Part Two

As Liz walked back into the room she saw MAx was no where to be found. She walked into the living room
fear starting to fill her being. She felt the dread rise up in her throat as she walked to the last room of the house, her room. She easily saw there was no one there. Now she was worried, she knew MAx was in a bad state, he could be anywhere, doing anything. She ran down the stairs screaming " MAx!"

She ran to the door, to find it was storming outside, then as she felt wind sweep up against her neck, she spun around to see the back door was open.

" Max." she said under her breath.

She grabbed her coat from the kitchen table and raced out the door. She jumped in her car and started her search. Then as she was pulling out of the drive way something hit her. She thought about it. Every time that something bad happened or Max had something really big on his mind he would go to the......Tree House! She spead down the road her fingers clutching the steeringwheel. Then as she got to Bensworth, she stomped onto the brake, but it didn't work, she crashed right into the tree. Nothing was going to stop her though. She jumped out of the car and ran into the woods, stumbling over a few roots, and a few sticks. Once she got to the hill, she saw Max sitting in the tree house, his head in his hands. As she was about to climb down, she slipt her body pounding into the cold and wet ground.

" Damnit!" she screamed, as she saw her new shoes covered in mud. " Those were new shoes."

She ran for the tree house and then climbed to the top, seeing mAx stairing right back at her.
He had a sloppy grin on his face, her smile soon dropped heavily, and she hit him in the arm. He winced as he fell to the floor. Liz had alot more strength than he had thought.

" What the hell were you thinking!" she screamed. Her anger was so hot right now she could feel the blood in her veins boil. " You just walked right out, not giving a shit, what was going to go through my head! Other than the fact hmm, " she thought with her finger to her chin," You might be dead."

" Liz just stop for a minute." he said softly as he stood up.

" No! You dont understand!" she said as she waved her arms around. Then before she noticed it she felt two arms wrap around her tight. She melted into them easily. She just let her tears of frustration and saddness out as he held her. It was strange at how warm and safe she felt in Max's arms, she could melt into them easlily, and just feel like they were part of eachother.


As Liz sat on the bleachers she watched Sean play basketball. His muscles, were making her drool.
She still hurt, because Sean dumped her, she loved him so much, and she didn't understand why he would dump her, she hadn't done anything wrong, he showed that he loved her to, it just didn't make any sense.

LAter that day Jeff had a date with some lady. Liz's parents split up about two years ago,
and her dad had been dating people every since then. But this woman, he had been seeing for quite a long time now, which Liz did not like. She was tall, blond hair, and as always Big ass Breasts. As she walked into the room it would be the first thing her father would look at, it discusted Liz, expesially the times when she was over at his house, and she would take up all his time for Liz.

" Liz I want to tell you something, about Lilly." her dad said as he sat next to her on the couch.

" Lilly, just got out of a bad relationship with her last husband, Jacob Sweens. So give her a break will you." he said as he left the room.

Liz's eyes went wide. That meant, she was Seans Mom, and if Lilly and her dad were to marry it would make them siblings. Liz melt down into the couch and cried her eyes out, Why did her life have to suck so much.


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