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Title: A Fairytale
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Category: mainly ML, but others are involved.
Summary:AU fic of princes and princess and peasants...the rest is for you to read. NO aliens.
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Liz Parker was a simple peasant girl who lived in the vast city of London. Many noblemen and women occupied the better half which ofcourse surrounded the magnificiant castle where the king and queen lived with their children.

As liz strode along the croweded streets she couldn't help but admire the palace ' oh how I wish I were a princess'. Just then a speeding carriage knocked her off her feet and she fell into the mud. People stopped and stared, but none dared to help, after all...she was simply a peasant girl. Liz could even hear some laughing. She wanted to cry then.....but no, she will not give them such satisfaction she thought and with that lifted herself up and began to walk back to her small cottage where she lived with her father. ' Oh he is not going to be pleased when he sees me like this' she thought with dread.
"Oh mother must I really wear this?" whined Princess Maria to her mother. Her mother let out a sigh and explained to her hard headed daughter, " Maria dear you are a princess and as a princess you must behave and dress like put that dress on and meet us in the courtyard". Maria rolled her eyes and said "oh very well!". And with that her mother left her daughter's chambers. Maria put on the dress unwillingly and walked out to meet her parents and brother in the yard.

As Maria approached, she noticed an unfamiliar face among the group, ' so that's why I had to wear that hideous dress, my god mother won't you ever stop' she thought with bitterness. As soon as the stranger saw Maria he immediatly stood to greet the beauty that seemed to take his breath away all of a sudden. " Maria darling, I would like you to meet Prince Michael. He came all the way from France to meet with us". Maria hadn't even looked him in the face yet, afraid he would be as ugly and uninviting as all the others her mother introduced her to " It's an honor to meet you" Maria bowed and then looked up fearing the worst. To say the least her breath was caught in her throat, until she felt herself pass out did she remember to breathe. He had the most amazing dark green eyes, beautiful light brown hair, with a face that fitted perfectly with his well defined body.
Michael must have noticed her staring because he immediately blushed and Maria looked away. " Well shall we sit?" Her mother interrupted. " Um yes ofcourse" Maria said as she took her seat shyly.
"Father?are you home?" Liz walked through the cramped house that had lately been occupied by whiskey bottles. Liz walked to the bedroom and saw her father in a chair by the window. He looked up when he heard his daughter call for him and saw the dirt her clothes and food were in. He immediately turned angry." What on earth happened to YOU???!!!!! how dare you come to me like this , and our food is inedible now, we're gonna starve!!" he raged as he stepped towards a very frightened Liz. " Father p-please I'm s-sorry please" she pleaded but as usual her drunken father was relentless to her pleading and simply bagan to beat her till she bled and fell unconcience. Her father at that thought she was dead and panicked, so he carried her and threw her in an alley far away from their home.
As he was walking home a couple of men walked up to him " well well well if it ain't Jeff Parker , how are we these days?" one of the men asked in a tone that showed he really didn't care. " I'm alright" he said as he took a step back. " now now Jeff where ya going?" asked the other. " what do you want Robert?". " I want my money that's what!" Robert answered with anger. " look I ain't got it now..umm I'll get it to ya soon I swear" Jeff stammered. " soon just ain't soon anough Jeff...I warned you now you'll pay" Robert declared as both men approached Jeff. " NOO" Jeff screamed then everything went black.
"Mother?where's Max?" Maria asked as soon as she noticed her brother was not with them. " oh he is meeting privately with Michael's sister Tess. Such a lovely young lady, Max seems quite taken with her" Maria's mother replied with giddiness. Maria said nothing but continued to stare at Michael who was gazing intently back at her. Maria found out that Michael's mother was deceased and his father was away in war. " My father wishes for me to follow his steps as a warrior" Michael declared. Maria felt immidiate dread with a vision of Michael lying dead. " But I do not wish to" he added looking at Maria who sighed in great relief.
Maria then suddenly stood and gasped " Oh please excuse me but I am late for my rounds of the city". Michael stood and bid her farewell with a light kiss on the hand as she reluctantly turned to leave " I do hope to see you again" he said with a smile. "as I" she replied and left.
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Part 2

Lady Tess and Prince Max strolled down the magneficiant garden that surrounded the palace. Max felt alittle nervous, for Tess was indeed a beautiful woman with those blond curls and full red lips, and those wide ocean blue eyes that seemed to stare at him with such want he began to fidget uncomfortably. Max was used to women looking at him. He was a very handsome well built man and every courtier's prince charming. Ofcourse he was very respected. As the only heir to the throne, Max has no time for foreplay. To become kind he must marry a worthy queen.....and as a desperate mother who wants her son to exceed his current status she will not stop till he has.
Now here was Tess. Beautiful, smart, loved by many, and ineresting. They had alot in common...but something still didn't feel right, especially after she just rose to her tip-toes and planted a soft kiss onto his lips. It was sweet and short and as soon as he looked into her eyes as they opened he knew.....he was fooling himself into assuming he'll find true love and rule with a great queen by his side. ' I guess I'll have to settle for second best' he thought and smiled at his winner.

"May I ask what I did to deserve such a sweet kiss from you my lady?" he asked with a smile.

"It was my impending desire to that urged me your highness" she smiled back and looked at him in a seductive way causeing him to blush.

"So...umm how do you find England? is it different fron France much?" Max asked changing the subject.

"Yes very different actually.....I do not mean to disrespect my own people but some french peasants can be so outright rude and repulsive it's a wonder how pleasant they can try to be here without causing trouble!" Tess exlaimed with a huff.

Max looked at her strangely and confusion " I do not understand, why do you undermind your country's citizens so?".

"You would have to be there to see for yourself, wherever you go peasants shoot out of nowhere and drown you with their words of injustice and punishment and something about being slaves. I just don't understand aren't we doing enough for them?!" Tess sighed in frustration.

Max remained silent with a thoughtful expression. Something at the back of his mind and heart even was screaming at him that Tess was a spoiled brat but he refused to listen and touched her shoulder sypmathetically prepared to listen to reason and not be prejudice. ' perhaps it really is that bad' he thought.
Maria strolled happily down the streets carrying a basket of food and other utilities to give to the poor. Everyone was smiling at her and greeting her with love and affection. Why? Because she had a pure heart and every peasant knew that no matter what her status would be she still would not want anyone to roam the streets like a lost soul.
A little girl approached Maria as she was handing a piece of large bread to an old woman who thanked her and blessed her soul.

"Princess princess come with me come let me show you a toy that I found come let me" the girl squealed happily eager to get the great princess's attention.

Maria looked adorinly into those wide green eyes and nodded as she smiled widely. With one last squeal from the satisfied girl Maria was hurriedly led to a nearby alley by the girl's tiny hands.

As the girl searched for her toy which she obiviously hidden somewhere so nobody would find it and take it, Maria suddenly noticed a piece of cloth that seemed to be stained with blood. Fearing it could be a badly injured person she ran up to the cloth and turned the corner. Maria froze in shock at what she saw.