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Healing Love *New part 4/5/02
Title: Healing love
Author: So far, just me..
Disclaimer: Obviously not
Rating: Nothing bad, PG 13
Authors note: OK, so I have this idea for a fanficHope you like it. I thought the show was getting a little boring so... here it is..

Part 1

"Code Red, Code Red". The voice over the announcer reported. "Dr. Parker Dr. Parker, you're needed in room 311, code red Dr. Parker." Liz sighed heavily. It had been a very hectic day. She'd performed a very serious heart surgery and she was exhausted both emotionally and physically. She loved her job but some times all the blood and the screaming patients got to her. Liz was 22 years old, a child prodigy as they ahd called her. She had become a doctor at the age of 21, fresh out of college.

Liz rushed into room 311, her mind set on helping the patient.

"Dr. Parker, a gunshot wound to the women's upper abdomen, there is severe bleeding, we'll have to operate immediately." Liz put on her operating gloves and lifted the woman's shirt. There was a small bullethole in her abdomen and the woman was bleeding profusely. Liz gasped. She had remembered 7 years back when she had been shot in almost the exact same spot, but she had been healed. By a certain person she promised she'd never think about once she stared her new life.

"Dr., Dr. she's stopped breathing." The nurse next to her exclaimed.

"No!" Liz screamed a little bit too loudly. This woman will not die, she can't die. It's not fair. I could have been her, I should have died too! Liz thought.

For the next 10 minutes Liz tried to revive the patient. When she heard that long beep signaling a person's death, Liz couldn't help the sobs that escaped her body.

"Dr., It's OK" The Nurse said softly. "there was too much blood lost, it was impossible to help her."

Liz just stared at the woman lying in front of her. She was dead, dead becasue she had failed to heal her. Liz observed the serene look on the woman's face. She had been unconcious, at least she hadn't felt any pain.

'It's not fair' thought Liz. 'How can a person change a life with just one touch? Was it fair that I got to live while this woman died? I should be dead, like her' Liz thought. Tears stung her eyes again as she realized what she had realized so many times before. He had saved her life. Every day that she was alive, every morning that she woke up, every breath she took, it was all because of him. I owe him my existence, thoguht Liz. Yet I broke his heart to pieces and destroyed his life. He healed me, and I killed him. Liz let another tear fall. Another tear she had shed for him. She gently pulled the sheet over the woman's face and left the room.

Part 2

Liz finished late for a thursday night.

'I can't feel so emotional whenever a thing like this happens' She thought. 'It's part of my job and I have to stay professional.'

But she knew it wasnt just a patient dying. It was the fact that anything remotely resembling her old life brought her to tears. A life she had left behind, but one she could never forget. She had tried to heal the patients at first. Although she knew that she wasnt God. She had told him that herself once before. She thought perhaps he had changed her, that she had become like him, but she hadn't. So she healed people the only way she knew how. Learning through books and medicines, knowing where everything was located on a human's body, what nerves were where, how to perform surgery. It was all practical more or less. It was normal. And she liked things that way. Becasue her old life hadn't been normal. It had been anything but.

"Night Billie" Liz said to the security guard as she took her coat.

"G night, Dr. Parker. You be careful now. They just says on the radio that two men just robbed a bank. I'm sure they'll catch em in no time though. Just be careful."

"I will be" Liz smiled at the guard as she left the building and got into her car.

He could still feel the impact of the bullet as it had pierced through his skin, causing him to hit another car which in turn crashed into the side of a bus. He knew it was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they still couldnt take any risks. He had swerved off the road, already forming a plan in his head. She too had acted quickly. Using her mind to direct the attention away from them. Making it seem like the first car had swerved into a tree.

"Michael, are you OK? she asked as she leaned over him.

"Yeah Isabel" he mumbled.

"Thank god they misssed us. Damn fuckers. hope the police get them." Michael said.

"What now Max?" Isabel asked.

"Max?" she asked.

No answer. Michael's eyes opened wide and he climbed over the seat.

"Max! Oh god Max! Oh god!"

"NO!" Isabel yelled. "Max?!"

"They got him Isabel, the blood, it's everywhere" Michael sad in disbelief as tears threatened to fall.

"Call an ambulance, God, call an ambulance." Isabel cried.

"We can't Isabel!, You know that!" Michael yelled.

"What else can we do?" Isabel exclaimed.

"Max, wake up, please wake up" Michael yelled.

A small groan escaped Max's lips.

"Max, Max can you hear me?" Michael yelled. "Max, you have to heal yourself, do you hear me Max?" Michael shook Max desperately.

"Michael, he's not concious, we, we need to go to a hospital." isabel tried to keep her voice from breaking into sobs.

"NO Isabel, we bring Max to a hospital, they take his blood, they notice it's not human, you know that isabel!"

"We can't just let him die!" Isabel yelled. "He's my brother!"

"He's mine too Isabel! But we can't. Not after all we've been through. Will you just give all that up?

"Are you going to let him die?" isabel sobbed. "Is our life any more important that his. If he dies Michael, we die too. We need each other. We're a family You know that. If they heal him, we'll still have each other. We'll find a way to escape. We'll run away." Isabel pleaded.

"Call" Michael said.

Part 3

"Damn Traffic" Liz mumbled. "What is going on there?" As if to answer her question Liz's cell phone went off.

"Dr. Parker?"

"Yeah" Liz said.

"Dr. Parker, As you may have already known, two men had robbed a bank about ten minutes ago. The police have infomed the hospital that there was a shooting on route 10."

"Wait,Route 10?" Liz asked. "Im on route 10"

"We were hoping you were, there seem to be a few victims of the accident. Most of them aren't seriosuly hurt. We've sent a couple of ambulances down there, but they can't seem to get through. Do you have your emergency kit?"

"Yes, I do" Liz answered

"Well, we just got a call from one of the victims. They say their fried is unconcious. Can you check it out?"

"Yeah, yes, of course" Liz said.

"Thank you Dr., we're sending another ambulance immediately.

"Bye" Liz said as she hung up. ' Doesnt look like I'll be going home any time soon' she thought.

Liz drove her car to the side of the road and locked it. After all, it wasn't really hers, the hospital had provided it, and well, if it got stolen they would provide her with a new one. She had more things to worry about.

Liz got out of the car and started to walk in between the cars stuck in the traffic. There was a lot of honking and yelling, but Liz just flashed her medical license at the angry drivers. Up ahead she saw the wreck. There were already two paramedics helping a woman onto a stretcher.

"I'm Dr. Parker" Liz stated. "I was told there was an unconcious patient in need of immediate attention." Liz said

"Well, we didn't hear anyting about an unconcious patient but it might be. It's just chaotic here. Thank god you came here when you did. I mean, we're just trainees, the real ambulances haven't arrived yet. We were just helping the people with the minor injuries"

"Ok" Liz nodded ."Ill check around the area"

Liz then noticed the car off the side of the road. Most people would have mistaken it for an empty car that someone had left, or someone just pulling off to rest but Liz was pretty sure these were the victims she was told about. Medical bag in hand, she rushed over to the car.

"Is he still breathing?" Isabel asked. Worry lines covered her face.

"Yeah, he's still breathing." Michael replied.

"Oh thank god!" Isabel exclaimed.

Max mumbled another incoherent word and then drifetd back into unconciousness.

"The hospital sent someone." Isabel said a bit more relieved.

Liz rushed over to the car, already seeing the two bodies leaning over the injured patient. It was too dark to make out who it was but they looked to be young kids, about her age, but maybe older.

"Who's hurt?" Liz asked in a rushed tone as she opened the car door. There wasn't much time if the victim had been shot.

"Right there, my brother" Isabel said pointing to Max.

Liz leaned over the victim, his head down. Just then Max rolled his head to the side facing Liz and his eyes opened slightly.

"Liz?" Max whispered, and then he fell into unconciousness again.

Liz's eyes popped open, and time seemd to stop. It was him. It was really him. Liz blinked and then gasped. "Oh my god!"

Ok, I have like 10 more parts to this fic but I just wanna get some feedback and then ill definitely post. Ok, hope y'all like it


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Part 4
Outside, the ambulance sirens were wailing, but inside that little car everything was deadly silent. Max breathe was deep and even, like someone resting, and Liz seemed to have stopped breathing altogether. Michael and isabel just stared at Liz wide eyed, just trying to think of something to say.

"You? You're a doctor?" Michael said in a whisper.

Liz was still frozen looking at max.

'How could this be?' she thought. 'This wasn't fair, they couldn't just barge into her life again, not when she had tried so hard to forget them.' But yet there he was, lying in front of her, so peaceful, just like he had that morning before she left...

Finally Liz's head shot up.

"NO!" she exclaimed. "No! I can't, I can't deal with this. You can't just come back here." Liz was crying.

"Liz, please." Isabel pleaded.

"I, I can't" liz sobbed. "The hospital is sending an ambulance and they'll be here any minute, so I'll just go and-"

"Liz, please, he needs you." Isabel said.

Liz still couldn't respond. It was as if fate was playing a nsaty trick on her.

"Liz, look, I don't really know what happened when we were in high school, I'll admit that. And I know that knowing us was probably what made you run away, but if Max goes to any other doctor, they'll know that he's, that he's, not human. And the fact that you're here, and you know our secret, Liz please, don't make us have to run away again.You don't know how hard we've tried to be normal." Michael said.

Both Isabel and Liz were amazed at his speech. They didn't think they'd ever heard Michael speak so much in one sentence.

'God' Liz thought. 'If only he knew. I can't be this selfish. They don't even know half of it. How can I not save Max? It's my chance to bring him back to life. It's my chance to repay him. If only it's not to late.'

Liz listened to Max breathing. It was as if he was in a deep sleep, even breaths. Noting to worry about, yet.
She had to try, although it had never worked before, maybe, juts maybe, since it was him...

"We'll take him to my house. I'll tell the doctors everything was fine. Let's go" Liz said.

"Thank you liz" Isabel said. "Thank you."

Michael and Isabel had carried Max to Liz's car. They had walked on the side of the highway, and no one had really paid any attention to them anyway. They had moved Max's car further back, she would think of what to do with that later.

Liz said she would drive. She had made a call to the doctor. Everything was fine, she had said. The ambulances had come. It had been a prank call. Thankfully,the doctor had bought it.

The ride was silent. No one wanted to ask questions. Michael afraid to say anything stupid so Liz wouldn't change her mind, Isabel was just too thankful that it had been Liz, and Liz had felt too guilty to say anything. And Max, well, he didnt really know what was going on.

After about half an hour they finally got there.

"Well, here it is' Liz said. "I live alone so.."

"We'll bring him in" Michael said.

"Right" Liz opened her fornt door, it was a small townhouse, she lived on the first floor.

'Better not tell them who my neighbors are yet' Liz thought. I'll save that surprise for Michael' Liz gave a small laugh. This was just the strangest thing that could ever happen. Yet here it was, her closure, she would finally deal with everything. She just wasnt so sure she was ready for that.

Michael and Isabel brought him up, on the bed in Liz's room.

"I, um, have a guest room with two beds and um, I'll sleep on the coach." Liz said.

"Can I be alone with him for a while?, to see what's wrong with him, I mean" Liz said.

"Yeah, sure" Michael said. He gave her a msalll smile before they left. Liz didn't think Michael ahd ever smiled at her.

Liz closed the door after them and turned on her noght light. He was just as beautiful as she had remembered. Except he looked a little older.
'Of course he's older' Liz thought. 'You're older, he's older, its been 7 years'

But she knew it wasnt just that. Max had never had the worry lines he wore now, he was always clean shaven, never had stubble. But he was almost a different person, yet she knew in her heart he was the same.

Liz reached down to touch his face and immediately pulled away.

'I have to try' Liz thoguht. 'No backing out now'

This time she put both her hands on the side of his face. Immediately she was filled with a rush of images, but they went by so fast, she couldn't make any of them out. She only felt. She felt his emotions, they all came at her so fast, it took her breath away. The happiness so long ago, the naivety of a young boy, the grief when she left, the utter sadness, the strenght he had as a leader, the devastation of what happened with Tess, and time after time his heart had broken, and now he was all dead inside.

'Dead becasue of me' A thought in Liz's mind said to her.

And without thinking, her hands had moved down, down to where the blood had soaked through his shirt, where another part of him had been borken. And her hands had been stuck there, and she couldn't move them. Then, suddenly, suddenly, just the way she had tried but failed so many time before, a warm glow radiated beneath her fingertips, and she gasped. And no sooner than her hands had been there she had removed them. And it was gone. All new again. Liz rummaged in her medical bad for a bandage. Quickly she covered his wound with a thick layer of the white fabric, all the dried blood buried beneath it.

'Oh, my god' Liz thought. 'It worked, I, I did it. But how. It had never worked before, after I tried so hard, so many times. I couldn't. Becasue it was him. That voice told her again. And she knew it was true.

He would sleep now, and so would she. She couldn't deal with this now.

Liz walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. They were really back. And she had felt different than before. Sure, there was the pain, but then there was that little part of her heart that had suddenly started feeling again.

Back in the room Max rested. His eyes closed, a smile playing on his lips. His lips which had regained color, his face which had suddenly gotten smoother. You wouldn't have even know something happened to him. Unless you saw the bandage. But if you looked really hard, you might see the light glow behind that bandage. In the small shape of a silver handprint.

Part 5

"Isabel?, Are you awake?" Michael asked

"No" Isabel groaned without opening her eyes.

"Do you think she'll help him. I mean, do you think we'll have to take him to the hospital?" Michael asked.

"Isabel turned over in her bed.

"I dont know mIchae. I really don't want to think aboutt his right now. I just want to go to sleep. There are just too mnay memories that I dont want to relive, so g night!" Isabel rolled back over and pulled the covers up to her chin.

Michael didnt pry further. This was hard on Isabel. Seeing Liz reminded her of their life in Roswell, reminded her of Alex. She had never fully recovered from his death. She'd grown to accept it but he'd heard her cry for him fromt ime to time.

'I guess I'll go raid Liz's fridge' Michael thought. He was rather hungry...


"I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give, I will survive, ya, ya!" Martia belted out a litle too loudly.

'Who needs Zach anyway?' she thought.
He was just another thing wrong with her life.

"God I hate men!" she said in frustration as she fell onto her bed.

At least she could use this anger for her songs.

"God I hate hollywood" Maria thought. Sure she loved singing, but there was absolutely no chance for love. She'd gone through the whole hollywood thing, going out with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, but it was nothing serious. Just a one night stand kind of thing. And then when she'd finally met Zach, a truggling musician, he cheats on her.

"All men are bastards" Maria said to no one in particular.
She was glad she hadnt bought some big house out in Malibu and that she still shared this townhouse with her best friend. Liz alwasy brought her back to relaity, and never let her fame get to her head.

Maria picked up the phone and dialed Liz's number, but the operator said tha it had been disconnected.

'Liz never disconnects her line' Maria thought. 'Maybe her phone is messed up' Oh well, doesnt matter, it's definitely time for some girl bonding.'

Maria opened her freezer and took out 2 large metal spoons and a big box of Godiva's Rich chocolate ice cream. (She could finally afford Godiva ice cream)

Maria ran down the stairs to Liz's door and knowcked slightly.

'I'll just use my key' She said, balancing the ice cream in one hand and opening the door with the other.

"Doesnt this girl eat anything unhealthy?" Michael mumbled. "Damn, all there is is carrot juice, tomatoes, some eggs, some soy yogurt, God, its almost as if she's-"
Micheal cut himself off. That part of his life was over. Over, over over, he pushed the thought to the back of his head.

"Liz?' Maria whispered. If her friend was sleeping, she didnt want to wake her up, Liz actually had a job that required her to get up in the morning. All the lights were off but she noticed there was light coming from the kitchen door.

Maria tiptoed in to see a guy wearing his pajamas looking into the fridge.

'Oh my god' Maria thought. 'No wonder Liz put the phone off the hook, she had a guy over!'

Maria giggled slightly but a bit too loudly because the very attractive guy searching through Liz's fridge turned around a bit too quickly, bumping his head on the fridge shelf, letting out a string of curses.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry! I didnt mean to intrude, I just thought Liz was alone, but obviously she isnt, and I should have picked that up when she didnt answer the phone, and I think ill just be going now, and im really really sorry." Maria rambled.

Michael lifted his throbbing head slowly. There was only one person who get ramble on about nothing in one breath. But it couldn't be that person. He wasnt ready for it to be that person. But slowly, slowly, he lifted his eyes to meet her big blue ones whcih he'd looked into so many nights before, and all his doubts that it could never be her vanished from his mind.

"Maria?" he whispered

Maria dropped the ice cream and the metal spoons landed with a clink onto the floor.

She opened her mouth to speak but all she could manage to say was

"Oh my god"

Part 6

Maria stood with her mouth wide open, her hands still in the same postion, not being able to move. Why did he have this effect on her?

She was a completely different person now. She was no longer a vulnerable high school girl. She was Maria Deluca, she had won a Grammy, made a lifetime original movie, she had her life together, well that part wasnt too true..But she had grown, it had been years... but still looking into those soft brown eyes brought her back. Back to those days in high school when she was still an awkward teenager, just wanting to be loved by the one guy that was too stubborn to notice. And finally, being accepted, and sacrificing her life for him. Well at least 2 years of it, until she had decided she couldnt do it anymore, and she had left, with only her best friend for support. Tears streamed down her eyes, big ones, just a few at first, but then they were pouring. And she stared at him, and saw that he was crying too.

"Michael" She had managed to choke out.

He could never resist her, no matter how much he tried, she had been able to get through to him. And then she let him in, and she let him see her, but yet he had still tried to push her away. But when she said his name like that, like she needed him, she was his old Maria again, and he didn't care about anything anymore.

And instantly, she was in his arms, his big strong hands wiping furiously at her tears, and with each stroke removing a bit of the sadness. Touching her cheek, her neck, her back, her hair, her lips. Those big soft lips that always held such comfort. And then his lips were on hers, their tears merging, the kiss becoming more passionate. And then Maria pulled away, and couldn't stop the sobs that escaped her body, and Michael didnt know what to do except to hold her. And all he could do was stroke her back, becasue he didnt know what to tell her, he couldn't tell her he was staying, becasue he knew it was a lie, or that everything would be ok, because it wouldnt, or that he could wipe away all those bad memories, becasue he knew he couldn't. And then he rocked her a bit, the way he knew she liked, and she cradled into him, and he kissed the back of her head, and she dug her face into his shirt. And they stood that way, for a while.
Part 7

"I've missed you" Michael mumbled into her ear.

Maria nodded into his shirt.

"Ditto" she said quietly.

Michael kissed her again. He couldn't help it. He'd thought of seeing her again so many times before. But he never thought he would. After all, she had left him.

Maria kissed him back, with a passion locked up inside of her for years. Michael ran his fingers through her hair and electricity seemed to fly between them. Maria pulled into him harder running her own hands through his slightly disheveled hair. She pulled away for a second only to whisper

"My apartment is upstairs."

Michael continued kissing her as he led her towards the door. Her small hands clasping at his shirt, trying to pull it over his head.

They almost fell down the stairs, but they managed to make it to her apartment door, which she had thankfully left unlocked.

By this time Micheal had unbuttoned Maria's shirt as well and she had led him onto her bed. Their passion was only increasing, but Michael knew he had to say something.


Michael said trying his hardest to pull away.
Maria looked into his eyes, her tears dry on her face.

"I didn't think I would ever say this, but I think we need to talk" Michael said.

"Now?" Maria asked silently. Her eyes pleaded with him, he could see her desire for him.

"Maria, you, you left' Michael said quietly. Already pulling away.

Maria pulled him back.

"Please" she pleaded. "Can't we just forget everything tonight?"

At the tone of her voice, (and the fact that he was a guy) Michael gave into her and pulled her onto the bed again capturing her lips. He only lifted his head for a moment, and that was to put his hand out to shut the door.Aliens powers sure came in handy.
She was trying to sleep but she couldn't. Something was bothering her. Then she heard his voice call out to her.


"Alex?" she asked "Alex where are you?" And then suddenly, out of nowhere he appeared. Just the way he had always looked. Tall and lean, and slightly awkward, with a big doofy grin on his face, but perfect.

'Alex?' she asked.

"It's about time. My god, I was waiting for you to wake up for hours" Alex grinned.

"Alex?" Isabel asked in disbelief.

Alex opened his arms and Isabel ran into him. She kissed him suddenly, unlike any way she had ever kissed anyone .

"Oh Alex, oh god, you're here, you're really here."

"Hey, hey" Alex laughed. "You're acting as if I died or something"

Isabel pulled away and looked into his eyes.

"You-" she asked, tears spilling out of her eyes.

"Ok, sorry, bad joke" Alex said. "But, yes, I'm dead. What did you think."

"But, then how, how come you're here?" Isabel asked.

"Well, I'm not actaully here. I mean, I am here, you're seeing me, you're crying on me"

"Oh sorry" Isabel said as she pulled away.

"No biggie" Alex said. "Dry cleaning is free up here."

"Up, up where?' Isabel asked.

"Um, up in heaven' Alex said. "What did you think I was in hell?"

"No, Alex, no, oh god I missed you. I missed you so much."

Alex brought her into his arms again.

"I've missed you too. It gets kind of lonely up here, but I manage. So, how have you been?" He asked.

"Terrible" Isabel mumbled. "But now you're here so it's all OK" she smiled into his neck. "I don't need anyone but you"

"Isabel, look I'm flattered, but you know that's not true." Alex changed his tone to a more serious one.

"What do you mean?" Isabel asked.

"Well what about Michael, and Max?" Alex asked.

"Well, they're my brothers,and I love them, bu they don't understand, they can never understand. And you know, after Maria and Liz left, they just kind of, blanked out." Isabel said.

"Ohh, right, the Liz and Maria thing. I really thought they would go after them but-"

"Wait, how do you know about that?" Isabel asked.

Alex pointed his finger up.

"Oh right" Isabel mumbled.

"Isabel, look, I want you to be happy. I mean, that's all I've ever wanted. Was for you to be happy. And I've been watching you for a while, and I've noticed that you're not so happy. And I know why. It's because of me. And you have to move on." Alex said.

"No!" Isabel screamed in surprise. "How can you say that? I would give annything up for you. Anything! And now you're finally here, and you're telling me to move on." Isabel cried.

"Isabel" ALex said softly. "I'm dead. it's hard to have a relationship with someone who's part of the unliving."

"No!" Isabel yelled. "You're right here! You're talking to me! You're real! You're here!"

"Isabel, I forgive you, for anything, for everything. I want you to be happy."

"But I'm happy with you" Isabel whispered

"But I'm not real" Alex whispered back.

"You are! You are real!" Isabel screamed.

"I'll always love you Isabel, always" Alex said.

"And I'll always love you" Isabel cried.

"But that doesnt mean you can't love someone else too." Alex said. "I have to go Isabel."

"No! Don't leave me! Please Alex! Stay! Please!"

Isabel cried, as she held onto him for her life. But he seemed to disintegrate before her fingertips, and he dissapeared with a smile.

"Alex! Come back. Please I love you, I love you!"

Isabel woke up with tears in her eyes, her pillow soaked with them. "I love you" She whispered.

It had all been a dream. Alex didn't come back. Of course he didnt. He never would. Never again.

Isabel looked over to Michael's bed to see that it was empty.

She pulled her blanket over her shoulders and walked out into the hall. The light was coming from the kitchn but when she came in she saw no one there except for an empty carton of ice cream on the floor which was quickly melting. She cleaned the mess up with a touch of her powers. She walked out of the kitchen and came to another room. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened it to reveal a crying Liz.

"Liz?" Isabel asked.

Liz looked up at Isabel and immediately wiped her eyes.

"Oh, um, Isabel, is something wrong?" Liz asked. Quickly recovering.

Isabel didn't say anything. She didnt know if she could talk to Liz. Liz had left so many years ago. One of her only friends in her life, and she didn't know how much she had changed.

"Were you crying?" Liz asked softly.

Isabel wiped at her eyes and nodded her head. Liz motioned for her.
She moved over on her bed and Isabel sat down next to her. And then Isabel hugged Liz, and let herself cry and Liz cried too, and the girls shared something special. In that moment they were friends. Sisters almost. They shared a pain that no one else could know of, and that pain binded them.

"What happened?" Liz asked

"I had a dream about Alex" Isabel whispered. Her voice hoarse from crying.

Liz nodded for her to go on.

"But it was so real, and I asked him to stay, but he left" Isabel said before breaking into a puddle of tears again.

"What did he say?" Liz asked.

"He, he told me he loved me" isabel said. Smiling a little at the thought. "But then he said that he wants me to be happy, that he wants me to move on" isabel replied.

"Do you think he's right?' Liz asked.

"I dont know. I mean, I guess, but it's just so hard, we never let anyone in. And I loved him, so much, And I can't forget about him. Ever." Isabel said.

"He comes to me in my dreams sometimes too" Liz said.
"I mean, I know that he's gone, but it seems like he's always with me, like he's always watching over me. Like he's my guardian angel. I still love him so much"

"Ya" Isabel replied. "Me too"

And the girls sat there on the bed in the study room, huddled together, sharing a blanket, just crying, but even that made them both feel a little better.

He was dreaming of her. The only way he remembered her. Before the hurt, the pain, before she had left. Something in his mind told him he had to wake up. That they had to go. That it was time to leave. Max slowly opened his eyes and his hands immediately went to his head. It was pounding and he had the most massive headache.

Suddenly he looked around the room. He wasn't in his hotel room. he looked to the nightstand by his bed and saw a picture of "Alex?"

As if on instict Max jumped out of bed, and he fell over in pain.

"Where the hell am I?' he whispered.

He looked down at his hand and saw the blood on it, already dry. Then he lifted his shirt and saw the bandage.
"what the-?" he asked the empty room.

Where was he? Why didnt he remeber coming here? Where were Michael and Isabel?

What the hell had happened?

Well, that is all for now. I will add a new part tomorrow or later today maybe. Well, anyway, let me know what you think, as always, feedback is wonderful. Luv ya,


Part 8

Maria lay in his arms, sleeping peacefully, while he just loked at her. She was even more beautiful than he had remembered, and she had changed too. She was older, wiser probably, yet she still stole his heart every time he looked at her.
Did they make a mistake, Michael wondered. Had they just acted on pure emotion again? But it was always like that for them. Less thinking, all feeling. And he couldn't regret it. Even if he had to leave tomorrow he was glad he was able to see her again. Even though there would be pain, lots of it, being with her tonight awakened a part of him that he thought was long gone. Well, ever since she had left. He just didnt know if he could let her go again.
Maria rolled over slightly and opened her eyes. She reached her hand out and touched his chin, so gently, so affectionately.

"I missed you" she said.

Michael kissed her fingers.

"Maybe we should have that conversation now" he said quietly. He wished they didnt have to, but he knew they did. That conversation that would reveal what had happened, why the pain, why she had left, what he was doing here, what would happen from here.

"Do we have to?" Maria groaned. "When did you become so into confrontation?" she asked.

"Mara" Michael mumbled into her hair. "Please."

"Are, are the others here?" she asked.

"Max and Isabel are" Michael said.

"Oh" Maria mouthed. She wouldn't ask him about that yet.

"Well, um, I guess, why are you here?" she asked, propping her head up on her hand.

"Well, Max was shot." Michael said.

"Oh my god!" Maria yelled as she jumped fromt he bed. "Is he OK? Oh my god"

Michael had to laugh a little. Maria was only wearing so little clothes but here she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"You're so sexy when you babble" Michael remarked.

Maria threw a pillow at him.

"Micheal!" she yelled.

"Calm down. He's, well, we hope he's fine. Actually, Liz found us, and well, she thinks he'll be OK." Michael said.

"Oh thank God." Maria said relieved. It was funny how much she still cared about these three aliens, even after being apart from them for so long.

"Wait, why was he shot, Oh my God, were you running away from the FBI? Are you guys in trouble?" Mria started rambling again.

"Actually, the shooting was um, purely coincidental. A bank robbery actually." Michael explained.

"Well, where are they? Did you take Max to the hospital?" Maria asked.

"Um, actually, Is and Max are here too." Michael replied.

Maria's mouth dropped open.

"Max Evans is in Liz Parker's home?!" she exclaimed.

'Well, yeah" Michael answered. "This kinda all happened a few hours ago."

"Oh God, poor Liz" Maria said.

"Um, I'd think poor Max" Michael interjected. "I believe she was the one that left."

Michael realized that wasn't the right thing to say from the look on Maria's face. She was practically fuming.

She pulled the sheet over her body and got out of the bed.

"How dare you judge her Michael Guerin! You do not know what happened! And even if you did, from them looks of it, Liz jus saved your ass, and here you are, just coming back into our lives, as usual, maybe this isn't so easy for us either, do you think we wanted to leave?" Maria cried.

Michael regretted every word he had just said. Maria was crying, and he hated making her cry. He got up and slowly brought her into his arms. And finally, she let him.

'I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it like that. You know I didn't. And I have no right to judge you. I mean, I'll leave if-"

"No!" Maria exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I mean I shouldn't have yelled at you. Maybe we should go upstairs and talk to the others."

"OK" Michael said. "But maybe you should get dressed. Its kind of distracting.

Maria smiled slyly before she planted a kiss on his forhead.

Max lay on the floor of Liz's guest room. He was in pain and suddenly a rush of flashes popped into his head. Him, Michael and Isabel, driving. Past a bank. A shot, them driving away, a bullet, and then the car had hit...something. And now he was here. Max put a hand to his head and took slow breaths. He got up slowly and turned the knob of the door.

Liz and Isabel sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. Well Liz was drinking tea, she wasn't much of a coffee person. They sat there mostly silently, just sipping away at their beverages.
Then Liz heard the doorknob turn .

"Who is that?" Isabel asked alarmed.

"Oh" Liz said "Probably Maria"

"Maria!" Isabel exclaimed.

Maria and Michael stepped through the door. Michael looked a bit embarrassed, Maria just stared at Isabel.

"isabel, um Hi" she managed to say.

'Hi' Isabel smiled.

There was a bit of an awkward silence and then the girls hugged.

Isabel was crying a little again, but Maria just held on tighter.

"How've you been girl?' Maria asked.

"I've had better days" Isabel said.

"I guess Michael found you" Liz said to her best friend.

Maria blushed as did Michael. Liz couldn't help but smile. Seeing them togther just seemd right. Micahel and Maria, the way it was supposed to be.

"Ya, I um, ran into him when I came up here." Maria said.

"Ok" Liz laughed. "Do you guys want some tea or something."

"No thanks" Michael mumbled and Maria just shook her head.

"Well, I guess you're not gonna get much sleep tonight" Liz said.

"Ya" Michael answered "Probably not" They all sat around Liz's kitchen table, all unsure of what to say.

"Well, I guess you guys want some answers" Liz said with a sigh.

"I guess we owe you that much" she added.

"No, you, don't have to, you've done more than enough." Isabel piped in.

Liz didnt have a chance to answer becasue they were all caught off guard when they heard the door of the guest room open. A disheveld and extremely confused Max walked out, and found his way into the kitchen.

"Max, you're awake." Isabel exclaimed.

But Max wasn't listening to her, his gaze was fixed past her, to Liz.

"Liz?" Max managed to get out.

Liz couldn't find the words to speak so she just nodded at him.

"What- How- Why-?" Max finally gave up trying to form a sentence and resigned to just standing in front of everyone.

"Max, it's Ok" Isabel said trying to calm him down.

"You were shot, and Um, we , well, Liz found you, us, coincidentally she's a doctor and well, she says you'll be alright.' Isabel tried to explain to him.

"I was shot?" Max asked in disbelief.

"Ya, um, but you'll be fine." Liz said finally, trying not to look at him.

"That's impossible" Max exclaimed. "I, I don't feel anything."

'Well, Liz is a really good doctor" Maria piped in.

Max looked down at his bandage. Then at the blood on his own hand. Slowly he reached down and pulled his shirt up, peeling the bandage off with his other hand.

Everyone gasped as he revealed a small silver handprint where the bullet wound used to be.

"What the hell?" Michael voiced bewildered.

"Liz?" Max asked. "What happened?"

Tears were now pouring down Liz's cheek.

"I, I healed you." She whispered.

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Part 9

"What? You healed him? Liz what are you saying? How could you do that? Where's the blood wound?' Michael exclaimed as Maria tried to grab a hold of his arm.

Max remained standing n the same position as before, his shirt still raised, his eyes glued to Liz's face, wide eyed.

"You're, you're one of us?" He managed to get out.

Liz blinked her eyes trying to hold back tears once more. The expression on Max's face made her want to cry out. He wasn't looking at her with love anymore, he was scared, Max Evans was truly scared of her.

She shook her head slowly, talking more to Michael.

"No, I'm, I'm not one of you, I mean, I was born, you know that, I have parents, but, but knowing you guys has changed me." Liz said softly.

"Liz, what are you saying?" Isabel asked a bit impatiently.

"Look you guys, maybe it's not the best time to talk about this, maybe we should just sleep on it-" Maria started to say in her best friends defense before she was cut off.

"No, Maria. It's, um it's Ok." Liz said quitly. She wasn't ready for this. It was too soon, too fast. And especially now that Max was here. Standing right in front of her, staring at her.

Slowly, Liz got up from her chair and approached Max. She stood away from him at first but then walked up closer. Looking into those eyes again brought back so many memories, so much pain. Those eyes that once held so much love for her.

Gently, Liz lifted her hand and brought it to Max's face, letting it linger at his cheek for a second. Max flinched slightly, making Liz step away immediately. He regretted his mistake when he saw the pain in Liz's eyes. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, or that he was frigthened by her, she had misunderstood him. It was just this, seeing Liz, after so many years, after being away from her touch, it was too unreal. Tears dropped onto the floor as Liz continued to stare down.

Slowly, Max reached touched her chin, so affectionately, and brought her face to his so she was staring up at him, tears spilling down her face. And then, ever so lightly, he wiped away her tear streaked face.
Liz's heart melted at the gesture. It was one of the old Max. Max from her high school days. Their eyes remained locked for a few more seconds before Liz slowly moved away and sat down. Isabel got up and brought a chair over for Max to sit on, and slowly, he took it, sitting next to Liz.

"This is too weird" Maria suddenly voiced.

Everyone stared at her.

"I mean, us, sitting here togetehr, at the same table. How long has it been since we've all been together. Reunited, all six of us." Maria said.

From the look on Isabel's face, Maria realized her mistake. It wasn't the six of them anymore. It was the five of them now. Alex wasn't there to complete their group anymore, and he never would be again.

Max let Isabel cry into his shoulder, and she let the tears fall into his shirt.

"Oh, god" Maria said. "I, I'm, I just, I guess it just seemed natural that he would still be here. With all of us, the way it always was." Maria said.

Isabel let out a loud sob before she excused herself and ran into Liz's bathroom.

Once inside she closed the door, and sat on the edge of the bathtub. God she missed him. The way he used to make her laugh, like no one else could. His stupid jokes that no one got but her, him always laughing before the punchline. The goofy grin he got on his face whenever she kissed him. The way he used to sing to her, and play his guitar. With that certain elegance he brought to his music. Isabel allowed herself to slide down the bathtub and onto the floor, crying openly, loudly. He would never come back to her. She would enver see him again. They would never have another fight, another dance, another anything. He was gone from her life forever, because of her.

"I think I'm gonna go see if she's Ok" Maria said. Michael reluctantly let go of her hand and Maria got up.

"Isabel?" Maria said as she knocked on the bathrrom door. "Isabel, are you Ok?"

She got no answer, and seeing how the door was unlokced, Maria let herself in.

Maria was shocked. Her was Isabel Evans, Isabel never show how I'm really feeling Evans, Isabel Miss I never had a bad hair day Evans bawling on the bathrrom floor. Her hair all messed up, Her eyes swollen.

Maria took a tissue and wiped at Isabel's eyes.

"I miss him so much" Isabel said to her.

"I know" Maria nodded. "We all do. We all loved him so much. But he wouldn't have wanted us to mop around all day because of him. "Maria said.

Isabel kept on crying, using up more and more tissues.
"I just miss him, and I know that I'll never see him again." she cried.

"How can you say that?" Maria asked. "You know his spirit will live on forever. And besides, this is not how Alex would want to be remembered." Maria said trying to make her friend feel better.

Isabel only nodded again, so Maria continued.

"I remember once, in the 7th grade or something, we had this like really moronic idea to write our own wills. I mean, we were just really bored, but anyway. I remember Liz wrote all about how she would want her organs to be donated to science and studied for the future benefit of scientific discovery or something." Maria had to smile remembering the memory. Little Lizzie Parker, already the science major.

"And I don't even remeber what I wrote, I think I refused to believe that I would ever need one or anything, but do you know what Alex wrote?" Maria asked.

Isabel shook her head.

"He said he wanted to be buried on the beach in California. And that instead of a funeral, we'd have a beach party. I mean, he had it all planned out, his parents would have to wear these horrifying looking bright orange jumpsuits, and he said Liz and I would be his beach bunnies." Maria said as she laughed at the memory.

Isabel finally smiled too. Even though she hadn't been friends with Alex back then, Maria's memory brought back the Alex she knew and loved.

"I just can't help thinking, what would have happened if he didn't know us, I mean, if he had never met us, me, it would ahve never happened." Isabel said sadly.

"Nuh uh!" Maria stated. "Don't you dare go blaming this on yourself. No what ifs and what nots. Alex never, ever once since he found out your secret, never regeretted knowing you. He was honored."

"But, still, I mean, maybe if we never knew each other, all this pain. I have nothing left of him." Isabel said as another tear slipped off her cheek.

"First of all" Maria started "You know that guy who said, It is better to have loved and lost to never to have loved at all? Well, I think it was you who told me that when Michael and I had that big breakup. And it's true."

"I gave you that stupid advice?" Isabel mumbled.

"AND" Maria continued interrupting her. "How can you say you have nothing left of him. That's like saying he never even existed."

Isabel looked up at her not quite getting the point.

"Alex will always be a part of us. A special part of us. You'll always have your memories of him, the special things he said to you, that only you know about. And no one can ever take that away from you, no one. That's all yours to keep. And cherish, and think about whenever you miss him so much it hurts-" Maria finished as her voice cracked.

"I just feel responsible" Isabel said quitely. Here eyes a bit drier.

Maria blew her nose in a tissue and started her speech again.

"Don't you dare blame yourself! This was not your fault, it was that stupid bitch Tess. Not you. And what ever happened to her anyway?" Maria asked, still angry thinking of the girl who had taken her friends life.

"Well, after you left, that stupid bitch left too." Isabel said. "I just can't believe we trusted her, that we didn't know." Isabel said shaking her head.

"You guys had no way of telling. You thought she was family." Maria said gently.

"I just wish that we could of found him you know.Maybe Max could have healed him." Isabel said.

"Honey, it's Ok. There's nothing you could have done. He's in heaven now at least." Maria whispered that last line.

Maria took another tissue and blew her nose.

"These tissues are really soft" Maria laughed, and Isabel couldn't help but join her.

Michael couldn't stand being in between Max and Liz. He was being choked by the tension.

"Uh, I think I'll go see what happened to Is and Maria" Michael said quickly as he ran off to the bathroom. Anywhwere was better than with these too.

When Michael left Liz looked down at the table and Max became extremely fascinated with his fingers.

"So, um, it's been a while." Liz said finally.

"Ya" Max replied hoarsely. God she was still so beautiful, Max thought.

He's still as gorgeous as I rememberd, thought Liz.

"Liz, what happened, I mean how did you?" Max asked.

"I, I don't know." liz said. "I mean, I've tried before,but it had never worked, and then, I just, made this connection when I was cleaning the blood. I guess it was you." she said with a a slight smile, remembering when Max had said those same exact words to her.

"But how?" Max asked.

"Um" Liz began "I think when you and I, um, you know, um, it changed me." Liz said blushing.

Max did know. He remembered that night perfectly, because it was, well perfect. Except when he woke up that morning, and she had left. Max's face twisted in pain and Liz knew that he was remembering.

"I'm gonna go see, if um, Isabel is OK." max said quickly. He wouldn't cry in front of Liz.

Liz nodded at his back as he got up, and as soon as he ws out of sight, covered her head with her arms and let herself weep. This was going to be hard, harder than anything she'd ever done. And she just wasn't sure she was ready to tell him the truth.

"Isabel, Maria" Michael whispered into the bathroom door.

"ya?" Isabel called back.

"Well, can I come in?" He asked.

Isabel pushed the door poen with her foot, as she was still sitting on the floor.

"what?' she asked.

"Well, I rather sit with you guys in the bathroom than with those two." Michael answered.

"Well, come on in" Isabel said as she closed the bathroom door.

Michael smiled at Maria as he took a seat next to her on the floor. The three crammed into the little bathroom.

"So, um, what were you guys talking about?" Michael asked trying to make conversation.

"Oh, Just girl stuff" Maria said nudging him.

"Oh" Michael replied.

"So, um" michael tried to think of something to say. "Maria, what have you been up to, you know , profession wise" Michael asked, realizing they never even had a chance to talk.

Isabel couldn't help but stifle a giggle as Maria stared at Michael. She couldn't believe he hadn't heard of her. She was well, famous. But Michael was never really into the Hollywood scene.

"Oh, well, I'm in the music industry" Maria answered.

Isabel burst out laughing.

"What's so damn funny" Michael asked.

"Oh Nothing" Isabel answered. Michael was so clueless sometimes.

"Oh, so you still sing. I remember you liked to do that.' michael said.

"Ya" Maria answered. "It's, um, not a bad living" She thought it was kind of cute how Michael had no idea who she was. It would come as a really big surprise later, and she couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he found out.

There was another knock on the door and this time Michael got up and opened it.

"What?" he asked.

"Um, what are you guys doing?" Max asked him as he entered the bathroom.

"We, were just talking, and, Maxwell, there isn' that much room in here."

Nonetheless max still entered the bathroom.

"You were talking in the bathroom?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Ya" Michael answered a bit annoyed.

He took a seat on the bathtub.

"I, I just can't face her" Max said quietly.

"So you just left her by herself?" Maria demaanded.

"Well, ya" Max answered.

Maria muttered something about men under her breath as she stepped over Michael and left the bathroom.

"This is a pretty nice bathroom" Michael commented.

"Oh, shut up Michael" Isabel said laughing at him.

"So, what are we going to do?" Max voiced finally.

"What can we do? I guess we'll hear what they have to say." Michael said.

"I want to stay." Isabel voiced suddenly, causing the other two to sharply turn their heads towards her.

"I've missed them, Maria, and Liz. And I wouldn't mind, you know starting over with them, with my life, here." Isabel said quickly.

"What ever happened to no looking back?" Michael asked.

"Well, no one's exactly inviting us to stay." Max added to his sister.

"Well" Isabel started to say, but then stopped herself. It was just a silly thought, she knew her brothers would never agree.

But she still had that wish she had ever since she was a little girl, that wish to finally be normal, to finally fit in. Although that never seemd to be the case with them.

"You ok Liz?" Maria asked her friend.

Liz shook her head which was still in her hands.

"I'm not ready for this." She mumbled.

"I know hun, I'm not either. But, well, they're here." Maria said.

Liz lifted her head and wiped at her eyes.

"So, you and Michael huh?"

Maria blushed. "Not that it's ANY of your business dear, but yes. And it was very nice, and exactly what I needed after Zach so don't look into it too much." Maria said quickly.

"Riiight." Liz said. "Michael was just some random guy. That's why 5 of the 12 songs on your first album were about him." Liz said.

"They weren't about him. They could have been about any guy!" Maria said in her defense

"Right, of course, because you've always called your boyfriends spaceboy." Liz said teasing her friend.

"So, you and Max went at it like rabbits the second Michael left huh?" Maria asked.

"Ha, ha, very funny.But Hardly, he won't even look at me.' Liz said.

"He, he's just confused is all. I mean, he was just shot, healed, and reunited with the love of his life within the same four hour period. He just doesnt really know what to say." Maria said.

"And I do? I'm sitting here with him, in the most uncomfortable 5 minutes of silence ever, trying to think of something to say that will make him forgive me for everything, although I know there's nothing I can possibly say!" Liz said frustrated before she banged her head on the table.

"Ow" she mumbled as Maria laughed at her.

"Do you want me to go get them?" Maria asked.

"No" Liz said getting up. "I'll do it."

Liz stood uo from her chair and went up to the bathroom. "Uh, Max? You in there?" she asked.

Liz opened the door to see all three aliens sititng on the floor.

"Uh, I have another bathroom if you needed" she said, staring at the three grown adults squeezed into the small room.

"No, no, we were just talking" Michael replied.

"Right" Liz answered. "Well, um, if you need anything, I'll be in the kitchen." She said quickly before she went back to Maria.

"Uh, Maria, why are they all sittiing in my bathroom?' Liz exclaimed.

Maria turned to Liz crunching on some cheez its.

"New alien hang out?" She suggested shrugging, making Liz burst into giggles.

Liz was happy she had Maria living here with her, she could cheer her up no matter how severe the situation.

Liz stopped laughing as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to find herself staring up at Max.

"Oh" she said.

"I think we should talk." Max told her.

"Well, lookie at the time." Maria said before she excused herself.

"I'll be upstairs with the rest of the Czechs" she whispered to Liz before she left.

Liz motioned for max to sit at the kitchen table, and he did.

"Liz, I have to know exactly what you did, to see if it's a danger to anyone." Max said assuming his position as leader again.

"Well, I don't even know what I did." Liz tried to explain.

"Well, try." Max urged her.

"Well, um, as I said, I just kind of put my hands to the wound, and then, I got the flashes" Liz began.

"Wait, what did you see?" Max asked extremely worried.

"They, they all went by too fast for me to make them out" Liz answered, and Max looked very relieved.

"And then, well, the flashes ended, and there was this handprint, and you, were healed." Liz finished.

"And you've never healed anyone before?' Max asked.

"No" Liz answered, a little uncomfortable that he was probing her for questions. "I mean, when I first started having patients I tried, but I couldn't Well, actually, there was one time, but it wasn't something fatal, I healed a little girl's bone once. But that was in the very beginning." Liz explained.

"So, um, what about Maria, has she ever healed?" Max asked.

"What, um no" Liz said confused.

"I just thought that she and Michael um" Max said.

"Oh" Liz answered. How was she going to explain that the healing didn't come form having sex with an alien. It was more than that, it was much deeper. "Well, she hasn't."

"So, you said, that in the beginning, you were able to heal someone, and now you can't. Why?" Max asked.

"Well, it was a really long time ago. She wasn't actaully my patient. But the daugher of a woman I met. Actually, when I first came here. It was right after we, we were togetehr. " Liz said quietly.

"Oh" Max said. "So, you think us being togetehr had some kind of effect on your ability to heal." Max said.

"You know, um Max, these questons are making me a little uncomfortable." Liz said.

"Sorry" Max mumbled.

After about a minute he looked up at her again.

"I'm sorry Liz, but it just doesn't make sense. I mean, you being able to heal. Everything that we found out about in the book, it, just said that there was no way, and what Tess told us" Max started saying.

"You know what Max, maybe Tess was lying" Liz spat back with a certain bitterness in her voice that made Max soften up.

"I'm sorry" he said. "About bringing her up. I shouldn't have. But the book, I mean, it said that there was no way, that a human could never be affected by it, unless she was part alien, which you're not." Max said again, trying to reason the situation.

"Well, Max. Maybe your book was wrong." Liz said angrily.

"I, I just don't think it would have made a mistake like that. I mean it specifically said that only an alien or someone who was part alien could ever exhibit these kind of powers, even if only for a short time." Max said agian.

By this time Liz was really angry at him. He had no right to question her about this. She didn't need to explain herself, but he kept persisting.

"So, it's really not possible-" he began again.

"Well, maybe it would have been possible if I was part alien. If I had a part alien in me." Liz replied angrily.

"Liz, what? What do you mean?" Max asked.

"Max! Don't you get it! I was part alien. Part of your alien." Liz was fuming now and Max looked at her with confusion written all over his face.

Liz hadn't meant to say it, she was waiting for the right time to tell him , or perhaps, trying to avoid telling him altogether. But all of Max's questions, accusing her of doing something wrong made her scream it at him.

"Max, Don't you see?! At that time I was carrying your child!"

Part 10

Michael, Isabel and Maria stopped dead in their tracks.

"Baby?" Michael and Isabel exclaimed.

"I have such bad timing" Maria muttered under her breath.

"Baby?" Max repeated to himself.

"Liz I-" Max started to say but just couldn't find the words.

"Ok, but um Liz, did we just hear what we thought we heard?" Michael asked.

Liz nodded her head. This was definitely not a conversation that she wanted to have with the group.

"Max's baby? How, how can it have been Max's?" Isabel asked.

"Well, Isabel, you see, when two people really care about each other they do this thing-" Maria started to say, trying to lighten the mood.

"Maria!" Liz growled at her, making Maria stop what she was saying.

"Damn Max, you were just getting play from everyone weren't you. Liz, Tess, did you sleep with Maria too?" Michael asked angrily. How did Max even dare. Sure, he and Maria had done it a couple of times, but how could Max have been so careless. And he had never told them.

"Damnit Michael, this is known of your business!" Max shouted back.

"You slept with Tess?" Maria yelled at Max, and Liz just stared at him, horrified.

Max put his face in his hands. What was this, everyone pick on Max day. So he had made a few mistakes, well, he would never call what happened with Liz a mistake.

"Max, how could you be so stupid?" Liz exclaimed suddenly.

"Max, that's just, so, so unclassy. How could you have done that to Liz. I mean, how could you have slept with her, that's just disgusting, I mean have you looked at the girl-" Maria started to say.

"Maria, shut up." Liz said. "That's not what I meant. Max has the right to sleep with whoever he wants. That's over with. But now, he's, Max you've, you've completed the prophecy, well almost." Liz said sadly.

"What?! Liz what prophecy, what are you talking about? And, how could you have not told me about the baby? " Max asked.

"Wait, Liz, you're pregnant?" Isabel asked at the same time.

"Max, when did you even have the chance to sleep with Liz?" Michael asked simultaneously.

"Guys!" Liz yelled. "Will you all just stop throwing questions at me!"

"Give the girl a break" Maria added.

"Ok, so I'll answer you all. Isaebl, to answer your question, no, Michael, like that's ANY of you're business, and Max, it's, it's really complicated, but I'll explain." Liz said.

"Ok, you guys, just try, please, try not to interrupt, and Maria, will you help me?" Liz asked.

"Of course" Maria replied.

"Max, remember when you saw me and kyle together, in bed, and you asked me if we had slept together, and I told you we had."

"LIZ, YOU SLEPT WITH KYLE!" Isabel exclaimed.

"isabel, no, no , I didnt, don't interrupt me ok?" Liz pleaded.

"Sorry" Isabel apologized

"And then finally, I told you that I hadn't, but I couldn't tell you why, and I made you promise never to ask me about it again?"

Max nodded.

"Ask me." Liz said.

Max stared at her but she nodded encouraging him.

"Liz, why did you pretend to sleep with Kyle?" Max asked.

"Because" Liz said. "You told me to."

Part 11

"You told me to Max" Liz said

"Um, I don't think I would have told you something like that Liz." Max said.

'Well, OK, not really you, but it was still you. It was you, from, the future."

"Future Max, in leather right?" michael asked.

"Michael you knew about this!" isabel yelled.

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed.

"Hey, hey, I never told anyone, so you see, don't get all mad at her." Michael said.

"Michael, how could you no tell us someting like that?" max asked.

"Well, besides the fact that I pormised I wouldn't, it really wasn't that relevant, I mean you and LIz getting married would bring about the end of the world, bla bla bla, and since you didnt get married I just figured it wouldn't be important."

"Married?" Max exclaimed.

"Ok, um, you see, Michael, that's not exactly what really happened." maria said quickly.

"You mean you lied to me?" Michael exclaimed.

"Well, that's what Liz had told me at first, and well, when I knew the truth, it wasn't really my secret to tell." Maria told him.

"Look, OK. Let's just get this whole yes time travel is possible and Max came to me fromt he future and yes I knew and never told you guys thing out of the way." Liz said.

"Now, this is what really happened. Now will you all listen." she asked.

The others all nodded.

"Max did come to me from the future. And he did tell me to sleep with kyle. Not actaully to sleep with him, but to pretend to, so Max would stop loving me." Liz said

"I, I would never say a thing like that to youLiz, I, I'm sorry." Max said.

"Well, maybe you didn't, but, he did. And at first I thought that was it. And I tried and tried and said terrible things to you Max which I'm so so so sorry for and never meant. But there was something suspicious about it all. Like why he came to me. And why he kept persisting. So I pushed him, and he told me the rest of it. He told me what would happen in the future." Liz finished quietly.

"What?" Max asked.

"He, he told me the prophecy, of your planet." Liz said.

"Of, of our planet?" Isabel cried out.

"He told me you would have to stop loving me, But that everything was different fromt then. That we would make our own destinies. And, and then he left." liz said. "And, well, you forgave me, and everything seemed to be Ok. But, then, then he came back, to me. That's the part I enver told anyone. Because I didnt want to believe what he told me. Because you'd all hate me because of it. Because I would be too selfish, and I was." Liz had started crying and Maria had hugged her.

"I'm such a terrible person" liz said. "I'm so sorry, so soory Max. I, I was too scared too selfish. You'll never forgive me." she cried.

"Liz" Max finally spoke to her. "I could never hate you. Not when I thought you cheated on me with kyle. Not even when, you left, for good. So just tell me." Max said.

Liz looked into his eyes. They held trust, trust she never thought she could regain, and trust she was sure he would never have for her once she told him what she did.

"You came to me from the future again." Liz continued. "And, well, he said that you and I would get closer. And we'd, that we'd have a child. And then there was Tess. And she would be so angry. And she would betray you. And, that she, she would kill our child, that he would ahveto die for the good of your people or something like that." Liz said.

"Oh my god!" Isabel exclaimed again.

"And, and, I told him that, that it wasn't true. That I would never let it happen. But, then he said that you, Max, would betray me, and sleep with the enemy, I think that was how he put it. And that I had to stop it. And I dont know, but something just blew up inside of me. I mean it wasn't fair. It was always me. I always had to be the one to fix everything. I could never have this normal life. And I just told him it wasn't true, that I didnt believe him, that he was a lyer." Liz seemed to be talking more to herself now, trying to justify what she did. But she couldn't.

"I guess he saw that I wouldn't listen to him. So, he left. But he left me with a warning. That I had to try, or else, well, it meant that you're planet was in trouble, many poeple would die." Liz said.

"Our planet?" Michael repeated.

"So, well, Max, um, you know the rest I guess. That night, when we were so reckless and so in love and so stupid. And we did what we did, and then well, when I woke up, I just knew it was a mistake, that all it took was one time. And I could feel something growing inside of me, I could feel this being that you and I had created and I just loved you so much Max, and you had told me you would have to go someday, and something just, just snapped inside of me, and I just wouldn't give up my child, this child that we had created, I wouldn't give it up for some planet I've never even heard of, for people I had never even met, and I know it was selfish, and I hate myself for it, but that's what I did. I took our child, and I left. And I knew I could never see you again, because you would hate me forever for it and I was just too selfish to give it up, because I loved it too much, because I loved you too much." Liz could not contain herself any longer and burst out crying. Weeping, mourning. A sadness no one had ever seen Liz express before. And Maria tried to comfort her, but Liz wouldn't be comforted, and Michael and Isabel huddled and held each other's hands, and couldnt believe what they had just heard.

And Max couldn't stand this anymore. And he reached out for her, for Liz, and he brought her too him, and she collapsed into his strong arms, and she sobbed and and shook.

"But, he couldn't live here on earth. No, he couldn't He was a boy Max, I was going to name him Max, you know, after you. And Maria and I left, and my belly got bigger and I loved him so much. And then, then I went to the doctor, and they just said it was a miscarriage! A ⊕#%$ miscarriage! But I knew what had happened. You told me, my child couldn't live here, and it would have to die, because that was just part of that goddamned prophechy. So I betrayed you, and Michael, and Isabel, and dragged my best friend down with me, because I'm a terrible person, a terrible, terrible person." Liz sobbed.

Max continued to hold Liz tightly to his body and finally whispered to her

"No, you're not. You're not a terrible person. It'll be ok, it'll be just fine."

More later, but feedback por favor!!!

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Part 12

(maqueripe, im gonna need a bit of help in this storyline so ill email you or something) and, I made up a college, so bla bla bla, sue me!


"I can't believe you never told us this." Isabel said, obviously shaken up. "I, we, I-" but Isabel was at a loss for words.

"Liz, we're sorry, that you had to live with this for so long, that we've messed up your life. Maria, I'm so sorry." Michael said as he went over to hug Maria.

"Liz" max said. "look at me."

But she wouldn't.

"Please" Max said softly and her eyes met his.

"I, I just wish you could have told me, that we could have worked something out."

"Max, don't you see, we couldn't have. It was too late, we had spent 2 years trying to work something out, and, and I'm sorry, so sorry for hurting you, and if you never forgive me I understand, because I know I'm not a part of your life. But I left because I had to. I don't regret that, I can't, so please don't ask me to." Liz said to him.

"But, he, I, was right. Tess betrayed us. She, well, she was going to take our child, that I um, ahd with her back to the planet, probably because you had left with,um, our child. But, it, she wasn't pregnant" max added quickly noticing the look of shock on Liz's face. "She, just told me she was, to try to get me to leave with her."

"Max, you don't owe me any explanations" Liz said.

"I, I just want you to know that I never loved her." Max said softly.

"Even if you did-"

"I never loved her Liz." Max said. "Never. And Liz, um, thank you, for saving my life, I mean." Max added.

"Hey, I owed you one." liz said as she smiled.

"So, um, that whole Liz has powers was a one time thing right?" Maria asked.

"Ya, I think so." Liz said.

"It's kind of weird to see a handprint on my stomach" Max said.

"My god, this has been a long day" Isabel said.

"Wait, so what about you guys, what are you doing here? What's happened in your lives these past seven years?" Maria asked.

"Well, we, um, went to college. Like regualr teenagers do after high school." Michael said.

"Where?" Maria asked.

"Well, Max here decided he'd settle with Stanford-"

"Oh my god, Stanford Max!' Liz exclaimed. "That was your dream since like forever, congratualtions! Well, I guess it's a little late but still."

"Thanks" Max said shyly.

"Isabel started modeling, but it required her to move around too much, and we'd all kind of decided we'd stay together.' Michael said.

"So" isabel continued. "I decided to major in well, Public relations, and Michael here was accepted to the University of the Arts in California. " isabel said.

"Michael oh my god!" Maria exclaimed as she threw her arms around him. "That's like, the best art college in the world, I, am so proud of you!"

Michael smiled shyly, he liked basking in the praise Maria was giving him.

"What about you girls?" Isabel asked.

"Well, our dear Lizzie here, well, after being accepted to both Harvard Yale, and Columbia just couldn't decide where to go, poor girl. But, well, being the friend that she was, she decided on New York, becaus ewell, that's where I wanted to go."

"Oh Maria, you know I loved Colombia!" Liz said.

"And me, well, I never finished college, maybe I will someday.' Maria said dremaily before she burst into giggles.

"Oh Maria please!" liz laughed. 'Maria here! Is probably my biggest pride and joy, living the dream." Liz laughed.

"I just love to sing, what cna I say." maria said.

"So, do you like, actaully have shows?' Michael asked.

"Michael, you are so stupid sometimes." isabel said.

'What?" Michael asked.

"Oh, just a few" Maria said. beofre she started laughing again.

"Really Maria, congratualtions though, you, are just really amazing. I wish we could have called or someting, but you know." Max said shyly.

"Oh chica!' maria said playfully to Max." Let me just say, that because of our bonding the summer of 10th grade, and your patience with my singing to you every second of it, I, I really owe it all to you hunny!"Maria laughed.

"Well lets' stop stating the obvious here.' max smiled.

"Wait, Max, you've heard Maria sing?" Michael asked.

"Oh, ya, me, Iz ,couple of other people." Max said.

"Anyway," maria added taking the joke away from Michael.

"So, um, what brought you guys back?" Liz asked.

"Um, alien related stuff." Max mumbled.

"We've kept getting these messages, from our planet. So um, there must still be people alive there and-" I'm sorry." Max stopped himself. "You don't want to hear about this."

"No, look" Liz said. "I do, I, really do."

"Well, we don't now what they mean exactly, but, they brought us here, to California. But after what you told us, I, we're not really sure what's going on. but, we think that, um Tess is trying to get in contact with us, somehow." Max said.

"Wow" Liz said. "That's um, wow."

"Wait, Liz, what, what were you saying about the prophecy?" Michael asked.

"Well, as long as um, you and Isabel haven't,u m consummated, I think it'll be ok, unless , oh my god, you have, in which case-" Liz began.

"EW! No, god no. No offense Michael but, um, no, we never took that whole destined to be with one another thing too seriously, I mean, after Tess turned out to be an evil bitch." Isabel said.

"So, well, I mean, that's what he said. That was the next step. There were more I guess, but, he said he would come back if there was really trouble, and he didn't. I guess maybe that's why I never told anyone, even after we left." liz explained.

"Ok, guys, it's um, 2 a.m." Isabel said as she let out a yawn.

"Oh, yeah, I mean, you guys can stay, here, I mean, unless you already have a place to go, in which case I'd still insist you stay." Liz said.

'Thanks Liz, we actaully don't" Michael said.

"Well then say no more" Liz said.

"Um, guys, come tp my apartment and help me get the uh, extra toewls"Maria said to Isabel and Michael.

"But we have towels-" Michael began, untl he finally caught on to what Maria was saying "Uh, right"

"Oh girl1 I've got to show you all the cool stuff I get hooked up with!" Maria exclaimeto Isabel before they left.

"Don't you lvoe how they always conveniently leave like that?' Max asked, and Liz had to laugh.

"So, um, Max. Look, I, don't even know wher eto begin." liz said.

"I, I just can't believe you were pregnant." max said. "I mean, that I had a son. I just wish you would have told me" max said.

'I know Max, I'm sorry. And, I'm sorry for leaving like that, without telling you, but, I, I just ahd to." liz stammered.

"I know." Max said.

"So, um, where does this leave us now?" Liz posed the question that had been on max's mind for a while now.

"I, I don't know." Max answered. "I t's just been so long."

"I know" liz said. "I never thought I could live without you, but somehow, I did. It seems kind of silly now, doesn't it. How love seems when you're 16, the whole alien thing aside." liz said.

"Yeah, it does."Max said remembering.

"Look Max, I, I know a lot has happened, and I've done things I'll never forgive myself for, but maybe, maybe we can start over." Liz said hopefully.

Max looked at Liz and smiled. "Yeah, I'd like that.' He said.

'Great" liz said. "I'm Liz Parker, doctor, I like vanilla ice cream and Casablanca is my favorite moive." She said.

"Max Evans." max said stretching out hi shand. "Alien and king of Antar. Have currently ben posing on earth as a regualkr guy but am planning to take ouver your planet soon.'

Liz burst out laughing.

'Well Max Evans, it's very nice to meet you, I hope that we could be friends."

"Yes, I'd like that, to be friends" Max said.

"Come on" liz said as she got up and waked towards her bedroom.

"Well uh, Miss Parker, considering we;ve just met and all-' max said slyly.

"Shut up"Liz laughed, "I just thought for old time ssake" she said.

"I would be honored" Max said seriously again. And the two got into Liz's bed and Liz turned off the light, and Max held her, and they lay this way, listening to each other breathe.

"Are we friends with benefits?" Max mumbled, and Liz hit him with a pillow.

He was back in her life now. Her wounds had been opened, but they could heal now, or at least begin to. And she wouldn't think about what would happen the next morning, because all she thought about was him, the rythm of his breathing, the beating of his heart, and the wya he held her in his arms, the way he had in her dreams so many times before. Except he was real, and she wasn't dreaming.

Part 13

"Maria" a sleepy vooice said "what time is it?"

Maria mumbles something incoherent and turned over, bumping her heda into someone's shoulder.

"Ow" she mumbled. Maria opened her eyes to see it was Michael's shoulder, and the grogy voice was Isabel who was sleeping on her coach.

"I guess we fell asleep" maria said. "It's like, oh ⊕#%$, it's 11 am! I have to go!" maria yelled before running towards the bathroom.

"Where" Michael yelled.

"I have work, rehearsal, oh man, tony is gonna kill me!" Maria exclaimed.

"Wait, who's tony?" Michael asked.

"My bodyguard" Maria answered.

"Haha, fnny" Michael replied, "but really"

But at this point Maria had already turned on the shower and didn't answer him.
Isabel got up and stretched.

"Man this is a nice house" she said, as she looked around. She spotted Maria's grammy and squealed with joy

"What?" Micahela sked irritated.

'Nothing" Isabel replied. "Let's go to Liz's"

"Whatever" Michael said. "As long as theres food."

"Maria! We're going to Liz's" Isabel shouted through the shower door.

"OK" Maria yelled back.

"I'll be, uh, right there" Michael said.

"OK" Isabel said. "I'm using Liz's shower first though, and with thta she ran out the door.

At that Michael got an idea, shower hmm, he thought. Michale threw off his shirt and boxers and entered Maria's bathroom.

"Micahel!" she yelled.

"Hey, nothing I haven't seen before" he replied before grabbibg her in the shower and kissing her. Maria laughed with delight.

"I've mised you guerin" she said.

"Ditto, Deluca" He replied before capturing her mouth again.

"Liz" Isabel when she entered the house.

"Max, Liz, where are you guys?" she called.

Isabel gently opened Liz's door to find her brother wrapped around Liz, a smile across his face, holding her portectively, they were both wearing clothes, she noted. Or else she would have killed Max.
Isabel closed the door softly and decided she'd make breakfast. As she passed the living room she stopped at a picture of Liz, Maria, and Alex. She couldn't help the tears that escaped her eyes. He just looked so happy. Isabel reached out her hand tomtouch him, and the weirdest feeling overcame her, it was as if he was touching her back, 'No, it couldn't be' she shook the thought away, and quickly went to the kitchen.

Liz ws slowly being lifted from sleep. What a dream she had last night. Not only had the three aliens come back to her, but Max had almost forgiven her. Liz started to oen her eyes, still smiling at the memory of it. 'Back to reality' she thought. As she turned around and opened her eyes Liz gasped.

"You're real!" she exclaimed.

Max opened his eyes slowly, and was met with Liz staring at him.

'It hadn't been a dream' he thought.

"Hm?" he asked.

"Oh, I just, good morning Max' liz said.

Max couldn't believe how beautiful he was and was just about to kiss her when he mentally slapped himself. 'What are you doing Maxwell, are you trying to ruin everytting' he asked himself.

"Moring Liz" he answered, he couldn't help but brush a stary lock of hair away from her face. As always, Liz melted at his touch, and was just about to kiss him when she mentally kicked ehrself 'What are you thinking Parker, you're friends, just be lucky he 's still talking to you.

"So..' Liz said.

"Breakfast" Max answered.

"Ah, food, yes" Liz smiled.

They both hated to leave that bed, that closeness between them, the touch of each other, but they really were hungry.

They entered the kitchen to see Isabel already making something.

"Oh, hey Iz" max said.

"Morning" she replied happily, still trying to shake off the feling she got from the picture.

"Where are Maria and Michael?'" Liz asked.

"Upstairs, still, uh, sleeping" she answered

"Oh, tony is gonna kill Maria" Liz laughed "And then he'll kill Michael."

"Whos' tony?" Max asked.

"Oh, he's her bodyguard" Liz said before she burst out laughing again.

Max couldn't help but join her. "Maria has a bodyguard! I think that girl can protect herself form anything" he said.

"Oh, no, no, not from the millions of guys who used to show up at her door every minute, or the millions of girls crying for autographs, and well, you see, Maria's always late to work, and tony is always mad, and right baout now he's gonna come to my house, then he'll go up to Maria's, and when he finds Michael there-" Liz couldnt help but laugh.

And Liz was right. At that exact minute there was a kock on the door. Liz rushed up to open it to reaveal a large man who looked quite unhappy.

"Hello Elizabeth" he said in his thick italian accent.

"Hi" tony, Liz smiled back. "She's still sleeping." liz answered.

"Oh! That girl, if I didn't love her so much I'd kill her." Tony said.

"Is she with that Zach guy?" Tony asked.

"No, actually, I think she's alone" Liz said trying to sound innocent.

Tony thanked her and Marched up the stairs.

"Oh, Liz, that was too cruel" isabel said laughing.

"You know what, she owes me, for all the times her little boyfriends came knocking at my door, all her little party guests making so much noise. Do you know how manytimes I had to deal with a drunken Ben Affleck making a pass at me?' liz laughed.

"Ben Affleck!" Isabel exclaimed. "He is a jerk."

Max was steaming at the thoguht of Liz and any other guys, and then didn't undertsand how Isabel knew him and gave her a look.

"Oh please Max, everyone has gone out with him. Back when I was modeling, I just couldn't resist, he's too cute, but the damn drinking!" isabel exclaimed, and both her and Liz laughed at the little inside joke.

Suddenly, they all heard loud screaming comig form upstairs, and heard Michael yell some very inappropriate things. And like little kids, the three ran up to Maria's appartment and stood in the doorway and watched Tony about to beath the *&^% out of Michael, until a very flustered Maria had to run in and stop him.

"Is this that ⊕#%$ Zack?" he asked angrily.

'No, no, Tony, this nis my friend Michael." Maria said hurridely. "And can you please put him down."

"Tony had Michael in what can only be called a wrestling move, above his head, and reluctantly he put Michael down.

"Wait, who's Zack?" michael asked.

"He, I doesnt matter Michael. He's just this jerk that I used to know." maria said quickly.

"Mara, you really should sto dating these assholes" tony said to her.

"Tahnks, I'll keo that in mind" maria said.

"Wait, you dated this Zack guy, who is he/" Micahel asked.

"Tony, is there anyway I can take this day off, I mean, please, it's saturday, and I have guests as you may see, just tell them I'm sick or something." maria pleaded.

"Ok, Maria, for you anything, but call me if this one's a jerk as well.' Tony smiled before he left the apartment.

The other three were laughing hysterically.

"Well, that was tony" Maria mumbled. "He's like my damn father I never had."

"Maria?" Michael questioned. "Why did this "Tony" just beat the crap out of me?" Micahel demanded.

"I guess he thought you were one of my ⊕#%$ boyfriends" maria said.

"And who is this Zach guy, and why do you have a bodyguard?" Michael asked.

"Because, Michael, poeple in this business have bodyguards! And if you say one more thing about Zack I will beat the crap out of you myself!" Maria yelled before she stormed out of the house.

"What the hell just happened?' michael asked.

"Oh Michael, I thought you'd know by now not to interrogate maria. Just let her cool off. Zack was just her old boyfriend, and he was a real ⊕#%$, cute, but a rela ⊕#%$." Liz answered.

"Michael, would you like to join us in some breakfast?" Isabel asked.

"Food!" Michael exclaimed, which seemd to get his mind off things.

The others followed him downstairs still laughing.

Part 14

"You know what Mikey boy, I'll take you to work with me someday, you can see what I do." maria said as she patted Michael on the head.

Michael smirked but he couldnt hide the fact that he loved all the attention he was getting from Maria.

"Oh, speaking of work" liz said as she got the phone. "I'll cancel my weekend shift."

"Liz, you don't have to, because of us I mean" isabel piped in.

'What, are you kidding? I haven't seen you guys in almost 7 years and we are going to spend some time together damnit!" Liz excalimed before she dialed her work number to cancel.

'So, um Maria, I hope you don't mind, but I was wondering if maybe, since you know, all the connections and stuff, I could maybe go tour your, um work place." Isabel asked.

"Of course hun, but I can't come with you,b ut Um, hey, why don't you take Michael,and I'll do some things I havent had time to do and maybe Liz and Max can have some alone time.' maria whispered to Isabel.

Isabel let out a yelp of excietment, she couldn't help it.

"Let's go Michael" Isabel said.

"Huh?" Michael asked still chewing.

"We're gonang o check out Maria's job." And Isabel grabbed Michael's jacket and shoved him out the door.

'By guys" Isabel called.

'Have fun!" maria called after her.

"Maria sat down next to max at the table.

"Girlfriend" she said.

'Girlfriend" Max answered.

"I really missed you max, I mean I wanted to call you, to tell you we were ok, but I promised Liz' maria began

"It's ok, I understand." max answered seriously. "You did what you had to do.

"But you gotta admit we made it pretty well huh?" Maria asked

"Well, if you call being a superstar not bad" max laughed.

"Hey babe, it's all because of you really. Remember that summer, that sucky summer." Maria asked.

"How could I forget?' Max answered. "It was the best and worst summer of my life. Worst because Liz dumped me, but, best because I got to spend quality time with you." Max said.

"Really Max. I mean Michael was such a jerk. And I don;t think I could have gotten through that summer with out you. And I will never forget the countless hours you lsitened to me sing and sing and sing" Maria laughed

"Well, I wasn't always listening." Max laughed.

Maria joined him as they sat and reminisced.

"So, um, how is she, how is Liz?' Max asked.

'Well, she's happy." Maria said.

"Good." Max said quietly.

"No that she's happy without you. I mean, it took years before I could even mention your name without her crying, but, she's happy. She loves her job and she pretty well off, and well she has me' Maria giggled.

"So, is she, um seeing anyone?' max asked.

"Oh, you mean seriosuly? No, not really. I mean, there was this one guy, a few years ago, they almost got engaged you know, but, well, she just couldn't." Maria said.

"Because of me." max said sadly

"Well, yes because of you, and because she wasn't ready. And of course I've tried to hook her up with countless of my hollywood dreamy studs but-" maria laughed.

"I really don't need to hear about this." max began

'Uh oh" Maria suddenly said.

"What?' max asked.

"Oh, uh nothing" maria said quickly. But how could she forget. liz had a date tonight. With someone she had set her up with. one of her good friends. He rather famous friends. And he had flown in specially after all the things she had told him about her best friend. Well, Max would just have to deal.

"So, um, how bout you Maxie any women in your life these past few years?" Maria asked.

And as luck would have it, liz had just finished talking on the phone, and stood right outside the door, listening to every word Max would answer.

"Well" max said.

"Spill" maria exclaimed.

"There were a few flings" max began.

"I don't believe it, max Evans had flings!' Maria exclaimed mocking him.

"Yes, Deluca, yes. And then there was this one girl. Who I, well, I really thought I loved her. I did love her actaully. A lot." Max began

Liz felt tears sting her eyes. Why do I care what he does? Liz thoguht to herself. But it hurt her still.

"And" Maria urged.

"Well, she was, she was really beautiful, you know. I met her in school, in one of my English classes. Her name was Ava. I mean, she was this cute little thing, with blond hair and blue eyes and she was always asking questions but she was kind of shy too.' Max said becoming nostalgic.

'How could I ever compete with a blond?' Liz asked herself.

"So what happened?" Maria asked.

"Well, we went on a few dates, ok, a lot of dates. And I really liked her. I mean it was hard, to forget, but I knew I had to start one time or another. And well, we moved in together." Max said.

"MY god! Max. You, I never knew this side of you. Wow" Maria said very entertained.

Meanwhile Liz stood shaking. He had actually moved on, of course he had, why was she so stupid, not to know that. Not to have moved on herself.

"Did, did you tell her, about, yourself?" maria whispered.

"Well, I, I really wanted to. I mean I trusted her, but, I didn't know how she would react. And I really loved her, and then, then this alien thing happened. And I just couldn't get her involved, you know. I just cared about her too much. I mean, I couldnt keep ruining the lives of people I loved." Max said sadly.

"So, um, I left her. I broke it off. And then the alien thing turned out to be a false lead, but there was no way I could explain to her, why I had left so brusquely, and she wanted answers and I dind't have any, so I, I just left her, so I wouldn't have to hurt her." Max said as a tear spilled fomr his eye.

Liz couldn't bear to hear about his love for another girl any linger and quietly left the room and went into her bedroom.

"I'm so sorry" Maria said gently.

"But it wasn't the same" Max said. 'I loved her, but not the way I loved Liz. I mean, Liz and I, we saw into each other's souls. I mean, she was the first person I told, about myself, and she loved me for it, and well, with Ava, I guess I loved her for who she was, but I think she loved me. But she never really knew me. Because thre were just so many things I had to hide form her. And I had to pretend a lot. that I was someone that I wasn't. because I was just so scared of not being accepted again." max said.

"I'm sorry Max. I never realized how, um, hard it must have been for you.' maria said gently.

"Ya" Max answered "it was"

"How about Michael?" Maria asked.

"Oh" Max laughed. "You know Michael. There were always girls, but they always got mad at him, and left, usually throwing a lot of things, and screaming at him, and at me. " Max laughed remembering the time one of Michael's woman friends had thrown a lamp at Michael.

"So I'm still the only gal who ever tamed him huh?' Maria giggled.

"Looks like" max answered.

"Ok, so, I'm gonan go, and leave you and Liz alone to, talk, or you know, have crazy animal-"

"Maria!" Max cut her off.

"By" she called as she slammed the door and left.

"So, um, where exactly are we going? Michael asked.

"To Maria's studio" Isabel answered.

"Her studio, come on Is, Maria does not have a studio." Michael said.

"Uh, you are so thick skulled sometimes!'Isabel exclaimed.

"Here, I'll show you" she said slyly as she lead him into a candy shop.

She took Michael by the hand and led him to the magazine sections and picked up a people and a vogue magazine.

"Ok, Michael. Who is that?' ISbel asked as she pointed to the cover.

"Michael looked up for a moment.

'It's some hot hollywood babe" Micahel said not getting the picture.

Isabel shoved the magazine into Michael's hands.

"try again" she said.

Suddenly Michael's mouth dropped open.

"OH MY GOD!" he exclaimed. "That's, that's Maria!' And, and that's Maria! He exclimed again referring to the poeple magazine.

"Yep. maria is a very famous singer Michael, and in case you haven't noticed whihc you obviosuly didnt she is very very famous.' Isabel laughed.

Michael leafed through the magazines and turned to the interview with maria Deluca. There were quotes about how much she valued her friendhsip with a certain Liz adn her relationship with her mom, and then there were pictures of a smiling maria and ones of her performing in concert.

"Wha, huh, oh man" Michael said.

Suddenly he spotted a Maxim magazine and on the cover no other than his very own Maria Deluca clad in little leather shorts with her cleavage popping out was smilling her seductive little smile, that he thought was reserved for his eyes only. He flipped tp the center where there was a pull out poster of Maria wearing a very small bikini. Michael's face got all red as he approched the cash register.

'How can you sell this? He asked.

"Oh, she's a ssay one aint she?' The guy working at the register asked.

'WHat the hell is you problem?' michael spat. "That;s my girlfriend.!"

"Ok buddy" the store clerk laughed, whatever rocks your boat. Michael was about to pounce on the guy but Isabel pushed hijm oput of the door not before leaving a 10 dollar bill for all the magazines Michale had just walked out with. He was pissed as hell, but he had to admit, his little firecracker sure looked hot.


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