much for posting feedback and sticking with me even with the delay in posting parts. But without further preliminaries here is the next part and Max's long awaited explanation.

Part 7b

Max’s POV

“Would you stop pining already, Liz does not want you. If anything today should have taught you that. Now get your lazy ass up and pack some clothes. This whole thing is your fault anyway” One thing you have to understand about Michael is that he’s not exactly known for his tact. No matter that I could have potentially lost the love of my life. His main problem is that I’ve in some way prevented him from having continued gratuitous sex with Maria.

“How is this my fault? I’m not the one who started the food fight am I…Alex?” He and my sisters stupid feud is the reason we’re in this mess.

“If you’re gonna start pointing fingers you need to look to your sister. I’m telling you that woman is evil incarnate.” While Alex may have a valid point about Isabel I just wish they would all shut up so I could think of a way to win Liz back.

Unfortunately when you’re in a cabin full of noisy campers and five disgruntled counselors there is no such luck

“I think I’m gonna have to agree with Mel on that one Alex.” Michael says “Why don’t you two just shag and be done with it.”

“What is your problem? Sex isn’t he answer to everything.” I say and he thinks I’m the reason Maria is tired of his pigheaded attitude. Can you blame her.

“Just most things.” Kyle agrees.

He would, just for the record I’m guessing it’s not a good thing when self proclaimed child molesters to start agreeing with you.

Apparently Michael has enough sense to know this as he retorts “What happened Kyle, more ‘prospects’ on the horizon. Whoever it is just try not to let the m knee you in the groin this time.”

Ouch that hurt. So apparently Michael does have some morals

“Funny…” Kyle says feigning laughter “…at least I’ll have someone to snuggle up to tonight. Too bad you can’t the same.”

Argue, argue, argue is that all we do. God, put a few girls in our way and we will fight over them like a couple of dogs over a piece of meat. Can you really blame these girls for not wanting anything to do with us? But all this arguing isn’t getting anybody anywhere.

“Guys! Look at us. We are pathetic instead of arguing about these girls we need to be trying to figure out a way to get them back. I mean they are probably just as torn up about this as us”


“Guys are such dogs.” Maria laments as she looks across the row to the guys cabin.

That’s a little harsh don’t you think? Okay granted Max does diplay certain canine like tendencies but what exactly is so bad about dogs. I mean they’re cute and cuddly and they are supposed to be man’s best friend. “And before you get any ideas Liz I don’t mean that in good way.”

God she knows me so well “But Maria…Max said he loved me.” That doesn’t happen every day.

I know tons of girls who would kill to have an Adonis like Max profess their lover for them. Am I being unreasonable to not at least hear him out?

“Do you know how many girls he probably says that to?” Isabel says. Sometimes I think I’m at a disadvantage only listening to what his sisters say about him. Your siblings always know the worst about you it’s like an unwritten law.

“How do you know he’s said that?” I ask. I’m sure she doesn’t follow him around on dates so how would she know. Granted Tess is her best friend but we can see how accurate she was about that relationship.

“Well… I can’t really be sure.” Isabel admits

“Exactly I could very well be the only one.” I proclaim because as unlikely as it seems I desperately want that to be true. I want to give Max another chance.

“True but Max was caught with Tess on two separate occasions.” Melanie points out bringing me back down to reality. “Face it Max is a dog bonafied bow wow.”

“Ruff!” Maria barks for emphasis.

“Who said that had to be a bad thing?” I ask. I know I’m grasping at straws here but Max is a cutie and he does bear resemblance to a certain Scottish Terrier who will forever hold a special place in my heart.

“Don’t start that again.” Maria says “Liz thinks Max is the reincarnated soul of her dog that died when she was seven.”

“He was cutest little thing so sweet too…” he was so cuddly and did all the cute things puppies did. I was crushed when I lost him but then I met Max and he filled the empty space that my puppy left so whether I want to or not I’ll always have a weak spot for him.

“Aww what was his name.” Melanie asks

Should I tell them “Max…” I admit.

Remember before when I said wanted to fondle my puppy subconsciencly I probably really did … or at least Max. Because he reminded me of the dog that I lost and I all I really wanted to do at first was cuddle with him. With time that grew to be more…but Maria was supposed to be the only one who knew about that. There went that idea…

“Alright so Max, your brother Max probably isn’t quite eyes as furry as my Max but those eyes… they are just like a puppy eyes I guess I'm just a sucker for them. But he said he loved me and that is what is important. I think I should hear him out…”

* * *

Max’s POV

“Liz is not trying to hear anything your weepy ass says.” Again with Michael and his tact issues.

One thing he fails to understand is I am not weepy I am a romantic. If he were smart he might take my advice a little romance could go a long way, especially where he and Maria are concerned.

“Yes she will. I just have to find some grand gesture to prove my love for her.”

“You really think that’s going to work?” Michael asks incredulously. I should have know he’d react like this Michael’s not big on things that aren’t self gratifying. Which explain his obsession with sex, most guys actually me included. But some one has to be crazy enough to break the cycle.

“Yes for you too…all of you I mean you have to try something to get Maria back or else I see many lonely nights in your future.”

“So think big huh? You think that will work with Isabel?” Alex ask.

Good they’re learning. Maybe now thing can get back to normal around Sunrise.

“Definitely except with my sister you have to think more on a colossal scale.” Isabel never was one for small things.

* * *


“There is no way I’d forgive Alex for what he did.” Isabel declares

It’s amazing how self righteous some girls can be when it comes to relationship problems.

“Well if you look at it objectively…you kinda did start the whole thing between the two of you.” I point out.


“You stole his shorts.” Maria provides

“No no no Ladies…Alex Whitman was asking for it he was trying to…” Lets see her think up some convoluted reasoning “…to… Well the point is we need to unite against guys altogether and the sorry creatures they are…”

One thing you have to understand about the Evans trio is they can’t stand to be wrong, If they can’t think of a reason they make one up.

* * *

Max’s POV

“…Anything they want we give them. Let them know how special we think they are. We need to…”

* * *

Liz’s POV

“…Worship the ground we walk on.” This is silly. Possibly giving up the love of my life because of vendetta his sister has forged against the opposite sex

And they’re all falling for it too. Maria, Melanie I can’t be the odd ball out can I?

Yes I can so what if I’m the only one getting any.

“Come on Liz get in touch with your inner goddess.”

Oh heck if it will keep the peace I’ll play along for a little while “Oh…Alright

* * *

The Big House was usually occupied by the Hardings and their daughter Tess and on occasion a group would pass through to do their laundry in the basement. It had three spacious floors and was a known favorite of campers and counselors alike because aside from the kitchen it was the only building on Sunrise grounds with heat electricity and running water. Granted the Kitchen had heat and electricity so did the bunks occasionally, and the outhouse had running water but the Big house had all three. Therefore being forced to spend the night there wasn’t what anyone would call a real punishment. Yes, everyone was in agreement that this was more like a sleepover with a few extra…eighty or so members.

Teens, Junior teens, and Isabel’s group pilled into the basement to enjoy a nice cozy night of movie watching.

As everyone made themselves comfortable Liz and Isabel were deciding which movie to watch first “I say we watch All dogs go to heaven first.” Liz suggested that having been one of her favorite childhood movies.

“Good call that way I can put my group to bed after that one.” Isabel agreed realizing that the horror and Romance they’d rented for later might not exactly be appropriate for the impressionable minds of their campers

“Okay so all dogs go to heaven it is.” Liz said jumping up and down at the prospect of watching an old favorite.

Maria however, was a little less thrilled as the unenthused look on her face belied “We’re watching a film about dogs how appropriate. Gather ‘round Michael as we watch your brethren” she joked from her perch on the couch, Michael plopped down next to her “Hey who said we could share?”

Rolling his eyes he grumpily looked for another place to make himself comfortable.

“Liz chica come on.” Maria said patting the space on the couch next to her “Good view.” And Liz complied drawing her blanket around her.

Maria was right about one thing, This was a good view close enough to the television so that she wouldn't miss a second of the movie yet far enough away so they wouldn’t be blocking anyone’s view.

Max thought he would use this opportunity to get a little closer to Liz. Therefore as the lights were shut out and the movie began he took a seat beside Liz, languidly stretching his arm behind her. “You weren’t planning on keeping your arm there were you?” Liz said without even tearing her eyes away from the screen. It was more a statement than a request.

Sheepishly Max smiled at her “Coarse not.” He said before dejectedly traipsing up the steps, he mushed his sister Melanie in the head

She followed him into the kitchen “What was that about?” Melanie asked.

“This whole thing is your fault and now Liz won’t talk to me much less let me touch her”

“My fault, Mr. Hot in the pants can’t choose between Liz and his other ditz of a girlfriend and somehow it’s my fault.”

“This has nothing to do with Tess and everything to do with you bad mouthing me to Liz constantly. Of coarse she’s not going to believe me if you are constantly telling her I was a ‘playboy’ ”

“Was that not true?”

“Yeah but….”

Melanie cut him off “…Alright then chill out so we can figure out a way to get you two back together.”

“You would do that?”

“Yeah some one has to end this vicious cycle of everyone blaming everyone else for their problems. I figure it should be me. Call it a thanks for warning me about Kyle.” She admitted

This received her a warm hearted noogie from Max. “So how are we gonna do this…”

“… Not so fast. I gotta make sure this explanation is legit. can’t have my girl getting hurt again. Let’s hear it …”

* * *

After Isabel put the tape in and the movie started the only two left standing were she and Alex.
They looked at each other then back at the only available futon and then proceed to race to the chair . “Mine Mine!” Isabel shouted.

“I saw it first!” said Alex

“Doesn’t look like that’s gonna make that big a difference.” Isabel said using her hips as leverage to push him fully off the futon. As he landed with a thud! on the floor beside her

“Shhh!” Liz warned placing her finger over her mouth to signal quiet “Some of us are trying to watch the movie.”

Alex looked at Isabel regretfully remembering what Max and he discussed earlier before attempting to make himself comfortable on the floor. He wasn’t happy about it but if the futon was what Isabel wanted the futon was what Isabel got.

Isabel looked as Alex adjusted his blankets on the floor attempting in vain to make himself comfortable. She thought about what Liz and Maria said earlier she had started this whole thing. Granted Alex had only played along but one of them had to put a stop to it “You know Alex I’m sorry…about everything…about stealing your shorts and everything.”

“I’m sorry too. I mean some of the stuff I pulled was low but we wouldn’t really be spending all this time trying to make each other’s lives miserable if we didn’t care… at least a little.”

“I guess you’re right. The futon is big enough for the two of us there is no reason we can’t share.

“I could live with that.”

* * *

An hour later Liz sat on the verge of tears the movie was just about over and the end was always the most difficult part to get through for her. All the little dogs were going to Heaven just like her little dog Max had. Clamping her eyes against he onslaught of emotions Liz wiped a way her tears she couldn’t cry her in front of everyone. Although it was vaguely apparent just about everyone had lost interest and dosed off. Maria had been the only one to stick it out with Liz and keep her best friend company but despite her best effort even she had fallen asleep fifth-teen minutes ago.

Therefore for all intensive purposes she sat alone watching the heart wrenching ending and Liz desperately wished she had a furry plush to hug and get her through this. Then as if someone were answering her prayers Liz felt the soft fur nuzzling against her legs. She looked down to see the adorable puppy eyes flecked with amber helplessly looking up at her. Max was dressed in floppy, puppy ears and his nose was painted brown just like a puppy’s would have been. And he wasn’t exactly furry all over but Liz knew she wouldn’t mind cuddling with him for a while. “Will you forgive me?” He squeaked out

Unable to speak Liz nodded her answer and took him a welcoming embrace.

How on earth would Max have guessed that dressing up like a puppy would pulled at Liz's heart stings. There was no way he could have known the correlation Liz drew between him and her lost pet unless… Still embracing Liz looked over his shoulder to see his sister Melanie smiling at the two of them. She must have told him but what was more amazing still was that he actually dressed like a puppy for her.

Taking her hand they carefully stepped over all the sleeping figures and led her up the stairs. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“Someplace a little more private….where we can talk.”

Max led Liz to one of the bedrooms on the second floor closed the door behind them and made sure it was locked. He turned around to see a rueful smile playing upon her lips.

Seeing him standing there looking as cute as he was in his minor costuming Liz couldn’t help herself she knew they still had a lot to talk about but that could wait a moment. Tilting her head to the side she discarded of his floppy ears she placed her lips on his in a tender kiss. Experimental, they were learning each others techniques once again. It had only been two days since they had last kissed like this but one thing Liz remembered about Max mouth was that it was always pliable, it went wherever Liz was willing to take it.

Insistent he felt her tongue on his lips gently begging entrance and he gave it to her. Liz researched the farthest corner of his mouth as if she were relearning them and then as quickly as it began it was over.

Liz drew away and went to sit on the edge of the bed. “Sorry I just wanted to…” She cleared her throat “So let’s hear it.”

Max smirked briefly remembering that had been exactly what Melanie said. It was almost scary how much she and Liz were a like. “You mean what happened on the boat?” Liz nodded as he took a seat nest to her on the bed and began “Well I saw you go down stairs so I followed you because I wanted to surprise you. Unfortunately Tess followed me and she attacked me and threw me on the bed and proceeded to rip of my clothes and that’s what you saw.” Max explained looking expectantly at Liz to gauge her reaction.

Did he really expect her to buy the convoluted story? What was it she said earlier about Evans making things up…“You expect me to believe that? On a good day Tess isn’t that much bigger than me and I know I can’t throw you even though sometimes I want to. Like now for instance!”

He could see that she was growing impatient with him “Liz I’m kidding. I’ll tell you what happened.”

“The truth?”

“The Truth…I hadn’t seen you go down there, I didn’t know where you were but I went down there to look because I knew we had we still had some stuff to talk about and I figured if I couldn’t find you you’d at least find me Tess followed me down there I think she saw both of us go down there and was trying to set us up. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when…”

“...There’s my little snookie.” Tess chimed coming down the stairs placing her self next to Max and pinching his cheeks.

“Wait minute. She called you ‘snookie’ ?” Liz asked barely suppressing a giggle.

“Yes,” Max admitted “It was a nickname she had for me. I hated it then and I still hate it now.”

“Tess,” Max said extricating her hand form his face “I’m not your snookie any more.”

She seemed to take a moment to ponder that before saying “You know when we broke up you said it was because you needed to find yourself and I was okay with that…I really was but you the thing is you seem to have found yourself pretty quickly…found yourself and moved on to another girl Ms. Parker if I’m not mistake.”

“Not that I really have to answer to you anymore Tess but yeah…Liz is helping find myself.”

Do you think I’m blind I knew about all the girls you were with while we were dating. I didn’t say anything then and I won’t say anything now just as long as you realize that I’m the main one.”

“I only want Liz.”

“It’s shame Max how we don’t always get what we want...”

“…She said she would make up some story to tell to her parents that would get you fired. I knew that if you were fired you would be sent home. I couldn’t let that happen, you already told me how excited you were about having this job and I couldn’t let her take that away from you so I agreed.”

“Agreed to what?”

“To being her boyfriend again I guess at first…. I don’t really know anything she wanted I suppose…but then she said she wanted to …consummate things right there...”

“…Just like old times.” Tess said her icy blue eyes boring into him.

“…I was paralyzed I didn’t know what to do I couldn’t let you lose your job over me but at the same time I knew I didn’t want to be with Tess but I…”

“You were going to sleep with her to save my job?” Liz finished for him.

“Not really I was going to think of a way out of it but then you caught us. I’m so sorry Liz ” Max admitted.

“I have to say Max I’m not thrilled that you would… do that even if it was to save me but I still can’t believe how conniving that tramp was being. How do we know she won’t try and pull something like this again?”

“I told her parents?”

“When I told Melanie what really happened she suggested I tell the Hardings so they would know what their daughter had been up to. So they know about us and they’re okay with it so Tess is just going to have to deal...”

* * *

Tess’ POV

That rat bastard snitched on me just so he could be with that little waif girlfriend of his. Well if he thinks he’s going to get over on me that easily he has got another things coming.

I’ll show him I’ll march right down there and give Max Evans a piece of my mind. Looking around it doesn’t even seem like he’s down here with everyone else “Where are Max and Liz?”

“I don’t know Tess but could you move from in front of the TV this is the best part.” Michael says. I told he didn’t like me.

I’m having a crisis and all he could think about is watching some stupid actress get hacked up on screen.

Who’s this I don’t think I’ve noticed him before not to bad looking either. He’s beckoning me over.

Who can resist the feminine wiles of Tess Harding?

“Listen Tess Max and Liz left here about half an hour ago. I think he apologized to her.”

“Well who are you?”

“I’m Kyle.”

Kyle I’ll have to remember that for future reference “Well Kyle we’ll see about that.”

“Will you give it up. Those two are happy together and there is not a whole lot you can do about that.”

Just as he’s say this Guess who come traipsing down the stairs. Hand in hand, giving each other a light peck before they settle in to watch the movie.

It really is disgusting if you think about it, how he can move from one girl to the next I shall never know. Oh well He is Liz's problem now…and I guess good riddens.

I’ve got Kyle to occupy my time for a while.

Just as I make myself comfortable my parents come down stairs. They look happy to say the least. They Movie is paused the lights are turned on and the announce “Good news we’ve decided to let you guys go on that road trip you wanted. And we know a few people over at Six Flags they are going to provide you with room board and free admission to the park but you still have to take care of transport and spending money. So you all should get your rest so you can sell some cookies at the bake sale tomorrow…”

This of coarse this was followed by cheers and I guess it’s a good thing I mean we do get to get away from Sunrise for a while…


next few parts should flow, now that I've gotten this behind me.

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I know a lot of you have mentioned that you feel Max has gotten off too easy I couldn't really think of a better explanation. Perhaps you could suggest a few ways he can redeem himself.

The next part will be the Square Dance and fundraising and another couple is headed for a special reconciliation. Trying not to give a away too much I'll just say that one of them plays the guitar. *tongue*

Please feel free to leave suggestions or ask any question that would help you better enjoy the story.

sorry for any one I over looked


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Part 8

Liz’s POV

I can only imagine what some people will say when they find out I’ve forgiven Max:

You’re whipped.


You let him off the hook too easily.

And maybe these people are right but I guess I’ll have to continue to be wrong if it means waking up cuddled against a nice warm hard body like Max.

I mean let’s look at this objectively

We know Max can be a sweetheart and total gentleman when he wants to as he’s proven so on more than one occasion and as long as he treats me well I figure we might as well give it a shot.

I’m horny as heck and I don’t intend to die a virgin.

Did I just think that?

Oh God!

I’ve been hanging around Maria too much she’s the one who got me on this whole loss-of-virginity-by-the-end-of-summer tact. So technically I guess I am using him.

Okay so I’m being a little shallow but I think everyone is entitled to a there brief lapse in judgment besides I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. What Max and I share is intangible, that “special closeness” some call it intimacy…dare I say love

But whatever it is I glad I have this with somebody because I’d hate to go through my whole life without knowing this feeling.

I can tell Max is awake now too by the fact that his grip around my waist has tightened a bit. Even though we’ve only been together a short while his touches are familiar.

In fact the other day when I woke up in my bunk and he wasn’t there I felt kind of lonely and it put me in bad mood for the rest of the day knowing I’d have to do with his snuggly caresses.

We’re together now and that’s all that matters it’s time to stop dwelling in the past. Just keep telling yourself that.

Max and I sort of kicked Maria off and took over the couch last night. And I know Alex and Isabel got the futon so Maria must be somewhere out there littered among the bodies on the floor

The sun is up so we must have over slept not that I mind to much because it meant a few extra moments cuddled up to Max “Morning.” I say as I feel his lean muscles stretch against me.

“Morning.” He says before reaching for and scratches at a nasty red mark on his forearm.

Being used to near perfection when I look at Max of coarse I’m going to ask “What’s that?”

“Mosquito bite, those guys tore me up the other day on the trail.” He explains

See I’m not the only one even the insects find this guy irresistible “Mmm can you blame them?” I say placing a chaste kiss on his lips which of coarse leads to another bout of playful pecks. Nothing too serious we’ve still got morning mouth. “I have something you should put on that to help with the itching. But it’s back at my bunk.”

“Let’s go.” He says with an impish grin.

“Why Mr. Evans, are you suggesting that I escort you to my very vacant bunk?” Although I know that he is.

Hell I’d have suggested it my self after a few more moment of his heavenly mouth.

We tip toe over all the sleeping bodies up the steps and out the door. I forgot how chilly it can be out here in the morning and I forgot to bring my sweater.

I use my arms to cover my chest in order to prevent him from seeing how perky my nipples can become in times like these.

Max offers me his I fleece and I except it gratefully. I told you Max can be a gentleman.

Once we arrive at the cabin he has a seat on my bed as I rifle through the junk drawer for the tube of aloe. Since my sleeping bag and pillow are still at the big house Max looks so out of place on my bed covered with bright purple sheets.

Max has this smirk on his I face as if he’s about to laugh “Any more secret obsession I should know about?” He kids

“No, I just happen to like the color.”

“I noticed.”

“Just come here.” I say moving towards him with the tube of aloe.

“Wait a minute I’m not gonna smell all girly am I?”

Another reason I love this guy sometimes Max can be so funny unintentionally. I’m trying to tend his mosquito bite and he’s worried about smelling like a girl. “No.” I assure him “You won’t smell like a girl.” I’m able to convince him to let me put he cream on and rub it in a bit “There, better?” I ask

“Much.” He responds simply

So now it‘s kind of awkward we did what we came for should we leave? He’s looking at me with the golden eyes of his and when they start to drift close as he leans in I know he’s going to kiss me and we lean back on the bed.

This kiss is a little deeper than the ones we had earlier and oddly enough I don’t mind his morning mouth as much as I though I would. He doesn’t taste bad or anything just…like himself and we all know I can’t get enough of that.

I know we’ve done this plenty of times before but as his mouth moves to my neck I’m suddenly very aware of my lack of undergarments beneath my pajamas. He is too I’m guessing as he’s started gently kneading my breasts through the thin fabric of my tank.

My nipples were already perky because of the cold but now they’ve got a bit fo extra incentive.

It feels good, his hand on me…It feels really good as one inches under the hem of my shirt. He looks at me as if asking permission and once I grant it he deftly discards the tank leaving me exposed.

Everyone has this preconceived notion of how it will feel when a guy sees them like them for the first time and the truth is it’s nothing like that. I always thought I was too small. Kyle always used to make me feel that way when he compared me to other girls ‘coarse he never actually saw them but the ego was a bit bruised…

But not Max, he makes me feel cherished. When he touches me it’s like reverently almost like if he caressed to hard I might break …or explode… or something… In fact I almost have to coax him into doing what I know he wants to.

Finally he takes one achy peaks into his mouth slipping his tongue around the tip then drawing away he gently blew on it. God! That feels so good. Who knew this part of me could be so sensitive. Working up a bit more courage he alternates and treats the other one to the same exquisite torture.

Just as I think things can’t get much better than this Isabel come in and says “Liz breakfast…” before she can even finish her sentence Max is up and I’m grabbing my tank to try and cover myself.

He looks so adorable as his ears flush red and his sister is hitting him in the back of the head “Max if I ever see you….” She shouting

It’s amazing how repulsed she seems to be by the whole thing. I mean Isabel had to know Max and I were no saints. I guess it’s weird when you walk in on your brother and his girl and get a little peep show.

I am never going to hear the end of this….

* * *

“…Will you get over it already. It’s no big deal.” Liz said as she experimented with the her hair in the mirror everyone was busy putting the finishing touches on their appearance for tonight’s long awaited Square Dance

“Yes it is a very big deal,” Said Isabel as she checked her eye make up “I will forever have the image of my brother doing that burned it the back of my mind.”

“What were you guys doing anyway?” Melanie chimed from behind one of the stalls.

“Nothing.” Liz stated flatly her cheeks flaming bright red.

“That good huh?” Maria said reading her friends reaction clearly “Last time I checked hand jobs and nipple suction were still pretty big deals.”

No longer being able to stand this candid discussion of what her brother and his girlfriend did behind closed doors Isabel scowled, “Ewe Ewe! Gross I’m out of here!” grabbed her makeup bag and left.

Rolling her eyes dismissively at Isabel’s antics Maria asked “Is she always so uptight?”

“Pretty much.” Melanie answered, “Although I’m sure you guys talking about our brother’s sex life doesn’t help. I mean I’m still not entirely satisfied with that lame explanation he gave you Liz, but I can’t help this inquisitive fascination I have with the two of you.”

“Speaking of which what did Max say to you to that made you forgive him so quickly.” Maria asked

“Not what he said so much as how he went about saying it.” Liz said still imaging Max donning those cute puppy ears “But don’t worry I’ll fill you in later.” Liz responded

“Okay.” Maria shrugged “How do I look?” she said giving a little pirouette for her friend’s inspection.

“Spiffy…” Liz drawled “Who are you trying to impress?”

“No one. Can’t a girl dress nicely for herself anymore?”

“Sure you can it’s just I saw you and Michael looking pretty close last night all cuddled together in his sleeping bag once Max and I took over the couch. I just assumed…”

“Michael and I are just friends. I don’t think we could ever have what you and Max have unless of course he retired his hooves and snout first.” Both she and Liz broke out into sputtering laughter at her comment.

The giggles only subsided when Isabel poked her head in to let them know, “If you ladies are done discussing Liz and my brother’s tawdry affairs we’re ready to go.”

“We’re done talking about guys Iz.” Liz says a smile still painting her lips

“For now.” Maria added she wasn’t letting Liz off the hook that easily there were still some things to be discussed but that could wait until a more opportune time

“Male counselor entering female out house…I’m closing my eyes.” Alex said poking his head in as he leaned over Isabel

“It’s okay Alex we’ll all clothed beside I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” Maria said

“Don’t be so sure.” Alex mumbled but not before Isabel had a chance to hear what he said “Anyway are you guys gonna be ready soon? We’re kind of all waiting on you.”

“Melanie we’re leaving.” Liz informed her, she was still in the stall.

“Wait …wait! I’m ready.” Melanie said skidding out as slipped on a pair of wedged sandals that were identical to Liz‘s. In fact Melanie was wearing the same sundress with red paisley print that Liz was wearing it was somewhat of a coincidental experience considering the two young women already looked so much like each other but at that point it was too late for either of them to change.

When they went out to greet the guys Liz could see the shocked expression on Max’s face and immediately assumed it was because of the similarity in attire between she and her sister “I swear we didn’t plan it.” She confirmed.

“No no…you look Beautiful Liz.” He said placing an arm around her waist “So do you Mel.” He said placing the other one around that of his younger sister and hugging then close he said “My two favorite girls.” prompting a fit of giggles from the two of them

“That’s sweet Max but…could you… get off” Melanie said as she shrugged out of his embrace and headed toward the rest of her friends who were loading the van.

Once they were alone Max turned to Liz and said “You really do look great but what if we just do this” he said loosening the clip in her hair so that the chocolate strands cascaded across her shoulders “Just so I don’t get confused.” He placed a kiss on her cheek before handing her a long stem white rose “For you Angel.” He offered her his arm “Shall we.”

“We shall.”

* * *

“So when did the guys have time to go to the florist?” Liz asked Isabel who was wearing her rose in her hair. Each one of the girls had received an identical white rose including Maria who wasn’t even speaking to Michael. It was sort of tradition each year at the square dance all of the guys would give a rose to the one lucky girl they wanted to claim as their date. Alex gave one to Isabel, Michael one to Maria, and Max gave eight to Liz, one for each dance they had that night so far. Of coarse he had to try and out doe everyone else.

Fiddles, banjos and violins plucked rather than bowed rang through the warm summer night air as the crowd gathered round for the dance. The Bake sale was going strong, some of the campers were making their rounds through the patrons as the four girls took care of the one stationary table they had set up on the outskirts of the dance floor.

“They probably stole them out of the Harding’s Garden.” Melanie hadn’t gotten a rose yet which considering the little disagreement she’d had with Kyle the other day there wasn’t any one else she would have expected to give her one.

“Don’t worry you’ll get one before the nights over.” Liz assured “Besides who cares how they got them it’s the thought that counts.” She said as she sniffed her bunch.

“Okay I admit Max was sweet with the whole rose thing… but Liz you are so gushing.” Isabel joked

“I am not.” Liz defended the color crimson rising to her cheeks “Am I?”

“I hate to say it chica but yeah you’re gushing.” Maria agreed

Isabel shook her head at the seemingly giddy affect her brother had on Liz “I’d love to stay and chat ladies but I’m going to go dance. Are you three alright with the table?” Maria, Liz, and Melanie nodded.

Just as Isabel was off to join her dance partner Little Rob came up to the bake table and handed a rose to Melanie “I told you’d get one.” Liz said

It was clear that he was somewhat nervous about approaching her as the sweaty palms and slight crease in his brow belied “Listen I know I’ve sort of been a… jerk to you recently… but I was hoping that maybe… you could forgive me.” Rob looked at Melanie with expectant eyes.

“Well…what are you waiting for go dance…”Maria encouraged.

“And here.” Liz said handing them a package of baked goods “Go sell something.”

Once they were alone Liz turned to Maria and said “Okay what is going on with you and Michael and don’t give me that lame ‘we’re friends’ excuse because I saw you flirting with him earlier.” Liz had been dying to ask her about his all night.

“Flirting?” Maria said feigning innocence

“Him telling you that he’s going to ‘eat your cookie’ he was baiting you and you played right into it.” Liz provided refreshing her memory

“He is my date for the night I figured I’d play along. Truth be told I don’t really know what’s going on with me and Michael and I…” She stopped her sentence abruptly as she saw Max and Michael walk over.

“Milady?” Max said handing another rose and offering her his arm.

What was with the chivalrous language He certainly was laying it on thick but Liz could live with that, she couldn’t resist although she wanted to finish her conversation with Maria so that everyone could try to be as happy as her and Max. Liz cast a look in her friend’s direction.

“Go ahead live the live I so desperately want.” Maria said

Liz quickly added the rose in his hand to the bunch of eight and placed them on the side of the table before escorting Max out onto the dance floor.

* * *

“…So why do they call you Little Rob?” Melanie asked

“There are two Robs you know the counselor who works with the younger boys.” Melanie nodded “They call me little Rob so they don’t get me confused with him.”

“Oh” They ‘d spent most of the evening talking interspersed with selling cookies and although he still wasn’t one of her favorite people he was definitely growing on her “It’s your turn I sold the last one.”

Rob agreed as they approached the elderly couple sitting on one of the benches “Excuse me Sir, Madam would you like to support Camp Sunrise in a fundraiser and buys some cookies.” He began cordially addressing the couple

“No thank you.” The woman curtly responded

“Are you sure they’re extra chewy.” Rob enticed

“For what reason are you raising funds?” The man asked

“Um, we’re trying to take a trip to…”

“…To the Museum.” Melanie finished for him she could see he was having bit of difficulty making this sale “You wouldn’t want us to miss out on this chance to further our education.”

“I didn’t know Sunrise was an educational summer camp.” The women said obviously pleased with the news.

“See you learn something new everyday.” Melanie said

“We’ll take two.” The women said

Rob quickly took their money in exchange for the cookies once they were out of earshot “The Museum?” Rob asked barely suppressing a laugh.

“I was trying to make a sale alright.” Melanie jokingly defended “Like you were any better with they’re extra chewy… ”

Melanie and Rob continued to joke and tease each other over their last sale of the evening, awkward as it was they did it together and for them that was a feat.

* * *

As they’d been dancing with one another the better part of the night Kyle and Tess finally decided to take a break, “Can I get you anything.” Kyle offered. “Cookie, Punch…Ice Cream.”

“No Thanks.” Tess responded “Kyle I’ve had a really good time hanging with you tonight.”

“You mean you’re not just doing this to get back at Liz?” He joked, one thing Tess liked about Kyle was his frank if not bawdy sense of humor Max was never like that…at least not with her. Tess knew what most people thought of her, that she was a ditz whose every waking thought was spent trying to break up the happy pair, but not Kyle he was willing to give her a chance

“Liz who.” She played along although truth be told she hadn’t really thought twice about her all night “No those two seem happy together I figure I should probably try to be happy myself, even if she did ruin my week.”

“I think that’s giving it more than it’s worth.”

“No seriously I’m not sure who but someone snitched on me to my parents and now they’re saying that I can’t go with you guys to Six Flags. They said if I can’t be trusted at home then how can they expect me to act responsibly while on the road.”

The two of them were sat silently. If Tess wasn’t going Kyle wasn’t so sure he wanted to go either. The stunt he pulled with Max’s sister kind of made him the odd man out as well. They needed each other, in a weird way, if only to keep the other out of trouble. “Maybe I can help you convince your parents to let you go.”

* * *

As the night wore on the fast pace of the line dances subsided giving way to a more leisurely type of music as provided by Alex and his band. Halfway through the set he took the microphone and called everyone to attention. “I’d like to dedicate this next song to a very special lady who has captured my heart. And although she may not know it the only reason I torment her so is because I care so much...I know that since I’m dedicating this song it would be customary for me to sing but trust me ladies and gentlemen you don’t want to hear me sing, so I’ll be on base. This one’s for you Isabel Evans.”

As the velvety the vibrations of Alex on base went through her body and Isabel was utterly touched that he would think to do something like this for her. She’s have to be sure to thank him properly later.

* * *

“They are going to be so great together.” Liz mumbled referring to her friend and Isabel as she made herself comfortable in Max arms and they swayed to the gentle tones of the music. They’d bee dancing most of the night.

“Yup that’s my boy.” Max said

“Your boy?” She questioned “What do you men by that?”

“Just that I gave Alex a little advice on how to woo my sister.”

“You would.” Liz said the sarcasm was thick in her voice.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked. Things between them had been going very well, the evening near flawless as he saw it. But where was this coming from?

“Just that you seem like the type to overtly flatter a girl but then not prove to be true to your actions.” Liz explained.

“I’m sensing some hostility. Something you’d like to share with the class Liz?”

Realizing what she’s let slip, “Just forget I said it Max.” Liz said

“No, ‘cause it’s obvious this is still bothers you Liz. Are you still upset about what happened with Tess?” He queried

“Max.” Liz said in a warning tone. She didn’t want to go… there at least not tonight.

“Liz” He echoed

“Okay maybe a little.” She admitted

“I told you what happened. I said I was sorry.” Sometime he just didn’t get girls holding on to things that were seemingly in the past.

“I know but the fact that you were caught twice even if the second time was to save me it’s kind of hard to swallow.”

What was he going to do? He couldn’t discount her feelings he had to let her know that she was loved as per the oath all guys had made. Coming to a decision he said, “But you see that wasn’t me.” Jokingly

“Oh so I suppose behind the cabin that wasn’t you either?” Liz baited

“Nope wasn’t me.” He simply stated.

“And on the boat?”

“Wasn’t me. How could I forget that I had given her an extra key and all the time she was standing there I told her it wasn’t me….” It was now clear to Liz that he was making fun of her little outburst as Max broke out into full song and dance of Shaggy’s Wasn’t Me making quite a fool of himself.

Previously they’d both mused over ridiculousness of the premise of the song.

“How could this guy deny that he was messing around if the girl saw him?” she asked as they lay on the sand the warm sun beating down on them

“Maybe he wasn’t denying. Maybe he had not other choice may be just said what he said to help the girl realize how foolish she was being. Maybe he really loved her…”

He did look quite silly attempting to dance to reggae in the middle of a square dance, Liz couldn’t help but laugh, “Max cut it out!”

He eventually did quiet down once he saw his I desired effect had been achieved. He made her laugh at her self at the entire situation.

Falling into his embrace once again she said. “Now I remember why I’m with you… you are a crazy guy you know that…you make me laugh.”

And her smile was contagious he couldn’t help but forming a smile of his own. “I don’t care if you’re with me because I have big ears, or because I make you laugh…just as long as you are with me.” Max admitted “Now that I know what it’s like to not be with you I would rather be with you. I love you Liz.”

“I love you too.” She smiled “and you don’t have big ears, they’re sexy ears…love handles.” She said grabbing his ears and pulling him in for a kiss.

* * *
“…So,” Liz said making herself comfortable on her bunk. They’d gotten back from the square dance pretty late but Maria and Liz always made time for their daily dish sessions “You helping Michael dance tonight…very kind gesture especially since I remember you wouldn’t even help me learn the Macarena.”

“I was just being nice.” Maria jestingly defended.

“Right,” Liz countered not buying it “You’re going to forgive him aren’t you?”

Before Maria had time to form her answer there was a knock at the window above Liz head it was Max signaling for her to meet him outside. “I’ll be right back.” Before she was out the door.

Now it was Maria’s turn to be doubtful “Sure you will.”

Watching the pair as they embraced in the shadows Maria silently wished she could have that, but hen again maybe she could…


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Next part we find out what's going on with M/M Melanie pushes Maria to the limit*wink*

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Part 9

Maria’s POV

The neon lights on the bedside table read six forty-five a.m. Fifth-teen minutes before the alarm is going to ring and it will be time to start another day here at Sunrise.

I bemoan the fact that I’ve spent the last three hours laying here wide awake thinking about the hideous ins and outs of most relationships.

I couldn’t sleep

I couldn’t sleep because I’m frustrated…

I couldn’t sleep because I want romance.

I couldn’t sleep because I have a boyfriend whose idea of romance is making out during the commercial breaks of the latest hockey game and I’m too weak to say no.

I couldn’t sleep because I want to be in love

I couldn’t sleep because I think I already am, and I don’t know what to do about it.

I look down at Liz all snuggled into her sleeping bag she has the most serene smile on her face,

I get this weird feeling when I think about her relationship with Max…I don’t want to call it envy because you’re not really supposed to be jealous of your best friend but I can’t help it sometimes. And I wonder how did she know?

With Kyle it took her like an entire year to admit she even liked the guy let alone date him. But with Max she just knew, and not just likes him…She loves him…Or so she says.

Yet Michael and I have been together on and off for nearly two years and the mere thought of using the dreaded “L” word in reference to him terrifies me. Because in a way it would be admitting that there’s nothing more to look forward to than “Date night” which believe me, is no prize. I already mentioned the hockey games so on the off chance that one of those isn’t on the tube I’d be lucky if Michael actually takes me to a restaurant whose name didn’t have burger somewhere in the title.

Pretty pathetic isn’t it? I need a gal pal and Liz should share my pain considering she ducked out early on our dish session last night.

“Liz.” I say just loud enough for her to hear. Only to receive a non verbal response only this animalistic cross between a grunt and a moan “Liz,” I repeat “Are you awake.” although I know that she is.

“Maria…” Liz whines and I almost feel bad for disturbing her ‘til she mentions “You just interrupted the best dream.”

“Really?” I say. The dream was about Max I presume. She must have this guy on the brain like 24/7.

Liz continued “Max and I were out by the lake, like last night…” See I told you. For Liz Max is like a drug, a very addicting drug. Ten bucks says they were having sex “But this time we were…never mind.”

Sex, I knew it. And if she‘s dreaming about sex now it’s only a matter of time before she and Max are actually doing it.

Liz attempts to cover but I know her all too well. Call it a best friend sixth sense but when her cheeks flame like they’re flaming now, sex is usually involved somehow.

It amazes me how someone who can be a total nymph in some cases can be such a school girl in others.

“Oh no do go on.” I goad

“Use your imagination.” She counters

The last thing I want to imagine first thing in the morning is my best friends and her guy doing the horizontal polka. “Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.” I warn

Sex can be dangerous especially with guys like Max and especially when you go into it looking for a commitment. For a guy sex is just that, an easy lay. But when you’re a girl, especially a girl like Liz who is looking for her soul mate, it means a whole lot more. And I just don’t want to see her get hurt.

But Liz isn’t going to listen. Hell! She never listens to me… especially when I know what I’m talking about, but when I have no clue then she takes the advice.

Case and Point.

Operation ‘de-virginize’ Liz. The morning I came up with that I was still half asleep, still on sexual high you can’t expect coherent thought from me in times like that…

But Now I’ve never seen things more clearly and I have to stop her before she makes a huge mistake.

“What are you talking about? I trust Max.” Liz says

Sometimes it’s more than trust “I know you do it’s just most guys …once they get what they want …everything changes. And sometimes we just need to be strong and say no!”

“Max isn’t most guys. Okay some times he acts like it but…” She looks at me as understanding dawned and suddenly I realize that best friend thing works both ways “This isn’t about me is it. You’re speaking from experience aren’t you? That’s why you don’t want to talk to Michael?”

Before I have the chance to answer her question the camp bell sounds signaling another lost swimmer drill being both a curse and a blessing.

A curse because I’ll probably have to get in the lake.

A blessing because now I don’t have to deal with my own issues…at least for the moment.

Liz and I drag ourselves out bed, having to put this conversation on hold for what must be the third time in two days. As we’re headed out the door the alarm clock starts blaring signaling that it was time to get up anyway and I run back to shut it off but not before stubbing my toe on the dresser. “Dang it!” I say collapsing onto the floor as I grab my foot.

How am I supposed to swim with a swollen toe?

Not a good start to the morning.

The thud woke up one of the campers “Maria?” she calls.

“I’m Okay just…” I bite my tongue to avoid letting loose a string of explicatives. “Rise and shine girls!” I say in that sugary sweet tone. They groan at the fact that they have to wake up, as is customary but I don’t at all sympathize with them because they don’t have to get in the lake.

On my way to the door I see Isabel still snuggled in her bed “Princess didn’t you hear the bell we’ve got a drill!” She just ignores me as she turns over.

I knew there was reason I didn’t like that chick.

I reach out side in time to see Liz and Max kissing. Sometimes I can take there gushing happiness, others like today I’m not in the mood. Someone could be drowning and they take the time for a morning smooch. What is wrong with everyone?

“What’s going on?” Liz asks finally drawing way form him.

“Little Rob is missing.” Max informs “I noticed he was gone this morning but I don’t think he ever came back to the cabin last night ”

“I’ll go check our cabin Maria, make sure everyone is in place ” Liz volunteers which I guess means I get stuck heading down to the lake to look for that lost swimmer. It’s still just Max and I and I’m forced to wonder

Where the Hell is everyone else?

I swear I’m gonna kill little Rob provided he’s not already dead.

Liz returns informing us that Melanie is also missing. Remind me to add one Melanie Evans to that hit list. I can just picture that brat lounging not a care in the world as everyone looks for her. If she’s anywhere near here she had to have heard the bell so she knows we’re looking for her. But them again everyone else at Sunrise seems to have taken it upon themselves to ignore the bell so why shouldn’t Melanie?

But Rob and Melanie are Max and I’ responsibility so I guess it’s only fair. Liz joins us in the lake to look and the three of us search for a while longer before we determine that our missing campers are not there.

I ready to give up. I mean Melanie knows her way around she‘ll be alright. No such luck as Max wants us to keep looking. “Okay we need to try and find them before breakfast. I think we’ll cover more ground if we split up. Me and Liz, you and…hey …you and Mike.” Max says as fully clothed and freshly showered Michael approaches.

So that’s where everyone was. Selfless me who with a swollen toe thought it was necessary to come out here and look in the lake for a spoiled brat before I got a shower

Michael so good of you to join us about forty-five minutes too late

Michael POV

My biggest problem this morning was supposed to be figuring out what to feed the masses for breakfast. Instead I was unwillingly thrust into a scavenger hunt with none other than Hurricane Deluca.

You know for someone who’s not supposed to be speaking to me she certainly does have a lot to say. She’s a little flustered because this scavenger hunt is the result of lost swimmer drill. I guess that’s her problem. Everyone hates Swimmer drill right?

I wish I knew.

Maria baffles me. It’s almost like she has her own language and it’s incredibly confusing, so I learned to turn it off. I mean she‘s my girlfriend right…at least I think she is. Yet half the time I have no idea what she talking about. Sex was good because that was a language we both spoke well. Now we’re not even speaking that. I have a feeling I’m going to have to attempt to decipher her language if I ever want to speak the language of love again.

So we’ve been searching for nearly twenty minutes before we end up back near the lake by the boats. Still no sign of Melanie or Rob

“Could you check under the docks?” Maria asks

“Why would she be under the docks?” I say

“She’s Melanie don’t apply logic.”

Good point but, “No. Checking under the dock would require me getting in the lake. That I will not do. I just showered.”

“You’re supposed to be helping.”

“I am helping I’m just not getting in the lake.”

“Please Michael I hurt my toe.”

”Why should I help when you barely want to talk to me about what matters between us, but when it comes to everything else you seem to have diarrhea of the mouth.”

“You know you are such a pig…”Blah blah blah that’s what she might as well have been saying after awhile the switch for listening and not becomes automatic. She insults me I turn her off. I can’t hear a word she saying all I see is her supple lips as they move mile a minute and I can’t resist. I have to kiss her so I do.

“What was that for?” she asks as she pulls away. I can tell she‘s pissed

“To calm you down…” Before I have a chance to convolute more of a story Liz and Max return with Melanie and Rob it toe.

“We found them.” Liz informs

“Oh I’m so glad you’re safe.” Maria says giving each of them a hug respectively “Now I can kill you.” Totally unexpected Maria puts Melanie in a choke hold.

I knew this fight was coming I’ve been waiting all summer for it. And it’s not just about the lost swimmer drill or this morning. Melanie been provoking Maria all summer I knew it was only a matter of time before she snapped. And Melanie deserved to have some sense knocked into her.

Classic chick fight, I wish I had some popcorn.

Hey man, don’t ruin all the fun I’m thinking as Max breaks them up. “Mike, a little help here?” He grabs Melanie

As I try to place Maria behind me she’s still reaching for the poor girl “Wear the hell were you?” she demands

Liz is just standing aside attempting to suppress a laugh. Which if you think about it the whole thing is quite comical.

“We fell asleep by the circle.” Rob informs

“I’ll give you sleep...” Maria says smiling sadistically “…permanently.” She breaks loose of my grasp

Luckily Max holds Melanie just out of reach. .“You can’t kill each other.”

“Well she can’t just get away with this. She has to be punished or else she’ll try it again!” Maria screams and I think I quite possibly might have lost all hearing in my right ear.

“Technically she is you’re responsibility.” Max says “So work it out amongst yourselves….Civilly” He adds as he can see Maria about to lunge at his sister once again “And Rob and I will work something out for his punishment.”

This should be interesting…

Melanie’s POV

Our nightly ritual here at camp sunrise is camp fire fun time which entails our lesson of the day as provided by one very special counselor volunteer. Tonight it was Maria’s turn and I was her helper. Can you guess what the lesson was?

Respect for authority.

I swear that chick has it out for me. We did this stupid little skit where she was that teacher and I was the student and went through the motions and the perils of not paying heed to the rules. Because rules are here to protect us right?


The rules are there so counselors can feel important. The two of us spent the entire day working on this skit. I missed out on swimming which meant no hot guys in swim trunks but it’s okay because I really think Maria and I did get a chance to bond and dare I say we can be friends. She’s tolerable…

The lesson is followed by camp songs compliments of Alex and his guitar. They are actually kind of fun but half hour and four songs later and I think we were all ready for brief reprieve. “Okay enough with the Kum By Ya Yas Alex.” Isabel says if anyone she’d be able to talk some sense into him. It amazes me to see that two people who so thoroughly hated each other less than a week ago. Can be so disgustingly sickening with the public displays of affection now.

Look at them using the excuse that Alex is going to teach her to play the guitar as a reason to press his body against her. One thing you have to understand about my sister is she’s not at all musically inclined. She’ll never learn and I think they both know it…

“Okay so what now?” Maria asks as she limps over and has a seat with the few of us still remaining by the fire.

Yes limps. Apparently she stubbed her toe this morning when before she went looking for Rob and I.

“How about freedom.” I say although I know it’s a lost cause.

I forgot to mention in addition to having to put on that heinous skit I’m stuck playing human shadow to Maria for the next three days. I can’t leave her sight unless to go to the bathroom and even then she’s right outside the stall. So I suppose we have to bond there’s no choice.

“No freedom for you …” Maria teases “How about we all get our stuff ready for tomorrow. I’ll go put on some music. Liz watch her and I’m borrowing your cd’s.”

Maria hobbles on over to the cabin.

With Liz and Max as my temporary guardians I figure it should be pretty easy to sneak off considering they seem to be lost in each other’s mouths. I don’t think they’d notice an earthquake if there was one

As quietly as possible I gather myself and try to sneak off just as think I’m going to get away “Stay.” Liz says she didn’t even look at me.

“Liz don’t you have some packing to do?” I ask anything to distract them from me

“I’m pretty much all packed up.” She informs still sandwiched between Max legs by the fire.

“Max?” I ask

“I’m pretty comfortable right here.” Yeah I’ll bet you are.

God this is hope less! Everyone’s all happy wit h they’re guys and I’m stuck watching them moon about.

Where is Rob? I haven’t seen him all day.

Just when I think things can’t get any worse the all too familiar beat filter’s from the cabin.

I groan

For whatever reason
I feel like I’ve been wanting you all my life.
You don’t understand
I’m so glad we’re at the same place at the same time…
And it’s over now

“Ugh she would choose this one.” Liz complains

I spotted you dancing
You made all the girls stare
Those lips and your brown eyes

“Who’s this?” Max inquired

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Liz says

And your sexy hair

“Britney Spears.” She informs

I knew it when I first heard. Boys of all songs Maria really is a freak. Who listens to Britney?

I shake shake my thang
and make the world want you

“Why so surprised? Cause it’s actually good?” Liz asks Max

“Well it just doesn’t seem like your type of music. I mean from Shaggy to this?” Max obviously share my dislike of Ms. Spears and her music

But Liz seems to thinks it’s alright so I know he’s going to give it a try. “I like music that’s for the sake of the music it doesn’t matter who makes it. Let’s dance.”

Tell your boys you’ll be back
I want to see what you can do

Max and Liz go of and do their little grinding thing and I…I just can’t watch because …Well because he’s my brother and I just don’t need to see that. No one really does…

I avert my attention and here’s Tess trying to spoil all our fun… or maybe just Liz and my brother’s fun. “Could you turn the volume down?” she shouts over the music

Some times a girl just needs one

“Don’t be such a party pooper!” Kyle says “Enjoy” as he drags her off to go dance possibly more…

To love her and to hold

“Good choice huh?” Maria says hobbling outside she can’t really dance with a limp so she just has a seat next to me.


“Great choice.” Liz confirms still fully enjoying the music

And when a girl is with one.
Then she’s in control…

I can see that way that Maria is looking at all the other couples dancing and having fun around the two of us and she wants that too. I know she does. Hell I want it too. And I could have it if she’s just let me go find Rob. “Come along girly we’ve got much to pack and the night is still young.” She chimes

Way to avoid the obvious.

“Can we talk.” Michael asks as he lightly grips Maria’s arm. His eyes are pleading with her and suddenly I get an idea.

“I don’t see that there’s really that much to talk about.” She brushes off

“Maria we kissed today. That had to have meant something to you.” Interesting development definitely headed in the right direction.

“We used to kiss all the time no biggie.” Maria says

“From what I understand you used to do a whole lot more than kissing.” I say, which is the truth everyone has to know about the sex in the kitchen by now.

“Shut Up.” Maria said not very loud but curtly and to the point I can tell my input is not need. I’ll just let this play out.

Michael continues “We used to kiss but not like that. I felt something.”

“Small detail.” She brushes of once again. She’s pretty good.

“Maria.” He pleads

“No.” She declares “I used to try to tell how I felt all the time but you were to busy watching the game or being a guy or whatever… everything was more important than how I felt. Now you get all mushy over a kiss and I’m supposed to care.”

“I’m sorry Maria I know I’ve been a huge jerk”

“You got that right.” I know I’m supposed to be staying out of it but that one I couldn’t help

“Shut up!” Michael says and this time it is yelled

He turns to Maria and says “I was a jerk.”

“A huge jerk.” She corrects

“Right, a huge jerk but I’ve changed I know haven’t treated the way you deserved I want to give it another try…The right way. What can I do to make it up to you?”

“You could jump in the lake.” I suggest

“Hi.” Mike waves “We are trying to have an adult conversation here…”

“…You know she’s got a point.” Maria interrupts “I think you should jump in the lake. You wouldn’t do it this morning. Do it now prove that you would jump in the lake for me.”

“Naked.” I add

“Naked.” she repeats. Maria and I agreeing is scary

He looks at the two of us incredulously before saying “You want me to jump in the lake. Fine I’ll jump in the lake.”

He heads for the lake and I really think he’ll do it. He unbuttons his shirt and takes off at a run.

“Wait no don’t! I just wanted to see if you would do it but …You were gonna jump in the lake.” moved almost to tears. To any sane individual this would mean nothing but to Maria, you’d think he moved the earth. I told you she was quirky. “You’re too young to see this little girl.” She covers my eyes I can tell they’re kissing by the sound of lips smacking and tongues … I think I hear tongues

Ewe gross! I’m out of here I walk away and she doesn’t even notice. I knew if I let things play out it could work to my advantage. I think I’ll go find Rob now...


Nookie for everyone is in the very near future. *wink*

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Camp's not over they're packign for theri trip to Six Flags which wil begin starting next part. *happy* It;s only just begun.

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Okay guys her's the first part of part 10. I guess I should let you guys know that I'm going to make Mondays the standard days for posting new parts.

enjoy *happy*

Part 10a

The next morning after breakfast everyone stood outside waiting to load the two large charter buses for the weeklong trip to Six Flags. Maria and Liz were checking camper’s names off as they boarded the bus as Max and Michael made sure their luggage got placed under the bus.

“So who gets the back seat?” Alex asked as a look passed between he Max and Michael. Each of them had reason to want the back seat but only one would get it.

“Rock Paper Scissors?” Michael suggested.

“1…2…3” They counted in unison before placing their bets “Yes Rock smashes scissors.” Mike cheered.

“Yeah but paper covers your rock.” Max said as he coveredd Michael’s fist with his hand.

Michael wasn’t going to give this up so easily it had been nearly a week since he and Maria had some quality alone time and the back seat provided the perfect opportunity. Thinking fast he lightly punched Max is the arm as he took off for the bus. Max was on his heals and by the time the two reached the spacious back seat of the bus. None other than Melanie was already seated there.

“Hey guys.” She chimed

“Hey Mel I’m really going to need that seat.” Michael said

“Me too.” Max said right on his tail

“Whoa well which is it. Who wants the seat more? And more importantly what’s in it for me?”

“When we get to Six Flags I’ll win you all the stuffed animals you want.” Max offered

“Impressive but won’t Liz get jealous?”

Max shrugged

“When we get back to Camp I’ll make whatever you want to eat for…an entire week.” Michael offered

“Well I don’t really want either of those so…if you’ll excuse me I’ll just leave.” After clearing a path for herself Melanie left the seat creating free for all between Max and Michael who literally tussled over it but in the end Max won out.

“Come on Max, Maria needs the extra room for her foot.”

“So, sorry.” Max feigned sympathy before he turned to Liz as he saw her boarding the bus “Hey Liz, back here I saved us a seat!”

“No thanks Max I think I’m going to sit up here!” she called back as she took a seat near the front of the Bus.

Michael laughed “Doesn’t look like you’re going to have much use for that seat are you?” He teased.

Liz’s POV


I spend all this time psyching myself up for it mentally and emotionally, telling myself I’m ready. And then when it’s there, the whole ugly truth of it is staring me in the face I freak out like the little girl that I am.

I could have done it last night. I could be sitting on this bus here non-virgin or woman as Maria would say but I chickened out.

Instead I’m hiding out from my boyfriend in the front of the bus. Avoiding being close to him because right now I just don’t trust myself around him. Look at Max back there laughing and joking with that charming smile. He‘s animatedly explaining something with his hands…those hands… God I wish I could just do it and get it over with.

I guess I’m just not ready…and how would I know if I were? How does anyone know?

“Hey chica. Mind if I crash with you for a while” Maria asks as she leans over my seat.

“Sure no problem.” I say as she makes herself comfortable in the seat next to me. I allow room for her to prop her injured foot on my leg. The toe is all bandaged up on account of our little search mission for Melanie and Rob yesterday morning. It’s the best first aid at Sunrise could do but it’s probably ruined her feet for sandals for a while yet. “I hope it heals a little better before tomorrow.” I sympathize referring to her toe “All that walking around in an amusement park can’t be good for it.”

“Yeah but if push comes to shove I’ll just get Michael to carry me around.” She joked

“So you guys are good again?”

“Better than good.” She says an ardent smile painting her face.

“So he just apologized and you guys picked up where you left off?”

“Not exactly where we left off.” She corrected “We’re still working towards that.” It’s great how as best friends we can be talking about sex without actually mentioning the word. It’s kind of like we have our own unwritten code. I catch her drift, she knows what I’m talking about. That can be good especially in times like these when there are several nosey campers around.

“Care to tell me why you’re up here all by yourself when everyone important is hanging out in the back?” Maria inquires “Max saved you a seat.”

By everyone important she means nearly all the counselors most of our friends. “Well somebody had to keep an eye on the campers.” I point out.

“Campers… smampers…You are avoiding someone.” Maria prompts putting me on the spot. Sometime that best friend thing can really be annoying

“I’m not avoiding him it’s just…” How do I say this without admitting I chickened out. I mean I spent he last two weeks convincing Maria that I was going to do this and that I was ready. Even when she projected her fear about Michael onto Max and I’ relationship I knew I wanted to be with him but when it came down to it I couldn’t. If anyone I think Maria would understand. “How did you know that you were ready…you know for Sex?” I say lowering my voice so only Maria will hear.

“Why? You think you’re ready for…with Max?” I nod cautiously “Oh that’s so romantic…” she coos in typical Maria fashion “Wait a minute…you haven’t like… done it already.”

“No.” I state clearly “I mean we could have last night. Everything was right, he had protection, certain…body parts were exposed and touching but I just couldn’t…”

“Did he force you or get upset about it?”

“No nothing like that Max was very good about it actually …and everything we did do I wanted just as much as he did but…now I feel all awkward about it. Like I can’t trust myself I mean if we were that close…who knows how far we’ll get next time.”


“ I just want to know how you know when you’re ready. I mean how should you feel about the guy… how did you know?”

“Wow tough question.” She sighs and breath blew her bangs off her forehead. “Truth is I didn’t know it just kind of snuck up on me and I went with it … But I can tell you things that I had trouble dealing with at first.”

“Okay.” At this point I’ll take anything I just need some guidance

“Firstly when you can’t be alone with him for more than five minutes without keeping your hands off of one another, you know it’s time to take it to the next level.” She stated as if she were reciting from a book “I know you and Max have no trouble deciphering that one…” She nudged me with her elbow and a wink

Are we really that bad? I mean Max and I can keep out hands off of each other for more than five minutes. Like for example at the…

Nope that wasn’t quite five minutes.

Or what about the …

No. I guess she’s right maybe we are that bad. I’ll have to work on that

“Secondly have you and Max ever been stark naked in the same space.” I nod no, because we haven’t. Pretty close but not quite “Okay well what does the idea of that do to you?” she asks “I mean if you are totally repulsed or embarrassed by it then you know you are not ready But if it makes you feel kind of warm and fuzzy than you’ve got definite potential.”

This has to be about the strangest advice I’ve ever gotten but I’m desperate here.

“And lastly but perhaps most importantly. How do you feel about his bodily fluids?” Maria asks as serious as ever and I’m looking at her as if she really has gone of the deep end. “You’re a smart girl you know what’s going to come out of him… and you for that matter. And if you really think about it The whole thing is kind of gross and embarrassing I mean you have to be naked and all sweaty and sometimes even a little sticky… then you got to get that thing way up there, and sometimes it hurts especially the first time. You might not even like it, but it gets better…trust me”

Okay if my Maria’s goal here was to scare the bejesus out of me then she succeeded. Isn’t she supposed to be encouraging me? If I was apprehensive before I’m terrified now. I think I’ll stay a virgin ‘til I’m thirty.

“Relax.” She says laughing “Being that close to someone really is a beautiful thing. If it weren’t so special the media wouldn’t be saturated with sexual images and innuendos.”

“I don’t know.”

“If you ask me I think you’re ready but only you’ll know for sure.”

“Thanks Maria you’ve been a big help but I think I’m just going to take some time and think about things.”

“ Glad to be of service.” Maria says before she hobbles off towards the back of the bus.

I know I told Maria that she’d helped but I’m actually more confused than I was before talking to her. According to her like everything else sex has it’s pluses and it’s minuses. But at her description the minuses far out weight the pluses.

It’s embarrassing but it’s can be romantic.

It’s gross but it can be beautiful.

Welcome to Maria world. She is my best friend but talk about abstract…

She may be right about one thing though. I’ll probably have to test her theories out for myself… After I get a nap…

Bus rides are long and boring especially without someone to provide stimulating conversation or the one you love to cuddle with.

Okay screw this I’m going back there. All the campers seem to be asleep. I’ll just take my flash light and make sure no on is engaged in any inappropriate activity and then get lost in Max’s arms.

On my way to the back I alternate the light between the seat and the aisle everyone seems to be obeying the rules.

A few girls giggle over there

Some guys listening to walkmans over there

The usual

Except for this one seat of campers who’ve got blanket draped over their seats to block them form view.

Near the back of the bus

It’s always the back of the bus

I won’t even begin to tell you some of the horror stories about he back of the bus. We shall have none of that at least not on my watch.

I hastily remove the blanket and flash the perpetrators with my light. Wait is that Melanie… Melanie and Rob… What were they doing under that blanket? You know what I don’t even want to know. Clothing was still in place so why not let them carry on “Sorry…” I say before tossing their blanket back at he two of them then continue on my way.

I got to the very last seat in the row. The seat I recall Max having saved for me earlier. I tap the still body another blanket over the head only to hear Maria voice, she’s all cuddled up with Michael and they weren’t sleeping either “Sorry Liz Max gave this seat up when you never came back.” She informs pointing to the seat right in front of them and there I see Max sleeping peacefully his head resting on the window.

I sit down. Let’s see if I can’t keep my hand off him for more than five minutes. “Hey.” Max says offering me some of his blanket.

I quickly refuse taking the seat next to because if I were to accept his offer I guarantee we would shortly be doing exactly what I spied Melanie, Rob and just about everyone else on this bus was doing.

Start counting now

I think he takes my refusal the wrong way “Listen Liz I’m sorry if I forced you into doing anything last night that you didn’t want to do. It’s just that you are so beautiful and some time I get a little…”

“Max,” I say interrupting his little concerned dissertation, “There is no need to apologize. I was just as into what we did as you were…if not more.”

“I just don’t want you to think I’m some grabby handed guy who can’t control himself.”

And I’m thinking you and me both “Trust me Max if I ever stop wanting your hands on me it’s probably time to check my pulse.”

56 seconds

Then we just sit there with at least a minute of awkward silence. Here I am proclaiming how much I love his touches yet nearly leaning over the edge of the seat everytime that he inches closer.
“Have you seen Melanie?” He finally asks “I think I saw her getting on the other bus with Iz.”

“Yes, speaking of which Guess who I saw cuddled under a blanket near the middle of the bus with Rob.”

“What were they doing under the blanket?”

“Well they weren’t talking.” I laugh

His eyes grow wide, he about to say some thing

2 minutes 13 seconds.

“Will you two please quit the chatting you’re killing the mood there are people back here trying to make out.” Maria says.

“What am I going to do?” He whispers leaning in a little closer this time I don’t move away

“Nothing.” I state simply “Hasn’t the little episode with Kyle taught you anything? Melanie can handle herself.”

3 minutes

He takes moment to think “Can you handle yourself?”

He lips are mere centimeters away

3minutes 10 seconds

“Yes.” I respond my eyes trained on his they almost glow in the darkness of the bus.

“So if I were to do something that made you un comfortable you would tell me right?”

3 minutes 15 seconds. I have to at least try to make it to three and a half minutes


“And you‘ll tell me when you’re ready?”

I look at into those amber eyes full of love and concern for me, as I’ve done on so many nights before and my heart melts I just know I can’t resist him.

I love him

And no. I’m not just saying that because he is willing to wait until I’m ready for sex

I can see it in the little things like the way he made sure my bags got on the bus before he even concerned himself with his own.

Or in the way he saved me a seat.

I can see it in the way he looks at me, putting my feelings first in everything.

I can see it in just about everything he does.

God I love him! and I must have been utterly blind to let anyone or anything keep me from seeing that he loves me too.

Back or the bus or not we need to consummate this bad boy right here

“Liz ” he says jolting me out of my revelation. “say something.” I look down at my watch. Will you look at that, 4 minutes and 45 seconds “Liz”

“Hang on sec.” I say counting off in my head. 4 minutes and 58…59 and yeah! his buttery smooth lips against my own.

And Maria said we couldn’t make it.

I’m practically straddling him in the seat thank goodness we’re in the back. I don’t we’d have an easy job of explaining this one to the campers.

His hand snakes up my shirt, no bra so… you get the picture. His other hand is in my shorts.

My hands aren’t idle either as I ease them into his pants. He’s rock hard to the touch. Two weeks ago I probably would have freaked out and ran a way screaming for mommy but now I can’t get enough of the what he feels like down there. We’re almost like complete opposites but still the same.

He’s got Smooth skin over hard steel with the curly pieces of hair at the top.

I’ve got a soft mound of pubic hair covering the secrets of femininity

I’ve never really thought about this before but we are like inverted pieces of the same puzzle. And I finally think I’m ready for us to complete the picture.

I have no idea how long we sat together playing with each other in the dark like that but my guess is it must have been a while considering we only stopped when Maria flashed us with her light to let Max and I know that we had arrived.

We were both disappointed that we never got to finish what we started but we disembarked promising to meet later in my room.

We were so close who knows her this could lead.

I should post the next half of this part sometimes midweek
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Part 10b


Signs, they’re everywhere.

I remember having this talk with Michael when we were a lot younger and before we’d both started having sex with girls. Somehow or another we’d gotten a hold of one of my sister’s Cosmopolitan magazines and read the article on most males failure to read the signs and how it could mean the difference between good and bad sexual relations. Obviously written from the female perspective. But of coarse being the horny little devils we were both of us vowed to always be mindful of the signs… at least where girls were concerned.

I never did pay that much attention. We were like 14yrs old and incredibly stupid. Besides so far my track record with girls has proven to be pretty good I never saw much use for the signs then came the other night by the pier with Liz.

Confused the hell out of me.

At first thought I was doing pretty good with Liz and reading her body language to tell what she wanted or didn’t want as the case may be.

So we’re by the pier nice atmosphere under the moonlight we’re making out pretty heavily and I thought she was ready… you know for sex, at least that’s what her body was telling me. I had protection, all systems were go and than all of a sudden at the last moment Liz freezes up and says “No..,”

Like I said confused the hell out of me.

But I never have been the type to force anyone so I suggest we take a dip in the lake instead, mostly to calm my raging hormones. Nothing like ice-cold lake water in the dead of night to put a damper on the mood and Liz seemed really distant for the rest of the night.

I’m thinking I’ve done something majorly wrong but then t for sure tonight’s the night after all she did invite me to her hotel room. So here I am waiting outside her room not knowing what to expect. Expecting the worst praying for the best. Guess I’ll just have to look for some of these so-called signs.

I knock on the door and she answers after one knock. Good, she was expecting me. “Hey” I say.

“Hi” she responds flashing me one of those secret smiles. I take pride in knowing that smiles like that are reserved just for me.

I breathe deep in the warmth of her embrace. As I take in the small hotel room over her shoulder. I recognize her bag resting on one of the beds. I aught to recognize it considering I carried that bag from her cabin to the bus, to the bus to… well you get the picture. It actually wasn’t very heavy which I find some what amazing considering Liz always manages to look stunningly beautiful. Living with my two sisters I always assumed that beauty like that took a whole bunch of make up and accessories, you should see Isabel’s room.

I guess Liz just has that natural beauty, one of the things I love about her.

I look to the other bed and see another suitcase all opened looking as though it’s been ransacked. A jacket strewn there,

Pajamas over here

Under panty things over there.

Wait a minute. Am I supposed to see that? Then I remember who exactly her roommate is. “Is everything…” I begin to ask.

“… Set?” she finishes for me “Yeah I told Maria, and she said she‘d find other accommodations.” Liz is playing with the collar of my shirt “Which means it’s just you and I, alone, all night.”

All signs seem to be pointing in one direction but we must never be too presumptuous especially when it comes to Liz, the other night by the pier can play testament to that.

This awkward silence settles over the two of us and it’s a good thing I didn’t assume anything. “So …”She stalls “I’m not sure what channels we get in here but we can watch TV.”

Since when have I ever had trouble talking to Liz? We usually always fake our way through a conversation at the very least. I take a seat with her on the bed thoroughly confused as she begins flipping through the channels.

It’s late so nothing much is on. A nature show entitled ‘Birds Do It Too’ pretty much self-explanatory… and I‘m thinking right now they just might be the only ones ‘doing it’

She flips the channel an infomercial…

Flip, porno…

Flip, again Fox’s midnight movie…

Wait a minute was the just… Yes, yes it was porno “Turn back.” I say and she does.

We watch the couple for a few minutes maybe longer… who knows? I wasn’t really looking at the clock.



Suck, they did it all. Not exactly the type of mood stimulation I was looking for and I can tell this is making Liz uncomfortable. I’ve seen her blush before but just then her cheeks look like ripe tomatoes. No offense intended I love the girl.

She jumps of the bed and shut the TV off “Okay enough of that!”

“You Okay.” I ask

“Yeah.” she attempts to cover but I know better “Let’s do some thing else.” She suggests.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…anything else. We could play a game.”

“The game.” I say somewhat surprised Liz was suggesting this especially after what we’d just seen on the tube. Maybe she does want this.

“Sure, why not.”

Ah yes the infamous game. There are no set rules we make them up as we go along which leaves them open for interpretation. And this almost always leads to a little lovin’ hence the first night we started talking in the tent, the other night by the pie,r and tonight apparently all to be added to a list of many more firsts. “Come here.” I say patting the bed beside me. Cautiously she takes a seat and we make ourselves comfortable “You sure you want to do this.” I ask just to be sure. I’m trying to read the signs here and we don’t need a repeat of the pier at least not if that’s what she wants.

“Yes Max.” She giggles “It’s not like we have much else to do.”

Ain’t it the truth.

I nod contemplatively “What do you say we add a little twist?”

“Twist?” she says raising her eyebrow in question.

“Ah my darling.” I say wagging my finger at her “To find out we play the game.”

“But how will I…”

“…You won’t. And that’s just more incentive not to get anything wrong.”

She lets that sink in for amount before shrugging “ Fair enough. You start.”

“Raspberries or strawberries?”

Liz crinkles her nose in that absolutely adorable fashion which is unique to her and answers, “Raspberries.”

Unfortunately she’s wrong “Strawberries.” I correct. She should know that one considering how we got our nickname the passion produce counselors. “So easy.”I tease “None the less you must loose an item of clothing.” I relieve her of the bow holding her hair in a severe ponytail and my finger are instantly drawn to it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Liz’s hair she thinks I have a fetish and she just might be right.

“Cake Or Pie.” She asks.

“Pie.” I say purpose fully getting it wrong. We’ve got to find some way to get things started.

“Cake.” She boasts “You know the deal.” She scoots to the end of the bed and begins removing my shoes and socks. I am now faced with her plush derrière it rests atop my hips and she plays little piggy with my toes. For some this positioning might seem awkward for us it surprisingly comfortable.

Paying attention? Got the rules we’re playing by? I ask as question she looses a piece of clothing, she asks a question I loose a piece of clothing. Depending on what type of mood we’re in ‘The Game’ can take on a whole new meaning as this next question demonstrates.

I look at those shapely legs in jean cut offs leading up to a dainty narrow waist and I just can’t help myself “Oral sex,” I say giving a suggestive smirk “Do you like giving or receiving?” her cheeks burn red again and he mouth hand opens and shuts like shed was about to say something than changes her mind “Like the couple on TV were doing.” I provide in case she forgot, not very likely but just in case.

“I’ve never even been completely naked with a guy let alone done what the couple on TV were doing.”

“Really.” I say as I scoot down to the edge of the bed with her to look her in the eye, those deep pools of brown so full of emotion “We’ll have to see what we can do about that.” I say as play with he strap of her tank top “ Unless of coarse you don’t want that.” I’m looking for the signs again her body language

A fretful blink of an eye any to tell me that she doesn’t want this.

“No.” she says barely audible and I begin to move my hand form her shoulder “I mean no…I want it.”

I smile cautiously to see that she’s sure. Once I have the confirmation needed I lean my forehead against hers and all of a sudden our lips are touching tentative at first but then our kisses grow more urgent as our hands begin to explore each other’s bodies.

Liz’s frame is so small I try to hold back some of my weight for fear that I might crush her. She’s small but there’s no mistaking she’s a woman. The term ‘little woman’ appropriately describes her. She’s my little woman and I love her.

I sit looking at appraising her and she smiles back with that special smile just for me letting me know that this sis okay as I finger the hem of her tank top a few times before lifting it over her head. I know I’ve seen Liz topless but each time I do it’s like a new experience and I’m never quite sure how to proceed.

Liz helps me out with that because after a few moment oh my intent staring and caressing her she says. “You too...” as she unbuttons and discards my shirt.

I never knew how much fun just rolling around on the bed kissing as we explore one another’s bodies. We must have done for… I’m not sure how long. There’s something about skin-to-skin contact, both of us sans shirt, soft breast to hard chest. This is comfortable for us and I don’t want to push it. I’m trying to read the signs.

But I’m guessing that the slowly seductive, almost primal way her hips are grinding against my own mean she wants more. And hey, who am I to argue.

I slowly tear my mouth away from hers and ease down her neck leaving a love bite there marking her as my own. I continue on over her chest and play for a moment with her breasts sucking and blowing making sure they are both thoroughly loved until her nipples pebble up at the touch. Although he’s only ever been with one person Michael swears he’s some sort of expert lover and he’s always raving about how we must never neglect he breasts. I figured I’d give it a try.

I play for a moment drawing smooth circles with my tongue until I reach the bull’s eye of her navel. Watching the way her body is so responsive to this I can only imagine how she’ll react to what’s next.

Narrow waist flares out into shapely hips on which low riding shorts. I’ve never really seen Liz sans bottoms, sure my hand have been in her pants but it’s never the same as seeing what you’re touching. I want to be sure so I ask permission with my eyes. She gives it.

Red or black lace is what I’m expecting something appropriate to the wanton seductress before me, none of that is what I got. Instead I see the cutest little turquoise panties “Hello Kitty?” I ask recognizing cartoon character adorning the front. I try to suppress a giggle.

She’s giggling at herself “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting to be ravished today.”

“Don’t apologize it’s sweet …It’s part of what makes you, you. Besides I like Hello Kitty.” I’m drawing slow circles with my finger on the juncture of her hips.


I nod “She’s cute like you…oddly appropriate.”

Her eyebrows raise in question “How so?”

“Well tonight of things go right I’m hoping to say hello to your Kitty… for the first time.” Where do I come up with these things? Okay I give up Michael and everyone else are so right I’m a sap I’m whipped I admit it. I love this girl and I’m always finding the corniest way to let her know it.

And Liz does know how corny I can be which is why she simply laughs as I tug on the waistband of her panties, just a test to see if she’s going to stop me. She doesn’t. I have a feeling she’s just as anxious about this as I am.

It’s not because I’ve done this before and just want to flex my skills for Liz or anything like that. Quite the contrary actually. I have another confession:

I’m a cunnilingus virgin.

I guess we’re having more than one first tonight.

Why, you ask?

Well with Tess, she was just…Tess and I never really wanted to although we did have this one incredibly awkward experience which I don’t count and am choosing to block from my memory. The girl is a freak undercover, let’s just say the word “vibrator” will forever be tarnished in my mind and leave it at that.

With other girls I was never really into the whole mutual pleasure thing. I told you guys can be selfish, besides I’d be lucky if any of them let me get near their privates with my mouth. In high school my reputation spoke for itself and while that can be good in some areas, it can be a real downer in others.

So I’ve always been curious but it was never the right time to experiment so I guess in that way Liz is giving me a special gift by allowing me to please her in such an intimate gesture. In this area I’m just as inexperienced as she is and despite what people say there is no manual on how to do this right. I just hope I just don’t blow it.

I start of slow, sort of tasting her like I would an ice cream cone or a Popsicle melting in the hot sun, no complaint there, though her eyes are closed I can’t really tell. I’m kissing her down there, her nether lips. It’s sort of like a regular kiss just a lot more messy.

Then I find it, that bundle of nerves that’s supposed to be the center of all their pleasure. I hear that’s supposed to be important. I run my tongue over the nub once and I can feel the moan coming from deep inside Liz as it vibrates against my face. I guess she likes that. I try it again and this time I hear what I think was my name escape from her lips. I can’t really tell when she’s grabbing my hair and practically riding my face.

Resting one hand on her hip to hold her steady I insert first one than two fingers from the other into her now slick opening. I know from experience she likes that. I suck on her love button and that causes more of her intoxicating juices to leak from her passages.

She’s close now, one hard suck and that sends her over the edge contracting powerfully around my fingers. I kiss her sweat-slicked cheeks as she rides it out. Placing her small hand on my jaw Liz draws me to her mouth for a searing kiss. I imagine I must taste like her considering where my mouth just was.

I wait until she catches her breath and looks at me completely sated with those deep brown eyes before saying “Now you can say you’ve been completely naked with a guy.”

“Yes,” she agrees a seductive gleam lighting her face “Naked I am…but you’re not.”

That night Liz surprised me, although I suppose I shouldn’t have really been considering she always does unexpected things. She practically threw me on the bed, my little woman Liz, and quickly rids me of my short and boxers. I’m already standing at attention for because well all she… well all she really has to do is breath for me to get a hard on.

Pathetic maybe but it’s the ugly truth f it… or hard truth as the case may be. “Now you’re naked.” She says as she strokes the length of me mercilessly. Which she’s done before but this time when she did it there was something suggestive about it. She forms a ring with her fingers and rhythmically strokes from the base to the tip.

What she did next nearly caused me to jump off the bed. When I felt the warm wet tip of her tongue on already straining flesh I literally had to keep my hips from attempting to shove it all the way down her throat, I didn’t want to gag her.

Even though she didn’t put it very far into mouth and used her hand on the rest and trust me the whole of my member was treated to a very special job.

I couldn’t help myself I tried to warn her but she kept going like she wanted it. When I came she pulled her mouth away and the jiz land all over her rosy peaks. She dips her finger in the creamy substance and tastes it “Not bad...” she says “…It doesn’t really have a taste.”

Again surprised doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction, most girls would be grossed out by cum I’m assuming Tess always was but Like Michael says and I’m really starting to see Liz is the antithesis of Tess “It doesn’t like …” I start to question she cuts me off.

“…It’s part of you…I love you, everything about you.” She says as she snuggles into my embrace and I get a wiff us.


Not necessarily a bad smell just not one I’d like to wake up smelling like. Someday, maybe but not today. “I love you too but we need a shower.” I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings “No offense but we’re all sticky…”

“…And we need a bath she say s rising from the bed and holding out a hand for her “Join me.”

"Can’t even bear to shower alone? You just can’t get enough of me can you.” I tease

“Yes and judging by your performance the feeling is mutual.” She counters “It’s not everyday I’m serviced so well.” She say leaning up to nibble on my ear.

“Really, you liked it.”

“Very much so why so surprised.”

“It’s just.” heck she might as well know “I’ve never… done that before.”

“Now I know you really love me. You learn quickly.” Liz say says as she run in the bathroom and I chase after her.


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I think I've been inspire by Austin Powers

Enjoy! *happy*

Part 11

As specified the members of Camp Sunrise gathered at the front gate to Six Flags at nine a.m. sharp. Tickets were being distributed, roll was taken and as the group split to enjoy a fun filled day in the amusement park. Liz pulled Maria aside to fill her best friend in on her tryst to the erotic side with Max last night, “…So then we took a shower together.” Liz finished her smile beaming.

“Chica I am so proud of you “ Maria said squeezing her best friend's cheeks affectionately “Never would I have thought you, innocent little Lizzie would be capable of such…Wait a minute you guys weren’t on my bed were you?”

“… Stop it Maria of coarse we weren’t.” Liz said cutting off her friend’s suspicions. She knew Maria had a wild imagination and while her and Max’s night had indeed been…wild to say the least that wasn’t the reason she was sharing this with Maria. Liz was desperately in need of some best friend advice. “The only reason I’m telling you this is because it seems all the signs are pointing in the same direction. I passed your little test, we’ve been naked together, and I didn’t like freak out over his…umm, bodily fluids. Does that mean I ready… you know...ready.”

“Oh.” Maria blanched “Oh!” She said again as she caught Liz’s full meaning “Petunia, when I said what I said yesterday I didn’t mean for you to take it literally geez.” She sighed. “ I guess there’s only one way to know if you’re really ready...”

“What’s that?”

They turned in the direction of where Max Michael and the other guys were waiting for them Max flashing Liz a wink and a secret smile causing her to blush. Maria whispered “Hop up and down on one foot in a circle around Max while reciting the following phrase in Pig Latin: I LOVE U.”

Liz’s eyes grew wide with doubt. If Maria’s advice yesterday was questionable this certainly made Liz doubt her friend’s sanity.

“Kidding!” Maria giggled, “There is no sure fire way to know. I was just telling you from my own experience. You have to trust your heart and your own judgment, only you’ll know for sure.

Liz pondered what Maria said for a few moments. She knew what her heart was telling her, she’d known since the beginning ever since the conception of the ‘virgin operation’ but it was much more than that it was just a shame it had taken her so long to follow through with it. As Max approached and the group made their way through the park engulfed in his embrace she took the time to say “Max I know you’ve been really patient with me and waiting until I was ready and letting me experiment with different things in the mean time yet having enough control to not take it too far...even sometimes when I didn’t. I want you to know how much I appreciate that.” She gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek. “I also want you to know that after tonight you won’t have to wait any longer.”

Max’s eyes widened as understanding dawned “Liz are you saying that…”

“…Yes.” Was all Liz said but Max fully understood her meaning as she enfolded him in her embrace.

“Tonight?” He asked just to be sure. Liz nodded her affirmation.

“Could you two cut the lovey dovey.” Michael said as he brushed past the two of them. “We have to roll with the Iz, Alex and their ankle bitters for the first half of the day. “That aught to be enough action for the two of you.”

All max could do was stare in disbelief as Maria dragged Liz off.

Michael POV

“Liz, I’m sure you’ve heard by now we get to travel through Six Flags, one of the best amusement park in the country, with a bunch of Six year olds. Big Fun right?” Maria chimes sarcastically.

I’m not even supposed to be a counselor how I got stuck with a bunch of kindergarteners is beyond me

Big Fun?

Are you kidding me?


But at least I get to hang with Maria.

“They want to ride the merry go ‘round coming with?”

“No thanks you go ahead.” I say

“I’ll go.” Liz agrees she hands Max her bag “Will you hold on to this for me.”

This is Max we’re talking about, of coarse he’s going do it.

You thought that was bad Isabel hands Alex what for all intensive purposes is her purse and asks him to hold it. “Sure Princess.” Alex says

Yes, he called her princess that’s his term of endearment for her.

Appropriate don’t you think?

Gag Me

I know I’m supposed to have this new worldview of Love and relationships but I can’t help but saying this.

These boys are whipped.

The day I hold some girl's purse for her is the day I’m castrated.

“Oh I almost forgot. Michael hang on to this for me!” Maria says tossing me her bag as she boards the ride.

I know what you’re thinking but Maria’s not just some girl and this is not a purse it’s a …beach bag.

I fish through it just to be sure.

A towel, swim suit, change of clothes etc…

Like I said beach bag

What’s this? Lip gloss, wallet, keys

Okay so maybe I am bit whipped.

Look at us three sappy whipped boys, sitting on an amusement park bench waiting for our girlfriends to ride the carousel.

“I don’t know guys…” Max says his eyes trained on Liz “…I think tonight the night Liz and I are finally going to take the plunge.”

“What plunge?” Alex asks

“You mean you guys haven’t done that already?” I say.

“No remember I told you was waiting until she was ready… Because I love her and all I want it to be special for both of us.”

Listen to this one raving like he’s a born again virgin. “Yeah so.” I prompt

“Well.. she’s ready.” Max finally admits the goofiest smile painting his face.

“Who’s ready for what? What plunge?” Alex asks once again. How clueless can you be?

“Will you look at him watching Liz ride that carousel horse like she wishes it was him.” I say hoping that helped clarify a few things for Alex.

“Anyway.” Max says rolling his eyes at me letting me know he doesn’t approve od my crass remarks about Liz “I wanted to do something for Liz to make tonight special for her and I need your help…both you …”

Maria POV

So we spent the day roaming with the kiddies. Which of coarse meant riding rides where you have to be four feet and under. Which unfortunately meant a lot of standing around and waiting.

All of us really, none of the counselors were small enough to ride the rides.

I’ve never seen anyone get so terrified of a ride that barely leaves the ground.

They wanted to ride the swings, seems safe enough and at least we can all ride but some one had to watch our bags. Alex volunteers. And as soon as the thing gets like five feet off the ground one of Isabel’s girls starts wailing begging the ride be stopped. Of coarse they can’t do that so Alex attempts to hold the girls hand so she won’t be so scared.

Nearly dislocated his shoulder.

I was embarrassed for Camp Sunrise just then.

I always thought I liked kids at least enough to be a camp counselor, now I’m not so sure….

Liz, through the whole thing was giggling and blushing like a school girl every time Max would shoot her a glance. I mean I know they did some stuff last night but was it that good.

It’s time for lunch, Max whispers something in her ear and they go over to the game section of the park and he plays one of those hoop arcade games, wins and they both crack up laughing when he asks which stuffed animal she wants and Liz chooses the Hello Kitty doll.

Later when Liz and I go to the bathroom to change into our swimsuits I get he chance to ask Liz “What’s the deal with Hello Kitty.” Liz cheeks burn red so I know this must be good.

“Well last night when we were…”

“…Don’t tell me you were wearing the Hello Kitty’s?” She nods guiltily “Liz!” the girl has had these panties since she was like thirteen. I’m surprised they still fit.

“What I wasn’t expecting it… besides Max said he liked them, said they were cute.”

“Right, I’m sure you weren’t.” We go back to dressing gathering our things “So…Have you decided.”

Again with the blush “Pretty much tonight…”

Michael’s POV

“Alright before we split again. I would to let all the teens and junior teens know they all have an assigned younger buddy. Everyone hold up you your buddy tag.” Isabel explains as we sea mass of green T-shirted stubby little arms raise “Remember to stick with your buddy. Their names are written down on the tag and we all meet at the front gate when?”

“After the fire works.” The group says in unison before dispersing in different directions

I have to hand it to Isabel when we met for lunch we were all pretty much dead tired of the kiddies so she devised a plan where they now have to roll with the teens and junior ten as their younger buddies.

Good deal

No one gets lost or sick

And it teaches the teens some responsibility.

I see Maria smiling with approval.

I see Melanie cringing.

Glad to see everyone happy.

“Now that that’s taken care of are you guys ready I’m dying to get on a coaster.” Maria whines. Who can blame her we’re all a little action starved

“I’m not sure I can go for that.” Alex says as Isabel rubs his sore shoulder.

“Where are Max and Liz?” Isabel asks

“Are they missing again?” I say

“They keep it up and there may not be a need for his little plan later.”

“What plan?”

“I always said they should just shag and be done with it.”

“Michael!” Maria chastises. I don’t see why it’s true.

“What plan?” Isabel asks again.

“Well Max and Liz have decided it’s time to make the beast with backs…” Alex hints receiving a blank stare from Isabel. Talk about the feeble leading he blind and I thought he was clueless earlier “The horizontal polka, the…”

“… Isn’t it obvious…Would look at them looking like they want to jump each other right there.” Maria points as Max and Liz approach him giving her a piggyback.

Pointing out the obvious see this is why she’s my girlfriend. “I knew they were going to… but what is this plan of which you speak.”

“Don’t worry my dear there’s a part for you to play.” I inform “You too Iz…”and I go on to explain how they can help.

The rest of the evening is when we really started to have fun. Now that everyone knew what Max and Liz intentions were everyone kept calling them on their sickeningly obvious Public displays of affection.

We spent the rest of the daylight hours in the water park.

Max kept staring at Liz swimsuit as it soaked through her wet white tank.

Although I have to say I’m guilty of that one myself. Me and Maria that is…

Alex was looking at Iz too.

Oh come on they wouldn’t wear those skimpy tops if they didn’t want us to see their goodies.

When we finally did make it to the roller coasters we kept trying to think of inventive things to do in the pictures the park snapped at various section during the ride.

Max and Liz were kissing they bought that picture. So they could have something to remember this day by.

Maria and I stole a pineapple from one of the drink stands and held that as the ride snapped a picture we bought that one. We felt I was oddly appropriate.

Alex and Iz Just made silly face but they bought the picture as well.

All in all we had a good time at Six Flags. I know I’m not usually one to end things on a positive note but today really was good day. I don’t know if it’s hanging with Maria but it really was…

* * *

“I had really good time today.” Liz admitted as she was snuggled into Max’s embrace as they watched the fireworks.

“Me too.” He said nuzzled her cheek. They were both comfortable in the knowledge that as good as the day was the night had unlimited potential. “You know what I’m really in the mood for?”

“What’s that?”

“A funnel cake.” His lips played with he soft skin at the nape of her neck. “Doesn’t that sound good… with strawberries…” another tentative kiss “…and whipped cream.”

“That does sound good…” Liz nearly moan as Maria rolls her eyes at the two of them but Liz was to enthralled to notice.

“Why don’t you go get one for us to share I’ll meet you at he bus.”

Liz agreed and went to purchase the desired dessert item and went back to the bus intent on meeting Max but he was no where to be found. Instead she ran into Isabel and Maria.

“Let’s go for a ride shall we.” Maria suggested.

“What.” Liz asked thoroughly confused “I’m supposed to meet…”

“…Max” Isabel provided for her “Yes he told us to take care of you and meet him back at he hotel later.”

"Around Midnight." Maria added

“What about the funnel cake?”

“Hold onto that.” Maria said remembering Michael mentioning some thing about the funnel cake “Strawberries and whipped cream right?”


“He said he had uses for that…”

Liz had no idea what was going on but she was anxious to find out.


Okay so they're geting closer and closer are you as excited about ths as me.*big* Anywho the next part may take a while I want it to have the right dynamic.

edited: please forgive my blatant typos.

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Author's note
Hello All!

I know I’ve been MIA for a looooong long time, but I want you guys to know not because I don’t love you all, or the show (Or M/L ) just as much as I always did. It’s just that this has been a very hectic, and extremely emotionally draining summer for me.

With Roswell ending it really forced me to become a bit more introspective and evaluate who I was and where I was going in my life. I withdrew into my self even more than I already was (which believe me was pretty bad *sad* )My grades at the end of the semester sucked and I was even clinically depressed for a while there. I felt like Max, completely lost and out of control. I was probably right in the midst of it when I met a few of you this spring in Philly. My problem was not just because Roswell was ending with the help of a counselor I was able to realize my problem was much bigger than that…Well without going into details I was also able to gain some perspective. I’ve recently found out that I’ll be going away to school for the fall VCU in Richmond for those of you are familiar with the state. My parents alma matta(sp)

I know this is kind of personal but I’m only sharing it with you all because you all are like a family *happy* As much of the Roswell fandom is. Good and bad in all its glory…

And that’s what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks, that… and getting ready for school which will actually be starting in a week, less than actually, it starts the 18th, So my updates for this story will probably remain at this pace because I really want to focus on bringing up my grades.

I just want you guys know I haven’t been abducted

No promises but I'll try to get an update of this before I get too heavy into classes.

Lizwell *big*
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Hey everyone I'm going to give this to you in smaller incriments (sp) I'm trying to complete it considering it's been going on for about a year. I guarantee next summer will not come and go with out me finshing.


Part 12a


So tonight’s the night.


Max and I are really going to do this.


According to what others have told me I should probably be a little nervous.

About it hurting and all…

And me not knowing exactly what I’m doing

And I totally don’t

But for some reason I’m just not nervous at all.

Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet.

Or maybe I just have a really great guy that I trust myself with mind body and soul.

I thought I’d given up on this but I think I’ve finally found the one.

There’s simply nothing to be nervous about.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what we’re going to do tonight. As we were leaving the Amusement park Maria and Isabel met up with me and insisted we hit up the nearest pharmacy.

We got all these different fragranced bath gels, and body salts and then once we arrived back at he hotel they insisted once again that I take nice luxuriating bath with candles and aerosols the whole nine, while I try to relax

So that’s where I’ve spent the last half hour.

So far I’ve had pedicure and a facial compliments of Iz and Maria again

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate what they’re doing for me I’m just really


Ready to see Max now.

I towel of throw on my bath robe the bathroom into Maria and I’ room where her and Iz have various Cosmo and Rebook magazine spread out on both of the beds.

“I think we should do that with her hair.” Isabel suggests pointing to a picture.

“It’s nice,” Maria agree “But no for Liz for her we need something a bit more subtle like…” She pondered over the various photos before coming to a conclusion “That one that’s perfect.”

A week ago you wouldn’t have found these two within a mile of each other where they didn’t have to let alone planning my apparel.

Not sure why but Maria had seemingly forged some type of vendetta against both female Evans which is kind of odd considering she was always gunning for me and Max to get together.

I’m Max and I’ relationship has worked adversely to bringing everyone together.

Even if it is to plan our sex life.

Clear my throat signaling them to my presence. “Look at you …”She coos in typical Maria fashion. I smile, she pinches my cheek and smoothes her hand through my still damp hair “…All excited.

Note the only reason I’m letting her do this is because she my best friend no one else gets hair privileges excluding Max and that’s only ‘cause he has that weird fetish.

Speaking of which.

“Can I go see Max now?” I ask.

Maria glances at her watch “All in due time my friend first we must…” she’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Seeing that Isabel’s there to get it she continues “We must…” another knock. “Could you get that?”

“In a minute.” Isabel says as she’s intently reading something in one of the magazines “Did you know that if you do these things called ‘Kegels’ with the muscles in you privates you can make an orgasm last for nearly an hour.”

Maria rolls her eye before going to answer the door and of coarse it’s none other than Melanie. Try leaving a bunch of adolescents alone in a amusement park all day free to roam unlimited ride and taste all different types of sweets only one word describes them


“A couple of the girls and I wanted to know if it’d be okay if we all spent the night in Tara Wallace’s room?” Melanie streams off so fast we could barely understand her.

“How many’s a couple… You know what it doesn’t even matter I don’t care what you do as long as you do it quietly.” Maria says as she attempts to shut the door but Melanie is blocking her way.

“Kay. What are you guys up to?”

“Run along now child it’s grown folk business being discussed here.”

Maria slams the door and turn around. “Now where were we?”

“Me, Max, can I see him now?”

“Not yet first we must choose your skivvies then do your hair and makeup.”

“I thought we’d do her hair and make up then choose her lingerie.” Isabel corrects

How about not.

Make Up



You gotta be kidding me.

I’ve never primped and preened for a guy I’m not going to start now

Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes as I think about the poor neglected funnel cake.

Max’s POV



Rose petals




Breath mints


And lastly but most definitely not least,



Okay, looks like we’re pretty much ready to get his show on the road but first let me retrieve my lady.

“I’m sorry Max but I just don’t feel comfortable putting all these candles everywhere. The idea is sweet but you don’t want to start a forest fire do you.” Alex interjects looking around at their surroundings.

“Imagine that…” Michael laughs as he takes a break from his task of laying the blanket, then in his most Max-like voice he imitates “I’m sorry Liz I know you’ve waited your whole life for this night but we just can’t do it because I’ve some how managed to freakishly burn myself.”

I sound nothing like that.

You I’m really getting tired of his smart remarks. I mean he’s my pal and all but you’d think Mike would learn to take a hint form the death glares I’ve been shooting him all day. I just don’t get why he finds Liz’s purity so funny “No one’s going to get burned...”

Michael of coarse is still snickering

“…By the fire.” I add just so we’re all clear

“You will if you put all those candles around. This is a campground a. k. a kindling in disguise.” Alex persists

I just wanted to give Liz what she wanted. She mentioned candles so candles she should have, but he does have point so… alright Smokey The Bear. “What do you suggest?”

“How about a properly enclosed campfire with the right music and atmosphere that can be pretty romantic as well.” Alex suggests.

And Michael with his crude self adds “Yeah I mean that should be good enough for this little porno scene you’re trying to create here.

Again with the death glare

Alex is snickering too.

You’d think they’d learn. I wonder what Maria and Isabel would say if they knew their guys were talking like this. Speaking of which. “Could you call the girls at the hotel and let them know it’s okay to bring Liz over…”

Liz’s POV

This is getting a bit suspicious at first thought I thought this was just the best friend pep talk before I took the plunge but it’s been two hours since I’ve seen Ma x and I’m starting to get a bit antsy.


I take that back

Antsy doesn’t even begin to describe me

I’m down right frantic.

How dare they keep me from my soon to be lover?


Make up or not

I need him

I mean really…need him. If you catch my drift.

About a half an hour ago Maria’s phone rang and she went answer it whispering conspiratorially in the corner.

“Who was that?” I asked her as soon as she hung up.

“Michael.” She answers simply

“Oh does he know where Max is?”

“Maybe...” She says curtly. “…We should go. Grab your funnel cake.” She says taking me by the arm as we head for the door.

“Have fun.” Isabel waves as we leave.

So then we drive about fifth-teen minutes from the hotel to some remote location in the woods. Again in Alex’s rabbit, I think that’s the only transportation we have on this little road trip of ours aside from the buses, and we’ve been sitting here for another fifth-teen minutes.

I should know I’ve been counting.

Just sitting, wasting time

Two hours total thank you very much, and I think I’ve lost my mind. I turn to Maria as we’re waiting in the dark, “You don’t really want this to happen do you?”

“What to happen?” she asks thoroughly confused but I can see through the lies.

“The ‘virgin operation’ you’ve been against it from the start. Which is why you’ve driven me to the middle of no where hidden me from Max…”

“Liz listen to yourself I was the one who came with this whole thing. Of coarse I want this for you!”

“No you don’t. You want to be the only one who…” before I can finish my sentence someone knocks on the window to the car door

And it’s none other than the object of my desire


I turn back to Maria and she’s got this smug look on her face “You were saying?”

I’m dumbfounded “I’m sorry Maria.”

“No sweat.” She offers I really don’t know what to say. She must have known the whole time and kept it secret which believe me for Maria is a very big deal “Well go on Chica your prince awaits.”

My prince indeed.

I open the door and he holds out his hand to help me out of the car with a charming “Milady.”

I can’t help but ask, “What’s with the chivalrous language?”

“It’s kind of the theme, just go with it tonight.”

And I did, simply because he asked me to. That and I know Max is corny.

He lead us up a cleared path a bit to where a horse is waiting.

This is me we’re talking about

tough around the edges but really just a girl at the core

And I was not prepared for horse back riding tonight.

Other types of riding

But definitely not horse back riding.

Of coarse I protest a bit before Max convinces me that it’s part of the theme and helps me onto the smelly beast.

He mounts behind me so that ‘s a little better.

I hold onto Max as we take off at a slow trot.

Nothing like riding through the night air with your guy pressed up against your back.

I’m trying to pay attention to the lovely camp side scenery when I feel his lips on the sensitive juncture of my neck and shoulder. Only Max knows how much I love his lips there and he’s always using said knowledge to distract me “Max…What are you doing?” I ask “Aren’t you supposed to steering this thing?”

He relents on his ministrations long enough to say, “I am steering.”

This time he doesn’t even look up he just hands me the reins as if to say you do it. And as much as I love what his lips are doing to me I can’t steer a horse

At night

And especially not with him doing that heavenly thing with his tongue.

Don’t stop.

“Max I can’t …”

“…Yes you can.” He offers “…Just relax, he knows where to go.” Again with the lips, making me think I can move mountains if need be

In fact Max is so good at what he does “relaxing me” I don’t think I’d notice if a mountain did move or if we walked right of a cliff for that matter. I’m quite sure I closed my eyes for a few moments there as I gave my self over to his love

When I opened my eyes we were there.

Right in the heart of the most romantic scene you’d ever want to imagine.

The soft glow of the firelight illuminating the blanket a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

So this is what all the stalling was about

It’s everything could have hoped for this night and more

It’s absolutely perfect

Because Max did it for me

The one

My very special one

My love

Max’s POV

Liz looks absolutely gorgeous tonight.

That red paisley dress the one she wore at to the square dance

The soft tresses of her hair framing her face in waves.

And she has this angelic glow about her as she takes in the scene I created for the two of us.

My Angel

I flip the switch on the portable radio I brought with me and low and behold The beach boys In the Jungle come wafting from the speakers

Stupid, Stupid

Michael was supposed to cue this up

“Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be first.”

“It’s okay.” She assures

After a bit of rewinding and fast forwarding I’m able to bring the tape to the desired location.

Shaggy’s Angel

She smiles slightly as the tune plays

I still haven’t told her about my little voyeuristic incident and experience with this song

Or why I call her angel

But none the less I think this song is appropriate for us

“So what’d ya say we get started on this funnel cake?”

“Sounds good.” She says as we take a seat on the blanket.

I pour us some champagne and we toast “To us.”

Liz’s POV

To anyone else this might seem incredibly sappy but

There’s something incredibly romantic about feeding each other what by now is goo covered fried cakes

But I’m imagining it’s only that special because it’s me and Max

The two of us together can turn the otherwise gross into something treasured.

“You got a little something...” Max says pointing to my chin. I swipe at it unsuccessfully. “Let me just…” he leans in and retrieves the errant bits of strawberry sauce with his lips before drawing on my mouth

Max ‘s kisses are slow and deliberate something to be relished almost like he’s doing to me now

He always makes me feel thoroughly loved.

His lips move to that sensitive spot on my neck and his nose brushes against my shoulder causing the thin strap of my dress to dip down.

Only because I’m with him I’m feeling very bold so I do us both a favor stand unzip and discard the dress totally which leaves me standing there in the hot pink lace undie set Maria and I picked out.

I guess I should feel a bit uncomfortable but I’m not

I mean who’s gonna see me

Except for Max of coarse, which is precisely what I wanted

I could never feel uncomfortable with him.

In fact ease is all I feel tonight

Even when we move to the blanket, lay down and start to kiss

Him on top of me grinding slowly.

I can feel that he’s aroused yet I’m still nervous why should I be

We’ve done all this before.

We undress each other slowly

Savoring it

Each piece of flesh revealed as if it were a rare delicacy to be enjoyed

I don’t start to freak out until he takes off his boxers and I see how big he. I start wondering if he’s even going to fit.

I mean it’s not as though I haven’t seen him nude before.

Yes I’m using nude because seeing Max like this is a work of art.

But never had I though about Picasso… or Picasso junior as the case may be fitting inside of me.

I want this I do but all that keeps running through my mind is Maria’s phrase from earlier

“Sometimes it even hurts…”

Max’s POV

I’m usually pretty good at reading Liz ‘s facial expressions.

And if I’m anywhere near right

You should have seen her look at me like I pulled an alien tentacle out of my pants “Are you okay?” I ask, though the look she gave me tells me that much

“Yeah I’m good.” She answers quickly attempting to cover

But she’s not, I can tell she’s freaking.

“You’re sure?”

“No I’m not.” she admits “Don’t think I’m silly for asking this but…the people I’ve talked to are pretty much in agreement that it hurts…a lot… the first time for girls.” She blushes and crinkles her nose “Is that true.”

How do I answer that without making her any more nervous that she already is “I can’t be sure because I’m not a girl but from what I understand it’ll hurt a little.” I can see her cringing “But we’ll go slow…it might not be so bad…for you.” I raise my eyes in question just to be absolutely certain that hasn’t changed her mind.

“Okay.” she says hesitantly.

“If it get s to be to be too much for you at any point just tell me and I’ll stop.”

Liz’s POV

It’s the things that Max says that cause me to have complete faith in him.

Here he is willing to stop right on the brink of sex for me

Which I know is very difficult, especially for guys

Well if he can do that I sure as hell can go through with this.

He hands me the condom and allows me to roll it back over his member displaying my complete control.

Until it jumps

Literally his penis jumps “It has mind of it’s own.” I laugh

“Yeah especially in times like these,”

We lay back on the blanket with him resting between my thighs “You’re so beautiful.” He says stroking my cheek I try to smile “Still nervous?”

I nod

“Just try to relax and take some deep breaths and relax …”

* * *
Maria’s POV

“Michael Stop!”

Let’s see clothes non-existent

We’re under the covers’

I think I just pulled a Liz

Yeah, we were pretty much going to have sex and I told him no

Not like it seems to matter “Michael I said stop!” I say delivering swift yet harmless kick to the huevos.

“What the…was that for.”

“I’m sorry it’s just that we’ve been dating for a little over a year now and all I know about you aside from the fact that you like hockey is that your underwear are from the gap.”

“What do you want me to do about that?”

“I don’t know ….I just…I want to get to know you in every other way aside from sex.”

“Okay well what do you want to do.” He says as he wraps the sheet around his waist.”

I have to ponder that for a moment. There’s not much else to do we’re stuck in a hotel babysitting for all intensive purposes while Max and Liz are off having some type of woodsy tryst. I’m not sure what Alex and Iz are doing but I can guess it’s pretty close to the same .

“We could play cards.” I suggest

“Nope no way.”

“Why not?”

“I may not “know” you but I know you are a horrible loser.”

“No I’m not I’m just good at cards.”

He hesitate a moment before saying “Okay fine we can play but just don’t be a baby when you loose.”

“Sure as long as you let me win…”

“I don’t know Maria, you did say this time no sex was involved ..."


edited for typos. See I told you I was loopy *big*

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I was a being a little loopey last night *big* How could I not not notice that thanks for pointing it out though. The new part is 12A

Lizwell *big*
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Hey guys new part and there's a short addendum in the last part not a big deal just something I thought I'd add[*wink*. It will be in bold print

Part 12b

Alex’s POV

Thirty eight

Thirty nine


Forty little kindergarteners all lined up in a nice neat row, eating their breakfast bars and ready to board the bus.

Now see about the rest of every body else.

And there they are

Isabel, Maria and Michael lounging around on of the tables as they enjoy one of the stale muffins compliments of the free continental breakfast here at the hotel.

One things I failed to realize was that helping Isabel do anything tends to mean you get to do most of the work. “I got the kids all lined up. What next?”

“Well we’re kind of waiting on Max and Liz.” Isabel provided

“Yeah no one’s seen the m since last night and they said they’d meet us here.” Maria adds

“I saw them they came in a little past three a.m. and they headed straight for his room.”

“Oh.” The group moth in unison as understanding dawned.

“What were you doing in the hall at three a.m.” Michael grilled which receives the slightest blush to rise on Iz’s cheeks.

She’s so adorable when she does that. Although I don’t really see why it’s not like we did anything wrong.

Yeah I snuck to her room in the middle of the night

But we just cuddled

Which was nice by the way

“Hall… check I attempt to cover.”

I can tell Michael and Maria don’t believe me but who care they’re the one who get into all that freaky deaky stuff. I won’t even mention the kitchen.

“Well if Max and Liz are really up there they probably just slept in and some one should go wake them.” Maria provided braking the discomfort of the situation


Why’s everyone looking at me? “Not Me!”

“I tell you what we’ll, draw straws for it.”

This sucks every time we flip a coin or draw straws or anything like that I always loose

Call it musicians luck or whatever

But chances are I’m going to be the one sent upstairs to disturb the happy lovers

Without fail as I predicted here I am in front of the door.

I guess I should just knock

There aren’t any moans coming from inside so I guess it’s safe

Just as I gain enough courage and am prepared to knock a fully clothed Liz opens the door And in chipper tone greets “Hey Alex1” before heading down the hall her suitcase in tow.

“She seems happy.” I comment to Max who is standing at he door staring after her with a grin to match.

“I should hope so.” He responds before patting me on the shoulder and saying “ Come on we got a bust to catch.

* * *
Once everyone was seated and the bus was just about prepared to pull off one of the first topics of discussion to arise, “So Max…Care to share how you spent your night.” Michael queried

“ No comment.” Max answers Smiling wryly to himself.

“Come on Alex and I were the ones out there in the woods helping to set up your little love scene and your not gonna share with?” Michael continued to probe

“Sorry pal no offense but it’s just…private.” Then moving the focus from himself “What about you how’d you to spend the night.”

“Maria on this whole we have to re learn each other…kick so we played cards and so far all I know about her is that she’s a horrible loser.”

“You know that could be the key to everything.” Alex interjects

“What that girls are losers.” Michael asks

“No stupid, re learning out girlfriends you know other than the physical which is probably what drew us to the in the first place.” Max provides

“Exactly.” Alex agrees

Liz’s POV

As the Bus pulls off go back to take my seat in the Max with Max

It’s good thing too because it looks like they were talking about something they shouldn’t have been

So I checked with the guys and out of the three couple on this trip Max and I were the only ones to have sex.

That hasn’t happened in like…


But based on my limited experience there are a few thing I’ve learn about the taboo subject of sex

Actually the first is kind of a question but I can’t help but ask myself this

Why the heck isn’t it as good as everyone says it is?

I waited my entire life for last night and after it was over I was lying there thinking “That was it?”


A lot how your first time goes has to do with who you’re with.

I mean yeah, it was a little awkward and sticky and it hurt but Max made a lot that stuff bearable

And when we cuddled together lying in the afterglow besides “Was that it?” among other things was thinking “I hope I never have to give this up”

It’s not everyday you get to fall asleep in the arms of your soul mate

I hope Max and I have plenty more blissful night like last night in our future. I’m so lucky.

“Are you sore?” Max whispers in my ear as I shift in my embrace.

Definitely lucky.


Okay so told a little fib there nookie for everyone. And don’t maim me about not writing about he actual copulative act between Max and Liz but there is reason for that and trust me it will be made up for as the story continues

So we’re back to Sunrise what awaits our crew there get complete role reversal.

* * *

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check out this great banner compliments of Schurry

Okay peoples I know it's been nearly a month since I've updated this...BUT and it's big but I have plan. If I post on Tues nights/Wed mornings and Fri nights/Sat mornings I should be able to finish this story about mid November. So we'll try that for a while see how it works.

Also this part I've been fretting over for a while...There's actual nookie not just talk of it. So be brutally honest.

On with the story.

Part 13

The buses arrived late that night back on the grounds of Camp Sunrise. Everyone was pleasantly exhausted from the trip therefore after all the campers were safely settled in their bunks the counselors went straight to sleep. The morning came and the dreary atmosphere warranted that the group would need to plan some indoor activities for the day. They were right as shortly after breakfast it began to rain

Maria spent the better part of the morning trying to get Liz to divulge certain information about her night with Max, which only received wry smiles from Liz “So I take it I’m going to have to continue to cover for you when you and Max sneak off in the middle of the night for your little …rendezvous’.” Maria teased as she lounged on her bunk in sweats. Everyone had taken to lazy and comfortable attire due to the inclement weather

“No, I don’t think we’re going to be doing that again anytime soon.” Liz answered simply.

“What? Why?” Maria said nearly falling off the top bunk.

“I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. Sure the atmosphere was nice and romantic but the actual act … was weird and… I had no idea what I was doing…” Liz explained

“But he did of coarse.” Maria prompted

“Yeah well thank god one of us did…any how once I finally started to get the hang of it, it was over and I’m left thinking “Was that it?” I mean I’d rather have him use his mouth on me than do that again.” Her admission ironically seemed to be a bigger deal to Maria than it did to Liz.

“You can’t do that.” Maria paused a second. “Yes, oral lovin’ has it’s benefits.” she corrected “but you can’t give up on sex, these things take time you can’t just expect...”

“...Guest what!” Isabel said bursting through the cabin doors and Maria shot her a less than pleased look she really wanted to finish the conversation she was having with her friend. “We just got a bunch of free time on our hands.”

“How?” Liz asked

“Well apparently Tess and Kyle were very…bored over the weekend while we were away so they made up some type of puppet show for the kids, using handmade puppets and everything. They volunteered to take the kids off our hands for the day.” Isabel explained

“Wait a minute Tess volunteered to do something that didn’t involve self gratification?” Maria said having a bit of trouble believing that idea

“That‘s the same thing Michael said when he found out.” Isabel joked “In fact the guys are on their way over here right now.”

“Really,” Liz said jumping off the bed in alarm taking the time to run a brush through her hair and smooth on a bit of lip-gloss she couldn’t let Max see her like this.

Maria scrunched her nose at Liz, wondering what had caused her to suddenly care about her appearance. This was a girl to whom make up had seemed a foreign concept only a few days before.

Satisfied, Liz hopped back on her bunk and struck a pose as if she’d been lounging the whole time to await the guy’s arrival.

A few moments later the male counselors joined them and sure enough Max joined Liz on her bed greeting her with a quick kiss as they both used the mammoth Hello Kitty doll adorning her bed as a pillow.

“Okay, so what does everyone want to do?” Maria posed the ever-present question “Indoors where it’s not wet.”

“How about the movies?” Alex suggested.

“I don’t know there’s nothing really good out …” Maria said, which was the truth. The only thing she could recall was that new romantic comedy which simply wasn’t her idea of entertainment.

“Yes there is. What about that new Brad Hart flick?” Isabel suggested.

Maria looked to Liz to share a conspiratorial best friend laugh. The two of them had just been joking the other day that men like the characters that Brad Hart usually played in movies didn’t exist. However, it was apparent that Liz's opinion of the male species had since changed, as she and Max seemed to be lost in each other’s eyes.

“Sounds good but I don’t think Max and Liz can make it seeing as how they’re otherwise occupied.” Michael quipped only to receive death glares from his pal.

“Ha ha… very funny we’ll be there.” Max defended

“So movies it is?” Isabel concluded.

Maria’s POV

All summer long all I’ve talked about was the road trip to Six Flags because I thought it would be the closest thing I got to a real vacation this summer but now that the trip has come and gone I’ve realized just how wrong I was in assuming that.

Wrong because one, when you’re accompanied by eighty or so extraneous campers nobody was really going to have much of a vacation.

And two, because this is the real vacation a little fun between friends at the movie theater.

Most importantly for the first time in almost three weeks I’m not responsible for anyone else but myself.

Just the six of us having a good time.

Much to my dismay we went to see that new romantic comedy with Brad Hart. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like romance or anything like that but one thing you have to understand about these movies is that their main purpose is usually so that the guy can prance around half naked and the girl can strut the latest fashions. Other than that they have predictable plots…Okay, and maybe a little humor.

I guess it’s just as well considering nobody was really paying attention to the movie.

No wait, I take that back I think Alex, and Iz are actually watching the movie. Actually Isabel’s watching the movie and Alex is just watching her.

We caught the afternoon showing so excluding our group there was hardly anyone in the theater. Of coarse we were going to make use of the opportunity.

Max and Liz are over in the corner discretely swallowing each other’s faces interspersed with looking at the movie every now and then. I have to give those two credit, I didn’t think it was possible to be discrete when it came to that type of thing.

I guess in that way they are better than Mikey and I, no sex in public places…

Yet that is

we’ll see how long that lasts.

I couldn’t really concentrate on the movie because I’m fighting the increasingly difficult battle of helping Michael to keep his hands to himself. Talk about grabby-handed guys

“You mind telling me why you turned into an eight armed freak back there?” I ask him once the movie was over and we were waiting on line at the pizza shop near the theater to get a bite to eat before we head back towards the bowels of Sunrise.

“What do you mean?” He asks, thoroughly confused.

Guys, typical stupidity.

“I mean you and the unwanted grope fest mister.” I clarify. I felt like I was lifting weights just to keep him off of me.

“I thought you liked…”

“You were wrong I don’t like… I’ll tell you what I want and what I don’t want for that matter and otherwise do us both a favor and keep your hands to yourself.”

Here’s Michael looking sad as if I’ve hurt his feelings and maybe I have but he needed to hear it. We’re supposed to be re-learning one another he must have skipped ahead about four steps on the syllabus.

“I’m sorry but I got the distinct impression that you some how forgot that a non-physical relationship didn’t mean feel me up in the dark.” I say placing a kiss on the tip of his nose

“I’m sorry too for …being a pedophile.” He apologized and I easily slip into his embrace “Will I ever get to …feel you up in the dark,”

“Maybe… if you’re good.” I say teasing him with one last kiss before pulling away.

Speechless, dumbfounded those don’t even begin to describe the look on his face.

I’ve always considered myself a good kisser but…really

I know this and though I wouldn’t dare say this out loud, trust me the results could be catastrophic,

I’ve got Michael so whipped.

His pals Alex and Max are attempting to conceal their snickers, Which must quickly be stopped because there’s nothing worse than putting that mojo on a guy if front of his friends.

In private you can get him to do… pretty much anything you want but not in front of his friends.

“I don’t see why you’re laughing Max considering you need to do the complete opposite.” I say diverting the attention

“What…Why?” Both Alex and Michael said almost simultaneously

“Max, Girlfriend walk with me a second.” I say as the two of us head down the block out of earshot. I don’t know where my poor misguided friend is, maybe in the bathroom or something, but the last thing I need is the gossip gravy train making it back to her. “Based on what Liz told me…”

Max’s POV

Remember that rare tendency I told you Liz has to confuse me. Well I thought that was all over now that we’d crossed that…physical boundary

But apparently not

Apparently it’s even more confusing now than it ever was before.

And the worse part is I would have been none the wiser had Maria not filled me in.

I could have been hurting my angel and not have even known it.

Kind of embarrassing actually, if you think about it.

I mean she seemed pretty happy and comfortable to me. How was I supposed to know that …

You know what never mind.

This, of coarse, must be discussed and quickly remedied. After we’d arrived back on camp grounds from our little movie going adventure Liz and I head down to the pier for a little moonlit ride in a canoe.

We laughed

We kissed

We hold hands

We’re a couple in love, which is why again I say I’m confused.

I row us out to the middle of the lake for two reasons

One, I don’t want any one to hear what I’m about to ask her.

And two, it puts us right out under the stars and moonlight and all that. She’s told me how much she enjoys that.

Liz gently removes the paddle from my hand places them on the floor of the boat and snuggles in my arms.

It just finished raining so it’s still kind of damp out but neither of us seems to mind as she smiles at me and the gentle breezes and current of the water carry us on the rest of our journey.

It’s a very peaceful atmosphere and I almost hate to break it. “Liz.” I caution. “When we made love was I…did I hurt you?”

“No.” She stated simply “I mean yes it did hurt then, one time, and sure I was a little sore afterwards but it wasn’t because of you, it was because it’s natural that’s just how it’s supposed to happen.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, she nods “Sure I didn’t like …turn you off from all sexual practices form the rest of your life.”

“Where’d you get an idea like that?” Liz asked looking up at me

“Maria…according to her I had you traumatized.”

She ‘s rolling her eyes as if to say ‘I should have known’ “Max do me a favor?”


“Never…ever listen to Maria. You know she’s a total drama Queen.”

“So you’re not…”

“No I’m not still sore, and while making love isn’t on my list of things that I want to do right now, that doesn’t mean I never want to do it again.” she paused as if pondering something “Beside there’s still plenty of other things we could do as a couple.”

“Like what?”

“Things like this, I enjoy just being here like this with you.” She snuggles a little closer into me

Little does she know that’s giving me a major hard on. I can’t help it I told you what this girl does to me and since making love isn’t on her list…

What my angel wants my angel gets.

For a while, we were just still like that basking in the presence of love.

Alex’s POV

So I decided to take Isabel for Ice Cream, after everyone else decided to head home after the movie she and I went for Ice Cream and I’m pretty sure tonight’s the night I’m going to make my move.

I mean it’s about damn time if I do say so myself.

Okay, so this little mission of mine isn’t entirely self motivated.

The guys spent the better part of last night and this morning ragging on me and my the physical side of my relationship with Isabel,

Or lack there of.

Michael was the ringleader he and Kyle kept making jokes about how I was a wet behind the ears virgin who couldn’t crack the Ice Princess… and such…

While Max just stood by and laughed. I think partially because they were talking about his sister.

Can you blame him.

And it’s not that I don’t want to.

I mean kissing Isabel would be a dream come true. Yes just kissing, I’m a simple guy one step at time…

I’d like Isabel to feel the same way.

And thus far she hasn’t given me any indication that she does.

So any who I buy Isabel some of that rum raisin she been raving about maybe I’ll try some myself

I mean anything that can cause Isabel’s face to contort in sheer pleasure like that, as she takes a spoonful, can’t be all bad.

“Good?” I ask prompting her to feed me a spoonful.

Suddenly I understood the reason behind the blissful look on her face. This ice cream flavor ought to be labeled:

Danger, known to cause excessive drooling

And apparently extreme arousal. I’ve never had ice cream so enticing in all my life.

Remind me to buy a tub of that later.

Isabel is looking at me with that disarming smile and suddenly I forgot what I was thinking all I knew is I wanted to kiss her.

I knew this was the moment.

I lean in close my eyes and go for it

Apparently closing my eyes wasn’t the best possible way to go about things because. She turned her head back to her cone, which I didn’t see.

And I got a face full of Rum raisin

While she got it on her blouse.

Iz looks pissed to say the least, that’s got to be the second top of hers I’ve ruined

I won’t even mention the splatter painting incident.

“I’m sorry.” I caution not like it helped much

She sighs in frustration “Maybe we should just go home.” She suggests none to thrilled with me.

Perfect a disastrous end to what was supposed to be romantic evening…

Michael’s POV

“…No how many times do I have to say that before you get it through your thick skull.”

Depends, how many times do I have to hear the word NO before it become a perpetual state of being?

“Why? Why can’t we just shag everyone else is?” I ask which is painfully true I’m beginning to think they should change the camp’s name from sunrise to ‘Camp Shagwell’

“No they’re not Alex and Iz are…” I give her a moment to realize the complete absurdity of her statement. “…Okay so maybe they are but Max and Liz are not and I know that for a fact.”

That’s what you think… just wait until tomorrow morning I’ll just leave it at that…

“Beside we’re not Max and Liz...” Your right about that. “…they took a lesson in falling in love while we just skipped right to the next step and now it’s time to play catch up.”

“I love you Maria….”Although this no sex thing is really putting a crimp in things. I don’t think she’s buying it “I really do.” I emphasize as I hop off the bunk and take her hands in mine.

She’s got that look again

You know that one where that says: I wouldn’t believe you now if you swore on bible “Prove it.”

What now?

I hope she doesn’t ask me to jump in the lake again because at the time a night I’d hate to disappoint her but

Not gonna happen.

“Teach me to cook?”

“How’s that going to help us learn each other.” I say gesturing wildly

“You like to cook it’s something your good at and I figure if you can put up with me through the preparation of a meal for…for the entire camp you’d have to love me.”

“Okay.” I agree hesitantly

Maria in a kitchen where sex isn’t involved

Not a pretty picture.

* * *

“I am so tired…” Maria yawned as she and Liz made their way towards the female outhouse for their morning rituals.

“ I know what you mean it’s one of those morning where you feel like going straight back to bed.” Liz agreed as stretched than sluggishly began discarding her clothing for her shower.

“Rough Night?” Maria questioned wagging her eyebrows suggestively. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Maria was referring to. It seemed that ever since she and Michael had put a hold on the physical side of their relationship she’d taken a renewed interest in her best friend’s

To the slight annoyance of Liz “It’s too early …give it a rest.” with that she stepped into the stall.

“I still don’t see why you’re so against sex Liz . Once you get the hang of it, it become one of the most liberating outlets you have. Sometimes after Michael and I…I’m lying there in the afterglow and…”

Liz tuned Maria out as she enjoyed the way the warm water ran in rivulets waking her still tired muscles. It’d been a long time since Liz had a hot shower usually she didn’t get up early enough and the water would run cold by the time she got to it.

Relishing the rare opportunity Liz lathered her loofah with raspberry shower gel and ran the sponge over her extremities once encasing herself in the scent. Liz was so thoroughly enjoying herself shower she hadn’t even realized when Maria had stopped speaking. Or when all movement in the bathroom became stark still for that matter.

“Maria!” Liz cautioned but no response came.

Not paying it much attention Liz continued with her lather Maria could have just ran back to the bunk simply having forgotten something, although Liz didn’t recall her mentioning she was leaving. None the less Liz figured she’s take advantage of the rare opportunity of an empty bathroom “Start spreading the news…”her voice rang

Singing in the shower was something Liz truly enjoyed however something her bunkmates strongly objected to so she held her tongue for them but now since they weren’t here she broke into a ballad of her favorite show tune and gave it her all. So involved her crooning that she didn’t hear the slight noise of the shower curtain being pulled back and was halfway through a verse of “…New York, New York!” when she turned to see “Max!” standing in the stall wearing nothing but a slightly amused smirk. “What are you doing here!?”

“Couldn’t I ask you the same thing…Miss New York?’ he teased

“Singing.” Liz answered instinctively

“That’s what you call singing?” He teased.

“Yes…wait a minute this is our bathroom I belong here!” she said playfully throwing her sponge at him.

He caught it and judging by the impish grin playing upon his face Liz didn’t wager he planned on giving it back. “ Ma-ax” she warned

“Li-iz.” The shower stall was barely big enough for the two of them yet Liz was distancing her self as much as possible in the small space. “Come here.” Max said gently beckoning for her to come a little closer.
Hesitantly she approached him. “You never answered my question.” She stated as he engulfed her in his embrace. “What are you doing here Max?”

Max’s lips were instantly drawn to the supple skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder he drew away only briefly to respond. “Can’t a guy greet his girlfriend in the morning?”

“Sure he can …but preferably not in the shower….” His mouth was doing wicked things to her concentration “…Preferably… it would be after they’ve both been cleaned and…”as usual Max’s proximity to Liz combined with their lack of clothing was causing a certain appendage between his legs to stir. She jumped slightly as the hardness of his shaft brushed against her belly. “…and clothed.”

Suddenly Liz was aware of just how splendidly nude they were and the pain of her recent first experience fired from the back of her mind.

Feeling her body tense against him, “You alright?” Max asked the look in her eyes told him no, even though she was nodding her head yes “You sure?” he asked. He literally felt like crap considering the whole purpose of him coming to her had to do with relaxation and he seemed to be doing the complete opposite.

As he idly fingered the damp silky strands of her hair moving them aside to massage the nape of her neck he got an idea. Max looked around the stall for the desired item holding up the bottle of shampoo he asked, “May I?” Once he received permission from Liz, he poured a liberal amount of the fragrant liquid in his hand and began working the soap through her honeyed strands.

There was something supremely intimate about having another’s fingertips in your scalp perhaps more so than actual lovemaking as Liz saw it; and the gentle scrubbing of Max’s fingers cajoled her in an amorous daze. Once he was done cleansing her hair he rinsed the soap and the warm temperance of the water put her in an even more delicious mood…

So much so that she barely heard when he held the shampoo bottle in his hands and said “My turn.” with an expectant smile.

“ ‘Course.” Liz said clearing her throat “But I should warn you. You may smell a little girly.”

“It worth it.” He smirked

As requested Liz repeated the same task he had just performed for her taking special pride in the sated expression on his face. She couldn’t resist herself, the way he ran his tongue over his mouth made his thin lips look so inviting. With her hand in his hair their lips came together as she rinsed him, the lather dissipating around them.

“Turn around” she said as he handed her the loofah and shower gel

“Why?” he playfully asked.

“Just humor me.” Liz pleaded and he happily obliged. Liz lathered up his back, shoulders, and abs taking particular time to find the pleasure point in each location, in much the same manner that he had made it his business to please her. When Liz reached the straining flesh of his groin Max nearly jumped at the touch of her small hands. It was obvious she was purposefully taking her time with this. Liz ran her hand excruciatingly slowly all the way from the base of Max’s manhood to the tip. No longer able to stand anymore of her ministrations Max turned around and asked. “Having fun? ”with an impish grin

Which caused Liz to blush.

“No no.” he said pulling away gently as he wagged his index finger at her. “cleaning first then pleasure.” Liz smiled at his game as she handed him the soap to lather up the loofah Max reveled in the soft feel of her skin as he ran the cloth over her shoulders. Gently moving her hair aside he cleaned her neck placing butterfly kisses over the newly scrubbed flesh.

Max pressed his front against her back, his erection straining against her bottom, he briefly ran the cloth over her breasts. Liz’s heart swelled with affection for Max as he took so much care with her. But as he continued his path with the loofah into more southerly regions his caresses became less loving and a little more risque. “Max what are you doing?” Liz asked an impish grin painting her lips.

“If you have to ask I must not be doing it very well.”

“You know what I mean.” She said as she playfully batted him away. He went but not as she’d expected. Instead of extricating his embrace from her he simply concentrated his kisses lower around her navel. He listened as the sound of her breathing became more labored as he neared his destination. Seeing that that her legs were becoming weak he eased her back against the wall of the shower. As she leaned back He put his hands on her thighs to part her legs wider. For a moment all he could do was stare at her exposed beauty for, wet and waiting for him, and his own sex hardened even, if that were possible, more at the sight of her. Her hand was, fisted into his hair, waiting in anticipation for his touch.

She cold feel his warm breath as he peppered soft kisses along her tender flesh until he reached her delicate core. The air was rushing in and out of her lungs, growing louder as her excitement increased, a torturous sigh escaped he lips at the first flick of his tongue along her folds. His tongue was making her body come alive with sensation and each stroke was making her tremble all the more. His tongue, wet and rigid, parted her lips and dipped inside her, tasting the rush of moisture that seeped from her walls. He toyed with her, teasing her, just to hear her moan. He could sense her body quickly rising to a peak and in one swift motion, he removed his tongue and replaced with a finger, hitting her sweet spot while his mouth clamped over her nub of nerves. “Max …” she whimpered “…I need you!” her voice sounded strained, even to he own ears.

“You need me ?” he queried with a raised eyebrow relenting on his ministration only briefly.

“Yes you…” Liz was almost frantic with desire”…I love you…I need you please…”

“Love you too angel…” he murmured the sound vibrating against her walls as ran his dexterous tongue along their length “…Now tell me again… what is it you need?”

He was teasing he she knew but was too tense with desire to care “I need your…you. I need your.”

“Say it… tell me exactly what you want.” He coaxed

“Your dick…your cock …your penis…Little Max… I need all of you inside of me and I need it now.”

Hearing his beloved use such tawdry language pushed him over the edge no longer could he stand these preliminaries. Braced against he shower wall he lifted her up and hooked her knees over his elbows so that she was straddling him. Their bodies already slick with soap and water combined with her love juices penetration was effortless as she eased onto her shaft and the both sighed at the heavenly union.

. Liz moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. At first his movement within her were slow and gentle but as his need grew they became more urgent as they both tumbled closer to the edge…

* * *

This stupid punishment was getting out of hand as Tess saw it. Her parents wanted her to learn how to get along better with her fellow counselors and for that reason she was staying in the girls cabin which meant loud teenagers, no heat, and worst of all the outhouses.

To avoid the morning rush for the past few days Tess arose early to get a bath before the teeming masses and where at the very leas she could enjoy the benefits of a nice hot shower. She usually never ran into any one on these early morning excursions however that weird Maria girl was standing grad of the bathroom “Trust me Tess for your own good do not go in those doors.” she’d said

Upon entering Tess understood why when she heard the desperate almost animalistic sounds coming from one of the shower stalls. One of those grunts was unmistakable it belonged to Max.

Determining who must be in the stall and exactly what they must be doing. Tess quickly turned on her heal and left the bathroom. Promptly delivering a “I don’t want to talk about it.” to Maria’s smug smile.

On her way back to the cabin Tess lamented the fact that her and Kyle’s relationship couldn’t be like Max and Liz’s. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other where as it seemed Kyle was with her out of obligation. How could that be changed?


More nookie to follow... promise.

come back on Fri/Sat

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Part 14

“…So I’m standing there for like thirty minutes freezing my tush off waiting on these two.” Maria explained gesturing wildly towards Liz. “I’m freaking out ‘cause I realize the kids are gonna be up like any minute. They stroll out with these sated expressions on their faces, looking like they need to smoke a cigarette or something. And I’m like “It’s about time.” and all Liz can do is blush.” Liz was now covering her face with her hands from the prying eyes of her peers. “Just like that.”

“A little louder Maria.” Liz said as she cleared the plates from the table “I don’t think the campers outside heard you.”

“It’s okay I’m sure they’re quite aware of that the counselors are a bunch of nymphos.” Liz didn’t waste her time responding she simply rolled her eyes at her friends jokes.

Taking the plates over to Maria to be washed Isabel said “Look at her she’s still blushing.” noting the seemingly perpetual color of crimson of Liz cheeks “It must have been good.”

“Okay I admit it was good…Heck it was explosive our bodies were all slick with soap…and it felt like every cell in body meshed with every cell in his body and started melting and boiling towards…”Liz paused, realizing a bit too many eyes were on her as other groups started entering the dining hall in preparation of their lunch snacks. “…Well, you get the point?”

“Yeah I think we do a little too much information in fact.” Isabel said

“Sorry.” Liz offered

“No, don’t be. I think it’s sweet…in a slightly pornographic type of way but sweet none the less. I have something I think you may want to try actually…on him” Isabel struggled with the last part having a bit of difficulty dealing with the idea that it was her brother’s girlfriend he was giving intimate advice.

“What.” Liz asked interest piqued.

“Just a little something that will make all your experiences slippery smooth.”

Maria eyed the taller blond suspiciously never quite understanding how Isabel’s moods could change so drastically in a matter of a moments “So how was your night Iz?”

“My night?” Is took a moment to ponder exactly how she should respond “My night was um…very cold.” She smiled wistfully at the memory of catching ice cream down her blouse.

“Care to elaborate on that for us?” Liz prompted

“Not really.” Isabel shrugged.

“Okay, well on the brighter side of things Michael and I have decided to cook!” Maria shared excitedly

“You mean your going to really cook this time or just use the food as you own personal sex toys.” Liz joked

“Ha ha very funny I suppose I deserved that but …seriously we’re going to cook dinner for everyone this Friday night.”

“Who’s doing what?” Tess asked as she and Kyle joined the girls.

After exchanging an awkward look with her friend Maria mumbled, “Um remember that thing I said I‘d help you with.”

“Yeah lets go do that now…” Liz said nodding furiously as she and Maria made their departure.

Leaving a slightly hurt Tess behind “They don’t really like me do they?” She had to ask.

Isabel tried to suppress a smile while the situation was somewhat humorous she wanted to space Tess ‘s feeling hey had at one been best friends and she still was even though they’d grown apart over the summer “Well yes, they don’t really like you but you can understand why.”

“Yeah I guess…” An admission Tess knew it hadn’t been easy to make “…It’s just…”

The statement hung in the air for a moment before “Just what Tess?” Isabel prompted.
“…Nothing. It’s not important.” Tess averted “what’s going on with you an Alex are you as love sick for him as he is for you.”

“Um…I don’t think so…”Isabel hesitantly responded a bit taken back by the question.

“Why not everyone else around her seems to be except for me Kyle that is…” Tess continued explaining the deficiencies of her and Kyle’s relationship and Isabel listened with rapt attention and even tried to give her some advice as if they were old friends.

“Let’s get serving ladies, Chicken soup doesn’t taste better cold.” Michael said poking his head out of the little service window from the kitchen.

“Hey Alex …” Isabel said greeting him with a chaste kiss as she and Tess went about he task of serving the campers their lunch.

“Max.” Tess said briefly before heading

He waved guardedly before turning to Kyle and asking “They’re not planning my destruction again are they?”

“I doubt it.” Kyle answered “But what I don’t get is how thy were just talking about as if I was not standing right here. Trust me some of the things girl discuss no on need to hear.”

“Well you are dating ‘The Serge’.” Alex offered

“Alex, my friend,” Kyle said placing his arm around the taller young man. “Unfortunately my name was alone in being dragged through the mud. Your good name did not remain unscathed.”

“That’s’ not just Tess all girls are like that, especially Maria. Gossip is what they do.” Michael declared

“Confusing.” Ale added to Kyle emphatic agreement.”

“Not Liz.” Max interjected

Which earned a fit of laughter from his compatriots “You’ll see.”

Melanie’s POV

It’s raining outside which means us campers spent nearly all day indoors, the dining hall to be more specific

It’s raining outside which is just another reason (or excuse as I prefer it be called) for our esteemed counselors to gossip.

It’s raining inside and we’ve been trapped in here since lunch, It’s now dinner.

It’s raining outside and I’m bored to tears.

I can’t find Rob so you know what that means. A little snooping around to see what’s going on

It’s supposed to be another one of those counselors meeting to figure out what to do with the two weeks we have left here at good old sunrise, with a little bit of input from their respective groups of campers, but as per usual that’s hardly what’s going on.

Michael and Maria are arguing about something in the corner.

While the other guys, those that aren’t currently occupied with their dysfunctional relationship seem to just be chilling

Except for Max, can’t seem to find him.

And no was has called the meeting to order.

I gotta say the kids seem kinda restless. Me included.

“Have you seen Max?” Liz asks as expected. These are soulmates we’re talking about here.

“I think I saw him on his way to the office, you might want to check there.” Isabel informs. Liz heads in that direction “Wait before Let me give you something…remember that thing I told you about earlier.”

What thing?

“Oh that thing…” Liz said as understanding dawned

“Come on it’s back at the cabin.” Isabel says as the two of them head off in ot obtain the aforementioned item.

This is scary on several levels

One: I can already see Liz as Max wife and I don’t know how I this whole sister in law vibe they’ve got going

Two: What “thing could they possibly be talking about …


I’m not sure how long I stood there looking at his glorious posterior. Even clad in a T-shirt and jeans Max Evans is sexy as hell. He’s focusing on something…I don’t think he even notices me. I take the opportunity and sneak up behind him slipping my hands around his waist, pressing my front against that sexy ass as I bury my nose in his back and inhale deeply of his freshly cleaned scent. “Mmm…you smell good.”

Swinging his arm around my shoulders with a loose embrace and a chaste kiss on his cheek he says “You don’t smell so bad yourself.”

I smile at him drawing my attention to the paper in his hand “Whatcha doin’?”

“It’s a time card…” He says handing me the paper “…I filled out the hours I put in today on the lifeguard stand.” I smile fondly at the memory of Max ‘s glistening physique in swim trunks and suddenly I’m reminded of my intention in being here. Placing the paper to the side I take seat on the desk in front of him, “Come here.” I say taking his and drawing him near. “Tell me about the rest of your day.”

“Well…” he said clearing his throat I “I think you know how well my morning went.” A wry smile forming on his lips I know he’s referring to our morning rendezvous…

“That I do.” I say leaning my forehead against his “Which is why I said the rest.” We both lean in simultaneously devouring each other mouths. I’ve been starving for him all day, his lips, his neck, the little spot under his chin that drives him wild when I tease it like it is now…

“Ummm my campers and I…” I concentrate on running my tongue over one particular spot “Kyle to we…” I suck on it, marking as my own “…we took the m for a ride out in the motor boat …” I blow on it on the spot which sends a shiver down his spine. I start playing with the collar of the shirt and unbutton the first few buttons “They guys they got a little wet ….and uh…sensitive …” I unbtton the rest of the buttons and splay against his tanned muscled skin.

Strangely enough tweaking his nipples seems to cause qute a reaction if I do say so myself. I never thought it would be that way especially for a guy. His head is tossed back and his eyes are closed as if in shear ecstasy. Someone’s sensitive we’ll have to work with that.

I knew this would be the perfect opportunity while he wasn’t watching me so intently. I squeeze some of the cool liquid onto my fingers it warmed to my touch. With a devilish smile I smooth some onto his nipples which makes him jump a little “What’s that?”

I point to the tube of water based lubricant resting on the desk beside me as I lightly blow on the sensitized flesh “Whoo… gave you lube.”

“You’ll never guess.” I continue to tease his chest with my tongue

“Maria.” He guesses.

“No.” I blow again.


“No I say nudging him with my elbow.” The idea that his little sister would give us sex aids to use, although not too far from the truth.

“Had to be one of the guys then.” He says shaking his head not wanting to believe.

“Isabel.” I provide. Yup , as hard as it is to believe uptight Izzy gave me the lube

“How’d she … Why’d she …”

“…Max let’s not talk about your sister.” I say unbuckling his pants. I‘ve grown so much since we started doing this… I have absolutely no qualms about pushing his pants and underwear and down taking him out and lubing up ‘little Max’… as I so hastily called it earlier although there was little about this part of him.

I can tell his I knees were becoming weak so I hop off the desk and follow him down to the floor and straddle him. I stroking his flesh my caressing combined with the lube seems to be bringing him closer and closer to the edge. His chest heaves as he begins unbuttoning my top revealing the purple satin and lace “…Nice undergarments, vast improvements from hello kitty.” He kneads my breast until he manages to ease them out of the cups of my bra without unsnapping it mind you.

Most girls might be self conscious about touching themselves I admit I probably would have been too about two weeks ago but Max awakened aside my elf that a lot more daring… A side who is too consumed with how good it feels to play with her own nipples to car what her guy thinks about it. But by the look of things he’s enjoying this just as much as I. The residue of the lubricant I put on him is still on my hand and is creating an unbelievable sensation on my chest as Max hands join the game.

By this time my skirt has bunched around my waist and practically rubbing myself around his slick erection. His warm flesh feel amazing as it grinds against the thin satin of my panties. I can almost his heat melting into me. “P…put some on me...”I breath, it was more or an order than a request.

As he reaches for the tube I take the tube I bend and his jaw nearly fell to the floor when he returns to find me in that position legs spread. “Someone’s feeling frisky tonight.” He goads

“Just in the mood to experiment.” I say

“I can see that.” He shimmies closer to my body “Been watching the nature channel lately?” he teases once more as he gently places his hand on the small of my back and edges my skirt up too reveal two supple yet bare cheeks. “Liz are you even wearing panties.”

“Of coarse …it a thong, thank you very much.”

He begin rubbing some of the lube around her already slick opening .His finger were creating a sinuously slow rhythm we’re both ready to get down to business. I feel his finger tease my slit. “Are you wearing something?” I remind.

“Hang on a sec he say s as he clumsily fumbles with his jeans to find the condom.

By the time he find it and turn back around he finds me teasing my own opening “Looks like you starting with out me.”

“I can’t help it. With this stuff on me, catch a breeze the right way
and woo…” I explain

After what seems like an eternity he finally gets the condom on and slides home to mama…

* * *

“…Maria and I will be making a special dinner on Friday night…” Michael began but he made the mistake of looking up to see Max and I’ entrance and the giddy smile on our faces “… you guys should take moment to think about what you want us to make. Hang on a sec.” He excused himself as he walked over to us “You mind.” he said dragging his friend out of ear shot Maria and I hot on their tails “Tell you guys didn’t just break yourself a piece in the camp office.”

“Michael don’t be so crass.” Maria said tapping him on the shoulder “But seriously you didn’t did you?”

Not even allowing time for us to answer Isabel added “ You used the lube didn’t you?” judging by my delirious smile I’m guessing she knows we did “See I told it could be …”

“Wait a minute Iz what are you doing with lube?” Maria asked

“Good question.” Alex pipes

Yeah Iz what are you doing with lubricant? Anything to take the suspicion of me and Max. True I may be some what of addict but that doesn’t mane I want everyone to know.


sorry guys about he huge delay little tip: FB motivates me to write

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